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The After School Job (Fm, Consensual, Virginity, Taboo)

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on: November 20, 2011, 12:18:21 PM
The After School Job (Fm, Consensual, Virginity, Taboo)

I had a job at a local seamstress/linens shop, that I went to twice a week after school. I knew nothing about seamstress work, but the lady who owned it, received shipments twice a week, and used me to unload the stock, shelve it and document it. It sucked, but it was the only job I could get as I was still in high school.

The proprietor, Ms. Wong was a widow in her late thirties who had only been in the country for a few years. She was slender, with a small waist and smallish breasts, but she was sexy in a sophisticated, prudish kind of way. She was very proper, and often had her hair tied up, but when it was down, she really looked sexy. Her English skills were not too bad, so I could talk to her easily.

The bad part was admitting to my friends that I worked at a sewing shop. Not a very manly job, but what the fuck was I supposed to do? A job is a job, and I needed after school money, and also to try to save a bit for when I finished high school and went to college.

It was in this regard that I found myself in the awkward predicament I was in now. You see, I was talking with two of my friends at the local burger shop, as they teased me about where I worked, and naturally like any teenager, I found myself wanting to compensate; to seem a bit more manly. So I started lying to them.

I told them that I would have quit long ago, except that I was getting it on with the owner. The guys were sceptical, and grilled me for details as I went on and on about back room groping sessions, making the whole thing up as I went along. The truth was, I was still a virgin and had never more than shook her hand, but that wasn’t what I was saying to them. According to my story, I was a rocking stud who regularly got it on with the hot older Asian lady. Deep down, I doubt they fully believed me, but it felt good to be playing the stud, who was getting laid.

It was several minutes later, with me going on like I was Ron Jeremy or something, when I got this weird sensation and decided to look over my shoulder. Now isn’t it always the way, that when you are talking about someone behind their back, they happen to be right behind you? Ms. Wong was seated several tables away, having a salad. Shit!......Shit, shit, shit, fucking shit! I hoped she hadn’t heard me, but part of me knew, that seated where she was, she was close enough to have heard every word. She wasn’t looking at me, but rather looking at her food, but she had a look on her face, that didn’t look too impressed.

I immediately clammed up, and my friends instantly saw the problem. They hadn’t noticed her either. They tried not to laugh, but they couldn’t help release a few snickers over my embarrassment. She left shortly thereafter, and then my friends and I left five minutes after her. I had to work with her in two days!

The next 48 hours, were tough, as deep down I knew I had to face her and the time for that was rapidly approaching. As I finished school on Monday, I trudged slowly towards her shop, dreading the possibility of a confrontation. Would she fire me? How would I explain that to my parents?

Maybe.......maybe she hadn’t heard me. Maybe she was focussed on something else and I got lucky. Deep down I doubted it. Walking into her shop, I decided to play it cool, acting like nothing had happened. Maybe it would just go away and nothing would be said. Walking in, I said hi to her, the words barely squeaking out of my mouth. She looked at me, but did not say anything, instead gesturing to the back where I would get all the new stock and put it away. That seemed awkward. She didn’t seem overly friendly. This didn’t look good.

I went to the back and started un-packaging the deliveries, barely standing the awkward silence that was occurring. Normally if she came to the back, she spoke to me. She wasn’t overly friendly or anything, as she always seemed a bit stuck up or frigid, but today she wasn’t even speaking to me. It was tense.

When I finished up, three hours later, I was eager to get my ass out of there. The store was closed and it was just her and I. Walking up to the front counter area, I let her know everything was finished. I could barely make eye contact.

“Ok, so I guess I’ll get going now. See you Thursday.”

Without looking up from what she was doing, she spoke, “Wait a minute Rick, I need to talk to you.”

Oh fuck....this was it. This wasn’t just going to go away. My knees felt rubbery at the thought of her confronting me. The things I had said; the sexual acts I had claimed to have performed with her. Oh my god this was going to be embarrassing!

She kept working on some paperwork for several minutes, not looking at me. I made a move to sit on one of the stools, to help hide how badly I was shaking and she immediately stopped me, “Stay standing.”

It was the longest 2-3 minutes of my life, standing there as she scribbled away in her note book.

When she finished, she looked up at me.

“Is there something you would like to say to me Rick.”

I stood there like a fucking idiot, unable to speak. Her glare penetrated me, searing into my soul as she looked at me in critical judgement. She kept looking at me, waiting for an answer.

