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Nocturnal Emissions (Mf, MMf, fb)

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on: January 25, 2015, 06:46:55 AM

Title         : Nocturnal Emissions

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Mf, MMf, fb

Date        : 20150125

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Synopsis : A teenaged girl sneaks around her neighborhood at night to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.This story is all made up. Shit like this don't happen. Don't even hope.


The first time I did it, it was a joke. A whim, an impulse. I knew the boy, I went to school with him. I even liked him, that's why the thought occurred to me. I was shy, though, at school. I was shy when the sun was up, it seemed like. The other Kira, the wicked one, only comes out at night, in the dark. That's when the naughty Kira started coming out to play. This story is about her, not me.

They lived right behind us, in an old ramshackled house. The crappiest house in the neighborhood. They boy's name was Theodore. I barely knew him from school. They hadn't lived here, in this neighborhood, when I was a kid, so I didn't know him from being a kid together. That might have changed things between us, or rather changed things for me. I dunno.

Anyway, I knew his schedule pretty well, my bedroom window looked straight out at his. I saw him standin' there more than once, lit from the room behind him. I always wondered, when I'd first look out and see him, whether or not he had clothes on. He always did, though.

One night I was restless.

I thought at that time that I knew a lot about sex. I mean, I'd already had sex, I considered myself kind of an expert on it. I'd let a boy named Devon take me down behind the stadium while the team was practicin', and have his way with me. It went well, I think, for my first time. I even had an orgasm, which, talking to some of my friends, I now realize doesn't always happen the first time. Doesn't always happen period for some girls, if the guy is in a hurry or a stupid-ass. Devon was good, and considerate. And I wasn't his first.

Anyway, like I said, one night I was restless. I know now I was horny, but at that time, I didn't really know that feeling yet. I mean I knew, I felt like that a lot, but I didn't realize that was the problem. Anyway, my mom and the twins had already gone to bed, and I was up, watching the world out my bedroom window. I could see the light on, in Theodore's room. I thought about him. He was okay, he wasn't no Devon, but he was alright. I thought, you know, for two cents, I'd sneak across the alley, and fuck him. Then I wondered, did I get the two cents, or did I have to pay two cents? I finally forgot that shit, and stared across the alley, at his room. That's when I saw him, standin' there, lit up by the light behind him. Doin' just what I was doin', watching the world go by. Except not much of the world went down our alley.

I was seized with a powerful and wicked idea. I hastily stood, and stripped off my nightgown and panties. I was stark naked. My light was already on, and my window-blind was pulled all the way to the top. It was maybe a hundred feet from my window to his, but I knew he'd be able to see me, and hopefully tell that I was naked. I stood, in the center of the window, and stared at him. I dared him to look at me.

He did. I could tell somehow that he seen me, instantly. He'd probably seen the motion of me moving into the window. I hoped he could tell that I was stark naked. He didn't move a muscle, he just stood and stared at me. I stared back. I thought about waving at him, but that'd be too corny, I figured.

We just stood there for the longest time. I think he didn't want to move, in case I hadn't noticed him or something. I think he didn't want to spoil the show. Finally I got a little tired of just standing there, and turned around so he could see my butt. After another minute or so of that, I walked over to the side, out of his vision. I finally turned off the light, giggling. I hoped I'd given him a good show. I wondered if he'd stay up and jack off or something, like what I'd heard about boys doing. My best friend Denise has an older brother, and that's all he does, when he goes to bed, he jacks off. She can hear him in there groaning and shit, and she's seen sticky shit on his floor, from where he shoots off. Crazy.

Anyway, I laid down, feeling guilty and sexy and a few other things, and thought about what I'd done. I wondered how I could make more things happen. I thought about maybe next time, if there was a next time, maybe playing with myself or something. Something wicked, something that'd turn him on like crazy. I wanted to do that for him, I wanted to turn him on. I wanted him to want me.

An hour later, I still wasn't asleep. I guessed it was after midnight, by now. I got up and stared out the window. His room was dark. I halfway wished I knew his number, so I could talk to him. Anybody. I was bored as shit. Bored, and horny.

I knew some things I could do, about that horny problem. I was pretty good at them already. My index finger knew the way. I could just put it on my clit, and start wiggling it around, and pretty quick, I'd cum like crazy. I loved doing that, but tonight, I wanted more. I thought about Devon, and wondered where he was, and what he was doing. Who he was doing. I wondered why he never called me again. Crazy. You'd think he'd know I was a sure thing. Boys. Crazy.

I thought about getting dressed, but I didn't know why I would. I decided I'd go sit in the swing, out in the yard. I put on some flip-flops, looked at my little nightgown thing I was wearing. It was about three years too old for me, and barely covered my puss, it was so high. I figured that to a guy, that's look sexier than hell. It'd be like they could get a peek, almost without trying. Shit. I realized how sexy I probably looked.

