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Author Topic: On the Same Paige (mmg, 1st, anal, oral, pedo)  (Read 5257 times)
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« on: September 05, 2012, 07:37:41 PM »

('This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.')

Summary: Two teenaged brothers meet a girl in an ice cream
parlor. After a talk with this not-so-innocent little girl, the
virgins take her home and learn a thing or two.

  A blonde girl strolled into the ice cream parlor. She passed by
a table where a pair of teenaged boys were sitting on opposite

  “Yo, Craig, check it out,” Robbie said, nodding his head toward
his left, where the cashier was.

  The bulkier boy looked away from his sundae and saw a petite
girl standing on her tiptoes with her heels hovering above pink
sandals. Her shoulders hunched as she stood with her arms on the
yellow counter. She was wearing a pink shirt with spaghetti
straps. A blond ponytail draped down her back. Like Robbie, he
couldn't help but stare at the girl's curves, which were framed
nicely by a violet skirt.

  The girl got her vanilla swirl and walked past the few, but
full tables. She took a window stool, her right side facing the
boys. Then she crossed her legs, unknowingly letting the teens
see her skirt ride up to her upper thighs.

  "Damn, she's hot," Craig whispered.

  "Yeah. See how short that skirt is?" Robbie remarked.

  "I'd lick her legs up and down for days."

  "I would fuck her so hard."

  "I wish I was that ice cream."

  “I bet every part of her body tastes sweeter than that ice

  Craig laughed out loud at that one, stomping his feet. The
other three customers looked at him. He covered his mouth with
one hand, and slapped a high five with the other.

  The girl heard the high five and looked at the boys. She saw
Robbie quickly look away, followed by Craig. Her gaze lingered as
Robbie slowly turned his head for a peek. She stifled a laugh
when he swiftly turned back around.

  Then she looked around to see whether anyone was watching.
Other customers were absorbed in their own activities, and the
man at the counter was gone. So she turned and slowly swung her
right knee aside.

  Cautiously, Craig turned his head. He dropped his jaw at the

  "Is she still looking over here?" Robbie asked, still looking
at the counter.

  "Uh-huh," the other teen squeaked.

  Robbie looked at him. "Then why are you still looking at her?"

  "She don't got no panties."

  Robbie looked at the girl and sure enough, she was looking
right at him with a wide grin. Her pointed knees were apart,
exposing her bare pussy to the boys. she quickly closed her legs
and innocently went back to eating her ice cream.

  The boys looked at each other in perfect synchronicity. They
had the same thought in mind: Holy shit! Together, they looked at
the girl.

  She looked at them with an ice cream mustache. Her eyes shifted
to make sure no one but the boys would see what was going on.
Then her eyes focused on them and gave a naughty gaze. Her tongue
slithered out and licked the side of her mouth. Very slowly, she
ran her tongue along her upper lip. When it got to the center,
she wiggled her eyebrows and kept going until the “mustache” was
wiped off.

  Craig shifted in his seat and reached into his jeans pocket. He
awkwardly hovered above his red chair while pretending to get
something out. Really, he was fixing his boxers to allow more
room for his hard-on.

  The girl grinned as she watched him do that. She twisted her
kiddie cup as she tongued more ice cream off. Her licking soon
lost all innocence and she sensually lapped up the white cream,
looking right at her audience.

  After a while, Craig and Robbie watched the girl walked towards
them. They stared at her wiggling butt as she walked by to throw
out her kiddie cup. Looking back at them, she dipped a pinky into
her remaining ice cream and sucked it off very slowly. She put
the cup in the garbage can and nodded at the glass door. Then she
left the parlor and the horny boys who never stopped staring.

  “Did she really want us to follow her?” Robbie asked quietly.

  “I don't know. Let's see if she's out there.”

  The duo left the parlor. Robbie still had his strawberry ice
cream cone in hand. The girl was sitting on a bench a few yards
away from them.

  "You nasty boys like what you saw?" the girl asked when they
got within earshot.

  "Oh, yeah, we did," Craig replied in excitement, sitting down
and putting an arm on the seat, behind the girl's head. Robbie
sat on the girl's other side and continued eating his ice cream.
"I'm Craig, that's my brother, Robbie."

  "I'm Paige." She leaned back into the boy's arm and placed a
hand in Robbie's lap. "Nice hard-on."

  Robbie blushed and thanked her.

  “It feels a lot better not wearing anything down there.” She
looked around and cautiously hiked up her skirt.

  Robbie paused from his ice cream and joined his brother in
gawking. Between Paige's legs was a much better view of her bare
cunt. The lips were plump and tightly shut. She covered her pussy
again and burst out laughing at the brothers. The boys looked at
each other with literally dumbfounded expressions.

  "How old are you, anyway, sweet thing?" Craig wanted to know.

