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Sweet Judy Blue Eyes (Forced, Mf, MFf)

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on: January 17, 2015, 08:33:25 PM

Title         : Sweet Judy Blue Eyes

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Forced, Mf, MFf

Date        : 20150118

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Synopsis : A young girl learns about sex with her co-workers.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.


Judy Jennifer Jennings was a little girl. I don't mean young, she was sixteen. But she was small. Barely five foot two, and she just weighed a little over ninety pounds. Even for a girl, she was small. That was okay. She didn't mind. She liked being small.

Judy lived with her mom and dad and big sister in the suburbs. She was a junior in high school. She'd just recently started her first job, at an upscale clothing store downtown. She hoped to eventually save enough to afford a car. She shared a car with her older sister, now, but she wanted one of her own. Life was hard, without a car of her own. All her friends, almost, already had their own cars.

Judy usually walked to work, because her older sister almost always had the car in evenings. Sometimes her sister dropped her off, or came and got her. It worked out. She made it work out. She really wanted her own car, though.

Her job, at Marcey's, wasn't bad. And it had fringe benefits, sometimes she got to take returns or damaged items home with her. Judy was an elegant dresser, and she had a good eye for clothes. She knew she always looked sharp.

Judy was kind a late bloomer. All her friends had boyfriends, but she hadn't even had one yet. She was still kind of shy where boys were concerned. She thought boys were intense, and slightly scarey. She was coming out of her shell, though. Working helped, although the customers were primarily female, some guys, mostly older guys, worked at the store, and it was an eye-opener to her, at times, to rub elbows with mature males. Nothing like the boys she went to school with, the little barbarians.

One afternoon it was very slow at the store. She was back at the service desk, talking with the two people back there. One was a girl named Teresa, and one was the assistant manager, Rudy. She liked Rudy, he was always nice and respectful to her, though she thought he probably liked her more than an old fart should. But she didn't mind.

"Girl," said Teresa, and Judy gave her her attention.

"You got the car tonight? Wanna cruise, after work?" Teresa said. Judy shook her head sadly.

"No, my sister has it."

"Your sister always has it. I thought you guys were supposed to share that shit."

Judy giggled. It was true, but it never worked out like that.

"True... but you know how it goes... you got an older sister, right?"

"Yeah..." said Teresa, "I know how it goes. We don't even have a car to share, though. Your folks are nice to you guys."

"Yeah, I know."

Rudy looked interested, but he didn't seem to want to invade the conversation. Judy looked at him.

"Rudy, you got kids? Two, right?"

He nodded, pleased to be asked. He didn't like his wife, but he loved his kids.

"You gonna get them cars, when they get old enough?" she asked. He nodded.

"Yeah," he said, "I already got accounts set up for that. I'm lucky, I got ten more years before I have to even start worrying about it."

"Fuck," said Teresa, "Some parents do it right. Mine didn't."

"Teresa, dear," Rudy said. "You need to watch your language. Customers will eventually be in the store."

"Sorry, Rudy. I'll try to be more fuckin' careful," said Teresa, winking at him. He blushed. How interesting, thought Judy. Rudy wandered off, to the office in the back.

"Judy," said Teresa. Judy looked at her. Teresa made a circle with her finger and thumb, and stuck the index finger of her other hand in it. She moved it in and out, in a nasty pantomime of sex, and winked exaggeratedly at Judy.

Judy was shocked. She'd heard the rumor. But, Teresa almost seemed to be bragging to her about it.

Teresa motioned to her, and Judy stepped closer. Teresa whispered in her ear.

"He's a fucking animal. We rented a motel room once, and fucked for twelve hours straight. Non-stop. He's a goddam fucking animal."

Judy was doubly shocked. She knew Rudy was married.

"I thought he was married," she whispered.

"He is, but they don't fuck any more. They don't even sleep together. She's a bitch. I made him happy, at least."

"Are you still... still doin' it?" Judy asked.

