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Fleshbags (Sci-Fi, Alien-Sex, Af, ff)

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on: January 14, 2015, 08:19:55 AM
Title         : Fleshbags

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Sci-Fi, Alien-Sex, Af, ff

Date        : 20150114

Mail         : meatbot777 at gmail dot com

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Synopsis : After the aliens have taken over humans are kept as slaves and pets. A girl pet learns of sex and love.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.

Apologies to John Christopher.


My master found me on the garbage heap. Just like that, I'd gotten thrown out, like I was garbage. I was thrown out because I was sick and I was still sick for a long time but he nursed me back to health. He was a good master, way better than my old one. He honestly seemed to care about me, about whether I lived or died. My old master called me a fleshbag and said I was useless and threw me out.

I had gotten sick from some bad food that made a lot of slaves sick. My old master just walked me out to the curb one day and tossed me into the back of a large vehicle full of garbage. It took me outside of town and dumped me. I had a thought then that I was free, but I didn't know what to do. I had no idea how to survive or where to get food or anything. I was lucky a master was digging through the garbage pile and chanced onto me. He took me home. He is my new master, now.

My new master does not live in town. He lives in a small housing unit out by the garbage dump. I know now that he is considered to be crazy by the other masters. They pay him no mind. He makes his living from the garbage dump. When I got better, when I got over my sickness, I helped him. He never ordered me to help but I did. I wanted to show him I appreciated what he had done for me.

When the sun goes away we sit in his domecile and talk. I think he'd been lonely before I came. I think he enjoyed having someone to talk to. He told me stories, fabulous stories of the masters and their fantastic voyages across the galaxy. I still don't really know what a galaxy is, but I know it's very large since it took them hundreds of thousands of cycles to go from one end to the other. And along the way they stopped here at my little planet long enough to take over and then left, leaving a group of masters in charge. In charge of my world.

That was ancient history and although it was interesting it didn't mean a lot to me. The only life I'd ever known was being owned by a master. I couldn't have survived on my own.

We made a pretty good living from the garbage dump. Some masters were very foolish and threw away all kinds of good stuff. Once a minor cycle we took the best stuff into the city and sold it at the market. Then we bought food, food and powdered air for my master. We ate totally different things and he let me pick out what I wanted and he never complained about the price. Like I said, he was a good master.

Every time we went into the city I looked for my old master but I never saw him. I wanted him to see me and see that I was still viable, that I was more than just a fleshbag. I wanted him to regret throwing me away although he was hateful enough that he probably wouldn't have cared. The city was just too big, though.

The masters were building a machine in the center of the city. That's what the city was all about, actually. The machine, the atmosphere machine. There was a dozen or so of them, according to my master, spread around the world. Someday they would all go online and a few hundred years later the air would be changed to the air that the masters breathed. All us humans would die then unless we wore masks, masks like what the masters had to wear now. Our roles would be reversed. We would die if we breathed the master's air.

That was far enough in the future that I didn't worry much about it. I was happy in my new life, as happy as a slave could be. I knew that even though he treated me nicely I was just a pet to him. Something to amuse him, to occupy his time. At least he did not hurt me like my old master did sometimes. My new master never struck or whipped me.

His name was Murphamacabeezlesqueakding, or something crazy like that. All the master had crazy names. I just called him Murph. Murph was a base, as I understand it, what was passably a male of their three sexes. He had a protruding organ of reproduction, I know that because I saw it often. In the evenings we would sit around and watch a vid screen that he'd salvaged from the garbage dump. Sometimes he'd run a tentacle around a small hole in the lower part of his body, and his organ would finally emerge. He would delicately tickle it, or grasp it firmly with a tentacle and manipulate it. He did this without shame or embarrassment but I knew from living with my old master that it would have been considered in bad taste for him to have done it in front of other masters. It didn't bother him to do it in front of me.

"Shishy," he said one evening. I was half-way laying across my soft sitting sleeping device that he had made for me, almost asleep. I woke up and gave him my attention. He stood off to the side, standing solid on his three legs, like a tripod. He looked like a little pyramid.

"Shishy, show me what you humans do for relief of sexual tension. I have read in your writings of such a thing, when a male is not present, and you have no male present. You have lived with me for almost forty minor cycles, now, without a male."

"Sexual... tension?" I asked. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Do you ever feel sexual tension?" he asked. I gave him a blank look.

"I guess not. I have no idea what it is," I said, being completely honest with him.

