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Author Topic: Have My Daughter Mg MMMg MMbbbbg incest ped relunc  (Read 44369 times)
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« on: June 12, 2013, 10:43:30 PM »

by spider007 ©2013

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

Harry ogled Tina’s tight little 5th-grade ass cheeks as she sauntered away from the dinner table.  He had drooled over his daughter’s ass since she was seven but was subtle about it with his wife around.  Tina will be turning 11 in a couple of weeks, and Harry was excited how her little ass had rounded out and her budding tits were already poking out a couple of inches.  Her dark hair, green eyes and model-looking high cheekbones surrounded a round mouth with big lips that looked just right for cock sucking.  Her legs had a natural separation at her pelvis that would ease cock access to her little cunny.

Now his dream was coming to fruition.  He had discovered Edna, his wife of 11 years, fooling around with not one but two studs.  Luckily Edna knew nothing about his own dalliances nor his lust for their daughter.  While a decent fuck in the standard position, she was not a good wife – couldn’t cook, kept a sloppy house, bitched all the time, and was a dullard in the sack.  “Good fuckin’ riddance!” was Harry’s reaction and, while agreeing to let Edna see her daughter, put all the blame on her and threw her ass out cold … out of the house and without little Tina.  It was now open season on Tina.  Harry knew the little tart would satisfy all his lusts and there was nothing she could do about it.

After just a week of Edna’s being gone Harry decided that seven days is long enough to “mourn” his wife’s leaving.  “Mourn, hell,” he thought to himself.  He was elated with his open opportunity.  He knew Tina would try to resist but knew he could easily overpower her to make her do whatever he wanted.  A double win:  satisfy his sex craving for Tina and relieve his frustrations with his former wife bitch by taking it out on his sexy little daughter bitch.

“Get in here!” he shouted.  When Tina walked up to him he told her some new rules.  “It’s just you and me now, kid, and you got to pick up your share of the load from your stupid mother.  You’ll clean the bathrooms every other day, dust and vacuum every Saturday, learn how to cook and every night prepare dinner, wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  You got it!?!?”

“I can’t do all of that,” she whined.

Harry grabbed a fistful of hair, yanked her head back and slapped her face, like he always wanted to do to Edna.  “You can and you will!  Now listen closely.  I’m the boss now.  Your shitface mother ain’t here anymore.  I tell you what to do and when to do it, and you’ll do exactly as I say!  And with no sass or whining!”  He shook her head by her hair.  “Ya hear?  Ya understand?  You’d best tell me you get it!”

She mumbled a kind of an accession.

He was excited about taking out his frustrations with Edna on his daughter.  Every time Tina winced or cried out with pain and humiliation he would see Edna begging for mercy.  “Good!  You get punished whenever you disobey or talk back.  Now here’s another rule.  Your body is maturing and starting to look nice.  You’re old enough to start learning about sex so I’m going to teach you.  The first lesson is that sex is always to please a man.  I’d like lookin’ at you body, so after dinner each night you’ll take your clothes off and clean up the kitchen with nothing on while I watch.  Starting tonight.  Take your clothes off and get to washing dishes … right now!”  He’d always wanted Edna to walk around naked but she wouldn’t.  Now his Tina will fill in the gap.

Tina’s eyes bugged out.  “What?  I can’t do that, Daddy,” she protested

Harry yanked her head far back, placed a hand on her budding breast, found a nipple through her blouse, squeezed it between his thumb and index finger as hard as he could, pulled and twisted it.  Tina let out a loud screech.  “Does this hurt?” he asked her.  She howled that it did.  “This is the least of what you get when you disobey me.”  He twisted it more.  Over her yells he told her, “Nod your head that you’ll do what I say and I’ll let go.”  Her head shook up and down.  Harry released her and with light sobs she slowly removed her clothes.  The blouse came first exposing her tit and brown nipples.  They were good size for an 11-year old, maybe an A-cup, and stuck out prominently from her svelte body.  “Those look nice,” he commented, “I’ll have to get you a bra; you’re old enough for a bra.”

Then came the shoes and socks and finally her skirt.  She stood quietly.  “C’mon.  The panties,” Harry cajoled.  Slowly the panties came off and she was naked.  Harry grabbed the panties and pointedly threw them in the trash.  “You’re old enough for a bra, but panties are for little girls.  You’re too old for panties.  I’m goin’ to throw them all away and you won’t wear panties anymore.”

“Daddy, but why?  I have to wear panties!” she pleaded.

“ ‘cause I said so.  Now that’s the second time you sassed me, and it’s time you learn the penalty for that.  Go face the wall, bend over, grab your ankles and rest your head against the wall.  And don’t you dare question or hesitate or I’ll triple your punishment.”  Harry was ecstatic with this opportunity and his pulse went through the roof.

Confused and frightened she did as told.  She heard but couldn’t see Harry’s belt being pulled off.  Then she felt the crack of the folded over studded belt on her butt.  “I don’t want to hear any back talk or loud crying you disrespectful little shit.  Your punishment is five spanks with the belt.  And if you yell too loud I add another.  Got it?”  She hummed a yes.  The belt came crashing down.  She yelled out loud.  “That’ll cost you another one.  If you keep yelling, you get more.  It’s up to you.  I can beat your ass all night if that’s what it takes for you to learn.”  The third whack.  The fourth was on her bare back just above the buttocks.  The fifth with all his might burning the back of her thighs.  She screeched.  “Oh!  Good!  I get to add yet another!”  Two more whacks on her ass and Harry told her to get at the dirty dishes.

Harry watched intently Tina do the dishes.  Before putting them away she said, “I have to go to the bathroom.  I have to pee.”

“No, hold it until I say.”

Tina hurriedly put the dishes away, walked to her dad and asked again if she could go, adding she had to go bad.  “Not yet,” he replied.  “There is one more lesson first.”  In a flash his dick was out.  “This is my cock.  Touch it and shake it like you’re shaking hands.”  Tina froze.  Harry squeezed a nipple.  Her hand shot out and touched his cock.  “Shake hands with it.  Feel it all over.  Get to know it.”  Tina’s little hand alternated squeezing and shaking it with fingers roaming over what was now eight inches of hard cock.  “Kiss it!”


A nipple got squeezed.  “Kiss it, I said.  Kiss it over and over until I say stop.”  Whining but without delay Tina began kissing his cock head.  Harry kept some pressure on her nipple and for the next minute, through whines and sobs, got a dozen light kisses on the tip of his cock.  “Now if you want me to let go of your tit stick the front of my cock in your mouth”  Slowly the head disappeared into Tina’s little mouth.  “Hold it there until I say.  And flick your tongue over the part inside your mouth.”  Harry kept his cock head in her mouth for two minutes thoroughly enjoying the tongue flicking, and how quickly he got complete dominance over his new little sex toy.

