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Author Topic: THE NEW NEIGHBOR - by FOXI 2 (m/f, f/f )  (Read 6870 times)
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'This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.'




                                              The beginning

    Nia began to unpack in her new home. It was exciting and mind numbing at the same time. Kevin, her new husband, was at work and left her to sort out the many possessions they had. They had only been married for six months and were very young. Kevin was twenty and Nia only eighteen. She was naive and unaware of the worldly nature of things. Her parents didn't want her married off so soon but she was in love and it was hard to fight that. So they married and lived at Kevin's parents house until they could put a down payment on a house. With the help of both parents they had enough to do so.

    It was an older community and their house a repairman's paradise. Many things needed work on the house but because of such problems they got the house for a very reasonable price. Nia, was small for her age, only 5'1" inches tall. She was perfectly formed in all the right places making her look young but womanly at the same time. She was always carded wherever she went, most thinking her about 14 or 15 years old. But Kevin loved her and didn't care if it looked as if he married a child bride.

    After putting away several boxes worth of goods she sat down staring out the window looking at the neighbors near them. They had not had the opportunity to say hello to any of them. They lived at the end of a cul de sac with only two other houses which was perfect for kids, if that were in the future and privacy. As she watched she saw a pickup truck pull into one of the driveways. Two big men got out. One had longish hair and tattoos up and down his arms and neck. She thought him handsome but dangerous looking. The other, shorter but just as hefty, also had tattoos all over. His face was quite handsome. From their house came a woman with short punky looking blond hair. She was stunning and barely dressed. She wore a bikini bottom and top that hardly covered her privates and Nia stared in awe at the woman's perfect looking body.

    They hugged and the taller of the two men reached behind the woman and grabbed her naked buttocks. Nia couldn't believe that he would show such sexual display out in the open. But the woman loved it and stood on tiptoes to kiss him as he fondled her tight ass. The other man looked on and soon she went to him and they embraced. His hands roamed all over her body also. Nia felt as if she were a voyeur and moved away from the window, embarrassed.

    She would have to tell Kevin about it knowing that it would probably repulse him. Yet to Nia, it made her feel a bit... excited. It wasn't that she was totally innocent in the ways of sex, Kevin introduced her to it since was a virgin. She was not so open or verbal like many are today. Kevin called her the white virgin. She hated that description but knew he was right. Her body, though small was a good one. Her breasts were tiny but her nipples were long and hard. Her flat tummy and round firm ass was enough to drive her husband crazy. He told her that she could never cut her long straight dark hair. He called her his Indian princess.

    Kevin worked late every day. He worked for her daddy and it was a good job, but a hard one that he had to dedicate himself vigorously to. Many times he would come home tired and ready for bed. Though their sex life was good, it was lacking and she hated only being made love to twice or three times a month.

    Nia was about to clean up when she heard her doorbell ring. She went to the door and opened it to find her neighbor, the woman with the short cropped blond hair. She was smiling and still wore the skimpy bikini.

    "Hi, I'm Charlene, but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm your neighbor next door, the green house. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself."

    Nia shook her hand and nervously invited her inside.

    "You'll have to forgive the mess, just getting unpacked," said Nia.

    Charlie looked around and nodded.

    "Always wondered what this place was like inside. We were getting worried that it would be left abandoned and just look awful. So happy that you guys bought it. But it does look like you could use some work done."

    Nia knew this. The roof was damaged, the siding falling off, the plumbing old. The list went on.

    "We hope to get to it sooner than later, but Kevin works a lot and it might take a while. Would you like something to drink?" asked Nia knowing that she only had soda or water at the moment. Charlie nodded as she looked Nia up and down. Charlie watched her walk to the kitchen and smiled. She loved the look of her and so did her boys, Tommy and Lin. They had seen them looking at the house with the realtor and Tommy hoped that they would get it. All agreed that the girl was a beautiful piece of ass.

    Tommy was her husband and Lin her younger brother. They all lived together and loved together. It was a love triangle that only kept getting better. At times they introduced new lovers to the mix, turning them into lifelong sexual partners. Other times they transformed a young thing into a whore. One that would please them any time they wished. So far they had done so to three girls in the community. Young beauties who were at their beck and call. "This one", thought Charlie, "was certainly a contender in that department". There were indeed possibilities.

    Nia returned drink in hand and Charlie took it. They sat on a sofa that was half covered in boxes.

