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Author Topic: Mom's Lessons  (Read 12484 times)
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« on: June 16, 2007, 08:28:52 PM »

You must be over 18 for read this story with rape, if you not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read not more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Any man who commit rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right if they not hurt somebody.

Mom's Lessons

by Lajan

Mom's Lessons

Chapter One

Markale and I had been going together for about two months and I was really starting to like him when my mom finally went ballistic. She's always been a royal pain in my ass, making me do all sorts of crap that no other moms were making their kids do and giving be a hard time when I did it, too! I was just past 18 and I figured I would be leaving home soon anyway so I'd finally had enough when she busted into my room and told me I couldn't go out with Markale tonight. No matter what I said she was not going to listen to me and I screamed that I was going out anyway.

Just as I was slamming the front door, Markale drove up with four buddies of his. I was in no mood for putting up with his thug friends and told him I thought this was going to be our night out, alone. He looked pissed and his friends started to get loud but he told me he was just dropping them off at the party across town and we'd be alone together soon enough. His friends all started talking mess and saying they wanted to "be alone" and having fun, too, but he just laughed at them and we drove off.

While we were driving, I told him that I was thinking about moving out and leaving mom at home alone since she acts like such a bitch to me now that daddy moved out and Markale slowed the car and pulled over. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to get her back and I said 'yeah, she deserves it, the bitch'! He told his buddies to get the camcorder out of the trunk and they WOULD be able to have a little fun tonight after all. They were all like 'great!' so we drove back to the house and parked down the street a bit. I was getting worried that they'd really hurt my mom but Markale told all of us this was payback and he wanted to see the whole thing on tape later. We all agreed she'd only get gang banged and I sneaked Markale's buddies in through the front door after looking in mom's bedroom window to see if she was in there watching TV (She was) and I went back outside to meet Markale by the bedroom window to watch.

In seconds, they rushed her on the bed where she was wearing a bathrobe over her clothes, grabbing her arms and legs and pinning her down. One of them set up the camcorder, turned the sound on the TV down and opened the window we were outside of slightly while his friends pulled the robe off mom and ripped the shit out of her clothes. Two of them stood her up against the now closed bedroom door in just her panties and I was shocked to see how nice her tits looked! The guys were, too, but mom's only 34 and slightly full-figured so they all liked what they saw. One guy held her arms over her head and kept her mouth covered but you could still hear her screaming and yelling through the window, though muffled under his hand. Two more guys knelt on both sides of her and started fingering her through her panties while the last guy opened his pants and pulled out a huge stiff dick. I gasped when I saw it and Markale wrapped his arms around me from behind, watching with me over my shoulder. I could feel his hard-on as I slid both hands up under my skirt and down into my damp panties.

The kneeling guys opened mom's legs and one of them pulled the crotch of her panties to the side while the fourth guy moved up to her, grabbed his thick black cock and pushed towards her, banging her back against the door. His groan of pleasure was bare audible over the noises coming from my bitch mom as he raped her with hard full strokes. We couldn't see from the window but Markale and I knew she was getting her pussy fucked harder than she could ever imagine. He finished in less than 5 minutes, slamming his cock into mom's crotch and holding it there while grabbing her ass and pulling it tightly against his cumming body.
He pulled out of her and stepped away, letting all the guys, the camera, and
Markale & me see the cum dripping from her pussy, through the panties and down both her legs.

I was moaning, 'fuck her, fuck the shit out of her!' and Markale opened my legs, rubbing his hardness against my wet lips from behind. We both moaned as the guys pulled mom back to the bed and pinned her there spread-eagle after pulling her panties off and tossing them across the room. They landed on the dresser next to the window and we could clearly see the cum she'd dripped into them.
They began ripped the rest of her clothing off while she struggled on her back, held down on the middle of the bed. A second guy got on top of her and, this time, we could see her pussy opened violently and the stiff black cock rammed into her, smearing cum along its shaft and all over her lips. He raped her as hard as I imagined I wanted it but I was almost chanting with him while he fucked her unmercifully. He came even more than the first guy did, leaving so much cum in her that it gushed out as soon as his cock came out dripping on her black pubic hair, covering it with thick splotches of his pleasure.