"Naw..." Teresa said. "It didn't really work out... I think he thought I expected him to leave his old lady... I mean I said I did, but I didn't really mean it... but I don't really think we had long term possibilities, know what I mean?"

Yes, thought Judy, I know what you mean. She didn't think Teresa and anybody had long term possibilities. That's just the way Teresa was. Teresa was eighteen, going on middle age. Judy still heard rumors about the girl putting out, at school, even though she'd already graduated. She'd made a name for herself. Judy had heard that her name and number were still on the wall, in the guy's bathrooms.

"You should hit on him," said Teresa. "You guys would make a nice couple..."

Judy felt a slow burn creep across her face. She stared at Teresa, embarrassed.

"He's like, what, thirty?" Judy finally managed. Teresa laughed.

"Close. Twenty-eight."

"Damn..." said Judy, the only bad word she let herself use. She did like Rudy. But twenty-eight? He was twelve years older than she was. Shit, he was ten years older than Teresa, and they'd done it, though. She thought, I almost would. If I had to decide, I'd almost say yes. But twelve years?

"Want me to ask him for you?" Teresa said, leaning closer. Judy panicked slightly.

"No... really... that's okay..." she said. She wasn't really ready, she thought. Maybe someday.

"'Kay," said Teresa. "Just tryin' to help..."

"Yes, thank you..." said Judy, still embarrassed. About that time the bell on the door rang, and Judy went to the front of the store. She was almost relieved to get away from Teresa.


A few days later, Judy found herself in the back of the store, unwrapping new inventory with Rudy, of all people. She got embarrassed all over again, thinking of some of the things Teresa had said.

They talked, at length, and Rudy said something about his kids and their sitter.

"Your wife doesn't watch them?" said Judy, immediately horrified that she'd ask such a personal question.

"Naw..." said Rudy. "I guess I should tell people... I'm kinda single again... my old lady split, a few weeks ago..."

"Oh, I'm sorry..." said Judy, not really knowing what to say to an admission like that.

"Don't be," he said. "She was a... bitch..." Judy giggled nervously, and he did, too.

"There," he said. "I said it. I feel better, now."

She giggled again.

"Rudy..." she said. "If you ever want somebody to watch your kids, let me know. I'll be glad to. I don't ever do nothin', Friday, Saturday night. Just let me know."

"I might just do that..." he said, looking at her speculatively. "Can I get your number?"

They traded phone numbers, and she didn't think much more about it.


A few weeks later, out of the clear blue, he called her. He wanted to go out with some of his school buddies, and would she watch his kids for a few hours the next Friday night? Sure, she said.

It worked out pretty good. Her sister was going out, so she got the car. She finally found his house, in a much more upscale neighborhood that hers. He introduced her to the kids, and hurried off.

She had a pleasant evening, the kids were fairly well behaved, the boy was, at least, the girl was an absolute angel. She snooped around the house a bit, and satisfied herself that he wasn't a secret axe murderer or a psycho or anything. At least he hid it well, if he was. She found almost no sign that a woman had lived there until recently.

Ten o'clock rolled around, and after some difficulties, she got the kids in bed. She was laying on the couch, watching TV when the door rattled. She sat up. Rudy walked in, followed, to her surprise, by Teresa.

They made some small talk, he asked about the kids, and she gave him a good report. She got ready to leave. It was not even eleven yet.

Teresa followed her out. "Girl," Teresa said, "Call your folks and tell them you're gonna be out late. Better yet, tell them you're spending the night with me."

Judy wasn't to sure about that... she didn't know Teresa all that well, and some of the things she knew about her weren't that great... she thought for a moment.

"Terry..." she finally said. "I've got stuff to do tomorrow... I'm not sure..."

"Come on, it'll be fun," said Teresa. "We'll stay up late, and do girl stuff. Come on! Live a little!"

Sigh, thought Judy. The things we do.