    "So," said Charlie, "are you two newly married?"

    Nia nodded.

    "Yes. Everything is so new to us. But we're glad to be here. Can't wait to get everything put away and set up."

    "I can imagine. You know, Tommy and Lin, my husband and brother, would love to help you get some of the things fixed up around here."

    Nia, confused, remembered seeing both men kissing and fondling her. Yet she said one was her brother. She was unsure of what she should do. She wished Kevin were here.

    "I don't know Charlie. We don't have a lot of money and...."

    But she was cut off by Charlie who shook her head.

    "Oh no, Nia. The boys don't want money. We've helped many of our neighbors get their houses in order. The boys don't mind at all. It sort of creates a bond with our neighbors. Some day if we need help, you can do the same." Charlie sipped her drink, smiling and loving the challenge set before her.

    "Oh," said Nia, feeling a bit more relaxed. She didn't want to create a problem right from the beginning with her neighbors and nodded.

    "Sure, that would be very nice, but there's so much to do and it would cost money to fix. I really don't want to impose."

    Nia waved her worries off and laughed.

    "No problem at all. I'll send Tommy over to see what needs doing and try to get you guys set up a lot faster. That ok?" she asked as she stood.

    Nia smiled back, excited that she made a decision without Kevin who thought her to young to do so without him.

    "Yes, thank you, Charlie. Though I don't have any idea where to start."

    "Don't worry, darlin, Tommy knows exactly where to start. Don't feel afraid around Tommy. He looks big and all those tattoos make people a bit nervous. In reality he's a big teddy bear. I'll send him over."

    Charlie went over and hugged Nia who stood speechless at such instant warmth towards her. She could feel every inch of Charlie, her body was hot to the touch and her skin like velvet. They said goodbye and she watched Charlie walk home. Her mind racing at how loving her neighbors were.

                                              *   *   *   *


    He stood 6'4" tall and Charlie loved him. She saw him prepare himself for the visit to their new neighbor. He was excited as was Lin. They wanted this young beauty and the fact that she lived next door was a plus to the equation.

    "Now remember, big boy," said Charlie as she rubbed herself against him and his hands cupped her large breasts. "start slow on this one, baby. She's like a shiny new penny. Never really been used at all."

    "Mmmmm, " he said as she grabbed his cock through his jeans. "Don't worry, honey. I don't intend to seduce her right away. Besides, Lin has to introduce himself to. We have to get her to trust us. Then...we'll seduce that hot little thing."

    Charlie kissed him and watched as he headed towards their new conquest.

    He stood at Nia's front door and rang the bell. He carried his tool belt and waited. When Nia answered the door she was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She looked incredible.

    "Hi, I'm Tommy. Charlie told me you need some fixing around here. Like to help if I can." he said softly. He noticed that Nia just stood and stared at him, taking in his height and breath.

    "Hello," she finally said after a few seconds and invited him in. "Charlie told me about you and I really do appreciate anything you can do. My husband, I'm sure, will compensate for any materials."

    "No need for that, Nia. Believe it or not I have access to a lot of materials, free of charge. Got buddies that supply me with all I need. So tell hubby that it's on the to speak."

    They both laughed and Nia gave him a tour of the house and showed him what needed to be done.

    He watched her as she led him to the basement and then upstairs. He loved the way she moved her small tight ass and her long shiny hair that went all the way down her back. He could imagine what it would be like to fuck such a hot young girl.

    "Well that's it Tommy. I don't know what you want to do, but I'm grateful."

    Tommy nodded and told her that the most important first job would have to be the roof. Soon he was outside and replacing shingles and hammering away. By noon he was still up there and Nia was feeling awful that he was doing so much. When Tommy came down from the roof she had prepared him a sandwich and a bottle of water.

    "Sorry for the meal, haven't done the shopping yet. But if you want another sandwich just yell," she said as she watched him eat. He was a giant of a man and handsome. She felt a strange feeling overtake her as she watched him. Charlie was right. He was soft spoken and kind. When he finished he thanked her and sweat covered he went back up to the roof.

    By early afternoon he came down and proclaimed the roof fixed.

    Just needed a little TLC that's all, " he said. She stood by him looking like a child next to a parent.

    "Thank you, Tommy. You have no idea how much that will help us. Come inside and I'll give you some more water. You look like you need it."