Clearing my throat, I tried to bluff......maybe this wasn’t about what I said in the restaurant. “You mean about....ahem,...the shipment today, I...I’m not sue what you’re.......”

“You know what I’m talking about.” She cut me off abruptly.

I stood there awkwardly. What do you say in a situation like this? She was god enough to give me a part time job, and I had just told disgusting lies about her and I, which she had heard.

“Your friends seemed quite impressed. Are you proud to have lied about me like that?”

Awkwardly, blushing, my voice breaking I could barely speak.

“Ms. Wong,........I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean it............I just,............” I trailed off, unable to finish.

“What were you hoping to accomplish, by lying to your friends like that?”. Her voice was like ice, and her stare, sharp enough to cut me open.

“I don’t know....I just....”

“You don’t know? You sit there lying about me, telling ridiculous tales, about me groping a schoolboy like in the back room, and you don’t know why you did that?”

I felt like a defendant in front of a judge. My eyes looked down at the floor.

“Look at me!” she snapped.

I just wanted to leave. I didn’t even care if she fired me, I just couldn’t take any more of this.

“You’re not such a big man now are you boy.......shaking and awkward.”
“You wanted your friends to think you had some Asian whore mistress?”

“NO!” I said defensively. “I never called you that.”

“Then what were you saying Rick? Why me? Because I’m some exotic story? A cliché? Show your friends that the Asian shop owner, didn’t call the shots with you?”

Now I felt bad. I never meant to insult her.

“No........I didn’t mean it as an insult. I just..........”

“Just what Rick?!” She looked at me

“I would make me look good, if they thought that someone like you would show interest in me. I never meant it as an insult.”

Her facial expression softened a bit. She was still not fully happy, but she seemed to be more attempting to ease up on me.

“Why me Rick? I come to this country, I work hard. I’m a good woman.”

“I never said otherwise. It’s just that...............well, some guys notice you, and that’s....well it’s just that you are..........”. This was getting awkward. Maybe where she came from people are more proper than this. Maybe teenagers don’t check out widowers in their late 30’s.

“People notice me?”

“Well,’s just that you’re..........well, you look........good.” Fuck that was awkward.

She looked down, deep in thought. I just remembered, that I had once heard, that back in her country, women were considered old maids after the early 20’s. Maybe she didn’t quite grasp just how sexually attractive she was? How the fuck could that be possible? Even if she had a tendency to dress a bit to conservatively, she had to realize, her figure was amazing and he skin.....perfect.

“You mean you notice me?” She didn’t so much ask that as say it

“Y..yes”, I muttered awkwardly

“You know that is very improper. I am twice your age, and a widow. You should be ashamed. If I had a son your age, and he was looking at grown women like that I would spank him.” While she had softened the anger, the judgement was still there. Her gaze still penetrated me.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just........I can’t help but notice you. You’re..........”

“I’m what Rick.”

Ok, maybe telling the whole truth might make this easier. The truth would be flattering, and hopefully make my conduct less of an insult to her.

“Well, have great features, and.............”Oh fuck this was getting awkward, “...and......well, you don’t look as old as you claim to be, and you’re very.......”

She looked at me, waiting for me to continue

“’s just that you have beautiful features. I’m sorry, I know you’re older, and I work for you, but I can’t stop staring when you’re not looking. I’m really sorry. You dress well, you have great skin, and,......I mean no disrespect, but, your figure.............”. I could feel my face turning crimson, as I talked.

Looking down for a second, she pondered, and then looked up.

“Rick, I am a mature woman. Why me? Why not someone your own age? “

Awkwardly I stumbled, “I’m sorry. I just.......I just notice you.”

“And you think about doing those things with me? Those things you were describing to your friends”

That was a hard one to answer. I stumbled for words, but she continued.

“You think of having sex with me?”

I nodded, blushing

“And why would I want to have sex with you?”

Well that was direct. “I don’t know.....I just think about it.”

“But you’re just a boy. How could you satisfy me? What would make you think you could satisfy me?”

“I guess,.....I don’t know. Maybe I.......I guess”

She looked at me hard and judgementally. “Would you even know where to touch me?”

That question caught me of gaurd.

“What do you think of doing with me, when you think of me Rick?”

Mumbling I spoke, “well I guess I think of....”

