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Candy (Inc, Mf, mf, ff) WARNING - SUPER LONG, 400k

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on: October 18, 2014, 04:56:56 AM

Title         : Candy

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Inc, Mf, mf, ff

Date        : 20141018

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Synopsis : The story of a young teen girl living in a small town and her sexual awakening and adventures. Contains some pedo and incest material, and lots of teen/teen and teen/adult sex. Long (400k).

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. Actually, this time some of this shit is true, and most of the places do exist. Candy exists, though her name has been changed, and this story is inspired by some of the stories she told me of stuff she did when she was young and worked at a taco place.


Candy Lawson was mad. There was nothing new about that, Candy spent a lot of her time being mad, but this time it was really special. This one mattered. She knew what started it. The usual. Her name. Her name had started a thousand fights over the course of her short life. And that's how this one had started. Gym class, the showers, A few jokes, some giggling girls, one smart-ass egging it on, and the next thing she knew a girl was laying on the floor with a bloody nose, and the coach had her by the ear. She had witnesses, at least, Victoria had thrown the first punch. The bad thing was Victoria was way more popular than Candy, and the other girls might not tell the truth. She just hoped.

They were both sitting outside Miss Lyndoria's office, sulking, shooting gazes of pure hatred at each other. At least Victoria wasn't her usual cool hot self, clutching a bloody paper towel to her nose. Candy knew that was pure theatrics, her nose had stopped bleeding in the showers. Sympathy ploy, she thought. The bitch. The conniving little bitch.

Candy's uncle had taught her how to hit. He'd taught her how to fight, long ago, when he became tired of her coming home from school beat up every day. Now that time, Candy thought, that first time, that was special. That girl hadn't known what hit her. Her name was Debbie. Deadbeat Debbie, Candy had called her, after that. After she beat the shit out of her. That had been fun. The high point of fourth grade, pretty much of her whole life up until then. The day she learned to stand up for herself. The first time she was sent to the principal's office.

Well, look where it got her. In the principal's office, again. Jeezus. She glared at Victoria, getting a glare in return. She would have said something, if it wasn't for Miss Lyndoria's secretary sitting nearby. I would say, she thought, let's see... "Bitch, your ass is mine" has a nice ring to it. Candy had learned how to trash talk many years ago, that had been her first attempt at defense. But it wasn't nearly as satisfying as feeling her fist connect with somebody's nose.

"Lawson. Decker. In." Miss Lyndoria opened the door and motioned brusquely. Candy stood and waited for Victoria to enter. They sat, and Miss Lyndoria stood for a moment, regarding them.

"Well, well. What a surprise. My favorite troublemaker."

Candy managed a weak smile. She knew Miss Lyndoria was talking about her. Victoria looked like she was uncomfortable, and Candy wondered if the other girl had ever been in Miss Lyndoria's office before. Lord, she thought, this is my third time this year.

"Ladies. I have here a sheet of paper on which Miss Underhill has written that witnesses say Victoria Decker threw the first punch. Victoria, is this true?"

Victoria did not move a muscle. Candy knew the feeling. She knew the other girl was weighing the chances of lying her way out of this. Hah hah, she thought, I have you now. The truth comes out. Simply being popular doesn't always make you a winner.

"Miss Lyndoria, she made me. She said stuff that I can't repeat and it made me so mad I don't know what I did."

Candy snorted. Miss Lyndoria glanced at her, and looked back at Victoria.

"Of that," The woman said. "Of that, I have no doubt. I'm sure Miss Lawson said many things. Miss Lawson is very good at saying things. Miss Lawson, have you anything to say now?"

"Yes Ma'am." Candy said, trying for meekness. "The note is correct. She threw the first punch. I was simply forced to defend myself."

It was Victoria's turn to snort.

"Well. We have a situation, it would appear. As much as I would like to, I'm not going to expel you ladies. I'm going to write you up, and allow your coach to give you a suitable punishment. Candy, I have no doubt of your complicity in this thing, given your mouth and attitude. And I would bust your ass hard if that note had said you threw first. That simple fact has saved you."

She regarded the two in silence for a while. Jeezus, Candy thought, get it over with. She was mildly surprised that Miss Lyndoria had said "ass", what with all the PC crap people worried about now.

"Victoria. Your nose is not broken, or you'd still be screaming. Let it stop bleeding, and get on with your life. And please try not to get your nose in the way of Candy's fist again. You are not her first, dear."

Victoria nodded sullenly as Candy laughed evilly to herself. Miss Lyndoria nodded towards the door and Victoria leapt from her seat and departed, almost leaving a vacuum in the room. Goodbye, bitch, thought Candy.

Candy started to leave herself, but Miss Lyndoria stopped her with a word.

"Child, we really must stop meeting like this."

Candy suddenly felt the urge to explain. "Miss L, it was the same thing all over again, she was making fun of my name. It just got out of hand."

"It always gets out of hand." Miss Lyndoria sighed. "Candy, dear, you are better than this. You are one of my favorites, and I think you are destined to go far and do great things in life. Just, please, please try a little harder to stay out of trouble. Stuff like this goes on your record, and might cause you problems someday."

Candy hung her head. "Thank you, Miss L, for not busting my ass."

Miss Lyndoria laughed. "Get your ass out of here, and back to class. And just smile and look enigmatic next time they make fun of your name. Someday we might have to call you president Candy, if you can stay out of trouble long enough."

"Yes, Ma'am."


Candy was fourteen years old, and a freshman at Wild Horse Junior High. She didn't mind school, she actually enjoyed it, at times. When she wasn't getting in fights, at least. Anyway, Candy was about average height, and had a slim build. She had shoulder-length auburn hair, and dusky skin. She was pretty, and she knew she was pretty. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but she'd settle for pretty. She knew that boys liked her, and so far, fairly mildly, she liked boys. She'd only ever had one real boyfriend, but he'd moved away over the summer. Her friend Joycelyn confided to her once that she needed to be a little less "intense", otherwise she might scare boys away. She wasn't sure exactly what "intense" meant, she was just herself. Was that intense? Anyway, Joycelyn should know, she'd had more boyfriends than any girl Candy knew. Back to Candy. She was pretty, still cute, and she had heard a boy once say she was a "fox". So, forever, in her mind, she thought of herself as a fox. She knew that someday, the boys would discover her. She didn't worry much about it. Except, she was getting more and more ready for it to happen.


The rest of the day passed quietly, except for a few "awesome job" compliments from girls that didn't like Victoria. Joycelyn and her mother took Candy home in her mother's car, as she did almost every day, giving Candy a head start on her trip to work. She charged in the house, saying "hi" to her uncle, in his usual spot on the couch. She threw her books on her bed went and back downstairs and then headed downtown, to the Taco Factory. Let the fun begin, she thought.

The Taco Factory was the funnest job she'd ever had. Well, it was the only job she'd ever had, true. And she was making a dime over minimum, no less. She loved her boss, Mr. Hardy, the man that owned the place, though not like he'd probably like her to love him. Mr. Hardy liked young girls, that was obvious. Only one boy, Steve worked there, the rest were hand-picked cute young girls. Like me, she thought. Mr. Hardy had expounded on his theory more than once, that customers liked to be served by cute young girls, and it seemed to be working well, most of their clientele was young, middle-aged or elderly men who leered and undressed the girls with their eyes. Candy had heard the phrase "eat your taco" more than she could count, and she knew exactly what the letches meant, although it usually just made her giggle. And that giggling had gotten her more tips than most of the other girls. She did well, at the Taco Factory. And had fun.

The evening passed, and she did have a good time, relating details of the fight to her boss and the others during slow periods. Finally it was eight o'clock, and she headed home. Night fell as she walked through her quiet neighborhood. She got home, seeing her mom's car out front, and the lights on. Good.

Her mom, Deanna, fixed her some leftover pot roast, and she spent fifteen minutes finishing her homework. She lay on the floor in the living room, watching TV with her uncle, Mike. Candy and her Mom lived with Mike, this was his house. He spent about half his time on deployment, and they watched the place and his stuff while he was gone. Candy had realized long ago that he was rich and they were poor, but it didn't bother her much, they lived well, mainly because they lived with him. Candy didn't realize it, still mostly being a kid, but he let them live there for nothing, so her mom had money for stuff, and even money left over on occasion. Candy had her own money, now, of course, since she worked. Life was good, for Candy. If she could just stay out of trouble.

Her name. Her damn name. That was her biggest problem. She wished for the millionth time her named was Cindy. Just one letter different. How much better things would be if she was Cindy. Damn. Or even Randi. Or even Randy, like a boy. Anything but Candy. What had ever possessed her mom to name her Candy, of all the ridiculous names. The one time she'd confronted her mom about it, her mom blamed it on her dad. Her absent, dead-beat dick-headed dad. Well, that was easy enough to say, and unprovable.

Candy lay on the floor, dreaming, speculating. She could almost feel her uncle's eyes on her. She knew he was watching her. Whenever she was in the room, he watched only her. The TV was forgotten. She knew his eyes were on her.

She had a peculiar relationship with her uncle. She knew he liked her. He had always liked her. And he liked young girls. He was like that with her friends, when she brought them over. It was so obvious that some of them had even remarked on it. He wasn't intrusively lecherous, not like a dirty old man, but it was obvious. He liked girls.

Candy was still wearing her school uniform. She had realized long ago that her boss loved to see his girls in their school uniforms, so she never changed before she went to work. And now it was close to bedtime, no sense in changing. She wiggled and rolled around the floor a little, feeling the hem of her skirt rise along the back of her leg. She liked to give Uncle Mike little peeks, she liked to think she was making his day. He was different with her, now, in ways she didn't always like. He hardly ever touched her any more, he didn't hug her like he used to, or let her sit on his lap while they watched TV. Well, she was too big for that now, that was understandable. Anyway. Sometimes she missed the closeness she used to have with him.

She wiggled some more, until she could feel her hemline at the place where her legs turned into her butt. She knew he liked to see her panties. She'd caught his eye before, glued to them, when she could see his face. Hee hee. All guys liked panty peeks. She knew that.

He finally excused himself and went upstairs. Her mom had long since gone to bed. She followed, thinking, hooray, tomorrow is Friday. She slid into bed, and floated away in dreamland.


The next day went well, at school. Well, no fights, at least. Victoria ignored her, and Candy ignored Victoria. Candy got paired with Dalton, in biology. That made her day. She loved Dalton, secretly, of course, and now she would get to work with him for the next few weeks. That was cool. She started the day on a high note.

It all ended in gym class. After announcing the class would head outside for the soccer field, Miss Underhill pulled Victoria and Candy aside, and told them to mop and clean the showers. Punishment. That sucked, grandly.

So, while the others were out cavorting in the sunlight, Candy and Victoria mopped and scrubbed. That would suck bad enough, if not for the company, Candy thought. She wondered how she'd make it through the next hour without punching the girl again. Victoria had already proved she couldn't keep her mouth shut any better than Candy. Jeezus. Here we go, Candy thought.

It went well, though. Victoria kept her mouth shut, so Candy kept hers shut. They even helped each other, on occasion. We are "co-operating" Candy thought. We are being good little girls. She even finally stopped thinking of Victoria as "Bitch".

"Your nose okay?" Candy finally said, as they mopped.


"Sorry 'bout that."

"Yeah. My fault."

Well, that was satisfying, Candy thought, we basically kissed and made up. Maybe the girl's not so bad after all.

"I saw you got Dalton in Bio." Victoria said.


"You lucky. He hot. I got stupid Wayne, and Janet from another planet. Wayne the weenie."

Candy giggled. Wayne was a weenie. She was doubly lucky to get a two-person group, instead of a three.

"Luck of the draw." She said finally. They both giggled. This was working out nicely, she thought.


That evening, at work, Mr. Hardy called Candy into his tiny office in the back of the store. She went somewhat nervously, remembering what had happened last time he'd called her in there. But, she was a big girl, she could take care of herself. And, she'd managed to talk her way out of it, without having to punch him or anything. Or having to show him anything. Which was probably what he wanted, again.

Mr. Hardy had a reputation with the girls that worked at the Taco Factory. They secretly called him "Mr. Hard-on". More than one, to Candy's knowledge, had succumbed to his allure, whatever they might have perceived that to be. Probably monetary. To Candy, he was just a middle-aged letch with a nice car and money. He wasn't her ideal, not yet. She wasn't desperate, yet, she thought. Always nice to know, though, nice to keep in reserve. She knew one girl who'd used him as a way out, and paid his price. A girl that had worked there had gotten pregnant, and Mr. Hardy had paid for her to have an abortion. And, of course, he'd gotten a reward for his expense, a reward of a carnal nature. The girl had made no secret of that, giggling about doing it with him in his hot tub, and a few other adventurous places, including his office at the back of the store. Hopefully she had learned to use protection by then.

Anyway, Mr. Hardy motioned her to the back, and she finished up her tray and followed him. He went behind his desk, and she sat in the cramped chair, a shelf poking her in the side. He played with his phone for a minute, and then turned to her, smiling what she imagined he thought was his most endearing smile.

"Candy, sweet Candy." He said, and she nodded, wanting to get to the point of this. "Everybody loves a taste of sweet candy."

Lord. Like she hadn't heard that a thousand times. From him, and others. What is it about me, she thought, that attracts dirty old men? Just because I'm a teenage girl? These guys have some leftover fantasies they have to live out, or what? Even Uncle Mike. Jeezus. Is it just me, or do they bug every girl they meet? Actually, it seemed like they probably did sometimes.

"Yes, Mr. Hardy?" She finally said, when it became obvious that he was waiting for her to say something.

"Candy, dearest, I just wanted to know if everything was going okay for you? Is everyone treating you right? Anything I need to know about?"

"No, sir, all is well." She said, still kind of leery.

"You are so cute, can I take your picture? I want a picture to remember you by, when we're not at work." He held his phone up. Lord. This was embarrassing.

"Sure, Mr. Hardy. Take a picture."

She smiled what she thought was a cute smile, and he snapped away. And again, and again.

"Stand up, dear." He said, and she dutifully stood, letting him snap a few more.

"Well, I'd better get back to work..." She started, but he interrupted her.

"Oh, don't worry about that, it's a slow night. How about a little more leg?"

Oh lord. So this was going to turn into a porno shoot, then. She gave him a steely glance, and rolled her eyes. Give them an inch, she thought, but she reached down and pulled her skirt up a few inches. He almost cackled in pleasure, snapping away.

"A little higher... please?" He said. She tried to see behind his desk to see if he was living up to his nickname, Mr. Hard-on, but she couldn't tell. The old pervert. Trying to trick a sweet young girl like me into showing some panty, she thought. What a pervert.

She pulled her skirt halfway up her thighs. "That's it, Mr. Hardy." She said. "That's as high as it goes."

He pouted, clicking a last few pictures.

"Candy. I don't want to offend... but I would... compensate you handsomely... for any... "special" pictures that you might allow..." He had gulped visibly before he spoke, and she realized that he felt like he was going out on a limb, here. She knew exactly what he meant by "special". Weirdly, the idea didn't freak her out, or horrify her. She had always liked him, and always accepted that he perved over her. She wasn't desperate for money, thank goodness, or she might have felt like she had to accept his offer. Her mom paid for everything she needed, pretty much, and she had her job for spending money. Still, a fat wad of cash might be nice. And in a few years she was going to need a car, bad.

"Mr. Hardy." She got serious, to let him know she was serious. "What kind of money are we talking about?"

He cleared his throat, and looked around nervously. "Well, about... let's see... how about a hundred?"

"Well, it's been fun, but I really must get back to work." She turned towards the door, and he jumped to his feet.

"Candy! Wait!" She almost laughed. This was too easy.

"How about... two hundred?" He seemed embarrassingly desperate, to her. She realized with a thrill her complete power over him, at the moment. I have something he wants almost as much as life itself, she thought. Something he wants bad enough to risk angry parents and even jail time over. Something that he's in the grip of completely.

"Two fifty, and I'll think about it." She finally said.

He was too eager. I should have said three hundred, she thought. Hell, five hundred. "Okay, two fifty, please think about it, yes, let me know."

Pathetic, she thought. Pathetic. What a grip sex has on people. Crazy. She knew that to him, this was all about sex. She knew exactly what kind of pictures he wanted. She wondered what she'd decide. I'll have to give this some real thought, she thought to herself. Do I really want to do this? Do I want to start something like this? Will just once satisfy him? Will he become obsessed with me or something?

She nodded curtly to him. "I'll let you know Monday night."

"Oh thank you, thank you!" He gushed embarrassingly. Jeezus, she thought, get a grip. Show a little pride. I'm just a girl. Or better yet, get a girlfriend your own age and stop perving over your employees.

She returned to work and finished the night out. When she headed home he caught her eye and crossed his fingers, making her laugh. Perv, she thought. I will let you know Monday. You might not like it, but I'll let you know.


When she got home, her mom greeted her. "Candy, Mrs. Marillo's mother is in the hospital and she needs to go stay with her and she wonders if you'll watch Roger and Cindy. It'll be for all night, if you do."

Oh crap. She stifled an urge to immediately ask "how much", and nodded her head.

"Good, dear, I told her you would." Her mom nodded thankfully. "I'm sure she'll pay you, but if she doesn't think of it I will."

"That's okay, mom, I'm glad to help." She wasn't really, but she was trying to be nice. She went upstairs and got her nightgown, and a change of clothes.

She stuck her head in the living room but Uncle Mike was gone. She kissed her mother goodnight, and headed for the house on the corner.


Three hours later, they were in the middle of an epic Monopoly game. Roger, the boy, was twelve, and his sister, Cindy, was nine. They were probably old enough to stay by them self, but their mother was old-fashioned. Candy understood. She had watched them often, over the years. She knew the kids pretty good by now, and she knew how to handle them.

She wiped them out at Monopoly, and sent Cindy packing to the tub. She sat in with her, sitting on the closed toilet lid and they talked. She liked the girl. Cindy was wholesome and sweet, just a joy. Now that girl will be a heart breaker someday, Candy thought, thinking something that she'd heard her mom say once. Yep. Cindy was a sweetheart. And, she has my name. What should have been my name, except for that pesky "A."

Cindy cleared the bathroom, and the girls departed to make room for Roger. Candy was sitting on Cindy's bed, talking to the girl when she heard Roger call her name. She went to the bathroom door.

"Yes, Roger?" She called.

"Candy. Come scrub my back like you used to." He said, and she snorted. Now he hadn't asked her to do that in a long time. Hell, she used to sit in the bathroom with him like she did his sister. Until he got too big for it. She pushed in the room, and stood over him.

She'd always got along pretty good with Roger, and sometimes it almost seemed like they were tuned to some special wavelength. He was a boy, and younger than her, but sometimes they just clicked, or something. She liked him... well, not like that, of course, but she liked him.

Luckily, she thought, he'd taken a bubble bath. She took the washrag and soaked it, and dutifully scrubbed his back. When she was done they were still talking, and so she sat on the toilet lid, and continued to talk to him, like she had his sister. He leaned back in the tub, and she was shocked to see his little penis stick up out of the soap bubbles. His hard little penis.

My gawd, thought Candy, this boy is how old? And he's got a hard-on, a boner? Does he know it's showing? Should I laugh and point, or ignore it? Roger was chattering away, and she almost half-way thought that he didn't know it was sticking up, except that... it was sticking up. He should be able to see it in his peripheral vision, at least...

It does look kind of cute, Candy thought. She'd never really seen a penis before. Well, not up close, at the lake once, she'd seen Joycelyn's uncle peeing in the woods, but he was so far off she couldn't really see anything. Joycelyn had told her all about dicks, though, Joycelyn had claimed to see lots of them and even touch a few. And one boy, she hinted broadly, she had even taken into her mouth. Candy still didn't know whether to believe that one or not. Anyway, back to Roger. His little weenie stood straight up, out of the water and soap bubbles, pink and kind of red looking, hard and soft at the same time. It had a little cap thingy on it, and she could see a little slit in the end, she knew that boys peed out of that. And their stuff came out of there.

Well, he didn't seem to mind, so she just stared. All that she could see was maybe two inches of it, although she imagined it was at least twice that long, judging by where his waist was in the water. Well, isn't this delightful, she thought, having a tub-side conversation while getting a peek at a boy's weenie. And who says I don't have a sex life?

Roger finally seemed to get embarrassed or something, and he said that she could go. She went. She wondered what he'd do when she left. She knew what boys did with their weenies. Joycelyn had told her all about that too, she had two older brothers. Joycelyn was quite familiar with what boys did with their weenies. She called it "spunk", a word which had made Candy giggle. Sex is silly sometimes, Candy thought. Some of the words are really silly. Words had unusual powers, Candy knew, and she used those powers sparingly, not wanting to use them up. In Candy's world "shit" and "fuck" were about as far as you could go when cussing, but the ultimate, the far-out mind-blowingly ultimate was "cunt". It was harder to use than the others, too, being a body part rather than an action. Candy had only ever said "cunt" out loud once, when talking about a teacher that she'd had a fight with last year. And some dizzy bitch in the crowd had reported her for it, and she'd almost got expelled, saved by the fact that no adult had heard her say it. Stupid cunt. Who needed that shit.

Anyway, she idly wondered if Roger was playing with his weenie, in there in the bathroom, after she'd left. Who knows. She wondered if he was old enough. She wondered if it had excited him to lay there, and expose himself to her, or if it just didn't matter to him. She kind of secretly hoped it had turned him on. She had to admit, it had turned her on a little. She'd felt that prickling between her legs that she felt when she let Uncle Mike see her panties, or when she talked to Dalton at school. Crazy girl, she thought. Calm down. He's just twelve.

She put Cindy to bed, read her some of the book that her mom was reading her, and stuck her head in Roger's room. The boy was in his pajamas, sitting on his bed, reading.

"Hey." She said. "Goodnight."

"Can I stay up and read?"

"Sure. It's Friday night, you can stay up all night for all I care."

"Okay, thanks."

She sat on the chair beside his bed. For some reason she felt an urge to talk to him. She was still a little turned on, she thought.

"Roger..." She finally said.

"What?" He looked at her blankly.

"Roger... why did you show me your weenie?" She giggled, to let him know she wasn't mad.

Now, though, he was embarrassed. He turned a nice shade of red. He wouldn't meet her gaze.

"It was an... accident..." He finally mumbled. "I can't help it when it... gets like that..."

She giggled some more. "Gets like what? Stiff?"

"Yes." He looked down. So did she, and crazily enough, she could see his pajamas tented out where his little peter was. Jeezus, she thought, either he has another boner, or it's still hard. She wondered what life was like with a penis, an organ that could, at any time, spring into protrusive action. She wondered why she didn't see boys at school with boners. Maybe they learned by then to control them, if they could be controlled.

"Roger..." She giggled. "It's still like that..."

He sighed, theatrically, she thought. "It stays like that for hours sometimes. It hurts, sometimes. It hurts now."

"It hurts?" She was puzzled. She thought the whole point of erections was to feel good, not hurt.

"From being stiff I guess." She almost thought he was being too casual about even this, talking about it. She wondered if he'd planned this, starting with his showing off to her in the tub. "I don't know if it's supposed to, but it hurts."

"Well, I'm sorry for you. Maybe... you can find something to make it feel better."

She giggled again, and he even smiled, tightly.

Then he said. "Candy... would you rub it for me?"

The little perv. She realized she'd been scammed by a master. Well, maybe master was a bit strong a word. But he was good. The little jerk. This whole thing was a trick by him to get her hands on his little pecker. Was this normal, at age twelve, she thought? Was sexual harassment of your babysitter at age twelve normal?

The parallels between Roger and Mr. Hardy were amazing. Same desperation, same conniving tricks. Men. Were they all like this? From young to old? Were there any nice men out there, who didn't think of their weenies first? Probably not.

"Roger." She sighed. He looked at her, begging, pleading. She wondered if it really did hurt, or if he was just saying that. What the hell, this might be a good opportunity for her. Lord knows she'd wondered, after Joycelyn's stories.

She got up, and gently shut his door. She returned to his bed, and seated herself on the bed, beside him.


"What." He seemed kind of defensive, now that it looked like he was going to get what he wanted.

"You must never ever ever tell anyone about this. Never."

"I won't."

"I will hunt you down and kill you like a dog if you do. And you know I can do it."

"I know." He nodded.

"Get it out."

He reached down with a trembling hand, and simply pulled down his pajama bottoms. His little prick stood, high and proud. She giggled. He giggled a little even. You'd better be happy, she thought, you're getting just what you wanted.

She cautiously reached out, and touched his warm flesh. He sighed and relaxed. It feels so soft, she thought. So soft and so hard! It was hard. She wiggled it a few times, feeling its resistance. Amazing. It felt so soft and warm. She realized that she was wondering exactly what it might feel like in her mouth. It's come to this, that quickly, she thought. What am I becoming? What am I?

She rubbed and stroked the little organ, getting another sigh from him. Of course it felt good, she knew that pretty much anything to do with weenies felt good to boys. She'd seen boys rubbing themselves on other girls at school, just like she'd seen dogs humping each other. She rubbed and stroked, finally grasping his slender shaft between her fingers and jacking it back and forth. Jacking off, she thought, I am jacking off a boy. I have my hands around a boy's weenie, and I'm jacking him off.

"Candy..." Roger finally said. "If you keep doing that something will happen..."

She giggled. "What. Tell me."

"Stuff... stuff will come out..." He seemed embarrassed. How could a boy who was getting jacked off be embarrassed? she thought. She didn't stop.

"Roger." She hissed, feeling an almost violent burst of wickedness shoot through her body. I'm going to do it, she thought. I'm gonna do it.

"Roger, I'm going to put your weenie... in my mouth, okay?" she said in a low voice, grinning at him. He looked shocked and surprised, almost frightened.

"Okay," he finally said, "if you... really want..."

"I really want," said Candy, and slowly bent down, holding her hair back with one hand. She slurped his hard little shaft into her mouth, feeling gentle shock at the sensation of his warm flesh entering her body. I am sucking on a boy, she thought, wanting to be sure that all of herself realized it. It seemed like some parts of her brain still hadn't got the message. Attention, all hands. I have sucked a boy's peter into my mouth. I am sucking on him, right now.

Roger had just seemed to collapse, at this. He was stretched all the way back on the bed, as she bent over him. He tasted good, she thought, fresh and clean... just had a bath, yes... but damn he tastes good. She ran her tongue over the little cap, feeling the slippery flesh. She felt so good, and so dirty at the same times. So sexy, she thought, this is what feeling sexy really feels like. Hey. I am actually having sex, yes? I mean, it's not inside me, but this counts, doesn't it? This is fun, she decided.

Roger was most certainly enjoying himself. And Candy was having a pretty good time. This is a blow job, she thought. I'm giving a blow job. She knew from Joycelyn that you didn't actually blow. It should be called a suck job, yes? Joycelyn... I've gotta tell Joycelyn about this... although... Roger needs to be a little older in the version I tell her about... dunno if that matters. It counts, it's still a peter.

"Candy." Roger struggled to sit up. In her mouth, she could feel contractions from the base of his shaft.

"Blugh?" She said, her mouth full.

"It's gonna happen..." Was all he said, and then collapsed again. Well, she thought, nice of him to give me a warning. She sucked a little harder, preparing to be surprised.

And she was surprised. She felt his muscles clench, and contract, and then something sprayed from the end of his penis into her mouth. Again and again it sprayed out, not really filling her mouth completely, but finally she couldn't contain it any more and it began to run out of her mouth and down his shaft. He was grunting and groaning the whole time, and she could feel the pulses travel through his body. Now this part he really seems to enjoy, she thought.

Finally Roger was done. Candy gingerly slid his little cock out of her mouth, and took a gasping gulp of air. She swallowed, finally tasting the flavor of what he had sprayed into her mouth. It wasn't that bad, but unlike anything she had ever tasted before, though. It had a slight cloroxy taste, she decided. It tasted clean, weirdly, not nasty. She had no idea what she'd expected, but it was off the chart. Not anywhere close. Strange.

Wow, she thought. I just ate sperms. Cum. Whatever you call it. I just swallowed a mouthful of it. Without almost even thinking about it. How crazy is that. My first blowjob. I hope to hell this little perv enjoyed the shit out of it. Does this mean his cherry is popped? Or does it take regular... fucking to do that. Even thinking the word gave her a sexy thrill... and she wondered, she really started wondering... I wonder if this boy... can do it? Would I let him? Be my first? Just to do it? At least I don't think it'd hurt... she'd heard tales, from more than just Joycelyn, too, of how sex hurt some girls. Of guys with really big dicks... and the pain they caused... how could that cute little weenie hurt me, she thought. He would be a good choice, for a first one. Have to think on that one a bit.

Well, that was it, she thought. She smiled at him, and, on impulse, leaned towards him and kissed him on the lips. He looked surprised, and she was a little surprised, even. She rose, waved goodnight to him, and left the room.

Later that night, Candy was seized by guilt, and remorse. She laid on the couch in the living room, and relived the events of the evening. What if Roger told his mother? What if he bragged to his friends, and one of them told? Her mind filled with what ifs, from the simple to the ridiculous. This is what's hard about sex, she thought, the guilt. It's ridiculous, at my age, to be eaten up with guilt. I refuse to feel guilty, she told herself, and tried to live up to her claim. The best way, she decided, is to probably do it again. I just might, she thought. I just might.


There wasn't time, or opportunity, the next day. In fact, for the next few days, and the events of that Friday night got further and further from Candy's mind. Monday rolled around, and the day passed slowly. Biology was her special hour, now. Dalton was so... so cool. You'd never believe he was a ninth grader, she thought. He was so much more mature than the other boys. So adult, already. He made her feel so special when they talked, he stared into her big brown eyes with his big brown eyes, and she just totally lost focus, usually. He had that affect on her.

Victoria and Candy had even made a pact, of sorts. Or something. They were almost friends, weirdly enough. Candy found herself defending the other girl from some goofy rumor, even. Crazy.

Now, the big deal. The thing she'd spent all weekend thinking about. The Mr. Hardy deal. What to do, what to do. The crazy thing was, after her little fling with Roger, her "affair", as she tended to think of it as, she wanted to do something for Mr. Hardy. She wanted to make him happy. She wanted to be naughty. She wanted to be downright nasty, in fact.

She had even masturbated, thinking of that. That, and sucking on Roger, of course. Saturday night, and again Sunday night. She had wiggled her finger on her clit, and thought about posing for pictures for Mr. Hardy. In her thoughts, she was just wearing panties and a bra, and it just got dirtier from there, until she was naked, dancing around the room as he snapped picture after picture with his phone. Then she thought about Roger, about him filling her mouth with his sperm. She had nice orgasms, with that on her mind, surprising herself. Candy liked to masturbate. She hoped real sex was as much fun. She had never stuck anything up herself, except for her finger. Mostly she just stuck her finger on her clit and wiggled it. She was good at it, though, and it always satisfied her. And that was one thing that she didn't feel guilty about. She knew even her mom did it, she knew where her mom kept a plastic penis. She knew that masturbating was okay.


Anyway, after school she trudged off to work, still not knowing what she was going to tell Mr. Hardy. Not knowing what she'd decided. She hadn't decided. Oh shit, she thought, what should I do. I mean, that is a lot of money... but these pictures, they could follow me the rest of my life. If my face is in them. Hmmm. There's an idea...

Mr. Hardy greeted her at the door, and attempted to escort her back to his office. She felt a stab of frustration at his persistence. The pervert, the silly old pervert. She waved him away and put on an apron, and started making tacos.

She let him steam for a while, and then when she saw he'd gone back to his office she followed. His eyes lit up as she entered, and shut the door.

"Candy, darling!" He was jovial, like he knew she'd say yes. She almost wanted to disappoint him just to see his face fall, like a little boy.

"Mr. Hardy."

"Did you decide?"

"Yes. Mr. Hardy, you've got to understand, I cannot have pictures of myself in... questionable circumstances following me the rest of my life."

His face did fall, at that. That satisfied her a little bit.

"If I let you do this, you have to promise me, and I have to have proof by seeing them, but you have to promise me you won't get my face in any of the shots. I am dead serious about this. You gotta show me the picture you just took whenever I want to see it, and there had better not be any face in it. None. Nadda. Zip. Or it ends right there, and I probably smash your phone. You understand? "

"Oh yes, Candy, I understand. I agree, I sympathize with that... you are right to expect that..."

He seemed too willing to please. She knew how tricky guys could be. She would have to watch this aspect of the photo session very closely.

"How far..." He gulped. "How much can I see?"

The perv. She almost giggled.

"Panties and bra for sure. Maybe more if it works out well, if you keep your promise. If I don't catch you taking face shots. Who knows. It depends on you."

He seemed pretty happy, at that. Who wouldn't be, she thought, what perv wouldn't be? He's gonna get his own private little photo shoot. He'll probably bust a nut.

"When can we do this?" He asked. She thought he was hyperventilating, he seemed so happy. He seemed like he was on cloud nine. Cloud seven, at least.

"Up to you. Uhm, it'd be nice if I could still be on the clock, you know? While we do it?"

"Yes, that's no problem. How about tomorrow night? I'll rent a room at the Granada Suites..."

"Whoa, hold it." Candy already felt like she was losing control. He was renting a motel room? "We're just going to take some pictures. I'm not spending the night with you or anything like that."

"We have to have a place, Candy. Would you feel better coming to my place?"

"We can't do it here?" She had thought that was the idea, all along.

"There isn't enough room, here. I'm going to use my real camera, not my phone."

Well shit. She understood, she guessed.

"Okay, rent a room. But no monkey business, okay? You must be on your best behavior."

"I will, I will, I promise." He was like a little puppy dog. Anything for a pat on the head, she thought. Jeezus.

"When do I get the money?" She asked.

"How about half now, and half when we're done?" He asked, after a moment's thought.

"Fair enough."


The rest of the evening was pretty mundane, after that. Not much excitement in real life, after setting up a porno shoot, she thought. Well, she knew it wasn't really a porno shoot, but that's what she thought of it as. She wondered if Mr. Hardy would have a hard-on while he took the pictures. If he would live up to his nick-name. Surely, in all my semi-naked or naked glory, she thought, I can give a sad old man a boner. Surely. Yes, tomorrow night was going to be... interesting, if nothing else. She wondered if she'd really have the nerve, or if she'd have to give the money back. She patted the lump of cash beneath her waistband for the hundredth time, to be sure it was still there. My car fund is now established, she thought. Let the pictures begin. This might actually be fun, who knows.


Tuesday she met Joycelyn for lunch. It was hard not to tell her about the photo shoot, but she didn't want to, for some reason. She really wanted to tell Joycelyn about her little party with Roger, but she lost her nerve on that one, too. Joycelyn blabbed away about the stuff in her life, but Candy just ended up being silent. Maybe next time, she thought. The thing is, it's gonna be out of character for me. I need to start small.

She opened her mouth, and said, "I think I got a boyfriend." She winced. That was dumb, she thought.

Joycelyn regarded her with bemusement. "You?" She said.

"Not really. Just a little boy I used to babysit who really likes me now."

Joycelyn giggled. "Well, darlin', take what you can get. You can do better than that, though. I know somebody who really likes you."

Oh shit. "Who?"

"Donald Martin. Don."

Donald Martin? Who the hell was that?

"Who the hell is that?" She asked.

"You don't know him because he goes to Phembrook High. He was with my brother Saturday night, and your name came up. He said you were fine. Fine, and foxy."

Foxy. There was that word again. Candy was pleased.

"Is he that guy that was in Dale's car that time? That blonde guy?"

"Yes, that's the one. He's quite handsome, in a rugged way."

Whatever that meant. Joycelyn. Silly girl. Well, shit. This was a welcome surprise. A high school guy liked her? The guy was sixteen, at least. She wondered if he had his own car by now. This sounded very promising. Maybe it meant she was on the way, at last. She would get a definite status boost, from having a boyfriend in high school. If he'd do it. She wondered what a boy like him would expect from a girlfriend. Surely touching and feeling privileges, at least. Maybe real sex. She knew enough girls who'd do it, just to have a high school boyfriend. And a cute one, like Don. Damn, damn. She wondered how on earth she could get in touch with him. And kind of make it look accidental.


The evening loomed before her. The moment of truth. She wavered between looking forward to it, and dreading it. She wondered how she'd get to the Granada. Surely he'd drive her, he wouldn't expect her to make it there on her own.

She went in the Taco Factory, butterflies in her stomach. Mr. Hardy was nowhere to be seen. She went to the back, and in his office. He smiled up at her. She was still nervous. She shut the door.

"Okay, here's the plan." He said. "You complain about being sick, and leave for home. In a few I'll leave to go to the bank or something, and I'll pick you up on the sidewalk. Just head west, down Burbank Avenue, and I'll find you. Whoops. Better give me your cell number, just in case."

Oh, like she wanted that, him to have her number. "I have yours. I'll call you if I don't see you in a few minutes."

"Okay, okay. Good. Thank you, Candy, thank you. God, thank you."

She just looked at him and laughed. Pathetic, she thought. Now I'm seeing the real him. What a weenie. He wants me so bad. Well, I can respect that, I'm cool and desirable, but still... Jeez... get a grip...

"Mr. Hardy. Just tell them you're taking me home because I'm sick, and then running some errands. No one will care, anyway."

"Okay, that's a good idea. Go on, I'll be out in a few minutes."

She went on out, put on an apron, and started an order. In a few minutes Mr. Hardy came out, and addressed the shop. "I'm going to the bank, and running a few errands. Anything I should know?"

"Mr. Hardy." Candy put her acting skills into play. "Would you run me home? I think I'm sick, and I have to leave."

"Sure, Candy. Come on, then."

She hung up her apron and followed him. Only one girl seemed to follow her suspiciously, Louise. Well, you'll just have to believe, Candy thought.

He unlocked the door to his Cooper and she crawled in. They took off down the street.

"Candy. I brought some... things... for you to wear, if you want."

Oh joy. She could just imagine what kind of slut costumes he probably had for her. He probably had a whole closet full of the shit, at home. Right next to his used panty collection.

"Okay. We'll see." She did her best to remain cool and calm and collected. Be on your guard, though, she told herself. Your going to spend some time alone in a motel room with a certifiable sex maniac. Be ready to defend yourself. His penis might take over his body. Who knows.

They went a few miles on the highway, and then turned off at the Granada's exit. He parked and they sat for a moment. He turned to her.

"Just sit here for five minutes or so. Then come on up, room 512. I'll leave the door unlocked."

She wasn't sure about the spy vs. spy routine, but if that's what made him feel better, okay. She sat in the car for what her phone said was five minutes, went in and then ascended to the fifth floor in the elevator. Room 512 was right near the elevator shaft. The door was unlocked, and she pushed on in.

Mr. Hardy was busily arranging clothes on one of the beds. Lord, she thought. She had seen him take a suitcase out of the trunk, but she had no idea how he'd manage to cram all this crap into a single suitcase. She looked the clothes over. Most were nighties and teddies and such, stuff she'd already figured he'd have. Lots of panties and tops, and lots and lots of thongs.

Candy had given some thought that morning on what to wear, underneath. She knew she'd have to give him a pretty good show, if she didn't just plop her meat out on the countertop like a butcher. She wore a nice white thong, very thin in back, just a string, in fact. And a nice semi-transparent top. She had admired herself in the mirror for a minute, and decided she looked hot. Hot enough to blow an old man's balls right off his crotch. Some of the stuff he'd brought did look cool, though. Maybe she'd try some of it on. She hesitantly sniffed the crotch of a thong, wondering if it had been worn before.

"Don't worry, it's all clean. I know how you girls are." He said, laughing. She giggled. That probably had looked a little strange. Mr. Hardy opened a case and pulled out a large camera. Candy didn't know anything about cameras, except that this one looked expensive. Damn expensive. He mounted a flash on top of it.

"Well, dear. Whenever you're ready." He went to the door and slid the chain home, and double-checked the lock. She tried not to be paranoid as she realized how hard it would be to leave in a hurry. He'd just better not, she thought.

She realized he was waiting on her.

"Mr. Hardy. You can take some face shots, with all my clothes on, if you wish. I'll give you that much."

"Oh, thank you, darling, thank you." He began firing away. She just stood, moving about slightly, trying to remember how models did it on TV. She posed, hands on hips, hands crossed, hands behind her, and he grunted appreciatively. Lord, she thought, he's already taken a hundred. The flash was blinding, and the camera was loud. She was sure that anybody out in the hall could hear it and know what was going on.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Jeezus. She looked at the caller ID. Shit. It was Louise, from work. So she did suspect. She motioned Mr. Hardy to silence, and took the call, trying to sound sick.


"Candy, dear... just wanted to make sure that horrid Mr. Hardy got you home in one piece... you are okay?"

"Yes, Louise, all went well. Thanks for being concerned." She winked at Mr. Hardy, and he smiled. He ogled her as she made small talk, and finally Louise hung up.

"Jeezus." Said Candy, setting her phone on the TV. "Where were we?"

"I think you were about to take your top off." Said Mr. Hardy, not bothering to hide the eagerness in his voice. She sighed.

"Mr. Hardy. You can keep taking my face, if you let me have copies of these pictures. And you must swear your most sacred swear not to let these get out. If I see these pictures on the internet, I swear by Cthulhu I will hunt you down and strangle you with your own colon. Do you understand? I am dead serious about this."

"Yes, yes, I understand. Candy, these pictures will go on my encrypted drive, and no one but myself will ever see them. I swear on my mother's grave."

Shit I hope I don't regret this, Candy thought, as she smiled her sunniest smile for the camera. She started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Candy... before you take your uniform off, could you maybe... show me a little leg? Some peeks maybe?"

Oh lord. The director emerges. She just smiled at him, though, and slowly began pulling her skirt up. Higher and higher it went, until she was sure he could see her thong.

He motioned to the bed behind her, and she fell backwards onto it. Her dress did fly up then, and from his sharp intake of breath she could tell for sure he'd seen her thong. She felt a burst of pure wickedness shoot through her body. I am turning him on, she thought, I am blowing his dirty little mind.

She pulled her legs up on the bed, knowing that it would lift her skirt and show her panties. Her thong. And a good portion of her butt. She felt sexy, showing off for him. She looked at his crotch, and was surprised at the large protrusion there. He was going good, already, she thought. He was ready for action. Well, she thought, this is all the action there's gonna be.