    He followed her again loving the view and accepted her water. Then before he left he bent down and to her surprise kissed her lightly on the lips.

    "Let's consider that payment for everything," he said softly, looking into her blue eyes.

    Nia, shocked and truly surprised, only nodded not finding the voice to either protest such a bold move. He left, leaving her at the doorstep watching his huge form cross the street to his house. Closing the door she touched her lips and felt her heart skip a beat. She was unsure what to think. Obviously it was not an act of passion. It seemed more of a friendly kiss, one a close friend would give another. But it was so...different, so...unreal. She would not tell Kevin about it. Last thing she needed was him getting upset.

                                             *   *   *   *


    Nia saw him coming as he walked across the street. She was still reeling over Tommy's kiss. It was so different than Kevin's. She dared not even hint at the awkward moment to her husband. His temper would certainly have flared up. The kiss was bothering her, not because it was not her husbands, but that it made her feel...excited. Kevin was her first and Tommy made her realize that other men could make her feel so different, as if she were missing out from experiencing more. Now Lin was coming over, another good looking man, supposedly Charlies brother, to help fix things about the house. The doorbell rang and she hesitated at first and then opened the door. He stood there all smiles with white teeth and bulky strong shoulders.

    "Hi, neighbor," he said happily. "Charlie told me you need some work done."

    She let him in and gave him the same tour she gave Tommy and he picked out some plumbing issues and began to start work on it. Throughout the day she heard banging and cutting and the smell of soldering. By noon she had prepared something for him to eat and drink and he gladly accepted it. Nia sat across the table watching this big man tear into her sandwich with gusto.

    "Charlie said that you're her brother. Is that right?" she asked with curiosity.

    "Oh, yeah. Younger brother. Moved in about two years ago and never left. Love living here." he said between bites.

    Nia, still unbelieving, could not help but feel strange at what she initially saw. Now she began to question it. She could not imagine Charlie kissing him, letting him fondle her.

    "I really appreciate what you and Tommy are doing for us. Kevin really feels like he's part of a family of sorts with all that you're doing."

    "Oh, well, it's nothing, really. We enjoy doing the work and to be honest, like meeting our new neighbors. Well, got to be finishing up downstairs. Your pipes were a mess."

    He left and she cleaned up. After another hour he came upstairs and she could see that he was sweating through his t-shirt. She tried not to glance to long at him, feeling a bit shy. But announced that it was finished. She smiled and immediately went to her and to her surprise kissed her. She found herself again in an awkward moment. She could have stepped back, could have said no. But she remained as he kissed her lips.

    "That's payment enough," said Lin as he moved towards the front door. "Tommy will be here on Thursday to fix your siding. Charlie wants to know if you'd like to come over tomorrow and sunbathe with her?"

    She stood unsure of what was being said and realized he was speaking to her. She nodded and let him out.

    "She'll call you," he said as he headed home.

    Nia stepped back in, closed the door and sat down, her emotions in a whirl.

                                                *   *   *   *


    She watched her husband drive away and began to doubt how she felt seeing him do so. Was she glad to see him gone? Did she feel guilty letting other men kiss her? Nia knew she was young and inexperienced. But a vow was a vow and she intended to live up to it. Men shouldn't be kissing her no matter how good their intentions were. And though she thought this, she found herself impatient, wanting Thursday to come faster.

    The phone rang and she knew who it would be.

    "Hey, neighbor," said Charlie in an excited voice. "I hope you'll come over and enjoy the sun with me?"

    Nia wanted very much to fit in. She certainly didn't want to cause a rift between neighbors. So she thought that a day in the sun was exactly what she needed after working around the house.

    "Yes. When do you want me over?"

    "Right now! I've made a pitcher of margaritas and I'm saving a sunny spot for you. Get your bikini on and come over."

    Charlies voice exuded fun and excitement and she smiled as she got ready. She had only one bathing suit and it was a bikini, but nothing like Charlies, which was a string. She grabbed a light robe, put it on and strolled over to the house. Charlie came out from the back of the house and led her to a great pool area.

    "Hi, baby. Like our great backyard?" she pointed to the large pool. Two large towels graced a sunny area next to it in the sun. She did indeed. It was so private and luxurious with tall trees and a privacy fence all round.

    "Wow," said Nia as Charlie led her to the towels.

    "Us girls need a break to, don't you think?" she poured a drink for Nia who took the cold beverage and sipped it. It was strong and she almost choked.