“This is called sucking cock.  Men and boys really like it.  Soon you’ll learn how to suck my cock real good.  Now wrap you hand around it, look at it up close, and say ‘Good-bye, cock.  I hope to see you again.”

Hesitantly and slowly Tina said bye to her dad’s cock and that she hoped to see it again.  “My cock wants to see you again, too.  Now go pee and get to bed.”  She waddled off to the bathroom and bed giving Harry a view of her little bouncing ass.

The following day Harry came home early from work to greet Tina coming home from school.  “I changed the rules a little,” he barked.  Instead of after dinner you’ll remove all of your clothes the minute you walk in the door.  Before even drinks or peeing.  Just get all your clothes off, and keep them off until bedtime.  Now do it!  This instant!  And quickly!”  As Tina dazedly removed her clothes standing in the entrance hall Harry added, “And one more thing.  Anytime at home if you ever want something to drink or have to pee, you have to ask my permission first.” 

First her blouse, then socks and shoes, then skirt, then panties!  “What the fuck are those?” Harry barked.  Tina looked perplexed.  “Didn’t I tell you no panties?  You disobeyed me again you!”  Tina stood like a deer caught in the headlights.  Harry was thrilled at the speed that he was realizing his dream.  “Get you disobeying ass over there and lay across the sofa arm.  I’ll teach you not to ignore my orders!”  Wide-eyed in fear Tina shuffled over to the sofa and draped herself over an arm.  “This lesson is not with a pansy belt.  See this?” he snarled.  Tina looked back at a 4-foot long hard wood cane a half-inch thick at one end, over an inch at the other and caught a glimpse as her dad laid a roundhouse blast on her butt cheeks, something he had wanted to do to Edna for years.

“OW!  OW!  OW!  OW!  OW!” she screeched.

“Tell me you’re sorry for disobeying me.”

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

The cane came down on her lower back.  “Tell me you’ll never again disobey me!”

“I WON’T!” Tina howled in pain.

“Say it again,” Harry commanded as he laid a vicious whack on the back of her thighs.  It knocked her off the sofa and she fell in a heap on the floor.  “Don’t try to get away!” he yelled.  “For that you get an extra.  Get your ass back on the sofa and give me a good target!”  Tina crawled back on the sofa arm tears running down her cheeks.  She yowled when the next blow landed on her ass.  “Now say it again!”

“I’ll do what I’m told,” she sobbed.

“Good!” Harry responded and slammed the cane into her ass one more time.  “That’s for good measure.  Now get on your back across the sofa arm with your feet on the floor and your head on the sofa.  I want your little tits poking as high as you can where I can get at ‘em and teach them a lesson, too.”  She did as directed, not knowing what to expect but fearing whatever.  The hard plastic glue clamps her dad pulled out puzzled her.  Her puzzlement went away when Harry squeezed up the base of a tit to make the nipple protrude, and then slowly tightened the clap down on it.  She screamed and Harry tightened it further.  “Sounds like it’s working, you little bitch,” he sneered.  “Let’s do another.”  She screamed with excruciating pain as the second clamp flattened her other nipple.  “You’ll wear these for the next two hours so you can remember your promise.  And I don’t want to hear a lot of loud crying.  Now get up.”

Tina struggled to her feet.  “It hurts really bad,” she whined.

“It’s goddamn supposed to hurt!  Now shut up!  I have something to show you before dinner.”  Harry grabbed her arm and led her to a kitchen chair.

“Daddy, I’m really thirsty and really have to pee.”

“Not just yet,” he replied.  Then he stopped short.  You could see the light bulb go on in his head.  A wicked smile crossed his face.  This is too fucking good to be true! he thought to himself; something else he always wanted to degrade his bitch ex-wife with, and now his bitch daughter would get the brunt.  “I think we can manage a drink and a pee.  Get on your knees.”  Tina dropped to her knees and watched as her dad got some twine from a drawer and tied her hands behind her back and her ankles together, and pulled out his cock.  “I always wanted to do this with your mom, but the stupid bitch was too much of a priss.  But you, you little shit, don’t have a choice.”  He grabbed her hair and pulled her head way back.  “Open you mouth wide and keep it open until I say.”

“DADDY?!?…” was all she could get out until a stream of warm piss filled her little mouth.  She sputtered and coughed it out.

“Don’t do that!  Anything you spill you’ll have to lick up off the floor.  Understand?”  Her answer was a look of horror.  Henry again told her in no uncertain terms to keep her mouth wide open.  A two-second stream filled her mouth.  She bore it and swallowed with just a slight cough, spitting out just a few drops.  A second stream filled her mouth.  Again she swallowed.  Five more times.  Harry sat on the chair.  “Now, like you did last night, put the head of my cock in your mouth and try real hard to suck out the last drops.” 

She looked like she had no idea what was happening.  Harry grabbed her head and slid her mouth over his cockhead.  “Flick your tongue, and suck out the last drops.”  This went on for two minutes.   Harry went bonkers watching his little girl suck on his cockhead.  “Now you’re goin’ to learn to suck cock for real.  Tighten your lips and bob your head up and down taking a little more into your mouth each time.”  She muffled a protest, or something -- Harry wasn’t sure.  He moved her head over his cock.  He forced it a little deeper until she started to gag.  Once he held it three inches deep and she gagged and shook.  “Try to relax,” he coached.  “If you relax you’ll get used to it.  And that’s good.  The deeper you can hold my cock the better a cocksucker you’ll be.”  She still gagged and shook.  He pulled and started to stroke his cock in and out, faster and faster.  He was so excited watching his cock fuck her tight little mouth for the first time he couldn’t hold back.  He jammed it deep and held her head and mouth fast as he coated her throat with his cum.  “That’s my seed, honey.  Don’t spill any of my seed.  It’s your dessert.  Swallow all of it.”  She had no choice and soon the almost two cups of piss was followed by an ounce or two of jism.

Harry abruptly pulled her up, told her she could get a drink and pee and get back here naked with the clamps still on her tits to make dinner.  But first she had to get on the floor and lick up the spilt piss.  He helped by pushing her face into the floor with his foot.  “This is what little bitches that spill their daddy’s piss have to do,” he cackled.

Tina made some peanut butter sandwiches, whining in pain from the clamps the whole time.  Finally they sat down to eat.  With a sneer and a comment that he was just checking, Harry periodically slapped or pulled on the clamps.  When she yelped he said, “Sounds like you like this,” and slapped and pulled the clamps harder.  Finally the sandwiches were gone and Tina stacked the dirty dishes while Harry pulled on the nipple clamps.  “Now I’m goin’ to start your next lesson.  Go to my room and lie on the bed on your back.”  Harry removed the clamps, and like a confused zombie Tina did as she was told.

