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Young At Heart (Mf, Mff)

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on: December 02, 2014, 02:11:49 PM

Title         : Young at Heart

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Mf, Mff

Date        : 20141202

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Synopsis : A young-looking 30-ish guy uses his youthful appearance to entice two high-school girls into his bedroom.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.


Roger Readley Rankin had a problem. And, no it was not his silly name. He'd already gotten used to that. His problem was that he just simply didn't look his age. He was in his early thirties, but he still looked like he was eighteen or so. It caused problems at work, where he was never taken seriously, and at home, where his parents still treated him like a kid. He was used to it, though, and somehow he survived.

His car didn't even help. It was a goofy little Volkswagen, something called a "Golf". The car with the goofiest name ever, he thought. One Friday night he was going through the line at McDerp's, when two high-school looking girls suddenly peered in the passenger's side window. He just sat there, feeling like a fish in a bowl.

"Hey!" one of the girls said, and he weakly said "Hey!" back. What the fuck do they want with me, he thought.

"You go to Steadmann?" the girl asked, leaning into the window. The car door did funny things to her breasts, and it was all he could do to look her in the eyes.

His mind raced. This was a fine, foxy specimen of female anatomy before him. His big brain raced, but his little brain was faster. "No, Dullsworth" it fed him, and he dutifully recited the words to the girl. Dullsworth, that was a school ninety some miles away, safe chance to take. She might actually believe he was a student now.

"You goin' to the game?" the girl asked, as the other girl tapped her on the rear. She ignored it.

"Naw," his mind raced. This had... possibilities... "I came down to see my brother but he had to leave town. I'm just hangin' around his place..."

"Oh, that's cool..." the girl said, her eyes lighting up. She stared him in the face for a few moments. The box squawked, and he pardoned himself and order a fishburger and fries. On a whim, he turned back to her. She was still hanging in his window.

"You guys want anything? I got enough dough..." he said. The girl's eyes lit up again.

"Yes, please, gimme a small cheeseburger and a large sweet tea. Jennifer, you want anything?" the last was directed to the other girl, who seemed to be waiting impatiently for her to finish talking with him.

Ah, though, that got her attention. She ordered a cheeseburger, too. He made a "get in" motion to the first girl, and hit the door unlock button.

The girl opened the door, and slid in. The other girl followed right on her heels, and slammed the door. A bit belatedly, the first girl said, "Uhm... you're not a psycho or anything, are you?"

He just laughed. "No, I'm just an normal guy."

They made small talk as the line moved forward. They got their stuff, and he parked, and they ate. The girls seemed comfortable with him. More comfortable with him than the small seat they were crowded into. Fine, he thought. He could tell by the way they talked that they thought he was roughly their age, at least. Finally, he thought, maybe finally this crap about looking younger than my age might pay off.

"You wanna go to my brother's place? It's in the Harvey building, up on the fourteenth floor, you can see the whole city from up there. It's cool."

The girls looked coy, and then the first girl nodded. "Sure, why not."

"What's your name?" he asked her, finally. He knew the other girl was named Jennifer, he'd heard the first girl call her that. He was pretty damn interested in the first girl. The second was cool and foxy, too, but the first girl had real charisma, to him. She appealed to him greatly.

"I'm Hayley. Pleased tuh meetcha," she said, and they shook hands formally. She giggled.

"Jennifer. Ditto," the other girl said, also shaking his hand.

Well, he thought, this is very cool. Meet two foxy young girls, and take them home. Just like that. Roger wasn't a virgin, and he'd tasted his share of foxy teen poontang, but that was when he'd been a teen himself. The last ten years had been pretty high and dry, for him. Maybe that dry spell was about to end, he thought.

He turned on the radio, and indicated to Hayley to find a station. She shopped around, and settled on some hip-hop crap that he hated, but would never admit to her.

"Your bro got any booze?" Hayley shouted into his ear, in a slight break in the music.

Oh shit, he thought. Underage girls, and now booze. How much trouble do I want to get into? He hastily cataloged his booze collection, and then bit his tongue. He almost said he'd stop and get some. I'm eighteen, dammit, he told himself.

"Yeah, a little..." he told her, and she smiled. "Cool," she said.

Within a few minutes they pulled up in front of the Harvey building. The girls looked up at it, their mouths open.

