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Pussy Cat (Dad/Daughter Incest, Mf, mf, Ff, ff, fb)

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on: February 06, 2015, 02:08:02 PM

Title         : Pussy Cat

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Dad/Daughter Incest, Mf, mf, Ff, ff, fb

Date        : 20150206

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Synopsis :

     A teenaged girl lives with her father, who places no restrictions on her behavior.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is mostly made up. The site of the original Drunkfest just southeast of OKC is now a housing addition. There was a hundred used rubbers on the ground last time I went out there. A lot of cherries got popped on that spot.


I didn't start out to be a bad girl. I didn't wake up one morning, and think today I'm gonna be wicked. It just kinda crept up on me. I was pretty normal, until eighth grade or so. Then I took off. Then things got fun. I don't mean I was bad like I did crimes and shit, I was bad like... like I screwed around and stuff. I learned about sex and that stuff. You get the idea.

I got my cherry popped when I was thirteen. That's about par for the course, around here. Most of my friends had already done it, by the time I finally did. I liked the boy that did it, that's why I let him do it, of course. Turns out he didn't like me that much, just a time or two was good enough for him, and then he moved on. I was just a notch in his pistol. That kinda pissed me off a bit, but that's life, I guess. I moved on, too.

I'm a little over fifteen now. I've probably fucked six or seven different guys. I even fucked a guy named Elvis once. I get to tell everybody that, hey, I fucked Elvis. My friends know who I mean, and it's good for a laugh.

My boyfriend now is named Alvin Hyde. He goes to school with me, which is convenient. He usually spends Friday and Saturday night with me, which is also convenient. I live with my dad, and, although I don't think he'd really mind, we kinda hide what we're doing. He crawls in my window after I go to bed, and sneaks out the next morning. I'm sure my dad knows something's going on, I mean, shit, I go to bed so early on those nights, but he don't say anything. I think he cares about me, but he's decided to let me live my own life. He got me on the pill two years ago, just in case, he said, so we don't have to worry about that shit.

Alvin is nice to me, way nicer than any of the other boyfriends I've had. We're pretty close, but he don't smother me or anything. We're almost like friends, friends with privileges or whatever, other that boyfriend and girlfriend. I actually don't think he'd mind me fucking around that much, as long as he still got some. I kinda feel that way about him. We're too young to be totally stuck on one person, I think.

My dad. There's a character. He's not bad, for an old fart. Like I said, he pretty much lets me live my own life. I came to live with him when I was eleven or so, when my Mom died. That's probably the best thing that ever happened to me, my Mom was a total loser, a druggie. The less said about her the better. My dad has a good job, at least, and we always seem to have enough money, unlike it was when I lived with my mom.

My dad is a small guy, well, probably average is the word for him. He's thin and wiry, and in good shape, for an old guy. He's strong, and he works out in the garage religiously. I'm proud of him, in a weird way. He's barely in his forties, and he even looks younger than that. I used to pretend he was my boyfriend when we went out, and shit like that.

I know my dad likes me, probably more than he should. It's obvious the way he watches me sometimes. Because of that, I'm mean, at times, and I lay around in my undies, or even topless. I feel like he deserves it. If he likes looking at me, let him look. I like showing off anyway.

My dad has a part-time girlfriend named Wanda, and I've even seen them fucking before. One night a few months ago I woke up for some reason, and decided to go to the kitchen for a snack. When I got out in the hall I could hear them, and there was no mistakin' what was goin' on. I went back to his door, which was mostly open, and peeked in. She was up on the bed on her hands and knees, and he was behind her, pounding away on her ass. They weren't butt-fuckin', I don't think, just pussy-fuckin'. She was really humping forwards and backwards, smacking into him hard. Her tits were hangin' down, and looked pretty funny the way they were swinging. I just stared, kinda laughing, amused. He finally noticed me, and I gotta give him credit, he didn't break stride or nothin'. I just waved and watched another few seconds, and went to the kitchen. I was naked, I always sleep naked, and I hope it kinda turned him on a little, to see me naked while he was fuckin' his girlfriend. I thought later I shoulda let him see me play with my pussy a little bit. Maybe that's mean, I dunno. Like I said, I like turnin' him on. I asked him the next day if he'd had a good time, and he just laughed and shook his head and looked a little embarrassed. He looked like he'd been having a good time.

Anyway, that's my life, other than what I've mentioned there's school, which is okay, it's bearable, at least. I got a good friend, Carla, she keeps things interesting. She's always coming up with some crazy idea or something. She's a good friend. There's nothin' I don't tell her.


There's not a lot to do around here, way out in the suburbs. One thing the kids like to do, on Friday and sometimes Saturday nights, is go to the Drunkfest. It's way out on highway 162, out in unincorporated territory. There ain't hardly ever any cops or hypos out that way. The Drunkfest is on some oil land, where there's some tanks and pumps and shit, but we leave that stuff alone, so they won't get inclined to run us off.

The guys always bring the beer, what of them that can get it. We just sit around on the hoods of cars and drink and act goofy and shit. Some cowboys have rigged up and bronc made of a barrel and ropes between some trees, and somebody's always getting their ass thrown in the dirt on that thing.

That's where it all started, at the Drunkfest. Where it really started with me and Carla, at least. Which led to other things, as I'll tell ya. It was maybe an hour before sundown, and the party was already goin' pretty good. The boys had collected a lot of beer, that night. We were a few hundred feet off the highway or so, protected by the treeline. You had to know we were there, to find us.

A few of the boys were fall-down drunk by now, and they gravitated to the bronc. Us girls went over there to watch the show, and it was funnier than shit. One of the guys finally fell off, face first into the dirt, and broke his nose, and that kinda cooled them off a little. Carla yelled something and drained her beer, and climbed on the bronc. The guys on the ropes went easy on her, and she rode it for a while, pretending she was really riding hard. Everybody laughed at her, and while I was talking to Alvin I heard some guy say, "Holy shit!" and I looked over at her. She'd pulled her t-shirt and her bra off, and was riding topless, the bitch. I started laughing at her, and all the guys were just totally in love with her. I looked at Alvin, shaking my head. Show 'em a nice pair of tits, I thought, and suddenly you're the most popular girl in town. Alvin nodded his head towards the bronc, and I knew what he meant. That I should get on it too. Shit, I thought. Am I brave enough? Hell yeah.

I stripped my t-shirt off while I was walking towards it, and dropped my bra in the dirt. My tits felt great being freed up from that goddam bra, it had been choking the life out of me. It felt hot and sexy to be topless in front of twenty other people, most of them guys. I knew that almost every eye was on me. The guys on the ropes stopped the bronc, and I climbed up behind Carla. I put my arms around her waist, and they started gently rocking the bronc again. It got faster and faster, though, and finally my tits were really flopping around. I couldn't stop laughing, and Carla was laughing like crazy too. I could see some of the other girls looking kinda jealous at us, but fuck them. They could strip, too, if they wanted.

At some point I looked over behind the crowd, and there was a guy and a gal in the grass, just fucking away at it. I pointed it out to Carla, and she got the giggles. Before long two other couples were going at it too. The Drunkfest had turned into a fuckfest. Crazy.

I almost fell off, and I grabbed Carla hard. I felt her tits on the top of my hands, and, on impulse, I grabbed her by the tits. She just giggled, and I squeezed and rubbed and molested the shit outta her tits. They felt good in my hands, the only tits I ever squeezed before were my own. It felt good to put my hands on somebody else's. She had huge fat nipples, and I pinched them, and she giggled helplessly some more.

I could tell some of the guys were really gettin' off watchin' us, and I said, "turn around," and when she turned her neck around I plastered my lips on hers. We kissed and kissed, and it was sexier than shit. It felt good to kiss a girl, she tasted sweet, a little beery, but sweet. She kissed good. I'm sure I did, too.

They finally stopped the bronc, and we crawled off. Alvin whispered in my ear how hot it was, and I believed him. I'm sure it was. I started to put my shirt back on, but Carla still had hers off, and I saw that two other girls had taken theirs off, too. Shit. Join the party, I thought.

Alvin put his arms around me, and we kissed. I gotta admit, Carla was a better kisser than he was, but he was a guy. Girls are just better kissers, I think. We kissed for a while, and then I could feel his hands on my tits.

"Catherine," he whispered. He always called me Catherine. Everybody else called me Cat, but he called me Catherine. "What, darling," I said.

