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Title: Author Directory
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To guests of Kristens Board: 

This is NOT a list of all of the contributing authors to our message board.  This is just a list of authors that chose to have their stories posted here.  This list was created in October 2020.  Many many more authors have come and gone before the list below was created.  Even some current authors are not listed here.

We hope to continue growing this list as the authors see the benefits of listing their stories in this directory.   Keep checking back for new author listings.

Visit the home page and visit the SEX STORIES section for categories of various types of stories.

  Author Directory 

       Army of One (

       bcm (

       Belacqua (

       Brody (

       Cats_Whiskers (

       Colin Piper (

       DemonDelight (

       DiscipleN (

       Dodger (

       DurtyDurtyGirl (

       fnord (

       Foxi's Board (

       Geminiguy Board (

       Gina Marie (

       grendel (

       GwgMCMLX (

       HowMayIPleaseU (
       HowMayIPleaseU #2 (

       HppyHrryHrdn (

       joe_and_michelle (

       Katiebee (

       kcbikerslut (

       KitKat (

       LoveBlueEyes (

       Meatbot (

       MintJulie (

       MissBarbara (

       ObiDongKenobi (

       phtlc (

       Rache (

       Rainwater (

       RedHoodTodd (

       redhatlover (

       Remington555 (

       Roses and Hearts (

       Sailbad (

       Sarah_1964 (

       Shiela (

       Stroker (

       Sweetums (

       Sylas (

       TheCommander (

       ToeinH2O (

       UndeniableUrges (

       Valley Vixin (

       Vinney (

       Wayne (

       Well Behaved Lady (
                   (WBL's Stories & Poetry) (

Attention Authors: To be added to this directory, please reply to this post and list your stories along with a link to them.   The next time I log on, your name will then be added to the list above with a link to your post.  For more information, click here. ( You are encouraged to add a link to your Table of Contents in your signature so that readers that enjoy your story can find your other stories more easily.  Any question or if you need any help setting up your directory or signature, please  PM me (;sa=send;u=28934), I'd be happy to help you.

Title: Stories & Poems by Sweetums
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Stories & Poems by Sweetums

Works in each section are listed from oldest to newest.


Sonnets from Sweetums to You
Poems about love and loss.

True Sex Stories

So Lucky I Was Unlucky (MF)
A two-time ex-husband begins dating for the first time at age 48.

Consenting Adults Stories

Lin and the Good Boys: 71 pages, 31,078 words
A bored Asian housewife gives in to her husband's perverse ideas and finds herself.

Mary Jones and the Secret of the Old Cock: 84 pages, 38,163 words
Book One of the Mary Jones Girl Detective Series.
Mary Jones, girl detective, detects there may be something interesting about sex.

Tiny Bikram Yoga Instructor: 6 pages, 3,179 words
A young man's female yoga instructor takes him as a lover.

Mary Jones and the Forbidden Staircase: 98 pages, 38,552 words
Book Two of the Mary Jones Girl Detective Series.
Mary Jones, girl detective, chases ghosts but keeps finding men instead. And women. And arcane instruments of pleasure designed by Michelangelo.

Founders: A work in progress. 653 pages, 304,067 words so far
A NASA doctor is chosen for the first colony mission to Mars along with eleven extraordinary women.

Surprise!: 29 pages and 10,667 words.
A young coed desperate for cash answers an advertisement and gets more than she bargained for.

Mary Jones Book Three: The Bunghole Mystery: A work in progress. 20 pages and 8,000 words so far
When an heiress's new guardians start acting queer, Mary decides again to stick her head into other people's business.

Dina: 11 pages and 3,866 words
A hookup with a blood technician turns into an Autumn/Spring romance.

Underage Stories (13+)

Kirsten's Journey: 199 pages, 84,032 words
An innocent girl is kidnapped, assessed by a diabolical supercomputer, and sent to a girls-only sex academy.

Child Bride: 161 pages, 86,454 words
The journal of an innocent Mormon girl who is made the fourteenth wife of a ruthless infertile man with diabolical traditions.

I Don't Know How to Say No to This: 16 pages, 6,800 words
Two high school girls find the courage to approach each other thanks to a gender-bending school assignment. Told from both their perspectives.

I Am My Own Grandpa: A work in progress. 18 pages and 7,613 words so far.
A Wild West romp based on Oedipus.

Refugee Bride: A work in progress. 6 pages and 3,273 words
Sequel to Child Bride. Athalia and her friends flee from Willard's wrath though the untamed West.

Science Fiction Stories

Cacatata: 6 pages, 2,695 words
The friendship between a woman and a non-humanoid alien turns into love.

Pseudopod: 9 pages, 4,715 words
A female exobiologist, humanity's first encounter with alien life, and the terrible ecstasy that erupts from it.

My Ripening: 10 pages, 4,585 words
Sequel to Pseudopod. A girl begins service in a future last vestige of humanity ruled by terrible ecstasy.

Non-Consent Stories

ICE: Cerdita: 9 pages, 4,232 words
Billy begins his first deployment. His job is sexually exploiting pubescent girls.

ICE: Destiny: 9 pages 4,332 words
Billy detains some pubescent girl protesters in Portland and prepares them for presidential use.

ICE: Intake: 13 pages 6,321 words
Billy tours the best border intake facility, sterilizes some boys, and impregnates some girls.

The East Coast Ruiners: A work in progress. 5 pages and 2,120 words so far
A virgin teen boy is waylaid in a bad neighborhood by a notorious female rape gang.

Louise and the Mongols: A work in progress. 23 pages and 10,194 words so far
An innocent woman is drugged and gifted to a motorcycle club.

Louise and the Blackmailer: A work in progress. 79 pages and 32,264 words so far
A husband conspires with a blackmailer to make his wife act out his perverted fantasies.

The Kidnapping: 15 pages 7,674 words
An innocent young girl is kidnapped with all her female schoolmates and raped by rebel soldiers, setting her on a dark and compulsive trajectory.

Honey: A work in progress. 8 pages 5,204 words
An eighteen-year-old girl learns some interesting things about military service.

The Nelsons' Asian Vacation: 43 pages and 22,760 words
A couple takes a wild vacation to improve their sex life and conceive a child, but not the husband's.
Title: Army of One's Bibliography
Post by: Army of One on October 19, 2020, 01:59:27 PM
Army of One's Bibliography

Thank you to MintJulie for making this thread up. It will be great to have my stories exposed to everyone, guest and member alike, instead of having the list hidden behind a membership wall.

Since my stories are listed across the three interlinked sites, I'll be colour-coding the links. The stories will be listed in alphabetical order, except when the stories are connected, in which case it'll be listed by the series name, then ordered in a manner fitting the series in question (which will be given in the explanation).

Just as a small note: Most of the stories listed here contain at least one of the following: underage sex (including pornography and prostitution, although none below thirteen years of age); rape and non-consensual sex (including reluctant sex and questionable consent); forced impregnation. If any of these offend you or are illegal in your country, please skip them.

Ravishment UniversityKristen's BoardKristen's Archive

Alien Concubine (link (
Abducted and separated from her best friend, fifteen-year-old Stephanie makes the most of her time on an alien spaceship as one of the crew's conubines.

A Bed, Some Rope, and a Feather (link (
Written for the book "Extinguishing the Flame". A couple take a bound, non-contact approach to sex.

The Company
A series of short stories about a mysterious and technologically advanced sexual accessories business simply known as The Company. Originally codeveloped with one-time Kristen's Archive author Karischino, with the intention of turning it into a wiki, I took over on my own after she turned away from erotic writing. Because this anthology spans both RU and KB, the following entries are given in alphabetical order.
  • Advertisement: Slave (link (
    An advertisement for the Slave Maker service, using the ReWire system that would become the subject of a future tale.
  • Display at a Dinner Party (link (
    A story about a very interesting dinner party display.
  • Enclosure Beast (link (
    A woman realises why it's important to read the instructions.
  • Makeover (link (
    A woman is subjected to a ReWire installation without her consent.
  • Miss Pernell (link (
    Writen in dedication to Carhamgrater. Another company's acounts manager is given as payment to the Company for disservices that were almost rendered by her.
  • Quality Video (part 1 (, part 2 (
    Some unauthroised advertising of some products available from the Company.
  • The Sales Girl (part 1 (, part 2 (
    A travelling sales girl becomes subject to the wants of first a potential client, then a host of live stock at The Company itself.
  • So What's It Like Working In R&D? (link (
    An interview with a member of staff in Research and Development.
  • Special Delivery (link (
    The story that started the anthology. A contract hunter delivers an unusual specimen to The Company for research and potential sale.
  • A Tale of Motherhood (link (
    An unconventional method of falling pregnant.

The Company Presents
A collection of stories that have some connection to the Company, either directly or indirectly. These appear on both KB and RU, and as such shall be given in alphabetical order.
  • An Experimental Farm (link (
    Lara, her sisters, cousins and friends are kidnapped and subjected to an experimental process. A commission for Bronzelara.
  • Songs from a Transhumanist Future
    A collection of futuristic stories that mix cybernetics and sex.
    • A Mutual Sensation (link (
      A woman and her younger lover enjoy some personal time together.

A Cottage by a Stream (KB link (, RU link (
Rachel and Hannah run off to raise Rachel's soon-to-be-born daughter under their own terms. Written with input from Rachel_Thornton and her friend.

Experiment (link (
A clinical look at an experiment between humans and extraterrestrials.

Faerie in His Bed (link ( (KB copy link (
Man meets Faerie. Man fucks Faerie.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (link (
The last moments of a kidnapper's detention of his abductees. Inspired by the Elton John song of the same name, in more than just title.

I Drove All Night (link (
My first attempt at lesbian erotic/romantic fiction, inspired by the Roy Orbison song of the same name. Not my best work, but I will improve.

Jessica's Nautical Nightmare (link (
A PR assistant is taken on a seafaring adventure with a nightmarish twist. Written as a commission for Jessica_33.

Lost to the Underdark (link (
An elven wizard is called upon to investigate disappearances in the ingdom, only to be one of the kidnapped herself. A commission for [Bubbles].

Liana (link (
After a law change that allows people as young as 16 to go into porn, 14-year-old Liana decides to lie to a studio and go into it herself.

Maze of Awakening (link (
You're fifteen years old; that means it's time for your coming-of-age ceremony. A Choose Your Own Adventure-style story.

The M'Butu Tales
An African warlord with a taste for breeding young, pretty white girls. This started out as three separate commissions (for chrisrap22, CC00 and Rachel_Thornton), with only the mention of M'Butu connecting them. But then it flourished into a full series of four, then five, stories, the last one being an additional commission for Rachel_Thornton.

