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Author Topic: Show off (MF tease )  (Read 2287 times)
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« on: April 01, 2013, 07:31:30 PM »

I love to show it off for my husband, who likes me to wear mini-skirts and go braless wherever we go. My favorite thing to do is get young guys hard and then play with them -- and even suck them if they're real cooperative -- while my husband watches and jacks- off. We do that, almost every weekend.
 Last night we went shopping and of course I wore very sexy outfit. We stopped by the local bar before heading to the mall and played a few games of pool. My short skirt kept rising up my thighs as we played and several guys were watching me. My husband said he was getting hard, just watching them, watching me. I teased them a for little while more, then as we left, I accidentally brushed against one of the guy's hard cock. I could tell that it wasn't very big, but it was really hard. My husband saw me do that and had to adjust his own cock.
Then as I stood by him and I slipped my hand into his pants and massaged him. Within less than a minute, he came in my hand. I looked into his shocked eyes and pulled my hand out and licked it clean. We then left before the guy could say anything to his buddies. He looked totally dazed when I turned once more to see him still standing there. We laughed about it all the way to the next bar and my husband said, "That was exciting, but I'd love to see you suck one of those guys."
When we got to the mall I smiled at him, when I looked in the shoe store and saw another, slightly older, guy working there. I told my husband to sit outside the store, where he could see and maybe I would give him an even better show. As I walked in the store, the guy asked if he could help me. I said that I hoped so, and that I was looking for some "sexy" shoes to wear with my little short dress. The cute guy looked me up and down, then at my legs and then my feet. He smiled and said that he could probably help me. So I sat down and he sat in front of me to take my measurements. It seemed like a long time that he held my foot and he rubbed it in his strong  hands. I was enjoying his touch and I knew my husband was enjoying watching him touching me too.
 I bet hubby had a hard-on while I flirted with this handsome guy. The guy finally got a pair of shoes and brought them over. By this time neither one of us were really thinking about shoes. He was really enjoying touching my foot and looking up my short skirt. I was making it as easy for him as possible and by this time I knew that he knew that he could do what he wanted and I'd let him. When he slid the shoe onto my foot, I stood and walked back and forth, very slowly, wiggling my ass for him. Then I asked him how they looked with my short skirt? I told him that I liked to wear really, short skirts as often as possible because I liked it when men watched me. He said that I looked very nice. I smiled and looked at his crotch and noticed that his package had grown nicely and it looked pretty big.
 As I sat down, I let my skirt hike up to just below my pussy pouch. The guy took a deep breath and tried not to stare at my thighs. As I sat there I opened my legs so that he could see that I didn't have any panties one and I rubbed my thighs with my hands, back and forth for a minute or so until he got even harder. I knew my husband was watching and thought I'd check with him. As I thanked the guy and said I'd return, later and I "accidentally" brushed against his cock as we both stood. It felt huge.
When I met my husband just outside, I asked if he had watched and he said, Yes, and that he was really turned on by my teasing, but wondered why I had stopped. I then told him that I was so wet from teasing that cute guy and that he had such a huge cock that I thought I should stop before I lost control. Usually, I control the young guys, but this time this stud was getting to me. My husband chuckled told me to go back in there and at least give the poor guy a good hand job. I said that I might not be able to stop there. My husband assured me that he would come in and interfere if it looked like things were getting out of hand.
With a determined nod, I said okay, and gave him a sexy little french-kiss and went back into the store. The guy was in the back and it took him a few minutes to come to the front. I imagined that he had been jacking off after the show I'd just given him. I told him that I had decided on the 4" spiked heel strapless shoes that I had tried on earlier. He said that was a great shoe because it made my legs even sexier than ever. I smiled at him and let him fit my shoes to my feet again. And of course he had to "handle" more than just the shoes. Our little tease lasted about a full minute then I slid my foot up close to his crotch. I looked into his eyes and rubbed my foot against his now very hard, and very big, cock. He slid his hands from my foot, up my leg and thigh and just up under the hem of my short skirt. Just inches from my wet pussy he began to swirl his finger on the sensitive flesh of my upper thigh. I took a deep breath and said, "Why don't we go to the back room. NOW!"
We got up and went through to the back of the store. As I walked behind the guy, I looked around and smiled at my husband and mouthed, "He's fucking HUGE!" Once in the privacy of the stock room we frantically malled each other and felt each other everywhere. I knelt down unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock. My husband quietly walked in to check on me and to see that I was okay, and to stop me before it went too far. But he was too late. That hung stud was now fucking the hell out of me with his huge cock. It had to be at least 10 inches long and very, very thick. Even though I'd teased lots of guys before, I'd never fucked anyone but my husband -- Oh, and one of his friends. But this guy was something I couldn't pass up. I had to have his huge cock in me, I had to feel what it would be like.
In a loud voice, my husband told to stop. But I said, "I can't honey, I need his big cock in me, I need it bad!" So my husband just sat there and watched the guy fuck my brains out. When it was obvious that the guy was going to come I pulled him out of me and took him in my mouth and swallowed all of he had to give. This experience took my showing-off to a new more exciting level. From that point on, when my husband asked me to show off my body to someone, both he and I knew that if the guy had a big cock, I'd want to fuck it.
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