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Come Sit On Daddy's Lap ( incest, Mf )

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on: December 11, 2014, 06:55:58 AM
Title         : Come Sit On Daddy's Lap

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Dad/Daughter Incest, Mf

Date        : 20141212

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Synopsis : A teenaged girl enters in a sexual relationship with her father.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. If you have a sexy daughter, don't even hope and keep your hands to yourself. This won't happen. Sorry.


Sparrow Salvatore was looking forward to a great summer. Over half of it she was going to spend with her father, in his apartment on the beach in Florida. That sounded like great fun, to her. She'd bought a half-dozen swimsuits, and all kinds of other clothes, in preparation for the visit. She was a little excited to see her dad, she hadn't seen him in almost a year, and hadn't stayed with him in three or four. She felt like she would get a chance to re-acquaint herself with him, after all this time.

Her mom and dad had split up when she was only six or seven, and her dad had traveled for a while, after that. Plus, him and her mom had departed on less-than-friendly terms, and her mom had done all she could to discourage Sparrow from seeing him. Sparrow had finally seen through that, and now pretty much ignored her mom's barbed comments and silly suggestions, where he was concerned. She loved her father, and wanted to see him. And getting to live on the beach? That was just icing on the cake.

The plane trip was exciting, if a little nerve-wracking, because of a change-over. She finally walked down the ramp, and there he was. He looked good, fit and tanned, wearing a polo shirt and Bermuda shorts. She felt overdressed. He grabbed her and hugged her, and she kissed him on the lips. She was honestly glad to see him.

They picked up her suitcases, and he led her out into the parking lot. Shit, she thought, he has a nice car. She was hoping for some driving lessons from him, in less than a year she'd be getting her license. That would be funner than ever, in this car.

He took her through town, the scenic route, showing her everything. She fell in love with the city, and they finally stopped at one of his favorite restaurants for dinner. She was shocked at the prices, but it didn't seem to bother him a bit. She knew he was loaded, anyway. Just the money he sent her mom astounded Sparrow. And he must make lots more than that, to live like this, she thought.

They finally pulled up in front of his building, and parked in the basement. He waved to a boy in a blue suit, and the boy brought a trolley and got Sparrow's suitcases loaded on them. This was like a motel, Sparrow thought. They went up the elevator to the twenty first floor, almost to the top. He unlocked his door, and she entered, excited to see his place.

It was smaller than she thought it would be, but it was still the coolest thing ever, she thought. One bedroom, a large living room/dining room/kitchen combo, and, of course, a bathroom. She wondered what he paid a month for it. She figured it was a high number. The East walls were solid sheets of thick glass, and looked out over the peacefull blue ocean.

He rolled the trolley into his bedroom, and piled her stuff on the bed, and took the trolley back out into the hall. When he returned, she turned to him.

"Daddy... where are you gonna sleep?" she asked, honestly curious.

"Don't worry 'bout me, I'll sleep on the couch. I'll be gone most mornings before you get up anyway, it won't matter..."

"Oh, daddy, you don't have to give up your bedroom, I can sleep on the couch!" she said, feeling bad for him.

"No, I insist. It's just for the summer, remember." he smiled at her, and she knew that the matter was decided. She hesitantly nodded.

"Hey," he said. "Put on some shorts, or, hell, a swimsuit, and we'll walk the beach. It'll be dark in an hour, but we can make it to the boardwalk in just a few minutes and see the arcades and stuff. Remember how much you used to love that stuff at Myrtle?"

She laughed. He'd taken her to Myrtle Beach the first few summers after he'd split with her mom, and they'd had a lot of fun. Maybe this will be like that, she mused. Like old times.

He got a change of clothes out of the closet, and disappeared. She shut the door and changed into the swimsuit she liked the most, a white one-piece that was almost a thong in the back. She thought it felt sexy the way it fit up into her butt-crack, and she'd already worn in around the house under her clothes, trying to break it in.

She finally left the room, and wandered into the living room. He came from the kitchen, and stopped and stared at her.

"Damn, girl," he finally said, and she giggled shyly.

"What," she finally said.

"Nothin'..." he said. "Just... I guess little Sparrow has grown up..."

"Daddy!" she said. "You know I have. I been grown up for a while now, you just haven't been around to see it."

That seemed to make him sad and pensive, not what she'd intended.

"Darling..." he finally said. "I know that's true, and it breaks my heart. We got a lot of time to make up, this summer. And I promise not to ever miss a single time with you again."

She instinctively went to him and hugged him. They stood for a while, in each others arms, and she felt his hands on her waist. She smelled his familiar smell, his deodorant or after-shave or something, a smell she remembered from her earliest memories. She closed her eyes and just leaned on him, and he held her.

They finally separated, and he led her out in the hall, and locked the door. She went into the elevator first, and when the door closed, she could see him frowning in the mirrored wall.

"What, daddy?" she said, laughing.

"Nothing," he replied. "Just... that suit... it doesn't hide much, in the back..."

She laughed again, and turned her butt to face him. He shied away from it, and made a an anti-vampire cross with his fingers. She giggled again.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to see that much of your butt," he said. "You are going to drive the boys crazy wearing that."

"Daddy," she finally blushed. "It's nothing compared to what I'm sure we'll see on the beach. It's not even really a thong."

"Yeah, I know..." he sighed. "It was different in the old days. You got to be surprised when you unwrapped the prize, back then. Now, it's all out in the open, up front."

She giggled some more. "Dad," she finally said. "You're a guy. You like it. You like getting to see girl's butts. Admit it."

"Oh, I freely admit it," he said. "I just said it was different. I didn't say it was better."

She giggled some more, and shook her head. She freely accepted that her dad had a sex life, she was glad for him. She'd met one or two of his girlfriends, even, over the years. They were usually younger than he was, and highly attractive. She knew how guys were. She figured he even stared at the teeny-boppers, on the beach.

"Dad..." she thought this might be a good time to approach a subject that she'd thought about a lot, over the last month or two.

"Yes, darling?" he gave her his attention.

"Is there... anywhere around here... is there a nude beach?"

He got a funny look on his face. She held back a giggle.

"Why, yes," he said, though. "Just a mile south of here. Dusty Beach. I gotta admit, Sparrow, I've been there a time or two myself. Why, do you wanna go?"

Well, now she was the nonplussed one. Her dad had been to a nude beach? She had a hard time imagining that, for some reason. He was hip and cool, but still... her dad? Nude? That would require some thought, later.

"Uhm... I thought about it, I dunno... I have a suit that's... a little more revealing than this one... I might go there in it..."

"Well, ahem," he said, and about that time the elevator door finally opened. "Darlin', just let me know, I'll drop you off there whenever."

"Okay, thank you daddy," she said, kind of miffed that he'd upstaged her by admitting that he'd been there himself. She wondered if he'd gone nude... what would be the point of going to a nude beach, though, otherwise? Just to look at the girls? Wouldn't that be a bit obvious, for a guy, though? Not as obvious as if he were naked...

They walked down the walkway to the water. She took off her sandals and he carried them. They headed south, and soon were at the boardwalk. They had a fun evening, playing in the arcade, finally walking down to the the end of the dock and looking out over the water as night fell.

They had held hands most of the evening, and finally he crowded close to her and put his arm around her waist. He whispered a few silly things in her ear, and she laughed.

"Those boys were really checkin' you out," he said. "Especially as we walked away."

She giggled. She'd seen them, too. Sparrow knew she had a nice ass. Well, she knew she had a nice body, period. She was stacked. Her waist was slim and attractive, and her bust was comfortably large-ish, she thought. Not grossly large, but just right. She was pleased with how her body had turned out. She'd been a gawky, knock-kneed kid, but she'd matured into a well-proportioned, beautiful young woman. She had no real body image issues, she was very pleased with her body.

She was comfortable, in his arm. She knew he looked considerably younger than his thirty-five years, and she wondered if people that saw him would realize he was her dad. We could be a couple, honestly, she thought, and it secretly pleased her. She would be proud to have him for a boyfriend, she thought. Or a lover. Well, she'd at least be proud for it to appear that way, she thought.


That first night they stayed up late, and sat on the couch and talked. He'd turned out the lights, and the dark ocean spread out before them, lit occasionally by the lights on ships moving through the darkness. It was beautiful, Sparrow thought.

She wiggled her way down the couch next to him, and cuddled up on his side.

"Thank you, daddy, for letting me spend the summer with you. This is going to be the funnest summer ever, I think."

"Me too, darling, me too. I hope you understand I will have to work, some. But I'll try to do everything you want me to. Just ask, darling, just ask. Don't ever be afraid to ask. Just like you did with that nude beach thing."

She giggled. "Daddy..." she said, wanting to know. "Daddy, did you go naked on the beach? Did you... let it all hang out?"

He laughed, almost embarrassed. "Yes, I gotta admit... and it was very enjoyable, the freedom of it... it's kind of habit forming... I still go quite often. I went yesterday afternoon, in fact, before I picked you up."

"Shit," she said, trying to imagine him walking about the beach naked. She tried to think of when she'd ever seen him naked, but she couldn't remember a time.

