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Love For Sale (Mf, mf, mff, ff)

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on: January 17, 2015, 07:48:21 AM

Title         : Love For Sale

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Mf, mf, mff, ff

Date        : 20150117

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Synopsis : A high school girl decides to earn a little unreportable income.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people, just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.


Cheshire Alicia Smithson was in tenth grade, at Altamont High. She did well in school, nothing outstanding... she was there every day, at least. And she tried, though she was no rocket surgeon. She got by.

Cheshire was finally having a burgeoning interest in the opposite sex. It went, as was her fashion about most things, in fits and starts. At the moment, it was on again.

Cheshire had gotten her cherry popped a few months ago, at the tender hands of the Altamont High Casanova himself, Ralph Ready. Ready Ralph had single-handedly whittled the number of available virgins at the school down to a manageable size. He followed Cheshire home one afternoon, wooed and schmoozed her, and left with another notch in his gun. Cheshire still loved him a little bit, although she now realized that he was a womanizing jerk. He never came back for seconds, although she let him know it could happen. The thrill was in the chase, for Ralph.

Cheshire was a fox, and she knew it. She had grown up very nicely. She was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, in that fashion that only teenaged girls seem to possess for a few brief years. She wasn't worried, though, she just looked at her mother, and was pleased. I chose my genes wisely, she thought. Her mom was built, and still looked good. Her mom held her thirty-eight years well. Cheshire had long dark blonde hair, and dusky features. Her lips were full, puffy and naturally red. She was that rarest of creatures, a brown-eyed blonde. She was truly beautiful, and she knew it. She hadn't taken advantage of her looks yet, but it could happen. The right opportunity just hadn't arrived yet.

Cheshire lived with her mom. Just the two of them. Her mom slaved away, sixty hours a week, for peanuts, but somehow they survived. Money was tight. Cheshire looked with envy at the rich kids in school. The stupid bastards. She hoped they appreciated what they had. Life sucked, when you were poor. I am not gonna be poor my whole life, she told herself, time and time again. She just hadn't figured out how to change it, yet.

A boy at school liked her. And, better yet, he was a rich kid. He had a hard-on for her, bad. The only real problem was, she didn't like him very much. He was a spoiled brat. And he was a lazy motherfucker, she'd been in a workgroup in a science class with him, and he didn't do shit. That one experience with him was really the main reason she disliked him so much.

One day she was at her locker, and he walked up. His name was Larry. Leadbutt Larry, she called him in her head. He smiled his sunniest smile, hoping to sweep her off her feet. He never gave up hope.

"Hi, Cheshire... you are looking fine today..." he said. Oh shit, she thought, don't fucking start it.

"I look fine every day, Larry," she snapped, tossing her books into her locker and slamming it.

"Cheshire..." he was almost whining. Jeezus. "Nobody's home at my house. Come home with me. We can watch the bigscreen, and eat Doritos. Please?"

All that, and he begged, at the end. Sad. She sighed. Doritos were her favorite, though. The bigscreen was no big deal, her and her mom were poor, and they had a bigscreen. Who the fuck didn't nowdays?

"Larry..." she started to smash his spirit with a witty quip, and then she thought. Shit. So what. What else do I have to do today? I'm free until six, when my mom comes home, and I don't even have to be home then. Why not, why the fuck not. Let's see how the other half lives.

She knew already, actually, how the other half lived, her best friend Vicky was rich, and Cheshire had stayed with her in her palatial mansion often enough. I mean, damn... they even had a special room just for wrapping gifts. A whole room, just for wrapping shit. Fuck.

"Okay, Larry," she said. His jaw dropped in shock. "Impress me."

He hemmed and hawed around so much she wondered if he would have asked, if he'd known she'd say yes. She wondered if anyone had ever said yes to him before. Probably not, judging from his reaction. She followed him to the parking lot, and let him seat her in his Challenger. Stupid goddam rich kid, she thought, as he walked around the car to his side.

She was right, it was a mansion. It put Vicky's to shame, even. How did these people manage, she thought. She would like to know their secret. Larry hit the opener, and parked the car, and they entered the house through the garage. It wasn't that great inside, there was shit everywhere, and the rugs could have used a good vacuuming. What the hell, she thought, rich people are people too, I guess.

Larry got her settled in the living room, and then went and fetched some chips and soft drinks. Excellent, she thought. Plain Doritos. My favorite. None of that powdered cheese shit. They munched chips for a while, while Larry thumbed through the channels. Shit. Two hundred channels, and nothing interesting.

Larry was a nerd. A geek. Cheshire knew that, and accepted his geekdom. She was just here to kill a few hours. This didn't mean anything to her.

Apparently it did to him. He moved closer and closer, reminding her of a shark, approaching a helpless Australian swimmer. She got ready to spank him down.

"Cheshire..." he gushed, "you are the most beautiful girl in Altamont. I can't believe you came home with me..."

Believe it, she thought. And yes, I probably am close to the most beautiful.

"Darling... would you consider..." he gulped, summoning up his courage. Oh shit, she thought.

"Would you consider being my girlfriend?" He looked panic-stricken, like his mouth had said that without his consent. Crazy, she thought.

"Larry, my little friend," she said. "I am a free agent, bound to no man. I will be your friend, yes, and I am a girl, thusly, I am your girl friend, probably not in the fashion you wish, unfortunately. Sometimes you must take what you can get, and be happy."

He nodded, as if she'd said something profound. He almost looked relieved. She glanced down, for some reason, at his crotch. She was stunned to see something in his pants, pushing the cloth of his slacks outward. My god, she thought. I'm doing that to him. I'm doing that for him. Me. It gave her a warm fuzzy feeling, and very nearly a case of the giggles, at the same time.

"You are my best friend, Cheshire," he said fervently. She was embarrassed for him.

"Well," she said. "I'm glad we got that out of the way..."

"Cheshire..." he wasn't finished. Shit. More sloppy emotional stuff would follow, she knew.

"Cheshire... I've never had a girlfriend before..." he said. You still don't, she thought. She was polite, though, and kept her mouth shut.

"I'm... I'm still... I'm still a virgin..." he embarrassingly confided, and she felt embarrassed for him. She almost even felt a little sorry for him, that it meant so much to him that he'd risk embarrassment of this magnitude, just to tell her. I mean, she thought, what if I laughed? I could fuck him up for life.

"Larry," she felt a little kindness towards him, oddly. "It's not that big a deal... I know lots of virgins..."

He seemed to burn with shame, and put his head down.

"Easy to say..." he said, and she thought... yep, it's easy to say.

Cheshire had been raised by her mom, in a thoroughly modern fashion. Her mom hadn't placed a lot of limits or constrictions on her. And certainly no old fashioned stuff... maybe a little bit not enough old fashioned stuff. Cheshire had a thought, about this time. A little thought, that grew into a big one. What if, just what if... she thought. Would I really do that? Will I? Let's just see...

"Larry..." she said softly, and he turned on the couch and faced her.

"Larry, how much cash you got?" He gulped and almost frowned. Oh shit, she thought, what if he calls me a whore and I have to walk home...

He didn't seem upset, though. He pulled out his wallet, and spent a few seconds counting. The longer he counted the more Cheshire got pissed. These fucking rich pigs and their money, she thought. It serves him right if I take a little.

"Two hundred and forty dollars," he finally said. Shit, she thought, what's a fucking kid doing with two hundred forty dollars in their billfold? What the fuck?

"Larry," she said hastily, before she lost her nerve. "I will fuck you for two hundred dollars. But you can't tell anybody it was me. You just have to say 'some girl,' or something like that, when you tell your friends. Got it?"