    She removed her robe revealing her bikini. She looked around to see if Tommy or Lin were there. Charlie smiled, knowingly.

    "Oh, don't worry, honey. The boys are gone. They're working at the factory today. We've got the whole place to ourselves."

    Charlie looked at Nia loving what she saw. Despite the fact that the bathing suit was a bit dated, the girl had a rockin hot body. Perfect tits and ass. They lay in the sun and soon Charlie got the tanning oil.

    "Hey, baby, your looking a little burnt. Let me put some oil on you. Wouldn't want hubby to see a char-broiled wife now would we?"

    After several drinks, Nia didn't care what Charlie did. Charlie made her lay on her stomach and proceeded to rub the oil onto her shoulders and back. Soon she was moving her hands lower, just above her ass. Then her legs were covered. Nia loved the mini massage and when Charlie told her to turn over she did so immediately.

    "God, girl. Your so cute. If I were your husband I wouldn't leave home, ever. Don't think I'd ever leave your bed," said Charlie as she poured some oil over the girls stomach.

    Nia laughed. The thought of Kevin doing anything like that was a fantasy only. He was never the romantic type or sexy guy. Charlies hands roamed over her stomach and just below her breasts making her breath a bit faster at her touch. Her hands rubbed the oil over her legs and higher, so close to that apex that Nia knew was out of bounds. Yet she liked what Charlie was doing, even if she was another woman.

    "There. Now you won't burn. Got to have that body looking good for hubby. You know, Nia, I have some other bathing suits that I think would fit you nicely. You like mine?"

    Nia knew how beautiful Charlie was and the bikini she wore only enhanced her features. She had large breasts and a tight body. Also she had, like Tommy and Lin, tattoos. There were several on her back and a few in places that made Nia blush. Charlie lay down, her bikini bottom barely covering her privates. A tattoo with the letters TLC were placed close to her pussy. Charlie saw her gaze and smiled.

    "Like my tattoos?"

    Nia, realizing she got caught, nodded. She did like them, but Kevin did not.

    "Come on, baby, I'll show you those suits," said Charlie pulling Nia up and into the house. When they reached the bedroom Charlie opened a drawer and removed several beautiful suits very much like her own. At first Nia thought that such a suit was a bit too risque for her. But she loved them and wanted to at least try one. Charlie held one up. It was miniscule, almost non-existent. Just a few patches for her breasts and another one for her pussy.

    "You've got to try this one, honey. It's so hot and you'd look incredible in it," said Charlie jumping up and down laughing. Nia nodded and looked around for a place to change.

    "Just do it here, were girls. No one will see you."

    Nia, a bit embarrassed took the bikini and began to strip off hers. Charlie leaned against her bed and watched as Nia got naked in front of her. Her body was tingling just from the sight of her. Damn, the girl had a hot little body, she thought as her cunt started to heat up quickly. Nia saw her staring at her, taking in her breasts and pussy. She quickly donned the new suit aware of how little it covered. At first she felt, naked. But then realized that she would have to shave if she wanted it to look right.

    "Wow, girl, you look so good in that thing. I think you're going to have to do a wax job though."

    Nia turned red at the suggestion but it was something she always wanted to do anyway. Then again she wasn't sure how Kevin would feel about it.

    "Come on, baby. Lets go back out and sun like this. You're going to look so hot out there," said Charlie leading her back outside. To Nia she was infectious with her fun attitude and she, smiling and laughing, lay out with Charlie, drinking and feeling so free.

    Above in an alcove on the second floor stood Tommy and Lin. Lin aimed the camera down on the two women.

    "Fuck, Tommy. That's one helluva piece of ass. Charlie got her to wear one of our favorite suits. Look at her, man."

    Tommy was. It was his turn tomorrow to visit her. It was time to turn up the heat a bit more.

                                              *   *   *   *

                                               MORE HEAT

    She looked forward to Tommy returning and felt guilty about it at the same time. She dressed in jeans and a short top that just covered her breasts. She now had the beginnings of a great tan thanks to Charlie. When the doorbell rang she all but ran to it.

    Tommy stood on the stoop and smiled his winning smile making her quiver slightly as he looked into her eyes. She felt sinful at how she felt, but all this was so new to her. She let him in and he told her that it was time to fix the siding. He brought his truck filled with extra siding and got started. She watched him from an upstairs window making sure he didn't see her. Her eyes took in his bare chest and tattoos. It was like looking at a barbarian, a very handsome one. He was sweating and she felt her pussy begin to heat up at the sight of him.