He made that funny buzzing noise that passed for laughter with the masters. "You might now that you know about it," he said, and I laughed too, although I had no idea why.

"Sex is what makes babies, right?" I asked, a little curious. I wondered how much he knew about the process with humans. I might be able to learn some things, here.

"Affirmative," he replied. "The male fertilizes the female's eggs with a process not unlike my people's."

"I see," I said, although I didn't really.

"Murph," I said, "I think I'm too young to know about this stuff now. Ask me again when I get older."

He laughed some more. "Will that knowledge magically appear in your head at that time?" he asked. I grimaced. I had no idea. How did adults know about this stuff, anyway?

"Shishy," he said. "How many revolutions are you?"

I knew that, at least. "Nine," I replied.

"Yes," he said. "You are far to young to procreate. But you can still take pleasure in your sexual organs."

Ugh. For some reason I wasn't too sure about that, about discussing things like that with him. It just seemed kind of weird. But he was insistent.

"Have you ever touched yourself, as you see me do?" he asked, and I looked at him. Sure enough, he was at it again, his organ of reproduction had protruded and he was stroking it with two tentacles.

"No," I said firmly, although, of course, I had had. I mean, who hasn't?

"You should make the attempt, at least," he said. "It can be very pleasurable."

"I'll give it some thought," I replied, staring at the vid screen. In truth, I was slightly embarrassed.

"It will help pass the time," he continued. What a one-track mind he has, I thought. "It helps me through the long evening hours, before I go into sleep-trance."

I forgot the screen and watched him stroke his organ. It was peculiar, about as long as my forearm, and maybe slightly smaller than my wrist. It had gotten large and stiff as it did when he stroked it, and all the wrinkles had gone out of it. I remembered long ago, when I had seen a young boy without his coverings. He had something similar, though almost microscopic compared to my master's organ. I wondered if human boys stroked their organs on occasion.

He gave a funny gasp, like he often did when he did this. Then, as I'd seen before, a stream of liquid shot from the rounded end of his organ, out onto the floor. I'd accidentally stepped in it before, and I knew it was pretty slick and sticky. I watched as he squirted several times, and finally he was done. His organ got soft again and slowed pulled back in the hole. I knew he could do this several times an evening although he didn't always squirt. I smelled a slight odor, the scent of the liquid he'd sprayed. Crazy, I thought. Just plain crazy.

"Murph," I said. He made the huffing noise that I assumed was a sigh, and looked at me. I knew from experience I could pretty much ask him anything and he wouldn't get mad. He was pretty easygoing. "Murph... would you do that if other masters were around? Would you let them see you do it?"

He was silent for a while. I knew that meant either he was thinking hard, or he didn't want to answer. Something to mention about the masters... their minds were not able to lie. A master simply could not speak, rather than tell a lie. I knew that everything he ever said was the truth. No matter how harsh or unpleasant, he would always tell the truth. If it was something he didn't want me to know about he just had to be silent rather than to tell me a lie. He could lie by omission, by remaining silent, but he could not tell a lie.

"Shisy," he finally said. "You have given me something to ponder. No, I would not. It would cause... great embarrassment and loss of stature to me... not that I have much stature, in the eyes of my fellow masters... but, to answer your question, no. I would not."

"That's okay, Murph," I said, "I don't care. You can do it all you like."

"It is... very pleasureable... I will probably continue, if you don't mind."

That's a switch, I thought. A master, asking me if I minded something. It would never have occurred to my old master to even ask. I giggled at that. And at the idea of my old master doing it, stroking his organ.


Later, as the days passed, I thought a lot about what Murph had said about giving myself pleasure as he did. One night, after Murph had gone to his sleep room early I sat on my sleep device, and thought, well, so what, I'll try it. I was kind of bored, actually.

I wore a strip of cloth over my private areas with a string to hold it up. I untied the string and took off the cloth. I was naked, now. I sat in the dim light, and examined my girl parts as well as I was able.

I was kind of surprised to find that I had an actual hole into my body. I'd never looked that close before. I knew from gossip I'd heard long ago that babies came out of female's bodies, from somewhere down there... but this hole was way too small for anything but a teeny tiny baby. Crazy. There was the hole I peed out of, I was aware of that, at least... and in front of it was a little button of flesh. I touched it, and wiggled my finger around, and I knew right away that this is probably what Murph was talking about. It felt good. I squished and smashed and rubbed it for the longest time, and suddenly goose bumps appeared on my inner legs. I kept going, and the warmest, happiest feeling burst over me, unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I knew for sure that was what Murph was talking about. I wondered if it felt that good for him when he manipulated his reproductive organ. I hoped it was.

