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Author Topic: Incest Dog Rape  (Read 21435 times)
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« on: June 18, 2007, 01:31:24 AM »

Incest Dog Rape

by anonymous

The bulk of this story is bestial in nature. The bondage and non-consensual sex with a minor comes later, so read on.

Part 1

Eric and Sam had driven up to their favorite climbing area on Friday night. It rained all night and into the morning. The weather report was predicting more rain, so they decided to bag it and headed for home. Eric came in the back door and dumped his climbing gear in the kitchen. He opened a beer and went upstairs to shower. Hearing peculiar noises from Karen's room, he peeked inside. He was momentarily startled by what he saw...

Karen knew it was going to be an awful summer. Her mother sent her to an exclusive girl's school each year. Summers were spent with her father. Things hadn't been to bad when her father had an apartment in the city. At least she had some friends around. Then two years ago her father had met Jenny. Karen assumed Jenny married her father for his wealth, and she was probably correct. Jenny had a son Eric. Karen and Eric hated each other, and their fights were wicked. Last summer her father had spent a lot of time at Jenny's place in the country leaving Karen at the apartment alone. Last winter her father had given up the apartment and moved out to Jenny's place. Karen had no choice but to move out to Jenny and Eric's house for the summer. She hated Jenny. She hated Eric. Her father ignored her. She had no friends. Life sucked the big one.

Jenny was a dog breeder. She raised an exclusive breed of Great Danes that fetched big bucks at sale. She had some thirty dogs in a huge kennel on her property. At first Karen showed no interest in the dogs. But after a few knock-down-drag-out fights with Eric and Jenny, Karen decided to use the dogs for some measure of entertainment. She would take one or two of the huge dogs on long walks each day. One dog she started to like a lot was named Duke. She and Duke became fast friends, spending more and more time together. Duke was loyal and unquestioning. He never got mad or made Karen do things she didn't want. One day a bitch in the kennel next to Duke went into heat and made Duke very horny. On their daily romp, Duke came up to Karen when she was sitting down and began humping Karen's leg. It scared Karen and she scolded Duke and took him back to the kennel.

That night, Karen had an erotic dream. It started with a boy she had met just before school let out, but the boy morphed into Duke. The dream-Duke licked Karen all over her body. He licked her neck, her breasts, and her belly. He licked her feet, tickling them. He started licking his way up her legs, and when he reached her dream pussy, she awoke. Karen's sheets were soaked in sweat, her pussy was swollen and wet. Her nipples were stiff and hard. Her hand was between her legs, stroking. She remembered the entire dream, and felt disgusted. She didn't stop rubbing, but couldn't bring herself to an orgasm. She smelled the juices on her hand and thought of her boyfriend, then she thought of Duke. Thinking of Duke scared her, she thought it was perverted. But the image of Duke kept coming back. At last she slept.

She avoided the kennel for a few days. The dream kept recurring, several times a night. Soon the dream became a waking fantasy. She found herself drawn to the kennels again. She took Duke on a few uneventful walks, and calmed her fears about herself. Then one day on their walk, Duke sat down to rest and began to lick himself. Just the tip of his penis protruded from its sheath, enough for Karen to see. She stared at it, fixed. She couldn't take her eyes off of his doghood. She knew at that moment, she wanted Duke inside her. But she had to feel safe about it. This weekend would be perfect. Her father and Jenny would be off to a dog show for four days. Eric was going climbing with that geek, Sam. She had volunteered to stay home and tend the kennel. She could be alone and private with her Duke.

Friday night her dream/fantasy was intense. It went on and on, she barely got any sleep. Her hands rubbed her pussy constantly. Sometimes she curled forward, tongue out, trying to lick her own genitals like the girl dogs in the kennel. But she had to lick her wet fingers to satisfy that urge. That morning she tended to all the animals, feeding and watering them, cleaning out all of the cages. Her guts were trembling in anticipation and fear. Then she decided to do it. She went to Dukes cage and called him out. Duke obediently followed. She took him to the grooming area and bathed him thoroughly, paying close attention to his scrotum and sheath. She then led him into the house and up to her room.

She took off all her clothes and sat on the edge of her bed. Karen put her hair up in a ponytail off the top of her head. She glanced in the mirror to examine her fifteen-year-old body. She held her breasts and examined the length of her now exposed neck. One hand slid down to her swelling pussy and began to rub. "I have a great body!" she said out loud, "Duke, you are going to love this." As she spoke to Duke, he came over to her. He instinctively put his nose between her legs, she instinctively spread 'em. He wasted no time licking her legs or belly. No, he went straight for the pink. His long, wet licks sent shudders through Karen's virgin body. She laid back, holding her breasts, feeling her nipples grow. The dog saliva dripping from his mouth mixed with the pussy juices she drooled, forming a wet spot on the bed. She began to blush. A healthy pink bloom surrounded her sex, spreading up her belly and down her legs. Her young breasts swelled and blushed. Her neck turned pink, from her collar to her ears. Her skin began to feel hot and she started to sweat. Duke began to crawl onto the bed, but Karen wanted to do it "doggy style", like she had seen on the nature shows on TV.

