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Author Topic: THE MOMMY CLUB - 6 months later - by FOXI 3 (f/f, f/g, f/b)  (Read 3977 times)
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« on: February 11, 2013, 07:13:58 PM »

6 months later




(The author does not condone child sex or any form of it. This story is for the purposes of entertainment only.)

6 Months Later..............

    Carol stood near them, camera in hand filming the two as they fucked. She loved doing this, loved watching the video later with her husband Henry, going over all the juicy details as he plunged his thick cock into her creamy cunt.

    But right now he was busy plunging that beautiful cock into Leah, their newest member while her mom was away with Beth in Mexico. It was only for the weekend but they had her all to themselves. Marni's only request was not to ass fuck her. The little slut needed a break there. Henry frowned and complained but he still loved sliding his dick inside the young girl.

    Their son, Jake was away with friends and wouldn't get a shot at Leah who was pushing back against Carol's husband getting half of his thick meat inside her insatiable smooth pussy. Creamy juices ran down her legs making them shiny.

    "That's it, Leah take as much as you can of that hot cock," said Carol as she moved closer zooming in on her husbands slick cum coated cock as it slid in and out of the dark haired little beauty. Leah moaned softly as she bucked back capturing another inch of Henry's cock. He groaned and shuttered and Carol, knowing her husband well, knew that he was about to unload a lot of cum into Leah.

    "Ohhhhhh...shit...," he cried out as he shuttered. He pushed his cock as deep as he could inside the girl shooting his hot load into her as she squirted around his thick meat. Carol caught it all on the camera, capturing the thick rivulets of her hubby's cum dripping out of the girls tight pussy.

    "Mmmmm, Leah, baby. Like feeling that inside you, honey?" asked Carol as she told the child to reach back and spread her pussy wide. Leah nodded, very much aware of their routine and spread her cunt lips wide exposing her dripping wet pussy and the thick cum pouring from it.

    Carol moved between her legs and filmed it, licking her lips as she did so. Putting the camera down she licked Leah's pussy driving her tongue inside her, tasting her husbands cum. Leah moved her small ass upwards, rotating it in tight little circles as she felt Carols tongue slip in and out of her.

    Leah cried out as she came again, filling Carols mouth with her tiny squirts of her hot juices.

    Carol, wiped her pussy and ass and kissed her.

    "Better get showered little one. Your mom's coming to pick you up soon. Bet you'll be glad to see her?" said Carol as she started to rub the course towel over Leah's little puffy nipples making them even harder.

    "Yes, I can't wait. Can I stay here again...soon," she said in her little girl voice.

    Carol kissed her hotly, their tongues twirling together and soon broke away. The girl was incredible. She made Henry harder than he's ever been and Carol squirt like crazy.
Her long black hair, like her mothers and her dark eyes sparkled as she looked at Carol.

    "Don't worry, Leah. I'll get your mom to send you back real soon. Poor Henry didn't get a chance to fuck your tight little bum, did he? He loves that so much, baby."

    Leah pouted, her lush full lips all shiny with Henry's cum.

    "I know. Mommy said I had to give my bum a break and told me no more until she says so," said Leah biting her bottom lip.

    Carol knew that Marni didn't want her baby to have problems like many girls got from too much anal sex. But the girl was a natural and could take anything in that luscious ass of hers. Still, it was her mothers request and they did want to see her again. Especially now that Marni was hanging out with Beth so much these days and that could only mean that she was getting into animal sex.

    When they had heard that she was heading to Mexico for the weekend with Beth, it was confirmed. That was Beth's away place, her special getaway to fuck big cock. So they wanted to get as much sex time with little Leah as possible before mom took her with them.

    "Go, clean up, baby. I'll pack your things. Hurry," said Carol watching her naked hot body run up the stairs to the shower.

                                               *   *   *   *

    Marni pulled up in the driveway of Carol's house. She was tanned and fresh looking. Carol came out with Leah and her tiny backpack.

    "How was the trip?" she asked winking at her. Marni laughed.

    "A BIG success. Liked it a lot. Tell you about it later," she said as she buckled Leah into the car seat and gave her a hot kiss.

    "Did my little slut behave herself?" asked Marni as she pushed a wisp of hair from Leah's lovely face.

    "Hell no," said Carol as she leaned into the car and kissed Leah equally passionately.

    They said their goodbyes and Marni drove out. Marni smiled at Leah knowing how promiscuous she was. No doubt they fucked her all weekend.

    "Did you have fun, baby?" asked Marni.

    Leah nodded and smiled.

    "Oh yes, mommy. We played movie star all weekend. It was really fun and felt so good."

    Marni knew that scenario well. She could see the both of them filming every little detail of her babies fucking.

