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My Brother My Lover (Brother/Sister Incest, Mf)

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on: October 22, 2014, 06:16:54 AM

Title         : My Brother My Lover

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Brother/Sister Incest, Mf

Date        : 20141022

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Synopsis : A young girl chooses her brother as her first straight sexual experience. Cookie-cutter teen sex.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.None of this shit happened. It's all made up. Teenagers don't really have sex. Dream on.


Dawnielle Standridge was excited. And a little scared. She had just turned sixteen, and she was fixing to take her driving test. She didn't have a car, but she knew her driver's license equaled freedom, for her. She didn't really have that many places to go, or that much need for freedom, but she was excited to get it, nonetheless. She just didn't want to blow it.

One of her friends already had her license, and had a car, even. Gloria. She had been coming and getting Dawnielle every morning, and taking her to school, and then back home. It was working out great. Dawnielle even helped her with gas money, every now and then.

Dawnielle lived at home, with her parents. Well, her dad and step-mom. And her older brother, Grayson. Grayson had been in college the last year, and was fixing to move out for the next school year. Dawnielle hated to see that happen, she knew that her step-mom would only have her to focus on, when that happened. Dawnielle and her step mom didn't get along all that good, they didn't out and out fight, but Dawnielle knew that the woman hardly ever approved of anything she did. It seemed like she was always on her back. Her dad didn't help much, he was always on the job. She wished her step-mom had a job. Or a hobby. Anything to keep her busy.

Dawnielle was a peculiar young lady. For someone so young, she'd had a lot of sexual experience. Mostly starting a few years ago, at a camp for girls she went to. And, experience only in certain things. She was still a virgin, she'd never had a penis enter her body. Well, her vagina, she'd actually been butt-fucked once by a friend's little brother. And cocks. Dawnielle had sucked a lot of cocks. She loved sucking cock, other than eating pussy and getting eaten, she loved sucking cocks the most. She didn't really like men or boys, but she loved sucking cocks. She knew she was weird like that. She accepted it. Most of her friends knew, by now, and she'd been lucky enough to have the special kind of friend that played around with her. She'd made it with Gloria and Jessica both, although she hadn't turned them away from boys, and her special friend, Lynette. She made out with Lynette every chance she got, usually once a month, at least. She had sucked Lynette's father's cock, and made out with her mom, too. Like I said, she had plenty of sexual experience.

Dawnielle felt like, though, that she needed to be fucked to finish her sexual dance card. She felt ready, she wanted to know what it felt like to have a cock in her body. She wanted to cum, from being fucked. She just could never come up with the right guy. She'd even considered some of her teachers, at school. And her dad, for god's sake. If her dad had been anything like Mr. Hester, Lynette's dad, she'd have done it. Actually, she'd even considered Mr. Hester, at one point. But, she wanted it to be the right person, the right and special person.


Dawnielle passed her driving test with flying colors, and got her license, to her satisfaction. Her step-mom, the stupid bitch, wouldn't let her drive her SUV, but the family did have one old car, her brother's first. It was an old Volkswagen, a bug, and it became Dawnielle's, kind of by default. She didn't like it that much, but, hey, it was wheels.


One Friday night, she drove over to Lynette's, and ended up spending the night. They attacked each other that night, licking and kissing and sucking, and brought each other to great orgasms that locked their knees and almost gave them cramps. They were pretty good at fucking around by now, and really good at fucking around with girls and each other. Randy, Lynette's little brother, had knocked on their door hopefully a few times, hoping to get in on the fun, but they ignored him.

"Dawnielle," said Lynette. "Does your brother still live at home?"

"Grayson? Yes, he'll be there another month or so, until summer break."

"You are lucky to have an older brother instead of a younger one. Younger ones are a pain in the ass."

They both giggled. Dawnielle knew how much Lynette fucked around with her little brother. He was fucking her steadily, now that her dad had popped her cherry.

"Yeah, Grayson is pretty cool," said Dawnielle.

"Dawny. You are still trying to find Mr. Right, right?" said Lynette.


"You live with him, girl. Your brother would be the perfect guy to pop your cherry. He's nice, and considerate, and a hard-body, for sure. He's hot. Why not do him? I'd do him in a second. I've been hot for him ever since I saw him."

"Oh, shit, Lynette," said Dawnielle, almost giggling at the idea of her and Grayson making out. Or Grayson and Lynette. "He's so straight-edge, he'd never fuck his sister. He'd just look at me like I was crazy."

"Does he have a girlfriend?"

"He's only ever had one that we know of. But they don't even see each other that much. It's really part-time."

"Well, damn, girl. He's ready for you. Put on a sexy nighty, and go to his room. Lounge around in front of him. Spread your legs a little. Let him see how sexy you are. Let nature take it's course."

"Shee-it. You don't know Grayson."

