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Author Topic: Happy Father's Day (Mff, inc, cons)  (Read 28481 times)
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« on: April 29, 2008, 06:53:20 PM »

'This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.'

Sorry I haven't posted a new story in awhile, but I've been busy trying to finish work on my latest novel so I can get it off to my agent.  Those of you who write understand, I'm sure.  But fear not, my fellow sex fiends, I have for you a tale of a loving father and his very affectionate daughters that I think you will enjoy.  As always, comments good or bad are welcome, though I will naturally think that those of you who post negative replies are simply tasteless boors or people in desperate need of antidepressants.  So there.

"Happy Father's Day"

by Spectre

I was sitting in my recliner early one Sunday morning watching the news when my daughter Sharon walked in, rubbing her sleepy eyes.  She was wearing her favorite pajamas, a woolen sleeper with footies and long sleeves, but she still looked as adorable as ever.  She might have been only eight years old but the beautiful woman she would one day become was written in every line of her form.  Slender and graceful, darkly tanned with sun-bleached brown hair cut short to just below her ears.  She smiled dreamily at me as she made her way from the doorway to my lap, dragging her favorite stuffed animal behind her.

I folded my arms around her lithe form as she settled on my lap, putting her back to my chest and hugging her toy.  She draped her legs over the outside of my thighs and sighed as she nestled her head beneath my chin.  “What'cha watchin'?” she asked, and then yawned.

“Just the news,” I said.  “You want me to turn it to cartoons for you?”

“No, it's okay,” she said.  She put her arm over mine and rubbed the back of my hand.  I thought I knew what she was wanting.

“Did you have another one of those dreams?” I asked.  She nodded.  I smiled and kissed the top of her head.  My voice dropped to a husky whisper as I said, “Does my baby girl feel horny?”

She giggled and nodded again.  My cock was already swelling beneath her as my right hand moved from her flat tummy to her thighs and began to rub up and down.  She pushed herself back against me snugly and tried to open her legs even more.  She sighed as I cupped her crotch.  I could already feel the heat of her small pussy through the material of her pajamas, and as I began to rub her the aroma of her drifted up to my nostrils.  Little girl arousal has a very unique smell, unmistakable once you know what you're smelling.  Sharon groaned softly as I kneaded her little pussy, and she wiggled her butt to center her crack right over my swollen cock.  I hugged her with my left arm and pushed my hips up at her.  

Snuggling like this had grown naturally from innocent affection when she was six to what we did now.  I still remember the first time she had an orgasm, being stunned that such a young girl could react with such wanton passion.  She'd moaned so loudly that she'd awakened her older sister who then wandered out to see what the ruckus was.  A lot like what happened that Saturday with Sharon wiggling in my lap and moaning as I rubbed her through her pajamas.

I found the snaps in the crotch of the garment, the ones meant to allow her to go piss without having to strip.  The material flowered open to give me complete access to her little sex, and when I covered her softness with my hand and delved between her lips with a finger, she moaned loudly.  She tilted her head to look up at me.  I tried to kiss her like she was wanting but couldn't quite reach her.  She put her feet up on the cushion of the chair and lifted herself.  It was a trade off, losing the flexing softness of her ass on my wood and then feeling her wonderfully tender lips on my own.  Sharon loved to French kiss and didn't hesitate to push her little tongue into my mouth.  I slid a finger into her hole at the same time, and she moaned into my mouth.  She was very wet already, inner lips swelling and pushing outward, her vaginal passage slick and hot, her tiny clit swollen.  

“I love you, Daddy,” she groaned between kisses.

“I love you too, Sweetness,” I replied, curling my finger inside her as I tried to hit her g-spot.  She stiffened and cried out as her first orgasm swept over her.  God, I loved to make her cum.  It lasted a good sixty seconds before she relaxed and lay on my lap again, panting.  I squeezed her in a hug and thrust my hips up to grind myself against her, needing release of my own.  Glancing up, I noticed that her sister was standing in the doorway watching us.

“Looks like fun,” Barbara commented with a sly smile.  

“Good morning,” I said to her, soaking her in with hungry eyes.  At thirteen, Barbara was an incredible vision of loveliness.  Just six inches shorter than me and well rounded in every place that counted, she was voluptuous and sensual and every teenage boy's wet dream.  She already had B-cup breasts that filled my hands nicely, and I could see her nipples were hard from watching me with her baby sister.  They poked through the thin material of the t-shirt she wore to bed, the one emblazoned with a rainbow and Care Bears.  It was short enough to leave her high-cut panties completely exposed, and those in turn left her incredible legs bare to my gaze from hip to slender ankle and pretty little feet.  Like her sister, she was darkly tanned, both of them having inherited naturally dark skin from their mother and some Arabic ancestry, then darkened further by long hours playing by the river where we lived.  Her hair, naturally dark brown, had been dyed into streaks of blonde of multiple hues.  She batted her thick eyelashes at me as she sauntered my way, swinging her hips seductively.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she said as she put her hands on my knees and leaned over her sister to kiss me.  “You were supposed to wake me up when you got out of bed.”