Cutting me off, “You think of me naked?”, she said, almost smirking at my awkwardness.

“Well I think.....”

“Do you think of me naked?”

Awkwardly I nodded, “yes”

“And what do you think of doing to me?” She stared at me, condescendingly.

“I think of, well.......................”

It was so weird having this conversation with Ms. Wong. She was so much older than me it was awkward.

“Rick, you try to act like a man but you are still a boy. You have never been with a woman. Have you ever even kissed a girl?”

I was a bit ashamed. She was right. I was still a virgin. I had never even touched a girls breast. I had kissed a girl, but never deep kissing. I just was so damned shy it destroyed me. Working her in the afternoons was the greatest thrill, because I got to be alone with a sexy looking Asian woman and often dealing with women clients.
“I guess I just haven’t..................I haven’t had much experience”

Looking at me judgementally she stared at me until the silence became awkward. Then without a word she reached out and took my hand, standing and turning towards the back room. I followed my heart pounding as she held my hand.

When we arrived, she turned, and without a word she opened her blouse and her bra so fast it seemed almost instantaneous. Her breasts popped out and I stood there transfixed, staring at them in awe as she looked at me with mild annoyance.

“Stop staring like a shy boy and touch them” Reaching out tentatively I touched them, and my heart started pounding madly. I had read dirty mags, checking out the pictures, but I honestly could never imagine the overpowering feeling of her soft tit in the palm of my hand as I hyperventilated.

She wasted no more time, reaching in and placing her mouth on mine, pulling me in and probing my mouth with her tongue. Holy fuck this seemed to almost be happening too fast. As much as I wanted this I was petrified, and I didn’t know why. My body was shaking, yet she still became more aggressive, as though desperate.

Grabbing my hand she pulled it up under her skirt. I was in shock. As she used her other hand she pulled the front of her panties open and then thrust my hand in there, as I felt her heat rising to my hand as I touched soft curls. The lust was unbearable! Guiding my hand further, I felt the most wonderful sensation as my hand touched her..........there! That magical spot that had haunted me in my wet dreams, that had eluded me in real life. I was touching her pussy! For real. It was not exactly what I imagined but close. She kissed me aggressively as my fingers pressed into her soft wet opening. Oh my god I can’t possibly describe the feel to you if you have never touched one! It was warm, wet........heaven. She reached down again, grabbing my middle finger and guiding it, until I touched her in a spot where a little soft bump was evident. Was this............was this her clitoris?! Oh my god....she started moaning even harder! With that she started fumbling with my belt and undid my pants, pulling down my underwear. I immediately gasped as my erection met fresh air, and before I could adjust to  the sensation her hands touched my cock! Holy shit, the feel of a womans delicate hands touching me, stroking me. The times I had touched myself down there could not compare to the feel of her feminine hands, warm and soft against my manhood which twitched and strained.

Pressing me down into the reclining chair she quickly removed her panties, sat down in my lap and grabbed my cock in her hands as she straddled me. I suddenly started having second thoughts. What about protection? What if she got pregnant? What would we do? What would I tell my parents. Impregnating the 40 year old seamstress at the mall would be such a gossip peice!

“Ms. Wong....we should use may get.......” My comments were cut off when she kissed me hard on the mouth, and then sat herself down on my lap, guiding my manhood to her vulva. I didn’t care anymore. She was beautiful, and I was about to have sex with her.

She pressed my tip against her pussy lips, and then in one swift motion she sat herself down, engulfing my cock rapidly. The feelings went through my body like fireworks. Unfortunately I also felt an orgasm about to happen even though I had just entered her. I immediately tried desperately to control her so she would not move too much, and allow me to regain control. She was having none of that, and immediately started grinding herself up and down on my cock as I gasped and then exploded inside her, sending my sperm into her body, without any knowledge as to whether or not she was protected.
When my body stopped shuddering I suddenly felt both ashamed and nervous. One I had just ejaculated into a woman, and knowing what I knew from sex-ed this could be a problem. Two, I had just prematurely ejaculated, which was embarrassing as hell!