"Your brother must really rake it in. Shit," Hayley finally said. He didn't exactly "rake it in", but he did alright. And the rent here wasn't really out of this world, oddly. It's about time I got to impress somebody with my place, he thought.

They parked in the parking garage, and piled into the elevator. The girls giggled continuously, for no reason, it seemed. He could tell they felt like they were getting away with big shit. He felt like he was getting away with big shit, too.

He unlocked the door, and they went in. He locked the door carefully, and took them through the entryway into the living room. They ooh'd and aah'd over the view, gratifying him. The sun was just setting, and the view was great. He'd gotten a little jaded over the last year, but he realized again how beautiful it was. Just the thing he needed to impress impressionable young ladies.

Roger's mind was racing madly. What was he expecting out of these girls? he asked himself. Anything he could get, he answered. Maybe just an evening's pleasant company. Maybe more. He couldn't help but wonder what they'd think, if they knew his true age.

The girls looked the place over, going into his bedroom even, and then checking the bathroom out.

"Shit, your bro got a nice place," Jennifer said enviously. They returned to the living room and the girls sat on the couch. He finally summoned up his nerve and sat in the middle of them, grabbing the remote.

He buzzed through the channels, waiting for a reaction from either of them. Finally, he thought, what the hell, and went one channel up, to the porn channel. Now, he thought, now we find out what stuff these girls are made of.

They just giggled, and tee-hee-heed, mostly.

"My brother. Sorry," he said, acting like he hadn't known the channel was there.

"So'kay..." said Hayley. She looked at him, laughing, her eyes glowing. "Everybody watches porn. It's no shit."

"Yeah, yeah," he said. Jennifer seemed entranced, staring at the screen with her mouth open. He wondered if she'd ever seen anything like this before. Surely, he thought, with the internet, everybody's seen everything by the time they're thirteen or fourteen.

He wondered again just how old these two were. He didn't want to ask, he didn't want to make an issue of it. But, he happened to think...

"What grade you guys in?" he asked, and the girls looked at each other. He wondered if they were going to tell the truth. He'd have no way of finding out, not tonight.

"We're in eleventh." Hayley finally said, and Jennifer nodded. Okay... conceivably, they could even be eighteen and be in eleventh. Hell, they might be legal. Who the fuck really knows, he thought. Of course, they could be in eighth or ninth... and barely be thirteen... It's damn difficult to tell with girls, nowdays, he realized.

"When's your brother gonna be home?" Hayley asked. He waved his hand in the air.

"Not 'til Sunday night. He had to fly out to some oil rig or something."

The girls nodded wisely. Yes, that sounded good. No danger of being caught by even a semi-authoritative authority figure.

"You guys really wanna watch this shit?" he asked, as they both stared at the screen.

Hayley laughed self-consciously. "Sure, why not," she said, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"Goddam..." whispered Jennifer. The guy onscreen had a dick ten or so inches long. He could tell the girls were impressed. He wished his dick were that long.

"Shit," he finally said. "Trick photography." They both laughed. He felt like they were warming up to him nicely. Even Jennifer, who'd seemed kind of stand-offish at first.

"Hey," said Hayley. "Let's raid the liquor cabinet."

Oh shit. He'd almost rather leave that part out, he didn't want them going back home drunk or even smelling like liquor. He hesitantly rose, and the girls followed him to the kitchen.

Actually, he didn't have much in the way of booze. Two six-packs of beers in the fridge, and a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Shit. Of course, that was what Hayley went for, lifting it up and shaking it.

"Can we have a sip?" she asked, and he finally nodded.

"Okay, but not much, I don't want him to know we've been in his booze." he said, and the girls nodded.

Liquor before beer, never fear, he told himself, and got two small glasses out of the cabinet. He poured each girl a few fingers, and popped the top on a beer for himself.

"Cheers!" they all three said, and tipped their glasses/can up. Jennifer immediately sneezed and coughed, spraying booze across the counter-top.

Hayley giggled insanely, she had held hers in, but barely. He laughed and tipped his can back. This was fun, after all.

Jennifer had had enough. She asked for a beer, and he got her one. Hayley finished her Jack, and carried Jennifer's back into the living room. Roger brought her a beer, too. They sat on the couch, sipping drinks, and watching porn.