In no time at all, they had her rolled over onto her stomach and mom started struggling a lot more. It took all four guys to get her positioned for the buttfucking she was about to get. The guys holding her legs apart had to use two hands to open her big hips and expose her asshole to the camera and the next rapist. This guy was HUGE and so eager he was on her in a heartbeat, rubbing his dick's head all the way up and down her creamy crack, using the cum to moisten his cock before plowing it all the way up mom's ass. I was panting now and Markale squatted behind me and shoved his cock into my soaked pussy, fucking me with deep but gentle strokes so that we could both watch the rapes and not make too much noise getting off them. The cock fucking mom's ass was so big it pulled her cheeks inward but we could still see the bright pick ring of her ass taking thrust after thrust of a jet black cock that had to be 10 or 11 inches in length and the size of his wrist in width! He pulled back on mom's long black hair and kissed her face until the boy holding her arms released them and rammed his cock into mom's mouth. I came like a waterfall, soaking Markale cock, my panties and the ground under us watching the payback I wanted so badly.

In another 20 minutes, the cock in mom's ass was yanked out and the two who were fucking her changed places, shooting their cum into mom's mouth and ass and pounding it there with massive strokes. When they withdrew, they allowed mom to lie there, gently rolling onto her side, cum splashed all over her face, her eyes held wide open but no longer screaming. The camcorder was moved off the stand and walked around the bed, capturing the complete scene: cum still running from her pussy and ass; her bangs matted with more of it; her butt bright red from the slamming into the door and against the rapist's thighs. Seeing that made Markale cum hard into me, grunting into my ear, grabbing my tits through my light sweater and grinding his spewing prick up into me hard enough to lift me to my toes. He held me like that for a long as his cock twitched inside me and
I watched in awe as two black guys climbed back onto the bed and, stroking their thick cocks, came all over mom's tits and face: one straddling her and shooting up towards her chin and the other holding her head wherever he wanted it by her hair and streaming at her.

Markale kissed me as he pulled his satisfied cock out of my slushy pussy and we dressed slowly while watching the guys dress through the window, gather the camera and stand and make for the bedroom door. Mom just laid there with her eyes wide, her mouth hanging open, showing un- swallowed cum on her tongue. I heard some giggling from the room and looked up from my wet shoes to see the guys all by the opened door but one with his limp dick out and pissing on mom's legs. I couldn't help laughing and almost made too much noise through the open window.

Markale and I got to the car at the same time his friends did and we quietly turned the car around and drove off. I looked and Markale. He was grinning like a kid when I asked where we were going since the party the guys were headed to w as the other way. He started laughing when the three in the back pulled me over the seat's back and he really started laughing when he heard my muffled screams.

Chapter Two

by Lajan

I couldn?t believe what was happening to me as Markale allowed the guys in the back of the car to paw me as the one in the front seat pushed me over. There was no way for me to get completely over the bench seatback but I was trapped halfway ? my body bent at the waist with my head being held down and my mouth covered. From this position, my breasts and face were constantly groped from the boys in the back as my mouth was covered by someone?s hand while the remaining gang member in the front seat mauled my backside. Markale was laughing while I struggled but he just kept driving. I couldn?t believe he was letting this happen to me!

In seconds, my top and bra were completely removed, literally torn off my body, allowing for fingers to rub and pull at my hanging breasts. I felt someone grab the back of my head by the hair and push down. I hadn?t realized that my eyes were closed but I opened them in time to see the boy in the middle opening his pants and pulling out his once again completely ridged black cock. The hand covering my mouth was wasn?t removed but the fingers opened and slipped across my tightly clenched teeth. Only then did I smell the thick musky scent of sex, knowing that the smells were from the rapes I had this boy perform on my bitch mother! I almost gagged as I tried to close my lips but my head was quickly pushed lower and the cock in front of me slammed into my mouth, forcing it all the way open, burying itself deeply. I had every intention of biting it off when I felt the hands pulling down wet panties and slipping into my still soaked pussy.

