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Boyhood Crush: Fm, FemDom

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on: January 23, 2014, 04:43:44 PM
Boyhood Crush

When I saw her, my heart started to speed up. She worked in the office complex attached to the shopping mall and her office was in the same floor as my orthodontist, and was frequently there discussing administrative issues with the joint receptionist that served both her office and Dr. Rexlers. She was some sort of mental health specialist. I had first met her when getting my teeth straightened, and immediately started blushing and trying not to stutter my words out of shyness. At first sight I literally fell in love with her, wanting desperately to impress her. She was gorgeous. Sure she was at least twice my age, but I didn't care.

Her name was Kirsten Van Den Bergh. She was born in Europe, had some sort of an accent and while English was not her first language she spoke it just fine, but with a sexy accent. She had a slender build, very athletic. Built like she had been a gymnast or ballet dancer, not having large breasts, but large is overrated anyway......I liked her physique, all slender and toned looking. It gave her a sexy, elegant, sophisticated  look. I could stare at her all day. Of course whenever she caught me mentally undressing her, she stared me down with an icy glare that could stop a charging grizzly. When that happened I would blush and look away quickly.

I always looked for any excuse to walk by her office and get a glimpse of her, usually puffing my chest out, trying to look bigger when I did so. I also sought out any opportunity to talk to her when I saw her in the mall. She always seemed to brush me off, like she was trying to play hard to get or something. At least I liked to think that was what she was doing. Her responses to me usually ranged between patronizing feigned politeness and outright contempt.

Seeing her in line at the McDonalds, I immediately moved towards her. Of course my first response was  to pull out my retainer and put it in its case, before I got in line behind her.  Very quickly, I looked over to the mirror behind the counter to see if my hair was OK as I quickly adjusted it, moving a few stray hairs in place.

"Your hair is fine" she sighed in a bored irritated voice.

Oh shit, she saw me adjusting my hair. Straightening up, I looked at her, trying to put on my best front and opened my mouth to say hi, but she spoke first cutting me off.

"Put your retainer back in. Your parents paid good money to straighten your teeth" she said flatly without a hint of friendliness.

"Well, I don't always do what my parents tell me to do" I said, trying to affect a baddish rebellious image.

"Wow, you're such a man Rick" she said sarcastically. This was not going well. I had to step up my game. Awkwardly looking for a conversation started, I cleared my throat and spoke;

"So, getting McDonalds for lunch" I asked/observed rhetorically.

"No, I just came to stand in this line because I had this dying urge for you would come over to  pester me with annoying questions and follow me around like a puppy dog", she quipped.

Deflated, I paused to recover from that one. Of course my question was as stupid as they get, but I was nervous and fumbling for something to say. Soon the line got closer to the counter, and two tills became free right beside each other. As she placed her order, for a salad I tried to think of how to seem more manly.

"Medium coffee please, black" I said, hoping that ordering a coffee would make me seem more mature.

"I like it black...old school" I said, looking at Kirsten.

"Good for you Rick" she said, plainly unimpressed. "You know drinking coffee at your age may stunt your growth"

It bugged me that she always had to remind me of my age; like she was rubbing my nose in it or something. When she went to pay for her order, she didn't have the exact change, and fumbled through her purse, not wanting to break a larger bill. Opportunity knocked!

Reaching into my pocket and fishing for change I said "I can spot you if..."

"I'm fine!" she said curtly, waving her hand at me and cutting me off mid sentence as she grabbed a $20 out of her wallet and handed it to the cashier. I paid for my coffee as she took her change back.

"I was just trying to...."

"Bye Rick" she cut me off again, turning her back and walking away. Crushed and dejected, I took my change, and noticed that two other ladies in the line were trying not to smirk at my embarrassment.

Moving away, I cursed inwardly. Why the hell did she always have to treat me like that? She couldn't take me seriously just because of the age thing?

Walking away, towards the  HMV store, I took the lid off my coffee, carefully blew on it to cool it down and took a small sip. Cringing in disgust, I almost spat it out. It tasted horrible! Who drinks that stuff?

Barely able to disguise my disgust, my face cringing as I tried to get that awful bitter taste out of my mouth, I dumped the coffee in the garbage bin outside the store. Looking up, I saw Kirsten standing about 30 yards away, staring at me as though I had just confirmed what she had thought. Blushing awkwardly I cringed feeling like an idiot. She shook her head in disbelief     and rolled her eyes before turning to head back to her office.

