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The Goblin Train (Magic, Mf, ff)

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on: October 17, 2014, 07:22:26 AM
Title         : The Goblin Train

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Magic, Whacky-Shit, Mf, ff

Date        : 20141017

Mail         : meatbot777 at gmail dot com

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Synopsis : A young girl who can see into the world of magic falls in love with a fairy and is later drawn into a war between the two worlds.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. None of this shit happened. It's all made up. And, sorry folks, there is no such thing as magic.


Valencia knew from a very early age that she had the sight. The second sight, the vision, whatever you want to call it. She knew that she could see things that others could not. One of her earliest memories was of her grandmother's funeral, when she had just been three or four years old. She watched the tired ghost of her grandmother wander up and down the aisles, checking out who all came to her own funeral. Valencia finally caught her eye and waved to her and the woman had smiled and winked at her, causing her to giggle.

Valencia spent hours in her back yard, watching the fairies, gnomes, sprites and goblins that moved through the property. Once, a dragon had even flown over, leaving a trail of smoke. The magic folk usually had no idea she could see them and she learned to let them think that or they behaved differently. When she was a child she had tried to talk to them but hardly any of them would ever speak to a mortal.

Once she pretended to read a book as she watched a goblin make love to a fairy for an hour or more. When they had finished, the goblin walked away smiling as the fairy dressed and re-arranged her clothing, humming softly to herself.

"What were you guys doing?" Valencia had asked her. The fairy ignored her at first but Valencia had asked again, leaning down towards her, making it plain who she was speaking to.

"Are you talkin' to me?" the fairy asked, surprised. "Can you see me?"

"Yes. I just wondered what you were doing with that little man," Valencia had answered. The fairy shook her head in surprise.

"Child, if you have to ask, you don't need to know," the fairy finally said, and disappeared in a green streak. Valencia knew how fast the magic folk could be when they moved. She went back to her book, disappointed. She had really wondered what they had been doing. And that man, he had that funny... thing... sticking out... whatever had that been all about? The fairy girl did seem to enjoy herself at least...

Another flash happened, and a new fairy stood before her. Valencia knew in an instant that this was the queen of the fairies. She'd never seen the woman before, but she knew. The queen carried herself regally, like someone used to power. Like someone used to having her way.

"Your majesty..." Valencia said, or something close, in that magical language that only children can speak. She bowed to the woman. She would have curtseyed but she didn't know how. The queen regarded her with surprise, just like the other fairy had.

"Goodness..." the queen said. "Are you a changeling, child?"

"No..." said Valencia, understanding what the woman had meant. "I'm a bridge, a go-between..." Somehow she knew that also, without ever being told.

"I see," said the queen. "I have heard of such a thing, but never seen one. What do you see of our world? Everything?"

"Uh..." said Valencia, confused, wondering how to answer. "I guess so... I see dragons and warriors and goblins and fairies and... uhm... devil things..."

"Yes. Interesting!" said the queen. "Well, we will have to keep an eye on you, child!"

That was it, pretty much. The queen disappeared, after giving Valencia a flower and a wink. She tucked the flower behind her ear, feeling it's magic flow down over her body. That night she put it in a vase in her room, and watered it. She knew instinctively it really needed tears instead of water, and she was careful to cry on it occasionally so it didn't dry up. That had been over five years ago, and the flower still sat on her desk in her room, as beautiful as the day she'd gotten it. Her mother had never seemed to notice it.

Valencia was nine years old, now. She was a very precocious child, very smart and clever. She kept to herself mostly, she had friends at school but she was a loner. She lived an odd life, halfway between two worlds, seeing both yet belonging to neither. Valencia was a peculiar combination of grown-up and little girl. The things she saw in the fairy world expanded her mind and matured her for her age.

The fairy she'd spoken to, the girl she'd seen making out with the goblin, had befriended her. Friendships between fairies and mortals were rare and sometimes did not end well, but this one was special. The fairy, Exeleculpa, was still young for a fairy. Valencia amused her, and the two had grown close. Ex lived in a hollow tree by a creek near Valencia's house, and they saw each other every day.

One day they were sitting on the bank of the creek, talking.

"Ex..." said Valencia. "What happened to my grandmother? How come I saw her just that one time?"

"Well..." said Ex. She loved Valencia's questions and she almost always told the girl the truth, which was also rare for a fairy. "Val. It's different for mortals. They stay in the spirit world for a few days or weeks, I guess to get used to being dead or something, and then they go off to their version of heaven or hell. We, us fairies, can't go there even to just look."

"Oh." Valencia thought for a while. "So there's no way I can see her again?"

"Not that I know of." Ex said. "The gatekeeper is strong and cruel. I tried to peek once and I got my tail end singed good. It burned for a month or more."

"Ex. Where do fairies go when they die, then?"

Exeleculpa laughed out loud at that one.

"Silly!" She grabbed Val's hands with her little ones and spun the girl around. "Fairies don't die! You should know that!"


Ex was right, sort of. Fairies didn't die of old age, but they could be killed, if the magic was strong enough. One day Exeleculpa wasn't home, and Valencia missed her terribly. At the end of three days she was beside herself. She wondered if she'd offended the fairy, or somehow drove her away. The next morning she raced to the tree Ex lived in, and there her friend was. She looked terrible, though. Her normal deep rich green was a light pastel shade. Her wings drooped, and she had an uncharacteristic frown on her face, at least until she saw Valencia. Then she smiled and flew into Valencia's arms and they hugged.

"Oh, Ex..." Valencia said, choking up. "I thought I'd lost you..."

"I'm sorry, darling... I had to go away... something terrible happened and I had to make a journey... I missed you horribly..."

"Oh, Ex... I missed you too... what happened?"

Ex was silent for a while, weighing in her mind how much to tell the girl. She was a brash impetuous fairy, though, so she just told her everything.

"It was Bradapentareaux, my half-brother. He was making out with a harpy and her mate caught them at it. There was a fight and part of the harpy's claw broke off and finally burrowed its way to his heart and he died. We had to take him back to the old country and put him in a cave."

"Ex..." Valencia was thoughtful. "I thought fairies didn't die." She felt sad for Bradapentareaux, although she had never met him. She felt saddest for Ex, though.

"Well... Val... we don't die of old age or anything... but we can be killed... Brada was the first in over a hundred years, though..."

"Will he come back?"

"I don't know." Ex looked puzzled, like the idea had never occurred to her. Valencia knew that some people believed that people came back. She was too young to worry about stuff like that though.


A few days later when Valencia approached Ex's tree, she could see something was going on beneath it. She stopped behind some tall grass and watched as a goblin pulled himself off of Ex's slim green body. There was that funny thing again, sprouting from his waist! Ex took it in her mouth for a moment, even. The goblin tucked it back in his pants and walked away, singing. He walked right past Valencia as magic creatures usually did, not realizing she could see him.

Ex had her clothes back on by the time Valencia approached. Valencia giggled at her, and Ex looked a bit nonplussed. "What?" she finally said.

"I saw you and that goblin... doin' it..." said Valencia, still giggling.

Ex had the grace to look embarrassed. "Well, he asked so nicely... and... and I just can't say no, I guess. I'm a fairy!"

Ex finally giggled too.

"Ex," Valencia decided it was time she learned a little about this. "What were you doing? What is that thing called? That thing sticking out of him?"

Ex did her characteristic pause to think, and then blabbed it all. "Val, that's his cock. Haven't you ever seen a boy's cock in your world?"

"Well, yes... we call them weenies though.. but I never seen one sticking out like that..."

"Well, it sticks out like that when it's hard. And it gets hard so he can... uhm... Val. You know what fucking is?"

"I... I know the word... I know it's a bad word..."

"In your world, it is, yes. Well... fucking is when a boy sticks his... cock... inside a girl. It feels really good, trust me. Someday it's all you'll want to do, if you're anything like me. Fairies do it, and mortals do it. The whole world, pretty much, revolves around it. Valencia. You are how old, ten?"

"Yes, ten."

"Trust me, girl, by the time you are fourteen, it's all you'll want to do."


Ex was a little off on her timing. By fourteen Valencia still hadn't even kissed a boy, much less been fucked by one. She had seen Ex fuck and get fucked more and more often, now that Ex saw no real reason to hide it from her. Exeleculpa was a gurripador, a goblin fucker. Most fairies hated goblins and were disgusted by them. For some reason, probably a childhood experience, Ex loved them or at least loved being fucked by them. By the way, goblins aren't like the goblins in folk tales, they are not nasty horrible-looking beastly creatures, they are just another form of magic life. They look pretty normal, although their thoughts are quite a bit different than the average fairy. They live underground and like to fight and steal things, from both other magical life and mortals.