Well, this was fun, and it beats the hell out of my usual Friday night routine, Roger thought to himself. He idly wondered about his part-time girlfriend, Jeanette. He'd called her twice the last two days, and he'd felt like he'd gotten the brush-off from her. She was just like that, though, in a few days she'd come around and want him to take her out to dinner or something. He felt like his relationship with her was improving, slowly, but deep inside he wasn't sure if she was the right one for him. She was just somebody. He hadn't had sex of any kind with her, not yet, though they necked and rubbed around on each other a bit, but she seemed to have a lot of hang-ups. He could tell already, just from being around her for barely an hour, that Hayley didn't have many, if any, hang-ups.

Hayley finished her liquor, and went to work on the beer. She got even more loud and uninhibited. When the porno on TV showed a scene inside a titty bar, she jumped up and pulled Jennifer up.

"Jen!" she said, "let's show him our dance!"

"Oh, shit," said Jennifer.

"Come on, it'll be fun," said Hayley, and began to dance, capturing Jennifer inbetween her legs and rubbing her crotch on the other girl's body.

"We're gonna be strippers someday!" Hayley announced, and Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"In your dreams, darlin'," Jennifer said, but she danced too. Roger was impressed, the two girls danced as well as any stripper who's pants he'd ever stuffed money down. He'd been to a few strip clubs, with the guys at work, and these two would fit right in, he thought. They danced sexily, or at least Hayley did, Jennifer was, as was her nature, a little more reserved. He took all the ones from his billfold, and stuffed them down the girl's pants. They both giggled madly.

Hayley was a bit tipsy, he could tell. She finally collapsed against Jennifer, and Roger was shocked to see her plaster her lips against the other girl's mouth.

Shit, he thought, my own private porno show. This was really turning out nicely. The girls were moving slower and slower, as they kissed. Finally Jennifer broke the kiss off, pulling back from Hayley, and laughing shyly, looking at Roger.

He hoped he didn't look too hungry. But he desperately wanted to see more of that. That was sexy. The girls still danced, holding each other, in each others arms. That alone was sexy, even without the kissing stuff.

"Roger..." Hayley said dreamily, her eyes still on Jennifer.

"Yes?" he finally said, when it became obvious she was waiting for a reply.

"You gotta understand... Jennifer and I are very good friends... very good..."

"Yeah... I understand..." he said. He could have guessed that, on his own.

"Would it bother you... if we make out a little..."

"Oh, hell no..." he actually laughed. Bother him? Shit. Even if he didn't get to participate, this is one thing he'd love to watch.

Jennifer and Hayley touched their mouths together again. For the longest time ever. He realized how hard his cock was. Hard, and oozing pre-cum.

"Girls..." he said. "We can go to the bedroom, if you wish."

Hayley nodded her head, still kissing. He thought that he had cleverly included himself in that one, in the going to the bedroom part. He didn't want to be left out of this. Even if all he got to do was watch.

The girls finally separated long enough to follow him into his bedroom. My brother's bedroom, he told himself. They collapsed on the bed, and Jennifer literally crawled up on top of Hayley. Roger sat on the side of the bed, and watched. He touched his hard cock with his fingers, badly wanting to free it from his constricting pants.

The girls were still kissing, and he could hear Hayley making guttural noises in her throat. They looked like they were having fun, to him. Hayley finally lifted her head, and stared at him.

"Roger..." she said, her voice soft and low. "Are you gonna get in on this?"

Oh, hell yeah. "Please... if it's okay..." he said, wincing. What a dumb thing to say. Hayley smiled sweetly. Jennifer looked a little unsure, but Hayley smiled sweetly.

"Roger. Take my shirt off." Hayley said, and he stood, and reached down to pull her t-shirt over her head. She unsnapped her bra, and shrugged it off.

Oh, holy fuck, he thought. The girl had the nicest tits he'd ever seen, bar none. Full, firm, two huge puffy nipples... tits didn't get any better. Hayley laughed, and wrestled with Jennifer, finally pulling Jennifer's t-shirt over her head. Hayley reached around the other girl and unsnapped her bra, and tossed it aside. Jennifer had some nice tits too, almost as nice as Hayley's. A thought ran through his head, that this was probably the high point of his whole life. It will never get better than this, he thought. Whatever else happens, for better or worse, it will never get better than this.

The girls were kicking their jeans off before he even got his shirt off. They both looked so cute, lying there, in just panties. He realized that this single event would provide him with jack-off material for the rest of his life.