Well that went well.

I spent the rest of my afternoon hanging with a few friends. I mentioned Kirsten to them suggesting that she liked me. They acted impressed but I am not sure they believed me. Either way, I may have been only fooling myself but the fantasy felt good. I wasn't just sexually attracted to her. I literally fell in love with her, the first time we exchanged words. Not that I wouldn't donate my liver to kiss her and fool around a  bit, it's just that I would love to have a serious long term relationship with her. I was shy around girls, hadn't even kissed one yet, but for some reason I felt that Kirsten and I were just right for each other. I just wished she could see that.

Later in the day as it was starting to get dark, my friends had headed home and I was planning on heading over to a friend's house to play some video games or maybe watch a movie. As I started heading to the west end of the mall (to pass Kirsten's office again), I saw Kirsten leaving with a couple of other females who worked in the same office complex. They headed to O'Douds Lounge just outside the entrance to their commercial space and stopped at the entrance for a minute.

As I walked past, her two friends gestured to me smiling humorously. They knew who I was and obviously were aware of my affections for her. She rolled her eyes upon seeing me, which I must admit was discouraging, but I put on a brave face.

"Hi Kirsten. Going for a drink?" I inquired.

" Dr. Van Den Bergh" she corrected firmly. I looked at her uncertain if she was kidding

"I'm an adult, more than twice your age and I would appreciate if you addressed me as such.  And yes I'm going for a drink..... now maybe you should be getting home soon. It's getting late".

"Oh come on" her friend quipped," Let the poor little guy join us. I haven't babysat in years". This of course caused the third girl to bust up laughing. I had to admit I was a bit stung by that. Clearly anybody could see I was past the age where I needed a babysitter. Heck I was a high school student....the big leagues!

I tried to clear my voice and say something in retaliation, but my words got stuck in my throat as I muttered words to the effect that I was big enough to take care of myself

"Did you say something Rick!" Kirsten snapped. "If you have something to say then spit it out." she said, her icy glare challenging me.

"I didn't think so" she commented, condescendingly

Shrugging, I didn't know what to say at this point. As they started heading in, I was stuck in one spot, when the funny one looked back and challenged;

"Afraid to join us now kiddo?"

I took that as ain invite and followed them in. As they sat in a booth, I moved to join them, keeping a low profile so the bartender didn't kick me out as Kirsten sat beside the red haired one who hadn't said anything yet.

"Beside me there slugger" the funny blond one said, patting the seat beside her as Kirsten gave her a look.

"What?" the funny one said, giving Kirsten a mocking look. Kirsten rolled her eyes and muttered "fine".

 As we sat there Kirsten went up to the bar and grabbed a few drinks before a waiter could come by. From what I saw, she had what looked like a martini (at least I think it was a martini....based on what I saw in 007 movies). The funny blonde one had some fruity looking drink and the redhead had something with soda in it and a slice of lime.

"Getting a drink Ricky?". The blond one joked.

"Rick" I corrected shyly. Part of me knew I was being made fun of, but still I wanted a chance to sit at the table.

"Well Rick, that's Sharon" she said pointing to the quiet redhead who was sitting next to Kirsten.

"Nice to meet you Sharon" I said, tentatively offering my hand to shake hers, trying to act casual. Sharon looked at me funny and only offered her hand as an afterthought.

"She's not being impolite Rick, she just doesn't want to go to jail for shaking your hand" the blond one quipped. "and I'm Tracy" she said offering her hand. "I don't mind shaking your hand...I am a self confessed deviant". Kirsten gave her a stern look of disapproval at that comment.

"Don't encourage him please" Kirsten said to Tracy

"So long have you had the hots for Kirsten", she asked bluntly?

"Tracy!" Kirsten warned, looking at her as I blushed.

"Oh come on Kirsten, he constantly walks by the office, whenever he sees his orthodontist he looks for any excuse to talk to you. Come on you want to go steady with Kirsten? be her boy lover?" she continued, a huge grin on her face.

"Well....uh....I just......I just wanted to talk and....."

"Rick, if your face gets any brighter in it's current shade of red you'll start blinding people" she laughed.

"Rick, don't you think you might be better off with someone closer to your own age" the redhead finally spoke with a degree of condescension.