Well, I thought. Do somethin' about it. Make it worth while. I slowly, carefully opened my door, and crept out into the hall. The back door was a problem, but I finally got it opened without major noise. I very, very carefully made sure I didn't lock it, as I went out. I went along the side of the house, and into the back yard. It was cooler than I expected, almost cold. I went to the yard swing, but it was covered with dew. Shit. I looked at Theodore's room again. I went to the back yard gate, and looked across the alley at his house. I could see something, in his window... it looked like... it looked like... a face. Shit. It was a face. It was his face, probably, looking out the window, without the light on. Just the light from the street light in the alley was enough to show me his face. I wondered if he could see me.

I opened the gate, and crossed the alley into their yard. I could still see him at the window. I was sure he could see me. The face didn't move, it just stared out at me. I approached the house. I could tell it was Theodore, now, I was so close. I walked right up to his window. It was an old house, like I said. It had huge windows, tall and close to the ground. I motioned to him, pull the window up. He just looked at me. I motioned impatiently. Pull the window up, I said silently, or I'm fucking going back home.

He did, slowly, and I could tell he was trying to be silent. He finally got it up a few feet. There was no screen. Good. I stepped forward, and put my foot into his room. I held out my hand and he took it and I pulled. He pulled back and he lifted me right into his room. I put my finger over my mouth, making the universal shhh! motion. He understood, he probably was planning on silence, anyway. He opened his mouth to whisper to me, and I did shhh! again. I didn't even want to talk, I just wanted to be fucked.

I put my hand on his chest, and pushed him backwards towards his bed. Shit. It was just a twin. Well, I could work with that. He let me push him. He sat, and I stood right in front of him. I grasped the hem of my nightgown with my hands. My hands were shaking, and I was gulping for breath with my mouth open. I almost couldn't believe what I was doing.

I yanked my nightgown off, straight over my head. I stood before him topless, only a pair of panties on. I just slid them down, and kicked them off. I stood before him naked.

I could tell he was slightly freaked out. I mean, imagine you're just looking out your window, minding your own business, and a girl comes in your window, and strips in front of you. He looked freaked out, but he looked interested and excited, too. He didn't have a shirt on, just pajama bottoms. I looked down, in the dim light, and I could see them tenting up where his cock was. I knew then that this was going to work out just fine.

I hadn't said a word, and I didn't intend to. I crawled up on his lap, facing him, my legs over his legs. I pressed my mouth to his, and kissed him. He finally kissed back, and I tasted toothpaste. I giggled. I opened my mouth, and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I could tell he wasn't a very experienced kisser, but, fuck, neither was I. We could just make shit up as we went along.

I pulled away, and then pressed my mouth to his, again. He made some kind of wordless moan thing. I knew I was turning him on. His hands were just laying limply alongside his body, and the bed. I took a hand in each of mine, and raised them up and placed them on my butt. He just let them lay there for a few seconds, and then he started squeezing. Good, I thought. Good.

I crawled up further on him, and pushed my breasts right in his face. He didn't need much encouragement. He was starting to catch on. I felt his hot mouth on a nipple, as he squeezed and massaged my ass. I finally reached back with a hand, and pulled his hand deep into my ass, where my asshole was. I felt him feel my asshole, and he mumbled something again. I hope I was making his day. I knew guys like assholes. Devon hadn't been able to keep his finger out of mine, when he fucked me. I hoped Theodore would be the same.

I just put my arms around his head, and pulled him close to me. I was happy, and what he was doing felt good. I let him lick on my tits for a good long time. He licked and squeezed and rubbed all around on them, and it felt fine. Tits are cool. I'm glad I have tits. Finally I felt like we were ready to move on.

I pushed him back, and finally he got the hint, and laid down on his bed. I crawled back down his body, and stood for a moment. I grabbed the waistband of his pajama bottoms, and pulled them down. He resisted for a moment, I guess he was shy, then I think he realized a foxy girl was taking his pants off. He lifted his rear, and I slid them down his legs. My eyes were on his cock, at that time.

He had a nice cock. I was surprised. Every bit as large and nice a Devon's. Well, I hadn't seen a lot of cocks in my life... hardly any actually. For all I knew, they all looked like that. Of course, the ones I'd seen on the internet were all giant. I knew that real life wasn't like that at least.

His cock was hard, and stood almost straight up. I leaned down towards it, trying to examine it in the dim light, but I could just see a shape. I finally leaned into it, and opened my mouth. My heart was beating like crazy. I'm fixing to suck a cock, I thought.

When Devon and I had fucked, there wasn't really time for things like pussy eating and cock sucking. I still hoped, as I had for several years now, to get my pussy licked. My best friend Denise had had her pussy licked by another girl at a slumber party, and she said it was the best feeling and sexiest thing she'd ever done in her life. I wanted to know that feeling. Maybe I will tonight, I thought. Maybe if I suck him maybe he'll eat me.