He just stared at her, his mouth still open. She wondered if it was worth two hundred dollars to him. She knew that rich people were usually tightwads. But she had something he wanted, bad, she knew. And, she thought, I'm worth two hundred dollars. At least two hundred dollars.

"Blug," he finally said, or something similar. "Cheshire... I love you... yes, yes, two hundred dollars... here..."

He was waving the money at her. That was embarrassing, and she was glad nobody was around to see his humiliation. The thought did occur to her, about that time, what exactly that made her, too. She shut that out of her head. She would have time for introspection and possible regrets later. Now, she had work to do. She grabbed the cash and stuffed it into her pants pocket.

"Where?" she asked, and he stood, and led her to his bedroom.

"Lock the door," she said. He locked it, but felt obliged to explain the situation further.

"My folks are on a cruise," he said, "My big sister is checking on me every now and then."

Shit. She surveyed his room. It was as big as her living room. The bastard. He had his own bigscreen even. The little fucking bastard.

He just stood there, waiting on her. She realized that he was such a suck-up that she was totally in charge, from here on. It was up to her to set the pace, to call the shots. He would probably turn himself inside out and jump up his own ass if she told him to.

"Drop 'em, Larry," she said, and he gulped and gazed at her.

"Your clothes. Take them off," she said, and he nodded.

"Yeah," he said, and in moments, he was down his underwear. He stopped, waiting on her. Well, shit, she thought. Time to pay the piper.

She slowly dropped her pants, asking herself if she was sure she wanted to do this. For two hundred bucks? Herself answered. Hell yeah. Okay, got that out of the way. She kicked her shoes off, and slid her panties down her legs, and stood before him. He sucked in a ragged breath. She knew she probably looked cuter than shit, standing there bottomless. She wondered if he could hold it until he was in her.

He did, somehow. He finally dropped his shorts, and she got a first look at his manhood. Not exactly awe-inspiring, she thought. Well, she'd hoped for another Ralph. Too bad. He was probably just basically normal, she thought. His cock was almost embarrassingly hard, it was damn near purple. She hoped it didn't explode.

"You gonna..." he said, his voice rough, "you gonna take your shirt off?"

I'd rather not, she thought, but hell, he paid his money. She unbuttoned her shirt, and dropped it. Her bra followed. She felt nice and sexy and naughty, to be naked in front of him. He didn't really turn her on, but she felt good, anyway. Her boobs felt good, she thought, to be out of that goddam boobcage. She absently scratched underneath them, and his dick got a little harder.

"Well!" she said brightly. "Let's get to it!"


Forty five minutes later, she was positively bored. She lay on her back, on top of his bed, and he lay on top of her, in the old tried and true missionary position. He was puffing and panting and pumping away, fucking her ferociously, and she was absolutely bored. It had felt good at first, and she'd even cum a little bit, but now, it was getting old. She was wondering when two hundred dollars worth would occur. He seemed to be having a good time, at least. What the fuck, she thought, of course he's having a good time. He's getting his dearest wish, he's getting to fuck a beautiful girl. Me.

He had slobbered and slurped on her boobs for a while, as she fucked him, but he'd finally seemed to get enough of them, to her satisfaction. At least, she reminded herself, and least he's not a kisser. She didn't really want to have to kiss him, at all.

"Larry," she finally said, "Let's try a change."

He finally got the idea, and pulled out of her. She rolled over and sat up, on her hands and knees, in the middle of the bed. She motioned for him to get behind her, and he finally got the idea. He slid his hard cock back inside her pussy, and began to fuck again. She hoped the change would make him cum faster, if he was going to cum at all. She was starting to wonder.

She leaned to the side a bit, and grabbed the remote, on a little side table. She thumbed the bigscreen on, and waited a moment for it to light up. He acted like he didn't even notice, he just pumped away at her ass. Lord, she thought. He's gonna go all night.

She finally found a talk show that looked interesting, and watched for a while. It surprised her to realize a few minutes later that she was still being fucked. Good grief, let him finish, she thought.

"Larry... darlin'," she finally said. "Are you gonna cum, honey?" she hoped that buttering him up might turn him on a little more. It seemed to.

"Cheshire... darling..." he said, speaking in spurts, as he slapped his thighs against her ass. "It just... feels so... good I... want it... to last... forever..."

"Well, shit," she said. "I got homework, darlin'... try to finish, if you can..." She went back to her show. Now there were dwarfs on it. Fucking dwarfs, she thought. Can you imagine. She heard him moan, behind her. He sped up a bit. Good, she thought.

Ten minutes later she was deep in Sally Jessie Raphael. In the most boring shit ever. But, it was something. Good fucking grief, she thought. Am I just going to have to walk away? Is this boy ever going to cum?

"Larry..." she finally said.

"I know, I know," he said. "I'll cum, okay..."

"It's been an hour, my dear. Have a little heart," she said, and he laughed, slightly. He sped up even more. She returned to the show.

Ten minutes later, she thought, shit. Enough of this shit. It's starting to hurt, now. Her pussy did ache, a little. He's got his two hundred bucks worth, and more than.

"Larry. Time to cum," she said. "The ride stops in two more minutes. Finish it up."

He sped up one last time, and she heard him moan. Jeezus, he's a beast, she thought. He's been going a solid hour. I should have paid more attention, I might have got to cum, myself.

Larry finally pumped a gallon or two of sperm into her body. She even felt some run down the outside of her pussy. Oh, ick, she thought. Hate that shit. All part of the deal, though.

Larry finally collapsed on the bed beside her. He was covered with sweat, and she thought yet again, ick. He seemed exhausted. She was a little tired, herself. It had been a long afternoon. She wondered if they'd set a record, or something. I thought young boys came quickly. I thought they couldn't hold it back. He was definitely the exception to that rule.

She climbed off the bed, and went into his bathroom. She was about to bust to pee. And she peed, she felt some of his sperm dripping from her cunt, and grimaced. She wiped it up as best she could, but she knew she was full of the stuff. She was glad again she'd gone with Vicky and got the shot. None of that unpleasant baby crap. Better safe than sorry, for sure.

She returned to his room, and began to dress herself. He still lay, catatonic-looking, on his bed, exhausted. She knew how he felt, she was a little tired, too.

"Larry, my friend," she said, wanting to put him back securely in the friend zone. "Remember you must keep your mouth shut about this, if you ever want it to happen again. If word gets out, that I put out, you're shut out, understand?" She hoped that the promise of a possible repeat performance would be enough to get him to keep his mouth shut. She really didn't want word to get around that she fucked for money, much less that she'd fucked him for money. What I do, she told herself, is nobody's business but my own.

He had nodded his head thoughtfully as she spoke. She knew he'd probably tell his best friends, anyway. She was sure he'd be proud of finally getting his cherry popped. I just hope he doesn't write my name and number on the bathroom wall. Well, he didn't know her number. And he's not going to.

"Do I have to walk home?" she finally said, and he pulled himself up and began to dress. He drove her home, and, on impulse, she leaned forward and gave him a little peck on the cheek.

"Thank you, Larry," she said, remembering a witty line from a movie. "It was a business doing pleasure with you."

He didn't catch it, of course, he just nodded and smiled. She got out, and he drove away. My first day as an independent business woman, she thought to herself, with satisfaction.


Everything went fine until Friday. Nobody said a word, and she was actually thinking that he'd kept his mouth shut. The last bell finally rang, and she was at her locker, in a hurry to get her shit put up and get the hell out of there. Who should walk up, but a kid name Steve Wilson. Oh shit, she thought. She knew he hung out with Larry, she'd seen them geeking around together in the halls before.

"Yes," she said, slamming her locker. "What can I do for you?"

He seemed a little shy, as Larry had been at first.