"Catherine, let's find a spot and fuck. You wanna?" he said, and I nodded, after thinking about it a few seconds. It seemed kinda sexy to me to fuck out here in the open, when people could see us if they looked. If they weren't fucking themselves. I looked around, and did a double take. A gal was taking one guy from behind, while she sucked another one off. So I guess it didn't matter if there was more guys than gals, if we were gonna do it that way.

Alvin's best friend, Terry, was there, sittin' on the hood of his car, watching the madness. I knew he didn't have a girlfriend, he was kind of a hard luck case, he was really too nice and most girls didn't care for him. I liked him and felt sorry for him.

"Alvin," I said. I thought I knew Alvin well enough to ask him this, and I didn't think he'd freak. I knew him and Terry were pretty goddam close. "Alvin," I said, "invite Terry to... uhm... join us. If you want."

Alvin actually looked surprised, and then kind of shrugged. He went over to Terry and they talked a moment. I felt all sexy, just standing there topless. Terry was too polite to just stare at me, but I could see his eyes flick across me, away, and then back. I knew he was gettin' an eyeful.

We went about twenty or thirty feet out from the crowd, out into the grass. I got down on my knees, like a dog, and the two guys just kinda stood there like they didn't know what to do. I impatiently motioned for Terry to get behind me, and Alvin in front. Alvin dropped his pants, and pulled his cock out of his underwear. I felt Terry tentatively touch me on my ass, and I knew this was going to work out just fine.

I had already sucked Alvin into my mouth and was sucking hard on him when I finally felt Terry position his cock in the middle of my cunt. He slowly pushed in, and it felt fine. I was wetter than shit. I hadn't seen his cock yet, but it felt nice and fat. Alvin didn't have a bad cock either, it was no giant, but it was formed well, and maybe a wee tiny bit over average. Of course, I have no idea what average is. But I imagine it's a bit over.

Terry felt good inside me. His hands were on my ass, and he stroked his cock in and out of me in nice long strokes. I idly wondered if he was a virgin still, if I was takin' Terry's cherry. I'll ask Alvin later, I thought. He seemed a bit experienced, though, and after he got going he started fingering my asshole, which I wouldn't expect a first-timer to do. It felt good. I'm weird, I love my asshole to be played with.

The only thing that made me sad is I didn't figure there was gonna be much oral, out in public like this. Dunno why, I guess because I hadn't seen any guy eating a chick out so far. Just chicks sucking and fucking guys. Well, whatever. Alvin could make up for that tonight, when we got in my bed. He once told me he'd eaten a peach for four hours, and I believed him. He was good.

Anyway, they fucked me for the longest. I found out later Alvin had told Terry not to cum inside me, to wait until he had his turn fucking me and I sucked Terry. Okay, I'm weird like that, too, I love to eat cum. I guess I'm just a typical girl.

Finally they switched places, dunno why it seemed like a good time, but I guess it did. Terry's cock felt nice in my mouth, I almost think he was a bit larger than Alvin, even. He pounded me pretty hard from the front, and Alvin pounded me from the back. Every now and then they got synchronized, and almost pancaked me good. It was fun. I looked around, and I think that everybody was fucking, by now. Even the drunk guys were gettin' it on. Almost every one of the girls had a guy at each end.

I swear to god this shit went on for a solid hour. Finally, here and there, I heard chicks cumming, and I guess it was time to wind it up. Alvin said something to Terry, and they changed spots again, I guess so Terry could cum inside me. Alvin came pretty quick, and filled my mouth up, like he usually did. He could squirt out a goddam mouthful. I was a little curious if Terry was gonna cum in my mouth, but I felt him burying his hands in my ass, and heard a groan from him, and I knew that he'd came in my cunt. It felt good, anyway. I'd already cum a few times, and I held myself up with one hand and frigged my clit like crazy, until I had a nice long cum. Terry's dick finally dropped out of my cunt, and Alvin withdrew his now-soft cock from my mouth. I just flopped down in the grass, heedless of chiggers and shit, and laid there, exhausted.

Alvin found my shirt, and brought it to me. The party was winding up. Terry surprised me by hugging me, and telling me thanks. It was sweet. We finally drove off in Alvin's car. Some of the girls kinda seemed embarrassed now that it was over, and that amused me somewhat. Not Carla, nothing embarrassed that bitch. And, truth be known, it hadn't bothered me much, either. It had turned me on more than it had embarrassed me.

We cruised for a while, and finally went to my house. My dad's truck was gone, so Alvin could come in the front door. We went to my room and locked the door, and didn't come out until morning. After a few hours he fucked me good again, but not before he ate my pussy out for a solid hour or two. He made me feel real good, like he could.

"Alvin," I said, as we played poker, naked. "Was Terry a virgin? Did I pop his cherry?"

"Naw..." he said, throwing down some cards. "He fucked Barbara Maddox a few times. Until she got pregnant by... that guy..."

Oh, that was an interesting story. She'd got pregnant by some guy doing contract work at the school. He'd paid out the wazoo when the kid was born, hush money, and money so he didn't have to go to jail. It was complicated. I dunno what happened to her, she don't go to school anymore, here, at least.

"Alvin..." I said.

"Whut," he said.

"Did that turn you on tonight, fucking me in front of people? Fucking you and your best friend?"

He didn't have to think for long.

"Hell yeah," he said. I figured it had. "It was intense. You were sexier than shit. I was proud of you."

That made me laugh. Of course he was proud of me. Other than maybe Carla, I was the foxiest sexiest chick there. I wondered who Carla had fucked, or been fucked by. I needed to call that girl.

"It was kinda sexy gettin' fucked by two people," I said. I paused for a while to let that soak in. "If you ever wanna do that again, I'm game for it."

"Yeah," he said, looking up at me. "Yeah, we'll do it again. I know Terry'll go for it. He loves the shit outa you."

"Heh." I laughed a little. Of course he did. "Does he really?" I knew it already, but I wanted to hear him say it.

"Hell, yeah..." he said, "you're all he talks about sometimes. He tells me I'm the luckiest fucker in the world and shit. He loves you, yeah. Bad."

I felt bad for Terry... I wished there was more of me to go around. I liked the kid, I did. I decided for sure we'd do something special for him, every now and then.

"Alvin..." I said. "I got to see my dad fucking his girlfriend the other night. He was pounding the shit out of her."

He laughed at that, and looked faintly scandalized. I laughed at him.

"You wanna hear something weirder?" I said, wanting to shock him.

"Whut..." he said.

"I was naked. I stood in his doorway and waved at him, and he winked at me, and just kept fucking away." He hadn't winked, but I figured it made a good story better. Alvin did look scandalized, then.

"Man..." he said, shaking his head. "You are one crazy..." he stopped, and I figured he'd been about to say "bitch" but chickened out.

"Yeah," I said, "I'm a crazy bitch." We both laughed.

Later that night, he ate my pussy again. Maybe it was morning then, dunno. He ate me good, and I came like crazy. Damn, he was good.


After Alvin left the next morning I called Carla, and woke her up. She didn't even know the name of one of the guys that had fucked her, which amused us both. The other guy was Tony Benton. I knew she liked Tony, that wasn't the first time for them.

"You were sexier than shit," I told her. "You fuckin' turned me on, big time..."

"Yeah..." she said. "I been thinkin' about that... I been wonderin', Cat..."

"Yeah?" I said.

"You think..." she seemed kinda shy or coy or something, way unlike her usual self. "You think maybe... we could get together sometime? Uhm... play around a little? You interested?"

Once again, I didn't have to think for long. That sounded sexier than hell to me. She was sweet, sweet and sexy. I thought I'd feel like a guy, getting to fuck around with a sexy, foxy girl. I wanted to kiss her again. And... I wanted to taste her. Bad.

"Hell yeah," I said. "I surprised we haven't... done shit like that before. Why'd we take so long?"

"I dunno..." she said. "It's like... I just thought of it or somethin'. When you were kissin' me, that's all I was thinkin' of."

"You free tonight?" I asked.

"Hell yeah. Where you wanna do it?"

"I don't care."

"Cat. Just come over this afternoon. We'll lay around and watch TV. Then tonight... we'll fuck."