I slurped his cock as deep as I could, and then ran it back out to the tip. I wrapped my lips around the cap, and sucked hard. I felt the slit in the end with my tongue. It felt sexier than shit. It had a taste, a definite taste, kinda sweaty, but it wasn't bad. It was sexy.

I just slurped and sucked, and he made little wordless moaning noises, to my amusement. I knew I was just fucking blowing his mind, totally. I could feel things inside him jerk and twitch, and finally he touched me on the neck.

"I'm gonna cum if you don't stop," he whispered, and I nodded, as well as I could. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, I wanted him to cum in my pussy. I finally dropped his cock, and crawled up on the bed with him. I laid down beside him, and spread my legs as well as I could. I figured he'd get the message.

Shit. He got another message. And it was the right one. He slid off the bed, and kneeled on the floor. He pressed his face into my cunt, and began to lick.

The next fifteen or thirty or forty-five minutes were the most pleasurable I'd had, in all my fifteen years. He licked and slurped all over my cunt, and somehow, although I'm still sure I was the first cunt he'd licked, he knew the clit was the whole point. He kept right on my clit, smashing it against me, licking it up and licking it down. I felt tremors run through my legs, and had goosebumps all up and down my arms. I finally came, good and hard, and he just kept on licking. He was a machine.

Finally, after I'd cum three or four times, he stood slightly, and joined me back on the bed. He smiled at me in the dim light, and I smiled back. I knew he was happy. I knew he loved the shit out of my cunt.

I spread my legs again, as far as I could, and held my arms out to him. He crawled on top of me, and lay. His body felt good and heavy on top of me. I could feel his cock, poking my leg. I reached down with my free hand, and grabbed hold of it. He raised up slightly, and I positioned it right in the center of my cunt. He began to slowly press into my body.

I'd forgotten how good it felt. I mean, getting eaten out feels good, but it's a different kind of feeling. This felt wonderful. He went in and out gently, letting the juices inside my cunt wet his dick, and lubricate it. Finally, his thighs touched mine, and I knew he was in all he way. He began a gentle pumping, in and out. It felt wonderful.

I was convinced, as I still am, that this was his first time. He did good, for a first time. He fucked me good. I made a mental note to ask him about it, next time I saw him at school. I didn't want to talk tonight.

I came again, as he fucked me. I guess he came at some point, I couldn't really tell when, but I was all sticky down there later. He slowed, and finally stopped, and just lay there. I could tell he was exhausted. I was a bit tired, myself. Energetic sex is hard work. We just lay there a few minutes, and he held me in his arms. That felt good, even. I wondered if I should let him be my boyfriend, or if I should just fuck him every now and then. Having a boyfriend across the alley might have it's advantages. We'll see, I thought.

I finally dragged myself off the bed, and picked my nightgown up off the floor. He sat up, and started to say something, but I shushed him again. He took it, and was quiet. I laughed silently to myself. I knew I was in charge, from the start to the finish.

I pulled my nightgown over my head, and picked up my panties. On impulse, I tossed them to him, and he caught them, surprise on his face. I knew they were pretty fragrant, I'd worn them since yesterday. Maybe they'd remind him of this time that we'd had together. I already knew, though, that we were going to do this again.

I went to the window, and climbed out. That was harder than climbing in, for some reason. I looked back at him, once I was outside. He was standing next to his bed, watching me. I smiled at him, and lifted one hand. He lifted his, and I turned back to my house.

I lay in bed that night, and thought about what I'd done. I felt good. It was nice and sexy. And a bit naughty. I liked that part the most. I loved that naughty feeling. I was hooked on it. I tried to think of other naughty things I could do. This, so far, was the best I had come up with. I thought, I might as well try it again, with somebody else.


That Monday at school, Theodore and I ran into each other as I went to my locker. "Hi, Kira..." he said. I stared at him, a slight smile on my face, but I didn't say anything. He gulped, and nodded to me. I made the shhh motion, and he nodded again. I went right up to him, then, and whispered in his ear, "Theodore, if you ever want that to happen again, not a word, hear?"

I backed up and he nodded vigorously. I knew he was hooked on me, bad. Shit, I thought. Now this means I have to, almost. It's only fair to him, after saying that. Well. I could do it. I would do it.


I thought about who to do next the whole next day. Finally, it was Saturday, and I didn't have to go to school. I just laid around, and thought. There were a few guys in my neighborhood that I came up with. Mostly older guys, Theodore had been about the only guy my age. Down on the corner was a guy named Thomas, a kinda middle-aged tough guy. I saw him running all the time, in the neighborhood, and riding his bike. He was a hardbody. He was my number one choice, just because he was a hardbody. And, he wasn't bad looking, at all. And, best of all, he was single.

