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Camp Kadoodle (Lesb, Ff, Fff, ff)

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on: October 18, 2014, 04:47:50 AM
Title         : Camp Kadoodle

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Lesb, Ff, Fff, ff

Date        : 20141018
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Synopsis : A girl is sent to summer camp against her wishes, only to find love, both her age and older. Lezzie content.
Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.
These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. Stuff like this doesn't really happen. Sorry. If you don't like it, read something else. Don't bitch at me. You have been warned.


Well, well, well. It was going to be a fine summer indeed, all sarcasm intended. A fine fucking summer, Dawnielle Standridge thought to herself. Summer camp? Shit. She was fourteen. She was too old for that shit. Summer camp? Already paid for? Too late to back out? They just wanted to get rid of her for a few weeks, that's what it was. Shit again. Double shit. And. The single worst thing of all? The name of the place. Camp Kadoodle? Who had come up with that one? Full retard mode, that one. Was it a little kid's camp, or what?

She wanted to throw a king-sized hissy fit, but she didn't. She walked slowly, with all the dignity she could muster, to her room, where she sank onto her bed. She didn't even cry. She was fourteen. She was too old for screaming crying fits. She was at the age of... revenge. This situation called for major revenge. She would have plenty of time, at camp, to plot her revenge. Shit.

The best revenge, the best revenge ever, hands down, would be to get pregnant at camp. That would just be too much. That, however, would require her to have sex with a boy, and she wasn't sure she was ready for that yet. There probably wouldn't be any boys there, either. She liked boys, heck yeah, but sex? It just seemed so messy and sticky with weenies and semen and all that. Plus... pregnant? She didn't want to end up like her older sister, stuck with a houseful of screaming brats. Still, though. That would just be too cool, if she could return from camp pregnant. And they would know they'd sent her there.

She passed the afternoon in idle contemplation of this and other scenarios. Finally she dragged herself up, and began to gather her clothes and pack, although it was still several days until the bus left for camp. She just didn't have anything else to do. Maybe camp would break the monotony of summer. She sure as hell wasn't going to have any fun, though. That would mean they had won.


The bus was late. Of course, thought Dawnielle. Off to a great start. Finally, with a roar and a gust of acrid blue smoke, it arrived. She said goodbye to her older brother, whom she had insisted on bringing her to the bus stop as a final jab at her parents, and climbed on board the bus. From her window she could see the driver casually tossing suitcases into the bus. She was glad nothing breakable was in hers. She had done this before; she knew how it worked.

The seats slowly filled up. The window seats went first, of course, then the aisle seats. From the back of the bus forward. Finally all the seats behind her were taken, and the next girl to get on chose Dawnielle's side. It didn't bother her too badly, the girl looked fairly normal, although Dawnielle knew looks could be deceiving. The girl finally got all her stuff put up and situated, and sat. They nodded amicably at each other, and Dawnielle returned to the ancient copy of "Them" magazine she'd found in the seat-back.

Thirty minutes later, the bus departed. The driver looked and acted like he didn't speak a word of English. Better and better, Dawnielle told herself. The girl beside her opened a bag of Skittles, a huge bag. Those were Dawnielle's favorite, and sure enough, the girl offered her some. She gratefully took a handful, and asked the girl her name.

"Jessica Rex," the girl said. Dawnielle nodded. "But my friends call me Jex. I'd rather be called that, hint hint."

"Uh, sure, Jex!" said Dawnielle, giggling. They both giggled. Well, thought Dawnielle, so far so good. God I hope she's not a psycho. I hope at least a few girls on this bus aren't psychos.

"I'm Dawnielle Standridge," Dawnielle said, and the two of them talked for a while. All around the bus was the murmur of conversation as friends and enemies were made. It was always the same, Dawnielle thought. How predictable. She tried hard to be bored, but damn. Those Skittles were good.


It was a long damn bus ride to Camp Kadoodle. And no bathroom on the bus. Thankfully they had stopped twice, for bathroom breaks. The bus driver was no idiot. He knew what girls were like and  he didn't want to have to shampoo the upholstery.

Finally, down in the southeast corner of the state, they drove off the main road and a few miles later pulled up in the parking lot of mighty Camp Kadoodle. God, thought Dawnielle, this is the oldest camp in the country. Everything looked old. Old and run-down. This looked like a camp from the last century. Sweet jeezus, she thought, do they even have electricity?

