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Author Topic: Little Girl's Rape  (Read 29333 times)
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« on: June 10, 2007, 05:35:25 AM »

You must be over 18 for read this story with rape, if you not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read not more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Any man who commit rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right if they not hurt somebody.

Little Girl's Rape

The 13 year old girl had no ideal what was in store for her. Her name was Melissa. She was a petite 5'4" tall. She had lovely, flowing blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and bangs right above her gorgeous blue eyes. She had a cute button nose, and a pouting little mouth. She had a small waist, lovely smooth legs, and a tight little butt.

Her breasts were small,budding,but were firm, and her nipples were little peaks. As she walked home from school, Melissa didn't see the five black men laying in wait for her. She was wearing a white blouse, tucked into the waistband of a light blue skirt. White socks with black saddle pumps.

Her little ass wriggled under her skirt as she walked and her hair bounced around her shoulders. She had an armful of books and thoughts in her head of her new boyfriend, and of the first kiss she was expecting on their second date tonight.

Melissa had never had a real boyfriend before, and was just a naive innocent, about to have her world crash down around her.

The black men waited in the alley, around the corner right ahead of her. Ape, Joe,Claude,Bill and Rodney were their names, and all of them were big men, with thick muscles and wide shoulders. It had been a week since they had gang- banged a white girl, and the little teen walking towards them got their juices churning and their balls boiling.

As Melissa rounded the corner,Claude,the leader of the gang, grabbed her, cupping his hand over her mouth and the other arm going around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides. The school books fell to the ground and the struggling girl was pulled into the alley.

"Let's get the little bitch down in our hideaway so nobody can hear her screams." said Joe. So they carried Melissa to the door of an abandoned building, and with the huge, hulking one called Ape leading, went in and shut the door behind them.

The room had a stairway which lead to an downstairs room where the blacks had set up a mattress and had the windows boarded up.

"Isn't noon goanna hear her down here," said Rodney. "Let's get the little girl naked. Time's a wasting and if I don't get in her soon, I'm goanna shoot in my pants."

Claude whispered in her ear, his hot breath burning her shell--like ears." Baby girl, you fight us and you're dead. Do you understand?"

Melissa nodded her head.

Bill pulled out a huge knife and held it up to her face. "You try to escape and I'll gut you. I'll spill your entrails on the floor." the blade of the knife glittered in the light of a single overhead bulb.

Claude took his hand from her mouth.

In a shaky voice Melissa gasped,"W..What do you want? I don't have any money."

Rodney laughed. A brutal laugh." What we want is between your legs little girl."

Melissa couldn't believe this was happening to her. Surely they didn't mean what she thought they meant. but one look at their lust-filled eyes told her they did. They were going to rape her!

Bill ran his hand along her soft cheek. "How old are you sweetheart?"

"15" stammered Melissa," please don't hurt me."

"Shit she just a little girl," Joe said, reaching out to cup her little breasts thru her blouse.

"That's the way I like me," said Ape,"Young,white,and tight!" He reached out, took her blouse in the front, and ripped it completely down he middle, in a lightning stroke that caused her to cry out.

Bill wasted no time. he tore her bra off in one swift move, exposing her little breasts. He fastened his thick-lipped mouth onto one of them and bit down hard, causing her to scream in pain and terror. Her cream caused him to bite down harder. He put his strong fingers around the other soft, white tit and looked into her eyes. "This tit isn't never been touched before." he said, squeezing it hard, causing Melissa to cry out.

"Isn't that right?" he asked, fingering her nipple." This white broad's a virgin. You isn't never been fucked have you?"

"No." Melissa whispered, her face wet from her tears brought about by her humiliation and pain.

"She don't even like the word," Claude laughed, then continued," And we'll be the first in her, to teach her the joy of black pricks."

Claude removed the tattered remands of her blouse, then began sliding her skirt down her legs. Melissa began to struggle until Bill put the knife to her throat. She stood still, shivering as Claude removed her skirt, revealing her lacy, white panties beneath.

Ape ripped her panties off, exposing her tiny pussycat thin lipped slit with just a faint wisp of pubic hair. It was the pussy of a 15 year old virgin. Ape fingered her little slit, running his hand up and down her crotch. Laughing as tears began to stream out of her eyes.