Dawnielle had even wondered at times if Grayson was gay, he seemed to have so little interest in girls. She'd stopped thinking that, though, when she used his computer one night, and found his stash of porn. There was no gay porn at all in it. Not even that many cock shots. Mostly just girls with their legs spread. That reassured her.


Still, she thought, the next day after she'd went home, Lynette kind of had a point. Grayson, when she looked at him objectively, and from a distance, was hot. He had a body like an athlete, trim, muscular, and hard. His face was much like hers, classic beauty, almost feminine, like those Greek statues of gods and athletes. He was good-looking guy. He didn't seem to know it, either, he wasn't snooty or arrogant or anything. She knew he'd even gone out with an ugly girl once because he felt sorry for her. He was an all-around nice guy.

Lynette had something, there, she decided. If, if only. She had no idea how Grayson really felt about her. Well, she knew he liked her, he was nice to her and all that, and he'd even defended her before in her low-key endless war with her step-mother. But did he like her, like that? Could she change his mind? Could she seduce him?


Dawnielle didn't even know if she really wanted to make it with him. She had no real objections to him being her brother, she was past that, the fact that she didn't raise an eyebrow at one of her best friends fucking her own father showed that. Dawnielle would cross bloodlines with abandon. She just still wasn't sure if he was the right one.

She decided to test him one night. She dug around in the bottom of her dresser, and pulled out a sheer little nightgown thing from three or four years ago. She stripped, and squeezed into it. It was way too small, of course, and barely came down to her waist, so she left her panties on. Well, she thought about that a while, and changed into an almost-thong that she had stashed away for special circumstances. This was a special circumstance. The nightgown covered her tits well enough, but it was almost see-through. Almost. She could see the brown of her nipples in the mirror, and see them puffing out of the sheer material. Perfect, she purred.

She turned, and admired her ass. She did have a fine ass, she had realized long ago. And a good three quarters of it was exposed by the thong. Perfect. Just perfect.

Dawnielle often went into Grayson's room, and did her homework as he did his schoolwork. Grayson always had tons of homework. Sometimes they didn't even speak the whole time, they just liked being together or something. They liked each other's company.

Other than her nightgown, Dawnielle didn't do anything any different. Grayson didn't even look up when she trudged into his room and crawled up on his bed. A few minutes later she felt his eyes on her, and looked up. He looked away. They did that several more times. She thought, aha, we're getting somewhere.

But, that's all he did. Look a few times. Once she yawned and stretched theatrically, scooting to the edge of the bed and hanging her legs over it, and he didn't even react. Didn't look at all. Shit, she thought.

Finally, she had enough. It was past bedtime, anyway. She'd already heard her parents come up the stairs, and shut their door. Good, she thought, she didn't want to have to confront her stepmother wearing this thing.

She finally said goodnight, and crawled off his bed, and out the door. As she turned down the hall she had caught a glimpse of him, and he sure enough was watching her, he was watching her butt. Good, she thought. Off to a good start. We'll see what tomorrow night brings.

The next night was more of the same. She did her homework, in the little nightie, and she could tell he was looking at her occasionally. She made sure her panties were visible, right up to her crotch. She wanted him to get a good look. A good look at what he could have, if he played his cards right. If he played his cards at all.

"Dawn..." he finally said, and she looked up.


"Isn't that a little... uncomfortable? It looks too small."

"What, this?" she said, acting surprised. "No... it's very comfortable... I like it... it makes me feel," Oh god, here goes, "sexy."

Grayson laughed at that.

"Dawn. Is sexy something you need to feel when you do homework?"

She was quiet for a moment.

"Naw," she finally said. "I just like feeling that way."

They finished the evening in companionable silence, and she finally said goodnight and departed for her room.

That was their ritual for the next few nights. She finally wore another nightgown, one that covered a little more, when she felt like she needed to do laundry. She washed the tiny one, and the next night had it on again.


Dawnielle decided to give the competition one last chance. That Friday afternoon, after school was over, she tossed her books in her locker, and made her way down the hall to Mr. Hath's room. He was her original first choice, until she had realized that she might have a chance with Grayson. Mr. Hath was her favorite teacher, and he was young and muscled up and hot. All the girls loved him. There had been actual fistfights, before, for the first row seats in his class. Dawnielle had always been suspicious that the girls on the front row were showing off their panties or even their pussies to him. She kind of thought that she would do just that, if she could ever manage to get a front row seat.

She knocked, and then just went on into his room. He was seated at his desk, and he looked up in surprise.

"Well, well," he said. "My favorite student, Danielle."

"Dawnielle," she said, correcting him. He just laughed, and she thought, maybe he's just fucking with me.

"Mr. Hath," she said. "I got some questions."

"You have some questions," he corrected her.

"Mr. Hath. You teach science, not English," she snorted, and he laughed.

"Okay, okay," he said. "What can I do for you."

"Mr. Hath. I'm make an A in your class, so I don't need science advice. What I need is manly advice, from a man. Do you mind?"

