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Liana (Mf, 1st, yng-teen, porn, oral)

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on: April 10, 2014, 04:47:05 PM
Just a little background before I begin this story. A few weeks ago, I came across an old (a decade old) article about how Great Britain was considering lowering the minimum age to participate in pornography to sixteen. (They also talked about lowering the voting age to the same, but that is coincidental to this story.) Evidently it didn't pass, but it did get me wondering about what would've happened if it did pass, and the worldwide implications (either GB would be decried for it, or other nations would consider following suit; evidently the latter is the influence for this story). Then that made me think about the entire debacle with Traci Lords, who entered porn at sixteen by lying about her age. And the story has basically grown from there.

Evidently, this is not as original as many would like to think. As I stated above, a lot is influenced by Traci Lords, while with the lowered age theme, there is a similar story on ASSTR which is based on something similar, although it has been lowered a lot more, and not just for porn.

But, of course, with the background comes the warning: the laws have not been changed at the time of writing, so pornography involving anyone below the age of eighteen is still illegal in reality, as is sex with a minor, be it for the purposes of pornography or no. And while this story takes some aspects from real events, it is entirely fictitious, and should be treated as such. Anyone attempting to re-enact events from this story can and will face legal troubles for doing so. Please exercise some degree of common sense while reading this story, for the reasons described above.

If you've already read this part, click here for part 2, here for part 3, or here for part 4.


So, it had finally happened. The laws had finally been changed. If you were at least sixteen years old, you could vote and participate in hardcore pornography.

It had been Great Britain that started the push. In 2005, Parliament had passed amendments to allow sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds to vote and star in porn. And that started conversations around the world. In some nations, they decried the Kingdom for "devolving more into depravity and sin"; others started asking the same questions as the English, with many passing similar laws. The Dutch had it easy of all of them: they just repealed the amendment that raised the age in the first place, and returned it to sixteen like before. The others had to put an amendment in.

Liana was sixteen. Or at least that's what her ID said she was. It was, of course, a fake. An elaborate fake, but a fake nonetheless. She hoped that the lot at the agency wouldn't look too hard; Australia tended to be pretty strict about fake IDs, not that she really knew about anywhere else.

She nervously approached the front desk, ID in hand. The lady at the front seemed in a constant state of agitation, and her voice just reinforced that. "Yes?" That scared Liana more than anything.

"I...I'm here for a job? I...I want to get into porn." She placed the card on the counter, her hand still shaking slightly.

The receptionist took the card. "Let me just photocopy this for our records." And with that statement, she was gone. Liana found a chair. So far it had been easy. But she wasn't through the door yet. Or at least she didn't think so until the receptionist returned, her card still in hand. "Take the corridor, second door on the right." She handed back Liana's identification, and returned to whatever she was doing before Liana entered the door.

Liana was shaking the entire time she walked down the hall. Would they notice she was really fourteen? She hoped not, but the thought circled in her mind like an angered wasp. She finally reached the door, and, after mustering up the courage and some time staying her nerves, turned the knob and walked in.

It was white. A really bright, almost visually painful white. And in the centre of the room was a desk, with a young man seated behind it. His suit was the only thing that didn't hurt the eyes, and the fact that he was wearing sunglasses indicated that even he had trouble with the room colour. His posture was casual, leaning back in his seat with his feet on the desk. "Liana King?" he queried. She nodded.

"Good," he returned. "I like to know who I'm dealing with; I hate having to take on someone under the impression that they are another." He rose, and place his hand on her back out of the room. As soon as he closed the door, his sunglasses came off. "That feels better. Still need to call the painters to redo that room." He yelled down the corridor. "Miss Minnes, can you please get in touch with the painters again? They still need to fix my office."

He returned his attention to Liana. "Now, you want to enter porn, do you Miss King?" Liana nodded again. "In that case, do you mind if I ask a few questions?"

"S...sure," Liana nervously responded.

The young man placed his hand on her back again, and guided her down the hall. "Firstly, have you ever had sex before?"

Liana shook her head.

"Then your first video may just be an unusual one for us. We don't get that many virgins coming in, and many of them lose their virginity before their first video. Are you intending to lose your virginity before you do your first video?"

"No. I don't even have a boyfriend."

"You don't need to have a boyfriend to lose your virginity, my dear, as I'm sure you're aware. Secondly, are you here under your own volition?"


"Were you dared to come here? Forced? Or did you yourself choose to do porn?"

"I chose to."

"Good. If you had been dared to do this, I would have to ask you to leave. If you were forced, I would be obliged to call the police." Hearing him talk about calling the police made her a little nervous again. "Now, final question, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Do what?"

"Walk through that door, and witness and participate in one of the oldest and most controversial professions in the world? If you walk in here, and can't take what you see, then I will not stop you from leaving."


"Then let's go through." And he opened the door.

What met her sight was not quite what she expected. The crew had broken from shooting a scene, and just about everyone was dressed to some degree, even the two actors, who were dressed in robes. The girl looked about seventeen, the guy was in his mid-twenties. The director was discussing camera angles with one of the photography people when he noticed Liana and the young man who had guided her in.

"Ahh, Mr Johnson!" the director called out, then walked over to the pair, shaking Mr Johnson's hand. "To what do we owe the pleasure?" His attention then turned to Liana. "And who, may I ask, is this lovely creature?"

"This here is Liana King, and I'm getting her have a look at what happens here before her first shoot. Do you mind if we sit in?"

"By all means. We're just about to roll again." And with that, he left them and returned to his seat in front of a filming monitor. Liana and Mr Johnson took a couple of seats from the back and sat just behind the cameras. The two actors removed the robes to reveal their naked glory. The girl had nice large breasts—Liana guessed them as being about a C cup—and a clean-shaven pussy. The guy had a nice four pack and a good-looking cock on him, which looked it might extend to about seven inches when hard.

They had moved themselves to a lounge that was positioned in the middle of the "stage", and the girl had gotten on her knees on the couch, placing her arms and breasts on the back. They guy, who had been rubbing himself hard the entire time, then located himself at the girl's rear, his cock aiming itself perfectly for her pussy. One of the free-moving cameras brought itself in close to where the union between the two was going to occur, so that both cock and pussy filled the frame, and the actor pushed himself inside his partner.

Liana was watching the two screw each other the entire time, feeling herself get wet from the lurid scene. After a few minutes, the director called cut and the pair slowed themselves to a stop, allowing the girl to recover her faculties and her original vocal pitch. Mr Johnson tapped Liana on the shoulder, and the pair left the filming, going back out to the corridor.

"So, do you still want to go into porn?"

"Yes," Liana replied, a mix of nerves and arousal in her voice.

"Good, we start tomorrow. Be here at nine o'clock on the dot, and we'll go through what you will be filming."


