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Author Topic: Daddy and Uncle John (MMF, ANAL, CON, INC)  (Read 46624 times)
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« on: March 11, 2012, 12:50:19 PM »

(((Long time reader, first time poster.  Hope you like it and thanks for all the stories that have cum before.)))

One day when I went to Daddy's house there was a strange man there.  "Come on in baby" Daddy told me. "This is my good friend.  You can call him Uncle John." he said. 

"Hi Uncle John" I said.

Daddy told Uncle John "This is my little fuck toy I was telling you about."

"Not so little." John observed.

Daddy laughed. "No, you are right. She is a big girl. And in all the right places too.  Baby be a good girl and show us your titties."

I took off my blouse and my bra and Daddy grabbed my titty. "Watch this," he said to John.  Daddy put my tit in he mouth and sucked. Instantly my nipple was hard and stood out long and straight, the way Daddy liked it. 

Uncle John laughed.  "Very nice" he said, as he reached out and began to suck my other titty.


I reached down and felt my Daddy's and Uncle John's cocks growing hard in their pants and began to rub them.  I could feel them getting harder as Daddy and Uncle John played with my titties, sucking them and biting them.


Daddy told Uncle John, "She has the softest mouth, you are going to love this."  Then Daddy looked firmly at me.  "You be nice to Uncle John," he said.


"Yes Daddy, I will." I said.


Uncle John stood up and unzipped his pants.  His cock stood out and was pointing at me.  I got on my knees and began licking and sucking Uncle John's cock the way my Daddy had told me to.  Uncle John groaned. 


Daddy  unzipped his pants too and stroked his cock for a few minutes while he watched me suck Uncle John's cock.  Then Daddy said, "I am sure she is ready to fuck.  This slut is always ready to fuck.   But let me make sure."


Daddy pulled off my panties and lifted my skirt.  "You just keep being nice to Uncle John," he told me.  Then he stuck his fingers in soaking wet pussy and began to fuck me with his fingers.   Daddy fucked me harder and harder with his fingers while I sucked Uncle John's dick.  "Ok, you are going to cum for Daddy now.  Show Uncle John what a good slut you are and cum now."


I moaned.  Uncle John held my head on his cock while I came.  Daddy held up his hand, dripping with my cum and showed Uncle John.   "Damn," Uncle John said. 


Daddy laughed. "Yeah she always does that.  She sure is a fun thing to play with.   Why don't you give her a go?  Her pussy is even softer then her mouth, and her ass is as tight as a vice grip.  Take your pick. "


"Well," Uncle John said.  "Pussy is a lot easier to get than ass.  I'd love to cum in her ass." 


Daddy spanked my ass.  "All right, girl.  Maybe if you are good, I'll fuck you too.   It depends how good you do for Uncle John though."  Daddy handed Uncle John the bottle of slippery stuff he always used when he fucked my asshole.


Uncle John told me to get on the floor and put my ass in the air so he could reach it.  He rubbed the lube all over my asshole and even put some inside.  Then Uncle John shoved his cock in hard.  I moaned on the floor.  "Oooh, Daddy, Uncle John's cock feels so good in my ass.  Oh Daddy, he is fucking me."  I kept moaning as Uncle John's sawed in and out of my tight ass.


"Yeah, he sure is Baby," Daddy said.  "You are a slut for liking it so much."  He looked at Uncle John.    "Let's give this slut a DP."


Daddy lay down on the floor and told me to get on him.  I slid Daddy's cock into my pussy, and Uncle John shoved his cock back in my ass.   


I couldn't say anything.  I felt so full of cock, with my Daddy's cock in my pussy and Uncle John fucking my asshole.   Daddy was right when he called me a cock-loving slut.  I couldn't help it.  It felt so good.


I felt Uncle John tense up.  "Fuck, I'm gonna cum.  Larry, I am going to fill your slut's ass."


Daddy said, "Yep, you do that.  That is what she is there for."


I felt Uncle John's hot cum squirt deep in my ass, and then he pulled his cock out.


Daddy told me to get off of him and and lie on my back.   Then Daddy asked Uncle John if he wanted to make me cum.  "It's a hellofa lot of fun," Daddy said.  "Just fuck her with your fingers and tell her when you want her to cum.  I haven't cum yet so she's nice and clean."


Uncle John looked at Daddy in disbelief.  "She cums on command?" he said.


Daddy said, "You better believe it.  She is the one of the best fuck toys I've had."


Uncle John put two fingers in my pussy and one in my just-fucked asshole and began to fuck me hard.  I moaned and yelled as Uncle John fucked me harder and harder.    "You gonna cum for Uncle John?" he asked me.


Of course I did.   With a loud yell I let go, and felt the messy wetness squirt all over Uncle John's hand.  I didn't notice that Daddy was rubbing his cock while Uncle John was making me cum and when Daddy's cum went all over my face and titties I was surprised.


Uncle John put his pants back on and went into the bathroom to wash up.  When he came out he told Daddy he had to go.   


Daddy spanked my ass hard.  "What do you say, girl?"


I looked up at Uncle John.   "Thank you for fucking me, Uncle John."


"Well," he said, "it was a good time.   I'd like to do it again sometime."


"If my Daddy says its ok"


"Right," Uncle John said.  "See you later Larry."


"See you John-Boy"


When Uncle John left I looked at Daddy.   "Did I do a good job, Daddy?"


Daddy kissed me.   "Yes ,baby, you did.  You fucked like a good slut."


Happy, I skipped off to take a shower.



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Now that's a good girl......


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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2012, 05:46:07 PM »

love this story very hot, will you be uploading another chapter of it?
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« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2012, 06:16:32 PM »

Damn, damn, damn, that some hot piece of writing!!! When i read the title, i assumed this was a story my own sister write about having a sexual encounter with our father and his brother, lol Great story, well-detailed, perfect pacing and the sex was smouldering. How about a prequel about her first time with daddy?

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