Anyway, Ex had a reputation for fucking goblins. Goblins came from all around for a taste of her. And, she was tasty. She was tall, for a fairy, almost four feet tall. Slim and muscular and green as they get. She usually wore a little halter top that she'd made from a scrap of cloth, and often as not went bare down below. Fairies are weird like that. She had some nice boots that a goblin shoemaker had made for her and she was proud of them most of all. She wore a necklace with a single huge diamond on it, as big as a golf ball. She was just an average fairy in other words.

Valencia was, at fourteen, a striking and beautiful girl. She still looked a little little-girlish, and was still a loner. She had a good friend at school, Devonetta, but she had never told her about the fairy world and what she could see of it.

Valencia was beginning to wonder more and more what her part in all this was to be. She felt like there must be some reason that she, and as far as she could tell, only she could see the magical world that existed side by side to our world. She wondered if she was to play a role in something in the future. She wondered if there was a reason for it all.


One day she was out by Ex's tree when the fairy queen paid her a visit again. Ex had been talking and suddenly her face turned white and she bowed deeply. A stern voice behind Valencia said, "Exeleculpa. Get lost."

Ex disappeared in a green streak. Valencia turned, and there was the fairy queen, looking royal and important in her silver robes. She regarded the child with what Valencia interpreted as interest, and maybe a slight bit of true warmth. Valencia bowed deeply to the queen. For reasons unknown to herself she wanted more than anything to please the woman.

"Well, well." The fairy queen said. "We meet again. I have had good reports on you, child. You have behaved well. And you know how to keep your lips sealed."

Valencia nodded. She was unsure what to say, so she said nothing. The queen continued.

"There are those among my people who believe you are something special. I haven't made my mind up yet. Valencia... I must warn you... there is a battle brewing in the lands of magic. You must be very careful. Some may try to deceive you and harness your powers for their own nefarious ends. You must be very careful."

Valencia nodded. She didn't really understand what the Queen said but she saved it in her head to think about later and maybe ask Ex about.

"Valencia. I am giving Exeleculpa some authority to assist you and to watch over you for your safety. Please listen to her and do what she says. She will act for me when I am absent. Do you agree to that?"

Valencia nodded her head without having to think about it. She already trusted Ex. She would trust her even more, now.

"Child. If the battle comes here, if fight turns to war, it will be difficult. Wars in the land of magic are never pleasant. And there are some new... new powers that walk the land. Your name should be Hope, not Valencia. Goodbye, my child. Stay strong."

The queen vanished, not even leaving a streak behind. Exeleculpa crept back, awe on her face.

"Ex. What was that all about?" Valencia asked.

"I... I don't really know. Something is happening back East, that's all I know. Something bad. A machine has been built, or something. Something that is a threat to us, to the fairy world, and the mortal world."

"A machine?"

"Now you know as much as I do, darling." Ex said. "Come on, let's go down to the creek and try to catch some baby sharks."


That night, after she went to bed, Valencia tried something that she'd never done before. She lay in bed, flat on her back, and tried to send her mind out of her body and find out what threatened the magic world. She never really felt like her mind left, but she did seem to feel something dreadful, just over the horizon. She came to with a shiver, and felt cold and alone. She wished Ex was there with her, but Ex hated being indoors. She finally relaxed, and slept.



"What, child?"

"Could I do that?"

"Do what?"

"Make out. With a goblin."

Ex laughed. "Sure, if you could find one willing. You are young and cute, you could probably do it. Most goblins don't like mortals, but you have way more magic than any other mortal... so you could probably find one who would. You still have that flower?"

"The flower the fairy queen gave me? Yes."

"Sniff it every night. Make its scent a part of you. Say Praectecnica delphius simmeronimus a hundred times before you go to sleep. Drink a glass of tea with seven sugar cubes, a rose petal and a drop of your urine in it once a week. Taste yourself, your vaginal secretions, every time you masturbate, which should be at least once a day, by the way. And here, wear this beneath your shirt."

Ex handed Valencia her diamond necklace. It felt huge and clunky to Valencia. She accepted it reluctantly.

"Oh, Ex, I don't want to take your necklace!" she said. "I know how much it means to you!"

"No, really, it's no big deal." Said Ex. "The fairy queen said she'd replace anything that I spent taking care of you. I'll just get a new one."


Sure enough, the next day Ex sported a new diamond necklace, even bigger than the one she'd given away. And it was a deep blood red, simply beautiful.

The necklace was a pain, for Valencia. She wasn't really sure why she was wearing it. Would it help protect her from the threat that was possibly coming? Or was it to simply help her get laid by a goblin? It was huge, it felt as big as a baseball beneath her shirt. And it caused more trouble than anything in her life until now. It almost blew the lid off the whole thing.

Valencia's father, Ralph, was preparing to go on a business trip. He would rise very early the next morning and leave. That night, as she prepared for bed, he hugged her and told her he would miss her. The diamond, safely beneath her shirt, pressed painfully into her chest but she didn't really think about it.

"What the heck are you wearing?" he said, rubbing his chest. Valencia was seized with fear and her mind raced.

"It's... it's a necklace that Devonetta gave me... it's a friendship necklace..."

"Lord, it's as big as a lump of coal. Don't fall with that thing on, it'll crush your windpipe."

Valencia laughed and that seemed to be the end of it. It wasn't.

While he was gone, Valencia had a bike wreck. She was going down a steep hillside, and something went wrong. She crashed hard, falling into some bushes and bouncing off a tree. She picked herself up, feeling many aches and pains and one major one in her wrist. She walked her bike home and looked up her mother.

Her mother took one look at her and off they went to the minor emergency clinic. They X-rayed her wrist and cleaned and bandaged her many scrapes. That seemed to be the end of it. Except... when Valencia had been checked in they made her take off her shirt and put on a paper gown. She had removed the necklace, hidden it in her shirt pocket, and wrapped the shirt around it. She didn't think of it again, until they got home and her mom was doing the laundry.

"Valencia..." Her mother appeared in the kitchen door. In her hand, hanging from the leather strap, was the diamond. Oh shit, thought Valencia. I've done it now. She wished more than ever that Ex hadn't given it to her. How was she ever going to talk her way out of this one?

"Valencia, dear... what is this?" her mother said, regarding the diamond as if it were a poisonous snake.

"Mom... it's just something that Devonetta gave me... it's nothing, really... it's called a friendship necklace."

Her mother just stared at it. Her mother was no stranger to big shiny rocks, her dad was a jeweler, after all. Her mom knew her way around the jeweler's bench a little. Her mom had a few diamonds of her own, though none nearly as large as this monster.

"Valencia." Her mom's voice was hollow and sounded very far away. "Dear. For real?"

Valencia knew that every little thing she said from here on out would be examined and dissected minutely. She knew she was in trouble. She almost cussed Ex out, mentally. Shit.

"Mom. Okay." She said. "I found it down by the creek the other day."

Well, that was close enough to the truth that she might even pass a lie detector test on it. Valencia gritted her teeth, willing her mom to believe her.

"Valencia. I'm going to put this in the safe. I think your father needs to look at it when he gets home."

Oh shit. Her dad would know, for sure. Her dad would know it was real. And that you don't just find things like that lying around.

"Mom. It's just glass or something. I mean, look at it. If it was real, it'd be worth, what? Millions?"

That was her last hope. It didn't work.

"Yeah. Millions." Her mom said, heading for the back of the house where the bedroom and the safe were.

"Mom! I'm going outside!" yelled Valencia. She raced down to the creek bank to where Ex lived. Sure enough, Ex was there, underneath yet another goblin. Valencia stopped, not wanting to interrupt them, happy just to find her friend. The goblin finally finished up and Valencia could hear Ex's grunts and groans as she came. Ex slurped his cock clean and he disappeared into the reeds.

"Hi darling!" Ex said, not the slightest bit embarrassed. Valencia fell all over the other girl.

"Oh, Ex, the most terrible thing has happened. My mom has your necklace, the one you gave to me. She'd going to show it to my dad."

Ex looked puzzled. "So? Mortals have diamonds too, right?"

"Yes, but not ones like that thing. It's a monster. And they'll want to know where I got it."

"Well, I'll go in your house tonight and steal it back and they'll forget about it. Leave the door unlocked. No problem."

"It's in the safe. Can you get inside and get it out?"

"Safe? What do you mean, it's safe?"

"It's in our safe."

"What's a safe?"

"A big steel box with a lock on it."

"Is there a key?"

"Well, yes, but there's a combination lock, too."

"Combination lock?"

Ex seemed to be getting more and more lost. Fairies didn't do machines well, they didn't understand them or have any real interest in them.

"Ex. Can't you just use magic or something?"