I plotted and planned all day, until the sun went down. I got a little sleep, and finally, at midnight, my phone went off and woke me up.

I put on my little nightgown, but this time I left my panties off. I felt deliciously naughty, to think about walking around the neighborhood in my short short nightie, without panties on. This was going to be cool, I thought.

I left the house again, but this time I locked the door. I had my house key on a string around my neck. I walked out into the back yard, and into the alley. I walked down the alley until I was behind Thomas's house. I went through a gate into his back yard, and was heading towards his house, wondering how I'd get in, when I heard voices. I stopped.

Thomas and a friend of his were sitting on his back porch, drinking beer. Shit, I thought. Another dude. The little naughty twinges that I'd been feeling all evening turned into a big naughty twinge. A major twinge. Why not, I thought. Why the fuck not.

I crept closer. I couldn't believe they hadn't seen or heard me enter the yard, but apparently they hadn't. They were laughing and talking, shooting the shit. I just walked right up to them like I belonged there.

"Oh, shit!" said one of them, and the other one made a wordless noise, also. Thomas jumped to his feet, I think he was ready to kick my ass until he saw that I was just a girl. He relaxed, looking at me. I couldn't see his expression, because there was a light behind him. I knew that it was lighting me up.

His friend didn't look bad, another skinny hardbody type. A biker, I figured. A bike biker, not a motorcycle biker. I just walked right up to them. I wasn't in charge yet, but I figured I would be, soon enough.

"Can I help you?" Thomas said. I don't know if he recognized me, I'd only spoken to him a time or two. I saw him occasionally in Walley-world, when I was there with my mom. I have no idea if he knew me, at this point.

"Yes..." I said. "Sit." He just gave me a peculiar look, and then he did just that. He sat. He sat there, staring at me.

"Yes," I said again. "You can help me." I pulled my nightgown over my head, and stood in front of them, naked as the day I was born.

"Oh shit!" said Thomas, louder than he needed to. I had to stop a minute then, and giggle. That kind of spoiled the cool calm demeanor I'd hoped to impress them with.

"Gentlemen," I said, "Who is first?"


It didn't actually work out that easy. They argued with me, and then they argued among themselves. The other guy was for it before Thomas was. I wondered if Thomas had recognized me by now, and knew how old I was. Or how old I wasn't. I just stood there, naked, and let them jabber, laughing to myself. I knew my power, I felt it, that night, a good taste of it. The power that a good-looking naked girl possesses. I knew they'd eventually bend to my will.

My only real concern was somebody else seeing into their back yard. Any car driving down the street could have seen me, but luckily, it's a pretty dead neighborhood.

"What's your name," the other guy finally asked me, including me in the conversation at last.

"Kira," I said, and Thomas nodded.

"Kira... honey," Thomas said, "What exactly do you want from us?"

I was silent for a moment, trying to look enigmatic.

"I want to be fucked," I finally said. "By both of you. Who's first?"

"Darling..." Thomas said, "how old are you?"

I was silent again. My mind raced. Finally I spoke. "If I don't tell you, you won't know. It doesn't matter anyway. Nobody will ever know, trust me."

"Yeah, it matters," said Thomas. "Not to him, but it matters to me." The other guy laughed, at that, and nodded. I could tell the other guy was on my side, now.

"Well, then, Thomas," I said, "You can just watch. I'd hoped for two, but you can just watch if you feel like that."

"Shit," Thomas said. He stood.

"I can see which way the wind is blowing," he finally said. "Come on, let's go in the house."


His house was nice inside, but definitely a bachelor pad. He switched on a light, and turned on the TV. The two of them moved to the couch and sat. I stood in front of them.

"Thomas," I said. "Put it on VH1 or something."

He found the remote, and changed the channel. It was late enough that they were actually playing music for a change. I put my hands over my head and started moving slowly, in time with the music. Both the guys were wearing spandex bike shorts and I could already see a big lump in the other guy's shorts.

"What's your name," I asked him, as I danced.

"Edward," he said.

"Howdy, Ed," I said. "Pleased to meetcha."

He nodded, never taking his eyes off my tits. I knew my tits were looking sexier than ever this evening. They swayed slowly as I gyrated in time with the music. I moved closer and closer to him, and finally stood inbetween his legs. I began rubbing against him, rubbing against his crotch. I could feel the hardness of his cock, inside the spandex. It was sexier than hell.

I danced for him a few minutes like that, pressing against his cock, then I moved over to Thomas. In spite of his earlier reticence, Thomas seemed ready to play. His cock was hard, too. He had a nice big lump, in his pants. I was pleased. I rubbed down hard on it, grinding it with my ass, and then turning around and rubbing it with my knee.

"Damn, girl," he finally said. "I'm gonna have... an accident if you keep that up."

I laughed. They were mine, now. I could tell by now I was totally in charge.


