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Author Topic: Favorit Uncle, Chapter 3 (Voyeur, underage, M mast, f mast, f tease M, ff)  (Read 6655 times)
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The following story is entirely a work of fiction. It is not intended to imply in any way that the author condones sexual activity with persons under the age of  16.

Overall: Voyeur, ff, Mf, Mff, incest, underage, light b/d and fem dom, squirt
This chapter: Voyeur, underage, M mast, f mast, f tease M,  ff

All feedback is very welcome.

Favorite Uncle (Chapter 3)'
by Al B.

After buttoning and zipping up my jeans, I got up off the ground and dusted myself off. A single blade of grass from the handful Kaitlyn had shoved in my mouth remained stuck to my lip, half in and half out of my mouth. I spat until it dislodged and fell to the ground.

For the second time in the space of two hours, I found myself with underwear full of a huge wad of semen, slowly soaking through my jeans. The first time it had just been the mere sight of Kaitlyn, 15, and Taylor, just barely 16, in their skimpy string bikinis, and a damp hug from behind. This time, it was the result of Taylor actually stroking my rock-hard dick. Never in my wildest fantasies would I have thought that Kait and Taylor actually talked about what it would be like to have sex with me, even if it was just idle girl talk. And Taylor was actually horny enough at the thought that she was ready to engage in a little real-life petting. This weekend had taken a very unexpected turn, one that excited me greatly. But now I fretted more than ever that I wouldn't be able to hide my lustful thoughts for not only Taylor, but my own niece, my sister's adolescent daughter! This could spell real, serious trouble.

My first order of business, however, was to once again change my underwear and pants before the tell-tale wet spot appeared on my crotch to give me away. I walked around to the back of the house, and was stunned to see the girls' shorts and tops laying in a wet heap next to the back steps. The camisoles were there along with the tank tops, meaning the girls had run back in the house wearing nothing but their wet panties.  I cursed my luck for not having witnessed it, and imagined what that sight must have looked like.

Boing! There went my dick again, as I envisioned the girls almost naked, running through the house. I realized I didn't have long before the incriminating evidence would appear on my pants.  I looked down and saw that the bulge of my erection was unmistakable, and I could already see the beginnings of wetness soaking through to the surface of my jeans at the crotch.  What do I do now? I thought. I can't go back inside in this state, not after Kait and Taylor just ran in almost naked. The connection would be a little too obvious.

Then I had an inspiration. I gathered up the girls' wet clothes in my hands and held them against my belly so that they draped down to cover over my crotch. With this handy camouflage, I ventured through the back door.

"Well, they weren't very happy about that."

"They'll get over it," Chas said. "Bravo. You got them good. I was watching through the window here."

Uh oh! How much did he see? I wondered with a little panic. You can't see the side yard from here, can you?

"It was epic, Jeff. The look on their faces was classic. I wish I'd have taken a picture. So, what did they do to you when they caught you?"

"They just pinned me down and fed me a little grass."

"Is that all? I never would have thought they'd let you off so easy."

"Well, maybe I convinced them that their ambush was unfair, and they felt some remorse."

"Hah!! Remorse? Those two? Not likely. Well, anyway, I think you got off easy." Why, I wondered, does everything anyone says have a dirty double meaning?

"Maybe so. I'll just throw their clothes into the washer." I went down the steps into the basement and tossed the girl's clothes into the washing machine. As I'd hoped, the wet garments had made a big wet spot on the entire front of my jeans and the front of my shirt, hiding the evidence, so I headed back up to the kitchen without fear.

"Well, I guess I have to change again," I announced.

"If the girls are in the bathroom, you can change in our bedroom," Chas said. I made my way upstairs, and found the bathroom door closed. After what had just happened outside, I felt uncomfortable knocking to see if anyone was in there, so I picked up my bag and headed across the hallway toward the master bedroom. The door to Kaitlyn's bedroom was open just a crack, not more than an inch, but out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement, and without thinking turned to look.

To my total shock, through the little sliver of opening I could see both of the girls from about the neck down. The were lying on the bed sideways with their backs against the side wall, both of them completely naked, with their legs apart.  Kaitlyn was holding a hairbrush in her hand by the bristle end, and was steadily working the handle in and out between her legs. Her hairless pussy glistened with moisture, the whole mound wet and dripping down to her little asshole, betraying the intensity of her arousal. Right next to her, actually leaning up against her slightly, shoulder to shoulder, Taylor was using a cylindrical bottle of some kind of perfume or deodorant or something in the same way, pumping in and out of her own pussy more frantically than Kait. She was also hairless down there, and was sopping wet, practically gushing onto the bed. As shocking as all that was, Taylor was reaching across with her other hand and pinching one of Kait's nipples.

I could not believe what I was seeing. I felt the inevitable tightening once again as blood rushed madly to my crotch and unconsciously I brought a hand down to stroke my dick through my jeans. Occasional moans emanated from inside the room, and I could see that both girls were approaching orgasm. I was not far behind, and began rubbing the bulge in my pants faster and faster.

Abruptly one of their phones came to life, loudly playing some rap song I'd never heard.  The phone jolted me back to reality, and I ducked away from the tiny opening and into the master bedroom before they discovered me there. I dropped my bag and sat on the bed, utterly stupefied. Did I just see what I thought I saw? I wondered. Of course I did. I didn't just imagine it. Were they both actually turned on that much by what had happened a few minutes before?  Judging from Taylor's words and actions after Kait fled, it seemed as if the answer just might be yes. Hot underage girls are turned on by horseplay and a glimpse of my boner! What do I do now? Do I do anything? Does it really mean anything? They're teenagers, they all think about sex all the time at that age, don't they? I can't let myself hope for anything more than this. It's forbidden! It's dangerous! It's taboo. Oh, shit! It's illegal, too! This could be very serious. Gotta get ahold of myself

I grabbed my last pair of pants and underwear and rushed into the bathroom. But the erotic intensity of the scene I had just witnessed was so overpowering, I just had to savor it for a few minutes. Before I changed clothes, I proceeded to get ahold of myself, quite literally and quite vigorously, over the sink.  I replayed the image of Kaitlyn and Taylor shoving those makeshift dildoes into their shaved, glistening pussies, writhing and moaning next to each other on the bed.  The same 10 seconds looped a dozen times as I pumped my hard shaft vigorously with a lotioned hand, and quickly shot another load that spattered against the far side of sink while I spasmed uncontrollably, the image of Kait and Taylor and their pussies burned into my brain. I rinsed the cum down the drain, marveling at the volume I had still produced after two orgasms in the previous two hours. I observed that I had probably never been so turned on in my life as I had been for the past two hours. The previous record had certainly been my first weekend trip with Zhenya, when her sexy body and vigorous fucking combined with the fear and thrill of knowing the whole house could probably hear her moans and screams. Zhenya loved the idea of having sex right under the noses of my sister and her family, and I lost count of the number of times we both came that weekend.

Wow.  Only two hours into this weekend! It was Friday afternoon, and I would be here until Monday morning before setting off on the road again. I worried that my cock and balls would not be able to stand up to the wear and tear I would be inflicting upon them if things kept up at this rate.