She tried to make it good for him, at least. He was paying for it, after all. And it was kind of sexy, showing off for the camera. She really wanted to see the pictures when he was through. She wanted her own copy of them. Surely he'd do that for her. He'd said he would.

She flopped around on the bed, allowing her skirt to rise to her waist. She showed her butt off to him, standing up on her hands and knees and leering at the camera, sticking her butt up in the air. She was sure it looked cute. And probably a little bit slutty. So what.

She finally unbuttoned her skirt and top, and threw them off. Mr. Hardy clicked away the whole time. Now she rolled around the bed in just her bra and thong, feeling really sexy.

She almost laughed to hear him moan out loud. She was sure he was turned on supremely. She was a little turned on herself. This was fun. And sexy.

She sat on the edge of the bed, and spread her legs slightly. He came in close with the camera, the flash blinding her. He stuck the lens maybe two feet from her thong-covered pussy, obviously trying for the close-up look. She spread her legs a little more, and he moaned again.

"Candy... darling..." He finally said, stopping the camera action. "I cannot stand this much longer... would you... would you..."

Oh shit, she thought, here it comes, the proposal. How much will he offer me for this, to have sex with him?

"Candy. Would you mind terribly if I took my... my organ out?"

Took it out? What did he mean? Pulled it out of his pants? That was all? That was kind of a relief, if that's all he wanted. She was already curious to see what he looked like. What a grown-up one looked like.

"I don't care, Mr. Hardy." She said, and he set the camera down. He turned away from her, and messed with the front of his jeans. He turned his head to her and gave her a weak smile, and then reclaimed his camera. When he turned back around, she could see his hard penis, and it was slightly impressive. It was maybe seven inches long, and fairly fat, compared to Roger's teeny weenie, at least. It was hard, damn, it was hard, Candy could tell it was way harder than Roger's had been. Maybe because Mr. Hardy was older. Maybe because she turned him on that much more. She preferred to think of that one.

His cock bounced slightly as he started clicking off pictures again. She was slightly amused at his nonchalance, as he photographed her with his hard cock flopping back and forth. She couldn't stop staring at it. There is just something fascinating about weenies, she thought. No wonder boys are fascinated with them. And girls. She examined it as best she could, seeing the blood vessels running down the side of it, the hard almost red cap on the end, and the large swinging balls underneath it. Mr. Hardy had simply pulled his penis and balls out his zipper, leaving his pants snapped. Weirdly, Candy didn't feel threatened, locked in a room with a man who was exposing his cock. She felt like she could control him, if she had to.

Every now and then, as he took picture after picture, Mr. Hardy reached down and ran his hand from the tip of his dick to the root of it. She supposed that made it feel good. She wondered if he was going to squirt his semen at some point. She wanted to see it, if he did.

"Candy." He spoke, clicking away. "Candy, you are the sexiest girl alive. I cannot stand it, almost, you are so sexy. And beautiful. God, you are beautiful."

She giggled. "No use trying to sweet talk me, Mr. Hardy. This is a business deal, remember?"

He laughed, but continued. "I'm just telling you the truth. You are sexy personified. You are hot. You are cute. Please get up on the bed on your hands and knees and let me take some more pics of your butt."

She did just that, crawling up, facing away from him. She heard the camera click as she lay her chest down on the mattress, and reached back with both hands, grabbing an ass cheek with each. She spread her ass apart, feeling naughty, and loving it. She knew the little string of her thong wouldn't begin to cover her asshole. She wanted him to see her asshole. She was surprised how badly she wanted him to see her asshole.

"Jeezus..." He breathed, forgetting to click the camera for a while as he stared and licked his lips.



"I'll give you another hundred bucks if you let me... sniff your asshole. And your pussy."

She stopped posing, and thought about it. What the hell, it was a hundred bucks. And look what she'd done already. She might as well. This, at least, wouldn't leave evidence. She nodded, and then said "Okay." when she realized he couldn't see her head.

She didn't move, she just lay there, chest down on the bed, while he approached. She felt his breath on her ass, then, and a gentle tickle as some part of his face touched her ass.

"Sorry." He said.

"That's okay." She said. She knew it had been an accident. She could almost feel the warmth from his body, as he nestled his face inbetween her ass cheeks. She had spread her ass as wide as she could. She couldn't tell what he was doing, but assumed he was breathing her scent in. Candy had rubbed her asshole before and sniffed her finger, and she knew that no matter how clean you got it, assholes always smelled a little bit like poop. She accepted that, and figured that was part of what turned him on. She knew that most guys were perverts, and she figured he, like most other guys, was into assholes. She'd seen porno on the internet of a guy with his face buried in a woman's ass, licking her asshole. That was kind of sexy to think about, at least, a guy that liked you enough to lick where you pooped from. She hoped to find a guy like that someday.

The minutes dragged. Finally she heard him grunt and groan, and a soft squishing splattering noise on the rug, and she realized he was ejaculating. She smelled the smell of semen almost immediately, and felt a tingling in her pussy as she remembered Roger and the taste of his semen in her mouth.

She didn't do anything, though, and finally Mr. Hardy straightened up. "Sorry about that." He said apologetically, and she giggled.

"It's okay, I understand."

"Give me a minute to rest, please. You wear me out, girl."

She giggled some more. She turned around and lay on her side on the bed, watching him. He was squeezing his penis, squeezing drops of stuff out of the end of it. It was still fairly long and big around. She wondered if it would ever go down all the way, as long as she was here. Maybe not.

"Mr. Hardy." She said, and he looked at her. "How many girls have you done this with?"

He hesitated, not sure if he wanted to reveal this information. Finally he said "Four or five maybe."

"Any I know?" She asked.

"Probably not, I haven't done this for a while."

"Why not?"

"One special enough just didn't come along. Until you." That was a silly answer, but it pleased her.

He finally turned loose of his pecker, and picked the camera up again.

"Candy." He said, regarding her as she lay on the bed. "I won't get your face in the shots, but... could I shoot your pussy? Bare? And your butt? Plus, remember you said I could sniff your pussy, too..."

She squirmed. She already figured she had given him his money's worth. She thought about squeezing him for more money, but she had a little sympathy for him. He was just a pathetic old man. Let him have his fun.

"Okay, but no face." She finally said, and slowly, carefully slid her thong down her thighs. She kept her legs together, though, at this point. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, and drew it off. He almost gasped for air as her beautiful tits came into view.

Candy had some nice tits. She knew that. Even her mother had complimented her once, on her nice tits. Firm, high, well shaped, capped with a beautiful big puffy nipple... Candy's tits were the thing dreams were made of. Mr. Hardy felt faint, and he almost gasped for breath. The girl was amazing. An ass from heaven, and these tits? No one deserved so much, in one body. He loved her more than ever, desperately, hopelessly. He would die for her, and kill for her. He loved her more that moment than he had anyone else in his life, even his once-beautiful ex-wife. Way more than his once-beautiful ex-wife. This girl was fabulous. She was a natural. She was incredible.

He raised the camera, and began clicking, totally forgetting about the face prohibition. When he finally remembered and lowered the lens a bit, a hundred pictures had gone by. Candy had forgotten it, too, she was getting into posing for him nude. She was really turned on, now, she could feel prickles from her pussy, and wetness also. She almost wanted to stick her finger in it, just to blow his mind. Maybe later.

She finally lay back on the bed, and spread her legs. He immediately dived inbetween them, and began taking close-ups of her beautiful pussy. He was in heaven. She spread her legs further, feeling dirty, and turned on. I am such a whore, she thought, giggling to herself. I am using sex to make money. I'm a whore. She loved the naughty feeling repeating that phrase to herself gave her. She would have kicked anybody else's ass if they'd called her that, but it was okay when she said it.

"Candy." He stopped. "You said I could sniff your pussy. I'm going to, now, okay?"

She nodded, and relaxed. His head disappeared out of her field of vision, and she stared at the ceiling for a few minutes as he sniffed around her wonderful, fabulous pussy. She smelled incredible to him, she smelled like sex and love and pussy and young girls, everything rolled into one. He breathed her odor in, sucking air into his nostrils until he almost gave himself a headache.

"Candy." This was almost getting predictable, she thought. She knew what he wanted now. He wanted to lick her pussy.

"Candy, I'll give you another hundred... if I can lick you... please..."

She laughed. This was getting funny.

"Whatever, Mr. H." She said, giggling. "Go to town. You now owe me three hundred and twenty dollars."

He set the camera on the bed beside her, and slowly approached her nether regions. When his tongue touched her she felt an electric shock run the length of her body. Jeezus, she thought, she told herself. Jeezus. A man is licking my pussy. No. My cunt. My CUNT. A man is licking my CUNT. And it feels great.

It did feel great. He slurped around, down the length of her pussy crack almost to her asshole, and then he concentrated on her clit. Her legs shook and trembled and she felt, that quickly, the familiar sensations of coming start up. He pulled her little pussy lips in his mouth and sucked on them, causing her to giggle. He licked the crease of her leg on both sides, tickling her. He scrubbed his nose and chin in her little patch of pussy hair. He rubbed her clit with his nose, as he tried to stick his tongue deep in her pussy. His tongue crawled back down her slit, past her perineum, and as she spread her legs even further he licked her asshole. She loved that, for some reason, more than her pussy even. It seemed so... profound, or something. Her asshole. He loved her enough to lick her asshole.

This went on for quite a while. Candy came, hard the first time. She pounded her arms on the bed, and arched her back so far it almost hurt. She came good. She knew a good cum when she had one. This one was like that time she'd gone a few weeks without masturbating, and then finally done it. Intense. Extreme. This was fun. She wondered if it felt this good for boys, when they came. Probably not, nothing could equal this, she thought.

He never stopped, after she came. He just went on and on. At one point she glanced at the clock on the little table between the beds, and was surprised to see it was a little past six o'clock. Jeezus, they had been doing this for over two hours. How time flies, she thought. She relaxed, and let him lick her. She was in no hurry. She had nowhere to go. Her mom thought she was at work. She was a big girl now, anyway. Hell, this proved that, right? She realized that she was ready. Ready to be fucked. She got a naughty thrill from even thinking the word. From the realization of what it represented. Donald. She needed to get in touch with Donald, somehow. He would be the one. Mr. Hardy was not the one, although he would love to do it, she was sure. And he'd probably pay well for the honor. But she wanted her first time to be special. She wanted it to be Don. Don, or Dalton. She'd settle for Dalton. She wondered if Dalton had ever had real sex before. Probably, with his looks and style. He'd probably ploughed a few dozens fields already. She'd be one of those, she guessed, she'd do it. But Don. She hungered for Don. Big strong Don. She wanted to be his. She wanted to belong to him.

"Candy." Mr. Hardy raised his head from her saliva-coated genitals. "Darling... I'm not going to say it... but I'll give you another three hundred, if... you know? If?"

She knew what he meant. If he could fuck her. He probably didn't want to say it out loud, though. She understood.

She stopped him, and rolled to her side. She sat up, and looked imploringly at him.

"Mr. Hardy. I want you to understand this." He looked surprised. She continued. "Mr. Hardy, I like you, and this has been fun. And the money is just icing on the cake. I would do it with you, but I'm kind of saving myself for somebody special. I'll let you do almost anything except that. You can't put it in my pussy or my butt, okay? I'll even suck it if you want, but I don't want to pop my cherry. Not yet. Does that make sense?"

He sighed, and laughed. "Yes, I understand. Candy, you are the sweetest, most special girl I've ever met. Even if you didn't do this stuff with me. You've made an old man very happy. I will remember this, and you, for the rest of my life. You are lovely, darling, a gem in a world of rocks. Please remember me kindly, in spite of what I've done to you."

She sat up and hugged him, but she couldn't bring herself to kiss him. Kissing was special, something else she was going to save for the right person.

She leaned back. "Mr. Hardy. Lick me some more. Make me cum again."


The rest of the evening passed in a blur. She did cum again. And again, and again and maybe again. She finally sat up, as he stood before her, and took his penis in her mouth. It felt huge, after Roger's little one. She sucked and slurped on it, and he moaned and groaned and it wasn't long before he filled her mouth with cum. And he really filled it. It squirted out and down his legs. It tasted different that Roger's, older, more dusty or something. Maybe all sperm tastes different, she thought. She already considered herself somewhat of an expert on it, even though she only done it twice. Anyway, she gulped it down, and licked his dick clean, giggling. She played with his balls, loving the feel of them, loving the way they had clenched upwards under his belly when he'd ejaculated.

Finally eight o'clock passed.

"Well, it's been fun, but I really must go." She finally said, as they sat side by side on the bed, talking. They were both pretty tired. Mr. Hardy gathered up his camera, and packed away all the clothes in his suitcase. Hoping to cheer him up, Candy said, "Maybe next time we can try on those clothes."

She was pretty sure there'd be a next time. Once his entertainment fund replenished itself. She knew she'd do it again, if he asked. It had been fun, fun and naughty. And sexy. She'd had a good time.

He dropped her off a few blocks from home, and she walked home in the dusk. Her mom was gone, but Uncle Mike was sitting in the living room, bathed in the glow of the TV. She stopped for a while and talked with him, and finally went up to her room. Not even nine o'clock, but she was tired. She hit the sack, not even remembering to brush her teeth.


School went okay Tuesday, and then she was at work. Mr. Hardy motioned her into his office as soon as she arrived, but she gave it some time, she didn't want the others to notice her doing it so often. She finally wandered back to the back, went in and shut the door.

"Oh, darling, I'm so glad to see you..." Mr. Hardy started gushing, but she cut him off.

"You got the pictures?"

"Yes, on my laptop. Want to see them?" They spent the next hour looking through the hundreds of pictures Mr. Hardy had taken. She crowded behind his chair, ignoring his offer of sitting on his lap. They were interrupted several times by other employees, but no one could see what they were looking at, at least.

Candy was entranced, fascinated and horrified by the pictures. I look like that? She thought, seeing rolls of baby fat here and there, and even a few wrinkles when she had bent over. And the sheer sluttiness of many of them shocked her.

Just to maintain control she made him delete some pussy pics that had her face in it, although she knew that he'd probably somehow undelete them later. The close-up pussy pictures were kind of fascinating, She had never seen her own pussy up so close, or from that angle. It was cute, she finally decided. And her little butthole was cute. No wonder guys liked to lick them.

"Mr. Hardy." She finally asked, when he was done. She stood at the door. "Can you make me a DVD of those? Would you?"

"Sure, Candy... You just need to be very careful with it, and not let it fall into your parent's hands. Or any other grown-up."

"I know, I know. My mom never even comes in my room. But I'll hide it. Write the name of some game on it, or some computer program thing."

"Yes, good idea. I'll give it to you tomorrow." Candy went out, and spent the rest of the evening assembling tacos and clearing tables. She made six dollars in tips, and she was happy. Money just seemed to be flowing in, lately. Money? Shit.

She went back to Mr. Hardy's office. His eyes lit up when he saw her.

"Mr. Hardy... not to be pushy, but remember that you owe me three hundred and twenty dollars..."

His eyes unlit, and he said, "I'll go to the ATM before you get off work. And thanks again, darling."

She returned to work. This was working out nicely.


The next day, Candy and Victoria got stuck sweeping and mopping the gym. The gym? They were both horrified. The gym was like a million square feet. Jeezus, that would take a week. Miss Underhill just smiled.

"Girls, the concept of punishment should be clear to you by age fourteen. We don't want squabbles in the showers again, right? You don't want to have to mop the gym again, right?"

"I don't wanna mop it the first time." Mumbled Candy, drawing a tight smile from the coach.

"Well, now you know how to prevent it." The coach marched off, to run the rest of the class around the football field a few times. Candy didn't like to run, but it would still be better than this shit. Jeezus.

Just sweeping it took almost all hour. This was endless punishment. They talked at least, shouting when they were far away. Finally they just stood side by side and swept, walking end to end. The talk got kind of nasty, and Candy almost told Victoria about her little adventure last night with Mr. Hardy. But she just didn't know the girl that well, so she kept her mouth shut. She still wasn't even sure she'd tell Joycelyn, even.

"Candy." Victoria said, huskily. "Candy, are you still a virgin?"

Candy giggled. "Yes. Are you?"

"Yes. Not because I wanna be."

"Same here. If the right guy will just come along."

"Goddam, if just any guy will come along." Said Victoria, stopping to pick up some paper scraps. Candy regarded her with bemusement.

"Victoria, you are so cute, I cannot believe you can't just snap your fingers and get a guy. Don't you have a boyfriend?"

Victoria sighed and made a face. "Yes, David Malone, but he's way to good for sex. He respects me too much or something stupid like that."

Candy giggled. Most girls would want a guy like that. She kind of would, but she would want a little bit of wickedness every now and then also.

"I know a HS guy that likes me, but I don't know what to do about it. I don't know if I should run with it, or what."

"Oh, shit, really. A high schooler? Damn. I'd do it. Who is it?"

"Donald Martin."

Victoria just stood and stared.

"Donald Martin?" She finally said. "You mean Deadly Don Martin? The kick-boxer? He won all that shit last year, at the trials. Fuck, girl, Don Martin likes you?"

Candy giggled, embarrassed. She felt a thrill inside. She didn't want to tell Victoria how tenuous her link with Don Martin was. And she wanted to strengthen that link.

"Well, he just says he likes me. Nothing has happened because of it, yet."

"He's got a bitchin' car, too. Goddam."

Well, that was cool. Victoria was impressed with her. They swept some more.

"Candy." Victoria spoke. "How far have you gone with a guy."

Candy giggled some more. Did she dare tell this girl? She wiggled around a bit uncomfortably. The urge to tell was strong. She wanted to keep impressing Victoria.

"Pretty far... you?"

"Pretty far, like what? Frenching? Finger-fucks? BJ's?"

Candy giggled some more. "If I tell you something, you have to tell me something. Okay?"

"Okay, although I don't have that much to tell."

Candy could almost not believe that. Foxy, hot Victoria? She was inexperienced? She would have figured, if you asked her a few days ago, that Victoria had already done it and everything. Crazy.

"Victoria. I have given two BJ's, and been pussy licked, till I came."

There was silence for a while as they swept. Candy looked around to make sure that no one was within listening distance. Some seventh graders were horsing around up in the stands, but they were like two hundred feet away.

"Goddam, Candy, you are so lucky. I've never done anything like that. I've seen one, once, for a few minutes, but I didn't touch it. Me and David have frenched, but only a few times. He's not crazy about kissing. I think he's paranoid about his breath."

Candy giggled, and Victoria finally joined in. They swept for a while.

"Candy. What does it taste like?"

Candy assumed she meant cum. "Kind of cloroxy, to me. Kind of like dust. I think it depends on the age of the person."

"Oh jeez. Candy. Were they old, or our age?"

"One was a year or two younger, and one..." She stopped and giggled, not sure if she should admit this or not. What the hell. "One was way older."

"Oh, shit. You did it with an adult? Jeezus, girl. Jeezus."

Victoria seemed impressed. Candy felt warm and fuzzy. She laughed.

"Vic. It will happen for you. Just wait your turn. It will come."

"I've waited years already. I've been ready for years. Jeezus."

Candy felt sorry for the other girl. She felt like her life was coming along nicely, even though she had yet to make it with someone her own age. The thing with Mr. Hardy should have disgusted her, but it ended up just making her feel sexy whenever she thought about it. She still enjoyed the feeling of power she had over him. She realized that she could probably get him to do just about anything, just by waving her tits and ass in his face. She could tell he was crazy for her.

"Vic. Old farts are easy. They are so hot for girls, girls like us, young girls. They will do anything just to get a peek, much less a touch. It's crazy, really."

Victoria nodded. "Yeah, I guess. I've noticed that too. I can tell just by the way grandpas stare at me in the store and stuff. I can tell they're hot for me, or for girls period."

"Yeah, it's wild. Even my Uncle Mike, that we live with..." Oh shit. Did she really want to tell this? "Even him, I can tell, he's hot for girls. Even for me, somewhat."

"Yeah, I got an uncle like that. I know if I just nodded my head, he'd bang me on the kitchen table."

They both giggled, and finally the sweeping was done. Damn. Still fifteen minutes to go. They trudged off to the mop closet, and filled two buckets.


Life at the Taco Factory had changed a little bit, for Candy. Everyone just seemed to know, somehow, that she was now Mr. Hardy's favorite. It kind of made things, at times, uncomfortable for Candy. She just kept her head down, and made tacos. She still got lots of tips. Her money jar at home was filling up nicely, the four hundred plus she'd made from Mr. Hardy started it off well. She felt fairly certain in a week or two he'd make another offer to her. Having a pussy is lucrative, she thought. It's like having a little cash machine between your legs. I better not get carried away with it, though, or I'll be standing on the street corner waving down cars. She wondered how many hookers were named Candy. Probably a lot of them.

She continued to get closer and closer to Victoria. To her surprise, Victoria invited her to her house that Friday night. She phoned her mom and told her she wouldn't be home, and followed Victoria home. The girl lived about halfway between Uncle Mike's house, and the school. Convenient. Her house was nice, huge, with a hot tub and pool in the back. Damn. Rich folks. They sat around and watched TV and giggled about school, and then all went out to dinner with Vic's folks. Her parents were nice, still together, her mom was kind of ditzy, but her dad was solid and thoughtful, a real nice guy. The two girls related the story of their fight last week, among many giggles, and her parents just smiled and her dad shook his head.

"Well," He said, "I'm glad you two have become friends, in spite of that. Were you friends before?"

Candy looked at Victoria, and shook her head. "No, not really... I mean we knew each other, we've known each other since grade school..."

"Crazy." Said Victoria, giggling.

"What are you girls going to do tonight?" Said Mrs. Decker.

"I dunno." Said Victoria. "Maybe just soak in the tub. Where is Rodney?"

"No idea." Said her father.

"I believe he has to work tonight." Said Mrs. Decker.

"No idea." Said her father again. He glanced at Candy for a moment, and she felt the familiar electrical shock. Just from that quick look. She could tell he liked her. Another girl watcher, she thought. What the hell is it with these guys? He's got an attractive wife, and he's still making eyes at his daughter's friends? What the hell is it? Is it just a guy thing?


Later, though, when they returned to the house, Rodney was there. Preparing to go out. Victoria made introductions between Candy and Rodney, her older brother. He seemed to like Candy. She could tell, that quick. He was okay, not her ideal man, but okay.

"Rodney. Take us with you. It is so boring here." Said Victoria. He just snorted.

"I'm not dragging a couple of girls to the lake. Not my sister. Stuff goes on out there."

"Awwww, come on. We won't get in your way. Are you meeting Des out there?"

"Yes. So what though?"

"So nothing. Just take us. Please?"

Candy stayed out of this. She didn't want to be somewhere where she wasn't wanted. But it did sound like fun, though. She knew about the lake. She knew about what went on out there. Making out, mostly. Mostly where the high schoolers hung out, the guys. Girls who wanted a sure thing went out there, and got it.

"Okay." Rodney finally said. "Just stay in the back seat and keep your mouths shut."

They all piled into Rodney's car, and headed for the lake. Candy was secretly thrilled, this was her first time going to the lake. Victoria actually looked a little nervous, and Candy wondered if she'd been out there before.

There was like twenty cars there, when they got there. Rodney pretty much ignored them after that, and jumped out, and headed for Desiree's car. Victoria and Candy slowly climbed out, and sat on the hood. Almost immediately two boys came up, and started talking to them. High school boys, cool. They talked mostly about silly stuff, school and jobs and such.

"I saw you at the Taco Factory." One boy said to Candy. "I ate your taco."

The other boy sniggered, and Candy and Victoria giggled.

"Like I haven't heard that a million times." Candy said. The boy looked pleased he'd made a funny.

Two more boys walked up. Candy looked up at the first. My god, she thought. It's him. It was Don Martin. She closed her mouth, not wanting to look like a dope. He smiled at her.

"Hi, Candy." He said. She melted. My god, she thought, he knows my name. My panties are wet, already.

"Hi, Don." She said, trying to keep her voice neutral.

He seemed surprised that she knew his name. On impulse she scooted over to the side, making him a place, and he seated himself, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The other two boys seemed to get the message, and drifted away.

"I heard you got in a little fight this week." Don said, and Victoria and Candy giggled.

"Yeah." Said Candy. Victoria laughed.

"She gave me a bloody nose." Said Victoria, and Don laughed.

"Really. It was you?" Victoria nodded.

"And you're friends now?"

"Yeah. Crazy huh." Said Candy.

"Not really." Said Don. "Some of my best friends are guys I've fought."

They talked for a while about school and stuff. The other guy and Victoria finally went a few feet away, and Candy could hear their voices, low and murmuring. She sighed. She was happy, but apprehensive. She felt like this was her big chance, and she didn't want to blow it. She wanted him to know she was interested. She wanted to know if he was interested. I'm just a little junior high kid to him, she thought. I need to be careful and not look too desperate.

"Where do you live?" Don said.

"Over on Stiles. Poor part of town." She said, laughing.

He laughed. "I know where Stiles is. It's not that bad."

"My mom and I live with my uncle. He's in the twenty-fourth. We watch his house for him when he's gone."

"Really. That is cool. A ranger, huh."

"Yes, he's a bad-ass. He gets to kill people all the time." She giggled. Don giggled back.

"Damn. I wanna do that, someday."

"Really. You thinkin' 'bout goin' in?"

"Yeah, a little. Maybe."

"I heard you kick-box."

"Yeah... it's just a... hobby I guess. Fighting is fun, when you win."


Silence dragged. She leaned towards him, almost imperceptibly. He leaned towards her, more aggressively, and their shoulders touched. She didn't pull away.

"I see you at the Taco Factory every now and then." He finally said. She drew a blank on that one.

"Really. I'd think I would have remembered you..." She knew she would have. Even before she'd met him, he was pretty distinctive.

"Oh, I always go through the drive-thru. But I see you inside."

"Ah." That made sense. She hardly ever worked the drive-thru. No tips.

They were quiet for a while, just sitting together. Candy leaned a little further, and felt more of his warm body contact hers. God, he felt hard, muscular, she thought. She could feel her pussy prickling. Just wait, silly, she thought. Just wait.

Victoria and the other boy came back. "We're gonna walk around the lake some, wanna come?" She asked, and Don and Candy hopped down and joined them. The four of them walked halfway around the lake, to the muddy end. When they turned around Don took Candy's hand to help her over a log, and he never released it. It just seemed natural to her. Well done, she thought. Well done. She was happy to walk with him, and hold hands. This is progressing nicely, she thought.

When they returned to the parking lot, Don said, "Come on, you guys, lets go to the Dairy King."

Victoria hunted down Rodney, and after a mild argument with him, she returned, laughing.

"Suddenly, he's 'responsible' for me. Lord."

They went to Don's car, and Allen and Victoria crawled in the back. Candy got in the front, and of course Don drove. Damn, she thought. Bucket seats. Oh well. The old cars were better for this kind of stuff.

They got some ice cream at the Dairy King, and cruised the strip for a while. Candy had fun. This must be like what high school is like, every night, she thought.

"Hey, wanna go to Love Cave?" Allen said, and Victoria giggled.

"That dirty place? The last time I went there, there were rubbers all over the ground."

"Why do you think they call it Love Cave?" Said Allen, puzzled. Candy looked sideways at Don, and laughed. He laughed. Don got on the highway, and drove past the edge of town.

"Maybe they should name it Cum Cave." Said Victoria, drawing another round of giggles from the others.

Candy had heard of Love Cave, but never been to it. She heard some wild parties went on out there. Don finally exited the interstate, and drove a few miles until he came to a dirt road. He drove another mile, until they were deep in the hills. He came up to a large hill with a big opening in it, and stopped the car. No one else was there, at least.

Don got a flashlight out of the trunk, and they went up to the cave. He flicked the light on, and they went inside. The opening was huge. Sure enough, in just a moment, Candy spied several used condoms, and she pointed them out to the others.

They went on into the back of the cave. It wasn't that far, maybe a few hundred feet, and the ceiling was still high. They looked for the cave paintings on the ceiling, but too much soot and smoke was deposited up there. Don turned out the light, and it was pretty dark, with just a small opening where they had entered.

She heard a gentle giggle from Victoria, and suddenly Don's arms surrounded her. She leaned into his body, relaxing.

"Candy." His voice was soft and breathy in her ear. "I like you, Candy. I'm glad you showed up at the lake."

"Don." She said. "I like you, too. You don't know how glad I am."

He laughed. "Yeah. I think I do."

She could feel his breath in her face. She hoped her breath was fresh. Lord. This was the moment. His lips touched hers. They kissed, gently. He pulled away. She made a noise in her throat, what she hoped sounded like an appreciative noise. She could hear Victoria mumbling nearby. Don turned the light on, shining it behind them. A stone ledge was nearby, and he pulled her over to it, and sat. She sat primly on his lap. Their lips met again. And again, and again.

Finally, she thought, tongue. She touched his tongue with hers, and giggled. She felt his hands on her shoulders. They kissed, harder. She finally reached up and took his hands with hers, and dropped them down to her breasts. He laughed, blowing air into her mouth, and she laughed. He squeezed and rubbed her breasts, feeling her hard nipples beneath her shirt and bra. It felt so good to her, to feel him feeling her. The sensations from her breasts were unreal. This is so much better than when I do it, she thought.

The continued to kiss, and finally Candy pulled away. "Don." She said. "Unsnap my bra." He did, and then he slipped his hands beneath her shirt, and touched her bare breasts. She almost jumped, the sensation was so electrifying. She breathed her breath into his mouth, and melted into him. She had turned, and was basically astride one of his legs, and she began to slowly, gently hump his leg, like a dog. He pinched her nipples, her big fat puffy nipples, and kissed her.

Her eyes were pretty used to the dark by now, and she could just make out the dim shape of Allen and Victoria, still standing, locked together, mouth to mouth. Lord. Well that just moved along real quick, Candy thought, go out, meet guys, make out. Why has it took this long for it to happen? She was a little surprised that high school guys would go for junior high girls so quickly. Maybe they think it's a sure thing. They are probably right, if they do.

Don's hands had moved down to her ass, and he squeezed and rubbed, and finally slid his hands down the back of her tight jeans. He wasn't able to do much, they were so tight. Candy helped him by unsnapping her jeans, and unzipping them. That was better. He squeezed her ass, pushing it together, and pulling it apart. It felt great.

Allen approached and had a whispered consultation with Don. "No, I don't have any." Don finally said, and Allen went back to Victoria.

"Rubbers." Don said, as if Candy had asked him. Too bad, she thought. Candy wished she'd had the nerve to ask her mom to put her on the pill. She thought about just saying she was, but one of her greatest fears was getting pregnant. As bad as she wanted to do it tonight, she knew she wouldn't.

"We could go get some." Don finally said, kind of hopefully.

Candy leaned into him possessively. She wondered how to tell him. She was ready, but she wasn't ready. Hell, she'd just met him. She didn't want him to think she was cheap and easy.

"Don..." She finally whispered. "There will be another time. We just met. Give me some time... some time to get used to this... do you understand?"

"Yes, I do." He said. "I agree, this is too quick. I respect you too much, Candy."

Lord. The respect thing rears it's ugly head, she thought. But, okay. Their lips met again, and his hands slipped back down into her jeans. Suddenly the cave lit up with flashing lights. Shit. A cop was out front. Candy leapt off Don and snapped and zipped her pants. Don turned on his flashlight, and led them out of the cave.

The cop was checking Don's tag, and Don showed the man his registration and all that. It was no big deal, but Candy's heart was pounding. She didn't want to have to call her mom or uncle to come get her from the police station. The cop finally wandered off, looking for bad guys. They piled in the car and went back to town. The mood was kind of broken.

Finally, close to midnight, Don dropped the girls off at Victoria's house. They giggled their way into the house, and up to Victoria's bedroom, where they collapsed on her bed. Candy had had fun the rest of the evening, even thought they hadn't made out any more. It had been enough for her, she felt like it had been a good start. And now she had Don's number, and he had hers. Her future seemed bright.

"What did you guys do, in the cave?" Asked Victoria. Candy related the boob and butt squeezing, and Victoria giggled.

"You?" Candy asked, and Victoria had about the same tale to tell.

"If we'd just had some goddam rubbers." Victoria said. "I'm going to buy some and put them in my purse."

"Yah. I dunno, though. I think it worked out perfectly, anyway."

"Yeah, it was fun. Maybe next weekend." After an hour or two they finally stripped down to their underwear, and crawled into Victoria's bed. Candy was happy. She almost purred. She'd had a good night. She felt the warmth of the other girl's body next to her. She wondered if she should stay awake, and masturbate after Victoria went to sleep. That seemed like a sexy thing to do, while at someone else's house.

"Candy." Victoria spoke, dragging her name out.


"Do you ever... do it? You know, it?"

"It? What? No, I haven't done it, yet. I could have tonight, but..."

"Not that it. The by yourself it."

Candy laughed softly. Oh. That it.

"Yeah, I do that all the time. I was just thinking about it, in fact."

"About playing with yourself?"

"Yeah." Candy giggled, feeling wicked. God, she loved that feeling wicked feeling. If she wasn't careful, that was going to get her in trouble someday.

"I was thinking about it, too. I do it a lot. I'm good at it."

"I'm good at it too. Lonely fun, I call it."


They lay in the darkness, side by side. Candy wondered if that was it, if that was all Victoria was going to say. It wasn't.

"Wanna do it? Now?"



They were both sitting up, leaning against the headboard. They had taken their underwear off, and were deliciously naked. Candy loved the feeling of being naked. She would be naked all the time, if she could get away with it. Candy hesitantly put her finger on her clit, and gave it a little rub. She could see Victoria doing the same. This is cool, she thought. She stroked and rubbed, feeling her legs twitch. She thought she could almost smell her pussy... or maybe Victoria's. She idly wondered what the other girl tasted like. Candy liked the taste of her own pussy, it tasted sexy to her. She loved to lick her finger, rub it inside her pussy, and lick it again.

"Vic." She felt the familiar naughty thrill run through her body. She felt like she knew Victoria good enough by now to ask her this, without fear of embarrassment. And she knew now that Victoria was as perpetually horny as she was.


"Ever do it with a girl?"


"You wanna?"

Victoria didn't say anything. She slowly turned her head, and regarded Candy. Candy turned her head, and leaned towards the other girl. Slowly, carefully, their lips touched. The second kiss was better. And the third was a record-breaker. In just moments, they were spread out on the bed, Victoria on top of Candy. Candy seized the other girl's ass, kneading and spreading it, squeezing it apart. She could feel Victoria's breath in her mouth, as the other girl sucked in air convulsively. She could feel Victoria's breasts plastered against her own. Their lips were locked together. Their tongues were in each others mouths. Candy moaned, and Victoria moaned back.

Candy touched Victoria's asshole, and rubbed it. She stuck her finger in it a little way, and then brought it up to her nose and sniffed it. There was that sexy poop smell again. She put the finger in her mouth. It tasted just like it smelled. Jeezus. Candy was turned on. She was in overdrive. She didn't care if it was a girl or boy, at this stage. She pressed her slobbery finger back into Victoria's asshole, feeling the girl's sphincter tighten around it. She pumped it in and out, and Victoria gasped. Candy turned, and Victoria rolled off of her. Candy crawled on top, and slid down the other girl's body, until her face was at pussy level. She spread Victoria's legs apart, and nestled down between them, and dropped her tongue onto the other girls cunt.

Oh lord, Candy thought, I'm eating a girl's pussy. A cunt. Jeezus. She licked, like she remember Mr. Hardy licking her own cunt. She slobbered and slurped, licking up and down the slit, coming back to the clit. The beautiful little clit, she thought. She could feel the little bud, under her tongue, and she pursed her lips and sucked it. Victoria quivered and trembled beneath her. Candy ran her tongue back down the girl's slit, and pushed it as far as she could into Victoria's cunt. I wish my tongue was as long as Mr. Hardy's dick, she thought. Longer. She almost wished, at that moment, that she had a dick. She wanted to fuck Victoria. I guess my tongue will have to do.

They became more frenzied. Victoria seized the bedsheets and pulled, arching her back, as Candy licked and sucked her pussy. Victoria finally came, groaning loudly, puffing air out of her mouth. Candy worried about people in the next room hearing, but she knew Victoria was beyond caring. Victoria calmed down a little.

They flipped. Victoria attacked Candy's cunt like a terrier attacks a rat, licking and almost chewing, pounding on Candy's clit with her tongue. Candy came, quickly, turned on by the whole scene, the speed and intensity of it.

"God you taste good," Victoria said, as she panted, resting. Candy was a little worn out, too.

"You taste good too," Candy said, giggling.

"Face it," Victoria said. "Pussy tastes good. That's why guys like it."

Candy giggled some more. She hugged Victoria to her body, feeling the warmth and softness of the other girl. If Don weren't so cool, she thought, I'd love you. I could love a girl. I could love this one.

They kissed, slowly, languidly. They held each other for the next hour, murmuring, talking, occasionally kissing. Candy casually fondled Victoria beautiful breasts, feeling the nipples perk up, squeezing and rubbing them. She finally realized Victoria was asleep. She kissed her, gently, and drifted away.


The next afternoon they sat in the hot tub, relaxing. Candy had already fielded two texts from Don, and she was feeling pleased. She giggled as Victoria stripped her top off, and threw it on the side of the tub. Candy yanked hers off, too. Their bottoms soon followed. She wondered what Victoria's parents would think, if they came out. Well, they were in the tub, and with the bubbles, you couldn't see... that much.



"You ever done that before? What we did last night? With a girl?"


"You just seemed so good at it..." They both giggled some more.

"Well, it's not that hard to figure out... I just know what feels good for me, and I do it for you. Easy."

"It was very... enjoyable. Maybe we can do it again sometimes."

"Yeah. We can. We will, don't worry."

Candy felt like she was getting good at this sex stuff. Experienced. She wondered when she'd finally get to feel the real thing. Fairly soon, the way it looked. She felt like Don really liked her. He would have been willing to do her last night, if they'd had rubbers, if she'd let him. Of course he would. She wanted more than that, though, than just a quick hump in a cave. She wanted something to remember. She wondered if Don was eighteen yet.



"Are you gonna... gonna let Allen do you? Is he gonna be your first?"

"I dunno. Last night I would have. Now... I dunno... I almost want more than that, for my first time..."

"Yah, I know exactly what you mean. Not just a bam bam thank you ma'am in a cave. The whole enchilada."

"Yeah, exactly. Something to remember."

"That's just what I thought, a minute ago. Something to remember."


That evening, Candy slowly walked home. She was tired, but she felt good. It had been a fun weekend, so far. She wondered what Don was doing tonight, and she wondered if he'd want to go out. She understood, though, they weren't really a couple yet, if ever. She didn't own him, or he her. And she almost wanted it to go slow. To be right. He seemed like a nice guy, and she hoped he was.

Her mom was home, and Uncle Mike. She and her mom went through the drive-thru at the Taco Factory, and she waved to everybody. Mr. Hardy was in the front, and he was cool and casual, seeing her mom in the car. She was glad he didn't embarrass her. He wasn't that dumb, at least. She wondered what her mom would think of what she'd done with Mr. Hardy. Freak out would be putting it lightly, she decided. In retrospect, she was almost surprised at some of the things she'd done recently. Was it just hormones, or what? From sucking off Roger, to the porno shoot, where she sucked off Mr. Hardy. Then getting felt up by Don. Then making it with Victoria. And now she was mentally preparing herself to get her cherry popped by Don. She almost felt like she was in a runaway car or something. Where is this gonna end up?

They got back home, and the three of them ate. Candy went and changed, she still had on her school clothes from yesterday. She put on a little nightgown thing, and went back downstairs. Uncle Mike was in the living room, and she settled on the floor in front of the TV, right in front of him. This quickly, she thought, this quickly, I'm feeling horny again. Or maybe I just didn't ever stop. Maybe this is just the way I'll be, from now on.

She knew Uncle Mike was staring at her panties. She could almost feel it. And she knew he was able to, without any problems. The hem on her nightgown barely came down past her butt. And now, laying on the floor, half her ass should be hanging out. She felt like she was giving him something he liked, she liked to give him a thrill every now and then. And who wouldn't like to see a cute young girl's panties, she thought, even if it's your niece. She wondered how clean her panties were. She'd worn them for over twenty-four hours now. She didn't figure it'd matter to him, he was a guy. A nice racing stripe would probably just turn him on.

After an hour or so of peep show, she joined him on the couch. They talked, about school and stuff, and about her mom. She wondered if her mom had already gone to bed. Probably.

"Uncle Mike." She finally said, laying down, and putting her head in his lap.

"What, darling." He said.

"Why... why don't you wrestle with me any more... and play, and stuff. And tickle me. And pinch me."

He sighed. This girl. Lord, he loved this girl. He loved her way too much, he realized. He had accepted that long ago.

"Candy... darling..." He didn't know how to explain. He didn't really know himself. "You aren't a little girl anymore. Things change. I still love you, and I miss... I miss that little girl... but this is just the way it goes..."

"Uncle Mike." She almost felt herself tearing up. "I'll always be your little girl. And I know things change. I feel different about things, true. But I always wanna be close to you."

He leaned down and hugged her, not saying anything. She got right in his face, and whispered to him. "Uncle Mike... If we could, I'd be yours... you'd be my first choice... you've always been my first choice. I'm sorry we can't be together... I'm sorry... society or whatever says we can't be... together..."

She almost thought he was going to cry. The moment did feel pretty emotionally charged to her. She realized how true it was, what she said. Don? Don would do a good job, of being her first, she thought. But she really wanted Uncle Mike to be her first. She always had. Even before she knew there was going to be a first.

He finally said, "I'm sorry too, baby." His voice was trembling. She knew he knew exactly what she meant. She knew he knew how much she meant it.