    Her vow was still intact, but straining to the breaking point at what Tommy, Lin and Charlie exuded in a sexual way around her. By noon time she had two sandwiches ready for him and a tall glass of lemonade. He sat at the kitchen table as she washed some dishes. When she turned to look at him she saw him staring at her and quickly turned. She was very much aware of him now, aware of what he was doing to her. Her body was betraying her, sending signals that she never felt before.

    When he finished he stood and brought the dish over to her, making sure to press his body closer to hers.

    "thanks for the food. I'll finish outside."

    She felt flushed at their brief contact and watched as he left. Often she would sneak to the window and spy on him. Licking her lips she wondered if he would collect his payment. The idea made her feel guilty and she tried to suppress it. By the end of the day Tommy came inside.

    "Finished. Took a bit of time, but I think it works. Good as new."

    She smiled and thanked him again. But saw him move towards her like before. She had to choose what she wanted to do and did. He moved close, his body almost pressed to hers and leaned down. He kissed her and she felt her world melt. The kiss was so hot, so passionate. Then she felt his hands on her back, moving her closer, his sweaty skin to hers. The kiss was deeper, his breath entering her mouth. She was getting lost in him so easily and then his hands molded to her ass, cupping them over her tight jeans. She moaned into his mouth and realized what she was letting him do and softly pushed away out of breath.

    "Payment accepted," said Tommy as he looked at her with those big soulful eyes.

    Nia watched him turn and leave, her body tingling as if someone plugged her into a wall socket. Her pussy was on fire, a feeling that rarely happened with Kevin. Once she caught her breath she wondered how far she would have let him go. The thought depressed her and excited her all at the same time.

                                                 *   *   *   *


    Throughout the night she lay awake thinking about Tommy, Lin and Charlie. What was it about them that made her do the things she did? Kevin was snoring, sound asleep, another night of lost passion. She wanted to understand her behavior. Then she knew, or thought she knew. It was simply that they offered her something she had only heard about. Kevin did not offer it and she desperately needed such attentions. They seemed to know what she needed and offered it, with no thoughts of guilt or shame. Was it possible that she was so inexperienced that she could be called a prude? Maybe Kevin was right. She was the white virgin. Vanilla in all things.

    The next day she showered and shaved her pussy completely. It was so smooth and so preteen looking. As she rubbed aloe on it she felt that stir once more and began to slowly rub her swollen clit. It had been a while since she masturbated. It felt so good and she found herself on her bed, legs wide and her fingers toying with her smooth silky cunt. She was so wet as she slid a finger deep. Soon she was squirting onto the bed, her body quivering, her pussy opening and closing as she came. She knew what constituted the heated masturbation. Her neighbors. As she settled down she began to feel guilt over her dirty thoughts and fantasies.

    It was getting late and she needed to be ready for Lin who was coming over to fix the leaking faucet in the bathroom. Quickly she dressed and waited. Her soaked pussy was making her panties damp, sticking to her and she wondered if she could maintain her vow with all the naughty thoughts entering her head.

    Lin arrived on time and quickly went to work. Nia wondered if Tommy told him about their kiss and more. She felt dirty at the thought and kept busy so as not to think about it further. When Lin finished he approached her and she waited, knowing what the payment would be, knowing that she wanted to pay it despite all her fears.

    He moved close and drew her into him and she let him do so. He kissed her hard, his mouth opening hers, his tongue entering her wet warmth. His hands wandered over her back her ass and to her surprise to her front, cupping her pussy briefly, rubbing and making her press into it as she moaned into his mouth. Had she no shame, she thought as his hand moved up and down making her shiver in pleasure. Then he stopped, leaving her standing there, her face a mask of uncertainty. He smiled and said the words she had heard so often.

    "Payment accepted, Nia. Have a great day," he said softly before he left.

    Nia wanted to cry, to run into her room and crawl under the covers. Had she no honor for her marriage? She wondered what made her such a slut. Why her body betrayed her around them.

    The phone rang and she picked it up. It was Charlie.

    "Hi baby, I was wondering if I could come over to talk to you."

    Nia, knew the reason. Her husband and brother were taking liberties with her and now Charlie was upset. Could the day get any worse? She said yes and hung up. She cleaned up and waited for her. She came instantly, her face not one of anger but worry.