Bill stepped up to her and put one hand on top of her blonde head. "On your knees, itch," he snarled, pushing her down to the cold, stone floor.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! her mind cried.......Please don't let this happen to me! Melissa turned her face away and closed her eyes.

The sound of a zipper, snapped her eyes open. Bill was removing his trousers. "You ever suck a cock, white bitch?" he asked.

Melissa shook her head as he exposed his manhood, rubbing the foreskin over the purple black head. It slowly lengthened, growing before Melissa's bulging eyes. The tip of it slowly emitting a white, viscous fluid.

"You is now, that for sure." he said moving so that his prick touched Melissa's lips.

She moved her head to the side, trying to avoid at all costs the now long, hard black prick. She was amazed that a man could have such a large cock. She had never seen one before, either black or white. It was 10 inches long and only semi-erect. She moved her head from side to side, praying that he wouldn't do that, force that horrible hard thing into her mouth.

Suddenly his fingers were at her lips, opening her mouth, and Bill forced his penis into her mouth. She resisted violently, sickened but then he held her nose between his finger and thumb, and as she finally gasped for breath, the thick sword of flesh rammed in, crushing through her soft moist lips, between her even teeth, and into the heated saliva of her mouth.

She felt it on her tongue. His great, blunt, hot thing. The fat, swollen shaft began to slide in and out of her mouth, never quite withdrawing, always leaving an inch or two past her lips in the warm shelter of her mouth.

She closed her eyes in disgust and pain. All of her mouth that was left after the great expanding rod rammed down her throat towards her tonsils began to fill with saliva.

She coughed and spluttered as he moved it in and out with increasing force, ramming into her at a fast pace. She felt the man's loins crush into her face, the woolly harshness of his pubic hairs as they rubbed against her lips. His hands gripped her hair, and he seemed to be trying to force his cock down her throat and into her gut.

He pumped his loins faster, pressing hard against her soft lips each time, burying the length of his prick all the way to the coarse hair at it's base. His tool was growing bigger with each driving thrust of his hips. Her lips slid over the full length of his rising cock with each forward plunge of his body. He knew that soon it would ram well past the back of her throat.

The little girl was having difficulty taking it's hardening length in her mouth, gagging and choking when he really threw it at her.

He pumped ceaselessly in and out of her mouth............ Melissa was trying frantically not to choke on the throbbing creature that invaded her throat. It was so long! each time his hairy body slapped against her lips, that terrible thing pushed against the back of her throat and almost slid down the sensitive passage at her tonsils. She gasped and choked with each plunge, thinking that she would surely suffocate beneath it's thrust. He would pull it almost out of her mouth, out until the raised head at it's tip brushed her lips, then he would begin that awful journey back into her throat. It was hard, but flexible, and when the head bumped against the back of her throat it would bend just enough to go down. Each time it did, she would have to swallow.....or choke...and she knew that the flexing of her own throat muscles would be her downfall. He groaned each time she swallowed and she knew that the contractions of her throat were milking him to a climax. But each time she tried not to swallow, she choked and her throat automatically contracted around it.

He held her head tight and buried his aching cock deep down into her throat until his hairy balls rested on her chin. Melissa couldn't say anything....couldn't think of anything. She gagged again as he drove deeply into her mouth over and over again. He jammed his cock through her tightly clamped lips, down over the rough, little tongue and down the throat again and again and again. Until she felt his loins twitch beneath the hair as he banged against her. It was beginning, Oh God! He was going to empty that hot, swollen beast down her open throat! What could she do?...............

Then the man pressing into her gasped once, twice and once again, crushing his hips into her face until she was suffocating and fighting for breath. And as she struggled for air, her mouth was flooded with a flowing torrent of hot, thick liquid that choked her and slithered down her throat.

Melissa swallowed hurriedly, feeling herself starting to choke again. the heavy cream was dripping out the sides of her mouth and still he was shooting more and more of it into her gullet.

