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Author Topic: PAMELA'S DIARY (Diary series #3) - by FOXI 3 (F/b)  (Read 5629 times)
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« on: May 08, 2013, 07:11:35 PM »

(The author does not condone underage sex. The story is intended for entertainment only.)

part of the diary series




    Being a mother is not easy. Being a mother that is in love with her own son is even harder. The diary before you is one that I was asked to put together by my doctor who knows of my, how can I say this delicately, incestuous desires. It is intended to help me. So far it has only enhanced my depraved senses. As to how this came about and what you may think of me, I will leave that up to you. But for now I will continue to follow up with my treatment.

                                               *   *   *   *

Day 1

My name is Pamela. Most friends just call me Pam, or Pammy. I like them all. I am thirty three years old and no longer have a husband. He divorced me years ago for another woman. I hate him for that. He told me that it was because I was not a good sexual partner for him. Fuck him. I hate him. I was, or thought I was, very good in bed. I let him do whatever he wanted. He always came even though I rarely did. Now he has his whore and I'm left alone with my son.

Day 2

My son, Chris said he loved me today and hugged me. I believe he can see when his mommy is sad and always wants to hug me and kiss me. I relish those hugs and kisses. Most times he gets me out of my depression and I love him for that. I have been alone for more than a year and miss sex. I can't help it. I was always very passionate. But I've been without a man for a long while and find myself thinking about sex...a lot. Taking a shower has a whole new meaning now. I let the spray hit my clit and cum often, sometimes loudly. I hope Chris never hears me. I'm back at the gym trying to get rid of the love handles and extra fat off my ass cheeks. So far so good. I can now fit into my skinny jeans again. I looked in the mirror and saw someone I had lost for a long time. Me.

Day 6

Sorry. Been extra busy these days. Lost track of time and forgot to complete my diary entry. Something new happened. I was asked out on a date by an old high school friend I hadn't seen in years. Still handsome and well built. I went shopping for new clothes immediately, especially underwear. Never know who might see them. God, anyone reading this diary would think they were reading a teenagers thoughts. Oh, well, I'm free and feeling better about myself. My body is looking trim and tight again and I have a guy who is interested in it. Yummy.

Day 8

The date was a disaster. I remember him better now. He was an asshole in school and really hasn't changed at all. I came home crying and the poor babysitter was upset too at seeing me. I sent her home and looked in on my little man, Chris, who was sleeping peacefully. I stood there for quite some time looking down at his tiny body and noticed that his cock was rock hard and pushing the sheet upwards like a tent was being erected. He moaned and turned his head. My baby was dreaming, but of what? I pulled back the sheet and saw that he was naked. He wasn't wearing underwear. His swollen stiff cock was standing straight up and I was so surprised to see how large he was. I quickly put the sheet back over him and quietly left the room. I went to my room and giggled at what I had seen. It had been years since I gave him baths and washed him. He was growing up fast. Whatever he was dreaming about made him harder than a rock. Maybe he was growing up way to fast.

Day 9

While Chris was at school I made his bed. I noticed a big wet spot where he was lying and knew that my baby boy had an orgasm. The thought of this made me wonder what sort of thoughts were actually running through my boys brain. I wasn't long in finding out. Hidden behind his socks and underwear was a paperback book. It was old and torn and well thumbed. But I could easily read the title. "Mommy's delicate boy."
The cover showed a drawn well endowed woman reaching into her young boys pants as he cupped her right breast. I sat on the bed stunned. I opened the book to find out what enticed him to this novel. It was about incest. A boy who wanted to have sex with his mother. Throughout the book they had sex in every position and the mother taught him. I was shocked to say the least and yet found myself excited at such sexual depravity. I was going to throw the book away and stopped myself. If he found out he would be scared of me, also sex, thinking it wrong. I placed it back in its hiding spot.

