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The Tutor: (Bribe, Virgin, Reluctant, Rough)

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on: December 19, 2014, 06:07:39 PM
The Tutor

Looking into the teary eyes of the young girl before me, I shook my head not interested in her plea. Who was she? A foreign student who's rich daddy sent her to study here for her undergrad. She was a spoiled rich kid and carried herself that way. She had money to throw around, acted like she owned the world and was as disrespectful as fuck. Why do I say she is disrespectful? She fucking yakked on her cell phone in designated study areas all the time. Granted as a PhD student I had access to a graduate study area which was quieter, but the common study areas were closer to the campus Starbucks. On numerous occasions I had asked the fucking idiot to please not talk on her cell phone she blew me off and kept talking. This happened on several occasions, and I couldn't fucking stand her.

Now she was begging for my help. Failing two core courses in her first semester, she was on probation. If she wanted to get off of it, she had to not just pass these courses but actually get a C+ minimum is each, which isn't really that hard for anyone willing to apply themselves. If she failed either one, she would be withdrawn and her student visa would be pulled and back to China she goes. Now one would think that under such circumstances somebody would approach the second semester with a more mature attitude and apply themselves but not her. She fucked around, partying with friends, wasting her time and failed the midterms in both courses. To pass now meant getting at least a 65-70 on each final, and higher if she wanted off probation. She had three weeks. Fortunately for her, there were no classes during finals and one of her exams which was three weeks from now as we were in the last week of classes and the other one in about a week and a half which gave her a week and a half to study each. Good luck with that. Business Math (Calculus and Algebra) and Statistics aren't things you pick up in a week usually, so I doubted I could help her anyway unless I was on hand 24/7 for three straight weeks. I had a reputation as the best tutor on campus and made quite a fair amount of cash that way. That said, I doubted I could help her, and wouldn't risk my reputation that way. Besides, I really didn't like her and rather enjoyed the idea of her being sent back home to her family in failure

"I can pay you extra!" she begged desperately, her eyes watering.

"Look, you have an entire semesters worth of studying to do in two fucking weeks. I simply don't have the time". I said indifferently. She knew I didn't like her and enjoyed seeing her in this situation. To give her the help she needed, I would need to be studying with her all day, every day for two weeks. No fucking way! I have my own life, and I certainly wasn't going to put that kind of time into this spoiled little cunt.

She started whining, apologising for all the times she had been rude, crying desperately that she couldn't be sent back, repeatedly whining "please" as she begged pitifully.
"You don't understand, what it's like where I come from! My parents will kill me if I fail and get sent back". I knew she was being hyperbolic with the "kill" part, but I knew what she meant. She would be a disgrace to her family.
Her attempts at eliciting compassion were pointless. I couldn't give two shits.

"If I get sent back, ..I'm going to kill myself", she said dramatically, looking at me. Well that would be a real loss I thought sarcastically.

"How is that my problem? You should have thought about this and applied yourself earlier on. Now you'll just have to grow up and accept the consequences of your choices. It's part of being an adult". This of course sent her into fits of sobbing. I don't know why girls think they can get what they want from a guy just by crying. It was well know that I had a knack for what I did, and none of the other private tutors on campus came close. I was her only hope.

Naturally she started pleading, negotiating, and of course at one point used the words "anything you want". Initially I merely had a dirty thought in jest when she said that, but the more she whined and pleaded, her whole body shaking with deep sobs, the more the idea seemed less like a joke and more like a possibility. She wasn't really that great looking. I mean she wasn't bad, nice ass and thighs which were evident when she wore stretchy pants, but her tits were mediocre, and her face while cutish was certainly not gorgeous. That said, getting to tap that over the next few weeks wouldn't be bad.

"Look, to do that kind of catch up would require me to literally be with you all day every day!" I said annoyed.

"I'll pay you!"

"How much?" I asked. " You know I charge 35 bucks an hour". She had a rick daddy, but when she translated that into 3 weeks of all day tutoring she realized that she couldn't come up with that kind of money.