We didn't fuck until probably two hours later. I danced for them until I was almost worn out. Finally both of them dropped their shorts, and drew their cocks out. The real fun started then. I'd dance, getting lower and lower, finally scrubbing their cocks with my hair. I'd lick and rub my face with it, and then finally at long last take it into my mouth. I'd suck for a minute, until I knew it just couldn't feel any better, and then move to the other guy. I did that a hundred times, it felt like. Their cocks were purple, they were both so turned on.

I wondered if they'd ever fucked around like this together. I wondered if they'd ever seen each other's cocks before. They seemed like pretty good friends. Maybe, maybe not. I didn't really care enough to ask.

Finally, I was tired. I sat on the couch inbetween the two of them, and spread my legs wide, putting a leg up on each of them. I could see Ed staring hungrily at my cunt. I had a feeling he was going to be first.

They both stood, and Thomas motioned for Ed to go ahead.

"Thanks," said Ed. "I wont cum in her, for you." Thomas nodded. That's a guy thing, I thought. I understood, though.

"I'll take it, when you cum," I said. I hoped he understood I meant I'd take it in my mouth. He nodded, in any case. I turned sideways, and lay down on the couch, and he delicately crawled on top of me, being careful not to squish me. How considerate.

He pushed inside me slowly, taking his time, wetting himself with my juices. And, damn, I was juicy that night. Was I ever. He finally got going, and fucked me beautifully. I came within minutes, and came again. And again. I didn't know I could cum so many times, in one fucking. It was wonderful.

My hands and legs were trembling, and I was breathing in little gasps when he finally slid out of me and stood. He said, "Ready?" and I nodded. He came up to me, and I took his cock in my mouth. I could taste my cunt on his cock, and it was sexier than shit. I tasted great. This is my first time, I thought, my first time eating sperm. I wasn't going to let them know that, though. I wanted them to think I was experienced.

I sucked and sucked, feeling his average-sized cock harden even more, in my mouth. It felt cool just to suck a cock, for me. This was my second one. I hoped for a third, tonight. I played with his balls, and just sucked. He went for a long time, and I was happy just to suck. Finally I felt things inside him twitch and jerk, and he said, "Here goes!" and I felt his cock jump a little. He filled my mouth up with semen, and some of it even dribbled down my chin. He was groaning and moaning, and I could feel his muscles tense and finally relax.

The shit tasted funny, I gotta admit. It wasn't bad, kinda bitter, kinda cloroxy tasting. I could stand it. I could probably learn to like it, I thought.

"Damn..." he said. "Damn, girl." I hoped I'd pleased him. Probably, I thought.

He finally staggered over to a chair, and fell into it. I could tell he was ragged out. Thomas slowly moved over in front of me.

"You sure about this, girl?" he said, and I nodded. Little late now for regrets, I thought.

"Thomas," I said, "fuck me."


I slowly walked home, tired but feeling warm and fuzzy and happy inside. I felt good. I felt thoroughly fucked, that was for sure. This was a good idea I'd had. I'll have to try it again, I thought.


I didn't do anything again for over a week. The next Saturday night, though, I just got this feeling. Tonight, I thought. Tonight's the night.

I had spent a lot of time deciding on my next... victim. The guy I decided on was really my first choice, even before Thomas. His name was Dale, and he lived one street North of us. He lived with his three kids, his wife had died of cancer or some shit a few years back. He talked to my dad occasionally, and I pretty much knew his story. The only problem was that I knew for sure he'd know me. And he seemed like a straight-arrow kind of guy. I wasn't sure if I could convince him. But, hell, I like a challenge. Bring it on.

That night, I waited until well after midnight. I dressed in my nightgown, like always, no panties. This one was going to be exciting in that I had to cross a street. Our little neighborhood was so dead, though, I wasn't worried. I locked the door behind me, and went through the back yard and through Theodore's yard. I'd looked at his window, but didn't see him. Good. I didn't have time for him, tonight. I had work to do, tonight.

I looked both ways. No cars in sight. I crossed the road, and walked into Dale's yard. Toys and shit were strewn all around it. I started to try the front door, then I thought, hell, I'll check the windows in the back. When I passed the back door, on impulse I tried it. To my great surprise, it wasn't locked. Shit, I thought. Good thing I'm not a burglar.

I crept into the house. I am breaking and entering now, I thought. I slowly went through the living room, and down the hall. The hall light was on, and I could look into each room as I passed it. There was the boy's room, with two beds, and then the girl's room, with one. There was a closed door at the end of the hall. I slowly carefully eased it open.

This had to be the main bedroom. But, damn, it was dark. I entered the room, and stood there, for the longest time. Finally I could make out the bed. I heard a slight snoring. I could just about make out his body, in the bed.

I eased my nightgown off, and was naked. To be naked in somebody's house, without them even knowing I was there... that was sexier than shit. I just hoped he didn't have a pistol under his pillow.