    "Oh, baby," she said as she hugged Nia. "The boys mean well, they really do. I'm so sorry if they crossed any boundaries."

    Nia teared up and Charlie held her hand.

    "I thought you were coming here to yell at me," said Nia softly.

    Charlie gave her a smile and hugged her again.

    "No, baby. I guess we're a bit liberated as opposed to someone so young like you. We like sex, that's all there is to it. Sometimes the guys get a little out of hand. They didn't think that a little...petting, would hurt. But it seems that it did."

    Nia looked down, tears still on her face. She shook her head.

    "It's not that, Charlie. I...I wanted them to do it. I'm so very sorry. It's your husband and brother. What was I thinking?"

    Charlie loved this moment, loved seeing that her boys did their job well. Now was the time to set this beauty up. Using her finger she lifted Nia's face to hers.

    "You did nothing wrong, Nia. We all share when it comes to loving. You're young, so you don't understand. Tommy can fuck who he likes and I can also. Same with Lin. If you want them, take them. They certainly would love to fuck you. That's all they talk about."

    Nia, sat stunned at what Charlie said. Was she so out of date with her thinking that she was only beating herself up for nothing? She thrilled at the prospect of having Tommy or Lin fuck her. It was all she thought about to. She smiled at Charlies open acceptance. Charlie could see the weight drop from the girls shoulders.

    "Baby, if you want to fuck them then do it. You would really love their beautiful cocks. Nice, long and thick. Perfect for a little hottie like you. Your body was made for fucking, Nia."

    Nia was aware of how close Charlie was as she spoke the words. Nia had never thought of another woman as a sexual object, though Kevin had once used it as a fantasy that made her very hot. Now Charlie was making her feel the same way as Tommy and Lin.

    "Take your time. When the time is right you'll join our little club. I can't wait. I've had my eyes on you since you came here. Please keep me in mind."

    Charlie leaned forward and kissed her hotly, their mouths pressed tightly together, open. Nia felt her body tremble at Charlies touch. Soon she felt Charlies tongue enter her mouth and she groaned. Then her hand cupping her breasts, pulling her nipple, hard.

    "Ohhhh, God," she thought as she felt her cunt spasm and soon shoot girl cum.

    Charlie broke off the kiss and leaned back.

    "Mmmmmm, your ready, baby. So ready. Do you want Tommy to come over tomorrow and fix something?"

    Nia, her breath short and her heart hammering could only nod.

    "Good girl. We have so much to teach you."

    Charlie stood and grabbed Nia's hand pulling her along toward the front door. Then she turned took her into her arms and kissed her hard. Her hands slid to her ass and squeezed. Nia moved closer, her body loving such attention. Then Charlie shifted and moved her hand between Nia's legs cupping her pussy.

    "Mmmmmm....can't wait to get my tongue inside that beautiful cunt, baby. But you have to do the boys first. I promised. So wet already. Bet you can't wait for tomorrow can you?"

    Nia her eyes closed, her vows in tatters, nodded, as she felt Charlies fingers rub her cunt through her damp jeans.

    "Yes," she said as Charlie left.

                                             *   *   *   *

                                           BROKEN VOWS

    She shaved again, making sure she was perfectly smooth. She wore perfume and waited for Tommy to come to her. Charlie was right. She needed to be awakened, to feel life like this.

    The doorbell rang and she ran down the stairs and opened the door. Both Tommy and Lin stood there. They had no tools and didn't ask to come in. They just walked through the door.

    Tommy grabbed her first, kissing her, his tongue mingling with hers as she melted into his arms. Behind her she felt Lin press against her, his hands cupping her breasts as he pushed his hardened cock against her buttocks. He found her hard nipples and pulled them. She moaned. Her body was theirs and she knew they would take her, use her and she wanted them to.

    "So fucking nice," said Lin in her ear as he slid a hand over her ass.

    Tommy was unbuckling his pants and unzippering them all at once. Soon they were pooled on the floor his huge cock bouncing straight out. Nia saw it and gasped at its size. It was so much larger than her husbands. She heard Lin do the same and Tommy told her to suck it. It was a command, but a sexy one that Nia wanted to do.

    Between them she took hold of their incredible cocks and began to suck them. Never had she imagined that she would be doing such an act. The boys grabbed her hair, pulled it, jammed their cocks inside her mouth and slid deeper into her throat almost gagging her. She felt her body electrified, excited and filled with passion as she licked and sucked them.