"I thought..." he said, and then was silent. Well? she thought. Spit it out. She knew he was getting his nerve up, though. She looked around. At least the halls were pretty empty. Everybody was in a hurry to get the hell out of there, as she was. If not for this nerd. Jeezus.

"I though maybe... you'd have some time for me..." he said, and her heart sank. That little motherfucker, she thought. He told. The bastard told. Now word is out. Cheshire Smithson plays for pay. Shit, shit.

"Steven," she said coldly. "I'm not sure what you have been told, but the truth is probably not as much fun as your dreams. If you will pardon me, I need to get home."

He looked positively crushed. Shit, she thought. A lifetime of therapy, just from this one moment. She felt a stab of sympathy for him. He was a bigger geek than Larry. She knew this kid was a virgin, a virgin to the nth power. This kid would probably die a virgin, unless she took a little pity on him.

She sighed, and stared at him. He edged backwards a step at a time, not daring to take his eyes off her. She realized how hungry he looked. She knew he wanted her, bad. And who wouldn't? she thought. I am highly desirable.

"Steven, Steven," she finally said. "You got a place we can go?"


And that was the craziest thing of all, she thought. He didn't. He didn't have a place to go. What did he think, we were gonna do it at the park? On the playground?

Cheshire felt fairly safe, taking him home. She knew that her mom wouldn't be home until after six o'clock. They had a little over three hours. She didn't have much fear that he'd go an hour, even, much less three. Jeezus, the kid didn't even have a car. They had to walk to her house. At least I'll be home when  I get done, she thought.

Steven obviously wasn't as wealthy as Larry. She hoped he could at least come up with the... the fee. The entrance fee. She giggled.

She unlocked the door, and led him in. She took him straight to her room, and shut and locked the door.

"Steven," she said, "If my mom comes home early, you'll have to hide underneath my bed until she goes to sleep." The stricken look on his face made her giggle, and she shook her head, just to let him know she was fucking with him. She yanked her sweater over her head, and unsnapped her jeans, kicking them down her long legs. Oh shit, though. She had a thought.

"Steven, my dear..." she said, unsure how to breach the delicate subject. "Do you have the... fee?"

He nodded, and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a disorganized wad of bills, and presented them to her. She decided to trust him, and stuck them in her money jar, on the shelf. Her jar was filling up nicely, now, she thought. Two of these guys, on a steady basis... she would be fixed up.

He was almost undressed when it happened. He was sliding his underwear down his legs, when she heard him gasp, and out of the corner of her eye the saw a stream spray from the end of his cock.

"Oh, shit," they both said, at the same time. Fuck, she thought. All over the floor. Fuck, what a mess.

He felt bad, and she felt bad for him. He dropped to his knees and scrubbed up the mess with his underwear. She sat heavily on her bed, and watched.

"Honey," she said, "Don't worry about it, I'll take that as a compliment. We'll just wait a while, and we'll try again."

He was almost too embarrassed to meet her gaze. He just nodded, and mumbled something beneath his breath. Shit, she thought. Damn, did I do that? Did I turn him on that much? She felt a rush of raw power. He wasn't even touching it, and he came. Damn, damn. I rock.

They sat, naked, on her bed, and talked. He was a nice kid, she decided. Nice enough to fuck, at least. And this time, she told herself, this time I'm gonna cum, too. I want something other than just cash from this one.

He had a nice cock, a bit larger than Larry's. It hadn't actually even gone down, yet, since he'd came. It was still pretty hard. She idly reached for it, and felt him suck in a breath. She giggled, and stroked it, feeling one in her hand for the first time. That feels cool, she thought. She felt him harden under her touch.

"Steve..." she said, feeling positively wicked. I cannot believe you are going to do this, she told herself. You wicked bitch. "Steve... relax... I've never done this before, so cut me some slack, okay?"

She slid off the bed onto her knees, and put her face into his groin. She felt his legs trembling beneath her hands. She opened her mouth. Here goes, she thought.

It actually felt pretty cool, she thought. He was pretty hard, again, just getting a blow job from the foxiest girl in school was enough to get him hard again. He couldn't believe his luck. For a measly two hundred bucks? He'd pay double that, triple that, if he had too. Two hundred bucks was a steal.

She sucked him all the way down to his groin, and then out again. His cock felt comfortable in her mouth, like she'd done it a hundred times before. The cap felt so cool, she ran her tongue around it, and curled her lips on the backside of it. He moaned in pleasure. She was sure it felt good. How could it not?

She sucked hard, and pulled out, to the cap, then plunged it back in again. Until she felt it touch the back of her throat. She almost gagged, but she controlled it. Damn, she thought. There's an art to this. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but he seems to be enjoying himself.

When he came, she was surprised. She hadn't yet actually decided if she'd take a mouthful of his cum, but he decided for her. Or, rather, his prostate decided. Suddenly, with a twitch, her mouth was full of a slightly bitter liquid. Shit! she thought, shit! She gulped, just to keep from spewing it out, and gulped again when he squirted again. Shit!

He was done, finally. He sighed a huge sigh of relief. She dropped his still-half hard cock in his lap, and sat back up on the bed.

"I should charge you double for that," she said, and then laughed, to let him know she was joking. He smiled weakly. She breathed in her hand and tried to sniff it, wondering what her breath smelled like now. She had a pretty good idea. She sat beside him, and clapped her hand on his leg.

"Steven," she said. She felt generous. "We still got a couple of hours before my mom gets home. If you can get it up, again, we can fuck, proper. Want to try?"

"Oh, hell yeah," he said, overjoyed. Of course he was, she thought. "Cheshire... you are so beautiful... I love you, I love you..."

"Now..." she laughed, "Don't start that love crap. This is a business arrangement, remember?"

"I don't care," he said fiercely. "I love you."

Shit. She sighed. Occupational hazard. Whatever.

She found the remote, and turned on her little TV. Everything sucked, though. She finally settled on the sci-fi channel. They watched TV for a half and hour, comfortably naked. He finally started getting a little frisky, and then politely asked if he could touch her tits.

"Steve, you got another hour to do anything you want. Except butt-fuck me, you cannot butt-fuck me." She hoped that would make him feel like he was getting his two hundred dollars worth.

"Cheshire..." he said, almost apologetically. "What I really want... I really want to taste you."

"To taste me? To eat me out, you mean?" Oh, that might be interesting. Ralph had done about three minutes of that, when he'd popped her cherry. She remembered it being very enjoyable. She'd go for that, she thought.

"Of course, darlin'," she said, and lay back. She spread her legs, and fluffed her pussy hair up a bit. She giggled, and he laughed. He kneeled on the floor, and bent his head to her crotch.

Ten minutes later, she had the orgasm he owed her. He kept on going, and she had another. Her calves cramped, and her whole body shook. She was panting for breath. That was the best, ever, she thought. My finger never did that for me. Damn. He was good.

She hoped she tasted good for him. She must, he was licking all over her. She had even clasped her knees to her chest, and pulled her butt up so he could lick her asshole. Now that, she thought, that felt sexy. A guy likes me so much he'll lick my asshole. That is fucking sexy. My asshole. Got that? My asshole.

He finally stood. He seemed to be taking charge a bit more, she noticed. His cock stuck straight out, hard as wood. He crawled onto the bed, straddling her body. He lowered himself, and she felt his cock nestle right into her pussy lips. Okay, she thought, here we go. I hope he can hold it a little while.

Maybe because he'd already cum twice, he just seemed to go forever. Weirdly, as good as it felt, she got a bit bored again, and watched TV for a while. Goddam zombies, she laughed. I'm being fucked, and watching zombies. Fucking stupid-ass goddam zombies.

