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Author Topic: Gymnast Part 1 (ped)  (Read 8460 times)
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'This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life


      This text file contains sexually explicit
      material. If you do not wish to read this
      type of literature,  or you are under age

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Archive name: gymnast1.txt  (Mf, ped, cheat)
Authors name: Carlos (
Story title : Jim and the Gymnasts
(Part 1 of 2)

It appears that some uncaring person removed the author
contact information from this story. If you remove the
author contact they receive no comments, then they stop
FROM THE STORIES YOU READ. And take a moment to let an
author know if you liked their work.

   My name is Jim,  and I am almost 20 years  old.
This  is  my  story,  how I got into trouble doing what
comes natural!  I had just finished  with  my  freshman
year at college,  returning home to a summer job at the
local YMCA.  Gymnastics had always been a  major  focus
of my life, and the Y needed someone  who  could  teach
the  kids  some  vaults  and floor routines.  They only
needed me for a few days each week, so I managed to get
a few more hours  working  as a  lifeguard  at our com-
munity pool.

   I also managed to rekindle an old flame of mine
from High School, Karen, who lived down the street from
me.  We had dated for a little over a  year as Juniors,
but she didn't  want  to see me  after  I got impatient
with her.  She just didn't want to go all the way. Now,
necking and copping a  feel  are nice, but I wanted  it
all.  Maybe this  summer  would be different, I  hoped,
especially since her  parents  were on a trip to Europe
for three weeks.   Karen also worked at the pool, which
was a block away from our development.

   We tried to see each  other  during  that first
week, but our schedules didn't match up well. The other
problem was in the form of her  little  sister,  Becky,
who was  just  eleven.  Karen was told by  her  parents
never to let Becky out  of  her  sight  while they were
gone.  Becky was a pretty girl for a fifth grader,  but
she was a bit mischievous, and Karen had to take her to
the pool while she worked,  and to the store,  etc.  Of
course this didn't  leave any  time for  us to be alone
together. When I dropped by Karen's place Friday night,
she had sent Becky to bed early for being a pest at the
pool, and I started making my moves.

   We sat down together on the couch, watching the
tube, while talking about our first week home.  I began
by describing my gymnastics coaching job.

   "It's not too bad," I began, "the kids are full
of energy,  and a big  part of the job is channeling it
into tumbles and vaults.  There're only ten girls in my
class,  and after I showed them who's boss, they listen
to instructions."

   "Hey Jim," Karen asked,"is there any chance you
could squeeze my  sister  into the class?   I'd love to
have some time to myself for a change. I'm sure Mom and
Dad will pay for it when they get back."

   "Sure,  why not.    One more kid  won't  be any
trouble," I replied, "and anyway, she probably has some
friends there.  All the girls are right around her age.
She  might  really enjoy gymnastics  --- she looks like
she's in good shape." I was hoping to score some points
with Karen,  dreaming of  scoring more than points with
her over the next few weeks.

   "And would you  really  mind  hanging out  here
after class with her?" she asked,  "When I'm working at
the pool,  it's always  'Karen this  and  Karen  that.'
She's  a  pain  for  me,  but I'm her big sister -- she
wouldn't cause any trouble  for  you,  her  new  coach.
Please, Jim?  Just for a couple of hours until my shift
is done.  I desperately need some peace away from her."

   "Don't worry about it Karen,"  I agreed,  "I'll
drive her home after  practice  and catch some rays  in
the afternoon in your back yard.  In fact, I like being
away from my parents as much as possible, and this will
give me an excuse."  I knew that Karen would owe me big
time for this!

   "You're great, Jim!"  she cheered, leaning over
to give me a  kiss  on the cheek.  I returned the  kiss
with one of my own,  right on her lips,  trying to stir
some long dead embers of desire.  She resisted slightly
at first in shock,  but then responded by  parting  her
lips,  allowing my tongue to dart through them teasing-
ly.  We continued for a  while and then broke the kiss,
staring at each other in surprise.

   "Boy,  Jim,  I had almost forgotten what a good
kisser you are," she whispered.  "But remember, I don't
feel like I'm ready for...well, you know."

