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Author Topic: HALLOWEEN PARTY BACKFIRE (M+g, underage, original, incest, gangbang)  (Read 62417 times)
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« on: September 30, 2011, 09:12:34 PM »

Another blast from Halloween past...

HALLOWEEN PARTY BACKFIRE (M+g, underage, original, incest, gangbang)



Halloween was going to fall on Sunday night but Bob Wilson’s buddies from work were throwing a big masquerade party at a local hotel. They had rented several rooms around the indoor pool area with the understanding that there was bound to be plenty of drinking and couples would spend the night there instead of trying to drive home. Bob and Kathleen had decided that they would go Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. The costumes were specially designed so that the face mask could be glued around the lips and over the top of the nose making the wearer virtually hidden in plain sight.

Their 15 year old daughter Lisa wanted to go but was told in no uncertain terms that this was not a party for children and she could spend the night at her friend Barb’s house. Kathy was going to meet Bob there and he would change at the hotel.

The morning of the party, Kathy woke up feeling sick. There was a stomach flu going around and if she wasn’t feeling better that night, she told Bob, he would be on his own. Lisa overheard their conversation and all day at school she hoped her mother was feeling worse as she hatched her own plan for the evening.

For a year now she and her mom had shared the same build and had been exchanging clothes. She told her friend Barb at lunch that she might need her to cover for her that night and Barb agreed but only if Lisa told her all about it on Saturday.

When she got home her mother was indeed too sick to go. She asked Lisa to call her father and bring her some Tylenol. Lisa stopped at the medicine cabinet where the Tylenol was right next to her mother’s sleeping pills. Taking four of the latter, she dissolved them in the water and then brought her mother the pills and waited while she drank it all. Twenty minutes later her mother was out for what Lisa was sure would be the night.

She went over to the closet where the Raggedy Ann outfit was hanging and sat at her mother’s dresser and applied the cloth mask to her face with the latex glue supplied with it. Then she added the makeup that blended the edges of the mask with her own flesh. Satisfied, she gathered up the rest of the costume and headed to her own room.

She thought a cab to the hotel would be around $15.00 so she took $40.00 out of her allowance box and called a local cab company to come pick her up. Then she stripped off all her clothes and took out the sexy underwear she had bought at the mall two weeks before when she went shopping with Barb. Her lovely blond hair was the same length as her mom’s and she knew that her blond bush was now about as big as her mom’s since they often showered together at her mom’s gym when they worked out together. She pulled on the thong panties and wondered why they really needed a slit in the middle when the material was narrow enough to just pull aside in the bathroom. Then she put on the matching lace under bra that merely provided support under her lovely 36Ds while leaving her nipples fully exposed.

Next she pulled on the white tights and discovered to her dismay that the crotch was cutout. It was one thing to have split crotch panties under a pair of tights but now she realized that her pussy would be exposed under her short Raggedy Ann dress. Well, she would just have to be careful how she sat.

Lastly, she put her hair up and slipped on the orange yarn wig to complete the transformation into a living doll.

After checking that her mom was sleeping soundly, she called Barb and told her to cover for her. Then she heard the taxi horn and went out to enjoy her first party.

It was 6 when she arrived and went to the front desk. She asked for Bob Peterson and the clerk gave her the key card to his room as he had alerted them to the fact that his wife might be showing up as Raggedy Ann.

The room was on the main floor and had patio doors that opened up on the pool area. Lisa saw that her dad had left the doors wide open and was out at the bar with two of his work friends. Lisa had met many of his friends from work over the years but tonight she could not recognize anyone because they were all in costume. Raggedy Andy saw her in the doorway and signaled for her to come over. Then he turned and said something to the bartender who turned around and started doing something.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, honey,” he said bending down to kiss her.

Lisa panicked. She had never kissed anyone and was sure she would blow her cover in the first minute as her father realized she was not his wife.

“Makeup, dear,” she said ducking the kiss. “It is going to be a long night and there will be plenty of time for that later.” When you get home to your real wife, she thought to herself.

Her plan was not totally thought out and she was caught off guard as her father turned towards the bar and then back to her with a drink in his hand. He held it out to her and as he spoke she could tell he had already had a few himself.

“Here you go, sweetheart, a Rusty Nail just like you always want and since I got an early start I convinced Johnny here—“ he jerked his thumb over his shoulder at the bartender who was busy filling other orders—“to make yours a double.”