The girls were sliding their panties down their legs by the time he was taking his jeans off. They had seemed to forget about him for a moment, staring into each others eyes, and finally smashing their mouths together again. He cautiously slid his underwear down his legs, and stood for a moment, naked and unsure. Is this what she really had in mind? he thought.

Well, what the fuck, he thought, and lay down on the edge of the bed. Almost immediately Hayley broke off her kiss with Jennifer, and put her face in his. He barely had time to get his lips into kissing position before she was on him. He felt light-headed as she kissed him. He swore he could taste the Jack Daniels still in her mouth as they kissed. She was sweet, though, was she ever. He hadn't simply enjoyed kissing a girl in a long, long time. This one he did, he enjoyed. He felt her tongue in his mouth, and he touched it with his. She giggled.

"Roger..." Hayley pulled back, and spoke, in that dreamy voice. He nodded at her, staring into her deep brown eyes, hypnotized.

"Roger, Jennifer is still a virgin. I am not. I am on the pill. Jennifer is not. You may fuck me tonight, if you so desire, which I'm sure you do, since you are a guy."

All three of them giggled at that.

"Anyway, you can't fuck Jennifer. Just lettin' you know." Hayley finished up. He nodded, glancing at Jennifer, just a foot away. He insanely, badly wanted the two of them on top of him, for some reason. Hayley reached down and kissed him, again, and he pulled her body over on top of his. He felt with his hand, and pulled Jennifer over towards him, too, and she got the hint. Their weight was pleasant on top of him, and felt good. Hayley broke off her kiss with him, and returned to Jennifer. He lay, contented, and watched the two of them kiss. He tentatively reached his hands down and clasped the two of them around the waist, and pulled them to him.

He felt Hayley's hand scrabble around his stomach, and then move down. She enclosed his hard cock in her hand, and gently stroked it, up and down. How, he thought, how am I ever gonna keep from cumming? How can I hold it? To make it worse, Hayley kissed him again, and then he felt Jennifer's face, pushing up against his, as she crowded into his mouth, also. The three of them did some kind of crazy three-way kiss, with three tongues meeting in the middle, and he almost feared for his sanity, it was so sexy.

Hayley and Jennifer were both mumbling and moaning now, making rhythmic guttural noises, and saying things that he couldn't understand. He was beyond turned on, by now. Two girls, he thought, I am in bed with two girls, and one of them has more or less committed to fucking me. He moved his hands down their waists, and in moments he was cupping two firm buttocks, squeezing and rubbing. Bare buttocks, no less. He was pretty sure of the girl's proclivities by now, and he squeezed and rubbed Jennifer's ass while his hand played with Hayley's in a little more depth. Deeper in her ass, that is. He rubbed all around her sweaty asshole, feeling moisture, and finally his index finger was pressing against her tightly sealed sphincter. He didn't think anything could turn him on more than that, at that moment. The girls pressed in closer to him, and he felt his cock being squeezed between their two thighs, still in Hayley's hand. Oh shit, he thought, don't blow it, hold it, hold back... somehow he managed to.

He explored further down Hayley's crack, and finally got brave and caressed a little deeper into Jennifer's butt. She didn't act like she minded, and before long he was stroking Jennifer's asshole as he finger-fucked Hayley, as well as he could. Jennifer's ass turned him on as much as Hayley's had, and he realized that it was within the realm of possibility that he might get to eat these lovely girls out this evening. If he could just do that he could die happy, he thought.

The three of them were still kissing, and getting better at the three-way thing. Each of the girls had their own individual taste, beer and liquor and some indefinable essences, and it just about sent him over the edge. He honestly did not know how much more he could get turned on without losing it. There seemed to be no barrier. He couldn't remember being this excited the times he'd actually got to have sex.

Hayley finally rolled off him, and sat up. She moved down to his waist, and shit, he thought, she's gonna blow me. I'll lose it for sure. Jennifer's face was still in his face, and he let her kiss him, and kissed back. Jennifer was a sweet kisser, and he could tell she was still a little shy, unlike Hayley. There was nothing shy about Hayley.

Hayley engulfed his cock in her mouth. She just literally inhaled him, almost. He felt her nose in his pubic hair, and his balls scrubbed her chin. And the girl sucked, did she ever. He knew he was just moments away from cumming, and he thought, what the hell, even if it ends right here, it was worth it.

