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Author Topic: My first story: Teaching Sally (M/g, g/toy, g/dog, prostituate)  (Read 30324 times)
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« on: February 15, 2008, 07:25:19 PM »

('This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.')

It's my first storie written, so please give me some feedback...


Teaching Sally

Hi, I'm Dave and I'm a pervert. Why is said easily. I fuck my daughter and let strangers fuck her and even my dog had her. You think that's nasty? You are right, but I'm doing it and I will go on. But here is the story, how it got to it...

It started when my daughter was 12. My wife had gone to another guy to have fun with him, leaving my daughter and me alone. She died already by too much alcohol but it's not my deal anymore. My daughter has the wonderful name Salliander, not an all world name but a very nice. Everyone including me calls her Sally and so I will do here. Like I said, it started when she was twelve and my wife had gone.

One evening I heard a Scream from sally's room. I took three steps ahead on my way upstairs to her room. I got inside without knocking and saw my daughter stark naked in front of her mirror, blood between her legs and I calmed down immediately. She had gotten her period and I took her to the bathroom. There have been a few of my wife's Tampax. I let my daughter wipe the blood away and showed her the Tampax. I explained her for what it was and the rest of the evening was explaining of the difference between man and women. I knew I had to do this but I didn't imagined it would be so fast. At 14 perhaps but not at 12... Here I was now, with my twelve year old daughter, sitting on our couch in our livingroom. I had her wear a bathrobe because I had always thought about how to explain and had decided, to show what was what is better than only explain and tell her. Even her first Tampax I shoved inside.

When we were over with what is man and what is women she started to ask me questions. She started at "What is a clitoris", went over with "What is a sex" and ended with "how look men"... I didn't thought it would be so easy. I opened her bathrobe and started to explain everything on her body. I even showed her what areas can create good feeling and even produced some by rubbing her clit and her asshole. Then it was time to explain that man.

I undressed and with every piece of clothes I got more nervous. Even my hard on shrank down to nothing. When I was stark naked as my daughter was, I started again to explain. She asked more this time perhaps because she knew her body. The more she asked the more I lost my nervousness. I started slowly to get a hard-on again and it didn't took long for Sally to notice it. Her questions came and it were a lot for this little piece of my body. She even asked to touch it but I refused it at this moment. I even missed to explain her the thing with the climax.

I thought that this would be too much tonight and so I took her to the bathroom again and showed her how to get the Tampax out and a new one in. She moaned silently when I showed the new one inside and looked deep into my eyes. I took her head into my hands and kissed her like a lover. I realized that this was wrong and stopped, but I had kissed her. With a helpless look on her face I sent her to bed.

The next day Sally came down to me into the kitchen and asked my to change the Tampax. She couldn't get it out and she don't wants to make a mistake. She sat on toilet and I took the small cord and pulled it out. I got the knew and again by showing it inside I got a silent moan from my daughter. It repeated for the next two days until her period ended. In this two days I thought about my daughter and why she moaned every time I showed a Tampax inside. I decided to take advantage of this and to try to train her for my pleasure.

On weekend, when we drive into town for shopping I sent her into a clothing shop to get some new clothed. I said her, that I would come after in a few minutes. By the time she was in the clothes store I got to a sex shop and looked through the dildo's and plugs. I took the smallest one of both, both about one inch in diameter and both about two and a half inch long. That's nothing for a grown woman, but for my daughter it would be huge. On top I got some KY and left the shop. I met my daughter in the store and bought her two new street outfits and a new two piece swimming suit because they started swimming classes next month at school.

We got home late because we went to cinema after shopping and got some ice cream on our way home. I sent my daughter to bed after 30 minutes looking TV and said her good night. I stayed in livingroom until it was midnight. Now it was time to test my daughter. I went upstairs, got the KY and the dildo from my room and slipped inside my daughters room. It was dark inside and the only light came from the full moon through the windows. I took away her blanket and was surprised. My daughter was sleeping naked. Better for my, I didn't had to strip her down.