He just hugged her to him. She smelled him, sucking air into her nose, wanting to remember this. He smelled... strong. Not strong in a bad sense, strong like strength, muscly strong. He smelled like power, to her. She knew he was a strong man, mentally strong and physically strong. She knew he would do anything for her. She knew he would die for her and kill for her. She knew just by simply being alive she had incredible power over him. Ask and ye shall receive, she thought. She was saving money for a car? Uncle Mike would buy her a car in a moment, if she asked. She promised herself not to abuse her power over him. She loved him, she decided, even more than she loved her mom. She knew no one else in the world loved her more than he did.

They just sat there for another hour or two, her laying on her side, he holding her against him. She felt warm and comfortable and protected. She felt loved, most of all.


Sunday passed, slowly. Don texted her a few times, and she asked him what he'd done last night. He said "work out", what he did every Saturday night. That didn't sound like much fun to her, but she understood. She texted Victoria, who claimed to be bored beyond all hope of sanity. Candy went and saw her, and they sat naked in the hot tub again. Candy spent a lot of time deep in thought, working on a plan she was hatching. Victoria even noticed, and asked her what she was thinking.

"Victoria. I am working on a long-range, extremely sensitive tactical plan that I am calling plan X-ray Delta Batshit Four. It is a secret mission far behind enemy lines. It is simple, a matter of life or death."

Victoria was looking at her like she was crazy, now. Candy went on.

"I know Don likes me. I like Don. Don would be a good choice, to be my first. But there is someone who actually deserves to be my first, way more. Someone who loves me more than anyone on the planet. And whom I love more than anyone on the planet. He is my destiny, and always has been. I must go forward, and meet him there. In the future. Together."

"You been watchin' too much Star Track, girl." Victoria finally said, shaking her head. "Who is this guy?"

"My uncle, Uncle Mike."

"Your uncle? You would make it with your uncle?"

"Hell yeah. He is my choice el grande numero uno. He deserves me. No, I deserve him. Me and him go way back. Like I said. Destiny."

"Girl, I'll come visit you in the slammer. That's illegal, that's, what? Incest?"

"Oh surely not, not with your uncle." About that time Victoria's mom came out. She regarded the two girls with surprise.

"Mom." Said Victoria. "Is it incest to have sex with your uncle?"

"No, dear, not legally. It's probably not a good idea, though. Which uncle are you thinking of?"

"Mom! It's not me! It's a... a girl we know. She was talking about it."

"Well, emotionally, it's probably not a good idea. Are you girls naked in there?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Just wondered, saw your swimsuits there on the side."

"No, I mean why is it a bad idea emotionally?"

"Lord, Vicki, look it up on the internet. Incest carries lots of bad karma, for a multitude of reasons. I'm not a shrink, I can't explain that stuff. Just look it up."

"Oh." They were silent.

"Is Rodney upstairs?" Mrs. Decker asked. Victoria shook her head and said no. Candy was surprised as Victoria's mom stripped in front of them, and crawled into the tub, also naked. Victoria giggled, obviously surprised, too.

"What?" The woman said. "You guys can do it but I can't?"

"Sure, mom." Said Victoria, still giggling. "Come on in. We are a modern, open-minded family. But we will not have sex with our uncles."

Her mother shook her head. "You kids nowadays. You see everything but know nothing. Sillies."

Her husband, Tom, came around the corner of the house. He had been working in the yard, probably. He stood before the hot tub and regarded his wife and daughter.

"What is this, a nude-fest?" He asked. His wife giggled.

"Come on in dear. Don't worry, you can't see anything beneath the bubbles."

"Well, the girls will have to hide their eyes." He said. Candy felt that familiar streak of wanton wickedness run down her spine. Oh, this was cool, Victoria's dad was going to get naked?

"Don't worry." Said Victoria, holding her hands over her eyes. "I don't even want to see this."

I do, thought Candy, putting her hands over her eyes, but making sure she had plenty of cracks to peek through. She watched Victoria's father turn slightly, and slide his shorts down his legs. Gawd, she thought, his dick is huge. It was soft, but it must have hung down eight inches. Victoria's dad is a beast. Lord. She realized that he was a very sexy man, for an old fart. His chest was muscular and slim, and he didn't even have love handles. I'd do that, she thought. I'd do that.

She watched him get in the tub, and lord. He sat right next to her. Victoria and her mom were on the other side. Well, it was the only place left for him to sit. How cool was that.

They sat and talked and boiled and steamed, and the girls giggled. Candy realized, that, bubbles or no bubbles, her tits were easy to see beneath the water. She caught his eyes, more that once, staring at her. She could almost feel his eyes on her. She knew he was seeing a nice pair. She wondered if he was a tit man, or an ass man. She wished there was a way to show him her ass, without it being obvious. Too bad.

The timer went off, and the bubbles stopped.

"Oh shit, oh shit!" Said Victoria, jumping halfway out of the water to turn the knob. The bubbles started again. Candy giggled. Victoria had given her dad a peep show, while trying to keep him from getting a peep show. She wondered if Mr. Decker was turned on by seeing his daughter's tits.

"Victoria is planning a sexual conquest." Mrs. Decker spoke. "One of her uncles, I believe."

"Mo-om!" Victoria was scandalized. Candy giggled so much she got the hiccups.

"Well, maybe I heard that wrong." Mrs. Decker said.

"You did." Said Victoria. "It's a girl at school."

"Well, he's a very lucky guy, whoever he is." Said Tom.

"Actually, it was me." Said Candy. Victoria just stared at her as if she'd lost her mind. The two adults regarded her with a little more sympathy.

"It's my uncle. And I was just... speculating."

"Well, dear." Said Mrs. Decker. "That's something very serious to be thinking about. You must make very sure that your relationship with him is strong enough to survive sex. Sex changes the dynamic... considerably."

"I know. I was just thinking, when the time comes, why can't I? I love him more than anyone in the world. And I know he loves me even more. So why can't we? Why does society say we can't?"

"Well, dear." Mrs. Decker was a pretty good armchair psychologist. Or she imagined she was. "Society says many things. Some we ignore, for good reason, and some we pay attention to, for good reason. Incest is probably not the right word for what you have in mind. And it sounds like you are just talking about the one time, and not a lengthy physical relationship with him. The first time, for symbolic reasons? Right?"

"Yes, pretty much. And I want it to be something special. For both of us."

"There's probably no reason why you shouldn't, if he's okay with it. But, like I said, you must be very sure of yourself. You don't want to ruin your relationship with him over it. You must be sure that he can take it, as well as you."

"Yeah. I see." She sighed. She felt better, having brought it out in the open. Tom, sitting next to her, shifted his position slightly, and she felt his leg touch hers. She hadn't realized how close she was to him.

Victoria's mother expounded at length on the advantages and disadvantages of incest. There weren't many advantages, unfortunately. Candy finally lost interest in the whole subject. Her mind was already made up, anyway.

She looked over to the timer, and saw that they still had twenty minutes left. Twenty minutes of invisibility, she thought. She sat up and leaned back, arching her back, feeling her tits almost emerge from the water. She knew that Tom would have no problem seeing them. She looked down, trying to judge how far she could see in the water. She could see Victoria's tits. Everything below that was hidden.

Slowly, cautiously, she reached her hand out, trying to keep her shoulder, above water, from moving. She crept her hand further, and finally touched Tom on the thigh, almost where the crease of his leg was. He jerked, visibly, but to his credit, he did not look at her. He was talking to his wife, about the flower garden. Ridiculous, thought Candy. Flowers. At a time like this? She was pleased with herself, that she was brave enough to try this. That she was naughty enough.

Her hand moved along his leg slowly, and finally... pay dirt. She felt the shaft of his penis, already half-hard. She curved her fist and took it in hand. She slowly, lazily pumped it, feeling the cap. He had a nice dick, she decided, long and fat. She hoped that Victoria had peeked when he got in, like she had. He was good and hard, now. She thought, keep it low, keep it down. Lord, Don't let the tip of it stick out of the water. Don't even let it stick up slightly, where his wife or daughter could see her hand, beneath the waves. She slowly pumped her hand, running it along the shaft, feeling his hardness. She was impressed.

Let's see, she thought... this is the... third dick I've touched. This is one I'd really like to get in my mouth, if Victoria and her mom would leave for a little while. This is one that would feel cool. She figured he was at least two or three inches longer than Mr. Hardy. This is the real Mr. Hard-on, she thought.

She kept an eye on the timer. When it hit five minutes she pulled her hand back, hoping that his dick would go down before the water shut off. But Victoria turned and leaned out of the tub, turning the timer before it ever shut off. Candy saw Tom glancing at her tits, and she put her hand back on his cock. Hah-hah, she thought, pretty hard. She figured he enjoyed peeking at his daughter as much as he enjoyed her hand job. She wished he could cum. She wished she could do that much for him.

Candy's mom finally had enough. She got out of the tub, and headed into the house, to get a towel. The girls giggled. "Mom has a pale ass." Victoria said.

"Asses, by their very nature, are pale." Her father said. He seemed inclined to stay in the tub, Candy figured he was waiting on his hard-on to go down.

Finally, he said. "Ladies. Please hide your eyes." The girls dutifully did, but as he stood Candy looked up at him and smiled and winked. He just looked down at her and smiled, his semi-hard dick jutting out from his waist. He pulled his shorts on, and went in the house.

"You perv." Victoria said, laughing. "I know what you were doing."

Candy giggled. "It don't make you mad?"

"Hell no. You probably gave him a hell of a thrill."

"Shit. It was that obvious?"

"Not really. But I could tell, just from the look on your face, and especially his. And I could see your arm moving."

"Shit. I wonder if your mom suspected."

"No. But they have a kind of open marriage thing, or something. In fact, I bet he tells her... I bet he tells her tonight..."

"Oh shit. Will it make her mad?"

"Nah, she's cool. She fucked the garden guy once, I heard them talking about it. She fucked him while my dad watched."

"Oh jeezus. That's pretty... liberal..."

"Yeah. They are weird like that."

"What do they think of you... doing it and stuff..."

"Oh, by now they probably wouldn't care. They used to watch me pretty close, though."

"Vic... your dad has a nice dick. You should have peeked at it."

"I know... I've seen it before. This isn't the first time we've been in the old hot tub."

Candy sighed, and relaxed. She felt like she was melting. You could only take so much of this tub. She laughed to herself. It had been a fun day.


School was okay. At least her and Victoria were out of punishment central. They did regular gym stuff, with the other kids. And weirdness of weirdness, word was already out, about her. Her and Don. Of all people to bring it up, it was Dalton.

"Heard you went out with Deadly Don Martin Saturday night." Was the first thing he said to her, in biology. Her face turned red. She almost felt like she'd betrayed him personally, by daring to go out with another guy.

"We didn't... go out... we just drove around... with Victoria Decker and some other guy in the back seat."

"I guess I waited too long, huh." Dalton said, almost pouting. Lord.

"Oh, Dalton! Don't feel that way! We are just friends!"

"Friends? And you went to the cave?"

Lord. How had this gotten out? Had the guys told? Was it Victoria?

"Dalton. How did you hear about this?" She was going to get to the root of this rumor problem.

"Just some guys at the lake... we were there Saturday night, and we heard you'd been there the night before... I hoped you'd come back but you didn't."

Why am I just now hearing about this? Candy wondered. Or is he just saying this to be nice? Or just to jerk my chain?

"Well, if I'd known that, I'd have gone back out." She finally said.

"Candy." Dalton leaned into her. She stared into his brown eyes, like a sparrow stares at a snake.

"Candy, you are the nicest girl I know. I treasure your friendship. And we have something in common."

"Oh, Dalton..." She didn't know what to say. This was kind of sudden. She knew that he thought she was "okay", but that's about as far as she thought it went. This was almost too much. Just when she felt like there was a chance with Don... Dalton comes along?

"What do we have in common?"

"Name problems."

"Name problems?"

"I've gotten in a hell of a lot of fights over my name, too. People are always making fun of it."

"How so? why is that?"

"It's when they write it down in the grade books, or on name tags or lockers. Using initials. Weir comma D. Weird. I've been called weird my whole life."

It took Candy a few seconds to get it, and then she laughed. "That is funnier than "Candy". Jeezus, I hate my name."

"Well, I love it. You are as sweet as candy, darling. Candy... would you consider... going out with me?"

Oh, shit. Now this was a fine fix. Lord.

"Dalton... yes... there's a lot going on right now, though... I'm not trying to put you off, but my life is pretty busy, kinda messed up right now... can you give me a few days, at least?"

"Sure... sure, yes, whatever... just so I got some hope..."

"Thank you."

"No, thank you." He leaned so far forward that she almost thought he was going to kiss her. Here, in class? Surely not. He seemed to remember where he was, and leaned back. Whew. Class went on. She kept looking at him, speculating. Why had he waited until now, when she felt like she was getting tangled up with Don? Was she getting tangled up with Don? A partial date, a single partial date didn't count for much, really... I mean, she'd let him paw around on her, but probably a lot of girls had been in his arms before her. Did she really mean anything special to him? Well, did she really mean anything special to Dalton? Crazy. Was it just guys, trying to establish territory or something?

In the middle of it, she thought about Victoria's father, and the feel of his big dick in her hand. She wondered how Don and Dalton measured up against him. Now, she thought, not that it's the single most important thing to me... but it would be nice to know beforehand... who had the big dick... it would help with the... decision-making process.


That night, that quickly, at the Taco Factory, Mr. Hardy approached her.

"Candy... when you get a moment I'd like to see you..." He kept his voice low, where the others wouldn't hear. Oh shit, she thought, already. Shit. After an hour or so she made her way back to his office, and he motioned her in. She shut the door.

"Candy. Dearest." He sat back in his squeaky chair. "I just wanted to see you, and say hi. I missed you last weekend. I wish you'd consider a weekend shift."

"I probably will before long, Mr. Hardy. I need the money."

"Yes... money..." Oh shit, she thought. Here comes another proposal.

"Candy... darling..." He continued, arching his fingers together like some villain in a bad movie. "If you ever... need some quick cash... consider a few things that you might do for me..."

"Sure, Mr. Hardy. Like what, sweep the floor?"

His pained look made her giggle.

"I am thinking," He finally said, "of things of a little more personal nature."

"Like what, BJ's?" She said.

He just stared at her for a moment. Finally he spoke. "Yes. For instance, BJ's."

"Mr. Hardy, I hate to disappoint, but BJ's are expensive. They are unhygienic, and technically difficult for someone with dysphagia."

He looked totally confused. "What is dysphagia?"

"Swallowing disorder." She almost couldn't keep from giggling. He was way too easy to fuck with.

"Well... how expensive are we talking about?"

Oh shit. What was a reasonable price that wouldn't make him back off? I mean, she thought, I don't wanna just give it away...

"BJ's are a hundred bucks each. I know that's expensive... but these are fresh, new BJ's from a sweet young girl, not from some haggard old hooker..."

He seemed almost relieved. Too low, she thought. His face had lit up in a smile. He reached in his pocket.

"What a coincidence." He said, pulling out a bill. "I just happen to have a hundred right here. Let's have one of those BJ's right now!"


Candy was a little embarrassed at the whole deal. But, she'd said what she'd said. She wondered how often this was going to happen. Hell, she might be able to buy a Rolls Royce by the time she was sixteen. She had locked the door behind her, and Mr. Hardy had come around the corner of his desk. He casually unzipped his pants, and dragged his cock and balls out, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Crap.

"Baby... would you pull your tits out for me? Can I see your fabulous tits?"

She sighed, and pulled up her shirt, and down her bra. Her tits flopped out, looking spectacular, she was sure. He smiled.

"Can I have a quick suck?" He asked, and she looked up at the ceiling. The things I do, she thought. Once again, the word "whore" came up, and it was a little more uncomfortable this time. Oh, I'm just a workin' girl, she thought. Don't gimme no shit.

He leaned down, and fastened his lips around her nipple. That, at least, did feel good. His warm slobbery mouth sucked and nibbled on her nipple, and then changed boobs. She let it go on for maybe five minutes, and finally made a few noises.

"Let's get this going, eh." She finally said, and he stood back. She slowly lowered herself to her knees, and stared his cock in the face. She still had a fascination for dicks, she realized. She reached out and took it in her hand, rubbing it, loving the soft warmth of it. Even old farts have cool dicks, she thought, feeling like she'd figured out something profound. When it's hard, there are no wrinkles.

She finally slid it into her mouth, as far as she could. All the way, she figured, she could feel the flesh of his belly again her nose and forehead. She began to suck, feeling him groan and shiver beneath her tongue.

Whore, hell, she thought, I may be a whore, but I'm a powerful one. I have power over these guys, power that can't be denied. She thought of her Uncle Mike, though. She didn't want simple power over him, she wanted something more fair, more equitable. She wanted to share something with him. More than that, she wanted to give him something, something valuable. Something that he deserved.

What a weird thing to be thinking of while giving a blow job, she thought. She returned to the present, loving the feel of Mr. Hardy's hard cock in her mouth. She loved the way the ridge of skin beneath the head of it felt on her tongue. She just plain loved the feeling of the rigid tube of flesh in her mouth. Sucking cocks rocks, she thought.

Ten minutes later, to his credit, he finally came. She had figured it'd all be over in a minute, she thought she could tell just from the simple hardness of his dick how turned on he was. Pretty turned on. He finally unloaded his sperm in her mouth, and she struggled to keep it all in, it was so much. She didn't want it all over her uniform. She gulped and swallowed, trying to time it right, and finally got it all down. He sighed with satisfaction. She hoped he felt like he'd gotten his money's worth. Damn, she thought, if I can just do this once a week from here on, I'll damn near double my income. Jeezus. Why are whores looked down on, again? They must be the richest bitches in the world.

He thoughtfully gave her a breath mint before she returned to work, giving her a case of the giggles. She went back to the counter with a hundred dollar bill tucked into her panties, almost daring anyone to meet her eye. They don't know, she told herself, they don't know what I just did. Still, Louise glanced askance at her. Now, she thought, that girl, she suspects. She don't know, but she suspects. Shit. Have to watch myself with that one.


The week passed. One day she had lunch with Joycelyn, and with glee related the story of Friday night, and Don. Joycelyn was impressed. Candy told her about the ass-squeezing, and boob-rubbing, everything. She was gratified not to have to make stuff up. The truth was that interesting. She told Joycelyn that they probably would have "done it", if they'd had a rubber.

"Jeezus, girl... you been busy..."

"Well, I owe a lot of it... to Victoria..."

"Yes, I see... Victoria has become quite a friend..."

"Yes, considering I started out by busting her nose..."

They giggled.

"Joycelyn." She had no idea why she was compelled to tell Joycelyn this. But it was strong, strong...

"What." Joycelyn could tell just from her tone of voice it was something big.

"Joycelyn, I've even... made it... with Victoria."

"You what?" Joycelyn acted like she just couldn't believe it.

"Victoria and I made out. We kissed. We licked each other and everything."

"You licked... pussy? You? You have licked pussy?"

Candy giggled. She nodded.

"Sweet mother of god..." Joycelyn breathed, "What has happened to you, girl? What did you do with the real Candy? Who are your alien masters?"

Candy giggled some more.

"What..." Joycelyn almost seemed like she was in a daze. "What was it like? Tell me."

"It was cool, it was fun... she tasted good... kissing her was fun. Joycelyn, if you like to kiss, kiss a girl, not a guy. Guys are just interested in pussy. Girls... girls are way better kissers..."

"I... I can imagine..." Candy was surprised that worldly-wise Joycelyn was taking this like she was. She almost imagined that Joycelyn had kissed more than a few girls, and licked pussy before. Now, she was not so sure.

"Candy... I don't wanna creep you out... but do you wanna spend the night with me Friday night?"

Candy just giggled, and nodded her head. Dear Joycelyn. This was gonna be fun.


For the second time that week, Mr. Hardy called her into his office. Oh lord, she thought. He's gonna go broke. I'm gonna lose my job, because he's gonna run out of money, because he's gonna give it all to me for blow jobs. Jeezus.

He motioned her to shut and lock the door. She did. He sighed, deeply.

"Girl. You got me hooked. Trust me, I will not be able to do this that often, after this. I have bills, and an expensive ex-wife. But please, please, dear Candy... please give me another BJ..."

She sighed, and nodded her head. "Mr. Hardy. The second one in a week is just seventy-five. Or eighty, I can't make change if you just have twenties. Is that fair?"

"Oh hell, yes. Thank you. You are such a sweet dear. I just love you to death, girl."

"I'm sure you do, Mr. Hardy. I'm sure you do."

She dropped to her knees, and he came around his desk. He fumbled with his zipper, and drew his cock and balls out. He was already hard as steel.

"I don't get a titty suck?" He asked, and she sighed, again, and stood, and pulled her shirt up and her bra down. She gave him the usual five minutes, idly fumbling with his cock as he sucked her nipples. He was pre-cumming like crazy, and she rubbed it into the head of his cock, loving the slippery slimy feel of it. She finally dropped to her knees, and took him into her mouth. He was getting better at this, she thought, she was sure that fifteen minutes had passed, this time. Finally she felt the contractions started, deep in the base of his cock, and she felt his balls pull up to his belly. With a satisfied groan he shot a huge load of semen into her mouth, and some splattered down onto her bare breast. Shit. She got most of it down, though, and she sucked him clean, until he was soft. She stood, and on impulse reached down and pulled her breast up to her mouth, and licked his spilled semen off it. The look on his face was priceless to her, she almost thought he would come again, that soon. She licked her other nipple, something she did to herself on occasion anyway. She knew it looked sexy.

"You kill me, girl." He said, pulling four twenties out of his billfold. She pulled up her skirt and tucked the money into her panties, first, on impulse, pulling her panties down to give him a peek at her pussy. He just groaned loudly, and sat back down. She winked at him, asked for a breath mint, and returned to the counter.


She had several satisfying conversations with Don that week, via text message. He finally asked her out, for Saturday night. This week, Friday was his workout night. That was okay with her. She agreed on Saturday. Friday night was her date with Joycelyn, anyway.


Wednesday night after work, on impulse, she walked on to Victoria's house. Victoria's dad ushered her into the house, and then told her that Victoria and her mother were out shopping.

"I asked you in," He said, to her amusement, "To thank you for that little helping hand you gave me last Saturday. It was very... satisfying..."

She just laughed. "Anytime, Mr. Decker. You have a magnificent... organ... the pleasure was all mine."

"Oh, far from it. It was very pleasurable on my end, too." They both laughed.

"Victoria said you have an... open marriage... did you tell your wife I did that?"

"No... not yet... Sometimes my wife understands, and sometimes she doesn't. I'm afraid... because of your age..."

"Yes. I understand."

"Well, anyway, thank you."

"Mr. Decker. I was trying to figure out how you could see my ass that day. I wanted to show it to you. I'm sorry I couldn't figure out a way."

He just laughed at that. She turned, and reached beneath her skirt and drew her panties down. She lifted her skirt, and wiggled her ass at him.

"Candy. Darling. You have the finest ass I've seen, in all my forty-five years. You are a very special girl. I've already told Victoria that she is lucky to have a friend like you."

"There was something else I was wondering..." She said, almost shyly. He smiled.

"Yes, dear?"

"I kinda wondered... what your... cock... would feel like, in my mouth..." She looked at the floor and almost blushed. She wanted to know, bad, though. This is number three, she thought. I'm going for number three.

"Candy. Is this something you've done before, dear?"

"Just a few times... I'm not really that good at it probably..."

"Darling. I suppose we have a few minutes... If you will just allow me to stand where I can see the driveway..."

She was eager. She didn't mind looking eager to him. She dropped to her knees right there, in their living room. She fumbled with his zipper, drawing it down finally. He reached inside his pants, and drew his hardening cock out. And those beautiful balls, she though. She kissed his balls, sucking one into her mouth, feeling his dick rub across the bridge of her nose. She finally took his cock in her mouth, going as deep as she could with it, as deep as she dared. She didn't know her measurements that well, but she thought, nine inches. Maybe ten. This is an honest-to-god monster. This is the beast.

She sucked him in and out of her mouth, a long ways, it felt like. He went so deep she almost gagged, but she loved it. His dick actually tasted good to her, a little sweaty, tangy, but good, in a way she'd never tasted before. She wrapped her lips around the cap of it, and sucked hard, feeling it expand slightly in her mouth. Her arms were wrapped around his legs.

He moaned, and coughed slightly. "You are very good at that, dear." He finally said, and she laughed inside. I'm getting enough practice, she thought. She sucked harder, pulling away from him, running her lips the length of his shaft. His hard shaft. God he felt good in her mouth, she thought. This is when it's fun, she thought. Not when you're just doing it for them, but you're doing it for yourself, also.

He was thoughtful, and warned her when he was about to cum. And cum he did, filling her mouth, almost choking her. She gulped and swallowed as fast as she could, finally getting it all down, without spilling it down her front. He sighed deeply, and she thought he had enjoyed the whole thing. His sperm had tasted different from Roger's, and from Mr. Hardy's. How interesting, she thought. She wondered if every man's was different. Or if it depended on what they had for lunch that day. Crazy.

I don't think I'll tell Victoria about this one, she thought. I think this'll be my little secret. Victoria seemed pretty open-minded, like her parents, but Candy valued her friendship, and didn't want to lose it over something stupid like giving her dad a blow job.

When Victoria and her mom returned, Candy and Tom were sitting properly in the living room, discussing school and work. Candy and Victoria went on upstairs, and spent the rest of the evening surfing the web and watching TV. Victoria didn't seem to suspect anything, nor her mother. When Candy departed for her house that night she respectfully told Victoria's parents goodbye, and Victoria's dad winked at her, and she giggled. Damn, she thought, I'm getting good at this. And at sneaking around. It's almost too easy.


Friday night rolled around. Friday night. Joycelyn's night. This might be epic, thought Candy, or a flop. I am going to a girl's house with every intention of fucking her and being fucked by her. That was what Candy had read into Joycelyn's invitation. What else could the girl want? She knew Joycelyn was modern and hip and cool. She knew Joycelyn would do what felt good, and worry about silly things like morality and society's conventions later. She honestly figured she wasn't going to be the first pussy that Joycelyn had tasted. Joycelyn, as good a friend as she was, had led a whole other life that Candy rarely got to see. Surely, surely, I am not the first.

She went home, took her little overnight bag, and walked the short distance to Joycelyn's house. Joyce's dad let her in, and she went on upstairs to Joycelyn's room. Joycelyn greeted her so warmly, hugging her and kissing her, that Candy wondered if they were going to start right here and there.

They passed the evening looking a stupid stuff on the internet, and halfway watching TV. Joycelyn's dad made popcorn, and they sat downstairs with him, and he teased Candy like he always did. Candy liked Mr. Taylor, she had had a crush on him for the longest time, and still did, somewhat. And what should I do about that now, now that the new me is in charge? She thought. Nothing. She knew Joycelyn's mom was a jealous bitch, emphasis on the bitch part, and she wouldn't dare mess around with him like she had Victoria's dad. Oh well. His loss.

They got ready for bed, brushing their teeth, a little early, Candy thought. She wondered if Joycelyn was that eager to play around. She wondered if they were going to play around at all. Not a word about it had been spoken so far. Candy sat on Joycelyn's bed. Joycelyn came out of the bathroom, and very theatrically locked the door to her room. Hah hah, Candy thought. Let the fun begin.

Joycelyn approached her, and sat gingerly on the edge of the bed.

"Candy. Dearest." Joycelyn seemed unusually serious. "You are my best friend. I love you dearly."

"Yes. Me too. I love you, Joycelyn."

"Candy. Will it affect our relationship in any way, in a negative sense... if we make love to each other?"

"Joycelyn, no, hell no. The things I've done lately? No way. If anything, it will make us closer, I think."

"That's what I've thought, too... that's what I've hoped you'd say..."

They leaned into each other, and kissed, like two young lovers who might be kissing the first time. Almost chastely. The second was longer, and better. The third one had tongue, lots of tongue. Joycelyn crawled onto the bed, and Candy took her in her arms. Joycelyn was smaller and skinnier than her. Candy took great pleasure in feeling her small body on top of her.

"Goddam, girl." Candy finally said. "Get those panties off."

"Candy. What did you mean, the things I've done recently? Tell me those things, please."

Candy laughed. She wasn't sure she could keep it all straight.

"Let's see. I gave Roger, my twelve year old neighbor, a blow job. Then I let my boss, Mr. Hardy, take a thousand pictures of me, ending up completely naked... then I gave him a blow job... he, uhm, "donated" four hundred bucks to me for these privileges, by the way... then I let Don Martin feel my tits and ass, and then I made out with Victoria, and licked her pussy until she came. And then I played with her dad's dick in the hot tub, lord, Joyce, you should see his dick, it's like a foot long. He is King Kong. And then I gave my boss another BJ, for a hundred bucks. And then gave him yet another for eighty. And then gave a freebie to Victoria's dad, just to feel him in my mouth. And there you have it, the entire condensed version of Candy Lawson's sex life, to date."

Joycelyn just sat on the bed, and stared at her. Her mouth was literally hanging open. Damn, thought Candy, I hope there are no flies in here. Joycelyn seemed far far away, deep in thought. Candy finally waved her hand in front of the other girl's face.

"Goddam, girl. Goddam." Joycelyn finally said. "Goddam. I just dream of it, but you really do it. Jeezus. Goddam."

Candy laughed, and hugged her. "Darling, you are my inspiration. I was thinking of you, thinking of getting to tell you about it every time I did something. You are my muse."

Joycelyn laughed, bemusedly. They hugged, and Candy breathed in the smell of the other girl. She smelled good. She knew Joycelyn well. Joycelyn was a clean freak. Candy knew her pussy would be spotlessly clean. She hoped there was some flavor to her pussy, at least.

"Joycelyn." Candy said at last. "It's not all bread and circuses. Sometimes I have problems with the... money aspect of it. I feel like a whore, sometimes."

"Candy." Joycelyn regarded her from six inches away. Candy could feel the other girl's breath on her face. "Don't tear yourself up. I'd do it, too, if I had the chance. Hell, I could use the money. And the experience."

"Joyce. You ever give a BJ?"

"No. I haven't. I wish I had, but I haven't."

"Well, if you ever get really desperate, I'll introduce you to my boss."

Joycelyn just regarded her, still bemused. "I'd appreciate that, Candy. I really would. If you'll tell me what to do, how to do it. How to give one."

"Joyce! There's nothing hard about it! Just suck, basically. Guys like anything to do with their weenies. Hell, we could probably make money just tickling it with a feather. You just put it in your mouth, and suck. And slide it in and out some."

"What does the... cum... taste like?"

"To me, it tastes like Clorox. But each guy I've done is different. Roger's almost tasted sweet. Mr. Hardy's tastes kind of like dust. It's weird, really."

"What did you and Victoria do? How did you make out with her?"

"Well mostly we just kissed at first. Joycelyn, honestly. Have you ever made it with a girl?"

"No, Candy. I have never made it with a girl or boy."

"Not with a guy? How far have you gone with a guy?"

"Well... not as far as you might think... I let David squeeze my boobs and butt... through my jeans... and I jacked him a little bit, but his brother showed up and we had to stop. I wanted to put it in my mouth but I wasn't brave enough."

"Girl. It'll happen. Just don't worry about it, it'll happen. Mostly Vic and I just licked each others pussies, until we came. And, like I said, we kissed a lot."

They lay contentedly for a while, holding each other. Finally Candy got impatient, and leaned into Joycelyn's face. They kissed, softly, starting up where they'd left off earlier. Candy finally sat up, and stripped her shirt off, and then her bra. Joycelyn undressed, too, as Candy kicked her jeans down. She slid her panties down her legs, and lay before her friend, naked.

"Darling... come here..." She held out her hands, and Joycelyn came to her. She wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.

"Darling." She whispered. "Everything's gonna be okay. Just relax, and enjoy."

They kissed, again and again. Candy loved kissing her. Her mouth was fresh and sweet. Her little tongue felt so sexy in Candy's mouth. She ran her hands down Joycelyn's back, and squeezed her butt. Joycelyn laughed. Candy spread her ass cheeks apart, and touched her asshole. Joycelyn jumped.

"Relax, girl." Candy said, whispering. "I love assholes. You got a sweet asshole, I'm sure of that. Before this night's over I'm gonna lick your asshole."

Joycelyn giggled. I am blowing her mind, Candy thought. And I thought she was the hip, worldly one. But I am blowing her mind.

Candy cupped Joycelyn's little breasts in her hands, and dropped her head down, and kissed it. She sucked on it, pulling the nipple into her mouth. Joycelyn tasted good, she decided already. The girl had a definite taste, and it was good. She spent some time on the other breast, and then continued her way down. She stopped at Joycelyn's navel for a while, making the girl laugh, and then raised her head.

"Spread your legs, darlin'." Candy said, and Joycelyn spread. Candy crouched between Joycelyn's legs, and started at the girl's pussy. At her cunt. It was beautiful! A little patch of pussy hair, and a beautiful slit. A cute little clit at the top. She leaned in and took the clit in her mouth, and sucked. Joycelyn drew a deep convulsive breath. Baby, thought Candy, Baby. You got one sweet cunt. I am going to love this.

Thirty minutes later, Joycelyn came, for the second time. Candy was exhausted, almost. She'd never dreamed she could lick so hard. But the girl had loved it so much. It's time, Candy thought. It is time for that sweet asshole. She manhandled Joycelyn, flipping her over. She pulled Joycelyn's ass into the air, and spread her ass cheeks apart. Unhesitatingly, unwaveringly, her lips went right to the girl's asshole. God she tastes good, Candy thought, just like in my dreams. This is sweet, sweet. Actually, it was kind of bitter, with a hint of poop, but to Candy, it tasted sweet. It tastes like sex, she thought, pure sex. I could do this for hours. I love this shit.

Finally, Candy got to lay back and relax, and Joycelyn somewhat hesitantly went down on her. Nobody is bad at oral sex, Candy thought, even the rankest beginner. It always feels pretty good, no matter what. Joycelyn did a good job, and Candy felt the familiar tightening in the backs of her legs that told her she was going to cum. She began to breathe deeply, and she reached down and caressed Joycelyn's head and neck. she finally came, gasping and hiccuping. It was a good one, of course it was. She'd actually never had a bad cum.

They just lay there for an hour or two, in each others arm. They talked a little, mostly about what they'd just done. Candy asked Joycelyn if she'd enjoyed it, and Joycelyn just stared at her like she was crazy. Of course, she finally replied. Candy giggled. Sex is way more fun than they told us, she said. They didn't want us to know. They knew it's all we'd want to do, once we knew.

"Candy." Said Joycelyn. "Can you get me a date with your boss? Can you show me how?"

"Sure. Just come up tomorrow, or any time. He'll always make time for a BJ. You know where the Taco Factory is, right?"

"Of course."

"Just be there."


Saturday morning Candy finally said her farewells to Joycelyn and walked home. They'd made out again that morning, after they'd woken up, laughing and rolling around in the bed. Candy had finally buried her face between Joycelyn's legs, and the other girl finally came mightily. Then it was Candy's turn. She relaxed and lay back, as Joycelyn licked her to orgasm like a pro. The girl picked up fast, Candy thought. It was fun. The weekend was shaping up nicely.


Candy began early getting ready for her date with Don. She made herself up very lightly, remembering that girls wear makeup for other girls, not guys. Guys don't care. She selected a tight pair of white slacks, and a nice shirt, and a little sleeveless jacket thing. She put on a fresh thong, wiggling and adjusting it until it felt right. Her bra was white, since her shirt was very close to see-through. She admired herself in the mirror for a while, and then went downstairs to wait on him.

Uncle Mike regarded her with surprise. "Where are you going?" He asked.


"With a guy?"

She giggled. "Yes."

"Who is this guy?"

"Donald Martin."

"Don't know him. Is he nice?"


"Well, you know what to do if he's not. Guard yourself, girl."

"I always do, Uncle Mike. Don't worry, we're just kind of at the friends stage right now. I don't know if he's the one, or not, yet."

"Well, just remember I'll be glad to kill him if he mistreats you. And make sure he knows that, too."

She giggled again. "I will."

"Does your mom know you're going out?"

"Probably not. But, Uncle Mike, I'm a big girl now, remember."

"You are fourteen, dear. Not even old enough to drive."

"I know, I know. But, life starts early now. It's different, now."

"Candy. Some things never change. Boys are one of them."

"I know, I'll be careful. I know what boys like."

"You are too good for any boys around here. Or any boys anywhere, for that matter."

"Okay." She giggled. "I'll just get a nice girlfriend to slurp around on."

He looked askance at her, and sighed. "Candy, Candy. Sometimes I almost think that would be better."


There was a gentle knock at the door. Candy looked at the clock. "That's him." She went to the door, and ushered Don into the house. Uncle Mike stood against the counter, his huge arms crossed, looking tough.

"Uncle Mike, this is Don. And Don, my Uncle Mike." The two shook hands, sizing each other up.

"I remember you." Uncle Mike said. "I was a judge at Wilburton. You are the guy that almost broke that kid's arm."

Don looked embarrassed. "Yes, that was an accident. I'm not that hard on people usually. I try to fight fair."

"Those things happen. Well, good to see you. I'm sure you'll behave, with my niece. I've broke more than a few arms, myself, by the way."

"I consider myself... warned..." Don said. He seemed a little intimidated, exactly what Uncle Mike probably wanted. Candy figured that this meeting had been a good thing.

"You are aware," Uncle Mike said, embarrassing her. "That she's only fourteen."

"Yes, sir. I will be on my best behavior, sir."

"I'm sure you will. You kids have fun." Uncle Mike turned, and headed back to the kitchen. Candy and Don left the house.

As soon as they got outside, Don almost exploded. "That's your uncle? Mad Mike Lawson? Oh man, I didn't make the connection. Oh Jeezus. I'm not sure if I can take you out, Candy."

Candy pouted. "What? Why not?"

"He's the baddest of the bad. He'll kill me if he suspects me of anything, and I mean really kill me. Candy, do you have any idea how many rag-heads your uncle has killed? He did four or five tours over there."

"How do you know all this shit?" Candy was nonplussed.

"My dad and my uncle both were in the twenty-fourth. I've heard their stories my whole life. I heard about your uncle years ago. He's one of the biggest names in the twenty-fourth. At least in modern times."

Lord. Well, this could be good. Or not. She felt like that now, at least, she had a little authority over Don, if the need arose. He genuinely seemed scared of Uncle Mike. How interesting. She had a celebrity in the family, and didn't even know it. Well, that was cool.

They went to the Bird Shack, and had some fried chicken, and then drove around for a while. They cruised the strip, and finally went out to the lake and sat around on the hood and talked to the other kids. Don seemed to keep his distance from her, and she wondered if he was still thinking of her uncle. This may be a disadvantage, she thought.

Finally the sun set, and it was blessedly dark. They walked part-ways around the lake, and Don laid his arm on her shoulder. He felt nice and warm. They returned to the car, and crawled back on the hood.

"Candy... darling..." Don finally spoke. She pretty much knew what he was going to say. She understood, but it made her sad in a kind of melancholy way.

"You are a very sweet and special girl. I love you very much. But... darling... understand... I'm almost eighteen and you're fourteen... in another few months I could actually get in legal trouble going out with you, if somebody thought something happened..."

"I understand..." She slowly said, feeling a tear in the corner of her eye. Dammit, she thought.

"I just think we oughta wait a while, is all. If you're willing to wait. Can we make a pact to meet again, when you're a little older? I mean, I'll still be around, I'm not going anywhere... even if I join I'll be back, back here..."

"Don... yes... I understand." And I understand my uncle scared the pants off you, she thought. "We can do that... I'm obviously not goin' anywhere either..."

"Candy... thanks... thanks for understanding." Well, she thought, this puts Dalton in the clear.

He leaned in to her, and they kissed. He hugged her, and they sat for a while longer in the dusky dark, watching the parade of kids around them. Everybody's here for the same reason, Candy thought, to hook up with somebody. The same reason I thought I was here. The reason I was here. Oh, well. There'll be other times. Shit. She sighed.

Don had her home by ten, and he walked her to the door, and gave her a sweet little kiss.

"Candy. Stay in touch, please. You have my number." He said, and she nodded. They kissed again, and he got in his car and left. He's probably going back out the lake, she thought, and look for a girl his age. A legal girl. Shit.


She dragged herself in the house. Her mom was gone. Uncle Mike was in the living room, lit only by the flickering TV screen.

"Where's mom?" She asked. Uncle Mike turned.

"She's at grandma's. Candy... something happened to your grandmother. A stroke or something. They say she'll be alright, but your mom's probably going to stay with her a few days. I told her we'd be alright. I can take you up tomorrow, if you want to go."

Shit. Well shit. "Okay... we'll see..."

She sat beside him on the couch.

"How'd it go?" He asked.

Shit again. "Oh, it went fine, Uncle Mike. You put the fear in him good, real good." She giggled, to let him know she wasn't PO'd at him or anything.

"That's what I intended." He said, laughing a little.

"We just went to the lake and sat on the hood of his car. He kept his distance. He says you're a bad-ass, the baddest of the bad, I think he said. He said you killed lots of head rags, or something."

Mike laughed. "Don't believe everything you hear. Rag-heads. That is not a politically correct phrase, dear. Be careful who you say it around."

She laughed. "Well, he was pretty scared of you. He wouldn't touch me. He basically told me to look him up when I was legal."

"He shouldn't touch you. And he should wait, until you're legal."

"Uncle Mike. You have to realize at some point, that I'm growing up. I'm about there, in fact." Lord, she thought, if you knew the things I'd done already, you would go on a killing spree. And you might kill me, too.

"Uncle Mike." She squirmed a little closer to him, on the couch. She thought, this is an opportunity I cannot pass up. My mom is gone, a hundred miles away. It's just me and him. And the mood is already set.


She lay down, and put her head in his lap. She looked up at him.

"We need to talk."


"I'm... fourteen. You know that. I know that. I am a woman, a female. You know that, I know that."


"I'm reaching... I've reached the age... the age of... becoming active..."

He was silent. She realized that he knew exactly what she meant, though she hadn't said it. Sexually active. He suddenly seemed to know what this was about.

"Uncle Mike. Please understand. I'm not trying to embarrass you or put you on the spot. But understand. I love you more than anybody in the world, than my mom or anybody. I know you love me. Uncle Mike. I want you to be my first. I think I deserve that. I think you do."