She got off the bed and knelt on the carpet, raising her ass into the air. Duke got behind her and tried to mount her. But Karen was still a small woman, though, and Duke was a big dog. Her raised ass was too low to make connection. Karen decided to get a footstool. She walked down the hall to the sitting room. Duke followed her closely, and stuck his nose between her legs and licked.

Karen froze in her tracks. Her body did not respond to her conscious will. Her body reacted as though some new wiring had taken over. She started to arch her back and push her ass out backwards to him. Her legs spread wider, then she dropped to her knees. This sexual access behaviour was quite compelling, she could not control it. She put her hands on the floor, arched her back more, offering her pert little ass and her pink, virgin pussy to Duke. He stopped licking and tried to mount. She regained control, staggered up, and continued to walk, knees stiff with excitement. Duke pressed his cold, wet nose against her anus, simultaneously licking her sex with his long tongue. Again she stopped and spread her legs. She dropped to her hands and knees. She lifted her butt into the air, completely offering herself and accepting the dominance of his maleness. When he stopped licking and tried to mount, she stood up to walk. A third time he licked her, taking control. She found herself on all fours, back arched, ass in the air. Duke was over her trying to get low enough to make entry. Again she stood up. This time, when Duke tried to lick her, it tickled. She squealed in delight and jumped away. Duke gave chase and the two of them made a game of it. She ran about the house trying to out run him, laughing and shrieking. He followed closely, licking what ever he could get his tongue on, aiming for her ass. Finally she made it to the sitting room, got a stool and returned to her own room.

Part 2

She put the stool in the middle of the room and laid across it, belly down. Her knees didn't reach the floor so she pushed upward with her toes, shivering with dual emotions of fear and desire. Duke knew exactly what to do and mounted her immediately. His plunge hit the mark, popping her cherry in one stroke. She cried out at the pain, then held her breath. Duke began his rhythmic pumping. Just as Karen' pussy began to adjust to the new feeling, she seemed to feel him grow again. Duke completely filled Karen's virgin pussy and kept fucking hard. She latched onto him and closed her eyes. His thrusts went on and on, and she felt the first orgasm welling up. Duke began to come, and Karen felt his hot dog seed squirting deep into her. This pushed her over the edge. She grunted and groaned as they both orgasmed together. Wave after wave of ecstasy rocked her. Finally she calmed down and relaxed for a minute, Duke's big dog dick still in her.

After a minute or so, she opened her eyes. There on the floor were three Polaroid pictures of her and Duke being dirty animals. She startled, looking around. There was Eric, smiling and holding a video camcorder. Karen freaked and tried to get up. Duke was much bigger than she was, outweighing her by twenty kilos or more, and his weight pinned her down. She tried to squirm out from under Duke, but realized she couldn't get Duke's dick out of her. Her panic only served to clamp her tiny pussy even tighter. She put her feet down and pushed, but this only managed to tip the stool over. For the briefest moment, she hung in the air. The pain was intense! It felt like her plumbing was being ripped from her body. Duke howled in pain also, as the tight bitch under him tugged on his penis. She immediately put her feet to the floor and supported her weight.

She began to sob in fear. "My god Eric, what's wrong? I can't get Duke out of my... my..." She couldn't say it in her shame.

Eric roared in laughter. "You mean you don't know what is happening?"

"No! Fuckin' help me, please!"

"You mean you don't know about dog anatomy?"

"What is there to know? And hurry! This hurts and I am getting tired."

"I guess you have some learning to do. All male dogs have a knot at the base of their dick. Its purpose is seal their come into the bitch they have just fucked. That is so it won't ooze out."

"Well, how long does it last. I mean it, this hurts!"

"That depends. For most dogs the knot lasts only a few minutes. But not Mom's dogs."

"I said hurry, you asshole!"

"I can't hurry anything. These dogs are special. They have been bred for satisfying women. They can keep an erection up for more than a half an hour. You fucked Duke for fifteen minutes, so you'll probably get to enjoy him for fifteen or twenty more minutes."

"I'm getting tired and I am NOT enjoying this. What can I do?"

"Nothing. I'm afraid you're stuck!"

Eric set the camera on a chair, record on. He found Karen's predicament was quite humorous. He led Duke around the room, and Karen had no choice but to prance along on all fours, her ass way up in the air, Duke's meat firmly planted in her. She launched a volley of hateful curses at him. Finally Eric led Duke (and Karen) to the middle of the room. He placed the stool under Karen's midsection so she could relax.