I just lay there, afterwards, my legs spread way apart, and laughed to myself. I decided I would do this every night after Murph went to his sleep room. It was great fun. I felt like I'd made a major discovery and I appreciated of Murph for pointing the way to me.


The next night after it got dark outside and we settled in for the night I told Murph what I'd discovered. I was almost embarrassed to tell him but I figured I owed it to him because he'd put the idea into my head.

Murph was interested, as he is interested in everything I do or tell him. Humans in general seemed to interest him. Anyway, he asked me many questions about the feeling, and we agreed that what I felt was probably about what he felt also. He said some funny things, like the pleasure side effect insured that the procreative act would be carried out regularly and stuff like that. Stuff too scientific for me to be interested in. I was just interested in getting that good feeling again.

"Shishy," Murph said, moving out of his usual spot and close to me. "Demonstrate the pleasure act, please. Show me how you did it."

Oh, now that was really embarrassing. But, like I said, I felt like I owed it to him. I finally stood and dropped my covering and sat on the sitting device. I spread my legs wide and touched myself on the little button.

"May I inspect your privates?" Murph asked, and I giggled. Why not, I thought. I nodded, and he moved yet closer, training his ocular nodes on my groin. To assist him, I spread myself with my fingers.

"Where do you touch yourself?" he asked, and I pointed to the button.

"Shishy, that is your clitoris," he said. "There is a similar nodule on the females of my species, just as your males have an appendage similar to mine, called a penis."

Interesting. Not really information I could use, but interesting. He examined me for a few moments, and then leaned back.

"Shishy," he said. He paused dramatically. I stared at him. "Our relationship is very unusual, compared to most Xandor-Thunk and human relationships. We do not have a simple master-slave relationship. I have given you as much freedom of choice and self-determination as I would another master, although you still do not seem to realize it or desire it. I understand."

He paused again. How interesting, I thought... a word I'd never heard before. Was that what his people called themself? Xandor-Thunk? Not exactly awe-inspiring, that. He finally continued.

"I will now ask you something that I hope does not stretch the limits of our relationship, and, yes, our friendship. Do not be offended. Just say yes, or no. Shishy, may I touch your private area?"

Well, that was a twist, I thought. A master, almost begging me... although Murph had never acted like a true master from the beginning. I thought about that longer than I thought about what he had asked. Really, for some reason, that didn't bother me hardly any.

"Murph. Yes. I don't care," I simply said. I really didn't care. He was my friend. It was a peculiar request and a bit intrusive but I would let him.

He approached a little closer, and extended a tentacle, the primary one on his front. I felt its feathery touch on me, on my privates. It tickled and I giggled and squirmed. He withdrew it.

"I'm sorry..." he said, "did I hurt or offend you?"

"No, it just tickled," I explained.

"What is tickled?" he asked.

"It was a light touch that felt funny. I dunno, it's hard to explain. It is not bad, I suppose tickling can be very good, when done right."

"I understand," he said, and resumed his exploration of my body. I felt him slightly pull open my hole, and then his tentacle tickled down towards where my bottom hole was. I leaned back and spread my legs further and let him explore my bottom. That actually felt pretty good but not nearly as good as when he found my button.

He stroked my button harder than he'd touched me so far. It really really felt good, even better than when I'd done it to myself. I suppose anything feels better when somebody else is doing it, even a pyramid-shaped monster from another planet. I let him stroke me and he seemed stuck on my bump which didn't bother me any.

"Murph," I finally said, "that feels very good. You can do that anytime you want for as long as you want."

He made that funny laughter noise again.

"Shishy," he said. "your clitoris is where a bundle of special nerves come to the surface. It is one of the main centers of pleasure in the human body. The writings of your people have many references to it."

I understood why. It felt good. I just lay back and relaxed and let him stroke me. My legs started to twitch and I had goose bumps again. Oh goodness, I thought, I'm having one of those things again. It washed over me like a wave and just carried me off in a sea of pleasure. I forgot everything for a moment and just floated, happy. When I finally came back to earth Murph was still stroking me.

"Shishy," said Murph. "I think you just had an orgasm. Your people as well as mine can do that. It is the payoff for enacting the procreative function."

"That was very good," I said. "I want to do that every day."

"We can arrange that," he said, and laughed again.

He was still stroking me. It still felt good, although I felt a bit of a cramp in my leg. I flexed it until it went away.

