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My wife with another man - First time (M/F)

sharemywife7225 · 18790

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Offline sharemywife7225

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on: March 13, 2014, 04:27:58 PM
our first time.. Story is real, but names are not.
I am writing complete journal of our experiences. Will post here

I met my wife 15 years ago. She was recently divorced and had met her previous husband in college. She had only been with about 3 different guys when we met. She has a very high sex drive. I have a small cock 5" and have trouble with coming fast when I am in her. I usually get her to cum with my tongue and a dildo. She would never say anything, but I always knew she was longing for more. I always fantasized about watching her with another man, but was afraid to bring it up.

Our first time was 3 years ago. We were living in Atlanta and traveled to New Orleans quite a bit. I was doing a lot of business there. We would be there for two to three weeks every couple of months or so. Initially we would rent a hotel room, but my wife wanted a place with a kitchen. We looked for temp apt rentals on line and finally found a small guest house that was a former slave quarters behind a house on the edge of the French Quarter. It was a small place with a bedroom, small living room, kitchen and bathroom. There was a patio between the main house and the guest house. The owner of the house and guest house had recently divorced and traveled extensively for business so we figured it was great that he would not be there much.

The guy that owns the house (Paul) was (I think 56) when we met. He is tall 6-2 or so a little overweight but not fat grey hair and good looking. He is an executive with a oil company and had a harley that he would ride on weekends sometimes. I could tell spot on that my wife was attracted to him. She seems turned on by guys with bikes. She would see him working in the garden with no shirt on and I know she took notice. She started wanting sex from me more when we were there. She would walk around naked and not always close the blinds when we were there. She would want to go to New Orleans more frequently rather than just stay home in Atlanta when I would go. She started flirting more and more with him when we went to New Orleans. Sometime at night on the weekends we would sit outside and have wine with him. He was always gone on business during the week and home on weekends.

About four months after we leased the guest house, we were planning to go New Orleans to start a two week stay. It was memorial day weekend and we thought it would be fun to go down on Saturday and have a three day weekend. We got in on Saturday late afternoon. The weather was really nice and we went out for dinner and she was really in a horny mood. After dinner we went and looked around the Hustler Store on Bourbon. She bought a dildo and some anal beads, lube and a sexy fuck me nightie. She though it would be to have me fuck her with the anal beads in her. She even flirted with a couple guys that were looking around in the store. I remember her whispering that she was in the mood to get fucked all night. We got back to the guest house about 10pm and he was sitting outside having wine. He immediately got up and shock hands with me and gave her a long hug. Been shopping I see he said to her looking at the Hustler bag. She laughed and said yes. Why don't you guys join me for a drink he said. Sure she said as we sat down. I remember her kissing me saying let's just have one drink. I want to try out my new toys.

She sat down next to him and I was on the other side of her. We made small talk for a few minutes (business etc) My wife seemed very flirtatious with him touching his arm as she talked to him. I could tell she was realIy horny and I was getting turned on by the whole scene. We had never really talked to him much about his personal life and such and we had never seen him with a woman. We knew that he had not been divorced that long. My wife asked him how long and he told us it had been a little over a year. She asked him if he was dating anyone and he said that he has been on a few dates but was not really interested in a relationship right now. I really just want to find someone to have sex with he said. No relationship, just nasty anything goes sex. We have sex all night and she goes home in the morning would be perfect. We kinda laughed. Then he threw out a zinger. I would love to find a married woman to have sex with. Wow, you want to have an affair with someone she said. We had all been drinking. I would never have an affair with a married woman he said. Kind of weird but I love fucking a woman in front of her husband he said. Sorry i hope I'm not affending you he said. Not at all she said. So have you ever done this she said ?

Yes, a friend of mine and I met this couple that was visiting New Orleans. He wanted to watch her with another man and she wanted a threesome. My friend and I fucked her while her husband watched. It was the most exciting sex I have ever had. We actually met them every night they were here. He said I still hear from the couple that was here. They have a couple guys they play with in Seattle and their marriage is very strong now he said. If gives her a chance to get away from her normal life and just be a slut. She turned to me and asked me if I would ever want to watch her with another man. I fantasize about that all the time I said. I think it would be the sexiest thing in the world to watch you with another man and then make love to you after. She turned and kissed me. You would actually let me have sex with another man she asked. Yes as long as I am there I would love it.

