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Author Topic: The Naughty Niece (M/f, Oral, Incest)  (Read 18954 times)
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« on: October 03, 2011, 08:50:31 PM »

Author's Note:  This is chapter one of a much larger story that I'm planning.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Any constructive criticism is welcome. 

The Naughty Niece

The doorbell chimed and Vera, a self-possessed girl of sixteen, raised her head from her homework and glanced at the clock hanging in her room.  It was half past four and she wondered who would be dropping by in the middle of the afternoon.  Sighing, Vera stood and made her way to the front door.

Vera checked her appearance in the hall mirror as she passed by, if her mother were home she would be sure to comment that Vera couldn’t pass by a mirror without admiring herself.  Vera had good reason to admire herself, however, she was  very beautiful girl.  Her straight black hair hung down a little past her shoulders and acted as a frame to her alabaster face.  Somewhat self-conscious of her freckles, Vera had always avoided sitting out in direct sunlight for too long and as a result she had pale fair skin.  She ran her long slim fingers through her hair after removing it from the ponytail that she had tied it in for studying. 

As the bell rang for a second time Vera hurried towards the door and looked through the peephole to see who it was who was ringing the bell.  To her utter surprise it was her Uncle Pete.  Vera threw the door opened and squealed, “Oh Uncle Pete!  It’s you!  I had no idea you were in town!”

Uncle Pete, standing on the porch smiled as his eyes took in the view of his young niece.  A slow easy smile crept across his rugged face.  He pushed back his hat and threw his arms open, “Who’s your favorite uncle?”  he asked playfully.

“You, Uncle Pete!”  Vera answered as she gave him a big hug, his large, strong arms wrapped around her slender shoulders.  Vera found herself suddenly very aware of the masculinity of her uncle.  In the past he occupied a place in her mind of ’relative’ and now she felt a subtle shift in that perception and he was less in the category of family and more in some other nebulous category.  The proximity of his body seemed to cause a switch to click in her brain, all at once she became aware of the sensation of his callused hands on her back, she could feel he roughness of his palms through the thin fabric of her t-shirt, she delighted in the sensation of being held in his arms.  The feel of his hard chest pressing up against her soft breasts, his belt buckle pressing through the fabric of her shirt and pressing into her firm stomach muscles made her feel safe, but in a much different way than she had ever been hugged by her parents.  His scent filled her nostrils.  She found herself drawing in deeply the aroma of road dust, leather and masculine sweat, it was a different scent than what she had ever smelled before on any of the boys that she had known.  Vera felt that she could spend the afternoon being embraced by her uncle and it wouldn’t be enough.

“Now let me get a look at you,”  Peter said as he pulled away from Vera, but still holding her hands, “It’s been only, what about a year since I saw you last and I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.  When I left you seemed were a girl and now I see you’re a young woman.”

“Oh, Uncle Pete, I haven’t changed that much,”  Vera said,  as she started blushing.  “What are you doing here?  Do Mom and Dad know you’re in town?”

“Nope.  Surprise visit.  My last job finished about two months ahead of schedule and I’ve got three weeks until I need to be at the next work site.  So I was hoping that I’d be able to crash here for the time being.  I wasn’t sure if anyone was using the guest house and figured my loving sister would help her little brother out.”

“Well I don’t think it will be a problem, but it’s not up to me.  Mom should be home in about three hours and Dad’s not going to be home until early next week.  I’m sure Mom would be happy to have you around, she hates when it’s just us girls here, she gets spooked easily, even with the alarm.

“Come on in, by the way, have a seat in the living room, let me take your coat and hat, can I get you a drink or something?”

As Vera led Pete in to the house and took his coat and hat, she felt a strange tingling whenever she brushed against his hand.  It was somewhat disconcerting to her because it seemed that all the tingles while starting at her fingertips seemed to shoot directly towards her sexual center.  Vera had discovered masturbation several years ago and was no prude, she may not have done everything but she had made out with the a few boys and had even let the boy she dated for about three months to feel her up, but even that was over her bra.  But like most kids her age, she had an internet ready laptop and knew how to use google, so sex was no mystery to her.  She had watched plenty of films and her and her girlfriends had discussed what they have and haven’t done.  She also found herself looking at her uncle in a different way.   How couldn’t you find him irresistible, she thought herself, he was like a modern day cowboy.  He was tall, standing at six feet and he was well built, but not overly muscled.  Because of the nature of his work he was always outside and his face had been sculpted by the sun and wind over the years into a rough handsomeness that reminded one of a character from a Louis L'Amour novel.  On top of that he had deep green eyes that Vera found herself getting lost in.  His eyes sparked whenever he smiled, which was often as he had a very easy going nature.