“Sorry,” I said and tasted her lips again.  “I didn't think you wanted to get up this early.”

“It's Father's Day,” she said, grinning.  “I told you I'd fix you a good breakfast.  But, um...I think I'd like to eat something first.”  I felt her hand sliding between my thighs and pushing under her sister's body.  Sharon lifted herself by pushing her feet against the cushion and sliding her body up my torso.  Barbara's hands found the fly on my boxers and deftly extracted my cock.  I loved the feel of her long fingered hands stroking my shaft.  Smiling, she lowered herself to her knees and her face disappeared from view.  I felt hot breath on my cock followed by the tender softness of her mouth.  I moaned loudly as she licked around the tip, letting drool run down my shaft.

The first time she'd sucked my cock she'd been ten years old and had been unable to get all of me into her mouth.  She'd been enthusiastic, though.  Her best friend had taught her the technique during a sleepover, and she'd practiced on her mother's old vibrator for months before trying it out on me.  I still remember it, the way she'd taken off her clothes as she stood in front of me, both of us weeping because her mother had abandoned us.  I remembered how soft her naked body had been in my arms, the way she'd trembled when we kissed, her hands stroking my cock for the first time before she lowered her mouth to my crotch.  We had become lovers from that day on, sharing the same bed and a bond that went far beyond father and daughter.  

Now she had no trouble deep-throating me.  Not that I was impressively endowed with my mighty six and a quarter inches.  She tightened her mouth and made suction as she pulled her head up, making a slurping sound as if drinking through a straw.  I hugged Sharon even tighter and moaned loudly.  Sharon reached over her head to stroke my cheek lovingly.  I was still cupping her young pussy and I could feel the top of Barbara's head on the back of my hand.  She took one hand, grasped my wrist, and moved my hand out of the way.  I just used both arms to hug Sharon then, watching my older daughter earnestly suck my cock.  Barbara bobbed up and down slowly, letting my cock fuck her mouth gently.  “Oh my god,” I moaned, “I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Daddy,” Sharon told me softly, her face alight with her smile.  Barbara let my cock fall wetly from her lips and looked up at me from over her sister's body, smiling with her spittle coating her lips.  “I love you with all my heart, Daddy,” she said huskily.  Her hand continued to stroke my cock and there was so much wetness on it that it made a squishing sound in her fist.

“We want to give you a special Father's Day gift,” Barbara said.  Her eyes cut to Sharon.  My little girl nodded at her big sister, and suddenly I felt the head of my cock touching the soft lips of a pussy.  Sharon's pussy.  Barbara was pushing my cock against her sister's opening, and Sharon was pressing herself down.

“Wait,” I said, gasping.  “She's too small!”

“No, I'm not, Daddy,” Sharon said.  There was a strained sound to her voice, not fear exactly, but a certain tense apprehension.  She continued to press herself down and the head of my cock nestled snugly between her splayed inner lips.  She moaned as we both felt the head of my cock nestle firmly against her hole.  She gasped, “I've been practicing.  I can do it, Daddy.  I want you to fuck me.”

Groaning, I hugged her tightly with both arms and trembled.  I couldn't deny that I wanted it.  I'd taken her sister's virginity when she was eleven, after all.  Barbara knew that I was thinking of our first time too.  “She's got no hymen,” she reminded me softly.  I remembered the day Sharon had her bike accident and came to me bleeding from her vagina.  It happened that way sometimes, that delicate membrane simply vanishing without a hint of sexual activity.  There'd been no barrier to my finger the first time I'd slid it into her body, and now there would be nothing to tear and give her pain if I put my cock where my finger had been so many times.  She pressed down harder, and this time I lifted my hips to meet her.

Sensing my capitulation, Sharon giggled.  Barbara was smiling broadly, her eyes flicking between my face and the union of mine and her sister's bodies.  The head of my cock was completely engulfed by then.  I was doing it.  I was entering my little girl's pussy.

I moved my hands to her tiny hips.  I didn't press her down, though I wanted to.  I just held on, feeling her tremble as more of my cock went into her.  She began to lift up and down, fucking herself on the inch that was inside her.  She gasped with each bounce.  “It's inside me, Daddy,” she groaned.  “Your dick is in my pussy!  We're fucking!”

God I loved hearing them talk dirty.  Moaning, I pushed my hips up and held her still with my grip on her waist.  She cried out as another inch of my cock slid into her, stretching her.  I was worried I might be giving her pain, but Barbara said, “That's it, Daddy.  Don't stop, she loves it.  Fuck her, Daddy.  Please, fuck her!”