He held his glass up and clinked it against hers.

She took a sip. The golden liquid seemed to burn her tongue and mouth as she swished it around and finally swallowed. It almost made her mouth feel like the mouthwash she used and then she remembered that it contained some alcohol. She took a bigger gulp and this time it went down better as she knew what to expect. Whatever was in this drink, it was sweet with a little hint of what she thought was licorice but just a hint. She decided she liked it and, not knowing anyone other than her father, she spent the next five minutes gulping down the fiery concoction.

“That was good,” she said as she handed Bob the empty glass.

Bob turned back to the bar and a moment later turned and handed her another drink. Some of his accused him of hogging the bar, which wasn’t fair, because he had a living doll to take care of. While they laughed at there own joke, Bob steered Lisa over to the buffet table. He led to a free table near the buffet where they set their drinks down and went to get some food.

The buffet consisted mainly of vegetables and dip, chips and salsa, buttered buns with various cold cuts, lettuce and tomato and cheese to make your own sandwiches, and teriyaki style chicken wings.

Lisa had been to buffets with her parents enough to know that her mother loved chicken wings and veggies and dip—especially broccoli that Lisa didn’t particularly care for. But tonight she piled her plate with both and went back to the table with Bob.

Lisa let Bob take the lead on the conversation as they made small talk about the weather and he asked if Lisa got to Barb’s all right. Lisa nodded gravely as she munched on a chicken wing and drank some more of her second Rusty Nail. The drinks made her whole body feel flush and she was a little light headed as the live band started playing and conversation became impossible. Lisa always thought that loud parties were a teenage thing but this band was about the loudest she could recall. Her friend’s birthday parties had had live bands but the parents always made them turn them down. This reminded her of the many Friday and Saturday nights she and Barb had gone to the local roller skating rink and the DJs loved to crank up their stereos.

While they ate, various friends of Bob’s stopped by including his best friend Vince who was dressed as a pirate. Lisa remembered her mother complaining about him after last year’s Christmas party as he seemed to have just returned from Italy where he had acquired a case of Roman hands. Her dad had just brushed it off as the result of a little to much holiday cheer but now Lisa felt this man stare at her as though he were undressing her at the table.

Earnest the Elf was the same way according to what her mother had said. But tonight it was Earnest the monk in a long brown cassock. Each of them had their wife with, Vince’s looked like an overweight Elvira and Earnest’s came as a nun to share his theme. At least her costume was loose enough not to accentuate her plumpness.

The drinks were making her woozy. They tossed their empty plates into the trashcan and Bob asked her to dance. Lisa had been taking dance lessons for three years but only had a couple of lessons on waltzes and fox-trots and was afraid she would give herself away but could see no way out.

On the floor, Bob made know move to hold her as the band spewed out a lively number and couples all around them gyrated facing each other but not touching. Lisa was grateful. After that number ended, Bob went over to the bar and came back with two fresh drinks. Now used to the alcohol, Lisa worked on her third in just over an hour. She did not know it but she was now too drunk to drive. Of course that didn’t bother her because she couldn’t drive yet anyway.

They set their drinks on the table when the band began a slow number and Bob took his Raggedy Ann in his arms and slow danced a simple rocking and shuffling of their feet. Lisa was really feeling the effects of the drinks and thought how good it felt to be in her father’s arms as someone other than his daughter. She could feel the buttons on his Raggedy Andy bib brush against her nipples and knew that they were standing out proudly aroused but didn’t know anyway to hide it than to lean in and hold him closer.

As they went back to their table, Bob’s boss came over and shouted above the music that there was a major problem in the factory and they needed him on the phone. Bob apologized and said he would be back in a little bit and left Lisa there nursing her drink.

She was just setting down her empty glass when another full one appeared next to it. She followed the hand attached to it back up the arm to find it attached to the pirated Vince.

“I heard about the trouble at the plant,” he began as his hand accidentally on purpose landed on her breast as he seemed to stumble. He gave it a good squeeze as he righted himself and made a point of flicking her nipple as he pulled the hand away. “Bob could be gone for a good while. If you want to make yourself more comfortable we could go over to my room and get better acquainted.”

Lisa looked around and saw Elvira dancing with Earnest the Monk.

“Thank you but I think I will wait for my husband.”