They all piled off the bus and claimed their luggage. They stood in a circle off to the side as the bus belched and smoked its way back to the highway. The air would have been fresh and invigorating, except for the strong odor of skunk on the breeze. Ahhh, country life, though Dawnielle. She stood with Jex, loudly saying "Present!" when a woman with a clipboard had called her name. She had looked all through the crowd, and did not see a single person she knew. This is good, she thought, I can be whatever I want to be, now. No one here knows me. This is the start of the new me, whatever the heck that is.

They followed the woman to the cabins. Ten girls to a cabin. Just from proximity, Dawnielle and Jex got into the same cabin. All the other girls seemed fairly normal, to Dawnielle's satisfaction. No princesses or ugly ducklings. Just normal girls. This might actually work out, she thought.


Dinner that evening was pretty damn good, Dawnielle had to admit. Hamburger patties smothered in gravy, and cake for dessert. The place looked like crap, but the kitchen worked well, at least. Whatever happens, we won't starve, Dawnielle thought. Good.

Their bus had been the first to arrive at the camp. Not another bus showed up that first day. They pretty much had the run of the whole place. That evening they all got in the pool, and later that night a few counselors fired up a campfire and cooked some hot dogs. Dawnielle was content. The camp she'd been sent to last year hadn't been this good the whole month, and this was just day one. Maybe there was hope. She would never admit it, of course.

That night the girls sat up and talked. Dawnielle had an upper bunk, and Jex was below her. All ten of the girls giggled and whispered, and finally got so noisy that their counselor came out of her room, to hush them up. They got her to talking, and before they all knew it it was almost two o'clock. Their counselor was a twenty-two year old girl named Lisa, and she seemed pretty cool. Dawnielle liked her already.

Finally Lisa said, "Okay, ladies, seven o'clock will come pretty early. Hit the sack." She went back into her room and shut the door. The giggles went on for a few minutes, and finally everyone slept.

Seven o'clock did come pretty early. They all got up, got dressed, and went to the lunch room for breakfast. It was as good as dinner had been the night before, and Dawnielle's estimation of the camp rose even further. The food was great, at least.

All day long buses pulled in and disgorged more and more campers. The place filled up. Dawnielle still had seen no one she knew, thank goodness. She looked forward to a month of being a new and interesting person. This might actually be fun, she thought.

That afternoon, the whole camp was summoned to the soccer field for a meeting. A small podium was there, on a flatbed trailer, where several ladies sat. The girls all gathered, and sat on the ground. One of the ladies stood, and approached the podium.

"Welcome, ladies, to Camp Kadoodle. We are glad to have you here. We hope you will enjoy your summer with us. Camp Kadoodle has a proud tradition of helping to train leaders, athletes and good citizens. I am sure you'll be no exception."

That kind of stuff went on for ten minutes. Finally, thankfully, the lady sat, and another woman approached the podium. This woman said more of the same, only even more dreadfully boring. Dawnielle felt her eyes growing heavy. Finally the woman finished it up. The third woman approached the podium.

This woman was more severe, and yet more beautiful. She carried herself well. Dawnielle instinctively knew that this was a woman used to power. It just seemed to radiate from her.

"Good afternoon, ladies. I am Miss Lyndoria. My first name is not important to you. I run this camp. If you have a problem with the camp, you will see me. If I have a problem with you, you will also see me. I'm sure that will not be necessary with most of you. I run a tight camp. Keep your head down, and it will not be chopped off. Stay out of trouble, and you will never have to come see me in my office. That will make both of us very happy. Thank you."

Whew. That was it. Short and sweet. The crowd dispersed. Dawnielle and Jex idly walked back to their cabin. They stopped at the bulletin board and read the list of tomorrow's activities. It looked pretty busy.

Jex was quiet and somber that evening. Dawnielle could tell the other girl was upset about something. That night as they brushed their teeth in the community bathroom, Dawnielle asked her if she was okay.

"Yeah," said Jex. "I'm okay. I just never been away from home this long before."

"What?" Dawnielle was shocked, "this long? Two days? You never been away from home two days before?"

"No," Jex finally giggled, "my family's weird like that."

"I'll say," Dawnielle shook her head, "well, if you get homesick, climb upstairs, and I'll baby you."

Jex laughed, and that seemed to be the end of it.


That night, something woke Dawnielle up from a deep slumber. Shit. Wood creaked as someone or something crawled up the ladder to her bunk. She realized almost instantly it was probably Jex, and sure enough, when the other girl crawled in with her, she recognized her, although she had no idea how, it was so dark. She laughed silently to herself and wrapped her arms around the other girl's smaller body, and hugged her tightly. She went back to sleep after Jex went to sleep, her sweet breath tickling Dawnielle's face.


