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Workin' girl (straight, cons, MF, FF )

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on: October 17, 2014, 07:48:03 PM

Title         : Workin Girl

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : MF, FF

Date        : 20141018

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Synopsis : This is an attempt to leave my p3d0 roots behind and write a normal story about an of-age girl and her sex life. I have no idea what possessed me to do this. Cookie-cutter lesbo and straight sex.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.


Donice Woodston was fixing to turn twenty-one. That was a big deal for her. Now, or rather tomorrow night, she'd be legal. She could legally get into clubs, instead of having to sneak in. She looked forward to it. She enjoyed clubbing with her friends, and it was always a pain in the ass to have to lie, or to use a fake license, or worst of all to bribe her way into clubs. Now life would be much easier.

So.  Tomorrow she would be twenty-one. Her friends, and her, of course, had planned on going to the Phalanx to celebrate. It was new and fancy, and all the cool people were still going there. It would be fun. She passed Friday afternoon on a high, thinking of tomorrow night. Even Mr. Woody didn't get her down, although he tried.

Five o'clock finally arrived. Her friend Janice gave her a lift, and dropped her off, promising to be there tomorrow night. Donice went up to the apartment with a lilt in her step. She opened the door. Oh, shit, she thought, she was not alone. Her room-mate, Kennedy Chastain, was stretched out on the couch, snoozing. How on earth does the girl ever make enough money to pay her half of the rent, Donice wondered. The girl called in sick every other day, at least. Crazy.

Even Kennedy couldn't get her down today, though. She said hi to the sleeping figure, and went straight into her room, shutting the door. She spent the next hour trying on every dress she had, looking for something special, something out of the ordinary. She finally settled on a little black skirt, a one-piece thing, black, top and bottom. She kind of thought she'd wear a white or pink thong underneath it, and the skirt was so short she knew that guys would get get peeks from her. She didn't mind, she kind of liked showing off sometimes. She knew what guys liked. Guys like to see panties.

She finally wandered out into the apartment proper, and went to the kitchen. She found some chicken stuff that she'd set aside earlier in the week, on her side of the fridge. She heated it up, and headed back into the living room to eat it. Kennedy was awake by then, and stumbled off to the bathroom and then around the room for a while. Donice watched her with amusement.

"Wha's goin' on 'morrow nie'?" said Kennedy.

"My birthday party, at the Phalanx," said Donice. "You gotta come, Ken. I'll pay your way in, if you'll just come."

"Sure, I'll come," said Kennedy. "How can I pass up a deal like that? You'll be what, nineteen?"

"Ha ha."

"Seriously... you'll be... twenty-one?"

"Yes, seriously."

"Cool," Kennedy sighed. "I remember twenty-one."

"Yes, last year. Good thing you can remember last year."

Kennedy opened her mouth, and sat, begging, like a little puppy dog. Donice began placing pieces of chicken into the other girl's mouth. It wasn't that good, anyway, she thought.

"Mmmm, that shit's good," said Kennedy. Just as I suspected, Donice thought, the girl has no taste. Finally the chicken was all gone.

Kennedy finally laid down, and laid her head in Donice's lap. They talked for a while, about silly stuff, work mostly. Donice was surprised that Kennedy was at work long enough to have anything to talk about.

You know, thought Donice, this girl and I... we are 180 degrees apart. We have nothing in common. But, for some reason, I like her. I guess I do, I put up with her crap. And, I admit, she puts up with mine. Wonder what it is...

One impulse, she leaned down, and kissed Kennedy. A quick one, right on the lips. She tasted some of the sauce from the chicken, even. Kennedy looked shocked, and then smiled.

"Oh," she said. "So you've learned my secret, have you?"

"What secret," said Donice.

"I'm a secret lesbian," said Kennedy, giggling.

"You are so not," said Donice. "I've actually seen you fucking a boy."

"Hah," said Kennedy. "When?"

"A few weeks ago, that blonde haired guy that you said was Mr. Right. Right here, on this very couch. When I went to the bathroom, you two were fucking away at it."

"Hmmmm," said Kennedy. "I don't remember that. But maybe."

"Maybe my ass," giggled Donice.

"He was most certainly not Mr. Right, either."

"Ken... every guy you meet is Mr. Right, right?"

"Shut up and kiss me again," said Kennedy.

Donice did. She didn't know why she did it, but she did. She'd never kissed a girl before. She'd kissed lots of boys, but no girls. I wonder why not, she thought.