  "9." She felt on his dick through his shorts, finding it to be
just as hard as the other.

  "I'm 16, Robbie's 14."

  "Cool. I like high school guys." She leaned closer to Craig.
"They're a lot bigger." She giggled.

  "Really? How 'bout we go to my place and show you just how much

  "Craig, can I talk to you?" Robbie finally spoke up. He stood
and led his brother a few feet away from the bench. "I don't
think we should be talking to this kid like this."

  "Why not? She started it."

  "But she's 9 years old."

  "So what? Pussy is pussy, and she's throwing it at us." Robbie
took a peek at Paige. He had to admit, the child's demeanor was
tempting. As were her smooth, skinny legs that led to the bare
pussy she was intentionally showing him.

  "Okay, fine. Let's see how far she goes."

  The boys went back to Paige.

  “He said you taste better than the ice cream,” Craig said,
pointing at his brother.

  Paige gave a devilish grin and looked at the flabbergast boy.
“Really?” She leaned toward him and licked some of the pink
dessert that oozed down his hand.

  “N-no. He's just playing,” Robbie stammered, wishing she would
lick something else of his.

  “Oh. Too bad.” She pouted.

  "I bet you do taste better than ice cream. Wanna go back to our
place and find out?"

  "And then what are you gonna do me?" Wearing a wicked grin, put
a hand on Craig's lap and massaged his softened dick. "Aw, where
did my toy go?"

  "Come to my place, and we'll let you play with both of our toys
all you want."

  Paige was the first to sit on the foot of Craig's queen-sized
bed. Followed by Craig, then Robbie. She sat on Robbie's lap,
much to his surprise.

  "Okay, Craig. Take your clothes off first."

  Craig looked at her in surprise. He got in front of them and
took his white shirt off.

  Paige ground her little ass on Robbie's stiff member. She
spread her legs and briefly rubbed both her bare cunt and his
clothed balls up and down with her left hand.

  The shirtless boy looked at his brother. An anxious smile was
on Robbie's face, and that was the final confirmation that this
was going to happen. He proceeded to take all his clothes off.

  "Mmmmm. Such a hot cock. I can't wait to have it inside me.
Come here." In a millisecond, Craig made his way over and stopped
right in front of her. “So are you boys virgins?”

  “Yeah,” they confirmed.

  “Cool. I'll be gentle.” Paige gradually slid down her "seat"
and onto her knees. Then she took off her pink shirt, revealing
her undeveloped chest. She smiled at the hard dick in front of
her and leaned toward it with her mouth open. "Robbie," she said,
speaking into Craig's dick like a microphone. She had stopped
mere centimeters away from it. Her breath tickled him as she
spoke. "Now you take your clothes off."

  With no hesitation, Robbie stood and stripped down to nothing.
Then he stood beside his brother.

  "Now there's two fresh cocks all to myself," Paige said,
holding both and rubbing them along her baby soft cheeks.

  Craig had a lot of hair everywhere. His stiff dick was 5 inches
long. Robbie did not have much hair. His dick was 4 inches and
thicker than his brother's.

  Paige had no problem with either of them. Gripping them both,
she stuck her tongue out and flattened it. She rubbed both cock
heads up and down her rounded tongue. Precum leaked out from both
of them.

  Then she put Craig's dick in her mouth and sucked it in as far
as she could. Down to one inch. Craig groaned and bounced on
tiptoes. The girl looked up and giggled, blowing her hot breath
on his dick. Next, she took Craig's dick out and sealed her lips
over Robbie's. She took him down to the balls and bobbed her

  The room was filled with the "slurp, slurp, slurp" of a child
going to town on two teenaged cocks and the moaning of the owners
of said cocks. Any talking was incoherent. If they weren't
looking at her, the boys would look and smile at each other. The
girl was as happy as they were. She merrily bobbed her head on
one while jerking off the other with her spit as lubrication.

  "Oh, shit, I can't take it anymore," Robbie said. “Paige, your
mouth feels so good!”

  "I'm so thirsty," Paige moaned, jerking both dicks off. "I
wanna drink some cum so bad.” She went back down on Robbie.

  "I'm gonna give you my cum! I'm gonna cum in your mouth!
Uuhhhh! Aw damn!"

  "Mmmm!" Paige hummed after swallowing the first load. She
leaned back, dragging her lips along the shaft until only the tip
was in her mouth. Her tongue danced all over the spurting head.

  The 14-year-old whined in a high-pitched voice at the
sensations. His hands were in her hair, alternatively caressing
it or grabbing it. His body involuntarily twitched with each

  Paige had little trouble keeping up with him. She abandoned
Craig to focus on milking Robbie. He didn't have much ammo, so
she gulped down everything he had.