“I need to see how grown up you really are,” Harry said.  He spread his daughter’s legs and lightly fingered and inspected her vagina.  “Your dipshit mother probably told you this is a vagina.  That’s wrong.  It’s called a cunt, sometimes a pussy, and that’s what you’ll call it … cunt.  Or fuck hole.  Say it … cunt, fuck hole.”

“C-c-unt,” she mumbled.  “Fuck hole …”

 “It’s you daddy’s fuckhole. Tell me it’s my fuck hole.”

Tina stammered.

Harry slapped her face.  “Say it you stupid little bitch!”

Through sobs and though she didn’t know for sure what it meant Tina managed, “ It’s … your … fuck hole …, daddy.”

“And don’t ever forget it.”  Harry resumed his inspection.  “It seems a bit small,” he added.  “Do you ever stick your fingers or hand in your cunt?”  Before she could respond he continued, “Like this?”  He pushed his index finger deep in her pussy.  She jerked and yelped.  It felt like a cherry busting.  He added a second finger and began a finger fucking.  “This is how you practice to expand your cunt.  Know why you expand your cunt?”  She shook her head ‘no’ but Henry didn’t notice and didn’t care, just kept talking, “So you can fuck.  Do you know what fucking is?  It’s when a man puts his cock inside your cunt.  It’s the most important thing for a cunt … to take a man’s cock.  Actually it’s the most important job of any woman or girl.  Your most important job is being my whore, fucking, taking a cock in your cunt, and making a man’s cock feel real good.  But you have to get your cunt ready by practicing.”  Harry was elated that her cunt was now producing cunt juice from his fingering – and quite a lot!

He got a cock-shaped dildo from the nightstand.  “Here’s what you do to practice.  Take this and stick it in your cunt.  Then push it in and out.  If you do that for an hour a day, in just a few days your cunt will be ready for fucking.  You try it.”  Harry slid the dildo in her pussy, placed her hands on it, and told her to move it in and out for the next hour.  Gingerly she started doing as she was told.  After a couple of minutes to make sure she was doing it right, Harry got his video cam and began taping the action.  “Look at the camera and smile.  I want a good video of you practicing.  Men love to watch videos of a young girl fucking herself.”  Harry continued videoing and Tina kept fucking herself with the dildo in a total daze.  At Harry’s command she offered muffled comments for the camera, like, “My Daddy told me to do this,” and “I’m learning how to fuck,” and “I’m doing this for you.”  She had no idea what that all meant, but Harry sure did.

The next day Harry got home from work and was very happy to see his naked daughter in the house.  He didn’t care about the sad disgruntled look on her face.  For him, 11-year old slut daughters can look anyway they want.  “I’m starved,” he announced, “but I want to give you an appetizer before dinner.”  With no fanfare, he walked her into the kitchen, put her on her knees, took out his cock and sat in front of her.  “Put your mouth over my cock,” he ordered.  She whined and hesitated, and got slapped hard on the side of her head.  With a whimper 3 inches of cock was quickly in her mouth and Harry moved her head to and fro over it.  He was so excited with the quick success of his daughter sucking cock it took only a minute for her mouth and stomach to be filled with a massive cum load.  He held the sides of her head and looked her in the eyes.  “You’re getting a little better and I’m goin’ to teach you how to suck cock real good.  You’re gonna practice on my cock every day, sometimes twice.”  Tina didn’t respond.

After dinner and the dishes Harry told her to again go to his room and practice fucking like last night.  She had been using the dildo for 30 minutes when Harry came in and quietly took his clothes off.  He removed the dildo and fingered and inspected Tina’s cunt.  “Close enough,” he growled.  “It’s almost big enough and my cock will open it up the rest of the way.  Time for your first fuck.”  Tina whimpered and begged him no.  Harry didn’t miss a beat, spread her legs, pushed them back toward her head and lined up his fully erect 8 inches with her love hole.  His cockhead was twice the size of her pussy, and he couldn’t wait.  “Like removing a bandage, starting a fuck is best done quickly … all at once.”  He struggled getting the head in.  He knew going further would probably hurt like hell and a snide smile crossed his lips as a feeling of great power went through him.  The rim finally squeezed past her cunt lips and he rammed maybe five of his eight inches deep and hard in her cunt in one massive thrust.

Tina screamed bloody murder.  “DADDY!  IT HURTS!  OH!  OH!  OH!  DADDY!  IT HURTS SO BAD!  STOP!”

“It doesn’t hurt me, baby.  It feels great, and that’s all that counts.  Now shut your mouth and let me fuck you.”  She continued to scream.  “Shut the fuck up!” he yelled and slapped her face.  “Shut your fuckin’ mouth or I’ll really make it hurt.  Now open up your fuck hole.  Open it up you little whore so I can get my cock in there!  Get used to it.  Daughter whores are supposed to take their daddy’s cocks up their dirty little cunts.”  He slapped her again for good measure.  “My cock loves your whore cunt and it’s goin’ to fuck you a lot.  And I’m goin’ to like watching you in pain as my cock reams your tight little fuck pot!”  He fucked her with abandon and was getting four or five inches up her snatch.  He heard a deep guttural moan a couple of times and figured he was jamming her cervix and it hurt like hell.  He jammed his cock in hard ramming her little cervix.  She yelped.  He smiled down on her.  “I bet that really hurt, you little shit.  I’m goin’ to do it some more!”  He pounded her for almost five minutes through her screams, the tripoded video cam capturing it all.  She was a delirious blubbering idiot by the time he whitewashed her pussy.  “That was not bad,” he commented.  “It won’t hurt quite as much the next time, so get used to it.  You are going to get fucked a lot from now on.  You just make sure your cunt is always ready for my cock.  Now I don’t need you anymore tonight so get your ass out of my bed and go to your own room.”  Still blubbering and confused, Tina stumbled off to bed.

The next morning Tina wandered stiffly into the kitchen for breakfast.  “This morning, your breakfast is in my cock,” Harry announced.  “Come get it with your mouth.”  Within a minute her mouth was wrapped around his cock and he was face fucking her.  Harry managed to hold off for five minutes, making his daughter suck non-stop the whole time.  He blasted her mouth and told her to get to school, and if she got hungry just think of all the stuff she can get out of his cock.

That night he got home from work and immediately face fucked his naked daughter.  After dinner as soon as Tina had put the dishes away Harry threw her on her back on the kitchen table.  With no preliminaries he jammed his cock up her snatch.


“Shut the fuck up!” he hollered and slapped her face hard.  He continued to pound her with abandon.  She couldn’t help but whimper and screech loudly with tears flowing down her cheeks.  Suddenly Harry stopped with his cock buried deep.  He slapped her again.  “Look at me and say this, ‘Daddy, I want you to fuck my cunt.’”  Tina was dazed.  She got slapped twice.  “SAY IT!”  Another slap.