Eric said, "Now it is time to teach you some manners, bitch! First, you are stuck. You are Duke's personal property for now. You are going nowhere until he says you may. You may as well be Siamese Twins, joined at the genitals. Watching you has made me extremely horny. I think you are going to have to suck my cock. Before you refuse or say no, remember, I have photos and videotape of you fucking a dog and loving every bit of it. If you don't do as I say, I will mail copies to your loving mother and to your friends at that stuck up school you go to. Think about that for a minute."

Karen tugged again at Duke's big dick, but it wouldn't budge. It was as if the two of them were one animal, not two. Eric took off his clothes, turned off the camera, and sat on the floor in front of the Karen/Duke fuck beast. Karen objected, but Eric grabbed her hair and forced her down onto his waiting, throbbing prick. Karen sobbed, thinking how twenty minutes ago, she had never had even one penis in her. Now, she had two dicks in her, the one was a big dog buried to the hilt in her virgin pussy, the other was that asshole Eric, rudely forcing his dick into her mouth. She could taste Eric's pre-come, salty and slick. Quickly Eric came, splattering his jism at the back of her throat. Karen gagged, then reached down and squeezed Eric's balls, hard.

"Oh fuck!" Eric slapped Karen hard on the face. The blow stunned her and she lost her grip on Eric. He scrambled back out of reach. "Fucking bitch!" he yelled. "You dog fuck! That hurt!"

"I don't care. I hate you, you goddam asshole!" Come was dripping down Karen's chin. She wiped it with the back of her hand, spitting, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

"Fine. I'll teach you, Dog Fuck." Eric massaged his hurting balls for a moment. Then he went down stairs to get his climbing gear, brought it up and dumped it out on Karen's bed. He took some tube webbing and tied her wrists together. She tried to resist, but she and Duke were still linked into one eight-legged fuck animal. Eric tied rope to the wrist webbing and stretched it over to a leg of a heavy dresser, securing it. He captured one kicking leg with another piece of webbing and secured it to a bedpost. He lassoed the other leg and tied it to another dresser, pulling the rope tight. As he stretched her legs wide, Karen's pelvis rotated up and her vagina protruded out. Duke sensed the improved access and started to hump again. Karen gasped as Duke plunged even deeper into her pussy. He humped for five minutes, driving Karen up to another raging orgasm.

Meanwhile, Eric taunted her. "Your name is now Dog Fuck. I will call you that whenever we are alone. In the presence of others I will call you DF. It will remind you of the breeding bitch you are. You chose Duke. A good choice, he is one of Mother's most favored dogs. He is gentle, friendly, and loyal, popular with the clients. Our dogs inflate their anchor knot as soon as they gain full entry to their bitch. That way the sexual penetration can't and won't stop for some time, which is why women love this breed. No slam-bam-thank-ya-ma'am here. A woman gets what she bargained for. But Duke's penis is only average sized, for our kennel. It is twenty some centimeters long, about the size of a human cock, and his anchor knot is about the size of an apple. I am going to introduce you to Emperor. His tool is almost thirty centimeters long, much bigger than nearly all men. He has an anchor knot damn near as big as a grapefruit. Not too many women can enjoy him, especially since his erections can last more than an hour and he is so damned big. You probably won't enjoy him, but I know he is going to enjoy your tight little fuck hole. I will go get Emperor for you, Dog Fuck. We will see just how deep your young pussy is."

Part 3

Eric left the merged fuck animal alone to finish. He went to the kennel to get Emperor. When he returned, Duke had dismounted, and lie on his side grooming his crotch with his tongue. Duke and Emperor had not seen each other for months and the two of them bounded off, playing and exploring the house. Eric looked down at Karen's writhing body, swollen pussy, milky white ass. His erection returned. "What the fuck," he thought, "What can she do? I have the tape." He dropped his trousers again, knelt down behind her and stroked up and down Karen's pussy lips with the head of his cock. She struggled and called him names, but that only egged him on. He plunged into her young teenage pussy. It was hot, wet, and slippery with dog come, but not as tight as he expected. Duke must have stretched her out some. Erik pumped for a few minutes then withdrew from her vagina and placed his cock up against her anus.

"No, stop! Don't! Don't! No, please! Don't..."

Eric pushed, and as soon as the head of his dick passed her sphincter, he slipped all the way in. He arched his back and tensed his whole body. He had never fucked an asshole before, and he liked it. And since he was so un-fond of Karen, and the act pleased her so little, Eric was thrilled at what he was doing. In and out, he pumped her bum for ten minutes, then the dog come lubricant began to dry out. He pulled out, entered her vagina for a few strokes, and continued working her anus over. She whimpered, cried, pleaded, but to no avail. Twice more he had to dip his dick into her pussy for more lubrication. He fantasized on what it would be like to see a dog fuck Karen in the ass. Then he perversely fantasized what it would be like to have a dog fuck him in the ass. This image brought him to his second orgasm. He pushed hard, driving as deep as he could.