   DAMN!  I thought to myself.   I'll just have to
give it some time to  break  down  her defenses.  "It's
OK,"  I lied,  "we can  just fool around for awhile.  I
won't  pressure you."   Like hell I won't,  I snickered
inwardly with lust.  I slowly put my  arm  around  her,
cradling  her  shoulder with my hand as I drew her body
closer.  "You're so beautiful, Karen," I whispered into
her ear,  grazing her sensitive lobe with my lips.  She
responded with  a shudder and repressed a giggle as she
breathlessly thanked me.

   I resumed  our  necking,   moving my hand lower
down off her shoulder, letting it rest lightly upon her
right tit.   Applying a gentle squeeze,  I noticed that
she had filled out a bit up top since High School.  Un-
fortunately,  her hips and ass had  filled out a bit as
well,  as she fell victim to the "freshman 20" increase
in  weight.   She really  was a gorgeous girl,  though,
with a face of a model and long flowing brown hair. Her
eyes were hazel, and they betrayed her innocence.  'Why
won't she go all the way?'  I wondered.  'Karen must be
driving the guys at college crazy too!'

   She didn't seem to mind  my hand working on her
breast.  In fact her kisses became more passionate, and
her chest rose and fell  in time with her rapid breath-
ing.  I decided  to  take  a chance.  I slowly moved my
left hand over to her lap,  cupping  her  inner  thigh.  
Still no protest.   While my tongue danced with hers, I
moved  my  left  hand up her thigh until the side of my
index finger was  pressed  against  her  denim  covered
crotch.   To my amazement, she parted her legs further,
letting me apply greater pressure with my whole hand. I
began to move it hard up and down against her,  wishing
those jeans would melt away from the heat of her pussy.

   We kept it up for a few minutes,as she began to
moan through our kisses.  "Touch me, Karen,"  I begged,
taking her left hand in mine,  placing it on the hardon
under my shorts.  "Oh, Jim...Please... Don't... I don't
know..." she pleaded, but her hand remained where I had
placed it, as though it acted on  its  own  beyond  her
conscious control. She began to squeeze my aching cock,
and I returned the  favor  by pushing  and rubbing even
harder against her crotch.

   As I kissed her and nibbled on her ear, my eyes
feasted upon my hands roaming over this beautiful crea-
ture.  Then I thought  I  saw  something  move down the
hallway out of the corner of my eye.   I closed my eyes
into  slits  and turned slightly to look in that direc-
tion.  I had seen something move! It was Karen's little
sister Becky  spying  on us.  I could just make out her
head and upper body as she knelt on the carpet, peering
around her doorway.   For some reason  I  didn't  say a
thing to Karen about her sister down the darkened hall-
way.   I didn't really want to interrupt the progress I
was making, but there was something else.... I was kind
of getting turned on  having  this little girl watching

   Karen was oblivious to our silent spy, with her
eyes closed and her head back.    Now I lifted my right
hand up and  snuck  it down the front of her tee  shirt
through the neck,  sliding it under her bra until I was
kneading her bare tittie flesh and  tweaking  that firm
nipple  with  my fingers.   Karen seemed to be enjoying
this so much that  she  didn't  even protest.   I stole
another  furtive glance down the hall, keeping my mouth
on her ear as my  nearly  closed  eyes  adjusted to the
light.   Becky was still there,  and her body seemed to
be rocking very slightly.   I could make out the silho-
uette of  her  right  arm as it was moving up and down.
Little Becky was actually  getting  turned  on  by  our
petting  session,  and  it  appeared  as though she was
involved in some petting of her own!

   I couldn't believe that this little eleven year
old girl could be turned on like this.  What was harder
to believe was that I  was  getting  hot thinking about
it.   Here I had some nice "C" size tits to feel, and I
was thinking about this little girl  --  hell, she just
barely  had  the  beginnings  of breasts.  She was cute
though, with short blond hair and blue eyes, and like I
had told Karen,  her body was in good shape.   In fact,
all of the girls in my class worked out, and their legs
and young butts were toned and firm.  None of them even
approached the spread that Karen had at 19. They looked
so nice and firm  when  they jumped around and giggled.
Jeez,  I thought,  now I'm starting to fantasize  about
my gymnastics students!