These stories are listed in chronological order.
  • Breaking Chris (link (
    A hair stylist is kidnapped and sexually broken. A commission for chrisrap22.
  • Rachel and Sophie Fight for Freedom (link (
    Two sisters are forced to endure a sexual gladiator fight between them. A commission for Rachel_Thornton (then known as Rachel_t).
  • One Letter Makes a Difference (link (
    Meeting guys at a rave can lead to interesting situations. A commission for CC00.
  • In the Honour of the Great African Warlord M'Butu, His Sex Slaves (link (
    Chris, Rachel, Sophie and CeCe are finally brought before M'Butu. While not explicitly commissioned, it was a continuation of the previous three stories, with input from the girls.
  • Avoidance the Last (link (
    Separated from the other girls after they're kidnapped a second time, Rachel now has to endure the more ruthless actions of her old captors. Another commission for Rachel_Thornton, to complete the collection.

Patience, Arkansas (link (
A cowboy on the run meets the dead barber's daughter in this erotic Western. A collaboration with KitKat.

Seven Teens (link (
A guy goes to a club, meets seven teenage girls who love how he makes love to them.

Symbiote (per KB board rules, the original in Kristen's Archive will no longer be linked here) (KB copy link (
A girl becomes host to an unusual extraterrestrial entity.

Teen Breeder (link (
When a couple discover they can't have children, the husband reaches out to the Dark Web for help in a way they didn't expect.

Young Lust (link ( (KB copy link (
The story that started it all. A private schoolteacher follows through on his lust for his favourite student. Selected by KitKat as one of her picks from the Archives.
Title: MintJulie's Stories
Post by: MintJulie on October 19, 2020, 02:28:13 PM

Mint Julie's Stories

I hated writing through my years of junior high and high school.  I actually despised it.  I began writing at age 31 as homework exercises given by my speech and language pathologist after a life altering medical condition 2 years earlier.  Writing helped me focus on communication skills and getting my thoughts in line.  Some of those exercises produced very short writings, similar to a diary entry.  And other times my fingers couldn't keep up with my thoughts.  During this period of my life, I became less out going and less social in the real world.  Because of my almost solitary life, I came to enjoy writing and used it as an outlet.  Like reading a book, writing is very calming to me and can happen at any time.  Though I do it much less frequently than I used to, I still enjoy dedicating some time for it, especially during this Covid stay-at-home world we have found ourself in. I rarely write sexual stories, but of those that I have, I offer you a few below.

Teenagers Of The Corn (M,F, mast) (
I used to refer to this experience as my "Night Moves" story, after the Bob Seger hit song.

♬ ♩ ♪  ♫
Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy, Out in the back seat of my '60 Chevy,
Workin' on mysteries without any clues, Workin' on our night moves....
...Tryna lose them awkward teenage blues, Workin' on our night moves.   Mhmm

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
My story, like the song, is about a girl and a boy learning about the body of the opposites sex for the first time.  This started as a comment in a topic about outdoor sex, but seeing that it was a very special time in my life, I felt like it deserved more than being only one paragraph long.

Key West (F,F) (
When the Truth or Dare board was active, I was dared to write a fictional sex story.  As I mentioned above, I don't enjoy writing fictional stories.  So with permission of the 'darer', I fulfilled my dare by writing a true story. My first time with another female.

Always A Bridesmaid (F,F) (
Not knowing many people at an out of town wedding, I ended up celebrating with another bridesmaid that was also there without a date.

Taking A Break From Painting (F,F) (
Helping my sister and brother-in-law with some painting at a house they were renovating, things take an unexpected turn when my sister leaves to get some supplies.

What Happens In Las Vegas... (M,F) (
We were all young once.  The last night in Vegas on a girls weekend.  I still think of it as one of the best sexual nights of my life.

Meeting Dan (no sex) (
This is how my husband and I became US. How we met and our first couple of dates.  This is not a sex story.  I didn't write it with the intent of posting it.  I wrote it for myself because it was a life changing moment that is a chapter of life and me being happier than I could ever imagine. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

An erotic poem. A magnificent night (exh, mast) (
Longtime KB member WBL posted one of her many beautiful poems.  I found it fascinating.  My not-yet-husband and I worked it into an evening of enjoyment.

My Private Time, But For Him To Observe (F, mast) (
Earlier in the day I was daydreaming, and later that night I let that daydream play out.  I wrote this story the next morning and posted it on "Who Got Laid Last Night" board.  And less than 6 hours later I decided it was too personal and too recent to post.  After I removed it, I received messages from a couple of people that had read it encouraging me to repost it.

Jake (
I was really hesitant to post this story.  I wrote portions of it a few years ago. It's nothing I am proud of having happened. As you will realize, I really discredit myself by telling of him and our relationship. So why share this? I don't know, maybe to explain why I am the way I am sexually.
Jake was a predator, I just didn't realize that at the time. But he had a tremendous impact on my sex life going forward. He taught me about taking risks and living life. He helped me to open my eyes and enjoying sex at another level. I really shouldn't even give him that praise after the way he treated me the last time night I ever saw him.

Spring Training (M+,F, interr) (
Another story I probably shouldn't post.  In a January 2018 post, I made a slight mention of this night.  Recently, I was asked about that post from 3 years ago.  I had already written the story and it was in a PM message that I shared with someone.  So an easy cut and paste to post it.
A couple of firsts for a 24 year-old during her visit to Fort Lauderdale. 

The Massage  (F pleasured) (
This story was posted on my 5th anniversary of my arrival to Kristen's Board.
It is based on a PM that I sent to a friend a few months after joining KB.  It tells of the previous weekend when my girlfriend and I received a couples massage.

Back In the Saddle  (F toys) (
I've seen the image topic related to the sybian machine.  Having many of my own toys, I thought to myself, "I think that would be interesting."  I finally got my chance and experienced a sybian type machine.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle (F) (
I answered a question in a post of a past experience.  A short story.

Title: Miss Barbara's Stories
Post by: MissBarbara on October 20, 2020, 10:09:37 PM

Miss Barbara's Stories

A-Hiking We Will Go! (F,F, rom, exhib, outdoors) (

Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (F,F) (

Title: Meatbot's Stories
Post by: MintJulie on October 21, 2020, 01:59:47 PM

After the Fall (Sci-fi, Mf, fb)
After US civilization collapses a wanderer trying to survive meets a teenaged girl in the forest. LONG.

A Gift For Dad (Mf, mf)
A son offers to share his girlfriend with his father.

The Audition (Inc, MILF, FF, Fm)
A woman "auditions" her daughter's boyfriend before allowing him to pop the girl's cherry.

Biker Chix (Pedo, Mgg)
A mountain biker meets two young girls out in the woods.

Brown Water (Inc, Mf, NoSex)
Teen girl has tummy ache; father helps her with an enema.

Caged Kitten (Rape, Mf)
Teen girl is imprisoned by one of her perverted neighbors.

Camp Kadoodle (Lesb, Ff, Fff, ff)
A girl is sent to summer camp against her wishes, only to find love in another girl's arms.

Candy (Inc, Mf, mf, ff)
The story of a young teen girl living in a small town and her sexual awakening. (LONG)

Come Sit on Daddy's Lap (Inc, Mf)
A teenaged girl enters in a sexual relationship with her father.

Cum Drunk (MMMMMF, etc.)
A girl is tricked by a frat house into performing oral sex on all its members.

Dark Companion (Magic, mf, fg)
A young girl is befriend by a mysterious and sometimes malevolent spirit.

The Devil Made Me Do It (Magic, Devil-sex, Df)
A minor devil from the second circle of Hell causes a fuss when he takes a soul home

Double Vision (Inc, Mff)
Twin daughters choose their father to pop their cherries.

Dumbgirl (Rape, Mf)
A teenaged girl is held prisoner by some psycho she meets online.

Expedition To Uranus (Mf, mf)
A teenage girl working at a planetarium seduces her co-worker and is forced by her boss.

Family Affair (Inc MF MMF FF)
The sexual adventures of a 40-ish MILF and her family.

Fighter Girl (Lesb, ff)
A young girl is captured by pirates and ends up on a world where warriors fight to the death.

Fleshbags (Sci-fi, Alien sex, ff)
After the aliens have taken over, humans are kept as pets. A girl pet learns of sex and love.

The Giant Space Onion (Sci-fi, MFFF)
Sci-fi. A young man is joined by a set of triplets as he explores a world-sized spaceship

The Goblin Train (Magic, Mf, ff)
A young girl who can see into the world of magic falls in love with a fairy.

Grammaw's House (Pedo, Inc, mg)
A boy and his little sister are raised by their grandmother.

The Impalement of Lord Snowdon (Pedo, Mg)
A nobleman falls in love with a maid's daughter.

In the Dungeons of Eerie (Pedo, Rape, Sci-fi, Mf, mf)
Sci-fi. On a planet of immense wealth a young girl is lost to her family due to a bet.

In the Towers of Eerie (Sci-fi, mf, ff)
Sci-fi. On a planet of immense wealth a young girl struggles with her sexual awakening.

Little Brown Girl (Pedo, Mg)
In the late 70's, a young man meets a pre-teen hooker on the beach in Bali, Indonesia.

Little Miss Rich Bitch (Inc, Mf, Ff, fg, fb)
A poor little rich girl looks for love.

Love For Sale (Mf, mf, mff, ff)
A high school girl decides to earn a little unreportable income.

The Magic Bus (Mf)
A soldier returning home via a cross-country bus ride falls in love with a young girl traveling alone.

The Masseuse's Daughter (Pedo, MF, Mg)
A man meets a woman for a "massage" and is surprised to find that she has brought her daughter.

Mother Fucker (Inc, Fm)
A teenaged boy realizes he is in love with his mother and convinces her to engage in a physical relationship.

My Brother My Lover (Inc, Mf)
A young girl chooses her brother as her first straight sexual experience.

Night of the Living MILFs (MFFFFF)
Two men on a business trip meet some available women.

Nocturnal Emissions (Mf, MMf, fb)
A teenaged girl sneaks around her neighborhood at night to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Poodle Butt (Mf, MFf)
A young girl works at a strip club in the midwest.

The Princess and the Pee (Magic, Beast, WS, Mf, ff)
A princess in a fairy-tale land experiments with her body using magic.

Pussy Cat (Inc, Ff, mf, Ff, ff, fb)
A teenaged girl lives with her father who places no restrictions on her behavior.

Pussy Whipped (MILF, Fb, Fbb)
A young boy is disciplined by his guardian, a heartless bitch.

The Robots Are Boss Now (Sci-fi, fff, Fm)
After the robots have taken over humans are kept as pets. A girl pet learns about sex.

Say Cheeze (Lesb, FF)
A girl at the dawn of her career as a porn model falls in love with another girl.

Swamp Rats (Mf, mf, ff)
A man on the run from the law joins up with a young girl and moves into a swamp.

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes (Forced, Mf, MFf)
A young girl is forced into sex with her co-workers.