"I'm not that young" I said defensively. At that remark Kirsten looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

"I'm not" I said with more emphasis.

"Well Rick, I tend to date guys who have already been through puberty" Kirsten commented dryly, as Tracy almost spit up her drink in laughter, covering her mouth.  Of course the comment was ridiculous, clearly I was past puberty, she was just taking a shot at me.

"Kirsten..." I started to retort when she raised her eyebrows in warning at my use of her first name. ".....I mean Dr. Van Den Bergh, obviously I'm older than that.".

"Oh, so your some sort of stud then. You think you could satisfy Kirsten?" Tracy asked challengingly.

"I think..." my voice trailed off.

"You think what Rick?" Kirsten spoke up. "What, you think you could rock my world? Excite me?" she gave me with a look that mocked me. I paused, struggling for words to say under the awkward circumstances.

"Rick, you follow me around everywhere, like some sort of lovesick adolescent and now that I ask you a simple question, you fumble and freeze up. Am I supposed to find that attractive?", she asked pointedly.

"I guess not"

"So, answer the question" she instructed.

"You mean, can I ......"she raised her eyebrows when I started to trail off, ".....excite you" I corrected quickly, trying to seem assertive and confident.

"Well, I mean I try to be nice to you" I said. "I am polite and would like to......"

"That's not the question Rick. Do you honestly believe you could excite me?" she asked. Wow, as much as I had a crush on her that was a very awkward question that put me on the spot.

"Answer the question" Tracy urged.

"Well, ...yeah, I would like to try" I said, feeling excited at the boldness of my response.

"I don't give points for trying Rick. There are two types of guys; those who satisfy and those who don't. I know in your school system they let everyone be a winner just for showing up, so as to protect the self esteem from reality but in the real world, people don't get a pass just for effort. You might realize that when you grow up.", she said with authority.

"So Rick" Tracy began, "Yes or no.....can you satisfy Kirsten?" she challenged.

Taking a deep breath, mustering up my nerve I looked and said "Yes", making eye contact with Kirsten.

"Really" Kirsten replied, seemingly amused. "And just how many girls have you "satisfied" Rick. Not looking for an exact number, just an estimate.......maybe about....none?"

"I know how to satisfy someone" I retaliated with some defiance.

"Based on what what?  Watching porno?" Tracy asked, laughing.

"Have you ever even kissed a girl?" Sharon asked, looking at me with inquiring eyes.

I blushed, ashamed at the truth to that question.

"Your dad must be real proud at what a super stud you are" Sharon commented coldly. That actually hurt. My father had always been on my case, telling me how I needed to try harder in sports, to be more like him, the star athlete in his school. he was a military man, who was never satisfied with anything I did.

Hurt, and angry I looked down, feeling all eyes at the table judging me.

"Tell you what Rick, why don't you take a walk for a few minutes, maybe go to the bathroom and give us a moment to talk" Tracy said. I looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"Go on....just for a few moments" she said, waving me off with her hand as I stood, and slunk off to the washroom, trying to avoid getting noticed by the bartender. I took a few moments, checked that my hair was ok, and checked out my physique in the mirror. I was regretting coming in now. I really liked her but this was getting humiliating.

Eventually I made my way back to the table, and saw that they were in a deep conversation, Tracy was laughing while Kirsten nodded approvingly and Sharon shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Seeing me, Tracy gestured me to come over and sit back down.

"So Rick, Kirsten has an offer for you" Tracy said enthusiastically, placing a friendly hand on my shoulder as I looked at Kirsten curiously.

"OK Rick, you're such a super stud, let's see what you've got" Kirsten said challengingly.

"What I've got?" I asked fascinated yet tentative.

'Yes. If you really think you can satisfy me, here's your big chance" she said with an air of confident authority. "You up to the challenge?"

"Challenge?" My heart started speeding up. "Maybe, I mean..."

"Yes or no Rick, this is no time for childish hesitation. You've been following me around like a puppy dog for over a year, and I'm offering you your dream shot;  now would you like a chance with me or no.  I won't ask a second time" she said firmly, with a note of finality.

"Yes", I said excitedly, hoping she was serious

"OK, let's go back to my office where we can be alone and I'll see what you can do" she said with a note of challenge. I was excited and nervous. Making out with Kirsten  Van Den Bergh! Holy shit! Would we go all the way? I didn't carry any protection on me but....holy shit! Pinch me!

