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Author Topic: My Abduction - (M\g, NC, oral)  (Read 5099 times)
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« on: May 04, 2008, 05:24:07 AM »

My Abduction - (M\g, NC, oral)
By Little Dreamer
Edited by Gia1978

This is a short story told in the perspective of the little girl that it happened to if you like the story please let me know as I am trying this stile for a change of pace and would like some input on it… thank you.
I am a normal 10 year old girl and this is my story, the story of when I was abducted and molested by a stranger.

It was a nice summer day and I was at the park playing when I decided I was going to go to the store for a soda, but instead of going the long way, I used the short cut through the woods, not knowing a stranger was hiding in the woods watching all us kids playing. He grabbed me with one hand over my mouth and the other hand around my chest and told me if I screamed he would kill me. Then he carried me to his truck (van) and put me in the back of it, blindfolded and gagged me and tied my hands and feet.

I was sobbing thinking he was going to kill me as he drove for what seemed a long time. Then we stopped and I heard what sounded like a garage door opening and he drove in and stopped the truck and the door closed. He got out of the truck and I heard the side door open and he picked me up and carried my down some stairs to a room where he put me on a bed and untied me, removing my blindfold.
I looked around the room there was a small table and two chairs the bed I was on was a small bed, there were no windows in the room and two closed doors and one open door that was the bathroom. I started to cry and I heard him tell me to shut up and get my clothes off and he would be back in a bit… if I was still dressed, he would beat the hell out of me.
After he left I cried for a while. Not wanting him to beat me, I got undressed and was laying on the bed when he returned with a bag to put my clothes in. He walked over and put his hand on my ass and rubbed it saying, “Mmm nice little ass… you will be a fun little girl for a week or so won’t you little one?” And gave my ass a squeeze before he left with the bag with my clothes in.
I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up I was on my back with my legs spread wide and he was licking and rubbing my cunny. I was scared to move and it did feel good, but I still didn’t want him or any one licking and rubbing my cunny. I tried to close me legs but he held them open, then he stuck a finger up my ass and told me to lay still. He rubbed and licked my cunny for what seemed like hours to me. I had two spasms (orgasms) while he was doing this. I never had a spasm (orgasm) before and they felt good.

I guess I had passed out before he stopped because the next thing I remember is him waking me up to eat. There were two plates of food on the table, I was hungry and it looked good so I got up and sat at the table to eat. It wasn’t bad, I think it was TV dinners not something he made himself. After we ate he told me it was time to get cleaned up for bed and led me to the shower. It was a big shower it had a bench in it and all. I got in the shower and turned on the water and soon found out he was going to be showering with me.

I had never seen a boy naked before and didn’t know the difference between girls and boys yet. So it was a shock to me to see him step in to the shower with a big hard thing like that between his legs. I soon found out what the bench was for too. After he washed me he sat down on the bench and told me to get on my knees and suck his ‘dick’. I didn’t want too but he told me if I didn’t he would stick it up my ass after he beat the crap out of me. So not wanting to have the crap beat out of me I did as he told me and sucked his thing. I didn’t think it was all that bad until it shot that salty stuff in to my mouth. I didn’t like the taste of it and tried to spit it out but he wouldn’t let me take my mouth off his thing to spit it out… so I had to swallow it. After that his thing got limp and smaller and he looked happy and told me to go to bed.

The next day I woke up to him rubbing my back and my ass I didn’t know want to move I layed there hoping he would leave, but he didn’t. The next thing I knew he was putting his dick in my mouth and pinching my ass to wake me up. When I opened my eyes he told me after I sucked his dick, I could have breakfast if I wanted it. I looked at the table to see a plate of eggs with ham, toast and juice sitting there on the table.

So I sucked his dick and after he left I sat and ate breakfast. It wasn’t the best but I was hungry and wanted to get the taste of that salty stuff out of my mouth. After eating I went to the bathroom and not having anything to play with and no TV I laid down and fell asleep. I woke up to see him sitting on the bed looking at my cunny, rubbing his dick. I didn’t want to suck that thing again so I closed my eyes and didn’t move. He sat there for a while then patted my head and told me it was lunch time, I opened one eye to see a bag from burger king on the table and him leaving the room. I jumped up and went over to the table and looked in the bag. There was a hamburger french fries and onion rings and a soda in the bag, good food “Thank God!” I thought to myself as I sat and ate.

I was finishing when he came back in the room, I looked to see him with a bag that he put on the bed and told me he would be back later and then he left. I finished eating and went to see what was in the bag hoping it was my clothes. No luck… it was a plastic egg shaped thing with a wire coming off it going to a switch thing. I picked it up to look at and hit the switch and it started vibrating! There were other things in the bag too. Some looked a bit like his dick, but nothing interesting to play with I thought, and put the bag on the floor and sat there on the bed.             

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