"Watch your mouth, dirty bird," he said, laughing, and saying something she used to say to him when he cussed. She sighed, and burrowed under his arm, happy to just be with him. He was soft and warm. Well, really he was hard and warm. He just felt good to her.


When she got up the next morning he was gone, and she puttered around, fixed some toast, and finally put on her skimpiest swimsuit, the one she'd talked about yesterday. She wanted to get a good start on her tan, and this was the suit for it. She was looking for beach towels when she heard the door.

"Hi, darlin'," he said. His eyes widened as he saw what she was wearing. It was a true thong, just a little string of dental floss ran up the back, and of course it was buried in her ass crack. She laughed self-consciously, and felt the need to explain.

"I was just going to get some sun on the beach," she said. "Where are the towels?"

He fetched her a beach towel, and told her that there was a tanning area on top of the building, if she didn't want to walk down to the beach. That's where I usually go, he said.

"Yes, that would be cool," she said. "Will you come?"

"Sure," he said. "But I don't want to elbow in on all your time here."

"Oh, you won't be," she said. "Please. I'll wait on you. Get ready."

He disappeared into the bedroom, and quickly returned with a pair of shorts on. He got another towel, and they climbed two flights of stairs to the roof. He was right, there was a nice area set aside, with a few dozen recliners. They settled into a pair, nodding to the half-dozen or so folks already there.

"Darlin'..." her dad said, and she turned to him

"I don't intend on getting in your way, this summer. I know you're a pretty-much grown-up young lady, and who knows, you might even meet a boy or two you like here. Please, tell me if I'm ever cramping your style, or however you kids say it. Know what I mean?"

"Daddy!" she laughed. "I will. But I know you won't. And I've got a boyfriend at home, I'm not in the market, not for that. I'd almost rather make some girl friends, than get into a mess like that."

"I understand. But, seriously. I know there'll be times when you want to go off by yourself, don't let me get in your way. I know you're a big girl now, and you can take care of yourself."

"I'm not that big, daddy, I'm barely fifteen. I can't even drive yet."

"Yes, well. You know what I mean."

They passed the afternoon in more small talk, catching up on the last few years. He was interested in her stories about her mom, and she told him everything, the good and the bad. They both laughed at her mom's silly life, her way of screwing up every good thing that ever happened, and her way of blaming everyone else for her problems. He was glad the girl had turned out so level-headed, in spite of it, in spite of his crazy ex. More and more his worries and fears about her were turning out to be unfounded. Good thing, that.

They finally went back to the room, and she put on shorts and a t-shirt. He put on a shirt as well, and they went to the cafeteria and had a nice lunch.

"Well, darlin'," he said, "I've got some charts to go over. You find something to amuse yourself, and we'll catch back up this evening. Maybe we'll go to the mall or something tonight, get you some clothes or something. Or any bathroom stuff you need."

She changed suits, back to the one-piece, and put some cut-offs on over it. She took off down the beach, headed down towards the arcade, but for some reason when she got there, she headed on south. She was idly wondering where the nude beach was, she'd gathered from what he'd said that it was in this direction. To her great satisfaction she finally saw a sign warning her that naked people might be ahead of her. She kept going, and finally passed through a gate, and sure enough, for the first time, she set foot on a nude beach. She noticed immediately a lot of the girls were simply topless, so she stopped, and pulled the arm straps of her suit down her shoulder, and let the whole thing just dangle from her waist. She felt a great satisfaction of being topless, and she felt daring. Daring, and sexy. She knew she had nice breasts, and she was not afraid in the slightest of showing them off.

That quickly, two boys crossed her path, and she almost felt an almost physical touch as their eyes gazed at her tits. Oh, this is fun, she thought. She almost felt a touch again as an older man stared at her, and she giggled to herself, thinking perv alert! She stopped, and thought for a minute, and retracted that, deciding there was nothing pervy about an old man staring at a nice pair of tits like hers. It was natural, basically. She realized with a shock that she'd been staring just as hard at these men's penises. So far, though, she hadn't seen one that made a major impression on her. She had the internet in her bedroom at home, and she'd looked at thousands of dicks over the last few years, some of pretty sizable dimensions. She hoped to see a few like that here, although she realized that monsters were pretty rare. She spent thirty minutes going down the beach to the end, walking out in the water, and then back to where she started from.

Two boys stopped for a while and chatted with her, and one of them had a interesting penis. She had to try hard and not stare. He was uncircumcised, and the little tube of flesh at the end of his cock fascinated her. She realized it was getting smaller and smaller, and his cock was growing larger. Oh, shit, she thought, he'd getting hard. She wondered if she was doing that to him. That really turned her on.

The guys finally broke it off and left, she figured because both of them were getting hard. Am I that sexy? she thought, laughing to herself. She was glad she was a girl, and didn't have that problem. She did realize, though, that her nipples were harder than shit. She was pretty turned on. Even her pussy felt wet and juicy. She just laughed at herself, and finally started the long walk back to the apartment, remembering to put her top back on when she left the nude part of the beach.

She went back up on the roof, and spent the rest of the afternoon up there, soaking up the sun. Luckily, she had a small bottle of sunscreen in her pocket. Finally, at about what she figured was dinnertime, she went down to the apartment.

Her dad was on the phone at the kitchen table, with papers spread all around. He was glad to see her, and wound up his conversation. He asked about her day, and she told him, except, for some reason she left out the part about going to the nude beach. She just told him she'd walked to the arcade.

They got in the car, and went downtown in search of food. After some enjoyable junk food, they went to Walley-world and bought Sparrow yet another swimsuit, and a few more shorts, and some bathroom stuff.

Back home again, and Sparrow settled in front of the big-screen, and thumbed through the channels. To her great surprise, she found a porn channel.

"Daddy!" she called out, giggling. He was in the bedroom, but he came at her call, and she was tickled to see him get all embarrassed.

"Well, yes," he said, "I noticed that too, it's on the line-up but I didn't order it and I don't pay for it. Must be a mistake."

"Yeah, yeah," she giggled, staring at the screen. A man with an enormous dick was getting a blow-job from a woman. She wondered how many guys out there had big dicks like that, and where they hid. She certainly hadn't seen any of them today, at the beach. Just teeny weenies. She knew size wasn't everything... but still... just something cool about a really big dick. She realized she was wondering what one like that would feel like in her mouth. Oh, really, she thought, laughing at herself.


The next day her dad worked most of the day. She explored some more, going the other direction, and seeing what was that way. She spent some more time sunning, and finally, late that afternoon she made her way back to the apartment. He was done, and they tried to think of something to do that evening.

"I know," she said, feeling wicked. "Let's go to the nude beach!"

He got a funny look on his face.

"Darling..." he finally said. "How about if I just drop you off there?"

"No!" she said stubbornly. Suddenly it was an issue with her. She wanted their little family to be cool and hip enough to do things like that together. This will be too cool, she thought. He'll see me and I'll see him, and we'll be okay with it. We'll survive. We are a modern family of the 2000's. We can survive nudity.

"Come on, Daddy," she said. "It'll be fun. We're both grownups, like you said. Come on!"

"Well, shit," he finally said. "Okay, if that's what you really want."

"Yes," she said. "That's what I really want."

He disappeared in the bedroom and put his trunks on, and they went down the elevator and walked south along the sidewalk. They made small talk, but Sparrow was secretly gloating to herself. I'm gonna see my dad naked, she thought, and he's gonna see me. This will be cool.

After ten minutes they saw the "naked people" sign, and Sparrow remembered to pretend like she hadn't already been there before. They went through the gate, and she thought, now. The moment of truth.

"Well," said her dad, "Let's find some chairs."

They found a couple of unused recliners, and she dropped her towel on them. She had already checked out all the people around her, lots of foxy, tight hardbodies, and a few fatties. No giant penises, sadly. The quest must continue, she thought.

She stripped her top down, and kicked her suit off. Damn, she thought, being naked feels good. She wondered if anybody was watching her, thinking about her. How can you be naked and not think of sex? she thought. The two are inseparable. They were to her.

She was aware of her dad moving around beside her, as she arranged her chair. She quickly ran her hands over her body, feeling her hard nipples, and she squeezed and pinched them, hoping somebody was watching. She hoped it looked sexy. She turned, and saw two women sitting up and watching her. No, she realized, they weren't watching her, they were watching her dad. Watching him, and whispering among themselves. Crazy snoopy bitches, she thought.

She turned to him to say something, and all rational thought fled from her mind.

He dad stood there, facing her. He had just finished adjusting the chair, and he stood up as he prepared to lay down on it.

Holy goddam jeezus fucking goddam shit, Sparrow thought, her mind in overload. She stared at her dad. Fucking goddam shit, she thought again. Fuck.

Her dad had the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Well, she'd only seen a dozen or so of them here, for real, here on the beach. She'd seen thousands on the internet, though, and her dad's, soft, was as big as any of them. Bigger than some of them hard, even. And his balls! she thought. Damn. Those things hung down, over half as long as his dick. He had nice fat balls, she thought.