Thunder Island (mF)
A boy meets a girl on a lonely coastal island

Tulips on my Organ (MILF, Fm)
Teen boy falls in love with his music teacher.

Under The Towers (mf, ff, Ff)
The sexual adventures of a teen girl in a small town in the midwest.

Want Some Candy Little Girl (MF, Fm, Fg)
The sexual adventures of a twenty-something girl who has never physically matured.

Web Candy (Pedo, Inc, Mg)
A young girl shows off for men on her webcam.

Wet Dreams (mf, ff)
A teen girl leads an active dream life that she almost can't tell from reality.

Workin' Girl (MF, FF)
The story about an of-age girl and her sex life.

Young at Heart (Mf, Mff)
A young-looking 30-ish guy uses his youthful appearance to entice two high-school girls into his bed.
Title: Wayne's stories
Post by: wayne3218 on October 23, 2020, 04:05:36 AM
Wayne's Stories on KB

The Surf Beach Pt.01 (MF, f13, MF, f13, m14, incest) (

After the Accident Pt. 01 (MF, f13, incest) (

 My Neighbour and his Daughter. Pt. 01-06 (MMg14, incest) (

My Granddaughter Emily’s First Bra. Pt. 01-04 (Mf13, Ff13, incest) (

OurFamily. Pt. 01-07 (MF, Mf, Mm, Ff, Fm, incest) (

Emma Part 1-10.  (MMg ). (

Family Orgy. Pt. 01 (Mf, Mm, Ff, Fm, incest) (

Nympho Mother Pt. 01 (MFm, incest) (

My Daughter-in-law. Pt.01 (M+F, ) (

Sold into Prostitution. Pt.01 (MMF, ). (

My Friend’s Hot Wife (

The Motel. (
Title: Stories by REMINGTON555
Post by: MintJulie on October 25, 2020, 04:30:36 AM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

(Word counts are approximate)

The Crack of Dawn ( (m+f, 1st) 3,500 words
A tragedy propels Dawn Miller on quite the carnal journey through her teen years. It takes a while, but there is a happy ending.

Freshman Dance ( (mf, 1st) 2,400 words
The first dance of Courtney's freshman year of high school turns into a rather unique sexual liasion.

Fitz's Babysitter ( (Mf, 1st) 2,500 words
An ironic twist on the classic "Lusting after the babysitter" theme. (Remington555's most popular story with over 10k views.)

I Saw What You Did ( (Mf, oral) 3,300 words]
One of Eddie's eighth grade students sees (and records) something she shouldn't have seen. She uses that video for a rather nefarious purpose.

Saving Wisty ( (mf, oral) 3,400 words
Sixteen year old AJ is forced to make a decision when a younger girl, who she considers as close as a sister, faces a peril unknown to her.

Coffee Kiosk ( (MF 3,650 words
Pulling in for a mocha just before the kiosk closes, Russell has no idea that he's about to have an unexpected sexual hook-up.

First Kiss ( (mf, light bond, spank, rom) 3,400 words
Two fifteen year olds have had a platonic relationship, but that changes on New Year's Eve when one of Sydney's fantasies unexpectedly comes to light.

Naughty Girls - Blue Video #3 ( (mc, fM, ff, oral, anal) 7,070 words
Two precocious middle school girls take it on themselves to further punish a sex offender recently released from jail.

The Amulet ( (m+f, oral, anal, mc) 4,900 words
Sixteen year old Madison knows she went to a party the previous night, but that's all she remembers—until she receives a series of videos (anonomously) on her phone.

Movie Night ( (MF) 4,200 words
A Valentines Day story contest entry. Mallory, a college coed, has no date and goes to a movie alone on the most romantic night of the year.

Fringe Benefits ( (MF, lite bond, brief beast) 3,100 words
A human resources director for a large department store enjoys a fringe benefit that is nowhere to be found in the company handbook.

Emma's Bad Day ( (ff, humiliation, oral) 4,400 words
Every 28 days, thirteen year old Emma has a really bad day, but it's not for the reason you might think.

Submission ( (MF, FF, humiliation, oral, dom/sub) 12,600 words
A community college instructor finds herself drawn into a convoluted sexual relationship with one of her female students.

Soccer Slut ( (FF, dom/sub) 4,300 words
A community college athletic director learns that she is a sexual submissive when she falls under the spell of the school's soccer star.
(Note: This story was written as an integrated part of the story above, Submission (, but is also a stand-alone story on its own.)

An Eighth Grader's Revenge ( (mf, nc, viol) 2,000 words
Thirteen year old Jasmine does not take kindly to having her virginity stolen from her by a classmate.

Title: Stories of Undniable Urges!
Post by: UndeniableUrges on October 27, 2020, 03:28:38 PM

Young Stories

The Daring, Naughty, Sleepover 1, 2 & 3, ( 4, ( 5, ( 6, ( 7, (
(ff, mff, Mff, exhib)
Summary - Cindy and Stacy have a long-awaited sleepover. Things get a bit naughty.

Movie Night 1, 2 & 3, ( 4, ( 5, ( 6, ( 7, ( 8. (
(Incest, Mf)
Summary - Can Chad control himself around his hot, young daughter?

Tomboy (
(fm+, fm+)
Summary - Dani the Tomboy is growing up.

The Naughty Babysitter (
(Exhibitionist, fm+)
Summary - The babysitter teaches the boys how to be naughty.

High School Hypnotist (
(Mf, MC, School)
Summary - Brad Taylor enjoys his work as a high school guidance counselor and hypnotist.
Please, Mrs. Robinson (
(MILF, Fm, Exhibitionist, implied incest)
Summary - A story about an older woman and younger man. Would she really seduce her son’s best friend?
Tell Mommy What You Want? (
(Fm, exhibitionist, Male Dominance, incest)
Summary - This is the story of hot mother and her horny young son. He discovers his mother is an insatiable, submissive slut. What would you do in his situation?

The Little Halloween Sluts, ( 2. (
(fff, M+fff)
Summary - Amber and her friends decide to go all out to get candy on Halloween!

The Little Ignorant Slut, ( 2, ( 3 (
(Mf, mf, ff, M+f, inc, best)
Summary - This is the story of Jane, the little ignorant slut, and her continuing adventures.

Blue Balls, ( 2, ( 3, ( 4, ( 5, ( 6, ( 7, ( 8, ( 9, ( 10, ( 11. (
(mf, Mf, Fm, school, Exhib, Incest, UA)
Summary - Young Tiffany learns some new tricks.

Gay/Bi/Sissy/Cuckold Stories

Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Faggot-Cum-Slut 1, ( 2 (
(MM+, Sissy, MC)
Summary - A man's descent into sissy-hypno cock-sucking depravity.

Plumber's Helper (
(MM, Sissy)
Summary – A closeted sissy meets a manly plumber. What could happen, besides horrible puns?

James’ Descent into Cuckoldry, ( 2, ( 3, ( 4, ( 5. ( 
(MF, MFF, M+M, Femdom, Cuckold, Cum Eating, Pegging, Anal)
Summary - James’ dominating wife decides to turn him into a submissive, sissy cuckold.

Sensitivity Training (
(MM+ MC)
Summary – A bigoted white-collar worker is trained to be more tolerant of others.

Billy's Faggot, ( 2, ( 3, ( 4, ( 5, ( 6. (
(mm, mf, mmf, incest, trans, Mmf, m+m)
Summary - Young Billy Trains His Faggot.

The Sissy-Scouts, ( 2, ( 3, ( 4, ( 5, ( 6, ( 7, ( 8, (
(MM, M+M, Trans)
Summary - The Sissy-Scouts are always prepared.

Bestiality Stories

My New Guard Dogs (
(F, best)
Summary - Jessica moves to a new house and buys two, large, guard dogs to keep her company.

Doggy Styles 1, (, (, (, ( 5, (, ( 7, (, ( 9, ( 10, (
(bestiality, exhibitionist, f, FF, Ff, FFf, ff, masturbation, young)
Summary - The doggy adventures of Claire Davis.
Title: ObiDongKenobi Stories
Post by: ObiDongKenobi on October 29, 2020, 09:08:33 PM

ObiDongKenobi Stories

Not being a very imaginative chap all my stories are based on an original incident. Much of what follows is based on pure and personal fantasy.  Two of them should be continued when the muse is upon me.  I make no apologies for using British slang and spelling; translations into other forms of English are available for a fee  ;D

Supermarket MILF (MFF, cons, mild incest) (to be continued)
How a very hot MILF seduced me into partaking in a glorious sex party.
The Merry Widow (MF, brief MFF)
My lusting over a friend is satisfied.

Grooming A Steely Dan Fan (M/F) (to be continued)
How I was assisted in seducing the prettiest young woman in the company.

Wife's College Friend (MF)
My lusting over my wife's college friend is satisfied.

Title: RedHoodTodd Stories
Post by: RedHoodTodd on November 03, 2020, 12:17:35 AM

RedHoodTodd Stories

The Joy of Christmas (M/F, bro/sis, incest, oral, creampie)

Thinking Back (M/F, Incest, cousins, 1st time, oral)

Naughty on Christmas Eve (M/F, Incest, Step Siblings, Oral, Size, Creampie)

Getting Off Lawyer (M/F, Oral, Cheating Wife)

On Probation (F/M, Sister/Brother, Incest, Oral, Teen, MILF)

Prison Bitch (M, M, F, FF, Rape, Size, Oral, Non Con, Blackmail)

Trapped Wife (M/F Cheating Wife, Masturbation, Oral, Size, BBW, Pregnant)

Money Earned (M/F Teen, Incest, Oral, Step Daughter/Step Father)

Sweet Shiri (M/Tgirl F, Oral, Anal, Size)

My Loving Aunt (M/F, Incest, Oral, 1st time)

My Step Mother Affair (M/F, Incest, Step Mother, Step Son, Oral, Anal, Size)

My Sister's Itch (M/F, incest, 1st time, oral, big cock, Twins)

Making The Grade (M/Tg F, Oral, Size, Anal)

Catching Sister In Her Room (M/F, Bro/Sis, Incest, 1st time, BBW, masturbation)

Catching Sister In Her Room Part 2

Title: HowMayIPleaseU's Naughty Fantasies
Post by: howmayipleaseu on November 03, 2020, 08:37:29 PM

HowMayIPleaseU's Naughty Fantasies

NOTE: all of my stories are the product of my nasty naughty little imagination. :D

Above address changed at posters request (


For anyone who might care, here are links to all my audio stories.  If you like them, please feel free to post a note here. Positive feedback encourages me to record more stories. :D

Unless otherwise indicated, these are freestyle recordings of me sharing my fantasies as I masturbate... Enjoy! :)

My Own Fantasies That I Share As I Masturbate

A Little Special Project of Mine - Requires two downloads - one is a picture file, the other is a sound file. The powerpoinnt file is timed to go with the story (use the slide show viewer).

