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Author Topic: Auntie Eileen (F b nc bd ped) by anthonyf aka Olga's Little Boy  (Read 2178 times)
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« on: February 18, 2014, 12:05:59 AM »

NOTE:  This is a work of fiction and none of the events or characters are real. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

Tommy hung suspended from his wrists in the punishment room set up by his Aunt Eileen to correct her own daughter’s naughty behavior but now used for his benefit.  He had been caught voyeuristically spying on his older sister while she undressed to bathe and his mother couldn’t tolerate any more of this ongoing behavior so she packed him off to her sister’s stern care.

   Eileen looked at the boy and licked her lips.  The 11 year old boy looked innocent, almost girlish with milk white alabaster skin and light brown hair.  His shorts hung low on his hips exposing most of his smooth white abdomen below his navel and the top of his white jockey underwear and nothing else.  His feet were off the ground as he hung several feet up.

   The boy had gone practically blank and red faced when his Aunt Eileen had called him into the punishment room and ordered him to undress for punishment.  He was very shy and the thought of undressing in front of a grown woman, his aunt no less, paralyzed him with shock.  He couldn’t bring himself to undress so Eileen took matters in hand and started pulling off his T-shirt.

   She took his hand and pulled him toward the restraint apparatus, the ropes that hung from the ceiling with padded wrist cuffs and in a moment had him dangling a few feet off the floor, the better to remove the tennis shoes and socks off his small delicate feet.  

   “Well, young man, as promised I’ll have to apply a good paddling to make sure you behave so the shorts will have to come off.”  Tommy gulped knowing his Aunt was about to remove his shorts and reddened at the thought. Eileen’s pulse quickened a little as she noticed his blushing and imagined the boy completely nude, most likely completely hairless as a preteen.  Then nervously she tugged his shorts down and off.  He looked delicious in just his white bikini type briefs and they both knew that in a moment he would be completely stripped nude to the delight of his Aunt Eileen’s lecherous eyes.

   She walked around the young boy and looked at his enticing bubble butt just covered by the small white underwear.  She grasped the waist band of the boy’s briefs as he nervously twitched and gasped in surprise at her touch from behind, then she pulled down the back of the boy’s “panty” and let the waistband snap just below his alabaster white ass cheeks.  She licked her lips again and patted his naked white bubble butt gently, lovingly.

   Tommy could feel himself getting an erection and he blushed a deeper red knowing that his aunt would see his rising small boy cock.  Sure enough, Eileen walked back around the front of the scantily clad preteen boy to enjoy the sight.  His briefs were down lower on his hips after she exposed his cute bubble butt just barely covering his boyhood sex package with his milk white ass cheeks completely exposed.  She noticed the boy’s small erection poking through the white cotton material and gulped in anticipation and lechery.  He was almost nude and the white, unblemished expanse of his smooth near naked body flooded her with arousal.  

   Of course, she could paddle the boy with just his jockey briefs pulled down below his ass cheeks but she wanted to expose his young hairless boy cock and humiliate him.  And also because she just wanted to see him nude, to enjoy the sight of his nude, hairless preteen body.  She noticed his innocent virgin blushing again and felt aroused.  For now the partial removal of his underwear created some pulse throbbing anticipation for herself and the preteen boy since he at least had some modest cover over his boy genitals but they both knew, with some intense emotion, that it would soon come off.

   She walked around the bound suspended boy as she lectured him on his unruly behavior in a sexy sibilant tone.  “So you want to see your sister nude while you spy on her, you naughty boy.  Spying on her like that is not very decent.  And, she thought, I’ll make sure you see more female flesh while you live here than you can handle, little boy.”

   As she talked she touched Tommy’s tummy with her finger tip causing an involuntary wiggle as it tickled the boy.  She moved her finger tip along his near nude body up toward his chest and flicked his underarm playfully, again getting a tickle twitch from the helpless boy.  She ran her open hand along his inner thigh then grasped the waistband of his underwear and snapped it so that it stung his smooth white skin.

   All of this caressing had caused his boy cock to rise and harden even more, now causing his underwear to tent straight out as his boy cock poked the thin material.  The boy’s deep red blush had spread over his face and it excited Eileen that he was erect and obviously sexually aroused but also shy and modest with embarrassment because of his near nudity and genital erection.

   Tommy feared his stern Aunt Eileen but she was so beautiful he also felt very attracted to her.  She had red hair and, like him, alabaster smooth white skin.  She was tall and imposing with large breasts and hips.  Most men turned to look at her with lust and quite a few felt overwhelmed by her stunning beauty so, naturally a young boy like Tommy would feel…well…quite nervous, awkward and timid in her presence.  She usually dressed quite well and she now wore a flowing summer skirt tight at her waist with stockings and high heels.  Her blouse was open at the top exposing some cleavage.  The contrast between her, fully dressed, and himself, nearly nude, was not lost on Tommy since it simply made him feel more helpless and vulnerable.  

   Eileen ran her fingertip along the waistband of his small white briefs making him squirm with a ticklish sensuous feeling.  His eyes were wide with a mixture of fear, arousal, embarrassment, vulnerability and anticipation at his impending complete nudity and the exposure of his genitals in front of his beautiful aunt.

   As she stroked his lower tummy along the waistband of his briefs she said, knowing it would embarrass the preteen boy even more, “Hmmm…I see you’ve gotten an erection you naughty, naughty boy!  What do you have to say about that, young man?”  Tommy mumbled something about “I…I…c...can’t…help it Aunt Eileen.”  He was so nervous he could barely get the words out and if he had been on his feet his knees would be shaking uncontrollably.  He felt overwhelmed with the sexuality of his predicament imposed by his beautiful aunt.