Among blubbers Tina spit out, “D-daddy ….. Fuck ….. my … cunt…”

“Glad to,” Harry chuckled and resumed his jackhammer fucking without constraint.

Over the next three to four weeks the sex was intense.  Every day Harry fucked her or had his cock sucked before dinner, fed his cum to her every morning, and fucked her once or twice more.   Beyond selfishly pleasuring himself, he wanted to quickly expand his daughter’s skill and experience in a crash course.   He started adding diabolical surprises.  A couple of times as Tina was washing dishes after dinner and just after a two-hour earlier pre-dinner fuck, Harry walked up behind her up and slid his cock in her cunt from behind with her upright.  He grabbed her hips to bounce her up and down his cock but made her keep doing the dishes.  He laughed at her awkwardness and sneered, “If you break any I’ll beat your ass with both my belt and my cane.”  Then he made his fuck jerky hoping she would drop a plate, but, while it took her over ten minutes (with Harry holding back his cum shot), she managed to get the dishes washed and rinsed with difficulty but no breakage.  Harry then turned her around and while standing wrapped his little daughter’s legs around his waist and impaled her with his cock.  At this juncture it took only a minute or two to fill her pussy with his sperm.  Then, “like the dishes,” Tina cleaned his cock with her mouth.

Sometimes “just for the practice” when he walked in at night he would whip her ass with his belt for a good ten minutes, laying on about 40 blows.  “After I turn your ass red, then you can suck my cock,” was his only explanation.  He only did this every third day or so but made her afraid and completely subservient every evening he walked in, which was what he wanted.  It was this fear and uncertainty that made Tina start to believe her daddy must be a God – a mean God, but a God nonetheless.  Harry realized this and knew that his little Edna stand-in bitch would do anything in the world he told her to.  He was ecstatic that he owned and 100% controlled her mouth, ass, cunt, and titties.

He added juice to her cum cream breakfast.  One morning she straggled in zombie-like prepared to suck his cock when instead Harry held her head back, mouth open, and pissed in her mouth.  “A little juice for breakfast, bitch.”  He pissed for two seconds and made her swallow.  Then another two seconds.  He had built up a load overnight and couldn’t control it, so he pissed what had to be 10 more ounces into a tea glass.  “Drink this, you dirty little cunt.”    She whined and struggled but started to sip the glass.  Harry added color.  “It’s good for you.  It’ll make your tits grow!  And that’s important.  Your cunt’s openin’ up pretty good and your mouth is gettin’ there.  But your asshole needs work and you need bigger tits before you’re a complete whore.” She finally downed her piss drink.  “Now suck out your breakfast cum,” he commanded.  Harry got so he could hold off while she sucked his cock for over ten minutes.  This morning it was fifteen.  He loved watching her struggle with his fat cock.  Occasionally he would shove it deep and hold her nose and relish her struggle to breathe.  After eating her breakfast Harry sent her off to school with a friendly whack on her ass.

Even though they fucked or sucked at least twice a day, Harry liked to go to her room around 3am while she was fast asleep and stick his cock in her mouth or pussy.  He also liked to wake her up by sticking a finger up her ass.  Once he finger fucked her asshole for a good three minutes.  Another time he woke her with two fingers up her ass.  Then before he fucked her she had to suck his fingers clean.  The first time she recoiled.  Harry turned her over, bent her over the side of the bed and laid into her with his belt for two minutes.  Then, while she still wailed and screeched he pulled her head back by her hair and yelled in her face, “Don’t you ever refuse me anything!  Ya hear?”  She nodded her head up and down.  “Maybe this will help you to not forget!” he yelled and slapped her hard across the face.  “Gonna forget?” and slapped her again.  She shook her head no.  “Just to make sure!” He slapped her as hard as he could five more times in quick succession.  Then he finger fucked her ass with three fingers, kept yanking her hair and made her clean his fingers.  She was still sobbing when he had her straddle him on his back.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her down heavy over his cock.  His cock hit her cervix and bent under the strain.  He rocked her up and down hitting her cervix each time.

This went on for three minutes with Tina in serious pain and Harry happy as a pig in shit.  After filling her cunt he laid her down and whispered in her ear,  “Remember where I put my fingers?”  She mumbled.  “’Member my fingers up your ass?”  She managed a yes nod.  “Well, pretty soon your going to get a cock in your ass -- you’re goin’ to get ass fucked.  Whores have to ass fuck, too.”  He quickly left, leaving Tina to contemplate in horror what he just did and said – just as he hoped.

Over the month Harry taught Tina.  He worked hard on her cocksucking skills.  “Don’t just move your lips and mouth up and down his shaft.  Sometimes squeeze your lips and rub them just on the rim.  Flick your tongue on the rim, the underside, and on the peehole.  While doing that use a hand to jack on the shaft.”  He explained, “Don’t just get his cock deep but hold it deep while you shake your head and hum or gargle with his cock head next to your vocal chords.”  He showed her how to massage balls while giving blowjobs, and to suck on balls.  He also taught her how to jack a man off, sometimes with her palm wrapped around the shaft, other times with just the index finger and thumb jacking the shaft but also with slight friction on the rim.  “And when he’s ready to cum, jack him faster and open your mouth in front of his cock so you can catch every drop of his cum.  Swirl it around in your mouth so he can see before you swallow it.”

Tina knew she had to do what her daddy taught but she was still not always an enthusiastic student.  Harry simply kept her sucking and flailed her ass with his belt.   Much to his delight he found when he whacked her ass it drove his cock deeper so he made that a five-minute punishment.  And her crying was just as good as humming!  One time she was particularly reticent and he had already spent 8 minutes beating her ass.  He yanked her mouth off his cock, stood her up, and told her she really pissed him off.  He rocked her with a solid punch to her midriff, knocking the wind out of her.  When she doubled over in pain he brought his knee up hard to her face and she went flying into a heap on the floor.  “Ready to not be a stupid cocksuckin’ bitch and be a good cocksuckin’ whore?” he screamed.  She nodded through her cries and dragged herself quickly back to his cock.

Everything wasn’t hard on Tina, even though that’s how Harry wanted it.  In her rest periods Harry often made her use a vibrating dildo to keep her occupied and in practice.  Once while explaining its use he showed her how it felt when she pumped it high on her clit.  He kept at it for 10 minutes massaging her clit with the buzzing false cock.  She soon began to squirm, moan and pant.  She exploded in her first orgasm, a doozy for a 12-year old.  Her body shook violently and copious pussy juice spewed out.  Tina did become a willing student of masturbation and Harry knew this would enhance his plans for her tremendously.