"Val, girl, if it's one of your machines, it will work the same way for me as it does for you. If you can't get in it then I can't get in it either."


The two sat and talked for a while longer, puzzled by the mess. There was just nothing else to do, Valencia decided. She dreaded the return of her dad.


When her father returned, Valencia was in school. She came home to find both her parents sitting at the kitchen table, the necklace on the table between them. His loupe and some of his other jeweler's tools were scattered around.

She felt guilty already. She could feel the flush of embarrassment burning up her neck, and she knew they could see it.

"Valencia. This is a very serious matter." Her father was not his usual jovial self. She thought he almost acted mad at her.

"Valencia. You must tell us where you got this stone. You must tell the truth."

She assumed her most innocent and honest demeanor. She realized that she needed more practice at it.

"Mom. Dad. Honest. I found it down by the creek." She had decided to stick to her story. I mean, she thought, I can't say a magical fairy that only I can see gave it to me.

Her dad sighed. He picked up the diamond and looked at her through it.

"Valencia." His voice was hollow and far away, like her mom's had been. "This is a diamond unlike anything I've ever seen before. It is huge, over five hundred carats. It is cut cleaner and more precisely than anything I've ever seen. It is worth millions, tens of millions, at least. Possibly more. Tell us again, Valencia, make us believe. Where did you find it?"

"Honest." She felt tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. She just didn't know what to do next. "Honest. It was down by the creek."


Before if was over she had to take them down and show them the exact spot. She took them right in front of Ex's tree and showed them the spot where she thought Ex had handed it to her. Ex leaned against her tree, her expression sympathetic. Valencia wanted to pinch her for starting the whole mess. Well, she thought, really the fairy queen had started it. They trudged back to the house.


Her parents had no idea what to do. Valencia knew she wasn't getting her diamond back. Her dad locked it back in the safe.

"Well, I know some people," He finally said. "I'll ask around. But I know most of the large stones in the world, and this ain't one of them. And I've never seen anything like that rock. It's beyond perfect. It's exquisite. Almost magical."

Life somewhat returned to normal. As soon as she could, Valencia scampered down to Ex's tree. She was careful, and fearful that her parents would watch her closer now that something was going on. She knew that the diamond thing wasn't over, not by a long shot.

Ex was sorry that she'd caused the whole mess. Valencia felt bad for blaming her for it, even if it was just in her head. They tried to think of ways to retrieve the diamond but couldn't.

"Well," said Valencia. "I'd like to get your diamond back, at least. I'm sorry I lost it."

"Oh, it's yours, now," said Ex. "It wouldn't have helped you unless I gave it to you."

"Well, it's not helping me now, that's for sure." Said Valencia.

"Probably not," said Ex. "We gotta get you another one." She looked down at the massive red diamond on her chest.

"Oh no, not another," said Valencia. "Unless it's a teeny tiny one."

"Well," said Ex. "The size doesn't matter, just the purity. I'll see if I can get you a tiny one."

They chattered some more.

"Ex." said Valencia finally, bored. "Have you been fucked today?"

Ex giggled. "Just twice," she said. "I'm slowing down in my old age."

Valencia giggled. She was horny, she just didn't know it.

"Ex. Find me a goblin, a cute one. A cute one who likes mortals."

Ex looked sad again. "Oh, honey, you don't understand. I talked to the queen yesterday about this very thing. You can't fuck, not yet. You have to remain pure."

"What? What do you mean?"

"If you are going to play a part in this... in whatever happens, the war and all that... you have to remain a virgin. That's your power. That's what makes you strong... your purity. Like a diamond."

Valencia didn't know that. She'd been all ready to lose her virginity. She'd been ready for that for a long time.

"Shit." She finally said, sighing. Well, that sucked. She really wondered what sex was like, if it was that great. Well, she knew it was fun, she masturbated every day, sometimes twice, remembering what Ex had told her that time. She like to masturbate, she enjoyed it. And she hoped that real sex was even more pleasurable. She counted on it.

"Vuh-len-see-uh..." Ex said, slowly, coyly. "Darlin'... leave your door unlocked tonight, the back door. I'll show you something that's almost as much fun as getting fucked by a guy. And it won't pop your cherry."


That night, Valencia waited, in anticipation. She'd gotten up after the house was quiet and unlocked the back door like Ex had asked. Just as she almost gave up and nodded off she was suddenly aware of a presence in the room. She drew in a frightened gulp of air, but then she recognized Exeleculpa by her characteristic faint green glow. The fairy came right up to her bed and threw back the bedsheets.

"Val... darlin'... get that nightgown off... me and you are gonna have a little fun..."

The next few hours were very enjoyable to Valencia. Ex was, as all fairies are, a skillful lover, whether making it with males or females. Valencia felt like their relationship had turned a corner, that it had matured or grown or something. She wondered if they would do this often, from now on. She certainly hoped so.

Ex had a tongue that was out of this world. She licked and slurped all around Valencia's cunt, rubbing on her clit, going all the way down to her asshole, and sending her to heaven and back. Valencia came again and again, her legs locking, her back straining, her calves almost cramping. She lost track of how many times she came. Ex was like any other fairy, when fucking a mortal. She could coax Valencia into both coming, and staying. Way, way longer than when she simply masturbated. With Ex, Valencia had orgasms that stretched into minutes, instead of simply seconds. She was afloat in an ocean of pleasure. She had more fun than she'd ever had before. Sex with a fairy is, above all else, fun.

Valencia had never eaten pussy before, of course. Ex was her first. And it was incredible. The girl tasted so good she just almost couldn't stand it. And, Ex was a fairy. Her pussy was perfect, and exquisite. As sweet as sugar. Her clit was as big as Valencia's thumb. Just sucking it into her mouth was enough to almost make Valencia orgasm. Ex's cute little puckered asshole was as sweet as a flower. Valencia just ate her up, loving it.

The sun was almost coming up when Ex crept out of Valencia's room and back to her hollow tree. Valencia, exhausted, got an hour of sleep before her mom woke her up, and bundled her off to school. She just sat there in class that day, a warm fuzzy feeling suffusing her whole body, and probably a stupid look on her face. She even forgot about the goddam diamond. She was happy.


That afternoon, when she arrived home, her dad was in the kitchen with two men that she'd never seen before. There were microscopes and lenses and electronic machines spread out all over the table, and there, in the middle of it all, sat the diamond. Shit, Valencia thought. That stupid goddam diamond.

Her dad regarded her like she was some space alien or something. "Dear." He nodded at her, not smiling, just looking at her. "Valencia, meet Roger Stauffer, and Bill DeSmith." She solemnly shook hands and they returned to their contemplation of the stone.

When her dad saw that their attention was occupied, he covertly made a "hush" sign to her, with his finger and lips. She figured that he didn't want the men to know that she'd claimed to simply find the stone. She knew enough to keep her mouth shut, anyway.

She finally made her way outside, and down to the creek. Ex peeked out, and then greeted her. The fairy looked worn and haggard, like she'd been up all night.

"People. Looking at the diamond."

"It's out of the... save... now?" said Ex.

"Safe. Yes. But there's no way to steal it, they are all just sitting there staring at it."

"Marduk," said Ex. "You'd think they'd never seen a diamond before."

"Yeah," said Valencia.



"How's the fight going? The battle?"

To her surprise, Ex burst into tears. Valencia immediately grabbed her and hugged her tight. Ex cried and cried, hiccuping and trying to talk but not being able to.

"Oh, Valencia," she finally managed. "Something terrible has happened. And it might be partly to do with me!"

"What, Ex? Tell me." Valencia said, hugging the girl and nuzzling her face. Ex's magical fairy tears burned wherever they touched Valencia, but it was a good burn.

"Val. Okay. Lemme start at the beginning. Yesterday I went to the queen, to tell her that you needed a new diamond. A small one. She understood and when I left she was going to her laboratory to make one for you. And nobody's seen her since."

"Nobody's seen her?"

"She just disappeared. She didn't come down last night or this morning. No one has seen her at all. This is the first time this has happened, usually she's everywhere, since she can be in more than one place at a time."

"So you think it had something to do with the diamond?"

"Well, I dunno. No, nobody thinks that. I mean, it was just a diamond, nothing special. Not even a big one. But it was the last thing she did."

"Did she make the diamond?"

"I... I don't know that... I guess I should find out for you..."

Ex steeled herself. "Hang on a minute," she said, and disappeared in her characteristic green streak. Valencia sat back in the grass and relaxed, prepared to wait for a while. But Ex returned almost immediately, in another green blur.

"Okay." said Ex. She held a leather strap out to Valencia. This strap was much longer than the first one.

"Yes, she made the diamond. This was on her workbench with a note with your name on it, so they let me have it."