"Well, well, what have we here? A bunk jumper?" a voice said. Shit. It was Lisa. Dawnielle had thought she would wake up early enough to shoo Jex back to her own bunk. But Lisa had caught them. It didn't seem to bother her any, though. She finally just poked Jex in the stomach and disappeared, off to the bathrooms. The other girls were waking up, and Dawnielle got up, got down, and got dressed. The day had begun.

This day was much more structured. They did arts and crafts crap, shot arrows at balloons, and paddled canoes around the lake. Dawnielle had fun, at least, even though it was more like a little girl's camp. That afternoon was classroom stuff, character building and other nonsense, deadly boring. Dawnielle somehow kept awake.

That night, Jex came to her again, but at least she returned to her own bunk before Lisa made the rounds. The third night was the same. Dawnielle was getting pretty comfortable holding the other girl, she liked her warm soft body in her arms. The fourth night, the first kiss happened.


It just happened. They were whispering to each other, in the softest, quietest voices they could make, when they stopped for some reason. It was dark in the cabin, good grief it was dark, but Dawnielle could see Jex's eyes right in front of her face, staring back at her. For reasons totally unknown to Dawnielle, they drifted closer and closer, and, with an electric shock their lips touched. It was a quick kiss, just a second, but it sent shock waves all throughout Dawnielle's body. Oh, shit, she thought. I've kissed a girl. I haven't even kissed a boy yet, and now I've gone and kissed a girl.

She felt Jex's soft breath on her face, and the other girl seemed to be laughing. Dawnielle finally put her mouth to Jex's ear, and whispered softly to her.

"Why did we do that?" Dawnielle said. They traded positions, and Jex put her mouth to Dawnielle's ear.

"I don't know," Jex said. They both laughed softly. That was it.


The next night, it was like they were both waiting for it. They held each other, and wiggled around a while. A few whispered sentences, and Dawnielle let her mouth drift across the top of Jex's face, just inches from the other girl. She wasn't even consciously thinking, I want to kiss her, but her subconscious knew. That's what it seemed to want. She came to with a shock, as she felt the slightest touch of Jex's lip to hers. Just a teeny tiny touch. That was all it took.

In an instant, they had locked their lips together. The one the night before had only been a few seconds. This one was more like a few minutes. Finally they pulled apart, and Dawnielle was almost panting. Not from not being able to breathe, she'd been breathing through her nostrils. Something had almost taken her body over, and was sending her pulse through the roof. She panted, her heart beating, and she felt hot, like she had a fever or something. She could feel Jex panting beside her. Crazy.

They just lay like that for a while, and then their lips touched again. And again, and again. Dawnielle was taking nothing but pure pleasure from the sensations flooding her body. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew she liked it. A small part of her mind wished Jex was a boy, but a larger part of it didn't seem to care. Fuck it, she thought. Girls probably kiss better than boys, anyway.

She wrapped her arms around Jex, and squeezed the other girl. She ran her hands up and down Jex's back, feeling bones, muscles, and hot flesh. The girl felt good. Her hands went down, down, until she felt the elastic of Jex's underwear. She stopped there, not sure what to do next, how far to go. She decided to let Jex decide. She was mildly surprised at herself, that she intended on going further. She knew that from here on out, it was sex. Kissing was one thing, but...

Jex's hands were on Dawnielle's body. She ran them down Dawnielle's back, all the way down, right on past the elastic. She cupped Dawnielle's buttocks in her hands, a cheek in each. It felt naughty and sexy to Dawnielle. She rapidly did the same to Jex's butt. Jex's butt wasn't nearly as big as Dawnielle's, but it felt good to her. It just plain felt sexy.

Their tongues touched, and went into each others mouths. Dawnielle loved the fresh clean taste of Jex's mouth. She tasted toothpaste, even. It felt sexy. She opened her mouth wider. Jex was a good kisser. This was Dawnielle's first experience at kissing, and she hoped she was doing it right. She idly wondered if Jex had kissed before, and after a moment she wondered if it had been boys or girls, if she had. She had a moment of wonder, again, at the circumstances. My first kiss, my first make-out session, and it's another girl. Who would have thought?