    Tommy pulled her up again and started to take her clothes off. Soon she was naked between the men as they ground their bodies into her. Sandwiched, she loved the feel of their hot sweaty bodies, the feel of the huge cocks pressing into her. Lin led her to the kitchen table and laid her upon it. Tommy spread her legs and moved between them to begin licking her open wet pussy. She cried out from the absolute pleasure his tongue was giving her.

    Lin, stood by her face, grabbing her head and placing his cock head against her lips. She opened her mouth to accept him and he slid half inside her. She sucked him, licked around his cock head as Tommy slid his tongue inside her cunt. She moved her hips up and down wanting more of him as he nibbled and sucked her clit.

    Soon Tommy stopped and placed his huge cock against her open cunt and pushed. Nia cried out, as she felt his thick cock spear her, enter her, stretch her wider than she ever had before.

    "So fucking tight, girl," he said as he began to fuck her. Half his cock was inside her tight pussy as Lin continued to fuck her mouth. She was so wet that the sounds of their juicy connection filled the room.

    Deeper and deeper he went as she adjusted to his girth. Nia felt his huge balls slapping against her ass and she knew she had all of him inside her. Just the thought made her squirt hard, making her so  much more slippery. The men changed places often throughout the morning. First Tommy, then Lin, fucking her slowly and deeply. They were teasing her, making her so hot that she cried out for them to fuck her harder.

    "That's it, baby, fuck me harder," said Lin as he drove his cock harder and faster into this beauty. "You're our little slut, baby?" he asked as she was in the throes of another cum.

    "ohhhhhh...yessssss....ohhhhhhhh...." she cried out as his cock pummeled her cunt.

    Then Tommy took over as he flipped her around, making her get on all fours, her beautiful ass open and soaked. He slid deliciously inside her cunt from behind making her gasp from his size.

    "Like that, baby. Like it doggie style?" she could only nod as she felt him go deeper and harder. His cock was covered with her juices. It ran from her pussy down her thighs and to the table below. Using his thumb her slid it over her asshole. She was soaked and it was slippery and soon his thumb was deep inside her tight ass as he fucked her.

    Nia had never taken anything in her ass before and it felt incredible, especially with his cock inside her pussy making her cum like crazy. Lin smiled at his son-in-law knowing exactly what he had in mind. He climbed on the table and had Nia mount him, taking his cock deep into her cunt. Then Tommy moved behind her again, his cock aimed right at her gaping asshole. He pushed and made her grunt in pain. But it was short lived.

    His cock expanded her asshole as he slid deeper. Her anal ring stretched wider and wider, It was so tight against his cock he doubted he could hold back to much longer. Nia felt overloaded with pleasure with two huge cocks inside her. They were pounding hard in unison as she felt there bodies shift. Her cunt and ass were being fucked so hard and she couldn't stop cumming.

    Lin cried out first, his cock exploding inside her, filling her womb with his seed. Then Tommy, who grunted, shook and jammed his cock to the hilt as he came inside her tight velvety asshole. When they pulled out of her they could see her gaping holes leaking their hot cum. They made her suck them into hardness again and began to use her any way they wished and she let them throughout the day.

                                             *   *   *   *

                                          6 MONTHS LATER

    She watched Kevin leave for work. The same routine every day. But everything was so different now. She got ready. Quickly she showered and shaved. She put on her string bikini and went over to see the boys and Charlie. She had a tattoo now right over her pussy. It read: TLC.

    She told her husband that it meant, "Tender loving care." But in reality it meant..Tommy, Lin, Charlie. They owned her pussy now. They made her feel like she had always wanted to feel. She loved being used and over the months they did just that. They taught her how to fuck, suck, lick and be used by anyone or anything.

    Today was a very special day. Charlie had told her the day before that a friend from college was coming over to play. A young black man named Jake, who had a cock that would make her cum like crazy.

    "It's a big one, baby," said Charlie as she licked Nia's soaked pussy. Her tongue flicking over Nia's swollen engorged clit, making her shutter and squirt over her tongue.

    "How big?' asked Nia, spreading her legs wider, allowing Charlie to slide her tongue inside her asshole.

    "Twelve thick inches, baby. Think you can handle all that?" said Charlie, smiling as she went back to eating Nia's sopping cunt.