"But if I'm paying for high volume, can we talk a discount?" she begged.

"Look, do the math and ask yourself if you can even come close to what I need", I mocked. "You need to learn a semesters worth of material in a week and a half, and then another semesters material in the following week and a half and you need to know it well enough that you get a minimum of 70%. You really think you can do that by meeting me for an hour a day? Or even two hours? Do you think you can afford me even at $30 if we work all day?".

She started to tear up again, looking at me pitifully.

"Ok, what can you pay me?" I asked.

"Eighty per day?" she inquired. I almost spit my coffee laughing.

"You must be kidding me. That's about two hours of my time. Three hours of my time even every day won't help you. Look, you made your bed, now lay in it"

"One hundred" she replied desperately. I paused, teasing her with the possibility that I might consider.

"No..sorry I just can't" I said, deflating her.

"Please...please I'll do anything!" she whined.

Sighing, I paused dramatically. "Ok, look. I have to get going, but maybe we can talk" I quickly gave her my address. I lived in the student apartments on campus and had a one bedroom unit.

"Come by at noon and we can talk". Her eyes lit up with hope as she walked away temporarily relieved, while I headed to meet with my advisor. Later, back in my room I sat there having an earl grey as I waited for her, and she knocked promptly at noon.

Gesturing for her to enter I guided her to the couch and sat down on the chair facing her.

"You know you can't pass without my help. You also know that it would take intensive one on one tutoring all day every day for the next few weeks. You also know that you can't afford that. So what are you willing to do for me to save your ass".  I could tell right away by her body language that she at least suspected where I was going with this.

"Well, I mean..." her voice trailed off as she became guarded, "I'm willing to do anything within reason"

"Within reason? What can you give me that you actually think I want?"

"I don't know, you tell me" she said, slightly perturbed.
Looking at her, I inquired "Do you have a boyfreind"

"That's none of your business!" she snapped

"Ok we're done talking here" I said, gesturing to the door.

"Wait....I just don't know what that has to do with anything" she said, alarmed

"I was just curious if somebody was tapping that" I said, gesturing to her lower body.

"Excuse me!" she replied with an outraged look on her face.

"I just wanted to know if anyone was getting into your plumbing because if you don't have the money, I could take payments from your ass" I said with utter casual disdain.

"You can fuck right off if you think for even a second that I would let you touch me" she said, her face seething with hostility.

"Fine. There's the door. Enjoy your time in the country and have a nice flight back home" I said, opening the door.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" she glares at me

"I'm the guy who could have saved your ass from failure and deportation, and who is now showing you to the door".

"I could report you!" she challenged

"For what? I haven't forced you to do anything, I haven't threatened you, and I'm not in a position of authority. Report away." As I opened the door. She looked desperate.

"There has to be some other sort of arrangement, because I am not doing that" she said in a vain attempt at being assertive.

"That's where you're wrong actually. There doesn't have to be some sort of other arrangement. Nobody is responsible for keeping you from failing. Either your putting out with me or your getting sent home. Either way you're getting fucked" I said. She looked like she was going to cry again.

"Out" I said coldly. She stepped past me, biting her lip. I spent the rest of the day, relaxing, not really having much to do, and later in the afternoon I heard a knock at the door. Guess who?

"Reconsidering my offer?" I said, inviting her in. She swallowed and composed herself before speaking.

"Please.......I don't want to get sent home, but you have to understand I just can't do that".

"Can't? You do have a vagina don't you?". She looked at me in disgust

"I come from a very traditional family and pre-marital sex is shunned. Where I come from women who don't save themselves for marriage are shamed."

"Holy shit. Nobody has popped your cherry yet?" I smirked at her reaction to the crude remark. "Look, when you get married just lie.....I mean many virgins don't actually have a cherry down there, so just say you must have lost it doing exercise or something. Look, you are out of options. I don't like you, I don't care if you get sent home in disgrace, so if you aren't willing to put out then it's time to go."