I nodded enthusiastically.

"Now understand Rick, this is a one shot deal to impress me. If I don't feel the fireworks, then this is our first AND LAST time" she said.

"OK then, let's go" she said sliding out of the booth.

"Don't keep her waiting stud man" Tracy poked me in the ribs.

"Good luck" Sharon said as I slid out of my seat, half expecting Kirsten to say 'just kidding' and sit back down.

"Coming?" Kirsten inquired as she walked towards the exit of the lounge. Following along obediently, I could barely contain my excitement as I followed her to the elevators, her ass swaying perfectly as her heels clicked on the floor, like some sort of countdown.

As we stepped into the elevator, I felt my nervousness rise with my excitement as the torturously slow ride up to her floor proceeded with awkward silence, as I stole glimpses of the gorgeous body wrapped nicely in her business suit..

When we stepped out of the elevator, she pulled out her security pass and held it up to the reader on the outer door to her office waiting area. Following obediently and quietly, I proceeded as she opened the door to her actual office and we stepped in.

"I hope you can pull this off, I don't like having my time wasted" she commented dryly a she closed the door behind us.

"I won't Kristen, I promise..."

"Dr. Van Den Bergh" she asserted.

"Sorry, Dr. Van Den Bergh. I don't mean to...." I corrected.

"Undo your pants" she interrupted bluntly.

"My pants?" I looked at her shyly

"Oh for god's sake, would you just do it!" she demanded. Undoing my belt, I lowered, my pants and stood there with them around my ankles, uncertain if she wanted the underwear off. Of course at this stage my erection had to be quite visible through my underwear.

Walking over she grabbed the waistband of my underwear and yanked them down roughly, actually hurting me a bit as I gasped. She looked at my erection rather clinically, neither showing approval or disappointment. Taking it in her hand, she felt it for a moment, gliding her fingers over it as I tried to stand while my knees buckled.

I raised my own hands to place them on her, and she swatted them away in irritation.

"Just stand there". she said flatly.

When she let go of my erection, I felt a twinge of disappointment, but she quickly perked my interest when she undid her blouse, revealing two wonderful breasts hanging nicely in her bra. She quickly reached forward and undid a frontal clasp, opening it up and displaying her pert looking well formed breasts. I stared at them in awe. Here was my long term crush, her breasts exposed in front of me as I stood there with my mouth agape, amazed at the beauty before me.

She reached down and took off her high heeled shoes, and then very quickly reached under her skirt and slid down her nylons and panties. the whole scenario seemed rather unromantic actually. I was kind of expecting some kissing and cuddling first and building up to the more hardcore stuff.

She made her way over to a layout couch, like the ones you see in psychiatrists offices and lay on her back.

"OK remove the rest of your clothes and get over here" she said without a hint of affection. Kicking off my shoes I let my pants slide onto the floor, and then slid my shirt off. Making my way over to her, I sat on the couch/bed beside her and waited for her instructions.

"So...what do I do now" I inquired tentatively

"OK, raise my skirt up and part my legs" she said mechanically, without any excitement. I couldn't believe I was about to do this. With trembling hands, I grabbed the hem of her skirt, and slid it up her legs, exposing her upper thighs, and when her pubic hair came into view, my whole body was trembling with excitement.

Gently, looking at her to ensure what I was doing was correct, I placed my hands on her knees and parted them, bending them slightly, seeing for the first time in my entire life (outside of porn)  woman's vagina......her pussy!...her quim!....all the different words for it went through my mind as dirty thoughts as I finally saw the elusive prey that so many guys hunt and which thus far in my life had eluded me.

"Time to show me your stuff big shot" she said in a challenging voice. This all seemed a bit too real, and too fast but I couldn't back out. I would hate myself if I blew the one big chance I had to impress Kirsten Van Den Bergh. I had an inkling of concern about the fact that I didn't have any protection on me. I had never purchased such products in my life, not really expecting to get this close to a female body any time soon.

"OK, I don't have any.."

"Shhhtt!" she hissed. Reaching with her hands, she placed them on the sides of my head and started to pull  my face into her. Oh my god, she was expecting me to do that!!!??