Day 10

Chris was happy today because it was the weekend and the teacher didn't assign homework. We watched television and went to the mall and ate out. We were both tired by the end of the day and went to bed early. I awoke in the middle of the night to a soft moaning that immediately got me out of bed and to my sons room where I stopped short just outside his bedroom. The door was ajar and even in the dim light I could see him masturbating. I stood rigid, not wanting to surprise him or even stop him. I knew that boys his age did this and I certainly didn't want to stunt his manhood. But I found myself staring at his cock. His small fist was jerking it up and down and soon hot rivulets of cum shot from his cock head all over the bed sheets and his stomach. I felt my pulse race and my pussy quiver at such a raw sexual sight, even though it was my son. I tiptoed back to my bed and removed my wet panties and rubbed myself into a wonderful cum. What surprised me was that I was thinking of him as I did it.

Day 11

I must admit that the next day was to say the very least awkward for me. Seeing Chris made me aware of my bad behavior as a mom. I masturbated using him as my fantasy and orgasmed. What mother would do such a thing? But I realized that I was in a bad place sexually and anything was indeed possible. I showered at length, pushing my pussy over the shower handle rubbing my swollen clit until I came hard. The thought of my sons cock entered my mind over and over and sent me over the edge. I came several more times. By the time I went downstairs, Chris was watching cartoons in his t shirt and shorts. I wore my skinny jeans and a cotton top without a bra. I usually don't walk about like that, but something made me want to. I had to know if he was thinking about me when he masturbated.
My nipples were rock hard and I knew that they were trying to push through the thin fabric. Chris was certainly getting an eyeful of mommy. I saw him stare at my chest and quickly look away as I turned to him. I noticed the bulge begin in his shorts as I walked past him.
Even though the day was a quiet one he must have hugged me ten times. I knew why. Occasionally he would briefly pass his hand over my butt or press his cheek against my breast as he hugged me. I felt my temperature rise at what he was doing. I couldn't help it. I know it's my boy, but after so much time without sex I found myself easily turned on.
That night I waited, awake in bed, knowing that he would soon begin his routine masturbation. This time it would be because of me. I heard the soft moans again and moved quietly to his door. He was naked with his legs spread wide, his hard cock in his fist jerking hard. I heard him speaking in a whisper as he masturbated. He was saying..mommy, ohhhhh, mommy. My heart almost stopped and I reached into my panties to rub my swollen clit. I was going to masturbate right along with him. I felt my pussy getting so much wetter and slid a finger inside myself. My breathing was excited and short as I flicked my clitoris.
Chris was ready to cum and called out my name once more before shooting his sperm all over the bed. He spasmed and shivered as he came. I gave a soft moan and felt my cunt do the same as hot squirts of girl cum poured from me. I had to lean against the hallway wall to stop myself from fainting. It was such a large orgasm.
I looked in his bedroom again and saw him reading the book, his fingers toying with his cock that was semi hard and wet with his cum.
At this time and place I wanted to join him, comfort him, love him, but knew it was so wrong. I went to bed but had little sleep as I heard him moaning again.

Day 12

While Chris was at school I took out the book again and reread it. I had to know which parts turned him on so much. It wasn't hard to find. The pages were dogeared and some had wet spots on them. One chapter had the mother sucking the boys cock and then letting him ass fuck her until he came. Another dogeared page had her performing for him, showing him how she masturbated. The last dogeared page was the most perverted as the boy had his mother fuck the family dog as he and his friends watched. I couldn't help but wonder what went through his mind for fantasies. Such hardcore was certain to make him want such perversions. I wondered if he wanted me to do such things. My poor pussy was getting wet again and I had things to do before he came home. God, I was turning into a slut.