He immediately became a little more guarded.

"Well," he finally said. "If it's within my... within one of my areas of expertise, I'll be glad to help. It's true, I am a man."

She settled into a chair on the front row. She was glad she had decided to wear a skirt that day. If push came to shove, she could always show him a little. Well, she'd actually had this in mind, when she chose.

"Mr. Hath," she began. jumping right into the middle before she lost her nerve. "I am still a virgin. I am ready to change my condition. But I can't seem to find the right guy. Tell me, what do guys do when this happens?"

She'd intended on being kind of funny, to where he might not be able to tell if she was joking. That sounded kind of dumb, though, she thought. Shit.

Mr. Hath regarded her seriously. Or maybe he just hadn't understood, she thought. He finally placed his hand on his chin, like he was deep in thought.

"Well," he finally said. "I can only tell you what I might do, in that situation."

She nodded, encouraged.

"First of all, I would wait until I was eighteen. Then I would look around until I had found a very special person, also eighteen. Then I would date them for a few years, to make sure they were the right person. Are you getting all this? Shouldn't you be writing this down?"

"Mr. Hath. I'm as serious as can be. And nobody waits 'till their eighteen, now. Most girls have lost it by thirteen or fourteen."

"Yeah, I know," he said. "Sad."

"Why is it sad?" she said, honestly puzzled.

"Oh, jeezus," he said. "Dawnielle. Go home. I'm not going to sit here and discuss virginity and the decline of morality in the youth of America. Go home, dear, and wait a few more years."

Well, shit. So much for the competition, she thought. She knew suddenly that he was not the one. He was not what she was waiting for. Still, there was fun to be had, without popping her cherry... and there was one thing she loved to do...

"Mr. Hath..." she finally said, trying to appear as deeply in thought as he was. "I know you think I am, but I'm not a little girl. I've done things... things that might give you a shock. I'm going to do one of those things right now."

She stood, and approached him.

"Dawnielle, think twice about this," he said, not moving a muscle as she approached.

"Mr. Hath, just relax and enjoy, and let me do what I do best," she said, dropping to her knees inbetween his. She fumbled with his zipper. He drew a trembling breath, his hands shaking.


Dawnielle laughed to herself as she walked home. He'd seemed pretty straight arrow, until she'd touched his zipper. She thought for a moment he was going to kick her out. Then he just sat back, and let her do her thing. He'd had a nice cock, not a giant, but fairly fat, the fattest one she'd sucked, so far. He panicked for a moment when the door rattled in the frame, but she'd slowly stood and walked over and locked the door. His dick was still as hard as a rock when she came back, and as she kneeled again he leaned over, and filled his hands with her breasts. He felt her off, through her shirt and bra, pinching her fat nipples and squeezing her boobs, as she sucked his dick. She was content to stretch it out as long as he'd go for, and he went for a long time, until finally he could stand it no longer. He spewed his sperm into her mouth, and she swallowed and gulped it down. It tasted sweet. She loved the shit out of sperm. His was good. She was happy.


That night, when she entered his room, Grayson just sat in his chair and stared at her. He watched her crawl up on his bed, and get settled.

"Dawnielle," he said. Oh shit, she thought, he never calls me Dawnielle.

"Dear," he said. "You are very distracting in that gown."

She giggled. She thought to herself, now we are getting somewhere.

"I'm sorry..." she finally said. She wondered how to keep the conversation going. Going in that direction.

"I'm not trying to be distracting," she finally said. "I just like it."

"Well," he said, turning back to his book. "I like it too. That's the problem."

She giggled. He turned back and looked at her with an upraised eyebrow.

"Is that the point? Are you teasing me?" he said. Oh shit, she thought. Yes, yes I am.

"Grayson, of course not, I would never."

"Darling," he said, his voice low. "You need to understand something about guys. Dicks don't know the difference."

She was shocked to her core to hear him say the word "dick" in her presence. She was turned on, too. This was going well, she thought.

"What do you mean?" she really did wonder what he meant, though.

"I mean, you're my sister, but my dick doesn't care, if you get my drift."

She understood what he meant. She nodded.

"Well, Grayson, if your dick doesn't care, then I don't care."

She had no idea what she really meant by that, she was just being a smart aleck, mostly. And, she wanted to keep the conversation headed in a sexual direction.

He just laughed, and shook his head.

"My sister," he finally said. "Jeezus."

"Grayson. Tell me some things, please," she said. "I can't hardly ask... mommie dearest this stuff. I just can't..."

"Oh shit. I am not going to have 'the talk' with you. With my little sister." he said, almost laughing.

"No, not that, I've already had that," she said. "I mean, about guys. Can guys... control it? Their weenies? How come I don't see guys walking around with... hard-ons?" She was excited to say that to him, to her brother.

He just stared at her. Finally he shook his head.

"Well, well," he said. "Little Dawn is growing up."

She giggled, and he finally did, too.