Liana had taken a leaf from her mother's book: always be at least five minutes early to a meeting; people like someone who's prepared to turn up early. So she rocked up at the studio at 8:55am, a backpack in hand. Thank goodness for school holidays, she told herself, as she sat in the reception area patiently, nervously shaking at the fact she was about to do her first scene.

Mr Johnson materialised from the corridor beside the reception counter. "Ready, Liana?"

She didn't respond verbally. She just picked up her backpack and walked beside Mr Johnson. The backpack made him curious, though. "What's in the backpack?"

"Just some things I think I might need."

They walked into a room before the filming studio, which had a small table in it. Seated at it was the director from yesterday's shoot, and two other men. "I think you remember Garry Barwick from yesterday," he said pointing to the director. He then pointed out the other two men. "This is Zach Mack, our 'scriptwriter' of sorts, and this is your co-star, Lionel Pipes." He then pointed out a chair, and Liana took a seat.

Zach was the first to speak. "Okay, so this is going to be not only your first porn scene, but also your first sexual experience. So, we want to give, for this first time, that innocent, never-been-kissed look, and Lye here will basically take on the part of the experienced older man who will eventually deflower you."

Mr Johnson interrupted, "Just so you know, Liana, Lionel's speciality is defloration, so I can guarantee that you'll be treated well for your first time."

"Okay," was Liana's nervous reply.

"So, basically, the entire thing will be a sort of romantic affair, he'll kiss you, fondle you, then fuck you, basically. You'll pretty much be following his lead for most of this."

"By the way, what is actually in that backpack?" Mr Johnson asked again. "What type of things are in there?"

Liana unzipped the backpack, and opened it up. She pulled out some clothes. "Just an extra set of underwear, a couple of 'girlie things', and my school uniform." While she was certain they had seen all kinds of things, she still felt she had to keep what she had in terms of feminine hygiene to herself.

The uniform, evidently, had given Zach an idea. "How about we do this as a student-teacher thing?"

The rest of the men, and Liana, were in agreement, with Mr Johnson adding in, "However, we won't get you wearing your actual school uniform; we don't want to get you on the wrong side of your principal. And we'll probably get some underwear that is more alluring than what you have in here. We'll get our wardrober to help out there."

"Okay," was Liana's only reply.

"Good," Mr Johnson responded. "Now, before we do the filming, we will get a photographic portfolio done for you, just as an "Introducing..." thing for our website. Then we'll do the filming. Is that a plan?" Everyone agreed. "Right, let's get to it."

It had taken about half an hour to get Liana dressed. She needed to be measured up, then the dresser had to send someone out to buy the clothes they wanted Liana to wear (underwear and all; thankfully socks and shoes were something they could not worry about, since they could easily use the grey socks and black school shoes Liana supplied); it made things interesting with the underwear, as the brassiere fitter had to be brought in to make sure she was fitted correctly. But she was eventually dressed in what could reasonably pass as a school uiniform, without actually belonging to any school in the region. That was Step One done.

The photos were a weird experience for her. They started off fairly innocuous, with her posing in some model-like poses, and even when she started unbuttoning the blouse did it still seem fairly innocent. But she knew, as soon as her skirt started rising above her waist, she had started crossing the divide between the virginal and the raunchy. And as soon as her bra dropped away from her fourteen-year-old breasts and her panties were moved to the side of her young pussy, she had just taken her first steps on the other side of the canyon; her pussy spread solidified her place there.

After she replaced all her clothes on her person, she walked down (actually up, since the photographic studio was third door down, on the wall opposite it) the corridor to the filming studio. Everyone was ready, including Lionel, who was dressed in a smart business suit and tie, almost like he was going to teach a class (he technically was, in a very broad sense). The stage itself looked like it could've been a classroom, save for all the cameras and extra personnel, and the absence of any other students and two of the walls. She took a seat at one of the desks, and Zach came over and had a talk with her. "So, the scene is, just to refresh your memory, you've been kept in detention by your teacher Mr Pipes. You start drawing an erotic scene on your book, and he comes over to see what you're drawing. Then you follow his lead from there. You have all that?"

"Yes," Liana replied, some nerves still present in her voice.

"Okay, then," Garry called. "Let's get this show on the road." And everyone except Lionel and Liana cleared the stage. "And roll camera." And the scene began.

Lionel was the first to speak. "So, do you understand why you're here, young lady?"

"Yes, sir," Liana tried to improvise, and was failing. She returned to her picture on the book in front of her.

"Liana," Lionel stated. "Why are you here?"

"Because I suggested trying to find the violume of your dick, sir." Liana's head didn't lift from her drawing. She considered herself lucky the mics could still pick up what she said.

"Say that again, please, Liana."

Liana's head raised. "I suggested finding the volume of your dick, sir."

"Good. Now, I hope you're writing out those lines I told you."

"Yes sir." Liana knew she was lying. And she kept her head down as she said it.

Lionel stood and walked over to Liana. "What the..." He was quick to pull the book from under her pencil. "What is this, Liana?"

"I remember one of my friends saying she would've loved to feel your dick inside her, so I drew what it would look like."

"Are you sure it was one of your friends, Liana? Or are you talking about yourself?"

Liana bit her lip.

"You were, weren't you?"


"I thought as much." Lionel started unzipping his trousers. "You asked what the volume of my cock was, and then you draw this, with the girl looking very similar to yourself." He pulled his cock out, which sprung to life in front of Liana's face. "In reality, you just wanted to know what my cock felt like."

"But I'm a virgin, sir."

"That's okay, I'll guide you." Lionel's voice sounded so silky at this point, as he moved his dick closer to her mouth. It took her a while, but she eventually wrapped her mouth around the man's dick. Lionel's hand went to the back of her head, guiding her in the fine art of blowjob.

She didn't take very long to pick up what to do. One hand went up to the part of the shaft that was still exposed, and started pumping it as her mouth took the remaining length. She kept this up for a couple of minutes, Mr Pipes moaning during that time from her oral pistoning.

He then removed her mouth from his throbbing hard member, and lifted her onto the desk, following it quickly with unbuttoning most of her blouse. Then, lifting her skirt and pushing her panties to the side, exactly like she had done in the pictures, he started using his tongue on her clit. (It should be noted here that Liana only had a little hair on her pussy at this time, which did little to obstruct his act of cunnilingus, although it did tickle his nostrils a little.) Liana felt small sparks emanating from her nether regions, spreading throughout her young, tiny body, and it didn't take very long (about three minutes) for her to come to her first orgasm. She laid herself on the desk, allowing her body to return to Earth after spending her first time in heaven.

Lionel's face appeared over her own. "You ready?"

"For what?" she replied, still in a state of distant bliss.

"Your actual defloration."

"Mmm, bring it on!"

And that was all the encouragement he needed. He was gentle with her, as his cock went slowly inside her pussy. It was met with the slight obstruction of her hymen, but he pushed through it, causing Liana to wince. "Oww, gentle, please, sir!"