"Okay. That sounds good. I'll see you then." I hung up, bemused. This was like I was fixing to have sex again, all over again. I was almost apprehensive. I hoped I could live up to her expectations, whatever they might be. I had pretty high expectations, myself. I knew it was gonna be sexier than shit.


It was. We couldn't even wait until the sun went down. We were in the living room, watching the bigscreen with her little brother, when we started kissing. We finally made so much noise that her brother looked over at us, and his eyes just bugged out. She was in my lap, facing me, and we were kissing like crazy, and my hands were on her ass, squeezing. She had an ass that was out of this world, I'd always admired her ass. And now, getting to play with it... I was fucking turned on past all reason.

"Carla... what are you doing?" Ralphie, her brother, said.

"Ralphie... MYOB..." said Carla, and he just laughed. I don't figure he was old enough to even shoot off yet, but he seemed to enjoy watching us. Finally Carla had enough, and crawled off me, and motioned me to her bedroom. He seemed disappointed that the show was over. It was barely seven o'clock. Fuck, Cops was on TV, it was so early.

We got in her room, and she locked the door. We were safe, until tomorrow morning, she even had her own bathroom, like I did.

We laid down on the bed, and resumed kissing. We kissed for hours, groaning and growling in each other's mouths. It was sexy beyond belief. I was so wet it showed through my jeans, even. I was fucking in love with the girl, way more than I thought would happen. I finally yanked her t-shirt over her head, and pulled her bra off. Her nipples were so sexy, and I fastened my mouth around one of them. Shit, that felt good in my mouth, I almost came, it was so sexy. At some point I stripped, and she pulled her jeans down. We were naked at last.

When she bent her face to my cunt, I did cum, a little bit. It just blew me away how much it turned me on. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy, and her tongue licking my clit. I had a massive orgasm, then a few minutes later another one. She spread my legs wider, and licked my asshole, and I squirmed like a worm on a hotplate. I loved that shit. Alvin liked licking my asshole, but for some reason, this was way more incredible, maybe just because it was a girl, I dunno. It just turned me on immensely.

Finally it was her turn. I crawled down her body, and, without hesitation, smashed my face into her cunt. I fastened onto her fat little clit, and licked like my life depended on it. I could tell when she came, she curled her legs around my head, and squeezed me until my brain almost popped out. I have no idea how many times the two of us came that night, but it was a high number. She came when I was licking her asshole, even. Her asshole was incredible, by the way, it just blew my mind when I tasted it, sweaty and gamey and slightly poopy, but it was sexier than shit. It was sexy shit, over the top. I just loved the shit out of her asshole.

We rested a while, and then attacked each other again. The sexiest thing I remember about that evening was just sitting on the side of the bed, her in my lap facing me, as we kissed. We kissed more than we did anything that night. It was so goddam sexy.

"Carla..." I whispered, my lips touching her ear. I knew my hot breath was entering her ear canal, and I knew it was sexy.

"What, darling..." she murmured.

"Why is this so intense?" I asked. "Just because it's our first time? Because we're both girls? Do you wonder why?"

"Hell yeah," she said. "I dunno. Prolly a little of each. It is sexy, I'll give you that... I've never done anything this sexy in all my life."

"I love you, darling..." I whispered to her, kissing her ear.

"I love you..." she murmured back, and I heard the tears in her voice.


Carla took me home the next day. We just sat in my driveway for a while, and talked. We decided to not really change anything, we weren't gonna walk away from our boyfriends and become a couple or anything, but we were definitely gonna fuck around every chance we got, from now on. We were gonna make chances to fuck around. I felt like I loved her as a friend more than ever, I felt a deep profound love for her, or something. I felt like my life had turned a corner.

My dad was home, of course, it was Saturday. We talked, and I told him a little of the stuff that had happened lately, though I left out certain... details. He knew about the Drunkfest, they'd done that shit when he'd been a kid, although at a different place. He just told me to be careful, especially to be careful who I rode with, if people were drinking.

"Daddy..." I finally said. I just had this overpowering urge to tell him about me and Carla... I dunno if I just wanted to shock him, or if I just wanted to talk about it with someone... it had seemed to affect me profoundly... I wanted bad to talk about it.

"What, Pussycat..." he said idly. He'd called me Pussycat since I was a baby. I'd wondered, after I'd grown up, if he just liked saying the word "pussy" to me more than anything.

"Daddy..." I said. "I... I made out, with Carla... it was intense, and very sweet... it made me love her so much I can't describe it... it was incredible..."

He just stared at me. Then he kind of laughed. "You giving up on boys?" he asked. I laughed.

"Hell no," I said. "I'm just including girls. One, at least... her. Daddy... I can't describe it. It was just incredible."

"I can imagine," he said, sighing. I thought, heh... I bet you'd like to watch, you old pervert...

"That's a major guy fantasy," he said. "I gotta admit, it's one of mine, even."

"Hee hee," I said, laughing at him. I almost wished Carla and I could put on a show for him. He'd bust a nut.

"Darlin'," he said, "I've tried to give you the freedom you needed to take charge of your body and enjoy your youth. Don't be afraid to try things. It sounds like you're not, and that pleases me. You seem like a very well adjusted girl. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you daddy..." I said. For some reason that made me weepy. He took two steps to me, and held me in his arms. Once again, I was his little girl. I cried for a while, I'm still not sure why. Finally he pulled us apart, and looked at me.

"Darlin'," he said, "I love you very much. I love you more than life itself. Whatever happens, or don't happen, between us, just remember how much I love you."

"I love you too, Daddy," I cried some more, leaning down on his chest. I thought about Carla, and cried some more, without knowing why. The events of the last few days seemed to have some kind of emotional affect on me.

At last he sat on a kitchen chair, and drew me down onto his lap. We sat there for the longest, him just hugging me. I slowly began to realize what I was sitting on. A lump, a major lump. In his pants. Goddam, I thought. I've given him a hard-on. My dad has a hard-on, from me sitting in his lap. For some reason it amused me.

"Daddy..." I giggled. I didn't want to embarrass him, but I wanted him to know I knew what was happening.

"What, Pussycat?" he hadn't caught on yet, that I knew.

"Daddy got a stiffy..." I sang softly, laughing at him. He immediately turned red.

"Darlin'," he said, "you gotta realize... you are squishin' me pretty severely. And... dicks don't know the difference. It don't matter to my dick that you're my daughter... I'm sorry, but that's the way it is..."

"That's okay, daddy," I laughed. "I understand. I think it's funny..."

"Darlin'..." he said. "We got a special relationship, a very unusual one. I love you greatly, probably more than I should, sometimes in ways that I shouldn't. I hope I never offend you, or freak you out. You are my life, darlin'..."

"I know, daddy..." I whispered, putting my mouth to his ear. I knew how sexy it was, to talk to people like that. "Daddy... I feel it too... I love you and I think you're... kinda hot... I think about you, at... certain times, when I'm doing things... special things..."

I hoped he'd realize I was talking about masturbating. I didn't really think of him that much, back when I masturbated a lot... but I did, at times... I wasn't lying, that much.

"Oh, baby..." he closed his eyes and leaned his head against mine. "I love you, baby..."

"I love you, daddy." I kissed him on his ear, and then on the side of his cheek. The lump in his pants was still pretty lumpy.

"Daddy..." I had an idea, about that time. A perfectly, unreasonably wicked idea. And why not, I thought. Why not.

I slid off his lap, down into the vee of his legs, facing him. I reached for his zipper.

"Daddy," I whispered loudly. "Make me happy. Let me do this, this one thing... let me give you some... pleasure... just because I love you and you love me..."

"Oh shit, darlin'," he said, and I could hear the anguish in his voice. "I can't, baby... we can't do that..."

"Yes, we can," I said. I fought with his zipper, and his hands closed over mine, stopping them.

"Pussycat... we can't... it's not right..." he said. I could hear tears in his voice.

"Daddy..." I wondered how to get the idea across to him. "Daddy, we love each other. Nothing we do for love is wrong. Give me this, this moment... give me a taste of your love... it'll just make our love stronger..."

"Oh, baby, I wish I could..." he finally said.

"You can, daddy..." I said. "You can. Just sit back and relax... enjoy it... honestly, it's one thing I can do, fairly well..."

"Darlin'... that's more than I wanna know..." he said.

He laughed a little at that, but I could tell he was still in turmoil. I had confidence, though, that I could convince him.