I slowly parted her legs to a far angle and opened the KY to put a little bit on her lovingly cunt. A small amount came onto the dildo and that I positioned it on her hole. Carefully I pushed and was surprised to get it inside such easily. My daughter moaned silently and lifted her butt a bit. I showed more inside and her moaning became louder. I had about one and a half inches inside and it was a truly sexy view. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it gently. Another moan came from Sally and I showed more inside. Two inches now and me sucking her clit. He moans became louder and ended with a pitch moaning as I got the dildo fully inside. It was exactly the right size for her because when I got it totally in I hit her cervix inside. I pulled slowly and took out about an inch. I showed inside again and again my lovely daughter moaned highly pitched as I hit inside. I repeated this for two minutes when her breathing became faster and her hips always followed the dildo. I pulled out slowly and cleaned her crotch. I left her room for tonight and thought about it...

She was a natural sex toy. I had to teach her. She could be my sex toy! Always ready, always loving sex, and always mine! I jacked off this night and put on a program to teach her in the next year. I would beginn by teaching her what a climax is and I would let her want to get it. Then I would let her suffer for a climax and teach her that it would always and only come from me or if I want her to get one.

The next morning I got into her room early. I had the dildo and the KY with me and put them under the bed. I got my hand under her blanket and gently rubbed her clit. She began to moan again and slowly waked up. Surprised she asked my, what I was doing to her and I just told her to relax and calm down. She did and I proceded.

I got the dildo from under her bed and the KY and slipped under her blanket from the foot end of her bed. She hadn't seen the dildo and the KY and so she was surprised when my lips started to suck her clit. A loud moan showed my that she liked it and so I proceded. I tested her wetness with a finger and was again surprised. She was already wet, not soaking wet but enough for the dildo. I positioned the dildo and sucked hard one time to take her senses to her clit when I push the dildo inside. I got one and a half inch inside with that trust and she didn't noticed it. I sucked hard again and showed inside complete. When I hit her cervix inside again but this time with her awake the gave me a pitched moan again. She asked my what I was doing to her because she felt such different as if she exploded any second. I told her to relax again and let it happen. Her question was "it" was I answered with pulling and pushing the dildo out and back inside again. She moved her hips up and down, moaned in high voice and after a few minutes she got her first climax.

When she got back down to earth I said that this was a climax and this is what all the world is wanting from sex. I explained her that man and woman have different orgasms and that man normally can come once and have to have a break than and that woman can have multiple ones. I slowly pulled the dildo and pushed it inside again once and showed her so that I could get her to heaven again easily. I pushed inside over the limit and pushed against her cervix and caused a bit more pleasure and told her to get this inside all day today. Sally asked why and I said her to get dressed into her new swim suit and that we would got swimming at the lake today.

When Sally got ready I packed my bag. I also packed inside the small plug because I wanted to teach her anal lessons as sure as everything. I why should I teach her afterwards when I can teach her everything in one rush? We met in the kitchen and Sally wore her swim suit and an small skirt and a short shirt over it. She hopped onto the bar chair as she always did and a pitched moan was the result. she had forgotten about the dildo inside her. I said her to sit at the edge and pulled her Slip aside to pull the dildo out a little bit so that Sally would feel it even when she walks. The effect was given an her first walking and until we got into my car an hour later she had gotten a new climax.

The lake was not far away and so was our drive only about 10 minutes. When we arrived Sally jumped out of the car and directly jumped into the water. She felt the dildo inside herself when she ran and when she hit the surface of the water but it was the cold wetness she wanted to feel on her skin. She played in the lake, swam around and dived under the surface. The whole time the dildo was inside her and had an effect on her. First she could manage to ignore it. Getting wet inside, getting aroused but after some time she got it.

She came out of the water with a red face and a fast breath. I knew she was near a climax and so I asked her if she wants some help to get over. She nodded yes and so we went to some small bushes and I pulled down her slip. I kissed her clit, licked it and moved the dildo inside up and down. She began to moan and I had to shut her mouth with my free hand so that other visitors wouldn't notice what we are doing. I had her turn around and bend over so I can lick her from behind and she did. It didn't took long for me to get her to climax.

But I had more in mind. On her orgasm I pulled her dildo out and pushed my finger inside. She was warm and wet. Soaking wet! I still licked her, her orgasm still running, but I had more in mind. As I said before I wanted to teach her everything in a rush. So I pulled out the anal plug that I put from the beachbag into my pocket and pushed it into her slit two or three times to get it lube up. Next I licked her clit and bit into it and pushed the plug into her narrow hole.