"Shishy," said Murph, "Let us perform an experiment. Let's see just how many orgasms you can have."


I was exhausted when Murph finally went to his room. I think I'd totally satisfied his curiosity about human female sexuality by then. I lay down feeling warm and happy inside. That was fun, I thought. I had no idea how many orgasms I'd had, at least five or six I guessed. It was great fun.

The next night, just like we'd done it forever, we did it again. This time, however, as he stroked my clitoris, he also stroked his own organ with his side tentacles. When I finally had my second or third orgasm, he squirted stuff from his organ, having to bend it over so he didn't get the stuff on me or my sleeping device. We both giggled at that.

The next night, I had an idea. It was so good it actually felt kind of bad to me. Murph had once tried to explain the concept of "wicked" to me, and I think that this is the time that I finally began to understand what he meant.

"Murph," I said, as he started to stroke me. His organ was already protruding.

"Yes, Shishy?" he replied.

"Murph, let me rub your... organ for you. Here..." I turned, laying on my side, so he could still have access to my privates. From there I reached down and took his organ by the tip end of it. It felt warm and soft in my hand. It was very smooth on the end and I realized it was because it was so hard and stiff.

Murph made some funny noises and I began to rub my hands up and down it. I hoped they were good noises. His body jerked several times and I could feel his organ twitch.

"Murph," I said, "what do you call this thing again?"

"Technically, it is a penis," he said. A penis. I see, I thought. I'll remember that.

"Does this feel good?" I asked, hoping it did.

"Yes, very," he said, and twitched some more. I laughed and pumped his penis using both my hands. He leaned into me a little further. He was flicking my clitoris with the tip end of his tentacle and it felt very good. I knew I was going to have one of those orgasm things pretty quickly.

I began to breathe heavily and I twitched, too. Finally I had an orgasm and I had to let go of his penis while it washed over me. When I came back down I resumed stroking him. He was twitching, too, and I wondered if I could make him squirt his stuff out. As I understood it that was his equivalent of having an orgasm. I hoped it would happen for him.

I just went faster and faster and he seemed to like it. Suddenly, clear sticky liquid jetted out the end of his penis, splashing on my legs and my sleeping device. Ick! I thought, but I kept going, I didn't want to spoil it for him. His ocular nodes were closed, and his mouth was open as he breathed through it. I figured he probably looked a bit like I looked when I had an orgasm.

Finally, he seemed to wake back up. "Shishy, that felt extremely good," he said. "Thank you for giving me that pleasure."

"Aw, that's okay," I said, "You did it for me, after all."

"Yes. It is peculiar, but it always feels better when somebody else does it."

"Yes, I noticed that," I said. Weird.

We just relaxed, after that. Murph taught me a new word, for what we had just done. It was what what I hoped we'd do every night, together. The word was "masturbate".

I finally got up and got a piece of scrap cloth, and cleaned his orgasm fluid from my legs and my sleeping device. He thanked me again and finally trundled off to his sleeping room. I relaxed, watched the screen for a while and finally nodded off to sleep, still naked.


Many cycles passed, and then tens of cycles. We still masturbated each other every single night. We hardly ever missed a time. It was still lots of fun. It never seemed to get old. I grew, larger and larger. My breasts grew more, and the fuzz on my girl parts turned into a nice little patch of hair. I was pleased, all in all, in how I was turning out. I even had to find a strip of cloth at last to bind up my breasts when they began to flop about. I knew from long ago, though, than eventually I would begin to bleed down there, and that frightened me a bit.

I talked to Murph about this at length. He was interested, as he was about all facets of my life. One evening when we'd just gotten back from the market he spoke to me as I lay on my sleeping slash sitting device.

"Shishy," he said, "today when I spoke to Rember-Ramber-squeak-bop, we talked about your bleeding function. He passed along some interesting information which I will now share with you."

"Okay..." I said, curious.

"Your bleeding function means that you are capable of reproduction, should a male of your species fertilize you. This can easily be prevented by a veterinarian, if you are so inclined. A synthesized protein can be injected in your buttocks and you will no longer bleed or reproduce even if fertilized."

Really. That was interesting information and it sounded pretty desirable.

"Is there a cost associated?" I asked. I didn't want to make him spend a lot of credits on me.

"He said it was minimal. Next cycle when we enter the city I will enquire, if you wish the injection."

"I think I would like that," I said. Just to stop the bleeding part would be good enough. I did not plan on being fertilized anytime soon, if ever.