   I tried to  avoid  thinking  about  young  firm
nymphs, and returned to Karen's adult body. Reaching up
slowly,  I began to unsnap her jeans,  and in one quick
motion I forced  the  zipper  down halfway until it was
stopped by the fold in the fabric.  Unfortunately, this
had the same effect on  Karen  as throwing  a bucket of
cold water on her.  She immediately froze up, straight-
ened up on the couch and zipped back up,   removing her
hand from my lap in the process.   Shit!  I screwed up,
trying to move to fast.

   "Hey now, Jim," she protested,"I told you about
that!"  "I just  wanted to  touch  you,  that's all,  I
swear!" I said.

   "Well, I don't think I want THAT kind of touch-
ing," she scolded, "It might lead to other things,  and
my little sister is in the house.  She might walk right
in on us, and she doesn't know anything about this yet.  
It would really upset her, and she'd tell Mom and Dad."

   'Like Hell she would  be  upset  to  see  those
other things,' I thought, as I noticed she had scurried
back into her room.  "OK," I conceded, "I'm sorry. It's
just  that  I  was  getting kinda worked up."  I showed
Karen my best pouting puppy dog face.

   "That's all right,  Jim,"  she continued,  "but
remember, I only want to go so far,  and you'll have to
respect that.   I think you should go now.   But thanks
again for watching  Becky  for me.  I'll do you a favor
some time in  return  when she's not around."   A smirk
spread across her face during this last  sentence,  and
she reached over to give my cock a firm squeeze.

   "Oh, yeah!" I moaned, "I can't wait!"

   That night I wacked off like never before,  but
images of little Becky kept racing into my head, slowly
taking off her clothes and frigging herself. I couldn't
stop it.  The next day I stopped  by  Karen's  house to
pick Becky up for her first day of gymnastics.    Karen
had invited me over for breakfast,  which  she  made in
the  kitchen while I talked to Becky about the class in
the living room.  Her blue  eyes  seemed  brighter than
ever as she looked at me adoringly.

   "What  sort  of  things  do you teach us?"  she
asked.  "Can we learn how to do headstands?    I can do
cartwheels already --  here,  watch!"   She was so tiny
that  she  could  actually  do a cartwheel right in the
living room without  kicking  anything over.   "Can you
show me how to do a handstand?"

   "Sure, it just takes practice," I said, feeling
guilty for admiring her  young form as she spun around.
She wore loose nylon shorts that rode up on  the  turn,
revealing the white of her panties.   She was beginning
to  develop  just  slightly,  and I noticed those perky
little pre-pubescent titties under  her  tight  fitting

   "Show me, please?"  she asked,  bending down to
place her weight on her  hands  while  kicking her legs
up.  Over she went, right on her back as quickly as she

   "You have to learn how  to  balance your weight
by arching your back,  keeping your head up,  and using
your legs as counterbalances," I instructed. "Here, try
again, and this time I'll hold you."   As she bent down
and kicked up,  I knelt  down  at her right side,  so I
could keep her from falling either forward or back with
my hands.  My hands landed right at her midsection, the
right one on her firm bottom,  and the left right above
her crotch,  holding her bare thighs.   She swayed back
and forth as I tried to arch her back. Then she sudden-
ly lost her balance,  and my left hand reacted to  hold
her up by pushing right against her pussy.   I felt her
convulse  slightly  at my  touch  as she  regained  her
balance again, easing my hand's pressure.

   She was doing fine now,  staying up without  my
help,  but  she  started  losing  it  again after a few
seconds.   Again I pushed against her crotch,  but this
time I positioned my middle finger  directly along that
pouting slit  which I distinctly felt through her light
weight shorts.   It was as though a bolt of electricity
hit her, as she involuntarily drew her knees toward her
stomach, clamping down on my hand with her thighs, let-
ting  out  a  giggle  as  I  let her down.  "EWWW, that
TICKLES!" she mewed.