Valencia took the strap, and examined it. There, in a tiny metal setting, was a small brightly shining diamond, barely as big as the head of a pin.

"It's not a necklace, it's a waistlace. Here. Hold your shirt up." Ex said.

Ex took the waistlace and unfastened it. Valencia pulled her shirt up, and Ex fastened it around her slim waist. Then she pushed the diamond down into Valencia's pants, touching Valencia's pussy even, for a second. Valencia giggled.

"Okay," said Ex. "That will guard you, guard your virginity. And it will be hidden a little better. Do your parents ever see you without clothes on?"

"No, never, unless I get hit by a car or something."

"Well, let's hope that doesn't happen. Those stupid cars are dangerous."

Valencia giggled. She knew that a fairy would pass right through a car, if it hit her. She could feel the diamond, right on the outside of her vagina. It felt warm. She hoped, lord, she hoped her parents wouldn't discover this one. She didn't see how they could, but stranger things had happened. She kissed Ex, a long sweet kiss with a lot of tongue, and went back to the house. The men were gone.

Her dad sat at the kitchen table, and just stared at her. She finally said, "What?"

"Girl," he said. He shook his head. "You have presented me with the biggest puzzle of my life. That." He indicated the diamond, sitting on the table.

"I can't explain it. I can't identify it. I can hardly show it to people even, without a major fuss. I'm scared to own it, and scared to give it up. I'm going to start keeping it in the office. I don't want to keep it here in the house. It's just too damn valuable."

"Dad..." she said. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"Dad, just let me put it back where I found it, and we'll forget it ever existed."

"Darling, it doesn't work like that." He shook his head. He rose, and pocketed the diamond. "I'll be back. I'm going to the office."


Five minutes later Valencia was watching TV and doing homework when she saw a green blur out of the corner of her eye. It was Ex! Valencia laughed with pleasure. She knew Ex hardly ever entered the house. What had brought her in, this time?

Ex laughed too. She held open her hand, and there it was. The stupid diamond, the thing that had caused all the trouble.

"Ex!" Valencia hissed, hoping her mother didn't walk in. "How did you get that?"

"I picked your Daddy's pocket," Ex said, a wicked grin on her face. "It's easy when a man wears a suit. The pockets are large and the flaps are easy to get up and get your hand in. He never knew I did it."

They were both giggling when the screech of tires sounded out front.

"Oh, shit," said Ex, and disappeared in a streak, taking the diamond with her.

Valencia's dad raced into the house. His face had a look on it that she'd never seen before, a look of sheer abject horror. She immediately felt sorry for him. But, it just has to be this way, she thought.

"Valencia!" he almost shouted at her.

She assumed her most puzzled expression. He disappeared into the kitchen. She followed.

He stood before the table, looking so sad she wanted to cry.

"Valencia... I have lost it!"

"What? The diamond?"

"Yes," he nodded. "I placed it in my pocket. I carefully placed it in my pocket, and then at Broadway and Stiles when I patted my pocket, it was gone. Somewhere between here and there I lost it."

"Does your pocket have a hole in it?" he shook his head at her question.

"Did you look in the car?"

"Yes, once." he said. He disappeared out the front door to look again. She heard his voice but couldn't understand what he said. She sighed, feeling sorry for him. It just had to be like this, though. The little diamond between her legs felt warm and comfortable. Her pussy felt good. The damn thing almost vibrates, she thought. She liked this new diamond way better than the old one.


That night, her dad had a long talk with her mom. They both seemed to be watching Valencia with suspicious looks, she thought. Well, maybe she was just being paranoid. Her dad was doubting his own sanity by now and she wished she could comfort him. The whole episode made her wonder what her life held in store for her, if she'd have to live like this her whole life... this double life, this keeping of secrets. It wasn't always easy as this had proved.

She finally wandered down to Ex's tree. Ex wasn't there, but after a few minutes she appeared in a green streak. They hugged and kissed as they had begun to do whenever they met.

"Are you gonna come visit me tonight?" Valencia whispered huskily in Ex's ear. The other girl laughed.

"Sure, if you want me to!"

"Oh, I want. I want," said Valencia. She kissed the fairy again.

"Val," said Ex. "I been helpin' look for the queen."


"Nothing. She's gone. Gone gone."

"Shit. What does that mean?"

"It means we are in deep doodoo. The queen was most of our power against the... the bad guys, whatever they are. People are sayin' it was a pre... something called a pre-emptive strike, takin' the queen out before the fight started. If that's true, we're fucked."

"The fairies?"

"Everybody. Valencia. This fight, if it happens, will spill over into the mortal world. That's what it's really all about... to bring about the conjunction, the fabled conjunction. That's what almost any fight in the world of magic is about."

"Oh. What will that mean, to us? To mortals?"

"Enslavement, probably. Mortals have no real weapons to fight against magic with. Although, with the conjunction, mortal weapons will work against magic folk. Dunno. It might be a fair fight after all, who knows."

They stood there, holding hands for a while. Finally Valencia wrapped Ex's soft body in her arms, and hugged her. They put their heads on each other's shoulders, and just stood there. Valencia watched the sun sit on the horizon. Bugs chirped. A cat strolled by. Finally, she kissed Ex on the lips. A long, long wet kiss.

"Come and see me, girl," she said, and strolled back to the house. Her dad was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the spot where the diamond wasn't. She hugged him, feeling bad for him. But, it just had to be this way.


The next day was Monday. School. She had barely gotten three hours sleep that night, due to Ex's attentions. She'd gone to bed early, shutting and locking her door after Ex crept in. They'd licked and kissed and rubbed and tickled each other for hours, trying to be quiet, but being so unsuccessful at it that Valencia finally got up and turned the TV on to try and hide all the the noise. She knew her parents couldn't hear Ex, who was the noisiest, but she made some noises too sometimes. The night just seemed to go on forever, to her pleasure, but finally she opened the window and Ex had disappeared and she got some sleep.

The most amazing thing happened that day. Something that surprised her almost as much as seeing fairies for the first time. She saw somebody else seeing fairies. A mortal.

The man's name was Ourie. Mr. Ourie. He was the janitor at her school. She walked down the hall, going to the library between classes, and there he was, standing outside his little janitor nook. He was talking to an imp who was holding a clipboard and checking off things on it. It was so natural to Valencia that at first she thought nothing of it, then she realized... sweet jeezus... that is a mortal, like me, talking to a magical creature. What?

She stopped, and turned. The imp nodded, checked off one last item, and then disappeared in a puff of dirty smoke. Mr. Ourie saw her watching him and waved to her and went back inside his room. She continued on to the library, deep in thought.

So. She was not the only one. But him? Him, of all people? He was kind of gross, a typical old man, basically all wrinkled and hairy... why him? Why couldn't it have been some cute young boy? Shit, she thought. Why does it always work out so perfectly backwards?

She wondered if she should approach him, say something. She didn't know what, though. Shit, shit, she thought. She couldn't wait to get home and tell Ex about it.

And that's just what she did that evening. She put her books up and raced out to the tree. Ex grabbed her and hugged her and spun her in a circle. They kissed, and kissed again. And again. And one last time. She was breathless.

"Ex! Guess what?" she said but she didn't wait for the fairy to guess. "The janitor at my school, Mr. Ourie... he was talking to an imp today. I saw them."

Ex acted almost puzzled.

"So...?" Ex finally said.

"So shit," Valencia said. "Ex. Nobody that I know in my whole life can see magic folk. Only me. He's the first ever, other than me. Do you think that means something?"

"I dunno," said Ex. She appeared deep in thought. "Did you ask him if he knew anything about the queen?"

"I didn't say shit to him. He's an old fart, an old perv. Everybody knows he spies on the girls in the showers from behind the pipes."

"You should ask him, Val." Ex said. "You should see where he stands, in the battle. He might be a help, if he's a mortal. You're sure he's a mortal?"

"Pretty sure. Everybody sees him, all the time. And I've never seen magic folk look old. Ex. Come to school with me tomorrow, and see him."


The next day, that's just what they did. Ex nervously rode to school with Valencia, in the back seat of her mother's SUV. She gripped Valencia's hand with a death grip, to Valencia's amusement. They got out, and Ex said, "Oh, shit," at the crowds of students. She held onto Valencia tighter and tighter. Valencia was surprised that she was intimidated by the kids. People walked right through Ex, causing her to say, "Excuse me," every time. Valencia had a hard time not giggling.

It was still a few minutes until school started, so Valencia took Ex by Mr. Ourie's nook. He was standing there watching the kids go by. They caught his eye immediately.

"Well, pretty ladies," he said, when they stood before him. "Welcome. We don't get many..." his voice dropped in volume, "fairy princesses come visiting."

Ex laughed. Valencia could tell that Ex wasn't intimidated at all by the man so she tried not to be either.