I approached the bed. I hoped he was a heavy sleeper. I slowly, carefully sat on the edge of the bed. He stopped snoring, and then started again. I carefully inched the sheet that covered him down further and further. The light was dim, but I could see that he was naked. Good. That helped my plans.

He was mostly laying on his back, which also helped. His soft cock came into view, just a black blob in the darkness. I carefully moved over, careful not to touch him anywhere else. I leaned down, holding my hair, and took his cock in my mouth. He snorted, and I froze. He started snoring again, and I gently began to suck. His cock tasted good, kind of musty and sweaty, but sexy.

He was one goddam sound sleeper. He had a hardon that would do anyone proud, and I was sucking pretty hard when I think he finally woke up. I heard the snoring stop, and then he drew a deep, convulsive breath. Then he stopped breathing, then he started again.

"Wha..." he finally said, and I almost giggled. I felt his hand, then, touch me on my shoulder. He followed my shoulder to my neck, and then went up to my face. He moved around my face some, I guess to see if I was old and wrinkled or something.

"Who are you?" he finally asked. I didn't say anything, I just kept sucking. I could feel him stretch as he tried to reach a little table beside his bed, when a lamp was. It amused me, because he acted like he didn't want me to stop. I could understand that. He couldn't reach the lamp, though.

"Who are you," he said again. I sighed, and dropped his cock long enough to say, "Linda." I knew he'd know who Kira was, I'd actually babysat his kids before, at my house. I know he'd know me.

"Linda who," he said. That doesn't matter, I thought. You're getting a blow job. Just relax and enjoy it. I sucked harder.

He finally shut up, and just leaned back on his hands and let me suck. I went until I felt some twitches deep inside his body, and I figured he was about to cum. I finally dropped his cock, and sat up.

I didn't say anything, I just crawled up on top of him. When I got to his chest, he dropped on the bed beneath him, and I went right on up until my cunt was in his face. Now, I though. Now return the favor.

He was laying back on his bed. I just hovered over him, my cunt and ass in his face, and he got the idea pretty quickly. I felt his tongue touching me. It felt good, as good as when Theodore had done it. Maybe better. He licked and lapped my cunt, finally putting his hands up on my ass, and holding and guiding me as he explored my pussy with his tongue.

I was surprised how much he seemed to love my asshole. I mean, I know guys liked assholes, but damn. He ate mine up. I knew it was pretty tasty, I hadn't had a bath in two days, and I'd pooped this evening, right before I started all this. I knew it was pretty spicy, probably. He seemed to love it, he seemed to love all my tastes. I knew guys were funny like that. Not from experience, from locker room talk and shit. I knew guys liked assholes.

I just scrubbed my asshole in his face, and he ate it up. I even felt his tongue, trying to go inside me, down there, and I giggled. Guys. Holes must be penetrated. Go figure.

I came, while he licked my clit. It was great, I almost collapsed on top of him, I came so hard. Finally, exhausted, I laid beside him, trying to catch my breath. When I felt him move, I spread my legs.

"Fuck me," I said, "Fuck me, Dale."

That was my mistake, probably, saying his name. He froze, and everything stopped.

"Kira?" he said. "Kira, is that you?" He stuck his face right in mine, trying to see me in the dim light. I laughed slightly. Shit. He'd made me, that quick.

"It doesn't matter who it is," I said. "Please... we've gone this far... fuck me."

"Darlin'," he said, laughing slightly himself. "You're just a kid. I can't... fu... fu... fuck you."

"Yes you can," I said. "Dale. Forget that shit. No one will know. Just fuck me."

"Kira." he said, "You need to go home, dear. And stop sneaking into people's houses."

"No," I said. "I can't leave until you fuck me. For your sake as well as mine, Dale. Please. Fuck me."

He sighed, and was silent. I knew right then I'd won. It was just a matter of winding it up.

"Dale..." I finally said. "I know it's been a long time for you. Take me, enjoy me... please..."

"Honey," he said. "You're too young. You don't know what you're doing."

"Dale," I laughed at that. "Did it seem like I didn't know what I was doing just then? My dear, you are not my first. And you won't be my last."

"You do this a lot? Sneak into people's houses?" he kinda laughed.

"I didn't sneak," I said. "The door was unlocked. I just walked in."

"Damn kids," he said, still laughing.

"Don't worry about it," I said, "it saved me the trouble of breaking a window. Dale. Fuck me, now!"

He sighed. He was sitting on the side of his bed. I approached him and crawled up in his lap, facing him, like I had Theodore. I knew it was sexy. I knew I could get what I wanted, now.

I put my face closer and closer to him. Finally I did what I hadn't done much of with Theodore, or Thomas and Ed. I kissed him. He resisted me at first, but I finally felt him kiss back. His mouth tasted of toothpaste. Great, I thought. Just after bedtime is a good time to kiss. Everybody's just brushed their teeth.