    "They didn't use your bum did they, baby?" asked Marni her eyebrows arching as she asked her.

    "Oh, no, mommy. Carol said it was forbidden and they only kissed it and licked it."

    Marni laughed. God, she was one to talk. Her weekend with Beth was so damn exciting and hot she could easily cum just thinking about it. Beth even told her she loved her. That, was something new to Marni and she had to think about it further. But the images of dog, donkey and horse cock filled her vision as she drove. So much of it that it blurred and got mixed up in the timeline. Marni's pussy was hurting just a bit from all the activity. Beth was right. It was all she craved now that she had it.

    "I'm hungry," said Leah in her tiny little girl voice. Marni saw a McDonalds and drove in.

                                             *   *   *   *

    When they got home there was a package at the doorstep. Marni picked it up and knew it was roses. Leah looked at it and giggled.

    "Mommy, someone sent you flowers. Someone likes you," she said this in a sing song fashion teasing her mom.

    Marni looked at the card that came with it. It was from Beth. "Thank you for such a lovely weekend my pony girl. Love Beth."

    Marni smelled the rich scent of the flowers and happily went into the house quickly placing the roses in a vase and staring at them and the card. Leah ran to the television turning it on and jumping on the couch to watch. Marni said nothing, knowing well that she had little time to watch TV at Carols house.

    The phone rang and she picked it up. Beth's voice sounded sexy and luscious.

    "You got home alright, love?" she said. "Miss you already, darling. Hows my little slut,
Leah? Did they use her 24/7?"

    Marni laughed, her rich tones filling the air. She loved Beth, loved her dirtiness, her sluttyness.

    "I think they did. Carol told me that Henry got half his cock inside her. That's an accomplishment for Leah."

    "Takes after her mommy. Soon she'll be ready to join us, my love."

    Marni knew that one day that might be true. But not yet. Seeing her baby on a stage before strangers, sucking a donkey and letting it slide its huge member inside her was something for a far future date. She loved it, craved it and probably would share that experience with Leah someday.

    "Mmmmm...I know. Not yet, soon," said Marni.

    "I can't wait. I did it when I was only twelve years old. My mother brought me to the club to earn money for her. But I liked it and didn't care if we got one red cent."

    Marni knew the story. Knew that Beth was always a pony girl. She married out of convenience, not love. The club owner knew her from the beginning and welcomed her and anyone who wanted to partake of her perversions. Each night the place was crowded with people. Each night Marni and Beth performed for them covering the stage floor with animal semen and their cum. Marni couldn't wait to get back on the stage and do it again.

    "I'll see you later," said Beth purring over the phone. "I'll never get the image of the stallions cock sliding all the way inside you. I squirted endlessly as I watched. I love you, Marni."

    Marni rubbed her pussy through her jeans and said goodbye.

                                              *   *   *   *

    Dani came to the house the next day in her bikini, or what you could call a bikini. It showed almost every square inch of her. They kissed at the door and Marni led her to the back of the house and the pool. Leah was sunning herself, naked. Her tiny body glistening with tanning oils. Her smooth pussy was all wet and her nipples all puffy and stiff from the slight breeze that tingled them.

    "Well, I see that Leah is not too shy," she laughed as she shed her robe and stretched out on the lounge chair by the pool and Leah. Marni wore only the bottom half of her bikini. It was but a small patch that barely covered her pussy.

    "Want a drink, Dani?"

    Dani nodded and stared at her as she went into the house loving the hard well toned body. The firm breasts and her incredible ass. Beth was indeed reaping the benefits of that body and sharing it with animals. Dani wasn't sure that she liked all. She loved fucking Marni, loved to fist her and make her squirt cum like crazy. The idea that some animal was doing the same to her, making her squirt gallons was disconcerting. She looked down at Leah, who wore heart shaped sunglasses and was baking in the sun in comfort.

    "Hows my little slut? Like fucking, Leah?" she asked.

    Leah turned to look at her and giggled. Licking her lips she spoke in her soft girlish voice.

    "I like it a lot, Miss Dani."

    Dani nodded, knowing that to be true. She heard from the others in the club that Leah was an insatiable little slut indeed. The twins loved her, Jake fucked her regularly and the girls husbands loved to slide their cocks inside her tight little ass as often as they could. Poor Delia, her baby girl, wasn't getting as many calls these days. She was spending more time masturbating or asking her mom to satisfy her, which Dani did with delight. Her daddy fucked her often enough, but she was never satisfied.

    "Here you go," said Marni as she handed Dani a tall glass of tea.

    "Marni, I think its time to introduce you to my little art menagerie. I don't bring to many people to it. The girls haven't been to it...yet. I want you to be the first."