And that's just what we did, next time we went into town. We visited a veterinarian, and he gave me a slightly painful shot in my butt. He said it was good for many decicycles and I was pleased. I wasn't ready to bleed and I sure wasn't ready for a baby human to grow inside my body, not that I planned on being fertilized by a human male anytime soon.


More time passed. I grew large and strong. I think it helped me grow to help my master sift through the garbage heap. I got good at picking up heavy things and carrying them. I looked at other females, when we went into town. They looked soft and weak, compared to me. I looked as strong as some of the males.

Some of the males in town liked me. They would always come to the market and try to talk to me while we sold our junk. I usually paid them no mind since I just was not interested in males. I did like some of the girls, though, but not a lot of them seemed to like me. I think I scared them. All the girl pets wore frilly fancy coverings, and some of them even wore face coverings. I always wondered what they looked like underneath, whether they were ugly or plain or maybe beautiful. In my mind they were all beautiful beneath their veils.


Several years passed. We prospered, even adding a room onto our domecile. Murph was still kind of an outcast, although a committee of masters did visit once and asked him what he thought should be done about the "garbage problem." His solution did not meet with their approval, he suggested a contingent of freed humans who would assist us in recycling the garbage. They left, arguing among themselves, and Murph amused me greatly that night by mimicing the pompous masters among them.

"Shishy," Murph said one night, as we prepared to masturbate. "I have something... for you to think about. I only make this as a suggestion of activity we might conceivably attempt."

"Okay..." I said, dropping the covering from my crotch. If it was as fun as this, I was all ears.

"I have noticed your body is undergoing maturity. Your breasts are growing, and pubic hair is beginning to be visible on your pudenda."

Yes, I had noticed that, too. I knew from older girls in my old home that that was just the way it was. I wasn't worrying too much about it.

"Okay..." I finally said, and he continued.

"As you are aware, when the male of your species fertilizes the female's eggs, he inserts his penis into her vagina, and deposits his sperm."

Well, shit, I thought. No, I was not aware of that. Nobody had ever told me that much about sex before. Although, certain things I'd heard in the past did make more sense when I knew that. How freakishly interesting, I thought. That was it? I thought. He just sticks it in?

"It occurs to me that, now that you are older and your vagina is a bit larger, it occurs to me that we could simulate that act, if you so desired, with my penis and your vagina."

Oh, shit again. What was he saying? That he could stick his penis inside me, inside my vagina?

"Murph..." I said, a bit nervous. "Would you be able to fertilize my eggs, if I have any?"

He laughed at that. "No," he said, "cross-species fertilization is not possible. We are not compatible. That is not a danger."

That was a relief. And what funny little children they would be, I thought, if it were possible.

"Murph..." I said, kind of hoping to head him off. I wasn't sure about this. "Murph, your penis is way too large for my little vagina. I don't think we could do it even if we wanted to."

"I have read of this phenomenon," he said. "Your vagina will stretch to accomodate organs of unusual size. Only in extreme cases will it damage you or cause pain. There may be some slight initial discomfort, though."

Well, that was good. I hoped what he had read was true. I still wasn't that sure... but if he really wanted too... I almost felt like I owed it to him for all he'd done for me. Slight discomfort I could stand.

"If you really want to try we can try," I finally said. I'm sure he noticed my hesitation and he hastened to assure me that he'd stop if it hurt or if I even just changed my mind.

"How can we do it?" I asked.

"Lay on your back on your sleeping device," he said. "Put your lower half down over the edge so it will be in line with my penis. I will do the rest. Just relax and enjoy it, as they say."

Well, okay, I thought. I put my bottom slightly off the sleeping device so it was lower. He approached. His penis was already out and ready. I smelled a musty, spicy smell that I knew was just masters in general. I felt a little breathless. I wasn't too sure about this whole procedure but I was willing to try.

He stopped and manipulated my clitoris for a while, saying it would get my juices flowing, unquote. I'm not sure what he really meant, but it felt good at least. I was willing for just that to go on all night.

"I am going to try penetration," he finally said, and I felt something touch me, right on the outside of my vagina. I took a deep breath.

He pressed in, further and further into my body. There were occasional twinges of pain, but nothing so extreme that I asked him to stop. I felt him, deeper and deeper inside my body. It actually felt pretty good, I thought. How interesting, that simply something inside me can feel so good. He was still flicking my clitoris with his tentacle and of course that felt good, too.