Shit fucking fire, she thought. All that time, all that looking, and there it was, all the time. Right there. Shit. She knew, deep inside, she knew that her life would not be complete until she saw her dad with a hard-on. She wondered if she could get some foxy girls to come talk to him, if it would get hard. She wondered, and shocked herself, by wondering if she could get it hard. Surely, she thought, surely I turn him on a little.

Sparrow was a girl, and didn't know her inches and feet that well, but she figured that, soft, his weenie was hanging down at least eight inches. She tried to calculate how long it would get when it was hard, but she didn't know the multiplier. Damn, she thought, damn. This is gonna be one hell of a summer. Goddam. Hangin' out at the nude beach with my big-dicked dad. Fuck.

He finally noticed her standing there staring, and it seemed to embarrass him a little. He finally sat down, and let his dick fall down between his legs. He smiled at her, a tight little smile, and she smiled back. She wanted bad to say something about his monster, but she didn't. Pace yourself, she thought. Pace yourself.

They sat, and soaked up the sun for a while. Sparrow noticed with amusement that the two women she'd noticed earlier got up and walked by them. Then they walked back by. She knew they were staring at her dad's penis. He's mine, bitches, she thought.

Why the fuck did Mom kick his ass out? she wondered. With a hunk of meat like that... where would she find something better? She reminded herself again that size wasn't everything. Still... goddam, she thought. Goddam. My dad is a beast. A fucking beast.

She turned to speak to him, and he was looking right at her. Right at her tits. Oh shit, sorry, she thought. He looked away, embarrassed. You can look, she thought. Please. Please look.

"Daddy, I'm gonna get a coke. You want something?" He ordered a coke, and gave her a five, and she set off down the beach, looking for a refreshment stand. She got two cans of Pepsi, and returned. Shit, you bitch, she thought. A woman was standing next to her dad, talking to him. He's mine, bitch, she thought, amused at how possessive she felt.

"Sparrow, this is Virginia, a friend of mine," her dad said, introducing them. The woman nodded, and Sparrow nodded back.

"Pleased to meet you. Your dad talks about you constantly," the woman said, and Sparrow giggled. The woman pulled a recliner over, and placed it next to her dad's. Sparrow, on impulse, turned hers around, so her head was at her dad's feet. She gave him his Pepsi, and lay back down. Ha ha, she thought, she could look right up his legs, and see his monster dick. She remembered she had sunglasses perched on her head, and she placed them over her eyes, so he couldn't tell she was looking at him. His dick seemed a little bigger, now, and she wondered if it was because of the other woman. The woman did have incredible tits, and Sparrow wondered if they were real or not. And shaved, she was shaved smooth. That looked kind of sexy, and Sparrow decided right then to shave herself tonight. Hairy pussies are so old-school, she thought. Shave that shit.

They sat and talked, well, Sparrow mostly just sat and listened. She realized from the conversation that her dad and this woman knew each other pretty well. Well, she thought, that's no big deal, he had a life before I came. I understand. She wasn't even really jealous. She wondered if the two of them had ever had sex.

Virginia finally excused herself, and left. The day progressed. The hot sun felt so good on her, Sparrow thought. She could lay here forever. She checked out her dad's dick, for the hundredth time. It had gone back to it's original size. Something needs to happen, she thought. That baby needs some exercise.

Sparrow had to tee-hee-hee when she realized that another woman was also cock-watching her dad. The woman was standing right behind him, pretending to look out over the water, but Sparrow saw her eyes return again and again to her dad's penis. Look but don't touch, she thought, giggling. She realized that she was going to just simply have to talk to him about this, tonight. Dad, you have a big cock, she wanted to say. Not really, she'd have to be much more subtle about it. She didn't want to embarrass him, it was just that... for some reason, she really wanted him to know that she'd noticed it. That she was impressed, and proud of him. My dad, she thought, the biggest cock on the block.

She pulled a tube of suntan lotion from her bag, and was suddenly seized with a wild, sexy idea.

"Daddy, would you put this on my back?" she said, turning over and laying the recliner all the way down. She held the tube out to him.

She almost thought for a moment he wasn't going to do it. Finally he grimaced, and stood, and went around to the side of her chair. He sat gingerly, taking the tube, and squeezed some out on her back. He carefully rubbed it in, and it felt good just to feel his hands on her hot flesh.

"Uhmmm," she said, sighing with pleasure. It always felt good to be touched. And he had strong hands. She decided she would ask him for a back rub tonight.

"There you go," he said. There we don't go, she thought.

"Daddy, you barely got started," she said. "Do my hips and butt and legs, too. The sun is going to get me everywhere, you need to do it everywhere." And then, she thought, then I'm going to roll over.

He sighed, and finally she felt him squirting more out of the tube, on her lower back. Ha ha, she thought, I got you now. Let's see what you're made of. If you can stand to feel a sexy young girl, even your own daughter, and not get a boner. Let's just fucking see. She turned her head and lay it down, closing her eyes until she could just barely see out of them. She couldn't see his dick, yet. She wiggled around some more, and finally she could barely glimpse the top of it, where it went into his body. Okay, she thought, let the fun begin.

He massaged the lotion into her back, and got closer and closer to her butt. Will he do it? she thought. Finally, at last, to her great satisfaction, she felt his hands on her ass. He smeared lotion in, and carefully rubbed both her cheeks, his fingers light on her. Push harder, she thought. Make me feel it.

Sparrow realized at some point how turned on she was. My dad, she told herself, it's my dad. So fucking what, she thought back at herself. He is a sexy old fart. I am a sexy young bitch. We can have a little fun, at the old nude beach. It don't mean nothing. And what the fuck if it does? Sparrow was a modern girl. The word incest held no fear for her, not if that's what she really wanted. Sparrow really wasn't that spoiled of a brat, but in her mind, what she wanted was right, and what she didn't want was wrong. It was that simple. Silly man-made ideas and contrivances like the concept of incest didn't enter into the equation. Plus, she'd spent so much time away from her dad, he really wasn't a parental authority figure to her. He was more like a buddy, a pal. A friend.

He went on down her thighs, and rubbed lotion onto her body. On a whim, she reached back, and seized an ass cheek in each hand, and spread her ass apart. She got a real thrill thinking that he could see her asshole. She knew that any other guy on this beach would kill to see her pretty little rosebud. She hoped her dad was the same way.

He just ignored it, though. Well, she didn't know, he was looking for all she knew, she couldn't see behind her. But she didn't feel his hands in her asscrack like she wanted to. She wiggled her ass, and went "Bzzzt!" loudly.

"I see it, but I'm not going there," he said softly, and she giggled.

"I'm sorry daddy," she said. "But you don't want me to get burned down there do you?"

"No," he said. "And you won't, if you keep your legs together."

"Daddy..." she whined in her best pleading voice.

He sighed loudly, a little theatrically, she thought. At last she felt his hand enter her asscrack, just an inch from her asshole. Oh my, she thought, that feels sexier than shit. My dad with his hand on my asshole. Almost.

He smeared some lotion down her asscrack, and rubbed it in, and then returned to her legs.

"Thank you daddy," she said, sweetly. He snorted.

"Girl," he said, "You are hard on an old man."

She purposefully raised her head and looked behind her as far as she could. To her disgust, he had his towel in his lap, hiding his dick. Oh, shit, though, she told herself, I know why. I know what that means. Hee hee hee.

He finally made it to her feet. He rubbed her feet for a while, like he used to when she was little. It felt good. She loved having her feet rubbed. When he finally stopped, she thought, okay, her goes nothing.

"Okay!" she said brightly. "Half done!" She turned over on the lounge, and smiled up at him. He frowned down at her.

"Sparrow," he said. Oh shit, she thought, he hardly ever uses my name unless he's upset.

"Sparrow, darling, let's end this right here. You can do your front. I understand you couldn't do your back, but you can do your front."

Awww, she thought. Shit. Her mind raced. She realized that she was totally prepared to fight unfairly on this issue. She badly wanted to feel his hands on her body some more, and especially on certain parts of her body.

"Daddy..." she said, drawing the word out, like she used to when she begged for something. He sighed, exasperated.

"Daddy... I just like it when you do it... it reminds me of when I was little... please? Just this once? Please? We're adults, we can be... adult about it, right?"

He shook his head. "Sparrow, darling, in this case, being adult might mean something different than what you think."

"Daddy, please..." she begged, melting him with her eyes. He sighed.

"Okay, just this once," he finally said, and squirted lotion in his hand. She cackled to herself, and lay back and relaxed. He started at her neck, and rubbed her shoulders. She presented her arm, and went all the way down it to her fingers. Then the next arm. Sequentially, she thought, boobs should be next. And, to both her surprise and satisfaction, he dribbled lotion all over both her boobs.

His touch felt electric. My dad is rubbing my boobs, she thought. My dad is feeling me off. Damn, it felt sexy. She'd had her boobs rubbed before, by more than one boy, but this felt way better. And not just because of the lotion. His hands were firm and strong, and slick from the lotion. She felt him rub over her nipple, smearing lotion on it, and then return to rub it in. Oh shit, she thought, that felt divine. Simply divine. Way better than when I do it.

