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Author Topic: how I became a morning person (MF wife share)  (Read 859 times)
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How I Became A Morning Person
Ok,This is a story of how i became a morning person.My wife kate and i have a great marrige and sex life, but she always seems to be at her horniest times in the morning. Me , i have never been much of a morning person as far as sex goes.We have a small horse and beef cow farm plus we both work full time jobs , so our life if pretty busy.Anyway back to the story.One morning kate says to me you rellay need to change your ways and be ready for sex when i get home, she works 11 p.m. till 7 a.m. so she is horny and wants sex before she goes to sleep. So i tell her I'll try but its just hard for me to get into it first thing in the morning. For the next two weeks i tryed everything to be ready and it just doesn't come.Kate is understanding but very frustraited with good reason.We are mild swingers and like to play when we can find the time so i suggest she finds a boy toy to use when she is in the mood and i'm not. i kinda got that look of hers that says "yea right" So now i come up with the idea that maybe we should hire some help to do some chores around the farm and that mite take some of the work load and stress off of us and also may help me in the mornings. Kate agrees with the idea and we begin to look for help.We put an add in the paper and had many people apply but after about 15 interviews i was begining to think we'd never find anyone, they all seem to have this or that wrong.Just as we were about to say to hell with the idea we got a call from a guy who had been going to college nearby and was looking for a part time job to fill up his summer break. He sounded great for the job but his problem was he needed a place to stay while college was out.Our kids had just recently moved out and we were really enjoying the house to ourselves so we weren't sure on what we could do.Kate came up with the idea to set our camper up for him and he could stay there for the summer after all it would just be a couple months. So i called him back and told him our idea and to stop bye the next day and check it out to see if it would work for him.The next day he shows up and introduces himself as josh and he was here to check this out. He was about 6' tall short blonde hair, clean cut with a rugged build,and i think he is built to work.I showed him around the place and he said everything looked great and asked when could he start. I told him he could start tomorrow if he liked and if he wanted to he could move in today.I go in the house and tell kate that we are all set we now have help and things should get better.The next morning kate came home from work a little late and i had over slept and was running late for work so i asked her if she'd show josh what to do to get started and i would be home later to fill him in on the rest .She wasn't happy about it but agreed to do it,she said she was very tired and hadn't been sleeping well but ok. Now i head to work thinking this is great when i get home i will only have a few things to do instead of everything to do and i should be well rested so when kate gets home now in the mornings we can get to humping , but when i get to work i find out i have to now take five days of classes manditory for my job and that they are two hours away. Just fuck'n great, finally get some help and now i have to leave town for a week, Kate complained about not getting it in the mornings now she won't get it at all for five days.When i got home and told kate the news and that i had to leave early the next morning she again wasn't too happy, but one thing about my wife she does what she has to do and is very understanding. I told her i would check in regular in case there was a problem .She said she didn't think there would be that josh seemed to know what he was doing and did a great job today,which eased my mind hearing that. I leave the next morning and get to the classes .They were the most boring things i'd ever sat thru, god 8 hours a day for 5 days . I couldn't wait for after class to call kate and hear her voice and see how things are going. When i called kate she was in a very cheerful mood , which i was glad to hear.We chatted for a while about the classes then i asked how the farm was doing .She told me the farm was great but there was a problem with the stove and the shower in the camper so she told josh he could stay in the house till i got home and could fix it. Cool by me.After another hour of chatting she said she had to get ready for work and to call her tommorrow. I suffered thru the next day of classes and rushed to the hotel to call my loving wife.Again she answers very cheerful and happy and i'm thinking gee she's taking this all very well.As we continue talking i ask her what has her in such a great mood with which she replied, well honey remember when you told me to find a boytoy? I did. Great i said when are you going to hook up with him?Sheepishly she said i kinda already did. Wow that was fast i think, usually she takes her time in getting to know someone before playing. Just then my battery dies in my phone. Shit by the time i get enough charge to call her back she will be at work. Now i'm going crazy thinking who it could be where she hooked up with him and all that stuff. I love to hear details of stuff like this but it won't be until after my next class before i can.After classes the next day i rush back to the hotel ,this time with a fully charged phone. As i'm calling kate my dick is getting harder and harder thinking about hearing details. She answers in a great mood again and i tell her sorry for last nite but my phone died. Next words outta my mouth was fill me in on the details of your new boytoy, who, what ,where you know. She laughs and says slow down there big boy and i'll tell you all about it.Ok for the who, its our new farm hand josh,Remember when you had me show him where to start? Well i went out to the barn and josh was throwing hay to