"Any man who can't please a woman orally is a waste of a penis in my books" she stated, "So put your tongue to work and make me happy".

OK, I wasn't quite expecting this. Sure us guys had talked about 'eating pussy' when we were talking shit, but this was the reality. Placing ones mouth on another person's genitals? Was this safe? Was this hygienic or potentially unhealthy? What would it taste like? I started resisting her pull as my mouth got within an inch or two of her private spot.

"I don't have all night Rick. Go down or get out" she instructed, sounding almost bored.

Compliantly, I lowered my face closer and stuck my tongue out, hoping I could do this. I was in love with her, and would do anything to please her, even if it seemed a bit nasty.

When my tongue touched her vagina, I felt a bit weird, knowing where my mouth was, but it wasn't bad at all. There was a slight musky smell, but nothing bad. I started licking tentatively along her crease, up and down. I wasn't getting much of a reaction, so I tried plunging myself in deeper. It felt weird, feeling my tongue inside her pussy but the taste was ok.

"OK, obviously I'm going to have to do a bit of hand holding here since you couldn't find a clitoris with a GPS and coordinates" she said in an aggravated voice.

"OK, look where I'm pointing my finger" she said as she parted her labia with two fingers, and pointed a third to a little bump under a hood of skin.

"Now work around that. Not too hard, just lightly, and let your fingers do some probing as you do that" she instructed. I followed her instructions, gently working the sensitive little nub that I had learned about in sex ed as I started pushing a finger inside her warmth. This seemed to have the desired effect as she did draw in a deep breath when I did that. I continued, working her flesh orally as I added a second finger inside her body, feeling her warm soft innards clasping my fingers. I couldn't even begin to imagine how that was going to feel around my penis. Of course my erection throbbed painfully as I thought about this, while the tip started getting wetness dripping out.

She started gently gyrating her hips, and running her hands over her breasts as I pleasured her to the best of my ability. She did seem to be deriving pleasure from this as her breathing had picked up and her body was undulating. Oh my god I loved her! She was a beautiful goddess, almost as though sent straight from heaven. In the back of my mind I was praying that I would make the right impression, and perhaps his might be the start of something incredible. If this went well she would see past the age gap, and we could become boyfriend & girlfriend, see movies together, date, hold hands and kiss in public.

I started really focussing on pleasuring her with my tongue and of course with some help from my fingers as she gyrated, her heated moans increasing. I didn't even mind the taste for that matter. For her I would gladly do this whenever she wanted. I felt there was something special here and it was an honour to be doing this for her.

As I started working harder on her clitoris, she started advising me to gently suck the tender little nub into my mouth. Responding to her instructions I did that, and she emitted a high pitched squeal, grinding her hips up into my face.

"OK, now, while you are sucking it, I want you to place two fingers inside me, curl them forward, and when you do that, start licking my clit while sucking". I didn't understand the whole curling of the fingers thing, but I complied, and when I did, her body started tensing as she emitted a high pitched whine, and then as my tongue started stroking her button as I continued to suck, her whole body tensed up, as she pulled my face hard down into her crotch, while clamping her thighs tightly on the side of my head as she cried out in a high pitched girlish moan of excitement.

She pinned my head like this for about 8-10 seconds, moaning as she continued to gasp, but eventually it passed, and her body sagged slowly back onto the couch, as her grip on my head slowly released, while she caught her breath..

I did it! I ate out Kirsten Van Den Bergh and mad her climax! I couldn't wait to see what we did next. My cock was straining to the point where I wondered if the skin might actually tear. It was hurting it was straining so bad.

As I kneeled up, I saw a couple of small droplets of pre-come on the couch that had dripped from me in my excitement. Sitting herself up, straddling the lounge bed/chair she reached out and took my erection in her hands. I held my breath in excitement at the feel of her soft cool hands wrapping around my flesh. When she touched her thumb to the opening at the tip, and started rubbing it in circles, spreading the fluid around, I let out an involuntary whimper as my chest and abdomen fluttered from the heat of the moment.

Letting go, she stood, and looked down at me.

"OK, lay back,  so you are flat on the couch." she said. Compliantly I did so, waiting tensely, my whole existence focussed on the excitement of the moment, anticipating the special moment we were having and the sheer excitement of our intimacy.