Day 14

Chris came home with a black eye. I was so furious I called the school and yelled at them. I felt so bad but Chris seemed unfazed by it as if it were a badge of honor. "You should see the other guy, mom," he said. I hugged him and kissed him over and over. He giggled and laughed and we rolled on the couch until he was right on top of me. For a few moments we remained that way and I reached up to brush his hair back from his face. "I love you, mom." he said this as he looked into my eyes and I knew that he meant it. I pulled him to me and kissed his soft lips tenderly only lingering for a second. That was when I felt his swollen cock pushing against me. I knew that I had made him horny and didn't want to push it any further. But I made no move off the couch and Chris remained on me, his crotch grinding into mine making me very aware of our positions and what could happen.
I told him that I needed to get up but he would have none of it, wanting me to kiss him again or else he would hold me down. We laughed as I struggled and he easily pinned me down. I agreed to kiss him, but only one more time. He leaned down and covered my mouth with his and this time it was longer, more opened mouth and I felt my body go limp from such passion. I reached up and held his head as we kissed deeper and longer. I knew I was crossing an invisible moral line but i couldn't stop myself. When we broke off I noticed that he was moving on top of me, rubbing himself over my crotch area. I could feel his hard cock pushing against me and I knew that we had to stop this. But I was too late as I saw his eyes close and he shook and moaned. My little man was cumming in his shorts as he rubbed against me. I didn't move or say anything until he was done. Then I got up and went into the kitchen to make supper, my body shaking and my pussy about to explode.

Day 15

I said little to Chris after yesterday. He knew I was either mad or confused and he avoided me as much as possible. I wasn't angry at him as much as myself. I was a big girl and knew boundaries. I had crossed one and found myself not knowing what to do. I knew why. I had enjoyed it. I liked what Chris did. I liked that he loved me so much and that he wanted to have me. It made me feel like a woman again. My boy made me enjoy sex all over again. Perverted as it may be I didn't want it to end even knowing that it was so very wrong. I thought of him every minute and knew that I could have him in a second if I wanted too. But for now I wanted to take it slow, not for him, but for me.
I showered and masturbated. I shaved my pussy clean like a little girls wanting to feel younger. If he did see me naked I wanted him to see a girl with a beautiful pussy. I tied my hair into a ponytail and wore younger, tighter clothes for him. Some were quite revealing and I liked that he watched me and rubbed his cock as he stared. I was building up to a special moment. I just didn't know when that moment would be.

Day 18

Again, sorry. Haven't been paying much attention to my diary. Been very busy. My ex-husband suddenly wants joint custody and is making my life miserable. Chris wants nothing to do with him, but has no say in it at all. I have been overly sad and Chris sees this. I try not to show it but its hard. During the night he came to my room and climbed into bed with me and hugged me and kissed my cheek. I felt such warmth. I knew that it was not an ideal situation with him in my bed, but I kissed him back. I felt his hard body press into mine as he continued to hug me. He was only wearing his briefs and I my night shirt with nothing underneath.
I told him that he should go back to bed but he said that he would as soon as I kissed him. I knew this scenario from days before and laughed as I told him no. But he insisted as he drew me closer. I felt his hardened cock press into me and I knew that my battle to avoid incest was failing fast. I told him I would kiss him but he would have to go immediately after.
I felt his lips on mine. They were so hot and soft as he pressed harder. His mouth was open as was mine and the kiss lingered on. Then I felt his tongue enter my mouth and I lost what I knew was the battle.
"Mommy...." came his soft voice as he kissed me again. He began to rub against me and I let him knowing the outcome. I reached down and began to pull his briefs down freeing his stiff cock. He moaned into my mouth as I reached out to cup his tight little ass cheeks and pull him closer to me, wanting to feel his cock press against my sopping pussy. I felt that beautiful cock push and prod my pussy lips and I opened my legs wider to feel it slide over my clit.
I stopped long enough to pull my shirt over my head and lie naked for my son to see all of me. He stared with eyes wide. My breasts were firm, my nipples hard. His gaze lingered on my smooth pussy and he reached out to touch it. I opened my legs more and guided his fingers inside me.
His breathing was fast and excited and I wanted this moment to last forever. I grabbed his cock as I felt his fingers enter me and began to rub it up and down. He began to move with me as if fucking my hand. He was so beautiful, so hot and I wanted to fuck him so badly.
Suddenly he jerked and shuttered and I quickly placed my mouth over his cock as he came. Hot streams of cum splattered inside my mouth and hit against the back of my throat. I sucked him and swallowed every drop just like the woman in the book. Then I came over his fingers to his delight, my pussy squirting hot cum all over the bed.
We slept together that night and every other night.