She got a crushed look in her eyes, stared off into space for a second but I cut her off "Goodbye. You have until tomorrow noon to decide.". I sent her on her way and closed the door.
She was back by 11 the next day

"So....?" I inquired, looking at her.

"Can we just talk for a few minutes" She asked

"Sure, you still have another hour to decide". We sat down, this time I sat beside her on the couch.

"If......if I do this....I mean, when , how would it work?" She started, her voice weak.

"Simply. You stay in my place until your last final. You sleep in my bed with me, and I play with you whenever I want and we study in between."

"When you with me...what do you mean by that?" She inquired.

"Everything and anything. We fuck, you suck...your whole body is fair game. I want to do something you let me do it. I tell you to do something for me, you do it.". She looked like she was going to be sick.

"What about studying?" she whispered, looking like she might cry.

"We study in between"

"How do I know you won't just have your way with me and then dump me, or spend way too much time having sex and then I fail", she inquired suspiciously.

"Well, I can do that but then I deny myself three weeks of regular intensive sex. Trust me, I want to give you an incentive to stick around so the studying is imperative. Besides, I take pride in what I do. Sure I'll be giving you practical sex education lessons intermittently throughout the day, but my pride would be stung if after three weeks you couldn't at least pass." I said sincerely and I meant it. If she agreed to my terms I wouldn't fuck her around....I would fuck her, but not fuck her around.

Shaking her head nervously, she again repeated, "I've never done it before" in an upset whisper.

"Well that's going to have to change if you want to pass and stay here to finish your degree. Look you want to try your luck with some of the other half assed tutors you go ahead, but by noon my offer is closed. You won't get a second chance. Agree to my terms and I will give you the best one on one instruction you will ever get."

"Can you guarantee a certain grade" she asked. I had to be honest with her on this one.

"No. Ultimately it is still up to you. What I can guarantee and you know this is that I can give you the best chance of passing out of anyone on campus."

"I'm not using any protection" she whispered, her face showing that she couldn't even believe she was contemplating this.

"See the school nurse. You can have a prescription within an hour, and get that filled within a half an hour." I said flatly.

"No, you have to use something" she said firmly.
"You're not in a position to dictate terms. I've laid mine out, now you accept them or be on your way."

"What about disease? Also the pill doesn't take effect right away" she said concerned.

"Look, you are being indecisive. Now if by some freak chance you do get pregnant, which is highly unlikely, you can get an abortion".

"I can't do that" she said, shaking her head, her eyes misting up. "You're talking about losing my virginity to someone other than my future husband, taking chances with unsafe sex, abortions.....I'm not like that. I could never live with that".

"Look. You need to make some hard decisions and you need to make them soon. You've been spoiled your whole life, your daddy always fixed things for you and for the first time in your life you have put yourself....through your own a situation he cannot fix. Now you have to decide for yourself, and the first part of that includes accepting certain realities. You are about to fail. You will be sent home. You have to decide what would be worse; losing your virginity which isn't that big of a deal anyway or being sent home to your family in disgrace. Again, nobody will ever know that you had sex, except you and I.."

"I would know" she said, upset.

"Look. It's three weeks of your life. Do it, and then put it behind you. At the end of these three weeks, if you apply yourself, you will pass, get off probation, spend another three years here, maybe more if you go to grad school. You'll make your family proud, you'll meet your dream husband, he'll believe he was your first lover and you'll have the perfect life you always dreamed of, and just put this behind you, like it was just a bad dream. It's amazing what we can manage to forget. And who might even like it". I pointed at the clock as a reminder that time was running out.

She blinked, swallowed hard, looked up at the ceiling and then looked down, staring at the floor for a full minute before raising her head, looking at me and nodding as her body shook.

"OK, so here's what's going to happen. You go pack your bags, and bring over everything you need to spend the next few weeks studying here with me. Bring a few sexy dresses also. Be prepared to do whatever I say, because the minute you say no to anything our deal is off. prepared to study your ass off like you've never studied before". I said firmly, as I smiled.