?Well, what the fuck? Little Ms. Leave-Me-Alone is all hot and wet for us, guys! And it looks like Mark-man, here, is gonna help us git wid it!? I gasped as the fingers fucked me slowly while an arm pulled one of my legs to the side to provide a lewd access: Markale?s arm! While driving with one hand, he was actually helping his ?homies? rape me! Shock silenced me as the hand on my head began to rhythmically work my head up and down, using my face to pleasure a stranger?s cock. And it didn?t take long before I tasted the same musky odor coming from the crotch ground against my face: once again the taste of the rapes I had allowed for my mother. As I started to cry making me gag on the cock sliding in and out of my mouth, I felt a new sensation between my legs. Someone (It had to be the other boy because the car was still moving and Markale must have been driving even though he still one of my legs locked from the thigh using a arm) was now eating me out! OMG, I had just been fucked by Markale and this guy was thinking I was getting excited by all the pawing from the group. He didn?t know he was burying his face in a pussy his buddy had so recently fucked! I almost laughed through my tears but the constant grunting from the guy spearing my mouth, the loud encouragement from the others, the probing of my tits and nipples, and now the face between my legs created so much confusion and distress I couldn?t manage to coordinate any coherent thought, much less defensive action. As most of my struggles calmed down to simple avoidance of pain and choking, I actually did start to feel the sexual pleasure from the mouth between my legs. I couldn?t believe it was happening and tried to squirm away from the lips and tongue even as I began to feel the tension rise deep within my loins.

The sudden slowing of the car and the familiar double bumping of a car?s wheels hitting a residential curb saved me from the humiliation of an extremely unwanted orgasm. The car slowed then the light diminished as we entered some structure I couldn?t see from face down in the backseat. Markale released my leg and the face was pulled from my pussy as I was pulled back over the seat to the front of the car and dragged towards the passenger door. I was trying vainly to keep my breasts covered (not worrying about my bottom since my skirt was still on me, at least.) as I was roughly led out of the car and into what looked like a home garage. This one was brand new and it smelled of raw fresh wood and concrete. I was all but carried to the door from the garage to the house, and, when it was opened, I suddenly knew where I was. I had been taken to the furnished model home of a new housing tract.

?OK you punks, listen up!? Markale admonished. ?Don?t mess up the rest of the house! We have to put it all back in order after our little party and I only want to be responsible for messing up the sheets in the master bedroom, all right??

There were shouts of agreement and I finally had a chance to look Markale in the eyes. He grinned at me and mock-whispered, ?So, how did you like your little ride? Me and the boys are gonna have to get some more riding done before you go back home to mommy!? This was greeted with loud laughter and I struggled in the bear hug that had my arms pinned to my side. I know my face held a look to kill but Markale didn?t seem to care a bit about that. Now, I saw the look of a predator with prey at hand. The excitement of his raw and unpredictable nature, which had attracted me to him when all my girlfriends said he was trash, was now seen in its full glory. That?s when I realized just how much trouble I was in.

Dragged kicking and screaming through the kitchen and living room, I could still see that the model was completely furnished and stocked as if someone were already living there. Markale paused in another room to fiddle with something and suddenly loud rap music filled the house. I had always been a fan of some of the raunchiest lyrics of that type and I was now going to get to hear it all while being molested by a gang of my boyfriend?s! Now the tears did begin to flow and I couldn?t help sobbing aloud. Markale came over to where I was being held and kissed me so tenderly it felt like a slap. For him to such a gesture of love while encouraging and participating in my gang rape was the cruelest thing I have ever witnessed. Then I thought about how excited I had gotten when I saw these same boys ramming their cocks into my mom. That brought fresh tears to me eyes but they were ignored and the eager boys once again started dragging me towards the master bedroom while the 2 Live Crew?s song, ?Pop Da Pussy?, blared from another room.

The master bedroom was also completely furnished but it was a mess: the floor was strewn with empty beer cans, some of which had been spilled on the shag carpet; there were ashtrays with roach clips still holding the leftover joints they?d been used to smoke; and the bed was a wreck, with most of the linens pulled back roughly and hanging on the floor. What I noticed which made my heart sink was the huge stain in the middle of the bed. One of the boys saw me looking at it and said, ?Yeah, baby! You?ll be adding some juice to that spot, won?t you?? The laughter almost drowns out the repetitive bass thumping throughout the house. I looked again at Markale and my eyes begged him to put an end to this. He slowly shook his head as if he?d read my mind and said:

?Get her on the bed and open her up. I want to get her first.?