Jennifer was on top of him now, except for her waist, to make room for Hayley. Jennifer was kissing him, almost aggressively, he thought. So much for shy little Jennifer. He wondered if she was really a virgin.

He felt a jerk from his cock. And another. He pulled away from Jennifer for a moment, and spoke to Hayley, warning her. She just giggled. It was a relief to cum at last, although he still wished he could have held it a little longer. When he fucked Hayley he wanted it to be outstanding. Maybe this would mean he could last a little longer, when it got to that point. He sighed and groaned and moaned and squirmed about, and came like a beast. Jeezus, he thought. That was a hard one. It almost hurt.

Jennifer was still in his mouth. He was coming down from his cum, but he was still happy to kiss her. She was sweet, and he loved her dearly. Shit. How had that happened? Where did that come from? He loved them both, madly. He wanted to do this every weekend for the next thousand years. This was just too much.

Hayley finally crawled back up his body, and settled back into her spot. Jennifer made room for her, and the three of them kissed. And kissed, and kissed. He had never enjoyed kissing so much, before. He'd always kind of thought that was a girl thing. But this was fun. He loved their tastes, and their little mannerisms. Jennifer loved to have her lips licked. And Hayley. Shit. Hayley liked to be bitten. He was in love with her all the more.

Time flew, and stood still. He had no idea how long they'd been doing this. He actually caught himself, at one point, worrying that his brother would come home. His imaginary brother. That made him laugh out loud, and Hayley made an inquisitive noise. Nothing, he mumbled into her mouth. Nothing.

Thirty minutes had gone by. Maybe an hour. He'd finally gotten brave enough to go south, and he left the girls locked in a kiss. He stopped at their beautiful breasts, and had his pick of four fabulous nipples to suck on. Hayley's fat puffy nipples had gotten hard, and were a joy to suck on. The same for Jennifer, she had some nice plump nipples too, and he wished he had three more mouths. He kneaded a breast apiece in his hands, and sucked till his tonsils hurt.

Finally, finally the moment he'd waited for. When he stopped at Hayley's belly button, he realized that he could smell it. Her's, or Jennifer's. Or both. He smelled pussy. That quick, he felt a twitch from his dick. He realized that getting hard again was not going to be a problem.

He didn't want to play favorites, but he felt like he owed it to Hayley. She had started this whole thing, by sticking her head in his car. He slid down her groin, to her fabulous slit. She spread her legs wider and wider, the deeper he went. He finally just rested his face on her sweet cunt, feeling her pussy lips on his lips. She smelled like heaven to him. Every other sexual experience in his life paled in comparison to this, the intensity of it. The reality of it. This is the standard, he told himself, this is the standard that all future... hell, and past... all sexual experiences period will by gauged by. This sets the bar pretty goddammed high.

He finally opened his mouth, and let his tongue go to work. Her cunt tasted even better than it smelled. It was aromatic, and fragrant, and damn... just tasty. She was shaved, which just added to the feeling of sexiness... her smooth lips glided over his smooth lips... and she must have just shaved that morning, no pricklies...

He found her clit, and rubbed it hard, with his tongue. She squirmed and moaned, to his satisfaction. He wanted to make her cum before he fucked her proper, she'd done it for him, and he wanted to give her that. He concentrated on her clit, knowing that was slightly cheating, but what the hell. Within a minute or two she was wrapping her legs around his head, and gyrating madly. He was glad he was doing it for her.

Jennifer patiently waited her turn. Her level of experience seemed a bit behind Hayley's, although, to give her credit, she'd been a crazy kisser.

He finally felt Hayley cumming beneath his tongue. She just about squeezed his head off. The girl has some strong legs, he thought. And she did. Tough, and muscular. He couldn't think of one thing about her that wasn't perfect. From top to bottom, her cute bottom, she was perfect. He knew he was doomed to love her forever. Even if he never saw her again, he knew.

Finally, he thought, I get to eat a virgin pussy. He wondered again what Jennifer's level of sexual experience was, if she'd ever played around with a guy before. Obviously she had with a girl. Her hand was on Hayley's breast, right now. He just wondered if he was her first. At pussy licking, at least. He remembered Hayley's admonishment. Some lucky bastard is gonna get this sweet thing, he thought. But not me. Not tonight.