Stories Others Have Written That I Read

Title: Stories By Sylas
Post by: sylas12 on November 07, 2020, 02:28:31 PM

Stories by Sylas

Paid whore (wife,exhib, voy,M+F) (

Aunty eve 2. (Fm/Incest) (

Summer Of Love (Fmf, beast, incest, UA, voy) (

My First Time (MMF) (
A true story about this shy, awkward, geeky 18 year old virgin.  But a virgin for not much longer.

I shouldn't be doing this (Fm, incest) (

Aunty Eve (Fb,ped,incest) (

Sloppy Seconds (MMF) (

The funny people. (Fm) (

Dogging adventures. (MF, M+F, mFm, voy) (

Jenny's secret desire. (FM,dog,beast,voy). (

My wife Sally. (MFM, voyeur, threesome) (

Chris. (MFm, wife, 1st) (

The things you see when your out....with your gun! (UA. Fm. Voy) (

YTS (mFm) (
Title: phtlc Stories
Post by: MintJulie on November 07, 2020, 04:19:11 PM
This listing was compiled by MintJulie, if you know of other stories by PHTLC not listed here, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

phtlc Stories

Ms. Langton


Her Precious


The VP

The Tutor

Unholy Communion

Easy Prey

The Swim Coach

Street Worker

Senators Privilege

Open House



In Your Own Home

Late Night Run

Late Night Visit


A Few too many (

Private School (

Starlett (

Mrs. Ellison (

The After School Job (

Crossing the line (

Boyhood Crush (

Annoying Tag Along (

Dinner Date (

Cries in the Night (

Disorientation (

The Price to Pay (

Blackmail (

After Hours (

Promised Land (

China Doll (

White Cane (
Title: Belacqua's stories
Post by: Belacqua on November 08, 2020, 04:24:12 PM
Stories by Belacqua
Hope you enjoy!

Me & Alana ( (ff, f-solo, voy, toys, exhib) ~20k words
Alana told me she had something to show me after soccer practice. You never know with that girl, but I never would’ve predicted what it was: a tiny vibrating toy called a Mini Magic Wand. I was in for the wildest, weirdest experience of my teenage life so far, and by the end, everything was different.

Boyfriend Bear ( (f-solo, voy, toys, exhib) ~20k words
Purity is a battle — that's what the religiously-minded Franklin family believes. So you can imagine their shock when they discover their young daughter doing something decidedly unholy with her body. When the youthful exploration doesn't end, their pastor recommends giving the girl a boyfriend bear in the hopes that it will help maintain her chastity.

Rowan and Ruthie (ASSTR) ( (exhib, g-solo, voy, preteen, nosex) ~13k words
I've babysat a lot of strange kids, but none of them compare to Rowan and her little sister Ruthie. Their parents have some remarkably unrestrained ideas when it comes to what the girls are allowed to do in the house, and though I didn't know it at the time, my life would be forever altered after getting to know them that night.

Rowan and Ruthie Part 2 (ASSTR) ( (exhib, g-solo, Mg, oral, ped, preteen, voy, nosex) ~9k words
I thought I knew what to expect after my first time babysitting Rowan and Ruthie, but I was wrong. From snooping old biddies in the park to evading my jealous girlfriend at my house, my second time looking after the Clifton girls holds even more surprises.

Rowan and Ruthie Part 3 (ASSTR) ( (Mg, 1st, exhib, ped, g-solo, preteen, voy) ~9k words
The conclusion to the main trilogy of my time with Rowan and Ruthie sees me returning to babysit them one last time. From playing doctor and nurse to realizing my true feelings for Rowan, it's definitely a night we'll never forget.

Rowan and Ruthie Holiday Special (#post_) (Coming soon!)
Return to the Clifton house with a special Christmas story that bridges the gap between the conclusion of Rowan and Ruthie and the beginning of Jacob's time with Quincy. Filled with Christmas cookies, mistletoe, and plenty of holiday magic. Coming soon (hopefully!)

Quincy (ASSTR) ( (nosex, preteen) ~10k words
A sequel series set years after the Rowan and Ruthie trilogy. Jacob and his daughter Quincy move into yet another home in their journey away from a mysterious pursuer. Quincy tries to fit into her new surroundings while Jake does his best to provide for his goofball daughter.

Quincy 2 (ASSTR) ( (nosex, preteen) ~10k words
Jacob and Quincy meet up with Phoebe and Nat to explore the neighborhood park. Later on, Quincy begs to go to the mall to get some new clothes. Jacob finally relents, but is surprised by what type of garments his daughter is drawn to.
Title: Stories by joe_and_michelle
Post by: MintJulie on November 09, 2020, 03:11:12 AM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by joe_and_michelle

My Brothers Wife ( (no sex)

Angela attends MSU ( (FF)

Sharing Shannon (, hesitant wife, MFM)

4 Nines ( (MF, humil, reluc, blackmail)

Awakening of Michelle ( (MMMFF, Group, Reluc)

A Wife's Past Revealed ( (MMMF)

Let It Rain ( (M,F)

A Fantasy Fulfilled ( (MMF, exhib, wife)

The 11th Hole ( (M,F)

My First Orgasm ( (M-Masturbation)
Title: Stories by me, Shiela
Post by: Shiela_M on November 09, 2020, 04:01:06 PM
Stories by me, Shiela
or at least my attempt at writing

No clue for title (nosex, viol)

Thanks for the ride (M,F, con, cheat)

Road trip pit stop (M,F)

Training day (MFF, cons nc, oral, voile, bd, ds, ml)

Dinner date (M,F,exhib)

One hell of a first impression (M,F)

End of the drought (MF)

What's better than a friend with benefits (MF, inc)

Silent Bonding (M,F,inc,mast)

A whole new experience (M,F,f, exhib, oral, inc, con)

Sink or Swim (F,M,f,m, UA, blackmail, humiliation)

Crossing that line (F,dog,best)

Like an Animal (M,F,Dog,best);topicseen#msg598368

:emot_laughing: :emot_laughing: :emot_laughing:Shaggy Dogg :emot_laughing: :emot_laughing: :emot_laughing:

Johnny and the Clown

Purple Passion
Title: Stories by DemonDelight
Post by: MintJulie on November 09, 2020, 04:52:46 PM
This listing was compiled by MintJulie, if you know of other stories by DemonDelight, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Stories by DemonDelight

My Dare: Small World (FF, oral, exib, voy) (

An Unexpected Encounter (FF, lite bond, D/s, toys, oral, public, cheat) (

The Experimental Husband (MF, oral, toy) (

Good Morning, Dear (MF, pregnant) (

Best Fuck in a long time (MF, oral) (

Birthday Sex (MF) (

Our Experiment (MF, oral, lite bond/D/s) (

Midday Masturbation (masturbation, toy) (

A Hot November Night (MF, oral, exhib?) (

Reminiscing (MF, oral) (

The Experimental Wife (MF, oral, toy, masturbation) (

I fucked my husband good tonight! (MF, oral) (

Not Your Average Stripper (F +MMM, exhib, no sex) (
+Not Your Average Stripper Pt. 2 (FM) (

Morning Motivation (MF, nosex, oral, lac) (

Their Loving Pet (FMF, oral, toy, sub, romance) (

The Tigress (MF) (

The Bar (MFF, oral, public, cheat[?], toys) (

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (My version) (MF, oral) (

How to Thaw a Frozen Heart (MF, oral, light bondage) (

Supernatural Fanfic Chapter 1 - Nobody (MF, oral, sex, fantasy, bond, blood) (
+SPN Fanfic Chpt 2 - Crowley's Pet (MF, sex, oral, blood, foreplay, mast, voy) (
+Completed SPN FanFic (descriptions will be before each chapter) (

Fantasy (MF, cheat, oral, sex) (

Inappropriate Inpatient Behavior (MF, foreplay, oral, sex) Pt 1 (

Taming the Beast (FFM, oral, voy) (

My Introduction to "Daddy" (MF, drugged, reluc) (

The Goddess in Hiding (MF, oral, 1st) (

Hubby had a Dream (MF, oral, pregnant) (

Mrs. Lovett's Diary (parody, oral, m/F, incest{?},1st, voy) (

Title: Vinney's Stories
Post by: vinney on November 13, 2020, 12:29:16 AM

Vinney's Stories

Stories with love from vinney  :emot_kiss:

MONSTER Situation (M+F)

First threesome (FFM)

Cuckold (MMF)

Never been a voyeur before (MF)

Picture of Dreams (M+transsexual)

Not what you think I am...(M+CD)

Wondering what should happen next - (M+trannie)

Georgia on my mind (M-F mile high club etc)

Predicament (Mf and other things)

Young Fucker 1,2,3 (F+ boy+ boy initiations)

The Lingerie Workers (FM, M+preg, FF)

Infidelity emails and then... (MF and shocked M husband)

Guilty... (MM)



Twelve years coming... (M/F)

THE JOB IN HAND (M solo and memories)



THE ART CLASS (MF and mature students)


ELORA MF written jointly with Demon Delight and myself.

Handy Wife (FM and other males)

An Indian encounter (MF then MF)

Lauren's Little Adventure PART ONE (Mf)

Lauren's Little Adventure PART TWO (Mf)

Lauren's Little Adventure PART THREE (Mff)

Fantasy Fulfilled FM and M

Title: Stories by Gina Marie
Post by: MintJulie on November 13, 2020, 01:31:30 AM
This listing was compiled by MintJulie, if you know of other stories by GinaMarie not listed here, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Stories by Gina Marie

How I spent the 4th of July (MFF-oral-squirt) (  *True Story*

A Night In The Tub - (F, solo, mast, squirt) (  *True Story*

Bad Mother (Ff, 1st-les, inc, mast, oral, fist, squirt) (

The Changeling Ch 1 (f, mast, mod, size, squirt) (
The Changeling Ch 2 (Mf, Ff, mod, mast, size, squirt) (
The Changeling Ch 3 (Mf, Ff, mod, mast, size, squirt) (
The Changeling Ch 4 (Mf, mod, mast, size, squirt) (

The Crissy Experiment (FF, Medical, Drug, 1st Les, squirt) (

Daughter’s Girl Friend - (FFF, 1st les, oral, squirt) (

Eve And The Serpent (MF/f, MC, drug, anal, beast, incest, fist, size, squirt) (

Gia Gets A Woman Gynecologist (FF, oral, squirt) (

"Honey, lets fuck the babysitter" (MF, Mf, Ff, ped, oral, size, squirt) (

The Invention (FF, Beast, Mast, Squirt) (

Kallie & Nicole have a sleepover. (ff, les, first, oral, squirt) (

A lil quickie (FF-oral-squirt) (

My New Job Ch. 1 (FF, Exb, Mast, 1st time Les, Squirt) (
My New Job Ch. 2 (FF, Exb, Mast, 1st time Les, Squirt) (

No Tricks For Rich (Mff, ped, group, oral, squirt) (

Roses first squirt (FF/Fist/Oral/Squirt) (

The Sister (Ff, oral, size, squirt) (

My Sixteenth Birthday (Fffff, group, oral, 1st time les, inc, fist, squirt) (

Their Long Day (FF, Oral, Squirt) (

Worth Waiting For (FF, oral, fist, squirt) (

Title: Colin Piper stories
Post by: Colin Piper on November 13, 2020, 02:56:22 PM

Colin Piper Stories

Fifteen Love (MFf, ws, anal) (
Maria's tennis comeback in Thailand is a disaster. She drowns her sorrows in a Bangkok hotel with an English boy and Thai girl.