She had no chance to avoid it and it was faster inside that she could press her ass together. She tried to push it out but I calmed her down to be quiet and let it inside. I pulled a bit on the plug and than pushed back some times. Everything was fine to me because it was in the right position and if Sally let it in side, it would give her pleasure. Next I pushed her dildo inside again and Sally responded with a deep moan. I asked her what she felt like and she answered that there is a lot of pressure and she felt like she get the next climax in a few seconds. I pulled her bikini slip back up and send her swimming a bit.

While I laid down in the sand and looked at my lovely daughter I had my fun. She was in the water and had several orgasms in that time... Two times she sank down because of her climax and she came up after twenty seconds or so... At the end of the day she had made friend with her ass plug and even in bed she would pull outside.

The next day I told her to take both toys out and sent her to her friends for playing. After only two hours she came back and asked me for her toys. I gave her the anal plug only and said her to plug it inside on her self. She said she doesn't know how and I have to show her and so I told her to strip down. I knew at this moment that she wanted to show her friends but it was good for me. I let her bent over the sofa and kneed down behind. God, what a beautiful sight . She had a perfect hairless cunt and it was wet in anticipating. I played a little bit with her clit, even licked it a few time and got her wetter by every minute. I don't wanted to just plug it inside, I wanted my fun for the day too.

I licked her more and more, licked her clit, pushed my tongue inside her cunt and made her go crazy with that. I felt her butt with my hands and pushed a bit against her ass hole with my finger. Just pushed against, but not inside. I got the plug and pushed it slowly inside her cunt. She moaned loud when the plug stretched her cunt. I slowly pushed further inside, let her feel every half inch of her small friend. I pushed more inside and got it totally in.

I pressed against the bottom of the plug and tried to push the plug against her womb but I won't go in more than it was. I stood up and slapped her butt once and said her to stand up and said on my lap. Sally got up and we both went around the sofa and sat down, me first and than my daughter on my lap. I felt her hot crotch on my loins and went crazy my self. I pushed up with my dick inside my jeans against her cunt with the plug inside and she moaned again. I pushed up a few times and she got crazy more and more. I asked her what she wanted to do now because the plug is inside and she answered that she wants to show her friend. I told her it was OK with me that she showed her toys but I warned her not to tell, that they are from me and that I have put them inside and that I'm going between her legs. She promised and I pushed one last time up and send her to her friend again.

That evening Sally came home with her friend Maria for a sleep over. Maria said nothing to me about Sally's toy but I knew she knew. We had our meal in the living room and watched some TV and at midnight I sent them to bed. When I followed upstairs an hour later I heard some little moans from Sally's room and knew what they where doing. Better, what Sally was doing to Maria. I don't wanted to disturb them and went to my room jacking off the last days teaching my daughter.

The next day when I woke up I was surprised. I wasn't alone anymore. My daughter had slipped inside my bed and Maria was gone. I pressed myself gently into my daughter and got my second surprise. She was totally naked under the sheets and had her hand around my cock. It wasn't hard for her to reach because I always sleep naked, but I had come lately. Not my own jacking off, this I had wiped off. A new orgasm had hit me but I didn't knew of that.

I let my hand explore her body, just her back, her stomach, her ass, and... I had just felt her ass and was surprised. She had her anal plug in her. She must have learned how to put it inside or Maria must have put it inside. I wanted to know now, if she had the oder inside too? She had and I was surprised because it was not the one I have bought... It felt bigger than the one I've bought and I wanted to know how it looked. I gently pulled it out, Sally gave a little moan. I got it up from under the sheets and it was a blue jelly dildo. It was about four inch long and and two inch across. It was wet from her juices and so I decided to put it back inside. I positioned it over her hole and pressed it gently inside. She moaned again but didn't wake up and I fucked her a little bit with her new toy. Her moaning became more and louder and after a few minutes she woke up having a good orgasm.

She looked at me, smiling and asked me if I could do it a little bit more. She wants to feel it awake when she climaxed. So I did and my daughter was hit by a second climax a few minutes later. She got under the sheets and I was surprised what she wanted to do but I had not to wait for long. I felt her putting my hard rock into her mouth. I hadn't told her now so the only person showing her could be Maria. I felt her licking my cock inside her mouth. My got, I knew she was a natural, in every way. I couldn't hold for long and shot my cum into her mouth. She couldn't swallow everything and some dropped onto my belly and between my legs. Now I knew why I had an orgasm tonight that I didn't knew about.