Fully dressed in fresh clothes again, I gingerly opened the bathroom door and poked my head out into the hallway. The door to Kait's bedroom was perpendicular at the end of the hall and only about five feet away.  I listened for a moment, and could just barely make out sounds of labored breathing, suppressed moans, and the occasional squeak of bedsprings. Good, the girls were still preoccupied, and apparently hadn't seen me peeking in the door.  I left my bag at the top of the stairs again and proceeded back down to the kitchen.

"There you are," Jenni said. "High and dry again?"

"Well, not high, unfortunately, but dry, yeah."

"Did you see the girls?"

"Yeah, they're in Kait's room."

"It's nearly dinner time. What are they doing?"  I felt a surge of panic. What were they doing? I couldn't very well say they were lying naked against each other,  shoving objects into their vaginas.  My mind raced in circles trying to come up with some answer, but the rush of events had left my mind addled and unable to focus.

"Well, I didn't see them. The door was closed. I just meant I could hear them talking, that's all. I don't know what they're doing. I mean, not that they're probably doing anything at all."  Jenni stopped stirring the sauce and turned to look at me, puzzled by my awkwardness. There was no suspicion or accusation on her face, she was merely perplexed at my stumbling response.  Under her gaze, I became even more flustered.

"I'm sure they're doing nothing. Nothing worth mentioning" Jenni was lightheartedly bemused.

"It was a fairly simple question, Jeffrey."

"Well, whatever they're doing, I'm sure it's nothing, and I certainly don't know. The door was closed. How could I know?" Jenni continued to stare at me.

"Did you hit your head on the ground or something when they tackled you? You're babbling like a mental patient."

"No, no. I'm just, I'm just...tired from driving so long. Yeah. sitting in the car all day on my way here to see you guys, I get pretty sore and stiff." Chas looked from his paper to chime in sympathetically.

"Well, when you get to be our age, getting tackled and wrestling on the lawn with two teenage girls probably doesn't help any. You're probably even stiffer now." Was I ever! More dirty double entendres. Could I possibly be the only one who was hearing something dirty?

"I was, but I found something in the bathroom that will take away the stiffness for a while."

"You'll probably be stiff again before long," Jenni said. "What you need is a nice, long hot shower to loosen up, get rid of the tension. Make sure you take one before you go to bed."

"Good idea. Maybe after dinner."

"Say, can you call the girls? Dinner's in ten minutes." Uh, oh. I didn't want to go up there and risk interrupting the girls while they were still furiously masturbating.


"Why not you? They roll their eyes and drag their feet whenever Chas and I tell them anything at all. They like their Uncle Jeff. If you go up there, I bet whatever they're doing, you can get them to come right away." Oh, my lord! It can't just be me!  I started getting hard again with the ideas swirling in my mind with the double meaning in Jenni's statement.

"Well, um, I'll try." I made my way up the stairs and down the hall. Kait's bedroom door was still closed, and the bathroom door was wide open and the room empty.  I crept up to the door gingerly, trying to hear if there were any sounds indicating the girls were still busy. Not hearing anything, I decided it was safe to give a light knock. I raised my right arm and rapped tentatively on the door.

"Kaitlin?" Suddenly there was a commotion behind me as Kaitlyn and Taylor came galloping out of the computer room down the hall and threw their arms around me from behind. Kait hugged hard and pressed her cheek against my arm.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Jeff. I didn't mean to lose it and freak out.  I was just surprised, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Oh, honey. You didn't hurt my feelings. I'm just embarrassed I had that reaction and you saw it." Kait was now wearing red sweatpants with "SPARTANS" down the right leg and a cartoon of the high school mascot across the butt, with a black muscle tee shirt with a large red letters "PGXC" for Pine Grove Cross Country on the chest.  Taylor was wearing outrageously tight pink terrycloth shorts that barely covered her ass and an oversized purple football jersey of the local college. "You know how fond I am of you, and how much I respect you. But you're getting to be a very big girl now, and any guy might have a physical reaction to two beautiful girls rubbing up against him."

"I completely understand," she said sympathetically. "Don't be embarrassed. I still think of you as the Uncle Jeff I've known since I was little, and sometimes I forget I'm not still the same little Kaity who used to bounce on your knee. You probably think we're teasing you on purpose."

"You? Of course not, Kait," I said reassuringly. "I know you wouldn't do that intentionally." Then I turned toward Taylor and said mischievously, "Now, Taylor, I'm not so sure about. I think she'd probably tease the statue of Governor Harris in the town square if she thought she could get a reaction out of him." Taylor broke her hold around me and pounded both fists playfully into my shoulder, like a boxer working a speed bag.

"Hey! That's not nice, Uncle dude." She turned with her back toward me to walk down the hall, then paused with her hands on her hips and her weight shifted on one leg and looked back over her shoulder.  "Besides, trust me. When I tease, I do get a reaction, even from a statue made out of marble," She gave a sassy wiggle to her behind and then sauntered down the short hall and disappeared through the doorway to the computer room.

"Okay, she does like to tease," Kait admitted, but then rose to her defense. "But she doesn't do it to be mean. She just likes to be the center of attention."  I gently took hold of Kait's wrists and removed her arms from around me, guiding them down to rest at her sides.

"I know, Kait. I've met a lot of girls in my life who like to tease. Some are mean and want to see how far they can lead you on before the lower the boom and start laughing at you. Some are selfish and manipulative and just want to see what they can get out of you without really giving you anything but a little attention. But some are just having fun, and they don't mean to hurt anybody. And the guys they tease have fun, too, and nobody gets hurt. Taylor's like that." Kait got up on her tiptoes and suddenly planted a quick kiss on my cheek.

"You are so cool, Uncle Jeff! That's exactly the way she is. I knew you'd understand." She turned to skip merrily down the hall to join Taylor.

"Oh, hey," I called after her. "I'm supposed to be dragging you guys down for dinner. You've got about five minutes, now."

"Okay, we'll be down in a minute," she said without even turning her head, disappearing into the computer room. The door swung quickly shut with a light slam.  I checked my pants. Only semi-hard, even with both of them hugging me. Maybe I was learning some self-control. Or maybe serious talk about real emotions and consequences had short-circuited the horndog factor. I went back downstairs to the kitchen, noting that it was just about the first time since I'd arrived that I didn't have to worry about hiding an erection or cum-soaked pants.

"They'll be down in a minute," I said.

"They'd better be," Jenni said matter-of-factly, "or they'll starve. Dinner is served now." The words were hardly out of her mouth when the baby elephants started down the stairs.  Kaitlyn walked in first, and I thought I heard Taylor headed downstairs to the basement. "There you are. Sit down and sit still, or you won't get anything." Jenni set her glass of wine down on one end of the table and went back to the kitchen to bring in the bowl of pasta. "No, wait. Kaitlyn, honey, get the garlic bread out of the oven and bring it in, would you?"

"You got it, Mom."