He rubbed the underneath side of her boobs, even, and damn that felt good. She almost always itched there, and it felt great to feel his strong hands rub her there. He finally went on down her stomach, and that even felt good. He should be a masseuse, she thought. He's good at this shit.

She wondered what he would do when he got to her pussy region. He smeared lotion on her lower belly, and rubbed it in, until she felt his hand touch her pubic hair. Tomorrow, she thought, if I can get him to do this again, that shit'll be gone. He didn't go any further down than that, and she let it go. He finally rubbed it into her thighs, and once again on a whim, she spread her legs wide, so he could get her inner thighs. She knew her pussy was fully exposed, now, and there was no way he could fail to see it. That's not the first time you've seen it, she thought, don't freak. She thought she heard a slight grunt from him, and she giggled silently to herself. She knew it was mean, but dammit, he deserved a peek at her pussy. He was a guy, and she knew what guys liked. Guys liked anything to do with pussies. He would be no different.

Finally, he rubbed her kneecaps and shins. He was done. Shit, that was way too fast, she thought.

"Thank you, daddy," she said, smiling at him. He returned the smile weakly, and returned to his chair. He still had the towel over his waist, and she was pleased to see something beneath it, rising substantially. I did that, she thought. I made that happen. The feeling of me, beneath his hands. I made him hard. She was proud of herself.

They lay silently for a little while, but her mind was racing. She thought about her relationship with him, and about how it seemed to have changed, somewhat. Until this moment, until he'd laid his hands on her body, squeezing her breasts, even, he'd seem kind of stand-offish compared to the way he used to be. She knew that part of that was just the way it was when you grew up, plus, she was just a bigger girl now. He couldn't grab her and whirl her in a circle like he used to. He couldn't hold her over her head like he used to. But he no longer touched her, held her like he used to. Maybe that will change, now, she thought. Now that he's gotten a feel of me.

Tonight, she thought. Tonight, I'll ask him to rub my back, and I'll take my shirt off. We'll see how he'll react to nudity in the home. She wanted to feel his hands on her body again, that quickly.

She looked at him again, trying to see what was beneath the towel. Trying to see where it was. She wondered if it was going down any. It didn't look like it was. She giggled silently. Poor daddy, she thought, stuck with a boner at the beach. And sweet little me gave it to him.

The afternoon passed. Finally he dropped the towel, and she could see that his dick was it's normal soft self. She wondered if there was anything else that she could do, here at the beach, to get it hard. She wanted bad to put suntan lotion on it, and rub it in... that would probably look a little obvious, though.

Sparrow had jerked off a boy or two, in her time. One of them, Albert, had almost talked her into sucking him off, but she chickened out at the last minute. She did kiss it, though, and she'd always remember the soft hardness of the end of the boy's cock. She found herself wanting to do the same thing to her father. I'd suck his, she thought, I really would. That magnificent thing? I'd put that sucker in my mouth in a second. She began to wonder how to bring that event about.


Finally, the sun was setting on the city behind them. They'd had a good time, several other of her dad's friends, both male and female had found them, and Sparrow had enjoyed watching his guy friends watch her. Men, she thought with a giggle. How predictable.

Finally, it was time to go home. They'd been there for hours, Sparrow realized. She felt comfortable being naked, and she almost didn't want to go back to the real world, where you had to wear clothes. They packed up, and dressed and Sparrow said goodbye to her dad's wonderful dick. Tomorrow, my little friend, she thought. Tomorrow.


They got back to the apartment, put everything away, and tried to figure out what to do for dinner. Finally her dad warmed up some prepared meals he had in the freezer, and they ate on the couch, watching TV. Sparrow's mind was churning, thinking wicked thoughts mostly, and trying to figure out ways to approach her dad with some ideas she'd had.

"Daddy," she finally said, bravely. After all, all he could do was say no, right? "Daddy, since we did so good at the beach today, and had fun... you had fun, right?" she looked at him seriously. He nodded. He'd had fun. "Anyway, why can't we do that here? Just go nude, whenever we're at home? What will it hurt?"

He looked uncomfortable. "Darlin'," he finally said. "I don't care if you want to. If you want to, do it. I don't care. But I'm not sure if that's for me. I'm a guy, remember... things are a little different... things show up worse, on guys."

She giggled. "What do you mean? Boners?"

He sighed, exasperated. "Yes, boners. Darling. There is something I must tell you, that I must make you understand. I don't want to let it become an issue."

"Yes, daddy?" she gave him her best innocent little girl look.

"Darlin'... you might have noticed I had a problem today... you must understand, that with guys... well, with guy's dicks," she was slightly scandalized to hear him say the word, but it turned her on. "With guy's dicks, it don't matter. There is no brother slash sister, no mother slash son, no father slash daughter."

"What do you mean?" she acted puzzled, although she knew exactly what he meant. She just wanted to hear him say it. She wanted to make him say it.

"Darlin'... when a guy sees a naked girl, it doesn't matter who she is, he gets turned on. You have to understand that, and forgive us for it. We're just guys, it's the way we're made. We can't help it."

"Okay, daddy. I understand." she said, wanting to shock him, wanting to be naughty. "That's why you got a hard-on today when you were rubbing me?"

He didn't seem to be shocked, though, he just gave a little laugh. "Yes, darling, that. That exactly."

"Daddy," she said. "It don't bother me. It don't bother me any, and... truth be known... it was kinda sexy, to me."

"Girl," he just looked down and shook his head. "Let's not go there, okay? Let's just leave it at that."

She giggled. "Okay, daddy. Gotcha." She wasn't ready to stop. She wanted this particular train of conversation to keep on going. It was exciting her.

"Daddy," she said, and he looked at her, inquisitively. "Daddy, I was proud of you today. You were the best man on the beach. Totally."

He just looked puzzled, and she thought, you silly man, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

"Darlin'," he finally said, shaking his head. "There's more to it than just... size. Don't be fooled by that."

"I know. And I'm not fooled. But I was still proud of you."

He shook his head one last time. I sure do make him shake his head a lot, she thought.


He finally made his nest on the couch, and she retired to the bedroom. She found her phone, and held a long conversation with a girl named Sandra, her best friend back home. She told Sandra all about the nude beach, and seeing her dad's giant cock. Sandra was impressed. Sandra had had less real world experience than Sparrow, but her mind was way more active, and she knew a lot of things that Sparrow didn't. She knew Sandra thought just like her, and sure enough, Sandra asked her if she was thinking of doing him. Her dad. She laughed, and told the truth.

"Sandy, I dunno... if I thought it wouldn't totally fuck up our relationship I would, I would in a second. It'd be cool and sweet for him to pop my cherry, it'd be... symbolic or somethin'. Yes, if I thought I could, I would. You know me. When I want somethin', it don't matter if it's right or wrong, I go for it."

"Well, you got somethin' there... you wouldn't wanna fuck things up between you... I know you could handle it, but you gotta ask yourself, could he handle it? Do you think he could?"

"I dunno, Sandy, I dunno... I'd like to say he could. He's pretty hip and modern and all that... I'd like to say he could do his own daughter... I know he don't got religious issues or anything like that keepin' him from it. Maybe I got hope, who knows."

"Well, you got what, two more months to figure that out? How long you gonna be there?"

"Yeah, two months."

"That should be enough time, if you decide to try something. Hey, keep me informed, this is interesting. You, fuckin' your own father."

Sparrow giggled. "Well, maybe not fuckin' him... maybe just giving him a BJ, or something... or lettin' him lick me..."

"Oh, that would be sweet. Your dad is hot, I seen pictures. Like I said, let me know."


The next morning when Sparrow woke up, her dad was gone. She laid around a while, and finally went in the living room, still as naked as she'd slept. She laid around and watched TV, impatiently waiting for him to show up and notice her nakedness. Finally, after lunchtime came and went, she gave up and put her thong suit on, and wandered down the beach. She stood out in the water, letting it push her to and fro, and enjoyed the beauty and power of the ocean. She finally turned back towards the shore, and noticed a man standing close to the water's edge. She walked back out of the surf, passing close by him, and was surprised when he spoke.

"Howdy!" he said, and she looked at him, and nodded a reply. He was maybe her dad's age, maybe a few years older, ruggedly handsome, and in pretty good shape for an old fart, she thought. He didn't even have love handles. Damn. This guy takes care of himself, she thought.

"The ocean's beautiful, isn't it?" the man said, and she smiled at him.

"Yes, very. I love it out here."

"You live close?" he asked, and she shook her head.

"No, I actually live in Texas, I'm just here visiting my dad for the summer."

"I see, I see," the man said, nodding his head. He turned, and began walking down, paralleling the water's edge. She followed, staying beside him. It was the way she'd intended on going, anyway.

"My name is Brad," the man said.

"I'm Sparrow," she said, and he presented his hand. She shook it.

"Sparrow. What a beautiful name," he said, smiling at her. She decided she liked him. She smiled back.

They walked past the arcade, and just kept going. She was comfortable with him, he didn't seem threatening in any way. He just seemed like a plain, nice guy. They made small talk, and as it tends to do at times, the small talk turned into big talk. She found herself telling him things that surprised even her.