It was a long kiss. She finally pulled away, and took a breath. Kennedy smiled up at her, and Donice dropped to her mouth, again. This kiss, the third, was very long and involved tongue. Lots of tongue.

She finally pulled away.

"Kennedy," she said. "Why have we never done anything like this before?"

"I dunno..." said Kennedy. "Maybe because... it's gay?"

"Maybe. But so what."

"Yeah. So what."

They just stared at each other for a few moments. Finally Donice closed her eyes, and leaned down. Their lips met. Donice breathed in and out, into the other girl's lungs. They did it for so long, as their tongues tickled each other, that she started feeling dizzy. Donice finally broke the kiss and drew a convulsive gasp, feeling Kennedy do the same.

Their lips met again. This was fun, Donice thought. More fun that kissing a guy. Guys didn't really care much for kissing, they just wanted to go straight to the sex stuff. She had noticed that long ago.

Girls though. Girls liked to kiss. And she knew why. It was fun. She wiggled her tongue all around Kennedy's mouth, exploring it. The girl tasted fine. A little chickeny, but fine.

Kennedy was laying in her lap, more or less. Donice reached down, and cupped the other girl's breasts in her hands. Kennedy jumped at first, but then giggled.

"Gettin' pretty personal there..." said Kennedy, and Donice giggled back. She rubbed Kennedy's breasts, and finally pinched her hard nipples. Kennedy just had on a t-shirt, and no bra. Donice wondered if the girl had panties on, under the t-shirt. It was too long to see, at the moment.

"Kennedy. Your titties are hard. Does that mean you like this?" she said.

"My titties are always hard," said Kennedy. "But, I do like it, yes. Keep doing it."

Donice did. She squeezed and rubbed Kennedy's tits, in a circular motion. She pinched the fat nipples some more, loving the feel of them beneath her fingertips. Kennedy had some great tits, she thought. She wondered why she hadn't noticed before.

"Kennedy..." she said, sounding kind of whiny. Kennedy giggled.

"Kennedy... can I suck on your titties?" Donice said.

Kennedy just stared at her, and then finally shook her head.

"You goin' to th' dark side, girl," Kennedy finally said, but she leaned forward, and pulled her t-shirt up and off. Donice was pleased to see that she wasn't wearing panties. Kennedy seemed like the kind of girl that wouldn't wear panties unless she had to. Donice wondered if they were both brave enough to go that far. To the panty zone.

She stared down at Kennedy's fat nipples. They looked beautiful to her. Her mouth almost watered, looking at them. As she bent her head down towards them, the glanced down the girl's body to her pussy. She was pleased to see it was smooth, totally hairless. Donice shaved, too, and she was glad she had just shaved this morning. She wanted to rub her smooth pussy on Kennedy's. Maybe I'll get to do that, she thought. But start it out slowly.

Her lips touched Kennedy's nipple. She could feel the heat rising from the other girl's body. She plastered her lips around the fat nipple, and sucked. There was no discernible taste, but it felt good to Donice. She realized she wanted her nipples sucked on, too. She loved it when boys had sucked on them, before. A girl would be at least that good, if not better. She sucked harder, feeling Kennedy's nipple harden in her mouth. This was fun, she thought.

"Girl, girl," Kennedy said. "You gonna do this all night?"

Donice raised her face an inch. "If you'll let me. If you'll do mine," she said, and dropped back to the nipple. Donice was enjoying herself greatly.

Kennedy sighed theatrically. "I guess, if that's what it takes," she said. She reached down and rubbed Donice's back, and then slid her hands under the other girl's body, to her tits. Ahhhh, thought Donice. Now we're gettin' somewhere...

Donice had a bra on, though. Kennedy squeezed around on her tits some, and then reached down and pulled her shirt up her back to her neck. She unsnapped Donice's bra, and then motioned for Donice to sit up. Donice did, and Kennedy pulled her shirt and bra over her head, and threw them on the floor.

"Here," said Kennedy. "Lay down with me."

Donice stretched down the length of the couch, almost under Kennedy. They both giggled, staring each other in the face, and they stopped for a moment, and kissed, a long deep kiss.

Kennedy finally pulled away, and said, "I gotta get me some o' this, girl."