Clearly Paul wanted to fuck my wife. So what about you Diane he asked. There is no way I want Jim to have sex with another woman. No, do you fantasize about having sex with other men ? I was kinda rubbing her her  shoulders. Yes as she turned and gave me a kiss. But I would never cheat on Jim. It would not be cheating if Jim is ok with it Paul said. Another Zinger. Do you ever fantasize about having sex with me he asked. She laughed and gave me a look. Yes all the time she said blushing. My heart sunk and I had butterflies. She turned to me. Sorry hon. Would you ever watch me fuck your wife Jim he asked. I wasn't sure what to say. Finally I said I would. She leaned back into me and gave me a kiss. She was really starting to get turned on by the conversation. He kinda touched her knee and she actually moaned a bit.

I would love to see what you got at the Hustler store Diane he said. She turned to me and gave me a kiss. I looked down and noticed she was kinda rubbing his leg with hers. She had on a dress and he had on shorts. Should I show him she said to me. I was hard as a rock. yeh go ahead and I handed her the bag.  Let's see she said. She pulled out the lube then the anal beads blushing. What are are you planning to do with those Diane. I thought it would be fun to let Jim put these in my ass when he fucks me tonight. Your a lucky guy Jim as he put his hand on her leg. Then she pulled out the dildos. Wow, you like playing with those ? yes as she looked him in the eye. Do you like to suck on one while Jim is fucking you he said. Yes she said. i'll bet you wish you had a real one to suck on while he is fucking you don't you. I fantasize about that she said. She kind of kissed him and moaned. Did you get anything else ? Yes she said and pulled out the nightie. Do you want to try that on for me he said ? She looked at me. That is up to Jim she said. I pulled her over and kissed her. Do you want to ? I'm ok if you do. I noticed that she had spread her legs a bit and her dress had he had his hand on her thigh.

He looked at her. Do you want me to fuck you tonight Diane ? Yes she said. Ask Jim if it is ok. Is it ok if Paul fucks me tonight. I was hard as a rock. Yes it is. I love you she said as she kissed me. She turned back to him. He took his hand off her leg and put his arm around her and started kissing her. She was moaning. Baby, I am going to take a shower and let you guys talk about this. Here is what I want you to do. If you want to be my slut tonight I want you to be wearing your new lingerie and heals when I come back. ok ?  Also I'm gonna use those toys on you before I fuck you so have them on the bed. I really want you to be my little slut but it's up to you ok ? I want you guys to make sure before we do this. By the way, I am safe and can prove it. I don't want to use condoms and I'm gonna cum in you. It was about five till 11pm. Jim text me if you guys decide not to do this. Otherwise I'll be back at 11:30pm. He gave her a kiss and got up.

She leaned back into me. I'm sorry dear she said. I won't do this if you don't want me to. I really want to watch him fuck you but do it because you want to not because I want you to. My only rules are no sleeping together and never behind my back. I need to be there every time. I love you you very much and I just want this to be an extension of our love life. By the way, I would also love to see you with him and his friend. She kissed me. We kissed some more. She was so turned on. Should I take a bath for him? Yes I said. Can you open and wash these she asked ? At this point the whole gravity of this was sinking in and I was wondering if I should call it off. I pulled back the covers on the bed and laid the toys down. I went into the bathroom. She was standing there naked. She hugged me and we kissed. She put on her black nightie which was really short. She put on these red heals she had. How do I look she said. Hot .. I may want to cancel and fuck you my self. Are you sure you are ok with this she said again. I do not want this to ruin or marriage. Your not going to leave me over this are you honey she said. Are you kidding. I love you more than ever. Just please don't leave me for him. Not a chance she said. She then said my only rule is I want you to make love to me when he leaves. For sure I said.  
We sat on the couch. It was 11:20. I was really nervous. We kissed a little. I played with her tits. Her nips were hard. You have always wanted to watch me with another man. oh yes I have. Why didn't you say something ? I was embarrassed to say anything. One thing to make clear. This is NOT an invitation for you to have sex with another woman.  No I just want to watch you with other men. She kinda had her leg over mine. You have wanted to have sex with him for a long time ? Yes I want him to use me. I went between her legs and felt her pussy. It was so wet. oh my god ! want him to fuck me all night she said.  I looked up and he was standing at the door just wearing a robe. She kissed me got up and went to the door to meet him. There was my wife with her arms on his shoulders making out. He had his on her ass. She was moaning. I was starting to panic a bit. He grabbed her hand. Let's go to the bedroom.