“Relax” she said, “It happens to most guys their first time” with an understanding smile. “You have however finished without me, and I think you owe me something” She said, getting off of me. Pushing the recliner all the way back She pulled out the leg extension and I found myself laying straight back as though on a bed, which basically this recliner was designed to turn into. Crawling up my body until she was straddling my face she said, “Ok, you know what this is, I believe you refered to this as eating pussy”. The words seemed unreal. Here was a hot looking asian milf telling me to eat her pussy. I had never done it before, so I was a bit nervous, but I starting licking and probing right away, to thank her for the unbelievable orgasm she had just given me.
“OK boy, it’s not about licking all over, or sticking it in far. Spread my lips with your thumbs....that’s right, like that” I followed her instructions, “Now move your tongue up towards ....yes that’s it”. I was pretty sure that what I was looking at was her clitoris. I had never seen one before, but assumed this was right, and by her reaction when I started licking it, I had the right spot. She tutored me in the art, as I licked and sucked, going from gentle, to forceful, and then back, probing with my fingers. Eventually she started really moaning, and grabbed my hair, grinding herself into my face as though she was riding a bucking bronco. I loved it. Stuff that I had only seen in the occasional porn movie, was now happening to me!

Suddenly she seized up and her back arched, as her voice quivered in a high pitched moan and she ground her pussy into my face real hard, before suddenly relaxing, allowing her body to sway gently as her breasts moved with her body.

“Let’s see if you are ready to try another go at sex young man” as she turned 180 degrees, still straddling my face, but now bent down grabbing my cock which was standing at attention. Taking it into her mouth, she started sucking on it, and if course lowered her pussy again my face. Holy shit! I was actually doing 69 with a fucking hot looking older Asian woman. It was amazing the things she did with her mouth. For my part, I ate her out as best I could with my limited experience, but she didn’t complain.

Before I could get super heated, she stopped, and crawled off of me and then turned herself around and lay beside me. Rolling on her back, she pulled me on top of her. Spreading her legs, she grabbed my cock, guiding it slowly towards her pussy. Touching it to her entrance, she kept her hand there to help guide me and said, “OK ......go easy, take your time”

Easier said than done, but I did what she asked, and slowly entered her hot soft womanly portal, in one slow deep thrust as she exhaled in pleasure. Looking me in the eyes she smiled, waiting for me to start moving, which didn’t take long. Pulling back until only the head remained in I pushed it in deep again, thrilling in the sensation of her softness sliding over me. I had always fantasized about what it would feel like, but nothing came close to what I was actually experiencing. I then started thrusting into her at a regular pace as she worked her hips in conjunction with my thrusting, grinding herself upwards to meet my thrusts. Her breasts bounced erotically with each thrust as I made love to her, allowing my hands and mouth to explore her breasts, her buttocks, as I also kissed her, kissed her neck, and her breasts. My movements started speeding up as I felt myself approaching climax. Amazingly she seemed to also be approaching it, given the noises she was making. As our bodies thrashed against eachother in a mutual need for release I started wondering about whether I should pull out this time, but as though she could read my mind she desperately panted out, “Come inside me”, wrapping her legs tightly around my waist to make sure I did not pull out. Suddenly it happened. My body exploded, as she simultaneously cried out as the orgasm tore through her body in waves as did mine. We both clenched up against each other, trembling as I felt wave after wave of semen eject into her warm body until both of us suddenly sagged, in relief after our needs were met. I lay on top of her, heaving as my body pressed down on hers and she hyperventilated also. We were both soaked in sweat. I don’t know how long I lay there, still inside her, but eventually I rolled off of her, laying on my back as she snuggled up against me, while my hand rested against her ass pulling her in tight. We lay there not saying anything, just enjoying the sensation of our bodies, naked against each other. At that we dozed off.

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Reply #1 on: November 20, 2011, 02:52:47 PM
OMFG.......I LOVED this story....That is about as close to my ideal fantasy as I have ever read. I have had the opportunity to be with a number of Asian women from mid-twenties to mid- fourties. I have a bit of a "thing" for women of the orient. I must say. On the erection scale of 1 - 10...I give this a 9.......



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Reply #2 on: November 20, 2011, 03:26:21 PM
Yup, that was pretty awesome!


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Reply #3 on: November 20, 2011, 05:25:12 PM
Definitely a panty wetter. :emot_thumbsup:

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HOT!  Love older woman/younger boy stories-RHL

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That was so vivid, i could feel his embarrassment and the sex was so hot! You reall pull us in with your writing and the details, best story yet!

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Thank you all for your kind words and feedback.


While you're waiting in vain for that apology, why don't you make yourself useful by getting on your knees and opening your mouth