Dawnielle thought she knew all about making out. She'd talked to other girls who'd done it, hell, she'd talked to her sister, who had gone all the way with a dozen different boys. She thought she knew the ropes. But she never dreamed how sexy, how downright naughty it would make her feel. She loved that naughty feeling.

The naughty feeling grew exponentially when she felt Jex's hand touch her breast. The other girl carefully squeezed, and experimentally touched Dawnielle's nipple. Her fat, hard nipple. Dawnielle held her breath, and slowly slid her own hands up Jex's body until she was touching the other girl's breasts. God, thought Dawnielle, I am feeling off a girl. Jex's tits felt good beneath her hands, good and sexy. Dawnielle felt a tingle from her pussy, and realized how wet she was. Almost uncomfortably.

She almost slammed her lips on Jex's, and they kissed violently. Dawnielle tasted blood in her mouth. She didn't know if it was hers or Jex's. She didn't care. She heard a button pop as Jex yanked her nightshirt open. She giggled and carefully began unbuttoning Jex's shirt. In a few moments they were topless. Her hands on the bare skin of Jex's breasts felt unreal. Dawnielle realized that she was going to have an orgasm tonight. One way or another, alone or with the girl, she was going to cum.

Her own breasts felt hot and sexy as Jex squeezed and smashed them together. Jex bent down, and her wet mouth electrified Dawnielle. God that feels good, Dawnielle thought, feeling every little lick, every little sensation. If I could reach them, she thought, I'd lick them every day myself. For hours.

Jex licked and sucked, running her tongue around Dawnielle's nipples, and then sucking the whole nipple into her mouth. Dawnielle was content, and would have let her go on all night. Time stood still for her. She could hear other movements in the cabin, and bugs chirping, and the roof popping as it cooled. She didn't care about anything else, though, all her senses were concentrated on her breasts and Jex's skillful tongue.

Dawnielle finally grabbed the other girl's head, and pulled it up to her mouth. She whispered in Jex's ear, "Jex... where did you learn to do this stuff? You ever make out with a boy?"

Jex giggled, and placed her mouth over Dawnielle's ear. "I make out with my little sister. That's partly why I'm here, my parents thought they should split us up for a while. They don't know the half of it though, they don't know what we really do."

Dawnielle was content. She had just wondered. Jex seemed so good at it, and almost eager. It turned her on slightly to think of the two girls making out every night. She wondered what had made their parents suspicious. A little of this shit would go a long way, Dawnielle thought.

She finally got brave, and lowered her head to Jex's breast, nuzzling her tits. Jex had much smaller tits that Dawnielle, but they were tipped with a hard, pointy nipple. Dawnielle drew one into her mouth, and began to suck. Oh, she thought, I know why boys like tits. Tits are cool. She could feel goose bumps on Jex's nipple, with her tongue. She sucked as much of Jex's tit into her mouth as she could, getting damn near the whole boob in it. Jeezus, she thought, this is fun. Sex is fun.

Jex was laying on her back by then, and Dawnielle was on top of her. Jex was squeezing and flexing Dawnielle's butt, and Dawnielle gave a start as she felt Jex slide her hands beneath her shorts and underwear. A girl is touching my ass, she told herself. A girl. Got that? A girl.

It felt good. She gave a start again as Jex stuck her finger close to the outside of her asshole. Jex giggled, and Dawnielle joined in.

"What's so fucking funny up there?" a girl said somewhere below them.

Dawnielle and Jex froze, stifling another set of giggles.

"They're makin' out, you moron," said another girl, from a top bunk. They did giggle at that, and didn't deny it. No more questions came, at least.

Dawnielle finally got her fingers in Jex's shorts, and cupped her sweet ass. She squeezed and gyrated her ass cheeks, and finally grew brave enough to touch equally close to Jex's asshole. The puckered, wrinkled skin of it turned her on, but she didn't dare push her finger into the other girls body. Jex did the same to her asshole, wiggling her finger around, and Dawnielle squirmed in pleasure.

Dawnielle was brave enough to take the next step. She pulled her hand from Jex's ass, and brought her other hand around, raising up from the girl's body. She began to rub Jex's pussy through her shorts, and finally slid her hand up a pants leg. Almost immediately she could feel pubic hair, and she probed further and further until she touched the softness of Jex's pussy lips. Oh, that turned her on, she almost went wild at that, at that feeling. She tried to find Jex's clit, and guessed from the other girl's reactions that she was getting close.