"AAAh! Suck it white bitch! take my load down your throat!" Bill yelled as he emptied his balls down her throat. Finally, his cock stopped jerking and the onslaught of cum stopped. his rod began to lose it's size and weight. It seemed like an eternity before he began to move away and removed his deflated prick from her mouth. A thin string of semen connected the tip of his cock to her lips. He pulled away from her and the string broke, disconnecting them. She sobbed, able to breath again and opened her mouth to spit out the remaining vestiges of sticky cum that stuck to her tongue and palate. The taste of Bill's jism sickening her and making her want to vomit.

Suddenly, she was lifted to her feet as though she was weightless. Ape had grabbed her. She felt herself being crushed and then slammed down onto the filthy, semen-stained mattress.

Joe and Ape held her down, Ape holding her hands above her head, while Joe grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide, exposing her naked, virginal slit to their lust crazed eyes. Claude stepped forward and began to remove his clothes. "I'm goanna pop her cherry." he said," I'm goanna break this little girl in right."

He lowered himself onto her, as she moaned "No,no,no.." over and over again. His face came towards hers/his strong lips closed down upon her soft ones. He pressed his mouth against hers, opened his lips, ran his tongue over her lips, then forced them open and ran his whole tongue inside her mouth. Melissa wanted to vomit. His fleshy instrument filled her mouth. He withdrew it and then moved his lips against hers and then shoved it down her throat further.

His hands grabbed her tiny tits and squeezed the plumb little cones. He took one whole breast in his mouth and began to suck and bite at it, while his one hand gripped the other breast and began pulling it and twisting the nipple, hard, between his fingers. He moved his other hand to his hardened cock and rubbed his thumb over the throbbing head, purple and topped with a speck of white wetness. "It's goanna be a tight fit, ramming into that lil' white belly, but I'll get it in."

"Now, she's goanna fight it men, they all does, so I may need some help just getting it in. Mighty big cock to be stuffing' in that tight, sweet, little slit."

Ape and Joe held her tighter,"Fuck her good," Joe growled," Rip that white pussy out."

Claude stood up," Now we're ready." His body rippling with sleek, hard, muscles. His cock was long and big and hung down between his legs like a baseball bat, black and strong.

He began stroking it until it hardened, sticking straight out and slightly away from his body. "Now me and dis, we're goanna pump her full." Melissa was trembling with fear. Claude's brick hard pole was at least a foot long and the head was huge and looked ready to burst. She didn't think that she would ever live through having that stuck into her virginal opening. She shivered in terror.

Claude lowered himself over her again and reached between her legs and probed at her tight slit. He spread the lips apart with his fingers, and put the head of his cock against the quivering opening. He leaned over her and put his mouth on hers, opened her lips with his own and shoved his tongue into her mouth to the back of her throat.

He brought his hips forward and tried to work the huge head of his cock into the tight, resisting slit between her wide spread legs. It wouldn't go. He eased off a bit, rammed his tongue all the way into her mouth, tightened the muscles in his buttocks and shoved and went into her and she flipped her head sideways and screamed. He brought all his muscle power to his hips and shoved his hard prick in with all his strength and she screamed again. The pain he caused her from shoving it into her virginal slit was almost too much to bear. She tried to move from under him but it was no use. Each movement on her part only increased the almost unbearable pain throbbing down there between her wide stretched thighs.

Claude tried to shove on into her but he was too big. She was crying, begging him to take it out of her. He shoved again, sinking his lust-hardened rod of flesh deeper and she screamed and tried to close her legs in objection to his monstrous invasion. He tensed harder and jabbed on in to that hot, tight, opening Melissa's eyes bulged wide at the sudden unexpected impalement and she screamed louder.

Claude knew he was only about half way into her. He cupped the soft, quivering mounds of her buttocks in his hands and gritting his teeth, rammed on into her. He felt a tearing and ripping and breaking, deep down in her defenceless little cunt, but it was done and could never be undone. He pushed into her until his pelvis was touching hers, and raised himself slightly and watched as his black, thick, bloodstained prick moved out of her tight opening, the pink, soft edges moving down the length of his cock. He shoved himself back into her and moved all the way to the very resistance of her final opening, the entrance to her womb.