"Okay," she said, and stood there in the hall way, and called her mom. Her mom didn't seem to mind, she understood, she just told her to be careful. I will, thought Judy. She walked back into the living room, where Teresa was.

Oddly, as the minutes flew by, Teresa seemed to have no desire to leave. She even sat on Rudy's lap. Judy felt kind of put out, and wondered if she should just leave, in spite of agreeing to spending the night with Teresa.

"Judy," said Teresa. "Come here. I wanna show you something. She followed the other girl down the hall, to the master bedroom. They went in.

"Look at this shit," said Teresa. She indicated the headboard of the bed. There, clamped around the pole at each of the four corners of the bed, were handcuffs. Judy was shocked. She hadn't noticed that earlier, when she'd looked into the room.

"You oughta try this shit out," said Teresa.

"I don't think so," said Judy. She really wanted to leave now. This was just too much information about somebody, she thought.

"Come on, lie down," said Teresa. Teresa almost physically sat her down on the edge of the bed. Judy hated to be rude, but she stood back up. Teresa sat her down again. Almost before Judy could react, Teresa had grabbed her hand, and snapped a handcuff on it.

Judy just sat there, and regarded her handcuffed hand with bemusement.

"Do you have the key for this?" she finally asked. "I really need to get out of here." She said it calmly. She hadn't begun to panic, yet. She thought Teresa was just playing around.

"No, no key," said Teresa, giggling. Judy herself felt an insane urge to giggle. What the hell is going on, she thought.

Teresa went around to the other side of the bed. She crawled across the bed to Judy, and took her other hand. Judy resisted, but Teresa was a big girl, compared to her. She pulled her across the bed, with no problem. Within seconds, that hand, also, was handcuffed.

"Teresa," said Judy. "Enough's enough. Turn me loose." She was half sitting up, in the middle of the bed, her two hands bound to the bed-frame. Her heart was beating a little faster, now.

"Oh, darlin', the fun hasn't even started yet," said Teresa. She was at the foot of the bed, and she pulled Judy's leg down towards the bottom of the bed.

"Shit," said Teresa. It wouldn't even come close. She went to the dresser, and pulled out the bottom drawer. She pulled out a large mass of handcuffs. She selected two of them, and put them together, like a chain. Judy watched, in horrified fascination. She was ready to be freed, not cuffed up some more.

Teresa snapped the handcuff chain on the cuffs at the bottom of the bed, and reached for Judy's foot. Judy pulled it away.

"Teresa. You've had your fun," Judy tried to sound authoritative. "Free me, now."

Teresa laughed again. She jumped up on the bed, and grabbed Judy's foot, and pulled it down. She easily snapped the cuffs on it. She started making another chain.

Judy was pretty nervous, now. Why the hell was the girl doing this? In Rudy's house, no less? What the hell was she planning?

She heard a noise at the door, and looked over. Rudy stood there, watching.

"Rudy," said Judy. "Make her turn me loose, please,"

He hesitated, and that alone sent a spear of fright down her spine.

"Play the game, Rudy," said Teresa loudly. He looked from her back to Judy.

"She's running the show, darlin'," he finally said. He took two steps in the room. Teresa was chasing Judy's other foot, by now. She caught it, and snapped the last handcuff on it. Judy was literally spreadeagled on the bed, her hands and feet handcuffed. Shit, she thought. Shit.

"Now," said Judy. "Now for a little fun."

"Teresa. Free me now," said Judy loudly. Teresa giggled.

"Hey. I said some fun," said Teresa, and rummaged around in the dresser. She drew what looked like a handkerchief out. She approached the bed, and tied it firmly around Judy's head, covering her mouth. Judy opened her mouth, but Teresa pulled it tighter, into her mouth. It almost hurt. She made some noises, but she couldn't talk, now.

"Shit," said Teresa. "We should have stripped her, before we cuffed her."