    The thought of something that big entering her pussy or ass was making her quiver, setting up another hot cum.

    "I've told him about you, Nia. He can't wait to slide that monster inside your little pussy." Charlie moved up her body, kissing her stomach, each breasts and them her mouth. Their bodies were pressed together.

    Nia wondered if she could take it. She wanted to very much. So much had changed since she first moved here. Now every day was an orgy of pleasures brought about by TLC. There was nothing she would not do for them and they often tested her. They would bring over friends and let them use her, watching her like it was a show. Old men and women, young boys and girls, and one time they got her drunk enough to fuck the neighbors dog, Max. That, to her surprise was one of the dirtiest most incredible moments. She came so often. Since then, Max was a regular part of her sexual routine as well as Charlies, who loved to suck him and fuck him for Tommy.

    Today was to be her shining moment. She was going to see if she could take twelve inches of thick man meat inside her cunt. She couldn't wait. Charlie met her at the door and saw that several of their friends awaited her also. Charlie must have spread the news of her attempt at such a feat. They were going to watch as she fucked him. Nia, didn't mind, in fact she loved it when others watched her fuck.

    They led her upstairs and into Charlies bedroom. There on the bed was a huge black man, naked, his cock standing straight up like some totem pole. It was as huge as Charlie told her it would be. Her cunt was on fire and as she removed her clothes. She found herself drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

    The others filled the room surrounding the bed. She took his cock in hand, not able to get her tiny fingers around its girth and began to suck it, barely able to get the head inside her mouth. The others groaned at the sight and Charlie started to masturbate. Tommy and Lin watched, stroking their cocks, staring at her with lust in their eyes.

    She moved above the man, her tiny body so small compared with his. Her cunt hovered over the huge cock and she breathed deeply. She slowly moved down, the head of his cock pressing against her opening, stretching her wider with each inch. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on its girth, its size and the pressure it was causing. Soon the head popped past her opening and he was slowly entering her. Her cuntal walls opened wider, stretching more than ever before. Two, three, four inches slid deliciously inside her dripping pussy and she wanted more, it felt so good.

    "Look at that," said someone in the room. "She's taking it. Damn, she so fucking hot."

    Inch by inch she took it inside her as she pushed down further. The man remained still, not wanting to hurt the girl, but wanting so badly to begin fucking her. She was so tight that he was not sure how long he would last. More than half his length was inside her cunt and she began to cum. Hot juices ran down his cock and her thighs. Several in the room also came. Charlie for one.

    She began to rock back and forth, moving her ass and taking him deeper. She loved how big he was, how it filled her up. To everyone's amazement she took every inch, his huge balls pressed hard against her ass. That was when he started to fuck her in slow deep thrusts. Her cunts was flowing, lubricating him as he rammed her harder and faster. He would almost pull out and suddenly thrust back in making her tremble and quiver, her cunt spitting out dribbles of girl cum. He pulled out and placed her on all fours, her pussy facing the group. Then slid back into her.

    She cried out as she felt how deep he was going. He was slamming against her cervix, his cock stretching her beyond reason. Soon he jerked and shuttered and jammed his cock tightly against her as he came inside her, filling her. So much so that it dripped out around his cock and down her thighs. When he pulled out of her, her cunt was gaping open and his cum poured out of her like a river.

    He slid his cock back inside her cunt fucking her until it started to get soft. Nia, eyes closed, knew that she found a new love. The feeling of such a big cock made her cum like no other. The others soon joined in, fucking her and cumming on her and in her. She welcomed them all.

    That night when Kevin came home he asked her how her day went. She gave him her usual reply. Boring, but she got a lot of things done. He would kiss her and go to bed exhausted. She smiled to herself.

    Nia couldn't wait to see what other treats Charlie would devise for her pleasure. They loved her and used her like a whore and she loved every minute of it.

                                              THE END

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Another great one!  Where do you cum up with all of these sexy stories?  DON'T STOP, THOUGH!!!

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Damn Foxi, You sure do know ow to spin a tale. Loved it. Thank you for all of your contributions to the story sections. You my dear know exactly how to draw the reader in.

Great Job hon....

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what a great story.. gotta love a young lady so eager to learn about life

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Well written, great flow, damned sexy! Thank you. Smiley

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Sizzling hot!

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As always, Foxi, better than any story ever written. You are the best
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