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Title: Did we really say that!?
Post by: Army of One on January 28, 2021, 01:31:58 AM
Our sexual vernacular has changed a lot over time, for the better and the worse.

This thread is dedicated those terms which were, to say the very least,  :facepalm:-worthy. Some of you will laugh, some of you will cringe, and some of you may pick up the nearest bat, crowbar or decently-sized piece of wood (nails may or may not be included).

I'll start off, and just for the record: mine is the reason I includd that part about picking up a bludgeon.

So, high school. Senior student made this rather ribald joke:

How do you know a girl is having her period?
Her boyfriend wears the Dolmio grin.

(I think I said my high school was all-male; yes, all the sexist trappings came with it, including the humour.)

And hence came this cringeworthy piece of rightfully long-abandoned language: the Dolmio grin. I don't need to give a definition; that can be implied from the joke. (If you don't know what Dolmio is, it's a pasta sauce brand that has the tagline, "We put the good things in, so you wear the Dolmio grin.")