"I'm going through a crisis, I think..." she said, and he nodded sympathetically.

"There is somebody in my life that I love very much... and I'm ready to... ready to give myself... give myself to them. But they believe it'd be wrong, for a multitude of reasons. I was just out here thinkin', mostly."

"Well," Brad finally said. He looked pointedly at her body, and she almost blushed. "First, he's a very lucky guy... if it's a guy, that is..." she nodded. "Dear... you are young, and youth is always intense and in a hurry... just let it happen, would be my advice. If it happens, you were right. If it doesn't, move on. Don't spend too much of your valuable time on a dead end."

"I don't think it's a dead end... I just think that he might not like me... like I like him. You know?"

The stopped, and he nodded seriously. "Well, darlin', like I said. Don't put your life on hold for too long. Before long you're gonna end up like me if you do, an old fart, still waitin' for life to happen."

She giggled, and he smiled. They walked some more. She could feel his eyes on her, at times, and she knew he was enjoying her bikini. As well he should be, she thought. They finally turned around, and headed back to the populated part of the beach. She realized with surprise that they'd walked right past the nude beach without realizing it.

They were just passing the "naked people" sign. She motioned on up the beach, to where the crowd of chairs and nudists were.

"Brad. You ever go there?" she asked. He smiled.

"I used to, a lot. Haven't been in a while, no."

"Wanna go?" she asked. He looked surprised that she'd mention it, and finally said, "sure! But..." she looked at him. He finally said, "I just hope I don't embarrass myself, in the company of a beautiful young woman. You'll forgive me if I do? I don't have a towel..."

She knew what he meant. She giggled. "Sure, it'll be okay. My dad had that problem, yesterday. When he was puttin' lotion on my back."

"Your dad?" he seemed surprised. Then he said, "I guess I can understand that. You're his daughter, but still a foxy, sexy young lady. I'd probably have that problem, if I had a daughter like you."

She giggled some more. They approached the recliners, and she picked two of them out, and put them head to tail like she'd done with her dad the other day. It made it easier to talk, that way, too. She stripped her bikini off, and stepped out of it. She saw his eyes automatically go to her tits, and she smiled to herself.

When Brad drew his shorts down, she was mildly surprised. He was no monster like her dad, but he had a very nice dick, she thought. It was plenty big enough, and she knew that because it was about half hard, sticking out from his body at a forty-five degree angle, or so. It looked cool to her. She remembered her boyfriend Albert and how hard his cock had gotten when she'd played with it. I'd play with this one, too, she thought. I would. It would be fun. And I'd go a lot further than I went with Albert. I was young and dumb, then, I didn't know how much fun it could be.

They sat and talked for an hour or two, and Sparrow was glad once again of her sunglasses. She could stare right at his cock without embarrassment. Way cool. She found herself telling him about her plans to go nude around the house, after finding she loved it so much at the beach. He just shook his head.

"Darlin'," he said. "Your dad is a very lucky guy. I'm sure you'll really make his day, if you do that."

"Yeah," she giggled. On impulse, she spread her legs wide, putting a foot down on the ground on each side of the recliner. She could see him, gazing at her pussy.

"Brad," she said. "I'm thinking about shaving off my pussy hair. Do you think I should?" She wanted to shock him a little bit, and titillate him a little more, even. She did just that. He was having a hard enough time not just staring at her pussy.

"I dunno, Sparrow," he finally said. "I'll go with whatever you decide. You are the most beautiful girl on the beach, no matter what you choose."

She laughed. That was pretty noncommittal. They finally gathered up their stuff, and made their way to place where they had to put their clothes back on.

"Where do you guys live?" Brad asked, and when Sparrow told him it was the Dorne building he laughed.

"I live there too, the nineteenth floor. You should come see me sometimes." She promised too, and she tried to memorize his room number. They finally arrived at the building, and went up the elevator. She said goodbye, and he got off on his floor, and she went on up to hers.


Her dad was home, at least. She gave him a quick run-down of her day, minus a few details, like Brad's age, she wasn't sure if he'd understand or not. She just told him she'd made a friend.

"Daddy," she finally said, "Like I said yesterday... I'm gonna start going in the nude here at home... I hope you really don't mind..."

He shook his head. "No, sparrow, I don't mind. It's not that much different that what you're wearing right now, anyway." They both laughed. Sparrow dropped her shorts, and stripped the little suit right off. She felt free, and she felt good. She loved being naked, she decided. He just stared at her, and shook his head.

"What have I created?" he asked. She stretched, and scratched herself under her breasts. Damn, that felt good. She was conscious of his eyes on her, and it turned her on. I know I look good, she thought. I know I look sexy. Anybody would stare. But it turns me on the most that he's my dad.


They passed the rest of the evening without really doing anything, until about eight o'clock, when he convinced her to get dressed and they went and saw a movie. It was almost eleven when they stumbled back into the apartment. Sparrow went to the bedroom and undressed, and put her clothes up. She walked back in the living room, nude, and he was on the couch, thumbing through the channels. She sat beside him, and then, on impulse, she crawled up in his lap. That was kind of difficult now that she was so big, but she managed, and he gingerly held her. She wiggled around and got comfortable.

They watched TV and talked for a while. She realized she was very horny, and she kept wanted to direct the conversation to sexual subjects, but she didn't. Except... she did think of one thing.

"Daddy," she announced. "I'm gonna shave my pussy hair in the morning. What do you think?"

"What do I think? Sure, go for it. Whatever you want. Does my opinion really matter?"

"Yes. I think it will be fun. All smooth. And sexy."

"Uhm, yes." He squirmed. She realized that the hard lump she'd been feeling for some time now was his erection. She giggled some more. She squirmed some, then, squeezing his lump, trying on purpose to make him feel her feeling it.

"Daddy..." she finally said, determined to get a rise out of him. "Daddy... what do you think of my pussy? You saw it pretty good the other day, right?"

She turned and looked at him. He had a look on his face... she couldn't really tell what kind of look it was.

"Sparrow, honey," he finally said. "Darling, you are making me wonder if I've been to lenient with you. I'm still your dad, right? Do you remember that?"

"Yes..." she said, still kind of giggling.

"Darling, daddies don't talk with their little girls about their pussies. It's just not done, dear. Please. Don't make this difficult on me."

"Daddy... I'm sorry... I guess I was kinda teasing you... I'll stop." she turned around, and kissed him on the cheek. "You are very sweet to put up with all my crap. I know I've been kinda wicked... but it's just fun..."

"Well, fun is one thing... but let's not let it get ourselves into trouble," he said. She nodded.

"Daddy... just tell me one thing... please?"

"Yes, dear?"

"I know you don't believe in... gods or devils and such... you remember how you used to say you were a heathen?"

He laughed. "Yes. Okay."

"Daddy, you used to say there was no right or wrong, save what we make ourselves... what we believe, right?"


"Daddy... if there is no ultimate right or wrong, then can you make love to me? Can you be my first time?"

He was silent. She waited.

"Sparrow... darling... Is that what this is all about?" he finally asked.

"All what? Me going nude? No, I'm doing that because I like it and it feels good."

"What are you really saying?"

"Daddy, I love you very much, more than anybody in the world. I want you to be my first, I want you to pop my cherry. And I want to show you how much I love you. It'll be... symbolic. Symbolic of our love for each other."

"Oh, darling," he said, putting his head down on her shoulder. He clasped his hands around her waist, and she was very aware of his fists resting in her lap, an inch from her pussy.

"Daddy... I'm not trying to put you on the spot... I just want to love you... and you to love me... we deserve that, daddy. We love each other that much. And, like you say, there's nobody to tell us we can't."

"Darlin'... what you're talking about is incest, it's just not done..."

"Daddy, if there's no right or wrong, so what? Why can't we?"

"Sugar, there is right and wrong, we humans have developed a pretty good sense of right and wrong, for good reasons."

"What is the reason against incest?"

"Oh, there's a lot... birth defects, deformities... relationship issues... you should look it up, on the internet sometimes..."

"Daddy... I don't wanna cause you any grief... but I love you very much and I want you to make love to me. That's it." There, she thought. I said it plainly. What he decides will have to be enough for me, I guess.

"There won't be birth defects because momma put me on the pill a few years ago, just in case. I won't get pregnant. And I think our relationship is strong enough to survive a night of love."

She turned, and finally was straddling his legs, facing him. Her breasts were right in his face, and she hugged herself to him, feeling his warm body beneath hers. She could feel his leg pressing into her pussy. She put her hands around his head, and squeezed it to her body. She felt a touch as he put his hands on her waist, right above her butt. They just sat there like that for the longest time, not moving.

"Darlin'..." he finally said. "You are very persuasive. Can I get back to you on this?"

She giggled. He sounded like he was making a business proposal or something.

"Nope," she said. "Gotta know right now."

He sighed. His head was wrapped in her arms. She could feel his breath on her tits. Her nipples were hard, damn hard.

"Honey," he said. "I'm sorry, but the answer has gotta be no. I'm sorry, darling. I have to do what I feel is right."