A background noise had grown louder and louder, and suddenly Dawnielle realized she was hearing a girl moaning. Goddam, she thought, we aren't the only ones making out. This is turning into a regular fuckfest. She could barely see in the darkness and was surprised to see a dim shape ascend the ladder and crawl across into the bunk right across from her. A girl had crawled into another girl's bunk. Goddam, she thought, goddam. This is a fucking orgy.

Jex had her hands in Dawnielle's pants by now, and Dawnielle felt little electrical shocks throughout her body as Jex touched her cunt. Oh, she thought, do that, do that. Jex went right to her clit, and rubbed it softly, causing Dawnielle to shiver. God that felt good. She decided right then and there that they were going to have a taste of each other. Tonight or tomorrow. Sometimes. One thing Dawnielle had always hoped for from the moment she'd first heard of it was some satisfying oral sex. Although she'd always thought a boy would be doing it. But, think now, she told herself. A girl knows what I want more than a boy. Boys just care about their weenies. But, a girl. It'd probably be better to have your pussy ate by a girl. A girl would know what felt best. Why hadn't she thought of that before?

She cautiously crawled down to Jex's waist, and began delicately sliding the other girl's shorts down. Jex seemed to realize immediately what she was doing. Dawnielle wondered if it would bother her. Nope, she was all for it, it seemed. She wiggled and writhed and soon her shorts were to her knees, and her legs spread open wide.

Dawnielle cautiously approached the smaller girl's pussy. She could smell it before she ever got close, and it smelled good. Good and sexy. She nuzzled it with her nose and mouth, loving the soft hot feel of it. This was just too much, she thought. She hesitantly reached out her tongue, and touched Jex's cunt with it, for a moment. The taste was electric, like the smell but amplified a thousand times. But it was good, it was good, she thought. Jex moaned in pleasure.

Lisa's door slammed open, and the light came on. There was dead silence.

"Ladies," said Lisa. "You are making so much noise I can hear you with my door shut. If you are going to make out you must keep it down. I will get in trouble if you get caught. Please. Keep it down."

Dead silence. No one even breathed.

"Dawnielle," Lisa spoke, and Dawnielle jumped as she heard her name. "Jex. Come in here a moment, please."

Like two guilty schoolgirls, they gathered up their shirts. Putting them on before they descended was a bitch, and half of Dawnielle's buttons were missing. They finally got situated and slowly went down the ladder. Lisa had already gone into her room. They looked at each other and went through her door.

"Shut the door, please," said Lisa. Dawnielle shut it.

"Ladies. Sit," Lisa indicated her bunk. There was only one chair, and Lisa was in it. Dawnielle idly noticed that Lisa was only wearing a t-shirt. She was shocked to look down and see the girl's pussy, peeking out from between her legs. Her smooth, hairless pussy.

"Girls. Were you two making out?" Lisa said, and they both hung their heads. "You seem to spend a lot of time in the same bunk."

"We..." said Jex, "we weren't they only ones..."

"I know..." said Lisa. "I'm not getting on to you. I'm just trying to get a feel for you two."

Well, that was a slight relief, thought Dawnielle. Although she still figured they were in a little trouble. One thing she did not want was to have to visit Miss Lyndoria in her office. That seemed scary.

"Did you two know each other? From before?" Lisa asked, and the two girls shook their heads.

"Well, you got close pretty quick," Lisa giggled and they giggled with her instinctively.

"Have either of you made out with girls before?" she asked. Jex nodded and Dawnielle shook her head.

"My sister and I make out," Jex said, and Lisa nodded.

"I'm still a virgin," said Dawnielle, trying to be funny.

"Hey, nothing wrong with that, so am I," said Lisa. "If you don't count girls."

That was interesting, Dawnielle though. Lisa liked girls too? Maybe they weren't in trouble at all.

"Ladies," Lisa said. "I picked you out because I thought you were the first. I didn't see any other activity until tonight."

"We didn't either," said Jex, nodding.

"I just thought ..." Lisa said, pausing, "that maybe you girls might like to play around a little."

Dawnielle just grinned. Well, shit. A happy ending, after all. She liked Lisa, almost as much as she liked Jex. This might be fun.

An hour later, as she came for the umpteenth time, Dawnielle thought, yep, I was right. This is fun. Lisa had a very skillful tongue, and Dawnielle felt like both Jex and she had learned some useful things from the older girl, things like how to lick pussy. Lisa seemed very good at it, and Dawnielle learned some things just from what Lisa did to her. She finally cautiously put her face down into Lisa's cunt, and tasted the older girl. Damn but she tastes good, Dawnielle thought. As good as Jex. As good as I probably taste. Dawnielle was developing quite a predilection for pussy. She idly wondered if she'd ever taste a bad one.