His pistoning now began, slowly; he wanted to get her comfortable with the new intrusion in her body. And comfortable she was getting, as the pain of her stretched hymen was replaced by the pure feeling of pleasure from the fucking. And as he sped up, that pleasure increased with it, her moans turning to whimpers, which raised in pitch with each increase in speed.

Which is why she felt somewhat unsatisfied when he pulled out just before she came for the third time. (She had one orgasm, her second for this shoot, while he fucked her.) But he moved his cock to her mouth again, and she was more than eager to retake the now glistening cock in her mouth, tasting her juices on its skin. However, the most wonderful taste came from her first mouthful of cum, as he came down her throat. The taste was slightly salty, but still delicious enough for her to drink down as it spilled into her mouth. As the last drop emptied onto her tongue, she let the wonderful cock fall from her mouth, and she just lay there, satisfied with her first time.

The director's voice cut through her dreamlike state. "And cut." She whined; she didn't want to get up. Garry came over to the desk she was still partially awake on. "So, how was your first time?"

"Wonderful," came her semi-lucid reply. "Can I just stay here for a bit?"

"Not really. We have another scene to film today. You're going to have to try and move."

She whined again, then slowly lifted herself off the desk, walking herself to the dressing room to change back into her original clothes.


I intend this to be a multi-part story, so tell me what you think (and be brutal). Where do you think I should take this story next? What should Liana do in her next scene? COmments are welcome.

Follow this link to part 2.
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I actually thought that the Director was going to be so enamored with er sexy body that he'd have helped himself to her as she laid on the desk.

Perhaps she will enjoy this so much that she becomes addicted to cock and everywhere she goes, she seduces every man she sees.

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Reply #2 on: April 13, 2014, 04:16:46 PM
I actually thought that the Director was going to be so enamored with er sexy body that he'd have helped himself to her as she laid on the desk.

Perhaps she will enjoy this so much that she becomes addicted to cock and everywhere she goes, she seduces every man she sees.

The first one actually sounds like something I could do: a backstage fuck between shoots. The second, however, I think will be a natural consequence.

I'll write up the next part soon, and I'll probably include this idea into it.

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Sorry it has been so long since I last updated this story. (My main computer developed a bad case of corrupt sectors; thankfully I was able to get most of what I needed salvaged from it.) But, I'm going to continue the ongoing saga of Liana's time in porn. And I give my heartfelt thanks to Janus who gave me an idea that I originally intended to weave into one chapter, but have since been able to (in my mind, at least, dirty li'l pervert that I am!) stretch across multiple parts. I hope she likes it, and I hope you guys do too.

Lest we forget! Allow me to reiterate the warning, just in case it was forgotten: while this story is influenced by real events and discussions, this story is a work of fiction. Anyone attempting to imitate scenes from this story will find themselves on the wrong end of prosecution. Please exercise some degree of common sense while reading this story.


"Okay, good, Liana. That looks really hot! Keep doing it!"

Liana was lying back on a chaise, her feet swung out on either arm, and her school skirt (or, at least the skirt that looked like it could've come from a school uniform) hiked up above her waist. Her blouse hung open, and her bra was loosened from her young breasts, exposing her small erect nipples. Her panties sat near a foot of the chaise. (It should be noted as well, that her bra and panties weren't exactly something a regular girl her age would wear, unless she was intending to have sex with someone she wanted to impress...or for porn, as was the case with her.) She had a hand on her sex, one finger slipped inside and engaging in rhythmic penetration; her face betrayed the fact that she was deriving enjoyment from this exercise.

In front of her were two manned cameras, a boom mic with operator, and the director, Garry Barwick. All four men were watching Liana's self-applied ministrations, raging hard-ons hidden behind black denim jeans which equally melted them into the darkness behind them. The fact that she was only fourteen was the furthest thing from their minds, not because they didn't care, but because they didn't know.

She had come in not two days ago, a fresh-faced virgin with a fake identification card, stating she was sixteen, the new minimum age for doing porn. At this point, now, only the fake ID had remained, as her first scene, fittingly a defloration scene, was filmed in the very studio she was now masturbating herself with one...two fingers now (her aroused yelp as she inserted the second finger made every cock in the place jump) deep inside her underaged cunt in. (A few minutes later, she would've orgasmed for what would be the second time in her life, followed about a minute later by end of filming, after she had come down from her erotic cloud nine.)

Liana was still too tired to move when Mr Johnson came into the studio. He was wearing a grey suit, with a small splattering of paint on the legs. His black shoes had faced a similar fate. "So, how are you finding the entire business?"

She was similarly to tired to worry about the fact that she was still in her obscene, exposed pose. "Pretty good," she uttered wearily, her eyes still slightly glazed over. She glanced down at the shoes. "They painting your office?"

"Finally. Hopefully it won't end up looking so painfully white. I asked them to tone it down a little, a more suitable shade."

"You mean like the shade of cum?" A small laugh came out of them both at the inside joke.

"Speaking of which, you don't mind if I have a bit of a chat with you about something, do you?"

"Sure, go for it."

Mr Johnson knelt down next to the chaise, his eyes still fixed on the spread-open body of Liana King. "I've had a look at the video you did yesterday. I quite liked it. However, if you are to continue with us, we do need to get you learning to deepthroat."

"Deepthroat?" Liana repositioned herself so that she was sitting up, although that didn't make her clothing situation any more modest.

"Yeah. Basically you take the entire cock into your mouth and down your throat, and basically suck the cock like that. It does mean a little adjusting, though, because you have to suppress the gag reflex in order to do it."

Liana now moved herself out of the chair, and knelt herself in front of Mr Johnson. "Well, can I have a try with you?" She put a hand on his zipper and started to pull.

Oh God, Mr Johnson thought, I've never had to worry about this before, and now I've got this young vixen kneeling before me wanting to go for it. But she's such a beauty too, I would love to fuck her. Be professional, man! Just don't get too eager, even while she pulls your dick out of your pants and wraps her mouth around it oh my God that is wonderful.

Liana made good use of the cock that now occupied her mouth, as she worked her head up and down the shaft. Despite this being only her second headjob, she had taken to it almost like a natural.

It was only when she started to gag that Mr Johnson snapped out of his trance and glanced down at his young cocksucker.

He placed a hand underneath her jaw, and slid her off his cock. "It takes time and practice to get this. Don't be so quick to try and master it."

Liana's face became plaintive. "C'mon, sir, just one more try?" Her now-puppy-dog eyes looked up at him, making her look somewhat innocent despite her degree of nudity. Mr Johnson relented, and Liana returned her mouth to his hard cock, sucking it as expertly as before.

If she keeps going like this, I'm gonna cum down her throat, Mr Johnson thought, his concentration divided between being a professional and enjoying the cocksucking he was getting from the teen. She gagged again.