I followed them in. I sat on a chair I brought in earlier. They got to the bedroom and he sat on the edge of the bed. She started to sit next to him. No stand up and do a little twirl baby so we can see how sexy you look. Your wife looks hot Jim he said. He stood up and started kissing her again. oh want you to fuck me she was saying. They were standing and she was trying to wrap her legs around him. Sit on the bed Diane. He was standing over her. Do you want to undo my robe ? yes she said. ask me. Can I undo your robe. I'm watching as she unties it. She rubs her hands up his hairy body. He lets it drop to the ground and is standing there naked. Kiss my cock .. You gonna be my slut ? Yes.. ok suck on it .. lick my balls. That's it baby. you mind being called a slut. No I like it she said as she looked up at him. I didn't tell you to stop sucking you little slut. You like watching your wife sucking my cock Jim ? oh yes I said.. Is my cock bigger than Jim's he said. Yes she said. hmm that's it baby run your tongue up it.

He was playing with her nipples. nice nipples Diane as he pinched one gently. Your a good cock sucker Diane. He grabbed her chin and made her look up at him. You like my cock Diane.. Oh I do she said. I knew you were a slut Diane. Walking around the house naked so Bill and I could see you. You wanted us both to come in and fuck you that night, didn't you ? Yes I did. yes you did what ? I wanted you both to fuck me that night.  He is coming over to tomorrow night to BBQ. Stand up as he stood her up. He pulled off her nightie and and pulled her naked body next to his. She was just wearing heals. He turned her around and started kissing the back of her neck. I could see his cock against her ass. I want you so bad she is saying. Bend over and spread your legs. He reached up and put his finger in her. You are so wet. grab the dildo and suck on it you little slut. he is fingering her. suck on it.. Act like it is Bill's cock. oh yes she says. You like that don't you ? oh yes. your so wet Diane. you want to feel my cock in you. yes I'm begging. He got behind her and started rubbing it it against her. Please put in me she is saying.

Oh my god that feels amazing she screams as he slides in her. oh fuck me. keep sucking that other cock slut.. i love your cock in me.. i want you to fuck me all night. suck the other one you slut. yes she says. i'm watching in amazement. Are you my slut now Diane ? yes i'm your slut. you like sucking a cock while your getting fucked. i love sucking cock while getting fucked. i wish your friends were her to take turns fucking me. you wanna be my little gangbang slut.. oh yes I want to be your gangbang slut. you like watching your wife get fucked jim ? yes a lot. He pulled out of her. roll over on your back and spread your legs. lets take off these heals.. fuck yourself with that dildo Diane.. It was bigger than his cock. That's it slide it .. He was rubbing his cock on her nips. she was sucking on his fingers. Your my slut now Diane. I'm gonna let Bill fuck you tomorrow night. Your gonna be my little sex slave. Let me and my friends fuck you when we want..oh yes she said as she pushed the dildo deeper. suck my cock some more. He grabbed the lube and beads. pull that cock out and put it in your mouth. roll over and get on your knees. get that ass in the air slut. he gave it a little smack. She did exactly what he wanted.