She dropped her face to Donice's tits, and Donice felt the girl take her nipple in her mouth. She sighed with pleasure. This was going very well, she thought. No embarrassment, no hesitation. She wondered if Kennedy had ever played around with a girl before, she seemed almost like a natural at it.

"Kennedy," she said. "You ever screwed around with another girl?"

Kennedy shook her head and made an "uh-uh" sound. She raised her mouth off Donice's nipple long enough to say, "You?"

"No. First time. Won't be last." said Donice. Kennedy giggled.

"Donice," Kennedy asked. "You still gonna fuck boys?"

Donice giggled. "Sure. I'm not gay or anything."

Kennedy giggled some more. "Tell that to your titties," she said, licking them like a cat does.


Thirty minutes later they were still locked in each others arms, rolling around on the couch. They kept coming back to kissing, Donice noticed. They were kissing now, their breasts smashed together, their arms around each others waists. As they kissed, Donice finally dropped her hands lower and lower, and finally cupped Kennedy's ass cheeks in them. Kennedy giggled, and did the same to Donice's ass. Donice grasped Kennedy's ass, wiggling it around like she had done the other girls tits, rotating and spreading it. She crept her fingers closer and closer to the other girl's asshole, wondering if she was brave enough.

Kennedy did the same to Donice's ass, and to Donice's surprise, Kennedy just went right ahead and stuck her finger in Donice's asshole. It was Donice's turn to jump, then, and giggle. She did the same to Kennedy, and pushed in a little ways, feeling the other girl's sphincter puckering around the tip of her finger. Kennedy did the same to her, and Donice felt Kennedy's finger literally enter her body, sliding past her sphincter.

"Darling. You are no longer an asshole virgin," Kennedy said, and they both giggled. Donice did the same, fighting against Kennedy's sphincter for an instant, and then feeling her finger enter the other girl's body. It felt sexy to her, and she felt her pussy tingling. She knew this was gonna go far, now. She had never guessed when she came home from work this evening that she'd be sticking her finger in another girl's asshole. She'd never in her life thought about sticking her finger in another girl's asshole. And here she was doing it.

She wiggled her finger around inside Kennedy, feeling the other girl do the same to her. She pushed her finger in deeper, feeling some resistance, and feeling various weird things deep in the other girl's body. Kennedy giggled. She plunged her finger as deep into Donice's ass as she could, wiggling it around. God that feels good, thought Donice, I've never even had a boy do that to me, but shit. It feels good.

They finally pulled their fingers out of each others asses, and lay there, regarding each other.

"Kennedy!" said Donice suddenly, causing Kennedy to jump.

"What," the other girl said.

"Kennedy. I'ma wanna lick your pussy. Can I?"

Kennedy sighed, and stared at Donice.

"Girl, what are you turning in to?" she said. She nodded, though. "Donice. I would love it if you licked my pussy. I hope it's not to smelly for you, though, I didn't take a shower today."

At this stage, Donice thought, I am so beyond caring about that. Donice realized with a shock how horny she was, how much this playing around was turning her on. I wanna cum, she thought, and I want Kennedy to cum. I wanna make her cum, and I want her to make me cum.

She crawled on her knees and elbows down the other girl's body. When Donice was finally nestled in between Kennedy's thighs, the other girl spread her legs as far as she could, on the couch. Donice surveyed Kennedy's cunt from a few inches away. She could plainly smell the other girl, and it smelled good to her. Pussy, thought Donice. Cunt. There's just something about cunt. Nothing smells quite like cunt. She hadn't ever given it much thought, except to avoid loud smells, like this one. Donice took a shower every day, and washed her cunt religiously. She was glad that Kennedy hadn't taken a shower, today. She loved the smell of the girl's cunt.

She slowly dropped her lips to Kennedy's cunt. She felt Kennedy twitch when Donice touched her pussy lips with her mouth lips. Her pussy feels so soft and sexy, though Donice. And the taste was unreal, as she ran her tongue down Kennedy's slit. Jeezus, Donice thought. No wonder guys like doing this. It's fabulous. She could taste sweat, and salt, and over it all, just an incredible, sexy pussy taste. How have I gone this long without knowing this? Donice asked herself. Why have I waited so long?