“You know, I’d love a cup of tea, if it’s not too much trouble.”  Pete asked as he took a seat on one of the overstuffed couches in the living room.  “I see Sarah redecorated in here again.  She got tired of the modern look pretty quick it seems.”

“Yea, she decided to go with ‘country’ now, see if you can find all the cows in the kitchen, at last count I found seventeen.  I’ll be happy when she finally settles on a style and sticks with it.  Personally I think she missed her calling by going into law, she should have gone into interior design.”

“I always knew Sarah would go into something like law, she’s too argumentative for interior design, she always needed to have the last word when we were growing up, knowing her if she went into interior design she’d argue with the clients over what they really wanted.” 

Vera chuckled, being an only child Vera was fascinated by the different relationships that siblings seemed to form.  She often thought of how different her mother was from her uncle, it sometimes seemed impossible that too such different people could be the product of the same pair of parents.   As Vera brought in two mugs of tea she said to her uncle, “I hope you still take your tea the same way.”

“Thanks darling, I do.”  He answered.  Vera quickly sat down after handing him his mug, as she felt her heart race as his hands touched hers as he took the tea mug out of her hand.  “So how’s school going this year?  Still on the tennis team?”

“Yup.  This year I made varsity and I’m hoping next year to make vice-captain.  And as far as school-school, it’s going great.  I’m in all advanced classes and I plan on taking some college level courses next year.”

“Wow, College classes already?  You really are growing up.”  Peter gave her another appraising look, she seemed to have really grown into her face since the last time he saw her.  She had also grown into her body, he noticed.  The last time he had seen Vera she had just bought her first training bra and now her young breasts had grown to a nice size, she couldn’t have been more than a b-cup.  Not wanting to be caught leering, Peter moved his eyes, reluctantly back to Vera’s face.

Her uncles furtive glances were not lost on Vera.  She had known for a while that she had an effect on certain men.  She noticed that almost all of them had the same tell, she could see it in their eyes.  One of the reasons she was able to get into her advanced English class was because she learned how to wrap her English teacher right around her finger.  All she needed to do was make sure she showed up to tutoring sessions wearing a low cut top or a short skirt, never the two at once, she didn’t want to get a reputation as the school slut nor would her mother allow her to wear clothes that would compromise her modesty.

As the grandfather clock that stood in the corner of the room chimed that it was five O‘clock, Vera informed her Uncle that she needed to get dinner started and asked if he wouldn‘t mind lending her a hand in the kitchen.

Vera made sure that she gave her uncle a good show as she worked in the kitchen.  When she was ’searching’ in the refrigerator for spinach she made sure to bend at the waist as she rummaged in the crisper drawers.  “Where could it be…” she mused, shifter her weight from one foot to the other, knowing that her uncle was checking out her ass. 

While Vera had always enjoyed the attention that men have given her, this was a different feeling, a more intense one.  It seemed to all spread out from her pussy as she felt herself becoming wet.  If just his eyes on her was making her feel so good, what must those strong hands feel like, Vera thought to herself as she tried to concentrate on cooking dinner.  At one point she found herself having some truly wicked thoughts about what she would like her uncle to do to her and she carelessly cut herself as she was cutting up some tomatoes for the salads.  “Ouch!” she exclaimed.

“Let doctor Peter look at it.”  Said her uncle with a  smile.  “Oh, that doesn’t look too bad.  Here wrap this towel around it.”

“Aren’t you going to kiss it first?”  Vera asked as innocently as she could, holding out her wounded pointer finger.

Vera thought she would be lost in her uncle’s deep green eyes.  They seemed to be gauging her in some way, but Vera knew better than to tip her hand and made sure that her countenance gave nothing away.  She would wait for him to make the first move, but she also knew that he would need to be sure that she was interested in his advances so she couldn’t play too coy.

As Peter leaned in closer to kiss her finger and Vera fell deeper into his emerald gaze, his breath touching her skin for what felt like the first time, as goose bumps started running up Vera’s arms and her nipples became erect just from one look from this handsome man, the spell was broken as they both heard at the same time the sound of the front door being opened as Vera’s mother, and Peter’s sister, Amanda came into the house.

“Vera,” she called from the foyer, “I’m home.”  Peter immediately cleared his throat and became very interested in their coffee maker.  Vera, continuing to play the part of virtuous daughter acted as if this was a most normal visit.

“Hey, Mom, we’re in the kitchen.”