"Daddy..." I said, "This isn't real sex... it's just a BJ... it's not like we're fucking or anything..."

"Darlin'," he replied, "BJ's are still pretty sexual..."

"Daddy," I breathed, almost growling, "Let me give you pleasure. I won't take no for an answer..."

"Oh, shit, holy shit..." he said softly. He didn't fight me, though, this time, when I finally got his zipper down. His cock almost sprang out, he wasn't wearing any underwear. He had to raise up slightly from his seat, and at last I pulled his hard cock out of his pants. I was pleased to see it, I don't know why, if it really was, or it just looked that way because it was my father, but it looked like the biggest cock I'd seen so far, in my life. It was warm, and I ran my fingers down it, feeling the hard cap, and rubbing down to his scruffy pubic hair.

"Oh, shit..." he breathed again. I looked up at him, smiling. It was wasted, his eyes were closed.

"Daddy..." I said, "I love you."

Before he could reply I gulped his cock into my mouth. It felt wonderful, it filled my mouth completely, and went into my throat a ways. I sucked hard, and he groaned loudly. I could feel the cap of his cock expand in my mouth. As I sucked him I gently pulled his balls out of his pants, and played with them. Balls were fun to play with, I loved them. His were nice and fat. I wondered how full of cum they were. I knew it'd been a few weeks since Wanda had been over. I hoped to find out.

He turned his hands around, and reached down, and grasped my breasts in his hand. It didn't bother me any, it turned me on more, in fact. I felt him pinching my hard nipples through my t-shirt. I hadn't put a bra back on, since I'd been with Carla, and it was sexy to feel him feeling me off through my t-shirt. I knew my tits were sexier than fuck. I knew he was feeling a nice pair.

I felt a twitch from his cock, pretty quick. I knew he was turned on. I didn't figure it'd take long. He was turned on, shit, I was turned on. This was exciting me like crazy. My pussy was dripping shit into my pants like mad. I was fuckin' wet, from this. The thought of what I was doing, sucking my dad's cock, was turning me on big time. This is just the first time, I told myself. We are definitely gonna do this again. And again.

He finally came, and filled my mouth with a giant squirt. I gulped it down, and he squirted again, and again. Damn, he squirted a lot. I thought Alvin did a lot, my dad beat him by a mile. He filled my stomach, almost. I'd just thought I was hungry for breakfast.

After he was done, he just sat there, exhausted. I finally slurped his cock one last time, cleaning all the cum off it, and let it slowly drop out of my mouth. I grinned up at him, happy.

He just looked at me and shook his head. "I shouldn't have let you do that..." he finally said.

"Daddy... no regrets... it was beautiful... I loved it... I hope you did, too..." I said. He shook his head again.

"Yes, I loved it too, darlin'..." he said. "I shouldn't have, but I loved it. Thank you, Pussycat... thank you..."

"You're welcome, daddy..." I said, laughing at him. I left him there, in the kitchen, staring after me as I left the room. I hoped he could come to grips with what we'd done. And I hoped he'd let me do it again, sometime.


Sunday night Carla drove over. I heard a knock on the door, and opened it, and she was standing there, a haunted look on her face. I didn't say a word, I grabbed her and kissed her, and pulled her in the house. I wondered why she hadn't called first, she'd just showed up. I wondered if she thought I'd tell her to stay away or something. Hell no. I was glad to see her. Truth be known, I was hornier than shit that evening. I wanted to be fucked, and I especially wanted to be fucked by her. I dragged her over to the couch, and dropped her on it. In seconds our mouths were locked together, and my hands were glued to her boobs. God, she had the sexiest tits... sexier than mine, even. Her nipples were fat and puffy, I could feel them through her bra. I pinched and pulled on them, and she sighed and moaned.

Within a few minutes we were naked on the couch. She lay on top of me as we kissed, and I spread her ass apart and fingered her sweet asshole. She had the sexiest little puckered asshole ever, slightly sweaty, and I just used that to lubricate my finger as I slid it into her body. It felt sexier than hell to feel my finger deep inside her body, and I slowly pumped it in and out, feeling her asshole pucker up against it. Our mouths were just glued together, and I did something with her that I'd done with Alvin, we pinched our noses shut and passed the same breath of air back and forth until we got dizzy.

"Carla..." I said, breathing in her face. She kinda woke up, and looked at me curiously.

"Carla, you'll never believe what I did, yesterday mornin'," I said.

"What?" she finally said.

"I blew my dad!" I laughed, and the look on her face was worth a million bucks. I laughed even harder.

"You... blew? Your dad?" she asked, and I nodded.

"Hell yeah. It was fun, and sexier than shit. He's a hardbody, and he's got a cock to match. He fucking came a fucking gallon, too."

"Shit, girl." she shook her head. I knew I'd blown her mind completely. Carla's dad was nothing like mine, her dad was a really old fart, an old windbag. I knew she'd never think of fucking around with him.

"Shit, girl. Your dad is hot, true... but shit... you fuckin' blowin' my mind..." she said. I laughed some more.

"You'd do it too, if you had a dad like mine," I said, knowing that was true.

"Yeah. I would," she said, a faraway look on her face. Right then and there I started wondering if I could figure out a way to get her to fuck my dad. I'd do it, for him. I'd encourage it. Hell, more and more, I was wondering if I could get him to fuck me.

Finally we had enough playing around, and began fucking around seriously. I crawled on top of her facing her feet, and put my cunt right in her face. Her legs were spread, and I licked her clit and pussy as she licked mine. She tasted great, I could tell she hadn't had a bath this morning, she was nice and spicy, just perfect. I loved the taste of her cunt, and I hoped I tasted as good for her. There's just something about the taste of pussy that I love, and I can't describe it. I'd tasted it enough times on my own fingers. Crazy. I loved pussy.

We were going at it like crazy, licking and lapping each other up, when I heard the door. Oh shit, I thought. I knew he wouldn't freak out, though, hell, he'd probably get another hard-on. Who wouldn't, seeing two foxy girls head-to-cunt in their living room.

I heard him at the door, and looked up. He looked surprised, but he covered it well. He kind of laughed a little, and said, "Good morning, ladies. I hope you're enjoying yourselves."

We both laughed at that.

"Daddy," I said, pulling my face out of Carla's cunt. "Sit down and watch. Watch me make her cum."

Carla laughed, and he did too. "I'd love too," he said, "but I don't know if I could stand it. You girls are hard on an old man."

"Come on, Mr. Weston," Carla said. "Get your cock out, and sit."

"Yes, daddy," I said. "Come on, let's play a little."

"Darlin'," he said, and I could tell he was a little frustrated. "Darlin', I think I might have been a little too easy on you lately. This really isn't the way fathers and daughters act with each other."

"Shit, daddy," I said, "you didn't feel that way when I had your dick in my mouth yesterday."

I could tell from the look on his face he was freaked that I said that in front of Carla. She was my very best friend in the world, he should know that I'd told her everything already. I giggled, looking at him.

"Daddy..." I said slowly, drawing his name out. "Get your cock out. I'll let you put it... in my girlfriend, if you do..."

Carla giggled helplessly, at that. I knew her well enough to know she'd do it, without asking. I knew she'd fuck him, now that she knew I fucked around with him.

"Girls," my dad said, obviously playing hard to get. "We just can't make a habit of this shit. There's too much at stake."

"Daddy," I said, interrupting him. "There's nothing at stake but having a good time. Carla won't tell, and my lips are sealed. I got too much to lose, to say anything. You locked the front door? Good. Nobody will ever know."

He just stood there, and stared at us. Carla was still licking my cunt, and I felt contractions in my legs about that time.

"Oh, shit..." I said, "hang on, I'm gonna cum..."

I had a nice cum, I really let go, and just melted down completely. When I came back to earth, he was still standing there watching us, and Carla was still lapping my pussy like it was candy.

"Shit," I said. "That was intense. Daddy. Come on." I crawled off the top of Carla, and helped her sit up. My knees were still trembling. He took a step in the room. I realized how bad he wanted to do what we asked.

"Daddy," I said. "Come on. Stop fucking around. Don't make us beg."

How the fuck could he resist, I thought, with two foxy naked girls begging him? What human could be that strong? Sure enough, he took another step into the room.

"I'm gonna regret this," he mumbled, and started unbuttoning his jeans.