She felt what she thought was Kennedy's clit, and fastened her lips around it. From the way that Kennedy began to squirm and gasp for breath Donice knew that she had found it. She puckered her lips and sucked hard, alternately rubbing it with her tongue. She wanted Kennedy to cum, bad. She wanted to give that to her, she wanted to do that for her. She rubbed and stroked and sucked, knowing the clit was the key. Donice masturbated almost every night, and her clit was center of it all, for her. She hoped Kennedy was the same. Now, Donice thought, it's all different when I let boys fuck me. It's about filling my cunt, then, that feeling of fullness. My clit is secondary. But now, with a girl, and when I do it by myself, it's all about the clit. Clit happens.

Kennedy was growling now, causing Donice to giggle. The other girl was literally writhing beneath her, pounding her upper back on the couch. Donice knew she was close to cumming. She doubled her efforts, pounding Kennedy's clit unmercifully with her tongue.

Kennedy exploded. That was the only word Donice could think of for it. The girl just blew up, and came, like a bomb. She gasped and huffed, and moaned and groaned, and stuck her legs out straight. Her stomach both sucked in, and pooched out. Donice was jealous, she didn't remember ever cumming that hard, herself. She wondered if this was normal for Kennedy. She'd lived with the girl a year, but never seen her have an orgasm. Interesting.

Donice finally slowed down, and pulled back as Kennedy calmed down. Donice finally crawled back up, until she was face to face with the other girl.

"Kennedy," she said. "Do you always cum like that? Jeezus."

Kennedy opened her mouth, and panted like a dog. "No, not always." she finally said. "No, that one was special. I was turned on, girl."

"Well..." said Donice. "So was I. So am I."

"Shit," said Kennedy. "Goddam. That was a good one. That was a fucking good one. You have a good tongue, girl."

Donice giggled. "Kennedy..." she said. She leaned in, and gave Kennedy a long, deep kiss. "Kennedy... you owe me, now. You gotta do me, when you catch your breath."

"I will, don't worry. I'll try, at least. I dunno if I can do you as good as you did me though," Kennedy said, and leaned into Donice, instigating another long kiss.

"Damn," said Kennedy. "I taste good. My cunt tastes that good?"

Donice nodded, giggling. Kennedy kissed her again.

"I like my cunt," said Kennedy. "I might go another day without a shower. That shit tastes good."

They kissed for another few minutes. Donice could smell Kennedy's cunt on her face. It did smell good. She wondered if she should skip a day, herself. She was already planning on doing this tomorrow night. And the night after. And the night after. This was the most fun she'd had in a long time. Maybe ever.

"Kennedy," Donice said, feeling a naughty thrill run through her. "Kennedy, your cunt tastes great. I wanna taste your asshole, too, girl."

"Shit, girl. You can. If you'll just do that for me every now and then? Make me cum like that? You can do anything you want, if you'll make me cum like that again."

They both giggled. What the fuck is happening, here, Donice thought. Am I turning gay? Am I falling in love with a girl? This girl? The feelings in her were pretty confused, at the moment. She didn't know what she felt. She just knew what she wanted to do every night, from now on. And, she thought, I still like cocks. I still like boys. I just like girls too, from now on.


Kennedy finally heaved herself up, and headed south, acting like it was a big deal.

"All right, stop complaining," she said. "I'll lick your poo-see."

Donice giggled, and relaxed, spreading her legs wide. Shit, she thought, it feels good to just simply spread my legs, to stretch my cunt out. This is gonna be good, she thought.

It was good. Kennedy was as good a natural as Donice had been. It felt so sexy, from the first second she felt the other girl's mouth on her cunt. She wondered if she tasted good, if she had nearly as much taste as Kennedy had. Tomorrow night will be better, she thought.

Kennedy licked down her slit, to her perineum, and didn't stop there. Donice spread her legs wider, and lifted her bottom off the couch so Kennedy could reach her asshole. That really turned Donice on to think about, to think about Kennedy licking her asshole. That's what she wanted, and wanted to do. She could feel Kennedy's tongue on the rough skin of her asshole, and she really wondered what that tasted like. She planned on finding out.

Kennedy finally stopped playing around, and concentrated on Donice's clit. Donice felt electric shocks run up and down her legs as the girl pounded and ground her clit with her tongue. It felt better than Donice had ever imagined. What the fuck, she thought, I've had guys eat me, dozens of times. Lots of guys have liked to eat me, have wanted to eat me. But it's never been this good. What the fuck is it about another girl? Is it because girls have one too? What the fuck. She was puzzled.