"It's okay; don't worry about trying to deepthroating me for now," Mr Johnson said as he eased her head a little of his dick. "Just concentrate on making me cum and drinking it for now. And believe me I'm very close."

Liana responded, concentrating on the impending orgasm he was about to have, and the wonderful she was about to drink from his cock...or was drinking, as the first spurt of his cum spilled into her mouth.

It took three or four spurts for Liana to get her fill. Mr Johnson even jerked a little as he came, poking the back of her throat a little as he did so. (He was doing that in the lead-up anyhow, but it was more noticeable now.) As the last string left his dick, Liana removed herself from it, kneeling fully on the ground.

Mr Johnson zipped himself up. "Better get yourself ready for your next scene. The woman playing the teacher will be in shortly for wardrobe; I'll get someone in to help you get straightened up and ready." And he left the studio, to have a look around the rest.


Liana's school uniform was neat and tidy when the full crew, plus her co-star Yana Belvich, arrived in the studio. They were quick to remove the chaise from the last scene and replace it with the school set with which Liana was familiar.

Yana was an interesting woman. She was in her late twenties, long brown hair which had been curled up in a bun, and a somewhat strict dress code, complete with underbust corset, knee-length skirt and blouse, which housed what Liana estimated to be a quite full pair of D-cup breasts. Liana's first thought as she saw the woman, and remembering the seventeen-year-old from her first day, was, So that's what I'm going to be like when I'm old enough to do this legally: beautiful and 'well stacked'.

She approached the teen with a hand outstretched. "So you're Liana, are you?" she greeted her. "Pleased to meet you. How many girl-on-girl scenes have you done before today?"

"None," Liana responded. "This is my second ever scene, and my first girl-on-girl."

"Hmm," pondered Yana. "Well, I hope I don't frighten you away from doing more. I do intend to give you a full introduction to this side of porn."


Action was called. Liana walked in and sat in an all-too-familiar seat, in front of Yana at her desk.

"So, Miss..." She rummaged through the blank sheets sitting on the desk, that were supposed to be Liana's student file. "...Liana. It says you weren't in class today. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Miss Belvich," Liana meekly answered, blushing slightly. "I didn't feel like going to class, Miss."

"So what did you do instead?"

"I went down to the school basement, Miss."

"And did what, Miss Liana?"

"I frigged myself, Miss."

"Proper terminology, please, Miss Liana."

Liana went redder than before. "I masturbated myself, Miss."

Yana closed the manilla folder containing the textless sheets and stood from the desk. "Liana, this is the third time we've caught you truanting from class, and every time, you seem to find yourself in the basement masturbating." Liana's head dropped, as if she felt guilt not so much for masturbating on school grounds, but for being caught doing so. "I really don't know what to do with you...except seehow you actually do it."

Liana's head swung up, her face bright red. "What, miss!?"

"How do you masturbate yourself when you're down in that basement? Come on, up on the desk and show me how you do it."

Liana was hesitent, but she nonetheless moved up onto Yana's desk and parted her legs. The skirt fell to maintain her modesty, but she was quick to push it upwards to her waist, letting her panties show.

"Nice panties you have there, Miss Liana," Yana complimented as she observed them. "Quite fitting for a sexy little girl like you."

Liana blushed, then pushed the crotch of her panties to the side, exposing her moist, freshly fingered sex. She then placed her left hand over them, rubbing the cleft between the folds of skin forming the doorway to her tender pussy. After a few seconds of gentle petting, she pushed a finger deep inside her, and pistoned it for a good thirty seconds, making mid-pitched squeals of pleasure as she did so.

It was Yana who halted Liana's ministrations, lifting her hand from the young girl's crotch. "That's pretty good, but I think we can improve things a little." And she swung around behind her, wrapping both arms around Liana's waist. One hand made its way down to her pussy, and began the same ministrations that Liana had undertaken before, but with a different kind of fervor that made Liana lean herself back into the older woman's chest, humping in small movements her fingers as they massaged the insides of her sex.

Yana's other hand slowly made its way up towards the fourteen-year-old's (again, she didn't know her real age, and was hence ignorant to the fact) pert breasts, massaging one through the school blouse. Liana's squeals raised in pitch and volume, signalling her rising enjoyment. The next action took both by surprise, as Liana leaned up and kissed Yana briefly yet passionately on the lips. She then lowered her hands to her blouse, holding Yana's own molesting hand briefly before starting to undo the column of buttons down the centre of the garment, exposing the bra-clad teenage mammaries.

Yana removed her fingers from the girl, and held out a tongue to one, tasting the gleaning coating. "Delicious," she analysed; "I should go to the source and taste it for myself there." She then knelt down in front of the girl, her mouth in line with the pussy lips of the schoolgirl, and slowly kissed and licked along the edges of them. This quickly went from simple kissing to a full probing with her tongue, as she let it slip deep into the crevice, alternating between there and the clit that sat atop the slit.

An orgasm was quick to hit Liana, as wave upon wave swept over her. As it subsided, Yana slowly lifted herself up, the juicy glean briefly evident around her mouth before she wiped it off. "I was right." She sat herself on the desk next to the girl. "Now it's your turn, Miss Liana. Show me what you can do." She then lifted the knee-length skirt until it bunched around her waist, and removed the similarly styled panties she wore underneath it. She had kept her pussy very neatly trimmed.

Liana knelt down in front of the young woman, and nervously kissed her labia. Yana, sensing her nerves, stroked behind the girl's head. "Don't be shy, just go with your instinct." She let her tongue dart out, penetrating inwards a little into her sex. "A little the left...good, right there...that's perfect, keep going...uuugh!" Yana's considerate directing only helped bring her to a strong orgasm under Liana's willing tongue. As she came down, she willed the young girl onto the desk. "I want you to do that again, Liana, only I'm going to return the favour as well."

"So you liked it, Miss Belvich?" came the query of the young girl, seeking approval for her previous actions. It was the first time the girl had spoken for a good few minutes.

"My God, yes! You're probably the best I've ever had!" came the resounding approval she expected.

Liana enthusiastically straddled the woman's face, bringing her own down to the teacher's own crotch, and recommenced the fervent tongue-fucking she had started, only this time, she was met in kind by the experienced tongue of Yana Belvich inside her own cunt. They were quick to return to a shared state of orgasmic bliss, with each other's moaning providing further stimulation.

Liana unsteadily climbed off her mentor, and fell into the seat. Yana righted herself on the desk, and allowed her neatly tied hair to fall behind her. "You know what, let's make ourselves a little more comfortable." And with that, she shed her blouse, allowing her round D-cups to expose themselves and settle into the underbones of the corset. She then moved over to Liana, and removed the shirt from her body. The bra, matching the panties that still sat on her lower half, was all that protected her breasts. "You should let these come out; they are beautiful, and they should be free." And with that, she lowered the straps of the bra down the girl's arms, causing the cups to follow, exposing the young girl's tits. She kissed the nipples of them lightly, making Liana shiver.