"The fuck you are," growled Carla, and I laughed. I knew she'd already decided she was gonna have a piece of him. And what Carla wanted, Carla got.

My dad yanked his jeans down, and stepped out of them. He had shorts on this time, and they were tented out, where his cock was. Carla and I both watched as he finally dropped his shorts. His cock stood out proudly, and I was proud of him. He had a nice cock. And shit, was it ever hard.

Carla didn't speak. She just motioned for him to come to her. She patted the side of the couch, and I sat and scooted over next to her. He finally stood right in the middle of us. We both leaned into him, and she took one side, and I took the other. We licked up and down his cock, and she sucked the cap into her mouth. I took his balls into my mouth as she sucked the end of his cock. We alternated, sometimes sucking and sometimes licking. I'm sure it was fun for him. He kept muttering "Goddam, goddam," beneath his breath, and Carla and I laughed.

I have no idea how long we did this. Finally I had enough, and I decided it was time for Carla to get fucked. I realized about this time that I'd decided I wanted to get fucked, too. That might take some working on, I thought. Well, I like a challenge.

"Daddy," I said, pulling away from his cock. He just stared at me like, Now what? "Daddy, it's time. Carla. Lay back." She dropped his cock, and leaned back on the couch. I made a "down" motion, and my dad slowly got down on his knees. He was staring at Carla's cunt the whole time. She had a cute one, shaved as bare as mine, just fucking cute. She had nice big fat pussy lips, and a cute little clit. Her little mound was nice and plump. Just seeing her pussy made me hungry again.

My dad approached, his dick leading the way. He positioned his cock at the mouth of her cunt, and stopped.

"Carla, darlin'," he said. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Hell yeah," she said. "Mr. Weston. Fuck me, please." He sighed, and slowly began to push into her cunt. She looked pleased, and I hoped it felt good for her. I wanted to know that feeling myself, at some point. I still don't know why I wanted it so bad, maybe just because it felt so wicked.

He pushed into her slowly, and she groaned loudly. I laughed. It was cool getting to see my best friend get fucked by my dad. I really made me horny, for some reason. I crawled up on the couch, and straddled her body, pressing my cunt into her face. She found my clit and started licking. My dad reached around me and took my tits in his hand, and started squeezing. Damn, it felt good. He pinched the shit out of my nipples, and I loved it.

My dad was fucking away hard at Carla, I could feel him slamming into her as she licked me. I already felt that tightness in my legs that meant I was gonna cum, I was pretty turned on by the whole deal. I knew I'd cum hard, from this one. Carla's hands were on my ass, and I could feel her finger probing into my asshole. Damn, that felt good, I love for my asshole to be played with. It felt sexier than shit. She stuck her finger into it, and started pumping in and out, in and out, and I just melted again. Between her tongue on my clit, her finger in my ass and my dad's hands on my tits, I was having a pretty good time.

Carla came, and pretty soon I came, too. My dad was going for the long haul, I figured, I knew he wouldn't give it up quickly, considering what he was getting to do. He just fucked and fucked, on and on. I finally felt some pity for Carla and crawled off her, and sat beside her. We just kissed, and I could still feel my dad slamming into her. Damn, he was a fucking machine. I knew now why Wanda hung around. Damn.

I played with my clit, and finally had a nice orgasm. I reached down and played with Carla's clit some, feeling my dad's dick right below my fingers, pistoning in and out of her cunt. It felt sexy. His cock was fat enough that I could feel her cunt expand when he entered. He would pull out almost until it fell out, and then pound back in. It was cooler than shit.

I finally reached beneath him and played with his balls. I was having a good time. Carla came again, at some point, and I plastered my mouth against hers. She was a good kisser. Her tits felt good in my hands.

I ain't got no idea how long we did this. It seemed like hours. Like I said, my dad didn't want to end it in a hurry. I figured he was getting what he wanted most in the world, fucking a foxy girl. Carla was hot, probably even slightly hotter than me. I knew she was way good enough for him.

At last, at long last, he came. He screwed his face up, and I heard him groan loudly, and he shot his load in her cunt. Carla and I giggled, and he finally slowed and pulled out of her. He collapsed on the couch beside us, and just laid there, spent. We were all three pretty exhausted.

"Well," I said, "We'll have to do that again!"

"Shit," my dad said, and we laughed.

"Gimme a day or two to recover," he said.


To my amusement, Wanda came over that Sunday night. I figured my dad was still worn out, and he'd have to try and fuck her good. I tried to sneak around and see if they were fucking, but he'd closed the door. A little before midnight Alvin called from outside, and I let him in and we went to my room. He was a little put out at being ignored for the last three days or so, so I had to treat him special, and let him do anything he wanted. I knew that wouldn't be too far off from what I wanted.

"Catherine..." he said.


"Could I... could I... could I put it in your butt? You wanna try that? We never have..."

I'd never tried that, I was still a virgin back there. But, what the hell. I went into my bathroom, and found a thing of baby oil. While I was in there, I took a nice stinky shit, just to empty my colon out. I kinda had to poop, anyway. Alvin bitched about the smell, and I flipped him off. I came out and coated his dick with baby oil, and pushed my finger into my asshole a ways, smearing it around down there. I finally crouched on my bed, my ass in the air, and tried to relax a while. Finally Alvin climbed up on the bed, and I felt his cock touch my asshole. My asshole puckered up bad when anything touched it, and his dick was no exception. I tried really hard to relax, which is hard to do, back here. Finally I told him he could push in, and he started.

It did hurt a time or two, but finally he was inside me. I felt full, I felt like I had to poop, which amused me. My brain didn't know the difference, I thought. He started slowly pumping me, and it felt pretty good. Not as good as in my pussy, but I figure it felt as good as that for him, if not better. I knew my asshole was pretty tight, I could feel it.

He fucked my ass until it started to hurt, and I told him to cum or get it out. He came, filling me up with sperms, moaning and groaning. I just laid there on the bed, my chest down, my ass in the air. He finally pulled out of me, and it felt good, like I'd pooped again. I got up, and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

"Wait, wait!" Alvin said, and rushed into the bathroom. He wanted to see me squirt his cum out. He made me sit forward, and crouched over me, and I squirted his cum into the toilet, and a few little turds that had missed the big poop. He was bent over me, and his stinky dick was right in my face.

"Shit, Alvin, wash that bitch off," I said. "Your dick smells like shit. I'm not puttin' that goddam thing in my mouth tonight."

He laughed, and washed it in the sink. I made him used soap, even. I didn't wanna catch salmonella or anything from a dick. We laid around a while after that, and watched TV, and about three in the morning we fucked again, normal-style. We just slept after that.

Then, shit. School. I rushed around and got dressed, and he took me to school. School sucked slightly, and finally the day was over. Monday night sucked, I just laid around and watched TV.

Tuesday went a little better, I went home with Carla and we fucked around until she had to take me back home. I told my dad about it, and he was suitably jealous.

"Daddy," I said. "Did you fuck Wanda the other night?"

"Hell yeah," he said. "What do you think she comes over here for?"

"Daddy..." Wanda was okay, although I didn't have much to do with her. I guess she liked me, she pretty much left me alone.

"Daddy," I said, "Do you think... do you think Wanda'd fuck around with me? Would that bother you?"

He just laughed. "Wanda's pretty square. I'd be surprised, although you are welcome to try. I don't wanna be involved, though, I don't want her to see me and you fucking around. I think that'd freak her completely. She'd probably go to the cops or something."


"Well, maybe not. But it'd freak her out."

Okay. Well, I could work with that. I wondered what it'd be like to fuck a middle-aged woman. She was pretty tough, at least, maybe a few pound overweight, but she looked pretty good in a pantsuit or a dress. I'd do it, I thought. I'd do it.

Alvin stayed Wednesday night, I think. He took me to school again Thursday. Damn, I'll be glad when I get my license. This depending on other people for rides is shit.


I was pretty happy, at the moment. Everything seemed to be going well. I felt like one of the loose end I had to tie up in my life was Wanda. I don't know why, but it was really important to me to fuck her. No idea why. It was, like I said, a loose end.

I had to enlist my dad's help, of course. I got him to tell me the next time she was supposed to come over, and I got him to promise to leave right before then.