I gasped for breath several times and he stopped each time and enquired about my condition. I just told him to keep going. He did and finally he seemed to hit something deep inside me and it did hurt then. I flinched and he stopped at once.

"Murph..." I said, "don't go so deep, please."

"Sorry," he said, and withdrew a little. I just lay there, full of him. It felt pretty good. Then, when he began to slide it in and out of me... shit, that felt good. I sucked in a convulsive breath and hiccuped a few times. Damn, it felt good.

"Do you like that?" he politely enquired as he went in and out of my body.

"Oh, Murph, yes," I said, "that feels very good."

"Better than just simply playing with your clit?" he asked. I knew he meant clitoris.

"Yes, it's better. It is very... I dunno, very fulfilling. It feels funny, but good."

It was hard to talk with him pumping in and out of me. I was glad when he was finally quiet. I wondered if we were technically having sex, now. I giggled, wondering what the other masters would think if they could see Murph, his penis deep inside me. I wondered what the other humans would think and if it would bother them. Probably, I thought. Let this be our little secret, then.

He sped up slowly and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. Oh, goodness, I thought, let it happen. Bring it on.

"Shishy," dammit though, he had to keep talking. "Shisy, will it bother you... if I deposit my sperm in your body?"

"No Murph... it won't... bother me..." I managed. I figured I could hop up and down or something and maybe it would leak out. He pumped away and I felt my orgasm starting. Oh, and it was a good one... I could tell already. It just blew me away, it was the best one I'd ever had. Oh, I thought, we are gonna do this every night, from now on. We are gonna have sex, every night.


Then, one day our life changed. I was at the garbage heap with Murph. He was up by the place where the fires were, seeing if anything was up there. I couldn't see him, but I heard him call me and I went towards the sound of his voice. I came around a large pile of garbage and there he was. He was walking towards me, holding in his tentacles a young female, either dead or asleep. She was wearing a covering that had been fancy once but was now soiled and torn. She was very pretty for a youngling and I felt a surge of something inside me, something that I wasn't sure what it was.

"Murph!" I said, surprised. "Is she... is she dead?"

"No," he said. "I think not. I believe she is sick, as you were when I found you."

I said some bad words which I will not repeat here. I felt sorry for the girl, I knew being sick was no fun. At least she appeared to be asleep, protected from unpleasantness until she awoke.

We took her back to our domecile and Murph laid her on my sitting device. I covered her with a cloth I had once found to keep her warm. I got some water, and some of the food I ate for when she woke up.

I sat with her all evening. That night I crawled up with her and held her in my arms. It was kind of crowded, my sleeping sitting thing wasn't intended for two. I held her all night. In the morning, when I got up she was stirring around.

This was the first night since we started that Murph and I did not have sex. I kind of missed it and he probably did too, but I understood. I hoped he did.

Her eyes finally opened. I held a container of water to her lips and she drank. She looked around, puzzled, I could tell. She never spoke, not at first. She finally lay back and I covered her again. I could see her shivering, beneath the covering. I finally crawled up with her and hugged her, trying to warm her with my body.

The next day Murph went back to the garbage heap and I stayed with the girl. I did it for two days, until she was finally better. The third morning when she woke up she appeared to be animated and more aware of her surroundings than she'd been so far.

"What is your name?" I asked her. She regarded me in silence for a while.

"Epiphany," she finally said. Good. That was a good first step, I thought.

"I am Shishy. I live here with Murph, a master. We will take care of you. You have been sick."

"I am supposed to die," she said. "My master beat me and told me to die. Have you prevented me from dying?"

"I hope we have," I said, genuinely hopeful. I did not want her to die. I wanted her to live here with us. How nice, I thought, how nice it would be to have another human here with me. How much fun we could have. As much as Murph seemed to enjoy me being around I thought he wouldn't mind another. And she could help harvest garbage, she would quickly pay for herself with increased output. I saw no disadvantage to her living with us.

"You will not die," I tried to reassure her. "You will live here with us. Murph is a good master and will never beat you or tell you do do mean things like die. Your old master can go reproduce with himself in a corner."

She giggled at that. I pressed some of the food cakes I ate into her hand and she hesitantly nibbled at one then gobbled it up when she realized how good it was. She ate five of them and drank again. She finally sat up completely and I sat beside her on the sitting device. We waited for Murph to get home.


Murph came in, happy. He'd found some good garbage. I introduced him to Epiphany and we found he could not say her name for some reason. We decided to call her Piffy, which he could say.