She finally exploded into an orgasm. Her legs locked and her back arched until it almost hurt. She grabbed fistfuls of the couch, and pulled her body down, hard. Her breath was gasping in her throat. She moaned and groaned, too. Her mind just blanked out for a few moments, and she lost herself in the feeling of a massive, overpowering orgasm.

She finally just lay here, breathing in gasps.

Kennedy crawled back up her body, and fastened her lips onto Donice's. Donice wrapped her arms around the girl, loving the feel of her thin wiry body. She closed her eyes and relaxed, and just kissed. I could love a girl, she thought. I could love this one. I will. I do. I still love boys, but I love this girl the most.


The next day was Saturday. And Saturday was her birthday. Oddly, last night, the two of them had retired to their own beds. As Donice lay there, she thought, shit, we should be sleeping together. We're fucking, we should be sleeping together. She made her mind up to surprise Kennedy that night, if and when they got back home from the club. If she was alone. If Kennedy was.

Saturday morning. They got up when they woke up, and Donice took a shower, and then Kennedy did. Donice very carefully didn't wash her pussy out like she usually did, though. She wanted to be good and smelly for whoever, that night. If it was a guy, so be it. She didn't think he'd mind.

They went to a street festival, and wandered around a while, and bought some silly shit. Donice finally grasped Kennedy's hand in hers, and the other girl just smiled at her. The rest of the festival they stayed like that, holding hands. Nobody seemed to notice, or care. Donice giggled to herself. Now, if they had been guys... people might have noticed. Maybe not, not in this part of town.


Late that afternoon, Donice started getting ready. Every time she went through the living room, Kennedy just sat there on the couch, watching TV. Donice finally asked her if she was going tonight.

"I told you I would," Kennedy said.

"Don't you have to get ready?" Donice asked.

"It don't take me long, you know that," said Kennedy. Donice finally gave up, and just worried about herself.

Donice was ready by 7:00, and then sat around for two hours. Finally she was gratified to see Kennedy bustling around, getting ready. A little after nine they went downstairs, and squeezed into Donice's little car. They drove out of the basement, and down the street, finally pulling up in front of the Phalanx. The bouncers ran them off, and finally Donice found a spot behind the club.

After a year of being hassled, Donice was almost miffed that the bouncer at the gate hurried her in without even looking at her license. They found a table, and spent the next hour nursing a drink each, and waiting on Donice's friends. Finally people started showing up.

Donice had kind of had her eye on a guy from work for a long time. His name was Ralph. She had no idea why she liked him, he seemed like a pretty ordinary guy. She had noticed, though, the bulge that seemed to run down the front of his trousers. Not that penis size really mattered to her. Still...

They all had a pretty good time, although it was a little of a let-down to Donice, after all her expectations. Being twenty-one wasn't that big a deal, she finally decided. Nothing had really changed. She was still herself.

Some guys from other tables had joined them, because Donice's table was mostly girls from work. Finally, Donice looked up and saw a whole group of guys from work heading their way, including Ralph. She was pleased.

Everyone had to come and wish her a happy birthday and shake her hand, and when Ralph did she pushed the seat next to hers out for him, and he sat, seemingly surprised. She knew he probably had no idea she liked him, she'd hardly even ever talked to him. Well, she would change all that tonight.

The evening passed quickly, there was drinking, dancing, fighting and fucking, although the fight was at another table. The fucking went on upstairs, where it usually did, Donice knew. She'd never had the nerve to go up there, before. Maybe... she thought... maybe tonight...

"Ralph! Take me upstairs!" Donice said, whispering it loudly in his ear. He looked like a deer in the headlights for a moment, and then recovered nicely, and stood.

"Kennedy, come on," Donice said. Everybody else looked involved in conversations and such, nobody paid any attention to them.

"What...?" said Kennedy lazily.

"We're gonna go upstairs and take some selfies so we can prove we were there," said Donice, dragging the other girl to her feet. They went to the back of the club, and up the iron staircase, the music from the speakers on the wall causing their bones to vibrate. Donice held Ralph's hand, and he didn't seem to mind.

They got to the top, and looked around. Low couches and chairs filled the small area, and a low railing at the front allowed people to look down on the dance floor. Only two other couples were there, one kissing, and one... fucking. It was obvious to Donice they were fucking, the girl was sitting on the guy's lap, with her dress spread out, hiding the action. She looked glassy eyed, half stoned, and looked at them and smiled. They smiled back. The guy beneath her was moving back and forth slightly. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on.