When she finally knocked on the door, I was ready. I let her in, and she asked where my dad was. I told her he had to go to the garage for some shit, and that he'd be back in an hour or two. We just sat on the couch and talked for a while. I really hardly knew the woman. We had a pretty good time, she was nice to me, at least. She laughed at all my stories. I told her some safe parts about the Drunkfest, and she just shook her head. The idea of kids drinking seemed to bother her a bit. I didn't go into much more detail once I figured that out.

"Wanda..." I finally said.

"Yes?" she replied.

"I'm... I'm going through a stage or something..." I said. "I'm, as my dad says, exploring my boundaries."

"Yes, I understand," she said.

"I got this girlfriend... Carla..." I said. "She and I are close, real close. Super close. And we've even managed to get closer, lately."

"Yes, I understand... I have had... female friends, such as that, myself."

"Well, it really came to a head a few weeks ago. I... I made out with her... I just wondered how normal that is. You ever do anything like that?"

She was silent for a while, and looked thoughtful.

"Yes," she finally said. "Catherine... honey... this is something that I've hardly ever told anyone... but back when I was in college, I had a girlfriend for several months... that I experimented with, sexually... I loved her very much. The love between two women can be very intense, and very sweet. I still remember my time with her with pleasure."

I was silent a moment. "Yeah... that's it exactly... thanks, Wanda... thanks for sharing that..."

"Yes, dear... no problem... I hope you find your... I hope you find your bliss, dear..."

"Wanda. Would you ever do it, again?"

"Oh yeah, hell yeah... even though... I like the cock..." she colored slightly, at that. I was surprised she'd come out and said it. "pardon my french... but, to answer your question... yes, I'd do it again."

"Yeah," I said finally. "I kinda like the cock, too. But it was fun... I wanna do it again, with a girl."

She stared at me. "You are how old, dear? And you know you like... cocks?"

It was my turn to color slightly, and I think I did it convincingly. "Yeah... I'm fifteen... you gotta understand, kids start early, nowdays... all of my friends have got their cherry popped by now..."

"Yes, I'm sure there's a lot of pressure on you kids..." she mused.

"Wanda..." hell, I thought. Here goes. "Wanda... just so I could know, so I could... expand my experiences some... would you consider... would you consider making out with me?"

She was silent for a long time. Finally she spoke. "My dear... if you were older, I'd do it in a heartbeat. You are very sweet and beautiful... I'd love to... to taste you."

"Wanda..." I said. "Age don't matter. Love matters. Please... consider it... can we just play, a while? Can I take some... pleasure in you? Would you allow it?"

She thought again a while. I scooted over on the couch, next to her. I finally leaned in closer and closer to her face. She had this funny look on her face, but I think she knew exactly what I intended. She didn't pull away, at least.

Finally our lips touched. It was pretty sexy. Her lips were soft, and full. I could smell her, and she smelled good. I slowly put my arms around her, and we kissed again.

"Catherine, darlin'..." she finally said. I felt her breath on my face. "This isn't really fair, to your father, dear..."

"Oh, Wanda," I said, "It won't matter to him. If I know him as well as I think I do, it'll just turn him on... if he even finds out..."

She laughed a little at that. "Yes, I kind of think that, too. That's a guy thing, two girls, getting it on. Silly men."

"Yeah..." I breathed in her face, "Silly men."

We kissed again. And again, and again. I ran my hands down her back, and felt her bra strap.

"Catherine..." she spoke again. "What if you father comes home?"

"He'll just have to wait his turn..." I said, giggling. She giggled too, slightly.

"Darling..." she said. "Are you really sure about this?"

"Yes..." I replied. "I think I am."

I stood. "Wanda." I said. "Come to my room, darlin'."


I slowly undressed her, and she let me. She had a nice industrial-strength bra on, and a pair of granny panties. I stripped her slowly, sensuously. She was breathing heavily, with a far-away look in her eyes. I quickly stripped my clothes off, and pulled her down into my bed.

We kissed for a while. I finally wandered down her chest, to her breasts. Her breasts were nice, not overly large, but with a nice fat nipple. I sucked one into my mouth. I could even taste her body. It was very sexy.

I sucked her tits for the longest, and finally we traded. She sucked mine, and I squirmed beneath her. It felt very good. Finally I crawled down her body, to her sweet cunt. She had pubic hair, which I still consider old-school, but it didn't bother me. Her cunt was nice, and smelled sweet. It tasted good. I don't know what I expected, but it tasted good. I licked and lapped at it, and it was her turn to squirm. I swear she came from just being licked, that quick. She came nicely. After the longest time, we traded, in fact, I turned on the bed, and she buried her face in my cunt, as I licked hers. I was on top. Her body felt warm and soft beneath me. She felt much softer than Carla, and slightly wrinkled, but still very sexy. Very sexy.

She finally spread her legs widely, and I licked her sweet asshole. It tasted great, sweaty and slightly poopy, but very sexy. I love licking assholes, for some reason. Just fucking sexy. I finally got up on the bed on my hands and knees, and she buried her face in my ass, licking and probing my asshole with her tongue. I was incredibly sexy.

We both came half a dozen times, over the course of probably two hours. It was very intense. She was very sexy, and I could see why my dad liked her. I told her that I'd seen them fucking once, and she nodded. Yes, she said, I saw you out of the corner of my eye, but there was no sense in doing anything, you'd already made us. We both giggled.

She finally wanted to wind it up, since she was sure my dad would be home at any minute. We dressed, and I pretended to check my phone while I texted him that it was safe to come home. He showed up in a few minutes, and they disappeared into her room. I wondered if she'd tell him what we'd done. Of course, I would. Of fucking course.


At last. Friday night. We headed out to the Drunkfest, with four six-packs that Alvin stole from his dad's warehouse. There was quite a crowd there that night, I think word had got around about all the fucking last Friday night. I think a lot of guys were hoping that'd happen again.

Finally some girls showed up, and they seemed pretty frisky. Before long, two topless girls were on the bronc, copying what me and Carla did last Friday. Carla just looked at me and laughed, and stripped her t-shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra. I took my shirt and bra off, and was deliciously topless. It felt cool, and the new guys, the ones that weren't here last Friday night, were having their little sex-starved brains blown. It was too cool.

Carla and I did a turn on the bronc, and I got on it, in her lap kinda, facing her. There was just a blanket on it, no saddle, so I didn't get a saddle horn in my asshole, at least. It felt sexier than hell to feel her breasts smashing against mine, and we locked lips and kissed the whole time. I put my hands down on her ass, and she did mine, and we put on a pretty good show, I think. I know we were givin' all the guys hard-ons, I could see them squirming around when I looked.

We finally crawled off, and drank some more beer. I was pretty tipsy by then, beer fucks me up in a hurry. Alvin started getting frisky, squeezing my tits and shit, and Terry wasn't far behind. I knew he was hopin' for some fucking, tonight. I saw Carla heading for the grass with some guy I'd never seen before, and we followed her. This time Alvin went first, and I sucked Terry's cock into my mouth. I just crouched there, on my hands and knees, and let Alvin fuck me while I sucked Terry off. It seemed natural to me, or something. It just seemed to work out well.

Terry finally came in my mouth, and it was satisfying. He came a nice big glob. They switched places, and Terry managed to get it up again pretty quick and fuck me proper. Pretty soon Alvin filled my mouth up, too. I was getting my share, tonight. I had came nicely while Terry fucked me, and I'd had a good time. I was really wanting more, though.

Some other friends of Alvin's were there, and after Alvin and Terry and I had fucked we stood around and talked with them. I still had my shirt off of course, and my shorts were unbuttoned and open where you could see almost all the way down to my pussy. The guys couldn't keep their eyes off me, and finally I grabbed Alvin and whispered to him.

"Alvin. If it's alright with you I'll fuck your friends, if they want." I whispered in his ear. I was sure they would. Who the hell wouldn't want to. Neither Alvin or Terry had cum in my cunt, so I wasn't all gummed up, at least.

"Darren. Steve," Alvin said. "You wanna... you wanna do Catherine?"

Pretty quick, I was back on the ground, with a guy at each end. It was cool, it was cool to feel yet another strange cock in my mouth, and to get my ass pounded by some almost-random guy. I felt sexier than shit, to know I was making this many guys happy. I felt like I was doing community service, or something. Alvin had told them to only cum in my mouth, so shit... I was gonna be full of the shit, tonight. I hoped I didn't get fat from eating so much cum. If that's possible.