"Shee-it," she said. "I just wonder about stuff sometimes."

"Dawn, guys... guys have some control over it... but sometimes it still happens... luckily jeans are thick enough to cover all but the biggest and hardest..."

"Can you make it go up and down then when you want?"

He snorted. "I can't. Maybe some Hindu guy can. I dunno."

"I've seen one, you know," she said. "At the lake. Lynette's father. They are naturalists."

"Shit, girl. Did you tell mom and dad that?"

They both laughed.

"So did you go naked too?" he asked. Damn, she thought, he's gotten ahead of me, already.

"Well..." she was actually embarrassed, and felt her face burning. "Maybe... somewhat..."

"Shit, girl. You are full of surprises," he laughed.

"Would you do it?"

"What, go naked? At the lake? After dark, maybe," he said.

"That's what they do." she told him. He nodded.

"A lot of that shit probably goes on," he replied.

"Grayson..." the urge to tell was strong, almost overpowering. She had no idea why. She felt like she could trust him, though. Not just trust him to not tell, trust him to understand her.


"I've done it. With girls. With... let's see... eight of them so far..."

He was silent for a moment, thinking.

"Done what? Made out?"

"Yes," she giggled at the look on his face.

"Eight? Jeezus!"

She nodded.

"Munched a rug? Petted a beaver? Licked a labia?"

She laughed out loud and nodded. He looked more and more shocked.

"Dawn... girl... why are you telling me this?" he finally said.

"I dunno... I just thought you'd understand or something..."

"I understand, yes... but I just don't know what you expect me to do with this... information."

She giggled some more. "You should see your face," she said.

"Well," he replied, "it's not every day that I hear confessions of... this magnitude."

They both giggled some more. She thought about telling him about the four cocks she'd sucked, but then she thought, nah... I don't want him to think I'm a slut.

"So," he said finally. "Dawn. Do you think you're gay?"

She was silent, thinking. "No. Not totally at least," she finally said. "I just think that the right guy hasn't come along yet."

"Well, good luck with that, little sister," he said.

She giggled again. "I'm... taking applications. Better get yours in." she said.

He just stared at her. She didn't think that was that... out there. But she knew he knew exactly what she meant.

"Dawn... my little darling," he finally said. "Don't even joke about that... respect me that much, at least."

"I'm not teasing you, Grayson." She stopped giggling, and tried to look serious. "I'm as serious as hell." She got up, took her books, told him goodnight, and left, leaving him wondering just what that had been all about. And if he understood her correctly.


The next night, she did the same. Nightie, homework, his room. He didn't even look up when she entered. It didn't seem to bother him. She felt like she'd gotten the idea across to him last night. Whatever might happen from here on out was totally up to him.

She was a little disappointed when absolutely nothing happened. And the next night, nothing again. He glanced at her occasionally, and spoke when she talked to him. That was about it.

The third night, she flounced in, and plopped her butt on his bed. She was in a mood, but she tried not to let it show. It had not been a good day. And her stepmother... ugh, that woman. Dawnielle did not wear her cute little nightie tonight. Her father and stepmother were still up, and after the argument she'd had, with them both, she did not want to risk the woman seeing her in that revealing little nightgown. Sex, in fact, was pretty far from Dawnielle's mind, tonight.

He finally looked up. "You were gettin' a little testy, there, at dinner," he said, laughing a little. She just stared at him.

"Grayson, do you have any idea what you are doing to me?" she finally said.

"What do you mean?" he said defensively. "I'm not doing anything to you."

"Yes, you are," she replied. "You're moving out. Then, all she'll have is me to boss around. My life will become even more of a living hell than it is."

He sighed. He knew that was true.

"I'm sorry, Dawn..." he finally said. "But, I just gotta go... I hope you understand someday..."

She softened slightly. "Yeah, I know... still, it's gonna be hell..."

"Well, you held your own well, tonight."

"I held back, tonight."

"Yeah, I could tell," he said, laughing again. He got up and came over and sat beside her.

"Dawnielle," he said. Oh shit, now it's 'Dawnielle' again, she thought.

"I love you very much. You are a big part of my life, a good part, although I probably don't express it as well as I should," he continued. "I thought about what you said the other night. A lot. It's all I've thought about, in fact. I'm honored that you would include me. I wish things could be... different. But, anyway, thank you."

She felt tears cloud her vision. She began to snuffle.

"Awww..." he said, and put his arms around her. His big, strong arms. She sighed. That did feel good. She realized, deep in her mind, that she'd already decided. He was the one. Nothing was left now but to work out the details.

She leaned against him, and dried her tears. When she finally felt like she had control of herself again, she turned to him.

"I wish that, too," she said. "But, Grayson... what people don't know won't hurt them... and it's more than just 'included'. I've chosen, Grayson, and I've chosen you."

Before he could react, she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss, right on the lips. A quick, sisterly kiss. His eyes had widened, at that, or what she'd said, she wasn't sure.