And with that, my skirt was ripped open and off and I was pinned nude, spread-eagle on the king sized bed, my crotch just above the disgusting stain. Markale didn?t even bother to strip. He opened his pants and pulled them down far enough for his massive erection to be freed and climbed on top of me. The music was so loud I couldn?t even hear if I was screaming; my mouth was open and I thought I was but I know I yelled when he pressed the head of his cock against my wet pussy?s lips. And, while his friends held me there, he rammed his cock into me, slamming his entire weight behind it and hitting the tender back of my vagina. It hurt like hell and felt nothing like the fucking we?d happily enjoyed before. I mean I was always warned that black guys had bigger cocks but I had known that to be a rumor. Now I was very clearly getting the impression I had been wrong. Markale was bigger and thicker than anything I had felt before, including the toys I had played with while sleeping o over at girlfriend?s houses. I was screaming my head off and struggling as hard as I could to get him off me, out of me. But I was no match for the boys holding me down and my struggles just seemed to make them all more excited. There were constant shouts of encouragement and laughter, comments about how my body looked while I was being fucked, occasional fingers probing under my butt and over my breasts when Markale lifted up to allow it. On and on he rammed his cock into me, rocking from side to side as if trying to ream me out and make me wider or simply feel my pussy stretched in every possible direction. Worse, since he had cum when we fucked watching the gang rape of my mother, he was hard as iron and had no immediate urge to cum again. He just pounded me on and on.

It didn?t take long for me to completely tire of the fruitless struggle and I stopped doing anything except trying to steel myself from the continual assault on my body. Sweat was soon pouring off Markale as his body repeatedly tensed and released, rhythmically slapping his belly against mine, his loins meshing with my soft pubic flesh. With my head almost continually bounced forward and back, I couldn?t see the other boys well but I could feel them grabbing at any exposed portion of my body, pinching, poking, prodding me as Markale kept up his pace.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I felt that familiar stiffening of Markale?s body and with a few final ferocious thrusts, he pounded his cumming cock all the way to the hilt inside my vagina, pressing it there while it shot it?s thick stream all throughout my tender inner tissue. I felt his cock pulse as he closed his eyes in sheer pleasure, just like the way he used to do it when we spent time fucking, each time we saw one another. I felt Markale?s hands tighten on my ass while he ground down into me for the deepest pleasure of the rape.

Letting the last of his cum dribble into my pussy, Markale opened his eyes and grinned down at me.

?Baby, that was the best fuck of my life! Your pussy was even better when it?s primed by a quick fuck first!? The guys all laughed and he yanked his limp prink from me, slopping cum against my thighs.

?Damn! Look at that hole! Da bitch been fucked, fo sho!? one of the thugs exclaimed. ?Now, who gets the next ride??

Markale looked down at that boy?s stiffly upturned cock and gestured towards me, ?Looks like you?re ready, huh?? he laughed. ?Climb on, strap yourself in and get ready for the screw of your life!?

?Nooooo!? I screamed at him. ?You don?t need to let them do this to me! I thought you loved me and look at what you?re allowing them to do!? I tried to plead with him but the punk he picked was already over me and I felt his cock slipping through the cum on my pussy?s lips and running all the way into me. He wasn?t as big as Markale was but he also was hard as rock. Also his body was shorter but stockier so, as he positioned himself on my prone body, his leering face was very close to mine and I turned my head away from it, closing my crying eyes. In seconds, he was fucking me with long violent strokes, each one sounding like a wet slap. I immediately felt cum splattering all over my crotch while the boy fucked me eagerly.

?Sounds like ?pound cake? to me, niggas,? he said inducing another round of laughter. ?There?s no need for the KY with this bitch!? My crying redoubled as I submitted to the second assault. I could feel each and every inch of the cock raping me: the bloated veins and cap of his penis were easily identified as they rubbed against my lips and the interior of my cream-filled pussy. More and more of Markale?s cum was forced out and down the crack of my ass, making a fresh puddle where the older stains lay. While he rutted my body like an animal in heat, I thought of the spot on the bed again. How many girls had been brought here? How many times had they been raped before the gang had finally had enough? Were they just dropped off at home afterwards? How many sneaked to the ?free clinic? to get the morning after pills or hoped night after night for another onset of their periods? This last thought actually scared me more than any other and I clinched up in sudden terror. The boy raping me felt it and lost control, forcing brand new waves of cum into me. He slammed a few more thrusts on my body and slid is spent prink out while he climbed from between my legs.

I opened my eyes, my heart hammering rapidly with the thought of getting pregnant from one of these punks (One? Which one? Would I even care?) Suddenly I looked around and didn?t see Markale. For some reason this escaladed my panic and I started screaming and struggling again. This did nothing but get the punks excited once more and two guys opened my legs wider for a big guy to climb between them.

