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Author Topic: Seduction (MfF) ped  (Read 23710 times)
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« on: October 08, 2012, 11:06:18 AM »

This is a work of fiction intended for mature readers 18 or over.  These are stories related to me by a submissive woman about 40 years of age now.  She says they are true, but I have no way of checking that, so must consider them pure fiction, perhaps fantasy.  The author in no way condones or suggests sex with children under the age of 16. 

An encounter on a naturist beach leads to a girl's education and a mother's consolation.

The expansive beach was deserted save for the few wader birds digging molluscs from the sand. Quickly, ever quickly, their bills shot into the damp fine grit to retrieve another, then another, small morsel. The ashen sky hung languid over the deep green of
the Indian Ocean, promising a drenching, but delivering only air steamy with anticipation.

The sand was soft and warm as the birds worked their wet season work. The clouds were fleeing the sky as one patch, then two, then more, of blue became visible. Old Sol  now  beat his warming rays upon my nakedness.

I sat alone watching the day changing. The once leaden sky was soon a deep blue with scattered clouds of cotton-white fluffing their way across and dancing over the blue-green sea. My trance was broken as a solitary figure emerged from around the nearby rocks and walked casually in my direction. She was a young girl, maybe twelve or thirteen, who walked deliberately in my direction, and was soon standing directly in front of me.
"May I sit here", she asked.

I looked up at her cherubic face and smiled, "Yes, you can sit here, or anywhere on the beach", I replied, "But why so close to me with all that beach?"

She looked down at me and also smiled, "I come to this beach often, with my mother, and I don't like to be on my own. I've seen you here before and I thought I might sit with a familiar person. I just feel safer that way".

"Okay", I said, "I can be your protector."

She laughed and put her towel down about a metre from where I sat. This was a slender girl with long golden tresses which reached her waist. Her soft, youthful skin glowed with a subtle tan. She wore denim shorts and a short, white, cropped cotton top. She
stood and wriggled out of the shorts to reveal a bright red G-string bikini, she then shed her top to reveal the tiny red bra which barely covered her small budding breasts.

"I like this beach", she said, "even though I never go nude", she continued, "It makes me feel good to see these wide beaches, and feel that lovely sun  beating on to my skin. Do you always go nude?"

"Yes", I replied, "I'm a long time nudist, I like the feel of the sun on all my body. You ought to try it some time."

"Oh, I would be too embarrassed ", she said, "I don't think I look good enough to be naked in front of people."

"Don't be silly", I scoffed, "You are a delightful looking young lady! Why don't you try it? There's only you and I on the beach."

"No", she said nervously, "I just couldn't. What would my Mum say?"

"Your Mum isn't here", I replied, "and I won't tell."

" No I couldn’t,” she said,  “How old were you when you first went naked on the beach?"

"About sixteen," I replied, "and I haven't worn bathers on the beach since."

"Oh, then you weren't much older than me,”she said, “ I'm fifteen."

I looked closer at the girl as she lay on her towel, and she returned my gaze, "Well almost fifteen," she said nervously.

"My name's Mason, Mason Sexton," I said, "What's yours?."

"Cara Brown," she replied, as she offered her hand, which I gently shook.

We sat and watched the ocean as it rolled relentlessly toward us. Now  more  nudists began strolling idly onto the beach, and began setting up umbrellas, and beach shelters on the sand. All the newcomers were some two to three hundred metres away from us.

 Cara now turned on her stomach and unclipped the tiny red bra. She pulled it out from under her and placed it on the towel. I watched her as she lay with her arms circled around her head and her body stretched  on the towel.
"Fifteen," I thought, "well she looks younger, but that means nothing. I can‘t always tell the age of people"

I stretched out on my towel and dozed off.

When I awoke Cara was sleeping, on her side, facing me. Her small breasts had soft pink buds of nipples, which were pointing toward me, inviting investigation. Her skin was flawless and I moved closer to her towel tentatively reaching my fingers toward her silken skin.

 With my first light touch her supple skin sunk slightly and she stirred a little from her slumber. I moved away until I felt sure she was again relaxed and then softly stroked her pubescent breast and nipple. The tiny bulb became firm under my touch, my hand trembled with the excitement.  My penis rose from its slumber.