"That was your sister kissing you, Grayson," she said. "This one, this is not."

She leaned into him again, and pressed her lips against his. He took it for longer than she thought he would, until she started moving her lips against his.

He pulled back, and broke the kiss.

"Dawnielle," he said. He looked stern, she thought. Oh crap, here it comes.

"Dawn... You are what, now? Sixteen?" he said. Oh, you doofus, she thought, you know that good and well. Make your point.

"Darling... You're old enough to know what you're doing... and you're old enough to know right from wrong... is this what you really want?"

Well, she thought, that wasn't as bad as I thought. He didn't say no, not yet, at least.

"Grayson. Yes, I know. And yes, it's what I want. You are what I want."

"Dawn... you mean just for your first time?"

"For that, yes... that, and more."

"Shit," he said, looking down, seeming to be deep in thought.

"Dawnielle," he finally said. "You know it'll totally change our relationship. For better, or worse. If it doesn't work out, we'll probably not be able to stand each other any more. If it does work out, we'll have to spend all our time sneaking around and worrying about people finding out. There's way more disadvantages than advantages, darling."

"I know, I know... I'm sorry, Grayson... it just happened..."

"Well, shit. Shit happens, as they say," he stared into her eyes. She felt his breath on her face. "Dawnielle. Listen. I'll do it, but here's how I want to do it."


"I'm going to move out in, what, three weeks? You hold it for that long, darling, you think about it harder than you've ever thought about anything in your life. If it's what you still want, then, you can spend the night with me in my new place. I can't risk it, here... and you can't risk it. Can you live with that?"

She thought for a instant. That was certainly acceptable. And he was right, here was a bad idea. She could wait three weeks.

She nestled against him, and moved her mouth towards his.

"Yeah," she said. "I can wait. That sounds good, Grayson."

This kiss was long, and one of the best Dawnielle had ever had. Grayson was a good kisser. She felt happy in his arms. She sighed and closed her eyes, just enjoying being held by him. Three weeks. That wasn't that long.

A fist pounded on the door, causing them both to jump and separate, guiltily.

"Dawnielle?" her stepmother's stentorian voice echoed through the door. "Are you in there? I think you owe me an apology."


Three weeks is a goddam long time, Dawnielle thought to herself, as she helped Grayson carry yet more boxes of his stuff up the stairs. Tonight, she hoped, tonight was the night. As much as anything, she was ready for a vacation away from her step mom, the evil bitch. Possibly getting her cherry popped by her sweet brother, that was just icing on the cake.

Finally, after several more trips, they got all his stuff moved.

"Shit, Grayson, how did you get all this crap in your room," she asked him, really wondering that. He laughed.

On their last trip, they left Dawnielle's bug at the apartment, and just went in his car. On the way back, they stopped and got some burgers, and Dawnielle carried them up as he brought the final box. They stopped and ate, and then began the chore of putting stuff up.

The apartment wasn't bad, maybe six hundred square feet, a living room/kitchen/dining room combo, one bedroom and a bathroom. Dawnielle loved it already, and couldn't wait to move out and get one of her own. Grayson was just glad he could swing it, well, his dad could swing it, and he didn't have to put up with a roommate. He was already loving it.

They put away crap, until ten o'clock or so, and then broke it off to finish the next day.

"I'm going to call Wanda," Dawnielle said, reaching for Grayson's phone. He looked puzzled.

"Wanda, the wicked witch of the West," she clarified, and dialed their home phone number.

She explained to her stepmother that she was going to spend the night with Grayson, on his first night in his new apartment. Yes, she said, I'll sleep on the couch. No, I won't be a bother, it was his idea. Well, he invited me, I mean. She finally hung up.

"Jeezus," she said. "That woman... why did dad ever... shit..."

Grayson just laughed. "Dad would have taken anything after mom bailed. She could be worse, you know."

"Yeah, I know," said Dawnielle, spreading herself out on the couch. They sat and watched TV for a while.

Dawnielle was wondering if Grayson had remembered the deal he'd made three weeks ago. She wondered if he'd meant the first night. He'd never said another word about it. They had kissed and hugged and held each other, almost every night after that. Grayson was always careful to lock his door. He'd even rubbed her boobs a few times, which she'd loved. She let him set the pace, she didn't rush him, or try anything, she left it totally up to him. She knew that he was pretty methodical, and things did seem to be progressing in typical Grayson fashion. She hoped for a big jump forward, tonight.

She looked at the clock. Eleven. She looked at him. He was watching her, laughing.

"What?" she said.

"Dawnielle. Did you bring your toothbrush? What about your nightgown? And, are you really gonna sleep on the couch?"

She just smiled.

"I'll borrow your toothbrush. And I sleep naked. Where I sleep is totally up to you."


Weirdly, she was almost embarrassed to get naked in front of him. The lights in his tiny bedroom were turned off, but the TV was still on, with no sound. He sat on the side of the bed, just watching her, an eager expression on his face.