Taylor then walked in and strolled leisurely the long way around the table and behind Chas. She never even looked at him but casually made a point of brushing her belly and breasts slowly across his back as she scooted past between him and the wall.  He gave a quick look of surprise, but quickly calmed his expression to a deliberate indifference. I got the clear idea now that he'd been enduring this type of thing for some time, and was determined to ignore it. How much stronger he was than I! If I'd been in his shoes, given half a chance I'd probably have fucked Taylor upside down and sideways, right in my marital bed, at high noon on Easter Sunday, wife and daughter be damned! But I could tell he hadn't. And I knew he wouldn't. Never. It just wasn't in him to have sex with anyone but his wife, and even if it was, never with a friend of his own daughter. What peace and reassurance there must be to feel no temptation. Wait, no, that wasn't right. He didn't feel no temptation. That was obvious. But he was strong enough that it was no problem to simply brush it aside, to think of Jenni and family and God and the flag and whatever it was that enabled him to ignore such a luscious, tempting piece of teenage ass. I couldn't be sure whether I admired him or thought he was a total sucker who was wasting an opportunity most men would jump on in a heartbeat. But he was such a goddamn good guy, and so good to my far-from-saintly sister, that I decided I had to admire him. Taylor finally took her seat, leaving Chas standing.

"So, you gonna sit down so we can eat, Mr. Dad?" Taylor teased quietly, in a casual way that didn't draw a lot of attention. "Or is there some reason you're standing up?" Her comments made me glance at her expression, and I followed her eyes to Chas' crotch, where I could see Taylor's little body massage was producing a noticeable erection that was unmistakable under his pleated khaki trousers. I looked back at Taylor, and saw now a wicked smile and a heartless stare fixed straight on Chas. I got out my cell phone and looked at it, pretending to be distracted reading and texting and oblivious to their conversation, but was hanging on every word.

"My, you have such good posture, Mr. Dad.  You stand up so straight and erect!" Aha, finally! A dirty double entendre that I was sure wasn't my imagination. She was pulling out all the stops, teasing him mercilessly. I felt vindicated that it wasn't all in my dirty little mind. Chas just sat down and brushed off her comments casually, reminding me of a character in some French movie. 

"I stand, I sit, it makes no difference. It's a beautiful day, and here I have my beautiful wife, and my lovely daughter, and a couple of very special guests. Nothing could make me happier than what I already have, and I'm not going to let anything disturb that." He looked at Taylor and shot a firm, private stare. "Anything, or anyone."

"Whoa, hey" Taylor replied, with more sarcasm than sincerity, "that's so beautiful. You're a real stand up guy, Mr. Dad. Even when you're sitting down, I'll bet you're standing up." Chas leaned forward with an elbow on the table and a finger pointing at Taylor.

"Give a rest, Taylor. You read me? There are limits. My daughter worships the ground you walk on, and I would hate break her heart and tell her you can't come around our house any more. Okay, so I'm human. You're pushing it too far, young lady." I glanced up at Taylor and saw a look of surprise and genuine remorse on her face. It appeared as though she'd never been confronted with the thought that all her teasing could actually hurt someone.

"I'm...I'm sorry," she stuttered, then quickly recovered her composure and resumed her cocky attitude, though clearly subdued for the moment. "Guess I'll just have to concentrate on Uncle Jeffrey, instead."

"Knock yourself out, babe," he said indifferently. "I don't care about him. We're not even related by blood. Jenni says he was adopted anyway. Torture him to death, if you want to." I was in 100% agreement with Chas on that one (except, of course, I knew Jenni's "adopted" joke was only pulled out when she felt I'd embarrassed her unduly). "But you might want to concentrate a little more on your schoolwork while you're at it. Your grades are nothing to write home about, and you can't count on an athletic scholarship if all you can do is be a rabbit for one of your teammates."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Dad," Taylor said, with a salute. "I'll get right on that."  Kaitlyn and Jenni came in from the kitchen carrying serving bowls and set them on the table.

"Hey, Mom," Kait asked, "can we have wine?" Kaitlyn sat next to Taylor, both right across the table from me.

"No," Chas said, with one eye on Taylor. "You're both mentally unbalanced and saturated in hormones to begin with. Letting you have wine would be parental malpractice."

"Hold on, honey," Jenni said in their defense, oblivious to the scene playing out between Taylor and her husband. "We made a new rule when she turned fifteen, remember? A small glass on special occasions is fine. Heck, in France they drink wine while they're in grammar school. And if she's had a little once in a while, maybe she'll be better able to keep her wits when she starts to hit parties with alcohol."

"Okay, okay. A little glass, then."

"That's right. A little glass, just us girls. Here," Jenni said as she picked up the bottle, "give me your glasses."

"Mom!" Kaitlyn said condescendingly, "Chardonnay? With tomato sauce? You are so gauche.

"What, you're debutantes all the sudden? You get chardonnay or you get water. Or beer, like Dad and Uncle Jeff. You want beer instead?" In answer, Kait and Taylor both eagerly held out their glasses. "A little for a special occasion is fine. This doesn't mean it's okay to drink. If we catch you drinking, you'll be grounded until you're thirty! Understand?"

"Yeah, Mom, We know."

"Thanks, Mrs. Mom," Taylor said. "You're really cool." She turned to Chas. "Don't worry, Mr. Dad, I'll be good," conveying a private peace offereing that was about more than the wine. The girls' chairs were only inches apart and they whispered back and forth into each other's ear, snickering at some secret joke.

Now that everyone was settled around the dining room table we proceeded to have a pleasant but fairly uneventful dinner.  The conversation wandered from neighborhood happenings to favorite TV shows and the latest hilarious Web videos, to he current fortunes of the Spartan cross-country team.  Chas proudly told the story of Kaitlyn's latest cross-country win, where she set a course record and promptly collapsed on the ground in exhaustion as she broke the tape. A photo of that moment had appeared in the local paper. Jenni hadn't been particularly athletic as a youth, but Chas had been a star athlete as had his father before him, and he took great pride in his daughter's achievements in sports.

Once dinner was finished, out came the ice cream with chocolate syrup, with the whipped cream and multi-colored sprinkles the girls insisted on.  Everyone else got a bowl, but as usual I got a tall, wide mug in which to make my favorite root beer float.  The big gallon tub of vanilla fudge ice cream made its way around the table as each person filled his or her bowl, until it reached me.  After depositing a couple big scoops in my mug, I set the tub down and picked up the bottle of root beer.  I could feel tiny specks of gravel embedded in the plastic label, and remembered how Kaitlyn had dropped the bottle when I'd hit her and Taylor with the water balloons. Thinking nothing of it, I turned the cap, unsealing the bottle. 

Suddenly root beer was spraying all over me, and I turned the bottle away momentarily. It then sprayed the girls, from their faces all down their fronts.  Seeing that I was now spraying them, but not wanting to get it anywhere else, I turned the bottle back toward myself to bear the brunt of the sticky spray until it subsided enough for me to pour some into the big mug in front of me as the fizzy fountain subsided.

"Eww! It's all sticky!" Taylor spouted, annoyed.

"Dude! What the fuck!" Kaitlyn blurted.

"Oh, God! I'm sorry, everybody!"

"Kaitlyn! I don't care what happened, you don't use that language in this house."

"Sorry, Mom, but look! I mean, we're soaked!" I was mortified, not just at getting root beer all over the girls, but at the sticky mess I'd made all over the table and floor, even the wall behind the girls.