Yana walked back over to her desk, allowing Liana a brief window of time in order to remove her arms from her bra, and pulled a long, double-ended dildo from a drawer. "What is that for, Miss?" Liana asked.

Yana sat on the edge of the desk. "I only use this with my very special girls," she explained. "It lets us both get penetrated deeply and simultaneously." She leaned back onto the desk, and started feeding one end inside her, before motioning Liana over. "Now you try."

Liana sat herself at the other end of the desk, and picked up the exposed end of the dildo. She knew it was not as natural-feeling as a real penis, a little harder than one, but it looked very real in terms of detail. She slowly fed the head into herself, getting a small amount inside her.

"Good. Now push forward into me," came Yana's guidance. The young girl did as she was told, and slowly edged towards the older woman. The dildo pushed its way inside her. Yana readjusted herself a little as Liana finally touched pussy to pussy, the dildo completely inside her. "Alright, now just moved in and out, just like me." Both started to do slight pistoning motions, Yana first then Liana, who was simply copying the action. The dildo penetrated inside the pair as if it were fucking them of its own accord, slowly bringing them to a second immense shared orgasm (accelerated by the contact of their respective pairs of pussy lips with each inward thrust, and the increased velocity of their pistoning). There was no splitting the two as to who came first, both were in the throes of orgasm simultaneously.

As the female lovers wound down from their sapphic high, the dildo still inside them (although not entirely), it was Yana who found her voice first. "Wow, you learn fast, Liana."

"Thank you, Miss Belvich," replied Liana, still trying to catch her breath which remained just out of her reach.

"I think you're the best little schoolgirl I've had the pleasure of fucking."

"Thank you, Miss Belvich."

Yana slid herself off the dildo, and admired the slightly prostate teen lying on her desk, the dildo still partway into her, spreading her pussy lips wide in an erotic way. She turned herself over and kissed the girl's pussy very lightly, making her jump a little, before removing the juice-covered device and letting it drop to the floor. Liana whined softly from the emptiness. "Come on, get yourself dressed," Yana told the girl, giving her a playful tap on the ass.

Once they both were dressed as they had been before (which was difficult and slow, since they were both still recovering from the dildo fuck, and Liana was finding it too irresistable to kiss and fondle Yana's breasts), they both stood facing each iother. "Now, what are you going to do when you next feel like skipping class to masturbate?"

"Come see you?" Liana replied.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Yana agreed. And they both kissed one last time as Liana left the set, still slightly unsteady.

"And cut!" came the director's call. The entire time he and the crew had held their collective breaths and said nothing, letting the pair go for their lives. And now it was over, it was only fair to end the filming.

Yana walked over to Liana. "You were really enjoying yourself back there, weren't you?"

"You bet," Liana responded. "I'd love to do that type of thing again sometime."

"Well, if you ever want to do that outside of filming, just ask me, okay?"

"I will, thanks." Liana sat herself down in a chair to recover fully as Yana left the studio.


So tell me what you think. Want to see more of Yana? What else do you want to see Liana do? Any other suggestions for the story? You know the deal. I'll have a new part up soon-ish, hopefully.

Click here to go to part 3
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Reply #4 on: July 15, 2014, 11:24:25 AM
Wow that was pretty hot.

Good stuff for sure.

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Reply #5 on: August 10, 2014, 09:23:26 AM
Wow, it's been so long since I last wrote another part to this tale. I can't guarantee my update schedule for this story, but I will try and avoid turning this story into a gravedig, because, admittedly, I want to see the end of this tale (and yes, I know the end of it). Thanks to all of you who have commented thus far; believe me, your comments have been wonderful, and are the one thing that keeps me writing this.

Once again, ladies and gents, wise words of warning (how alliterative of me): despite the influence by real events, this entire story is fictitious, and should be treated as such. Any attempt to imitate scenes detailed here can and will result in a less-than-appreciable stay in your local penitentiary. Please exercise common sense when reading literature of this variety.

And so, onto part three...


Liana laid on her back, moaning and breathing heavily. It seemed like a normal scene, save for the fact that there was no scenery, the cameras remained idle and inactive, and there was generally no sight of any male within the studio.

She looked down between her legs, and saw the predominantly female figure of Yana thrusting into her. The four thin leather straps around her waist confirmed that the penis, which looked out of place on someone who was one hundred percent biologically female, was indeed of the false variety, a strap-on, and a largish one at that. Liana had found it uncomfortable at first, being larger than Lionel's average-sized prick that she had felt when she started, but had slowly stretched around it, acclimatised to it, and then found pleasure from its rhythmic pistoning.

Liana, however, was only fourteen. A fourteen-year-old girl in an industry intended only for sixteen-plusses. Not that anyone besides her knew that: she had managed to fool them with a fake ID, although how long that would hold up did occasionally play against her mind, only to be removed again by the orgasm that she was experiencing at this point in time (to use a very recent example, since that was what was happening at that point in time in her coupling with Yana).

The pair were winding down from their erotic emotional flight when Mr Johnson, the studio owner, walked in. His suit, a modest grey pinstripe, was clean-cut, and did not show the signs of splashed paint his previous day's choices had. "I hope I'm not disturbing anything."

Liana's face didn't so much as turn as it did roll towards him, her face showing the lucid expression of someone who had just returned from orgasmic bliss. "No, not at all."

Yana removed the strap-on penis from Liana's sex, causing the girl to whine at its absence. She stepped out of the apparatus, allowing it to drop beside where she stood. "I assume you need her for a scene, right?"

"I do need her, but not for a scene yet," came his response. "I just need to spend a little more time with Liana to get her deepthroat skills up to scratch for this scene."

Yana mused on this a little. "I don't remember you getting so involved with any of your stars. Actually, who was the last one you got this involved with?"

"I think it"

By this time, Yana had collected her dropped clothes and was heading for the door. "So I wonder if you're trying to get another actress as popular as I."

The door closed, and Mr Johnson turned his attention back to the young girl who was now seated on the table in front of him. "Are you ready to give this a second try?" A nod gave an answer to him, and her recently-acquired sensual movements affirmed it.

Liana knelt in front of the suit-bedecked man, and quickly had the zip on his trousers dropped to its full length. She manipulated her hand inside the zipped area, until she found her phallic prize. Caressing it gently, as she had known how to, she was able to bring the organ to its full, hardened length, prefect for her to wrap her lips right around its head, like she was now doing. She slowly moved her head up and down the shaft length, as far as she could at that point in time, using her had to stimulate the remaining length.

Mr Johnson placed his hand on the back of Liana's head. "Now, remember how we did it before? Just take a deep breath, and move slowly."