Kate In The Water (MF, rom, ws, oral) (
Boy meets girl. Boy and girl do kinky things on a deserted Australian beach.

Melanie's Soothing Mouth (MF, rim) (
Housewife by day, also call girl by day, while hubby's away.   

Hello Again (MF, anal, light bd) (   
Friends. London days. The one where you had the hots for your flatmate.

Beautiful Amy (Mf, anal, rom) (   
Being the dad of teenage daughters is tough. But teenage daughters have teenage friends.
Title: Valley Vixin Stories
Post by: Valley Vixin on November 14, 2020, 04:34:48 PM
Valley Vixin Stories

This would be me;u=33033

These would be things I have written so far.  Let me know if you like them, if you don’t just go read something else.  Honestly, it’s hard enough to put yourself out there to create anything with how much readier people are to attack others’ work than offer their own.

Accidental Joy (FF, NC, Interracial)

Policewoman Conquered ( M+F, interr, oral, WS )

Spartacus II: White teacher black revolution (mF interr oral anal)

Asian student becomes my Asian Master, Chapter 1

Crowd Control, Race Relations and K9 (Parts 1 & 2) (MF, NC, Bestiality, interracial)

Humbled by Hindu (IMWF, oral, anal, FF, MMMF, historical)

Taken by Cabbie (IMWF, interracial, prostitution, policewoman)

Wonder of Submission (MF, FF, Mdom, Fdom, MFF, BDSM, superheroine)

Model wife to Mleccha (MF, MFF, FF, inter, masturbation, exhibitionism, Mdom)

Unmasked by the Masters (MMF interracial public)

Quality Control (interracial, d/s, oral)

Dinner and Discipline (mmf, oral, straight, interracial, public, watersports)

Super Racial Issues (Supergirl story) FF, MF, oral, B/D, interracial.

Caught by my pigtails. (m/F Mdom, Interracial, masturbation)

Not like other men (MF, Mdom, Masturbation, Interracial)

Putting the Sub back in Suburb (FF, Fdom, bondage)

Accidents and Consequences (fF, BDSM, public, humiliation, interracial, anal)

Sometimes Goddess (FF, love poem)

A Proper Punishment (FF, spanking, humiliation)

Tentacles of Redemption (FFF, tentacles, mythic creatures, spanking, bondage)

Bullies and Scholarships (FFF, FM, BDSM, spanking, prostitution, first time)

Out for a Treat (FF, public)

Conversion Therapy (FFF, bondage, reluctance, spanking,)

Her Shoes (FFF, public)

Labyrinth (fM, FMM, nonhuman, Mdom)

Box Wine (FFF, Fdom, public)

Leach (FF, Fdom, BDSM, water sports, love poem)

Humbled for the Holidays (FF, Fdom, BDSM)

Date Night (FF, submission, service)

Put in my Place (FFF, BDSM, blackmail, humiliation)

Owning Virtue (FMM, humiliation, NC, superheroine)

Supergirl; Confidence Games (FM, Mdom, MC, superheroine)

When Fantasy Fails (FF, BDSM, Love poetry)

Power Failure (MMMF, Non Consent, Policewoman, BDSM, oral, anal, vaginal)

Birthday's Bones and Boundaries (FF, BDSM, oral, strap on)

Thank You For Your Service (MMMF, Non consent, military, interracial)

Trip to the beach (FF, rom, oral, humiliation, public)

Saddle Broken Mounted Policewoman (MMMF, BDSM, toys, blackmail, interr, oral, anal)

Rising Sun (BDSM, FF, love poem)

Goblin’ up Jean Grey (ScFi, magic, Mdom, MMMF, reluc, S/M)

Passionate Pets (FF, Fdom, public, Oral, masturbation)

I am just a candle (FF, Fdom, Love poem)

Goblin Slaver: Aftermath (MMMF, nc, reluc, ScFi, magic)

She bought the cow (FFF, reluc, lac, Fdom, Interr, humil, cheat)

Honestly, I really never thought of myself as a slut, but the evidence seems to be against me!

Title: Re: Author Directory
Post by: MintJulie on November 24, 2020, 04:42:13 PM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide a former member's stories here

Stories by Brody

Svetlana ( (Mf, rom, oral, fond, cons, voy, 1st, slow)

Kelly and Kelly ( (mf, mff, rom, 1st, touch, oral, preg)

Kelly and Kelly Redux ( (MFF, Mff, oral, 1st, incest, rom, some lez, anal)

Brooke and Willow ( (MF with hints of Mf, 1st, oral, touch rom)

Emily ( (Mf, incest, rom, voy, 1st)

Shelly and Debbie ( (Mf, rom, oral, 1st)

Little Jo ( (Mf, mf, 1st, rom)

Alexa and Uncle Jim ( (Mf, inc, 1st, oral, rom, ws)

Ginny, Part 1 ( (Mf, teen, 1st, oral, rom)

Ginny, Part 2 ( (Mf, teen, 1st, oral, rom)

Ginny, Part 3 ( (Mf, teen, 1st, oral, rom)

Brody's Story ( (Mf, inc, 1st, oral, rom)

Our Story* ( (Mff, inc, bi, reluc, oral, anal, 1st, orgy, asian)
*Brody's favorite story, written by WillIAm
Title: redhatlover's Stories
Post by: MintJulie on November 27, 2020, 02:24:11 PM

redhatlover's Stories

This listing was copied from redhatlover's profile page, if you know of other stories by redhatlover, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Abduction MMFF

Aunt Claudia  MF exb ws inc
Part I
Part II
Part III


Cold Nights Fm (My first story)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

Daddy's Girl Mf (Written by my GF, Daddy's Girl)
Part II
Part III

Welcome to the Family-(MFMF Romance Military)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

What's a Father to do?

Title: bcm Stories
Post by: MintJulie on November 28, 2020, 03:16:38 AM
This listing was compiled by MintJulie, if you know of other stories by bcm not listed here, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Stories by bcm

Assistant Coach (MF, mF, cuck, Creampie, Slut, Mdom, Humil, Interr) (

Cheating Neighbor (cheating, milf, breastfeeding, creampie, MmF) (

Cuckolded in front of her Brother (MF, cuck, Creampie, Slut, Mdom, Humil, Exhib) (

Highschool Cuckold (MF, mf, Mf, Mm, Cuckold, Creampie, Bi, Ped, Mdom) (

Innocent Young Girlfriend (MF, cuck, interr, Mdom, creampie) (

Night Out Dancing (MF, Cuck, Interr, Creampie) (

Title: Stories by Roses and Hearts
Post by: MintJulie on November 28, 2020, 03:54:06 AM
This listing was copied from Roses and Hearts profile page, if you know of other stories by Roses and Hearts, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Stories by Roses and Hearts

Our Most Interesting Sex Life

The Virgin

Going Parking at the Local Park

Am I normal?

Title: Stories by Stroker
Post by: MintJulie on November 28, 2020, 04:04:10 AM
This listing was copied from Stroker profile page, if you know of other stories by Stroker, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Stories by Stroker

The Grigori–The Watchers–A sexual fantasy (MF, BDSM, Group, MC, more) (
Sarah Miles a woman immersed in sexual desire. Meets a "Watcher," a fallen angel from Medieval folklore. She is seduced by him and is taken to places that even she could not imagine.

The Training of Jennifer (Mdom, BDSM, MF & more) (
Graham trains slut wives for the members of an elite clandestine society. Jennifer is sponsored by a senior member to be admitted into the exclusive circle. This is the story of her training.

The Forced Awakening (Femdom, FM, bisex, MM) (
Thomas, a university student meets a foreign Professor, Elena Mannon. She is different from any woman he has ever met. She begins to dominate him from their initial meeting as she places a proviso on their continuing relationship. She leads him into a bisexual experience as a form of psychological domination. Psychological torment is her personal aphrodisiac.

Milo: A Psychopath (NC, MF, rape, abduction, bondage) (
A delusional man stalks and abducts a young woman to serve his sexual perversions. A brutal story of a twisted psyche and a tortured victim.

Miriam's Dark Obsession (Fb, cuckold, wife) (
Miriam has harboured an obsession since childhood. She is now a married woman but remains haunted by desires and needs that plagued her even then. A long cherished memory feeds her hunger...

The Quickie (cuckold, MF, bisex, MM, wife) (
A husband and wife reach a humdrum state in their relationship. They consider separation and then the wife arrives at a solution. A solution and then an ultimatum. Hubby must decide to acquiesce or lose her forever. Story contains male, male bisexuality, be forewarned.