"Sir," Ex said. "Have you seen or heard word of the queen?"

She didn't have to tell him which queen. His face fell and he seemed sad.

"No, my darlings, I have not. It is terrible, no? At this time, when she is needed so sorely?"

"Yes, it is terrible."

"I will keep my eyes peeled. I don't see a lot here in the school, but I helped look for her just last night. I am friends with a group of imps and they have organized many search parties."

"Well, do your best. It will be remembered," said Ex. She bowed to the man, and he bowed back slightly. He bowed to Valencia and they turned and went back outside.

"Ex, what'd you think?"

"I dunno. He seems genuine. He doesn't have that... dirty feeling the dark lord's servants have. I really don't know."

"Should I trust him?"

"I dunno. Talk to him but keep your secrets close, Val. Don't trust him like you do me, for sure."

"Oh I wouldn't do that, anyway," she said. She paused, thinking for a moment. "Ex. Can other people see me when I talk to you? It doesn't seem like they can."

"Not really... there's a magic that happens so they just don't notice... it's just one of those things..."

"Can I kiss you?"

"Oh, darlin', you can kiss me any time!"

They locked lips, and stood, silent, immobile, in the crowd of inrushing students. They kissed one more time and Valencia promised to come right to Ex's tree after school.

School was dull and boring as usual. Mr. Ourie waved to her once as she changed classes. She didn't know what to do about him. She'd probably mostly ignore him, if possible. She didn't trust him for some reason. He just didn't seem right to her.


The day that Ex disappeared was the single worst day ever of Valencia's life. She got in trouble that morning for not taking the garbage out the night before. She got in trouble at school for not finishing her homework. She got in trouble in another class for talking. She got in trouble in gym class for popping an obnoxious girl on the butt with a wet towel. It just went on like that all day.

She raced home, having to struggle to keep from crying. It was that bad. She dropped her books on the back step, and raced down the Ex's tree, for some comforting. She yearned to taste the fairy girl, she had tasted her last night, as she had every night since they'd started making out. She realized by now that she was deeply in love with the girl, and Ex seemed to be about as strongly in love back. She knew love between fairies and mortals was rare and usually ended badly, but she couldn't help it. She would take what she could get while she could get it. She loved Exeleculpa dearly.

Anyway. She went down to the creek, to Ex's tree. Ex wasn't there. She sat in the grass, and waited for her. Usually Ex showed up in a few minutes. Fairies somehow just knew when somebody wanted them. The minutes stretched into an hour. She suddenly jumped, waking up. The sun hung low in the sky. She arose, peeked in the tree one last time and went back up to the house.

"Oh, there you are." her mother said and served her dinner. She was consumed with Ex. Where was she? This wasn't like her at all. She halfway expected the girl to show up in the house, just to let her know she was back and all right.

That night was horrible. She lay awake almost all night. Where the hell was Ex? It was bad enough she wasn't here to make out with. Valencia missed that badly. But she was beginning to wonder, more and more, if something bad had happened to Ex. Something like what had happened to the queen.


The next day at school she was in enough of a tizzy to ask Mr. Ourie if he knew anything. He didn't, of course, but he seemed concerned. School was almost insane for her, the waiting, and finally she got home and checked the tree. Still nothing. She felt that if Ex had gone on a journey like she had that time her brother had been killed she would have let Valencia know that she was leaving for a while. Valencia wasn't in full panic mode yet, but she was close.

That night was doubly horrible. Valencia felt all alone in the world. Her best friend was gone. Her lover was gone. A nagging, nasty thought began and she wondered if she'd ever see Ex again. She buried her head in her pillow and bawled herself to sleep.

She walked the halls of her school like a zombie. School, boring and wearysome at best, became an exquisite torture for Valencia. She finally told a teacher that she was sick and needed to go home and the teacher sent her the office. Off she trudged down the hall.

"Psst!" said somebody. She turned. It was Mr. Ourie, his door open a crack, peeking out at her. He opened the door further and motioned to her.

"Girl. I have someone that needs to see you," he said. She stopped, puzzled and wary. She did not trust the man.

"Who is it?" she finally said. He opened the door a little further.

"The green girl. I know where she is!" he said.

Valencia felt a burning blush move down her body. She was mad, for some reason. Oh, you know, do you? she thought. And just what do you have to do with it?

"Show me," she said, heading towards his door. He opened it, and she stepped into his room. It was small and full of junk, cleaners and mops and buckets and just all kinds of crap. He had backed across the room and was pulling something out of a closet.

"Where is she?" Valencia said in a loud voice. He motioned her to be quiet and then hung a large hoop from a hook on the ceiling.

"Just step through this and you'll be with her," he said, leaning back on a counter top. Valencia regarded him suspiciously.

"And that is?" she finally said, motioning to the hoop.

"Girl," he said, "trust me." Just what I don't intend on doing, she thought to herself.

"Just step through it," he said. "It's a fairy path, a portal. We mortals call them wormholes. It will take you to where she is. Look."

He turned the hoop slightly. Suddenly, there was Ex. She was up against a wall, her hands and feet bound in chains and large metal loops. Valencia felt her heart stop.

She looked behind the hoop. Just Mr. Ourie and the janitor's room. She looked through the hoop. There was Ex, again. Ex had noticed her, even. She was shaking her head, and her mouth was moving. Valencia had made up her mind, for better or worse. She dove through the hoop.

She landed on a rough stone floor. Something shoved her from behind, and it was Mr. Ourie. He had followed her through. He grabbed the hoop, and folded it, and folded it again. When it was small enough, he stuffed it in his pocket, but Valencia didn't care about that. All she cared about was Ex. She ran across the room and hugged the girl to her.

"Oh Valencia, you shouldn't have!" said Ex, her breath hot in Valencia's ear.

"Darling, I'm gonna get you out of here," she told Ex. She turned to face Mr. Ourie.

Mr. Ourie was gone. She looked down, recoiling in horror. Mr. Ourie lay on the floor. Well, kind of... his skin lay on the floor, but now it was cast off, like a shirt or some other piece of laundry that had been thrown away. In his place, still wearing his clothes, was some kind of creature. Something Valencia had never seen before. He had a huge ugly bald head. His body seemed to ripple with muscles beneath his clothes. And magic. Magic seemed to ooze from his very pores, distorting her vision when she looked at him. He was an ugly brute. She realized that she was scared, very scared. How was she going to get Ex out of here again?

"So glad you could make it," the creature growled, smiling at her. "I am pleased to finally meet you. You, child, are our savior. You will win the war for us. Welcome, welcome."

"Let Ex go!" Valencia shouted at him. "Let her go!"

"All in good time, my child," the man replied. "We must keep her a while longer... for insurance..."

"If you want anything from me, you'll have to let her go." Valencia explained patiently, like she was talking to a half-wit. He replied equally, his tone doubly insulting.

"If you don't do what we tell you we'll kill her, darling," he replied.

So. That was it. That was the situation, she thought. "What do you want of me?" she asked.

"Just one teeny tiny little task. You must go to a special place and push a button for me. And maybe kill a chicken."

Kill a chicken? What the hell was that about? The button she could do. The chicken? She wasn't too sure about that.

"Okay, show me."

"Valencia! Don't!" Ex suddenly came back to life. "Don't do it! We'll lose the war if you do!"

"Don't pay any attention to her," the man-monster said. "She's a little mixed up. You know how fairies are."

"What is this button then?" said Valencia.

"It's just a button that starts a train up. That's all." he said, soothingly. "We need someone who can see into both worlds to do it. Someone with the right kind of... finger."

"You do it then," she said. "You see both worlds. Hell, any magical creature can see both worlds. Only mortals see just one."

"It's not that simple," the man said. "The button only fits... certain fingers..."

"Well, show me, and I'll think about it." she finally said, her mind racing for a way to get Exeleculpa out of her chains.

"Well, then, my pretty," the man said. "Follow me."

"She comes, too," said Valencia, motioning towards Ex.

"She stays," the man said.

"She comes!" said Valencia, loudly, stomping her foot. She had no idea why she did it, she just did it.

"She stays!" The man roared, deafeningly loud. He stomped his foot, and the whole earth rang like a bell. Stones fell from the ceiling of the dungeon, smashing all around Valencia. She slowly recovered, staring at the man with hatred. She knew now that she was in big trouble. He turned, and motioned imperiously for her to follow. She took two steps, kissed Ex on the lips, and told her not to worry. Ex was crying, something Valencia had never seen before. She summoned up her courage and followed the man out of the room. They went up and up and up a spiral staircase until she was dizzy. They walked along a plush beautiful hallway to an entry room and then out a giant door. Before her was a world unlike any she'd ever seen before. It almost matched, at times, the world she knew, the world she'd left behind, but it was different. Everything was ninety degrees off.