"Yeah," Taylor muttered, almost under her breath, giving me a sly sideways glance so I was the only one who really noticed. "The dude can't seem to help shooting all over the place at the slightest provocation." Ooh, this girl is playing hard ball, I thought. Insult to injury, now.

"I am SO SORRY!!" I gushed. "I'll clean it up." Jenni was already in the kitchen, soaking a couple dish towels with water.

"No, worries, Jeff," Chas said. "We're on it. Luckily the floor's hardwood, the tables finished, everything can be washed off, But you three had better get cleaned up and change clothes. We'll put your desserts in the freezer until you come back." The girls were already headed out the doorway toward the stairs, fingertips gingerly holding their wet, sticky tops away from their skin.

"No, let me help," I said to Chas. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry about it. We've got it, really. Go get cleaned up.

I went upstairs just in time to see the girls disappear into the bathroom with a hearty slam of the door.  I grabbed a towel from the hall closet and stood outside the bathroom door.  The voices of the girls were soon drowned out by the sound of the shower.  I knocked on the door.

"Hey, girls. I'm really sorry! But try not to take too long. I'm still dripping root beer on the floor out here."

"We won't be long," Kaitlyn shouted through the door.

"We're showering together, to save time," Taylor added, teasingly. "Of course, girls have an awful lot of curves and nooks and crannies to wash, so it still might take a while." I could Kait trying to shush her friend, and Taylor giggling.  In what seemed a surprisingly short amount of time, the water stopped and I could hear them step out of the tub.  After another minute, the door flew open. 

Each of the girls had thick, oversized towels wrapped around their bodies from just under their armpits extending down to mid-thigh.

"Go ahead and shower," Kaitlyn said. "We've gotta brush our hair and stuff." They both made their way to the sink, and it was clear they weren't leaving.

"You want me to shower now? With you guys in the room?"

"Don't be a wuss, Uncle Jeff," Kait said. "There's a whole shower curtain between us. We'll be busy doing girly stuff"

"Yeah, dude," Taylor chimed in. "Don't worry, we won't peek at you if you don't peek at us."

I resigned myself to the fact that I didn't have much choice, as standing around any longer in these sticky clothes that smelled of cheap root beer was not a pleasant thought. I threw the towel over the shower rod and stepped into the tub, closed the shower curtain and peeled off my clothes. Holding the bundle of sticky clothes in my hands, I pulled the shower curtain aside a few inches to throw them on the floor. Through the little gap between the curtain and the wall, I could see Kaitlyn and Taylor at the sink. Taylor was rubbing deodorant under her arms and Kait was spritzing cologne, first on her wrists and the nape of her neck, then she lifted the bottom of the towel with the other hand, giving me a quick flash of her mound again, and casually spritzed cologne between her legs.  Taylor noticed this in the mirror and turned to Kaitlyn.

"You don't need that down there, girlfriend. I like the way you smell au natural."

"Stop it, Tay! Can't you control yourself?" Taylor reached a hand over and squeeze one of Kait's ass cheeks.  I ducked back behind the shower curtain before they noticed me peeking out, and stood frozen listening.

"I'm not sure I can. Justin hasn't been around all week, I'm ready to fuck anything, right now."

"You're a nympho, Tay-Tay. Come on, let's get ready. I want my ice cream."

I turned on the water, realizing if I listened any longer, they might notice I wasn't showering. I did a quick lather and rinse from head to toe to wash away all the root beer, and absent-mindedly soaped around my crotch, where my dick was once again hard with the image of Kaitlin's perfumed pussy. Thinking about Taylor's words, I almost got the idea she was so horny she was ready to jump on Kaitlyn in the absence of her boyfriend. But what a silly thought that was, just a horny male fantasy.  Then I suddenly realized the girls were still in the same room, and I was going to have to get out of the shower. Even with a towel around me, I didn't want to have to worry about hiding my erection yet again. I turned off the water and reached my hand up to the shower rod for my towel. But it wasn't there. I looked around but it was nowhere in sight. I pulled the curtain aside a few inches and looked down on the floor to see if it had fallen there. Nothing. Looking around, I saw the girls still at the sink.  Then I saw my towel, way up on the top shelf above the towel rack.  Taylor must have taken it and put it there as a prank. This girl never stops, I thought.

"Um, girls? Can I have a towel, please?" 

"There's one right up there on the shelf, Uncle Dude," Taylor said casually.

"Can you hand it to me? I'm, um, I'm naked in here."

"Taylor, you are such a bitch," Kaitlyn said, "Get away from me. I don't know you." But she also didn't move a muscle to help me.

"Okay, ha ha, funny, Taylor." I said, trying to laugh it off. "But please, just hand it to me. If your mother found out I simply walked out of the shower naked right in front of you guys, she'd castrate me."

"Don't be so dramatic, dude," Taylor said. "She doesn't know anything. Besides, it's not like you're going to traumatize us with anything we haven't seen. We've got boyfriends."  I didn't reply, just stood there wondering what to do. I certainly didn't want to step out there with this boner sticking up toward the ceiling.  "Oh, all right, you sissy. I'll hand it to you. But you have to open the curtain." I could see her hand reach up and grab the towel from the shelf, so I pulled the shower curtain aside about six inches and held out my hand.

Taylor grabbed the edge of the curtain and yanked it aside, so that I was completely exposed in plain view. Both girls' eyes instantly fixed on my crotch.

"Oh. My. GAWD!" Taylor blurted. "Look at it! It's curved, just like a banana!"  When erect, my penis was markedly curved upward and in toward my belly button.  Several women I'd been with had remarked on it, but I didn't think it was all that terribly remarkable. Then again, I'm sure these girls hadn't seen too many penises yet.  I noted that Kaitlyn didn't turn or run this time, she stared with fascination.

"Is it always like that?" She asked, hesitantly.

"You mean curved? All my life. But it's not always this hard, if that's what you mean." At this point, I figured there was no point being prudish, a little honesty might help clear the air. "Except when I'm around you guys. Then, yeah. it's pretty much always this way. I just can't help it."

"Uncle Dude, I gotta say, that's pretty impressive," Taylor said with a big grin.  "I mean, Kait's boyfriend is hung like a horse but he's a freak. But you leave Justin and the other guys I've been with in the dust."

"Would you just please give me a towel?"

"Yeah, sure," Taylor said, then casually reached over to Kait and without warning yanked her towel off, leaving her stark naked, too. "Take hers, she's done with it," she said, holding it out to me." I looked at Kaitlyn, and in the moment of shock before she could cover herself, got my best view yet of her beautiful, athletic body. It was glistening now with beads of moisture from the steam and humidity of the room, and at that moment the scent of the cologne she had sprayed between her legs reached my nostrils. It was sweet and hypnotic, and somehow exactly as I imagined her pussy should smell if I were ever close enough to get a whiff. Despite having no bust to speak of, she had the most beautiful body I had ever seen in my life. Deeply tanned all over except the parts covered by a tiny bathing suit, her abdomen was lightly rippled from countless crunches at soccer practice and dance class, her runner's legs powerfully muscled yet still supremely feminine, the slight swelling of her breasts were capped with large, pencil-eraser nipples that poked out eagerly into the air. And between her legs, her cleanly shaved pussy provided a girlish contrast to the rest of her athletic, almost womanly body. But my view lasted only a moment, before her hands moved to try to cover herself and she turned to run out.