  When Robbie was spent, he had to use a hand to pull out of the
girl's greedy little mouth. He slumped down against the wall to
watch his brother get blown.

  With one boy left, Paige decided to really give it to him. She
put her hands the backs of Craig's knees and started seriously
working on his dick. Her head bobbed wildly up and down, her
bangs swinging around.

  “Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, suck it! Suck it! Ooohh, God!”

  Robbie soon got hard again. Paige saw and pulled back from
Craig. Then she pulled down her skirt and kicked off her sandals.
Her ass wasn't much to look at, but in the heat of the moment, it
was good enough.

  "Robbie? I'll sit on you and you can fuck me up the ass."

  Robbie didn't need to be told twice! The teen scrambled on his
knees to get behind the girl and laid down. The 9-year-old
straddled his lap and guided his dick up her butt. His dick,
coated in spit and cum, went in rather easily.

  "Oh, yeah!" Paige wailed. She took Craig back into her mouth
and mumbled cries of pleasure over his cock.

  "Suck it all down. Suck it, bitch." Craig flinched and looked
at her, hoping his slip-up didn't offend her and mess up their
fun. To his relief, she continued to blow him without missing a
beat. He got braver and said, "You suck dick so good. Like a good
little bitch."

  "Yeah, fuck me back. You bitch," Robbie commanded, feeling bold
from his brother calling her that.

  Paige wiggled her butt and used her hands to clench her cheeks
on his dick. She spat Craig's out. “My butt is so full! Arrgghh!
I can feel your dick in my stomach! Give it to me, Robbie! Do it
hard while I suck your brother's cock!”

  Robbie held the child's hips and thrust up into her. His legs,
which were straight out, occasionally bounced around. He had his
head back, panting at the ceiling.

  "Oh, God, I'm gonna cum!" Craig announced. "Want it in your
mouth, Paige?"

  "No, on my face!" She brushed her cheek again his dick for
emphasis. "Cum all over my face!"

  Craig pulled out and jerked off before the child. The sound of
his fist sliding wetly along his cock was as loud and sensual as
the sounds of his brother's pelvis rapidly spanking her ass.
Sperm quickly built up and he aimed for his first target.

  The first spurt of cum went straight to her left cheek near her
mouth. Another hit her tongue, which had slithered out to scoop
up the first. A third wad splattered her nose and the surrounding
area. All throughout the facial, Paige never took her eyes off

  Craig let out a loud sigh and left the room.

  Paige, her 9-year-old face completely covered in semen, was
puzzled. Still, she bounced on Robbie and continued to have her
fun. She looked over her shoulder to speak to him.

  "Ooh, this cum feels soo hot on my face," she moaned. "I can't
wait to see how it feels up my butthole." She banged her bottom
against Robbie's pelvis in time with his thrusts.

  "Oh, it's coming, baby," he replied in a comical attempt to
sound husky.

  Craig returned with a gray rag in his hand. He got on his knees
and held it out to her. "You can wipe your face with this."

  "Thanks, but not now." She looked at Robbie. "I want your
brother to see me."

  Without waiting for a response, she lifted herself up. Robbie's
dick slid out and fell back against his belly. Paige turned
around and sat back down with Robbie's dick in its rightful

  "Mmmmm. Fuck me hard! I can take it." She put his hands on her

  Robbie took the hint and held onto her while banging up at
Paige. He liked this view better. Seeing her little face covered
in his brother's semen. Cum dripping off her nose and upper lip
into her mouth as she screamed. Watching her face contort in

  “Ride my dick, Paige! Ride me hard! Make me cum inside you!”

  "Look at me, Robbie," Paige panted. "See my face, all covered
in your brother's cum? I want you to do that to my butthole. I
want your cum to make a mess in my belly."

  Moaning, Robbie laid his head to the side, but Paige scratched
and pinched his nipples hard to get his attention. When he lifted
his head to cry out, she took him in her hands. "Uh-uh, Robbie.
Don't put your head down. Keep looking at me. Look at my cummy
face while you shoot up my ass!"

  Robbie's jaw dropped as he reached the point of no return.
Spurred by the child's filthy demands, he did as he was told.
Staring at her plastered face, he blew his second load right up
her ass. No doubt giving her bowels the same treatment her face

  “Aarrrgh! Oh, God! God!” he groaned.

  “Oooooh, yes! God! I loved being filled up with cum! Give me
all your hot cum!”

  The pair grunted together as he spilled his seed inside of her
bowels. Robbie lifted his butt off the floor just a little. Paige
threw her head back and sputtered obscenities.

  When it was over, Paige lifted herself off Robbie and stood on
wobbly legs. She stumbled toward where Craig was standing and
“accidentally fell against him. She was delighted to see that he
was fully erect.