As I continued to ply her skin with subtle strokes Cara began to stir. Her eyes opened as my fingers toyed with a nipple and she drew away.

"Wha-at are you doing!" she yelled, "You dirty old man!"

My face reddened in embarrassment, "I- I - I'm sorry," I apologised pathetically, looking to see if it had drawn attention from other bathers, "I shouldn't have, I know!"
Cara stood and stared at me, "Do you think I'm beautiful?' she said unexpectedly.

"A-a -ah, yeah, sure I do," I gushed in contrition, "Lovely, simply lovely," I continued.

"I don't have a boyfriend, you know," she continued, " I told my last boyfriend he couldn't touch me and he dropped me!"

"You're young," I said in a patronising way, "You have plenty of time for boyfriends."

Cara sat down again, and sulkily said, "Well you must think I'm alright don't you, because you want to play with my little tits? "

"I think you are wonderful to look at," I said, "and I just thought your breasts looked so nice I wanted to touch them," I continued, "It's a long time since I touched  lovely breasts like yours." I was trying to overcome my obvious embarrassment and gushed out platitudes to try to calm my erstwhile quarry.

Cara sat on her towel again and said, "I suppose you'd like to see this too," as she pulled her bikini pants off and thrust her sex mound toward me. She wasn’t making my embarrassment any easier as I looked at her downy-haired pubic mound. Her young slot was clearly visible and in the position she was lying her cunt-lips were slightly parted showing the soft pink folds inside. My cock sat bolt upright at the sight and Cara began to laugh in a hollow way.

"Well that likes it," she said, laughing and pointing at my erection, "I guess you do like the way I look after all!"

Cara lay back on her towel and giggled nervously, " I guess this means I'm a nudist now!" she exclaimed, as she turned on her side and looked at me, "but you won't tell my Mum, will you?" she asked, "Well you couldn't really," she mused as if talking to herself, "because if I tell what you did you'll be in big trouble, eh?"

"I wouldn't tell anyway," I said, "It's your decision and nobody has any business stopping you. It's your body."

"Yeah, but you wanted a bit of it a few minutes ago, eh? "she said pointedly.

I stretched out on my towel and Cara settled on her stomach again. Her arse was lightly tanned and her beautifully rounded buttocks were a joy to the eye.

I looked out to sea again as the tide came further up the beach and other beach-goers began moving further along or leaving altogether. The sky was now a brilliant blue and the sun beat relentlessly on our bodies. I looked at Cara again and she opened her eyes and asked if I would rub some sunscreen on her back and on her arse. I hesitated but she assured me it was alright and to forget about the incident before.

I took her sunscreen and rubbed it into the soft, supple skin of her back and then I dribbled some over her lovely round arse. I began to massage the skin in circles around her lovely mounds and then ventured into the crack of her arse.

My finger moved over the cheeks again and then slid into her crack. Soon my fingers moved further down between her legs and I was rubbing them across her anus and onto her fresh young sex. Cara's breathing began to quicken and she wriggled a little as she unconsciously opened her legs. The girl was enjoying her massage and my cock was again hard and pulsing.

I moved my fingers  up and down Cara's arse and between her legs, beginning to move a finger into her sex hole. I found a small barrier, it was her hymen. This girl was a virgin! I moved closer to her towel and began stroking the golden hair draped over her shoulders.  She turned her face toward me and smiled.

"That feels so nice Mason, please don't stop."

"Anything to oblige," I replied, "anything."

I continued to play with Cara's hair and then moved my hand down her shoulders and onto her soft round arse. I played my fingers over her lovely globes of young flesh and again eased my finger down over her anus and into her young sex. Cara opened her legs wider as I explored her virgin slot and pushed gently against her resisting maidenhead. My finger found a way past the barrier and I pushed in and out of her cunt as my thumb caressed her throbbing love bud.

Cara began to moan and I looked around to see if any other bathers could see or hear her. All the others on the beach were more than 200 metres away and none seemed the slightest bit interested in us. I continued caressing her sex and pumping her cunt with my fingers as her young body responded with writhing movements. Eventually she pushed my hands away, looked me in the face, flushed and shaking, and said, "Would you like to fuck me?"

I looked into her eyes and smiled, "It seems like a good idea, but not here."