   He expected his briefs to come off any moment now and to his embarrassed consternation Eileen teasingly grasped the waistband and slowly tugged the briefs down his hips.  She pulled the waistband out over the boy’s erect cock and pressed her lips lecherously as his small erection was exposed.  He watched his aunt, feeling almost faint and a little dizzy with intense emotions of involuntary sexual arousal, violated modesty and even infatuation for Eileen, as she looked intently at his boy cock.

   As she expected the preteen boy was completely hairless and his erection looked almost pink and small, not even 4 inches she estimated.  She removed the preteen boy’s briefs, caressing his slim white legs as she pulled the jockey’s down, while still examining his hairless small scrotum and testicles.  She could see the pink glans of his penis slightly poking through his foreskin.  

   She dropped the warm briefs on the floor and looked the nude boy over carefully admiring his naked body and his erection standing almost straight up.  “We’ll have to do something about your erection later on, young man.”  Tommy felt some panic at her words wondering what she meant.  “But your punishment comes first,” she said as she caressed his abdomen and chest causing his small boyish erection to throb and bob slightly with involuntary arousal.

   Eileen caressed the boy’s jutting white ass cheeks as she continued to berate him for his transgressions against his sister’s modesty.  Then without warning she slapped his ass with her open palm.  She preferred to spank with her own hand rather than a paddle just to feel the boy’s quivering ass flesh against her own as she applied the punishment.  She followed rapidly with a series of sharp slaps against the boy’s bare ass cheeks as he struggled and cried against the stinging pain.  “Oooh…oouch…ooo…p…please…stop..Auntie…!” cried Tommy as he squirmed and twisted his nude body to his aunt’s aroused delight.  

   Auntie Eileen noticed his lily white ass cheeks turning quite crimson as she applied several more stinging slaps against his quivering soft flesh.  The boy was nearly in tears as she finished with several more strokes noting the deep red of his jutting cheeks.  By this time her panty felt quite moist with her own deep sexual arousal.  

   “There, there now it wasn’t so bad and it’ll teach you some respect for the females in your life, young man.”  She removed a bottle from the cabinet nearby and glanced at the whimpering boy as she poured some rubbing alcohol on her hands.  Tommy yelped aloud as his aunt rubbed the alcohol over his tender reddened ass cheeks.

   “Shush, young man,” she admonished, “it’s just a disinfectant,” although she enjoyed the boy’s reaction to the stinging alcohol as his young nubile body twisted while suspended in air.  She enjoyed the feel of his hot tender ass while applying the stinging liquid, rubbing it almost lovingly on his naked cheeks.  

“Well, now that’s done I can make it better,” she said with sweet menace as she put away the alcohol for something more soothing.  The baby oil felt somehow erotic as she poured it into her open palm then rubbed Tommy’s reddened bare cheeks with the soothing oil.  She poured more oil as she noted the preteen’s boy cock still erect after the spanking.  Tommy felt the sting ease as the baby oil covered his bare ass.  He also felt violated since Eileen took her own pleasure in caressing his cheeks and slipping her hand between his ass cleavage to  feel and anoint his tight virgin anus with baby oil.  

   “We certainly can’t let you off for the night with that silly erection jutting out, now can we?”  Tommy’s wondered at her words and again felt some panic.  Eileen licked her lips as she contemplated suckling the boy’s small young cock and testicles but…well…she could leave that for another time.

   She poured more oil onto her palms and cupped the preteen’s scrotum with her hot hand.  Tommy’s teary eyes closed for a moment with the pleasure of his aunt’s warm hand on his testicles and small boy cock.  She rubbed the oil over his genitals as her own breath came deeper.  She wondered if he, at his tender virgin age, might orgasm, if he had ever orgasmed, if he could…ejaculate sperm.  She, compelled by her own sexual curiosity, wanted to find out.

   She grasped the boy’s small penis and pulled back his foreskin completely exposing his tender sensitive pink glans.  Tommy cooed with arousal as she stroked his small boy cock, allowing his foreskin back over the tip of his penis and then pulling back alternately exposing and covering his sensitive glans with her hand and the boy’s own tight foreskin.  

   The preteen’s involuntary pleasure caused his nude body to stiffen as the woman continued stroking his sensitive cock, his mouth opened as he felt the eroticism spreading from his genitals, covered in baby oil, over his body.  Eileen knew he was about to orgasm and cupped his testicles gently while stroking his boy cock. She noticed the boy’s pre cum dripping from the tip of his sensitive cock as she milked his genitals.

   “Aaah…aaa..ooooh…,” purred the preteen as the involuntary pleasure erupted to a spasm and the milky sperm spurted from his small cock onto the floor and Eileen’s hand.   Eileen felt her breath stop, her mouth open and her chest heaved as she breathed again in open arousal with the boy ejaculating the hot sperm onto her quivering hand.  She continued milking his little cock as another spurt of milky white sperm gushed hotly onto her hand. And then she slowly caressed his testicles as a final milking of sperm came out of the boy’s cock, still semi-erect.  

   “Alright, my little boy, it’s time for your bath,” she said lovingly, almost breathlessly.    


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« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2014, 07:31:36 AM »

Not as hot as the first story I read but still up there. I loved how you described aunt Eileen, what a hot aunt. Keep up the good work!

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« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2014, 08:08:41 PM »

Mmmmmmm loved it.....
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« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2014, 09:57:07 PM »

Very nice. I enjoyed this story.

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« Reply #4 on: March 15, 2014, 10:48:29 PM »

loved the story.. thanks
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« Reply #5 on: March 16, 2014, 08:18:48 PM »

 Cheesy Thanks for the nice comments!

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