The evening finally wound down, everybody pretty much got fucked, it was crazy cool. There was used rubbers all over the goddam place, I couldn't believe that girls'd fuck around like that, and not be on the pill. Double crazy.

"Alvin," I said, "tell Terry to follow us to my house. I wanna let him eat me out, if he will."

"Hell yeah he will, I'm double-damn sure of it," Alvin laughed, and went off to find Terry. He followed us home, and we all just went right in the front door, since my dad's truck was gone again.

Terry loved my cunt, I knew he would, and he was a good pussy eater. He just licked and licked, while I blew Alvin again. It was fun. I finally turned over and stuck my ass in the air, and Terry launched right into my asshole, like he'd done it a million times before. He wasn't scared of my ass at all. I love having my asshole licked, and he did fine. Finally I settled down on my bed, and let Alvin fuck me proper, while I blew Terry. Then I let Terry fuck me, and I let him cum inside me. He finally stumbled out the door about two AM or so, and Alvin and I got some sleep.


Alvin had to go to work Saturday, which sucked. Off he went. My dad was home by then, of course, and we got in his truck and went to the garage. The garage was just a place where he hung out with his friends, some guy he knew owned it, and they worked on cars and shit in it. His friend Rex was there, and we sat around and talked and the guys drank beer. I finally got my dad to give me one, and I got a pretty good buzz, just from one beer.

There was an old car there, that they were restoring, it was a small sports car, and I lay down, face down, on the hood of it, my butt in the air. I looked back at Rex and my dad. They were watching me, and Rex was licking his lips. I knew I looked sexier than shit. They were mumbling to each other, and I wondered if my dad was telling him some of the shit I'd done lately, like blow him. I hoped he was. I liked Rex, I'd had a crush on him for the longest. I figured this was as good a time as any. I reached down and unsnapped my shorts, and pulled them down my legs. I wasn't wearing any panties. Rex got this look on his face then, kind of a cross between being scared and being mad for me. I knew my bare ass looked damn good.

"Daddy," I said. "Tell Rex he can fuck me, if he wants."

"Rex," my dad laughed, and shook his head. "You can fuck the Pussycat, if you want."

"Shit," said Rex. "Are you sure?"

"Hell yeah," my dad and I both said, at the same time. I giggled. I knew we were blowing Rex's mind. He'd known me since I was a little girl, since I was a baby, really. I wondered what he'd think if he knew I blew my dad. He was pretty hip, he'd probably just nod, and go on. And maybe want one himself.

Rex and my dad approached, and Rex finally nestled in between my legs. He still didn't have his cock out, and I kinda knew he was having to come to grips with what he was about to do. He patted me on my ass, and I felt his finger run down my crack and he rubbed my asshole. It felt good.

"Hal, man..." Rex said, talking to my dad. "Are you sure about this?"

"Hell yeah, if it's what she wants," my dad said. "Hell, she blew me the other night.  I think she's exploring her boundaries, she says."

I giggled. That sounded like a silly way to say I was hornier than fuck, but I understood. Rex finally seemed to feel justified in fucking me. I felt his pants brush against my inner thighs as he unsnapped them, and pulled them down. Pretty quick I felt his cock touch me, right on the mouth of my pussy. He gripped the sides of my ass with his hands, and pulled himself into me. He felt good as he slid inside. I was wetter than shit, I was pretty turned on. He just glided right into me. He pumped me hard and fast, and I came after just a minute or two. Like I said, I was pretty goddam turned on.

"Rex," I managed, as he pounded me. "Don't cum in my cunt, save it for my mouth, okay?"

"Okay..." he mumbled, and I hoped he would do it that way. I had had an idea, about that time.

Rex fucked me a good long time. The buzzer went off once when the phone rang, and they ignored it. My dad stood off to the side, and just watched his best friend fuck his daughter. The next time I looked at him, I had a fit of the giggles. He had his cock out, and was stroking it. My dad is jacking off, I thought, my dad is watching me get fucked, and jacking off. Shit, that was fucking sexy. Goddam shit fuck, that was sexy.

After I have no idea how long, Rex finally pulled out. "Shit, baby," he said, "I'm about to cum." I sat up, turned around, and kneeled on the dirty floor. I took his cock in my mouth, tasting my cunt on it, and fuck did it ever taste good. I taste good, damn good. I sucked hard, and he did cum pretty quick, filling my mouth, and some even ran down my chin. Rex had a normal cock, but the amount of cum he squirted out was pretty incredible. I knew he was married, and it made me wonder if he ever fucked his old lady. Not in a while, if he was that full of the shit.

Finally we were done, and he helped me stand up. He hugged me and thanked me, and I giggled helplessly. Crazy guys. I finally turned around, and laid back down across the car hood. My dad was putting his cock back in his pants, thinking it was over.

"Rex," I said. "Tell daddy he can fuck me, if he wants."

They were both silent, at that one.

"Honey... Pussycat, dear..." my dad finally said. "I thought we agreed not to go there."

"Daddy, we didn't agree to shit," I said. "We've never really even talked about it. Come on, just do it. What's the difference, really?"

He was silent. "Rex," I said. "Tell him. Tell him to fuck me."

Rex laughed. "Hal," he said, "I don't think she's gonna be happy until you fuck her."

"Damn right," I said.

I knew my dad wanted to. He might not feel like it was right, but I knew he wanted to. And I figured he eventually would. I knew I could wear him down. I almost always get what I want. Almost always.

"Daddy..." I said, in my best whiny voice. "Daddy, come on. Fuck me please. Put your cock in me... please... make me happy."

"Oh shit goddam," my dad said, and Rex laughed. I looked over my shoulder at them. My dad hadn't put his cock up, after all. That was a good sign. And Rex still had his out, too, although it wasn't very hard. I understood.

About that time the door opened, and Bill Devers came in, another friend of theirs. "Holy shit," he said, when he saw me stretched across the car hood, my exposed ass in the air, and everybody's cock out.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Bill said, and Rex laughed.

"I just fucked the Pussycat, and now she wants Hal to fuck her, too," Rex said.

"What's up with her? Is she just really horny?" Bill asked.

"I'm hornier than fuck," I said, and the two of them laughed.

"Hal is wrestling with his conscience right now." Rex said, "We all know he wants to do it. He's just gotta convince himself."

"Fuck you," my dad growled. "You gotta realize, that's a big step. She's my daughter, you dumb fucks."

"Hey, you already said she blew ya. Did she?" Rex asked.

"Yeah..." my dad squirmed.

"Bill," I said. "While my dad's deciding, you wanna fuck me?"

"Uhm..." Bill said. He turned to my dad. I was getting a crick in my neck, from looking over my shoulder so much.

"Hal... is it okay if I fuck Cat?" Bill said, and I guess my dad nodded or something because in just seconds Bill was nestled between my legs, and I could feel him getting his cock out. Shit, though. I had to pee.

"Bill, hang on, let me up. I gotta pee," I said, pushing myself up with my arms.

"Oh shit goddam no," he said. "Cat, darling... just pee... nothing is sexier than a girl, peeing... fucking nothing."

"You perv," said Rex, "you're gonna drink it, you fucking perv."

"What I do is my business," said Bill. I felt his hands on the backs of my knees, and I looked back. I couldn't see him, and I guessed he was squatted down between my legs.

"Are you fucking sure?" I asked, and he said, "Hell yeah. Squirt away, darlin'..."

I tried to relax, and finally succeeded. I had to pee pretty bad. I finally shot a stream out, and I felt it splashing all over the backs and sides of my legs. I guessed he was letting it spray in his face and shit.

"Oh yeah," said Rex, "drink that shit. Drink that delicious shit."

"You're wishin' you'd thought of it," said, Bill, slightly gurgling.

"Fuck yeah," said Rex. I giggled. Guys. What a bunch of perverts guys were. Nothing was beyond them. I figured I could probably shit on them and they'd love it. Perverts.

I finally finished up, my stream slowed to a trickle. I felt Bill's tongue on my cunt, then, and he licked all around my pee-hole and cunt. Guys, I thought. Guys, and their pee fetish. It felt pretty goddam good, though. He licked further up, and spent a lot of time on my asshole. I knew it tasted good, I'd stuck my finger back there and sniffed it earlier. I halfway wondered if I should poop a little bit for him, but I decided not to. Maybe I'd ask Bill later if he might wanna do a little of that shit. It sounded nasty, but kinda fun.