?Where?s Markale?? I screamed at them.

?What?s the matter, bitch? You need to see him watching you getting fucked?? one replied.
?WHERE THE FUCK IS HE, YOU ASSHOLE?? I was yelling at him like my life depended upon it and I suddenly knew why: I was foolishly thinking that Markale would somehow keep these fools in check. What a dumb thing to think! But I was in full panic mode now and that was the most important thing on my mind. For some reason, the boy on top of me paused and they quieted until one of them told me:

?Your boyfriend went to get some more pussy. In fact, while you were cumming so hard you didn?t notice he left, he made some calls and there?s going to be a bigger party here than we planned. You may need a bit of that KY anyway after tonight!?

They all started laughing again while the next boy on me repositioned himself and rammed his cock into my abused pussy. This one was as thick relatively as the boy was fat. It was like stuffing me with a baseball bat! I looked up at him in terror and he said, ?OK, Baby! Here?s what you?ve been waiting for!? And, with that, he began the now-familiar grab and push of a man raping a woman. But this time, the cum wasn?t enough to lubricate me. This guy was huge and it pulled my pussy almost inside out when he pulled back the first time. All the guys noticed that I was in new and major distress and suddenly the room got a lot quieter while they watched and listened to the sounds of me being raped again. I was able to get short glances at the others and they were more intent than ever. All of their cocks, including the one that had already raped me, were ridged and jutting almost straight up. And straight up went the one fucking me ? straight up and back out again, over and over, pulling my pussy apart while forcing all the cum previously pumped into me out and down my backsides. I was barely able to breathe as this fat slob reamed my body, rutting like a goat and glaring at me. He knew just how much pain he was causing and he wanted to give me every bit he could. I was gasping for air when his body stiffened and his huge cock lurched deep within me, cumming hard enough for me to feel it like something alive poked into me. He ground the last of his cum into me and pulled out slowly, looking down at his dick, which was streaked with white.

Someone turned down the stereo and I heard noise from the other rooms in the house. The thought of what they?d said about more people coming to rape me didn?t have long to gnaw at me: the talking rapidly got louder as they approached the bedroom and, when they finally got to the door, the whoops and hollers from both the hallways and the room forced me to look towards the door. I saw Markale first. He was grinning like a fool and pulling someone behind him. And OMG! There was mom! She was dressed in a house robe but clearly had nothing on beneath it. She was more put together than when I?d seen her last but it was clear that she hadn?t been allowed to do much: there was no cum on her face but there was no make-up either. She was more pale than usual but that changed dramatically when she spotted me held down nude on the filthy bed. At first I thought it was embarrassment or shock. I realized it was fury even before she spoke:

?You wort hless little tramp?, she said with quiet venom. ?You had me gang raped just to punish me for making you act like a responsible teenager??

?No?? I started but Markale?s laugh silenced me even as the lie was passing my lips. I hadn?t noticed the camera was now hooked to the bedroom?s VCR and television until he moved behind two of his gang and turned it on. The scene was mom lying on her bed in shock right after the rapes. The picture was jumpy as the camera was moved and then you could see the bedroom window where Markale was standing behind me with a look of slutty satisfaction on his face, mirroring the same look on mine as we both gazed at mom through the window. I hadn?t noticed the camera was still running as they moved it.

?Baby, I told your momma all about your little plan as soon as I came back to see her. By then, she?d had some suspicions but this little scene on the tape sure clears all doubt, doesn?t it?? Markale said with a smirk.

?You bastard!? was all I could say as the room erupted in laughter once again. Things only got quiet when mom spoke again:

?Well, look at you, whore! It looks like you got a bit of your own medicine! The only problem is that I didn?t get to see it happen like you did. I don?t know if I can get off watching my daughter get the shit fucked out of her but I?m willing to try!?

?No! Mom, please! I?m sorry?? I started but she raised a hand and it silenced me like a slap.

?Markale? I don?t want to have to stand up outside the house and look through a window like my slut daughter did with you. How about bringing me a chair??

I couldn?t believe what I was hearing! How could she be so cruel ? as cruel as I had been to her? When Markale smiled at her and nodded, I started screaming. I couldn?t help it.

?Someone cover my bitch daughter?s mouth and let?s see her getting her slutty twat fucked up!?