Teresa stood for a while, and regarded Judy with puzzlement. Judy made another noise. She was angry, now. This had gone way over the line. It was no longer funny. Well, it hadn't been funny, from the start. But she was mad, now.

Rudy finally found the handcuff key, and they uncuffed one of her feet. She immediately tried to kick Teresa, and Rudy grabbed her foot and held it. Teresa unbuttoned Judy's jean shorts, and fought them down her legs, as Rudy held her legs together. She was almost relieved, at least they'd left her panties on.

They finally got her free leg out of the shorts, and re-cuffed it to the bed. Then they did the same to her other leg, finally pulling her shorts off and throwing them to the floor. Teresa moved up the bed, and began to unbutton her shirt.

Judy did fight then, but she didn't succeed in anything other than making her wrists and ankles hurt. Shit, she thought again. Shit. There was really nothing she could do. Teresa got her shirt all unbuttoned, and pulled it open, down to the sides. She reached under Judy and fought with her bra, finally getting it unsnapped. She pulled up up, but couldn't do much with it, since Judy's arms were handcuffed.

"Go get a knife," Teresa told Rudy. He just stood there, and stared hungrily at Judy's little tits. She felt a burn of embarrassment. This is the first time, she told herself, this is the first time a man's seen my breasts. Weirdly, she felt a rush. She wondered if he liked them. Oh, she told herself, really? You're being forced to do this, and really? She was disgusted with herself.

Rudy finally left. Teresa sat on the side of the bed, and reached out, and squeezed Judy's fat little nipple. Judy squirmed, but there was no way she could get out of Teresa's grasp. Teresa leaned close, and whispered in her ear.

"You're doing great," said Teresa. "Keep pretending. He is mad for you, already."

Shit, thought Judy. Mad is the right word. This is mad. What the hell did Teresa mean, keep pretending? She wasn't pretending anything. She was really mad.

She made some more noises through the handkerchief. About that time Rudy came back in with a box knife, and handed it to Teresa. Teresa leaned down towards Judy.

"Don't move, I don't wanna cut you," said Teresa. Judy froze, she didn't want to be cut. Teresa cut through the straps of her bra, and threw it in the floor. You owe me a bra, Judy had time to think.

Then. Oh shit. Teresa took the side of her panties in her hand, and cut right through them. She did the other side, and yanked them off. Judy felt them pull out of the crack of her butt. I am naked, she thought. I am totally naked, except for my shirt, which is open. He can see me. He can see all of me.

Rudy stood at the foot of the bed, and gazed at her pussy. She felt embarrassed again. This is not your fault, she told herself. Teresa did all this. It's her fault.

"Rudy," said Teresa. "Look but don't touch. She's mine."

Teresa hurriedly stripped her clothes off. She kicked her jeans down, and in moments was naked. She hadn't had a bra or panties on, Judy noticed. Typical, Judy thought to herself.

"Baby," said Teresa, sitting on the side of the bed. She leaned down towards Judy's tits. "Baby, get ready to cum like a motherfucker. I'm gonna eat you up."

She wiggled and writhed as Teresa licked her tits. Teresa sucked hard on them, so hard and long that they hurt. Judy looked down at the foot of the bed. Rudy was still watching, his eyes were glued to her, and what Teresa was doing. She tried to beg him with her eyes, but he never looked at her face. Shit, she thought again.

Teresa licked her way down Judy's stomach, and finally reached her pussy. She nuzzled around in Judy's pubic hair for a while, pulling on it with her lips. She finally nestled down inbetween Judy's legs, spread Judy's pussy lips with her fingers, and began to lick. A girl, Judy thought, feeling like she was watching the whole episode from a great distance, a girl is licking me. Down there. She knew it was wrong. She knew it was bad. But she had the presence of mind to notice how good it felt. Teresa licked her, right on her clit. And, damn... it felt good.