He looked into her eyes and her sweat covered brow furrowing into ridges of pain. He thrust deeper into her and she groaned. He moved out of her and then back in and she whimpered and cried and tried to escape. He pushed down deep into her and put his mouth in the hollow of her neck and bit at the soft flesh there.

Melissa had known that he was going to plunge into her, to split her little virginal cunt as under, but she had not come anywhere near anticipating the pain that it gave her. She had felt that she was being split apart when he first pushed into her and that was only a beginning. Then, when he had pushed into her a second time the pain had been too much. She had felt as though a hot poker, a large one, was being shoved into her insides. She felt herself tear and break.

She felt the fullness of him deep within her, throbbing against the forever broken and stretched walls of her helpless pussy. The huge head shoved deep into her belly, feeling as though it lay pressed next to her heart. And she knew that anything she did would only make it worse. She lay, stuffed and helpless, under him.

Claude moved his hard prick down, then withdrew it, all but the head and then started back in and she begged him and cried but that only made him hotter, and he plunged back into her straining cunt, and then withdrew and started back and repeated the same thing, only this time shoving it in up to his balls deep into her womb, and she groaned.

He plowed wildly in and out of her, his hard cock demanding satisfaction. He built up to a frenzied pitch, driving his hard cock deep into her and then drawing it out. Her little tits jiggled as he boned her fast and hard. He plowed and plunged and gave her long stroking motions, his balls banging against her buttocks and he rammed and jerked..... And then he came, shooting a huge load of sticky cum up into her womb. Great wads of stringy jism that filled her 15 year old pussy to overflowing and trickled down her inner thighs.

She though he would never stop ejaculating as he pumped a seemingly endless supply of black seed into her belly. She sobbed in disgust as thick, ropey clots of sperm thumped into her young womb. Finally, she felt the last dregs of semen seep into her and then he collapsed on top of her, almost suffocating her with his weight. She imagined she could feel his negro sperm swimming inside her.

Then he raised himself off her and pulled his deflated cock out of her torn and bleeding pussy. She cried in shame and humiliation as Claude moved away from her, his cum still dripping from her slit.

"Now's my turn." said Joe as he switched places with Bill, who now held her legs. She whimpered as she realized that it wasn't over. They were all going to take their turns spilling their obscene cum up every orifice of her body and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

"Put her on her hands and knees." Joe said as the men lifted her and positioned her. "We're goanna do it doggy style!" he laughed.

Joe stood in front of her, his huge black cock lengthening as he stroked it. It was bigger than Claude's,13 1/2 inches and had a head the size of a plum. She knew that she would never be able to have that huge thing inside her and survive. It was impossible.

Melissa kneeled there on her hands and knees. Her head hung in shame, her blonde hair obscuring her face. She knew she couldn't escape. They were surrounding her. All she could do was take what they gave her and hoped she lived.

Joe moved behind her and sank to his knees. He leaned over her back and took her budding breasts in his hands and squeezed them. He worked at her nipples with his fingers, pulling them out and away from her body. He buried his face in her blonde hair and nipped with his teeth at her neck. He let go of her breasts and gripped her hips, the muscles in her thighs straining against his powerful, black hands and he put the head of his horsecock against the lips of her sore and battered vaginal slit. The big, pulsating head throbbed against her, surrounded by her sparse aureole of soft, young pubic hair and she shuddered at the reality of it all, at what was to be her next torture

"Ooohh,little white baby,gonna fuck your pussy now." he slobbered, and he shoved his hips, causing his huge dripping head to burn against her soft, pink, vaginal lips. He grunted and pushed harder and it entered slightly, causing excruciating pain to her. She tried to move away from him, but his gripping hands held her firmly in place. He pushed again with the full weight of him and the enormous,bulb-like,purple head slipped with a *pop* between the tight, cringing lips of her cunt. Melissa felt as though someone were trying to force a telephone pole up between her legs and the pain was more than she knew she would be able to bear.

"Gotcha now, little white bitch!" he snarled down at her and at the same moment flicked his hips cruelly forward ,sliding half the monstrous length mercilessly into the tight, stretched confines of her screaming pussy. "Oooohh,God no! Please no!" she screamed helplessly beneath him, feeling as though the whole of her aching loins were being split wide asunder. He kept on without stopping and ground down hard and shot it all the way into her unready cunt,tearing cruelly at the wide-stretched walls and feeling like raging fire to her cuntal lips.

