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Grammaw's House (Pedo, Inc, mg )

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on: October 18, 2014, 04:43:52 AM
fortle         : Grammaw's House

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Pedo, Inc, mg

Date        : 20141018
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Synopsis : A boy and his little sister are raised by their grandmother, a wizened old bitch. Unpleasant things are expected of him, and he takes comfort in his sister, who is virtually imprisoned in the basement. Social services gets involved, and Grammaw gets her comeuppance. Everyone lives happily every after (except Grammaw).

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. I didn't even like it that much when I wrote it.


One of Beast's chores, the task he hated the most, well, second-most, was bringing Kat's litter box up from the cellar and cleaning it out. Kat was a human, not a cat, and it was human-sized poop he had to clean out. He was just too afraid of Grammer not to do it, though. Grammer had a mean streak when she was in a good mood, and when she wasn't... Jeezus, Katie bar the door.

He went down the stairs to the first landing, and paused for a while, letting his eyes get used to the dim light in the cellar. There was just one small bulb in the center of the large room. He listened for Kat but all was quiet. He couldn't even hear her breathing. He went down the second landing to the floor and there she was, under the stairs, waiting for him. Kat never forgave him for one thing and she was always ready to fight about it since she figured any time he came into the cellar it might be about that. The dreaded bath. Once a week he dragged her upstairs for her bath. Dragged her up, and, under Grammer's instruction, bathed her. Beast thought every now and then he'd like to bathe her on his own just to examine her a little more closely than he was able too with Grammer in the room. Anyway, Kat hated the bath so much she almost always attacked him when he came downstairs. Today was no exception.

She was on him in an instant, reaching her skinny hands around to try and claw out his eyes. He tried to throw her off but she clung like glue and he felt her teeth sink into the back of his neck.

"Shit!" he finally yelled, and tossed her onto the floor at last. She scuttled off to her nest and buried herself in the pile of blankets.

"Boy!" he heard Grammer's voice in the room above him. He looked up instinctively, half-way expecting her to come through the creaking floorboards and rip his still-pumping heart from his chest.

"Boy!" she said again. "Lord not be takin' ye to heaven, on account o' that mouth!"

"Shit," he whispered again, trying to feel if Kat had brought blood where she bit him. He went to her nest and set the bowl of milky bread crusts down on the floor for her. He hadn't spilled that much of it. She went "Whuff" like she did when food appeared. She wouldn't move, though, until he left. He went to the corner and took her litter box and stopped for a moment to regard her before he went back up the stairs.

"Kat, dammit," he said softly, "I'm on your side, goddammit. I'm your friend. I'm your brother. Be nice to me."

She just stared at him. He sighed. That was Kat. Years ago, when she was maybe three, Grammer had a doctor come and look at her. The man had examined her and then shook his head. When Beast had asked later, Grammer told him the doctor had said, "That girl is not right in the head." She had ended up locked in the cellar the last time she had ran away, and that's where she stayed. She should have started school a year or two back, but heck-fire. She was not right in the head.

Beast trudged back up the stairs, knowing Kat would leave him in peace now since he was doing something other than dragging her up the stairs for her bath. He went outside and emptied her litter box in the trash, and filled it with fresh cat litter. What a drag, he thought. I'll be stuck here the rest of my life since Kat's younger than me. She'll never die. Actually, the thought occured to him that the most unpleasant part of his life wasn't actually Kat, it was Grammer. She ran his life like a steel rod, hard and straight and unswerving. She knew there was no hope for Kat, but she wanted to see him make it to heaven. She wanted people there that she knew, that she could boss around, and she was sure most of the people she knew in this world wouldn't make it. Her heaven was tight and narrow and followed the good book verbatim. Except... when the lights went out... and Beast's most unpleasant task of all was expected of him. Lord. He tried to think about other things. Kat's little body had been soft and warm on his back... he wondered again if the good book really said that brothers and sisters shouldn't sex each other... seemed like to him that'd be the person you'd most wanna sex most... except for Grammer... dammit, there was that pesky thought again. Jeezus, he thought. Let me forget that woman.