“Who’s here with you,”  Amanda called to her daughter as she hung up her coat.

“Uncle Peter, I already invited him to dinner, if you don’t mind.”  Vera informed her mother as she came into the kitchen to greet her brother. 

“Oh Peter, so good of you to drop by, and by all means I do hope you‘ll join us for dinner.” 

Over dinner Peter asked about staying for the next few weeks, until his next job started up.  Amanda agreed, with one stipulation, instead of Peter staying in the guest house, he would be more than welcome to stay in the main house.  In fact he would be staying in the guest room that was just down the hall from Vera. 

The evening passed quickly and quietly as Peter brought in his bags and packed his clothes away in the dresser that was in the guest room.  As he was hanging the last of his shirts in the closet he heard a soft rapping at the door.  He opened it and saw Vera, she was wearing a pink terrycloth robe and fuzzy Hello Kitty slippers, looking more like the young niece of his memories and less like the women he almost kissed in the kitchen this afternoon.   A white towel was draped over her right shoulder and her hair was damp.

“Just so you know, the shower’s free, I laid out some fresh towels in there for you, the bathroom is the second door down, it’s right next to my room.  I just wanted you to know so you wouldn’t get mixed up in the  middle of the night and  wind up going into the wrong room by mistake.

“And I also wanted to wish you good night, Uncle Peter.”  Very leaned up and gave Peter a kiss on the cheek, “Sweet dreams.”  She said sweetly as she walked down the hall and entered her bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Peter took up the offer of having a shower, he found the idea of fresh towels tempting, almost as tempting as he was finding Vera.  If only I could get a handle on what she was thinking, he thought.  Was she playing some game with him?  And if so, what was the point?  Or did she just have a schoolgirl crush on him?  Well, if she was harmlessly infatuated with him, he should find it flattering, what he found disturbing, however, was how he found himself wondering what would happen if he pursued Vera.  Well, it’s all harmless flirting, he thought to himself as he walked down the carpeted hallway.

After his shower Peter began making his way back to his room.  The house was so quiet that he could hear the grandfather clock from the living room ticking from all the way on this second landing.  His footsteps were muffled by the thick carpet.  So as he quietly made his way down the hallway, he noticed that Vera’s light was still on and her door was ajar.  As he passed he couldn’t help but peek in.

Peter was glad that he poked his head in, for the sight that greeted him was something that he was sure he would remember for the rest of his life.  Sprawled across the bed lay Vera, she was wearing a skimpy t-shirt and a pair of bikini brief style panties.  The lamp on Vera’s nightstand was left on, and it looked as though Vera was asleep.  Peter reasoned that he might as well shut off her light so it’s not on all night.  And if he could get a better view of his nubile niece, so much the better.

As Peter did get closer he felt a stirring in his loins.  The sight of her young body had gotten his pulse racing and as he got a better view of her young body, the quicker his heart beat.  Her lower legs were caught up in the sheets, giving him a perfect view of her slender and toned legs, all that tennis was keeping her in top physical shape and she had the body of an athlete.  Her young firm ass looked tight as a drum and he got a good look at it for the way her body was positioned, she was on her stomach with her face turned towards the night stand, the side of the bed where Peter stood.

Peter reached over to shut off the light and felt a slight breeze, he then realized that in his excitement of admiring the sleeping form of Vera, his cock had become fully erect and the head was now poking out of the front of his terrycloth robe.  I’ll be taking care of that shortly, he thought to himself, as he gazed down at the slumbering form of his niece.  He wanted to freeze this picture in his mind, knowing that he would be able to use it as fodder for his masturbatory fantasies for years to come. 

While he was standing here, he might as well give his niece a kiss goodnight, Peter bent over and gave Vera a small kiss on the side of her head, whispering, “Sweet dreams,” and as he stood to turn and leave, Vera moved suddenly in bed and her arm flopped off the side of the bed and her palm landed squarely on Peter erect member.  As he started to back away, he felt her hand gently close on his cock and he let out a muffled moan.

“Don’t go Uncle, not yet.”  He heard Vera mutter, as she pulled his cock towards her mouth on the bed.  Peter needed no more invitation than that, asleep or not, Vera was going to what she was asking for.

Peters cock was pulsing as he felt Vera guide the head into her small open mouth.  She let her lips encircle the tip and she slowly drew his manhood into her warm wet mouth.  She slid her tongue in circles around the head of his cock, her hand stroking the shaft.   Vera started working more of her Uncles cock into her mouth, using her hand as a stopper so that she wouldn’t gag on his large member.  As she would slide his cock into her mouth she would let her fingers, now slippery with her saliva, that were wrapped around his shaft gently slide down the shaft and stop at his balls.  She let her mouth work the tip of his cock and as Peter was focused on the feeling of pleasure from the ministrations of Vera’s tongue, she then cupped  his balls in her free hand.  She started by massaging his balls gently and then she started to rake her fingernails over his sensitive scrotum.