"What?" she finally said, suddenly feeling shy.

"Dawnielle. Are we really gonna go through with this? Have you thought it out?"

"Hell yeah," she said. "And, hell yeah."

"This is what you want, come hell or high water."

"This is what I want."

"Do you always get what you want?"

She thought for a moment. "Pretty much."

He laughed. "My little sister. My virgin little sister. What do you want, from me, exactly? Tell me."

"Grayson," she said, standing directly before him, and sliding her jeans down her long legs. "Grayson, I want you to fuck me."

That shocked him, she could tell. What, she thought, did he think I didn't know the word?

"Dawnielle..." he finally said. "I'd really rather make love to you. Making love is a bit more... romantic."

"Hand me those," he said, indicating something on his dresser. She reached for them, and then pulled her hand away. It was a package of condoms.

"Grayson," she said. "We don't need those."

"Are you on the pill?" he said.

"Yeah," she replied. "For three or four months now. Lynette's doctor got me on them."

"Oh, that's good," he said. "That's excellent."

She laughed, and dropped her shirt to the floor. She wasn't shy any more. This was going to go well, she could tell. She kicked her panties down her legs, and yanked her bra off. She'd planned on taking a shower first, but now she didn't care. She could even smell herself, a slightly sweaty smell. She didn't care.

"Grayson, you dumb fuck," she said, laughing at him. "Get your fucking clothes off, now."


They lay in bed, on top of the sheets, and just cuddled. He held her tightly, and she sighed, happy. If this is all there is too it, it's enough, she thought. But, she knew there was more.

Finally, he reached down and their lips met. They kissed, and kissed, and kissed again. His tongue felt right in her mouth. She felt his hands drifting down her body, past her waist, and he squeezed her buttock. She rolled over, on top of him, and she felt his other hand on her other butt cheek. He squeezed, hard. It felt good.

She hadn't seen his cock very well, when he'd undressed. He half-way hid it, just to fuck with her. She'd seen enough, though. She could tell he was at least as big as Mr. Hester, Lynette's father. She had sucked Mr. Hester's cock. She looked forward to sucking Grayson's. And, she thought, that thing is going inside me. Inside my body. And I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum like a fucking hurricane.

He touched her asshole, and she jumped. She made a noise, and noise of what she hoped was assent, in her throat. She couldn't say anything because his tongue was in her mouth. He laughed, and she felt his body shake beneath her. He ran his hands up the sides of her body, and took her breasts in his hand.

Finally, ten minutes later he rolled her over, and she was on bottom. He slowly crawled down her body until his mouth was on her nipple. He sucked, and rubbed her nipple with his teeth. She loved it. She raked her fingernails up his back, feeling the hard muscles beneath his skin. Her body felt hot, like she had a fever. She was breathing in little gasps, by now, for some reason.

His tongue licked down to her navel. He stopped for a while and toyed with her belly button, making her squirm and giggle. Enough of that shit, he thought, and dropped lower.

He'd seen that her pussy was shaven when she'd dropped her panties. He wondered if she did it just for him, or if she'd been doing it a while. It turned him on, greatly. He'd only ever made it with one other woman who shaved, an older woman he'd met on an internship. She'd fucked like a demon, and was responsible for a great deal of his sexual education. He was excited to see that his sister was shaved bare, too. He anticipated greatly feeling her under his tongue.

Grayson had spent the whole three weeks wondering if he'd have the nerve to go through with it. Grayson was not impulsive. He approached things slowly, and thought them out, first. The more he'd thought about this, the more negatives he saw. But he knew how badly he wanted it. And how badly she seemed to. He'd always liked Dawnielle, he'd always felt like they had a special bond or something. He hoped, god, he hoped this would strengthen it, instead of destroy it.

Grayson's good friend Ralphier was fucking a cousin. They'd been doing it for years, and they seemed to have a strong and healthy relationship, just one they felt like they had to hide from the rest of the family. Grayson understood that, and knew it would be the same for he and Dawnielle. But, he thought, now that I have my own place, that won't be hard. She can come see me on the weekend, she'd got her own wheels, even. If this happens more than just once, that is.

He kind of wondered if she'd toss him over, after the first time, or the first few times, and go off in pursuit of boys in her school or whatever. He didn't figure that this was for forever. He could stand that. He'd take what he could, and turn her loose when she wanted her freedom. Just once would be something to remember for a lifetime.


When his lips touched her smooth silky pussy, he almost lost it. His dick was as hard as iron. And the smell. He almost died for her smell. She was pure pussy. She smelled better than anything he'd ever smelled in his life, even other pussies. She had a slight sweaty tint that just drove him over the edge. He rubbed his nose and lips in the crease of her legs, right beside her pussy, smelling and tasting sweat, and just melted. She was too much.