They stood at the railing for a minute, and then Donice dragged the other two down to a couch against the back wall. She seized Kennedy and kissed her, a deep, long kiss with lots of tongue. Kennedy gasped for breath when it was over, and Donice giggled. She turned to Ralph, and brought her face closer and closer to his. He looked ready, if not a little surprised, and finally their lips met. It wasn't a really long deep kiss, but it was satisfying to Donice.

When he pulled away, she leaned forward, and put her mouth to his ear, hoping he could hear her over the pounding music.

"Ralph... you got a girlfriend? I don't even know if you're married..." she actually knew he wasn't married, but she thought it would be funny to ask.

"No..." was all he said. That was enough.

She leaned into him, and they kissed again, a nice long one. The third was spectacular, probably the best kiss Donice had ever had from a guy. A small part of her brain did note that the kissed Kennedy gave her last night were still superior. But at least he was trying.

Donice slowly crawled into his lap. He let her, he even helped her. Kennedy moved over, until she was right up against him. Donice reached for her, and kissed her again. A good, long one. Kennedy's tongue felt so sexy in her mouth. She could taste whatever Kennedy had been drinking on her lips. I am really, really turned on, Donice though. She was.

She put her lips against Ralph's ear again.

"Ralphie... does it bother you when I kiss Kennedy?"

"Hell no," he said. "It kinda turns me on."

"She lives with me," Donice told him. "We are... pretty close..."

"I understand," he said. "More power to ya."

She kissed him, long and hard. She felt his hands on her waist, slowly moving down. She pressed her breasts against him, and raised up slightly, pushing her breasts into his face. She clasped his whole head in her hands, pulling him into her. She felt him respond, and thought she could feel him opening his mouth, and mouthing her hard nipple through her blouse.

"Ralph," she said, her mind made up. "Let's do what they're doing." She nodded towards the couple who were still merrily fucking away. He laughed, almost nervously.

"Girl..." he said nervously. "Have you ever done this before?"

"Hell no, I've never even been up here before," Donice said, giggling. He finally giggled.

He turned her around, and she stood for a moment, and then sat back on him. She spread her skirt over his legs, although it was pretty short, and didn't cover him like the other girl's did. She could feel him messing with his zipper, and she sat forward, to give him room.

"Oh shit," she said, realizing her panties were still up. She squirmed and wiggled around on his lap, and finally got them down. Her pussy felt free and sexy, exposed beneath her skirt, and she could feel how wet she was already. She was oozing.

She felt something touch her, beneath her skirt. Oh, shit, she thought again. She sat forward, and felt him fumbling around beneath her. She felt his hand on her cunt, at last, and felt the tip of his cock as it made it's way to her eager pussy. At last, ahhhh, she thought, at last.

She sat back gently, and felt his cock spread her pussy apart. Jeezus, she thought, I was right... I think... she could tell he had a big one. A thick one, at least. It almost hurt. I've never had one this big before, she realized. He plunged deeper and deeper into her, almost taking her breath away. Finally, when he stopped and pulled out a little, she could breathe.

"Jeezus, Ralph," she said over her shoulder, and he smiled.

"That what you wanted?" he said.

"Shit yeah," she said, and rocked herself forward, feeling his cock slide out of her. She sat back, and he filled her, again. He was very satisfying, she thought. This was even better than she'd imagined.

He began pumping, and she gulped and hissed and sucked air. He was good. Kennedy watched from the side, laughing softly.

Suddenly, the other girl getting fucked began to cum. Donice could tell the girl was trying to keep the noise down, and she did pretty good, but there was no doubt that somebody was cumming. The guy seemed a bit nervous, but Donice wasn't sure why, hell, she thought, we're fucking, too. She glanced at the other couple who had been kissing when they first came upstairs. The girl was on her knees, giving the guy a blow job, not even trying to hide it. Donice giggled, and relaxed, enjoying the sensations that her pussy was sending upstairs to her brain. It was good.

Kennedy leaned forward, and whispered something to Ralph. He laughed, and nodded his head.

"What'd you say?" Donice said, and Kennedy laughed.

"I told him he'd better not cum yet or I'll throw his ass over the railing."

Donice laughed. Poor Ralph. He was gonna get used this evening. She figured he was having a good time, though.