She was sad, but she understood. She hadn't really figured he'd give up that quickly. She didn't plan on giving up, either, though. She'd have to decide on another plan of attack. At least he knows, now. He knows I want him to do me. And it didn't seem to bother him all that much.


The next morning she got up, and hit the shower. She located one of his disposable razors, and carefully shaved all her pubic hair off. God, she thought, that is way more sexy than I even thought it would be... her pussy felt smooth and sexy, just incredible. And damn... it looked cuter than ever. She wondered how to show it off to her dad. She wanted him to do more than just simply see it. Her mind raced for ideas, again.

She puttered around until noon, and then, on a whim, put on her thong and went to the elevator. She got off on Brad's floor, and found his room number, and knocked. She heard him stumbling around inside, and finally the door opened. He seemed pleased to see her, and invited her in. She entered without any real reservations, she totally trusted him, for some reason. They sat on the couch a while and talked.

"Darlin'," he said. "You look stunning in that suit. I wanted to say that yesterday."

"Thank you," she giggled. She knew that, already. I'd look good in a paper bag, she thought.

Sparrow realized how almost desperately horny she was. That deal with her dad was really eating on her. She wanted something to happen, bad. At this point she didn't really care that much what it was, even. Just something.

"Brad..." she said, thinking furiously. She didn't see how he could turn her down. He didn't have the incest thing to worry about.

"Yes, dear?" he said.

"Let me show you what I did this morning," she said, and stood. She pulled the front of her suit down, exposing her clean-shaven pussy to him. She could tell he was shocked, but he stared at it, almost hungrily.

"Yes, uhm," he finally managed to say, "that is very... cute... smooth, yes?"

"Smooth yes," she agreed. "It feels cool."

"I bet it does," he said, almost enviously. She giggled to herself.

"Brad," she finally said. "Would you... uhm... would you lick my pussy? Please?"

"Oh shit," he sat back heavily. He just stared at her.

"I'm sorry I can't let you fuck me," she said, "but I'm saving that for somebody special. But, you can lick me. Is that okay?"

"Darling..." he said, "are you sure that's what you want? There's no going back, if we do... what's done is done..."

"Yes, I know. Yes, I'm sure. I'm just so ready... so ready for something to happen... and my dad wouldn't..." she stopped, realizing she was telling him more than she'd intended.

"Yes, your dad... kinda thought that, yesterday..." he mused. He looked thoughtful.

"Darling," he said, staring her straight in the eye. "Honestly... I would like nothing more in the whole world than to lick your sweet pussy... but I don't want you to regret it, later. Promise me you won't have any regrets."

She stared back at him. She was sure. "I promise," she said slowly. He nodded, satisfied. He slid off the couch into the floor, and moved over until he was between her legs. Just the touch of her cool smooth flesh gave him chills. He couldn't believe what was being offered to him.

She slid the straps over her arms, and carefully pulled the suit down her legs. Her tits felt good, being freed. Her whole body felt good. A man is going to eat my pussy, she thought. A man I barely know. And I'm going to love it.

Love it she did. The feel of his tongue on her clit electrified her. Every touch she felt intensely, due to her freshly shaven snatch. Her pussy was very sensitive, and it felt great. He was good at what he did, she thought. She knew she wasn't his first. Probably not even his hundredth, she thought.

He licked down the outsides of her pussy lips, and back up. His hands were high, squeezing and kneading her sensitive tits. He licked inside her pussy, and then all the way down to her asshole. Oh, she thought, that feels good, she squirmed and spread her legs all the wider, letting him get all the way in there. She finally ran her hands down underneath her legs, and spread her ass cheeks wide apart, to make it easier for him to lick her asshole. He kept coming back to her clit, and she loved that. She finally wrapped her legs around his head, and squeezed him to her body. He alternately licked and sucked, and she wiggled all the more, gasping for breath. She realized she was going to cum.

She came, and within ten more minutes, she came again. He was good. He just chewed and slobbered and licked, and let her do what she had to do. She was gasping for breath by the second, and he seemed to show no desire to stop. She got ready for number three.

At some point that afternoon, she realized that she was in love with sex. She was hooked on it, on the feelings her body could provide for her. It seemed to matter little who was doing it... although... she thought again how special it would be for her dad to be doing this... maybe, she thought... maybe I can convince him to do everything but straight-out fuck me. Maybe he won't feel so bad if we don't go all the way... I would love for him to do this, she thought. This would be way better than nothing, at least. This would be special.

She plotted and planned as Brad nuzzled and slobbered on her pussy. And her clit... damn, she thought, keep going back to the clit. He knew where her pleasure center was... he tongued it unmercifully... she squirmed and her pussy juices streaked down his face... she was loving it. Every minute of it.

He finally flipped her, and pulled her ass up in the air. He buried his face in her ass, tonguing her asshole, pressing his tongue into it as far as he could. She tasted as sweet as honey back there, to him. He licked and licked, tasting sweat, and salt, and a little hint of shit. He was in love with her ass. He rubbed and squeezed and spread her ass with his hands, his tongue staying right on her asshole. This girl. She was too much. He loved her dearly. He was glad again he'd took a chance and spoke to the girl, on the beach. This was the end result. She was the sweetest, sexiest most perfect thing he'd ever got to play around with... and he'd played with a lot. He hadn't had one this sweet in years... she was too much. He hoped this wasn't just a one-time deal.

Finally her poor forgotten titties got some time, she thought. He nuzzled and licked and smooched on them, and her hard nipples responded. She decided she loved having her tits played with. He squeezed them, and spread them apart and squished them together, everything. God, that feels good, she thought. Jeezus. Do that some more.

Sparrow had no idea what time it was. She felt like she'd been here for hours. She figured her dad was home by now, at least. Finally, sadly, she told Brad she needed to leave. He kissed her, their first kiss, and thanked her for the wonderful afternoon she'd spent with him. She just laughed, and thanked him. She left, adjusting her suit, and walked up the stairs to her apartment. Her dad was home, sure enough, and she gave him an imaginary rundown of her day. She didn't tell him she'd spent the last four hours getting her pussy licked.

They spent a quiet evening at home, just watching TV and cuddling. Sparrow finally took her swimsuit off, and was deliciously naked. Her dad cuddled her again, and she felt warm and loved in his arms. I guess it don't matter that much, she thought, this is enough, for a while... just letting him hold me... she was almost surprised, though, at his willpower. Holding a sexy, beautiful naked girl... he was tough, she thought. When he thought something he stuck to it. She finally tottered off to bed, as he made his nest on the couch.


The next morning her dad was gone, as usual. She got up and lounged around the house, and finally, on a whim, dropped a t-shirt over her head. No panties. She went out into the hall, and down the stairs to Brad's room. She could tell that she woke him up, but he was glad to see her. He knew what was coming next. He was right, kind of.

"Brad," Sparrow announced. "You licked me, yesterday. We'll do some more of that, today, but today I wanna lick you, too."

He stared at her, bemused. This girl. She knew what she wanted, and she wasn't afraid to ask for it. Amazing.

She approached him, and wrestled with his pants. He finally helped her get them undone, and she pulled out his long cock. He reached down and pulled out his balls, too, and she giggled. Silly balls, she thought. She dropped to her knees, and stared at the fat cock in front of her. This was her first time, she mused, her first real time sucking a cock. She hoped that she was able to please him.

She opened her mouth, and drew it in. Oh, he thought, she's a natural. That quick, he realized it. She sucked, hard, and his knees almost buckled. She started an in-and-out motion, and he already had felt a twitch from his prostate. He was pretty turned on. His dick was hard, hard.

What did I do to deserve this, he thought. This foxy angel shows up from out of nowhere, and within a day she's got my dick in her mouth. Where the fuck did she really come from? What the fuck is going on? He finally forgot that shit, and just enjoyed her.

He warned her that he was about to cum. She nodded, and kept sucking. He filled her sweet mouth with sperm, almost choking her, but she managed to get most of it down. Some of it spilled down her front, and she turned him on more by rubbing it into her tits. His dick finally went down far enough that she stopped sucking, and leaned back from him.

"Now!" she said. "Now you can lick me for a while!"

He was glad to get to do it again. Another day in heaven, he thought. Her pussy was sweet, and aromatic. He realized that she hadn't taken a shower since yesterday. She definitely had a taste, today, and it was good. Her whole body was a little sweatier, and a lot sexier. He licked and lapped and sucked, filling his mouth with her sexy sweetness. She was just too much. How on earth, he thought, can her dad resist her? How can he resist this? He's a stronger man than I am.

He ate her out for an hour, at least. Finally, she came back to earth, and pulled him up from between her legs, and seated him on the couch. She knelt, and took his cock in her mouth again, and she was pleased that he was able to get hard again. She sucked as hard as she could, until her throat hurt, and he came again, filling her mouth with his musty cum. She loved it.


That night, Sparrow and her dad drove along the coastal highway, just for something to do. They had a nice long talk, and she felt like now he understood her better than ever. They talked about everything, sex, and her desires for him, and he finally admitted to her that he found her extremely desirable.

"See?" she told him. "Your body knows. Your subconscious knows. You just need to get the message."