He was still silent. She could feel him trembling beneath her head. Shit, she thought, shit. What will he say.

He didn't say anything. He didn't do anything. He just sat there. The minutes dragged. She finally turned on her side, facing him. She idly thought, I'm just an inch from his weenie. She realized that tears were running down her cheeks. She didn't really know why.

He finally looked down at her, seeing that she was crying. She saw two large tears swell up in the corner of his eyes. He pulled her up, into his arms, and hugged her, hard.

"Candy." His voice was husky, and she could tell he was close to crying, too. "Candy... darling... I love you more than life... I want you to be happy, I want you to have a good life... I'm just not sure how that would help..."

"It's..." She thought of something that Victoria's mom had said. "It's symbolic. Symbolic of our love for each other. In ancient times, it was a big deal, taking a girl's... flowers as they called it. Now we say popping the cherry. Same thing."

He snorted. "You shouldn't even know that phrase. Candy, you're just a kid. You should be at least sixteen to even think this stuff. Candy. How could I to that, to you?"

"Uncle Mike. I told you. It's different now."

"Not much different."

"You don't want me... to waste it on some creep do you? Don't you want to be my first?"

"Lord." He sighed, and hugged her closer. They sat like that for a long time. He felt good, beneath her. It felt good to touch him, again. To have him hug her, like he used to.

"Candy." He finally pushed her away a little, where he could see her, talk to her. "I think I understand what you are asking. And I think I understand why. But I don't think, in good conscience, that I could do it. For one thing, I could go to jail."

She interrupted. "Only if somebody else knows. No one would ever know. Trust me."

"I know you think that... but things of this magnitude are difficult to hide... Candy... you are right about one thing, I love you more than anything in the world. Than life. If things were just slightly different, I would do this in a heartbeat. I almost feel guilty saying it, but I would. If society, our culture was just a little different. But... what you ask... it's impossible, girl."

"Uncle Mike. Sometimes we have to make our own rules. You've actually told me that, before, remember?"

"Sometimes rules matter. Candy, I know this is a big deal with you. Understand my position... I'm your uncle. I'm... lord... what, twenty two years older than you? I just can't, darling. I just can't."

She pouted up at him. "You can. You just think you can't. Uncle Mike. Think about it. Think about how much you love me and want to see me happy. And I want to make you happy. Think about it, please."

"Candy. I have. Lord. Now that you've said it, I will. I won't be able to stop thinking about it."

"Uncle Mike. We have time. I'm not in any hurry. I'll wait for you, even if I have to wait until I'm eighteen. I promise, I'll save myself for you." That was a big commitment, she thought. She was ready, now. She wanted it, now. But she would wait, if she had to.

He laughed, a little. She didn't know if he was laughing at the idea of her waiting, or what. Or the ridiculousness of the whole situation. She didn't ask.

He hugged her back against his body. She lay against him, satisfied, at least for the moment. She knew he was right, he wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, now that she'd brought it up. She hoped he'd give it some serious consideration.

They just sat there, on the couch as the TV droned on. He seemed satisfied to just hold her, and she was certainly satisfied to be held. Maybe this is all I get, she thought. It was enough, for right now.


Sunday afternoon, Joycelyn's mom dropped her off at Candy's house. She dragged in, kind of downcast, and faced Candy.

"Candy. Let's do it."

"Do what?"

"Visit your boss." Lord. The girl seemed kind of embarrassed. But she must be pretty eager, to come over almost literally the next day. Well, this should be interesting.

They made the short walk to the Taco Factory. Candy didn't know all the weekend crew. The place seemed kind of dead, actually. They went on in. Mr. Hardy was entertaining a small group of girls with a story, it seemed. They waited politely until he noticed them.

"Candy!" He said, and she smiled.

"Mr. Hardy. I've got a potential employee for you. Can we fill out an app?"

He led them back to his office, eyeing Joycelyn with glee. Candy knew Joycelyn was just his type, slim and attractive. They entered the office, and Mr. Hardy took his seat and started rummaging around on the mass of papers on his desk. Candy shut the door, and locked it. He looked up at the click.

"Forget that shit." She said. "BJ class is now in session. Mr. Hardy, meet Joycelyn, my student. A learner's permit is fifty bucks."

He just gazed at her blankly, his mind trying to process all that. Finally, he seemed to get it. His face broke out in a grin. He leaned forward and pawed for his billfold.

Joycelyn kept her head down. She was embarrassed, Candy could tell. Mr. Hardy counted out fifty bucks, and gave it to Candy. She handed it to Joycelyn, who stuck it in her pocket.

Candy motioned Mr. Hardy to come around the corner of his desk, and he did. She motioned again, and he began to dig his cock and balls out of his pants. Joycelyn watched in fascination.

Mr. Hardy was already pretty hard. She wondered if he stayed like that.

"Okay." Candy said. "Joycelyn, meet dick. Dick, Joycelyn. Here's how I do it." She pinched Mr. Hardy's cock at the base, and slurped him into her mouth. She ran his cock in and out a few times, and then stopped and licked around the cap of it, where Joycelyn could see. Mr. Hardy sighed and moaned in pleasure. She knew he was as happy as hell. This was almost a freebie, to him, only fifty bucks, and a new girl, to boot.

She gobbled his knob for a while longer, trying to show Joycelyn how she did it, what her technique was. Finally she pulled away.

"And that's pretty much it. Believe me, most anything feels good to guys. I guess the important thing to remember is, suck. When all else fails, suck."

Joycelyn finally giggled. Candy backed up, and motioned Joycelyn into her spot. Joycelyn knelt, and regarded Mr. Hardy's hard-on from a few inches away.

"Go ahead, dear." Candy said. "Well, you can examine it first if you wish. It is a nice one." She glanced up at Mr. Hardy and winked, and he smiled down at her.

Joycelyn hesitantly took hold of Mr. Hardy's cock at the base, and wiggled it around a little, looking at it. She finally opened her mouth and cautiously took it in. She closed her lips, and Candy could tell she was sucking, now. Mr. Hardy sighed again.

"Darling." Candy expounded. "When he comes, it may surprise you. If a little slips out, that's okay, just lean back so it doesn't get on you. Let him squirt a time or two, then swallow. Squirt squirt swallow, squirt squirt swallow, that's what I do. You just gotta time it right. And don't worry, Mr. Hardy tastes okay. It's not bad, it goes down your throat so quick you might not even have time to taste it."

Joycelyn nodded as best she could, with a cock in her mouth. She was doing okay, Candy thought, sliding him in and out, keeping suction up.

Candy leaned back and relaxed. This was going well. Mr. Hardy looked very pleased with Joycelyn. Good. Even a fucked up blow job is probably pretty good, Candy thought. Even one from a beginner.

Mr. Hardy gently touched Joycelyn on the head as he began to cum. Candy was interested to watch him cum, from a distance. He squinched up his face, like a little boy, she thought, giggling. His body jerked and twitched, and he gave a big moan. Joycelyn had a shocked look on her face for an instant, and Candy figured that was her first mouthful. She did well, though, not losing any of it, swallowing without choking. Candy could finally tell he was done, and she touched Joycelyn's shoulder.

"That's it, dear. Make sure it's clean, now." Joycelyn gave one last suck, and let his softening penis slip from her mouth. She grinned. She seemed to be over her shyness, now.

"You did good, girl." Candy said, and Mr. Hardy nodded.

"Yes, that was great. Couldn't have been better." He stowed his cock away, and sat back down behind his desk. "Are you sure you don't want to fill out an application? I could always use another cute face around here."

"Well, maybe I will." Said Joycelyn. Candy could tell he was overjoyed at the thought of two cocksuckers working for him. She kind of hoped Joycelyn would get a job here, it would be fun working with her. Mr. Hardy would really go broke, then, she thought.


That Monday, she wondered how to tell Dalton that she was no longer with Don. She wondered if she should rush into things with him, at least until the thing with her uncle solidified, for better or worse. Well, her and Dalton could be good friends, at least, first. It's not like they were going to just immediately do it, anyway. Although, she almost thought she'd rather do it with Dalton that Don. She didn't know why, though.

Anyway, bio class rolled around, and when the teacher got done talking, they broke up into groups.

"I heard you and Don busted up." Said Dalton, almost immediately. Lord. How did this stuff get around so quickly?

"Jeezus, Dalton, how does this stuff get around so quickly?" Candy asked him, and he laughed.

"It just... does, I guess."

"We weren't really ever a couple, so we can't have broken up. I think my uncle scared him off, really."

"Your uncle? Mad Mike?" Lord. Dalton even knows about that? Jeezus.

"Yes. Mad Mike. Jeezus." She was almost disgusted. But, she was kind of proud her uncle had such a reputation. Some of it seemed to rub off on her. A lot of it.

"Well, yes, I'm free, white and twenty-one." She said, drawing a blank from him. Hadn't heard that one, obviously. This is something I can work with, she thought. I can educate this boy. I can make something of him. He just can't have my cherry. That is for Uncle Mike.


Class passed, and gym class passed. Afterwards, during lunch she sat in the stands and talked to Victoria. She told her about making it with Joycelyn, and they both giggled at her story of how Joycelyn's mind was totally blown.

"Then I taught her how to give a BJ." Candy said, her voice trailing off as she realized she hadn't yet told Victoria all her BJ stories yet. She thought she remembered once telling her she'd give a BJ, though...

Victoria looked puzzled. "How did you do that? With what? Who?"

Oh shit. Well, what the hell. She'd had sex with Victoria, they were that close. She might as well know.

"It's my boss, Mr. Hardy... I took her to work, and let her practice on him."

Victoria seemed about as nonplussed as Joycelyn had been.

"Candy... you are full of surprises..." Victoria finally said. "She... she gave your boss a blow job? Have you? I don't understand?"

Oh, hell. "We both did. I just showed her how I do it."

"How you do it? Candy... how many times have you done it? And to just him? Or others?"

Candy laughed to herself silently. Shit, she thought. Me and my big mouth. It didn't bother her much to tell Victoria, though.

"Vic. I've done it maybe seven or eight times, to three different guys. That's it."

"Jeezus. Fuck!" Said Victoria, in awe. "Candy... you... you rock... Fuck!"

Candy laughed out loud then, and looked around to make sure no one was near.

"Your boss. Is he clean? Is it... does he... taste good?"

"Yes, pretty much. Yes, he's clean."

"Candy. Can you do that for me? Like you did her?"

Well, shit. Another student. School was still in session, apparently.


That evening, they walked to the Taco Factory. Victoria seemed to get more and more nervous, as they approached. Finally Candy had to drag her in the door. The place was bustling, so they waited at the counter a few minutes until the crowd died down. Mr. Hardy finally approached.

"Mr. Hardy." Said Candy. "I got another potential employee."

He led them to the back, and they entered his office. Candy shut and locked the door. Mr. Hardy waited expectantly. He seemed to know that the "potential employee" thing was just a cover story.

"Mr. Hardy, this is my friend Victoria." The two shook hands. "Today the entrance fee is twenty-five dollars, since it's a training session. Is that okay with you?"

"Oh, yes, that's very okay." He pulled the money out of his wallet, and gave it to Candy, who tucked it into Victoria's pocket. Victoria wouldn't look up at Mr. Hardy, not yet.

Mr. Hardy stepped to the corner of his desk, and pulled out his cock and balls. This was getting pretty routine for him. Candy dropped to her knees, and the lesson commenced.


After Victoria was done, after she'd slurped the semen out of Mr. Hardy's hard dick, Candy stayed in the office with her while Mr. Hardy went out to check on the store.

"You okay, darlin'?" Candy asked, and Victoria giggled helplessly.

"I can't... I can't get over this... it's just... too cool..."

"What, you giving a BJ?"

"Yeah... me, giving a BJ..."

"You did good, girl. I could tell he enjoyed it."

"Well... don't guys always enjoy it?"

"I figger. Yes."

"Shit. My first. Damn. I did good. Damn." Candy finally got Victoria up and out the door. She walked her to the door, and told her she'd see her tomorrow at school. She went back in, and made some tacos. She felt good about things, things were going well. She wondered what her uncle was doing, if he was thinking about her at the moment. She wondered what he was going to decide. If he did decide. If you decide not to choose, you still have made a choice, she hummed the line from a Rush song. She figured she'd give him a few weeks, and then ask him if he'd decided. She didn't want to push him, though. Let him think it out. She almost felt like he'd eventually say yes, like she could wear him down. Well, she didn't want to just wear him down, she wanted to convince him it was the right thing to do. Well, because, it just was. It was the right thing to do. She felt good, happy. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades, she hummed.


That night, her mom was back home. The week passed, almost boringly. Friday morning, in biology class Dalton asked her if she'd be at the lake that evening. She didn't really have a way there, so she said no.

"I mean, I'd like to, but I don't have a way to get there." She said.

"My friend Darrell has a car... if I go with him, want me to call you?"

"Yeah... do that, yeah." She said, hoping it worked out. "You got my number?"


It didn't work out apparently. She never heard from Dalton Friday night. Oh well, maybe next time. She hung out with Victoria most of the afternoon, and finally trudged back home about nightfall. Her mom had gone back to Yarnell to be with her grandmother. Uncle Mike was stretched out on the couch, and she joined him, laying down and putting her head in his lap. He absently reached down and stroked her head, re-arranging strands of her hair, and tickling her ear. She sighed, happy, and just laid there. She badly wanted to ask him if he'd decided anything, but she didn't want to make him feel pressured or anything. What if he just never says anything? She thought. Will I really be able to wait until I'm eighteen, to see what he might do then? Is it worth the wait, that long? Can I stand it? She sighed. What to do, what to do.

"You okay, darlin'?" He said, and she nodded.

"Yes... just... tired. And thinkin'."

"I understand." They lay there another hour or so. She drifted in and out of sleep.

Finally, about midnight, he spoke to her.


She woke, jumping slightly.

"Yes... what..." She sat up, wiping sleep from her eyes. She was woozy.

"Candy. I've given a lot of thought to what you said... the other night."

Oh, shit, was this it? Was he going to tell her?

"That's literally all I've thought of, since."

Well, she understood that. It was a big deal, to her, and to him, she was sure.

"I'm not going to tell you no, darling. Not yet."

Shit. What did that mean?

"But I'm not saying yes, either. Do this for me, Candy. Wait, a few months, at least. Grow up a little, stretch your wings, and let's see if this is still what you want. If it is, if you want it bad enough to wait, then, I'll say... maybe... I mean, give me time to think, too... does this make sense to you?"

"Yes." She sat up further, and leaned into him. She kissed him gently, on the cheek. She stared at him, from two inches away. He met her gaze calmly, solidly. She was sure he'd stared down worse things than a teen-aged girl, before.

Well, then, she thought, take this. She leaned into him and planted her lips directly on his. He resisted, for a moment, his lips were stiff. Then she felt him relax, and he kissed back. She held it for as long as she dared, and then broke away. His eyes were closed. They stayed closed. She touched his lips again with hers. He resisted again, then melted. He let her do it two more times, before he broke away.

"Candy... what I said... let's do it that way, okay?"

"Uncle Mike... this isn't "doing it", kissing isn't. We're just playing around a little. You are not the first boy I've kissed, and you won't be the last. Can't we just do it a little bit?"

"Candy... I'm not sure... I'm not sure I can stop if we start..."

"I won't let it go... much further... please? Uncle Mike? Please?"

He didn't say anything further, and just to see what would happen she leaned into him and kissed him again. He was definitely kissing back, she thought. They kissed for several minutes, and finally she felt his arms reaching around her. She lay there, comfortable, in his arms and let him kiss her. Ah, she thought, it's fifty-fifty, now. Perfect. It was ninety-ten when we started, but now it's fifty-fifty.

"Uncle Mike." She finally pulled away from him. "What you said. Okay. I'll go for that. I'll settle for you thinking about it, and maybe making your mind up later. Just do one thing, tonight, to get me through."

He got a look on his face, and she almost giggled. She knew he knew she was going to ask him to do something he probably wouldn't think he should do. He'd probably want to do it, but he'd think he shouldn't. He was right.

"Uncle Mike. Play with my boobies. Lick them. Suck them. Make love to them."

He just laughed. "Candy, girl. You are persistent, I'll say that. And naughty. I'm not going anywhere near your boobies, you little nut."

She sat up, and pulled her stretchy shirt over her head. She just yanked her bra off, without even unfastening it. Her breasts flopped free. There, literally before he'd had time to react, she was topless. She grabbed his hands, but she wasn't strong enough to place them on her breasts like she wanted to. She giggled, wrestling with him.

"Candy. Stop. Put your shirt back on." She'd noticed, at least, that his eyes had never left her breasts, from the moment she'd exposed them. That was a good sign. She knew he liked them. Who the hell wouldn't. They were nice breasts. They were blue-ribbon county fair prize winners.

She finally stopped wrestling with him.

"Uncle Mike. Give me this, give me hope. Just do this one thing for me, and I'll wait as long as you ask, for whatever you decide. Just do this, please."

He didn't move a muscle. He had an almost helpless look on his face.

"Candy." He finally said. "I am not a strong man. And you are offering me the thing I want most in the world, yet it's the one thing that I don't feel right in accepting. How can I stop there, if I do? Can you keep me, and yourself, from going further?"

"I... I think I can... I understand, Uncle Mike, and I... I respect that, what you feel. I don't exactly feel the same, but I understand."

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit." Was all he said. She had never heard him cuss before, like that.

"Just give me a little... pleasure..." she said. "And take some from me, for yourself... and then I'll wait for you, forever if I have to."

He gave a gasping, groaning moan, something she had never heard from him before. He buried his face in her breasts, almost falling into her. She felt his tongue on her hard nipple. She squeezed his head into her tits, feeling his face, and his tongue rubbing her nipples. God, he felt so good. She knew he wanted this. And she sure as hell wanted it.

An hour later, he finally raised his face from her breasts. She had cum, once, as he licked her, reaching down to rub her thumb along the seam of her jeans, where her pussy was. She had cum softly, quietly, she didn't really want him to know for some reason, not yet, at least. Her panties were so wet she figured she would squish when she walked. She had enjoyed the last hour greatly, though she had no sensation of time passing for most of it. Her nipples had been hard so long they actually hurt. Or maybe that was just from him licking them so much. Now she was sitting up, and he was laying with his head in her lap. She guessed he had had enough. She hadn't, of course.

"Uncle Mike. Thank you." She finally said, and he snorted, and kind of laughed.

"No, Candy. Thank you." He raised his head. "Girl. You got a way of always getting what you want, don't you?"

"Pretty much." She laughed. "It's a girl thing."

"I guess. Shit." He stared at her breasts, trying to fix them in his mind forever. "We probably shouldn't have done this, Candy."

"I know, I know. But we did. And it was sweet. And we might even do it again someday, who knows."

"Candy. If you love and respect me, please don't wave this in front of me again. I cannot help myself, when you do. I am not that strong."

"Hah. You are the strongest man I know. I just think that subconsciously you know I'm right, that we are meant to be together. At least for the first time, my first time."

"Girl, girl." He seemed to be at a loss for words. He seemed content to lay in her lap and stare up at her beautiful breasts. She leaned down and rubbed his cheek with her nipple.

"You did good, Uncle Mike. You made me feel real good."

"You made me feel real good, girl. You shouldn't have, it shouldn't have, but it did."

Twenty minutes later, he dragged himself up, and off to bed. He turned as he left the room, for one last look at her, sitting there topless, lit by the TV.

"Goodnight, darling. Sweet dreams."

"You too, Uncle Mike. Sweet dreams."

"You know I will darling. You know I will."


Mr. Hardy was planning another epic photo shoot. Candy had already warned him it was going to be expensive. He was planning on a Saturday afternoon, for five or six hours, at least. Yes, epic. Lord, she thought. He had already asked her if she could invite one of her "friends". She had approached Victoria with the idea, to a fairly warm reception. The only hard part was the financial negotiations. Finally, she called Victoria up to the Taco Factory, and they crowded in Mr. Hardy's office. Candy made sure the door was locked.

"Girls. I'm so glad you could make it. Victoria... has Candy told you what I'm wanting to do?"

"Just take some pictures... right?"

"Well, yes, but what I'm hoping for from you two girls. I kind of hope you'll make out with each other..."

Victoria looked at Candy. Candy shrugged. "I guess so." Said Victoria.

"And, of course, totally nude photography?" He said, hopefully.

"How... how much money we talking about?" Victoria finally said. Candy knew her family was rich. She knew Victoria didn't need money. Still money was nice to have. Every little bit helped.

"Two hundred each? That sound good?"

"Mr. Hardy." Candy broke in. "You did two fifty last time, for me. Surely you can manage two fifty again. Consider what your getting for it, and the length of time you're saying you want. Surely that's not too much to ask."

He sighed. She was right. "You are right, Candy. Okay, two fifty each it is."

"Half now, half after." Candy said.

"You drive a hard bargain, girl." Mr. Hardy said, shaking his head.


That Saturday, Candy met Victoria at McDerp's. She called Mr. Hardy on her cell phone, making sure to block her number. She still didn't want him to have it.

"We're here, and ready. Pick us up. Over and out." She said, and hung up. Victoria gave her a weak smile. Victoria seemed a little unsure of the whole thing, now that it was about to happen.

They waited a few more minutes, and finally he drove up. They crowded into his little car, and off he went. They drove to the Granada, and Mr. Hardy fetched his suitcase and camera case from the trunk. They all went up together, and he closed the door and set the chain behind them. Candy looked at the clock. It was four o'clock.

"Okay," she said. "This show goes on until nine. That's all I got in me. That's fifty bucks an hour." That seemed fair to her. More than fair, but she didn't say that out loud. She knew he was getting a pretty good deal.

Victoria hovered close to Candy, unsure of herself. Mr. Hardy bustled about, getting his camera ready. Candy nodded to Victoria, and they sat on the edge of the bed.

Mr. Hardy was finally ready.

"What do you want to start with?" Candy asked him.

"How about you girls try some of my clothes on?" He replied.

The next hour was spent sliding in and out of teddies, nightgowns and thongs. God what a lot of thongs, Candy thought. Victoria had wanted to go in the bathroom to change the first time, but now she acted just like she'd forgotten Mr. Hardy and his camera ever existed. Candy was the same, stepping in and out of panties and thongs, totally ignoring the flashing camera and the leering photographer.

Finally Mr. Hardy set his camera aside. "Girls, I'm... coming out..." He said, and pulled his dick and his balls out of his pants. Victoria and Candy giggled, and Victoria shook her head. He resumed the photo shoot.

Candy finally sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread. Mr. Hardy began the close-up portion of the photo shoot. Victoria finally joined her, spreading wide, and finally the two girls leaned into each other, and kissed. Before long they were locked, tongue to cunt, in a 69 thing, with Mr. Hardy clicking away. Candy came, quickly, and then she felt Victoria tremble and shake beneath her. They licked away at each others pussies, forgetting the camera even existed.

Finally, exhausted, they just lay on the bed in each others arms, as Mr. Hardy snapped more pictures. Candy did not understand how that damn camera could hold so many pictures. Jeezus. He must have taken way over a thousand by now, she thought. Good grief.

Candy excused herself to the bathroom. She'd drank a big gulp full of sweet tea, and her bladder was about to bust.

"Candy, no, wait!" Mr. Hardy was breathless.

"Mr. Hardy, hang on, I have to pee." She said.

"Candy!" He was falling all over himself to be understood in time. "Candy, I'll give you another hundred bucks if you'll pee on me."

Lord. What was this about? Was he really into this? Did she really want to do this? For a hundred bucks, she thought, why not.

"How, Mr. Hardy." She said.

"I'll lay in the bathtub, and you stand over me." He said. She nodded, and he began stripping off his clothes. Victoria giggled.

"Mr. Hardy." Victoria said sternly. "You are a pervert."

"I know, darling. I know"


Candy was really about to bust by the time he got all situated in the tub. He finally got laid down, and nodded to her. She gingerly climbed up on the edges of the tub, and then squatted down over him, her legs spread wide, one on each side of the tub. She tried to relax, but nothing came out.

"Go ahead, dear." He said. Still nothing happened. "Shy kidneys, huh?" he sat up, and reached up, and massaged her pussy where he imagined her urethra was. It felt good, but still nothing came out. She was trying as hard as she could to pee, but nothing was happening. Finally Victoria reached over and turned on the faucet, and let the water run for a while. At long long last, Candy felt her pee begin it's journey to the outside world. A stream of hot piss shot from her pussy, and splashed on Mr. Hardy's chest. He immediately leaned forward, into the stream, and bathed his face in it, even opening his mouth. Her urine splashed all over his face, and down her legs. She giggled, and she heard Victoria giggling from across the bathroom.

She peed for what felt like the longest time, feeling great relief. Mr. Hardy continued to bathe in it, for as long as it came out. Finally the stream died down, and a few last drops dripped out. She tensed, and then relaxed as he cautiously leaned up to her, and licked her piss-covered pussy. It did feel good. Finally she carefully climbed down, wary of the pee-slickened enamel.

"Mr. Hardy..." Victoria spoke. "I'll pee on you too, if you want."

"Oh yes, dear, oh yes." He was happy as a clam. If clams really are happy.

Candy helped Victoria climb onto the sides of the tub, and she stood over him the same way Candy had. She was able to pee much quicker, though her stream was much finer, and she managed to pee for a long time. Candy could smell the other girl's urine, it smelled stronger than hers. She almost wanted to taste it, just to see. Maybe someday, she thought.

The stream finally narrowed, and died. The party was over. Not quite.

"Mr. Hardy." Victoria said, surprising Candy. "I have to poop. Want me to poop on you?"

"Oh, hell yeah." Victoria had gauged Mr. Hardy's level of perversity well. She had hit the nail right on the head.

Candy's legs felt cold as her urine dried on them. She stood at the door, bemused, and watched Victoria grunt and fart softly as a long brown turd descended from her asshole. It broke off and fell onto Mr. Hardy's belly. He grunted. Candy smelled the smell of fresh shit, of Victoria's shit. It actually turned her on a little, for some crazy reason. Mr. Hardy had moved up slightly, and Victoria's next turd fell right on his cock. His hard cock. Now it was his hard, shitty cock. A few more small ones fell, and the show was over. The whole bathroom smelled strongly of Victoria's shit, a pungent and heavy odor, but familiar to Candy. She had smelled shit before. Her own, of course. and she'd smelled way worse in the girl's bathroom at school.

She helped Victoria down from the tub, and Mr. Hardy gingerly stood, letting Victoria's turds drop into the tub. Candy was glad he hadn't tried to eat them or anything, she wasn't sure she could have handled that. Mr. Hardy leaned down and turned the faucet on, getting the temperature right, finally turning on the shower head. He squished Victoria's shit down the drain, getting rid of it.

"Come on in, ladies." He said, scrubbing Victoria's shit from his cock, and his belly. Candy and Victoria looked at each other, and then got in the tub with him. It was pretty crowded. Candy washed her legs off, and then felt the familiar fullness in her colon. Oh shit. Now she had to go.

"I gotta poop, now, dammit." She said. "Victoria, you made me need to poop." Victoria giggled, as Candy crawled out of the tub. Mr. Hardy followed her, dripping water everywhere.

"Candy." He said. "Sit on it backwards. I want to watch." Oh shit. More of this shit. She wasn't sure about it, but she sat, awkwardly, backwards on the toilet, facing the wall.

"Stick your butt out." He said, and she did. She relaxed her butthole as best she could, and finally felt the poop start. Ahhhh, there, she thought, that feels much better. She could barely see him over her shoulder, and she felt his hands on her ass, squeezing and rubbing it. His face was right down at asshole level. She finally pooped out a few turds, hoping he was getting a good show. Victoria stood under the shower head, and watched and giggled.

Candy was finally done pooping. Mr. Hardy wiped her ass for her, and had to wipe some off the seat. They got back in the shower. She rubbed her hand down her asscrack, washing it out good. She did the same for Victoria, wanting her asshole to be nice and clean, since she planned on licking it later. They all soaped up and giggled and rubbed on each other, Mr. Hardy probably having the most fun of all, Candy figured. Finally he shut the water off and they got out and dried off. The bathroom was a mess, and Candy was glad she wasn't a maid at the Granada. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Back in the bedroom, Candy looked at the clock. Two hours to go? Shit. She crawled up on the bed, and was joined by Victoria. Mr. Hardy reclaimed his camera. The next hour passed leisurely, her and Victoria licked and sucked each others pussies, and tits, and Candy got to eat Victoria's ass out like she wanted to. It tasted great, She was amazed that even after soap and water it still tasted slightly poopy. Such is the nature of assholes, she thought.

Finally, Mr. Hardy had enough. He was exhausted. Candy and Victoria were worn out, too. They just lay on the bed for a while, and he sat in a chair, still naked, his dick still hard. Candy looked at the clock. Damn. He still had an hour.

"Mr. Hardy." Victoria sat up. "I will let you fuck me for two hundred dollars."

Oh shit, Candy thought. Do you really want to give it away to this guy? For your first time? Well, it's yours, I guess you can do what you want.

She turned to Victoria. Victoria looked stern. Candy realized she didn't want to be talked out of it. So she kept quiet.

Finally Mr. Hardy said. "Dear. Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm ready." Victoria said.

"You are a virgin, right?" Mr. Hardy said.


"And you are sure?"


"Well, okay. Sure, then."

Mr. Hardy had to get dressed to go down to his car and retrieve a condom. As soon as he left Candy asked Victoria if she was really really sure that she wanted an old man to pop her cherry.

"Dammit, Candy... I'm just ready, I'm tired of waiting. Yes, yes, it's what I want."

"I'm not trying to talk you out of it, dear..." Candy said. "I just want to make sure."

"Candy. Are you still gonna fuck your uncle?"

"I'm trying, anyway. I'm not sure if it's gonna happen. It's not gonna happen soon, in any case."

"Shit. It's never gonna happen for me, if I don't do something. I'm just ready, dammit."

"Well, I just remembered that the other night you said you wanted something special, something to remember. I just didn't know if Mr. Hardy was that special."

"Candy... I'm just ready. Shit. I should have let Allen fuck me the other night in that stupid cave, rubber or no rubber. But this will do."

Candy figured she'd leave it at that. It didn't seem as big a deal with Victoria, and she didn't have somebody in her life like Uncle Mike. Candy decided to just go ahead and let the other girl choose her own path. Her own destiny. If a silly middle-aged pervert was the one for her, then so be it.

Mr. Hardy returned, and asked Victoria again if she was sure. Yes, she was sure. He seemed to realize the gravity of the situation, at least. He slowly stripped, and his half-hard cock flopped out. He carefully mounted a rubber on it, watched with fascination by both Candy and Victoria.

Candy moved to the other bed, and he crawled up with Victoria. She didn't seem to want to kiss him, but she let him suck and lick her titties, and then move down to her pussy. Candy actually got a little bored at this part, and watched the clock for a while, amazed at how slow time seemed to be moving. Jeezus, she thought, get it on. Finally Mr. Hardy raised up, and asked Victoria if she was ready. She was.

He gently pushed into the girl, trying to be as careful as he could. She cried out once, and Candy wondered if that was her cherry popping. Candy got up and moved to the other bed, and crawled up, taking Victoria's head in her lap. She held the girl as he slowly pushed further and further into her body, finally ending up groin to groin with her. Victoria gasped and sucked air as he slowly pumped in and out of her. He sped up slightly, and she gasped again. She seems to be enjoying it, now, Candy thought. Candy reached down and idly squeezed Victoria's boobs as Mr. Hardy fucked her, loving the feel of their softness, contrasted by the hardness of her nipples. Victoria has sexy boobs, she thought.

Victoria came much quicker than Candy thought she would, gasping and sighing and hiccuping, clenching the sheets with her hands and kicking her feet on the bed. Mr. Hardy finally came, squinching his face up, tendons standing out in his neck and shoulders. Candy knew he was having a good time, he was getting what he wanted most out of life, a teen-aged fuck. A nice teen-aged fuck. What a goofy old fart he was, she thought. But, she understood. Who wouldn't want a nice teen-aged fuck, she thought. Getting old must suck. She understood old farts, she felt like, she understood the desperation with which they seized and tried to hold onto the young.

That was pretty much it. When Victoria recovered from her cum, Candy helped her up, and got her dressed. The other girl seemed like she was in a daze, sort of. Candy dressed, and helped Mr. Hardy pack up all his girl undies. They carried the stuff to the car, and then returned for Victoria. Mr. Hardy drove them to within a block of the Decker residence, and let them out. He drove away happy, satiated for the moment. Candy led Victoria home, up the stairs, and into bed. She called Uncle Mike, and told him she was staying with Victoria tonight. She looked at the clock. It was barely nine. Shit.

Something woke her. She looked at the clock. Two AM. Victoria mumbled something again.

"What is it, darling."

"Candy... that was... fabulous..."

Candy laughed. The girl was just now catching up?

"It looked like fun, dear. I can't wait until my turn."

"I came really hard. It felt so good, to be full of him. It felt... fabulous..."

"Good, Vic. Good. I'm glad your first time was a good one."

"That was my first, but it sure ain't gonna be my last."

Candy laughed softly. "Don't get carried away, girl. And hellfire, don't you dare get pregnant. You need to get your ass on the pill, pronto. Tomorrow."

"Yah. We already talked about that, my mom and I. I'll ask her again. Tomorrow."

They lay there for a while, arms around each other, breathing in each others faces. Candy felt a wave of love for the other girl sweep over her. Maybe she's the one, she thought. Uncle Mike first, and her second. Maybe she's my soul-mate, or whatever. She knew that what Victoria and she had was much stronger than simple friendship. She idly wondered if she was gay. Bi, for sure. But gay? Naw, she liked dicks too much. She didn't always like guys that much, but she always liked dicks that much. Dicks were cool. Dicks were fun.

She sighed, and leaned back down against Victoria, and the two of them slid into sleep.


They didn't get up until Sunday afternoon. They finally wandered downstairs, got something to eat from the kitchen, and moved out to the hot tub. It was breezy and cool outside, and the hot tub felt nice, she thought. They stripped before ever getting in, not caring who might see them.

It wasn't long before Victoria's parents came out, and got in the tub. Just as natural as could be, both Mr. and Mrs. Decker stripped down, and got in the tub. Candy ogled his penis, and Victoria giggled at her. Even her mom seemed amused.

"Tom, Tom. I think you have another fan in your fan club."

"Don't talk bad about Candy." He said. "She is a sweet child, and much better than the trash I usually associate with."

"Trash like us." His wife giggled to her daughter, who giggled back.

"Mrs. Decker." Candy said. Why not ask, she thought.

"Yes, Dear."

"I want to ask you first, and then I'll ask him." Okay, the woman seemed to say, looking at her expectantly.

"May I touch your husband's penis? It is so large and magnificent, and I just want to know what it feels like."

Mrs. Decker snorted, and kind of laughed. "Candy, dear girl, I don't care. He might, but I don't."

She turned to Tom. It was a charade, now, of course. Hell, she'd given him a blow job, much more than simply touching it. This felt kind of naughty, though, letting his wife know what she wanted to do to him.

"May I, Mr. Decker?" She asked, fluttering her eyebrows at him.

He just laughed. "Sure, my little darling. Sure."

She reached out and grabbed him. He was getting hard already. Victoria and her mother giggled and watched. Candy rubbed and stroked him, her hands invisible beneath the bubbles. But, it was obvious what she was doing. This time she let the tip of it stick out of the water, and she made sure they saw her hands rubbing over it.

"Mom." Victoria spoke up. "Would it be too weird if I touched dad's peter? I'm curious, too."

Her mother snorted again. "Go for it, girl. Just remember, he's your father, not some boy at the lake. Or that god-awful cave."

The girls giggled at that, having both been to the lake, and the cave. Candy wondered if the cave had been there when Mrs. Decker was a kid. Well, of course it was there, she wondered if the kids had gone there back then, in their silly old cars.

Victoria came over to the other side of the tub, and squinched inbetween her dad and the side of the tub. Candy felt the other girls hand over hers, and she gave up the top half of Tom's cock to his daughter. Tom just sat there, talking away to his wife, as if two hot young sweet things weren't playing with his cock. And one of them was his daughter. Candy was amazed at his nonchalance. At his wife's. She must really be open-minded, to allow stuff like this. Amazing.

She leaned forward, and caught Victoria's eye. The other girl giggled. Candy opened her mouth slightly, and formed her lips into an "o". Victoria giggled, immediately getting the message.

"Mom." Victoria said. "Candy wants to know if she can give dad a blow job. Can she?"

"Goodness." Said Mrs. Decker.

"No, that's not what I meant!" Said Candy, shocked and a little turned on. More turned on that she was, at least.

"What did you mean?" Said Victoria, puzzled.

"Well, I guess I did kind of mean that." Said Candy, finally. She actually had no idea why she'd done it, or what she meant. She was just trying to be funny.

"Dear, what is between you and Tom is your business." Said Mrs. Decker. "As long as I can still crawl into bed with him each night, I don't care what happens during the day. And it's not like you're screwing or anything."

"See?" Said Victoria. Candy assumed she was talking about their open marriage. She nodded her head, and idly motioned Mr. Decker to stand. He just laughed, and stood up. His long hard cock stuck straight out, high and proud. It looked fabulous to Candy. This, she thought, this is what a dick should look like. This sets the standard pretty high. Every man should be so lucky. And every girl.

"Candy, dear." Said Mrs. Decker. "Have you done this before?"

"No ma'am." Candy lied. "But I've always wanted to."

"Well, dear." Mrs. Decker apparently was also an expert on blow jobs. "It's easy. Just grasp him with your fist, and place his organ in your mouth. Close your lips firmly around it, and suck, moving him in and out, like a piston in an engine. Continue to suck the whole time..." Her voice droned on, and Candy shut it out. She took Mr. Decker's dick in her mouth, sucking hard, feeling his prostate twitch. This was cool. Sucking him off while his wife watched. What a hip family this was, she thought. How fucking cool they were.

Mrs. Decker was still talking ten minutes later, when Mr. Decker finally came in Candy's mouth. He filled her mouth, again, like he had last time. She gasped and swallowed and hiccuped, causing him to reach down and pat her on the back.

"Oh, isn't that just precious!" Mrs. Decker said. "Darling, you'll get used to it. It's always hard, the first time. You are a big girl, now."

Hell yes it's hard, thought Candy. But it'll go down now, for a while.

"Mom." Said Victoria. "Can I do that to dad, too?"


Candy stayed with Victoria that night. They talked far into the night, giggling. Candy just could not believe that Mrs. Decker had allowed her daughter to suck off her dad. Allowed it, hell. She practically encouraged it. Talk about liberal. Jeezus. Candy was almost jealous. Victoria's second blow job, and it had been her dad. And her dad had the nicest dick Candy had ever seen. Shit.

Candy got up early, and went home, and changed into her school clothes. She barely made it to school on time, but she made it. The day ground on. That evening, she went to work. All went fine. Mr. Hardy left her alone. She figured he was broke, all the money he'd spent last week, on sex and girls. Hee hee, she thought. He had better learn to budget. If both Joycelyn and Victoria get jobs at the Taco Factory, he'll be in real trouble.

The craziest thing, happened, though. After Candy had come off break, she was walking past Mr. Hardy's office, and she could swear she heard his familiar moan. Moan or groan, whichever it was. The door was shut, of course, and she didn't have the nerve to try it and see if it was locked. She returned to the counter, trying to keep an eye on the back of the shop to see who, if anyone, was in there with him.

Finally. Aha, she thought. To her surprise and amazement, Louise Skinner came to the front, followed shortly by Mr. Hardy himself. Candy was bemused. So, that was why... that was why Louise had been so interested in her comings and goings... Louise had her own thing going with Mr. Hardy, too. Candy wasn't upset, or even jealous. The more the merrier, she thought. Let them have their fun. Even if I get shut out, let them have their fun. She had enjoyed giving Mr. Hardy those blow jobs, but she remembered hearing a story about a girl who'd given so many blow jobs she'd gotten fat from eating sperm. She didn't want that to happen to her, if it could actually happen. Crazy.

She gave Louise a knowing glance every chance she could that evening, but the other girl either didn't get it, or she was just that good. Whatever, Candy thought. Whatever. Have your fun. Been there, done that. She decided she'd give Mr. Hardy one chance a week for a blow job, just so she didn't run it out with him. She wondered what, if anything, he was paying Louise. Louise almost looked like she'd do it for free, Candy decided. Good, if she was.

The next day at work, while Candy was taking her break in the back, Louise came and sat beside her.

"You okay?" Candy asked, conversationally.

"Yeah. Fine." The other girl said.

"Mr. Hardy treatin' you right?" Candy asked, innocently.

"Yes." Louise regarded her somewhat suspiciously, Candy thought.

"Good. Good." Candy said, nodding her head. That was it. She wasn't going to make a big deal out of it, she told herself. They got up and went back to the counter. That was it for the night.


The weeks dragged by. Candy was impatient for Uncle Mike to decide something, but he seemed content to go on like nothing had happened. She almost started to wonder if she'd dreamed the whole titty-sucking thing with him. And Mr. Hardy. He'd actually said no to her, the fourth time. The third time he'd done it, paid her another hundred bucks to blow him. But the fourth time, the week after that, he'd actually told her that he didn't have enough cash. She dropped the price to fifty, and suddenly, a miracle occurred, and he had the money. She realized, kind of disgustedly, that she missed sucking him off. She missed that feeling of power over him. She wondered how often Louise was doing it. I gotta get inside that girl, she thought.

She began trying to befriend Louise, but the girl was kind of prickly. Kind of stand-offish. Candy chatted with her when things were slow, though, and finally felt like she was worming her way into Louise's confidences.

One day Candy found herself in Mr. Hardy's office, with Louise. Louise shut the door, like Candy always had, but she didn't lock it. They chatted and laughed and talked business, and Mr. Hardy was his most charming. Finally, in a lull in the conversation, he said, "Well. Louise and Candy. My two favorites. I really must get you two together sometimes. I think you would... become fast friends, if you spent a little time together."

Candy thought she knew exactly what he meant. Together in a pussy-licking sort of way, she thought.

"Well, that's up to you, Mr. Hardy. You know the rules." She said. Louise just looked puzzled.