What had been the school was now a gigantic, magnificent castle. Huge spires reached hundreds of feet in the air. Flags stirred in the lazy wind. Above, the sky hung, cloudy and dark. Everything was bathed in a twilight glow.

Is this the magic world? she wondered. Is this what Ex sees every day? Am I now totally in the world of magic? She scurried to catch up with the man who was striding imperiously down the cobblestoned street. She was afraid now of being left behind, almost as much as she was afraid of him.

He turned in front of a coach house and confronted a group of goblins who were trying to control a team of stallions hooked up to a carriage. The man batted a few goblins out of the way and opened the door of the carriage.

"After you, my dear." he said. She nervously climbed aboard and sat on a plush velvet seat. He entered and sat across from her. The carriage began to move. It was not a smooth ride.

What seemed like hours passed. She sat, still nervous, waiting. For what, she did not know. The man made idle conversation, mostly silly stuff. He complimented her a lot which made her nervous. She knew he was trying to butter her up.

"I," the man said, drawing himself up, "have never introduced myself. I am Rexidorius Rex! Have you ever heard of me?"

"No. Sorry." She said. He seemed to deflate slightly. "Soon," he said, "soon everyone will hear of me. Minor demon, my ass. I will rule this world in a few days! And you will be my queen!"

He looked at her with a look of raw naked lust on his face. She really got scared then.

"Come here!" he said. "Come sit on my lap."

"Uhm," she most definitely didn't want to do that. "It's too bumpy. Maybe later."

"Now!" he barked. "Don't make me come get you."

She sighed, and rose, and made her way across the carriage. The carriage chose that moment for a bump and a lurch, and she fell right into his lap. Crap, she thought.

He just laughed and fastened his big strong arms around her waist. Oh, she thought, not knowing why, don't let him feel the strap my diamond is on. She feared that more than anything for some reason.

He didn't seem to. He pawed around on her, finally lifting her shirt and peering curiously at her bra. He made a questioning sound and looked at her.

"It's a bra, dummy." she said. "You should pay more attention to mortals."

"Take it off," he ordered.

"No! Sorry."

He screamed in rage. He was most certainly not used to no, she thought. Good grief. Just to shut him up and calm him down she finally took off her shirt and unsnapped her bra, taking it off also. He smiled, staring at her breasts, which bobbed up and down with the motion of the carriage.

"Oh. Pretty," he said. He reached a hand towards them, and she pulled away.

"Rex!" she said. "You do not have touching privileges! You must earn that!"

He made the questioning noise again. Then he got mad, again. When it was over, she sat quietly, her mind racing, as he squeezed and rubbed her breasts. She didn't like him at all but it did feel good. He rubbed her nipples, her fat puffy nipples, and that felt really good. She wasn't sure where this would end.

She really began to wonder about that, as Rex wrestled around beneath her, doing something with his pants. She looked down and shrieked in terror as something big and fleshy poked out beneath her legs. He had pulled his cock out! It was scary and interesting at the same time. He did have a big one. She couldn't begin to imagine it inside her body.

He indicated it, grinning. "Yes, dear, you have a nice one." she said, not sure what he wanted. He finally took her hand and placed it on his cock. Goodness, she thought, wanting to jump up and run, but kind of entranced, at the same time. It's hard, and soft, she thought. It was nice and warm. It was so big she couldn't put her fingers all the way around it. I am not sure I want to be queen, she thought, if I have to take this monster in. Good grief.

He rolled back the foreskin, and showed her how to jack it. She pumped obediently as he lay beneath her and sighed. She ran her hand down the shaft to his body and his scrubby pubic hair, and then out to the end to the cap. She liked the way the cap felt, at least. Like she'd thought of at first... hard, but soft. Sexy.

She felt his body jerk, and jerk again. Oh shit, she said, wondering what was fixing to happen. He growled when she stopped pumping so she started up again. He sighed and suddenly his whole body gave a jerk and white stuff sprayed out the end of his cock. It went all over the seat and floor in front of them and some of it even ran down his cock onto her hand. Ugh! she thought, but she kept on pumping, figuring he'd really lose it if she stopped now.

When it was all over he just lay there, almost asleep for the longest time. She finally realized she was still holding his softening cock and she dropped it. His cum, where it had dripped on her hands, was burning like fire now, and she wiped her hands on his pants. She tried to get up but he was holding her tightly. Finally, he came to and smiled at her. She smiled weakly back. He indicated for her to take her pants off. She shook her head. She endured a few minutes of his mad fit before she finally just shook her head and slid her pants down her legs. She steeled herself for whatever was going to happen next. She hoped that because he had just ejaculated he wouldn't be able to fuck her for a while. She knew that thing would hurt if it went inside her.

"I know you want it, little girl," he said gruffly. "But we can't do it. You have to stay a virgin to push the button. But you can still show it to me..."

He reached down and grabbed the crotch of her panties and gave a mighty yank. Her panties ripped and came off in his hand, giving her a rope burn in the crack of her ass. She shrieked and tried to cover herself but before she could do it he had a hand on each of her knees and spread her legs apart. He craned his neck over her shoulder to gaze at her pussy.

She felt naked and exposed... and naughty. She finally stopped fighting him, wondering what he'd do next. He gave a little laugh, and reached down with one of his hands and stroked her pussy. Well, that at least felt good. She was content for a while to just lay there and let him finger her. He finally began working on her clit and she felt the familiar twinges run up and down her legs. Good grief, she thought. Am I really gonna cum? Am I really gonna let this monster make me cum? It looked like she was.

The moment she began to cum the most surprising thing happened. The tiny diamond, now nestled right above her pussy, shot a beam of pure white light out like a laser beam, right into Rex's eyes. He screamed in agony and clapped his hands to his eyes. He shoved her into the floor and scooted all the way across the bench seat until he was at the far side of the carriage.

"Throw it away!" Among his moans and screams that was all she could understand. "Throw it away!"

"I'm sorry, I can't," she said. Her orgasm had been pretty well spoiled by being thrown into the floor in the middle of it and she was a little put out. And for some reason she wasn't afraid of him any more. She stood up, grabbed her pants and put them on. She was careful to leave the diamond hanging out this time. She put her shirt back on, deciding not to bother with her bra since she no longer wore panties.

Rex seemed to have recovered a little bit. He finally uncovered his eyes, and looked around the carriage a bit. She could tell he was still seeing spots.

"What was that thing?" he finally asked.

"Oh, just some jewelry somebody gave me," she answered flippantly.

"You must throw it out the window, now!" he demanded.

She lied outrageously. She felt like the diamond was her one last hope although she had no idea why.

"Rex," she said. "The diamond is keyed to my body. If I take it off it will explode and kill us both. I can't, see?"

He looked suspicious and petulant. He came closer to her to examine it, but when he drew close the diamond began to glow and pulsate. He hastily moved back.

"If I throw you out, it won't explode, because it will still be with you, right?" he finally said. She could see the wheels turning in his head.

"Yes, but you won't have me then, right?"

"Yes, right. But once you've done your task it'll be okay to get rid of you."

"I thought I was going to be your queen!" She was kind of teasing him because she was realizing more and more that he was very simple-minded in certain ways.

"Well, queens are cheap and easy to find. Maybe, maybe not." he grumbled. He put his cock back in his codpiece and tied it back up.

Another hour passed. At one point they stopped and a bucket of KFC was passed into the carriage. He gave her some fried chicken and a Pepsi. Good, she thought, she had been getting hungry. The chicken was delicious. She couldn't kill a chicken, she thought, but she sure as hell could eat one. Rex gobbled down a whole chicken a piece at a time, drank two pepsis, and burped loudly. What a lout, she thought.

She slid along the seat to the window and pulled the curtain slightly, peeking out. The countryside looked bleak and wild, but there was a lot of traffic on the road. Mostly foot traffic, but they passed a few carriages. She saw no mortals or mortal buildings. It was all magical creatures in a magical world. Strange, she thought.

She slept for a while and woke up as the carriage rocked to a halt. Rex leaped up and grabbed her hand. They departed the carriage and she looked around. Nothing, there was nothing. Just a rough road that they had come down.

"Foot from here on." Rex grunted, leading her into the bushes.

The next few minutes were the worst of her life. All she had on was cheap tennis shoes, not hiking boots. And it was cold. The sky was still overcast and cloudy. No sun warmed her. On they tramped. She shivered.


Ten minutes later they came out into a clearing. Buildings were all around. Well, kind of buildings... primitive little huts and lean-tos, made of sticks and rough stone. Behind it all a massive shape loomed, going off to the left, to the horizon it seemed. What the hell is that thing? Valencia idly wondered. Rex led her through the little city and stopped at a hut. Two goblins sat on the ground, pounding on steel swords with hammers. They stopped working and looked up inquisitively.