Liana followed her instructions very carefully. She pulled a little of his cock out of her mouth, and pushed her face forward. A little more of his cock than before had now started to disappear past her lips, and she seemed to be keeping it down this time.

"Just remember, if you gag, pull back, and try again." He seemed a little more patient with her this time, and less willing to stop on the first sign of possible failure. And it was helping. She did indeed gag again, but she pulled back slightly and tried again, and with each new attempt, more of his length found its way into her oral cavity.

It took several attempts before she could finally get the entire length down her throat, and as soon as she did, she made a habit of sucking the full length, allowing her chances to get breaths of air in before she took it again.

After about a minute of Liana sucking the hard rod, Mr Johnson gently pulled Liana off his cock. "I think you're ready to do this." He then rearranged himself, relocating the still stiff tool back in his trousers, and vainly attempted to rezip his pants. Liana, noting the end of her lesson, quickly stood, and moved over to where she had shed her clothes. It was evident that the girl had started being a little more daring with her clothing choices, as the originally modest underwear and clothes gave way for tight sleeveless blouses, short shorts and more sensual lingerie. That said, it was also possible that she had the more modest clothing choices sitting in her bag to change into as she travelled between home and town.

Once Liana had redressed herself, she followed the studio owner out of the now lightening second studio, as a film crew, followed by a seventeen-year-old girl and a group of young men, entered to prepare for their own set of filming. Liana looked at the group, before asking, "What type of scene are they preparing for?"

"A gangbang, one girl vs..."—he took a little time to do a count—"twelve guys."

"Sounds interesting; I may need to try that another time." By the time Liana made that statement, they had already left the studio, and were well on their way to the other one.

"All in good time, Liana, all in good time," Mr Johnson quipped, noting Liana's interest in the scene for later use. "For now, though, concentrate on this scene coming up. Now, what do you know about it?"

"Just that it involves me deep throating a cock," she responded. "And I can probably guess that I'll be in my school uniform again, right?"

"You guess correctly there, Liana," Mr Johnson confirmed. "Basically, you've been sent to the principal for your 'antics'"—he even did the little finger marks here too—"and you are to be dealt with."

"Dealt with, as in spanking?"

Mr Johnson considered this. "There may be some of that, yes." They finally reached the studio, almost ready to push on the doors. "Now, you better go and get changed into your uniform."

"Okay," Liana, responded, and turned towards wardrobe.


The set had changed into its usual (at least, to Liana) school feeling. This time, though, the blackboard and most of the usual trappings of a classroom were gone, replaced by the more sparse principal's office: a single solid desk and a few filing cabinets (all of which were empty, not that anyone watching would notice) furnished the set.

Liana walked in wearing her usual uniform, her shoulder-length hair tied into a ponytail. As she walked in, she was surprised to see that no co-star had arrived, despite the fct she knew this would be a two-person scene. She also saw that Mr Johnson had removed his suit coat. "So, who am I doing this scene with?"

"That's the thing," Mr Johnson clarified, "you're doing this with me. I'm going to be playing the part of the principal."

Liana's surprise at the revelation was muted. "Okay."

"I made the suggestion that, if you were to do your first deepthroat scene, it might as well be with someone on whom you've already practiced."

"Okay. Well, let's get to it shall we?"

The director called for places, and as the studio lights went down, Liana and Mr Johnson took their places, Mr Johnson at the desk, Liana at the doorway. The director called, "Action!"

Liana entered. "Ah, Miss Liana," Mr Johnson stated on her entry. "Please take a seat." She complied. "Now, I have been told you've been having sex in my school. Is that true?"

"Yes, sir."

"So, can you give me one reason why I shouldn't suspend you?"

"Because some of those I had sex with were teachers."

"Right. That doesn't help your case much. In fact,"—and he stood to grab a cane near his filing cabinet—"as well as assuring your suspension, you'll also be getting a caning before your suspension starts. Come on, bend over, miss."

Liana stood up nervously. "But sir...I..."

Mr Johnson didn't listen to her protests as she was forced over the desk. Her skirt was lifted up, and the cane was readied for a first strike for her behind.

Liana's hurried protests prevented the strike. "I'll have sex with you if you don't suspend me."

"You'll do what?" Mr Johnson asked as he lowered the cane.

Liana turned around to face him. "I'll have sex with you, as long as you don't suspend me. I mean, you're such a stud, and I would certainly love to fuck you." Her voice, during her entire plaintiff cry, had become hinted with sultriness, and it was affecting Mr Johnson's...ermm...johnson.

She lowered herself down, so her face came in line with the zip on his suit, and, for the second time today, she lowered the zip down and put her hand inside the gap made by its opening, pulling his hardened cock into view of the camera. "It's so big, sir. Seven inches at least, right sir?" Mr Johnson rubbed underneath her chin, then she put her lips around the shaft, taking it in.

She took it a lot easier than she had before, but she played it safe and swallowed it an inch at a time. It didn't take very long before his cock was completely in her mouth again, and began using it to fuck the hard rod.

Mr Johnson was evidently getting turned on more by Liana's mouthwork, and took her ponytail in his hand, now taking control of her head movements. Her deep sucking stimulted him quickly, and bringing him to orgasm. When he felt his cum starting to rise in his cock, he quickly pulled Liana's head off it. It wasn't soon enough, though, as the first spurt of his cum landed down her throat. He came three times more, each rope landing on her face and dribbling onto her young tits.

He soon returned her to her bent over position on the desk. "You aren't go spank me again, are you?" Liana cried.

"No," was Mr Johnson's simple reply, as he lined his cock up to her pussy.

Yana entered the studio just as Liana's pussy got speared by Mr Johnson's cock. She was dressed in a smart uniform, similar to what she wore when she had performed with Liana. "How are thing's going?" she whispered to the director.

"Pretty good," he responded, "he's just begun doing her doggy style, as you can see." Over the whole conversation, the sound of Liana's erotic moans could be heard. These two things combined gave Yana an idea, and she made that obvious to the director, much to his (unheard) concerns. She moved around to the back of the set doorway, and knocked.

Mr Johnson swung his head to the doorway. "Yes, Miss Belvich?" Double-take. "Miss Belvich!"

"Don't worry, Mr Johnson, I'm just wondering when I'm going to get my student back. But, seeing how you're making good use of her yourself..." She closed the door behind her, and started removing her clothes. "I'm not letting you have her for yourself." And she climbed on the desk in front of Liana, putting her exposed pussy in front of Liana's cum-stained face. Liana took the hint, and started eating Yana out.

The director sat in his chair, defeated. This scene had now devolved into improvisation. It was tittilating (and he regretted thinking that, after noticed how punny it was), but it was far from the script...not that there had been much of a script to begin with.