“Fuck me, Daddy,” Sharon panted.  “Please!”

I pulled the two inches I had buried in Sharon back out so that only the tip of my cock remained at her opening, then thrust up hard.  She screamed as a full three inches of my shaft dove into her.  She was incredibly wet, and I could feel her juices running down over my balls.  Barbara groaned and I could see she was frigging herself furiously.  She leaned her head toward the place where I was violating her sister.  Sharon stiffened and moaned as she felt her sister's tongue on her clit.  Then I felt Barbara's tongue on my cock, lapping juices and wildly exploring.  Another inch sank into Sharon.  I couldn't believe this was really happening, that my cock could possibly fit into an eight year old girl.  Yet there it was.  Her young pussy stretched to accommodate her father's prick, and the combination of her own natural secretions and her sisters slavering drool made the perfect lubrication.  She lifted herself off and sank onto me again.  Then again.  Each time more of my cock vanished into her body, until at last I felt my pubic hair rubbing against her hairless crotch.

I was completely inside my eight year old daughter's pussy.  Barbara moaned as orgasm washed over her.  I watched her face contort in ecstasy before pulling back and thrusting up into Sharon again.  My baby girl gripped my hands with her own, almost clawing me, the muscles in her legs tensing and rippling with effort as she lifted herself up and down my shaft.  I would pull back until just the head was left inside her snug cunt, then we'd come together again making a wet sound as my prick bottomed out inside her.  I was the perfect length to reach her cervix without causing her pain.  She was moaning almost constantly, tears running over her face as she worked to devour my cock with her young pussy.

“Do you like it?” I asked, whispering in her ear.

She nodded vigorously.  “Daddy!  Daddy!” she said matching words to thrusts.  Barbara groaned and lapped at her sister's clit again.  I felt her hand rubbing my balls.  I wasn't going to last more than a minute longer.  Already the exquisite thrill of orgasm was surging through my loins.  Sharon was right there with me, gasping, “I'm gonna...I'm gonna....”

“Yes, baby girl,” I groaned.  “Cum for Daddy.  Cum, Baby.”

Sharon screamed and went stiff.  Her pussy locked down on my cock like a vise as her orgasm rocked through her.  The instant her pussy relaxed for an instant I rammed my cock fully into her.  She shrieked again as another spasm seized her, this time with her cunt wrapped fully around the invading shaft.  Moaning, I saw white flashes of light behind my tightly closed eyes and my own orgasm hit me.  Powerful surges of ecstasy raced from deep inside me throughout my scrotum and up my cock into Sharon's body.  Jet after jet of sperm spewed directly into my preteen daughter's immature womb.  She shook like an epileptic, silent now, as her orgasm consumed her.  She went limp finally just as the last weak pulses of my cock sent a dribble of babymaking juice into her body.  Barbara lay her cheek against my inner thigh, panting as her own simultaneous orgasm subsided.  

Sharon lay limply on me, chest heaving, my cock still buried in her tiny body.  Barbara climbed shakily to her feet, face a mask of pure love and joy, and she managed to slide up beside me, resting on the arm of the chair.  I put my arm around her and held her close.  She kissed me gently, whimpering.  “I want you to fuck me next,” she said.  “I want to feel you in my ass today.”

I groaned.  “Are you sure?”

She nodded, her smile as bright as Heaven.  “We want you to know that we're yours, Daddy.  Completely, in every way.  I'll never want anybody else.”

“You don't know what you're saying,” I said gently, but I was touched all the same.  Sharon opened her eyes and turned her face toward me.

Barbara said, “I know what I'm saying, Daddy.  I want to be your wife.”

“Me, too,” Sharon said.

I hugged them both tightly, unable to speak.  How could I tell them how deeply moved I was, how much I'd wanted this but couldn't admit it even to myself.  My girls, my daughters, my lovers, forever.  “I love you both so much,” I told them.

“I love you too,” Barbara said, echoed by Sharon.  Then Barbara asked, “Daddy, how old should I be before you put a baby in me?”

I groaned.  My cock, which had been shrinking, swelled again and Sharon gasped as she felt me thrust into her anew.  I pulled Barbara's lips to mine and kissed her deeply, with true passion.  “When do you want it?” I asked her.

Trembling, Barbara's eyes lit with hope and joy.  “Now,” she told me.  “I want to feel your baby inside me now.  I want a fat tummy because you fucked me and knocked me up.  I want to be yours forever and ever, Daddy.”

“I want that too,” I said to her.  I thrust my cock into her little sister again and pulled them both tightly to me and added, “This is the best day of my life.”

Smiling, Barbara snuggled into my embrace and murmured, “Happy Father's Day, Daddy.”

And that was only the beginning.

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Sorry about the gaff.  Just goes to show you I suck at editing.  I shall correct the error forthwith.  Thanks!

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Lucky father... lol

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