At this same time, Emperor had entered the room gaining, an erection. He got up on Eric's back and pushed his penis up against Eric's brown hole. Eric, who was still in post-orgasm delirium, allowed it to happen. But Eric failed to process two important pieces of information at this time: assholes don't self lubricate, and it was Emperor who was behind him. Two quick, strong thrusts and it was too late. Emperor had buried his massive schlong in Eric's ass and inflated his knot. As Eric had described to Karen, the knot grew to damn near the size of a grapefruit. Emperor's generous thirty centimeters FILLED his rectum. The enormous pressure on his prostrate gland meant Eric's own erection refused to subside.

Emperor's thrusts were not to be denied. He was only five or ten kilos heavier than Eric, but far stronger. His knot was irretrievably locked into Eric's ass. To resist meant pain. Eric had no choice but to match the thrusts of his captor. Now he was the one who was being raped. They were a three-in-one, twelve-legged fuck animal. What this meant for Karen was that the ass raping that had gone on for the last half an hour continued, and not with just renewed vigor, but with much stronger thrusts. Soon the dog come that had been lubricating the two humans began to dry out. The skin of Eric's dick and Karen's ass hole started to get painfully raw as the dried dog come became not a lubricant, but a sticky adhesive. Eric frantically reached down between thrusts and transferred some of the salty come leaking from Karen's cunt up onto their mutually painful parts. He couldn't reach his own anus, though. He just had to put up with that pain.

The description of Emperor's prowess was not overstated. He kept thrusting for well over an hour. Poor Karen, it meant her ass fucking went on for damn near two hours. Finally Emperor orgasmed, filling Eric with warm semen. Emperor stopped humping and Eric was able to withdraw from Karen's anus. Her sphincter was stretched, raw, and bleeding. She was sobbing. The knot up Eric's ass lasted for another half an hour, but finally shrank. Emperor pulled his limp meat out and Eric was finally able to stand up.

As he hobbled to the toilet, dog come drooled down his leg. He sat on the john, feeling like he needed to shit, but only dog seed dripped out. "Bloop...bloop...bloop..." it went. Eric was hurting. His asshole hurt. His rectum hurt. The skin at the base of his cock hurt. His whole penis throbbed with pain from being erect for two and a half hours. Mostly his ego hurt. In his mind, he blamed Karen. He decided to teach her a lesson.

As soon as the come stopped draining from his ass, he went back to Karen's room. "There are sixteen more male dogs in the kennel, Dog Fuck." he said, "You are going to pleasure every single one of them." He placed the video camera on a short tripod behind Karen. The only thing the camera lens could see was the mounds of her ass, her asshole, her pussy, and some of each leg. From the camera's view, you could not tell that Karen was in bondage. He took Karen's small bedroom television, placed it on its back right in front of Karen's nose. The screen filled her entire field of view. Karen was to have a ringside seat at her own canine gang rape.

Eric went to the kennels and returned with Ranger. He placed a single mark on her ass with a magic marker. Then he turned the dog loose. Ranger mounted her without hesitation. Karen's requests for freedom were replaced with gasps and faltering moans. Ranger inflated his anchor knot and humped away for over half an hour. Karen responded with two full-blown orgasms. After Ranger came another mark and another eager hound, Willaby. During the fifth beast fuck, Karen's pleadings became profane. Eric went to her laundry and returned with some soiled panties. He mopped up some of the growing puddle of dog cum on the floor and forced the wad, dripping with come, into her mouth, taping it into place.

"How does that taste, Dog Fuck? Does it taste better than mine?" He scooped up some more come in his hand and covered her nose with it. When she breathed in, she sucked dog come in, coating her sinuses. She sneezed, splattering the TV screen. Eric wiped it up, then wiped more come on her neck, ears and face. With each dog he slopped come on her neck and ears, encouraging the animals to lick and groom her. Some of the dogs seemed more interested in grooming Karen than fucking her. They would lick her entire body, reclaiming all of her salty sweat. Then they would dutifully mount the helpless young girl for a howling joy ride.

By 5:00 am Karen had been screwed by eighteen dogs, the last was Emperor. Her vagina was sufficiently stretched out to accommodate his entire, royal sized penis, though the tip of him was pressed uncomfortably against her cervix, for an hour. The action had gone on for seventeen hours. Karen experienced well over twenty orgasms. Three times Eric had guided a dog pole into Karen's anus, so her asshole was stretched and painful. Two times Eric had turned off the videotape and stepped in for a turn, being careful to watch his backside.

By the end, she loved being called DF. She knew now what she was going to do for a living.

Karen knew this was going to be an awfully great summer.
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