"EEEEEE!!!" she screamed as she bolted out the door, her shapely, naked ass disappearing into her room before the door slammed loud behind her.  From behind the door she yelled, "I HATE YOU, TAYLOR! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"

"No you don't, Kay-Kay! You love me! I know because you tell me, like, every day." I was so stunned that I stood there still naked, my jaw hanging open, without covering myself with the towel.

"Don't worry," Taylor said, turning her attention back to me. "She loves me. She really does."

"Why did you do that?"

"I was curious. I knew she was curious. I knew you were curious. Now we don't have to wonder any more. Problem solved."

"Easy for you to say. You're the only one not naked."

"Well, now, in that case, Uncle Banana McStiffy, I just have one question for you." She pointed a hand out so that her index finger was only inches from my dick. "Is that for her, or is that for me?"  I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist and turned to the side in a token effort at modesty, trying to strike a defiantly indignant pose.

"I told you before, any guy would react that way around two pretty young girls like you. It's automatic." Taylor ignored my reply and brought her hand up to her face, hooking the fingernail of her pinky on a lower canine tooth, the finger turning her lip down coyly. She took a big step toward me, so that her face was only inches from mine.

"Because if that's for me, well... maybe you and your banana might just get your wish." She turned to walk out the door. "Later, dude." She slipped quickly into Kaitlyn's room, shutting the door tightly behind her as quickly as she'd opened it.

 I could instantly hear the sound of wrestling on the bed and the unmistakable sound of a plastic bucket full of toiletries crashing to the floor. The dresser banged against the wall and I could hear bottles and knick knacks fall over with clinking sounds.

"I hate you! I hate you, bitch!!"  I could hear Kaitlyn yelling through the door.

"Oh, my god! That was too fucking funny!" Taylor cackled. "You should have seen your faces!!" More wrestling, then slowing down. Then, what was that? Giggling? An occasional squeal. Tickling? Quiet. Whispers.  Well, at least they didn't seem to be seriously fighting over this. Perhaps it wasn't such a big deal.

Not a big deal? I'd just stood naked in front of my niece and her best friend,with a raging hard on, watched my niece stripped naked unwillingly, and to top it off had her friend point a finger at my erection and hint that she might just fuck me before the weekend was over. No, no big deal at all. Holy shit! At least I didn't come on myself.  Or anyone else, for that matter. Luckily, it was only the root beer that had spurted prematurely this time.

Gathering up my clothes and making sure the towel was fixed firmly around my waist, with one hand holding it firmly just in case, I crossed the hall into the master bedroom and threw the jeans and shirt into my dirty laundry bag, I pulled out a pair of sweatpants and another shirt. Luckily, my undershorts were free of root beer (and cum), so I was able to put those back on.  With all my jeans now dirty, I figured I'd better start some wash, so after I was dressed, I picked up the laundry bag and went back downstairs.

I held my laundry bag up in front of me and said, "I've got to do some wash, or I won't have anything to wear tomorrow."

"Fine. Hurry back up," Chas said, "the girls are going to want their ice cream the second they get back down here."

"What was all that noise?" Jenni asked. "Was that Kait screaming and yelling?"

"Taylor was just playing a practical joke on her. She tricked her into thinking I saw her naked, and she freaked for a minute. They're best friends again already."

"That Taylor and her jokes," Jenni said, disapprovingly. "She's going to give someone a heart attack one of these days."
"She doesn't mean any harm, honey," Chas replied. "She'll grow up soon enough." But Jenni frowned.

"She's growing up too fast, if you ask me."

I continued down to the basement and went to throw my clothes in the wash. Before I did, something inside the washer caught my eye.  On top of the shorts and tops I'd thrown in earlier were a few more articles of clothing, including a few bras, some socks, and right on top sat two pair of panties. Taylor must have tossed them in when she popped downstairs just before dinner. One pair of panties was pink and frilly, and the other was light blue and fairly plain. Overcome by curiosity, I picked up the pink, frilly pair. It was a thong with lace along all the edges in front, a silk bow at the center of the waistband.  The material of the front and the little triangle in the back was thin and sheer, and would clearly reveal the treasures underneath when worn. This sexy number is Taylor for sure, I thought.  I turned them inside out and brought the gusset up to my nose. I found the unmistakably delicious scent of a woman, mixed with perfume. Cologne? Wait! It was the cologne I had just smelled in the bathroom a few minutes before, the one that Kaitlyn had spritzed between her legs. It was Kaitlyn! What a beautiful scent, the sweet perfume mixed with the hypnotic, earthy aroma of femininity that can only be found between a woman's legs. As I breathed in deeply of Kaitlyn's scent, I pictured that hairless, pouty cleft, and wondered just what it would look like when she fully parted her legs and revealed the full wonder of pink, fleshy folds that hid there.

I tenderly placed the pink thong back in the wash, and picked out the other pair. They were sensible cotton bikini briefs with striped elastic at the waistband and only a hint of lace around the leg openings. Wouldn't have guessed Taylor would wear something so ordinary, I thought. I turned them inside out as well, and brought the gusset right up to my nose, breathing in deeply.  A powerful aroma of womanly desire was my reward. A scent I'd smelled many times before, but on much older women. And what else? There was perfume here, too. Yes, I had detected this scent while Taylor was on top of me in the side yard. The scent had been burned in my brain as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into my shorts. Her perfume was less subtle, bolder, almost ostentatious, some might even say a little trashy. But it was definitely Taylor. And I was fairly certain from the scent that she had been very, very aroused while she had these on.

Checking the tags on both pair to be sure everything could wash together, I threw the panties back in the washer and tossed in my own clothes, some detergent and then started the cycle on cold. Taking a moment to adjust my re-emergent erection to a not-to-obvious position, I made my way back upstairs. 

Soon the girls came back down, now both in flannel pajama bottoms, Kaitlyn with a pink cotton camisole top, and Taylor with a classic white wife beater, a lacy red underwire bra showing through underneath.  Even though Taylor didn't have very much in the way of breasts, the cut of the bra and low neckline of the shirt gave her a pleasing impression of cleavage.

Back out of the freezer the ice cream came, and dessert went fairly uneventfully, although I was too timid to look either of the girls in the eye. Once or twice when I glanced across at Taylor, she was staring straight at me and licking the ice cream off her spoon in highly suggestive way.  I looked down at my mug, trying to come up with something to think or talk about that wouldn't get me into trouble.

"Oh, hey," I said to Jenni. "I hope you don't think I sound ungrateful, but the sofa bed in the living room is really bad for my back. I think I'd rather just sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor. I've got one in my car."

"Didn't we tell you?" Chas asked. "We know, that sofa bed is a torture device. We'd never make you sleep on that again. You're going to sleep in Kaitlyn's room, just like old times."

"Kaitlyn's room? I know that worked out when she was little, but isn't she kind of big for all three of you to sleep in the master bedroom."

"Just think how crowded it's going to be with me in there, too," Taylor giggled.