She looked at the clock. It was four thirty. They still had over an hour. I'll be on overtime, if he goes that long, she thought. She knew that he was still pretty turned on, though. She knew she was doing it for him.

She yawned, and watched the fucking zombies. He pounded away, his cock in her cunt, her right breast in his left hand, her left breast in his mouth. She felt pretty good, but she wished he'd hurry up and cum.


Just because it was good business practice, she counted her cash when he finally left. He was honest, at least... she was two hundred dollars richer. She made a mental note to talk to Larry Monday, and remind him to keep his mouth shut. She didn't want every lonely heart at Altamont accosting her at her locker.

Monday, it started almost immediately. When she stopped by her locker at lunch, a boy named Darrel Slade approached, and stopped to talk to her. You gotta be fucking kidding, she thought to herself. Those bastards. This is going way too quickly.

"You make some time for me?" Darrel asked, without any small talk.

"Darrel..." she said. "What have you been told about me?"

He squirmed. He'd seemed bold, at first, but now he squirmed.

"Oh... nothing..." he said. "Just that you were... friendly... a nice girl..."

Well, shit. "Yes, I am a nice girl. But probably not in the manner in which you were told about. What exactly were you told, and by whom?" she said.

"Just... a friend..."

"Darrel. You tell me who, or it ends, here and now." she was a bit pissed that he was so reticent, after coming on so strong at first.

He was silent. The stupid "guy's code of honor," she thought. She decided to change her tactics.

"Darrel..." she said, facing him, moving in a bit closer. "I might be able to... squeeze you in... if you tell me who told you these things about me."

She could tell he was torn, at that. She knew it was going to be Larry, and sure enough, it was.

"Larry Wilmont," he finally said. "He said... that you liked to play around. That's all he said, honest..."

Hmmph. That wasn't as bad as some things he could have said, if that was true. Well, we will still have to have a little talk with Larry.

"Did you mean it? About squeezing me in?" he asked. She could almost feel the desperation seeping from him. Shit, she thought. What is it with these guys. They are afraid to ask any girl out, but they'll ask me this stuff? They'll risk my wrath and major embarrassment, and ask me?

"You got a place we can go?" she said, brusquely. She was a little disgusted with herself, that she was going to do it a third time. I'm a regular working girl, she thought.

"Yes... nobody will be home at my house until sevenish..." he said.

"You got two hundred bucks?" she said, wondering if Larry had told him about that part of it. From the look on his face, he probably hadn't. But, he covered well.

"Yes... I think... I can stop by an ATM on the way..." he said.

"Well, come on then. Let's do it."


He lived in a nice place. Not a mansion, but nice. They went upstairs to his bedroom, and she made sure he locked the door.

"Darrel," she said, as she drew her jeans down her legs. "You gotta understand, you tell anybody about this, and there will be no repeat performance. Larry is out, now, because he told you. You are his replacement, but you can't tell. Got it?"

He nodded. She hoped he understood.

"Got the money?" she asked, and he counted out two hundred dollars in twenties. She stuffed it in her pocket.

"Come on, undress!" she finally said, since he was just standing there staring at her. He woke up, and started undressing.

She got naked quickly, and sat on his bed. She looked at him. He had the nicest cock, so far, even slightly bigger than Ralph's. And it was hard, damn it was hard. She felt a burst of pleasure, knowing that she did that for him. I am that goddam good looking, she told herself. Then again... teenage boys... it'd probably be that hard if I was fat and forty.

He was unsure what to do. He clasped his hands over his cock, causing her to giggle.

"Come on, get up here," she said, and he crawled up on the bed.

She had some ideas.

"Darrel. Before we fuck, you must eat my pussy until I cum a few times. Understand?"

He nodded fervently. And what guy would want a taste of me, she thought. She leaned back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. He nestled inbetween her legs, and she felt his hesitant touch on her clit. Ahhh... she thought. Let the fun begin.

For a novice, he was good, she finally decided. He'd even licked her asshole, when she'd curled her body up to give him access to it. And he seemed to love her clit. She came, and came again.

"Darlin'," she finally said. "Anytime you're ready, stick it in me."

He licked her a little longer, and finally crawled up on the bed beside her. There was a little confusion, and he finally got himself situated on top of her. She reached down and took his cock in her hand, and guided it to her cunt. Ahhh... that feels good, she thought, as he pressed in and out, in and out, wetting himself with her juices. He finally began pumping her, in long slow strokes. She felt another orgasm, that quickly. Damn. This was gonna be fun, she thought.

Darrel fucked her like a pro. She reminded herself to ask him later if this really was his first time. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. She came, hard, a big one, considering she'd cum twice before when he licked her. She came so hard she felt a few drops of pee shoot out of her urethra, to her embarrassment. She didn't figure he'd notice, at least.

He finally pulled off her, and lay on the bed, exhausted. She finally pulled herself up, and got dressed. He almost seemed asleep. On impulse, she kneeled before him, and took his soft cock in her mouth. It turned her on to taste herself on him, and she sucked him in and out, until she felt him start to get hard. He was sitting up by now, supporting himself with his arms. She wasn't sure why she'd started, but now there wasn't really anything to do but go to the end, she thought.

After probably ten minutes of fairly intense sucking, he squirted a little bit into her mouth, sighing deeply. She was supporting herself with her hands on his thighs, and she could feel his whole body tense and relax. You got your money's worth, dude, she thought. More than, even.

He took her home, and she waved goodbye as he drove off. The weekend loomed before her. Now what, she thought.


Cheshire and her mother went out that night, with her uncle. Her uncle Wilbur. Cheshire and her uncle had a peculiar relationship. He'd always liked her, and thought she was something special. She accepted that he perved over her, now that she was grown up. It wasn't hard to tell. He told jokes to her, sometimes even fairly nasty ones, when her mother wasn't around. He said things like "Go put on your jammies and come sit on my lap," once again when her mom wasn't in the room. She didn't feel that bad towards him, she knew he was just a harmless old man. And, she knew he'd helped her mom out, financially, at times.

Anyway, they had a good dinner, at an expensive restaurant. Cheshire was wearing a pantsuit, and the top was cut reasonably low. She knew she looked fine, and she could see uncle Wilbur staring at the top of her breasts, time and time again. She even saw him lick his lips, once. An idea began percolating in her mind. A naughty, but financially lucrative idea. She knew he was pretty well off. She knew two hundred bucks wouldn't mean shit to him. But would four hundred? Six hundred? Hmmm.

After they went back to her and her mom's house, he came in. They played some card games, and at some point that evening her mother excused herself to go to the bathroom. Cheshire used the opportunity to heat things up a bit. She sat in Uncle Wilbur's lap for a moment, and swished her rear end around on his crotch. He just froze, and she knew she was freaking him out slightly, although she was giving him what he probably wanted.

"What'd you do that for..." he finally said.

"Just because..." she answered, giving him what she imagined was a seductive look. There, she thought. Let him get all fired up.

As the evening progressed, he stared at her, again and again. She knew she was all he could think of. She asked herself again just exactly what she was expecting to make happen. She looked at him objectively. She didn't really want to fuck him, like she had the other boys. She figured he'd pay handsomely just for the privilege of pawing around on her body a bit. And maybe... she thought... maybe I might... stick it in my mouth, if that. Maybe.

Her mom moved to the kitchen, and began doing stuff in there. Cheshire leaned in towards Uncle Wilbur and whispered to him.

"Let's go get some ice cream," to which he readily agreed. They told her mom, and got in his car, where they could talk freely.

"Cheshire, Cheshire, my little darling," he said immediately. "You don't know that you do to me, girl..."

