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Author Topic: New Stepdaughter Mg ped  (Read 22324 times)
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« on: May 11, 2012, 06:10:12 AM »

Sorry about the's kind of a pain, but the story is good

'This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life

my step-daughter
« on: April 28, 2012, 11:16:14 PM » Quote  

well i meet a woman one night with a female friend at a club,we hit it

off right away.that night i went to her house and spent the night,i never

 left she wasn't going to let me go anyway.on Monday her 2 kids came
home,a 9 yr. old girl and her little brother that was 7. by the next week
the kids were calling me daddy and the girl was VERY affectionate to me,a
little much and it made me nervous,but very exited about it.anyway about

 4 or 5 days later my girlfriend had to go to work and i had just got out

of the shower and finished drying off when i heard a floorboard squeak

outside the door,so i look trough the keyhole and didn't see anything for

a second but then i could see Marie (the 9 yr. old) run into her room.all

my clothes were in the bedroom so i started down the hall then noticed

that Marie had her door open,so i stopped at the side of the door being

careful that she didn't see me and looked in the my surprise she

was completely nude and was playing with her hairless pussy.i couldn't

help but to watch,and of course found myself jerking off and came in

about 8 to 10 strokes.i then sneaked past her door, it was easy she was

too busy with herself and had her eyes closed.after making it to my

bedroom i started to feel like a piece of shit for cumming while looking

at this beautiful little girl (playing with herself or not)at any rate,i

got dressed and started to go downstairs when i hear this little voice

say,daddy can you come here for a sec. i said just a sec. and composed

myself having still been thinking about her gorgeous 9 yr.old pussy,then

headed into her room.when i got in there i didn't see her and said Marie

where are you,she responded im in my walk in i walked over to

the door and asked what she wanted she said i want to ask you a favor,

sure i said what is it?she opened the door and was still naked,i turned

away and said what are you doing?she says i want you to touch me. i of

course said no Marie and you shouldn't even think like that im too old

and your too young,im going downstairs now get dressed and come down ok,i

love you baby girl.i was heading for the door when she ran past me

slammed the door with a completely pissed off look and said if you don't

ill tell me mommy that you did.i was stunned and didn't know what to say

for a second,then said that's bullshit she will not believe you.she

looked me right in the eye and said im her little girl,your her

boyfriend,who is she gonna believe?keep in mind this is a beautiful

little girl a 9 year old i never thought in a million years this girl was

capable of something like this. i stood there my mind racing and

strangely exited at the same time and it was noticeable because my 9 inch

dick was bulging in the sweatpants i had on,of course she seen it reach

out pulled my paints down and started jerking me off. i felt like i was

gonna cum right away,then she stopped and said pick me up......NOW Ive

never responded to that sort of thing (a girl ordering me to do

something)but i found myself picking her up right away.i was trying very

hard not to let her hairless pussy touch my dick but she wrapped her arms

around my neck kissed me on the lips then kinda pushed herself down,being

as big as i am she only manage to get herself to kinda prop on the top of

my dick.she got frustrated and then got calm real quick smiled and said

put me on my bed,so i did she then sat on the edge of her bed and

suddenly stuck the head of my dick in her mouth. again i though i was

gonna explode immediately,i held on until i looked down and saw her tiny

mouth wrapped around the head of my cock. i came harder than i have ever

cam in my life.i didn't lose my hard on and she drank me down like she

had been doing this all her life,then she smiled laid back and said my

turn daddy make me feel good too.WOW i didn't hesitate i got on my knees

and began to kiss lick then suck her little snatch till she started to

moan.i then tried to tongue fuck her but could only get the tip in

her.she lifted he ass off the bed,let out the sexiest little squeak Ive

ever heard and came.i stood up and said there are you happy now,she

looked at me with this hurt look and said daddy don't be so mean to

me,you haven't been inside me yet,my jaw dropped then recovered and said

real gently baby your too small down there and im too big so we cant do

that,she didn't even blink and said use your fingers then,i paused then

said have you ever had anything in your pussy?she had a thoughtful look

and said my toothbrush last week. well OK how about your own fingers? yes

she said 2 of them my cock jumped betraying me,this made her smile from

ear to ear and said do it daddy do it now.i got back on my knees licked

my first finger then her pussy,started to put it in her slowly apparently

she thought i was taking too long grabbed my hand and pushed,there was a

slight pop as my knuckle went in she squealed and started to hump my

finger.well this went on for a couple years like this till on day i was

on my laptop at the kitchen table around 12 or 1 o'clock in the morning.

by this time i was extremely enjoying out times together,she walked in

smiled and said daddy i said yes baby girl,she walks over shuts my laptop

raises her nightshirt and had no panties on,i smiled and said your mom in

in the bedroom,she just smiled at me and said i talked her into taking

some NyQuil,i just checked and she didn't wake up when i jumped on the OK i said guess were good then is your brother still asleep?yes

he sleeps like a rock,OK get up here on the table then,she plainly said

no,i just looked at her puzzled. she says stand up daddy so i did and she

pulled my already hard dick out and started sucking,by now she could

almost get half of me in her mouth,when she knew i was about to cum she

stops and says sit down its time you fuck me the right way,i was

thrilled,she stood feet on the ether side of the chair licked her fingers

and wet her pussy down good then started to lower her beautiful still

hairless cunt onto the top off my cock,just the head popped in and didn't

go any farther.i said to her sorry baby still not gonna work,she suddenly

hopped up and ran to her room a second later came back with sex

use this she said i know we can do this Ive been practicing with

bananas,i wasn't too shocked by this because i had notice they were

diapering pretty quick,i said well baby im a little bigger around than a

banana ,she responded by saying i know that's why i wanna fuck you so

bad, i felt like i was gonna cum right then,OK baby lets try.i lubed us

both good picked her up and laid her on the table (it was the perfect

height)put my cock to her pussy and started to push she moaned and said

push harder daddy i want all of you in i did and as i got past the

head she started to make a pain sound so i stopped,  she looked up and

said don't stop i said but its hurting you honey. all she said was but it

feels good to daddy please don't stop until your in i pushed harder

and finally got about half way,she said are you in all the way? i said no

baby doll only half way she said OK that's enough just fuck me daddy fuck

you baby girls lil bald pussy. OH MY GOD i felt something change in me

and started to stoke her bald pussy in and out until l got almost all the

way in she screamed a little and said wait daddy it hurts, i don't know

what came over me but i said shut up and take daddy's big dick,she just

kinda looked at me and tried to pull away i grabbed her by the back of

her hair flipped her over on her chest and stuck my dick back in her,she

started to scream out-loud so i covered her mouth and thrust deeper.then

pushed the on her back pinning her to the table.i fucked the hell out of

her and came in her deeply and then took my hand off of her back,and

instantly felt like a piece of shit . she slowly rolls over tears in her

eyes,i started saying oh baby im sorry i don't know why i did that.she

just looked at me and said its OK daddy its what i wanted you to do then

she pulls her legs up to her chest and says now you bad daddy fuck my

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