Later, after Lisa had traded places with her, Jex crouched over Dawnielle, and scooted forwards, almost sitting on Dawnielle's face. Dawnielle reached up with her tongue, and found Jex's clit. Jex wiggled and writhed in pleasure as she rode Dawnielle's face. Lisa looked up from Dawnielle's cunt, and then bowed her face back down. Dawnielle shook and trembled as she felt another orgasm coming. Oh, this was so much more fun than camp last year, she thought. I'll come here again next year. I'll beg for it.

Ten minutes later Jex was laying on Lisa's bunk while Dawnielle ate her pussy like it was ice cream. The girl tasted so good, she thought. Pussy tastes good. I could fall in love with this shit. I am in love with this shit. I'll have a boyfriend, someday, but I'll always have a girlfriend too. Lisa squatted over Jex's face, allowing the smaller girl to tongue her pussy. Every now and then she reached her head down to Dawnielle, and they kissed. Dawnielle could smell her own pussy on Lisa's face when they kissed. Dawnielle was more turned on than she thought she ever could be. This was fun. Once again she thought damn... sex is fun.

An hour later, they slowly and quietly made their way out of Lisa's room, and back to their bunks. The room was dead silent, I guess everyone has gotten their fill of each other, thought Dawnielle.

As she climbed the ladder to her bunk, the girl across from her spoke. "D'ja have a good time?"

"Yes," was all Dawnielle said. It was true. She'd had a good time. A damn good time.


The next day was fun, with swimming and more archery, and even some practice driving out in a field in an old clunker. After a fine bean dinner they had a marshmallow roast, and finally all shuffled off to bed.

Lisa had whispered to Dawnielle and Jex, and after waiting what they felt was an appropriate amount of time they crept down the ladder and into Lisa's room. There commenced much sex, many girlish orgasms, and an almost insane amount of licking. Dawnielle was happier than she'd ever been, she felt like she was experiencing one of the great things life had to offer. She loved Jex and Lisa, and desperately hoped she could come back and see them next year. She decided to write her parents, and ask them if she could do a second session this summer. She would lay some kind of guilt trip on them, she could worry about that tomorrow. Right now, she just wanted to lick and be licked.

The three girls wore each other out, and Jex and Dawnielle snoozed for a while, the three of them crowded in the tiny bunk, spoon-fashioned. Finally Lisa got them up and back to their own beds. Soon it was morning.

That morning, Lisa kept them for a few minutes after the other girls had trudged off to breakfast.

"Ladies," she said to them. "I have a very good friend here at the camp, with whom I share myself, as I have with you two."

The girls nodded, and Lisa went on.

"May I offer you to her? I think you will enjoy spending time with her. She is very... elegant, and unusual."

Dawnielle didn't care. At this point? She didn't give a damn. Jex nodded, a little more thoughtful. Lisa seemed pleased.

"Girls... I am sure that we will all be sensible, and keep the details of our sex lives out of the business of people who might not understand?"

Heh, thought Dawnielle. Yeah, like parents. No was in hell were her parents going to hear about this shit, they'd freak out and lock her down tight. She could keep a secret.

Lisa let them go, and they scurried off to the mess hall. The rest of the day passed pleasantly, until early afternoon, when a girl appeared in their class, with a note.

The instructor read the note, and then said, "Standridge. Rex. Lyndoria's office."

Oh, shit. Dawnielle felt her asshole slam shut. What the hell was the matter now? What had she done? The two of them? They were both in trouble? Was this about their making out? What else could it be, if the two of them were involved?

They followed the girl back to Miss Lyndoria's office. Oh, this is interesting, Dawnielle thought. This part of the camp doesn't look old and rundown. Miss Lyndoria had a nice office.

The girl leading them knocked on the closed door, and a voice from inside spoke. She opened the door, and motioned Dawnielle and Jex inside. Dawnielle felt her heart beating, and went through the door.

Miss Lyndoria was leaning up against her desk, in front of it. Two chairs were in front of her, and she motioned, and the girls sat. Miss Lyndoria regarded them, somewhat critically Dawnielle thought, and then finally turned and went back behind her desk, where she still stood.

"Ladies. Thank you for coming," the woman finally said. Oh, jeezus, get it over with, thought Dawnielle.

"I have had some very good reports about you two. Lisa is quite smitten with you," Miss Lyndoria said.