Sally came up from under the sheets and smiled at me. Maria showed me last night she told me and she even gave her the new dildo. She pulled out her new friend and showed me. It's bigger than my old one she said to me and I like it. It fills me more and I love the jelly touch inside she said. I laid back and pulled her with me, straddling herself over me as if she was riding me. I had her stretched wet open cunt direct over my spent cock and I knew I would get a hard on in a few minutes again. I wanted to try to fuck her the first time. She had been stretched over the night and I might get inside.

After about twenty minutes it began. I felt my cock move and harden slowly. I had moved my self in that time step by step so that the tip of my cock had moved directly to her open cunt and my head had even gone inside a little bit. And so I tried my luck and started to let my hand go down to her ass to hold her in position. My cock was hard by the time and I slowly pushed inside. She was still very wet and got was she hot inside. I only got the head of my cock inside when Sally felt what I was doing. She moaned and opened her eyes. She wanted to speak but I just kissed her and pushed further inside. I had an inch inside now and her eyes got wider. I thought I wouldn't get inside cause that hole was just too tight to get in. I pushed harder, even hurting her was even with me, I only wanted to get inside her now.

Sally moaned louder into our kiss and I got a second inch inside. She tightened her hole and made it even harder for me to get inside. I had an idea to get complete inside in a rush. I broke the kiss and asked Sally how she felt. I even stopped pushing inside. I hurts she told me but it felt so full. I got my hands to her shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. Than I pushed her body upwards into a sitting position. I was a surprised move for her, she settled down and I rushed inside. Her whole body stiffed a moment when I got inside and hit ground. A loud moan escaped her mouth, a loud and deep moan full of lust and I knew she liked it.

I got my hands to her ass again and perhaps found the reason why I came in so badly. She had her plug still inside her ass and so she was full already when I started. Nevertheless she got all the teaching in one lesson. She even got a double penetration when I fuck her and the plug is still inside. I started to move her hips and show her how to ride me. She learned fast and after a few minutes she moved on her own and even made some unteached moves. She still felt full she told me but it doesn't hurts anymore. She even got her fun I could tell by her moaning. It was hard for my to not just come into her. I wanted to give her some fun too and so I had a hard time to fuck her very tight hole.

I was near to my orgasm when I told my daughter to just sit on me. I pushed inside her as wide as I could get inside. I could feel her womb at the tip of my cock and that was all I needed to get over the edge and cum into my daughter the first time. She got wide eyes when she felt me come into her and her orgasm started into my one. She started to ride me again and so our orgasm was a real good time. We both moaned of pleasure and Sally and me started to come down. I stayed inside her after we came.

After a few minutes I lifted her up and took my cock out of her just to push her jelly dildo inside again. I took my daughter on my arms and we went to the bathroom. We got into the bathtube and cleaned each other. I head a hard on after our bath and asked my daughter to take care of if was she gladly did. Sally told me that Maria had gone early that day and she told me that Maria was teached by her father and that Maria had teached her how to suck dick.

We spent the day naked and I showed her every position of sex that I knew and even tried some of our own ideas. Some of them worked fine but some total crap. Everytime after we had sex one of us put the jelly dildo inside her again. I got easier to fuck her because I and the jelly dildo widened her up. In the evening we went both to bed, both to his own. I didn't needed to jack off this night and I hoped Sally would stay in her bed tonight. She did and we both got our sleep this night.

The next few weeks we both fuck every way and time we wanted. We stayed naked most of the time. I had bought some new dildo's and plugs for her. The plugs were all the same looking. All black and all nearly the same size. It were ten plugs, starting with one and a half in diameter and 3 inch long and ending with two and a half inch in diameter and 6 inch long. My idea was to stretch her anal muscles step by step to get her to let me fuck her ass.

I needed four weeks to get to the biggest one. She didn't even noticed that her plug got bigger and longer time by time. I changed them allways when she was asleep. I pulled the on out she had inside and pushed in the new and bigger one all when she was asleep.

We had Maria for a sleep over at our house for a few times and allways she gave my daughters a few lessons. She even told her how to suck a woman, perhaps for her on pleasure. I told Sally that she could tell Maria everything cause I wanted Maria to join our fun in a time. Sally was pissed off when I said I wanted Maria to join but I could manage to calm her down so that she would accept Maria in our fun. Little did my daughter know what I had plans for. But later more of that.