Piff grew stronger and stronger and in two more days was up and around. The third day she followed us to the garbage heap and sat and watched as we dug for treasures. By the end of the cycle she was helping. Even Murph was pleased at how big a help she was.


"Piff," I said one night as the three of us clustered around the screen. On the screen two masters were jabbering in their crazy language, the one we had never been taught. They occasionally struck each other on their posteriors with large paddles, to the amusement of the onscreen crowd that also watched. We laughed although we didn't understand what they were saying. It was funny, even without that.

"Piff... how many decicycles are you? Do you know?"

"Uh..." she appeared to do some math in her head. "I think somewhere in the 40's..."

So she was about the same age I'd been when I came to live with Murph. Interesting. In a few more decicycles she might even start to bleed. I mentioned this to Murph, that we needed get her the shot. We didn't want her to get fertilized, either, even though the chances of that were rare. The only access males ever had to us was when we went to market on cycleday.

That cycleday Piff went to market with us. She was afraid, though, she was afraid her old master would find her and she wore a cloth over her face, only allowing her eyes to be seen. It made her look mysterious and dangerous and I loved her for it.

I had already realized, that quickly, that I loved her. I didn't know what love was back then, but I knew that I loved her. I wanted to hold her and protect her. At night, when I did get to hold her, I squeezed her to my body and just felt happy that she was there. She made my life complete, she filled a void that I didn't know I'd had. That quick, she did that for me.

The only thing I wasn't sure about was still having sex with Murph. For his sake, I didn't want to just stop... but I wondered what Piffy would think about it. If it would change her perceptions of me, in a negative sense. I hoped not.

We got our market stuff done, and walked back to our domecile. Murph amused us all evening with witty sayings and impressions of other masters that he felt were pompous or buffoons. Murph could be very funny when he wished to be.

Later that evening as we watched the screen Murph caused his organ to protrude, and stroked it until it squirted on the floor. Piff giggled softly and looked at me. When I looked at her her face was red. I wondered if she was mad, but she was laughing. Good, I thought. This will give us a reason to discuss this. I was kind of glad Murph had done it.

That night, when we crawled onto the sleeping device she put her face to my ear and whispered to me. Murph had disappeared into his area of the domecile. I wondered why she was being so secretive since he couldn't hear us anyway.

"Shish..." she said, "what was Murph doing? What was that thing, that thing that squirted? I never seen that happen with a master before..."

"Piff..." I replied, equally quiet. "That is his organ of reproduction. When a triune is formed, the female produces an egg, which is inside her body. The male fertilizes it, by placing his penis in her vagina, as you saw Murph simulate. It is then ejected and placed in the Andro's body, and many cycles later a little master emerges."

"That is very complicated," said Piff, laughing. I giggled too. Crazy masters, and their crazy sex stuff.

"Shisy..." said Piff. "You ever done it? With a male?"

"What?" I was shocked, for her to think I would have. Although... I did do it with Murph, if I wanted to be honest... "Well... not really. I don't think I will, either. Not a male human."

"Why not?" she asked. "It is great fun, I used to watch the adults at my old domecile do it all the time. It looks like fun."

I wondered if this would be a good time to tell her about what Murph and I did.

She giggled. "If a male ever came around here, you might feel differently."

Maybe. Maybe not. I decided to let her think what she wanted to think. I huddled down closer to her and held her soft young body against mine. This, I thought, this is what I want, not some goofy male with his protruding organs. This sweet little thing is what I want.

On impulse, I leaned towards Piff and pressed my lips against hers, as I'd seen adults do when I was little. She gasped in surprise but then relaxed and we held our lips together for several millicycles. We broke apart, laughed, and then pressed our lips together again. She tasted sweet to me, soft and sweet. I loved her greatly.

"Oh, baby... Piff..." I whispered to her, "I want you to live with us forever... promise me you will, that you'll never go away... I love you, darling, I love you..."

She laughed softly and kissed me again. "I love you too... I think..." she said, and I laughed at her. We kissed and kissed again. That's all we did that night, until we went to sleep. I was in love.


The next day we were at the garbage heap and Murph had gone down to the fire area. He could still breathe there because of his mask but we could not. We were alone. I decided we could talk.

"Piff..." I said, and sat on a broken machine. She sat next to me. I put my arm around her. I was a little nervous that she would pull away from me when I told her about what Murph and I did, but I wanted to be honest with her. And, I told myself, if she wants me to stop, I'll have to stop. After all, I love her. I hoped Murph would understand if that was the case.