Mr. Hardy almost seemed embarrassed. "Yes... er... Candy, dear... Louise is not... quite yet used to me like you are..."

Ah. She understood a little better. He was basically still grooming the girl, getting her ready. Candy realized this was probably an on-going process for Mr. Hardy. Having one in the wings, just in case. One always getting ready.

"Louise has been a good friend." Candy said, wishing to butter the other girl up a little. "I wish I knew her better, true."

Louise just smiled at that.

Mr. Hardy said, "Well, I'm having a little party at my place Saturday night, if you girls are out and about you should stop by. Candy, do you know where I live, over on the plaza?"

Candy nodded. She had actually been there before, helping him load some extra supplies for the store. Before the sex stuff had started.

"I don't know, Mr. Hardy... I usually baby-sit on Saturday night." Louise finally said.

"Well, like I said, if you find you have nothing to do, please stop by. We're going to play games and all kinds of stuff." He seemed to just assume Candy would fall for this. She disgustedly realized she probably would. She figured there would be, what, maybe two other people there? Maybe none, just her. Whatever.


The girls went back out into the shop. Candy had a chance to talk to Louise later, and she tried to explain what was probably going to go on at Mr. Hardy's party.

"Oh, I'm thinking about going." Louise said, when Candy asked her about it. Candy was surprised, the girl hadn't sounded that sure of it earlier.

"Louise..." Candy wasn't sure how to start. "I have been to Mr. Hardy's parties before. They are... they are not simple card game type parties... they are a little more adult than that..."

"Adult... what do you mean, Candy?" Louise said.

"I mean... adult like..." She stopped and looked around to make sure no one else was within hearing distance. "Adult, like... sex goes on... sex and... semi-sex... sexy stuff..."

"Oh that, yes." Louise seemed to understand and accept it completely. "I've been to that kind of party before. It's no big deal."

Well, shit, Candy thought. I tried. I tried to warn you. Louise was a big girl, she could fend for herself.

"I'll probably go, for sure, now." Louise said, tieing her apron a little more firmly. She walked away, leaving Candy to muse. And make more tacos.


Later that evening, Candy caught Mr. Hardy in his office. He looked up and smiled when she entered, and closed the door.

"Well, well," He started. "It's my favorite..."

She made the cut-off motion and he shut up.

"Are you really gonna have a party?" She hissed.

"Yes, I'm... thinking about it..."

"Well, Louise thinks you are. And she's coming. And she anticipates sex stuff going on there."

"Oh my." Said Mr. Hardy. He got a far-away look in his eye.

"Just thought I'd let you know..." She said. He was quiet, she figured he was making plans.

"Mr. Hardy." He returned, and looked at her.

"Are you fucking or being sucked by Louise? Just curious. I don't care, either way."

"Not... not yet..." He said, almost embarrassed. "I have hopes... something will work out. But don't worry. You are still my favorite."

"I know that, Mr. Hardy. But I'm not gonna be around forever. You are smart to have somebody on standby."

They both kind of giggled, at that.

"Candy." Mr. Hardy looked at her. "If I do have a party, will you come to it? Please?"

"Sure, Mr. Hardy. Sure."


School had taken on a sucky aspect, now that the team stuff in biology was over. She hardly ever got to talk to Dalton, and she felt pretty distant from him. He had never called, or even texted her. Maybe he has another girlfriend, she thought. Well, there will be another. As long as this thing with Uncle Mike is up in the air, though, she thought, I don't really care.

The Uncle Mike thing. It was still up in the air. She figured by now they were in the waiting phase. He'd basically told her to get on with her life, and then, later... later, if she still wanted him, then he'd think about it. She knew he was thinking about it now, though. He seemed to be thinking about it every time she saw him, now. Or something. She couldn't imagine what else it would be. She knew how important she was to him. She had felt the electricity, the almost physical hunger, the lust from him that night she'd got him to play with her tits. She knew that when the time came, if he decided yes, he would attack her whole body with that ravenous determination, that strength. He would tear her little pussy apart, she thought. She wanted that, she hungered for that, as hard as she figured he hungered for it. She just didn't have the restrictions that he'd placed upon himself. The restrictions she had to somehow remove.


Two weeks had passed, since he sucked on her titties. She figured that was enough time. They were sitting on the couch, watching TV. It was Friday night. She'd passed up going over to Victoria's for this reason, to be alone with him. She hadn't planned anything, she just felt like she needed some time with him. She needed to keep herself close to him, in his mind. But now, she realized, now it was time. She looked at the clock. Eleven o'clock. Eleven o'clock was the time. Her mom was gone to her grandmother's, again. They were alone in the house. It was just too good to pass up.

"Uncle Mike." She said, and he hit the mute button. The TV had been deadly boring all evening any way.

"Yes, darling."

"It's been two weeks. It's time... for another, uhm. Another treatment."

He looked puzzled. She looked down at her boobs, back up to him, and winked. His face froze.

"Candy. Please don't do this to me again." He said, shaking his head.

"What. You didn't like it?" She pouted. He actually smiled.

"Candy. Dearest. I liked it more than anything that has happened so far, in my whole life. It has been all I've thought of for the last two weeks, whether asleep or awake. But, like I told you... once I start, I don't know if I can stop. Don't test me like this. Have a heart."

"You did good last time. You were very well behaved." She was actually puzzled.

"Candy. Things like that are hard on a guy. It's hard to start, and then stop. It's... unnatural."

"But don't you want to?"

"More than anything in the world."

"Then, let's do it. Just that, just for an hour. Like last time."

"Candy, Candy. My darling." He sighed, heavily. But he didn't say no, at least.

She sat up, and stripped her shirt off, just like last time. She'd planned ahead, this time, and not worn a bra. Just like that, she was topless.

"Ta da!" She said. Sticking her right breast in his face. He just sat there and stared at it.

"God forgive me." He finally said, and his mouth engulfed her nipple. She was happy.


When she finally looked at the clock on the DVR, it was almost one thirty. Jeezus. They'd been doing this for two and a half hours. Her nipples ached, from the sucking he'd done. He'd licked them so much she was surprised they weren't bleeding. But they felt so good. The whole evening had felt... so good. When he wasn't sucking or licking or squeezing her tits, he was kissing her. She thought he was hard and rough, but he was a good kisser. Almost like a girl, she mused. Sensitive. Thoughtful. Every aspect, every way that he approached her, from pulling her chair out for her, to the way he sucked her nipples, showed his love for her. He was a killer, a hired killer, basically, but he was the most wonderful and sensitive lover in the world. He was just a good guy, all around. She wondered if she'd ever meet someone her own age as good. She doubted it. She sighed and relaxed.

"Candy." He finally spoke, his voice husky and low.


"You were supposed to stop me after an hour, darling..."

She giggled. "Well, you were having so much fun... I didn't want to spoil it..."

"Candy. Once again, I do not know how I can continue to do this. Please be cautious about asking me again. I'm already having... disturbing dreams about you. Don't make me lose control."

"Dreams? Like what. Like you are killing me? What is the disturbing part?"

"No, goofball. Not killing. Just... doing stuff... to you..."

"Like sex stuff?" She giggled.

"Yes, sex stuff."

"See?" She said. "Even your subconscious knows we are destined to be together. Even your subconscious wants it to happen. Those are wish fulfillment dreams. Those are things you want to happen."

"Yes, and you're a shrink, too. Candy. I've had my head shrunk by some of the finest shrinks the army could buy. I wouldn't dare, at the moment, let them inside my head. Not now. Not after this. I'd be booted out in a second. Or thrown in the brig."

She giggled. "How the hell would they know? Not unless you told them, right?"

"Candy. They got ways... they got ways of getting inside a person's head and discovering things about a person that you'd never dream of. Stuff you don't even know about yourself. Trust me. They got ways."

"Well, just avoid them, then. And do something about those wishes. Get them fulfilled."

He sighed, and leaned against her. She could feel his breath on her saliva-slickened nipple.

"Candy. Just remember... no matter what happens... I love you. I love you, and only you. You are my only. You are my life."

She felt two tears gather in the corner of her eyes, and then trickle down her cheek. She loved him more, in that instant, than she thought she ever could. He has to be mine, she thought. He just has to. If there is a god, if there is cosmic justice... I can accept the presence of evil and infamy in the world. I can accept injustice and sorrow and starving children... I can't understand it, but I can accept it. I can take whatever life throws at me, if I can just have this. Him. Even if it's just once. It will be all that matters, that once. It will be enough. Even if I have to go be a nun, and give up all this fun. Just give me this, this once. This first time. Give me my first time.


The week had passed. It was Friday night. The night of the big party. Candy was a little nervous. She had no idea what to expect. Mr. Hardy had been skimpy on details. He had promised that there would be another guy there, a friend of his. He had hinted that there may be opportunities for money to be made, for an "entrepreneur" in the "right frame of mind", whatever that meant. Candy had, against her better judgment, agreed to at least ask Joycelyn and Victoria if they would come with her. Joycelyn had agreed, but Victoria had a cousin's birthday party to attend. Maybe that's for the better, Candy told her, laughing. She agreed to give Victoria details of the party.

Friday evening, Joycelyn walked to Candy's house, and the two of them walked to McDerp's. The Taco Factory was in the hands of Albert, Mr. Hardy's weekend manager. Mr. Hardy came, at Candy's call, and ferried them to his house. They walked in, and Candy was pleasantly surprised. Most of the crew from the Taco Factory was there, eating pizza and playing video games and a poker tournament was even going, in the corner. Candy and Joycelyn were both a bit nonplussed, having expected either an orgy, or a room full of old farts ogling a few young girls.

They spent the evening playing cards and just goofing around with the other girls. There were three boys there, even, Steve, from the Taco Factory, and two other kids from who knows where. Everyone was well behaved, and it was fun. Around midnight Mr. Hardy finally wound it down, and most of the kids departed. Candy and Joycelyn helped him clean up, and Louise and another girl named Dawn also stayed. Mr. Hardy's neighbor, Louis, had showed up late in the evening, and he helped, too.

Candy instinctively liked Louis, he was about her Uncle Mike's age, and she assumed if he was in he force. He was hard and muscly, and he just seemed to have that way of moving that screamed military man. She talked to him some, and was gratified at his reaction when she mentioned her uncle, Mike Lawson.

"Mike Lawson? Mad Man Lawson is your uncle? Oh, man." Louis was impressed.

Candy giggled. Every one had that reaction. She realized that she saw a side of him that no one else knew even existed. She felt closer to him, because of that.

"Man. I heard about Lawson, in Kirkuk. He took out a whole shitload of raggers, with just his sidearm. He saved a bunch of folks that night. He's a genuine Merkin hero, that guy. Damn."

Candy giggled some more. She kind of liked living on the sides of Uncle Mike's reputation. She knew that it didn't actually have anything to do with her, though. Half the shit they say, she thought, half the shit they say, I don't have any idea what it means anyway. Oh well.

The six of them huddled around the table. They talked, and Mr. Hardy filled his and Louis's glass from a bottle. Candy held out her glass, but Mr. Hardy shook his head.

"No, I'm not gonna corrupt a minor." He said, and she had a fit of the giggles, thinking of the things she'd done with and for him. She didn't really want a drink anyway, she was just fucking with him. She knew that she couldn't dare go home with whiskey on her breath. Uncle Mike would smell it from a mile away. Love her or not, he'd bust her ass good for that. She just knew better.

"Ladies." Mr. Hardy finally spoke, into a pause in the conversation. "You may or may not want to participate in the next segment. We are going to have a little strip-tease lap-dance thing, if you are so inclined. This house is now known as the pussycat club. Table dances are five dollars. Customers are not allowed to touch the ladies, unless the ladies want to be touched."

Candy just laughed. This was more like what she'd expected. Joycelyn looked nervous. Louise looked nervous. Dawn looked damn near panic stricken. That girl needs to get the hell out of here while she can, Candy thought. Who invited her?"

Mr. Hardy went to the stereo, and turned it on, tuning the radio to a rock and roll station. He approached Candy, and took her hand, like he was asking her to dance. He was.

"Candy, dear, would you give me a lap dance?" She was still laughing.

"Mr. Hardy. What do you wear to a lap dance?"

"Candy. Bra and panties would be a good start."

Feeling like she was starting the show alone, Candy stripped her jeans and shirt off. She'd worn a nice bra, at least, and her usual thong. Her usual butt-floss thong. She knew Mr. Hardy would love that, at least.

"Do I wait for the next song?"

"Well, technically, the girls usually do. You can start whenever you want, though."

She could see a fat wad of bills in Mr. Hardy's pocket. She figured they were all fives, since he'd said a lap dance was five dollars. This might be interesting.

The next song started. She wasn't sure how to do a proper lap dance, but she got inbetween Mr. Hardy's legs, and began to dance, rubbing up against him. He sighed and beamed, and she rubbed her bottom on his crotch, giggling. The other girls just watched, and most of them giggled, too. Dawn seemed to be loosening up, at least.

The next time Candy looked at the girls, Dawn had taken her shirt off, and was drawing her pants down her legs. Damn, thought Candy, that's one hell of a turn-around. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Dawn approached Louis, spoke to him, and began dancing for him. She looked back at Joycelyn and Louise, in time to see Joycelyn pull her shirt over her head. Damn. This was turning into a strip-tease party.

The next two hours passed in a blur. Candy had told her mom she was staying with Joycelyn tonight, and Joycelyn had told her parents she was staying with Candy. Candy had figured they could sneak into her house late, and say they'd changed their minds or something like that. Hopefully no one would notice. Anyway. Back to the party.

Candy had offered to dance for Louis once, and he waved her away. She knew why. She was Mad Man Mike Lawson's niece. He didn't want to take a chance on having to face her uncle over something like this. She understood. She stayed away from him after that, though she occasionally felt his eyes on her body. She figured she'd already made a hundred dollars off of Mr. Hardy anyway. She could tell she was still his favorite.

She was proud of Joycelyn. The girl did good, for still being kind of new to this sort of thing. And Joycelyn was a way better dancer, Candy thought, better than all of us put together. Although it didn't matter to the guys, they just wanted to be rubbed on, and to put their faces in the girls tits and such. Candy was letting Mr. Hardy rub and feel all over her by now, and a few times he gave her a ten instead of a five. Shake that moneymaker, she thought.

Dawn had finally stripped off her bra, and was letting Louis suck on her bare nipples. His hands were down the back of her panties. Way down. Dawn was really getting into this, Candy thought. She should consider a career change. She was wasted at the Taco Factory.

What the hell, Candy thought, and peeled her bra off, too. Mr. Hardy's eyes lit up, and he asked her for the next dance. She wondered just how much money he had.

Louise seemed to be having a good time. She had started out slow, looking kind of uncomfortable, and dancing kind of awkwardly. But she had loosened up, and now seemed to be holding her own. The girl was pretty, Candy decided, long and lean, she was at least two inches taller than herself. Long, long dark hair, big brown eyes... she was pretty. Louis seemed to like her the best. Louis and Louise. A match made in heaven, Candy thought. If he just wasn't twenty years older than her. Oh well.

She danced for Mr. Hardy again. And again. He squeezed and rubbed her breasts, and pressed his face into them. She could feel his hands, sunk deeply into her ass cheeks. She sighed, feeling like a working girl. Her feet even hurt. She could imagine doing this for six hours a night. Jeezus. And the people she'd have to put up with. But the money would be good. She knew she could make a lot of money, as a dancer. Well, after she turned eighteen.

She took a break, as Dawn crawled on top of Mr. Hardy. She looked around for Louis and Louise. There they were, on the couch. They were going at it pretty hot and heavy, she thought. They were locked in a kiss, as his hands explored her ass. She lay on him, her ass cheeks spread apart, his fingers rubbing deep in her asshole, and down to her pussy, even. Damn, thought Candy, I missed the part where her panties came off. Are we at that part yet? She looked at Joycelyn who still had hers on, and Dawn, who was now stark naked. Interesting.

Candy sat in Louis's chair. She pulled a five out of her wad of cash, and waved it at Joycelyn. "Dance for me, darlin'" she said, and Joycelyn giggled and approached her.

She wrapped her arms around Joycelyn's warm body, and hugged her. She sucked one of her nipples in her mouth. "You don't have to dance." She said, around the nipple. "Just stand there for a while." Joycelyn did just that, and Candy kissed and sucked her nipples. She tweaked her butt, and finally squeezed and kneaded it, reaching in to rub Joycelyn's cute little asshole. Joycelyn giggled and wiggled, and Candy sniffed her finger. Beautiful. Just like what an asshole should smell like. She remembered well the distinctive taste of Joycelyn's asshole. She planned on tasting it again, someday. Maybe this would be that day.

The next time she looked at the couch, she was shocked to see Louis and Louise merrily fucking away. She was up on her hands and knees, with her butt sticking out, and he was standing behind her, his pants at his ankles, plunging his cock in and out of her body. It was kind of cool to see it, Candy thought, just like that. Just happening, right there in front of you.

She turned just in time to see Mr. Hardy slide his dick into Dawn's body, as she crouched over him. Goddam, Candy thought, everybody's getting it except me. Me and Joycelyn. She wondered if Joycelyn would want to do it, with one of these two. Probably not, she seemed a little more picky than Victoria had been. Candy met Joycelyn's eye, and grinned. The two of them just stood there and watched the fucking going on around them. What a party, Candy thought. What a party.


Mr. Hardy took them home, and dropped them off a block from Joycelyn's house. They crept in the house, and up the stairs to Joycelyn's room. No one awoke. Good. They lay in bed in each others arms, giggling. It had been a hell of an evening, Candy thought, satisfied. She'd make a hundred and eighty five dollars. Not bad for a night's work. Better than a week's work at the Taco Fucktory, she thought. Way better. This was the way to do it. If your conscience could handle it. She sighed and hugged Joycelyn closer. She felt Joycelyn's breath on her face, and opened her eyes to the other girl's face looming over hers. She opened her mouth and they kissed, slowly, lazily. She brought her hands down to Joycelyn's ass, and slowly spread it apart. They broke the kiss, finally.

"Joyce. I never did get that asshole lick I wanted." Candy whispered.

Joycelyn didn't say a word. She turned, and faced Candy's feet, putting her legs on either side of the other girl. She scooted backwards, until her ass was right in Candy's face. Candy sighed, contentedly, and reached up with her tongue. Perfect. The night had been perfect.


Saturday she went and spent the afternoon with Victoria. They lounged in the hot tub, but to Candy's disappointment, her parent's didn't join them. Well, her dad, actually, Victoria's mom was long-winded, and irritating at times. Candy was just interested in Victoria's dad.

That night they got to tag along to the lake again with Victoria's brother Rodney. When they got there, to Candy's surprise and pleasure, there was Dalton with a bunch of other guys. She went right up to him, and they hugged, and he looped his arm over her shoulder, and they never stopped touching the rest of the evening. They walked down to the muddy end of the lake, by themselves, and stood and talked for an hour, at least. He finally put his arms around her waist, and hugged her to his body, their crotches almost glued together. They even tried to walk like that, him going backward, both of them giggling. Candy was enjoying herself immensely.

"Why didn't you ever call or text me?" She finally asked, smiling to let him know she wasn't upset.

"Well... it didn't work out that one time... and I figured you were mad at me, after that..." Kind of lame excuse, she thought. But, oh well.

"Dalton... I understand things don't always work out... I'd never be mad at you, though. Unless you do something really dumb." They both giggled.

They walked back slowly to the populated end of the lake.

"Who are you here with?" Candy asked.

"I got my mom's car. She let me drive it tonight."

"Really. You got your license already?"

"Well... no... but in a few months I will..."

"Really. You are fifteen already?"

"Yeah. I was held back a year, when I transferred from Dumbarton."

"I see. Cool."

They finally sat on the hood of his mom's car, in the twilight, and watched the parade of wanna-be's and has-been's go on in front of them. It was cool, and the wind was blowing slightly. Candy shivered, and Dalton immediately took of his jacket and wrapped it around her, and then wrapped his arms around her. Oh, don't let this end, she thought. This is more like it. This is how it should go.

"Candy." His voice was soft, seductive. His breath tickled her ear.


"Candy, you are a darling. I love you dearly. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Hell yeah. "Oh, I suppose so, Dalton..."

She turned her face, and he kissed her. Our first kiss, she thought. It was a long one, and had an appropriate amount of tongue in it. She backed up, took a convulsive gasp of breath, and pressed her mouth against his again. She could feel him laughing softly. They kissed a few more times.

"Ahem." Victoria was standing in front of them. "Candy, Rodney says we need to leave. He's gotta go home and change, the guys are gonna paintball at the cave."

"Stay with me." Whispered Dalton in her ear. "She can come, too, if you want."

"Vic, come with Dalton and me. Let Rodney go on and play his silly games."

"You guys ate dinner yet?" Said Dalton, and the girls shook their heads. "Let me find Herb, and we'll go get something. I got money."

Dalton released Candy long enough to find his friend, and the four of them set out for the Bird Shack in Dalton's mom's beater. Victoria and Herb seemed a little uncomfortable in the back seat, but Candy hoped that they'd at least warm up to each other. She sat in the middle of the bench seat, pressed against Dalton as he carefully drove them into town.

"Sing out if you see a cop." Said Dalton. "We are on the wrong side of the law."

"What do you mean?" Said Victoria.

"Dalton doesn't have his license yet." Candy explained, and the girls giggled. Candy sang, "Breakin' the law, breakin' the law", played air guitar, and Dalton and Herb laughed.

The Bird Shack went okay, everybody loves greasy fried chicken. They cruised the strip once, but Dalton was afraid to spend too much time doing that, since kids got stopped so often by the cops. It was totally dark by now, getting close to nine o'clock.

"I know, I got an idea." Said Victoria from the back seat. "My mom and dad are in Waynseborough. Let's go to my house and sit in the hot tub."

Hot shit, thought Candy, ideas already percolating in her head. This will be fun. This will be nasty fun. She was almost sad she'd promised her uncle she'd wait on him, now. But she wasn't going to go back on that. She'd have as much fun tonight as she could, without fucking. She was saving that for Uncle Mike.


They drove to Victoria's house, and parked two houses over, for some reason. "Always be prepared for a quick getaway." Said Dalton, when Candy asked him why. She laughed and shook her head.

Victoria unlocked the door, and they went into the house. The boys were impressed. Victoria did have a nice house. Candy was slowly realizing that Dalton came from a much lower economic background than probably even herself. It made her feel closer to him, though. We will make a good couple, she thought. We have room to grow. We are a good match.

Victoria gathered up a few giant towels, and they headed out the back door. Victoria went back inside and turned off the porch light.

Herb seemed nervous. "I don't have anything to wear." He finally said, to no one in particular. Victoria and Candy laughed.

"At the Decker house," Victoria said, "We don't wear anything in the hot tub. Can't have those fibers clogging up the filters."

Both the boys seemed awed by that statement. Dalton Just stood and stared at Candy, barely visible in the darkness. So what, Candy thought, it's not like you can see anything anyway. She yanked her shirt over her head, and kicked her jeans down. She had her bra off and was sliding down her panties by the time Dalton finally seemed to wake up, and start to strip. The girls were in the tub, giggling, long before the guys were naked, and they got a nice little show as the guys finally stepped into the tub. Candy's eyes were used to the dark by now, thank goodness. Herb shyly kept his hands over his groin, but Dalton just came right up and hopped in like he'd done it a thousand times before. To her satisfaction, Candy got a nice long glimpse of his manhood, and she wasn't disappointed. He was no monster of man-meat like Victoria's dad, but he seemed to have a nice package, though it was only sem-hard. Well, I'll find out the whole story later, she thought.

They all settled into the hot water, Victoria and Herb on one side, and Candy and Dalton on the other. This is too cool, thought Candy, feeling Dalton's leg against her, and his hip touching her hip. His arm was around her. She noticed that Herb had put his arm around Victoria, and the two of them where whispering and giggling.

They sat and talked for thirty minutes, and Victoria turned down the heat down a little so they didn't roast. She finally remembered the bubbles, and turned them on, too. Candy kept starting to grab Dalton's dick, and then remembering that she didn't want to appear too eager. He was one she didn't want to scare off. She didn't want him to think she was a tramp. I am kinda trampy, she thought, after the things I've done lately, but I'm turning over a new leaf, for him. Except for the thing with my uncle. And maybe a few bucks here and there from Mr. Hardy. I'm still gonna need a car, no matter what.

Dalton finally turned to her, and they kissed. She heard Victoria moaning from the other side of the tub, and knew that they were kissing too. Candy turned, and lay back in Dalton's arms, and let him kiss her. Another thirty minutes passed in silence, except for satisfied moans now and then. Candy could feel Dalton's chest against her breasts, and she thought she could feel his hard penis pressing into her side. Maybe, maybe not. She finally pulled back, and spoke to him.

"Dalton." She whispered into his ear. "I know this is just our first... date... and I don't want you to think I'm that kind of girl. I don't want you to think badly of me... but, if you want, you can play with my boobies."

He snorted, laughing silently. He put his mouth to her ear, and said. "Candy. I will never think badly of you. And yes, I want to play with your boobies."

She giggled, and crawled up onto his waist, facing him. She definitely did feel his hard cock, then, pressing into her perineum for a moment before it slid off, up past her asshole, and then nestled in the crack of her ass. She deliberately clenched her asshole shut and open, hoping he could feel it. She knew he could feel it. His cock was right up in her asscrack. She giggled. She put her arms around his head and drew it towards her breasts. His hands were already up, under hers, squeezing her breasts. She pulled his face into them, and felt his tongue. He knows what to do, she thought. He knows what to do.

He kissed and licked, slowly humping her, rubbing his cock up and down her crack. How easy it would be, she mused, just to sit up a little further, and slide that thing right into my pussy. How easy. She wished she could, but she'd made a promise. She wondered if Dalton realized how close they were, to fucking. She wouldn't even have to change positions. If his dick had slid forwards, instead of backwards, it would have slid right into her pussy, almost accidentally. This was a sign, she decided. I'm doing the right thing. This deal with Uncle Mike, it's the right thing.

"Dalton." She put her head down to his ear. She felt like she owed him this much, at least. "Dearest. I gotta tell you something, something I want you to understand."

"What, darling?" He said, whispering.

"Dalton. I love you. I want you. It's gonna happen, between us. I want to have sex with you, and we're gonna. But it's not gonna happen tonight."

"Candy, I understand..."

She interrupted. "Dalton. Let me explain. I have made a promise, to someone very special in my life... I have promised them that if they so desire, they can be my first. I'm sorry I can't offer that to you, but it's already been done. I'm just waiting on him to decide. But, Dalton... if he says no, you can be my first. I insist, in fact. Does all that make sense? Does that hurt your feelings or anything?"

"Candy... no, I understand... I respect that... can you tell me who it is?"

She knew what he was thinking. Guys. She understood, though.

"Dalton. It's not Don. Don is gone, he's history. It's my uncle, Uncle Mike. He's the person that's stood by me my whole life. He's the person that loves me the most. I feel like I owe it to him. To be my first. It's mainly... symbolic. He's just arguing with his conscience about it right now. But I hope he says yes. Soon."

Dalton nodded. He didn't seem to have a problem with her wanting to fuck her uncle. She was pleased he had taken it so well.

"Candy. I love you. You are the coolest. I understand. He's a lucky guy. I hope it works out for you. I'll be glad to wait, for whatever you want to give me. I love you, darling."

They kissed, a long slow kiss. She raised back up, and he buried his face in her tits.


Candy didn't figure a lot could surprise or shock her. Not at this stage in life, not after the things she'd seen and done. And, she wasn't really shocked. She was surprised, though, to see Victoria stand, and lean over the edge of the hot tub. Herb stood, pumping his prick to maximum hardness, and then leaned over the girl, fitting himself into her tight cunt. Victoria gave a satisfied groan, and Herb began to pump her.

Candy gave a bemused look to Dalton, and shook her head. Dalton just smiled. Victoria was certainly getting her share lately, she thought. Getting what she wanted, I guess. That girl. God, Candy told herself, I hope she don't get pregnant...

She put her head down, and touched lips with Dalton. And again. She finally closed her eyes and tried to ignore the splashing and moaning two feet away, and lost herself in the kiss. Dalton finally lowered her down until she was halfway laying on his knees, and bent down into her face, still kissing. Ten minutes later, as Victoria moaned and squealed, they were still kissing. Herb slowed, and finally stopped, and he and Victoria cuddled, giggling. Candy relaxed, her arms around Dalton's neck. She wondered what time it was. Probably close to midnight. It didn't matter.


That night, after the boys left, Candy and Victoria lay in bed, in Victoria's bedroom. About two o'clock they heard her parents enter the house, and tromp upstairs. Her mom peeked in for a second, and to avoid complications the girls pretended to be asleep. After that they lay, and talked until the wee hours of the morning.

"Vic. Do you think I'm doing the right thing?" Candy finally asked.

"What, the thing with your uncle?"


"Probably. But don't wait forever, girl. You are already missing out on the fun."

"I don't know that I'm missing... I mean it's worth it to me to wait, you know? I do wish he'd decide, though."

"Candy, how can he say no to you? You are so hot I can't believe he doesn't know already. Deep inside, I'm sure he knows he's gonna do you. He's just trying to make it look like he's doing the right thing."

"I kinda think that, too..."

"Does he ever do or say anything that makes you think he's still thinking about it?"

"Yeah... kinda... I let him play with my tits about every two weeks or so... he really gets into that, at least..."

"See? He's already decided. He just hasn't told you yet."

"I guess." Candy sighed. She knew she was the impatient type. And she was getting more and more impatient about this. She was starting to think of ways to force the issue. But she didn't really want to do it that way. She wanted him to decide, fair and square. She just wanted him to decide the right thing. The thing she wanted.


The weekend passed, and the following week followed. School went great. She sat with Dalton in biology, and they secretly held hands. They shared lunches, and found a few private places where they could flout the no-PDA rule and kiss to their hearts content. School was fun again, for Candy.

She got to tell Victoria about the party, and what all she'd missed. Victoria seemed a little peeved that she'd missed all the fun. Candy promised to put the squeeze on Mr. Hardy to have another party, as soon as his cash reserves replenished themselves.


Friday rolled around, and Candy wondered if she should plan on anything, or if Dalton would come up with something. He didn't say anything at school, so she thought, well, okay. Let's just see what the evening holds. She was halfway planning on hooking up with Victoria later that evening. She went on home after school. Uncle Mike was sitting on the couch, as usual, and she waved to him, and ran upstairs and changed into something comfortable.

She went back down. "Candy." He said, standing in he doorway.

"Yes?" She went to him, and hugged him, breathing in his familiar scent. He pulled away slightly.

"You doing anything this evening? Wanna go eat?"

"No! Yes!" She said, happy.

They got in his truck, and headed off down the interstate. Candy actually felt a twinge of nervousness when they turned off at the Granada's exit, remembering the things she'd done there. She was surprised when he parked in front of the building.

"Uncle Mike..." she said, puzzled.

"Granada? Restaurant? Five-star? Click?" He said, and she laughed. Oh, yes. That.

She'd never eaten at the Granada, so that was an experience. Eighty bucks just for two people. Jeezus. She was full, at least, and it was good. Uncle Mike couldn't believe she'd just ordered chicken instead of steak. He shook his head at her.

He led her back across the lobby, to the elevators. She opened her mouth, but he was ready, and placed his hand over it. She shut up. She was starting to wonder...

He took her to a room on the top floor. A really big room. Shit, she thought, this is the bridal suite. A bridal suite. Surely the Granada had more than one. The room had a living room, and a bedroom. He drew her to the couch, and seated her. He sat next to her. She realized she was trembling.


"Yes, Uncle Mike." She said meekly. The whole experience so far had kind of intimidated her. I think I'm getting what I wanted, she thought, so why am I so nervous?

"Candy. Listen to me."

She sat, quivering, listening as hard as she could.

"I have given what you asked me much thought. For over a month now. I have made up my mind. I have decided to give you what you want. And what I want."

She couldn't keep from smiling. He looked at her, still stern.

"But you have to promise me some things."

"Anything, Uncle Mike. Anything."

"The main thing is, you must never tell anyone what we've done. Not now, not ever. Not twenty years from now. Not forty. It just simply must not get out. Can you do that?"

"I... I think so, yes..."

"That's not good enough. It stops right here if that's all you can manage."

"Yes, Uncle Mike. I can do that. I will not tell a soul, not now, not ever."

"This is very serious, to me. I'm asking you to be serious. I need you to do what you say."

"I will."

"Especially your mom. Your mom must never find out. Not even when I'm dead and gone. Most of all you have to promise that."

"Most of all I do promise that."

"Good. Candy. This is a big step for me. But a bigger one for you. You realize what you're giving up, what you're giving to me?"

"I think so..."

"I hope you do, darlin'. This is not a game. This is real life. You can't go home and cry to momma about this deal, if you change your mind."

"I understand."

"Just so we're straight."

"We're straight. Thank you, Uncle Mike. For this, and everything."

"Don't thank me, I haven't done anything, yet."

She giggled. She lay on his chest, feeling him hold her. She was warm and comfortable. She was almost sleepy. She felt like dancing, though. I'm getting it, she thought, I'm getting it. I'm getting him.

"I told your mom we were going to Findlay beach. She won't be home till Sunday night, anyway."

"Uncle Mike..." She giggled. "Why did you rent a room? And the bridal suite? Really?"

"Candy... I know it's my house, but your mom lives there too. I could not, in good conscience, deflower my niece in the house that her mother lives in. It's gonna be hard enough to face her, as it is."

"Don't be silly. Nothing will change. You'll still be you. She'll still be her. And I'll still be loveable sweet little me."

"I know you will, darling. I know it's all mental. It'll be difficult, but I'll manage. You must manage, too, though."

"I will. Uncle Mike. Are you still having those dreams?"

"Yes, Candy."

"Do you think this'll make them go away? Do you want them to go away?"

"I don't know. Not really." She giggled at that.

They sat, or he sat and she lay, for another half hour before he finally pushed her off him and stood. She looked at the clock. Jeezus, it wasn't even eight yet. This was going to be a long night. Good.

"Come on." He said. "Let's go for a drive."


They ended up at Higdom field. Uncle Mike just showed the guys at the gate his badge, and cruised right in. Candy had been there before, at open houses and stuff, but she was still impressed at the quiet authority of the buildings and all the machinery of war everywhere.

"This is it." He said. They parked, and got out. She cautiously followed him, not wanting him to get more than an arms length away from him. They went to a large building, with a guard at the door.

"Mr. Lawson, sir!" The guard said, and Uncle Mike saluted. The man unlocked the door, and they entered. Candy knew they were in an aircraft hanger. It was full of... junk, Candy realized. Crashed vehicles, parts of buildings, battered plastic and shattered plexiglass, warped and twisted steel. Everything was torn up or blown up, or just plain destroyed. They filed down the aisle, and finally stood before the wreckage of a battered, almost unrecognizable humvee. They approached it.

"Candy. Eight years ago, this is the vehicle I was in when a IED went off under the engine compartment. I was the only survivor. I was lucky, I was sitting in the very back, behind some guys who took the brunt of the shrapnel."

Candy squeamishly examined the destroyed vehicle. She bent down and looked inside, and the ruined interior. "Is that..." She asked, indicating a spray pattern of what looked like black, dried liquid on the roof, inside.

"Yes. Blood." He said, curtly.

"Why did they bring it... here... back to here?" She asked.

"Many reasons... three men died, inside it. And they wanted to study it, to get an idea of where to strengthen interior walls... and, there was a lawsuit, ridiculously enough... about whether or not we should have even been in that neighborhood..."

"Jeezus." She breathed.

"That explosion was louder than anything I've ever heard in my life." He said. "I still hear ringing in my ears from it. I still hear a kind of screaming noise... I still don't know if it's just tinnitus, from eardrum damage, or if it's those last screams... of my buddies..."

"Jeezus... Uncle Mike... You are lucky to be alive..." She was unsure how anyone could have survived inside the tangle of twisted metal.

"To steal a line from a movie... in my business, there's no such thing as luck."

She had no idea what that meant, but she nodded her head sagely. She also had no idea why he was showing her this. They finally departed the building, and walked slowly back to his truck. He helped her in, and went to his side. They drove out the gate, and back onto the highway.

"Why have you never told me all this stuff, Uncle Mike? How is it that that's the first I know about even that? I mean, I remember you being gone for a long time, and my mom telling me you were sick..."

"Candy. I've always tried to protect you and your mom... from my life."

"Well, you've done a good job. The last few months have been a real eye-opener... about you, you and your job."

He laughed. "And you still like me?"

"What the hell does that have to do with it? Why wouldn't I still like you?"

He just shook his head, and drove on. The sun was almost gone. Dust blew across the interstate, and sandblasted the truck. Candy could smell night approaching.

"Uncle Mike. Turn here." She said. He spun the wheel and turned, tires screeching. They were off the interstate, and she directed him down a dirt road. He finally started laughing.

"Candy. Are you taking me to Love Cave?" He was smiling, at least.

"Yeah. Let's just have a quick peek, okay?"

He laughed at her. She wasn't sure that it was that funny.

"Uncle Mike. What do you know about Love Cave? Did the kids go there, when you were in school?"

He nodded, still laughing. "Yeah. It was a popular place to... hang out. And make out."

They pulled up, and parked. He got a flashlight out of the glove box, and led her into the cave.

"Candy." They were at the back, where the bench was. His voice echoed creepily. He indicated a spot on the floor, in front of the bench. Candy noted that thankfully, it was a spot free of used rubbers. She had already decided she was not going to tell him about making out with Don here.

"Candy. Right here, let's see..." He was lost in thought for a moment. "Right here, on this spot, on a blanket on the ground, exactly twenty years ago next July, I lost my virginity at the tender hands of a certain Miss Teela Nelson. Actually it was another part of her anatomy than her hands that I lost it to, but you know what I mean. Candy, this is where I got my cherry popped, as you kids like to say."

She laughed with him. A realization struck her like a bolt from the blue.

"Uncle Mike. We have to do it, here, here and now. We have no choice. It's a family tradition."

She seized his pants and began trying to get his zipper down. He laughed again, pulling away from her.

"Candy, girl, you are crazy. There is no way I'm even touching you in this nasty cave. It wasn't even that fun, back then. I got done way before she did, and she stomped off home, mad as a hornet. It's not something I really even want to re-live."

"Uncle Mike. You have to understand. It's... it's symbolic..."

"Candy, this cave is on public land. Somebody might come along at any moment."

"Uncle Mike!" She was almost desperate to make him understand something that she didn't really even understand herself. "At least stick in in once. Just a little bit. For the symbolism of it... to continue... the pattern..."

He stopped laughing, and regarded her, shining the flashlight at her feet. She stood, stubbornly, and folded her arms over her chest.

"Are you really serious?" He finally said.

"Yes. Do this for me. Do this for me, and then whatever you do for me tonight, and I'll never ask you to do anything again. I swear by the elder gods."

He laughed, a short laugh, almost a snort.

"Jeezus." He finally said. He turned to the entrance of he cave, and turned out his light, waiting to see any light from outside. He finally turned to her.

"Do I really have to pop it?" He said. She shook her head.

"It's symbolic. Just stick in it, at least once. Lord, Uncle Mike, I don't even know if I have a cherry... a hymen, whatever... I've heard that gymnastics can pop it, and I was in gymnastics for years..."

"Jeezus." He said again. She distinctly heard his zipper, and she secretly cheered. He hadn't turned the flashlight on, though. She could live with that.

As she heard his clothes rustling, she stepped out of her shoes, and pulled her slacks down and off. She pulled her thong off, and stood before him, in the darkness, naked from the waist down. Electrical shocks were running up and down her back. She was pretty turned on. God, she thought, my pussy is probably a waterfall right now.

"Candy." She felt his arm bump into her shoulder. It was damn dark in the cave. "Can we do this standing up? I really have no desire to lay down on the floor in this dirty cave. I know germs personally that have been in here for over thirty years."

"Uncle Mike. Are we about where you were?"

"Yes, Candy." He sighed, again.

"Okay, I'm gonna kinda squat down and spread it a little, and you squat down and stick it up and in me, okay? Just enough so we can say we did it. To symbolically... pop it..."

She could imagine that he was shaking his head in the darkness. She felt his other arm take her left shoulder. Suddenly something poked her in the belly, right above her pussy. Jeezus, was that his dick? And he was standing how far away from her? Sweet Jeezus, she breathed, his dick is as long as Tom's. As Mr. Decker's. At least. Oh, Jeezus. She giggled.

"What?" He said.

"Nothing. I'm squatting." She squatted down a few inches, spreading her legs, bending them at the knee. She felt him fumble around at her waist, then something warm and soft touched her almost right in the middle of her pussy.

"Good." She said. "Good. Very close." She felt his finger touch her, down there. He rubbed around and probed, and finally she could tell he'd found it. The hole. The center of her being. Her own personal, private cave. She felt him guide his dick to the center, to the spot.

"Good, good, you got it." She said. "Push up. Push in."

"I don't want to hurt you, Candy." He said. He wasn't laughing any more.

"You won't... but... it don't matter. This is important." She said.

She felt pressure, from his dick. She could tell her pussy was pretty wet and slippery. She felt, almost immediately, the cap of his dick enter her body. Oh, she thought, oh yeah. Oh baby. It felt huge. She knew it couldn't be as big as it felt, but it felt huge. It seemed to go in a little ways, and then a stab of pain stopped it. She winced, glad it was dark. Something was there. She realized that probably no more than the head of his dick had penetrated her. Now, it felt more like the head of his dick was actually just at the entrance to her pussy.

"Just a little further," She said. "Go ahead, push."

He did, and an instant, massive stab of pain shot through her body, taking her breath away. Oh, jeezus, she thought, this is it? That is the feeling of my cherry being popped? Damn. That hurt. She was way glad it was too dark to see, she could feel tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. Damn. That one stung, she thought.

"Are you okay, Candy?" Uncle Mike said, sensing something. She nodded, and then remembered that he couldn't see in the dark.

"Yes, I'm... I'm fine... just a little further." It didn't hurt near as much, now, at least. Now it felt like he was going further and further into her body. She wondered if he'd hit the end, if there was an end. God, she thought, his dick must be a foot long, at least.