Donice came, and came with a little more dignity that that other girl. She stuck her legs out to the side and locked her knees, and curved her back until it felt good, breathed deeply, and came. It was a good cum. She managed to keep fairly quiet, but with the music and all the noise she didn't figure it mattered. She finally drew a few shuddering breaths, and slowed to a stop, feeling Ralph stop, beneath her. She could still feel his hardness, inside her.

"Kennedy. Ready?" Donice said. Kennedy leaned into her, and kissed her.


Donice stood, sliding Ralph's hard cock out of her cunt. She moved to the side, and Kennedy settled down over Ralph, arranging her skirt modestly after she slid her panties down. Donice had gotten a good look at Ralph's cock, at least, and it was a good one. Long, and fat, with a nice big head on it. Donice dropped onto the couch, exhausted. She watched as Kennedy reached beneath her skirt and got things straightened out, and then began slowly pumping up and down.

Donice leaned up, and Ralph leaned down, and they kissed. All the time that he was fucking Kennedy, Donice was kissing him. He was a good kisser, for a guy, she decided. She still believed girls were the best kissers, though.

When Kennedy came, it was a little more spectacular than Donice. More than once Donice heard her above the music, and even the blow-job girl looked up and giggled. Kennedy came hard, puffing and panting, and yipping like a puppy. Ralph noticeably came, too, locking his legs, the muscles in his neck straining. Donice finally looked at Ralph and rolled her eyes, and he laughed. He seemed to be having a very good time. Donice was glad.


They finally returned to their seats, and nobody seemed to notice they had been gone. Good, thought Donice. The rest of the evening passed in a blur, Kennedy presented Donice with a cute little birthday cake, and few people had brought small gifts. It was fun, more fun than it had started out as, Donice thought. Finally, well after midnight, the few folks still left bowed out, and Donice and Kennedy were alone. Ralph had apologetically left, promising to see her Monday at work. She had thanked him profusely, and she knew he knew what she meant. He was a good fuck, she thought. This might be promising.

They finally left the club, and drove home. They shed the clothes in the living room, and Donice followed Kennedy to her room. Kennedy didn't seem to mind a bit as Donice crawled in bed with her, and Donice thought, I'm gonna fuck you silly. But she didn't, after a few minutes of cuddling and hugging, they were both sound asleep.


Donice woke to feel Kennedy's hands on her ass. It felt good. She yawned, and lazing kissed the other girl, not even worrying about morning breath. Kennedy giggled, and squeezed her butt some more, spreading it apart finally and touching Donice's asshole. Donice growled in Kennedy's neck, and went back to kissing her.

Five minutes later Kennedy's head was buried in Donice's pussy. Her tongue was in Donice's cunt, as deep as it could go. Kennedy has a nice tongue, Donice thought, feeling the contractions start. She was going to cum fast this morning. Fast, and hard.


They took a shower together, crowding into the tub, but mostly they just hugged and kissed. Kennedy's wet skin felt so sexy sliding around on her own, Donice thought, why the hell haven't I ever done this before? Her hard nipples rubbed Kennedy's as they held each other. All too soon, the water started to get cold. Shit.


They sat on the couch, dried off but still nude.

"So," Kennedy said. "Are you and Ralph gonna be a couple now?"

"I dunno. It depends on what he says Monday I guess. Do you think I went too fast with him? For him?"

"I dunno, he seemed pretty eager, to me."

"Yeah, he seemed to have a good time."




"Did you like him? Was he a good fuck for you?"

Kennedy giggled. "Oh, hell yeah. He was fine. He had a nice fat dick. He made me feel like a virgin again."



"How many guys have you fucked?"

"Oh, Jeezus, Don, what a question at nine in the morning. I dunno, eight or nine probably. Maybe ten. You?"

"Shit. Maybe five. I dunno."

"If I'd have know it would matter, I'd have kept better count."

"Yeah. Me too. Me too."


That Monday, when Donice got to her desk, there was a note asking her to please see Ralph Richardson in Accounting. She just laughed and rolled her eyes. He did not seem to be wasting any time.

She let him stew for an hour, and then looked him up. She went into accounting, and asked for his desk. The girl looked up at her, and pointed to the row of offices along the wall. Oh, this was promising, Donice thought, he already had an office. A fast mover.

She found his name on the tag, and stood at the door and knocked, even though it was open. He looked up, and smiled broadly at her. She walked in, and he made a motion for her to shut the door. She did. Ah yes, she though. Going just fine. Gonna go just fine.



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