"As if," Kaitlyn mocked.

"No, no. The girls are going to camp out back. I set up the tent while you guys were getting cleaned up."

"A tent out back? Oh, God, I couldn't make them do that. I'll sleep out there."

"Don't be silly! They'll have the air mattress, they'll be fine.  They're all excited. It's a big adventure for them. Don't worry about it." I looked at Kaitlyn questioningly.

"You don't mind me staying in your room?"

"No sweat, Uncle Jeff."

"Yeah," Taylor added. "Just stay out of her underwear drawer." I was pretty sure it was only a casual joke, but I cringed at how close to the truth Taylor really was, whether she knew it or not.

"Well," Jenni said, slapping her hands on her thighs and getting up from the table, "that's all settled. Who wants to play board games"

"I do!" Chas chimed in.

"Yeah, I do," I said. I didn't get much chance to play board games or have other experiences of family life these days, so an evening of games was always a highlight when I came to visit.

"Oh, God. For a while, I guess, Mom,"

"Oh, come on, Kay-Kay!" Taylor urged. "This is going to be fun!"

"Fun? Are you on drugs, Tay? Our board games are so lame. They're all from the olden days, like, twenty years ago."  Taylor leaned over and whispered in Kait's ear. Then they both looked over at me with mischievous grins.

"Okay," Kait said, changing her tone, locking eyes with me. "Let's play." Uh, oh. I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that. Then again, I thought I might like the sound of that very, very much. Or maybe not. But probably. I should probably be careful, though. Shit! I don't know what the fuck is going on!

Kait and Taylor sat on the couch, their legs tucked up underneath them, with Jenni and Chas in armchairs at either end, and me opposite the couch in a dining room chair, with the coffee table in the middle between us.  We played an old game that involved rolling dice and moving little tokens around a board and picking up little cards to read.  Every time it was Taylor's turn, she leaned forward directly across from me and I got a plain view of the   cleavage her push-up bra produced. The view was starting to turn me on once again, and I could feel blood starting to congregate in my nether regions.

Once, while Taylor was bent over reaching for the dice, and I was leaning forward to get a better look down her shirt, she stopped and looked directly up at me, catching my eyes roving her body. Without breaking eye contact with me, she spoke to Jenni.

"Mrs. Mom, do you have any bananas?"

"Bananas? Yes, Taylor," Jenni replied. "I think we have a few left."

"Great," Taylor said, still looking right at me. "'Cause I really feel like a banana. Yo! Uncle Dude. Do you think you could get me a nice juicy banana?" I felt a flash of panic, wondering how this would play out. Did Jenni or Chas suspect this was a serious game of prick tease? I snuck a glance at each of them. Chas seemed to be preoccupied with re-tabulating the score of the game, and Jenni had picked up her cell phone to read a message that had just come in. Then I looked at Kaitlyn. She smirked at me, not exactly cruelly, but amused, as if to say, 'so, it's your move. Are you game?' I gave a quick glance to my crotch, and observed that my loose sweatpants wouldn't give me away too obviously.

"Okay, Taylor. Whatever you want," I relented.

"Kay-Kay, you want one?"

"Not me, Tay! The bananas are all yours."

I got up from my chair, walked into the kitchen and brought back a banana. I handed it to Taylor, who took it with a leering smile.

"Oooh, that's a nice one! Boy, you know how to pick 'em. We should call you 'Uncle Banana.'"

"Taylor, you're a freak," Kaitlyn mumbled, half amused and half disgusted.

"No, really!" Taylor said. "Look at it!" She held the banana up in front of her face and ran a finger from the top down to the base. "Look at that shape, how it's curved so perfectly. God, it looks sooo delicious. I can't wait to put it in my mouth."  While I could feel myself getting harder, I glanced again at Jenni and Chas, and somehow they were still oblivious. Taylor looked over at Kait and they both giggled.

Taylor had her glass from dinner in front of her with a little bit of wine left. While Chas was rolling the dice and moving his token, she slowly peeled the banana, picked up the glass, and dipped the tip of the banana in the wine. Then as Jenni picked up a card and read the message on it, Taylor brought the banana to her mouth, and licked the wine off seductively. She looked at me and saw my dazed expression, with my mouth hanging open, practically drooling. She then put her mouth over the banana and worked it slowly, suggestively in an out a few times, emulating a very skillful blowjob.  Now my dick was poking straight out between my legs, the tip hanging up on the fabric, which kept it from moving up to rest comfortably against my abdomen.

Taylor burst out laughing and collapsed over into Kaitlyn, and they both guffawed heartily.

"What the heck is so funny, you two?" Jenni asked.

"Nothing," Kaitlyn said, snickering. Taylor took a big bite out of the banana, and then spoke as she chewed.

"We just find bananas hilarious. They're so random. Aren't they just the most hilarious fruit? "

"Whatever, girls." Jenni rolled her eyes.

"Taylor," Chas interrupted, "it's your turn."

As the game wore on, Taylor had been leaning farther and farther forward, and now she leaned more than ever, so that her breasts, such as they were, would hang down and I could see tantalizingly down her shirt to the curve of creamy slope.

"Hey! Uncle Jeff!" Kaitlyn called to me, breaking my out of my reverie. I tore my eyes away from Taylor's cleavage and looked at her.


"Do you have your cell phone?"

"Yeah," I replied, perplexed. I picked it up to show I had it.

"Does it have a camera?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"'Cause next time Taylor leans over the board, you might as well take a picture? It'll last longer." I turned beet red, certain I'd been totally busted, drooling shamelessly at a peek down the shirt of a sixteen year-old girl.  I looked over at Chas, terrified that I'd find a stern, accusing look. What I found was an expression of sympathy, as if to say, 'do you see what I have to deal with?'  Apparently he assumed I was in the same position as he was, trying to maintain platonic indifference in the face of ruthless teasing. He didn't seem to have any idea what was really going on, what had already happened between us. Jenni spoke up.

"Okay, Taylor. So you have established that Jeffrey is human and a red-blooded male. Put a notch in your belt and then put a sock in it. This is neither the time nor the place" Spoken just like the school teacher she was, though her experience teaching younger children left her a little naïve about teenagers. Jenni was as clueless as her husband about what was going on here. I thanked my lucky stars and decided I'd try to resist responding to any further teasing.

The game soon finished with Chas victorious, and game night was adjourned. Jenni went to check e-mail, and I went with Chas to the kitchen to dry and put away the dinner dishes.  The girls went upstairs to get bedding and things for the tent. They came back down through the kitchen with their bundles, all giggles and whispers and shushes, and went out the back door.  In a moment, Kaitlyn called through the window.

"Daddy! The mattress isn't blown up!"

"The battery pump is in the upstairs closet. You know how it works."

"Uncle Jeff, will you get it for us?" I looked at Chas, noting that we still had a few dishes to dry and put away.

"Go ahead, I'll be done in no time."

"Okay, I'll get it," I called out to the girls. I went upstairs and rooted around the hall closet for a few moment before I found the pump. It was inside a sturdy, clear plastic zipper bag that would keep it dry in wet weather.  Downstairs, I came back through the kitchen toward the door.

"Got it. Be right back," I said to Chas as I passed by.