He lubed his finger. and slowly slid it in her ass. oh that feels good she said. he put more lube on his fingers and worked in a couple fingers. when was the last time you got fucked in the ass ? 20 years ago. do you like getting fucked that way ? yes she said. my friend Brandon is gonna love you. i want your pussy but he loves fucking woman in the ass. then he slid the beads in  one at a time. she had and orgasm while he was doing that. He put his cock back in her. You want Bill and I to fuck you tomorrow night ? YES YES . We gonna grill burgers and then then take you upstairs and fuck you.  He pulled one of the beads out as he was fucking her. oh my god as she had an orgasm. I was sitting there naked with a hard on trying to save it for her. Roll over as he pulled his cock out of her. He grabbed some lube and put it on his cock. He had her legs spread and slid back in her. You like my cock ? Oh yes she said. I can see its much bigger than Jim's. Is that why you have dildos ? Yes she said. Jim do you want watch Bill and I to fuck my slut tomorrow night. Baby I don't want ow to get sore, so I am gonna cum in you now as he is fucking her harder. They are kissing. Your pussy feels great .. Squeeze my cock a little. Oh yes you fucking slut. They both came together. Please leave it in me a minute she says. She looked over at me. I love you she said. Thank you. He took a few minutes and rolled off her.

Spread your legs and show Jim. She spread her legs and cum was dripping out. I'm gonna leave you guys alone. BBQ is at 6pm tomorrow night. I can't wait she said. I was playing with her tits. He left and she immediately went into my arms. Make love to me she said. I was kissing her. Your a much better kisser than him she said laughing. Did you enjoy getting fucked by him. Yes she said. I was fingering her wet sloppy pussy. Do you want me to submit to he and Bill ? yes I said. Don't cum yet honey she says. I wanted them that night they were outside. Do you me with Paul's cum in me. Yes I said. I put her legs over my shoulders and slid in. MMMM that feels good she said. As usual I was trying not to cum but came right away. She felt so loose. Why don't you pull out these beads. She got up on all fours ass in the air and I pull them out.  We spooned as slept naked that night for the first time in years.
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Offline redhatlover

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Reply #1 on: March 13, 2014, 04:45:01 PM
Great story.  But, PLEASE, add story codes before this ends up in the cupboard!

I am like Charlie the Tuna.  I don't want women with good taste, I want women who taste good.


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Reply #2 on: March 13, 2014, 05:38:42 PM
Great first post.   
Much enjoyed.
Just some friendly criticism.  Spell check and punctuation.  And of course, as RHL says, StoryCodes.   
Absolutely loved the story.

Offline Race_1962

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Reply #3 on: March 14, 2014, 01:27:25 PM
Fun story where I could easily picture my wife and I in it. Would love to find another manor couple to do this fantasy.

Are you still together?

Offline horny guy

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Reply #4 on: March 14, 2014, 02:58:04 PM
Great story.. love to hear more..
Welcome to KB. Do a post introducing yourself. After you get 10 posts you'll be able to send and receive personal messages.

Offline sharemywife7225

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Reply #5 on: March 14, 2014, 10:39:42 PM
Thanks for the heads up on story codes. Yes we are still married and plan to post more stories detailing our adventures.

Offline michael1950

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Reply #6 on: March 15, 2014, 05:59:12 AM
 ;D I loved the back and forth between husband and wife, and lover, makes the story real for me as this is so what we do.

Offline military3205

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Reply #7 on: March 21, 2014, 05:22:06 PM
Hi we are in our late 50's and early 60 and throughout the years our sex lives have been open. I always enjoyed seeing her being pleasures and going 2nd or on a few occasions 3rds   

Offline horny guy

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Reply #8 on: February 04, 2017, 05:39:38 PM
i loved this story the first time i read it and i still loved reading it again. hot

Offline TheciaMarie

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Reply #9 on: February 04, 2017, 07:35:33 PM
I want to be her.  At least in a fantasy.

I thought I was into bestiality and necrophilia until I realized I was just beating a dead horse.

Offline suemcgregor27

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Reply #10 on: February 04, 2017, 07:50:27 PM
Exciting and seductive...
Thanks for sharing.

Offline Texcen

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Reply #11 on: April 14, 2020, 10:59:53 PM
Great story

Offline darrell

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Reply #12 on: August 18, 2020, 09:56:28 PM
This could have been an excellent story, if only it was edited and had a bunch of commas, and quotation marks so we could see who was speaking.

Offline darrell

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Reply #13 on: January 09, 2021, 05:20:34 PM
 If they are as sexy as this 'keep them coming'.  ;)