   "OK,  you two,  breakfast is ready,"  Karen an-
nounced from the kitchen. I shot Becky a wink and help-
ed her up. Over breakfast I couldn't hear a thing Karen
said, as my thoughts were on what just happened.  Becky
just  stared into my eyes with a little grin every time
her sister wasn't looking.    This was driving me nuts,
and I felt a  raging  hardon grow  in  my shorts.   She
certainly was a mischievous little girl, I thought, and
knew that I had to try and control myself.

   When  Becky  and  I  drove  to  the  Y,  I felt
extremely self conscious.   She must have felt the same
way, because neither of us said a thing the whole  way.  
My eyes kept wandering down to her legs as she sat next
to me. I think she caught me looking at them once. Then
she scrunched down a bitand drew her knees up,  placing
the balls of her feet on the edge of the car seat. This
had the result  of  pushing  her shorts up tightly into
her crotch,  and she began to open and close her knees,
leaving them open longer than closed.   I could see the
edges  of  her  panties now,  and I felt my temperature
rising again. She was obviously showing off for me, the
little vixen.

   At class Becky ran over  to  three  other girls
her age, and they were  chirping and squealing back and
forth. I began to notice these girls with new eyes now,
and also  saw  that some of them were noticing me back.
They had probably been  doing  that since the beginning
of classes,  but it never even occurred to me that they
were attracted to older guys.    As we did our  warm-up
stretching  I admired them all, looking at the develop-
ing  curves  of  the  twelve year olds, and the coltish
forms of the 10 and 11 year olds.   God,  I thought,  I
must be going crazy thinking about the bodies of  these
girls, none of whom were even teenagers yet!

   I began to wonder  whether any of them even had
pubic hair yet, and imagined that the four 12 year olds
just might.  Half of them wore light shorts like Becky,
while the others  had  bought  tights of various bright
colors.  I always had them face me in two  lines  as we
stretched,  and while  glancing  down at each of them I
saw something  VERY  interesting on one of the  "older"
girls.   There was a very tiny hole in the seam of  her
tights,  right at her crotch,  and I  could  make out a
trace  of  pink,  and it wasn't pink panties.   She did
always want to be in  the front row,  and maybe she was
flashing for me.  When I looked up to her face, she had
a huge grin as she had seen me look.   Quickly I turned
away flushed,  and changed the stretch  to  a  standing
side twist.

   There was some  commotion  in the back as Becky
whispered something into her  friend's  ear,  motioning
toward one of the girls  wearing  shorts  in the  front
row.   When I stretched to the  side and back,  looking
away, one of the girls let out a loud shriek.   My head
spun around to find the girl in the  front row with her
shorts and panties at her ankles, desperately trying to
pull them up.   It was too late.   I saw a thin,  wispy
line of slightly curling brown hair barely covering the
edges  of  this  poor  girls cunt, and all of the other
girls were  laughing  and  giggling  hysterically.  She
finally  got them  up to her waist and turned around at
the girls behind her demanding to know who did it.   No
one said a thing,  and I yelled at the entire back row,
forcing them to do laps around the gym while  the other
girls practiced vaulting over the horse.

   I had a feeling it was  Becky's idea to give me
the show,  but I couldn't be certain.  Two of the girls
in the front apologized for the others, saying it was a
common prank at school to  yank  down other's shorts in
front of the boys,  and that boys did it to  each other
too.  I continued on  nonchalantly  with  the  vaulting
practice, spotting the girls as they flew airborne over
the horse to the mat towards me.  It never had occurred
to me  before  today  how  wonderful their young bodies
felt as I steadied their landing. I was actually trying
to  cop  feels  on  them,  very  quickly,  hoping  they
wouldn't notice anything.