As I said she didn't even noticed that her anal plug got bigger and so I had my chance to ass fuck her on a Sunday morning. I had her lay over the back of the couch and had fucked her cunt for a few minutes now. I looked at her ass all the way this time and could no longer wait to fuck this lovely small hole. I pushed inside as deep as I could and got a grip to her anal plug. I pulled both out in one move, the plug and my cock. She noticed but I had done this before. I fucked inside with both again and pulled out again. She had no idea what came next. I pulled out again and let drop the plug but pushed inside my cock into her anal hole instead.

My cock was nearly the same in diameter but nearly twice in length as the plug. My daughter moaned deeply when I pushed inside and inside and more inside. She must have thought there is no end this time. It was warm in her back door, and it was tight. But I pushed inside to get my new pleasure this time. I pushed inside complete, and hold her down so that she could not fight me out. Sally struggled a little but she had no chance to get me out. As I hold a grip on her to hold me inside I lifted her off the couch.

I took her around the couch and settled down with me still inside her ass. I asked her how it felt and she answered that she felt uncomfortable as if she had to get to toilet. I told her to relax and said her to get on all four on the couch. She did and I started to fuck her ass slowly. She got into it and I increased my pace an little. By the time I got a good motion fucking into her and wanted to get into a higher level. I got her jelly dildo out from the couch and slowly pushed it into her. She got into ass fucking more and more. She moaned a little at first, than more and got into a frenzy. She climaxed and so did I. I stayed inside when we were done.

We did it again later that day and so I had taught her everything human can do with sex. Next I had to get her suffer for sex.

I decreased our fucking over the next weeks till we had no more sex. I let her suffer for it now. I had forbidden to get to her friend Maria and I had took her dildo's. The only thing she could do now was to masturbate but I knew that she doesn't like it. After two weeks she asked me, why we are having no sex anymore and I told her to wait for it. After two more weeks she slipped into my room one morning and tried to suck my dick. I awakes and sent her out and locked my room. The next days she tried more and more to get to fuck me or anything else. The only thing she could fuck was our dog but I don't thought about her fucking him by the time.

One evening I came home from work and heard Sally moaning in her room upstairs. I went up and looked into her room. There she was, on her bed with her legs spread wide. And between her legs was Rex, our dog. It's a German Sheppard of four years. Rex was always bigger than a normal German Sheppard and stronger than any dog I had seen till then. Rex was licking Sally and Sally enjoyed her new feelings. I just stood in the doorway and looked what would happen. Sally was totally into it. After six weeks of no sex now she just needed it so bad. I knew what would come next so I fast got my digital camcorder and started recording this event.

Rex licked her more and more and Sally was close to a climax as Rex has other in mind. He jumped up and tried to fuck her. Sally was surprised but don't stopped Rex. Rex picked around a little bit and two times hit the mark but didn't go in. Next he missed the right spot and pushed her butt hole but Sally pulled away and the next try hit her mark again and Rex pushed in. Sally moaned first then started to scream because Rex speed was incredible. On each push in he got further inside and after a few seconds he was completely in. Sally stopped screaming and started moaning again, pushing her hips against Rex's trusts.

I silently went inside the room. Sally had her eyes closed and just let Rex fuck her. Rex's pace was fast, very fast, and his knot started to smell up. I zoomed in close to get the second when his knot gets inside Sally and I didn't had to wait for long. Rex did a few hard thrusts and with a pitched scream of my daughter he pushed this big thing inside. It was the size of a tennis ball and I wandered how this big thing could get inside this freshly opened cunt. I had started to teach Sally four month ago and Sally could now be to wide till now. So she must have done this before. I would have to ask her when this is over.

Rex expanded his knot inside Sally and she stopped moving against Rex's thrusts. It seemed that Sally realized that this will be big inside her. In a last move before she would be stuck she turned around her body and was now doggy style with Rex. The dog took advantage of this new position and pushed further inside Sally half an inch. Sally started to moan again when the knot got fully expanded. The pushes of the dog got slower and even stopped but Sally moaned louder and louder and then she climaxed again. Rex did a last push in and it seemed that he came too.