“Whatever you say, Kathy,” he said in a disappointed voice and went over and cut in on Earnest to dance with his own wife.

Lacking anything else to do at the moment, Lisa drank the drink Vince had brought. As she set the empty down another one appeared but this time the arm was different and she saw Earnest the Monk offering it to her.

“Bob has told us a lot about you, Kathy,” he said sitting down uninvited. “He also knows that we have a little group of folks—my wife and I, Vince and his wife, George over their and his wife, Ginger and Mark Thompson and his wife (the Lone Ranger and Annie Oakley over there)—who get together once in a while to have a swinging good time. I know he hasn’t said anything about it too you because he knows you would disapprove. But I think you owe it to him to at least give it a try. We all have lot of fun and do a lot of role-playing and fantasy fulfillment. If you don’t want to, that’s fine but just don’t tell Bob I said anything in that case. We still have to work together.”

“I won’t,” Lisa said and realized that her voice sounded a bit slurred.

As Earnest walked off she realized this had better be her last drink. Feeling the urge to empty her bladder, she chugged the monk’s drink and headed over to the room Bob had rented for them. She was glad that the tights had that hole because by the time she got into the bathroom she didn’t have time to pull them down. She just parted the panties and let loose with a long satisfying release.

When she finished washing her hands she felt hot and flushed and woozier still and decided she would just take a nap until her dad got done with his business. Forgetting that the patio door was wide open she took off her Raggedy Ann costume and lay down on the bed. The room seemed to spin so she lay on her back and stretched out her hands and legs to steady herself. And then she passed out.

Earnest and Vince were both admiring her golden fringed pussy and started to head over to the room as they were hardly ones to pass up opportunity when it presented itself so readily. Just as they got to the door, Bob arrived.

“Gentlemen, I believe your wives need you. Your little club is moving up to George’s room.”

“You’re welcome to join us,” Vince said.

“I can handle this by myself,” Bob said.

He watched his two friends walk off and then tuned to go into the room. There was his lovely wife spread-eagled on the bed showing all his coworkers her tits and pussy. Maybe she would welcome this swinging idea if she was willing to present her body like this to the world. He knew he should wake her up but seeing her like this had his cock raging for release.

Forgetting about the open door, he crossed over to the bed and stripped off his costume.

“Kathy,” he said three or four times as he lifted her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. She was already quite juicy and his own precum mixed with hers. At last his cockhead popped into her tunnel of love and he gave up calling her name and decided to hell with the make-up, conscious or unconscious, she was his wife and he needed her. He bent down and kissed her.

The kiss woke Lisa up in a hurry as she struggled to respond to it. She opened her eyes and saw Raggedy Andy kissing her. Not only kissing her but with something hard between her legs. Not just her legs but her baby making hole. This wasn’t her mother’s dildo, this was a real live sperm delivering male cock. And not just any cock, it was her father’s cock. And it wasn’t just the head, now with one powerful thrust she felt same cock that had made her fill her belly. And she felt his balls slap against her ass. The same balls that half of her had been made in and were now getting ready to fertilize her own womb. Her unprotected womb. She wasn’t on birth control. She had talked to her mom and she was going to stay a virgin until her wedding night just like her mom had. But from school she knew that the most fertile period for a woman was about two weeks after the end of her period and hers had ended two weeks ago.

All of this flashed through her mind in a split second as she decided whether to reveal her true identity to the man above her who thought she was his wife. Being filled with living cock was just too good a sensation however and so she wrapped her legs around his thighs and her arms around his back and kissed back with gusto.

If there was one thing about sex that Bob loved as much as his own orgasm it was giving his partner an orgasm or four. He thought his wife must have been working out with some new pussy muscle exercises because she felt tighter than she had in a long time. Not that Kathy was by any means loose but she had had a child and they had sex four to five times a week so he was fairly familiar with how tight she was. But he didn’t give it a second thought as she moaned beneath him and signaled her orgasms with squeals of pleasure.

After the fourth squeal he felt he had earned the right to his own release and release he did. After seven large squirts there were numerous small ones and he lost count.

Lisa had an fifth orgasm as her insides sucked at their first cock and drained it dry of its hot liquid gold or silver in this case. But she wasn’t sure because she had never seen real male cum.

“Oh, honey, that was the best it has been in a loooonnng time,” he said as he rolled off of her and stood up. “I’m going to take a shower. Care to join me and wash that silly mask off your face?”