Straddling the couch, she lowered herself so her pussy was inches from my shaft, the heat radiating from her womanhood, warming the tender skin of my hardness. Leaning forward, she let her nipples lightly touch my chest and moved her breasts in circles, lightly brushing them over my skin as I just about went catatonic with excitement.

"Did you like doing that for me Rick?" she asked huskily, much friendlier than she had been before.

Gasping, I tried to speak, but needed a second. Fortunately she was more patient now.

"Yes, I loved it! It was amazing. Thank you for letting me do that." I said, eager to ingratiate myself with her.

"Can I just were beautiful! When I was doing that, the sight of was amazing!" I gasped.

Nodding in approval, she bit her lip, and then looked at me with a tender smile.

"Thank you Rick. " she said. It was probably the nicest thing she had ever said to me

"I want you to do it again." she said excitedly. "Would you like to do that for me Rick?" she asked, looking at me sweetly. Nodding I gasped;

"Yes!" enthusiastically. Granted, I really wanted to have sex with her, to feel myself penetrating into that wondrous soft sheath I had put my fingers into, but that could wait. If she wanted me to please her orally, heck I would do it a million times over..

Good" she said tenderly, as she started moving her body up, so she was quickly straddling my face, with a knee on each side of it. Placing her hands in my hair, she lowered her tender flower down to my mouth as I eagerly awaited her taste. When her labia, parted against my lips, I started using my tongue on her the way she had shown me before. From this angle of course, I couldn't get my fingers up inside her so my mouth would have to do the whole job.

"Grab my ass with both hands, squeeze it, spread it, play with it" she commanded as I complied, placing my hands on what had to be the firmest pair of butt cheeks in the universe. She reached down with her hands and grabbed my hair tightly, almost to the point where it hurt, as she started gliding her hips foreword and back.

I massaged her buttocks, and started pulling them apart, gently, stroking my fingers all over them as I spread and squeezed, gently pinching. I was careful to avoid touching her butthole as I did this, but my fingers did occasionally glide pretty close as I continued dining on her gorgeous womanhood, intoxicated by the arousing flavour and the sheer beauty of the lady straddling my face.

"That's that" she moaned as she moved her hips, adding to the effects of my oral efforts.

I so wished my friends could see me right now. A sex goddess, a super hot cougar...a MILF straddling my face and getting off on it. Nobody would ever believe this.

We went on like this for about ten minutes, me licking, sucking, squeezing and pinching as she undulated her body like she was dancing, and the sweet erotic aroma of her wafted through the room as I lost myself in the sheer pleasure of the moment.

As she got more excited, she started becoming more aggressive. Her grip on my hair tightened almost painfully, as she started grinding herself against my mouth harder, while her breathing sped up, and she started to squeal, and even growl sensually while her toned thighs worked tirelessly to move her body against my face.

Her increased aggression escalated, slowly at first but then something in her seemed to snap, and all inhibition abandoned her. When that happened, she literally started grinding against my face so hard and aggressively, I couldn't even perform orally as well any more as her pussy was all over the place, on my chin, my mouth, my nose...everywhere in my face, but occasionally stopping just to press hard against my mouth while she cried "suck!" in an authoritative commanding voice.

Pretty soon she was basically raping my face for lack of a better way of putting it. She gripped my hair tightly, I could feel her pulling some roots out as she fucked my face with her pussy like a woman possessed, grinding with an unrestrained aggression as I basically became an object for her to rub herself against as she moved frantically, with an erotic rage, her voice alternately grunting and squealing as she continued her assault on my mouth and nose.

The sheer rough aggressing of this was such I was worried she might actually hurt me, or break  my nose as she raped my face like she hated it, practically pulling my hair out as I tried to endure the pain and just make her happy.

Her body bucked several more times, causing the couch to move on the floor as she bucked her hips against me until she finally tensed up hard in what appeared to be a climax of epic proportions. As she did this, she gripped my hair so hard, it really started to come out as she sat herself down hard on my face, suffocating me while she arched her back and threw her head back to cry out. As she did that, her right hand reached back to my belly, and with her fingernails she raked along from my belly to my chest, to the point where I was sure she might even draw blood.