He went back down the stairs and put the litter box in the corner. Kat had cleaned the bowl and he set it on the stairs and stood for a moment, gazing at her.

"Kat!" he said. "Where's Mimi, Kat? Where's Mimi?"

Kat pawed around in the blankets around her and finally came up with the head of a doll. She said, plainly and distincly, the one single word he had ever heard her speak up until now. "Mimi!"

He laughed and she petted and preened over the doll's head. It was pathetic, really, he thought. But she'd yanked the heads off a dozen dolls and discarded the bodies. Kat was just weird like that.

She was finally calm enough for him to pet her, and he approached her slowly, cautiously. He settled beside her, still talking, trying to soothe her with his voice. She let him touch her, and he stroked her back, feeling the tangled mat of her hair. Oh lord, he thought, it was about that time of year again. Haircuttin' time made bath time seem tame by comparison. Once a year was far too often for that.

He spent the rest of the evening carving on the wooden rifle he was building. If he could just get a barrel somewhere, he'd have a useful weapon. Then, when Grammer called him, in the still of the night... he stopped the thought in mid-thought. Let's not go there, he thought. Not yet. Not until I'm more ready.

That night the house grew dark and silent except for the television. Grammer watched her programs while Beast sat behind her and carved on his gun in the dim light. He wished she'd allow him to turn on a light, just one light. But lights cost money. She sure wasn't stingy about the TV, though. All her bible programs. He snorted in disgust. He knew there were more interesting things to watch, he'd even watched some of them when she was out. But then she started feeling of the back of the TV set when she returned to see if it was warm. Curses. Foiled again. Beast's life was myriad small disapointments, sandwiched between large ones.

Beast finally silently crept off to his bedroom. He closed the door carefully and silently, as he always did, still fearing the night stalkers Grammer had scared him with as a kid. He had first checked under his bed, of course, and in his closet. All clear. He locked the door and laid down in the dark and waited for her to call him.

And call him she did. Lord. Sexing time, he thought. He lay there for as long as he dared and then climbed to his feet. He stripped in his room, just to keep his clothes in one handy spot, unlocked his door, and wearily made his way down the hall to her room. Her door was open, as it always was. Grammer was not afraid of night stalkers, quite the reverse in fact. He entered to the dim light of a dozen candles. Grammer and her damn candles. She'd damn near burned the house down a dozen times. He wondered if he could get Kat out if the house did catch on fire. Probably not. He sure wouldn't try and get Grammer out. It'd serve her right.

He stood at her door, naked. Idly, he stroked himself, trying to achieve an erection. The quicker the better, he always thought. Finally he made his way to her bedside. She was pretending to be asleep, so it was his sin instead of hers. It was almost a game to him, to try and pound and pump her until she made a noise or a sign or something, and then he'd talk to her like she was awake. He knew it pissed her off, to be caught, awake and aware, having sex. He knew she didn't believe in sex, that she believed it was evil. It was one of his small pleasures.

For a teen-aged boy, sex should be fun and exciting, not a dreaded chore. Of course it would help if he was having sex with something other than a wrinkled-up skin-and-bones sixty-something year old. Like... Lucy, that girl at school. Beast liked Lucy. And Lucy was nice to him, way nicer than the other girls. And Lucy had the nicest, softest-looking boobies. He wanted to touch them so bad. It was all he could do to keep from staring at them, on those rare occasions when she had talked to him. She was beautiful. He really wished she was here, underneath him, instead of Grammer. Hell, he wished anybody else was here, underneath him. Even Kat, though he'd probably split her in two.

He stripped her bedsheets back, and grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She was pretending to be dreaming, by now, and reciting bible verses. She made the sign of the cross at him, and he snorted. She glared at him from one eye, and he shut up, and did his job. He spread her spindly legs, and yanked her nightdress up, and her bloomers down. Her withered dry cunt lay exposed, and he pulled her a little further forward, spit on it, and poked his hard dick right into it. She sighed with satisfaction and he began to pound away at her. It wasn't safe for him to cum until she had, he knew that rule for sure. And tonight was a long one. He pumped and pounded, and finally he felt her body tense and relax, and a long sigh emnated from her. He was past ready, and he squirted his load into her body at last. He left her there, to cover herself back up, and returned to his room, his duties for the day complete. This was his life.