Title: Re: Stories by GwgMCMLX
Post by: GwgMCMLX on November 28, 2020, 10:23:41 PM
Stories by GwgMCMLX

I used to go fishing along this river in the woods...Mbb, 1st, anal (

My First M2M Experience as an Adult (



Title: Re: Stories and Poetry by Well Behaved Lady
Post by: Well Behaved Lady on December 01, 2020, 03:04:47 AM
Stories by Well Behaved Lady

Behind the Mask of Akimo ~ A Virgin Geisha‏ (Rom, 1st, oral, MF, oriental) PART 1 (
Behind the Mask of Akimo ~ A Virgin Geisha‏ (Rom, 1st, oral, MF, oriental) PART 2 (

Breakfast - M/F, oral, masturbation (

Like Never Before (MF, massage, toys, restraint) (

The Night I Danced the Polka in the Shadows ~ M,F, oral, exhib, masturbation (

Poetry by Well Behaved Lady

          As You Lay Sleeping (

          Discovery (

          Geisha Girl (

          Mating (

          Momentarily Yours (

          Pen & Paper (

          The Prize (

          Searching (

          Soixante neuf (

          The Stalls Listen (

          Stars Collide (

          Coach Trip (

          Reflection (

          I Want To Kiss You (

          Lust (

          Her Fantasy (

          Sexting (

          Death Becomes Her (

          Us (

          A Mutual Desire (

          To Step Over The Edge (

          Challenge (

          New Beginnings (

          Chasing The Dream (

          Sole Focus (

          Shadow Of Herself (

          Desire (

          Fading (non-erotic) (

          Insecure (

          Loss (

          Memoirs for reflection (

          Tick Tock (

          What I Need (

          Who Is..... (

          A Lesson (

          Pure Delight (

          Intamacy In The Shadows (

          Please Just Stop (

          One, Two, Three (

          Intimate (
          Connected (

          Mutual Respect (

          A cold December (

          Lead Her Into Temptation (

          She Kissed Me (

          Sensuality (

          Summer Tease (

          The Easy Option (

          An Ode To My Toys (

Title: Katiebee's Stories
Post by: MintJulie on December 01, 2020, 07:37:26 PM
If you know of other stories by Katiebee not listed here, please message MintJulie here (;sa=send;u=28934)

Katiebee's Stories

Once More, With Feeling  (FF, rape)

Down the Rabbit Hole  (F,F)

Title: Stories by Dodger
Post by: MintJulie on December 02, 2020, 12:34:31 AM
Stories by Dodger



Paying For Her Past (MF, rape)

Dee Dee (mmf nc rp)

My Time (mmf nc)

Freckles - (mff nc)

Soccer Mom - (nc)

Title: HppyHrryHrdn Stories
Post by: HppyHrryHrdn on December 08, 2020, 02:25:02 AM

HppyHrryHrdn Stories

Author's note: All the stories below will require a minimum of twenty minutes to read(some hours). But I think it's worth every minute.

Flight # Covid-19 (MF, Mf, ua, first, anal, oral)
A researcher and Covid survivor travels overseas on a flight he won't forget.

Bunko (fF+, 1st, drugs, reluc, voy, anal, oral)
A girl discovers there is more to Bunko than dice. Her Ex enjoys watching her learn as he learns too.

Nip Tuck (MF,FF, first time, nc)
A married woman goes to the doctor to improve herself, but there is quite a high price.

Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA,mf,Fm,first,Alcohol,inc,ff,reluctant,BDSM,blkmail,mm)
A long story of a boy's adventures after finding a hideout and a girl that wants to turn it into a sex club.

Experimenting On Sister (mF, inc, nc, MDom/f, bro/sis)
A brother is tired of his overly smart sister.  Experiments on her to find out how her brain and body truly interact.

Red Dick (MF, nc and con, Size, 1st time)
After the country is bombed a boy is drafted. Little did he know what kind of specialized unit he'd be drafted into.

No Doors (MF,ff,mf,inc, bro/sis, rom)
Family life can get complicated when you share a room with no door. A brother and sister navigate family and friends along the way.

Stowaway (UA,MF,rom)
John gets more than he was expecting on his move. The question for him is the girl just a hard-luck case that sneaked into his car, or a young lady sneaking into his heart.

The Companion  (MF, 1st, oral, alcohol, rom)
Joe enlist his daughter's roommate as a travel companion.
Title: Re: Stories by DiscipleN
Post by: DiscipleN on December 13, 2020, 08:08:39 PM

Stories by DiscipleN

Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]

Minding Others (mind control, slow, incest, reluctant, plot, mom/son)

Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten [age regres, alt mind, inc, mom-son, slow]

27 JAGed Pills  Chapters I, II, & III [mF, mf, inc, ms, fat fetish, cons, hung]

Activist Teacher in Africa [inter, mF, rape, school]

Black Harvest, White Seeding [interracial, rape, demons, boys, women]

Broke, Fat, Black, and Ugly [slow, nc, rape, oral, interracial, mdom]

Chained and Spanked Mother [m/s, inc, bdsm, oral, anal, spank, rough...]

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 1 [m/F, inc, nc, rape]

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 2 [m/F, inc, nc, rape]

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 3 [m/F, inc, nc, rape]

I'll Be a Mommy's Uncle! [Fm, inc, regression, x-dress, reluct, slow]

Incubus by Day (MF, fant, nc, magic, D/S, rough, oral, anal, beast)

Kathy Andrew's Neighborhood (mF, underage, m/s, ...and everything else, really)

Little Chain Gang Bangs [straight shota, teens and women, rape, reluctance]

Perchance to Dom, Chapter I & II

Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]

Son Don't Sow What Came Over Me 01 (Fm, inc, d/s, mast, reluct, cheat, cuck)

Son Don't Sow What Came Over Me 02 (Fm, inc, d/s, mast, reluct, cheat, cuck)

Title: Stories by Rache
Post by: MintJulie on December 28, 2020, 01:40:21 PM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by rache (Rachael Ross)

Note: Rachael passed away at a young age (early 30s) and is no longer with us. A complete list of stories she wrote before her untimely death can be found at the Rachael Ross Archives (

The stories below have been posted on Kristen's Board. Click on the title to read.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April Fools Story 2009  (

Blind Date (F/M, Rom, CD, Toys)  (

A Trick of the Light (

Wishes Like Girls (M/f, No Sex, Fantasy)  (

Six: The Adventures of a Blue Girl in "Close Encounters of the Heart" (m/f, intergalactic romance, oral, first) (

Traveling Man (M/F, Romance, Christmas)  (

CIS: A Taste of Denim (Teen Angst, Clothes, Public humiliation) (

Reasons Until After (fff/m, teen, rom, reluct, oral, cd, cheerleaders, angst) (

Predators (f/f romance, see note)  (

NIS - Pieces of Sam (F/f, f/f, first, romance, lesbian, oral, petting, masturbation)  (

How of Why (FF, Rom, Mast)  (

Babysitter's First Time (M/f, Consensual/Seduction, First, Romantic)  (

Fuckface (M/f, Incest, Rom, Teen, Spank, WS, Oral, Slut, humil)  (

Dancing (M/F, [Bro/Sis] Incest, Rom, Reluc, No Sex, Slow  (

My Mom The School Slut f/m, incest, oral, science fiction)  (

Dick (M/f, police)  (

Betsy's Best Intentions (m/f, incest, rom, first)  (

 Naked in School (M/f, F/f, f/f, Best, School, Alleged Humor) (

 JPJ09 - Petting Janey (F/Dog, F/F, Reluct, Incest, Best, Etc) (

 Goddess(m/dog, oral, intercourse, petting, bestiality, rom) (

 Dogsmith (F/Dog, M/Dog, F/F, Bestiality, Romance, Toys) (

 Practical Women (F/Dog, Romance, bestiality) (

 My Gay Dog (M/F/DOG, Romance, Oral, Anal, Humor, Jealousy, Bestiality) (

 Miss Blind America (F/Dog, Some Sex, Some Humor, a Big Disclaimer) (

 Dare: Book I (Dog+/F, Fantasy, Magic, Bestiality, Romance) (

 Dare: Book II (Dog+/F, Fantasy, Magic, Bestiality, Romance) (

 A Brief Guide to Dog Sex (

 Practical Woman (F/Dog, Romance) (

 Cuckold by the Dogs (F/Dogs, Cheating? Bestiality)  (

 Miss Blind America (F/Dog, Silly) (

 Dare (Dog+/F, M/F, Romance, Fantasy) (

 California (Cowboys, Horses, Poker, Bestiality) (

 Did you ever... (a comment, not a story) (

Title: Grendel's Tales
Post by: MintJulie on December 31, 2020, 04:45:47 AM

Grendel's Tales

Long Works ... in small bites.
All of these are or will be novel/novella length but posted in small digestible bits ... none of them is complete, yet.  Currently posted are two tales in two different universes.

A Masochistic Princess of Mars ( A line by line rewrite/extension of the classic Princess of Mars by ERB which is now in the public domain.  John Carter and Dejah Thoris are both quite different in this than the original.  MF, Mf, FF, Ff, sn, tor, inc, alien, best.

How I Snuffed Your Mother ( Written with bedeyes.  My/our first Club Murgatroyd story, probably not the last.  This one finishes at nine updates!  MF, Mf, FF, mF, mf, Incest, BDSM, SC and C snuff, hanging, other asphyxia, impaling, drowning, electrocution, beheading, poison.

The Snuff Games ( Written with Lexifoura and bedeyes.  This is actually the third Club Murgatroyd story; I will probably post the second sometime.  The story of two families and a D&D game.  This is the kind of thing I intended when I started posting here at Kristen's Board.  Though the main tale is about adults there are whole plot lines that involve underage persons.  The plan so far includes: MF+, Mf+, M+F+, M+f+, MM, F+, Ff, f+, mf, mF, Mg, mg, bg, fg, g+, bb, uateen, inc, intr, w/s, reluc, nc, rp, v, bi, tor, best and snuff of course; C, SC, and NC,including hanging, strangling, bagging,  electrocution, beheading, poison, and exotic methods which destroy the mind but leave the body alive.  I am positive there will be other types of snuff and likely other codes a swell ... and eventually transgender characters.  And yes you read that correctly, this will be my first foray into Gay sex. 

Four Sigma: A Tale of the Sigma Partnership ( The world of The Sigma Partnership was the first of the three independent snuff oriented worlds that I have created so far, the other two being The Changing World and Club Murgatroyd.  It is very much like our own, save that rich and powerful men are even more depraved and get away with even more than they do in RL.  Fourteen episodes have been written ... so far ... the tale is not yet complete.  This is the story of a man on his dream vacation.  First person.  In addition to the usual themes this one also has some mind control in it.  Again some W/S for dominance sake and racial epithets.  This bastard is the nastiest of my protagonists, so far, so if you don't like it rough this is not for you.   OTOH it does start sort of slow ... so you might try the first one and see if you like the bastard.  So far MF+, Mf, FF, Ff, sn, tor, inc, inter, humil ... I am sure there will be more codes ... will try and warn you when the time comes.

An Affair to Die For ( This story takes place in the universe of the Sigma Partnership but farther into the future than the other.  It is co-written by bedeyes and so contains more truly consensual sexual violence than is usual.  Written first person with multiple POV.  Includes adultery, incest, rape, slavery, torture, and murder ... and, as I implied, more romance, and consensual and semi-consensual snuffs than are usual in my work.  It takes place in the Sigma Partnership universe but farther into the future.  Oh, and it is currently a work in progress ... but enjoyable none the less I hope.

Short Works

Olympic Dreams ( A tale of the 2012 Olympics in London.  This story is essentially a consensual hanging but in the build up there are other types of asphyxia carried to unconsciousness, one true NC scene, and mentions of semi-consensual and non-consensual sex and death.  MF, S&M, CON, SC, NC, SN

New Year's Resolutions ( Two short tales for the season.  NC rp tor sn and SC best(K9) tor rough sn with mutilation and an extra helping of tit torture for those who like that ;)

A Snuffmas Carol: A Changed World Story 2143 ( Written with bedeyes.  MF, Mf, Mg, FF, Ff, Fg, mF.  A young woman is taught the value of consensual snuff in a single night by visiting spirits.  Incest, w/s, cons, preggo, brutal, tit torture, asphyxia, saw, decapitation, neck breaking, stabbing, electrocution, poison.  Very, VERY rough!!   