The pain was unbelievable to Melissa. She had screamed out at the first penetration of her bloody, tortured vagina, but the pain had become worse with each further millimetre of hardened flesh that he shoved into her. She trembled under him. She could feel the hard, bulbous head against her cervix, grinding hard against it and at the same time his already monstrous cock was getting harder and longer within her pussy. she moved, trying to get out from under the searing pain, but he plunged at her, gripping her hips and forced her towards him, then drove completely into her, hurting the small mound of her cunt when his pelvis smashed brutally against it.

Joe pushed on and on until he felt the large,knobby head of his prick slip into the wet, warm, glove-like enclosure of her young, underdeveloped womb, deep inside her. Then he moved it out, enjoying the small, involuntary grasping at his rock hard prick with her vaginal walls. Then he plowed back in, forcing it in as far as he could go.

His plunging into her hurt like hell, jolting her body with pain. He pounded his cock into the 15 year old's womb. Joe's muscled backside tightened up with every ram of his hardened pole of flesh into her tight, little opening and relaxed once he was in to the hilt, then braced themselves for the withdrawal and the gathering again of the plunge back. His steely pole throbbed against the walls of her blood-warmed cunt and the pink, soft flanges of it wrapped about him tightly and securely.

She turned her head from side to side and was startled to find that Rodney had taken a position in front of her face and had his 8 inched pointed at her mouth. He lifted her head by clutching her hair and tried to force it into her mouth, his fingers tearing cruelly at her tightly resisting lips. Joe, kneeling behind her, lowed his fleshy rod in and out of her body. He ran his hands up her small, fear-quivering body and around her ribs and took her tiny tits in his hands and cupped and squeezed them hard.

Rodney forced her mouth open, then made her accept the purple, throbbing head of his cock into the soft, warm confines of her resisting mouth. He took her head and forced it down upon him, until he felt his prick at the back of her throat. And he moved her head by the hair and worked her face more fully onto him and knew that it was there, down deep into her gullet and he pulled her head up and then moved it back down upon him.

Joe rammed himself into her fully, forcing her forward with the weight of his own body and loved the wet hotness of her warm, tight cunt.

Melissa's mouth was filled to overflowing with the bigness of Rodney's prick. The soft, spongy head of it deep within her throat and she thought that she would faint from pain with the plunges into her of Joe's huge cock,going deep into her insides harshly and brutally, pushing her flesh before him.

She felt the hard prick easing out of her warm cunt and she moved her hips hoping to escape that hot, fleshy rod, but only caused him to release her breasts and grab onto her hips and steady them and plunge back into her. Hurting her terribly, wedging her apart inside, deep inside. her mouth was forced down on the thick shaft of Rodney.

They rocked her body between them. Joe plunging deep into her and forcing her forward so that Rodney was shoved deep into her throat until she thought that surely the heads of their hot, hard pricks would meet inside her and destroy her.

Joe plunged and shoved and tore into the delicious opening of her, enjoying the sight of his wet,blood-stained,glistening prick pulling out of her swollen, pink cuntal lips,then disappearing back into the depths of her. He felt the throbbing of his hard cock against her smooth, soft walls. He gripped her slim waist and slammed her back onto his hard pole and then rode hard and deep on her back.

He slammed his rod far into her, stabbing and sticking and impaling the very core of her on his hot, plunging pole. Then, he emptied himself of a huge load in her belly. Spurt after spurt of hot jism that filled her as she sobbed beneath him. Rodney loved the warmth of her soft throat and the feeling of her tongue on his hard rod. His cock deep in her throat. Her lips moving down and touching the very bottom of his hard, thick prick. he knew he was going to give up his hot semen, was going to spew down her throat and into her brain. He braced himself, all of his muscles taut and ready. Then, he shot a thick wad of scalding semen down her throat. Clots of sperm that filled her mouth, choking her, and slithered down into her belly.

Melissa kneeled there, her body covered with sweat. She felt revulsion. Joe's prick was still rammed hotly in her tight slit, behind her. He slipped his now deflated dick out of her. The head popping wetly out of the tight lips of her little pussy with a sound that was unmistakeable. At the same time, Rodney withdrew his limp penis from her mouth. She could still taste his foul cum on her lips.