"Uncle Mike." She said. "Not to spoil the mood, but a personal question. How long is your weenie?"

He spluttered in surprise and outrage, and then laughed. "Candy, Candy. That's pretty personal. I have no idea. Maybe eight or nine inches."

"Just wondered. Thanks."

"Is that... suitable?" She almost thought he was laughing at her.

"Yes, more than. Thank you."

She could feel him shake his head, in the darkness. Jeezus, I make his shake his head a lot, she thought.

"Okay, are we done? Can I pull out?" He said.

"Yes, the deed is done. My cherry is popped." She said, sighing contentedly. She was pleased. The cycle was unbroken. Future generations would thank her. Life as we know it will go on.

She felt him slide out of her. It felt good. The whole thing had felt good, satisfying, in spite of the little stab of pain. That? She thought. That was nothing. It's over, now. It didn't hurt at all, now. Her pussy felt a little different, though. It felt full, stretched a little. I'm no longer a virgin, she thought. And it's making me hungry for tonight. Tonight it's gonna get a real workout.


When they exited the cave, to Uncle Mike's horror, a police car was parked behind his truck. No lights had given it away this time. He approached, cautiously, and the policeman exited his car.

"Mr. Lawson, sir. Did not realize it was you." Said the cop when he shined his light on them. Candy just shook her head. Did everybody in town know him? Jeezus.

The cop and Uncle Mike made some small talk. Uncle Mike explained that he was just showing his niece the cave, and the cop nodded.

"Have a good evening, sir." The cop finally drove off. They got in the truck.

"Jeezus, Candy, do you have any idea what would happen to me if he'd seen me standing there with my... dick inside you?"

Candy wanted to giggle, but she didn't dare.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Mike... I just wanted it to be special... to continue the... cycle..."

"Jeezus. That was our share of luck. We just used it all up at once. We have to be extra careful, from here on. If I believed in omens, I'd turn around and take you home. And maybe paddle your butt."

"Uncle Mike. You can paddle my butt any time you desire." She said, finally giggling.

"Damn you." He clamped his arm on her upper thigh and squeezed, causing her to squeal and writhe. She giggled some more.

"Let's go back to the room." He said. She nodded. Back to the room.


He's trying to piss me off, she thought. They were back at the room, and Uncle Mike was laying on the bed watching a basketball game. She went in the bathroom, and checked herself in the mirror. All looked well.

She stuck her head out. "Uncle Mike! I'm gonna take a show-er!"

"Okay." Was all he said.

She started the water, stripped, and crawled in. She took the complimentary razor, and regarded her pussy. "You, you hairy beast," She said, "Are gonna get a trim." This was something she'd never done before, but how hard could it be? She smeared soap on it, and carefully began to shave.

Five minutes later, she was entranced. Her pussy felt so smooth and soft... and so alive. So goddam sexy. It felt great. I'm doing this every night from now on, she thought. She washed herself, and washed her butt really good, not sure what the evening might hold. She had hopes, though. She washed beneath her arms, and washed her face.

She jumped as a shadow moved across the shower door. "Uncle Mike?" She peeked out. His back was turned to her as he urinated. She giggled.

"Candy." He said. "Hide your eyes."

"Oh, there is no reason for that." She said, giggling some more.

"Yes, there is, because I said so. Hide your eyes."

"Okay, okay." She covered her eyes, and she heard the glass door slide. She realized he was getting in with her. Oh jeezus, she thought.

"Turn around." He said, and she did. "Stay turned around."

She heard and felt him splash around, as he bathed himself. She giggled, wondering if he was really shy, or if he was just screwing with her.

He bumped into her a time or two, and his body left electrical shocks wherever it touched her. She started to turn around, and then she thought, what the hell, I'll play it his way. This is his night, as well as mine.

"Okay. Done. As you were." He finally said, she took her hands off her eyes, but before she could turn he seized her from behind. He ran his right arm under her breasts, and squeezed her to his body tightly. His left arm went snaking down her front, until it stopped, almost atop her pussy, and pulled her back against him. He put his head right beside hers, and kissed her on the side of the cheek. She turned her head as far as she could to the right, and he planted his lips on top of hers, and they kissed, long and deep. Our first real kiss, she thought. The first of many. The first of a night of kisses. Of beautiful, deep slow sensual kisses. Of real kisses. Like this one.

He finally broke off, and released her, and left the tub. Even her back, where it had been plastered against him, felt the shock, the surge from contact with him. She could still feel the heat from his hand where it had held her, on her groin. She knew he could have broken her body like a matchstick. He was that strong, and he felt that strong. It was like being held by lightening, or something as wild and strong. He felt strong, strong and dangerous. And sexy. She felt the familiar prickling from between her legs, and even on her nipples. She touched a nipple. It was hard as a rock. Oh, Jeezus, she thought. This is gonna be good.

When she exited the bathroom, the TV was off. He was standing in the doorway, a towel around his waist. God, she thought. Look at him. Oh god. His chest was huge, muscular. His legs were strong also, and looked like a weightlifter's. She'd never seen him work out before, or heard him mention it, but god, he was built like bodybuilder. She knew his arms were huge, she saw them every day, at least. And he didn't have a neck. She realized that she'd never, in all her years, seen him with his shirt off. She looked closer. Scars cross-crossed his chest. A huge one ran up underneath his arm. Several... literal... holes were in his upper chest.

She approached him slowly, almost fearfully. He stared, almost glared at her. He didn't move.

"Uncle Mike..." She breathed. "Are those... are those..." She reached out slowly and touched one of the holes. The tip of her finger almost went down into it.

"Seven point six two by thirty-nine, yes." He said. She looked at him blankly. The numbers meant nothing to her. Finally he said, "Yes, bullet holes."

She gently slid her hands around his body and hugged him. She began to cry.


An hour later, they were laying in bed, beneath a single sheet. She still cried a little bit, she couldn't seem to stop. The events of the last two months, the pressure, the suspense, she guessed. Something had just snapped. She felt better, though, cleansed or something.

He held her, and murmured to her, and kissed on her. He rubbed her back, and even her butt, though it didn't feel sexual to her. Not yet. She finally felt some energy flood back into her body, and she told herself, okay. I'm ready to play.

Everything starts with kisses, she thought. She raised her face to his, and began a gentle kiss. Shit, she thought, I forgot to brush my teeth. Oh well. He didn't seem to mind. He squeezed and kneaded her butt. Now, she thought, that time it does feel good. That time it does feel a bit... sexual. She reached down with her free hand and touched his penis. Hard. All systems go. She giggled.

"Candy. What is so funny about an erection?" He said, breathing in her face. She giggled some more.

"You ever seen a naked guy with an erection?" She said. "Is there anything more ridiculous in the world than a guy walking around with his dick flopping about?"

He sighed. "Candy. I have seen naked guys walking around in the showers, but not with boners. I'll admit naked guys look funny. But I hope to god you've never seen a naked guy with an erection."

She giggled. She sure as hell wasn't going to answer that one with the truth. Let him think she was still sweet innocent little Candy.

She crawled a little further down his body, and reached down and moved his hard cock until it pointed straight up his belly. She sat back down on top of it, feeling her pussy sit right on top of it, almost enclosing it. It felt good. She hoped it felt good for him. She began to scoot forwards and backwards, feeling his shaft rub against her clit. She knew that she could cum just from this, and quick.

"Candy, dearest... where did you learn this stuff?" He asked, just laying there. She didn't know if he was really serious or not.

"Cosmo." She finally said, and he laughed.

"Uncle Mike." She got right in his face.


"Can I put your weenie in my mouth?"

"Lord." He just laid there. He sighed theatrically.

"Oh goody." She said, as if he'd said yes. "Thank you."

She scrambled down his body, and seized his cock with her hands. Lord, it was beautiful. No scars on it, at least, thank god. She rubbed it, and even rubbed her face with it. He smelled great, sweet and clean. She wouldn't have cared, though. She finally gently took the end of it in her mouth. She didn't want to appear too skillful.

"Uncle Mike." She said, removing it for a moment. "What do I do? What do you like?"

"Oh, Jeezus, Candy." He covered his face with his hands. "Jeezus."

"Okay." She said. "I'll just suck."

She popped it back into her mouth, and began to suck. She slurped up and down the shaft, and licked around the cap. The knob, she thought. She then took as much as she could into her mouth, as deep as she could go, almost gagging herself. She bounced it in and out, moving her whole head. She felt a contraction from the base of his cock.

"Candy." He reached down with his hand, and stopped her head. She looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth.

"Candy, dear, I'm about to... lose it. I really would prefer to be having traditional sex with you when that happens."

"Uncle Mike." She said. "Did you bring... rubbers?"

He just laughed. "Candy. I got clipped years ago, when I was married to Dana. Warriors aren't breeders, she and I both decided."


"Neutered. Sterilized. I'm shooting blanks."

"Oh." She felt sorry for him for some reason, sorry that he would never have a child. Maybe he was right, maybe it was for the better, but it seemed sad for some reason. Maybe that's the difference between guys and girls, she thought.

"You had enough of this screwin' around?" He said.

She understood. He was ready to fuck. No problem. So was she. She crawled back up, and kissed him. "Let's do it, baby." She said.


She thought he had stopped the blow job because he had been about to come. But he fucked and fucked her, for what felt like an hour. Maybe fucking was not as intense for him, she thought. Weird.

He had pushed into her slowly, carefully. But it didn't matter, her cherry was already popped. She was tight, though, way tight, and it had taken a while for him to get all the way in her. It was never really painful, not this time, but she did feel really full of him. She could feel the rigid cap of his cock, descending into her depths, and coming back out. It felt deliciously good. Wicked. His groin pressed against hers when he went all the way in, and even that felt good. His balls slapped her, all the way down near her asshole, and that felt good. Everything felt good. This is a good first fuck, she thought. This was worth waiting for. This whole thing had been worth the wait.

She felt the familiar orgasm feeling building up, deep in her gut. Her legs began to twitch and almost cramp, and her breathing became deeper and more convulsive. She knew this was going to be a good cum. She felt it building for a long time. This was gonna be a record-setter. She began to breathe deeply, sucking in air, until she almost felt high.

She exploded, finally. She gave a hard grunt, and then almost shouted. Her orgasm blasted through her cunt and out into her body, cramping her muscles and making her twitch and almost vibrate like a victim of electrical shocks. She gasped for breath, and moaned, sucking in air and expelling it. Her feet curled up, and her back arched. Her neck almost hurt, it arched backwards so hard. She had a very good cum. Her whole nervous system sizzled and crackled and popped with energy, giving her a minor case of the shakes. She slowly calmed down.

"Uncle Mike..." She said, exhausted. "That was very good."

He had came, also, at about the same time. He couldn't hold it back any longer, and when he saw her starting, he let go. Of course he had a good one, he was getting what he wanted more than anything in the world. He was so happy and felt so good that for a few minutes he forgot to feel guilty.

They just lay there for a while, in the afterglow. Candy didn't know that's what it was called, but she knew what it felt like. She was happy, and felt calm and peaceful. And satisfied. How can I walk away from this, now? She thought. How can I give him up, after having this once? Do I really just get it once, or for the rest of the night, or maybe even the rest of the weekend? The agreement was actually for once... but is he that strong? How unfair will it be to press him for more? She almost wanted to start crying again, thinking that she'd had her one time, her moment in the sun, and now it was over.

He had been on top of her, but now she was on top of him. She lay, contented, drinking in the moment, not wanting it to end.

He finally spoke. "Candy."

"Yes." She said.

"Thank you, darling."

"No, Thank you."

The silence stretched. Finally she said, "Uncle Mike."


"Can we do that again sometimes?"

He should have gotten mad. She'd been saying "once" all this time. The whole deal had been built on "once". But, of course, he didn't want it to stop at once any more than she did. He sighed, and lay beneath her, contented.

"Candy, Candy... as much as I hate to say it... probably..."

She giggled. "I'm sorry. I know I said just once."

"Darling, I knew it would be like this. I can't stop at once. Candy. Whatever happens from here on out, I don't own you. I love you, but I don't own you. If you meet a nice young man, go with him. Don't worry about me. I've had my day in the sun. Lots of them. Don't stop, don't put your life on hold for me, for anything to do with me. You are young, you have your whole life ahead of you. Don't waste too much time on an old man like me."

"Uncle Mike." She felt those stupid tears coming again. "I'll always make time for you. You will always be my number one. I don't care about anybody else. Everyone else will be just... screwing around or something. You are my soul-mate."

He held her warm body, hugging her to his chest. Twenty minutes later he realized she was asleep. Sleep was more elusive for him, but he was happy just to lay there, and hold her, and listen to her breathe.


They made love again, the next morning. Long, slow, technically precise, almost mathematical love, until she screamed again and pulled the bedsheets off the bed. Two men in the hallway looked askance at each other, and burst into laughter. Candy didn't care, she wouldn't have cared if she had known. All she cared about were the sensations blasting through her central nervous system. They finally dragged themselves out of bed, ran quickly through the shower, and barely made it out of the room before the cutoff time.

They stopped at the Pig Farm for breakfast, and went back home. They collapsed on the couch, and Candy spent the next few hours in a half-asleep trance state, as her uncle held her. She finally got a text from Dalton, and sat up. Uncle Mike was finally asleep, so she tip-toed up to her room.

"Are you okay?" Dalton had asked her.

"Fine." She texted back.

"Going to Walley-world." He said.

"Stop and get me." She said.

She went downstairs and told her uncle. He nodded sleepily, and closed his eyes again.


Dalton and Candy didn't buy anything, they just walked around, holding hands. They went out into the garden center, and hid back in the rows of plants, and kissed. A clerk finally ran them out, laughing.

Candy had an idea. They went to the clothes area, and she picked out a handful of things to try on. She got her number from the clerk, and motioned Dalton to follow her. They went in a booth and shut the door, and she dropped the clothes on the bench, and they kissed. A minute later she pulled away.

"Dalton. Help me look for cameras." She didn't figure there'd be any, since security couldn't really watch people undressing. But they looked anyway. They couldn't see any on the ceiling at least. She made sure the door was locked. Of course, someone could lay on the floor and look under, hell, even crawl under, but who would do that.

Once again, she put her mouth to Dalton's ear. "Darling, please don't think I'm a bad girl for what I'm about to do. I just wanna make you happy, okay?"

He leaned into her, and they kissed again. She motioned for him to climb up on the seat ledge, and he did. She deftly unzipped his pants, and fished around inside drawing his hardening cock out into the open. She let him pull his balls out, though, she was afraid of hurting him. His dick was nice, she thought, not to big, not to small, just about right. She examined it for a while, and then drew it into her mouth. He sighed with satisfaction as she sucked, drawing it deep into her throat, and then running it out to the end of her lips. She already had felt his prostate twitch, and she figured he would cum fairly quickly.

He did, to her satisfaction. He came, and she gave him two squirts, and then swallowed. He came two more, and she swallowed. The fourth time she did this, she was surprised. The fifth time, even more so. The squirts died down by then, after two more little ones, and she was amazed.

"Dalton!" She finally hissed, after she had slobbered his dick clean, and he was putting it away. "How many times do you usually squirt?"

He laughed. "Ten or eleven. I've done fourteen before, when I save it for a few days. I just hardly ever save it for a few days anymore."

"Jeezus." She was surprised. He had cum way more than any dick she'd had contact with. Even big dicks, like Mr. Decker, or Uncle Mike. She felt like she'd swallowed a gallon.

They returned the clothes, and left the store. They went to Hadee's for lunch, and sat and talked. Candy was surprised to hear him talk about them getting a house after college.

"Dalton. You think we'll still be together then?"

He gave her a blank look. "I dunno... it just seemed like we would... doesn't it seem right to you?"

"Yeah." She said, thinking about it. "Yeah, it does."


Monday morning. The worst. School. She usually didn't mind school... but Monday mornings. They were the worst. She dragged herself out of bed, dressed, and dragged off to school, walking through the quiet, cool neighborhood. That car is gonna feel great, when I get it, she thought.

Halfway through English lit, a runner brought a note to the class. The teacher read it, and said, "Lawson! Office! Lyndoria!"

Well, shit, Candy thought, heading for the principal's office. What the hell is it now? She had done nothing that she could think of, nothing in over two months. Since that deal with Victoria. What the hell was this about?

Miss Lyndoria's secretary told her to go on in. She did, and there sat Miss Lyndoria, like a statue of Moloch or something. Just waiting for a victim. Shit, thought Candy, one last time.

"Candy. My dear. Shut the door." She did, and sat.

"Candy, Candy." Miss Lyndoria sighed deeply. They sat quietly together, the silence stretching.

Finally Candy couldn't stand it any longer. "What?" She said loudly, hoping she didn't sound as irritated as she was. No, scratch that. She hoped she did.

Miss Lyndoria laughed.

"I just wondered how you were, girl. Missed you. Haven't seen you in, what, two months?"

Well, shit.

"Yes, Ma'am. I am fine. All is going well. People have been leaving me alone, that's why you haven't seen me."

"I see. Well, I'm glad things are well for you."

They sat for a while in silence. Candy wondered what this was really about.

"I heard you were... dating Don Martin..." Miss Lyndoria said.

Oh, my gawd. Who doesn't know? Candy thought. Jeezus.

"Not any more, Miss Lyndoria. He was a nice guy but he's too scared of my uncle."

Miss Lyndoria laughed slightly. "Yes, I understand that. Your uncle is a pretty fearsome person."

Jeezus, Miss Lyndoria even knows that? The woman is omniscient, thought Candy. Or whatever that word is. Either that or everybody in the goddam town knows him.

"I'm kinda hooking up with Dalton Weir at the moment..." She wasn't sure if any of this was Miss Lyndoria's business, but the urge to tell was strong, for some reason.

"Weird? Good." Miss Lyndoria said. "Dalton is a very nice boy. He's never been in here once. You probably don't need to be messing with high school students anyway."

Candy kind of laughed a little. Considering the messing she'd done with Dalton already. And now she was planning the big one, the big mess with. With him.

"I have heard that you are now very close... to Victoria Decker. I hope that this is true."

Candy laughed. "Yes... we are way good friends. I know that's crazy..."

"Not really."

"Probably too close." Why did she say that?

"Well, nothing wrong with that."

They talked for another twenty minutes. Miss Lyndoria asked her some very peculiar questions, mostly about her and Victoria. Candy ended up almost hinting that she and Victoria had "done it", and some other weird things. Crazy. She finally went on to her third hour, wondering just what that had been all about.


That night, life at the Taco Factory was even more fun than usual. In the middle of it, Mr. Hardy called her back to his office. She went with a smile on her face, expecting to make a few bucks, and entered to see Louise sitting in her chair. Mr. Hardy was smiling, sitting behind his desk.

"Candy!" He was his usual jovial self. They made some small talk, and finally he motioned to the door. "Lock the door, darling." She did, thinking, oh shit, here we go.

"Candy." He said, leaning forward. "I'm in the mood... for one of your specials... Do you mind if Louise sits in?"

Candy sighed, and shook her head. He continued. "How about twenty-five each?" Oh, so he meant that Louise was going to participate, not just watch.

"Sure, Mr. Hardy." She said. He laughed, and stood. He came around the corner of his desk, pulling his dick and balls out of his pants. Candy scooted over to make room for Louise, who also stood.

"Titties?" Said Mr. Hardy, eager. Candy sighed again and unbuttoned the top of her skirt, pulling her bra down and her boobs out. Louise was a little slower, and Mr. Hardy's face as already plastered on Candy's boobs by the time she got her tits out. Mr. Hardy moved back and forth between the two of them for a while, and finally it got boring. Candy turned to Louise, and regarded the other girl from a few inches away. She leaned into her and gave her a quick peck, just to see what would happen. Louise looked shocked, and scandalized. Candy giggled.

"Louise." She leaned into the girl's ear, whispering. "Do you like to kiss?"

Louise nodded, almost fearfully.

"If you like to kiss," Candy said, knowing her breath was tickling the girl's ear. "If you really like to kiss, kiss a girl, not a boy. Girls are much better kissers."

Louise nodded, again. She turned her face slightly, and Candy took that as an invitation. She fastened her mouth to Louise's, tasting her sweet breath. Mr. Hardy looked up and smiled, and dropped his face back to Candy's breast.

Five minutes later he had stopped completely, and was just watching the two girls. We are making out, Candy thought. Good. This is more fun anyway. She was licking Louise's nipple while the other girl moaned in pleasure. Mr. Hardy slowly stroked his cock and licked his lips. Good, thought Candy, do it yourself. We don't need your old dick anyway.

She wanted to eat Louise's pussy, but there just wasn't room in the crowded little office. She finally faced Louse, and pulled the other girl's skirt up, and played with her butt as they kissed. She stuck her hand down in her panties, and touched her asshole. Louise wiggled and giggled, Candy sniffed her finger. Excellent. She licked her finger, and stuck in into Louise's asshole, feeling her tight little sphincter. So sexy. She sawed her finger in and out, finger-fucking her. She knew Mr. Hardy couldn't see what she was doing, but she wasn't doing it for him, anyway. She was doing it for herself.

Fifteen minutes later, she pulled away from Louise and turned to face him. "Well, let's get this over with." She said, and he snorted. He stood. His dick was still hard, rock hard. What a perv, she thought, giggling.

She took once side of his dick, and Louise took the other. They licked up and down the shaft, slurping the head, their tongues meeting each other almost more often that his cock. Candy could tell he was already about to cum.

"Do you want it?" She asked Louise, and Louise looked puzzled.

"When he cums." Said Candy, and Louise nodded, understanding. Candy backed up, and let Louise take his mouthful of cum. The girl did well, gasping and swallowing, and got it all down. She slurped him clean, and Candy pulled her around and gave her one last long kiss, rubbing her tongue on Louise's tongue, tasting the sperm on it.

The girls returned to work giggling, and fifty dollars richer. The rest of the night blew by. Candy went home and slid into bed, happy.


Friday afternoon, she received another summons from Miss Lyndoria. She trudged off to the office, wondering what it was about.

"Candy." Miss Lyndoria said, once she was seated, and the door shut.

"We are having a little party tonight, at the Dollarium. Would you be interested? It might give you some contacts that could help you later when you begin to choose a college."

That sounded interesting, but potentially boring. She had hoped to go out with Dalton tonight. Well, she'd try this, and if it was deadly boring, she supposed she could always leave.

"Sure, Miss L." She said, trying to sound eager. She got the time, and departed. How strange, Miss Lyndoria had told her to wear a skirt, and to "Look like a lady." Whatever, she thought. The mood of the whole thing had seemed peculiar. Well, it might be interesting. Seven o'clock. She went to find Dalton, and tell him.


That evening, she took a shower and dressed in a nice plaid skirt and blouse, and Uncle Mike drove her uptown to the Dollarium. She'd never been in the place before, and that, at least, was interesting. She found the conference room, and went in. She was surprised to immediately meet Miss Underhill, her gym teacher. Miss Underhill introduced her to a few of the women there, and then passed her on to Miss Lyndoria.

The evening passed, and in spite of herself, Candy was fascinated. It was all women-- there were no men present, from start to finish. Miss Lyndoria had walked her around the crowd, and introduced her to some of the ladies. All the women there seemed like teacher types to Candy, teachers or professors. She could tell most of them were smart and very well educated. Candy talked college and career with the women present, getting some good ideas from them. There were only three of four other girls there here age, she noticed. They ate finger food, and clumped up in groups, and talked.

About eight o'clock, Candy grew restless, thinking of Dalton. She turned to survey the crowd, and was shocked to see, right behind her, Miss Underhill locked in a kiss with one of the girls there, a girl named Jessi. Lord, Candy thought, is that the reason for this? Is that why I'm here?

She looked for Miss Lyndoria, and saw her across the room. Miss Lyndoria was staring right at her, and she smiled, gently, invitingly. Candy thought, aha... more and more things fell into place.

Miss Lyndoria approached. "Candy." She said. "We have a room, upstairs. Would you like to go upstairs?"

"Sure, Miss L." She was laughing, inside. Adults. Adults, and sex. That's what it always boiled down to, she thought. That's where it always ended up. It starts out slow, totally legit, every time. Then, bang, it turns into sex. She didn't mind, though. This might be interesting, she thought. There was a woman, an older woman... by old, Candy guessed twenty seven or twenty eight... anyway, she'd already kind of picked this girl out. She was very tall, and slim... with a thick head of beautiful white hair... and just goddam pretty. Candy had thought, when she first saw her... she'd thought, damn. I'd like to get my tongue into that. And now she saw a chance of that happening. Why else would they have rented a room? Why would she have already seen a woman kissing a young girl?

Candy, Jessi, Miss L, Miss Underhill and three of the other women, including the girl that Candy had picked out, ascended in the elevator. They entered a room with two double beds, and everyone sat on the sides of the bed. Several of the women had brought their drinks, and Candy sipped one that someone handed her. Liquid fire ran down her throat, and she coughed and gasped for breath, causing giggles around the room. She grinned and looked around, and took another drink, handling it better that time.

Jessi either was in a hurry, or she'd done this before, Candy thought. The other girl was kissing another woman, laying stretched out on the bed.

"Miss L." Said Candy, pouting theatrically, feeling wicked. "Did you bring me up here to seduce me, and steal away my innocence?"

Miss Lyndoria regarded her with humor. "Candy, darling... are you really that innocent?"

"Miss L." She breathed. "The things I've done lately... I couldn't get into heaven with a get-out-of-jail-free card. I have been a bad little girl. Is that what you guys want?"

Miss Lyndoria giggled, the first time Candy had ever heard her do it.

"We like bad little girls, Candy. That is what this club is all about."

Candy stood, and started unbuttoning her blouse. This was gonna be fun, she decided. Gonna be fun.


The woman, the one that Candy had noticed before... Candy didn't know her name, yet, but she was glad she had come up with them. As Candy took her blouse off, the woman approached and slowly drew Candy's skirt down her legs, kneeling before her. Candy smiled down at her, and the woman smiled back. She was so beautiful, Candy thought... classic beauty. Like a Greek goddess. Smooth, alabaster skin. Long, thick white hair. A nose that would make a sculptor ejaculate. Candy couldn't wait to taste her. I bet she tastes... Candy thought... I bet she tastes like me! Candy! She giggled. Stupid. She was being silly. She did want to taste the woman, though. Bad.

Candy let the woman slide her panties down her legs, and then she grabbed the back of the woman's head and pressed her face into her crotch. The woman accepted it completely, and Candy could feel her tongue slide down the top of her pussy, where her slit started. It felt electrical, like a shock. It felt good.

She looked around. Miss Lyndoria already had her blouse and skirt off, and was taking her bra off. Miss L has some nice knockers, Candy thought, amused. Her nipples were huge and brown. Sexy. Miss Underhill was almost naked, and Candy was impressed at the woman's slim, tight, muscular body.

The other girl, Jessi was already stretched out on the bed with a woman inbetween her spread legs. And another woman was licking her breasts. Let the orgy begin, Candy thought.

An hour later, she raised her head, woozily. She had cum so many times she had almost passed out. That woman. Jeezus. She had cum so many times so close together she was exhausted, just from cumming. She was totally worn out. Miss Underhill had done her part, too, licking and sucking Candy's pussy like a machine, sending her into what felt like a dozen orgasms.

She crawled down to the other woman and cuddled up next to her. "What's your name?" She asked.

"I'm Dawnielle... pleased to meet you," they shook hands, somewhat formally. Candy giggled.

"You have a hell of a tongue." Candy said. "I didn't know I could cum so many times in a row..."

"Lots of practice." Dawnielle said. "Anytime you wish... just call me..." She took an Sharpie from the table, and wrote her number on Candy's upper arm. Candy giggled some more.

"Do you teach?" said Candy.

"I'm at Elmhurst... I'm really more in administration..." Candy nodded.

"Dawnielle... I'm still trying to figure out some things... tell me... do you consider yourself gay, or bi? I mean, I love girls, but I like... the cock, too..."

"Oh, Candy. I see. I'm most definitely bi, but with gay sensibilities... I don't really like men, but I love cock. Weird, huh."

"Not really."

"I have actually only ever made it with one man... my... brother. But I've sucked a thousand cocks, at least."

They giggled, sharing secrets. This is just too cool, Candy thought... meeting a bunch of girls... like me... who like to play around... like me...

They finally got some strength back, and re-joined the party. Candy lay, panting, breathing deep, while Miss Lyndoria licked her pussy and clit. Damn, she thought. Miss Lyndoria is good. She's as good as Dawnielle. Sweet Jeezus. She gasped and huffed and puffed, feeling her leg muscles contract and cramp. Her back literally hurt from arching so much. She tried to relax as she came, but it was impossible, almost. She had lost count long ago how many times she'd cum. Unbelievable. This was just too much.


The party moved into the bathroom, for Candy at least. Dawnielle finally completely stripped and sat in the bathtub. Candy sat on the edge, and, at Dawnielle's request, spread her pussy wide and shot a stream of pee down the woman's front. Dawnielle leaned down into it and drank deeply, finally licking Candy's pussy when her stream dried up. Candy took the seat of honor, then, and Dawnielle pissed on her. Candy was turned on by the sheer naughtiness of the act, and the feeling of the hot piss burning down her body. She did what Dawnielle had done, and buried her face in the stream, taking an experimental taste just for the hell of it. Not bad, almost sweet. Well, she'd seen Dawnielle drink a giant cup of sprite with some liquor in it earlier, not surprising. She plastered her face into the woman's cunt as the stream ran out, licking and sucking. Jeezus, Dawnielle had a sexy cunt. Big floppy lips, a nice fat clit... Candy loved the tangy taste of her pee.

Miss Lyndoria peeked in. "Pee on me, Miss L!" Candy said, and the woman giggled, shaking her head. Dawnielle sat on the toilet and watched as Miss L crouched, curling her body, holding her cunt lips open, and shot a stream of hot pee into Candy's face. She opened her mouth and let it splash back out. When Miss Lyndoria finally stopped Candy pulled her forward, and licked her cunt clean. Miss Lyndoria had a sexy cunt, too. All these women shave, Candy mused. I'm glad I started shaving, too. Hairy cunts are definitely old school.

Miss Underhill had her turn, getting in the tub with Candy, and squatting in front of her, and spraying her body with piss. What a stream the woman had, Candy thought, she could put out fires with that. Jeezus. Her pee tasted sweet, too, tangy and bitter at the same time, with a hint of lemon or lime. Delicious. Candy smashed her face into Miss Underhill's wet cunt and licked for all she was worth.

All three of the other women crowded into the tub with Candy, and they had a nice shower, soaping each other up and rubbing on each other. Finally they rinsed, and went back in the other room without drying, dripping water on the carpet. Jessi lay on the bed, exhausted, as the two other women 0rested.

"You guys can have the bathroom now." Said Miss L, and the three disappeared into it.

"Candy." Miss L sat, and Candy sat down in her lap, kind of hard to do since she was as big as Miss Lyndoria. Candy wrapped her arms around the woman, and hugged her close.

"We do this about once a month, here or at the Granada. You should really plan on joining the club. We have to be very careful with new recruits, but we try to have a few new faces now and then."

Candy nodded. "Sure, Miss L... what do I have to do to join?"

Miss Lyndoria giggled. "Nothing. Just show up. Show up, and be ready to fuck."

"I'm always ready to fuck." Said Candy, and kissed Miss L, long and slow. The woman was a good kisser, too. Jeezus. What was it with these girls? Was this the she-woman man-hater's club? She'd even heard Miss L talking about sucking cock, though. Were these just girls that liked girls occasionally? Fuck.


Miss L dropped her home, a little past midnight. Uncle Mike was waiting up for her. Her mother was nowhere in sight.

"Oh, goddam," She said. "Uncle Mike, I'm so horny, that was the most boring meeting ever. You have to have pity on me. Please, please fuck me? Please?"

He sighed, and laughed. "Candy. Watch your language. Be a lady. And you know I can't do it here."

"Uncle Mike. Let's get a blanket and do it in the back yard. That way you won't be in the house."

"Candy... where is this going to end? This is exactly what I was afraid of, girl. We will get caught, if we treat it like this."

She pouted. She knew he was right.

"Okay. Uncle Mike. Let me do one thing... no, it's not fucking. Just let me do one thing for you and I'll be happy. I'll quit bugging you."

She approached, and kissed him. She kissed him again. He was definitely kissing back. She dropped to her knees, and started working his zipper. He pulled back, immediately.

"Candy. Where have you picked up this shit? Have you done this before?"

"Well... yeah... don't you remember? At the Granada?" What a liar I am, she thought. What a goddam liar. But I can't tell him, him of all people. I can't tell him the truth.

"Shoot." He had stopped resisting her. She got his pants unzipped, and wrestled around inside, finally drawing his dick out. His dick was hardening rapidly, and she knew he was turned on. She slipped him into her mouth, knowing that she had won.

He moaned and groaned, standing there, in the living room. She wrapped her arms around his legs, and pulled him as deep inside her body as she could. She could feel the cap of his cock deep in her throat, and it almost gagged her a time or two. But she was getting better at this. Damn, she thought, I don't want to appear to be too much of a pro at this... not yet... just for effect she coughed and choked a few times, just to reassure him.

He just stood there, solid as a rock. She knew that he was wrestling with his conscience, but so far she had won. It was a little late for second thoughts, she thought, as his dick was tickling her tonsils. She felt his prostate squeeze, and she knew that he was already about to cum. This is the first time he's cum in my mouth, she realized. She pumped harder, sliding up and down his shaft, trying to make it special. He finally did cum, filling her mouth, more than filling it, sending semen spraying down the front of her blouse, and dripping off her chin. She giggled, and sucked and swallowed as hard and fast as she could. She licked him clean, and he gently helped her to her feet.

"Candy. Sit." She sat on the couch, and he sat beside her. "Darling. I don't even want to know how you learned how to do that so well. But, please, understand, and have some sympathy for me. You claim you love me, darling, show it a little better. I know you're young and impulsive and you think that you have to have everything you want... that's part of being a kid, and you're still a kid... but we cannot go on like this. I shouldn't have let you do even that. I will try to do better. Candy. I'm not saying we won't do stuff like that. I'm just saying we need to choose the time and the place a little better."

"I understand, Uncle Mike." She hung her head, trying to look penitent. She looked so sad that he hugged her to his body. They sat there for the longest, just hugging. She felt warm and happy. He hadn't said no, he hadn't said no more. She knew it would happen again. She was happy.


Saturday night Dalton picked her up, and they cruised the strip, and ate at the Bird Shack. They went out to the lake, but no one was there. Dalton threw rocks in the water, for a while, as they waited on somebody to show up, but no one did.

"Where the hell is everybody?" Candy wondered.

"There's a free concert in Fairview tonight. Probably there." Dalton said. They got back in the car.

"All that's left is Love Cave." Said Candy, and off they drove. When they got there, all Dalton could find in the car was a lighter, so the trip to the back of the cave was a little more spooky than usual. Candy sat Dalton down on the bench, and gave him a lecture.

"Now, Dalton. I'm gonna give you a nice BJ, but I don't want you to cum. Just hold it. We're gonna find a spot later, a nice spot to do it in style, our first time. I want you to be ready, okay?"

"Okay, Candy." He said, laughing. He put the lighter in his pocked, and Candy faintly heard his zipper. She groped forward, and took his nice cock in her hands. She gave him what she was sure was a good BJ, slurping and licking, sucking hard. When she felt his body jerk, she stopped.

"Okay, let it go down, and put it up. I don't wanna waste all that cum."

"It wouldn't be wasted, not really..." He said, hesitantly.

"Dalton. This spot, right here, this is where my Uncle Mike got his cherry popped, twenty years ago. Right here. And then we did..." She stopped, remembering her promise to Uncle Mike. Shit.

"Yes..." Dalton said, wondering why she'd stopped in mid sentence.

"Nothing. That's it. Just so you know. This is where he did it."

"Candy. Darling. Did you and him... do it yet?"

"Dalton. I can't say. Let's just leave it at that. Let's just say that I'm ready to do it with you."

"Candy, I understand. I'm not mad, and I'm not trying to be snoopy. I hope you got what you wanted, I hope you're happy."

"Dalton, thanks. Yes, I'm happy, very happy. Everything is fine. Let's find a place and... see what happens."


As they drove away, Candy texted Victoria and asked her what she was doing. How interesting, Victoria was at Herb's house. Candy wondered if they were making out yet.

"Victoria is at Herb's." She told Dalton. He laughed.

Come and get us, Victoria texted. She told Dalton, and he turned the car around and headed for Herb's place.


The four of them were seated in the hot tub. Steam boiled up, off the water. It was a cool night, and the hot water felt good. Candy sat up, and let the cold air play over her naked tits, feeling her nipples harden. Sexy, she thought.

She had Dalton's cock in her right hand, pumping slowly on it. She still wasn't going to allow him to cum, though. Victoria and Herb were petting pretty seriously on the other side of the tub. Candy knew they'd be fucking before long. She was ready for Dalton. She wanted, still, she wanted it to be more than just a quick fuck in a hot tub. She wanted it to be on a real bed, even.

"Victoria." She said, interrupting the two. Victoria looked up.

"Could Dalton and I... dry off and borrow your bed for an hour or so?"

Victoria giggled. "Of course, girlfrand. Take it as long as you want."

"Come on." Candy hauled Dalton out of the tub. They dried off and headed into the house, and up the stairs.


Candy lay back and relaxed. Dalton was eating her pussy, and doing a fine job of it. She was sure that hers was not the first he'd done. She didn't fault him for that, though. She knew that he'd had a life before she came along.

She came, and came again. He was good. She was getting good, too, good at channeling the sensations to the right parts of her brain, the parts that made her cum. Her cum lobe was becoming very well developed. Good.

He finally had enough. They lay for a while, in each others arm, hugging and snuggling. Dalton murmured things to her, silly things, and serious things. She listened, and giggled, and listened some more. She rolled over on top of him. He squeezed and massaged her butt, and she giggled. She finally felt ready.

"Dalton." She said. He looked up at her, in the dim light. She knew that she looked beautiful and sexy. She just felt that way.

"Dalton, dearest. I am ready to be fucked."


His dick felt wonderful inside her. Almost as good as Uncle Mike's. Almost as good as what she imagined Mr. Decker's monster would feel like. She gasped, and took a deep breath, and felt his groin mash up against hers. He fucked her in long, slow strokes, pumping her full of his dick. She already felt like she could cum. She started breathing deeply.

When she did cum, it was fabulous. She groaned and grimaced, stretching her back and neck, curling up into a reverse ball. Her legs cramped, and her arms pounded on the bed beneath her. She hyperventilated, feeling high, almost. She felt Dalton squirting his seed into her body, and she tried to count the squirts, but she lost count almost immediately. He slowed, and finally stopped. She was satiated, and felt full. Full of what, she didn't know. She figured she was full of his semen, at least.

"That was... great, Dalton." She finally managed, and he laughed.

"Was is worth the wait?" He asked.

"Oh, hell yeah..."

They lay on Victoria's bed for a while longer, and finally Candy got up and went to Victoria's bathroom. She got a towel and tried to clean up the wet spot, but mostly she just hoped it'd dry up before Victoria went to bed. More than once she felt Dalton's sperm oozing down her leg. Cum me a river, she thought. Jeezus.

They finally went back downstairs and rejoined the couple in the tub. Candy felt all warm and fuzzy, like she always did after she had an orgasm. And this one had been a good one. She hugged Dalton, listening to Victoria's idle chatter, lost in a world all her own. The evening had been fine, she thought. Fine.


Candy lay on her bed, her phone in her hand. She was talking to Dalton. She had wanted to say this stuff to him in person, but they hadn't managed to get together this evening; he couldn't get the car. So she'd just called him. They'd talked an hour, already.

"Dalton... I gotta tell you this, at least... listen, and try to understand."


"You are my one and only. Well, kind of, my main one and only. There is one more whom I can't mention. No, there are two more than I can't mention. One is because of a promise I made. Well, they both are, kind of."

This was getting messy. Maybe she shouldn't have brought it up. The first one she was talking about was her uncle, of course. The second was Mr. Decker, Victoria's dad. She just felt like she had to fuck him at some point, she felt like she owed it to him. Him, and herself. And his incredible dick. She didn't mention Mr. Hardy because that was strictly business, with no emotional attachments. And she didn't mention girls, because, hell, that was girl stuff, and shouldn't matter to guys.

She just basically wanted Dalton to understand she was his, but he might have to excuse her at certain times and let her have some time with... others. She couldn't tell him about her uncle, though, she had promised. And she didn't want to tell him about Mr. Decker, it might hurt his feelings. She didn't want to explain it was mainly about a big dick.

Victoria, Joycelyn, Louise... and Miss Lyndoria's gang of outlaws... she figured sooner or later she'd tell him about all that, he was a guy and it'd probably just turn him on.

Mr. Hardy, that was just too embarrassing. And it made her feel kind of trampy. She had to admit she enjoyed the wicked things she did, and she enjoyed the money. The money, she told herself, it's just about the money. Like I said, a business deal. I'll keep that one to myself. Surely Dalton has his own secrets, too. Secrets are just part of life.

She finally felt like he understood where she was coming from. She tried to say, basically, I love you and I'm yours, but there will be others. She knew that wasn't fair to him, probably, but she told herself, I won't mind if he plays around a little. Well, I'll mind, but I'll be sweet and understanding and not have a screaming fit. Not that much of a fit, at least.

She knew she could keep up with him, and keep him happy. And still have enough left over for some screwing around.


One afternoon, just on impulse, she called the number that Dawnielle Standridge had written on her upper arm, at the meeting. They had a long conversation, about school and work, finally lapsing into nasty vulgar talk. Candy giggled and talked as dirty as she could, feeling turned on, doing something she'd never done before. It was fun, but not nearly as satisfying as being there in person. They made a date to meet for dinner Friday night, with her and her brother.


The week passed, with only one notable incident. Thursday night she was in Mr. Hardy's office, negotiating a blow job with him. He was just wanting to pay fifty, but she had her mind set on the whole hundred. They argued and joked, and suddenly an idea struck her.