I put the cam on Sally's desk with the lens to her and got behind the fucking pair. I stopped of silently and waited for Rex to pull out. After five minutes Rex pulled hard and got out hurting Sally a little bit. This was my second to get inside. I got behind my existed daughter and got my dick inside her well fucked and wet cunt. I pushed inside once and pulled out again. My lovely daughter turned her head around just in this special moment. I pushed my dick inside her ass the first time. Her eyes got wide, her mouth fell open and a deep lustful moan escaped her. The camera had gotten everything I noticed later when we were looking this film together. I was inside her narrow hole now. Only half the length of my dick but I was inside.

Sally was surprised to see me and was more surprised that I was fucking her. Her ass was tight, tighter than her ass had been the first time but I think this is because she had no plug inside the last weeks. I started to fuck her and pushed inside more and more. Sally moaned and was happy to be fucked again. I asked her how it was to be without fucking and she answered it was hell. I told her that I would fuck her if she does what I want and that there is no way for discussing every order I do. Sally accepted and I started to fuck Sally like Rex would have done. Sally moaned and moaned and came two times till I came. I took her off her bed and sat down on it, my dick still inside her ass.

Sally opened her legs and I did too and so opened her cunt wide open. I started to finger her cunt and Sally got in fire again. Rex didn't missed his second chance and got up between her legs. This time the dog found his mark on his first try and so Sally got a double fuck. After Rex was done and pulled out I did too. We got a shower and talked about our sex and me as her master. I told her some rules to follow and she accepted everything if I just would fuck her again.

I had purchased a few new toys in the last few weeks and I told Sally to lay over the back of the couch so I could plug in one of her new friends. The first I would show her was a small ball the size of a golf ball. It had only one opening for a small tube. In the package there was a small stick to get this ball inside a woman and and small pumping ball with a tube. So I put these three things together and pushed it inside my lovely daughter. She moaned when I pushed it inside her nearly dry hole and I pushed till the end. Then I pulled out the stick and pumped up the ball inside her with the pump. I pumped till my daughter said it would get uncomfortable and pulled hard once on the tube to get it disconnected with the ball inside. Next I showed her what I had hidden in my pocket till now.

It was a remote for this vibrating ball that now was inside my daughter and pumped up so she wouldn't get it out now. On the manual of this toy was written that it would need at least four weeks to get the ball out. And so I told my daughter that this thing would stay inside her for at least four weeks. And I showed her what I could do with it and pressed the first button on the remote. Sally jumped up from the couch when the ball started vibrating inside. It was a hard vibro I could tell because I could hear the sound of it inside her. I switched off and set the lowest mode and started again. This time there was no sound and I locked the remote with my key and put it down on the table. I had no chance to warn sally and so she got the remote and tried to switch off the vibrating ball inside. But she had not the code to unlock the remote first and so the ball got on high level vibration for 60 seconds as a punishment.

I told her now and got my remote back to switch off the ball. I switched it to coincidence mode so it would start when and how hard it would like. Every starting would last for at least five minutes vibrating. The vibro has another mode I first read in the evening. Everytime the person has sex the vibro would sense it and start to work on high level. I told everything to my daughter also told Sally that we can only have anal sex for the time this thing is inside her. I told her to bend over one last time for this evening and pushed inside her biggest anal plug she had and sent her to bed.

Over the next four weeks Sally told me that she was hit by the vibro always with a bad timing. She was at the pool and wanted to jump from the tower. Just in the moment when she was in the air the vibro started to work and Sally hit the water badly. Then she was on a shopping tour with Maria and the vibro started to work when they were both in a coffee shop. Sally even could sleep bad and always when we had anal sex this toy set in and made her crazy. We even let Rex fuck her ass one time but it hurt Sally and so we told Rex that he could fuck her the time when the toy is out again.

One morning Sally came down the stairs and hold the ball in her hand. She looked happy to me and jumped onto the bar table showing me her toy. It slipped out this night she told me and so we had vaginal sex this day a lot of times and even let Rex have her again as promised. The next few weeks it was a total sex session every time we were both at home. Maria was at our house over night again and every time I woke up in my bed with my cock in her mouth. I told Sally that I want fuck Maria the next time she is here and she has to tell her. It was a Saturday night when Maria knocked on our back door and we both were surprised when Maria came in. Maria told us that it is OK for her to be fucked by me but only when Sally is allowed to be fucked by her dad.