That was all that the boys needed to start once again. A hand was pressed against my lips and I was grabbed from everywhere at once. My nipples were pulled harshly; a finger went all the way up my ass, tearing me like a knife; more fingers went into my pussy and began fist-fucking me; and I saw my mom smile as she sat down at the foot of the bed, her vantage point perfect for seeing me raped.

The boys holding my legs lifted them at the knees and brought them almost to a sitting position before spreading them widely. Then I heard Markale say ?wait?. He motioned for the rapists to pull me through the pool of cum and bring my pussy right up to the foot of the bed. My splayed crotch was less than two feet from my mom?s furious eyes and she took a long look before spitting on my pussy:

?Fuck her harder than you raped me.?

?You heard her, boys! Let?s get busy!? And, with that, one of the punks walked up to me crotch and slammed his cock all the way into me while standing right in front of my mom. My muffled screams resounded through the room despite the hand over my mouth and the punk used his stocky legs to slam into me with all the power of an ox. It soon knocked most of the wind out of me and smashed my pussy lips into my hipbones with such force the boys holding me had to struggle to keep me positioned. I couldn?t keep my eyes opened it hurt so much and I was crying hysterically, also making it hard to breathe. Things started to get dim and someone uncovered my mouth long enough for me to gasp a bit of air just before my head was yanked harshly to the side and a cock was pressed between my lips. I almost gagged it went in so deeply but I couldn?t tell which rape caused me the most pain or my rapists the most pleasure. Together they rode my helpless body until they began to feel their orgasms coming. And with that, they redoubled their thrusts, pinning me between them and cumming furiously into both my mouth and pussy. I heard my mom laughing and clapping while they drained themselves in me.

?Nice work, boys. Who wants to be next?? Hearing my own mom say these things was chilling beyond belief! I was still gasping for air when the next guy (a new one to the ?party? who had obviously gotten there late) opened his pants and whipped out a cock that brought gasps from the room. I was horrified! Never in my wildest nightmares had I ever thought such a thing existed. Worse, the guys in the room all seemed to agree, swearing out of sheer admiration. Mom actually stood up and moved to the side of the bed to get a better look at it raping me. The boy proudly stroked it with both hands for a moment, savoring the look of fear on my face, and pushed the huge thick head down to my cum-streaked pussy-lips. I regained enough presence of mind to tighten up completely just before he lunged forward. Not a good move on my part! That massive tool ripped into me as if I?d been aroused, opening me wider than the probing fingers had, wider than any cock that had raped me so far, wider than I could stand. I screamed over and over again while the boy took long deep strokes into my pussy. The punks holding me were all silent now and the look of awe on my mom?s face was sickening. I don?t think even she believed something so monstrous could actually be forced into anyone?s pussy. She began to pant and murmur (just like I did while watching her rape) and then I saw the unspeakable: Markale moved behind my mom and wrapped his arms around her. He had dropped his pants and was nude as he fondled her breasts through her robe, then opened it, exposing her pendulous tits. My boyfriend was molesting my mom while watching me be brutally raped with his friends!

Mom finally noticed she was being played with and gasped, trying to pull Markale?s hands away from her body. But the boys next to her were used to getting unspoken commands from their leader and they quickly pulled mom?s arms away from her body, allowing Markale to completely open her robe, exposing her dark, still cum-smeared pubic hair. She began to struggle more earnestly and I was almost feeling more sorry for her than furious at my ?boyfriend?. Then the boy raping me leaned into his thrusts and I was hammered impossibly deeply, bringing fresh tears and screams from me. I was staring at him as he tore me apart: the boys holding my legs open for him were both fixated on the point-of-entry which was causing me such agony. The rest of the guys in the room were talking quietly, stroking their cocks, or watching what was happening to mom.

When I dared to look back at her, she wasn?t there! Suddenly I felt the bed shift under me and was shocked to see that my nude mom was being positioning by my head! She was still enraptured with the violent sight of her daughter getting raped with such force and she seemed to be almost sleep-walking through whatever Markale was planning for her to do.

In seconds, I knew.

With my mom?s legs spread on either side of my head, my upward view was right into her messy pussy! I barely had time to grab a breath before she brought her wet crotch down on my face! I could hear the guys in the room all getting into what they were now seeing but I could still hear mom when she said:
?Eat it, cunt.?

