Bruno loves Dog fucking Sissy Sally and my sister


His name is Sally... Well, it started out as Salvador... His folks called
him Sallie when he was a kid, He says his mom often dressed him up in a
dress and took him out as a little girl. I can see why. Sally has deep dark
eyes, curly black hair, and olive skin and is the longest eyelashes in the
world. Great slim body and soft voice. And is on hormones to make his body
softer, his breasts grow

He is the perfect twink, feminine as the best, a perfect candidate for the
she/male trade... except he still dresses as a man, well most of the time.
At least at work, where I met him some months ago.

We struck up a conversation and he knew that I knew and he let me know he
wanted to be with me...    After a quick blowjob in my car that first night
and a few quick passionate rolls in the hay, we had a good routine.

I would go to his apartment after he had time to get home and take a bath
and dress in Sally's sexiest lingerie, Sally would come to the door and we
would share some wine, some fondling and teasing, go into the bedroom and
she would undress me and suck on my hard cummy cock for a few minutes, then
lay on the bed. Waiting for her man to give her his love.

I would lie down next to her and we would kiss and cuddle and caress each

I would suck her teen sized breasts, nibbling away at the nipples until she
was moaning and writhing around... my lips and tongue would work down her
taut belly to her rigid boycock and then I would suck the juices out, taking
it all in my mouth, nibbling and nipping that baby cock until she would cry
out in joy and give me her boypussy juice, shooting it into my eager mouth
in great bursts as I gulped down every drop she had in her.

I would keep a good mouth full for her and fall back on top, our mouths
locked together as our tongues raced inside and fought over the sweet juices
she loved so much.

After a while, I would get off the bed and stroke my cock while she licked
the cum that was oozing out of my cock head. She would lube it up real good
and lay back so I could finger her sweetcunthole ass with some it as well...
  I would often finger fuck her for a while before I gave her the meat and
twice had worked my hand in, testing her out for another special treat she
would soon experience.

But when I finally buried my cock, we would be all over the bed, fucking
like two crazy people, until I let loose with my cumload. .I would pull out
and tell her to lick my juice covered cock and balls clean...

If she was a good girl and sucked and licked my cock until it was hard
again, then I would lay down on my back and she would slide onto my cock and
dance for me, up and down and ride my pony all over the place until I filled
her once more with my hot juices.

This had been going on for about once a week for several months when I
decided it was now time that Sally met Bruno.

I let my sister know that I was bringing sally home for Bruno and she gave
the OK, just asked me to video tape it for her to watch the next time Bruno
is doing her.

I brought Sally to the house and he immediately jumped behind me when Bruno
came over to give him a sniff...

I told Sally that Bruno was cool but she was still quite afraid of him... I
held her in my arms and tasted her lips and mouth for a few moments to get
her mind back on track and we went into  my room and I quickly got down to
business, Bruno being left in the hall at sally's pleading.

As soon as sally was naked I flipped her on her belly and without a lot of
foreplay lubed up my hand and her tight asshole and soon was finger fucking
her with 4 fingers.  She was grunting and crying, keening softly as I worked
over her love hole and then cried out in pain as I quickly squirmed my hand
into her bottom and fisted it. Now I shook her every way but loose and made
sure every tight muscle in that ass was stretched enough to take Bruno...

When I was sure he could knot this sweet pussyboy, I replace my hand with my
raging hard-on cock and roughly fucked her, slamming into her over and over
again, the way I knew Bruno was going to take her.  When I felt the cum
rising up in me, I pushed her down into the bed and deep stroked my cock in
and out of her gaping hole until the dam burst inside me and I blew my cum
all over her, inside and out, across her back and one strand even shot out
and hit her in the neck.

She was so fucked. She lay there a broken fuck toy... I pulled out, ordering
her not to move an inch... and walked to the dresser and grabbed the video
camera as I opened the door and told Bruno to fuck her.

Bruno wasted no time and jumped onto the bed and quickly mounted. Sally let
out a howling scream as she realized the dog was on her I grabbed Sally by
the hair and held her down as Bruno sink his bright red cock into her
boycunt.. He had no trouble since I had juiced it up for him..

Sally screamed even louder as he buried it to his balls and began to fuck
Sally at an atomic speed. I think the screaming and grunting turned him on
as much as it did me.

Soon he was hard at it and the screaming stopped and Sally was actually
pushing back against this dog fucking her butt.

I worked the camera in close, getting as close as I could to the cock
slamming in and out of this broken wide open cuntboy's ass.   Sally was
crying out some gibberish talk, almost incoherently jabbering as Bruno kept
at her ass, doing a superb job on this cuntboy.

Then Sally cried out that she was cuming and my camera caught her cock
spurting out cum with a hand on it, just the result of the furious fucking
she was getting.

Then Bruno's knot began to swell and he rammed it home, shoving it into
Sally with a fierceness even I was surprised to see. Sally cried out as she
was filled with this huge knot and then lay there as Bruno' cock began to
swell up inside that juicy sheath.

Everything was quiet for a few quick minutes, then Bruno let it go and Sally
groaned out loudly as she received the pint or so of hot fire dogcum,
filling up her insides to her belly.

Bruno finally pulled off and strolled away to lick off his cock...

Sally lay there, destroyed and used up. Her asshole muscles had not
tightened and her cunthole was open to the size of the knot. I filmed it up
close, as the dog cum pulsed out of her.

It drove me crazy and I set the camera on record at the night stand next to
the bed and climbed up and mounted her shoving my cock in all the way to my
balls with one lunge. It was so wet and lose I couldn't believe it.  I
fucked her all but dead body like a madman until I blew my own load in on
top of Bruno's.

Sally had barely even acknowledged I had been on her ass, fucking her again.
She was in some other world.

I went in and showered and after checking on her, dressed and went out to
the kitchen and poured myself a glass of wine.... She was going to be on
that bed a long time.  I was anxious for my sister to see the video when she
came home... I think I need to give her an assfucking while she watches it,
I Thought.  Bruno can fuck her when I am done...She will have to suck his
cock for a while first to get him in the mood a second time in just a few
hours.. that will make a good video segment, too. This Sally thing had great
possibilities, now that she has been broken in to dog fucking. We may have
to train her for other things as well.

Or, Maybe Bruno needs to give Sally another fucking so Sis can watch while I
am giving her a brotherly fuck.

Life was good... I couldn't wait until Sally woke up...I will give her a
nice hot bath and some hard love for a while to juice up her broken bitchpussy


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