"Mr. Hardy." She said. "I am no longer a virgin. And I am trying to get out of the BJ business. I will fuck you, here, on your desk, for a hundred bucks. As you know, fucks are much more valuable than BJ's."

He slumped, defeated. He knew he couldn't pass up this opportunity. This was the one thing he'd wanted for the last six months, almost more than life itself. He hoped she wouldn't realize he'd pay five hundred for this. A thousand, for this first time.

She slid her panties down her legs and kicked them off.

"You got rubbers?" she asked, and he nodded, rummaging around in his desk.

"I gotta get on the pill. Damn."

"Candy, I can do that... I'll even pay for them... I have a doctor who's a very good friend... I'll make you an appointment, okay?"

"Oh, that would be very cool, Mr. Hardy. Yes, do that."

He had drawn his cock out, and was fitting a condom onto it. She came around behind his desk, crowding against him, and lay on the top of the desk. She flipped her skirt up over her butt, and lay there, her ass and cunt exposed to him.

"Oh god, Candy, if you only knew how much I've wanted this..." He knelt, and began nuzzling her pussy with his face, breathing her beautiful scent. She giggled, thinking, shit, I should have asked for two hundred. At least.

"Mr. Hardy." She said. "This is just the introductory offer. After this it goes up to one fifty. Understand?"

"Oh jeezus. Let's worry about that later." He said, pressing his tongue into her cunt. God, she tasted good. He knew he'd pay three hundred. One fifty was a bargain. If she fucked as good as she blew, one fifty was a bargain.

Candy lay on her belly as he licked her, and thought. She didn't feel that unfaithful to Dalton. This was a business arrangement. And if it could help her get on the pill, so much the better. She knew she'd taken a terrible risk, fucking Dalton that one time without a rubber. She wasn't going to do it again, she didn't want to totally fuck her life up by getting pregnant. Of course she knew she could squeeze Mr. Hardy for an abortion, but she didn't want to do that. And she'd heard that abortions could mess you up inside. Getting on the pill would be great.

Mr. Hardy finally had enough. The moment he had waited for so long had arrived. He grasped his cock, and rubbed it against her pussy lips.

"Baby. Would you turn over so I can see your wonderful tits?" He asked, and she struggled and writhed until she was laying on her back. She yanked her blouse up and her bra down, so her tits flopped free. She spread her legs, and he nestled inbetween them, placing his cock at the entrance of her cunt. She was good and wet, he noticed. He slowly pushed into her tight cunt, loving the feeling of entering her body. God I feel good, she thought. This feels better than I even imagined.

He felt good, she thought. He had a nice cock. She felt full. She could feel him, deep inside her. He pumped, and she felt his hands on her tits, squeezing her fat puffy nipples. Lord. This is fun, she thought, but Dalton's gonna be funner. I get on the pill, and I'll fuck Dalton every day. Mr. Hardy maybe once a week, but Dalton every day. And Uncle Mike every chance I get. Every day if he'll let me. Every time he'll agree to do it.

Mr. Hardy pumped away. He was going to make this one last. This was going to be one to remember. Some idiot child knocked on door, and he hollered, "I'll be out in a minute." He had no intention of being out in a minute. Thirty minutes maybe.

She lay there, lost in thought. And Dawnielle... she wanted to see her again, to see what would come up... She liked the woman, a lot for some reason... and Mr. Decker... somehow she had to arrange a meeting with him... she knew getting what she wanted from him would be no problem, if she could just get alone with him.

Uncle Mike was her big concern. She wanted to fuck him every day. Just like she did Dalton. Uncle Mike for love. Dalton for love. Dawnielle for fun, and Mr. Hardy for money. That's my love life, she thought. I should be ashamed, but I'm not.

He finally just could not hold back any longer. He moaned and groaned and gasped, and filled the rubber with his semen. He pumped and pumped, squirting cum out behind the rubber and dripping it on the floor. She was too much, he thought, she is the sexiest thing on the planet. And I'm getting to fuck her. Jeezus.

She sat up, and took a Kleenex and wiped her cunt down as best she could. She didn't want to go back to work smelling like cum. He sat in his chair, exhausted. He was as happy as he'd ever been. He had wanted to fuck her since the first minute she'd come waltzing in his store, looking for a job. He never dreamed he'd get too, even when she'd started blowing him. He decided right then and there to give her a raise. A big raise. Maybe she'd knock some of her prices down if she made more money at work. Of course, he didn't want to give her such a big raise that she no longer needed to make money on the side... but he kind of thought, anyway, that she was doing this because she liked doing it, not for just the money. He could tell she enjoyed herself, even when she was blowing him.

She went back out, and grabbed a tray. Louise smiled at her, and Candy smiled back. She knew Louise fucked, and figured that she'd fucked Mr. Hardy, too. Or that she would eventually. What a regular little fuckfest goes on in this place, she thought, amused. Mr. Hardy should be the happiest man on the planet.


That Friday afternoon Dawnielle texted her, asking her if she was going to bring anyone with her. Candy texted back, asking her if it was really okay, and Dawnielle replied, of course, that her brother was going to be there. Yes, Candy said, I'll try to bring Dalton, my boyfriend. Good, said Dawnielle.

Candy told Dalton. Well, she asked him if he wanted to go. He seemed to be okay with it. Maybe, she thought, but maybe I can give him a little something special... if special stuff goes on...

That evening she showered, and got ready. Dalton picked her up and they went downtown. The address Dawnielle had given her took them to the base of a large building, and they got in the elevator, and went up to the eleventh floor. They stood at the end of the hall for a while and looked out over the city, and then knocked on door eleven-eleven. Dawnielle answered, looking absolutely stunning in a short skirt and white blouse. Candy immediately kissed her, and introduced Dalton, who seemed to be speechless.

Dawnielle took them in, and introduced them to her brother, who was sitting on the couch. He looked a few years older than Dawnielle, very elegant and athletic looking. Hard, muscular. Just like Uncle Mike, without the bulk. They sat and talked for a half hour, and finally the doorbell rang. Dawnielle got up, and a caterer from the building's kitchen brought in their dinner. Yum, Candy thought, chicken. God she loved chicken. She felt like she must be part chicken by now, as much of it as she ate. They sat in the dining room and ate, and carried on their conversation. Dalton had seemed very intimidated, at first, but he warmed up. Candy realized he felt way out of his social level. She felt a little out of it, too. She tried to imagine living in a high-class apartment in the top of a high rise. It must be nice, she thought, it must be nice.

After dinner they retired to the living room, and Dawnielle switched on the TV. She hooked her laptop up to it, and showed them some pictures of her recent trip to South America. Candy and Dalton giggled at all the naked jungle people.

"It must be fun to spend your whole life naked." Candy finally said.

"Well, if you did, it'd be no big deal to you. It's not to these folks."

She clicked to a picture of a boy, almost ten or twelve, sucking on his mother's breast.

"These people have absolutely no shame or inhibitions. They are living in the garden of Eden, in complete innocence. I envy them."

Candy nodded. She was still shocked when the next picture showed a man and woman coupling on the ground.

"They share sex without shame or embarrassment. They invite every one, even visitors, to join in. It was all I could do, a few dozen times, to keep from being... from having intercourse. They regard it as an honor, an honor on our side, as well as theirs."

"Tell them, Dawn." Her brother said, snorting.

"Tell them what?"

"You know what. Tell them what you did, instead of fucking."

Dawnielle seemed embarrassed. She had known, of course, exactly what he meant.

"I did reciprocate their hospitality with a few... with some oral sex..."

"Blow job." Said her brother, laughing.

"Oral sex. And it was a pleasure to go native, while there."

The next picture showed a naked Dawnielle, in the middle of a crowd of naked kids. Her pale, almost white body contrasted sharply with the deep red and browns of the kids surrounding her. And her shaved pussy really stood out. Candy wondered what the natives thought of that. She giggled. It did look like fun.

"She blew every man in the village." Said her brother. "Even the kids. Even the old farts."

"Other cultures, other customs." Said Dawnielle. Dalton was just staring at her with his mouth open. Candy tried to send a telepathic message to him. Shut your fucking mouth, doofus. He seemed to get it, and gulped, and shut his mouth.

"You went, also?" Candy asked Grayson. He laughed. "Somebody has to keep an eye on her."

"I'm not the only one that went native." Dawnielle said smugly. The next picture showed Grayson, also stark naked, in the same group of kids. Lord, thought Candy, of course. He had a nice dick. Not a Mr. Decker dick, but a very nice dick. Well, of course it wasn't hard, but she felt like by now she could judge the potential length of a hard dick by seeing it soft. His hung down nicely. Cool. Maybe... maybe the evening held some interesting things, ahead. Just maybe.

The rest of the pictures were equally interesting, but Candy's mind had already switched into horny mode. She remembered Dawnielle saying that her brother was the only man she's been with. She wondered if he lived here with the other girl. She asked. He did. Cool.

They were sitting on the couch. Candy and Dawnielle were in the middle, with the men on the outside. Candy casually laid her hand on Dawnielle's leg. Dawnielle covered it with her own hand. That was all Candy needed.

"Dawnielle." She said. "Thank you for inviting us over. It's been very interesting, and you have a lovely place."

She was just inches away from Dawnielle's face. She leaned into her and gave her a quick little kiss, right on the lips.

"Candy..." Said Dawnielle. "I'm glad you came. I love having people over. Especially sweet young girls."

Her brother shook his head and mumbled something. It had sounded like he'd repeated her, and said "sweet young girls." Candy giggled.

"Grayson knows my... proclivities." Dawnielle said. "He's very tolerant of me. No one else would put up with me like he does."

Grayson snorted. Candy could tell, though, she could feel that the two of them had something between them, something deep and special. She didn't envy them, because she had deep and special stuff in her life, but she thought how cool it is, that they love each other so much. It doesn't matter if they are brother and sister. Love is love, no matter what. Rules are made to be broken. Fuck rules.

She could feel Dawnielle's breath on the side of her face. She turned, and they stared at each other for a moment. Their lips drifted closer, and closer. Candy almost felt like it was a game. They finally touched. What will Dalton think of this, she thought. She opened her mouth, and felt Dawnielle's tongue snake inside of it. God the woman was sexy, she thought.

They held the kiss for a long, long time. They parted, and then kissed again. Grayson found the remote, and switched the TV over to some news channel. This seemed totally natural to him, Candy thought. Just another evening at the Standridge home, while your sister kisses a girl.

She broke off the kiss, and put her lips against Dawnielle's ear. "Baby. Let me talk to Dalton for a moment..." Dawnielle nodded. Candy stood, and took Dalton by the arm. "Come here."

They walked to the wall, or window. Whatever you call it. The ceiling to floor sheet of glass that surrounded the room. The whole city spread out beneath them.

She turned to face Dalton. He took her in his arms, and she rested against him.

"Darling." She said softly. "I just want to make sure you're okay with this. You know I fuck around with Victoria. You know I fuck around with Joycelyn. I fuck around with girls for fun, but I love you. I just don't want you to feel threatened by this."

He shook his head, trying to look nonchalant, she thought. "Candy. This doesn't bother me. I know at the end of the day, you're mine. I love everything about you, even this. This is sexy. Seeing you kiss her... was goddam sexy."

"Good. Baby, just don't be afraid to speak up... if it does bother you. I don't want to do anything to upset you. Dalton. I fucked this woman a week ago. I'm probably gonna fuck her tonight. You might even be asked to fuck her, who knows. Her brother might fuck her. He might want to fuck me, and that'll be for you to decide. Let's just let go, and have a little fun."

"Goddam, Candy. Jeezus. Okay. Is this how these kind of people live?"

"I think so, Dalton. I think so."

They returned to the couch. Dawnielle arched her eyebrow at Candy, and Candy smiled back at her. She nestled down under Dawnielle's arm, and took her right breast in her hand. Dawnielle had fine breasts, Candy thought. Firm and round, like a grapefruit. She could feel the hard nipple beneath her blouse and bra. She squeezed it. Dawnielle put her hand on Candy's breast, and squeezed back.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Dawnielle said.


Candy was pleased that Dalton didn't seem to have any problem getting naked in from of the adults. Grayson also stripped, revealing a tan, athletic, trim body. Dalton looked much the same on a slightly smaller scale. Candy felt her pussy oozing. Dawnielle stripped. God she was sexy, Candy thought. She looked at Dalton, realizing he thought much the same thing. His dick was hard, hard. She was sure he was looking forward to this. She was.

Grayson almost immediately crawled over the bed, and put his face down on Candy's breasts. She arched an eyebrow at Dalton, and he smiled encouragingly. Good, she thought. Dawnielle positioned herself inbetween Candy's legs. Oh god, thought Candy, here comes that tongue again.

"Dalton," Dawnielle spoke, "if you wish, you may lick my asshole while I eat Candy's pussy."

Candy wondered how Dalton would take that. He seemed to be just fine with it. He got up behind her, and she stuck her ass in the air as she began to lick Candy's pussy. Grayson moved up, and began to kiss Candy. He was a good kisser, she realized.

Dalton had buried his face in Dawnielle's ass. Candy knew the girl had a sweet ass, she'd tasted it herself last weekend. He hasn't done that to me yet, she realized. She was not jealous. She knew it would happen eventually. She liked having things to still look forward to, anyway.

Candy floated away, in a state of bliss. No one she had ever experienced ate pussy as well as Dawnielle, male or female. Nobody did it better. The woman's tongue was amazing. She felt Grayson place both his knees beside her head, and she felt something touch her mouth. She opened her eyes to see his magnificent cock in her face. She opened her mouth and took it in. Dawnielle raised up for a few moments to kiss him, and then resumed her stimulations of Candy's cunt. Candy squirmed and wiggled beneath her, feeling chills race up and down her spine. She was ready to cum, already. Jeezus. She sucked on Grayson's cock, running her tongue down the underneath side of it, circling the cap, and even sticking her tongue in the slit in the end. She kept feeling his balls on her chin and even the bridge of her nose when she rubbed his cock on her head.

"Grayson..." She said, spitting his cock out, remembering something she had read in Cosmo. "Teabag me. Put your balls in my mouth."

She opened her mouth wide, and he hunched forward and dropped both his balls into it. She sucked them, and ran her tongue around them, feeling their sexy softness. God, he felt good. And what Dawnielle was doing felt good, too. Jeezus. How much stimulation can a person take, she thought. Her nerves felt like they were on fire, especially down around her cunt. Dawnielle was flicking her clit unmercifully with her tongue, and Candy came, hard and sharp, almost involuntarily biting Grayson's balls. She giggled, and sucked them down into her throat as far as she could. This was just too much fun.

After another cum, Dawnielle sat up. She turned to Dalton. Candy missed what she said, but he nodded. Dawnielle leaned down and took his cock in her mouth. Dalton smiled at Candy, and she smiled back. Grayson lay back, and Candy turned and took his cock in her mouth.

"Go ahead, baby, make me cum." Grayson said, and she nodded. She tried to give him the best blow job ever, and all too quickly he did cum, filling her mouth with his tangy sperm. She gulped and sucked it down, loving the sharp taste of it.

Dawnielle finally came up for air, and said, "Dalton, would you please fuck me? You must be gentle... I've only ever been fucked by Grayson before. But I'm ready for my second."

Dalton nodded eagerly. Candy knew he was happy. Dawnielle turned and lay back, holding her arms up to him, and he practically fell on top of her. Candy could see his hard cock probing around down near Dawnielle's cunt. She hoped it was good for the girl.

Candy turned back to Grayson. "Grayson, I'm sorry, but if you want to fuck me you need to wear a rubber. I'm not on the pill yet."

He nodded, and got up from the bed and left the room, presumably to look for a condom.

She watched as Dalton slowly slid into Dawnielle's cunt. Dawnielle gasped and jerked, but seemed to be enjoying it. Candy met Dalton's eye, and grinned. He grinned back. Hell, of course he was enjoying himself. Eating ass, a blow job, and now fucking, and the evening had just started. This was going to be fun, Candy told herself.

Grayson returned, and fitted a condom on his large cock. Candy sighed and laid back, spreading her legs. He crawled up on top of her, and fastened his lips around her puffy nipple. She felt his cock bump into her pussy, and he wiggled around, trying to get it in without touching it. She giggled, and reached down and guided it. She was ready, fuck she was ready. She was ready to fuck.

He felt fabulous entering her. This is what fucking is supposed to feel like, she thought. He seemed to fill her up completely. She almost couldn't even breathe, she realized. His cock felt like it was a foot around. Jeezus.

A few minutes later Dawnielle began to gasp and hiccup. Candy grabbed her hand, and Dawnielle squeezed it back convulsively. Candy felt the girl cum, and she knew it was a good one. Dawnielle pounded the bed with the back of her head, and slapped her free hand on it also. She kicked with her feet. She came, hard. Candy hoped Dalton was proud. He had done a good job.

She felt her own orgasm begin to consume her. Wave after wave washed over her, filling her with pleasure, sensual feelings of something that she couldn't define. Sex is so honest, so righteous, she thought. There are no lies in sex. Either it is or it isn't. And every time, so far, for her, it had been. This is my religion, she thought, this is what I live for. This is my goal in life. I cum, therefore I am. Jeezus, let it go on. Let it go on.

Dalton finally collapsed on Dawnielle, exhausted. Grayson fucked away at Candy, and she finally let herself cum. She exploded, it felt like to her, she popped like a balloon. She gasped and groaned, and came like a volcano. Her knees locked, and she felt cramps in her calves. Her feet arched so hard they hurt. She made funny little noises. She did it all.

The four of them just lay on the bed, tired out. Finally Grayson dragged himself off of Candy. "Shit." He said solemnly. "That was intense."

Candy giggled. She just wanted to lay and rest for a while, so she'd be ready for round two. Dalton owed her a fuck. Or two.


Candy and Dalton talked, as he took her home. She was glad he had had a good time, and she felt like she'd given it to him. She sure as hell had had a good time. Jeezus. She wanted to do it again, already. She remembered Grayson warmly. He was very cool. But Dawnielle, and that tongue. That was the coolest, ever. Yes, they would definitely do that again.


The next Monday, Mr. Hardy told her he had made a doctor's appointment for Thursday afternoon. She nodded, and he explained a few things about being on the pill that his friend had told him. She nodded wisely. She still wanted it. Okay, he said. How about one more cheap fuck, just because he was a nice guy?

"Mr. Hardy. I'll fuck you once for free, for doing this pill thing, and for paying for them. And then once a month, as long as you pay for the pills. Is that fair?"

"Oh, yes Candy. That's fair. Although..."

"Although what?"

"I don't know what the pill will cost a month yet."

"Well, save the receipt. Show it to me, and we'll decide."

"Okay, okay."

She knew he was so totally in her power it wasn't funny. I am his master, she thought. Almost anything I ask he will do. I'm the master, and he's the slave. Amazing. She thought of a few whacky things she could do, just to show off her power over him. Nah, she wasn't like that. Still, it was kind of cool.

"Mr. Hardy. Just tell me when you want this month's, okay? And I tell you what, I'll throw in a BJ, just to make it fair. You at least get a fuck and a BJ each month, for getting and keeping me on the pill. Fair?"

He grinned like a monkey, "way fair. You are such a sweetheart, Candy. I love you to death, girl."


That Thursday he picked her up from school, and ferried her downtown, to the doctor's office. They didn't have to fill out any paperwork or anything, they just waited a few minutes in the waiting room, and then the doctor saw them. The doctor was named Benjiman Crim, a man maybe fifty five years old. He was smooth-shaven, with a small body, and pixie-like face. She almost expected him to have pointed ears. His hair was thick and bushy and dark, and stuck straight up. She almost giggled the first time she saw him. He ushered them into an examining room, and shut and locked the door.

Candy sat on the examining table while Dr. Crim and Mr. Hardy chatted. Candy wasn't sure if ordinarily Mr. Hardy would have been allowed in with her, but she realized this was a special circumstance. And, he had claimed to be good friends with the doctor.

"Well, young lady," Dr. Crim said, "I hear you need to go on the pill. I hear you have recently become... sexually active."

Candy felt cowed by him, for some reason, and was almost embarrassed. "Yes, sir," Was all she managed to say.

"Don't be embarrassed," He said, "some of my best patients are on the pill." He giggled, and she was embarrassed for him. What a silly man.

He gave her a perfunctory exam, admitting a nurse who checked her blood pressure and a few other things. She caught a motion as Dr. Crim patted the nurse on the butt, thinking, ah-ha. Another perv. Finally the nurse got done, and left. The nurse had given her a little gown, and instructed her to go behind a screen and change into it. No panties. She did.

"On the table, girl," Dr. Crim said, "feet in the stirrups."

Oh shit, Candy thought. She'd had to do this a time or two before, and she knew the procedure. She climbed up onto the table and fitted her feet into the stirrups. Dr. Crim approached, and suddenly threw her gown up, exposing her pussy.

"Ta da!" he said. She giggled. Mr. Hardy watched with interest over the doctor's shoulder.

"Behold, the human vagina," Dr. Crim said, "Cavern of mystery. Enchanter of men. Conqueror of kings."

Candy giggled again. This guy was quite a comedian.

She felt his hands on her cunt. She felt him spread it apart. She wondered just how professional this exam was going to be.

"You wanna see something cool?" the doctor said. She realized he was talking to Mr. Hardy.

"Sure!" said Mr. Hardy. The doctor selected an instrument from a tray. He smeared some stuff from a tube on it, and then Candy felt cold steel at the mouth of her pussy. It pressed in, and she felt it sliding into her body. Then she felt it spread, and begin to get larger. The Doctor motioned Mr. Hardy in closer, at the two of them put their faces down to her cunt, below her line of sight. She heard the doctor mumbling, and Mr. Hardy reply several times. Shit, she thought. Men. Men, and their pussy obsession. She understood it, though, she was kind of pussy obsessed herself. She kind of wished she could see what they were seeing.

She felt the instrument being manipulated a time or two, and finally he slid it out of her body as Mr. Hardy stood back. Mr. Hardy patted her on the shoulder, and asked if she was okay. "Just fine," she said.

"We're done," Dr. Crim finally said, and he placed her gown down, hiding her pussy. She got her feet out of the stirrups, and looked at the two men. Dr. Crim and Mr. Hardy were silent, regarding her.

"What?" Said Candy finally.

"Candy." Said Mr. Hardy, "Dr. Crim will forgo the usual fees and charges today... if you will... reciprocate."

What the fuck does that mean, Candy thought. If I put out? She thought she knew what reciprocate meant. Basically, if I do something for him. And of course what else would a man want?

"Sure, you guys," She sighed, "whatever."

"Candy. Dear." Dr. Crim spoke up, "you don't have to do anything you don't want to. I just thought..."

"Oh, I don't mind," she said. She thought of something, though.

"Dr. Crim."


"Your nurse. I saw you pat her on the ass. Do you fuck her?"

"Goodness," the doctor seemed a bit taken aback at her language. Gotta watch that, she thought.

"We have relations, yes," the doctor finally said.

"Can we invite her in? While we do it?" Candy asked.

"Certainly!" Dr. Crim seemed absolutely jovial at the idea. He stuck his head out the door, and called out, "Virginia!" She entered, and he shut and locked the door.

Candy smiled at the woman. She was fine, maybe mid-thirties, voluptuous, and hot. Candy thought she was hot. She was wearing a nurse's uniform, a knee-length white skirt, white blouse, white hose, and clunky white shoes. She looked sexy to Candy. Candy was sure she looked sexy to the men. The woman smiled back at her, looking a little puzzled.

Candy slowly slid the medical gown off, and dropped it on a chair. She stood before them nude, shivering in the chill air.

"Good grief," Virginia said, shaking her head, "Dr. Ben, you are such a letch."

Candy giggled. Dr. Crim looked pained.

"Virginia, dearest, I had hoped you would understand. I'm just trying to save Mr. Hardy here some money."

"Yeah, yeah," the woman said. She looked at Candy and snorted. "darling, don't let this put you off the medical establishment as a career choice. It's not like this everywhere."

"Virginia," Dr. Crim said. "This office is actually run in a very professional manner, except for some slight... irregularities. Do not misrepresent things to this young lady."

"Yeah, this young lady whom you're about to dip your wick into," the woman shook her head again.

"It's okay," Candy said. "I'm used to it."

"You poor dear," the woman said.

Candy could feel her nipples in the cold air. They were hard as rocks.

"I had hoped..." Candy said. "I had hoped you might join us..."

The woman laughed then, looking at the two expectant men. "Oh. Okay, I guess I can... still, you poor dear. At your tender age."

Virginia slowly, almost sensuously stripped. Dr. Crim checked the door, and then stepped out of his pants. He nodded to Mr. Hardy, who also began undressing.

Candy just stood on the sidelines and watched, bemused. Virginia was kind of sexy, she thought. She watched the woman take off her shirt, and reveal an industrial strength bra holding up her ample breasts. That came off too, and oh, goodness... Candy told herself... those are some fine titties. Fine. She could see Virginia's large nipples shrink and harden in the cold air. Sexy.

She glanced at Dr. Crim, and then did a double take. Mr. Decker was a beast. Goddam. But Dr. Crim was the king of beasts. His cock hung down, flaccid and wrinkled. And down, and down. Candy tried to remember about how long her ruler at school had been. This guy was nine or ten inches, soft. Jeezus. She just stared. He saw her staring, and smiled.

"Another conquest for you, Dr. Crim," said Virginia, laughing. The woman dropped to her knees, and took the doctor's penis in her mouth. I want my turn, too, Candy thought.

"Candy." Mr. Hardy. "may I warm you up for the doctor?" She nodded, wishing he would actually warm her up. It is freezing in here, she thought. She scooted back and sat on the exam table, and Mr. Hardy pressed his face into her pussy. She sighed contentedly, and relaxed as best she could.

A few minutes later Virginia dropped Dr. Crim's cock from her mouth. "I think you're ready, doctor," she said. Candy giggled. He looked ready. Jeezus, he looked ready. His cock was huge, and fat. She figured it was at least a foot long, though she admitted she wasn't good with feet and inches. Jeezus, though. What a monster. She wondered how it would all fit into her. If it would all fit into her.

"No," she said. "You're not ready. I gotta get a taste of that, first."

Virginia and Doctor Crim laughed. Candy dropped to her knees on the cold floor. She could grasp his cock with both hands, and still have plenty to suck. Jeezus. She sucked him in as deep as she could, and thought, Jeezus, it's gonna stick out my butt. It's that goddam long.

After a minute or two, her jaw almost ached. The cap of his cock felt huge in her mouth. She swished and rolled it around with her tongue, feeling it's slick hardness, savoring the sensation.

He was pretty damn hard. Candy wondered how his body stayed alive, with all the blood that must be in his penis right now. A teenaged boy would be proud of an erection like that, but an old man? She wondered if he gulped a few Viagra pills each morning. She sat and watched as Virginia helped him roll a condom onto his cock. Jeezus, the thing barely went half the way. His cock was that long.

The doctor approached her delicately. Mr. Hardy stood back, and Virginia moved to face him, still on her knees. She gently took his hard cock in her mouth, and began sucking.

Candy realized the doctor had a problem. The exam table was so high, and he was so short, he couldn't reach her cunt. Well, his dick was long enough, he actually could reach it, but he needed to be taller. He solved the problem, to her amusement, but pulling a short footstool out from under the exam table, placing it directly in front of her, and mounting it. Not the first time we've done this, she thought. She looked down. His monster cock was just barely touching the mouth of her cunt. He looked like he was waiting on her. She nodded. "Go ahead, Dr. Crim."

At least she was wet. She was sloppy wet. The whole procedure had turned her on, and got her juices flowing. She realized she was more than ready to be fucked by this monster cock. She would have settled for Mr. Hardy, even. She was just ready to be fucked.

Virginia stood suddenly, and then flopped on her belly on the table next to Candy. Her ass was in the air, pretty high, but Candy figured that Mr. Hardy could reach it. He moved in. He could. As Dr. Crim gently, persistently began to push into Candy's cunt, Mr. Hardy slid his dick into Virginia's waiting pussy. She sighed with satisfaction.

Candy sighed, too. Doctor Crim felt good in her. Damn good. Jeez, she thought, he's as big around as my arm. Close. He just seemed to go and go and go into her. She wondered if he would hit the top. He was going in and out, in and out, wetting his dick with her juices, just so it would go in. Dry, it never would have made it.

Candy finally felt his groin hit hers. God, he was in all the way. Shit, she thought, I am full. I am full of him. He pulled out a few inches, and then pushed back in. She couldn't breathe while he did it. Goddam, she thought. That was fun. Do that again.

Mr. Hardy was fucking away at Virginia. She seemed to be having a great time. Damn but I am, thought Candy, and Doctor Crim stroked again. For an old fart, this old fart can fuck. And that dick. Damn, damn. She wondered if she'd ever, in the whole rest of her life, be fucked by a dick this big again. If one exists, she thought. She couldn't wait to tell Victoria and Joycelyn about this. She wondered if she'd get credit for referrals for getting him extra business. Damn.

She leaned down towards Virginia, and kissed the older woman on the cheek. The woman seemed surprised, but she turned to face Candy, and their lips met. Candy explored Virginia's mouth with her tongue, loving the sexy feel of the woman. She reached across, and took Virginia's ample breast in hand, feeling the hard pointed nipple.

She came long before he did. The breathless feeling of fullness really got her off. She moaned and hiccuped, gasping as she came, trying to be quiet but not entirely succeeding. Virginia and Mr. Hardy were done by then, and they watched her and giggled. Doctor Crim came, and Candy thought she could feel him spray his semen deep into her body through the rubber. Jeezus, she thought, it actually got bigger, as he climaxed. I don't care if we get a discount or not, this was worth it. Shee-it.


Candy was bemused as they walked through the parking lot, and got into Mr. Hardy's car. He laughed at her, and she finally just shook her head. They stopped at the drugstore to get her pills. Mr. Hardy dropped her off at home, telling her he'd give her four hours on the clock tonight, anyway, and she thanked him. She reminded him that she owed him a fuck and BJ, and he laughed, "I won't forget that, Candy."

She went in the house, and upstairs. She hid her pills in her room, and then looked for her mom and Uncle Mike. They were in the living room, and she joined them.

"You're home early, dear," said her mother.

"I didn't feel too great. Mr. Hardy let me off, and even brought me home."

"Mr. Hardy is a nice man. He's done a lot for you," said her mother.

"Yeah, a lot," said Candy, laughing inside. If only she knew. Jeezus.

They sat and watched TV a while.

"Mom," said Candy. "Are you going to grandma's this weekend?"

"Probably," said her mom.

Candy didn't say "good" out loud, but she thought it. Good. Special time alone, with Uncle Mike. Good. She didn't dare look at him. She was trying her best to do things his way. She knew he was right, anyway. They needed to be careful. Until Candy was eighteen, at least.


The next morning she didn't feel too great, but she dragged herself out of bed and went to school. Dalton was his usual sweet self, and he cheered her up. They spent lunch hour kissing down behind the football field, and she speculated about giving him a blow job. He didn't think it was a good idea, though, so she passed on it. She made a deal to see him that night after work, and walked home.

Work was okay, fun, like it usually was. Tonight, of all nights, though, Mr. Hardy decided to cash in his BJ ticket, and she trudged off to his office, locking the door behind her. They sat and talked for a few minutes, and finally he stood and pulled out his cock. She pulled out her tits, and gave him a few minutes of suck time. She finally dropped to her knees, and took him in her mouth. She marveled again at how much she liked to suck cocks. Maybe there's something wrong with me, she thought. Maybe I'm a nymphomaniac. I'm a cockomaniac, for sure. I accept that about myself. I just like cocks. I just plain like cocks. She slurped down his shaft, and back to the end. She ran her tongue around the cap. She sucked, hard, feeling his cap expand in her mouth. It was just fun. She just plain enjoyed it. I'd almost suck anyone's cock, just to suck it, she thought. Young or old, it don't matter. I like cock. She thought of Dawnielle, and wondered if the woman really had actually sucked a thousand cocks. A thousand is a lot. But that's just twenty years of once a week, she thought, after doing a little math in her head. If she's twenty eight, and started when she was... shit. She probably didn't start when she was eight years old. Maybe a thousand is a slight exaggeration. Well, she still believed Dawnielle when she said she'd sucked a lot of cocks. Dawnielle. I need to call her. Hell, it's the weekend. I should have called her before now, even.

Mr. Hardy filled her mouth. She knew he was coming, she could feel his prostate tightening up and relaxing, and his balls had stuck up against his belly. She gulped and swallowed, trying to time it just right, and succeeding. I'm succeeding at sucking seed, she thought. I'm a successful seed sucker. Sucking cocks rocks, she thought again, for the hundredth time.


He was out of breath mints. Damn. She re-arranged her clothes, and left the office. When she got to the front of the shop, she was horrified to see Dalton and two of his friends sitting at a table near the front. He was looking around like he was trying to find her, and he smiled broadly when he saw her. Shit, she thought. She waved, and got a large sweet tea for him. She hurriedly gulped a quarter of it down as she took it to his table, hoping it washed Mr. Hardy's sperm down her throat and off her breath.

She kissed him on the cheek somewhat nervously, for that very same reason, and sat on his lap. Their tacos arrived, and she fed him, giggling, as his hand beneath the table patted and rubbed her buttock. She burped, delicately, tasting sperm, hoping it wasn't obvious. I've just got a guilty conscience, she told herself.

"The guys are goin' to the Cherokee shack tonight," said Dalton to her. "I've got some blankets if you want us to go with them."

"Sure, that sounds like fun," she said, having no idea what the Cherokee shack was. New stuff was usually fun, the first time, at least. She finally got up and kissed Dalton, and went back behind the counter. He left a while later with the boys, giving her another kiss.

She walked home hurriedly when eight o'clock rolled around. She put on jeans, and a shirt, and a sweater, just in case it got chilly and they were out late. She kissed her mom, told her she was going to spend the night with Victoria, looked unsuccessfully around for Uncle Mike, and texted Dalton that she was ready. Two minutes later he pulled up, and she climbed in the front seat.

"Where's Victoria tonight?" he asked.

"I have no idea." She replied, and then texted Victoria as they drove off down the street.

They stopped at his friend David's house, and picked him up, and then stopped at another friend named Roscoe's. Both the boys had backpacks with them. The two of them sat in the back seat and whispered conspiratorially. Candy squeezed closer to Dalton, and hugged him close. She didn't care what they did, she just wanted to be with him. Even if they didn't get to fuck tonight, she wanted to be with him. She wished she was off the waiting period for the pill, she was ready to get the maximum benefit out of it. She understood, though.

Victoria finally replied. She was with Herb. They were bored.

"Tell them to follow us to the shack. We've got enough for everyone."

"Enough? Enough what?" said Candy.

"Beer." Said Dalton, laughing. "What do you think is in those backpacks? Granola bars?"

Shit. Well, this was going to be interesting, she thought. Under-aged, unlicensed males and females, sex, and beer. Where the hell was this Cherokee shack again? Hopefully way outside city limits.

Okay, Victoria said. Dalton turned back to Hadee's parking lot, and they waited for Victoria and Herb.

"Damn," Candy said. "Herb has a nice car."

"That's not his, it's his brother's. His brother would kill him if he knew he was driving it."

"Does Herb have his license?"

"Hell no. He's only fourteen."

Shit. Candy was even more nervous, but, Dalton seemed okay with it. She tried to relax.

They left the town far behind. They ended up going five or six miles on dirt roads, curving around and all through the hills, until they came up to the base of a vast, lumpy... hell, Candy thought. That's a mountain, not a hill. Bare rock rose all around them. Far up the side of the mountain, she saw the wreckage of an old hogan, a round house that Indians used to live in, before the reservation days.

"That's it," Dalton indicated by nodding his head, "that's the Cherokee shack. Actually it should be named the Navajo shack."

It was pretty damn dark by now, Candy realized. They parked the two cars inside the fence, locked them and set off on foot. Candy and Victoria held hands, and Candy held Dalton's hand with her other. Dalton was carrying a couple of quilts. The other boys strained, lugging their backpacks full of beer. Herb had even brought two six packs of wine coolers. This should be... interesting... thought Candy.

It was really dark by the time they reached the shack. Dalton shined his light inside it, slowly entering, to make sure no wild animals were inside. Nothing was. It was empty. The other guys ran around for a while and gathered all the wood they could find, and they built a fire in the fire pit, in the center. There was a hole in the roof for the smoke to exit from, but it was still pretty smokey inside. Candy coughed and her eyes burned, but she seemed to get used to it after a while. She knew she'd smell like smoke the next day, though.

She followed Victoria outside, and held her hand while she peed on the ground, giggling. Candy tried to pee, but there was nothing. Maybe later. If I drink any beer, I'll pee, she thought. Beer is just pre-pee, basically. She looked all around while they were outside, but she could not see one single artificial light, all the way out to the horizon. Well, she thought, the hills kind of block off the view. But, she felt like they were in the middle of nowhere. Hell, they were in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of spooky, actually. She realized that at least they'd be able to see car headlights miles away, if anybody else came.

They sat around the fire, and the boys popped the tops on their beer. Candy and Victoria took a wine cooler each. They drank, telling ghost stories and talking about stuff. Candy got silly and giggly after just the single wine cooler, and Dalton passed her a beer. Two hours later she was laying in his lap giggling when her stomach started to hurt. Three hours later they were outside, and Dalton held her forehead as she vomited until she thought her guts were going to come up. Finally they stumbled back inside and she lay under a quilt, shivering.

"Baby, do you want me to take you home?" Dalton asked, and she shook her head.

"No, I'll be alright... I don't wanna spoil your fun."

Dalton put his mouth to her ear, "this isn't much fun actually."

Candy agreed, but she kept her mouth shut. She wished she had a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Or even a bottle of goddam water. Jeezus. She finally got back up and washed her mouth out with beer. Ugh. Just the taste of it made her stomach lurch again. She went back indoors, followed by an anxious Dalton. At least he's concerned, she thought. He's very considerate.

Candy finally settled down, and managed to have a little fun, in spite of it all.

When Victoria said "Oh, gawd." and lurched outside Candy followed, and held her friend's forehead as she puked out her guts. Herb and Dalton hovered nearby, unsure what to do. She helped Victoria rinse out her mouth, and got her back indoors and under the blankets. Shit. Well this is a shitload of fun, Candy though. Okay, who's next? Are these boys any tougher?

It was Herb. He excused himself solemnly, went outside, and soon they could hear him barfing his guts up.

"It's those goddam wine coolers," Candy said. Sure enough, no one else got sick. Candy tried to remember the lines of a poem she'd heard once, something about beer before liquor, get sick quicker... but she couldn't get it straight. It didn't matter, she felt better now.

"Dalton. What time is it?" she asked. He looked at his watch. Damn. It wasn't even midnight yet. This was turning into a long night, she thought. She crawled around to Dalton's side, and curled herself around him. He felt nice and warm.

"Dalton." she whispered in his ear, "I brought a bunch of rubbers..."

He laughed.

"We can take a blanket outside," she said.

"No, Candy, it's too cold. We can do it in here, back against the wall. Nobody'll mind."

Candy didn't really mind. She knew it was pretty dark in there, even with the fire. And so what, she'd fucked around with an audience present before. She slowly kissed Dalton, hoping she didn't still have barfy breath. He kissed back. Ah, good.

Even though Candy and Dalton started first, Herb and Victoria passed them fairly quickly. The two of them were soon rolling around on the quilt, and Victoria had her top off. The other boys giggled and watched, getting a nice show in the dim firelight. Candy felt kind of sorry for the other guys, because they didn't have girlfriends.

She kissed Dalton, breathing through his nose, and felt his warm hands slide up beneath her bra. Ahhh, he felt so good, his flesh on hers, he felt so soft and warm. He squeezed her nipples, pushing his fingers in he center of them, inverting them. He finally pulled her shirt up and her bra down and began sucking on them. She sighed, and relaxed, loving the feel of his hands and lips on her body.

A few feet away, Victoria and Herb pulled apart for a moment, and Victoria lay on her back and kicked her jeans off. She was already topless, and in a few seconds she was bottomless, too. Candy giggled. That girl. Victoria did not waste time, ever. Candy knew that Victoria had gone on the pill before she had, and she hoped that it was active, now. Right now, because she knew they were going to do it tonight. They were definitely going to fuck.

She kissed Dalton again, watching with one eye as Herb had a hurried consultation with David and Roscoe. Now, that was interesting. David slowly began to slide his jeans down, whispering to Roscoe. Victoria, Candy thought. That girl. She's gonna take them both on. Lord. Candy giggled helplessly.

And that's just what she did. Herb positioned himself in front, and Victoria took his cock in her mouth. David got behind her, and somewhat nervously pressed his hard cock into her pussy. Candy wondered if he was a virgin. She could see him trembling, even in the dim firelight. Maybe he was just excited, she thought. She met Dalton's eye, and nodded thoughtfully. She wondered if what occurred to her would occur to him. To be gracious hosts, they should really invite Roscoe to join them. Victoria and Herb had taken on David, after all. Candy wondered if Dalton could handle it. She wondered how good of a friend he was with Roscoe. She hadn't been aware that David and Herb even knew each other. They had seemed to get chummy pretty quick, when the fucking started.

Dalton finally leaned into her, and put his mouth to her ear. He said two simple words, "should we?"

She laughed silently. At least he was considerate enough to ask. She leaned into him, "baby, it's up to you. I don't care."

Dalton yawned, and stretched. He looked at his watch. He motioned to Roscoe, sitting across the fire. Roscoe looked puzzled. He met Dalton halfway around the fire, and nodded thoughtfully as Dalton talked.

Dalton returned to Candy's side. He layed her down onto the blanket behind her, and kissed her gently. He reached down and unsnapped her jeans, and unzipped them. She helped him take them off. She slid her sweater off, and unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. Dalton and Roscoe had both stood, and were taking off their clothes. Soon the three of them were naked. Roscoe joined Candy and Dalton on the quilt. Her nipples prickled in the cold air, hardening. She had goose bumps on her butt.