Liana, on the other hand, was enjoying the change-up, lapping up Yana's beautiful pussy while her own was accomodating her boss's pistoning cock. She tried slipping a couple of fingers into Yana's juicy cunt, but only got as far as putting them in, and leave them there, her vaginal penetration had her moving so much.

Mr Johnson's grip on Liana's hips tightened, as he spilled what would be his second load this scene into her teen pussy, as her own orgasm racked her body, sending shivers into every extremity of her body, including the fingers inside Yana's pussy. This action only iced Yana's orgasmic cake, caused by all the licking of her pussy and clit by Liana (but not so much the fingering).

Both adults moved around Liana as she lay, naked and a little exhausted, belly down on the desk. Yana pulled a strap on that was sitting at the side of the set and put it on herself, then situated herself behind Liana's prostrate figure. Mr Johnson stood himself towards her front, his dick pointed at her mouth, still coated in his and her juices. She wearily took the cock, sucking it into her mouth, and made an attempt to take its entire length at once.

As Liana gulped down the rock-hard fuck-tool, Yana grabbed Liana's hips and pushed the strap-on's dildo—which seemed a little larger than the one she had fucked Liana with beforehand—into the already-used fuck-hole. Liana yelped through the cock in her mouth as the plastic penis passed by her pussy lips, feeling like it was stretching her out more again. Its entire length disappeared, and she was spit-roasted by the two teachers again.

It took a little longer for the trio to get off this time, and Yana and Mr JOhnson decided to make their fucking a little rougher on the poor girl, see how much she coud take. She held up well, despite being tired and well-fucked, and came even harder than before. Mr Johnson's own semen streamed into Liana's mouth, filling her throat. Yana was the only one not to orgasm, but she was happy to have the recovery time (not that she really recovered, given she was fucking more than being fucked).

Once every fucking implement was pulled out of Liana, she gurgled, "So, are you going to suspend me, sir?"

"No, Liana, you've eaned yourself a reprieve for now," Mr Johnson responded, and he and Yana left the room, or at least made it look like they had, leaving Liana recovering on the desk.


After a while recovering, Liana stood herself up and collected her clothes, heading straight for wardrobe, so she could clean herself up and redress herself. Once she had done all that, she grabbed her gear, and walked out the door, saying goodbye to Miss Minnes as she walked past.

Miss Minnes looked at Liana's file in front of her, as she noted the time Liana left. Her eyes glanced at the copy of her ID. Something caught her sight that made her double-take: was there something wrong with the photocopier that day, or had she found an inconsistency with the ID? She looked at it again; everything seemed fine. She put the sleeve back in its file, and the alleged error out of her mind.


Yep, the lie is starting to unravel...or is it? II have an idea on where I want to take this, but I would still like to hear from you guys (and gals). Tell me what you think of it. And I promise I'll post more soon.

Click here to go to part 4.
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Reply #6 on: November 04, 2018, 09:27:47 AM
Funny thing is you could do naked pics and the like when you were sixteen in the UK . Right up until 2003 when they changed it to eighteen .
16 being the age of consent here .

That. Really, really . Wasn't what i expected .


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Reply #7 on: November 06, 2018, 06:27:28 PM
The rules have changed, and it's in the right place.  So, the point is moot.
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Reply #8 on: November 06, 2018, 11:16:08 PM
Funny thing is you could do naked pics and the like when you were sixteen in the UK . Right up until 2003 when they changed it to eighteen .
16 being the age of consent here.

Yes, however, HERE.  On Kirsten's Board, you've been informed of the rules repeatedly.  It's 18, or older, or it's just Fantasy.  Even if it wasn't, lie to us, and say it was all just a fantasy.  You know the rules, now follow them.
Psi, you missed the point of Billy's post. He wasn't talking about nudes on this forum, and the minimum age the models have to be in order for a pic to be posted. He's talking about doing nude photography in Britain, and the minimum age you could do it at.

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Reply #9 on: November 07, 2018, 12:08:59 AM
All right, Ao1, it's your story, and I'm not going to start a fight here.  Sorry to interrupt.

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Reply #10 on: November 10, 2018, 03:43:30 AM
I remember something about the modle Sam Fox starying her career off her mother giving permission so that she could modle when she was 15 . How much of that or any is true. I don't know .

That. Really, really . Wasn't what i expected .

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Reply #11 on: November 10, 2018, 03:45:04 AM
I remember something about the modle Sam Fox starying her career off her mother giving permission so that she could modle when she was 15 . How much of that or any is true. I don't know .

That. Really, really . Wasn't what i expected .

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enjoyed the story.. thanks bunches

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Reply #13 on: November 11, 2018, 12:06:29 AM
enjoyed the story.. thanks bunches

You're welcome. Unfortunately, this went on hiatus when I did the first time, and I've only just started looking at it again, although it is still unfinished. Hopefully (most likely next year), I'll have the rest of it posted.

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Okay, it's been way too long since I revisited this story. I have two parts left in it (at least, two parts planned in my head), and I really want to conclude this. So conclude it I shall.

Ah, yes, and the little disclaimer: at the time of writing, no laws regarding pornography have changed, so participating in it is still illegal if you're under eighteen years of age. Additionally, it is still illegal to have sex with a minor. Knowing this, and the fact that, despite having some basis in real-life events, this story is entirely fictional, it should go without saying that I, as the author, do not condone re-enacting any situations detailed in the stories, lest you are discovered by law enforcement. In short, don't repeat what you read, please.


Miss Minnes had been eyeing the girl on and off since he came in. She had even asked for her ID again, just to double check it; it was still above board, but she still couldn't shake the feeling. Still, while everything was okay, she couldn't really refuse her being here.

It had taken Mr Johnson a little longer than expected to come to the front desk. "My apologies, Liana," he said when he appeared at the door, "I was just introducing some new actors to the business. Come on through." Liana stood and followed him into the corridor.

"So who were the new actors?" she asked.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, twins. Boy and girl. It'll make for interesting viewing, methinks." Mr Johnson stopped at one of the studio doors. It was the one Liana had seen the most of, so much so that she was certain it had been set aside specially for her. He turned to face her, and directed her inside. "I have a surprise for you, a guest from another studio. The owner owed me a favour, so I decided to follow through on it."

The man standing there was a beautiul sight in her eyes. He stood six feet two tall, with lovely dark brown skin. His suit showed class.

"Liana, this is Gerard Landau. He'll be your partner in today's scene. Gerard, Liana King, one of our brightest new stars."

"A pleasure to meet you," Gerard's smooth Londoner accent greeted the young girl. Liana didn't know how to react, she was so nervous.

"Well, you're all ready to go Gerard, so I'll get Liana to wardrobe, and then we can make a start." And, placing a hand between Liana's shoulders, he guided her out of the studio. "Do I detect a hint of excited nervousness?" he asked as soon as they were in the next room.

"He looks more handsome in real life," Liana chirped out her reply.