Melissa was beaten. She couldn't take any more, and she collapsed onto her belly on the semen encrusted mattress. Her cunt ached, the pussy lips red and irritated, a pool of cum laying deep inside her. Her tiny breasts were sore and bruised. The nipples swollen from twisting fingers. All she hoped now was that it was over, and they would let her live.

She had forgotten about Ape. He moved over to where she could see him. She couldn't believe the incredibly huge cock that hung between his legs. It was bigger than any of the others and they were monstrous! His black penis hung well past his knees. It had an unbelievable huge head and was as thick as her arm, a fat,18 inched. The little 15 year old cried, he would kill her with that thing. He would split her open to her chin!

"Please, more...." she pleaded.

"Oh yea,there's more,.."Ape said, "But I isn't fucking her cunt,there's too much hump jelly up there. I'm sticking it up her ass!"

Melissa jumped in shock. He wasn't.......He couldn't be serious. She couldn't take that tool up her posy's there was no way he would get it up her tight, virgin asshole. He would probably kill her trying to get it in.

"Please...." she begged," Don't do this! I'm just a little girl."

"Awe.." said Ape, "I know you jest a lil' girl. That's what I like. Aren't nothing better than splitting the poop chute of a lil' white girl!"

Bill kneeled down and looked her in the eyes, "This goanna hurt, baby doll." he whispered, "Ape's hung like a horse."

"Please.." she begged, "Don't let him do this. It's not right. It's evil."

"He'll kill me." she sobbed, tears running down her cheeks. She thought she saw something, maybe pity in his eyes. He hooked his fingers under her chin and lifted her head. "I'll see what I can do." he assured her.

He stood up and yelled at Ape who was getting on his knees behind and above the girl.

"I bet you a beer,you can't get your pole up her butt!"

"Then you goanna lose," Ape yelled back,"Cos' I'm goanna stick my hose up her so far,it'll come out her throat!"

Melissa cried, tears of betrayal burning her cheeks. She hadn't known she could hate as much as she hated these black thugs who were punishing her body and soul. She knew she was going to be sodomized. That Ape was going to put the biggest cock in the world up her behind. And that whatever pain she had felt up to now, would pale as to what was coming.

Ape dug his fingers into her abused cunt and scooped out some of the jism that still nestled in her and rubbed it over the grapefruit sized head of his black cock.

Then he sprawled over her, his elbows on either side of her head as his body rested oh her. His cock pressed against her asshole. She felt her little, wrinkled opening spreading wider and wider, as his cockney forced it's way in.

She groaned into the mattress, air puffing out between her lips as the pain began to bloom in her asshole. His cock pushed open the wrinkled little hole, and slowly sank down into her as the watching men cheered. The deeper it penetrated, the louder she groaned and whimpered.

"Noooooo...! Please!..." she shrieked, her head flying up. She felt the tight ring of muscles give way before the pressure. The huge head popping into her with a slight jerk. The pain was excruciating. She felt dizzy and for a second she saw stars, as she twisted, screamed, and struggled to get away from him. But it only caused him to fuck his fat penis even deeper into her helpless rectum.

"Please....It hurts,...I'm too small....You're too big!." she cried, her eyes wide open in real agony now.

He ignored her, forcing inch after scorching inch up into her nauseas he hugged her hips tightly in his barbarous attack. She gasped in burning pain as his prick slid into her rectum, not stopping it's boring entry, pulverizing her guts before it.

Melissa cringed as his snickers brought hot blasts of air to bathe her little ears. She groaned as he began to saw mercilessly into the soft depths of her ravaged anus. Never had she felt so debased....not even when she had been forced to suck their black cocks.

She felt utterly impaled by his fat, throbbing cock. She gasped and panted, groaning and then sobbing as his arm-thick, black prick forced it's way into her asshole,and drove deep,deep,deep into her. His cockhead burrowing high up into her guts. She felt so full down there that she thought she would burst.