"Oh no, not here, "she agreed, "can I come to your place?"

"I'm not sure about that, Cara, " I said, "What about your Mum?"

"She's not expecting me home until 5 o'clock tonight, " she replied, with an urgent pleading "and it's only about 11 o'clock right now."

I became nervous of the thought of getting caught with an under-age girl in the studio, but her continuing plaintive pleas soon got me to change my mind. I began wondering who was seducing whom!

We gathered our beach gear and went to my car.

We drove away from the beach, along the coastal highway then out to my cottage-studio. The drive was in virtual silence, with Cara nervously looking at me as I drove. I had mixed thoughts about taking this girl to my home, getting caught for carnal knowledge, and other possible legal implications; but primal urges pushed these thoughts from my mind.

When we arrived we went into the house and Cara immediately stripped off her clothes.

"Can we fuck now?" she asked, "I want to get fucked," she seemed to be toying with the words as if she was daring to be chastised.

"We might have some lunch first," I replied, and began to prepare some sandwiches.

"Okay, " she said, and began to help me. 

We sat on the sofa in the den and ate our sandwiches, and drank some bourbon and cola. Cara sipped her drink tentatively at first, then drank it down and asked for another.

While we ate our lunch I played one of my sex videos, and watched Cara as she looked at the sexual antics.

When we finished our lunch I led Cara to my bed. She sat on the edge and looked nervously into my eyes, "It won't hurt much will it?" she asked, "I mean, not a lot anyway?"

"I will be very gentle with you Cara," I said as I eased her onto her back and knelt between her legs.

I caressed her young body from her small breasts to her perfect toes, and as I did Cara closed her eyes and  began to relax. My hands busied themselves with her breasts and sex mound, and soon my fingers were pushing into the virgin sex canal.

I lowered my face to her soft cunt and began easing my tongue into her now saturated sex. Cara was a little surprised at me eating her pussy, and tensed a little before relaxing and enjoying the new sensations. She moaned as I flicked my tongue in and out of her sex-hole while teasing her love-bud. Soon her body was moving and her pelvis was thrusting her cunt harder against my mouth.

As she began to moan louder with joy I was glad that my studio was remote from other properties. I moved up and placed the tip of my engorged cock at the entrance of this maiden vagina. I placed my mouth over Cara's and began to delve my tongue deep into her mouth as I had done into her cunt.

I slowly eased my cock into her soft vaginal folds until I reached her protective hymen. I pushed a little harder against her maidenhead as her facial expression changed to one of concern.

"It's just your hymen," I said, "we are about to break it."

With that Cara thrust her cunt harder forward and screamed as her virginity was ended!

"Wow, " she cried out, "now I can tell my friends I'm not a virgin!"

I continued thrusting into her fresh, smooth, tight cunt; and kissed her deeply. She was thrusting and writhing in ecstasy when I come deep in her lovely, silken sex. I continued thrusting until I was sure that every last bit of semen had entered her virgin hole, then I removed my cock and rolled off her perfect, young body.

I rolled onto my side and looked at the young ex-virgin lying beside me.

"You are beautiful," I gushed, "a beautiful young woman."

Cara had tears in her eyes as I spoke and I then asked her what the matter was.

"Nothing,  nothing," she said with a smile through the tears, "You were so good, so gentle and I feel warm and sexy all over."

I got tissues from the side table and cleaned up Cara's cunt, noting the blood which had soiled the sheet from her broken hymen. I told her that the blood was from her maidenhead, and that it would not happen again unless she had her period, or had very rough sex. She was reassured by my explanation.

After about an hour of cuddling and dozing on the bed Cara got up and said she wanted to have a shower. I showed her to the bathroom and gave her a towel. "Do you want to shower with me?" she asked, “You can wash my back for me."

I agreed and we got into the shower together and washed and played sexy games for about an hour. Cara went down on me and sucked my limp cock to erection and was soon getting a rush of semen into her mouth, much to her surprise. She gagged a little and then stood up and kissed me with a mouth full of my cum.

We finished our shower and towelled each other dry. Cara then went to the den and picked out another sex video to watch. While the video was playing I went down on Cara and brought her to a body shaking climax by tongue and finger. The video finished and Cara suddenly realised that she had to be home in ten minutes.