It seemed to Harry that his cock was getting deeper in little Tina’s cunt before she felt real pain.  He needed to know how much.  One time during an extra long fuck with Tina’s cunt especially lubed up he stopped, split her legs wide, had her straddle him while sitting up but with a pillow under his hips to extend his hard cock, and steadily pulled her cunt down on his cock.  He pulled hard until it bottomed and Tina grunted in pain.  Then with all his might he pulled some more.  Harry was holding her too tight for her to thrash about but her upper body vibrated as her mouth squealed in pain.  He held her tight, grabbed an eight-inch ruler, forced it into her cunt along side his tight fitting cock, and while she writhed in pain pulled her cunt down hard over his dick compressing – maybe even opening – her cervix and measured cunt lips to cock base.  One inch!  At most!  That meant she was taking seven inches without too much difficulty!  With some extra pain maybe eight, even nine.  This was stupendous for a 12-year old and meant that Harry’s work was paying off.  His little cunt was getting real close to whore level.  He couldn’t be more proud.  He thought about celebrating by beating her with the cane.  Instead he got his thrill as he lifted her cunt lips up past his cock rim then slammed her down just shy of his eight inches  – 25 times as she grunted and cried out in pain each thrust.  Her cries of pain and the depth of his cock made him dizzy with power.  He unloaded a ton of cum. 

Later on Harry came home from work and greeted his naked daughter with his friend, James.  Tina didn’t know what to make of this but James didn’t give her time to think about it.  “God Damn!  Look at those cute little tits and great cunt on the little slut!  You were right, Harry! I can’t wait to fuck the bitch!”

Harry looked at Tina.  “This is my friend from work, James.  It’s time you experienced different men and I asked him to fuck you with his nine-inch cock.”  Tina froze as James whipped his clothes off and waved his cock around like a baseball bat.

He strolled up to her.  “Show me your daddy’s right.  Warm this up by sucking on it you stupid little whore!”  He forced her to her knees and stuck his cock down her throat.  She coughed and gagged.  “Suck it hard and deep and I might let you breathe,” he chortled.  He face fucked her for a minute.  “Your cunt ready for my cock, girlie?”  He didn’t wait for an answer but dragged her by the hair screaming to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.  He looked at Harry.  “She seems to take pain pretty good.  Still OK if I have fun with her?”  Harry smiled back and opened his hands in a whatever signal.  “Let’s see if your little girl cunt can handle this cock, bitch!”  With no fanfare and with Tina’s blood curdling scream James’ cock rammed deep in her little cunt – a full six inches of his nine.  “Damn this is sweet, Harry!  The tiny cunt is like a warm vice on my prick.”  Sneering at Tina, “I bet you think I’m gonna break your pussy in pieces, don’t ya?”  He continued through her screams and grunts, “Well, let’s see.”  He pounded her ruthlessly for five minutes.  She cried out to her daddy who told James to slap her a couple of times to shut her up.  James stopped for a second and with a big smile through his yellow teeth slapped her face four times left and right then resumed his reaming, getting six inches in with every stroke and almost driving Tina clean through the mattress with each powerful stroke.  Tina grunted and groaned and doubled over with each penetration.  James bellowed as he filled her pussy.  He stuck his cock in her mouth for cleaning and told her, “No use callin’ fer your daddy.  He’s the guy who asked me to pound your little pud, and you can count on me doin’ it again.”  Looking at Harry with his cock still down Tina’s throat and paying no mind to her gags and coughs, “That was great!  This cunt was all you said it was.  I got to have it again.  How ‘bout tomorrow?”

“Sure.  Great.” James answered.

“I bet George would go crazy over this fine little piece.  How about him coming to?” James asked.

“Even better.  More cock is good,” was the reply.

James pulled out of her mouth and, laughing, whipped his semi-hard nine inches across her face a few times.  Then without another word he got dressed and left.  Tina was sobbing.  “Don’t worry,” Henry said.  “After you fuck his monster cock a dozen times or so you’ll be able to handle it better.  Think about that.  Now get your ass outta my room!”

The next evening about 8pm James and George came and spent the first 10 minutes touching and inspecting Tina’s little body.  They both got a kick out of squeezing and pulling her nipples and spreading her little pink cunt with their massive fingers.   Harry started things off, “James has already had a piece of the little slut, so, George, you go first and give her cunt a good workout.”  George laid her out and with a sneer buried her 80 pounds with his 260.  He stuck six of his nine inches in her, just like James.  George showed off and fucked her slowly but hard for 20 minutes.  He talked dirty and called her every name in the book.  About every three strokes he crashed his cock hard into her cervix and crushed the wind out of her with his entire bulk pressing on her.  He got loud ughs, screeches, and bulging eyes in return.  Once she managed a begging help to Harry whining about the man and cock being too big.  Harry snidely whispered in her ear, “And just think, one of these days I’m goin’ to let them both fuck you at the same time.”  Just then George filled her pussy and looked at Harry, “Can I get her pregnant.  I’d love to knock this bitch up.”

Harry laughed, “I don’t think so, but it sounds like a good idea.  If she got pregnant now, in 11 years we could all fuck her daughter and at 22 I’d be done with the bitch and could kick her out.”  Everyone except Tina had a big laugh.  “Anyway, it’s James’ turn.”

James implored, “I really want to fuck her ass, Harry.  Can I?  I bet you’d like my cock fucking your little ass,” he sneered to Tina.

Harry replied, “All she’s had so far is three fingers, but I’d like to see you take her cherry ass.  But you have to let me video it.  I want a record of her look as you ream her back door the first time.  O.K?”

“Damn straight!”

Harry had her get on her hands and knees in the family room so bed boards wouldn’t block the video.  Tina was blubbering and resisted.  James and George looked at Harry questioningly.  “Ya keep whore daughters in line the same as other daughters,” said Harry.  “Let me show ya.”  He pulled off his belt and gave her ass a hard lash. 

“I’ll do it, daddy!  I’ll do it!” Tina screamed.

Harry gave her four more powerful lashes.  Then he invited James and George to take a couple of swings, “as hard as you can.”  Finally, blubbering, Tina held her ass high and available.  Harry recorded George lubing up her asshole and James greasing his cock and positioning it at Tina’s asshole.  “Hold it!” Harry ordered.  “I want good shots of the first time.”  He took a close-up of James’ monster cock poised at Tina’s little rosebud.  Then he had George hold her head up “for a great close-up of the pain in her face as her ass gets fucked the first time.  When I say go, George, keep her head up with one hand and push her back with the other;  James, steady her with both hands then yank her hips back and ram your cock up her ass as far as you can in one big push.”  They got ready.  “GO!” Harry commanded.