"Piff... I said yesterday that I'd never have sex with a male... that's kind of true, a male human, at least... I have no real desire for that. I think it would get very complicated and involved, if I did."

"Okay..." said Piffy. I continued. "Piff... you saw Murph touch himself, last night... what he was doing is called masturbating. It is something that all organic beings are capable of, even me and you. I do it a lot, in fact, or I used to."

I could tell she was a little embarrassed by this line of talk, but she did okay. She still looked me in the face, at least.

"Piff... I don't want to shock or surprise you... but I do that thing with Murph, at times... I touch his penis..."

I just stared at her and she stared back. She finally nodded, like it was no big deal. I bravely went on.

"I have even allowed him to insert his penis into my body. It is very pleasureable. It is intense... I have a thing called an orgasm, when he does that."

She still just stared at me. Say something, I thought. Let me know how you feel.

"Piff..." I said. "Do you have a problem with this?"

She was silent for a moment. "I... I guess not..." she finally said. I gave a little sigh of relief.

"I still love you the most, darling," I said, leaning forward and kissing her. She giggled and kissed back. I knew then that we would be okay.

"We'll show you what we do this evening. You can watch... if you wish..."

"Yes... I'd like to see that..." she slowly said, and I kissed her again. Surely, I thought, if she watches Murph and me have sex, surely I can try some things with her. Maybe that will get her in he mood to play around. I was getting more and more anxious to taste her sweet young body.


That night, we watched the screen for a while and Murph entertained us with supposedly funny master jokes that we didn't understand but we laughed anyway to be polite.

I finally stood and untied my loincloth, and let it drop to the floor.

"Piff, honey, take off your cloth," I said, and she stared at me for a moment.

"Come on, darling, let's have a little fun," I said, and she finally stood, and let her cloth drop as I had. Murph was already coaxing his penis from it's hole. I was going to let him have his fun, but I wanted some fun of my own, first.

"Piff, dear... sit on the sleeping device... hang your bottom over the edge... I want to lick you, I want to taste you..." I said. She was still looking at me like I was a little crazy, but she did what I asked. I got down on my knees, and stared at her cute little vagina. It was totally hairless, much as I remembered mine had been. I spread it apart and exposed her little button. I rubbed it and I felt tremors go through her legs.

"That feels good, doesn't it?" I said, and she nodded. I finally leaned down and touched my tongue to her button. She tasted good, way good, I had tasted myself on my fingers before, but she was better than that. I licked all around her, loving her taste. It filled my nose and mouth. It was good.

I finally concentrated on her little button, smashing it with my tongue, pushing it against her body. She wiggled around and I knew exactly what she was feeling. I laughed a little at her because she was so cute the way she squinched her face up.

I just licked and licked and finally she had an orgasm. I wondered if she knew what she was having. Her legs stuck straight out and I knew she was locking her knees. I knew how it felt.

When she finally got done I stood up and kissed her. "Was that good, baby?" I asked and she nodded, giggling. "We'll do that every night." I told her. She nodded again.

Well, it was time to give Murph his turn. Piff watched me as I bent over the sleeping device and turned my rear end towards him. He slowly inserted his penis into my vagina and began to pump in and out. It felt good, and it felt better, I think, because we had an audience.

I motioned for Piff to climb up on the sleeping device. She did, and I pulled her around to where I could get my face back down in her wonderful crotch again. While Murph pounded me from behind I licked and sucked her beautiful little vagina and clitoris. She squirmed and wiggled beneath me and I know she was enjoying it. I certainly was. I got her to turn over and I buried my face in her bottom, licking her cute little puckered-up bottom hole. It tasted sexy, so sexy I almost had an orgasm.

I finally had several orgasms, and at last Murph squirted his semen deep inside my body, and then seemed to collapse as he did when this happened. I slowed down, but kept licking Piff until she had one last orgasm. We all finally settled down and Piff and I sat side by side on the sleeping device.

"Murph..." I said, sleepy. I was curious, though. "Murph, you ever heard of masters and their humans doing stuff like this? Like what we do?"

He laughed and then was silent for a moment. "Yes," he finally said, "it is unusual but not unknown. There are pictures in secret places on our network that show masters and humans interacting as we do. I must admit I used to look at them in the past."

I laughed silently. So we were not the first to discover this. I figured as much. How interesting.

Murph finally said goodnight and wandered off to his sleep room. I cuddled up with Piff, holding her, whispering silly things in her ear. I was happy to hold her warm, soft little body. I was happy, as happy as a pet could be.



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