It hurt! Oh God, did it hurt! But Ape wasn't worried about that. That was her problem. His cock went so deep she felt cramps in her guts. Terrible,gripping cramps from deep in her belly. She sobbed weakly, her belly aching as his balls rested firmly against her asscheeks. He groaned and slowly pulled his sausage back down her ass tunnel.

There was pain, but the cramping eased, then thankfully disappeared. Then she wailed as Ape thrust back into her. His fat fuck tool jammed down her rectum and stuffed her full, bringing screaming cramps back into her belly. He brutally butt-fucked the crying 15 year old with his 18 inch dick. Her muscles were contracting, straining as his cock began to churn inside her still super-tight asshole. Ramming in with greater speed and power. The others called out encouragement as Ape went faster, and faster, his thick fuck meat pummelling her guts as he slammed his thighs into her as cheeks.

Melissa gritted her teeth against the pain as she was impaled on the long, evil length of his enormous fuck spike. Ape's hands came down on her back, raising his upper torso off her, but shoving her face and her little tits into the mattress, as he ran the entire length of his prong in and out of her anus striking ....something,...high up inside her and then going through, causing her asshole to bleed and the young girl to scream out loud.

He thrust repeatledly,using long, deep strokes that rammed his cockknob deep into her guts. He was plowing into her intestines,ramming through her bowels and guts until she could feel the hard head punching up against her stomach. Her cries slowed,turned to grunts with each impact and low whimpers. He dropped his weight back down on her,crushing her completely beneath his heavy weight His teeth bit at her throat as he ground his hips into her soft, round buttocks. His cock slid back and forth,back and forth,as Ape humped into her tender asspipe.

She winced as his cock began to skewer her with furious, driving thrusts. With unending thrusts, he battered into her quivering ass. His semen filled balls slapped against the soft flesh beneath the rectum he fucked close to bursting. His cock plunged in and out of her intestines, a ravaging sword of destruction that crammed itself up to the hilt of her bowels, again and again. clutching her hips, he slammed himself forward,straining,his hard pushing body actually flattening her buttocks to make certain that she was unbudgeted to the hilt, pierced to the very extent of his ability to cram it into her.

Hopelessly impaled, she cried and wriggled like a hooked fish beneath the hard, driving power of his body. Her nails dug into the mattress, as with uncaring brutality he slammed and pumped into her behind.

He shoved forward with a lunge that almost ripped the walls of her quivering belly and she screamed as she felt him erupt inside her. Hot gushes of thick, white cream shot deep into the cringing depths of her rectum, searing her raw and ravaged bowels. He shot his sperm far up into the hollow of her burning ass. Cramming it deep into the warm depths of her bowels. Her bottom quivered,wincing,contracting spasmodically around his throbbing truncheon, receiving helplessly, the warm, sticky contents of his testicles.

It was over. He had filled her butt with his foul semen. She sobbed uncontrollably as the finality of it all hit her. He sagged, leaning slowly back to allow his spent penis to withdraw. It was so long, it seemed to take forever as it slithered out of her rectum, drawing the flesh within with it. A wet, sucking sound sluiced the air as it slipped out from between the mounds of her buttocks. Driplets of Ape's sperm emerged from the ravaged hole, dripping down over her vaginal lips.

The brutal rapes had left her battered and bloodied. Their combined pools of semen lay inside her, her asshole burned with the deposit of hot cum in it, and she could still taste the foul jism that had filled her mouth. Her hips, buttocks and tits were bruised. Her breasts, especially from the gouging fingers of the rapists.

The five blacks began putting their clothes back on, leaving the whimpering 15 year old blonde lying on the mattress. Joe walked over to her and nudged her in the pussy with the toe of his shoe.

"Hey little girl, you a woman now." he laughed, "Who knows? What with all the black seed we done pumped into your belly, you might have a black baby!"

Melissa hadn't even thought of that. None of the brutes had used any protection. Her womb was awash with black sperm. Another reason to cause the tiny teen to burst into a series of wracking sobs.

"Hey,hey," Claude said, lifting her head up by the chin, "We're letting you live. Be grateful for that."

With that, the black thugs left, leaving the little girl to her misery and her pain.

Melissa knew her life would never be the same and for several minutes, all that could be heard was her weeping.

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