Judy had never had a boyfriend. She had no sex life, to speak of, if you didn't count masturbation. She'd discovered, long ago, the pleasure her body could provide her with, if she did things right. And she did them right almost every night, now. She was intimately familiar with her clit, and the pleasure it could bring her. She'd never had it licked, before, although, to her credit, she'd tried to reach it herself more than once. What Teresa was doing felt even better than when she touched her clit.

She felt a feeling begin, and mount. Oh shit, she thought. I gonna cum. I don't wanna cum, in front of this man. But I'm gonna, if she keeps it up. And keep it up Teresa did. After a minute, Judy felt the orgasm take her, and sweep her away. It was a good one. Teresa was good at what she did. Judy just blew up, and was swept away. She wanted to clench her arms like she always did, but they were handcuffed, and she couldn't. Other than that, it was a spectacular orgasm. As she floated back to earth, she felt Teresa still licking her. Shit, thought Judy, you guys are basically raping me... but could you do that again?

She heard a groan from Rudy, and looked down at him. To her shock, he'd pulled his... organ, his manhood, out of his pants. He was stroking it, and obviously enjoying himself. She couldn't really see it that well, his hands covered most of it... but it seemed like a reasonable penis to her. She'd seen a few of them, on the internet. She'd never seen one in real life, but she'd seen a few in pictures. She realized that she was curious what his really looked like. Without the hands hiding it.

All too soon, she felt another orgasm starting. Good, she thought. If I'm gonna have to go through with this, good. I should get something out of it. She sucked in a lungful of air. This was going to be better than the last one.

When it was over, Teresa finally stopped, and raised up from her crotch.

"Was it good, baby?" she asked huskily, and Judy nodded, then cursed herself. You are so playing into her hands, she thought. But, she'd told the truth. It was good.

"Mmmf Mmme Mmmf," she said, through the handkerchief. Teresa laughed, and reached up and untied it. Judy shook her head, and gulped and swallowed a few times.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked. She had no idea really why she'd asked, or why she thought Teresa would tell the truth.

"Just a little fun between friends," said Teresa, laughing.

"Rudy," said Judy. She looked at him, and looked away. He was still masturbating, staring at her exposed vagina. She was embarrassed for him.

"Rudy, this is your house," she said. "Make her stop and turn me loose."

"I know," he said, meeting her eyes for a moment, and then going back to her privates. She was a little irritated with him. That amused her for a moment, in spite of her situation. I'm frustrated by a masturbating man, she told herself.

"You know what?" she said, curious what he meant.

"I know it's my house," he said.

"Then why are you letting her do these things?" Judy asked.

He finally looked at her again, and looked puzzled.

"This is just like you guys planned, right?" he said. She shook her head.

"We guys didn't plan anything," she said.

"Yeah, she said you'd say that," he said, nodding. Shit, she thought. This was a fucking set up, from the start.

"Rudy, what can I say to prove to you that I didn't have anything to do with this?" she asked, meaning it.

"Uh..." he said. "I dunno, say your safe word, I guess."

Safe word? What is that? She thought.

"What is my safe word?" she asked, and he laughed, and looked at Teresa. Teresa just smiled.

"What is your safe word?" he said, and waited for her to answer.

"I have no idea what you're even talking about," she finally said. Teresa smiled, and shook her head.

"You are good, girl," Teresa said. Judy was frustrated. She didn't really understand all that last exchange. She felt like something had passed over her head, though, that she'd been fooled by something.

Teresa seemed to have caught her breath, and she crawled up on top of Judy's body.

"Rudy," said Teresa. "You may touch now, but only touch. No poking things in."

Shit, thought Judy, that should be my choice, not yours. She opened her mouth to say something, but Teresa had crawled right up on top of her face. Teresa lowered her body, and pressed her pussy right into Judy's face.

"Now remember, no biting!" said Teresa. Thanks for the idea, thought Judy. She smelled the girl, hell, she couldn't help it. Her pussy was mashed right into her mouth. Her nose was less than an inch from it. She had a moment to think, damn... she smells good, at least.