At that moment, my rapist had felt and seen enough. He rammed into me harder than ever before and held his cock all the way inside, stretching my pussy to the max and cumming wave after wave of his thick jizz all the way to my womb. I couldn?t help opening my mouth to scream and was rewarded by mom rubbing her twat down hard between my lips, covering my mouth and face with the last of the cum from her rapes. I was gagging with the vileness of having my mom pussy on my mouth and nearly in convulsions from the intense orgasm the rapist was having in me.

Mom lifted up and looked down at my fouled face and smiled sweetly.

?See? That?s how you show your love to your momma, whore!? She started to crawl back from my face as the last of the cum was pumped into my pussy but she was stopped and bent forward with a gasp. And, right over my face, Markale rammed his cock into my mom?s pussy with a violent thrust. Mom screamed and struggled but the punks were easily able to hold her in place wh ile she was raped again. I couldn?t look. I couldn?t look away. Mom?s struggles were soon forgotten as yet another cock was rubbed between my legs and plunged into my lewdly spread pussy. I felt some of the cum from the previous rapes gushing out of me around the stiff penis and looked down but was unable to see who was raping me now because mom?s huge breasts obscured my vision.

Markale didn?t go easy on her. He raped her with intensity and I found myself responding to the disgusting visual despite myself. Then it all went from bad to worse and the cock was yanked out of me and buried in my virgin ass! The pain was so bad I couldn?t catch my breath to scream any more. I wouldn?t be heard over mom?s screams anyway. I was certain that I was being torn in two; the pain was beyond description. Just as I knew it couldn?t get any worse, the cock was pulled back! It felt as though I was being turned inside out! I found my voice and jerked upward as I screamed bloody murder. I accidentally slammed my head into my mom?s bush and I heard her gasp and Markale groan with pleasure.

The cock was pushed back all the way into my butt and the rapist began to fuck my ass like my mom?s pussy was being fucked: with utter disdain for any pain caused. I found my body tensed from had to toe and pinned tightly while the steel-like cock rammed in and out of me. I could imagine what my mom was seeing but I never would have imagined what happened next: she came, hard and fast. Groaning and moaning like a schoolgirl getting laid in the backseat of a car, she bucked and rocked back against Markale?s cock and he soon joined her in orgasm. Cum was gushed into her pussy and much of it was ?pulled? out of her with each outbound stroke, dripping then splattering all over my face. They both moved together for a long moment, savoring their releases. Then Markale pulled out of her and someone else plowed in.

Finally the cock in my ass grew in width and I felt the end of the rape coming as the throbbing of my butt was joined by the throbbing of the cock ejaculating into it. The boys started to make noise again and showed their appreciation with high-5?s and slaps on the back. With a sudden popping sound, the cock was ripped from my ass and I was able to feel just how much anal rape hurt. The entry was nothing compared with the exit! I was almost pulled off the bed and I was sure my intestines were still wrapped around his limp prick. Again, things began to dim and, this time, they darkened completely.
When I came to, I was being raped lying beside my mom, who was also being raped. She didn?t look at me and I turned away from her and looked into the eyes of yet another man who was sliding a stiff cock in and out of my body. I was grunting involuntarily, as was mom, and we lay there and took rape after rape after rape. When they lifted mom?s legs to expose her ass, I wasn?t shocked to see that her asshole was bright red and dripping cum. I wasn?t even shocked not to hear her scream as a cock was slammed up her butt. But I was shocked to find that I couldn?t pass out when someone stuck another penis up mine.

I lost all track of time and simple lay on my back while scores of men and boys raped mom and me. When they finally started to slow down, I didn?t even care anymore. I was so humiliated and sore I couldn?t begin to care. The last guy finished cumming in me and nobody climbed on for another turn. But it was more than an hour before they finished with mom. They seemed to enjoy raping her full-figured body a lot more than my petite one. When they?d finally had enough of her, they brought her to her knees again and positioned her full pussy over my face once more. They told her to push cum out while telling me I was a slut, a whore, a tramp. She really seemed to get into it after a while and I was far too numb to be concerned about what she thought of me. When she couldn?t push any more cum out and into my face, they squatted her down hard and moved her back and forth on my face, forcing cum into my mouth, eyes and hair. She raised up a bit to allow me to breathe and stayed there while the last of the rapists packed up their things and left.

When mom climbed off my face, she just looked at me from the other side of the filthy bed. I don?t know if it was pity, disgust, hatred or a combination of all. But she never said a word. She just sat there nude staring at me.

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