The next day at school Lucy smiled at him, and even talked to him for a moment in the lunch room. Well, she said, "hi!" and then disappeared before he could get his tongue untied. The boys he was with laughed at him, but he could tell they were kind of jealous, too. Lucy was a fox. No doubt about it. And those titties. He almost shivered.


That night, he said something to Grammer about Kat's hair. He didn't want to, but he knew the longer they put it off, the worse it would be. Grammer just nodded, and mumbled something, and continued eating.

"What?" Beast said, irritated.

"I said I am working on it," she faced him, and stared him down. Damn, he thought, how can she do that, make me feel like a little boy again? I weigh three times what she does. How does she do it? Shit-fire damn.

"I just thought..." he started, and she cut him off.

"Boy. I do the thinkin' 'round here. You'll try an' run the place, if you start thinkin'."

"Yes, Ma'am," he finally said, and bent his head to his soup. Shit. Soup again. This was the hardest thing to feed Kat, she always managed to spill it, although she did lap it off the floor. Shit. She should be named Beast, not me, thought Beast.

Beast's real name was Reese, but he had started calling himself Beast when he first learned to talk. The adults thought it was cute at first, and then later it just seemed to fit, when he hit two hundred pounds in seventh grade. Two hundred pounds of hard muscle. He was a wet dream for every Junior High football coach that saw him, until they realized that he was about as aggressive as a butterfly. It took something pretty terrific to stir up the Beast, to wake him up. It had only happened one time, and it had not been pretty. A boy had made fun of him, for weeks and months, until he had just snapped. Grammer had had to dip into the rainy day fund to pay the boy's hospital bills, and she still reminded Beast of that. Social Services had gotten involved, but Grammer was smarter than she looked, and she headed them off, telling them what they wanted to hear. They had never even asked about Kat.

Anyway. I done my part, thought Beast, I told her about Kat. What happens from here is not my fault. He felt a little sorry for Kat, as he always did, but he knew she was happiest down in cellar, far away from the big scarey world outside.

That night, he took Kat her bowl, and she seemed quiet and peaceful. Maybe she saw him with the bowl, and realized that he was just there to feed her. He approached her in her nest, and set the bowl down. On impulse, he took a spoonful of the soup and held it out for her. She seemed suspicious, but she took the bite, and the rest of them until the bowl was empty. He set the bowl aside, and just sat and looked at her.

"Kat. You got it lucky down here. Grammer don't never come down here, 'cos of the stairs. Just like she don't go upstairs. That's the only place I can be free of her. Just like down here."

He had often thought of moving his bedroom upstairs, but Grammer had clamped down hard on that idea when he voiced it. He didn't deserve to be any closer to heaven than her, she told him. He had quickly realized the futility of arguing with her, and shut up.

Kat just regarded him with puzzlement. She finally opened her mouth, and said, "Grammer. Grammer bad."

He just sat there and regarded her with astonishment. She could... talk?

"Kat. You can talk?"

"No," she shook her head sadly. "No can."

"Well, it sounds like you've made a pretty good start." he said, almost laughing. He desperately wanted someone to talk to, other than the boys at school. He hoped Kat would get better and better at it. He'd come down here every day and talk to her, he decided. He'd help her learn.

On impulse, he turned to her, and held his arms out to her. She gazed at him cautiously, and then finally crept out from underneath her blankets and sat carefully in his lap. He hugged her and petted her, feeling his dick start to harden. Oh lordy, he thought, you wanna fight me when you get to fuck Grammer, but now you're getting hard? With a kid in my lap? Just her simple nudity turned him on, though. They had tried to get Kat to wear clothes, and she would, during the winter, but in summer it was just too hot in the cellar. She went naked.

And that nakedness made him hard. Uncomfortably hard. He finally reached down and freed his penis from the constrictions of his jeans, pulling both his dick and balls through the zipper hole. Kat watched the whole thing with surprise, but didn't move.

"Kat," he said, an idea forming in his skull. "Wanna try something fun? Something that feels good?"