I got higher and higher over him, and he finally leaned back on the bed. We just kissed for a while. Finally he held me, and rolled over until I was on the bottom.

"Kira," he said. "Are you sure about this?"

"Of course," I said.

"God forgive me," he said, and I giggled. He crawled around a little on top of me, getting situated. I felt his cock, bumping me down there, on my pussy. I finally reached down, and guided it to my cunt. He sighed heavily, and began to push into me. Damn, it felt good. Something about it, I thought. Just something about it.

Pretty quick, he established a rhythm, and began fucking me proper. He was good, the best so far. He fucked me in long slow strokes that just built up and built up, until I just exploded. I came, hard and long. No sooner had I caught my breath, than I came again. He was good.

We fucked forever. I was content to just go and go. Finally, though, after a time that I came, I felt his whole body jerk and tremble, and he came, at last. Party's over, I thought. But, it had been good.

He came, screwing up his face and groaning, and I almost giggled. I felt him slow and relax, and finally stop altogether. It had truly been fun while it lasted.

"Dale..." I said, giving him a peck on his lips, "Thank you. That was wonderful. We'll have to do that again, some time."

"Shit, baby," he said. "I just don't wanna have to go to jail. But, thank you. You are the sweetest thing and I love you forever. Thank you."

I laughed, and let him hold me. I just stayed there, and let him hold me for another few hours. It felt good. We talked some, but mostly we just lay there. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Finally, it was almost five o'clock. I dragged myself up, and put my nightgown on. He offered to take me home, and we both laughed. He knew I just lived a few houses away. I finally gave him one last kiss, and slipped out the door. I crossed the road, and quietly let myself into my own house. It was a relief to crawl into my bed, and let sleep take me.


The next week, on Thursday night, or so, I did Theodore again. This time we talked a little, and I let him just lay in his bed and hold me after we got done. He was actually getting better at fucking, he fucked me well, and I came like crazy. I tried to butter him up and to make him feel good about himself. Mostly he just laughed, though, when I tried to tell him how good he was.

Now, I thought. Now, for my encore. Who will I do, next? There wasn't a lot of choices within walking distance. There was one kid, though... and I used the word kid realistically. He was a few houses down, and I liked him, for some reason. He was thirteen or so, I think, a couple of years younger than me. Of course, at that age, a year or two seems like a lot... he'd been over and played with the twins a time or two, and I'd liked him... he was respectful and generous, just a nice kid.

That evening, I walked around the neighborhood a bit. I finally spotted him, in a neighbor's yard. I went up to him, and we made some small talk. He asked about the twins, and such stuff, and we talked for a while.

"Brendan," I finally said, "I'd like to talk some more. Talk, and other stuff. If you want, open your bedroom window about midnight and I'll sneak in."

He just looked at me, his mouth agape. I knew I'd shocked the shit out of him. I giggled, and he finally closed his mouth. I had a thought.

"Your window got a screen?" I said, and he nodded. "But," he said, "I can take it off."

"Please do. Midnight, okay?" I said, and he nodded. "Lock the door to your room, and open your window. See you then?" He nodded again, more animated this time. I was pleased. He seemed to be catching on.

That night I slept a little, and then got ready. That just consisted of putting my nightgown on. No panties, this time, either. This was do or die, I thought. I finally snuck out of the house. I was getting good at sneaking around.

I had to cross a road again, but that was no problem. There were two dogs fucking in a yard, and they ran away when I walked by, still hooked together. That gave me a fit of the giggles and I finally walked into the back yard of Brendan's house. And, shit. I had no idea which room was his. Shit.

I saw him, then, peeking out his window. He looked both surprised and relieved that I'd come, and I went over to his window. Shit again. It was so high off the ground I knew I'd never be able to crawl into it. He realized that and he carefully passed a folding chair out the window. I unfolded it and climbed up it and he helped me into his room.

"Thank you," I whispered in his ear, and he laughed. We sat on his bed and talked for a while in whispers. It felt naughty and sexy for some reason. I wondered if he had the slightest idea what I was contemplating.

I had spent a lot of time wondering if he could do it. Fuck, I mean. If he could fuck. He was probably thirteen, and I hoped he could. I had no idea at what age guy's dicks started working, started shooting sperm and shit. I just hoped.

I put my mouth to his ear, and whispered, in what I hoped was a soft and sexy voice. Whisper-voice.

"Brendan," I said, "do you want to make love to me? You can, if you wish..."

He was silent. I wondered if he knew what I was talking about. I continued.

"Baby," I said, "I wanna suck you. I want you to suck me. You wanna try?"

He nodded vigorously at that. Good, I thought. At least he's willing to try.

I stood, and pulled my nightgown over my head. His desk lamp was on and I knew he could see my body. He looked pleased. I hoped I was making his day for him.