I looked at Sally and said it was OK to me but Maria has to stay here for this time. I sent Sally over to Maria's house and told Maria to strip down. She was beautiful and I had to fight not to just fuck her brain out. I had her lay down on my bed and spread her legs. I pushed in the biggest anal plug Sally had but Maria made no sound. I took Sally's pain dildo, a dildo with some needles on the surface, and pushed inside and Maria only moaned a little. I blinded her and let her open her mouth. I pushed my cock inside and let her suck it till I come. She was trained well by her father and so I started to feel her body. We fucked the complete night, I took every hole and like I did with Sally, I fucked her ass and let Rex have her cunt. This seemed to be new to her to be fucked by a dog and so she came hard when Rex pushed in his knot. Rex fucked the brain out of Maria and I did the same.

The next morning Sally was back and with her was Maria's dad. We send the girls away to have some fun and heard them moaning a few minutes later. Maria's dad, Alex as he introduced himself, has trained his two daughter to be his personal sex toys and to sell her sex to others. He had not to work anymore and Maria and her sister had fun with that. I asked him if he would try to sell the service of my daughter too and he nodded yes. After a few weeks the first customer arrived at out house. The man just wanted to have a show with our dog and prepaid 1000$.

I told Sally what to do and settled down with the unknown man. He had got out his dick and was stroking it slowly. Sally came in naked with the dog by her side and started to masturbate herself and the dog. After a few minutes Rex and Sally were ready and Rex jumped up her back and pushed inside Sally. Sally came fast and a second orgasm was ready a few minutes later. Rex pushed in his knot and fucked Sally for a few more minutes. The dog stopped his moving and just came inside my daughter. As I told Sally she turned around with Rex locked inside herself and she crawled to the masturbating man. She opened her mouth and started to suck his dick till he came. The man paid another 1000$ and left our house. Sally and I were surprised how easy it was to get fast money. The next few weeks there were a dozen or so man and even one woman who want Sally to do several sex shows. Every one only wanted to look till now.

Then came two black men to our house. They said they want to fuck Sally in her own room. She has to come in with her arms bound to her body, with a gag inside her mouth and a special dildo they gave me inside her ass. And they want Sally to be wet already. I went up to Sally and sent her to my room and hide the camcorder in a corner of her room. It was not visible to anyone but I could see everything done later on the tape. In my room I bound her arms, pushed in this special dildo into her ass and gagged her by pushing in a small dildo into her mouth and fix it with a robe. I sent her to her room, knowing she would be fucked by two black strangers.

I heard my daughter moaning and I heard her scream in lust and I was in my way to her room when I heard the door open and the two men came out. One of them put in his limp cock and it was huge. The men paid 2500$ each and said good bye. I got into the room of my daughter and was surprised to see her still bound and gagged on her bed. She had obviously been fucked because come came out of her holes. I unbound and ungagged her and pushed her anal plug inside her narrow hole to stop the semen to leek out. I had her take a shower and got the camera myself to get a look at what these man had been doing.

I connected the cam to my computer and was shocked. These cocks where huge like water pipes nearly eight inch long and three inch across. They had fucked my daughter one by one first and then they double fucked her. And they pushed in the complete cock into both holes. Now I knew why she screamed in lust. They must have opened her womb to get inside that deep. I wanted to fuck my daughter this evening once but she said no thanks and went to her bed.

The next few weeks came by everything. Men, women, dog trainers... all wanted different things and everything was fun to my daughter.

It has been five years now till I first taught my daughter and till now my daughter has fun fucking me, my dog and every one who comes by. I took Sally out of school so that she has enough time to regenerate between her big fuck sessions and has some time to fuck me and our dogs (yes, we have three now, all German Sheppard). I allways knew she's a natural and I will let her have all the fun she wants. And if it is me who she wants, damn it, than I will fuck her.

This was written as a fantasy! Nothing written here happend in truth!

If anyone wants to write feedback, please send it to
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As the resident Lolita writer here, please allow me to give you some constructive criticisms (I'm not flaming you, just telling you some tips to help).

1) This was your first story, you should've gone slow and stuck to one subject.

2) Children don't understand discretion, and females especially need to tell a same age person everything about their life, so you need to isolate the child-physically and emtionally from her family and friends, because just one wrong slip, and the cops are involved.

3) Girls have this huge thing about intimacy. They won't be intimate with you until you are completely vulnerable to them (a need to nurture). Therefore, sharing the girl with others only happens when the girl is forced and abused. Unless you sell the story as an abuse story (like the stories you find in velocity) there is no believability to it.

If you want some more tips, pm me.

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one hot story
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