    Marni looked confused. Menagerie? What was Dani talking about?"

    "What is it, Dani? Why haven't the girls in the club been told about it?"

    "Because it's mine. Something I don't share. They use my body often enough. This, I like to keep to myself. Now I want to show it to you and Leah if you want. I have a warehouse not far from here where I store many of my belongings and also my menagerie of toys. Sometimes when I feel that I have to have alone time, I go there. I think you'd love it."

    Marni smiled and nodded. She knew that Dani was jealous of Beth. She had heard as much from some of the others. Dani had brought her into the club and expected some kind of, what....loyalty, love? She did love her as a friend and was grateful for her introducing her to the group. But she didn't love her the way she wanted. But what harm could come from visiting this menagerie.

    "Ok, lets do it," said Marni sipping her drink.

                                             *   *   *   *

    The trip was a short one. It was but a hour away in the valley and in a private location away from most other buildings. The warehouse was really a security building that her husband owned. It was there that they kept many of their investments. Leah was in the back of the car watching out the window.

    "Here we are," proclaimed Dani as she parked the car and got out.

    They went through a security door and walked for ten minutes to a rear room. The place was air controlled and warm and Marni felt excited to see this menagerie. Dani opened the door and turned on the lights. The room was enormous and filled with priceless painting and art. Beyond that was another room. She unlocked the door and led them into the menagerie.

    "Wow, " said Leah as she stared at the many statues, expensive life size works that filled the room. Marni had never seen so many. There were Greek gods in all their splendor, naked with full size cocks, animals of all kinds sporting erections, even women in various sexual positions. It was Dani's private play land.

    Leah moved to one of the statues, a man, his cock was enormous and pointing straight out. She touched it and fondled it. It was so smooth. She giggled. Marni moved slowly about the room and couldn't believe how realistic it all was. So this was where Dani spent a lot of her time. Doing things with these...sexual toys, that she didn't want others to see.

    "Like my place?" asked Dani as she moved close to Marni, her hand wandering over her ass.

    Marni could feel her pussy getting very wet already.

    "It's incredible. You kept this secret all this time?" asked Marni loving the way Dani was toying with her ass. Her fingers sliding between the crease leading to her pussy.

    "Mmmmmm. Now I share it with you."

    Marni looked over to where Leah was and saw her baby sucking on the statues cock, licking and fondling it. It didn't take Leah long to figure out what the place was for. Near every statue was a bench or couch that one could use if they wanted to use the statue for sex. Leah was on the bench her mouth was sucking loudly, getting the hard marble cock wet with her juices. The cock was a perfect replica in every detail and the young girls liked it... a lot.

    "Looks like she got started. Shall we?" She led Marni to a huge statue of a horse. It was life sized and so was the cock protruding from its underside. Marni could see that the cock was not marble as was the horse itself. It was plastic and lifelike in its length.

    Dani began to remove her clothes as well as her own and soon both were naked.

    "Show me what you learned in Mexico, baby. I want to see. But first..."

    Dani pulled her close and kissed her hotly, mouths wide open, tongues swirling, probing. Dani loved to feel this girl, loved tasting her. When they broke away, Marni looked into her eyes.

    "Why didn't you tell me you liked the same things as Beth. Why all the secrecy? I could have shared this with you and we could have made love here so many times."

    Dani nodded and looked down. She wanted her so badly.

    "Show me, Marni. Show me how you fuck."

    Marni pulled away and slowly went to the statue. Her beautiful body swaying and teasing as if the animal were alive and watching her. She kissed its face, mouth. She rubbed her breasts against its flank as she moved to the horses rear. Dani watched, her fingers sliding over her cunt, pulling her clit and moaning loudly. Marni knelt before the huge cock taking it into her grip, not able to get her fingers around its girth and began to suck it.

    Behind Dani she could hear little Leah grunting and moaning. Leah had also knelt on the bench her buttocks high on the end of it impaling herself on the thick cock. Dani licked her lips as she watched the child take the whole cock inside her over and over. So small and so able to take such thickness. Her pussy made hot wet noises with each thrust and soon she cried out her body shuttering, cunt exploding with juices over the Greek gods torso.

    Marni turned and aimed her ass high, her legs wide as she reached back to take hold of the thick horse cock. Pressing it to her gaping cunt she pushed back. To Dani's excitement she watched as Marni slid it almost all the way inside her.

    "Come here," said Marni as she began to fuck back, driving the replica cock deep.

    As in a dream, Dani moved to her, seeing the huge cock spear her over and over easily. Marni made her kneel behind her and watch.