Oh. Suddenly it all made sense to Dawnielle. She met Jex's eyes, seeing relief in the smaller girls eyes. She suddenly knew why they were there. Very interesting, though Dawnielle. The plot thickens.

"Ladies. Would you like to go to my room?" Miss Lyndoria said, finally smiling.


Slowly, with patience and what seemed like appreciation to Dawnielle, Miss Lyndoria undressed the two girls. She was very proper, well, considering she was undressing young girls, until she got their bras off. She stopped for a moment and looked at the two of them, and then bent her head down to Jex's breasts. Dawnielle rolled over slightly on her side to watch, and smiled at Jex. Miss Lyndoria's hands did not stop while she sucked on Jex's nipple, she was unbuttoning her blouse all the while. She raised up and pulled the blouse off, and then unsnapped her bra and pulled it off. Oh, thought Dawnielle, Miss L has some nice titties. Full and firm, with huge brown nipples.

Within a few minutes she was tasting those very titties. Miss L was laying on her bed, with Jex literally riding her face, while Dawnielle licked and sucked her nipples. Dawnielle cautiously reached down, and touched the woman's vagina. Miss Lyndoria moaned in assent, it seemed to her, and so she began to rub in earnest. Finally she abandoned Miss L's titties and moved down to her pussy. Miss L spread her legs, seeming to know what was coming next. Lord, thought Dawnielle, this is the third pussy I'm going to taste in three days. She plastered her face into Miss L's cunt, lapping it up, and loving it. The woman had a nice fat almost hard clit, and Dawnielle loved licking it, feeling the spasms she created run down the older woman's legs. Miss Lyndoria shaved her pussy, also, and Dawnielle loved the smooth, hairless feel of it. Dawnielle was having fun.


It was almost dinnertime when Miss Lyndoria finally got the girls dressed and shooed them out of her room. Jex and Dawnielle giggled their way back to their cabin, and changed for dinner, remembering to wash the cunt juice off their faces and fingers. They had both had a great time, and hoped for more of it. Well, they knew they'd get more of from each other, at least, but it had been fun both times they had added company.


After some thought, Dawnielle sent a short, tersely worded note home to her folks. Basically, just saying camp was okay, and could she do a second session. Playing on guilt trips, mainly. Like maybe they would think she'd rather be here than there. Yeah, that's it, she thought.


That night, after everyone in the cabin had seemed to go to sleep, Lisa roused Dawnielle and Jex and led them out of the cabin, and down to the lake. Far around it, to almost the other end, and they stripped down, giggling, and carefully made their way out into the water naked. Someone else was waiting for them, and sure enough it was Miss Lyndoria, also naked. They climbed up on a large floating cushion, and paired off, and began fucking around, in earnest. Dawnielle got Miss Lyndoria, who immediately spread Dawnielle's legs wide, smashed her face into her crotch, and began eating her pussy. Electric shocks ran throughout Dawnielle's body, and she felt an orgasm building. Miss L was very good at what she did. Dawnielle idly wondered how many other girls had been on the end of that tongue, over the years. The woman was ideally placed, for a pussy lover.

Miss L finally rolled Dawnielle over, and touched her, until Dawnielle raised her butt up in the air. She felt Miss L's face back there, and squirmed as the woman tongued her asshole. Oh... she thought... that actually feels good... she was a little surprised that Miss L wanted to put her tongue there, but hey, this was sex they were having... she wondered if anything was off limits.

Before the night was over, she had tongued the older woman's asshole, and loved it. She was afraid it would taste shitty, but was surprised at the mildness of it, and surprised how much that little hint of it turned her on. When the girls finally traded off, she seized Lisa and flipped her, burying her tongue in Lisa's asshole, causing her to laugh. She devoured Lisa, licking her asshole, pussy and finally tits.

"Girl," Lisa said, her breath hot on Dawnielle's face, "you are really getting into this, huh..."

Dawnielle laughed. She was. She was having more fun than she'd ever had, before. Lisa finally made her cum and cum again with her tongue, eating her pussy out, and tonguing her clit until her legs almost locked.

Exhausted, halfway expecting the sun to come up, Lisa, Dawnielle and Jex made their way back to their cabin. Lisa gave the two girls the morning off, and Dawnielle and Jex slept in their own bunks a while, then Jex joined her and they whispered and discussed some of the things they'd done lately. They finally joined back up with their group at lunch, and did camp stuff for the rest of the day.