Peter thought he would explode the first time he felt Vera gently massage his scrotum in her hand.  He found himself gripping the nightstand in one hand and his other was holding onto a bedpost as he looked down on the top of her head as she so expertly worked his cock.  “Oh Vera,” he softly moaned.

“Mmmm” Vera responded.  And as she moaned, the vibrations from her utterance caused a slight vibration in his cock and Peter knew that if she kept up this hum-job he would explode in his nieces mouth.

“Vera, if you keep this up I’m going to cum.”  He warned.

Vera continued to hum, taking his cock even deeper into her mouth.  She felt his cock sliding deeper than she had ever taken one before.  Vera fought down a gagging reflex as his cock head seemed to tickle the back of her throat.  At that point Vera ‘mmmm-ed’ again, this time raising and lowering the pitch as she concentrated on relaxing all her throat muscles.

“Oh sweet Jesus, Vera.”  Peter grunted and he grabbed the back of her head and felt himself getting ready to climax.  “Vera, I can’t hold back any longer.”  And with that Peter saw stars.  Peter’s hips began to buck as he shot his cum deep into his nieces mouth, and like the good girl that she was, Vera made sure that she gulped down every drop.  She continued to suck and lick his cock until he pulled it out of her mouth.

“Wow, Uncle Peter,”  Vera said after she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, “That was amazing.  I was expecting a kiss goodnight, but that was really something else.”

Peter, realizing what he had just done was glad to see that Vera was taking all this so well, but seeing at how deftly she was able to suck his dick and make him cum so quickly, he began to suspect that Vera might be a lot more experienced than he had given her credit for.

“You know, Uncle Peter, maybe tomorrow when Mom is out late you can make me feel just as good as I made you feel.”

“Vera,” Peter sat on the edge of the bed, holding his robe closed tightly, “I don’t know if we should continue doing this.  I mean, you’re my niece, and you’re only fifteen--”

“Sixteen,” Vera corrected him.

“Well, Sixteen, but that’s still underage and it’s incest on top of that.  I couldn’t even imagine what this would do to your mother if she found out and I’m sure your father would have the cops on me in a heartbeat, and that’s only if he decided not to shoot me on the spot.”

“Oh, I see.”  said Vera.  “Well if that’s the end of it, I guess there is nothing I can do.” 

“Vera, I just want you to know that, well, that was amazing, and I still love you and you didn’t do anything wrong, I just don’t think that it would be in our best interest to continue a relationship like this.  I’m sure you understand.

“It’s okay Uncle Peter.  I understand, I mean, if anyone found out about what happened here tonight, well, I could see how you wouldn’t want anyone to find out and you would have to go to jail or anything.”

“Thanks Vera, thanks for being so understanding.”  And with a chaste kiss on Vera’s head, Peter headed off to the guest room to sleep for the night.

Vera, after she heard her uncle close and lock his door, quickly made her way over to her laptop computer that was on her desk.  She checked to make sure that the camera recorded the entire nights events.  Never thought it would happen on the first night, she thought to herself, I figured it would take at least a week, glad I was prepared and set this up just in case. 

She saved the movie file on her computer in a folder that she kept her knitting patterns in and named the file, “Alternative Magic Loop Cast On Technique”  A file that she was sure wouldn’t arouse any suspicion from anyone browsing through her computer files that happened into her knitting files.  She than burned the movie file onto two different DVDs and locked them in her desk.  Always good to have multiple copies.

And he thought it was over, Vera thought with a chuckle as she lay down to sleep for the night.


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« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2011, 04:26:28 AM »

I enjoyed the story very much! Hmmm, the way you headed the story looks familiar... Tongue You might want to use less detail as you continue, but the sex-related details were on the mark, very hot and intense. Great start!

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« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2011, 06:43:11 PM »

This was a good read...that sly Vera, wonder what she has planned? 

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« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2011, 05:49:49 AM »


Reminds me of . . . Mmm   Another story, for another time.

(did I mention that I have several young nieces)   Grin

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« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2011, 01:11:45 PM »

Nice first chapter. I'm looking forward to more in the future....


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In God we trust.

« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2011, 11:26:17 PM »

Nice start! can't wait to see what she's up to.
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