the horses , he had his shirt off and had on those tight levis and i found myself so horny just at seeing how hot he looked and you know how horny i get in the morning. So i showed him what to do and had all i could do to not drop to my knees and suck him off right there. God honey he looked so hot! Anyway i told him when he was done to come in and shower and i would make him breakfast before he started the other chores.When he came in and showered my pussy was so wet from seeing him all sweaty and looking all buff.He took his shower and came into the kitchen in just a pair of shorts.You sure know how to pick'em hun. As we talked over breakfast i found out he had just gotten out of a relationship and how it really hurt him. Then one thing lead to another and the talk got more sexual, how it had been a month since he had been layed and i told him about our little delema of how horny i get in the morning and your not able to get it done. When we were talking he was looking straight into my eyes and made me very weak to the point i had to do something.I had to see if he was as horny as i was so i took my foot and slid it between his legs on to his cock, then i knew, he was so hard.I tryed to take control of my emotions hun so i got up and grabbed up the dishes to put them in the sink. While i was doing the dishes he came up from behind me wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him and started kissing my neck . Between that and his hard cock pressed in to my ass i couldn't take any more, i turned to him and we kissed like long lost lovers , his hands caressing my body i dropped to my knees and ripped down his shorts and started sucking his cock. His cock was so hard and smooth , clean shaven and smelled so good i couldn't stop.He then pulled me up and kissed me some more as he carried me to the table where he sat me and he dropped to his knees , pulled my shorts off and sucked my pussy.I came so many times hun, but i wanted to feel his cock in me. I pushed him away and told him to fuck me, and fuck me he did. We fucked and fucked till we both were spent.After we regained our composure he kissed me again and told me how hot i was and that he had never been fucked so good. He went on and did the rest of his chores and i went to bed, i slept so good baby.At work that nite i bounced around like a kid in a candy store , i just couldn't get josh off my mind.When i got home from work josh was still in bed, as i went in to wake him i thought what the hell, i stripped and went in pulled the covers down and gently kissed his already hard cock. He squirmmed a bit and let out a soft moan. I climbed on him and rode that cock like he's never been rode before.When we were done i went to sleep and agian i slept great. So honey i plan to do this every morning to help me sleep.After hearing her tell me all of this i was so hard and horny i had to take care of the porblem by myself. The rest of the week i couldn't stop thinking of my hot wife and her new found boytoy, i must have jacked off twenty times over the next couple days.Finally classes were over and i headed home. I couldn't wait to tear in to that hot sexy wife of mine.When i got home kate was just leaving for work , she gave me a kiss and said see you in the morning.Josh came in and i told him that we should go out and look at the camper to see if we could fix the shower and stove. Josh seemed very nervous as we worked on the camper , so i told him that kate had told me everything and that it was cool that we have an open relationship and not to worry about a thing. We fixed the camper and josh moved back in.The next morning i woke up ,It seemed kate wasn't home yet so i went out to help josh do chores. Walking by the camper on the way to the barn i noticed it rocking and soft moaning coming from inside. I opened the door and looked in to find my wife on top of josh going at it like a wild animal. WOW talk about an instant hardon, she looked so hot. Hearing the door open she looked back at me and told me to watch how hot it could be if i was a morning person. She was incredible as she rode this young guy with so much passion and aggression.I just stood there in awe as they both fucked until they both had intense orgasims.I went to the barn now so horny i can hardly function and started chores. A few moments later josh came in helping me finish chores and telling me how hot he thought my wife was and what a great guy i am for letting her enjoy this situation.I head back to the house about as horny as i had ever been, kate had just got out of the shower and crawling into bed. I crawled in next to her gave her a kiss, snuggled up next to her with my stiff cock pressed against her looking to get a little lucky myself. But what i got was"oh honey i'm wore out and tired now maybe when i get up i'll give your a handjob if your a goodboy.Now i love her handjobs but as horny as i am i wanted some of that hot pussy that josh had just gotten.When she got up i did get my handy but that was all , then she was off to work. The next morning it was the same as the day before, josh got his brains fucked out , i got to watch and get a handy later.This went on day after day for the next few weeks until josh had to go back to college. For that time every morning i would wake up with a raging hardon with the hopes of kate coming home from work and fucking me the way she fucked josh.The first morning kate came home from work after josh had left , she pull the covers back as to crawl in bed and there i am laying naked with a hardon you couldn't beat down with a baseball bat.I look up at her as she says "honey what have we here? Is my poor hubby horny?" With that she went down on me and sucked me off like a champ till i blew a huge load in her mouth but that wasn't enough i was still hard as a rock." My honey must want something more cuz that cock of his is still so hard" she says. She climbed on top of me and we fucked every which way for hours. From that day on when she got home from work i was a morning person.

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