The actually thought for a moment about biting Teresa. The things the girl had done so far, she deserved it. I could bite her pussy lips right off, thought Judy. Probably not a good idea, though, while I'm still handcuffed.

"Lick, darling," said Teresa. "Lick, you sweet little bitch!"

I am so not about to lick another girl, thought Judy. I'm not like that. I don't swing that way. She felt something touch her, on her own pussy. Down there. Shit, she thought. That's Rudy. He's touching me. A man is touching me, down there.

He stroked her clit, rubbing it with his thumb. It actually felt pretty good, once she got past the pissed-offness of the whole experience. She could feel his arms resting on her upper thighs. She could even feel his breath on her pussy. She felt him approach closer and closer, and then she felt him touch her. Right on her clit. She knew it was his tongue. It felt just like when Teresa had done it. It actually felt better.

"Lick!" said Teresa, wiggling her pussy in Judy's face.

Judy sucked a breath in through her nose. The girl did smell good. She hoped she smelled as good, for Rudy. Once again she thought, Stop! You are cooperating with them when you think crap like that!

Almost against her will her mouth opened slightly, and she stuck the tip of her tongue out. The taste was immediate, and electric. Teresa tasted as good as she smelled. Judy gave her a little lick. "Yeah!" said Teresa, wiggling some more.

Shit, thought Judy. What the hell. She licked, a good lick. Teresa sighed. Shit. It did taste good.

"I knew you were good," said Teresa. "Prove it to me, darlin',"

Judy just gave up, and licked. She could feel Teresa's smooth cunt, with her tongue. The girl obviously shaved. Judy had thought about shaving, before. It just seemed like it would feel cool, she'd thought. It did feel cool, she thought now. She probed around in the skin on her tongue, trying to find the girl's clit. I cannot believe you are doing this, she told herself. Why are you doing this?

Teresa sighed, and squirmed in pleasure. Judy hoped it felt good. Maybe, she thought, maybe she'll turn me loose, if I cooperate. If I can make her cum.

She realized suddenly that she was just moments away from cumming, herself. Damn. Rudy was as good as Teresa, at that. She hurriedly licked Teresa a little more, wondering if the other girl was going to cum. That would actually be kind of cool, she thought. If she could cum.

Her third orgasm of the evening swept over her. She'd never had three, before, in one evening. She'd had two, several times, but never three. It was a good one, too. Rudy was good. Probably, she told herself, probably anybody is good, if they just get down there and lick. It's not rocket surgery.

After she came down from her high she started licking again. Teresa had both hands on her head, now, pulling her into her pussy. Her nose almost burned with the girl's scent. But, it still smelled good. Pussy is weird, thought Judy. I know, I've smelled mine, on my fingers, often enough. It's one of those strange, undefinable, hard to explain smells. But this girl smells good.

Finally, finally at long last, it seemed like Teresa was going to cum. She could still feel Rudy, down there, smashing her clit around with his tongue. The insides of her thighs almost hurt, she'd cum so hard that last time. She flicked what she thought was Teresa's clit with her tongue, and hoped the girl could manage an orgasm.

Finally, Teresa came. She came good and hard, and clamped Judy's face inbetween her legs. It was hard to breathe, even. Judy could feel her trembling and twitching. She could tell it was a good cum. I did that, she thought, I made that happen. Damn.

She was ready to be freed, now. She felt like she'd done her part. The game was over, whatever they had in mind. Teresa slid down her body a ways, sighing deeply.

"Damn, girl, that was good," Teresa said, and Judy nodded. Teresa slid down, and lay beside her, laying on her right arm. She leaned into Judy's face, and surprised her by giving her a big kiss, right on the lips. And she just held it, until Judy pulled away.

"Teresa..." said Judy, disgusted at herself for playing along with this shit.

"You are sweet, darlin'," said Judy, and leaned in for another kiss. Judy turned her head, though. Teresa giggled, and grabbed her face in both hands. She kissed, hard, and Judy tasted blood. Judy seized Teresa's lip between her teeth, and bit hard.