There never was such a cry of pain and torture.  Tina’s whole face compressed from her grimace and her eyes bugged out as wide as saucers.  Great video and sound Harry thought.  James had jammed seven inches up her rectum.  “Super!” yelled Harry.  “Now fuck the shit out of her… long, hard and deep.”  James fucked her ass with a steady 7-inch stroke, pulling it out past the asshole so it would squeeze shut before ramming if full force back in.  Harry got some great video:  panoramic shots and close ups of her pain-contorted face, agape jaw, and wide eyes, punctuated with screeches, gasps, and grunts.  There were super close-ups of this fat cock stretching a tiny asshole and you could hear the painful cries each time it was buried in her rectum. 

James kept it going another 20 minutes.  Tina no longer had to have her head held up so George busied himself by seeing how far he could stretch Tina’s small but hard nipples.  Then it was over and Tina got a load of cum up her ass to match the load in her cunt.  Tina fell in a heap groaning as the men got dressed.  Harry whispered to her, “You’re becoming a grownup slut.  I like that in a daughter.  I’m goin’ to get you a lot of cock.  One day you’ll get two at once.  Then I’m goin’ to invite a man to stick a cock in your mouth, one in your cunt, and one all the way up you ass … all at the same time.  Then you’ll be a real whore.  I’ll get it on video so we can watch it again together and I can post it on the internet for lots of men to enjoy.  Whadda think a’ that, bitch? …whore?”  He didn’t wait for an answer.

Two days, five daddy fucks and three blowjobs later James, George and a third friend stopped in and spent three hours enjoying little Tina.  One highlight was James fucking her doggie style while Harry fed her his cock.  George and the other guy handled the camera and passed the time twisting and pulling her tits.  James especially liked it when Tina’s whole body shook and vibrated on his cock from trying to breathe with her daddy’s cock held deep down her tiny throat and her nose pinched closed.  Another highlight was Tina straddling the third man while both James and George bounced her up and down hard like a posthole digger.  Tears streamed down her face.  “I’ll bet this really hurts,” he smirked.  “It’ll make great video.”

Over the next few weeks Harry fucked now 12-year old daughter Tina once or twice a day, got sucked off every morning, some evenings, and routinely fed her 8-12 ounces of piss juice every morning.  For sport and to enforce his prowess he once had Tina do her bathroom-cleaning chore with her tongue.  Two or three nights a week a friend stopped in and joined the fray.  She was getting more cock than the hottest MILF in town.  She also had a couple of orgasms and was getting an inkling of the upside of being her daddy’s whore. 

Tina had a little birthday party with her girl friends.  Harry played it perfectly straight and was a good father host.  His only transgression was, after ogling a particularly striking auburn-haired 11-year old that already had good tits, he quietly said to Tina, “I’m goin’ to want to fuck that little girl friend of yours.  So you be thinking how you’re goin’ to get her to take my cock up her virgin cunt,” and quickly walked away, leaving Tina confused and worried.

Harry worked to get Tina more involved.  “Can’t be a good fuck if you’re a rag doll.”  He started by making her greet his friends warmly by Mr. So-and-so.  Then he had her play with their cock, sometimes for 15 minutes rubbing, pulling, kissing, and jacking.  He told her to look directly at the cock while she played with it but to look up every couple of minutes with a big smile and say, “Do you like me playing with your cock?  Am I doing it right?”  Then when she was done with her hands he made her ask to be fucked.  She had to smile and ask nicely, “Will you fuck me now, Mr. ___?”  He got the men to play along and resist so that Tina had to beg.  The topper was one guy who made her beg for a couple of minutes when Harry instructed her to smile and say, “If you agree to please fuck me, you can fuck me in my little asshole.”  That got her the fourth ass fuck of her life.  Harry noticed that after four it still wasn’t getting any easier for her and her ass really took a pounding. That made him real happy.

One evening Harry took her for a ride.  Tina wore a sheer little unbuttoned blouse, a skirt made for a 3rd-grader that barely covered her butt cheeks, and, of course, no panties.  She was told in no uncertain terms to not try to cover anything up no matter what.  It was less than five minutes when Harry saw a young man walking along the busy highway, and pulled over to ask for directions.  Fifteen seconds into the directions Harry asked him if he liked young girls.  He nodded that he did, glancing furtively at little Tina.  Do you like to fuck little girls?” he asked.  The young man hemmed and hawed and hesitated.  “Let me tell ya,” Harry continued, “Young girls are the best pussy in the world.  They don’t give you any shit, and their cunts are tight as a vice yet still have tons of juice to help you out.”  The guy lit up like a Christmas tree.  “I just happen to have one for you.  She’s in grade school, tight as hell, knows how to fuck … and she’s free.  Check her out.  Look at her cunt.  Ever see anything better than that?”  He was drooling.  Harry told him and Tina to get in the back.  Tina whined.  Harry looked at her sternly.  “Everybody loves to fuck young whores, but no one wants to fuck a god damn whiner, so cut it out or I’ll let him watch me beat the shit out of ya.”  Harry drove and Tina spent the next 30 minutes fucking and sucking in the back seat.  They received a couple of honks along the way.  In her zombie-like state Tina was no longer surprised nor horrified at whatever her daddy did to her.  She was beginning to fuck and suck without resignation. 

Harry let the man out and told him maybe they’d see him again sometime, “Hopefully with a couple of your buddies.”  As the young man strolled away Harry told Tina, “Remember this.  You’re a dirty little whore.  You’re my whore.  You’ll always be my whore with the tight cunt, good only for fucking and sucking.  Don’t ever forget that!  And act like it!”  He made her repeat, “I’m a daddy-fucking whore.  I fuck and suck daddy all the time.  I’m your whore, daddy, and will fuck anyone you want me to, any time or anywhere.”  Harry added one more twist and told her that the next time she saw her mother to tell her, “I’m doing fine. Mommy.  I’m daddy’s whore.”  The evening drive became a Friday ritual.  Harry liked the thrill of picking up total strangers to fuck his little girl.  One time he picked up three and they spent over an hour passing Tina around in the back seat.  They paid him $60.

The next Saturday morning ex-wife Edna stopped over for an infrequent visit to see her daughter, but her stay lasted just a couple minutes.  She asked Harry how Tina was getting along and he abruptly ended her visit by answering, “She’s a better fuck and a much better cock sucker at 12 than you ever were or will be.  She’s getting’ more cock than you are, too.”  Edna went berserk and stormed out, Harry yelling after her, “Whenever you think you can out fuck your daughter, come back and I’ll test ya!”

About 5pm that same Saturday James and another burly man, Zach, showed up.  Zach brought his son and two of his 8th grade school buddies.  At Harry’s prodding Zach had set up a private sex education class for his son and his two friends.  Since middle school was 5th through 8th grade, the boys were in Tina’s school.  Tina was standing in the middle of the family room when they all arrived as instructed.  She was a bit shocked and embarrassed when she saw her schoolmates but had long since become inured to whatever her daddy did, so just stood in a daze.  Harry addressed the boys, “I’m told you guys are all in a sex class and are here for a big lesson.”  They all nodded excitedly.  “You guys seen a real cunt yet?”  They shook their heads. 