He reached down and carefully spread her skinny little legs, putting one over each of his legs. He placed his dick on her little pussy, and rubbed it up and down with his hand and by hunching his legs. She let him do all this, she just didn't know any better, he figured.

He could feel wetness from inside her body coat his dick, and it turned him on more. He ran the cap of his cock up inside the front of her little pussy, feeling more goo from inside her. He knew about clits, he'd spent a lot of time reading fuck books that his buddies had given him, and he knew that Kat had a clit down there somewhere. He rubbed her pussy as hard as he could with his dick, and he heard a wordless growl from her. He hoped she meant something good.

That was it for a while, they just sat there, her on his lap, his cock rubbing up and down just right inside the front of her little pussy. He figured it felt good, or she wouldn't have let him do it this long. His dick felt harder than it ever had when he sexed Grammer. He was turned on by the feeling of the little girl's cunt on his hardness. He ran his finger through her juices, and sniffed it. Oh, that was good, he thought, before this is over I have to taste that.

She finally jerked and jumped around a little bit, and he felt goose bumps on the insides of her legs. He wondered if she'd had an orgasm. He still continued to pump away at her, until, suddenly, his legs clenched and his balls ached and he shot a huge gusher of sperm up into her pussy and up onto her belly even. She looked down and it, and then at him in surprise, and he laughed. This might be fun, he thought. Might? Hell, it is. We'll do this shit every day.


The next Tuesday, the day after Kat's bath, Grammer told Beast to bring Kat up from the basement, precisely at 3:00 in the afternoon. A woman was coming to cut her hair, Grammer said. A woman from the beauty shop. So, that's what Beast did. He spent a soothing half hour with Kat first, stroking her, and doing that special... thing... that he had started doing with her. She still seemed to really like it. Anyway, he finally felt like she was calm enough to dress. He put his cock away and presented her with a clean pair of panties. He could tell from the look in her eyes she wasn't too interested in putting them on, but she finally did, with his help. He brought out a dress Grammer had given him, and slid it over her head. They wrestled with the arm holes for a while, and finally she was dressed. Beast was still talking soothingly, and he carefully stood, and took her arm. She followed him to the stairs, where she balked, and he finally talked her into climbing them. Kat was interested, at times, in the rest of the house, and she knew this time she wasn't going up for a bath, at least, since she'd had one yesterday.

They got to the top, and there was Grammer, her trademark glare on her face. Kat really balked then, she was afraid of Grammer. Beast kept himself inbetween the two of them, and led Kat into the living room. He sat her in a chair in the center of the room, and they awaited the approach of the hair-cutting lady. When the lady arrived Kat still hadn't caught on, and was lady-like and calm enough to even fool Beast. He had his hand on her leg, though, and he felt her slowly tense up, tighter and tighter, like a spring. Oh, lord, he thought, be ready. Be ready.

Kat bolted when the lady pulled a pair of scissors from her purse, but Beast was ready, and caught her and slammed her back down on the chair. She hissed at him, and growled deep in her throat. The woman's eyes grew wide, and she said, "Goodness!"

"See, Miss Lewis, I tol' you... the girl is not right in her head..." Grammer said.

"Am too!" Said Kat, turning to face Grammer. Beast had the satisfaction of seeing Grammer do a double take at Kat, and he laughed silently to himself. Kat was full of surprises, it seemed.

He stayed ready for her to flee again, but she just sat there. Suddenly it seemed like she felt like she had something to prove. The woman sawed and hacked through her tangled knots of hair, and finally Kat ended up with some kind of punkish page-boy looking haircut. She actually looked pleased when the woman took out a mirror and showed it to her. Beast was glad the episode had went well. It hadn't, in the past, when Grammer had cut the girl's hair.

The woman left, some bills tucked into her purse, and Beast took Kat back down the stairs and took her clothes off and put them up, for future use. He cuddled Kat for a while, and held her on his lap again. She finally whuffed and wiggled around, and pointed to the crotch of his jeans. He laughed, he wanted to do it again too, and he had wondered if she would tolerate him that soon. It seemed like she would. It seemed like she wanted it, in fact.