She stood unsteadily on shaking legs and made her way to the door.

"I want you back here and ready to start by three" I said as I opened the door and let her out.

The next few hours were sheer torture as I waited for her to come back. I could barely keep myself from whacking off, just thinking of the sexual fantasy I was about to fulfill. In effect I was going to have an asian sex slave for three weeks, and to top it all off she was a virgin....a virgin!....and she was of legal age! I hadn't touched a virgin since high school; mostly because I wasn't prepared to break any laws, so finding a virgin who was of legal age was like winning the lottery. Part of me worried she might change her mind, but sure enough at about 2:45 the knock came at the door.

Opening, I saw her standing there, looking crushed and frightened as I gestured her into the apartment. She walked in, rather like a condemned prisoner making that final walk to the electric chair. I had her put all her stuff away and the  gestured her to the couch. Sitting beside her, I reached out and pulled her in for a kiss, but she tensed up and resisted.

"OK, this is not going to work. I'm not going to waste my time trying to overcome your resistance. Now you put yourself in this situation, you made a choice and now it's time to put your big girl pants on and accept this. Just shut your mind off, give in and it will go a lot easier. You will be able to put this behind you later, but for now you have to give in". She breathed ad nodded.

"Sorry, I'm just scared" she said.

"Understood, but your making this harder on yourself. Just tell yourself you want to do this. Or just think about being somewhere else.", as I pulled her in for a kiss. This time she let me. She was tense, and her whole body was shaking but she did, and even responded in kind when I started giving her tongue.

Breaking the kiss I spoke.

"OK, now we're going to talk about your experience, and I don't want you getting all coy on me. It may not be any of my business but you will give me honest answers."

We talked for a bit, and then went through her sexual history or lack thereof. She had a boyfriend, but he hadn't been able to pop her cherry. All fucking year and this loser couldn't get her pussy! Unbeleivable. He had fingered her, she had stroked him off. Describing it she went on;

"I used to use my hand on him, and he wanted to go further but I didn't"

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"It felt gross usually. I guess it felt nice sometimes when he used his fingers but he always tried to roll on top of me, when he felt I was getting excited."

"Oral sex?"

"No. He tried to get me to do it several times, but I couldn't"

"Not even once? Come on, you never took him in your mouth?" I inquired, disbelieving.

"I tried once. As soon as I started to take him in, I got grossed out. He was upset, but I just couldn't. I finished him off with my hand".

"Did you like giving him hand jobs?" I asked. She seemed ashamed to answer but admitted that there was some excitement to that. She just found it gross when he sprayed everywhere.

"OK, well you're going to have to relax and loosen your inhibitions for the next few weeks. Stand up." She complied.

"OK, take off your shirt", I said as casually as I might be giving someone basic lab instructions.

"Here?" she said incredulously

"Yes here. Look the curtains are closed, nobody will see you" She slid the shirt off and stood there, wearing stretch pants and a bra. She had a pretty ok figure. She was slightly stocky and short for a girl, but not too much and in a sexy way. Her tits weren't that great, but her ass and thighs were to die for. I could tell that later in life she would likely have weight issues if she wasn't careful. She just had one of those body types, but for now she looked sexy.

"OK the pants.". She paused and looked at me for a second before reluctantly linking her hands over the waistband of her spandex/lycra pants and sliding them down. When she stood, I looked her over and admired what I saw. I could tell right away she had puffy pussy lips as she had a fairly decent camel toe happening.

"Bra" I instructed. Her hands shook as she reached behind herself, and undid the clip before sliding the bra off. Nice tittles actually. Kind of smallish but cute.

"Panties". She looked at me pleadingly for a second, before I gave her a look that explained to her that I wasn't negotiating. Swallowing hard, she looked up at the ceiling and looped her hands on her panties and slid them down, stepping out of them. She stood there, shaking as I looked her over. Having all this power, to control her in her fear and humiliation was incredible. I was actually starting to shake a bit too, but in a good way.