"Aaah," mused Mr Johnson, "so you've seen some of his work. Well, now you're going to experience what he's like to work with. Go get yourself ready; your uniform is in the change room at the very end."


Everything seemed pretty typical for the shoot. The classroom was the same set, although another wall with a door had been added for the scene. Liana's school uniform was the same as before. The crew seemed different, but that was not a major issue.

Liana had been briefed on the scene beforehand. Gerard would be sitting at the desk (much like he was now), and Liana would come in, expecting another teacher. Seemed easy enough. Lights were called, and everyone got in their places.


Liana walked up to the door, and peered inside, spotting Gerard at his desk. "Oh, sorry, sir," she said as innocently as she could. "I thought Mr Pipes was here. I'll go find him."

"No, come in, young lady," Gerard called. "I'm just taking Mr Pipes' place today. I'm Mr Landau. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Well, yeah," started Liana, showing Gerard a blank piece of paper, "there is something in my homework I don't understand. Can you possibly help me out?" The pair then took a seat at a desk, both still looking at the empty A4.

About thirty seconds into the faux inspection, Liana's hand drifted down towards Gerard's leg, lightly grabbing it before moving upwards, sending Gerard into a (fake) start. "Young lady, what are you doing? You know you should't be doing that, not in school."

"It's okay, sir," Liana returned, "all the other teachers know I do this, and let me do it too. Some even initiate it themselves." As the teacher stood, she knelt down in front of him. "So, can I please see what you're packing?"

Gerard moved to the door and closed it (despite there not being anyone out there; a little bit of post-production editing would change that, of course). "Okay," he reluctantly complied, moving back in front of Liana, "but we need to be quick." A smile quickly opened across Liana's face, as she opened the zip to Gerard's trousers and reached in for his dick.

The shock that now showed on her face was not feigned, as what would become the 9-inch black monster revealed itself in all its semi-hard glory. She hadn't had a chance to see his naked self before the scene, so the surprise she showed when it appeared was genuine. As such, instead of her enthusiastic, almost greedy engulfment of the pole, and instead wrapped her lips around the head in trepidation. After a slow yet gradual increase in her courage, and a slight setback as his cock reach full length and hardness, she was finally sucking as much as her mouth could take, her hand assiduously masturbating the rest.

After a few minutes of liana's now-well-honed oral ministrations, Gerard lifted the girl from the floor and laid her on the desk, spreading her legs as he did so. Panties were quickly discarded, as he pushed his noticeably-larger-than-average fuckstick into her waiting hole. Liana's eyes bulged at the intrusion; although that itself was expected, the size compared to her own pussy was not. Gerard fitin as much of his tool as he could with each thrust, but at his deepest he still had about two inches outside of her.

Mr Johnson wathed on from behind the blackness in the unlit part of the studio. He couldn't help but feel a little twinge of jealousy, as he observed the pair engaging in their pornographic act, Gerard thrusting into the young girl's seemingly tightly-stretched pussy. Still, he had to show some degree of professional stoicism, whih also meant he had to keep his hands of his own privates, lest he be mistaken for enjoying the action, regardless of the actual reason.

Liana felt her butt getting numb from the missionary action. As much as she was enjoying the pounding, she needed to change it up somewhat. She began to sit herself up, but was met with a strong black hand on her left breast, kneeding it through her blouse and bra. The fingers twisting her nipple delayed her for a brief moment, as she allowed herself to enjoy the multiple stimulations, but eventually she swung a leg up and rolled herself off the desk. Gerard, aware of what she was doing and possibly why, pulled himself away, withdrawing from her fuck tunnel as she repositioned herself.

It was then that he came up with an idea, unbuttoning and removing her school blouse, then lowering each strap on her bra, exposing each breast as he did so, and kissing the nipple. No good deed should go unrewarded, Liana, in her bliss-addled mind, thought, and wrapped her hand around his member, tugging it to keep it hard.

Once Gerard had extracted himself from her other breast, Liana turned around, bending herself over the desk. Gerard was quick (at least, as quick as a professional porn actor needed to be when in scene) to situate himself between her legs, before lifting her skirt above her waist, and start fucking the girl's pussy from behind. This lasted for quite a few minutes, as he switched from quick, hard thrusts to slow ones, holding his orgasm at bay while also keeping her pleasure ongoing. Her young breasts bounced a bit with each thrust.

Gerard pulled out of Liana, then did something she wasn't expecting, as she felt a cold gel being applied to her ass. This was new to her; she hadn't been fucked in the ass since she started working for them, or even at all, so he was about to take her anal virginity on camera. She turned to him (but away from the cameras) and whispered, "Please be gentle; I haven't been fucked there before. This is my first time."

"Then say it to the cameras," Gerard suggested, also whispering. "They won't know the difference."

A voice from behind the camera line piped up. "Gerard, we're going to have to cut this part out, since you leaned over to say something to Liana."

"Okay, sorry about that."

"No worries. We're still rolling, though."

Liana turned towards Gerard again, this time keeping her face in view of the cameras. "Please be gentle with me, Sir," she repeated; "this is my first time."

Gerard's cock slowly sunk into Liana's tight asshole, and she felt it. Her mouth dropped open and eyes rolled back in her head, and she let out a long, high-pitched moan. His length completely disappeared inside her again, and he started to thrust with a slow, deliberate stroke, making her moan every time he pushed into her. "Oh my god, that's so good, Sir!" she stated, and she meant every word of it too, even though the crew were no wiser to this. "Harder, please." Gerard honoured this wish, and increased his thrusting speed.

It took a good number of minutes, during which time he changed his thrusts so as to hold out as long as he could while stringing out her pleasure over the same amount of time, before he came inside her ass. This was another unexpected change; she was supposed to take him in her mouth when he was about to cum, allowing her to take it in there and show it to the camera before swallowing it. Instead, he filled her asshole, the pulled out and opened it up, showing its insides to the camera. The director signalled to one of them to go over and film it.

Once she was certain they had gotten a good view of her cum-filled asshole, Liana stood up and got redressed. She then turned to Gerard, who had just drawn his fly upwards. "Thanks, Sir," she piped up satisfied, "that was great."

"You're welcome," he responded. "Now, can we not speak of this?"

"Of course, Sir," she responded in her still delighted voice, and skipped out of the classroom.

"Aaaaand cut!" came the call, and suddenly every light was up again.


Everyone had gone home at this point, save for Mr Johnson and Miss Minnes, who was leaning against his office door. "Mr Johnson," she spoke, concern lining her words, "I think we may have an issue."

"What kind of issue, Miss Minnes?" he queried her, rising from his desk and walking towards her.

"It's Liana King, sir," she responded, and showed him the photocopy of her ID. "I don't think she is as old as she says she is."


And we're now in the final stretch. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to this tale. (And I promise to explain the break of the fourth wall during filming in the next part.)
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