I arched a bit from the pain of her clawing me, but otherwise didn't resist; not wanting to displeased her.. Her climax seemed to last forever, and during this time I was suffocating as she ground herself down on me. My body started to struggle a bit, deprived of oxygen, but I was not panicked or anything. I didn't want to overreact and spoil the moment. Just as I was starting to see spots, she seemed to sag, and release her grip a bit, moving herself away just enough so I could breath as I sucked in a gasp of cool refreshing air, feeling my lungs suck it in hard to replenish my blood with oxygen.

That was intense! Crazy and rough, but intense!

Looking up at her, I saw her breasts swaying as she tried to control her breathing, her chest and face glowing with perspiration. She started moving her body back, gliding her soaking wet labia over my chest as she repositioned herself over me, until she was straddling me in the cowgirl position, and she lowered her body again, so her nipples one again brushed lightly against my chest, while her pubic hairs lightly brushed my throbbing manhood. I waited intensely, to give myself to her, to be hers. We were about to make love, and I was more ready than I ever could be.

Suddenly she pushed herself up and away from me, as she stood, stepping her leg over the couch so she was no longer straddling it.

"OK, get dressed." she said decisively.

"Now?" I asked incredulously?

"Yes now" she said impatiently. "Tracy and Sharon are still downstairs, and it wouldn't be polite to keep them waiting all night."

"But..I thought we were......"

"You thought what Rick" she said cutting me off. "What is it you thought?"

"I thought that we were......well to be honest with you, I assumed we were going know....go.....all the way?"

"Sex?" she looked at me quizzically. "I never said anything about sex"

"But, I thought you wanted to see if I could satisfy you?" I said, the disappointment evident in my voice.

"Right. You were supposed to satisfy me. Not the other way around. We never at all agreed on there being any action to provide you with pleasure. This was about you being given a chance to satisfy me. Not you, not!" She said with finality.

I sat there in shock, not believing this.


"Dr. Van Den Bergh!" she corrected tersely. "Rick, I don't have all night. get dressed and let's go....NOW!" she said, her voice dripping with annoyance.

Sighing, feeling deflated I shrugged my shoulders and stood. Walking over to my clothes, I pulled them on tentatively, looking over at her, hoping this was just a joke.

"Let's go!" she said, clapping her hands together twice for emphasis.

When I was dressed, she held the door to the office and gestured to me to step out into the hallway, as she stepped in and closed the doors behind her. As she pressed the butting for the elevator, she pulled out her mobile device and started texting.

As the elevator doors closed behind us, the silence was torturous.

"so uhm.....are we"

"Ssshhhtt!!!" she snapped as she continued to text, ignoring my presence. This wasn't the way this was supposed to go. My emotions were all over the place, as I realized what I had just done, and what was now happening.

As we stepped out, she walked briskly back towards the bar. Just as she was about to step in through the door I couldn't hold out any longer.

"Wait!" I said urgently, trying to disguise how vulnerable I felt; Not even a kiss, or a hug? No kind words, no expressions of affection?

She stopped and looked back at me in annoyance.

"But what about....I mean what we just did?"

"What about what we just did Rick?" she asked, looking at me in exasperation, her eyebrows raised as though she couldn't understand what my issue was.

" said that if I could satisfy you that..."

"But you didn't satisfy me" she said coldly.

" came twice....and the second time you really seemed to be ...excited" I said in bewilderment.

"Yeah, so what. The first time I practically had to get you a how too manual, or a popup book. The second time I did all the work. Hardly rocking my world there Rick. No fireworks...sorry" she said indifferently.

"I did everything I could to..."

"And I said there were no points for effort" she cut me off. "Look Rick....I have plans and my friends are waiting for me...bye", she said, turning and walking into the bar.

"Wait...please!" I said, ashamed of how desperate I sounded.

Looking at me, she sighed, and then looked at her phone again.

"Look, I really thought that maybe....I don't know, I really like you.....I was h....well I thought maybe..."

"You thought what Rick?" she cut me off again. "What, you thought I would become your girlfriend? You thought I would hold hands and kiss you in public?"

I shrugged, sort of nodding, and tried to speak but she started first

"Do you realize how ridiculous it would look? Me, a grown professional woman dating some kid? You think I want to make a fool of myself. Ruin my career?  Everybody would laugh at me. Rick there was never going to be any us. Not now, not ever. Did you really think there could be anything that could make me want you....ever?"

It was like a punch in the gut. I was almost winded.

"But...I ....I think I ...."