Dawnielle squeezed her own tits, while Grayson ate her pussy and played around down there. She loved the shit out of what he did, he seemed so much better at it than even Mr. Hester. He pulled on her pussy lips with his lips, and then rubbed her clit with his tongue. She wondered how many other girls he'd eaten out, to get this good. She didn't really care, though.

He licked down further and further, and she finally lifted her butt up off the bed and spread her legs as far as she could, so he could get to her asshole. He licked all around her perineum, and finally licked her sweet asshole. God, she turned him on then, she tasted so good, sweat, again, and a hint of shit, but it turned him on to no end. Her puckered little rosebud felt good on his lips, and he kissed and licked and kissed again. He finally sat up and grabbed her and up-ended her, sticking her butt up in the air, where he could really get to it. She had the sexiest ass he'd ever eaten, and he began to fear he was going to ejaculate before he ever got around to fucking her.

This went on for another fifteen minutes or so. Dawnielle was having a great time. Grayson was slow and thorough, a considerate lover. And he had a great tongue. She squirmed, and after he lay her back down and proceeded to eat her pussy she came for the first time. My first orgasm with him, she thought, when it was over, and she was laying there, panting for breath. It was a good one.

He finally slowly crawled back up her body until he was even with her face. They kissed for the longest time, and he wrapped his arms around her. He finally pulled away, and pulled his body back from hers so he could get his dick positioned correctly.

"Dawn, baby," he said, whispering. "Are you ready? Are you sure about this?"

"Oh yes," she said. "I'm sure."

She felt his cock touch her on her pussy lips. Damn, she thought, I haven't even sucked him yet. Well, later. He pressed further and further into her body, insistent. She felt a burning sting, and gulped, almost crying out. He sensed it, and stopped, and she felt the pain slowly subsiding. I am no longer a virgin, she thought. Hooray.

He finally pressed all the way into her body. It felt so good to her, to be full of him. He had a nice fat cock, she realized, bigger around than Mr. Hester's. She was doubly glad she'd pulled this one off.

Grayson began to slowly and gently pump in and out of her. She felt like the bottom fell out of her stomach when he pulled out. She loved it. She gulped and hicupped, and let him fuck her. He was good, he slowly sped up, as her need increased. Finally he was almost pounding her, and she felt a jerk in her legs as her orgasm started. Her toes curled and she stretched her neck back, and came.


They lay for a while, and cuddled. Grayson mumbled silly things to her, and she laughed.

"You are mine, now," he finally said, kissing her.

"Grayson. I'll always be yours," she replied, a catch in her throat. She loved him more than she thought possible, way more than when he had just been her brother. We are tied together, now, she thought. We've shared something special, at a level few others achieve. We are almost one, now.

"Dawn, Dawn," he laughed. "You'll find some hot kid your own age and forget all about me. It's just the way it works."

"You think that, Grayson, but no. I'm yours, from now on. What we have... what we have, because of who we are, can't be duplicated. Does that make any sense?"

"Kinda. But Dawn. Don't give away your life just to hang onto me. Your destiny might not be with me. Don't stop living, now, just because we've fucked once."

"Grayson. We've fucked once, the first of many times. We are gonna fuck every weekend from now on. We are gonna fuck a dozen times a weekend, now. You are gonna have a hard time doing your homework, we are gonna fuck so much."

He laughed. He knew it was true, for a while at least.

They lay there for another few hours. Dawnielle napped, happy, comfortable in his arms.


She woke up to find him snoozing beside her. She slowly made her way down his body, to his waist. Now, she thought. Now I get to do what I do best. She sucked his soft cock into her mouth, loving the feel of his satiny skin on her tongue. She swished it around, and began to suck.

She didn't know when he woke up, but his dick was hard in her mouth when she felt him stroking her hair. She ran his cock in and out of her mouth, as deep as she could go. His cap was hard, hard in her mouth. She sucked hard at it. It just felt so goddam good. She loved sucking cocks. And she loved this one the best of all. She wondered if she should stop sucking other guys off, out of respect for him. I'll find the right time, and ask him, she thought. For some reason she didn't think it would bother him, much. Not if she was doing this for him.


The next morning they crawled blearily from the bed, and Dawnielle cooked breakfast. Well, she made toast, that's all they had. They planned a trip to the grocery store for later.

Grayson's cell phone rang. He answered, and slowly held the phone out to Dawnielle, like it was poison. Oh shit, she thought. She knew who it was just from the way he acted. Sure enough it was her stepmother, reminding her that she hadn't taken her clothes out of the dryer last night, and that she should get home at a reasonable time, in case she had homework. Dawnielle made a face and was reasonably polite, finally getting the woman to hang up.

"Fucking shit," she said, handing Grayson his phone back.

"Dawnielle," he said. "I'm gonna talk to dad, and tell him that you're moving in with me. It'll go better if I tell him. You'll be closer to school and everything. And they'll have their privacy. This place is small, but we can manage."