“No,” she said. “It is too hard to put back on and besides this is a masquerade party.”

She lay back drifting back to sleep as the shower came on in the bathroom.

Suddenly she felt the bed move and looked up to see the monk and pirate looming over her.

“I knew you guys wanted to get involved,” the monk said upside down as he was above her head. She realized he didn’t have his cassock on and opened her mouth to protest when he suddenly thrust his cock in nearly choking her.

“Having sex right there were everyone could see,” said the voice of the pirate, “you little minx.”

And suddenly another cock was sliding in and out of her lubricated by her father’s cum and her own arousal. This wasn’t sex, she thought, this is rape. But her body responded to these two invaders and she found herself swallowing when Earnest the Monk came in her mouth. Then she felt herself awash in pirate cum as Vince unloaded as well. Earnest moved back and she lifted her head up to protest to Vince when she saw that the nun and Elvira were also in the room and naked. They went into the bathroom to join her dad in the shower.

Just then a naked blond walked in followed by the man who had been introduced as George when he was wearing his Tarzan outfit. He walked straight over to the bed where the pirate was dismounting and climbed right into where he had been. She looked down and saw that he was huge. It must have been 11 inches long and three inches thick and he didn’t hesitate as the shoved it completely into her knocking right on the very door of her womb.

She looked toward the bathroom for her “husband” to come rescue her but instead she saw him walking out dripping wet with Elvira impaled on his cock. He walked over to the bed and laid Elvira down next to his “wife”.

“Sorry, honey,” Bob said. “The boys have been begging me to join their swingers group but I just didn’t know how to ask you. I thought it would appeal to you since you love sex so much and I figured since you’re on the pill, one night trying it out would be all right. If you want to quit just say so.”

“Oh, god,” was all Lisa could manage as she felt George swell and twitch within and a strong injection of cum almost being blasted straight through her cervix to her womb.

For the next two hours it was a genuine orgy as she sucked every man off twice and fucked them all three times. Then George announced it was time for the initiation. Bob asked what he meant and 20 of his coworkers, all holding numbers, walked naked into the room.

One by one they fucked the 15 year old thinking they were making love to Bob’s wife Kathy. One by one Lisa felt herself anointed with babymaking sperm and wondered to herself who the lucky father would be and how she would explain it to her mother and father when she turned up pregnant in another month.

“I thank you all,” she said when it was over, “but I am going to have to decline membership in your little group. You see, you were all good but there is only one man here who puts me over the top and that is my husband. From now on he is the only one with admission to this tunnel of love.”

There were groans all around but since most of it had been curiosity about screwing another man’s wife and since that was satisfied they gradually left.

When they were gone Bob made love to her again.

Then he fell asleep.

She went into the bathroom and removed the mask, certain that her father would now sleep until morning. She stepped into the shower and washed the last of the make up off and tried to aim the spray into her pussy in a highly ineffectual douche. She was bent over occupied with that when the shower door opened and her father got in behind her.

“God,” he said, “I love you. That speech just made me so proud.”

And then he was in her again. She climaxed three times before she felt him dose her again.

“I’m glad,” she said, “because every word of it was true, daddy.”

She stood up and turned around and looked him square in the eye.

“Lisa?” he said incredulous. “But how…….”

“Mom was still sick when I got home so she asked me to call you and tell you she wouldn’t be coming. Instead I spiked her Tylenol water with four sleeping pills and decided to put her costume to good use. I just intended to stay until you went to sleep and then take a cab home and put the costume back in her closet. I never expected to have sex but I am glad you were my first and I want you to be my only. After all, my baby is going to have to have a father...."

She dropped to her knees and took her father’s cock in her mouth one more time and swallowed every drop he gave her. Then she led him back out to the bedroom and closed the patio doors and drapes and fell asleep in her arms.

They left for home early and found Kathy still knocked out from her daughter’s spiked water so they hung the costume back in the closet and agreed that the next Monday she would seduce a fellow student who could take the blame for her pregnancy but daddy would come to her and cum in her whenever her mother wasn’t home.

Lisa went to bed with a big smile and wondered what she would tell Barb when she called later.
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I remember this one, even better the second time around! Lisa is one hot daughter!

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how can she be so sure he's the father?

still hot
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Great story.  Like all I have read so far.
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I remember led lights one.. It is just horrible or you can call it bad elements of society..
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