Day 19

I kept him home from school today. It was going to be a very special day for the both of us. We took a shower together and I washed him very clean all over and he me. Then I took him to my bed. I knew that what I was doing could have consequences but my mind was overrun with sex with my son and I would not be denied. We kissed and touched each other all over. I showed him how to please me and soon he was sliding his fingers deep inside my wet pussy. I sucked his beautiful hard cock until he came and got him hard all over again as I showed him how I masturbate. He sat staring at me in wonder as I pulled my clit and slid fingers in and out of my pussy and asshole. I had no shame and would deny him nothing.
Then I had him climb on top of me and guided his newly stiff cock inside my cunt. He closed his eyes and groaned as I had him move slowly back and forth. He picked the tempo up quickly and soon he was fucking his mother hard and fast.
I felt his hard cock inside me and loved the heat from it. I came over and over as he thrust into me. I held onto his ass cheeks pulling him into me deeper, harder. He soon came and I felt his hot sperm shooting inside me. I kissed him hotly and started to work him hard all over again. I couldn't get enough of my sexy new lover, my son.
I told him that if he was a good boy mommy would let him fuck her tight asshole. Chris got hard almost immediately. On all fours I spread my legs wide and told him to be easy on mommy. He was as he slid his hard cock inside my ass. I grunted as I felt his balls slapping my bottom. I knew he was all the way inside me.
"Now fuck your mommy, baby," I told him and he did. I was so tight and he loved pushing into me, moaning and holding onto my hips as he thrust deeper. Soon my baby was cumming and his hot cum was filling my ass.

Day 20

I wont bother to comment further about my son and I since its obvious that our relationship has gone serious. We sleep together and make love every day. I am trying to fulfill his fantasies from the book that motivated him and I to do this very thing. He uses me in every way. Only one fantasy remains. The last dogeared page and its sexy outcome. I know he wants me to do it and I have been reluctant. Not because its so perverted, but that it would change me completely. I want to please him and love him. I will do anything for him.

It's because once I go down this road I will want more. Possibly more perversions that would include my son.
But his birthday is coming and some of his friends are invited. The ones, he claims, are really into sex like him. He wants me to have sex with all of them at the party. I told him that it would be very dangerous and that if any told mommy would be in trouble. But he told me not to worry. That they were also having sex with their moms. I looked at him surprised and shocked but he hugged me and kissed me hotly.