Oh, shit, Dawnielle thought. That would be heaven. Can we really get away with it? Will they let us?

"We'll just do it," he said. "We won't give a shit what they think. We'll just let them assume you're sleeping on the couch. We'll do it, and let them deal with it."

"Well, let me get enough of my clothes out first, before you tell her. I don't want her holding my shit hostage."

"I'll go get it, if I have to. Dawnielle. This is the right thing to do. And, it'll be fun."

"It'll be non-stop fucking is what it'll be."

"I know, that's the appeal. Do you think you can stand it?" he said, laughing.

"Yeah. I think I can. I really think I can."


They made time for a quickie, before they went back to the house. It wasn't even noon yet, and Dawnielle was surprised at the concept of fucking in the morning. It was great fun, though, as fun as it had been last night. They fucked in the living room, she lay stretched out on the couch while he pounded her from behind. He seemed energized, alive, and she wondered if it was because it was morning. She came, and came again. He didn't cum, he held it back, and she slid his hard cock into her mouth with pleasure. He tasted so good, she thought, and then realized that it was herself that she was tasting. She laughed, and sucked, hard. He groaned, and tried to keep from coming. He wasn't successful, and filled her throat with semen. She sucked and slurped it down, loving it.


They lay on the couch, holding each other.

"Grayson," She said. "I must tell you some things."

"What, darling," he mumbled, almost sleepy now that it was over.

"You were not my first. You were my first fuck, true, but not my first suck."

"What do you mean? I know you said you made it with girls."

"I've sucked a few weenies, too. Does that bother you?" she hoped it didn't. She didn't think it would. It didn't.

"No, darling, what you do is up to you. Anybody I know?"

"Mr. Hester, Lynette's dad was the first, on that damn houseboat. Then Lynette's little brother Randy. Then a kid named Russel, at the lake, then one of my teachers, Mr. Hath. Now, does that disgust you?"

He just laughed. "No, Dawn. It kind of... turns me on... dunno why..."

She laughed and kissed him. "Grayson. How many girls have you fucked? I know there was June, you had to have made it with her."

"Weirdly, Dawnielle, she's the one I never fucked. No idea why, she just held me at arm's length for some reason. I dunno how many... ten or twelve probably..."

"Damn!" she laughed explosively. "And I thought I was the slut!"

"Darlin', you're no slut. The only ones that matter are the ones you love, and you're the only one I love."

"Grayson," she stared into his eyes. "I love you too. I love you, dammit."

Their lips met. She felt his arms go around her again. She relaxed, and basked in his love.


They went over to the house, finally, and Dawnielle packed up her favorite clothes, for a start. And her books and school shit. They snuck the stuff out when her step-mom was in the other end of the house, and headed back to Grayson's.

That night, Dawnielle let Grayson call their dad, and tell him she was spending the night again. Their dad was way more easy-going about it than their step-mom, he didn't really care, one way or the other.

They sat on the couch, eating Chinese carry-out, and halfway through SNL Grayson slid his hard cock deep in Dawnielle's cunt. She sighed and gasped, and laughed at the TV as he fucked her. He fucked her all the way to the end of the show, and into some goofy wrestling shit that came on. They finally dragged themselves off the couch, and went to bed, when she came for probably the tenth time that night. Damn, she thought, he is good.

She knew it was going to work out. The apartment was small, but so what? He'd be in school all day, and she'd be in school part of the day. This was going to be way more fun than living at home. And she knew that they would fuck every day. She looked forward to it. She would insist on it, in fact. She didn't figure she'd have to insist too hard.

She hugged him and kissed him and stuck her tongue in his ear. She was happier than she'd ever thought possible. She was young, and in love. Nothing else mattered.



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Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 09:30:44 AM


Fuck The Story......
I Love The Disclaimer..!!!!!
We need more of them, just like that.


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Fuck the story? Was it really that bad? I know it's pretty mild compared to some of the stuff in here... but fuck it?

Just curious... did you even read it?


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I loved it. Thanks Ken


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Fuck the story? Was it really that bad? I know it's pretty mild compared to some of the stuff in here... but fuck it?

Just curious... did you even read it?


I almost made a similar comment because I thought your disclaimer was hilarious.   I wouldn't take it as disrespect toward your story, just complementing your creative disclaimer.

Your story was great, along with all of the other stories you've posted.   Thanks for contributing.

If I may make a suggestion...   Seeing that you've added a number of stories, put links to them on your profile page so that if someone likes one, they'll more easily find your other stories.

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Fuck the story? Was it really that bad? I know it's pretty mild compared to some of the stuff in here... but fuck it?

Just curious... did you even read it?


No story was very good....didn't mean it to sound like it did.
The disclaimer was better........


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Understood! Thanks Elizabeth! Much appreciated!

And Joe_and_Michell! Thanks for the comments, also! It is always gratifying to see somebody enjoy my stuff!

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just wanted to say have enjoyed your stories VERY much.... Thank you!