"What Rick, your starting to piss me off. Stop stuttering like an idiot and speak" she snapped

Mustering up all my courage I spit it out

"I think I might love you", I said, trying to look into her eyes, to see if there was any shred of feeling there.

Rolling her eyes she replied;

"Oh grow up!" as she turned and started walking back to her friends who were laughing.

I tried to walk after her, looking for something to say, desperate to find the right words and make her reconsider when she leaned over the bar and got the bartenders attention.

"Excuse me" she got his attention. "He's underage, so if you don't want to have your liquor licence pulled you might want to get him out of here" she said pointing at me. I was in shock.

"OK, you have to get going" the bartender said, jerking his thumb towards the door.

I shook my head for a second, in denial, seeing her walk away as Sharon and Tracy laughed. The bartender came around the bar and grabbed my arm.

" Kirsten ....." I pleaded desperately

"Dr. Van Den Bergh" she snapped as she turned to face me. Then she turned on her heels and walked to her table as the bartender lead me to the door, while I heard her friends clapping.

The emotions just hit me like a train. heartbreak, humiliation...devastation. I could barely walk as the bartender pushed me out the door causing me to stumble. When I recovered my balance I turned to look back and he stood by the entrance, his arms crossed over his chest, looking at me in no uncertain terms.

I turned, feeling crushed and staggered off trying to hide how hurt I was.

To be continued...........................

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Bexy and MissBarbara for proofreading and editorial suggestions.

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Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 04:58:32 PM

 *blushes*  You're welcome. Thank you for another awesome story!

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Reply #2 on: January 23, 2014, 10:55:08 PM
Happy to help, Phtlc!

It's a very well-written story.

And, I'll admit, that scene back in the Dr. Van Den Bergh's office (twice!) were, um, very affecting...

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Reply #3 on: January 23, 2014, 11:29:12 PM
*fans self*  That hit the spot! 

Poor baby....she left him ripe for the plucking.  Sounds like Rick might be needing some consolation. 

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Reply #4 on: January 23, 2014, 11:38:07 PM
Great story.. he needs to let the other nut drop and grow a piar. Can't wait for part 2

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Very nice story.  Nothing like a older woman to teach a boy his place.  Hope he gets a return bout with the good doctor.

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Reply #6 on: January 24, 2014, 05:17:43 AM
Good pacing, good narrative, very good characterization. Your dialog is very well modulated.

I liked it very much!

You get a silver star for this, nothing more, it isn't finished.


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 *blushes*  You're welcome. Thank you for another awesome story!

TY Bexy  :emot_kiss:

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*fans self*  That hit the spot! 

I get that a lot

While you're waiting in vain for that apology, why don't you make yourself useful by getting on your knees and opening your mouth

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Reply #9 on: January 25, 2014, 07:00:33 PM
Great story.. he needs to let the other nut drop and grow a piar.

Well that wouldn't be much fun for Ms. Van den Bergh now would it?

While you're waiting in vain for that apology, why don't you make yourself useful by getting on your knees and opening your mouth

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Reply #10 on: January 25, 2014, 07:01:36 PM
Hope he gets a return bout with the good doctor.

Oh he will. She quickly realizes that his youthful affection for her  can be useful.

While you're waiting in vain for that apology, why don't you make yourself useful by getting on your knees and opening your mouth

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Reply #11 on: January 25, 2014, 07:02:11 PM
Good pacing, good narrative, very good characterization. Your dialog is very well modulated.

I liked it very much!

You get a silver star for this, nothing more, it isn't finished.


Gracias Lady Bee

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Reply #12 on: January 25, 2014, 07:22:06 PM

Hope he gets a return bout with the good doctor.

Oh he will. She quickly realizes that his youthful affection for her can be useful.

For me, the fact that Dr. Van Den Bergh sees Rick, at least up to this point, almost exclusively as "useful," adds several layers to the effectiveness of the story. She's using him, and his reactions and emotions as he realizes this are very effective, and very true to life.

I, too, can't wait to read the next chapter...

"Sometimes the best things in life are a hot girl and a cold beer."

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Reply #13 on: January 29, 2014, 01:48:23 PM
hot!, waiting for more

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Reply #14 on: February 02, 2014, 02:16:00 AM
Hot story... well written... but leaving us all wondering what's going to happen next and when...

Keep up your erotic writing... it's doing me the power of good... ;D


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