Standing, I stepped up to her, and looked her up and down, walking around behind her to check her out. My hand touched her buttocks, and she flinched but did not pull away. Standing behind her, I undressed. I could see her tensing up as she knew what I was doing. The sound of my zipper being undone made her flinch. I stepped up behind her, my erection pressing against the small of her back as I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her breasts and kissing her neck. My hand glided down her front, towards her bush.

"Feet apart". She complied, but very slowly. It must have felt horribly degrading to be molested like this by some she hated, and who she knew hated her. Sliding my finger between her legs, I felt her puffy labia, and tried to press in but she was as dry as the sahara. Placing my finger in my mouth, I wet it and went back to her twat eagerly. This time I was able to slide it in as she grunted either in discomfort, humiliation or both. Pressing in, I came up against her hymen. I swear I felt my cock start leaking fluids right then.

"OK, on the bed" I said assertively, slapping her on the ass. She made her way over and sat there, looking at me tentatively. I quickly pushed her back and lifted her legs onto the bed before crawling in beside her. I had already arranged to have the sheets pulled down.

Pulling her in close, I started kissing the nervous girl, running my hands over her flesh in a display of ownership as I treated her body as my possession. I mauled her ass cheeks, fingered her, groped her breasts and many other things as she lay there tense, staring up at the ceiling biting her lip. I guided her hand to my flesh, and made her stroke me as I fingered her. The whole time she had a look of shock on her face, as though she still couldn't fully accept that this was happening.

"I want to see that" I stated as I kneeled before her and parted her legs, pushing them back to her chest. Placing a thumb on each side of her young sex, I parted them, exposing her inner pink and saw the prize, stretched across the inside her vagina. She turned her head to one side, as though not wanted to see the unbridled lust on my face. It was nice and tight, looked fairly resilient which I tested by pressing against it causing her to wince. I couldn't fucking wait to tear through that with my cock! But first things first.

"OK come here", I said laying on my back and pulling her towards me. Taking her head in my hands I guided it towards my crotch. She immediately resisted, causing me to speak up.

"You knew this was going to happen" I said.

"I know...I just..." she paused

"Look hesitation will make this harder. Close your eyes and just do it. Don't think of it." I started gently pulling her face towards my hardness as she slowly relented.

"'s OK, just do it".

She slowly opened her mouth and allowed me to lower her face down onto me. When I felt the soft inside of her mouth touch my flesh, I groaned in pleasure. While everything I was doing was legal, there was a sense of ownership or slavery here. Ever blowjob I have had to date was voluntary. Seeing the look of disgust and horror on the girls face as she took me into her mouth simply because she had no choice was incredibly erotic. Her technique left a lot to be desired, but her disgust, shame, helplessness and the tears pouring out of her eyes made it quite erotic. I used my hands to make her start going faster and take me in deeper, but she was tense and resisting. I needed to take command of the situation.

Rolling her on her back, I positioned her so her head was propped up on the pillow and I straddled her neck. This kept her head stationary so I could fuck her mouth deep and fast. She got a horrified look on her face from this, sheer disgust as tears continued to stream down her cheeks. Holding her hair tightly, I thrust my hips forward, driving myself into her mouth knowing I would not last long due to my excitement. Sure enough after a minute or so of this, I felt the usual signals of a pending orgasm and started to thrust deeper as she seemed to be gagging from the appendage probing the back of her mouth and the entrance to her throat. Then it happened. My whole body tingled as I felt the orgasm vibrate through my groin as I started to spew my seed into the back of her mouth. Her first reaction was to gag and try to move her head away, but in this position she couldn't pull away.

"Just swallow and you'll be fine". She started to swallow, her face looking like she wanted to puke as I sent my seed into her mouth. When there was a squirt or two left, I pulled out and let it fly onto her face with one squirt getting her in the open eye and another going right up her nostril.