We dressed hurriedly and rushed out the door. I drove quickly to the corner of Cara's street and she insisted she get out there as she didn't think her mother would like her arriving home with a stranger. As I dropped her off I suggested she might like to come to the beach again the next day. She smiled and said cheekily, "I'll see if I can CUM again!"

I went home after dropping Cara off and sat and watched some television. I knew that I would be in serious trouble should any evidence of what happened with this almost fifteen year old got out. I felt the liaison would  stay secret, but it continued to play on my mind over the next few days.

I went to the beach  as usual, but Cara did not appear at all for five days. When  I did see her again she was with a woman I was later to know as  her mother, they sat some 100 metres from me. Cara’s mother was in a light summer dress and she wore a large straw hat against the sun. Cara was lying on her towel, and as she turned and saw me she removed her bikini top. I could see that she was arguing with her mother about being topless, and then, unexpectedly, she stood up, threw her bra at her mother, removed her bikini pants and ran toward the water‘s edge.     

 Her mother stood up and ran after Cara, but the young woman was too fast and soon Cara’s mother stood screaming by the water edge as the girl swam further out of her mother’s reach.  The woman stood stamping her feet and yelling. Other swimmers and sun-bathers looked on in amazement as Cara’s mother stood by the water.

Cara’s mother then threw down her hat about forty metres from the water’s edge, pulled her sun-dress over her head and removed her underwear. She piled her clothes on top of her hat, dived in and swam toward her startled daughter.

I could see where Cara got her fine figure from as her mother bared her lovely womanly body for all to admire.
The crowd on the beach looked on in amusement as mother and daughter swam around, with Cara trying to keep out of her mother’s grasp, and her mother equally determined to catch her recalcitrant child.
I walked to the water and dived in. I swam around trying to look nonchalant as Cara and her mother continued their pursuit and flight for about forty five minutes.

Cara’s mother tired of the chase and headed toward the shore. As she did she became aware that the tide had risen rapidly and swamped her clothes! She ran frantically toward her floating hat and, as I was between her and the shore, I swam quickly to where her bra was floating on the waves. I reached the bra but her panties and dress had sunk in the murky tidal waters.

I walked over to Cara’s mother and handed the bra to the embarrassed woman as she came toward me.  She thanked me.

Cara’s mother placed the sodden hat on her head and ran toward her towel. As she did she saw that Cara had left the water and had gathered their possessions and was now running naked around the point.

Cara’s mother then said to me, “Did you see that girl? She’s taken my towel and left me to be  naked in public. I’ve never done this before!”

She was shivering, despite the heat, and she began crying.

“It is a nude beach,’’ I said, “ and it is quite normal to do this.”

“Normal for you maybe , sir,” she replied, “But not for us! ”

I continued to defend the practice of nudism as I  also offered her the use of my towel to leave the beach. She accepted my offer when I told her I had clothes I could wear myself to leave the beach. I accompanied Cara’s mother to the towel, which she quickly pulled over her nakedness.

“I’m Mason Sexton,” I said as I stood there trying to be friendly.

“Marie-Therese Brown,” replied Cara’s mother, “thank you  Mr. Sexton, I  now need to find my daughter and take her home.”

Marie-Therese then said  “Mr. Sexton would you like to help me find my daughter? She may have gone to a friend‘s house. I am sure she has a friend I haven‘t met, because she was very secretive when she got home last week, and it may be a boy. I wouldn‘t like her to get into trouble, if you know what I mean.”

I smiled and asked “What will you do when you find her?”

“I just want her to know that she can be naked on the beach if she wants, but not when I am here. She can come down here with her friends for that, if any of those girls are like that, but I‘m worried about this new boy.” replied Marie-Therese.

“Alright,” I replied, “but don’t be too hard on her, it is normal for young people to want to try new things, even to embarrass or surprise their parents.”

“I realise that Cara would eventually want to spread her wings, but I didn’t think she would go featherless; at least not when she has just turned thirteen,” replied Marie-Therese.

“Thirteen!” I exclaimed, hardly able to stand from the sudden shock of this revelation.

“Oh yes, Mr. Sexton, I know she looks and acts older sometimes, but that little girl is just a teenager by a couple of months,” retorted Marie-Therese.