"Can you get this stone off this girl?" Rex ask them, pointing to her waist. Oh, shit, she thought. Not my diamond!

The goblins approached and examined her waistlace. One of them went back to the shack and returned with a large pair of clippers.

"I told you, Rex." Valencia talked quickly. "If it doesn't stay touching my body, it explodes. It'll flatten this whole shantytown if you cut it off. Everybody'll be dead, and you'll be unpopular to the max."

Rex roared in rage. The goblins backed up a few steps.

"Is what she says true?" Rex asked the goblins. They examined the stone again, using loupes and magnifying glasses.

"It is... highly unusual..." one of them finally said. "There is something moving... within it... why don't you take the clippers, go out there in the plains a few miles, and try it? I admit, I'm curious."

Rex roared again in anger. The goblins flinched.

"I should send you out to do it! Morons!" he said, cuffing the goblin. They walked on.


It was a train, Valencia thought. It really was a train. And this is where that button is? They drew closer to the train.

It was a train... made of bones, she realized. It was huge, and it was made of... bones. Well, there was sheet metal on much of the outside, but the structural stuff, the body of the thing, and most of the engine... appeared to be bones. It looked like an old fashioned steam train, except... it was made of bones. And everywhere, on top of the cars, sticking out the sides... there were gun barrels. It definitely looked like a war train. The tracks stretched before it to infinity.

"Come on." Rex grunted, and they climbed into the engine. It was crowded, cramped and dirty. Stuff was everywhere, machine stuff. Levers and dials and even oily gears and shafts, all exposed. It looked dangerous to Valencia.

"Okay," said Rexidorius Rex. He indicated a large glass bubble. Something moved beneath it. Valencia looked closer. It was a chicken! The chicken stared at her and clucked hopefully.

"We got this chicken from a carnival. It was trained to peck a button and ring a bell, but it wouldn't work on this button for some reason." He indicated a button almost hidden beneath the chicken. Chicken poop covered the floor, inside the bubble. Ugh.

"So why is the chicken still in there?" she asked. Rex squirmed uncomfortably.

"After the first attempt failed, the chicken was imbued with certain... magical powers. It is now actually a chickcharney, it just hasn't assumed it's... true form yet. A goblin tried to remove it from that jar last night and lost his arm."

He indicated the floor and sure enough, blood was splashed beneath the bubble. Oh shit, thought Valencia. All this, and a blood-thirsty chicken, too?

"Rex," Valencia said. "What's the deal with the button? Why can't just anybody push the button and start the train?"

"Well..." Rex looked uncomfortable again. "There was a disagreement regarding certain payments to one of the civilian contractors. He locked the button until he gets paid in full, but we think there's a way around it."

"Good grief," she shook her head. "Just pay him! You are all set to take over the world, and you're quibbling over a few bucks?"

"It's more than a few bucks," Rex said defensively. "This train cost a lot of money to build. It incorporates several new technologies that have only recently become available in the magical sphere. For instance..."

"Okay, okay, I get it," Valencia waved him to silence. "Well, I can't push the button unless you get the chicken out." Although, in truth, she had no desire to push the button, remembering what Ex had said about it. She wondered how she was ever going to get out of this mess.

"That's part of your job, to remove the chicken. If your magic is as powerful as they say it is, it should be no problem. It's just a chicken, after all."

Yeah, she thought. A magical, flesh-rending chicken. She sighed. What a way to die. Or lose an arm. Oddly, she felt little fear of the chicken.

"Well, you guys should probably wait outside just in case the chicken goes berserk," she said, turning to face Rex and the half-dozen or so goblins that had followed them into the control room. Rex held a hurried consultation with the goblins and they began streaming out the door.

"I want you to see something first," Rex said and motioned her over towards a window. He pointed out and she looked, almost shouting in surprise. It was Ex! He had brought Ex after all! She was still in chains and they were staking her out, pounding stakes into the sandy ground to hold her down.

"You double-cross me and she dies slowly and painfully. We have a scorpodont." He indicated again and Valencia saw something moving in a nearby cage very close to Ex. In it was a huge scorpion with a tail three feet long. A goblin poked it with a stick and from fifty feet away Valencia heard it hiss in anger. Oh shit! she thought. Oh shit!

"Okay, just get out and let me do my thing," she said, making a shooing motion towards the door. Rex shook his finger at her one last time and departed, closing the door. She reached up and locked the door but the lock looked pretty flimsy. She turned and regarded the chicken. Now what?

A tiny voice from below her said something, sounding like a radio. She ignored it, figuring it was some kind of communication from another part of the train. It spoke again, soft and insistent, but she couldn't make out what it was saying.

She stood in front of the chicken and stared at it. It didn't look that threatening. It was just a chicken, for crying out loud. Chickens could flog you but that was about it. An arm? This chicken had taken a man's arm off? What did it do, peck it off? How long did that take?

The chicken's beak moved, and to her amazement, it spoke. A magical, flesh-rending talking chicken? It just gets better and better, she thought. The chicken spoke, but she couldn't hear it well enough to understand it inside the globe. Well, if it can talk surely it can understand also, she thought. She put her face down and stared at the chicken through the glass.

"I am going to release you." She said loudly and plainly. "Please do not hurt me."

She carefully lifted the glass globe from over the chicken. The chicken sat placidly. Good. She set the globe on the floor. The chicken still did not move. She stared at it and spoke.

"Chicken," she said. "Do you know what will happen if I push that button?"

The chicken replied plainly but with a funny chickenish accent. "Do not push the button," said the chicken. "Instead, smash the diamond."

What? Smash what diamond? Valencia looked all around the huge control panel that ran the train. She saw no diamonds, not even any diamond shaped patterns. She turned back to the chicken.

"What diamond?"

"Your diamond. Smash it," the chicken replied.

Oh. That diamond. She untied the strap around her waist and regarded the tiny diamond. She liked it, it made her feel good, and she didn't really want to smash it. Plush, diamonds were hard. She didn't know if she could hit it hard enough to smash it.

Someone pounded on the door. Rex's voice mumbled from the other side.

"Almost done!" she sang out, hoping to stall him. She looked around. Finally, beneath a bench seat at the back of the control room she located a toolbox. She pulled out a giant hammer, so big she had to hold the diamond in her mouth and use both hands to lift the hammer. Luckily, steel things were all around the room. She finally located a large flat-looking area and set the diamond on it. She raised the hammer over her head with both hands, and stared at her beautiful diamond one last time. Really, she thought, why am I smashing this again? Just because a chicken told me to?

She looked at the chicken. It looked back. It finally spoke again. "Valencia. Smash the diamond," it said, like a stuck record. She let the hammer drop.

The explosion was intense. The hammer flew right out of her hands and through the thin sheet metal of the roof. She ducked but it was already gone. Her ears were ringing. Smoke was everywhere in the room, thick white smoke. She coughed out of habit, but it wasn't bad smoke. There was an almost shocked silence from the door, and then the pounding began again in earnest. Pounding and a lot of questioning voices.

The smoke cleared, sucked away by some unknown force. Directly before Valencia, in all her regal glory, stood the fairy queen. Valencia breathed a sigh of relief. The queen smiled at her.

"Valencia, my child," the queen spoke. "Thank you for freeing me. Now push that goddam button, and let's get the hell out of here."


The chicken was standing up now. Hesitantly Valencia reached towards the button, glad there was no chicken poop on it. The chicken thought she was reaching for it and flew at her. She squealed, hoping not to lose an arm, but the chicken just nestled in the crook of her left arm, happy to be held. Valencia reached out with her right index finger and carefully pushed the button.

Immediately, there was a loud whoosh, and the train spluttered and coughed to life. Not like an car motor, but like a fire burning and water boiling. She could feel it through the floor. The queen laughed and grabbed a rope on the ceiling and pulled it. The loudest horn Valencia had ever heard in her life sounded and she clapped her hands over her ears. The queen laughed again.

"Go get Exeleculpa. And bring a goblin back with you. I'll blow the horn again if anybody bothers you." The queen indicated the door. Valencia went and unlocked the lock and hesitantly peeked out. The goblins and Rex lay on the ground, looking lifeless but holding their ears and grimacing. She went down the steps and approached Ex who was sitting up and grinning at her.

"Quite a ride you got there, girl," Ex said, nodding at the train. Valencia looked back to see the queen peering out a window at them.

"Ex. How do I free you?" she asked. Ex indicated a goblin laying on the ground.