   The next  girl  in line was Jessica,  the one I
had noticed with the little hole in the tights. My lust
crazed mind took control as I announced  we would try a
leg split over the horse next.   She  bounded  off  the
bounce board,  spreading her legs  wide  as she jumped,
and  I could distinctly  see her sweet young pink pussy
lips spread slightly.  On her landing I moved with her,
catching  her  crotch  with  my hand, then releasing it

   She immediately ran back around and budged into
the middle of the line.  When it was her turn again,  I
knew she liked the contact,  so again I  caught  her at
the crotch.  As I gently let her down, I slid my middle
finger up along the hole,  brushing it against her bare
pussy.  She almost collapsed from the touch and giggled
as she ran back,  again pushing her way in front of the
youngest girls.  This time  I  slid  my finger into her
tights,  making  it  obvious  to  her what I was doing,
gently nudging  the tip  of my finger between her  slit
and rubbing her tiny clit  for almost  3 seconds.   Her
pussy was wet and warm,  and it wasn't just sweat I was

   I was starting to  get  a hard-on by this time,
and decided that we should call it a day.  Jessica pro-
tested the loudest,  but I gave her a smile and a wink,
which  promised  more to come at  our  next class.  The
girls  who  were  doing  laps  didn't  mind the shorter
session  at all,  and Becky was quite a stinky,  sweaty
mess when we returned to the house.

   "I really  need  a  shower,  Jim," she shouted,
disappearing into her room.  I turned on the TV and sat
on the couch,  looking down the hall to her partly open
bedroom  door,  imagining  her  stripping  out  of  her
clothes.   The bathroom was right across the  hall from
her room,  and I  wondered  whether  she  would  streak
across in the buff.  "Don't peek, now, Jim!"  she half-
heartedly warned, sounding more like an announcement to
let me know she was coming.  
Quickly she darted  across  the  hall completely naked,
her tan lines prominent, and I drank in her young form.
She definitely had little titties  growing,  with  tiny
pink nipples, but her body was completely hairless.  As
she pranced past , she looked over at me  staring right
at her.   "You peeked!" she shouted excitedly.  "Sorry,
Becky," I said,  "but I couldn't resist looking at such
a sexy girl."  Her giggle in return to this comment let
me know that I'd spoken magic words to her young ears.

   I waited there  until I heard the shower  stop,
hoping to get another glance. The bathroom door opened,
and she stuck her head around the corner of the door to
see if I was still there.   "This time I have a towel,"
she said.  "Oh, darn,"  I replied.  Becky slowly walked
into the hallway,  and tried to look sexy by facing  me
with her hips jutted to one side. She held the towel to
cover her front, and smiling,  spun  around  as she re-
turned  to  her  room, letting me see her bare back and
bottom,  looking  over  her  shoulder  at  me.  "You're
naughty, Becky," I kidded.  "I know," she shouted.

   "Do you really think I'm sexy, Jim?"  she asked
from her room,  "I mean,  like my sister?   You  really
like her, don't you?"

   "Well,  the answer is  yes  to  both questions,
Becky,"  I replied.   "You are in great shape,  and you
probably turn on all the boys in your class."

   "The boys at school are all jerks," she yelled,
"they're so immature. So you really think I have a nice
body?  I started growing up top--did you see?  Not like
fat old Karen, though, not yet."

   "I think they're great  just the way they are,"
I honestly reassured her.

   "Hey,  Jim,  I have a sexy nighty that's really
lacy.  You wanna see me model it for you?"  She was be-
coming confident and bold now.

   "Yeah, I'd love to see it." My heart was racing
with anticipation,  and my  mind was torn  between pro-
priety  and  lust  for this little preteen queen.   She
gracefully  and  seductively  strolled  out of her room
wearing a virtually transparent  top  that  ended  just
above  a  matching  pair  of bikini panties.  She was a
knockout, for an eleven year old girl, and she scored a
TKO with me.

   "You wanna try that headstand again  Beckster?"
I asked with a naughty grin, giving her a pet nickname.
I was hoping to get a good look at those  pink nipples,
knowing that her top  would  fall back when she was up-
side down.   Feeling her butt and  pussy  lips  through
hose thin panties would also be a major treat.