Day 25

I am making this my last entry. My sons birthday party was a success. Three of Chris' friends came over. Billy, Randy and Philip. They were young and handsome like my son. If they knew that I was going to let them fuck me they didn't show it and played video games and ate junk food like there was no tomorrow. After several hours of playtime I went upstairs to remove my clothes giving Chris a wink as I climbed the stair. Soon all the boys entered my bedroom and looked down on his mother naked and spread legged. Within minutes all were naked and sporting hard cocks. I took them one, two and three at a time. Letting them fuck me in every hole. They came so sweetly inside me and my mouth and I got them hard all over again so Chris could watch his mommy fuck them.
Chris whispered into my ear as I was fucking his friend Billy.."The other part of my fantasy is outside, mommy."
I did not understand and then realization dawned on me. The last part of the book was what we were doing but there was more to the boys enjoyment that needed to be fulfilled. I told Chris to go get him. As he left the boys slid fingers in me and made me suck them. I relished every drop of their cum.
I heard Chris running up the stairs and with him Randy's dog a large breed who was excited and running all over my bedroom. I knew what they wanted and what Chris wanted. It was what happened to the mother in the book. She performed for the boys by having sex with a dog.
Chris wanted me to do this and I was willing and so hot from all the fucking. I patted the bed and the dog jumped atop it. I rubbed his head and sides. He was a short haired male and he could smell the sex in the room and zeroed in on my open wet cunt.
"Oh yeah.." said one of the boys. All were jerking their cocks as they watched me.
Chris stood by the bed watching too, his hard cock standing straight out as he looked on in pleasure.
I reached under the animal and felt his furry sheath and the wet tip of his cock as it slid out inch by inch. The dog seemed to understand what I wanted and started to lay down on the bed its hind legs splayed out revealing his red thick cock that was emerging quickly now. I couldn't believe how large it was. Much larger than my husbands cock. I grabbed it and began to move my wet fingers slowly up and down. The dog whined and began to pant excitedly. I leaned down and started to suck its cock. The boys all groaned at the sight and I knew that my sons final fantasy in the book was being completed for him.
The animal began to pump my mouth thinking it was fucking me. The taste was salty and very wet. I loved tasting him and swallowed him down my throat until my lips met his large muscled knot that was growing. I stopped and rose, knowing that my next move would indeed change my life as a mother and a slut for my boy.
I got on all fours and raised my ass patting it to get the animals attention. He rose from the bed and mounted me quickly, his front paws wrapping around my middle. The boys all gathered to the rear and watched enthralled as the animals cock slid inside my wet cunt.
I cried out in pain and pleasure as he rammed forward driving his thick red cock deeply inside me. He fucked me hard and fast without letup making me shiver in endless orgasms. The boys all moaned pulling their hard cocks at the sight of me shooting cum around the dogs cock. Soon I felt the animals knot slip inside me, stretching me so wide it hurt. But it was overshadowed by the hot cum that splashed against my cervix for minutes on end. I moved back against him wanting more of him. My ass slid back and his knot slipped deeper inside me. I came and came.
When he finally pulled out of me a wash of hot cum poured from my stretched pussy. I turned over and kissed the dog hotly for a good fuck. His tongue slid inside my mouth as I sucked it.
The boys went at me again and I fucked them in every way. My body was being filled with cum as was my mouth.
That night, when the boys went home and we were alone, Chris kissed me hard and hot. He thanked me and told me he loved me. I was sore from all the fucking and told him so. He giggled. I am to, he told me.
Since then we have had many sexual encounters. All life changing. Once his teacher, Miss Williams came home with him and wanted to join us. She was so young and pretty and Chris and I used her in every way. Her pussy tasted so sweet.
She wanted to be with us all the time but that would not do. Now she is only allowed once in a while.
So I as a mother can never complain about my sons love for me. I love him so much also. I hope this will tell the doctor of my journey into incest. I wont change.
Chris says he has a surprise for me tonight. I can't wait. I know it will be something very sexual indeed.

                                               THE END
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Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 12:44:20 AM »


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« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2013, 07:41:26 AM »

That did the trick. Great work, Foxi, but what was the final secret? Curious fans would like to know...
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« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2013, 09:39:06 AM »

*calms down* I loved it, FOXI! First of all because it's a mother/son story. Also because of how you wrote it. I loved the fact that it was diary entries, reminding me of my story "Restored To Health: A Helena Bonham Carter Story".
As always, well-detailed and paced, a few grammarical errors but who cares?
We love you, sis! ;-)

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WOW!  Two hot mother/son stories from Foxi!  Who can ask for more!

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« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2016, 10:05:14 PM »

My head is spinning... yet another HOT story where your imagination creates havoc with the my male anatomy...
I really am glad I dipped into your stories Foxi... you're one very hot lady to cum up with so many pleasurable scenarios...

Thanks again
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what a great story.. thanks and please keep writing
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« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2019, 01:50:01 AM »

Another fantastic story, Foxi.
Your a very talented and creative writer. After I finished your story I also like reading all to others that are thankful for your sharing of your talents.
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