"Ow!" said Teresa, jumping back. She looked at Judy, and touched her bloody lip. She slowly leaned forward, trapping Judy's face in her hands again. She gently kissed Judy, and Judy almost bit her again. But, she'd been easy this time... it didn't feel right. She sighed, and let the girl kiss her.

"That's better, dear..." said Teresa, and moved in for another. And another. Shit, thought Judy. What is it with this girl? Is she gay, or does she just like to kiss? Am I gay if I kiss her back? She knew she wasn't gay, although she'd actually enjoyed the pussy licking she'd done, she admitted to herself. And being licked... that was very cool. Shit, she thought. Shit.

She realized she was kissing back. And it felt good. Girls are good kissers, she thought. She opened her mouth some more, and felt Teresa's tongue creep into it. I should bite your tongue, bitch, she thought. But she didn't.

Rudy was still mouthing her pussy. Damn, she thought. He's been going for fifteen minutes. He must really like me. Or maybe he just likes pussy. She wondered if she would have another orgasm. She wondered how many a person could have, in one night. This would be what, four? Five? She almost couldn't remember.

Teresa was still kissing, and Judy was still kissing back. She told herself again to stop, but she didn't. It felt good, for some reason. It felt sexy. That bothered her, but she still didn't stop.

Teresa finally pulled away, and sat up.

"Rudy. You may," said Teresa. Shit, thought Judy. He may what? There wasn't much left... except... she didn't want to go there. They wouldn't dare, she thought.

Rudy sat up from his crouch. He crawled up her body, straddling her. I'm going to scream, thought Judy, I'm going to fucking scream if he puts that thing in me.

"Judy..." his face was just inches from hers. She smelled a mint on his breath. How thoughtful, a small part of her mind thought. "Judy... you are so sweet... I love you dearly... thank you for allowing this... I love you, I love you..."

"I'm not allowing anything," she said, hearing tears in her voice. "You can't... you can't..."

"Darlin'," Teresa interrupted. "We all gotta lose it, at some point. Just lay back, and enjoy..."

"I'd enjoy it lots more..." said Judy, telling the truth. She wondered if she'd have the nerve to go through with it. "I'd enjoy it more if you uncuffed me... please..."

"Are you sure? We talked about this," said Teresa. We didn't talk about shit, thought Judy. If she does uncuff me, I'm gonna kick him in the nuts, hit her in the face, and run out of this house naked. I don't care.

Teresa sat up from the bed, and went to the dresser, and came back with the handcuff key.

"Darling, you let him start..." Teresa said, "Let him start, and I'll undo one. You cum at least once, and I'll undo the rest. But, Judy, listen... he can go forever... you can cum until it hurts. You can cum until the sun comes up. Don't you want that?"

Rudy laughed and looked embarrassed. Judy stared at him. She wondered if she really wanted to give away her first time, to him. To them. Did she have a choice? It didn't look like it. She slowly nodded, and relaxed. Rudy felt her move, beneath him. That was all the encouragement he needed. He wiggled his hard cock around, down at her crotch. Finally, she felt it nestling inbetween her pussy lips. Shit, she thought. I'm gonna get my cherry popped.

He pressed into her, slowly but insistently. She waited, but she never felt a pop. Why do they call it that? she thought. She did feel a sting, but it didn't last. She felt fuller and fuller of him. He was slowly going in and out, wetting himself with her juices. And, weirdly, she was juicy. She was pretty wet, and she wondered why.

Teresa just sat on the edge of the bed, and smiled at her. You bitch, thought Judy, but her heart wasn't into it. She wondered if Teresa had ever done anything like this before. She was sure that Teresa had tasted a girl before, she sure wouldn't put that past her. And I have too, Judy told herself, I have made out with a girl. And now I'm being fucked by a guy. I am sexually experienced, or I will be when I leave here tonight.