Second Degree Gang Activity: The Changed World 2261 ( Special authorized double appearance by jennyisrons.  A girl, her mother and many of her sisters are brutally executed because they did not realize that the eldest two daughters had become criminals and thus did not turn them in.  Snuff, Rape, torture, brutality, mutilation, humiliation, misogyny, degradation, bestiality, incest, sex with under age females, water sports.  I think that is everything ....

And again ... a shorter tale ... in the Changing World saga ....
Epiphany: a Changing World Story 2065 (  MF Mf mf mg sn rp tor nc sc c inc?  A young man takes advantage of his college summer break to visit the family of his HS sweetheart and clean up some loose ends ... so to speak.  Asphyxia (manual, bagging, hogtie) and lots of knife work of various flavors.   

The Citizen Wakes: Changed World, Mon 5 Aug 2402 ( MF Mf Mg Ff Fg FF sn tor uateen  An older man frozen in death wakes to a new young body ... a totally different world than the one he 'died' in.

The Citizen Feels Death: Changed World, Tue 6 thru Fri 9 Aug 2402 MF Mf Mg Ff Fg sn tor rp NC SC C inter uateen ( The Citizen continues to learn about his new world, plans his near term future, and as preparation for becoming a full Citizen gets to feel ... and enjoy a tween cunt dying while impaled on his cock.
Title: Cats_Whiskers Stories
Post by: MintJulie on December 31, 2020, 03:30:14 PM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by Cats_Whiskers

The Predator ( (f solo mast, Mf anal)

The Family ( (MF, Mf, f+M, M+Ff, M+f, Inc, Piss, Anal)

My Flight To Singapore ( (M/F)

Weird Island ( (M/F, M/f/g, m/F,  f/f, incest, beast, bondage, drugs)

Elementary My Dear Watson ( (MM) Story requested by Frustrated_Girl

My Sister Michelle ( (M/F, reluctant)

Heaven or Hell ( (BDSM, Bondage, Anal, Water Sports)
Title: Rainwater's Stories
Post by: Rainwater on January 28, 2021, 08:41:06 AM
Rainwater's Stories

Picture me sitting in the corner of my bedroom, my chair pulled up to a cheap table, typing away at my laptop by the light of a small desk lamp.  As far as background music, it's got to have some emotion or I'd just as soon have silence.  I am a night owl, and if the words are still flowing and I am eager to finish an idea or even a chapter, then I will do so.   The main thing I want to do, in the long run, is be true to the characters, and if they begin to run away with my original idea for a story, turning it into something else, so be it.

I plan to write a great variety of stories here, but I would say that the common theme that will tie them together will be the element of the forbidden, such as underage stories; stories involving cheating, blackmail, and hidden desires; stories involving rape.  Other kinds of stories may be included, but descriptions and story codes will always be given in any case. - RW


The Wrong Kind of Attention - 15 year old Emily is getting a lot of attention these days, from her Mom's boyfriend and from the couple next door.  Who is to say whose attention is wrong or right in the long run when Emily with her raging hormones can't decide for herself?  Work in progress... 57 pgs 25332 words
Title: Stories by DurtyDurtyGirl
Post by: DurtyDurtyGirl on March 17, 2021, 06:33:58 PM

Stories by DurtyDurtyGirl
A Blog About Me (

Coming of Age - (NC, MmF, Humil, Incest. Mdom. uateen)

Home for Christmas - (NC, MFF, Incest (kinda) )

Title: Stories by LoveBlueEyes
Post by: MintJulie on April 17, 2021, 05:59:17 PM

Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by LoveBlueEyes

Juvenile Lockup – Part 1 (Mf, reluct, teen) (
 Juvenile Lockup – Part 2 (Mf, ff, teen) (

Taking Care Of The Runaways (f, ff, mf, teen, 1st, reluc)  (

Cheer Tryouts  – Chapters 1-3 (ff, mf, 1st, anal, oral) (

Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 1 (m/f, first) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 2 (Ff, oral, anal, incest) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 3 (mf, UATeen, anal) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 4 (Mf, UATeen, Ff, anal, incest) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 5 (mmf, UATeen) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 6 (MFf, UATeen, incest) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 7 (Mf, Ff, fff, UATeen, incest) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 8 (MFfff, fff, anal, UATeen, Incest) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 9 (Mf, MMMf, UATeen, anal, incest) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 10 (Mf, UATeen, Anal) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 11 (Mf, UATeen, Oral ) (
Keelyn the Flirt – Chapter 12 (MMf) (

Family Rape (MF, Mf, Fm, Incest, rape) (

Middle School Suck Party (mf, UATeen, first) (

The Talent Show (Mf, UATeen, coercion, first) (

The Twins – Chapter 1, The Seed Is Planted (Mf, ff, UATeen) (
The Twins – Chapter 2, Oral Exams (Mf, ff, UATeen) (
The Twins – Chapter 3, Emma Spends The Night (Mf, ff, UATeen) (
The Twins – Chapter 4, Ella Spends The Night (Mf, ff, UATeens) (

Other stories by this author can be found here (

Title: Stories by fnord
Post by: MintJulie on April 27, 2021, 05:00:09 PM

Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by fnord

 fnord post 01: Backdoor in Black (MF, interracial) (

 fnord post 02: Rental Rump Humper (MF, oral, anal, prostitute) (

 fnord post 03: Oriental Butt-Boning (MF+, interracial, oral, anal, cheating) (

 fnord post 04: Road Trip Rear-Ending (MF, interracial, oral, anal) (

 fnord post 05: While the Girlfriend's Away (MF, interracial, cheat, oral, anal) (

 fnord post 06: Rump Romp With Rosa (MF, oral, anal interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 07: Steam & Cream (MF+, oral, anal, interracial) (

 fnord post 08: Black Booty (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 09: LBFM (MF, oral, anal, interracial, bar girl) (

 fnord post 10: Givin' the Dog a Bone, v1.0 (MF, oral, anal, best, bond) (

 fnord post 11: Black Anal Encounter (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 12: Doing the Club Scene (MF, oral, anal, toys) (

 fnord post 13: Audition, part one (MFF, oral, anal, interracial) (

 fnord post 14: Being Neighborly (MF, oral, interracial) (

 fnord post 15: Hot Hooker Heiney (MF+, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 16: Swap Club (MF, oral, anal, ws, interracial) (

 fnord post 17: Hooker Sandwich (MF, MF, MMF, oral, anal/dp, prostitute) (

 fnord post 18: Junkshop Jennie (MF, oral, anal, prostitute) (

 fnord post 19: Doggy Style (F/dog, FF, lesbian, best) (

 fnord post 20: Prospect (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 21: Cheating on Uni (MF+, interracial, oral, anal, cheat, sleep) (

 fnord post 22: At the Movies (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 23: Saved by the Belle (MF, oral, anal, sneaky bastardry) (

 fnord post 24: Pit Stop at the Club (MF, MM+/f, oral, anal) (

 fnord post 25: Short-Time Anal (MF, oral, anal, interracial, bar-girl) (

 fnord post 26: Making Bail (MF, oral, anal, cheat(ish)) (

 fnord post 27: Psycho Bitch Girlfriend From Hell (MF, interracial, anal, nc?) (

 fnord post 28: Sleeping Bootie, part one (MF, oral, anal, interracial, sleeping) (

 fnord post 29: Table Games (MM+/FF+, oral, anal, interracial, bar-girl) (

 fnord post 30: Anna, part one (MF, MF, oral, cheat) (

 fnord post 31: Givin' the Dog a Bone v2.0 (MF, oral, anal, best, bond, nc) (

 fnord post 32: Lot Lizard (MF, oral, anal, prostitute) (

 fnord post 34: Sleeping Bootie, part two (MF, MFF, oral, anal, cheat, sleep) (

 fnord post 35: In the Doghouse (MF, oral, anal, best, voy, bar-girl) (

 fnord post 36: Cynthia (f/dog,uateen, voy) (

 fnord post 37: Mile High 01 (MF+, oral, anal) (

 fnord post 38: Anna, part two (MF, oral, anal, cheat) (

 fnord post 39: Farm Girl (MF, oral, anal, best) (

 fnord post 40: Suzy, part one (MF, oral, anal, voy) (

 fnord post 41: Another Hooker Story (MFF, oral, anal, prostitute) (

 fnord post 42: Li Jin (MF, oral, bath-house, interracial) (

 fnord post 43: Black Massage Parlor Fuck (MF, oral, anal, interracial, massage) (

 fnord post 44: Lust Action Hero, Episode One - Origins (MF, oral, anal, movie) (

 fnord post 46: Dog Lover, part one (ff+, uateen, best/dog) (

 fnord post 47: I Like Fundy Girls (MF, oral, anal, virgin) (

 fnord post 48: First Hooker (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 fnord post 49: Audition, part two (MF, oral, anal, interracial) (

 fnord post 50: Banging Mama-san (MF, oral, anal, interracial) (

 fnord post 51: Nano, Chapter One: In the Beginning (MFF, oral, anal, scifi) (

 fnord post 52: Dog Lover, part two (f/dog, uateen, best) (

 fnord post 53: By the Numbers (MF, oral, anal, interracial, bar-girl) (

 fnord post 54: Busy Weekend, part one: Homework (Mf, uateen, oral, sex, toy) (

 fnord post 55: Jung (MF, oral, anal, interracial) (

 fnord post 56: Black Florida Hooker (MF, oral, anal, prostitute) (

 fnord post 57: Designated Driver, part one (MF, anal, nc) (

 fnord post 58: Sleeping Mom, part one (mF, uateen, oral, incest, nc) (

 fnord post 59: In the Treehouse, part one (mf, uateen, oral, anal) (

 fnord post 60: Gwen, part one (Mf, uateen, oral) (

 fnord post 61: Ass Only (MF, anal, craigslist) (

 fnord post 62: Crusing Ho Row (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute) (

 Shard - a snippet (

 fnord post 63: Gwen, part two (Mf, uateen, oral, toys) (

 fnord post 64: Bathroom Quickie (MF, oral, anal, cheat{ish}, craigslist) (

 fnord post 65: Curiosity, part one (Mf, uateen, oral) (

 fnord post 66: Behind the Barn (MF, oral, anal, craigslist) (

 fnord post 67: Haley's Comet (f/best, uateen, mast, voy, toy, dog, ana) (

 fnord post 69: Student Nursing, part 1 (M/F, asian, manual, oral) (

 fnord post 70: A Pack of Smokes, a Dark Alley, and Thou (MF, asian, oral) (

 fnord post 71: After the Show (MF/F/F, oral, anal, cheating) (

 fnord post 72: Mom to the Rescue 01 (MF, oral, intercourse, cheat[ish]) (

 fnord post 73: Birthday Party Aftermath (Mf, uateen, anal, nc) (

 fnord post 74: Who Wants to Fuck the Babysitter 01 (M/f, uateen, hj, craigslist) (

 fnord post 75: Big Weekend 01 (MF, oral, craigslist) (

 fnord post 77: Working Piece 10 (MF, interracial, oral, more to come) (

 fnord post 79: Taking the Hint (MF, IR, hooker, oral, anal) (
Title: Stories by KitKat
Post by: MintJulie on May 09, 2021, 03:28:25 AM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here.  This was a huge undertaking as KitKat has a large amount of stories published to KB.  Thank you very much!  Woo for you, my friend.