He freed his cock, and it rapidly hardened. He took Kat's hands and placed them on it, and she explored it for a while, occasionally looking up at him in puzzlement. She even stopped for a moment to examine her own crotch, and he knew she was wondering why he was so different than herself. He laughed at her some more.

He just had to get a taste of her. He finally slid her out of his lap, and crawled down to her nest of blankets. He motioned to her and she came, and he sat her down and then lay her down on the blankets. He spread her little legs wide, and got down on his hands and knees.

He almost came at his first whiff of her. She smelled wonderful, incredible to him, better than just about anything he'd ever smelled before. Sweaty, spicy, tangy... Beast was a good student at school, but he didn't have the vocabulary to accurately describe what he was experiencing. He just gloried in it, reveled in it. He wanted to roll in it like a dog. He just crouched there for a while, breathing her scent in, until she whuffed in puzzlement.

"Kat... darling..." he said, rising slightly, and surprising them both by kissing her right on the lips, "You smell wonderful. I love your smell. I love you."

He leaned down and extended his tongue. This was even better, he thought, moments later. Way better. She tasted like heaven to him, that heaven that Grammer couldn't wait to get to. This was heaven, this taste, and this smell. This was the sexiest thing he'd ever done. One real pussy beats a million jack-offs, he thought. Even a six year old one. He licked and lapped her, hoping he was hitting her clit occasionally. He wasn't sure exactly where her clit was, he could feel a little ridge of flesh right above her vagina, and he assumed that was it. He wished it wasn't so dark down there.

He lost all track of time. Kat was content to lay there and let him lick her sweet little cunt. He was more content than he could ever remember being. He wanted to do this every day, for hours. He knew he could never be happy now, just looking at porn and whacking off. He thought of Lucy, and imagined it was her cunt he was licking. Oh, let it be this good, if it ever happens, whether her or some other girl, let it be this good.

Kat finally groaned loudly, and he felt shivers run down her body. He was awestruck, realizing that she was having an orgasm. I did that! he thought, I made her feel that good. I. Me. He was proud, and happy. When she finally calmed down he stood on his knees inbetween her legs, and seized his hard cock in his hands. Barely a dozen strokes later he squirted a huge stream of cum onto her pretty little cunt, drowning it. She just watched all this without a sound, just accepting it. He felt great gratitude towards her, that she'd let him do these things, although he realized that she was drawing pleasure equally from them.

He cleaned her up with an old towel he found in her nest of blankets, and cuddled with her for a while longer. She seemed much more accepting of his prescence and company than she was even a week ago, and he wondered if it was because she liked the sexing. He'd sex her anytime she wanted. After this he was hooked on it. All was well that night. At least until Grammer called him.


A week later, Beast had just gotten home from school when a series of loud knocks rattled the front door. Grammer sent him to answer it, and he returned to her with a woman in a severe, business-like suit and two men, also in suits, who stared at the ancient farmhouse around them with wonder and possibly a little fear.

"Good afternoon, Miss...?" the woman spoke to Grammer. Grammer just stared at her, her mouth quivering with what Beast knew was rage. Oh shit, he thought. Oh shit.

"Have I the pleasure of addressing Miss Wellington?" the woman finally said, consulting an electronic tablet, and Grammer nodded. Beast knew this would not end well.

"My name is Dana Gutheridge, and I am from Social Services. We have some questions for you to answer, if you would be so kind."

"I will not be so kind. You need to leave, immediately." said Grammer, her voice quivering.

"Miss Wellington..." the woman smoothly went on. "You might not understand your situation. This is a preliminary investigation that involves possible child neglect and abuse. We have the authority of the state on our side."

"While you can, Miss Gutteridge," Grammer drew herself up to her imposing heighth of five foot one. "While you can, you should leave."

"Now, now, Miss Wellington." The woman appeared to be fearless. Beast began to respect her slightly. "Let's not make threats. We just have a few simple questions, and we'll be on our way. May we see the child? Her name is," the woman consulted her tablet again, "Kat, I believe? Is that short for Katherine?"