"Yes, I do," she said. He laughed. She continued. "It's not hard to tell, Uncle W. I could feel it, when I sat in your lap."

He blanched at that. He wasn't ready to go that far, that fast. She laughed to herself. She knew she was blowing his mind.

"Uncle W. I got a car fund started. I'll need a car, in another year, when I hit sixteen. If you would consider donating a significant amount, like say, four hundred bucks, I will do something for you in return. Like, say, more of that lap dance thing?"

"Oh, shit..." he said. "Oh, holy shit... Cheshire... are you sure... are you sure about this?"

"Hell yeah," she said. "Uncle W... you are not the first... I've already got four hundred dollars in my jar..."

"Jeezus, child..." he seemed speechless. She knew he was thinking, though.

"What exactly will I get for my four hundred dollars?" he finally said.

"Uncle W. I will give you two hours of lap dances, like I did while ago, but much longer, of course. And I'll let you play with my tits some. Does that sound fair?"

"Oh, shit. Yes, yes," she knew she was making his dreams come true. Silly old perv, she thought. Of course I am.

"When?" he asked.

"Now. Call Mom and tell her we're going to see a movie, and we'll go to your place."


Fifteen minutes later they walked into his living room. He seemed as nervous as the boys who's virginity she'd taken. She wasn't nervous at all, she felt confident. She knew she was totally in control of the situation. She'd always been able to wrap him around her little finger, and this time would be no different.

"Cheshire..." he said, stopping in front of his rack of stereo equipment.


"Darling... I'm sorry if this sounds silly, in light of what we are about to do... but this won't hurt our relationship, will it? Will it make you think less of me, if I do these things?"

She thought for a moment. She really didn't think it would. She accepted him, as an old perv. She had for a long time, she realized.

"Uncle W, I don't think it will. I mean, let's just think of it... as a business relationship. You got something I want, and I got something you want. Let's trade, and walk away happy."

He laughed. "I hope we can keep it that simple, darling. I just don't wanna screw things up between us."

"Naw... I promise, you won't..."

He turned on the stereo, and started some rock CD playing softly. He went to the kitchen and got a chair, and set it up in the middle of the room. Cheshire pulled her sweatshirt over her head, and she heard him suck in a breath of air.

"I'm just stripping to my undies, okay?" she said, and he nodded. She was sure that was okay with him. She kicked her shoes off, and dropped her jeans down her legs. The music started, and she put her hands over her head, and started to slowly gyrate in time with the music. He licked his lips and just stared at her, love and lust warring in his eyes.


Fifteen minutes later, she knew that this hadn't been a mistake. He was behaving like a perfect gentleman. She sat in his lap, rubbing her butt against the hard lump in his pants, and giggled softly to herself. She knew she was just blowing him away. She turned, and leaned into him, wiggling her tits in his face. She rubbed his face softly with them, feeling sexy. It felt sexier than shit to her to be worshiped by him. She knew he was worshiping her, it was plain on his face. She could tell how badly he was in love with her. How badly he wanted her.

On a whim, she reached back an unsnapped her bra. Slowly, over several minutes, she let it bounce around and finally slide down her arms, and drop to the floor. She could see the lust in his eyes as he stared at her marvelous tits. He actually moaned out loud the first time she rubbed his face with them, feeling her fat, hard nipple catch on his lips. The next time she did it, he pursed his lips and kissed her nipple. She ground it into his face, then, and he started to suck.

She just stopped dancing for a while, and let him suck on her nipples. She knew he was having the time of his life. And, it didn't feel that bad, to her, either.

The next song started, and she turned, and sat in his lap. She could feel the mass of his hard cock, pressing into her rear. It felt sexier than shit to her. She leaned back against his body, feeling his hot breath on her neck. Once again, on impulse, she reached down and took his hands and placed them on her breasts. That was all it took. He squeezed and rubbed and loved on her tits for the next few songs. It felt good to Cheshire. She decided she liked her tits being played with.

She finally turned again, and rubbed his face with her nipples.

"Uncle W," she said. "Get it out. Get your weenie out."

He grimaced. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go that far with her.

"Are you sure, Cheshire?" he finally asked.

"Hell yeah," she said. "Have a little fun. You know you want to."

He did, and he knew it. She finally backed up a step, and he unzipped his pants, and maneuvered his hard cock out the slit. He pulled his balls out, too. His balls fascinated Cheshire, they looked as fat as hen's eggs, to her. And his cock... it was the biggest she'd seen, so far. It was so big she knew she'd done the right thing by not agreeing to fuck him. It looked painfully big.

"Oh, Uncle W... you are a big boy," she said, giggling, and he turned red. But he laughed too.

She turned, and rubbed on him. It felt completely different, now that his cock was out. She felt it poking into her crack, pushing her panties into her. It felt good, though. She realized that she was mentally preparing to put it in her mouth, and was slightly bemused. What am I turning into? she thought. What have I become?

Oh well. We'll worry about that later, she decided. She wondered how much time had gone by. Surely at least two hours. It didn't matter, she was going to see this thing to the end.

She danced, moving her body slightly, and crouched lower and lower, down towards his waist. She could see in his eyes that he knew what she was doing. He finally just closed his eyes, and leaned back. She surveyed his cock, from just inches away. She closed her eyes, too, and leaned down, and took it into her mouth.

Jeezus, she thought. He's a monster. He did have a big one. It felt totally different from the other two cocks she'd sucked. She slurped all the way down, and then sucked out to the end of it. He moaned beneath her. She ran it in again, and back out. She was actually having a pretty good time. Her jaw felt a little tired, from stretching so far, but she was enjoying herself.

After a few minutes, he touched her on the shoulder. "Darlin'," he said, "if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum..."

She dropped him for a few seconds. "That's okay, Uncle W, I'll be okay," and slurped him back into her mouth. Within a minute he did cum, filling her mouth, forcing her to swallow to keep from spilling it. He filled her again, and she gulped again. Jeezus. He was full of the shit.

He finally sat there, totally spent. She had sucked the life right out of him. He almost felt sleepy, but he was still turned on by what was still going on in front of him.

She gave him a few more titty rubs, and then looked at the clock. "Uncle W, we better wind this up... you need to get me home before two or so..."

He nodded. He hadn't even begun to get enough of her sweetness, but he knew it had to end. He hoped, he fervently hoped, that this was not the only time this happened. It wasn't.


That Monday afternoon, Cheshire was putting her books in her locker, when who should walk up, but Larry. Leadbutt Larry. She slammed her locker shut, and turned to face him. The look on his face told her he knew he was in trouble.

"Hi, Cheshire..." he said meekly. She glared at him.

"You been telling people shit about me?" she asked sternly. He blanched.

"No... I... I haven't said your name..." he stuttered.

"Well, somebody has. And you're suspect numero uno," she said. She just stood, her arms on her hips, and glared at him.

"Cheshire... I'm sorry... I just love you so much... it's hard not to talk about you..."

"Larry," she said. "You are on probation for a month. None of my sweet candy for a month. Understand? And keep your mouth shut. Not a word, understand?"

He looked so much like a whipped puppy she almost felt sorry for him. But, he had to learn. He had to be trained, apparently. And, now, he wasn't her only source of income. She was pleased with herself, at how she'd handled it. She walked away, leaving him staring hungrily at her.


Cheshire lay on her bed, her mind busy. She'd just counted her cash stash, and she was pleased. This little business of mine is going well, she thought. She just felt like she needed one more... donater. Just one more, to help things along. Who could she pick, though. She'd fucked Darrel again, for a second time. She'd thought that Steve would want to go again, but maybe he didn't have the money. He'd seemed to be the poorest of her stable. She'd give him another week, and then maybe give him a price break.