   "Let's go!" she quickly answered,  bending over
and kicking  her  legs up and arching her back as I had
instructed.   Sure enough,  that lacy top of hers  fell
back,  bunching up around her armpits,  revealing those
adorable little titties. She didn't seem to be aware of
the show I was getting, but given her recently display-
ed propensity for exhibitionism,  she  may  have  known
exactly what she was doing.  I really think she was be-
ginning  to  feel her balance on her own,  but she fell
back just the same.

   Looking up at me with a  twinkle  in  her eyes,
she  asked,  "Could  you steady my balance again,  like
before?"  She emphasized her last word, making it clear
that she enjoyed that 'tickle' my fingers gave her.

   "All right, let's try it again,"  I said, going
to my knees by her side,  ready to grab that firm young
flesh.   When she attempted the headstand again,  I was
ready, planting my hands on her warm buns and crotch. I
could tell she was purposely losing  her balance toward
my left hand, the one that was cupping her pussy though
the panties. I looked down at her little bumps for tits
longing to suck on those tiny nipples.

   I began to ever so  slightly  rub the underside
of my middle  finger  along the  length  of her pouting
pussy lips. She responded by opening her legs and fall-
ing back harder against my hand.   I got a bit  braver,
easing my hand down to the waistband, and I was sliding
my hand under them when I  heard  some footsteps in the

   "Damn!" I murmured under my breath,  "Beckster,
I think Karen's coming back early ---  you better hurry
up and change!"

   In a flash  she was down,  scurrying  down  the
hall into her room, slamming her door.    I barely made
it back to the couch when Karen walked in.    "Hi Jim,"
she said,  "I started feeling a bit sick.  I think I've
been getting too much sun too fast.  How was Becky?"

   "She was great!" I answered, dreaming how great
she could have been if  I'd had  a little more time.  I
looked at Karen, thinking that I wasn't nearly as turn-
ed on by her body as I had been just a few days before.
Something changed within me,  and I  felt  ashamed  for
lusting after Becky and her young friends. I don't know
what it was,  but something about the way Becky carried
herself, the way she looked at me, or maybe it was just
me. I was hooked on that kid, I don't think I wanted to
be, but all I seemed to think about now, was having sex
with Becky.    My guilty feelings were receding, and my
lust for the young girl was growing.

   "Hi Karen,"  Becky said, emerging from her room
dressed in  shorts and shirt again.  "Mind  if  I  call
Jessica?    I'll use the phone in Mom and Dad's room to
leave you two alone."

   "Sure,"  Karen said,  and I was struck  by  the
three syllables that spelled 'Jessica,' remembering how
I had fingered her twat through the hole  in her tights
earlier.  She must be a friend of Becky's,  I realized.
Birds of  a  feather,  I  thought  to  myself,  smiling

   Karen and I talked for a while,  and right when
I was about to leave,  Becky came out to say  good-bye,
shaking my hand rather formally. When she took my hand,
I could feel a small folded  up note being pressed into
my palm.  I took it secretly and shoved it quickly into
my pocket, kissing Karen on the cheek as I left.

   Walking back to my  house up the street,  I un-
folded and read little Becky's note:

   Dear Jim, Jessica told me she really likes you.
        She wants to play a  game she read about called
        strip poker. Can we? PLEASE??  She'll walk down
        from the pool after class on Monday. Please say
        it's OK!  We haven't seen a boy without clothes
        on -- and you might  see  us naked too.  Bet it
        would be fun!  It will be our secret!!,

I couldn't  believe  my  eyes.   These  two  girls were
incredibly  naughty  and  horney!   I  started  getting
worried that they'd start blabbing about  it  to  their
friends, but she did mention that part about keeping it

   Later  that  night  I walked  out of the house,
telling my parents I was meeting some of the other life
guards for a little party.   Instead  I  walked  behind
into  the  woods  and ran down behind Karen and Becky's
house,  wanting  to  see  if  I could peek into Becky's
window for a look.  I was hooked  on  her  small  young
body,  and I needed another fix.   What the  hell  am I
doing, I don't think I know anymore...

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