Grammer began to twist her apron in her fists. Beast became more and more nervous. This was not a good sign. He noticed something else, and gulped nervously. He hoped these people had hard heads. On the small table, directly in front of Grammer, was a large cast iron skillet. He knew that skillet. It had busted his dad's head the night his dad had disappeared. He'd barely been nine or ten, but he could still hear the sickening crunch as it smacked into his dad's forehead. Grammer had a deadly aim with that thing, he knew.

Beast nervously approached Grammer and whispered in her ear. "I'll get Kat. She'll behave, and talk for them. They'll believe."

Grammer just fixed him with her steely gaze, and didn't move a muscle. He wasn't sure if it was steely gaze or evil eye. She finally made a little jerk with her head, like she was saying, go. Get her. Off he went.

He said loudly over his shoulder, "I think she's playing downstairs. Be right back."

He pounded down he stairs, snatching the dress and panties up on his way down. Kat was in her nest, and she regarded him nervously, probably because of all the noise he was making. He began jabbering to her, "Kat, Kat, some people are here to see you, you need to behave, you need to be on your best behaviour, be good, oh please, Kat, be good..."

He stood her up and dropped the dress down over her, and she obediently lifted a leg so he could slip the panties on her. He hurried her up the stairs, through the hall and into the living room before Kat could even react.


The woman and Kat seemed to hit it right off. The woman examined Kat perfunctorily, and Beast even saw her sniff the girl. He hoped Kat smelled decent, if not good... luckily she'd just had her bath last night... Beast still had some scratches on his cheek from that... although... Kat had taken it much easier than usual. It had almost been... enjoyable for Beast, soaping up her slick skin... but he didn't have time to think about that right now. He watched the woman talk to Kat, and Kat replied "Yes" and "No" at all the apropriate times. She still didn't seem to speak other than simple two or three word sentences, but it didn't seem to matter much at the moment. It just made her look shy.

The woman finally nodded at Beast, and told him that the girl could go back to whatever she'd been doing. When Beast got back in the room, Grammer was mad again. Well, she probably hadn't stopped being mad.

"Miss Wellington," the woman was saying, "You don't understand. There is no choice. The child must simply go to school. There is no other option. You can't keep her home simply because you feel she is simple-minded."

"The girl is not right in her head," Grammer insisted. Beast was getting tired of hearing that. He was beginning to think more and more that there was nothing wrong with Kat, other than living in the cellar for the last three years.

"Miss Wellington, that is for the law to decide, if you want to go that route. There will be a hearing about this case in two weeks, and the judge will decide where to go from here."

After some more talk like this, the people left. Beast saw them out, and did not return to the room, he knew Grammer was pretty steamed. He avoided her all evening, finally going back down into the cellar for a long talk with Kat. He tried to explain things to her, and tell her about school, and make it sound interesting and exciting. All the time they were talking they were doing their special thing where he stroked her pussy with his cock, and suddenly, oops, he had an accident. He squirted cum all up her belly, and her poor little pussy was soaked, again. She laughed, though, and he laughed with her, and she put her fingers in the cum on her belly, and to his surprise, put them in her mouth. She scooped up and ate all the rest of his cum that she could get, and he watched her bemusedly. He knew some big girls liked cum, be he'd never guessed a little girl would. Well, Kat wasn't just any little girl.

A few minutes later he laid her down again, and licked her sweet little cunt. He could taste his sperm on it, and it turned him on, but mostly her simple pussy taste turned him on. He finally flipped her over on her back, and pulled her little ass up in the air, and put his tongue right in the center of her asshole. Oh, she tasted good back there, spicy and tangy and slightly shitty, but she tasted good. He licked and tongued her asshole, and cupped her shapely little ass in his hands, loving the feel of her body beneath his hands. His dick was already hard again. He knew he'd cum again, before this was over. Grammer would get barely a splash tonight.


That night, Grammer called him. He heard her, as he always did, as he had for the last four or five years. He sighed, got up, and stripped, and made his way to her room.

To his surprise, she was not pretending to be asleep, as she usually was. She was sitting up in bed, her long grey hair cascading down over her shoulders. He almost shuddered, looking at her in her nightgown. She just looked plain evil to him. She had a wicked look on her face, he thought. She always has a wicked look on her face. Probably because she is wicked. He stood there, naked, looking at her in puzzlement.