    "Do you like it, Dani?" asked Marni through clenched teeth as she began to cum. Her cum dripped around the horse cock and down her thighs. Dani rubbed her clit faster, loving the vision before her. It was incredible. Marni cunt was stretched so wide as she pushed back. The horse cock was covered with her juices and dripping off it.

    "Yes," she said, barely able to speak. Her cunt was on fire and seeing Marni take such a cock inside her made her squirt over and over.

    Leah moved to another statue, her body on fire now in this place filled with so many things she wanted to try. Next she picked a statue of a dog, it front paws resting on a large bolder lifting it up and leaving room for someone to crawl beneath it. She giggled as she saw the large doggie cock beneath. It was funny looking and she touched it. It was thick and rubbery with a ball in the center of it. She wanted to try it like her mommy was doing with the horse.

    She crawled under the dog and slid back to capture the dog cock in her little palm. She stroked it and pushed it into her pussy. Slowly she moved back, her pussy feeling the unusual length of the animal and its thickness. She liked it and soon was pounding back against the animals flank. She gave a quick peek over at Dani and her mommy and decided to try what she really wanted. Pulling off the cock she pointed it at her asshole. She liked it in her bum. Pushing back she could feel the tip of the cock slid into her bum and moaned. Carefully, like her mommy showed her, she took it inside her in small lengths at a time. Soon she had almost all of it in her tight ass. She fucked it, moaning and pulling her nipples. Then she felt that ball slapping against her ass cheeks.

    She pushed back harder, wanting it inside her. It hurt a bit. It was so big. She bucked back harder until she could feel it sliding into her. The knot entered her ass and she closed her eyes loving the feeling as she fuck fast and hard, loving the knot in her. Leah's pussy squirted so much from the feeling she was getting. Then she felt the base of the statue where the cock was attached and knew she had every inch inside her bum. It felt so good. She fucked back hard and loved it.

    Marni felt the base of the statue too as she performed for Dani. Every inch slid inside her wet cunt. She must have at least fourteen inches inside her, stretching her, thought Dani as she drove her fingers deep inside her cunt. I want that too, she thought as she saw Marni cry out in pleasure.

    After hours of pleasure Marni taught her to take the horse cock deeper than she ever had before. Dani moaned and bucked, driving her cunt upon the huge cock. Soon she too had every inch inside her. Cum spilled from her pussy onto the floor and Marni made sure to lick up every drop.

                                             *   *   *   *

    When Marni and Leah got home they crawled into bed cuddling. Marni kissed her baby and told her how much she loved her. Naked she could feel Leah's puffy nipples poking against hers. They kissed deeply and soon Marni was licking Leah'a cunt to a hard cum.

    "Ohhhhhhhh...mommy...don't stop...." cried Leah as she spread her legs wider.

    "You were a bad girl today, Leah," said Marni who kissed her clit and licked her juicy slit. "You fucked the doggie cock in your bum."

    Leah giggled. She knew her mommy was watching. But it felt so good and she had squirted so much.

    "I'm sorry mommy. I promise I won't do it until you tell me too."

    Marni licked down until she got to Leah's asshole and promptly began to slide her tongue inside her while flicking her small clit.

    Leah groaned and grabbed hold of her moms head pushing it deeper.

    "Ohhhhhhh...." she moaned softly as she felt her moms tongue begin to fuck her. "Ohh yes mommy, I like it there so much...."

    Marni knew she loved anal. Liked it even more than regular fucking. She slid a finger inside her asshole. Leah ground down on it driving it deeper. It felt so hot and wet inside her babies ass. Soon Leah was fucking her finger, moving her tight ass in circles onto it. Marni added more fingers until she had four inside her hot little girl.

    "That's it darling. Fuck mommies fingers. Such a hot sweet little darling," cooed Marni as she slid her fingers in and out. "Take it deeper baby, show mommy how good you are."

    Leah listened and did what her mommy wanted driving her ass hard onto her moms hand until she felt her mommies hand slide inside her ass. She cried out, not in pain but in absolute pleasure. It felt so wonderful, so filling as her mommy moved it in and out of her stretched ass. She began to squirt hot dribbles of cum from her pussy with each thrust of her mommies hand. Deeper went Marni, amazed that her baby could take such thickness and love it.

    Throughout the night, Marni fucked her, fisted her, made her ready for bigger things to come. After Leah fell deeply asleep she called Beth and told her.

    "She's ready my love, so ready."

    Indeed she was.

                                                   THE END

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Just as hot as part I!

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You always give us a hot story, FOXI! Lots of hot, nasty sex at a very good pace and perfectly detailed. Thanks!

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« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2013, 07:05:55 PM »

Wow, nice story. Like the love triangle between Marni/Beth/Carol, and can't wait for more. Please continue.

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