That afternoon Lisa got Dawnielle and Jex into the Instructor's restrooms, where the showers were much more private. They borrowed a disposable razor from her, and spent the time shaving each others pussys, the first time for both of them. It really felt sexy to Dawnielle to have Jex shave her, and it sure felt sexy after she was shaved. Every little sensation seemed magnified, and when she had shaved Jex they rubbed and licked each other for what seemed like an hour. Jex had a hairy ass, and it turned on Dawnielle to shave it, and only the soap smeared everywhere kept her tongue out of it. Lisa finally showed up, and the girls shaved her, too, and licked and sucked for another hour under the water. They finally caught up with their class, and giggled and winked at each other for the rest of the day.

I wonder what we'll do tonight, Dawnielle thought, looking forward to it. But they had the night off for some reason, and spent it trying to be quiet in Dawnielle's bunk, and licking each other's smooth pussy. I am going to shave every day for the rest of my life, Dawnielle promised herself, loving the feeling of it. Jex's pussy felt so soft and smooth to her, and she loved to suck Jex's pussy lips into her mouth, and rub them around with her tongue. After they both came a dozen times Jex finally crawled back to her bunk, and Dawnielle tried to get a little sleep.


The next afternoon they had a marathon session with Miss Lyndoria, in her room behind her office. She had everything they needed for an afternoon of pleasure, a fridge, bathroom, bed... everything. Dawnielle wondered if that's where she stayed, or if she had a cabin. Anyway, they licked and slurped and fucked the afternoon away, and Lisa finally joined them about four o'clock. Miss L went to a cabinet, and drew out an artificial penis that vibrated, and her and Lisa showed the girls how to use it to maximum effect. That night, after dinner, the girls all had a marshmallow cookout, and Dawnielle and Jex had simple fun with the other girls.

An hour before bedtime they were all back in their bunkhouse. Linda, a girl from their cabin, started the conversation by asking Dawnielle what the girls did all the time, since they weren't with the regular crowd. Dawnielle was stymied, she didn't know what to say. She didn't want to tell the truth.

"You doofus," another girl, Alice, said, "they're fucking Lisa, anybody can tell."

Jex and Dawnielle just giggled. Dawnielle wasn't sure if she should deny it, or not. The other girls didn't seem that bothered by it, they seemed a little jealous, if anything.

Another girl couple had emerged over the last few days, a girl named Fairia and a girl named Tassady. They were in their bunk now, their arms wrapped around each other. Fairia said to Dawnielle, "we know you guys fuck. We can hear you all the time. Just admit it, and move on."

"Yeah," said Jex, "we fuck." She looked at Dawnielle and giggled. Dawnielle, on impulse, leaned over and they pressed their lips together for a long wet kiss. Fairia and Tassady laughed, and did the same. Slowly the girls paired off, until there were five couples in the room kissing. Somebody turned off the overhead light, and Dawnielle could hear nothing but heavy breathing and slurping noises.

When Lisa came in an hour later all the lights were off except for a desk lamp. Somebody somewhere was cumming, loudly, and the other girls all started giggling when Lisa said, "Holy shit!"

"Ladies," Lisa said. "I know we all like girls, but this is a little dangerous. What if it had been one of the other counselors, instead of me?"

Fairia laughed, and hopped down from her bunk. The dim light played over her naked body. "Lisa, darling... we'd have just fucked her, like we're gonna fuck you..."

"Oh yeah?" Lisa said, staring Fairia down. Fairia finally approached her, and the two girls touched lips for a moment. Then for a long time.

Tassady laughed. "C'mere, you two..." she finally said, and Lisa and Fairia moved to the bunk. Dawnielle dropped her face back into Jex's sweet cunt, and started to lick again. God, the girl's pussy felt so good, so soft and smooth and goddam sexy. I was made for this, thought Dawnielle. I was made for this shit.


Well, thought Dawnielle, round one is down. Make way for round two. She had three days of Lisa all to herself before the next session's campers showed up. She wished Jex could have stayed, but Jex was pretty homesick, in spite of Dawnielle's comforting. She knew that a whole new batch of girls would be coming in, and she was sure she could find a special friend among them. If not, there was always Lisa and Miss Lyndoria. It was gonna be a pretty good summer, she thought. Maybe she'd get to kiss a boy, after she went home, before school started. Maybe not. It didn't matter that much to her now. She'd had a pretty damn good summer, even if it ended right now. But, damn, it was only half over. Yep, pretty good. Pretty damn good.



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