He laughed. "Sparrow, Sparrow. You are wearing me down. But, I still don't feel like I can do this for you. I still don't feel like it's right."

"I understand, Daddy. And I respect that. But, if you ever change your mind..."

He laughed again. "Yes, darling. You'll be the first to know."


The next day, she thought about going to Brad's, yet again, but she just stayed at home. When her dad came home they walked again down to the nude beach, and she spent an enjoyable afternoon staring at her dad's pet monster. It strengthened her resolve, if anything. I'm going to feel that thing in my mouth, before this is over, she thought. I'm going to taste it. I'm gonna have it for lunch one day. One day soon.

She was amazed and a little jealous of all the women that tried to chat her dad up. I'm his girlfriend, you bitches, she thought. Stay away! Did everyone somehow know she was just his daughter? Were these people that had seen him on his trips before? With a cock like that, she knew he'd be remembered. He still had the biggest cock she'd seen on the beach. He was king of the beach.

They finally wandered back home, and he fixed some bacon and eggs. She ate with gusto, even thought it was breakfast food. He finished up a little paperwork, while she watched TV.

She got up to go to the bathroom, and remembered that she was a nudist, now, so she stripped off her shirt, bra and shorts and walked back into the living room, blessedly nude.

Her dad didn't seem to react, which miffed her slightly. I shaved this little bitch, just for you, she thought. At least look at it. Apparently, he did, because later that evening he pointedly looked at her, at her pussy and said, "Cute."

She giggled. My dad just complimented my pussy, she thought. That is cool. He's gotta wonder what it feels like, now, if he's halfway human.

He finally sat on the couch, and she sat, then turned, and lay across his lap. She took his hand, and then he moved, and placed his arm right inbetween her two breasts. They sat like that for a long time, not talking, just holding hands. She thought and thought of ways to start the ball rolling, again. To her surprise, he did just that.

"Darling..." he said, hitting the mute button on the TV. "I've spent a lot of time thinking about what you've said. And here's what I've decided."

"Yes?" she said, almost holding her breath. She felt, she knew inside, for some reason, that momentous, important stuff was about to be said.

"Darling, okay. I accept that you want this, more than anything. And I can't deny that I want it, too. I can not and will not deny a great attraction to you. I love you more than life itself. I want what you want for you. Even this thing, although I know it's not right."

"Okay..." she finally said, when it became obvious he was waiting for a reply.

"Most of all, darling, I don't want to screw up my relationship with you. That would be the worst thing to come of something like this. It would take a very strong relationship, which I do think we have, by the way, anyway, it would change things considerably. Sex just does that, like it or not. It would change everything."

She was silent. She finally nodded.

"Here's what I'll do for you," he said. "You keep this on your mind, keep thinking about it, deciding. I will too, I can't help it, it's all I've thought of, since you brought it up. Anyway, if you still want this, after you're eighteen, I'll give in. I'll do it for you."

Eighteen? she thought. Holy fuck, that's three more years. That's forever. She knew there was no way she could wait that long. Shit, she thought. She did appreciate what he was saying, what he was giving her. He was giving her hope, more than anything. And he hadn't said no, like he had up until now. Can I wait three more years? she wondered. Shit, shit.

"Daddy... thank you..." she finally said, her mind racing. "I know you love me, I feel it every day. And I appreciate what your doing for me, and what you will do for me. I don't know if I can wait that long, but I'll try..."

"Darlin'... you don't have to wait... if you meet somebody you love, go with them. Don't waste your time waiting on an old man like me. But, like I said, if you still want me, I'll be there, when you're eighteen."

"Thank you, daddy!" she said, and turned, burrowing her face into his stomach. She thought she was going to cry, for some crazy reason, and she didn't want him to see it. She lay there for some time, and finally got a grip on herself.

"Daddy..." she finally said, and he looked down at her. "Daddy, there's... there's lots of other things we can do, than just have straight-up sex... can you give me something like that, to give me a little hope? To give me something, at least?"

He just stared at her. She could feel the wheels turning in his head. She restrained an urge to giggle.

"Darlin'..." he finally said. "Like what? What do you mean? Do you want me to kiss you?"

She did giggle, and that. "Yes, and a little more. I want you to lick me. Lick me, in all the right places."

"Sparrow..." he seemed frustrated. "Darling... I'm not sure if I could stop, if I did something like that... to me, that's still having sex..."

"I know, Daddy... but I want something so bad... I'm just dying sometimes for something to happen... I want to feel it, I want to know what it's like... all the girls in my class have already had sex, and I haven't had anything. I'm ready, I'm just ready."

"Darling, I understand. I of all people know what the feels like, to feel like you're the last one in the world. I spent most of my childhood feeling like that."

They sat for a while longer, in silence. She finally figured it was over, that the die was cast. Three more years, she thought. Three more fucking years, before I get my hands on that damn dick. It'll be worth it... and I don't really have to wait... actually I haven't waited, the crap I've done with Brad... I can still play around, and then let my dad fuck me when I turn eighteen... it'll still be worth it...

"Darling," he spoke again. "What do you really have in mind? Can you be more specific?"

She giggled. Maybe he was interested. Maybe he did want to play, a little.

"Mostly just licking... maybe you lick my pussy, and I lick your... dick..." she said, almost blushing to say the words to her dad.

"Shit," he said. "Shit."

They sat for a while longer in silence. He thumbed the sound back up on the TV, and muted it again.

"Darling," he said. She almost tee-hee-heed. She knew he was wrestling with this. But she had a new feeling now, a feeling that something, at least something was going to happen tonight. Oh god, I hope, she thought. I hope.

"Yes, daddy," she said.

"If... if you are double damn sure, if you can promise me, come hell or high water, that whatever we do doesn't impact our relationship in a negative fashion... I'll go for that. I'll do that. But I want you to be double-goddam sure. I want you to promise me that you won't regret it. I want you to really think about this, and promise me."

Oh shit, she thought. He's basically said yes. Oh holy fucking shit.

"And," he said, pausing dramatically. "And, you can never tell anyone. No one. Not your friends, no one. Absolutely, because it would get us in no end of trouble, and probably get me thrown in jail."

"No, daddy, I won't," she turned, and stared up at him, love in her eyes. "And yes, I promise. I've thought about this a lot, and I can promise you that I'm sure, yes."

"Okay, darling, okay. Just make sure. I feel like I've just got you back, and I don't want to lose you. Especially over something stupid like sex."

"You won't daddy. It'll just make our love stronger, I know it will."

"I hope so, darlin'. I hope so."


Weirdly, they just lay there for the longest time. She didn't feel like there was any hurry, now that she was kind of getting what she wanted. And she wanted to give him the impression that she was still thinking about it. She was still thinking about it, that was all she was thinking about. But, her mind was made up. She knew what she wanted.

She finally sat up on the couch. She looked at him, and he looked at her. She giggled slightly. He shook his head. She giggled some more.

"Daddy," she finally said. "Daddy, dearest... please lick my pussy... please?"

He sighed and shook his head again.

"The things I do..." he said, and she giggled some more. "God forgive me," he finally said, and crawled off the couch into the floor.

"You don't believe in god, remember?" she said.

"I'm thinkin' about it now," he said. She sat forward, and he placed his elbows on her knees. She spread her legs wide, and sat forward on he couch, hanging her ass over the edge. Oh, she thought, this is gonna be good. This is gonna be fucking good.

"One last time," he said. "Are you sure?"

"Hell yes," she said. "Daddy. I am sure I want you to lick my pussy."

He just snorted, and leaned towards her. She was breathless with anticipation. In just seconds, she thought, in just seconds my dad is going to be licking my sweet little cunt. In just seconds.

Unerringly, his tongue touched her on her clit. Bingo, she thought. Home run. His hard tongue plastered her clit against her cunt, smashing it. And damn, it felt good. It felt as good as when Brad had done it, with the added thrill of it being her father that was doing it. I could get used to this, she thought. From now on, this is going to be a daily occurrence. Twice daily. Fuck. Every time I can get him to do it.

He licked and licked, tonguing her clit, mostly, with a few little forays down into her pussy proper, and she knew, that quick that she was going to cum, hard. It was going to be a good one. And it was, she stuck her legs out, and tensed so hard her knees almost popped. She arched her back, harder and harder, and came. She bounced and wiggled around on the couch, and grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him into her.

When she finally came down, she sighed, deeply. He was still licking away. He never stopped. Good, she thought. Let him.

She knew, just like she had with Brad, that a second one was not far away. Let's just do this all night, she thought. She wondered if he was enjoying himself as much as she was. Surely he is, she thought. Guys like shit like this. Guys like pussy. He's a guy. I'm sure he's having a good time.

He licked further and further down her cunt, and she scooted forward some more, and spread her ass with both hands like she had for Brad. Her dad licked her asshole, rubbing her little puckered hole with his tongue. She finally felt him pushing his tongue into her, and giggled. Guys, she thought. All the same. Holes must be probed. Sphincters must be penetrated. It felt good, though. His tongue felt good inside her body. She badly wanted to feel his dick the same way. Can you wait until you're eighteen? she thought. If I get this every day, maybe I can.