Finishing, I moved off of her, and she ran to the bathroom, gagging. I heard the water run for a minute or so before she came out, looking at me with accusing eyes, yet broken eyes. Despite her hatred of me, for who I was and what I had just done, she knew she was in for more and could do nothing about it.

"OK, back on the bed", I commanded.

"Again?...what about..."

"We'll study in good on the bed", I said cutting her off. She reluctantly crawled onto the bed and I pounced eagerly on her young flesh, kissing and nibbling as my hands explored her like I owned her. While she was not truly 'willing' you couldn't call this rape, as I had no authority over her and she was free to leave at any time, yet still the ownership of this girls body, and control was highly erotic to me. I was going to deflower her while she did not want it.

I rolled her around a bit, groped her and while I wasn't necessarily rough I was making it clear that I was in charge. I was dying to sink myself into her flesh but I also wanted to drag this out, and build up her suspense. Lay on my back and had her straddle me so her lips were resting on the shaft of my erection and I moved her back and forth causing the length to slide between her outer lips as she gasped.

"Good girl my ass...look at you" I smirked as she blushed and clenched her teeth together and anger and humiliation. Pulling her down to me I kissed her on the mouth, pushing my tongue in as she  squirmed in discomfort.  I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them pulling them apart as I ground her against me, feeling my excitement build I rolled her on her back, and moved over her as her eyes flashed in fear.

I lay on top of her, and started kissing her neck, trying to excite her. I slowly worked my way down her torso, licking and teasing her nipples. I worked my way further down, and heard her breathing increase as I go close to her mound.

Her hands went to her face, as she endured the shame of having a guy examine her that close as my face went between her legs. Placing a thumb on either side of her labia, I opened her up and exposed her inner pink, as she made a noise of discomfort. As I opened my mouth I breathed her in, preparing to touch my tongue to the little bump under her clitoral hood. When I made contact, she twitched and made a slight whine.

"That is so gross" she said. Smirking I started licking it, flicking my tongue over it as she lay there tensed . I could tell that despite her shame and disgust this was having an impact as fluids did start to flow. Without warning, I suddenly sucked her little nub into my mouth hard, and vigorously ran my tongue over it, causing her to yelp. At this point I stopped. I didn't want to get her to the point where she was enjoying this too much. I just wanted to push boundaries for today. This wasn't to be a mutually satisfying lovemaking session. I was here to dominate and fuck her.

Moving myself into position between her legs, I could see that she knew the time had come, and was trying to control her breathing as she mentally prepared to be penetrated.

"I did buy condoms" she said hopefully. "The lady at the store said these ones are so thin it feels like your wearing nothing....could we..."

"Nope" I said flatly, seeing the despair on her face. It is impossible for sex with a condom to feel as good as sex without, no matter what some people say.

"Would you please pull out then?" she asked desperately


I pushed her knees back to her chest and parted her legs very wide, still pushing her legs back. In this position she was being split like a wishbone, and very vulnerable, but this was my intent. When you pop a virgins cherry, the minute she feels pain she starts closing her legs which slows down the penetration.  Pinning her this way allowed me to drive myself in deep quickly and fuck her at my own pace, without her being able to do anything about it.

"Ok, " she grunted, "I'm not that flexible"

"Just try to relax and breath deep, you'll be fine" I said

I brought the tip of my erection to her flower, watching her eyes widen nervously. Given its size combined with her tightness it would be no easy task getting the whole thing in, but in my experience so long as the girl is wet enough, penetration is just a matter of how much force you use. When it touched her soft tender wetness, I felt my excitement rise as she started breathing heavily. I slid it up and down a few times, enjoying her anticipation. It was fun to drag out the suspense a bit.

After a few minutes of this I decided it was time. Sliding it towards her opening I aligned the tip with her entrance as she looked at the ceiling with an expression that said she couldn't wait for the ordeal to be over.

"Will this hurt" she asked in a nervous voice

"Probably. The first few times usually do. Just relax and you'll be fine" I said. Nudging my rounded head between her lips, I started pressing into the opening, feeling it resist. Applying a bit more pressure I started making her open up a bit when she started to squirm.

