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Author Topic: my first encounter(f/mdog,nc,voy)  (Read 7173 times)
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« on: August 11, 2008, 09:09:36 AM »

This event happened many years ago,so forgive me if my true mental account of it skips this and that.

 But it was my first true actual encounter of seeing a woman get it from their pet.

 As most all of you have had such thoughts as I had myself of the myths of such things as females and a dog "getting it on" outside of such tales as I'm sure most of you have heard yourselves,as I have as well..

 I had always had a hidden interest to want to see a woman get fucked by a male k9 and outside of a few trips down to Mexico to see such had never had a true close encounter before.

 Sure I saw it live on a stage but being drunk on Mexican tequila and watching from the back of a crowded place; A true encounter had not ever happened as of yet in my life.

 But I was helping some friends out back home who owned a motel and would do maintenance and upkeep on the rooms and pool etc. to give them a much needed day or two away from it all.

And as often is the case certain little this and thats needed fixing, so I'd take care of it so the next room renter had no problems.

 So such was the case on this particular day when I arrived and had the usual room maintenance cards to go check out and fix their problems.

 Well they also had a breakfast buffet and such which the guest truly luved and enjoyed the fact it was more like a home cooked breakfast and such which kept them with steady return customers.

 And some of their rooms were adjoining rooms and such with double doors that had special keys if they were rented as such for the tenants to have open rooms for double occupancy.

 Anyway it was far to early to start the room problem checks and usually I would make sure they were absolutely gone before entering the rooms to check out the problems.

 But this particular day the people had rented both rooms for several days and since each room had it's own parking spot I could tell if they were gone or not.

  So after doing the pool routine and some other things I noticed their vehicle was gone so I went to the room and of course knocked and announced myself as maintenance and since no one answered I assumed they were all gone at the moment..

 Well that was certainly most wrong assumption i've ever had in my life!!
I opened the door with the master key and just went on in heading right to the problem being a leaky flapper as reported for the toilet in that room.

 And the very moment I came to those double doors I was frozen in my tracks as my heart seemed to leave my body and an absolute shuddering fear of my life rushed all over me.

 For there was their huge ass dog of some kind like the type they use for hunting lions and such just beyond the doors in the other room on the bed and growling like hell at me.

 But far worse than that was the fact that he was absolutely mounted and fucking the hell out of the woman of the family whose head was plowed up against the wall and headboard as her cries of "don't hurt me" "oh please don't hurt me" filled the rooms.

 As I stood there fearing for my own life as he had his huge head turned towards me and growling like hell with his canine teeth showing a tell of he wanted to stop and lunge at me and tear my ass up for intruding.

 I had all sorts of things running through my head and he was still plowing it to her and her thinking I guess that he was growling at her because she'd cry out the same don't hurt me don't hurt me and was telling him oh I'll do it just don't hurt me..

 And I swear the look in his dark eyes was one that said he had everyone at bay to his every wish and command as he seemed to sense that I sure as hell wasn't going anywhere.

 I wanted to run and try somehow to get his ass off her and stop him from what was absolutely rape in a beastial sort of manner. As she began to slow her loud cries of him not hurting her although her head being pushed up against the headboard and bouncing back and forth as he piled drove the hell out of her had her face almost smothered in the pillows.

I was frozen in my tracks and afraid to move one muscle whatsoever since even the slightest movement from me made him turn his head to me and growl like hell.

 And I swear the look in his eyes and actions were that of his wanting me to watch him fuck this woman as never before as he was sure as hell doing.

 He was now really pounding her with a tempo there is no doubt that any man could ever match.

 And I could hear her absolutely crying out "ohhh pleeeease no more" as he was bouncing her like a ball between his thrust and her bouncing back from the headboard.

 I wanted to run my ass out of that room and never return,and was finally thinking oh shit what am I going to do if she sees me in here watching this!!

 And suddenly I heard her give a loud cry out as she tried her best to fling her head up but it being trapped against the headboard and being beaten against it like hell with his fast and powerful thrusting.

 Then it was as if the lights went out for her as all I could hear were these gruntal sort of cries from her as suddenly he stiffened his entire body and his tail shot up like a hunting dog on a quail.

 As she was half heartedly crying out "it's hooot it's hoottttt" as her whole body itself seemed erupt in it's own quaking of their mating.

 While her head fell back into the pillows still plowed up against the headboard but she was only grunting out those words as if she was then in some other world from it all.

And I suddenly myself moved my body from so damn frozen in my tracks and he seemed to not care one bit as he was now using his huge snout to nip at her neck and shoulder and had her hair in his mouth as he was panting heavily and I could hear it plain as day..

 Well I guess my instant thought had said he was far to occupied with his cock being buried to the hilt in the woman and had no concern for me whatsoever at that point.

That I turned and got my ass out of there and I was still so damn traumatized by him having scared the hell and life out of me I went to the maintenance room and stayed there for I have no idea how long trying in vain to get myself under control.

And once I did there was absolutely no damn way I could continue my day at all and went home and had this site of the two of them running through my mind and I could not get it out of my mind..

 And when my then wife got home she was like damn you look like you have seen a ghost.

 Well it wasn't a ghost for damn sure.. But it was a huge ass dog giving that poor woman the fucking of her life!!

 So I told my wife that I about got my ass ate up from a damn dog in a room I had no idea he was there and got out with the mere fraction of my life before he ate me up!!

 But I returned the next day and was doing my usual things when there at the breakfast bar was none other than the poor woman, her husband, and their grandchildren..

 As she was moving rather gingerly and the grandkids of course wanting this and that and I heard him tell them " leave your grandma alone today" she's not feeling so well.

 And I noticed she was every once in a while grabbing her belly and a no doubt there were strange things going on inside that day!!

 Yes I finally did get back to that room and fixed the flapper in the toilet and had to absolutely rehang the damn headboard to..  I just can't imagine why that happened!!

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