He finally pulled away from Hayley's pussy. Jennifer surprised him by spreading her legs far apart, before he ever got close. Well, at least she knows how it works, he thought. He could smell her cunt when he got close, and it smelled ever bit as sweet as Hayley's had. Aromatic, and just damn sexy. He sucked air in through his nostrils, wanting to remember that smell forever, wanting to make it part of himself. He knew his memories would fade, as the years went by, but he wanted to remember this forever.

It was worth the wait, he thought, when he finally touched his tongue to the girl's body. She tasted even better than she smelled, and she had smelled divine. He licked all along the side of her pussy, into the crease of her leg, tasting sweat and salt, as his nose breathed in pussy smell. That wonderful pussy smell. He finally licked from her perineum to her clit in a long slow path, and concentrated on her clit. She seemed to like it, and began to squirm and wiggle beneath him. Hayley giggled, and bent over Jennifer's chest, licking her nipples. Roger licked and smashed her clit with his tongue, flattening it against her groin, causing her to tremble and shake. Way too quickly to suit him she came, bucking and shaking the bed, her breath catching in her throat. He licked for a while longer, just because he wanted to, and it turned him on.

They finally just fell apart, and rested. Hayley lay on Jennifer's chest, and Roger patted her on the butt. She giggled, and sighed.

"Thanks for the cheeseburger," Jennifer said, out of the clear blue sky. He laughed and told her, "you're welcome, darling," and Hayley piped up with her thanks, too. He wanted to say, thanks for the sex, but he didn't want to sound flippant with them. He did appreciate what they'd done so far, and what they would do as the night went on.

Finally Hayley sat up, and bent back down over Roger's body.

"Rog..." she said. "Think you can get hard again? You owe me a fuck, man."

He just laughed. He was already half-hard, he knew it wouldn't take much to get him going. It didn't. She leaned down, and took him in her mouth again, and within a minute he was as hard as a rock. Not bad for an old man, he thought, feeling from within how hard his cock was.

Hayley wiggled around on the bed, and finally made herself a nest in the blankets. She pulled him over on top of herself, and Jennifer curled up next to her. Roger slowly crept down her body until their faces lined up, and he kissed her. They kissed and kissed, and finally Jennifer joined in, although she didn't match up very well. Roger felt the head of his cock nestled into the crease of Hayley's thigh, and it didn't take but a few seconds of wiggling around to feel it probing the outer lips of her sweet cunt. He finally felt her guiding it, and he felt her pussy lips wrap around the head of his cock. He gently pushed, going in and out, feeling her juices lubricate him as he went deeper and deeper into her body. She was tight, was she ever. She almost turned his dick inside out, she was so tight.

Finally, he was in all the way. His hips touched hers. She sighed, and he felt her relax beneath him. He pulled out slightly, and then pushed back in, and she tensed back up.

"Oh... that... feels good..." she said, and he softly laughed. It did feel good, from his point of view, also. He silenced her with a kiss, and squeezed her breasts in his hands. This was just too much.

Jennifer crawled around on the bed, and finally got up on her knees. She backed up, and finally was positioned directly over Hayley's face. Hayley began to lick her cunt, and Roger realized that it probably wasn't the first time. Well, that question is answered, he thought, maybe I'm simply the first guy that's got to lick Jennifer's pussy. He leaned down into her, and arched his back as far as he could, and he could just reach Jennifer's asshole with his tongue. She tasted just a good to him there as anywhere, a little more spicy, but fantastic. He licked the wrinkled skin around her anus with gusto, loving it. There is now way, he realized, no way that he could ever choose between the two of them. They were both incredible.

Jennifer came, quickly, and he could feel her coming as he licked her asshole. She finally collapsed on Hayley, and crawled off, curling around the other girl's head. Hayley got to cum, at last, and it was a good one. It just went on and on, she whimpered and moaned and cried out, he could tell it was a good one. Good and hard. Her whole body jerked beneath him. He had hand underneath her, probing her asshole, and he even felt it pucker up. He felt the tightness of her sphincter around his finger. He pumped, and he pumped what felt like a gallon of sperm into her body, squirting again and again, finally slowing to a halt, exhausted. She sighed and panted, worn out.

He finally rolled off her legs, and the three of them just lay on the bed, resting.

"That was fuckin'... intense..." said Hayley, and he nodded. Jennifer laughed.