I stepped out the back door to see the girls standing by the tent, and descended the steps. As I turned in their direction, I sensed two object hurtling in my direction through the twilight. *SPLASH!* Water balloons! Taylor and Kaitlyn were doubled over with laughter.

"Gotcha!" Kaitlyn laughed. "That'll teach you to violate diplomatic immunity!"

"You're it, dude!" Taylor snickered. "I think a cold shower is just what you needed, anyway. Don't you think, Kay-Kay?"

"I think that's exactly right, Tay-Tay. A cold shower does a man good at times like this." I stood there, stunned and dripping, furious that I'd let them take me so by surprise. Taylor stepped forward and held out her hand toward the pump in my hand.

"We'll take that, Uncle Banana," she said mockingly. After I handed it over, she put on a patrician air, like an aristocrat addressing a servant. "That'll be all, McStiffy. You may go." I remembered Jenni's words from earlier in the day: 'teenage girls are going to make a fool of you for the rest of your life.' It was already beginning to look like she was psychic.

The girls turned, still laughing and dove into the entrance of the tent, and in a few seconds I heard the whine of the pump starting to inflate the air mattress. I turned dejectedly and climbed the steps of the back porch, only to be met by Jenni once again.

"Not a chance, buster. Strip!"

"I love the way you tell me to take my clothes off, sis."

"Jeffrey, you're a pervert."

I left my sweatpants and shirt hanging on the porch rail, and went in the kitchen door in my undershorts.

"They make you a fool when you're lookin' at 'em," Chas commiserated, "and they make you a fool when you turn your back. I feel for you, brother. They're way too smart for us."

"I don't want to talk about it, Chas. I've had enough for today."

"I don't blame you. Get a good night's sleep, and keep your powder dry. Hostilities will resume at dawn."

Before I went upstairs, I went to the cabinet that contained the bag of balloons, rooting through it until I found a jumbo balloon twice the size of the ones we'd been using up to now. This battle was not over, I could still win the day. At the top of the stairs, I called out for Jenni.

"In here," she said from the master bedroom. I poked my head in and said I just needed to get my bag and say goodnight.  I could not get away without one of Jenni's obligatory bear hugs, though this one was mercifully brief, due to my being nearly naked except for my wet underwear.

"Hope I didn't make you wet, sis."

"Just because you're a pervert doesn't mean I am, too, bro."

"I meant my shorts."

"See what I mean?"

"Good night, Jenni."

"Good night, pervert."

I took my bag into Kaitlyn's room and closed the door.  I threw the bag onto the bed, then looked around.  The room was still filled with all the pink, frilly, girly things she'd so loved several years ago when she was 11 or 12.  Posters on the wall depicted various manga and anime characters, along with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Her dresser was more mature now, with perfumes and assorted mysterious colognes, creams, powders and other toiletries whose precise practical application I could only guess. I knew the floor of Kaitlyn's bedroom was usually strewn with dirty laundry, including all manner of lingerie, sports bras, thongs and tights, but she had done a fairly diligent job de-girlifying in anticipation of my temporary residency, with nary a lacy unmentionable in sight. I was tempted to take a look inside her dresser drawers to see just how much more lacy and feminine her underthings had become since the last time I'd visited, just as they always were from one visit to the next as she advanced in age. Even on trips I didn't sleep in her room, I always found an opportunity to sneak in and have a peek. But having just received a specific admonition to stay out, I restrained myself. At least for tonight.

I realized I really was exhausted from a very long day. I  took off my wet shorts and hung them over the doorknob, and took my other pair of sweatpants out of the bag and put them on. Getting myself ready for bed, I then prepared my parting shot for the night. The window of Kait's bedroom overlooked the back yard, and the tent was set up just below the window, about ten feet from the house. A jumbo water balloon launched from the window to detonate right next to the tent entrance would provide an impressive surprise blow. If they had the outer flap open, the water would splash through the screen and get them wet inside the tent. But even if the flap was closed, the water would make a big, loud splash that would provide enough shock and awe to reclaim my dignity and keep them from entering battle the next day with a psychological advantage.  I took a quick look out the window, and could see from the glow of light coming from inside the tent that it appeared the outer flap was closed.  The rain fly was unattached on one side, presumably so they could look up at the stars, but also allowing a partial view down into the interior of the tent. I could throw the balloon at the top of the tent where the rain fly was open, but I couldn't be sure the balloon would burst against the tent fabric, or just roll down the side and splash against the grass without much sound or effect. No, a shot on the sidewalk right in front of the entrance, even with the outer flap closed, would be much more dramatic.

Rubbing my hands together with fiendish glee, I went to the bathroom and filled the jumbo balloon from the bathtub spout, tied it off, and snuck back into the bedroom. Gingerly setting the balloon down on the bed, I quietly opened the window wide enough to lean out and launch my water bomb.  I gently picked up the balloon, and turned, poking my head out the window. Looking down at the tent, I froze in utter shock.

Through the open rain fly, I could see into the top of the tent. In the dim. battery-powered light inside Kaitlin was laying back on the air mattress languorously, completely naked.  One hand was pinching one of her nipples, and the other hand travelled down her belly and between her legs. Taylor was out of sight, but the light cast her shadow on the front of the tent, and her kneeling silhouette seemed to indicate she was also touching herself. Then the shadow moved away and Taylor came into view. She was naked also, and moved forward to lay on top of Kait. Their mouths met and they kissed passionately for a few minutes. Then Taylor broke away and slowly trailed kisses down to Kait's chest, stopping to suck on one nipple, then another, as Kait  closed her eyes and threw her head back, squirming gently, hands on top of her girlfriend's head. After another few moments, Taylor trailed more kisses down Kait's belly, pushing apart her legs, and then began applying her tongue enthusiastically to the juicy confection she found there.  Over the sound of the crickets and frogs and other night creatures, I could hear Kait begin to moan with pleasure.

Completely distracted, I forgot completely about the balloon and it fell from my hands and broke on the windowsill, splashing onto me and the bed, as well as some splashing out the window and dripping down the side of the house. I froze and shrank from the window, worried that the girls would hear and would investigate the sound. Luckily, they were both preoccupied enough that they didn't hear the sound from up at the second floor window.

Despite once again being soaking wet, I wasn't about to move from the window. I lowered my sweatpants and took my rigid cock in my hand and started to pump vigorously. Taylor continued to eat Kaitlyn out enthusiastically, and reached both hands up to pinch her nipples. Soon, Kait's hands dug into Taylor's hair and she started bucking her hips up and down, letting out a suppressed, high-pitched squeal, trying not to make so much noise that it would be heard above the sounds of the night.

Taylor kissed back and forth the inside of Kait's thighs several times, then climbed back up her body and their mouths locked once again. Kait quickly broke away and pushed Taylor firmly down on her back, moving down to lick her breasts, sucking and biting the nipples. Before long, she, too started to move downward, with kisses and licks, down past the navel.

Darling Kaitlyn. My little niece, whom I'd know since she was a baby, even changed her diaper once or twice, had bounced on my knee, all of fifteen now. Just fifteen, not a little girl anymore, but certainly not a woman. Sweet little Kaity, on her way to eagerly go down on her best friend, right before my very eyes. I had envisioned a lot of fantasies in the past 18 hours that involved the two of them, but this was one that had not even entered into my imagination.