She'd seen a guy at Wally-world that evening she'd almost approached. He was handsome, fairly young, and he just looked wealthy. She'd told herself, there you go. Just go up to him, wink, and say "one thousand bucks" and see what he did. But, she didn't have the nerve. And hell... what if he was a cop or something?

Cheshire realized that she was getting a little out there, for a high school student. I'm basically a hooker, she thought to herself. A whore. I don't feel like a whore, but that's what society would call me, for what I'm doing. She didn't really want to think of herself, twenty years from now, chasing down cars on the strip. I'll stop long before that point. I will. I hope.

She sighed. What to do, what to do. On impulse, she went through her closet, and picked out the shortest, sexiest dress she found. It was about two sizes too small, and she knew it looked sexier than shit, with her body packed inside it. She found a little purse, and grabbed it.

It was Friday night. She knew that they almost always had a street party, downtown, on Friday and Saturday nights. The local businesses sponsored it, just to get business for the coffee shops and donut shops and shit. She wasn't really going down there with fucking in mind... but if it happened... She started the long walk downtown.

There was a party, and it was hopping. Her only real fear was kids from her school, but initially, she didn't see anyone she knew. She finally went out into the street, where an area had been set aside for dancing. There was a DJ and everything, and she slowly began to move, holding her hands over her head. She knew that guys considered that sexy, for some weird reason. She swayed slowly to the beat, her eyes closed, thinking of nothing in particular. Sometimes it just felt good to dance.

The guy that finally approached her surprised her. He was probably in his early middle ages... thirty-ish, or so. He was handsome, she'd have to give him that... he made her feel warm and squishy, between her legs... she found herself hoping that he'd be interested. I'd like to do it with an old fart, she thought. But not that old. He's just about right.

She smiled at him, and continued to dance slowly. He kept up with her, and finally she let herself drift closer and closer to him. He held out his hand, and she placed hers into it. They closed, and danced together for a while, as the music slowed. She was finally up against his body, and he was basically holding her. The music ended, and she just stood there, letting him hold her.

"Uhm..." he finally said. "Would you sit for a while, and talk?"

She pulled away, and nodded. They found a table, and sat. She pressed close to him, and felt her knee touch his. She just looked at him, waiting for him to start.

"Darling..." he said. "I enjoyed that very much. You are a good dancer."

"Thank you," she said at last. She was trying to appear aloof and mysterious.

"Would you have dinner with me? I am here in the city alone, and I would enjoy some company. Especially as beautiful as you."

Oh, she thought. Flattery will get you everywhere. She nodded, and he slowly stood. She held her hand out, and he took it, and she stood. She did not release his hand. He led her to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant on the strip. Ha, she thought. I chose wisely. Well, whoever chose, it was wise for me.

He cringed when she ordered chicken, but he let her. He had a steak. They made some small talk.

"Darling..." he finally said. "I have enjoyed your company immensely. Would you accompany me to my room? I've got a bottle of wine in the fridge. Please say yes..."

"Yes, I will," Cheshire said. Shit, she thought, we haven't even introduced ourselves yet. This is moving right along. Well, it's time to find out if he's that kind of guy or not. It's only fair to him, to let him know what I'm here for.

"I don't know your name," she said. He laughed gently.

"That's been part of the mystique, for me," he said. "But... if you must... call me Chuck. Just call me Chuck."

"Okay... Chuck..." she said, her mind racing. She remembered a poem she'd had to read, in school. "Call me Lenore."

"Yes..." he said, and his eyes had a faraway look in them. "The lost Lenore... darling, you make a very good Lenore."

"Thank you," she said. It was silent for a moment.

"Chuck," she finally said, "I am a very... expensive girl. This dinner is just the start..."

"I see..." he said. He was still smiling, at least. "This dinner, though expensive, is now over. How long will your company last, if you follow me to my room?"

"Until tomorrow morning..." she said. "Eightish."

"I see..." he appeared thoughtful. At last he said, "May I inquire... how expensive?"

She was silent for a moment. Well, she thought, go for it. Everything is negotiable.

"An even thousand," she said. He nodded slowly.

"I see," he said. He was silent after that. She finished her tea, and sat there. At last he turned to her again.

"Let's find an ATM," he said.


She knew she'd made the right choice when she saw his room. It was a suite, really. With a hot tub, and a twentieth story view of the city. She hung her purse on the doorknob, half the cash safely inside it. Even if I just get out of here with five hundred bucks, she thought, I'm good. But, she wasn't worried. He seemed like a very nice guy to her. And he'd been nothing but polite and respectful, so far.

They looked out over the city from the balcony, and then went back inside. She visited the bathroom long enough to call her Mom, and tell her she was spending the night with Vicky. All was well. She mentally prepared herself for the evening's events.

"Would you care to sit in the tub?" he asked, and she nodded slowly. That would be a good way to get... acquainted. He pulled the cover off, and tested the water. It met with his approval. He went to the bathroom and returned with two fluffy towels.

She slowly stripped, and he did nothing but simply watch her. She pulled her dress down, and let it drop to the floor. Then she slowly unsnapped her brassiere, and let it slide down her arms, keeping her breasts hidden from him until the last second. He sighed and smiled broadly when her breasts came into view. He was happy.

She slid her panties down, and stood before him, naked. He was undressed in seconds, finally sliding his briefs down his tanned legs. Ah, she thought, with great satisfaction. Not quite as large as Uncle Wilbur, but just fine... he looked just fine. And, of course, he was hard already. Very hard.

He held his hand out to her, and she took it. He led her to the tub, and helped her step into it. She sat in the hot water, and he sat beside her. Damn, she thought, that feels good. It won't for very long, but right now, that feels damn good.

"Darling..." he said, and she felt his breath on the side of her face. She turned.

"Darling," he said, "Do I want to know how old you are?"

She laughed slightly. No, he did not.

"Does it make that much difference to you?" she finally asked, and it was his turn to laugh.

"No..." he finally said. "It doesn't really matter."

"It doesn't. Just... enjoy me, tonight." she said, and leaned towards him. Their lips touched, and then touched again. She finally settled against him, feeling his chest touch her nipples. This kiss, they held. He was a good kisser, she realized.


They lay in the bed. He seemed to take things nice and slow, and she liked that. After the teenaged boys she'd gotten used to, it was nice to relax and take it easy. She lay, and let him hold her. He whispered all kinds of silly things to her, love things, and she just loved the shit out of that. She'd never had anybody do that to her, before. She was eating it up.

He finally leaned her back, and crawled on top of her. His body felt good on her, solid, heavy, but not oppressive. She spread her legs, and she felt his cock touch her, somewhere close to her pussy. Here we go, she thought. Here we fuckin' go.


They had breakfast, about eight o'clock. He'd given Cheshire the rest of her money, and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. I will remember you forever, he'd whispered, and she'd seen a tear in his eye. That really touched her for some reason. She thought about asking him for his number, but then she thought... no... it's better this way. Sometimes you just have to walk away. Take what you can get, and walk away. After breakfast they walked out to the strip, and he kissed her one last time. He called a taxi on his cell phone, and told her goodbye when it arrived. She kissed him goodby, and climbed in, and he gave the cabbie two twenties. He stood and watched her as she disappeared into the morning traffic.


She had the guy stop a block from Vicky's, she didn't want Vicky's mom asking her question about a taxicab. She had called Vicky, and the girl was waiting, with the front door open. They hurried to her room, Cheshire very conscious of her short, clingy skirt.

"Shit, Vic..." she said, once the door was safely closed. "It's been a long night..." That much was true. She hadn't gotten a lot of sleep, last night. He had fucked her for three or four hours, at least. He was insatiable. He had laughed, and made a joke about Viagra that she didn't understand, and she had wondered if he'd had some help. His dick just would not go down, even after he'd fucked her. Maybe I turned him on that much, she thought.