"Roger..." said Hayley, and he made a noise to let her know he was listening.

"Roger, how often does your brother go out of town?" said Hayley, and he laughed to himself. Every fuckin' weekend, from now on, he told himself.

"Every fuckin' weekend," he said. Why not? While the cat's away, the mice will play. He was almost thinking of his imaginary brother as a real person, by now. He wondered how long he could keep the game up.

"What time is it?" asked Jennifer, and he glanced at the clock. Shit. Twelve-thirty.

"When you guys gotta be home?" he asked.

"Never." said Hayley. "I'll call my mom and say I'm staying with Jennifer, and she'll tell her mom she's staying with me. It's almost too easy."

"Shit," he said. This was shaping up nicely. Sleeping with two beautiful girls. And actually getting to sleep, even. Too cool.

"Well, next weekend, call me like on Thursday, and I'll see if my bro is gonna be home or not. I'll come up for the weekend anyway." Candy from a baby, he thought. Like takin' candy from a baby. And what sweet little babies these two were.

"Roger," said Jennifer. He did the yes-I'm-listening noise again.

"Go buy some rubbers for next weekend."

Oh, hell yeah. That would be too cool. Cherry poppin' time. And what a sweet, sweet cherry. That would be too goddam cool. Damn, he thought, I'm glad I wanted that fishburger tonight.



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Two thousand reads in two years, and finally today KitKat leaves a comment. Really, people, we owe our authors more than that. We seem to be blasting out of the starting gate with new or re-posted stories here in what I thought would be dead space after Christmas. This is the first time I've seen the story, so that's my excuse. How many other Meatbot stories, or other stories by other authors, am I not even aware of? Well, I'm glad I got to see this one. Thanks to Meatbot for his many great contributions.

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Reply #3 on: December 29, 2016, 12:42:33 AM

Okay... Sorry if this seems like a plug... All my stories are in my profile, just click on my name.


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Reply #4 on: December 29, 2016, 01:08:16 AM
Ha ha... On my computer, a "c" and a "l" together look like a "d"... So that looked like " dick on my name."

I'm gonna start calling people I don't like "clickheads."

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Reply #5 on: December 29, 2016, 01:13:31 AM
 :emot_laughing: @ clickhead

If you are on the main sex stories page, you can separate each thread by who started the thread in ABC order. At the top, there is the bracket called "started by", click on it, it puts all the threads in abc order according to who started the thread, then you will find the author by name and all their stories will be lined up in a row. I hope you guys know what I'm trying to say. ;)


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Reply #6 on: December 29, 2016, 01:14:18 AM

Okay... Sorry if this seems like a plug... All my stories are in my profile, just click on my name.


Plug away baby. ;)


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Reply #7 on: December 29, 2016, 10:07:07 PM
I can kinda relate to Good ol'Roger. I get raz'd frequently for being "Uncle 'Dav3e'". I know Im not old but everyone(not here) plays it that way. That sort of relive the glorydays scenario is a good read for me. Also a good read in general as always and as usual don't stop sharing.

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Reply #8 on: December 27, 2020, 07:15:18 PM
Awesome story Meat' loved the "forward" girls. If you decide to continue with it I will be there!

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Reply #9 on: December 30, 2020, 11:20:21 PM
'Golf' is German for 'gulf' as in 'trade wind' which is a nautical phrase, not a frat party game. 'Passat' is equally pretentious, although I cant remember what it means.

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Reply #10 on: January 01, 2021, 05:58:39 PM
I always loved meatbot's stories. Actually I don't think there is even one story on here that fails to get that delicious rise out of me. But what do I know, I'm stuck in my own stories with my head firmly implanted in my own ass. I just dont want to seem like the person that as an author drops likes on stories to get attention for my own, not my style. So when I do praise others works I want it to be as sincere as humanly possible.


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Reply #11 on: January 01, 2021, 07:51:01 PM
Hot story , but doubt there will be more to it after so long

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Reply #12 on: January 16, 2021, 03:06:20 PM
so loved the story.. as usual. you have a talent for writing.

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Reply #13 on: January 17, 2021, 07:37:09 AM
Hot story , but doubt there will be more to it after so long

Yeah, unfortunately it looks like the author hasn't been on KB since June, 2018, so I doubt there'll be anything new here at all  :(

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