I could feel another orgasm approaching quickly. Without any handkerchief or rag handy, I wondered where I could shoot. I quickly decided to push my pelvis forward and point my dick dick out the window. As I felt the intense wave of pleasure come over me, I shot spurt after spurt out the window, and could hear the gobs of cum splatter lightly on the sidewalk below, some of them almost all the way to the tent.

When I opened my eyes again, Kaitlyn had her head buried between Taylor's legs. Holy fucking shit! This time, at least I came when I wanted to, and I really had something to come about!

Kait didn't seem to be in any hurry. I might just have time to recover and come again. This had already turned into one of the most exciting weekend of my life. And from all appearances, it was going get more and more interesting. There it goes again, already, I thought. The blood was already returning to my loins. I was on my way to a one-day record.

######END CHAPTER THREE########
Next chapter continues with Kait and Taylor in the tent before the night ends and the next day dawns. Things will indeed get much more complicated come Saturday. I hope to have it ready within the next week, but don't expect it before next weekend.  Lots and lots still to do in the real world this week, and I spent more time on this than I had intended.

Al B.
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Nice & well worth the wait,
now to wait for part#4.
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WOW, you've outdone yourself, Al B. That was top-notch.

Because we both like some constructive critcism with the praise, I want to offer that all the characters seem more believable than Jeff. His ridiculosness is a FANTASTIC plot element, so I can understand why it has worked that way, and I certainly wouldn't want to give you the impression that that character has kept this from being a wonderful story, he hasn't. I would simply say that I can't wait for him to stop making silly mistakes and put some of that cum wherte it belongs.

Great pacing, I've never been so eager to get to a sex scene before. May it take as long as it needs to, let the muses guide you, good sir.


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mostly harmless

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WOW, you've outdone yourself, Al B. That was top-notch.

Because we both like some constructive critcism with the praise, I want to offer that all the characters seem more believable than Jeff. His ridiculosness is a FANTASTIC plot element, so I can understand why it has worked that way, and I certainly wouldn't want to give you the impression that that character has kept this from being a wonderful story, he hasn't. I would simply say that I can't wait for him to stop making silly mistakes and put some of that cum wherte it belongs.

Great pacing, I've never been so eager to get to a sex scene before. May it take as long as it needs to, let the muses guide you, good sir.

Thanks, Fish. I always prize your feedback, and your praise is melodious. To fully appreciate your comment, I have to ask you to elaborate, because I have not intended Jeffrey to come off the way you seem to see him. He is, here, yes, rather passive and gullible, but I intended that to convey a very real sense of a regular guy who despite his lustful desires in this situation has a very strong sense of propriety and consequences, and a respect for his family that serves to control his libido, even when opportunities present themselves.  I am particularly puzzled by your description of him as "ridiculous."  Believe me, I am not offended, but I fear I may not have been as effective I would have hoped in conveying his "everyman"-ishness in a surreal situation.  He's definitely got something of a way with women (he had a hot Ukrainian girlfriend a dozen years younger, after all), but in part because of this — because he knows he has little trouble finding female companionship more socially and legally acceptable — he has not allowed himself to consider these girls as a realistic possibility, no matter how much he might lust after them, and he is out of his element and out of his league, through the looking glass of fantasy and desire for forbidden fruit, reluctant to fully acknowledge and act on his desires. Given my description of how I intend Jeffrey, can you elaborate on how your impression of how he is coming off to the reader is different, and how I may have missed the mark?  Part of the reason for portraying him  this way is to make it that much more rapturous and unbelievable the act is when it finally comes, something that no matter how close within his grasp it seemed to become earlier, was in his mind simply too good to ever to be true.

Thanks. And, of course, woo for feedback on stories (that should be a forum rule).

but when I'm bad, I'm oh, so bad...
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A taste is a waste of time.

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Love the feedback woo rule, as my most recent contribution recieved no attention at all, but I'm sure you can relate to that particular frustration.

I saw Jeff as a little ridiculous because he walks into clear traps (the last water balloon was, I'm sorry, too predictable), and because he is unable to follow the lead so obviously presented by Taylor.

Perhaps it is because I'm not a voyeur at all but an exhibitionist, or perhaps it is because I've just never been that spellbound by naked girls, but he seems to fumble the ball every time he gets close to the end-zone.

I was in a similar situation once (my friend's sister), and I simply countermanded the flirtation by returning fire, even though her mother was right there, and she stopped. Later, when she was a bit older, I sealed the deal. I believe I could have gotten together with her sooner, but young girls are much more fun in fantasy than in reality.

I consider my own capabilities with girls to be about average, so the whole "everyman" notion is perhaps lost on me, because I expect a certain level of prowice (too much?) with the male. Hey, most of the tendencies I didn't love were great plot elements, and building only characters that are successful and capable is a huge authorial no-no... so great job (in terms of character construction), good job (in terms of character action), and fantastic job (in terms of overall depth and pacing).

Thanks for the story, and I hope the more thorogh feedback helps. Remember, this is only one opinion, and I LOVE the story overall, so don't read too much into it.

Rock on, man.

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« Reply #5 on: April 23, 2013, 02:35:54 AM »

HUA!!      (in my best Al Pacino voice)

Thanks for the feedback. Yes it helps. Shows how much work needs to go into portraying a character who is not necessarily from the same head space and disposition as the reader. That's what makes truly good writers stand out from the crowd, because their characters are understandable to everyone, not just those readers who are simpatico.

I'll leave that challenge for later. I am satisfied I'm getting across enough for now to make it entertaining, even if not all readers completely grok the narrator as I do.

Gonna be a few more days, I'm afraid, due to more pressing business, but I won't let this drop.

And the story feedback woo rule is a rule if we say it's a rule. I say it is. I'd further say it's an unwritten rule, except I just wrote it...

Al B.

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« Reply #6 on: April 23, 2013, 02:53:46 PM »

I keep reading this series while I wait for the next part.
Such a good story line, I still can't wait to see you take it next !
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« Reply #7 on: October 24, 2013, 08:33:30 PM »

Very, very nice. No complaints or criticism from me. A job well done.

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« Reply #8 on: April 12, 2014, 07:02:43 AM »

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I didn't follow up with more. I got involved with other stuff in what we call the real world that took precedence.  I also wasn't absolutely, completely sure which direction this was going to go from here, so I hesitated long enough to lose my momentum.  I think I know now what's going to happen, so if anyone wants to read more, I'll finish the story. It is, after all, minutely-autobiographical, although my niece never had a wicked, pricktease friend, and she is gay rather than bi (and, of course, there was never any teasing or leering or untoward behavior on anyone's part, much to my chagrin, merely idle daydreaming about a magnificent specimen of teenage beauty).

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« Reply #9 on: April 15, 2014, 01:29:40 PM »

Yes, please go on with this I was beginning
to think I had missed anymore to this...
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« Reply #10 on: June 02, 2014, 12:45:20 AM »

Great story... I can't wait to read the remaining chapters and hope you return with more! Thanks for your contributions!
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