Stories by KitKat

Lacy's Legacy continues (MMmm/f, first, ped, oral, cheat, rom ) (
(Note: This is one long post of Parts 20-26, which are listed below as individual posts)

Electra's Lotus (MF, 1st, v, rom, war)  (

The Weekend by Forgetfulish & KitKat (M/f-teen, voyeur, first, ped, oral, anal)  (

Lacy's Legacy (Thanksgiving 3some) (mmf, teens, 1st, reluc, mast, oral, voy,)  (

A Renaissance Romance (M/teen f, romantic, ped, first, cream pie, preg)  (

Rock Gods & Baby Groupies (Mf / Mff teens, drugs, alcohol, threesome) (

You like my little sister?' (Mf, teen, ped, mast, first, oral, cream pie, rom)  (

The Apple Of My Eye (MF, rom, mast, vouyer)  (

Sexy Sleepover (mmf teen, m dom,first,alcohol,oral,reluctant,bondage,voyeur) (

Naughty Little Natasha (Mf/ff/mf/Mm,teens,ped,inc,mast,spank,oral,drugs,DP,3way,  (

~ Secret Lovers ~  (

Lacy's Legacy Part 1 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 2 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 3 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 4 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 5 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 6 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 7 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 8 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 9 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 10 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 11 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 12 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 13 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 14 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 15 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 16 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 17 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 18 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 19 (

Lacy's Legacy Part 20 (Mf, teen, ped, rom, vouyer)  (

Lacy's Legacy Part 21 (Mf, mf, teens, ped, rom, cheat)  (

Lacy's Legacy Part 22 (mf, teens, drugged, rp, v)  (

Lacy's Legacy Part 23 (Mf, teen, ped, rom) (

Lacy's Legacy Part 24 (Mf, mf, teens, ped, 1st, vouyer, cheat) (

Lacy's Legacy Part 25 (Mf, MF, mf, 1st, ped, alcohol, swap, vouyer, oral, rom)  (

Lacy's Legacy Part 26 (Mf, teen, ped, rom)  (

Anything For Ally (Mf teen, rom, cheat) (

Virgin For Sale (M/f-teen, ped, rom, kidnapped, voyeur, first)  (

Who Likes Spanking Stories? (

Girl Scout Cookie Cat-fight (ff-teen, wild catfight, voyeur) (

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Title: Stories by TheCommander
Post by: TheCommander on May 18, 2021, 11:31:08 AM
Stories by TheCommander

I am not a good writer but I love it to read a good story. But sometimes it hits me and a story flashes through my mind, staying there for some time. If that happens Iike to share this around to you. It maybe takes some time between the stories to get a new one but I promise to share the good ones to you...

The stories will be added just with the newest at the top and not be sorted in any other way.

Title: Re: Author Directory
Post by: Sarah_1964 on July 20, 2021, 04:34:06 PM
Here is a list of the stories I have posted here:

Autobiographical (true stories):

Camping (MMF): my first time with two boys

Engaged (MF, mast): being engaged, and (relatively) chaste

The Lake (MF, watched): a man watched us have sex at a lake

The Affair (MF, catastrophe): lies, damn lies, and deceit

Doing it (F, solo, mast): how I masturbate

Dreams (F, hints at M+F): how I came to share sex stories

Insatiable (no sex): why I am here:

On the car (MF): an incident with an American visitor

The Tribute (M, F, mast)


Bachelor Party (M+F): my fantasy after meeting a bachleor party at a hotel

The Photographs (M+F): my fantasy after builders found nude photos of me

Pole Dancing (solo): letting go for charity

Meeting Vicky (MF): fucking a young man met online

Softly (MF, hints at M+F): more a poem than a story:

Interactive Adventure Story (M+F): a reader-directed erotic story

Interactive Story #2: (M+F): a walk in the night

Orcs (M+F, nc?) a fantasy about orcs

Beach Riders (M+F, nc?): confronting a biker gang

Bus Ride (M+F): I ride the football team bus

Showers (M+F): I go in the 'wrong' showers

Sucking (M, F)

Sunbathing (M+F)
Title: Re: Author Directory
Post by: Sailbad on July 23, 2021, 05:58:26 PM

Stories by
Sailbad the Sinner


Adventures in Horticulture ( - Girl meets plant for cross-pollination(?). Emily house-sits for her botanist neighbor and gets seduced by an enormous flowering plant in the professor's greenhouse.  ©2010  29K  (horror, Fsolo, non-anthro, mc)

Angel in the Dark ( - What does it feel like when a pro falls in love? The celebrated “Angel” is about to find out. This is the sequel to "Dana and the Angel of Lost Girls".  ©2017  75K  (les, prost, rape)

The Charm ( - A 13 year old boy's discoveries in sex with the help of the strange sexuality of his teacher who taps him for her needs. ©2004  89K
1)   Caught by Teacher - Charlie has a crush on his teacher and she uses it to ensnare him for her plans.  46K  (mF, mc, 1st, teach, sch, Fdom)
2)   Freed by Mom - The continuing story of Charlie, introduced to a unique sexual practice by his teacher now relenting it for his stepmother's arms. What will their future hold?  43K   (mF, Fdom, oral, rom, FF, mother, son, teach)

A Charmed Life ( - The life of a woman given a special gift, which changed her entire existence. ©2010  203K
1)   The Capture - Youth ever-lasting has a beginning. She recalls the night a mysterious stranger implanted her.  18K  (FF, mc, hist)
2)   The Change - The morning after her strange encounter.She learns the capabilities and function of her special gift.  25K  (FM, mc, hist)
3)   The Legacy - The precautions the gift imposes and the lonesome legacy of eternal life in a mortal world.  12K  (nosex, hist)
4)   A Night in a XXX Arcade - Back in the present, she prepares for her plunge. Collection time at a XXX arcade.  27K  (MF, pornThea, Fsolo)
5)   A Discovery - She encounters something she never expected in all her years.   22K  (FF, pornThea)
6)   The Story of Fantine - She brings her new friend home and she tells her tale.  24K  (FF, FM, mc, Hist)
7)   Find Love - A relationship erupts out of necessity. She consummates a love that can last forever.  36K  (FF, rom)
8}   The Rescue - A sudden tragedy.  She must reinvigorate her love or lose her chance for happiness.  40K  (FM, mc, pornThea)

Dana and the Angel of Lost Girls ( - A pretty, young woman with questions about her sexuality goes on an adventure to test her flesh.  ©2009  114K
1)   Looking for Love - A detailed story of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who struggles with a world that does not come to grips with her dual sexuality and sets out on an adventure. Chapter 2 and 3 are where this story gets rolling.  41K  (MF, slow, herm, prost)
2)   The Magic Night - The continuing saga of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who tests the masculine side of her sexuality with a seasoned pro - a lesbian call-girl. They experience a night neither will ever forget.  47K  (FF, herm, 1st, oral, pett, squirt, prost)
3)   The Morning After - The closing story of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who spends a fabulous morning in the arms of her first lesbian lover. Is it love? Dana's life will change for good.  29K  (FF, rom, herm, tears, oral, squirt)

Lab 18 ( - Miskatonic Institute cloned a dinosaur from fossil DNA but so far only a male and they have no way of studying his mating behavior without a suitable surrogate. Sexual congress defined in dry scientific terms.  ©2004  16K  (best, ScFi, voy, exhib)

Ovi-Surrogate ( - Inter-species sexual relations on the outskirts of the Amazon.  ©2004  60K
1)   Ovi-Surrogate - A lonely woman escaping her past in the deep Amazon becomes the unwilling(?) link in the procreative process of strange, alien forest creatures. 27K  (mc, ScFi, horror, Zoo, non-anthro, bd, best, preg)
2)   Ovi-Sister - A companion story to Ovi-Surrogate, Shelly finds she is not alone in her service to the strange, alien forest dwellers. She witnesses another young woman providing for their reproductive needs. 34K  (mc, ScFi, horror, Zoo, non-anthro, bd, best, preg, voy)

Rose Red and the Great Wolf ( - The bedtime story of Little Red Riding Hood that your granny did not want you to know.  ©2017  27K    (best, were, horror, Zoo, non-anthro)

The Stone Man's Wife ( - Childhood games take on new dimensions for a young girl when she is caught trespassing by The Stone Man. He takes her to her limits, where she longs to be.  ©2010  60K    (b+f, Mf, bd, size, reluc, ped, rom, preg)

Storm Bringer ( - A phantom creature haunts the nights of women who live in this lonely, prairie home. From beyond our dimension, Yog-Sothoth reaches to sex up lone females to the point of exhaustion.  ©2010  61K    (horror, best, voy, Fsolo, non-anthro)

Violett ( - A girl narrates her experiences in pet-sex.  ©2004  97K   
1)   My First Orgasm - A pubescent young girl's narration of her early adventures in the wonderful world of sex. Her faithful bulldog helps out.  14K  (1st, fsolo, best)
2)   I Return Pleasure - A teen girl's narration of her adventures in bestiality continues as she learns to help her dog enjoy their trysts.  14K  (fsolo, best)
3)   I Get Mated - A teen girl's light-hearted narration of her experiences in bestiality advances with her first dog fuck.  19K  (1st, Fsolo, best)
4)   I Get Ganged - Our happy heroine's narration of her experiences in bestiality finds her as a grown woman and still enjoying man's best friend as a reliable sex partner. This time with multiple partners.  20K  (pornThea, gang, best, Fsolo)
5)   I Star in a Sex Show - Our daring lesbian's narration of bestiality enters the world of exhibitionism as she describes dog sex before an awe-struck audience.  29K  (best, exhib)

What is Frot ( - Augie is a very horny teenager whose sexual desperation leads him to a tremendous discovery during a visit to a porn theater. He has a dick-to-dick encounter with a stranger and it makes him want more.  ©2009  32K    (mM, 1st)
Title: A Cum Maiden's tale : Brie's story
Post by: kcbikerslut on September 01, 2021, 11:06:37 AM

A Cum Maidens Tale: Brie (
A multi-part story.