She felt Rudy's thighs touch hers. He was in all the way. He pulled out, far, and pushed back in, and the bottom fell out of her stomach. Oh, she thought, that feels good. It shouldn't, but it does. Her pussy felt tight, it felt tightly wrapped around his cock. She felt his balls slap her on her perineum and asshole. Damn, she thought, this actually feels pretty good. Why don't they tell us how good it feels?

Rudy was pumping now in long, slow strokes. Judy admitted to herself that it felt better than anything she'd ever had done to her in her life. Even than Teresa licking her to orgasm a few minutes ago. It was great. But, she thought, I'm not a virgin any more. So what, another part of her brain said. What would you have done with it, if you'd kept it? Nothing, just keep it. Duh.

This was actually turning into fun, she decided. She was still kind of mad at Teresa, though. She realized that Rudy was probably not at fault. This shit has got Teresa written all over it, she thought. That conniving little bitch.

"You want some more of this, honey?" said Teresa. She crawled up on the bed, and positioned herself right over Judy's face, facing down towards her feet. Rudy's head was right in her pussy, and her asshole was right in Judy's face. Shit! thought Judy. What the fuck!

"Lick me, baby," said Judy. "Eat my ass, darlin',"

Judy felt her nose touch the girls crack. She breathed in, and smelled the smells of Teresa's ass. Weirdly, it excited her. It smelled sweaty, and had the teeniest hint of shit to it. Shit, and a few other undefinable smells. Of all things, thought Judy, of all fucking things to get turned on by... Teresa's asshole? Teresa's asshole is doing it for me? Fuck.

She pursed her lips, and leaned forward a bit. When she touched Teresa, Teresa sat down further, smashing her ass into Judy's face. Judy did stick her tongue out then, and it ran right into Teresa's asshole. Shit, thought Judy, look out hep, here I come. Oh, shit. But, once again, she didn't stop. She licked around Teresa's puckered little asshole. It felt weirdly sexy to her. She just loved it, she realized. The sweaty, shitty taste of it was driving her nuts. And goddam... Rudy was still pumping away... she realized that she was just seconds from cumming.

She pulled back from Teresa a bit, and came. Teresa turned and looked down at her and laughed softly. Shit, Teresa was thinking, this little girl is eating this shit up. I was right. This was most definitely not a mistake. She's gonna thank me for this, when it's over.


Judy came down from her high, and was almost surprised to still see Teresa's ass right in her face. She sucked a breath in through her nose again, smelling the sexy smell. I just came, she thought, I just came and I'm still turned on. When she masturbated, after she came she was often through with sex for a while. But not tonight. She leaned into Teresa, and stuck her tongue out. The girl had a sexy ass.

Rudy finally could hold it no longer. He groaned, and began filling Judy's cunt with sperm. Teresa laughed. She knew it didn't mean anything, his dick would stay hard. He could go for hours. He was one hell of a fucker.


"You kinda pissed me off at first," said Judy, to Teresa. It was just an hour or two until the sun came up. Judy wasn't sure, but she guessed they'd been fucking for six hours, at least. Her cunt still felt hot, almost. It had got a hell of a workout, for a first time.

"Girl," said Teresa, "I knew you wanted it. I knew you wanted it the other day."

"Yeah, you're lucky I don't turn you in," said Judy, still a little miffed.

"You're lucky I let you fuck around with my boyfriend," said Teresa, laughing.

They were laying in Rudy's bed, waiting for him to get out of the shower. Judy was tired, now, all she wanted to do was sleep. Poor Rudy. He'd have to get up when the kids got up. She hoped it was worth it to him.

"We'll have to do this every weekend or so," said Teresa. "Of course, it won't be as fun, because you'll won't get freaked out next time."

"I wasn't freaked out. Just a little pissed," said Judy, laughing. She let Teresa hug her. All in all, she thought, it's been a pretty good weekend.



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