"He's got the key," she said. Valencia went through the goblin's pockets and found a large brass key. In another few moments Ex was free. Ex kicked the door to the scorpion cage as they passed it and the door fell down. The scorpion hissed and stalked out, pissed off and looking for something to sting. They giggled and high-tailed it back to the train. At the last minute Valencia remembered to bring a goblin and Ex helped her manhandle one onto the train.

Valencia carefully locked the door and they joined the queen in the control room. "Okay, ladies," she said. "We are going on a little journey by rail. Do you have your tickets?"

Valencia was lost for a second until she realized the queen was joking. She wasn't used to that, not from a queen. She laughed though.

She looked out the window. The goblins were screaming and running in circles, being chased by the scorpion. Someone began beating on the door again and Valencia figured it was Rexidorius Rex. The queen nodded her head and looked at the cord on the ceiling.

"Exeleculpa," the queen said. "The horn, please?"

Ex grabbed the cord with glee and gave it a long toot as Valencia clapped her hands over her ears. The queen slowly released a lever and began to pull another lever back. The massive pistons at the front of the train gave a huge whoosh of steam and the train began to move. The queen pulled a cord on the ceiling and a bell rang.

The queen went back to the goblin and raised him to his feet. He looked a little nervous. He knew he was in deep shit.

"Well, my little friend," the queen said. He gulped and nodded. "What is your name?"

"Halverstaad, your majesty," said the goblin, bowing low to the queen.

"Halverstaad, do you want your arms and legs pulled off?" He shook his head violently. "Grab a shovel and find the coalpile," the queen said. "You are now officially our fireman."

"Ladies," the queen said, turning. "You ever been to Californ-ie-ae?"


The train sped through the night. The queen seemed surprisingly familiar with how to drive a train. Valencia hoped that they didn't meet another train coming down the tracks but the queen poo-pooed that fear. There weren't many trains in the magic lands. Finally, Valencia sat on the bench seat at the back of the room. Ex came to her and draped her body over Valencia and they locked their lips together.

"Ahem." said the queen. They looked up at her. "Exeleculpa. You were supposed to guard this girl's virginity, not take it."

Ex giggled. "Don't worry, your majesty. She's still a virgin. All I've done is kiss her... and maybe lick a little bit."

The queen shook her head. "You crazy kids. What are they teaching you nowdays?" She went back to driving the train. Halverstaad was shoveling away like mad, hoping to impress the queen.

Ex and Valencia kissed again. Valencia filled her hands with Ex's bare rump. The whole train vibrated and shook, making them both feel good. Valencia was ready for this to be over so they could get back to doing what they did best. Their lips touched, again and again.


They stopped a half-dozen times during the night to refill the water tank and occasionally get more coal. Trains take a lot of water, Valencia decided. After the first stop, the goblins manning the refueling stations were ready for them, thanks to the telegraph system, and sped them on their way. Valencia wondered if word of their location was also going out to Rexidorius Rex and the bad guys. The goblins always seemed friendly and helpful but she figured they'd act that way to anybody who had the power to pull their arms and legs off like the queen did.


The next day they were blasting through what would have been Arizona if this had been the mortal world. The queen had punched out the hole in the roof where the hammer had gone and stuck the glass globe up there, so they could look out. Once Ex had looked out of it and shouted a warning. Some kind of air-planeish looking flying machine was following them and Rexidorius Rex was hanging from a ladder, whipping back and forth in the wind as he tried to drop onto the train. The queen sent them back to the first car after the coal car and they climbed into a cupola and spent a minute trying to figure out how to fire the guns. Finally Valencia found the safety and they both shrieked and laughed as the guns fired loudly. Valencia spun the handwheels and aimed and Ex grabbed the triggers and they blasted Rex's flying machine into smithereens at point-blank range. The last they saw of him he was cartwheeling down the side of the tracks, head over heels.

The rest of the trip was pretty mundane. Valencia mostly sat on the bench seat and held the chicken.

"I know a spot just south of LA where the tracks go into the ocean," said the queen. "It's where they used to unload coal from ships. We'll put this nasty bitch into the water there."

Valencia and Ex both giggled. The queen just smiled.


And that's what they did. When they got near the beach, the queen slowed the train to a running pace and Valencia, Ex and Halverstaad jumped off. The queen slammed the throttle down, grabbed the chicken and followed them. The train went down the hill, through a baricade and sank into the sea. Bubbles and steam came up for a long time. They turned and began to walk.

An hour later they were on an infinite highway. The road stretched before them and looked endless. It was hot and dusty. Valencia sighed, wondering how many days it was going to take to walk home. A horn honked behind them and a goblin driving a beat-up old Studebaker pulled up.

"Ladies, need a-- hey, your majesty!" he said, and stopped the car so he could get out and open the door for the queen. Valencia, Ex, Halverstaad and the chicken put themselves in the back seat and they pulled back onto the road.

"Where to, your highness?" the goblin asked, and the queen gave him Valencia's address. The ride was fun from there on, they sang, played road games with signs and Ex took her top off and made a diaper for the chicken. The car had air conditioning, even. Road trip! It just didn't get any better, Valencia thought. She had grand fun.

The queen talked a little, about the war mostly. The war was pretty much over, for now. When the queen mentioned that the train had been pregnant Valencia and Ex had hysterics, causing the queen to raise an eyebrow. No, really, the queen insisted, in just a few months there would have been thousands of those damn trains, spreading out over the whole country and eventually the whole world. Rexidorius Rex and the armies of darkness would have ruled the worlds, both mortal and magic. Well, every part of the world within a dozen miles of a railroad track, which was a pretty big part of the world.

When night fell they bored through the darkness. Valencia lay in the back seat, her feet in Halverstaad's lap as she sucked on Ex's bare breasts, loving the feel of the fairy's fat puffy nipples. Their lips met, and she went to sleep face to face with a fairy, locked in a kiss.

They were home by morning, the goblin had really put the pedal down during the night. The queen was gone, she'd disappeared into thin air after giving Valencia and Ex a lecture about being ladies and how ladies behaved, causing them both to have a fit of the giggles after she'd left. The goblins looked at them, puzzled, as they climbed over the seat, giving the chicken and Halverstaad the run of the back seat. By the time they pulled up in front of Valencia's house their faces almost hurt from laughing so much. Valencia walked up to her front door while Ex, Halverstaad and the goblin driver went behind the house, headed for Ex's tree and a nice long threesome.

Valencia looked around. Everything was back to normal. She was back in the mortal world even though now she knew how to enter the magic world. It's just a jump to the left, she thought, and then laughed to herself. She let herself into the house, the chicken under her arm. She smelled breakfast.

"Well, good morning, dear. Did you have a nice run?" her mother said from the doorway.

"Yeah," she answered. She looked down. Somehow she had on her running shorts, shirt, and even her Nikes. Funny how things worked out. Magic, almost. And the queen had assured her that her parents would have forgotten all about that pesky diamond.

"Mom," said Valencia. "I found a chicken. Can I keep it?"



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Reply #1 on: October 17, 2014, 07:27:44 PM
Good story.  Definitely different!

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Reply #2 on: December 28, 2016, 04:01:04 PM
Sir, this is a good story.  ;D  I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you.  Respectfully, G

PS  ONE freaking comment in two years!!  :roll:  Some people!!

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Reply #3 on: December 28, 2016, 07:51:35 PM
Sir, this is a good story.  ;D  I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you.  Respectfully, G

PS  ONE freaking comment in two years!!  :roll:  Some people!!

Oddly, this is the very first story I posted to this board.


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i'm glad this showed up as a new story, even though it is over two years old.  It is very different than most of the stories you read here.  The execution of the premise is done flawlessly.  I would love to see it continue, though you have chosen a place i think makes a complete story. Again you have had me lose an hour of work time. 


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Absolutely fucking amazing!!! This should be a Studio Ghibli video! Outta sight! I could not skip a word, it was so compelling!

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Reply #6 on: December 29, 2016, 02:11:37 AM
Just a note... weird how "inspiration" works sometimes... this whole story started when I read something Google found that said 99% of all cities, towns and population centers in the world are within ten miles of a railroad track. After that, the story pretty much wrote itself.


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I guess my reaction was considerably influenced by being a fairies/elves fan from way back to the time I read the wonderfully scholarly study The Fairy Faith after reading W. B. Yeats say he was a believer. But with or without a tendency to imibe fairy lore, your story was so nicely spiced with wonder, humor and delicate touches of so many fine qualities, plus the prose was just full of charm. I wouldna minded a little more sex, but one takes these gems as one finds them. I'm still psyched! I bet if you bowdlerized it and found an illustrator to take it under his wing, it would make a great children's book or graphic novel.

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Reply #8 on: February 14, 2018, 09:50:40 AM
wow.. you always seem to surprise me. yet another great story