"Boy," she said, "We got us a problem. That girl is gonna get us throwed out of here, out of this house and out of this town. She'll keep those folks on our tail, at least. You gonna have to make her disappear."

Beast bristled, and almost had the nerve to face her down.

"What you mean?" he finally said.

"That girl needs to have an accident. She's no use anyway, we shouldn'a kept her this long. All she is is trouble."

Beast knew now what she was telling him. No doubt. He felt a cold hard point of anger begin to grow inside him.

"You dig a hole down there, in the cellar, over there in the corner where the soil is. When those snoops come back around we'll tell them she done runned away. She's gone. They can look around if they want. You just fix that hole up real nice after you put her in it, so they can't tell it was ever dug there. And bust out that light bulb down there."

Beast approached her slowly, nodding his head. Suddenly he wasn't afraid of her any more. He flexed his hands, hands that had crushed a dog's skull once, when it had come into the yard and bit him. He imagined Grammer's rancid old skull popping and crunching the same way. Hell, she was so old her bones were probably dust already.

"That's a good idea you have, Grammer," he said softly. "Put her in the hole. Only... let's make one tiny change in those plans..."


Two weeks later, Beast got Kat dressed for her first day of school. She looked fine, and he thought she looked smart. She was only two years behind, and he knew she'd catch up quickly. She was smarter than he ever dreamed, she'd shown him the last two weeks just how clever she was. He had moved her upstairs right away, into one of the upstairs rooms, and he had claimed another, although she had taken, since that first night, to sleeping in his bed. He'd hidden the whole unpleasantness about Grammer from her, doing it while she slept, or explored the yard outside. He'd dug the hole deep, way deep, so deep he needed a ladder to get in and out of it. He'd tamped the soil down with a railroad tie as he'd filled it back in, and drove the truck to the hardware store for cement. He mixed cement and pretty much spent the weekend lugging wheelbarrows of it down a ramp he built. The whole cellar had a nice floor, now, at least. Beast was handy to have around.

When Kat had acted puzzled about Grammer, he'd just told her that Grammer had gone away. Pretty much the truth. Beast knew that they might not let him into heaven now, but he didn't care. It didn't worry him much. He didn't wanna go there, if Grammer had really made it in. He didn't much figure she had, though. He laughed, thinking that she'd give old slewfoot a run for his money. It was easy to imagine her trying to boss the devil around.

When Miss Gutheridge had shown up the next week, Beast had simply told her the same thing he'd told Kat. That Grammer had gone away. The state was involved now, but Miss Gutheridge had told Beast she thought that he would be allowed to simply stay in the house with his sister, for a year or so until he was eighteen. She would keep a close eye on them, and help him understand the bills and taxes and things as he needed. Unless, she said, your grandmother shows up again. Beast had her phone number on a card in the unlikely event that happened. Beast wasn't worried. He'd dug the hole pretty goddam deep.

Beast knew he could raise Kat. He kind of looked forward to it. No crazy religious stuff, he thought. I'll make something out of her. I'll let her be herself, most of all. I'll just let her be a little girl, to start with. Although... he was pretty attached to some of her more un-little-girlish habits.

Beast had found money everywhere in Grammer's room, when he got the nerve to search it. Piles of money. Stacks of the stuff. And titles to railroad stock, and stocks and bonds, and all kinds of stuff he didn't understand. He knew that he and Kat were fixed up for money. He hid all that in the cellar, he could try and understand it later, and Miss Gutheridge could help him. He was happy, now, that it was just Kat and him. He didn't even feel sorry for Grammer. She had gotten what she deserved, the mean old bag of bones.



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Waiting for kat to be taken on a regular basis and eventually adding Lucy to the mix to add to Kats' and Beast's pleasure. :]  Nice job Meat.

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Reading your stories always makes me want to try harder with my own writing, problem is I end up deleting whole pages and rewrite to make it on par with yours.  You've got a real talent

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Sadly, Meatbot hasn't been active on KB since June 2018. He's missed.

Maybe a Google search would find him on another site. If you check his profile, he has linkss to his other stories on KB.

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