" hurts" she said nervously.

"You're just nervous. It's fine" I said dismissively.

I continued probing, trying to get her to open up as she whined and moaned, constantly saying that it hurt and squirming every time I started to make any headway.

Holding her very still, I applied firm pressure and finally started to penetrate, forcing her body to open up a bit and let me slide in slowly as her flesh relented allowing me to penetrate to the point where I came up against her hymen as she whimpered in discomfort. Pressing against it with enough force to cause discomfort but not enough to break through, I built up her suspense for a moment and then slid back out as she gasped in both relief and tension. I repeated this process several times, pulling out, pressing in past her labia until I pressed against her hymen, holding there applying a bit of pressure and then pulling out. I should really have just gotten it over with but I was having fun seeing the look of fear and pain on her face each time I pressed in, and then the look she got when I pulled out. She was breathing heavily, her heart pounding as she looked up at me in fear, her hands clenched into fists as she tried to compose herself.

After a bit I couldn't wait any longer and needed to feel that tight little vagina of hers wrapped around my cock, so I pinned her tight and pulled out, wanting to do this from all the way out as I merely lodged my cockhead between her labia.

"OK, enough fooling around....time to say goodbye to that cherry" I say commandingly.

Looking up with fearful eyes, she spoke in a quivering high pitched voice and said;

"Be gentle...please".

I looked down at her with a sympathetic smile, shook my head and said;

"That wasn't part of the deal". And with that I lunged forward with tremendous force, clenching my buttocks and drove myself into her untried channel, tearing through her innocence without mercy as I drove about half my length into her with one brutal thrust. She screamed and her first reaction was to try to buck me off of her and close her legs, but I had been prepared for that in advance and had her well pinned.

"Stop it! Your hurting me...Please!" she cried as I started forcing the rest of my length into her resisting twat. Maintaining constant pressure, I slid myself in slowly, rotating my hips a bit to try to get past her gripping labia which were being dragged into her by my penetrating hardness.  Her sobs filled the room, as I worked the rest in mercilessly until I had penetrated her fully and took a moment to just enjoy the sensation as she whimpered and sobbed beneath me. I hadn't felt anything that tight since I was in high school and I was just loving this.

 As her cries died down, she had a crushed look on her face, full of all kinds of emotions as she tried to come to terms with the cruel nature of her defloration. I flexed my cock a few times, watching her wince each time until I decided I wanted to do some serious hard core fucking.

Pulling my shaft out slowly, allowing some relief for her vagina, I slid out slowly, letting the suspense build up until only the head remained inside her and then I lunged forward hard, driving the full length in with one hard thrust. She cried out again, jerking her head back as I rammed it home inside her tightness and banged into her cervix, as she broke down in sobs. It was a good thing I had just come in her mouth because otherwise I would already be coming. This was borderline rape as I pleasured myself at her expense. With her legs pinned wide apart and back beside her chest, I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulled them apart and started putting the cock to her with a vengeance as she cried out in unison to my merciless and unrelenting thrusts.

It was an awful way for a girl to remember her first time, but I didn't care. She was a fucking idiot who had pissed me off time and again, and who had put herself in this situation by choice. Now it was time to pay the price for her choices and she was paying it in full with interest.

I pounded away, pulling her hair, pinching her nipples and even lightly biting as I drove myself into her tight resisting quim with a vengeance, hurting her the whole time until finally I felt my orgasm about to start. I pounded furiously for a few more seconds until I felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm, and then planted myself deep within her body and started to ejaculate into her fertile young depths as I quivered on top of her, my flesh spasming inside of her as I pumped every last drop of my seed into her womb, before collapsing on top of her, all sweaty.

I lay there on top of her, for a few moments, feeling my hardness inside her, as it occasionally twitched and release a post dribble into her. She gasped beneath me, wiping her tears away as she shut her eyes and tried to control her breathing, relieved that the ordeal was over.