I felt weak-kneed as I stood before the mother of this child I had recently deflowered, and now she was inviting this naked despoiler of her young daughter to help find her!

Marie-Therese looked at me and asked,  in a concerned tone, if I was alright, . “Maybe you’ve had too much sun,” she said, “I can get someone else to help if you are not up to it.”

I told her I would be alright as I dressed to leave the beach.

We searched the car park and the nearby kiosk and the surf club bar. Cara had disappeared.

“Do you live far?” I queried.

“No, Mr. Sexton,” replied Marie-Therese, “I guess she could have run home, it is only about one kilometre up the road. But she was naked, so I hope she hasn’t got into trouble.”

“I’m sure she would have dressed before she went anywhere,” I suggested.

“You’re probably right Mr. Sexton,” Marie-Therese replied, “I will go home and see if she is there. Thank you for all your help.”

Then as she got to her car she asked for my address to return the towel. I gave her the address and walked to my car.

I got in and started the car. I reversed from my parking spot, and as I did Cara popped up in the back seat.

“Hello Mason,” Cara said.

“Hello yourself,” I said in a surly manner.

“What’s wrong Mason,” Cara returned, “has she been telling you tales about me?”

“Only that you are just thirteen!” I said.

“Oh that,” Cara replied in a nonchalant manner, “well, you wouldn’t have fucked me if you’d known would you?”

I was shocked and worried at the same time, “You haven’t told anyone have you Cara?” I asked desperately.

“No,” she replied, “but it could be arranged,” she teased.

“Do-do-n’t tell an-anyone wi-ill you ?“ I stammered.

“Not if you let me come to your place again soon,” she said deviously, “then we could discuss it over a hard cock.”

I told her that I would take her to my house again if she liked, but that given her age I would be in serious trouble if anyone found out. She agreed.

“This is the start of a long partnership,” she said as she crawled over to the front seat, “you can teach me all there is to know about sex, from the bottom up.”

“Sure,” I said in reply, “but you must keep our relationship secret from everyone else or I will end in court!”

“Okay, okay,” she replied, “but this is a sex pact, and I want you to do what you would do to any other woman.”

We went back to my studio. Cara wanted to be adventurous in her sexual pursuits, and we decided that I would teach her more techniques.

We had some food when we got to the studio, and again Cara watched some fine X-rated videos. After the videos I lifted her young body from the sofa and carried her to the bed.

 I told her to lie on her stomach as I got some massage oil from the bedside cupboard. I dribbled the perfumed oil over her shoulder, back and those lovely globes of her arse. I commenced with shoulder and back massage, and as she relaxed I moved to her soft young buttocks. My hands moved over the twin globes of flesh and soon my fingers were probing her anus and quim.

I rested my body gently on her and rubbed my stiff rod up and down her arse crack, moving from cunt to arse-hole, back and forth. When I was sure that Cara was fully relaxed I eased my finger into her cunt and gently pushed my cock-head against her anal sphincter. Her rear hole was so much tighter than her young cunt, and my cock began to spasm ready to cum as I eased it gently up her arse. Cara moaned and cried in utter ecstasy as my cock exploded into that virgin arse. Her body shook as I continued the rhythm and she reached climax after climax. When we each were satiated I rolled off the girl and pulled her into my arms, then kissed her deeply. We stayed together all that night.

Next day we returned to the beach. We stayed on the beach for a few hours, playing in the water, and sunning ourselves on the sand. Cara then decided she should go home, and I told her I would drive her there. She said it should be alright because her mother already knew me and had enlisted me to find her the previous day.

When we reached Cara’s house she told me she wanted me to come in with her in case her mother ranted and raved at her again. I followed Cara up the path to her house, and she opened the door. As we entered the house I saw Marie-Therese emerge from a passage.

“Well where have you been young lady?” Marie-Therese began, “I have been so worried about you, I was thinking of calling the police!”

“Oh, how gross,” Cara replied, “I don’t want dirty cops chasing after me! Anyway I was staying with a friend.”

“Well I was still worried,” Marie-Therese repeated, and came over and put her arms around Cara.

Cara put her arms around her mother and said quietly, “Sorry, Mum.”

I could see some tears forming in Marie-Therese’ eyes, as she looked toward me.

“Where did you find her Mr. Sexton?” Marie-Therese asked me as they left their embrace.