Roscoe met her eye. "Thank you," he mouthed, and she smiled at him. I ain't done nothin' yet, she thought. She crawled forward on her hands and knees, reaching into her pants pocket and withdrawing a condom which she handed to Roscoe. He was no first timer, he tore the package open and rolled the rubber onto his dick, which was now good and hard. Dalton was nice and hard too, she could see, and she turned to him and sucked his cock into her mouth, feeling it's familiar shape, loving it. She didn't care what went on behind her, she was happy to have Dalton in her mouth.

She surfaced for a moment, and felt Roscoe pounding her from behind. She heard a funny whining noise, and looked over to see Victoria cumming, hard, and David pounding her ass. Herb was still stuffed down her throat. She sucked hard on Dalton, and felt his prostate clench and unclench. She knew he was close to cumming. She knew she'd get a mouthful from him.

She came, almost by surprise, as Roscoe wailed away on her. A wave of warmth flooded her body. It was intense. God, that feels good, she thought. It don't matter who does it. It feels good.

Dalton began to cum, in her mouth. In his usual way, squirt after squirt filled her mouth, and she gulped and swallowed as fast as she could. Squirt after squirt. Jeezus. She loved him and his cum, and the way he came. It was fun, she thought. It was magic.

Victoria, Herb and David were worn out, and all three laid in a big lump on the quilt. Candy thought she could almost see steam rising from their bodies. Roscoe finally slowed, and stopped. He pulled out of her, stripped the rubber off his dick, and tied it in a knot. He threw it at David, just screwing around. David threw it in the fire, and the room filled up with the smell of burning rubber. Ugh. Candy giggled. She felt warm and satiated. She felt full, at the moment. I can never get enough of that, though, she thought. There will always be room for more. Dalton lay down beside her, and gently lay a quilt over her. She felt safe and warm. She cuddled into his arms, loving him, loving the feeling of him next to her. This had been a good idea, she thought, except for those goddam wine coolers.


She woke, early in the morning. She was freezing. She burrowed down into the quilt, trying to get closer to Dalton, trying to steal his warmth. Finally the rest of them woke, and they all dressed as quickly as they could in the sub-zero air. The fire had burned out long ago. As soon as Candy got her clothes on she wrapped back up in a quilt, and Victoria took one too. I feel like shit, Candy thought, I need a hot shower, a couple of aspirins, and a goddam toothbrush. Jeezus. Last night was fun but this morning sucks.

She finally got her shoes on, and the six of them stumbled down the mountain to the cars, the girls still wrapped in the blankets. Victoria and Herb parted ways as soon as they were out of the hills, and they dropped David and Roscoe off at their respective houses.

"Shit," Candy said, for no reason. Just shit. She pulled Dalton's arm over and looked at his watch. Just eight o'clock? She needed about four more hours of sleep. In a warm bed. In a warm house.

"Candy. Just come home with me," Dalton said. "We can snooze in my bed for a while."

"Really. What will your parents think."

"Only my mom's there, now, my dad bailed last month. She won't care."


Dalton parked the car, and Candy followed him into the house. The front door wasn't even locked. He didn't try and be quiet or anything, he just went to his room, and shut the door after her. The house was tiny and drab, in a crappy neighborhood. She had been right about Dalton, she thought. Proud tradition of bottom feeders. Well, this would just be all the better when he made something of himself, she thought. When I make something of him.

He didn't have a bed, just an old beat-up couch against the wall. She lay down and he lay behind her, and wrapped her in his arms after he covered the two of them with a thick thermal blanket. She finally felt warm. Warm, and comfortable. When she woke up it was almost noon, and he was stirring around. They got up, and Candy asked where the bathroom was. He showed her, and she washed her face in lovely steaming hot water. She finally felt alive again.

He led her to the tiny kitchen, where his mom sat, reading the paper and smoking a cigarette. A half-empty bottle of whiskey sat on the table beside her. Cool, Candy thought. Whiskey, for breakfast. Candy nodded at Dalton's introduction, and his mom nodded back. She blew a cloud of smoke to the ceiling.

"What'd you kids do last night?"

Dalton laughed. "We went to the Cherokee shack. We spent the night there with David and Roscoe and two others, friends of Candy's. We drank some wine coolers and the girls puked their guts up."

Candy laughed, but she was embarrassed, and a little nervous. His mom just laughed. She didn't seem to worried about the threat of under-aged drinking.

"Yeah, that shit'll get you," she finally said. Candy and Dalton giggled.

"Look," said Mrs. Weir. She held the paper for Dalton to see. "Your dad's headed for the big house again. He was in the middle of that shit that went down in Fairview last month."

Dalton nodded, and then turned to Candy, "when you need to go home?"

"Just whenever," Candy said, wondering what the big house was.

"Mom, can I..."

"Sure," Mrs. Weir said. "Sure."

Dalton nodded to Candy, "just let me know."


They watched TV for a few hours, curled up on the couch, and then Dalton took her home. She took a lovely shower, sitting forever under the hot water, shaved her legs and crotch, and then she dressed in fresh clothes, and went in search of Victoria.

Victoria was right at home where she belonged, sound asleep. Candy woke her up and dragged her out of bed and down the stairs to the hot tub. They stripped and jumped in. Within a few minutes her parents joined them, to Candy's delight. The girls told them a heavily censored version of the night's activities, leaving out any mention of drinking, sex, or spending the night in a hogan. There wasn't actually much left to tell after that, though. Victoria did mention that she'd gotten sick and "puked her guts up", and Candy had a hard time keeping a straight face.

"Well, maybe it was something you ate or drank," said Mrs. Decker. Yeah, thought Candy, maybe it was something you drank. She giggled some more.

Mr. Decker had looked fine getting in the hot tub. Candy realized by now that his cock never actually went all the way down. It was always partially hard, semi-erect. Candy just hungered more and more for it. She somehow just had to be fucked by him, she thought. She owed that to herself. It was a matter of national pride. Of her pride. Of pussy pride. Shit.

"Mrs. Decker," She finally said, during a lull in the conversation. Mrs. Decker looked at her expectantly.

"I just wanted to tell you about that deal with my uncle," Candy said.

"Yes, dear! How did it work out?" Mrs. Decker seemed very interested.

"It didn't. He couldn't justify it or whatever. He said he couldn't face my mother if he did it, since she's his sister. He had major issues, just like you said."

"I see, dear. Well, I'm sorry, I know it meant a lot to you. You just have to accept that it was the right thing for him to do. Maybe not the right thing for you, but the right thing for him."

Goddam, thought Candy, I am such a good liar. I should be a politician or something. I am so fucking believable. She glanced at Victoria, to see Victoria smiling broadly, her face tilted down to the water. She knows, though, Candy thought. Shit. She knows. Well, if she knows, there's no sense in keeping it a secret from her, at least. We'll deal with that later.

"Yeah," said Candy. "It's really made me sad and morose and had a bad influence on my grades and stuff, but I'm trying to get over it. I'm trying to choose a new person for my first time, now. I want somebody special, somebody who is really outstanding and unusual, and nice and has a good body... and maybe who has a special... well, who is manly in a special sort of way."

"Well, darling, I hope you find your special person. The world is full of special nice men, as well as creeps. It's just a matter of sorting them out. Just don't rush into anything."

"Well, I'm kind of taking advice right now, I'm asking my friends if they know anyone that meets my requirements."

Mrs. Decker giggled a little bit. "Darling, you are wise beyond your years. I wish you good luck and success in this endeavor."

"My first requirement is, it must be an older gentleman, who will be wise and gentle and understanding. Then, he must have a good body, not that that's the most important thing, but years later I'll want to remember him that way, rather than some obese hog."

"Understandable," Mrs. Decker was really getting into this, Candy thought. She looked at Victoria, who rolled her eyes. Victoria knew exactly where this was headed.

"And he needs to be kind, and gentle and understanding like I said. And polite. That's partly why he must be quite a bit older than me, too. To be polite. And thoughtful. And... I hate to say this last part..."

"Yes, dear? Yes?" Mrs. Decker leaned towards Candy. Victoria gave some kind of cough or snort thing.

"He must have a spectacular, fantastic larger-than-normal... organ... so that when I'm old I'll have special memories of the whole thing."

"Dear, that is a very good plan. You are very wise to set such high standards for yourself, for something so... momentous, for something so special for you. It is indeed sad that your uncle doesn't know what he's missing. You are a very special young lady. Victoria, take some lessons from this girl. She is going to go far, as well as she's planning her life out."

They settled back into the water. Candy thought, Jeezus, do I have to just come out and spell it out? It looked like she did. Jeezus.

"Tom. Tom!" Mrs. Decker said. Her husband seemed to be in some kind of trance, and he shook his head and looked at her the second time she spoke his name.

"Tom, may I speak to you in confidence for a moment?" Mrs. Decker said.

"Sure," her husband mumbled, and scooted across the tub, placing his head next to her ear.

She mumbled to him for a minute. Candy looked at Victoria and winked, and Victoria had another fit of the coughs.

"Well, it's your choice, dear. I personally don't care either way," Mr. Decker finally said, sitting back down next to Candy. She felt his hip touch hers, and electricity shot through her body. She thought, shit, you old fart. You do care. You know you wanna do sweet adorable little me. You know you wanna poke it in my sweet adorable little cunt.

"Candy. Dearest child," Mrs. Decker leaned towards her.

"Yes, ma'am," Candy said, trying to look respectful.

"Have you spoken to your parents about this? What do they think?"

"Well... I don't have a father... and I couldn't say anything to my mother because up until now it involved my Uncle Mike... but I know she loves me and wants whatever I want for me. Except for doing it with Uncle Mike probably."

"Candy. What is your timetable on this? When do you feel like it must happen? You are... how old?"

"I'm almost sixteen, Mrs. Decker," Candy lied. "I don't really have a schedule... but I feel a lot of pressure. It's different for us kids nowadays. We are forced to begin at an earlier age. Peer pressure and stuff."

"I know, dear, and isn't that terrible. Let's just let the kids be kids, right?"

"Well, I mean... I think it needs to happen soon before I do something dumb and just settle for a quickie in the back of a car or something."

"Oh, dear, you mustn't just throw it away like that! I have an idea!"

"Yes, Ma'am?" Candy looked up hopefully. And she really was hopeful, too, she wasn't faking that part.

"I think I know... just the perfect man for your first time. He is gentle, and sweet, and thoughtful, and considerate. I know this for a fact, since... I am married to him!"

Candy put on her best dumb face, and stared at Mrs. Decker. "You... are... married to him?"

"Yes, dear, I'm talking about Tom. My husband. Sitting next to you, silly."

"Oh, Mrs. Decker, I don't know... I don't know about that..." Candy turned and looked at him. He stared solemnly back at her. With the eye that she knew was hidden from Mrs. Decker she slowly, deliberately winked at him. He was good, she thought. He didn't react in any fashion whatsoever. He's good.

"Come now, dear, I know him better than anyone in the world. We have been married over twenty years, and he is the sweetest man in the world. He has allowed me to do things... unusual things for a married couple. He has never failed me. I know he would be sweet and considerate with you, on your first time. I know that he would feel honored. And, he's been clipped... no fear of babies. You really must consider doing it with him. It's just a perfect match."

"Mrs. Decker, I respect your marriage with Mr. Decker too much to do something like that. What if it caused problems between you two?"

"Candy, dear... you must understand something about Mr. Decker and myself... we have what is called an "open marriage." We allow each other, on special occasions, to have... relations with others than ourselves. We feel it keeps the spark alive in our marriage. Why, just several months ago I had a small affair with our insurance agent." Mrs. Decker stopped and giggled self-consciously. "In fact, I owe Tom one, for that very reason. It is his turn, now. This is destiny, Candy, Karmic destiny at work. You simply must choose him, if you're going to do this."

"Well... let me think about it a minute..."

Candy put her head down, and tried to look like she was thinking. Mrs. Decker waited impatiently. God, thought Candy, this woman wants me to fuck her husband NOW. NOW, dammit. She almost burst into giggles. She could see Victoria shaking silently at the other side of the tub. Shit.

"Victoria, dear, are you okay?" Mrs. Decker said.

"I have something caught in my throat," said Victoria gagging a little bit. Candy stared at the bubbling water in front of her.

"Mrs. Decker. You are right, as usual. This was probably meant to happen... by some higher power or something..."

"That's exactly what I think too, dear," Said Mrs. Decker.

"I will do it, under one condition."

"What is that, dear?"

"You must stay with me... in case something goes wrong, or I need help, or something."

"Oh, child, I will be glad to stay with you through it! We must help and support each other in situations like these!"

"Well... when would be a good time?" said Candy, playing dumb as best she could.

"Oh, anytime. But it must be when you are ready, dear. This is all about you. Would you feel better if you meditated on it some more?"

"Well... I already have kinda... I think I'm as ready as I'll get... but I'll leave it up to you guys..."

"Tom?" Mrs. Decker asked, he looked nonplussed.

"Whenever," he finally said. Victoria had another coughing spell.

"Could we just do it here?" Candy asked. "I mean, we're already naked..."

"Good idea," said Mrs. Decker. She stood. Not bad, Candy thought, looking at her again, objectively. Not bad for an old broad. She kind of wondered what it looked like when the Deckers started makin' bacon. Well, that question, like so many others, could be answered easily enough.

"Mrs. Decker," Candy said. Mrs. Decker turned, her eyebrows raised. "Could you... would you... first, before I do anything, would you guys do it a little? Just so I could see how to do it? I mean, I've never really seen people do it before."

"Dear child. You are so wise to have avoided all the porns floating about on the internet. That stuff is just ruining the country. Of course we'll show you. Right, Tom?"

Mr. Decker had a little coughing spell himself at that point. Apparently something was going around.

"I just thought," Candy said. "I just thought maybe we could lay there, on the top?" She indicated the cover of the hot tub, laying behind Mrs. Decker, angled up to almost shoulder height.

"That is a very good idea, dear," Mrs. Decker said, and lay back on it, wiggling around a bit to get comfortable. Her pale ass hung slightly over the edge, almost in the water.

"Tom!" Mrs. Decker spoke with complete authority. "Prepare your penis!"

Mr. Decker shook his head, and glanced down at Candy. I hope he's not peeved at me, she thought. How the hell could be be, though. She'd basically gotten him a fuck. A nice teen-aged fuck. Well, she'd gotten herself a fuck, but he was gonna benefit from it, too. She wanted to giggle so bad she couldn't hardly stand it. She looked at Victoria. Victoria had now placed her face straight down in the water, up to ears. Her shoulders were shaking.

Mr. Decker stood, and casually ran his hands up and down his long, beautiful penis. Candy reached out and took over, shoving his hands aside. She jacked him, loving the feel of his long, hardening cock. He had such a beautiful one. I have you now, my pretty, she thought. And your little dog, too.

When he was sufficiently hard, he stepped forward, and Mrs. Decker spread her legs. She has a hell of a hairy snatch, Candy thought.

"Okay, dear, pay attention. You will, of course, soon be laying here instead of myself. Spread your legs, and prepare yourself to feel the invasive organ intrude upon your womanhood. It will feel very pleasurable, although, since it is your first time, you will feel a slight pain as your hymen is ruptured. We will ask Tom to be especially slow and gentle during that first push inwards. And I ask that you not be alarmed if there is a slight amount of blood."

The woman's voice droned on and on. God, thought Candy, she can make this boring? She can even make sex boring? Jeezus. Pick it up. Cut to the chase. Lord.

"Mrs. Decker," Candy interrupted. "I had a gyno exam once and they said I don't have a hymen. Gymnastics class popped it."

"I see, I see. Well, that will make it much easier and less painful for you. And no unsightly bloody streaks. Where was I?"

Blah, blah, blah Candy thought. Jeezus. Let's hope it's worth suffering through this shit. She glanced at Victoria, who finally seemed to have gotten herself under control. She was even watching, with some interest, as her father, under instruction from her mother, fitted his hard and fabulous cock into Mrs. Decker's vagina. That's not a pussy, or a cunt, Candy told herself. That's a vagina.

"Tom, push in, and give me a few strokes. All the way in, dear."

Tom dutifully slid his penis deep into his wife's body. Mrs. Decker shivered and twitched.

"Oh, goodness," she said. "That does feel spectacular. You are simply wonderful, dear. I am so lucky."

He pumped a few more times. Candy watched, trying to look fascinated and absorbed. She was, kind of.

"Does it hurt at all?" she asked Mrs. Decker.

"Not a single bit, dear. You must not fear pain, though. Sometimes we must suffer small amounts of pain, when the reward is great. Tom is a very skillful lover. The reward will be great, with him, I promise you."

"Good," said Candy, "That's what I want, something great."

"Oh, child. This will be great," Mrs. Decker shooed her husband away, and slid herself down off the cover.

"Are you ready, my dear? Do you feel ready?"

"I don't know... I guess... I'm just nervous..."

"Well, don't be. Tom and I are going to take good care of you."

Candy turned and sat on the cover, and slid herself up until she could feel her butt hanging over the edge. She lay back, and spread her legs as wide as she could. She saw Mr. Deckers eyebrows raise as he admired her young cunt. She knew he was seeing a cute one. And so smooth and silky soft, after that hairy mess he'd just been in...

"I guess I'm ready. Mrs. Decker, would you please hold my hand?"

Mrs. Decker seized Candy's right hand and clasped it to her bosom.

"Have no fear, child. You are in our capable and caring hands!"


Mr. Decker was a fine fuck, Candy realized quickly. He did his dick justice. His dick was hard, unwavering. His strokes were smooth, deep... and damn, he just had style. Or something. He had gently pushed into her the first time, taking a minute or more to fill her completely. Mrs. Decker had directed him like a conductor plays an orchestra. She wondered if he actually thought this was her first time. Candy had moaned and groaned as he began to slowly pump her, some of it pretend, but much of it real. She felt, way too quickly, the familiar tightening in the backs of her legs that told her she was going to have an orgasm.

"Oh, stop for a minute, please," she said, and Mrs. Decker motioned for her husband to stop.

"When I have a... what is it called? An orginasm?"

"Orgasm, dear. When you climax, it's called an orgasm."

"Yes, that. When I have an orgasm, can we keep going so I can have two or three or however many? Just so it's extra special and I can remember it forever?"

"Oh, of course, what a good idea! Yes, Tom, when she climaxes, just keep going. We'll give her as many as she can take! She'll remember this forever!"

That's the fucking truth, Candy thought. Jeezus. She nodded, and Mrs. Decker motioned for Mr. Decker to begin pumping again. He did, gently at first, then pounding more insistently. When his wife turned and reached for her mocha, he winked at Candy, slowly and deliberately, like she had done to him. She stifled a giggle, and relaxed. Her tits bounced forward and backwards as he pounded her. He reached down and steadied them for her, holding them gently, pinching her hard nipples. He was a good fuck. Lord, he was a good fuck. Remember this forever? Shit. That was for goddam sure.

Victoria finally came and stood on her other side, and grasped her other hand.

"Are you okay, darling?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, very," Said Candy, "I feel full... I feel... very pleasurable."

"Good, good." said Mrs. Decker and Victoria, at the same time. Candy smiled up at Mr. Decker. He was very sweet to put up with all this shit, she thought. She felt a little sorry for him, imagining what life must be like with Mrs. Decker. She was glad she was able to do this for him, as well as herself. She knew that no matter what, he was probably enjoying himself.


The first orgasm almost caught her by surprise. She jerked and twitched, and came, feeling the long slow explosion start in her cunt and spread outwards. Her legs twitched and her head pounded on the tub cover beneath her.

"Oh, goodness," she finally said, "Oh my goodness. Heavens! Shit! Oh, sorry..."

Mrs. Decker nodded curtly, "That's okay dear. Just run with it. You are a woman, now. I am so glad we were able to do this."

"Me too," said Candy, snuffling and hiccuping. Mr. Decker pounded away, never slowing or even changing his rhythm. Give me three more minutes, she thought, and number two will be here. Victoria squeezed her hand.


Candy had totally lost count. She remembered the other night, when Dawnielle had made her cum those countless times. She was just about as exhausted. She felt sorry for poor Mr. Decker, bad enough that she finally just waved her hands, and said, "stop!"

"Are you okay, dear?" Mrs. Decker said. Candy thought even she looked a little haggard.

"I think that's enough," Candy said, "I'm starting to get a little sore down there."

"Well, darling, you did wonderful. You truly are a big girl now. And Tom, you did a wonderful thing for this girl, you should be proud."

"Yes, I am," said Mr. Decker, smiling down at Candy. He gently pulled his penis out of her body, giving her one last shiver. She sat up kissed him, a nice long kiss, right on the lips. She'll give me that, Candy thought, the mood she's in right now? She'll give me that.

She kissed Mrs. Decker also, feeling some gratitude to the woman for being willing to share, open marriage or not.

The four of them settled back into the hot tub, and Candy felt like she was melting. She always felt like that after an orgasm. Jeezus. And she'd just had a shitload of them.

Mrs. Decker had to still talk about it a while, and Candy tried to tell the woman what she thought she wanted to hear. Candy had enjoyed it immensely, she didn't have to fake that part. And, she'd remember it forever, that was a sure thing, too.

Candy glanced at Victoria, who looked kind of sad. As Candy watched, a huge fat tear left the corner of Victoria's eye, and streaked down her face. Mrs. Decker saw Candy watching Victoria, and glanced at her also.

"Oh, darling," she said, taking Victoria in her arms, "what's the matter? Are you feeling left out?"

"Mom... dad..." Victoria hiccuped, honest-to-goodness tears streaming down her cheeks. "I wanna feel that great too! I wanna have orginasms too!"


Later, as they lay in Victoria's bed in each other's arms, Candy asked Victoria if she'd really been crying.

"Hell yeah," said Victoria. "I did what I always do, when I need to cry. I thought about Mr. Sniffles."

"Who the hell is Mr. Sniffles?" Candy asked.

"My kitten that died, when I was little. It's the saddest thing ever. It always makes me cry," Victoria said. Shit, thought Candy, I need something like that. She knew how powerful tears were. It had even worked on her, until Victoria had winked at her as Mr. and Mrs. Decker argued the virtues of him fucking their daughter. Mrs. Decker finally won, since he hadn't put up that much of a fight, and finally Mr. Decker slid his pecker into his third cunt of the day. His own daughter's cunt.

Candy, in spite of just coming down from a half dozen or so orgasms, had another small one as she watched the man fuck his own daughter. And Victoria came, again and again. Jeezus. There had been no mention of hymens or blood or anything with her, although he did take the first stroke slow, like he had with Candy... but Jeezus, after that he just fucked the shit out of her. Like he had Candy. Candy wondered if he would fuck the shit out of his wife, tonight. And, he'd got to cum inside Victoria, unlike Candy. He'd cum hard, gasping and groaning, his knees buckling, squirting a gallon of goo deep into the girl. She was amazed he had it in him. He truly was a beast.

"Victoria. Your dad fucked you," Candy said, savoring the feel of the words, feeling the raw, sensual power in them. She wished for a moment she had a dad, so he could fuck her. Uncle Mike is good enough, though, she told herself. And he does fuck me. He has before, and he will again. I do so solemnly swear, on a stack of Necronomicons.

Victoria giggled, "My dad fucked me. How cool is that?" she asked.

"Pretty goddam fucking cool," said Candy. "And your mom made him do it."

"Yeah. Thanks, Candy. That was good idea you had."

"Yeah. It was. It was."


That Wednesday, Mr. Hardy cashed in his fuck. Candy knew he wouldn't be able to save it that long. She slid out of her skirt and blouse, and took her bra and panties both off, glorying in being naked, even in the cramped little office. She started to lay on his desk, but he motioned her to crawl up on it, instead.

"Darling. I wanna lick your asshole first."

Ah, okay. She crawled up and dropped her chest to the desk, sticking her ass in the air. She felt his hands on her ass as he spread her cheeks apart, and then felt his tongue on her holiest of holies. God, she loved having her ass eaten out. She loved the symbolism of it, the raw power of it. And the sensations of it. It tickled, in a good way. It just felt damn sexy, to feel a tongue on her asshole. She knew he wouldn't be able to resist sticking his tongue in it. No one could, not even the girls could when they ate her ass out. Holes must be probed, for some reason. It's instinctive or something, she thought.

Mr. Hardy was no exception. In just a minute he'd curled his tongue up, and was driving it deep into her asshole, past her sphincter. She knew she tasted good, she'd tasted her own asshole just last night, on her finger. She liked the taste of assholes for some reason. They tasted like sex to her, like raw sex. They smelled and tasted like sex.

She closed her eyes, and wondered what Dalton was doing. And Victoria, and Joycelyn. Joycelyn was going to start work at the Taco Factory next Monday, that will be fun, she thought. Poor Mr. Hardy.

She had no idea how much time had gone by. Mr. Hardy was now licking down near her cunt, as best he could. She liked to feel his tongue on her perineum, and she knew it tasted good, a lot like asshole. She thought of Dawnielle, and wondered when she'd get to meet the girl again. Soon, she hoped.

Mr. Hardy was finally ready. Candy painstakingly turned herself over and his desk, trying not to fall in the floor. She spread her legs wide, and he leaned down for a few minutes, and licked her little clit until she came, shivering and shaking, moaning and groaning. God I love to cum, she thought. Nothing is better. Nothing is more fun.

He finally was done screwing around, and pushed his hard cock into her body. I'm just a fucktoy, she thought, to this man, who thinks he loves me, and actually might, right now I'm just a fucktoy. Of course, that was all she'd let herself be, to him. And I don't mind, she thought. So what. I'll be a fucktoy.

She sighed, and breathed deeply. Mr. Hardy pounded away. She felt another orgasm start, deep inside her. She straightened her legs out, and rested her feet on a shelf behind him. This beats the hell out of making tacos, she thought. This one's a freebie, because he's paying for my pills, but at least I'm still on the clock. I'm getting a dollar over minimum wage just to fuck. Mr. Hardy had given her a dollar raise last Friday, damn. I am his favorite, she thought. Of course I'm his fucking favorite, I'm fucking him. Well, she thought that Louise was fucking him too by now, but she didn't figure Louise got a raise. And Louise didn't spend near the time locked in his office that Candy did.

He finally came, spraying cum deep inside her body, sighing and moaning himself. He almost lay on top of her, his eyes closed, his body relaxed, until she giggled and pushed at him. He crawled off her, and put his cock back in his pants, shaking his head.

"Candy, Candy, my dear sweet Candy. How glad I am you work for me, sweet Candy."

She giggled. "Mr. Hardy, how many of your girls have you fucked, over the years?"

He paused, his eyes rolling up as he calculated. "Probably... and this is just an educated guess. Probably sixteen or seventeen."

"Goddam." Candy was surprised. That was a lot. "And you've never... had problems because of it?"

"Oh, hell." He said. "Almost every one. You, dear Candy, have been the most trouble-free of them all. And you've been the longest, probably. That's part of why I love you so much."

"Really." That was interesting. "Problems like what?"

"Jealousy, greed, blackmail attempts, false claims of pregnancy, angry parents... all kinds of problems..."

She giggled. "And yet, you still try. You still do the things you do."

"I am a weak man, Candy. I cannot resist the charms of young ladies. And you, my dear, are the most charming of them all. Can you imagine how lonely and sad my life would be if you wouldn't have come along?"

"Hah hah, Mr. Hardy. You would have found another, if it wasn't me."

"Maybe, but she wouldn't have been as sweet and special as you. Candy. I love you, dear. I really love you. You make me wish I was twenty years younger. I love you so much it hurts, sometimes."

Crazily enough, she felt a tear in the corner of her eye, and she gave him a quick hug, and kissed him before she darted back out into the shop. Shit, she thought, I was just curious. I didn't mean to start a fucking tearfest.


Thursday night, when she got home from school, Mrs. Marillo called, looking for someone to watch Roger and Cindy. Candy instantly volunteered, her mind churning. This might be fun, she thought.

She got there, and Mrs. Marillo said she was going out for the evening. She winked at Candy, and Candy winked back, and told her to stay out as late as she wished. Candy told her that she'd probably spend the night, rather than getting up and going home. If that's the case, Mrs. Marillo had said, it'll probably be after two before I'm home. That was fine with Candy.

She played games with the kids, and watched TV. Finally she got Cindy through the bathroom, and tucked her into bed while Roger took his bath. Cindy was finally snoozing when Roger emerged from the bathroom, and said goodnight to Candy.

"Oh, no, it's not good night quite yet." Candy whispered to him, and followed him to his room. She looked at his alarm clock. She was a little worried about his mom coming home early, but the power of her horniness was stronger than the power of her fear.

"Roger." She sat on his bed, and drew him to her. She whispered loudly, "Roger. Let's fuck!"

She knew it would freak him out a little, and sure enough it did. He got an almost panicked look on his face. She giggled, and slid her shirt off. Her bra followed. He was watching her with interest, now, though. She kicked her jeans off, and dropped her panties.

"Roger. Wanna smell my panties?" She asked, holding them out to him. He grabbed them and held them to his face, drawing her beautiful scent into his nostrils.

"You can do that with Cindy's panties." She told him, and he sheepishly smiled.

"I already do." He said, and they both giggled.

"Panties smell like pussy. And pussy smells sexy." She said, and scooted backwards on his bed, spreading her legs. "Roger. Do you wanna lick my pussy?"

He did. He approached it slowly, looking at it, now spread wide. He slowly dropped his face to it, and gave it a tentative lick, right on her clit. She shivered.

"Yeah... right there..." She whispered. The next ten minutes were very enjoyable to her. And probably to him. She knew she tasted good. She always tasted good. Roger, beginner that he was, did a fair job of eating pussy. He licked all up and down her slit, always coming back to her clit.

"Roger." She finally hissed. "Get undressed."

He just had on his pajamas, and he dropped them to the floor. His little prick was hard, and stood straight out, pink and red. She stopped for a few moments and leaned down to draw it into her mouth. It was small, but it was still fun to suck on, she thought. She could suck his dick and his balls both in her mouth. She played around for a while, and then remembered what this was all about.

"Roger. It's time to fuck!" She whispered. She leaned back, drawing him over on top of her. His small body lay on top of her, reminding her of Joycelyn. She spread her legs wide, and reached down and grasped his small penis. She guided it to her cunt, and it slid halfway inside her easily.

"Roger," she said, "Just start pumping." He did, slowly at first, then speeding up as he felt the friction on his dick. She could feel him, not like Victoria's dad, or Dr. Crim, but she could still feel his little cock inside her. Good, she thought, I'm still tight. Roger began pumping faster, and breathing deeply. Candy could tell he was going to cum. She fingered her clit, hoping she had an orgasm too, and was rewarded with one quickly. Roger went "Aaahhh..." about that time, and she could tell he had came inside her. He finally stopped pumping her, and just laid there, on top of her.

She put her arms around him and rolled half-way over, and just lay there, holding him.

"Was it good, darling?" She asked, and he nodded a beautific smile on his face. She finally crawled down his body, and took his cock in her mouth, slurping his sperm off it, cleaning it.

She looked at the clock, paranoid again, and finally got up and got dressed. He just laid there. She finally sat on the side of his bed, and idly played with his little cock while they talked.

"Roger." She finally said. "Any time you wanna fuck, just ask me. And if you have friends spend the night, I'll fuck them, too. I like to fuck. It's my hobby."

He nodded, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Candy." He said. "I love you. I wanna marry you."

She giggled. "Roger. Someday you'll meet a girl who'll make you forget all about me. But, until then, I'll fuck you. Okay?"

"Okay." He said. She finally pulled herself away, and went to Cindy's room. She stripped down to her panties, and crawled in bed with the sleeping girl. She wrapped her arms around the child, and soon was asleep herself.


Friday night Dalton got his mother's car again. They headed out of town, and drove almost twenty miles, down to Ragsdale. They ate at a drive-in, and then Dalton headed back out of town.

"Candy. I want to show you something very cool. My dad used to take me here, years ago. He knew the rancher that owned the place. That guy has since died, but I think his son owns the place now. We'll go by there, and make sure it's okay to visit the cave. The spring."

"Another cave? Is this like Love Cave?"

"No, nothing like it. I'm not gonna tell you, I want to surprise you."

They drove far out into the hills, and turned onto a dirt road. A dilapidated farmhouse sat near the road, and Dalton pulled into the driveway. Almost immediately, before they could get out of the car, a man exited the house, carrying a shotgun.

"Oh, shit." Said Dalton. The man approached. He didn't look angry or anything, but a shotgun always looks a little threatening.

"Kin I halp yew?" The man said, loosely holding the gun.

"Mr. Amberhoff?" Dalton said, and Candy was proud that his voice wasn't shaking or anything.

"Yes, yes I ahm." the man said, looking less threatening already.

"Mr. Amberhoff, you probably don't remember me, but I am Robert Weir's son. I came here with my father several times, many years ago."

"Yes, I remembar yew!" the man said, extending his hand. Well, good, thought Candy, we're old friends, now. That's always better than getting an assfull of buckshot. "Son, yore daddy was a verah good friend, of mine and mah pappy's. I ahm sorry that he's got troubles raht now. But, many years ago, he solved a big problem fore us. He made somebody... go away, somebody troublesome. Ah owe him big time. Yew are always welcome on mah land, son."

"Mr. Amberhoff, sir, I had hoped to show my girlfriend the spring in the mountain. I promise we won't take very long, or mess anything up."

"Of course, of course. Jest go raht on up thar."

The man leaned his shotgun on the fence, and drew a large ring of keys from his pocket. He pulled a key from the ring, and handed it over.

"We have tuh keep it locked now, because of thuh kids from town. Jest make shore yew lock it, when yew leave. And, son... whenever ah go in thuh spring, Ah take thuh lock with me, jest so nobody can use it tuh lock me in thar... understand? If ah don't come out when yew leave, jest put thuh key in thuh mailbox."

"Yes, sir. Thank you." Dalton put the key in his shirt pocket, and they drove out.

"Jeezus. That was scarey for a minute." Said Dalton, and Candy giggled. "Anyway. Candy... what he said? My dad killed a man for him once. For him and his father. That's what he meant by "go away". He didn't say it, but that's what he meant."

"Jeezus." Candy breathed. "Did he go to jail?"

"Not for that. He's been to jail for shit, but nobody ever found out about that one."


He drove down a dirt road behind the man's house, and into the hills. Five minutes later they drove up to a large stone escarpment. He parked the car, and pointed to a rusted iron door in the side of the mountain.

"That's it. Just like I remembered."

They approached, and Dylan unlocked the old padlock with the key. He put the padlock in his pants pocket like Mr. Amberhoff had advised. He opened the huge door, with a screetch of dry, rusted hinges.

"Well, shit." Dalton said, and went back to the car, and returned with a flashlight. And, oddly, what looked like a towel. He flicked the flashlight on, and they entered the cave. Candy was nervous, but was instantly entranced once they were inside. Everywhere, on the walls and the ceiling, and even the floor in places, were millions of quartz formations. Lumpy, pointed, multi-faceted and sharp looking. The light from the flashlight glistened and reflected into a million points of light. It was enchanting. The underground room was huge, and echoes from their voices and footsteps seemed to take minutes to die away.

"Dalton!" Candy said, hearing her voice come back to her in a thousand echoes. "It's beautiful!"

He led her further into the cave. "It gets better."

After a few hundred feet, they came out into a wide room that was full of water. An underground lake, literally. Dalton's flashlight would barely reach up to the ceiling, much less the end of the room. Candy could imagine it going on and on, around the world. She was captivated by the sheer beauty of the place.

They stood on the shallow shore, and looked out over the placid water. Hundreds of drops of water dripped from the ceiling, disturbing the water below. It was breathtaking.

"Candy. It's cold. But we have to go in. Just so we can say we did. Come on." Dalton began to take his clothes off. Candy watched for a moment, bemused, then slowly began to undress.

He was right. Jeezus, the water was cold. The bottom fell off rapidly, and when it hit her stomach she couldn't breathe. Dalton held the flashlight high, over his head. Quartz formations far over their heads glistened and sparkled. Candy could hear the water dripping all around them. Dalton finally returned to the shore, and turned out the flashlight, laying it down.

The darkness was almost absolute, except for a tiny speck of light from the door, hundreds of feet away. It was getting dark outside, anyway. Dalton found Candy, and clasped her in his arms. He felt nice and warm. She was freezing, but the atmosphere, the spell of the place was incredible to her. The magic was powerful. She stood, waist deep in freezing water, and hugged Dalton to her naked body. She reached down and touched his shrunken penis, laughing at him.

"Candy. It's damn cold in here. He doesn't want to come out and play." Dalton said, embarrassed. Candy understood. It was fucking cold.

"Dalton. Do people... drink this? Are we swimming in somebody's drinking water?" She asked

"No, I don't think so. Only his cows. It's just a reservoir, from an underground spring.

She giggled, and grabbed his hand, and placed it between her legs. She peed, feeling warm for a second or two, and he giggled, feeling in on his hands. It was over too quickly. She was glad, at least, that she wasn't peeing in somebody's drinking water.

They finally went back to the shore. She was shivering.

"Shit," said Dalton. Candy could hear him slapping around on the rocks.

"What?" she said, wanting the towel, just to wrap up in.

"I can't find the flashlight," said Dalton. After a minute he located it. Candy was shivering pretty good by then, but he gave her the towel and she dried off. She dried him off, and then found a flat spot on the shore. She laid the towel out, and sat in the middle of it.

"Dalton. This is a special place. A place of earth power, of earth magic. We have to make love, and maybe take some of it with us. Can you wake him up now?" She couldn't bring herself to say "fuck" in the cave. She almost felt like she was in church or something. The place seemed sacred to her, holy.

"I think so, since we're out of the water. Actually, you could wake him up quicker."

She giggled. She knew what he meant. He turned the flashlight off, standing before her, and in the darkness she took his flaccid penis in her mouth. Mr. Penis began to awaken at last. Good, she thought.

He finally laid down on top of her. God, she thought, warmth, at last. He felt good on her.

"Dalton. Remember this," she whispered, "remember this moment. This is magic. We will have good times, and bad. But always remember this moment. And the magic."

He nodded. She couldn't see it, but she felt it. She felt his breath in her face. "Candy," he simply said, whispering, "I love you."

"I love you, darling."

He slid into her body with practiced ease, They were getting good at it, she thought. She heard the drips of water all around her, and she heard the echoes of the drips. Incredible. She was in love with the place. She wanted to live here, under ground... under a mountain. I wanna be a hobbit, she thought. Or a leprechaun. Even a fucking troll. Born on a mountain, raised in a cave...

She finally felt warm. Dalton felt good inside her... She knew this was going to be a good cum... she gave a little moan, and the slight echo of it caused her to giggle. The giggle echoed louder, and when she laughed the sound cascaded all around them. When she came the echoes and sounds were incredible, but strangely, not funny. It felt, or it sounded, profound to her. Deep. Almost spiritual. After they had dressed and walked back through the silent cave to the door, Candy turned, and Dalton shined the flashlight on the quartz formations one last time. So beautiful, she thought, so beautiful. No matter how crappy life gets, whether things go right or wrong, there will always be something beautiful here, locked in this cave, behind an iron door. Always.


They spent the night in Dalton's bedroom, curled up together on his couch. His mom was asleep on the living room couch, an empty bottle on the floor beside her. She didn't bother them. Candy awoke to find Dalton's face just inches from hers, watching her sleep. She laughed and kissed him, and got up to wash her face.

"We need to go to Wal-mart today, and buy me a toothbrush for your house," she said, and he nodded.

"Candy. This morning, let's go by the Chop Shop. I hear they're hiring."

"Okay," she mumbled, wondering if there was anything to eat in the house.

There wasn't. They had a biscuit for breakfast at Hadee's, and then they drove to the Chop Shop. They went in the back, in the shop, and Dalton talked to the man for a while. Candy went back outside, and stood in the warm sunlight, drawing energy from it like a sunflower.

When they got back in the car, Dalton laughed, "That man was way more interested in you than me. You should go to work there."

"In that dirty place? Shee-it. How do you know he was interested in me?"

"He asked me questions about you. And he never took his eyes off you."

"Maybe it'll help you get a job there," she said.


At lunch they went to the Taco Factory. Candy waved to the weekend crew, and Mr. Hardy invited them back to his office. Candy sat on Dalton's lap and talked to Mr. Hardy about business.

"I'm fixing to make Candy my afternoon slash evening manager," Mr. Hardy announced. That was news to Candy. She giggled.

"Candy is a very good manager," said Mr. Hardy. "she'll keep everybody in line. And she's very good at... juggling things... handling things..."

She eyed Mr. Hardy. She almost thought he was trying to say something naughty, there. He just looked innocent, though. She let him get by with it.


They drove out to the lake. Early afternoon, though. Once again, no one was there. Finally, Dalton dropped her off at her house, and left. She took a long nap, and finally walked over to Victoria's. They sat in the hot tub.

"What are you doing tonight?" asked Candy.

"Herb and I are going to Fairview, to the dance marathon. Wanna go?"

"I dunno. I think I'll stay home and try to seduce my uncle."

Victoria giggled.

"Candy." she said, "You have never told me the truth about your Uncle Mike. And because you've stopped talking about it, I think that you've done it with him. I'm sure of it. You don't have to tell me, but I'm sure of it."

"Vic. You're right, of course. Yes, we've done it. Twice now. And it was beautiful, everything I'd hoped for. But he made me promise never to tell anyone."

"How's that going?" Victoria giggled.

"Great, until this moment," Candy giggled back, "I could tell the other day you knew, though."

"Girl. You are good at getting what you want."

"Yeah. Yeah."


Candy's mom was gone for the weekend, again. Uncle Mike took her to the Bird Shack for dinner, and then they curled up on the couch. By the time ten o'clock rolled around she was on his lap, giggling and picking at him. She called her mom, and talked for a few minutes. All was well. She texted Dalton, and told him goodnight, and that she'd see him tomorrow.

Uncle Mike finally stretched, and got up. He stood in front of her, and reached down for her. She turned the TV off, and let him pull her up. He held her tight, her face on his shoulder. He smelled good. She felt happy, contented just to be held by him.

"Come on," He said, "let's take a shower, and go to bed."

Candy smiled. She knew what he meant. She knew exactly where she was going to sleep that night. In who's arms. Not that a whole lot of sleeping was gonna be done, she told herself. This was gonna be fun, she purred to herself. This was gonna be fun.


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