  “When Robbie's ready,” Paige suggested, “let's all fuck at the
same time. One of you can go in my ass, and the other in my

  Robbie, who was still laying down, looked up at her.
“Seriously? Have you ever done that before?”

  “No,” Paige shrugged. “But it shouldn't be too hard. Sounds
really hot to me.”

  “Okay,” Robbie said.

  For a moment, they all just waited for Robbie to get his rest.

  “I'm ready,” Robbie announced.

  "Stand up," Paige ordered.  The boy stood up. She stood on
tiptoes so she could reach and hold onto his shoulder. Then she
leapt and wrapped her legs around his waist. The surprised boy
stumbled back into the door, but held the girl. "Ooh, so strong,"
Paige remarked in her flirty tone. With both arms now around
Robbie's neck, she shifted so his dick was at her entrance. "Come
here, Craig, and stick your dick in my butt."

  Craig joined the pair and rubbed his dick along Paige's back
hole. He got to the center and pushed it in. His hands remained
on her butt cheeks.

  "Is it in?" Robbie asked.

  "Yeah," replied Craig.

  “Your turn,” Paige said with a grin of anticipation. Robbie
stuck his dick inside of her. “FUCK yeah, it's in! Double team
me, boys! Make a girl sandwich out of me!”

  “Take it, bitch!” Craig said. “Take our big dicks in your ass
and pussy!”

  Robbie and Craig held the preteen tight and thrust up into her.
Paige had nothing to do, as she was completely supported by the
two teens. The ex-virgins rammed Paige with an unsteady rhythm.
Sometimes, the pistoning pricks would plug her to the hilt at the
same time. Sometimes one would pound her fast while the other
would take long, deep strokes, burying itself to the balls.

  “Damn, Robbie!” Craig exclaimed. “I can feel your dick moving
inside of her! How does it feel, Paige?”

  “So good! I love it! You boys are having a sword fight inside
me! Aww shit!”

  Paige yelled in pain and pleasure at the sensations coming from
her holes. Her legs were no longer hugging Robbie, instead
swinging wildly beside him. She bounced around frantically
between the two boys. She was so small that she could only go as
far Robbie's height and Craig's collarbone.

  Behind her, Craig was grunting like a bull in heat. He squeezed
and occasionally pinched the girl's ass as he rammed his dick
between her cheeks. His balls repeatedly smacked her anus.

  Robbie was no pushover. Holding the girls underarms, he banged
her pussy for all he was worth. The slippery hole gripped his
14-year-old cock tightly.

  "Ooh, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum so hard with two big dicks
ramming inside me! Yes! Yes! Slam my ass and pussy!"

  Paige's legs tightened around Robbie's waist. Her head was
thrown back, bumping against Craig's chest. Child-sized nails
scraped along the back of Robbie's neck. She shivered so hard
that the boys nearly dropped her several times.

  In turn, Robbie's orgasm was triggered by the clutching little
pussy that held him. He sprung up on his tiptoes and announced

  "Yeah, Robbie, cum with me! Cum in my cumming pus...!"

  Before she could finish, semen was suddenly pumped into her

  "Oh, God!" Robbie called out.

  “Oh, my God!” Paige shouted.

  Craig just continued to bang Paige while she and his brother
shook and cried in orgasm.

  “God, that was good,” Robbie said. Carefully, he withdrew and
sat on the bed.

  Craig carried Paige to the bed and laid her down. He then
pulled out of her ass and stuffed himself into the pussy that his
brother had just finished. Semen leaked out to make way for the
new invader. He held her hips and worked her pussy. The sweaty
little girl wrapped her legs around him. She was too tired to
hump him back, but not too tired to let him have his way!

  Paige and Craig lasted fairly long. They grunted and panted,
like a pair of dogs. Craig was banging her so hard, the sheets
were falling off the bed. Both of them were covered in sweat.
Paige never unclasped her legs from around him. Soon, Craig
couldn't last any longer.

  “Fill me up with cum! Fill me up, you stud!”

  “Aw, shit! Awww fuck! Uhhh...!”

  Craig leaned forth and buried himself to the hilt of Paige's
pussy. He sputtered obscenities of pleasure as his cock exploded
into her once again.

  Paige screamed as her pussy swallowed a second dose of teen
cum. Her pussy tightened around Craig's dick and milked the cum
right out of his balls. She turned her head and rested on the bed
as Craig withdrew. The girl could feel cum leaking out of her and
onto the bed.

  Paige later went home, but not before promising that they'll
all get together again.
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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2012, 08:56:54 PM »

Fuck, that was one hot story, JJ! Loved every moment of it! The best part was when flashed them at the ice cream parlor. Had me ready to cream. My only issue is calling women the b-word. I hate it. Not your fault, though. Great job!

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Great story! Thanks.  Cheesy

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Great hot story Grin Keep writing
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