“Oh, a ..,”I began, but Cara interrupted saying I had brought her from the beach where we had met that morning.

Marie-Therese thanked me and asked if I wanted a coffee . I agreed and she led me to the sofa whilst she and Cara went to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Cara appeared with coffee, and Marie-Therese had some toast with cheese. They sat with me with me and we began small talk.

The telephone rang as we sat chatting, and Cara answered it. The caller was one of her friends and she took the ‘phone into another room for privacy.

“What work do you do, Mr. Sexton,” Marie-Therese asked as we continued talking.

“ I am an Artists and I write books.” I replied, “and I would prefer if you would call me Mason.”

“Okay, Mason,” she said with emphasis on my name, “You may call me Merri. It is the name my father called me, and amalgam of Marie and Terri. Now what kind of books do you write,” she continued.

“Manuals,” I replied.

“Oh, what kind of manuals, car or technical?”

“No,” I replied, “sex manuals.”

Merri looked at me dazed, “Sex manuals!” she exclaimed, almost spilling her coffee in surprise.

“Yes,” I said, “I also paint erotic art for inclusion.”

Merri was now turning a bright red colour, and was averting her eyes in  embarrassment.

“I-I didn’t know,” she stammered the obvious, “I-I’ve never met anyone who did that work before.”

“It’s specialist work,” I replied.

Cara returned to the room and said, “What’s wrong Mum?”

“Oh, nothing dear,” Merri replied, “I am just feeling a little hot.”

“Oh, alright then,”  Cara rejoined, “ I just thought I would go over to Randi … Oh, sorry, Miranda’ s  for a while, is that okay?”

“Sure, sure,” Merri said in her fluster, “but not out all night tonight, eh?”

“No Mum,” Cara replied as she disappeared out the door.

“It is so hard to bring up kids these days,” Merri said, “She is such a worry. I think this boy she’s seeing might be interfering with her.”

“Oh,” I said, knowing full well that the “boy” had deflowered her child recently, and was also continuing the interference!

“Yes, Mason,” Merri continued, “I don’t know how I can cope on my own any more.”

She began to cry. I went over and put my arm around her as she sat on sofa. She put her arms around me for comfort, and I then looked into her eyes and pushed my lips against hers. Merri responded by opening her lips, and I continued to kiss her , thrusting my tongue in her hot mouth.

In the heat of the moment my hand found her round mature breast, and I moved my fingers through the buttons and under her bra onto soft warm breast. Merri startled a little but continued the embrace , now  pushing her hot tongue into my mouth.

I unbuttoned the top of her dress and eased it off her shoulders until it dropped to her feet. I  then moved my hands behind her and unclipped her bra, which followed her dress to the floor. My hands were now kneading the soft flesh of her womanly globes, and soon her nipples were erect and pointing toward my chest.

My hands now found their way to her cotton-tail knickers, and my right hand  was caressing her prominent pubis. Our mouths continued to kiss passionately as my fingers now teased Merri’s womanhood through the cotton of her panties. I could feel her love juices saturating the crotch of her knickers, and I now moved my fingers around the cotton of her panties and onto the pulsing nub of her clitoris.

Merri pulled her mouth away and said urgently, “Bedroom!”

She took my hand and led me to her room where a king-size water bed dominated. Merri  lay on the bed and pulled me on top of her. I pulled at her panties until they were free of her quim, and then unzipped my fly and plunged my rigid cock into her quivering cunt.

The fuck was quick and I was soon shooting my load into her hot box. Merri continued to kiss me long after I had cum into her cunt, and she embraced me tight into her body as her climaxes continued , then subsided.

I rolled off Merri, and drew her into my shoulder. I again kissed her hot mouth. We stayed side by side for about half an hour, with no words passing between us, then Merri said, “I must buy your manual, you’re good.”

“Thank you,” I responded, and then moved down between her legs to begin again. My tongue moved up and down her musky sex, and I pushed my tongue into her cunt, licking out our combined juices. Merri began bucking in response and pushing her pelvis hard against my face. 
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A very enjoyable read.
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A delicious wee read! Will there be a chapter 2?

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Cute story! Lucky guy!

The needs of a young man in his prime are indeed the dreams of an old man. Sigh.


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