"What you been up to, girl?" Vicky asked, laughing.

Cheshire had told Vicky about Ralph popping her cherry. And, she'd hinted around a few times about the other boys, although she hadn't said anything about financial compensation. Although... she knew Vicky pretty well, and didn't think the girl would totally freak... she had thought just last week about telling her. Maybe this would be a good time, she thought.

"Vic... it's a long story..." she finally said. She didn't really know how to start, though.

"Chesh... I know you weren't home last night, or you wouldn't have called me at nine o'clock in the AM... wanting to come over. Where'd you stay, last night?"

Cheshire giggled. "At the Regency. In the bridal suite, I think."

"Oh, fuck," said Vicky. "With who?"

"Chuck. That's all I know. I don't know his last name."

"Chuck. Well, cool. You have a much more interesting life than I do, girl."

"Well... it's a living..." Cheshire said, and giggled again.

"Where'd you meet him?" Vicky asked.

"At the street party. We danced, and then ate at the Fox And Horn. Dinner was like a hundred and sixty bucks."

"Chuck must be a rich fuck," said Vicky, laughing.

"Yeah, he is. Or was."

"Was? How much did you cost him?" Vicky laughed again, and stared at Cheshire.

"A thousand," said Cheshire, just staring back.

They were silent for a while. Finally Vicky stretched, and yawned.

"Girl," Vicky finally said, "Are you fuckin' with me?"

Cheshire laughed at that. "Nope," she said. She pulled open her purse, and showed Vicky the fat wad of twenties.

"You mean to tell me," said Vicky, in her best ghetto voice, "that you spent the night in the Regency with a man named Chuck? Whom you fucked? For a thousand bucks?"

Cheshire could tell just from her voice that Vicky wasn't freaked or anything by it. She was making a joke of it. Cheshire nodded and giggled.

"Yep, that's pretty much it. And get this. He was like thirty-five years old."

"Oh, fuck. Holy fuck," Vicky was surprised, but she didn't seem judgmental about it, at least. She finally laughed.

"Girl..." she said, "You are full of surprises."

"Yeah," agreed Cheshire.


They just laid around and talked, after that. Cheshire told Vicky that she'd been fucking nerds and geeks, although she left out the part about them paying her, too. She was content to let Vicky think that Chuck had been her one and only. Vicky admitted some of her sexual escapades, and they giggled, comparing guys and experiences.

"Chesh..." Vicky finally said. "If you go to the street party next weekend... please take me, too. Maybe we can do a threesome, or something."

Well, shit, Cheshire thought. I really hadn't planned on doing again so soon, but I might, if she wants. She wondered if Vicky would have the nerve to go through with it. Probably, Vicky was pretty bold.

"Chesh, honey," Vicky said. "The two of us... we could do some things that'd blow a guy's mind... we could make a guy shoot his wad just watchin' us... we could make a helluva bundle of Franklins..."

Oh really, thought Cheshire. And would I do a thing like that? Hell yeah... Vicky was sexy, cute and clean. Yes, I would. Of all the girls I know, this is the one I'd fuck around with.

"You'd do that... with me?" she asked Vicky. Vicky just laughed.

"Hell yeah... we're best friends, right? We share everything... why not each other?"

"Vic, darlin'..." Cheshire said, "lock the fuckin' door please..."


They both giggled a lot, to start with. Neither one of them had done anything with a girl before. It felt new, and naughty to Cheshire. Weirdly, it felt more naughty than hooking had, even. She lay on Vicky's bed, and the two girls kissed and their hands explored each others bodies. Cheshire finally wiggled out of her dress, as Vicky shed her pajamas. Vicky's body felt hot and sexy on Cheshire's. Goddam, thought Cheshire. Why didn't I think of this before? This is way too fucking sexy.

Vicky's hot wet mouth fastened onto Cheshire's hard nipple. Damn, just that feels sexier than shit. Vicky scraped her nipple with her teeth, and Cheshire went wild, almost. She filled her hands up with Vicky's ass, and pulled the other girl to her. Her tongue explored the girl's mouth, as her hands explored her ass.

She felt Vicky's sweet little puckered asshole, and wasted no time sticking her finger in it. Vicky's ass was sweaty, and that lubed her finger somewhat, and it just slid right into the other girl's ass. Goddam, that is fucking sexy, thought Cheshire. She sawed her finger in and out, and Vicky moaned. Cheshire giggled.

Within minutes, Cheshire was stretched out on her back, as Vicky licked and sucked her pussy. For a first timer, she was good, Cheshire realized. Maybe eating pussy in instinctive for us girls. We'll know when I eat hers, maybe.

Fifteen minutes later, that's just what she did. She'd cum twice, as Vicky slurped her, now it was her turn. She crawled down the other girls body, and looked at her cute little pussy. It was smooth, and it looked sexier than hell to Cheshire. She was so close she could smell it, and damn, it smelled good. She was anxious to taste it.

My first pussy, she thought. I'm eating my first pussy. And, she was right, it tasted as good as it smelled. Sexy, to the max. Cheshire licked up and down the inside of her leg, even, in the crease where her leg met her body. She tasted great there, even, sweaty and salty, but sexier than shit. She licked down Vicky's cunt, and finally licked her perineum, just an inch from her cute little puckered asshole. She hadn't seen it yet, but she knew it'd be cute. Vicky curled her body up, and lifted her legs, and Cheshire attacked her asshole with a sigh of satisfaction. Damn, she tasted sexier than shit, there, even. Strong, sweaty, salty, with a hint of poop... but sexier than fucking shit. Goddam, thought Cheshire, I hope I taste that good. I hope I tasted that good last night for Chuck.

Vicky came, to Cheshire's satisfaction. She knew she was doing it right, when Vicky came. It was fun to watch the girl have a massive orgasm. Damn, thought Cheshire, I did that. Damn.

Sometimes I'll do it for money, thought Cheshire, and sometimes I'll do it for fun. This time, it's for fun.


Cheshire finally walked home. It was a long walk, and she had plenty of time to think. She'd had a good time, with Vicky. She didn't think she was gay, but she'd had a damn good time. We will do that again, she told herself. We will definitely do that again.


That week, Steve finally managed to scrape up another two hundred bucks, and Wednesday afternoon, in her very own bed, Cheshire sucked and fucked him to his heart's content. At least until next week. She liked Steve the best of the three boys she'd fucked, he seemed to be more on her social level, and he was kind and considerate. And horny.

That Friday at school Vicky was all over her about Friday night. Cheshire giggled. The girl was going nuts over the idea. Friday afternoon, after school, Vicky's big brother took them to Marcey's, and Cheshire used some of her hard-earned cash to buy a cute little mini-skirt thing with a black top. Vicky agreed that it looked sexier than hell. She was pleased.

They camped out at Vicky's, waiting for night to fall. Finally Eugene, Vicky's brother, took them uptown and dropped them off. The looked at each other, and nodded in satisfaction. This was going to go well, they knew. Just a matter of finding Mr. Right. Mr. Deep Pockets Right.

The DJ was spinning some techno shit, and the girls joined the crowd on the dance floor. They danced with each other, and they both knew it looked sexier than hell. Two foxy girls, out there, with each other... Cheshire could feel a hundred eyes on her.

They finally realized that most of the guys thought they were a couple, so they split up. That worked a bit better, they were invited to dance with a dozen different guys, in the space of a half hour.