"Come on," I whispered and motioned to him. He stood and pulled his pajama bottoms off. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his hard little cock stood out proudly from his body. I knew right then that we'd be able to do it. Even if he didn't squirt it would feel good for him.

We lay on the bed, on our sides, and had our first kiss. Once again, toothpaste. I was getting to be quite an expert in the various brands of toothpaste in the world. We kissed for the longest time. I had no idea a kid this young would even be interested in kissing, but he was.

I finally took his hand in mine, and placed it on my breast. He squeezed and rubbed me just like Theodore had done. It felt good. My nipples felt great when he pinched them. He seemed pretty into me, already. He wasn't a bad kisser, either, for a kid.

I finally sat up and guided his hand to my pussy. He felt around it and finally rubbed a little. I leaned back and spread my legs further and he kind of got down on his hands and knees and examined me. I giggled, and let him. I knew he was curious. He touched me and looked at me for a long time, and I put my hips up in the air so he could look at my asshole.

"Lick me," I finally whispered. "Lick me, down there..."

He took a minute to accept the idea, I think. Then I felt a tentative touch on my pussy lips. It was his tongue, soft and wet. I relaxed and let him lick me. When he finally found my clit, I whispered, "Yes... there!" to let him know that was the spot. He concentrated on it, and I hoped I tasted good for him, I hadn't had a bath tonight for this very reason. I knew I tasted pretty good when I hadn't bathed, I'd tasted myself often enough.

He didn't lick near hard enough, and I had to urge him to be a little rougher. Finally I came, a nice little cum, a good start. I finally pushed his head away and then pulled him up where I was.

"Okay," I whispered. "Now it's my turn."

I crawled down off the bed and kneeled over his crotch. He had a nice little cock, the smallest I'd seen so far, but what the hell, he was just a kid. I slurped it into my mouth and it felt just fine. I sucked his balls into my mouth even, at some point. I sucked him hard and he felt hard in my mouth. He felt sexy, really sexy.

I just sucked and sucked. I'd meant to ask him if he could cum yet, but I'd forgotten. Finally, after maybe ten minutes or so, I felt a twitch inside him. At last he did cum, a nice little squirt or two in my mouth. I gulped it down and sucked his cock clean.

I finally crawled back up on the bed and we just lay there a while, holding each other. I kissed him, and he kissed back. He was good kisser, for a kid. We just kissed and kissed and he explored my mouth with his tongue.

Finally, after a while, I reached down and started playing with his cock. Sure enough, it started to get hard again, as I'd hoped it would. I finally figured he was ready.

I lay back, and pulled him over on top of me. He went willingly. I got him situated, and reached down for his cock, to guide it to my cunt. At last I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy, and I grabbed him by the ass and pulled him towards me. He slid into my pussy as pretty as you please, and, even though he was small, he felt good. I hoped it felt as good for him.

I gave him some guidance with my hands, pulling him in and pulling him out and he caught on pretty quick. I'm sure it felt good for him, as good as it did for me. He finally began pumping me on his own, and I relaxed and just enjoyed it. To help a little I fingered my clit, and soon I felt a wave just wash over me. I came, as he fucked me, and enjoyed it immensely. I hope it was as good for him.

He finally came, I could hear him groaning and felt him squirming on top of me. We both giggled a little when it was over, it was funny. He finally slowed and stopped and just laid on top of me. Just that alone felt good to me. A nice warm body on top of you always feels good.

He finally rolled off, and I sat up.

"Was that fun?" I whispered, and he nodded his head, smiling. I knew it did. I slowly dressed, well, I pulled my nightgown over my head, and pulled my flip-flops on. I kissed him goodbye, crawled out his window, and handed his chair back in to him.

I went home the long way, and went down the alley past Thomas's house. I thought I saw him, in a lawn chair and I went in his back yard, and snuck up on him, making him jump. I didn't say a word, I just crawled on top of him, on his lap. He ran his hands up my legs, and touched my cunt. I knew he was mine.

We fucked, there, outside, on his back porch. We didn't care if anyone walked down the alley or what. We fucked long and slow, and he didn't seem to notice Brendan's cum in me, or he didn't care if he did notice. Brendan hadn't cum that much, the second time, I didn't think. Thomas was a pro, and he fucked me nicely, and I came like crazy on top of him. It was great. We finished, and I just laid there, and kissed him for a while. This sneaking around thing was really working out nicely, I thought. I wondered about doing Dale, Mr. Weston. He deserved another turn, I thought, he'd done me nicely that first time. Maybe tomorrow night, I probably shouldn't push it tonight. It was pretty late, anyway. I kissed Thomas goodnight, pulled my nightgown down, and headed home.



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Of course I liked it, I am an old pervert and it had some great sex in it!

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i like the way the girl thinks. has many friends in the neighborhood for sure.

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I almost hate to admit it, but it really aroused me....old pervert that I am.