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 on: Today at 09:45:56 AM 
Started by Piper-Dreams - Last post by IdleBoast
Nudity expected!

 on: Today at 09:45:09 AM 
Started by RopeFiend - Last post by IdleBoast
There has to be something there, other than she decided, out of the blue, to get back at men.  I'm not even saying that, there's no man haters (Honestly, there's a lot to hate) who're insane enough to put themselves through a rape trial, and risk being exposed a fraud, for an extremely slim chance to send an innocent man to prison.

I'm not going to give details, but, yes, there are people who will make up rape allegations purely to ruin an innocent man.

(There are a lot of strange and fucked-up people out there, Psi. I presume you've met a lot more of them than I have, but clearly I have encountered at least one outside your own experience.)

 on: Today at 09:35:47 AM 
Started by joan1984 - Last post by IdleBoast
Homeowner takes advice of Joe Biden, protects his family from intruder...


Were his family in the barn?
Were they actually endangered by the intruder?
Was the intruder armed?

Not according to the article.

"Came toward him in a threatening manner"?? Nobody talks like that unless they're writing an official report in a way that they hope will stop them getting in trouble.

Correct headline: "Unarmed man shot in empty outhouse for flinching when elderly man waves shotgun in his face".

 on: Today at 08:08:03 AM 
Started by RopeFiend - Last post by phtlc
I don’t know the specifics of this case but I’ll address a few points.

Well, unfortunately, the victims don't get a choice,

Alleged victims

Obviously, he's decided that because they're sex performers, that means he's entitled, to ignore safe words, and boundries

Obviously? Why so? Because someone has accused him of something?

Their pasts do not define them as women who can't say no. 

I don’t think the OP was trying to suggest otherwise

Employment at is not immunity for them.  Or immunity for him. 

Nor is it a confirmation of guilt

 on: Today at 07:38:54 AM 
Started by Lois - Last post by Mervinh2o

This is the same Ben Carson who famously said that the pyramids were grain silos built by Joseph of the Old Testament, that slaves were just immigrants “pursuing their dreams,” who also said dead bodies were preferable to gun control, and that poverty doesn’t exist per se, rather it is merely a state of mind.

 on: Today at 07:02:59 AM 
Started by Fantasy - Last post by mummylover62
looking forward to it

 on: Today at 06:34:12 AM 
Started by GEMINIGUY - Last post by bravexave
Best movies ever! Helped inspire me to become a musician and i learned almost every song john cafferty wrote for the films. Bit the book writyen by P.F. KLUGE
is better

 on: Today at 04:55:08 AM 
Started by RopeFiend - Last post by psiberzerker
No, EVERYONE has 'malleable memory', your august self included.  You remember what you want to think happened, not what actually occurred.

About ever single time I have been raped, sexually assaulted, or attacked?  No, I don't forget those.  I don't remember what I wanted to think what happened.  I remember them all.  Clearly.  

When you cross the line, and then try to think of some intellectual way out of admitting you fucked up?  Then, you remember what you want to think happened.

Now it's 10.  10 people you see no reason to believe are telling the truth.

What reason do you have to believe he is, all 10 times?  What reason do you have to believe that his memory is perfect, when for him, it was just a teusday?  "Vindictive" doesn't mean she's lying.

 on: Today at 03:54:14 AM 
Started by RopeFiend - Last post by RopeFiend
I remember 10 total that people were crying over.

The two 'abuse' or 'excessive force' cases cut it to 8.  The one I posted knocks that to 7.  Joanna Angel's account couldn't possibly be called 'rape' by even a wildly insane court, so 6.  The others I couldn't research... no source for corroboration or refute.

edit: James is back working for Kink (note my earlier comment about them not wanting to be sued), so either they believe him or else they have a DM there during his shoots to insure that it stays consensual-nonconsent.

Stoya is the only one I'd call vindictive.  If you've never had a vindictive ex, see this:
Even in OUR small community, it happens.  I've met a lot of disturbed people in my life, and thankfully never dated any of 'em.
(edit: God only knows about the one that ghosted on me...)

 on: Today at 03:46:49 AM 
Started by RopeFiend - Last post by Athos_131
Wiki is written by assholes like you and I, it's not guaranteed to be anything but someone's words.

Let The Reader Beware.  Your Mileage May Vary.

Very well.

In the few days since Stoya’s tweets, eight other women have also gone public. Tori Lux, Ashley Fires, Amber Rayne, Kora Peters, Nicki Blue, Lily LaBeau, and a woman writing as T.M., all say Deen has assaulted them, too. In the aftermath of those allegations, Deen’s career is crumbling. (He has not commented on any of them, to any of the outlets that have approached him.) Porn companies severed ties and website The Frisky killed his column for ever. Fans razed his GIFs from Tumblr. A sex toy in his likeness was pulled from production.

On 2 December, Joanna Angel spoke out about Deen, using a radio appearance to accuse Deen of assaulting her multiple times, and saying that once she thought to herself, “I am going to die here.

You're right, wikipedia was wrong.

It was 8 ladies.


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