Cheshire spotted the man first. He sat at a table beside the dance floor, sipping a beer. His eyes were on her, and only her. She looked enquiringly at him several times, and he finally smiled at her. When the music ended she casually walked over to him, and he held his hand out, inviting her to sit. He was probably forty, she figured, and wearing a very expensive looking suit. His hair was cut in a burr, and he was clean-shaven. He looked elegant. Elegant, and rich.

"You are a very good dancer," he said, starting the small talk. They made small talk for a while, and finally Cheshire noticed Vicky heading in their direction.

"My friend," she told the man, and he nodded, indicating for Vicky to sit. She did, and they got acquainted. The man finally told them his name was Derek, and they introduced themselves.

"Well, what are two fine young girls like you doing, out on a night like this?" he said. Cheshire looked at Vicky. Might as well get it out in the open.

"Derek..." Cheshire said, "We are just making a living. Vicky is my co-worker, if you get my drift."

"I see, I see," he said. His eyes appraised them, frankly.

"And what exactly does your jobs consist of?" he asked, smiling.

"That depends..." said Cheshire. "That depends on our wages."

"What is minimum wage for the two of you?" he asked.

Cheshire let the suspense build. They'd wanted originally to ask for two thousand, but that was pretty steep.

"One k, even," she said, and he nodded thoughtfully.

"That is reasonable," he admitted. "How long is your shift?"

"Until about eight tomorrow morning," Cheshire said. He nodded again.

"Well," he said, that quickly. "Consider yourself hired."

Cheshire reached her hand out, and he solemnly shook it. She looked at Vicky. Vicky just smiled and looked at her and shook her head. Cheshire giggled helplessly to herself. That was easy, she thought. Just like that, we're hired.


Derek had an even nicer room that Chuck had had. At the very top of the building. They ooh'd and aah'd over the view, and then turned back to the room. Derek got out his billfold,and counted out ten hundred dollar bills. Cheshire took half, and gave the other half to Vicky. She'd seen inside his billfold when he'd removed the money, and she didn't feel bad about taking his cash. He still had plenty.

His room had a hot tub, just like Chuck's. The girls slowly stripped, taking each others clothes off. They kissed, slowly, sensuously, for a long long time. He finally stripped, and followed them into the tub. Cheshire had got a good look at his cock, and she was pleased. He was no giant, like her uncle, but he looked perfectly suitable. This should go well. It interested her to think of getting to watch Vicky be fucked, for some reason.

Derek sat in the middle, with Vicky and Cheshire on each side of him. He put an arm around each of them, and each of the girls laid their heads on his shoulders. He should feel like king of the world, thought Cheshire. He's got two foxy females in his arms, and the tip of his hard cock is sticking out of the water. She idly reached down and took his cock in her hand, stroking it. He sighed, and Vicky giggled, and put her hand on it, too.

"Don't make me shoot off, girls," he said, laughing. No, thought Cheshire, we're not gonna waste it. They lazed in the tub for a while longer, and finally the kissing started. Cheshire leaned down in front of him, and Vicky met her lips. He seemed to like watching them kiss, but finally Cheshire raised up and pressed her face to his. Vicky joined in, and they did a crazy three-way kiss thing, that actually kind of worked.

They finally got out of the tub, and climbed onto the bed, still soaking wet. Cheshire let Vicky be first, and he plunged into the other girl, pounding her heartily. It was fun for Cheshire to just lay there and watch as her best friend got thoroughly fucked. It turned her on greatly. Derek didn't cum when Vicky finally did, he gave her a few more minutes, and then motioned to Cheshire to lay beside her. He slid off Vicky, and into Cheshire.

And, he was good. That was one thing Cheshire took away from that evening. Some guys were just better lovers that others. And Derek was good. Maybe it was his age, his level of experience, but he was good. He made her feel special. And, he made her feel completely fucked. He fucked her good, she came like a volcano, she just blew up.

That was pretty much the night. Derek finally came, during the maybe third time he fucked Cheshire, and an hour later he was going at it again. Cheshire got a little sleep, in the wee hours of the morning, but most of the night she was either being fucked, or watching Vicky get fucked. It was a night to remember.


That morning he bought them breakfast, and called them a taxi. He had told Cheshire that he came to town about once a month, so she gave him her number, for next time.

"Do you feel like you got your money's worth?" Vicky had asked him, and he'd laughed, and nodded. Good, thought Cheshire. Another satisfied customer.


That afternoon, after a nice long nap, Cheshire called Vicky. They giggled about some things that had happened that night, and the things they'd done. They'd licked each others pussies about as long as Derek had fucked them, and he seemed content to just watch them. Cheshire knew it looked sexy, hell, it felt sexy.

"Chesh, baby, we gotta do that again. I could use the money," said Vicky. Shit, thought Cheshire, here we go again.

"But, there is something else," said Vicky. "It's Eugene. I told him that we were playin' for pay, and he wants a turn."

"Shit," said Cheshire, "you told your brother we fuck for money? Are you fuck'n nuts?"

"It don't matter," said Vicky, "he'll keep his mouth shut. Especially if we give him a deal. All he's got is a few hundred bucks."

"Shit," said Cheshire. Her brother? Vicky would do it with her brother?

"You'd do your brother?" Cheshire asked.

"Hell yeah," said Vicky, "We've fucked around some, though we've never fucked. I jacked him off just last week, for the hell of it. We've done that shit off and on for years."

"Damn. You keep a good secret," said Cheshire. She wasn't that surprised, she knew that Vicky was as amoral as she was. If I had a brother, she thought, I'd probably be willing to do him, even. Or, fuck. Even a dad. Maybe. If he was cool.

"Well," she told Vicky, "make a date. Just let me know."


It was the weekend, though, before they managed to get together. Friday night Eugene and Vicky came and got her, and took her to their house. She had no idea of her parents were home or not, the house was big enough that they could have been. They all traipsed upstairs to Eugene's room, and the fun began.

He had three hundred bucks, so her cut was one fifty. Still not bad, for an evening's work, she though. She lay under Vicky, and let the other girl kiss her. Eugene was watching, and stroking his cock. Cheshire giggled at that, so far, she thought, he's paid three hundred bucks to jack off. She knew he'd get his turn, though. They were just getting warmed up.

She wondered how long she'd be able to keep this up. Indefinitely, if it didn't get any busier than this. She had a nice stable of three regular customers, and they could always do downtown every now and then. She still half-way hoped she'd eventually meet Mr. Right, and he'd sweep her off her feet. If that happened, it happened, and she could give this up. She'd do it, if he was special enough. And if he could make her cum like Chuck and Derek had, all the better. That was the sex she'd really enjoyed, the older guys that seemed to know what they were doing. The boys her age... they were just novices, compared to the mature guys. She halfway wondered if Mr. Right was an older guy. Who knows, she thought. Who knows. She stuck her tongue in Vicky's mouth, and cupped the other girl's sweet ass in her hands. Until then, she thought, until Mr. Right shows up, I'll do this shit. I'll have my fun, and make a little money.



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I thought this was a great story. Thanks for putting forth the effort.

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You are welcome! Thanks for the comments!


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Great story Meatbot.  Loved it and would love to read more.  Keep up the good work!

The Gentleman Freak.

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Thanks, SG! Your comments are appreciated!

Yes. I'll write more, when I get the time!


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Heh.... I'll take that as a compliment...



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Great story, 'bot.  Keep 'em coming!

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Thank you, Doc! I'll try!


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loved the story, as usual. what enterprising young ladies.

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Absolutely great. I'd love a follow-up story.


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WoW :emot_thdrool: this was an amazingly hot read, though
I was hoping for a second round with her Uncle  :emot_penis:
I can't believe this is the first time reading this story,
therefore I doubt there will be a follow-up to this one.