Zach interjected, “My boy caught a glimpse of his mother’s cunt once, but that’s all.”  Harry knew the club was new and so far all that happened was group jack-offs, ogling porn and fantasizing talk.  He also knew the Zach’s goal was for the his son, and hopefully the others, to nail a mother and/or a sister. 

“Ever see a real girl’s pussy?” Harry asked.  Three head shakes.  He nodded toward Tina.  “This is Tina.  She lives with me and is a little 6th grade slut.  She’s goin’ to show you her pussy and then help with the rest of the lesson.  You ready?”

One embarrassingly responded, “Isn’t she your daughter?”

As James and Zach laughed Harry explained, “Girls are girls, women are women.  They’re all females and all have cunts that were given to them by God so they could be fucked.  They might be clerks, teachers, run a business, be a daughter, sister, even a mother.  It doesn’t matter.  No matter what, their first job is to get fucked.  That’s the main thing you boys need to understand about sex – the #1 responsibility of a female is to serve up her pussy… be a cunt for you.  Technically Tina here’s my daughter.  She’s also my bitch, my cunt, my slut, and my whore.  She has a cunt.  And tonight she’ll use her cunt to make everybody happy.  And she’s pretty good at it.  James, tell these boys what a good fuck she is.”

James jumped in, “Take my word for it, boys.  I know.  This little slut can fuck your dicks off.”

The boys were trying to absorb it all when Harry continued, “Tina, cunt, take your clothes off and show ‘em what you got.”  Tina quickly was nude.   “Now take turns.  Come up and feel her tits, look at her cunt up real close, and stick your index finger in it about an inch or two to get a feel for it.”  The first boy walked up, palmed Tina’s left tit then bent over to look at her pussy.

James interrupted, “Do it a little different, boy.  A slut has to know what you’re doing and feel it.  Don’t just rub your hand over a tit.  Pinch the nipple tight and pull on it and twist it until the slut moans… like this.”  James clamped on Tina’s tits, pulled and twisted hard.  Tina yelped.  “See?”  The first boy pinched a nipple then inserted his finger up her pussy.  The second boy pinched a nipple a little harder, looked her pussy over and wiggled his finger around in her pussy.  The third boy, a fast learner, pinched both nipples, and tugged and twisted them for 30 seconds.  He was proud the way he made her groan and yelp.  Then his finger spent another 30 seconds in her pussy.

Harry announced they were ready for lesson #2, “Blowjobs.  Everybody get naked.  James and Zach, too, if you like.”  In a couple of minutes the boys were naked with erections poking out.  They looked to be about 4” though Zach’s son looked more like 5”, maybe longer.  Tina was on her knees.  Harry told a boy to walk up close and face her.  “This is what a slut should do first – suck your cock.  She can either suck it to completion and get a cum snack or just get it good and hard and ready to fuck.  We’re going to add some sport.  To make sure she doesn’t run away Zach is going to hold her tight with these.”  The boys were surprised when Harry put metal clamps on each bare nipple.  “OK.  Cunt, open you mouth, and son, slide your dick right in.”

Tina took all 5”.  She had to with Zach, smiling big, pulling hard on the chains attached to the nipple clamps.  Harry figured the boys wouldn’t last long the first go-round so had Tina suck them to completion.  Harry showed them how to hold her hair to get the cock deeper.  He also took pictures.  “Don’t worry guys, none of your faces will be in ‘em.  Just this little slut’s face with her mouth full of cock.  Make great postings on the web.”

The first boy lasted a short two minutes.  So did the second.  The third, evidently excited watching the first two, just over one minute.  “Now gather around and observe a cock being sucked,” Harry commanded.  The boys circled Tina.  At Harry’s nod, Zach, still playing the nipple clamps hard, stuck a hard 7” in little Tina’s mouth.  She gagged, coughed and gasped through her nose.  Zach didn’t let up for 10 minutes, winking at the boys to let them know they should make sluts work for it.  He shot a stream of cum in her mouth.  Then he pulled out and shot three more streams on her face.  His lesson for the boys was that sluts have to eat all of the cum, even if they have to wipe it off their face with their fingers.

“Let’s take a short break,” Harry intoned.  “I got a half- beer for each boy.”  The naked boys chatted excitedly as they drank their beer for the next 20 minutes.  8th-graders recover quickly.  Zach reached over and fondled his son’s pecker.  It sprang to life in a flash.  Zach nodded to Harry that they were ready.

“Tina!  It’s time!  Lie on the floor, get a pillow under your hips and hold your legs back toward your head.”  James helped one of the boys get in position between Tina’s outstretched legs and started him humping.  It took him all of 10 seconds to get the hang.  He was quickly pumping like an experienced stud.  James showed him how to take it slow at first to make it last, which he did for a while.  Then the thrill of his first fuck got to him and he lost all cool.  In three minutes the boy emptied his cum into little Tina.

“Aren’t I supposed to wear something?” the boy asked quizzically though late.

“Only if you’re screwin’ someone you don’t know,” Harry replied.  “If it’s someone you know you stick her with your bare dick and fill her pussy with your cream.”  With that James helped the second boy get started.  Tina was groaning and a little tear appeared in her eye.  As the boy began humping Harry whispered in her ear, “Don’t you dare do anything but smile at ‘em.  Show me any tears or frowns and I’ll let them all watch as I beat your ass raw.  Ya hear!?”  She managed a nod and a slight smile for the three minutes of her second fuck.  After another six minutes Tina got her third pussy wash.  She had sucked off three boys and one man and fucked three boys and it was only 7pm.

Harry announced, “Time for a little break.  I have hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda.  Or if you feel like a man have some more beer.  I’ll put some music on.  Now if any of you boys recover and want to tear off another piece of ass, help your self.  Our slut is waiting there on the floor with an open pussy for anyone who wants to enter.”

A salivating Zach said to Harry, “I ain’t hungry for burgers right now, but I have an appetite for young pussy.  Mind if I give it a go?”

“That’d be great!” Harry shouted.  “You could demonstrate for the boys how it’s done.  Watch and learn, boys.”  Then added, “But you have to pound her hard so I can get good pictures of her.”

Zach approached Tina.  Tina had seen slightly bigger cocks before but this looked gigantic compared to the boys.  Her eyes got big as saucers.  Then she let out a loud OOOOOMMPPHH when Zach, with no fanfare, jammed his 7” into her cervix.  Zach maintained control but fucked her deep and hard.  For the next 15 minutes Zach’s ass looked a blur pistoning up and down with Tina’s legs splayed to the side.  With every thrust Tina OOOOOOMPHed and gasped with her eyes rolling back into her head.  Harry was thrilled.  He was videoing Tina’s contorted face and panning down to show this massive cock spreading her cunt lips to the max.  He knew this would be a top-notch video.  Looking at Tina he egged Zach on.  “This is great, man.  Fuck the bitch hard.  Make her feel every inch.  Fuck the shit right out of ‘er.” 