She felt a stab of sadness when she remembered at the end of the summer she'd have to go home. She began to wonder about the possibility of moving in with him. After this, she thought, surely he'll want it as much as I do. She knew her stupid mom would fight it, though. What the fuck ever, she thought. Anyway, I should be the one to decide.

He finally licked up the outsides of her pussy lips, in the crease of her legs. That alone feels good, she thought. He fell back onto her clit, and she felt the familiar sensation in her legs start, again. Oh shit, she thought. Here comes another.


He harbored another secret, but he did not tell her. This was not the first time he'd tasted her sweetness. Twice, years ago, in motel rooms when they were at the beach, after she had gone to sleep, he'd licked her beautiful little pussy. He'd been in love with her then just as deeply as he was now, she was the cutest, sweetest little thing, and after an exhausting day playing she had just totally crashed. He'd pulled her panties down, on a whim, and carefully laid her on her back, and bent his face into her sweetness. She'd tasted like heaven to him, just like she did now, and he'd thought, at the time, that he'd made her have an orgasm as she'd slept. He'd licked and licked her little clit, wanting the moment to go on forever. Her breathing had quickened, and she'd tensed up, goosebumps running up and down her legs, and finally she'd sighed deeply and relaxed. He was pleased, and happy that he'd done it for her, even if she had been asleep. He still thought of that moment often, of how good she tasted, and how much he loved her. He knew that this moment would supersede it, though, this moment was intense, and incredible. He just hoped, again, that he didn't have cause later to regret it.


She felt like hours had gone by. She just floated on a placid sea of pleasure. This was too cool, she thought, too cool. And it's only started.

He finally took a breather, and she sat forward on the couch. He slowly stood, and looked down at her. She smiled, and he smiled gently back.

"Daddy," she said. "Take off your pants and sit down."

He gave her a weak smile, at that.

"Once again, you're sure?" he asked. She nodded. "Damn sure."

He slowly slid his pants down his legs, and kicked them off. He stood before her in his briefs. She smiled encouragingly, and nodded at him. He slowly slid his briefs down, and his hard cock flopped free.

Ha-ha, she thought, at last. You are mine. You are all mine. She slowly slid off the couch, and settled onto her knees on the floor in front of him. Remember this moment, she told herself, remember this moment forever. Rarely in a person's life does a moment like this come, where you get something you wanted so badly. Remember this.

He sat back, a helpless look on his face. He was wrestling with his conscience, majorly, at the moment. This is what he wanted, more than anything, but he didn't feel like it was right. And he hoped, more than anything he hoped it didn't negatively affect the loving relationship he seemed to have with her. He hoped she was right, that it would just make it stronger. I am a weak man, he thought. When beautiful young ladies press their charms in my face, I am a weak man.

He felt her touch him. She took his hard cock in her hands, and pulled it down slightly. She was content just to play, for a while, and she ran her hands up and down it, and cupped the hard cap in her palms. He felt her fingers on his balls, even. She finally jacked him some, and it felt good.

He knew she loved his cock. Most women did. He knew he had an unfair advantage over most men, harboring something like that in his pants. Most women fell all over themselves, after seeing his cock. He knew Sparrow loved it as much as she loved him. He accepted that. He knew he had a nice cock. Not just in size, it was well-formed, and aesthetically pleasing, for a cock. He'd known since he was a young man it was a nice one. It had gotten him a lot, over the years.

Sparrow was finally ready. This is the moment, she thought. She held his cock up, and carefully licked the end of it. Some slippery stuff had come out of it, and she tasted it, although it didn't seem to have any taste. She opened her mouth, and sucked his cock into it.

Oh, she thought, that feels good. His cock felt huge in her mouth. She cushioned it on her tongue, feeling the cap run along the ridges on the roof of her mouth. Damn, it felt sexy. she swallowed it as deep as she could, almost gagging, but it felt good. She cupped his balls in her hand, and sucked.

She sucked hard. She was good, he thought. He'd had a thousand blow jobs over the years, women, after seeing his cock, couldn't seem to wait to get it into their mouths. He'd had a lot of them, but never one as good as this one. He knew most of it was just because of who she was, his daughter. He knew she was young and inexperienced, but still, it was a special one. It was the one he wanted to remember the most, out of all of them.

Sparrow knew that this wasn't the first cock she'd sucked, Brad's, the other day had actually been her first. But she figured her dad wouldn't know. She wasn't that good at it, yet. But she knew that even a bad BJ is pretty good. She didn't worry. She knew he was having a good time. And he was.

She just went on and on. He could hold it forever, he'd gotten good at that, over the years. And he wasn't sure, yet, if he wanted to cum in his daughter's mouth. What the fuck's the difference, though, he thought. As far as I've gone now, what does it matter?

He finally decided to wind it up, and he touched her on the shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop, darlin'," he said, and she nodded at him. She showed no inclination to stop, so he thought, what the hell.

He felt his prostate clench, and a few seconds later his orgasm began. Damn, he thought, damn. This was a special one. Just because of who it was? Was that all it took? He was suddenly wracked with guilt. I'm cumming in my daughter's mouth, he thought. Shit. I'm cumming in my own dear daughter's mouth. He tried to console himself with the knowledge that that's what she'd wanted, but he still felt guilty.

Finally, she could feel his hard dick becoming soft again. She licked to the end one last time, cleaning all the sperm off it. She'd enjoyed to no end when his sperm flow had started, she'd swallowed and swallowed, gulping it down. Even better than Brad's, she thought. Even better. More of it, too.

"Darling, sit up here." he said, and she rose, and sat beside him. She wiped her chin off, feeling a few drops of something on it.

"Darling..." he said. She could tell he was upset. "Darling, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have let that happen... I was just so horny for you... please forgive the weaknesses of a sad old man..."

"Daddy," she needed to nip this in the bud, she thought. "Daddy, don't start. Don't feel bad. What's done is done, and it was beautiful. I loved it. Don't feel bad about making me so happy, okay? We gave something to each other, and it was beautiful. Think how rarely fathers and daughters share what we have, today. Don't cheapen it with regret, okay?"

He stared at her. Finally his gaze dropped, and he put his arms around her and hugged her.

"Daddy," she said. "You never sucked on my titties. Suck on my titties, please."


Later that night she talked him into taking a shower with her. She didn't have to talk too hard. They crowded into the tub, and let the hot water beat down on their bodies. It felt good, and she stood there, and let him hold her. She felt his hard cock pressing into her pubic area, and she widened her legs and trapped it between them. She moved back and forth, jacking him off, and he sighed in pleasure. His hands dropped to her ass, and he squeezed and kneaded her. He finally slid a finger to her asshole, and rubbed and played. She loved it. "Daddy," she whispered, "stick in it. Stick it in me."

He slid his wet finger into her body, pushing against her sphincter. He began to move it in and out, and she sighed with pleasure. That's probably not as good as actually getting fucked, she thought, but it's pretty damn good. My dad is finger-fucking my asshole, she thought, turning herself on even more. My fucking dad is finger fucking my fucking asshole. How fucking sexy is that?

His body gave a jerk, and the shower filled with the odor of fresh semen. He grinned at her, and she giggled back. I get something too, she thought. Now I need to have a cum. You had yours, now I get mine. He dropped to his knees before her.


He slept with her, that night, and every night after. They were both naked, of course, and she stayed awake and held his penis as he slept. She jacked it a few times, and it would get hard, and then go back down, amusing her. She finally slept.


She was afraid he would be wracked with guilt again, in the morning. He did pretty good, though, and they had a nice nude breakfast. How, she asked herself, how can we live like this, and he not fuck me, pretty quickly. She didn't see much fear, now, in actually having to wait three years. Together, she thought, we seem like an old married couple, this quick. We are comfortable together, even like this.

They sat on the couch, and she lay down and put her head in his lap. His dick, as it was most of the time, was about half hard, and she finally placed it on her mouth, and sucked the bottom of it. He just looked down at her and shook his head. She was one dick-crazy little girl, he thought. She laughed up at him.

She knew this was going to be a great summer. She'd barely been here a week, and look where they were, already. She figured that before the summer was over, his resistance would crumble. and she'd get fucked by him, proper. She knew she was blowing his mind, now, and she would just blow it a little further, before this was over. And maybe Brad, she mused. Maybe after Daddy does me, after he pops my cherry, I'll give Brad a try. The summer was shaping up nicely. She was happy. She was pretty goddammed happy, all it all.



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... and back atcha.  I really enjoyed this story.  Will the next one be, "Sparrow goes cock robbin'?"   ;D

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Ha ha, that is a good title, I am always looking for funny catchy titles. Good one.


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Great story... just loved it....any chance of a follow-up?

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Damn hot

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GREAT story, very well written and believable, GREAT story.

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loved it!!

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cant wait for more. really good story telling and description of the acts

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cant wait for more. really good story telling and description of the acts

Meatbot hasn’t been active on KB for over a year, so I don’t think he will be posting any more of his great stories.

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loved it a few years ago and loved it again. should have had another chapter or 2 i think but.. you have enough great stories to read... for now... Keep writing.