Pushing off of her, I slid myself out and looked with satisfaction at the blood on my cock.

"Well that's your cherry gone" I said with a smile, as I grabbed her white cotton panties from the floor and used them to wipe the blood off of my cock. "I'll be keeping these as a souvenir" I said mirthfully as she looked at me in disgust and hatred, tears still welling from her eyes.

Feeling the need tocelebrate my conquest I run to the fridge and grab a beer. I offer her one and she shakes her head, so I grab mine and take a long swig.

"You should have seen the look on your face when I popped your cherry" I said gloating. I've spent my life dealing with spoiled inconsiderate fucks like her, and it was nice to be the one doing the fucking for a change.

Swallowing back the rest of my beer, I belched and then tossed the can towards the wastebasket.

"OK turn over" I say, getting back on the bed, "On your hands and knees".

"Again!?" she says incredulously. "It hurts...I'm in pain and I'm bleeding".

"Hey a deals a deal. You want to end the deal there's the door. You want my help turn the fuck over and put that butt of yours in the air. I want to take another crack at that little snatch of yours, only doggie style".

With a look of dismay, she reluctantly turns over on her hands and knees, facing the headboard. I get behind her, and move her forward so she her face is right up by the headboard, so she has nowhere to pull away to. Then grabbing her hair, I push her face down onto the mattress, and kneel behind her, placing my lower legs over her lower legs so her legs stay in position. I line my cock up with her slit, and pres it against her folds and start sliding it up and down, enjoying the sensation and visual effect. After a minute or two, I position it right at her entrance, and drive myself forward hard, planting myself balls deep in one thrust. Instinctively she jerks away, and bangs her head against the headboard.

"Ow!" she says, as she rubs her head. "Easy, that hurt" as I slid back out slowly.

"Again, easy was never part of the deal" I say before slamming in again, causing her to yelp. I take my time, slowly sliding out, and then slamming in each time, enjoying the sight of my length disappearing into her tightness. Each time I drive in, she yelps or cries out. She does not openly sob, but there are tears in her eyes as I violate her from behind. She must be thinking of all the things she could have done to prevent being in this situation, like studying hard, or not being such a cunt to me. Too late now. Judgement has been passed and the sentence is being carried out.

Eventually I speed up and start plowing her. At one point while reaming her out, I raise my hand and slap her really hard on the ass, a resounding crack echoing through the room, as she cries out and jerks forward again hitting her head on the headboard.

"What are you doing?" she cries out.

"Spanking you" I reply flatly


"Because I want to and I can" I say as a matter of fact.

I keep this up for some time, plowing her and spanking her every 30 seconds or so, sometimes on her right butt cheek, sometimes her left. She endures because she knows the alternative is failure and a trip home in disgrace.

I ravage the whimpering girl for quite some time, as I had already came twice, and would need to really work to come again, thrusting savagely into her, and delivering the occasional hard slap as she tried to weather the storm.  Eventually I did feel a climax approaching, and started to really drive myself into her with frenzied movements as she cried out in response to the roughness. The sheer force of my thrusting was pushing her face into the headboard, and she had to put her hand out in front of her to stop it from banging painfully into it. When I finally felt my orgasm start, I shoved myself all the way in and started rapidly spanking her hard about four times, as my fluids started to enter her body. She started crying out in pain but before I finished draining myself into her, I took my thumb without any lubrication and jammed it all the way into her ass, causing her to shriek and jerk forward again into the headboard. She broke down bawling at this point, as I spurted my last few squirts into her.

Upon completion, I held myself there for a moment before pulling out of the sobbing girl. She would always remember her first time as a brutal traumatic experience. I gave her one more hard smack on the ass before standing and heading into the bathroom to wash my hands. Coming out I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed.

"OK, calculus...put on your thinking cap and get ready to work!" I say to the shocked girl pointing to the desk.

"Come on" I say clapping my hands together, "Time is wasting".

While you're waiting in vain for that apology, why don't you make yourself useful by getting on your knees and opening your mouth