Instead of filling her cunt Zach pulled out, stroked his cock a few times then shot a massive load on Tina’s tits and face.  He sat her up and got almost 5 of his 7 inches down her throat.  “Clean it up, you little whore,” he growled.  He fucked her mouth for two minutes making her gag, choke, groan and gasp the whole time.  Then he sneered, “Scoop up every drop of my cum and show me and the boys how you love eating cum.  “That’s how it’s done, boys.  You fuck ‘em long, deep, and hard;  you make sure she’s fed your cum one way or ‘tother, and then make her get your cock nice and clean.”

A boy wolfed down the last bite of a hamburger, panted up to Tina, laid her back down. And rammed his hard as a board (again) four plus inches in her pussy.  He fucked her like a rabbit but somehow managed to last almost six minutes.  The men applauded as he got off.  Another boy immediately took his place.  Tina whined as he entered her.  Harry told the boy to wait and yelled at Tina, “No whining, bitch.  Stop it right now, look at your schoolmate and tell his you want him to fuck you… in those words.

“I want you to fuck me,” Tina whispered.  The boy was quickly pounding away.  About 30 minutes later all three had fucked Tina the second time.  Harry got more good video, including stealthy video of the boys and their expressions.  Might be useful somehow later on he thought.

James rose to the occasion.  “Let me show you boys a variation.”  He got on his back and had Tina straddle him, her cunt just above the tip of his steely 9”.  As she loudly groaned he slowly lowered her cunt over his cock.  It ran into resistance at 5-6”.  More slowly but harder James pushed another inch or so into a now blubbering Tina and started to push her up and down.  He fucked her slowly like this for three minutes, then removed his hands and told Tina to move herself.  Tina froze still blubbering.  After a nodding approval from Harry, James slapped her hard across the face.  “Until you move your ass on my cock, I’m going to hit you in the face every 5 seconds, you little bitch!”  Five seconds passed.  James pulled his big right hand back.  Tina began humping him like crazy.  “This is how it’s done, boys.  You make the slut do all the work and you just enjoy.  And if she needs some incentive just smack her around a bit.”

When James finished the virile young studs were in the groove and ready to go again.  Harry announced, “You boys will now learn doggie style.”  He put his daughter on her hands and knees and had the boys enter her from behind.  “This is a good position to show the slut who’s in charge.  You’re on top, she’s on her hands and knees, and you’re totally in control.  While fucking her smack her ass.  That’s a great reminder to her.”  The boys really got into it.  They fucked her good from behind and got a bunch of ass wallops in while Harry reminder her that if she cried it would be his belt on her ass.  With breaks it was an hour later that the boys finished her doggie style. 

They each had their cocks sucked and each fucked Tina three time.  Tina was way beyond her earlier biggest number, having now sucked a half-dozen cocks and been fucked almost a dozen times in one night.  Harry was elated and his head was about to burst.  Not just thrilled with Tina’s action but proud that he had given three boys, who might have had one earlier screw if that, three fucks.  Tina lay stretched out on the floor, knees bent, breathing hard and moaning.  Her glassy eyes kept rolling back in her head and remnants of cum stuck in her hair.  As Harry videoed her spent body he told the boys, “When a bitch is totally fagged like this slut, you know you’ve fucked her good like she deserves.”

“Now you guys got to see one more thing for the grand finale.  Gather round and watch closely.”  The boys came close as Harry put Tina back on her hands and knees and had James push her head down and hold her ass up.  “Don’t know if you boys noticed doing her doggie style but she has two holes back there.  The asshole is even tighter than her tight little cunt.  It can be fucked, too.  Watch.”

Tina groaned loudly as her daddy pushed his bare cock slowly up her ass with James pushing back so she couldn’t resist.   Soon all 8 inches was buried up her rectum.  Her groans turned to screeches; she started to cry.  Harry started to pump full stroke.  “When she fusses like this you know you’re doin’ it right and showin’ her who’s boss,” he exclaimed.  He fucked his daughter’s ass for ten minutes with no let up in her cries, whines, and groans.  He filled her ass with cream, pushed her over with his foot, and she fell in a heap.  “Then when you’re done fuckin’ ‘em, just kick ‘em aside.”  The boys were mesmerized.

It was getting late.  He told the boys they’d have to do it again soon.  “Maybe, if you can trust ‘em, you can bring two or three more of your classmates to join.  Then 5 or 6 of yas can fuck her all night long!  Does that sound like fun?”  The boys chortled a definite yes.  “I could also arrange a learning demonstration.  Instead of two I can get 4 or 5 of my friends to match you boys, and you can see how men fuck the shit out of young sluts.  Would you like that?”  More boisterous yeses, this time with James and Zach loudly joining in.  As everybody left Harry fantasized watching a half-dozen men and 6 boys fucking his daughter 25, 35, maybe even 40 times in one night.  Shit, that’s maybe on top of her sucking off a pile of cocks, some big enough to go down her esophagus.  That’d be far more jism than her body can hold in one night, so we’d have to eject some into a large glass then watch as she drinks it all down.   His fantasy was building up steam, and he almost cummed in his pants.  Then he thought about strangers they could pick up, his friends getting laid all the time, his daughter being the school punch, and him fucking the shit out of her daily.  It was almost more than he could handle.

He considered the ultimate action:  pissant ex Edna being forced to watch her new husband and a couple of other guys gangbang Tina a few times, then everyone watching as Edna was made to eat the cum out of her daughter’s pussy while he tortured her tits and maybe got ass-fucked.   His reverie was making him dizzy.

He sat on the floor, had half-conscious Tina straddle him and slide her cunt over his cock.  But he wanted to talk.  “You done good my little whore.  Now listen to me.  I love watching you fuck.  So stay in good fucking shape.  You’ll spend a good part of your time fucking your daddy and all the men and young boys I can find.  Before your done you’ll fuck most 8th graders, a bunch of 7th graders, maybe for fun a few grade schoolers.  You’ll fuck many of your teachers, every friend I have -- often, and a ton of strangers… though not total strangers as many will have met you on the internet.”

In her stupor Tina managed, “But I’m too young, daddy.”

“Oh, no, swee
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« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2013, 09:18:25 AM »

The father's an asshole, but the story was really hot. It was a bit long but you did a good job here.

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my mind rund the gambit from X to XXX

« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2013, 09:43:11 AM »

Will we be getting any more of this story soon?
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