Finally Bill stood up. "Anyway," he said to Rex, "you don't drink it, you just let it splash in your mouth and out again, so you can taste it."

"I see, you goddam fucking pervert," said Rex. They both laughed.

Bill did seem to have a small attack of conscience himself, before he fucked me. "Darlin'," he said. "How old are you again?"

"Fifteen," I said, before I thought about it. Shit, I thought, although I knew he had a pretty good idea how old I was, maybe he'd refuse, since I was underage. I looked back. He hadn't pulled away, at least.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Bill said, and I realized he was still talking to Rex. "Taking advantage of this sweet young lady. What a jerk..."

Rex just laughed. "She didn't exactly leave me a choice," he said. "Although... I'm glad of it... it was the best fuck of my life, for sure."

Well, that was gratifying at least. And probably true. I was glad I'd done it for him.

I finally felt Bill's cock on my cunt, and he carefully pushed into my body. Damn, he must be a monster, I thought, he felt bigger than any cock I'd had so far. He felt bigger than my dad looked, even. My dad. I looked back at him. He was just standing there, a serious look on his face. As serious as a guy can look with his hard cock sticking out his pants. I figured he was deep in thought. I still thought, in the end, he'll do it. I'll win this one. I always win, where he's concerned.

Bill fucked me nicely. I came quickly, and came again. I'd told him not to cum in me, that I'd blow him for that. He nodded. I was anxious to feel him in my mouth. I let him fuck and fuck, and my legs finally got a little tired, supporting my bottom. He finally yanked out of me, and touched me on the ass.

"Darlin'," he said, "I'm ready..."

I turned, and crouched before him. I was right, he was a monster. Shit, shit, I thought, and sucked him into my mouth. Damn, he felt good, he almost touched my tonsils, even. I sucked hard, and felt him twitch. I knew he wasn't going to last long. I played with his fat balls while he filled my mouth with sperms, loving the shit out of it. Damn, he came a lot, too. I even burped when it was all over.

I finally stood, weaving a little. I was tired. But, I was ready. Ready for the big one.

"Okay, daddy," I said. "You can fuck me now."

"Pussycat, darlin'..." I could tell he was still slightly frustrated. "Darlin'... you gotta promise me this won't fuck us up any..."

"Daddy, how could it?" I asked him. "It'll just make us love each other more, if that's even possible. Come on, just do it. You know you want too."

"Yeah, Hal," said Rex. "You know you want to."

"Yeah, I admit that. I want to," said my dad. "I just don't wanna take a chance on screwing things up between us."

"It won't, daddy," I said, "Come on."

I laid back over the car hood, and stuck my ass in the air. I could see some slobber on the hood under where my mouth had been earlier. I was getting pretty familiar with the car by now.

I finally felt something touch me on my inner thigh. Good. Here we go, I thought. Fucking finally, here we fucking go.

"God forgive me," my dad said, and the other guys giggled. I relaxed, getting ready to be thoroughly fucked by my father.

I felt his cock touch my cunt, then spread it apart. He slowly pushed into my body. Damn, it felt good, as good as Bill. He might not have been quite as large as Bill, but he was close. Shit, he felt good. Shit.

He began to pump, in long slow strokes. He was a good fucker. He felt fine, in my cunt. I already felt that familiar tightening in the backs of my legs that meant I was gonna cum. I relaxed, laying on the hood. I felt warm, and happy. I was getting what I wanted. I was pretty goddam happy. Life was good, I thought. It just don't get any better. Getting fucked by my daddy was just too goddam cool.


                              Part Two :


Things were going pretty well. My daddy fucked me every night, without fail. I wouldn't miss it for the world, and I could tell he wouldn't either. We fucked like crazy mad newlyweds. For an old fart, his dick was hard more often than it was soft. I knew that was mostly me, I was turnin' him on that much. I was blowing his mind, really, that wasn't hard to tell. I wondered how long he'd dreamed of fucking me. I hoped he was happy he was getting what the wanted. I think he was.

For me, I think the sheer wickedness of fucking him was part of what turned me on so much. I mean, my dad, my fucking dad. I was fucking my dad. I knew what most people would think of that. Carla shook her head at me, and said I was "depraved", but I know that she was jealous, too. As she should be, dammit. I was having a really great time.

We fucked religiously every night when we went to bed. We usually fucked every morning, before he went to work, kind of a quickie, then, though. Sometimes during the evening we fucked, when TV was slow. Saturday morning was the funnest, we just laid in bed and fucked, then we got up to pee, then we went back to bed and fucked again. It was great fun. I felt, for the first time since I'd started having sex, totally satisfied.

Although... I did have to make time for Alvin. And I did, one evening my dad and I fucked, then Alvin came over, he spent the night with me and we fucked, and then my dad and I fucked after Alvin left that morning. I was completely fucked. And I loved it.


The next Friday night was crazy. We headed out the highway, for the Drunkfest. All we had was one six-pack, but we hoped that other folks would bring more. We were barely on the highway when Alvin reached over and started playing with my pussy. He did this for one reason, because I'd worn a skirt. He loved seeing me in skirts, for some reason it really turned him on. I finally scooted back in the seat and pulled my panties down, and kicked them off.

Terry was in the back seat, and I knew we wouldn't bother him, anything we did. Hell, I could get away with murder, with him. He loved me bad. So bad it showed.

"Baby..." Alvin said.

"What?" I said.

"Take the wheel." I did, and I steered while he wrestled around and unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out the zipperhole. I giggled. He was pretty hard already, and he looked kinda goofy, sitting there driving a car with his dick out. He scooted his seat way back, and I could tell he could barely reach the pedals, now.

"Sit in my lap, darlin'," he said. "Let's fuck!"

Oh shit. I thought about what my dad said about being careful. This wasn't exactly being careful.

"Shit, you dangerous motherfucker," said Terry. "Stop, and we'll trade spots, and I'll drive while you guys fuck. Can't you just wait 'til we get there?"

"It's not about that," said Alvin, as I carefully crawled over into his lap, trying not to hit the steering wheel. "It's the thrill of doing it. The thrill of doing something dangerous."

"Shit, just don't crash and kill us. Especially don't kill me. Me and Cat. I don't wanna die for a fuck." said Terry. He sat up, in the middle, where he could look over the seat and see what we were doing.

I finally got all situated, and got my legs down beside Alvin's. This might actually work, I thought. I could feel his hard cock poking me in the back, and I finally raised up and felt underneath him for it. His arms were around me, grasping the steering wheel. We'd managed to pretty much stay on the road, that whole time, even though he had to look under my arm for a while.

I finally sat back, and felt his hard cock slide into my oozing cunt. It felt good. Alvin always felt great. I sat up and back, up and back, and felt him sliding into and out of me. It felt good.

"Are you in?" asked Terry politely, and I laughed and nodded. He watched with interest as I fucked Alvin, and Alvin drove. All to soon, dammit, we arrived at the Drunkfest. We pulled in under the trees, among a bunch of other cars. Alvin killed the engine, and I was still fucking away at him. I felt close to cumming, at least.

"Alvin..." I said. "Don't... cum... save it... but let... me cum..."

He laughed at me. Terry finally got out, and get the beer, and headed towards the crowd. I saw Carla heading our way, and waved at her when she got even with the window.

"What you doin', girl?" she asked.

"I'm gettin' fucked. Hang on a minute, 'til I cum," I said. She laughed.

"You startin' early. The fuckin' don't start for another hour. We gotta ride the bull, girl..."

About that time I started cumming for real. It was a good one, I moaned and shit, and Alvin and Carla laughed at me. Carla leaned in the window and we kissed for a while.

Finally I was done. Carla opened the door and I crawled out, weak in the knees. We joined the crowd, and Alvin was pleased to see stacks and stacks of six-packs. We all got pretty hammered, that night.

I could see a big truck over by an oil well, and some guys working at it. Luckily, they seemed inclined to leave us alone. The evening progressed, and Carla and I rode the bull again, and made out again. The new guys loved it. So did the old guys, of course. Terry was watching me pretty closely, I figured he wanted to be near me when the fucking started. I wondered if I should tell him to mix with the crowd, and maybe he could get a girlfriend of his own.

I figured it was about time for the fucking to start. Sure enough, a girl and two guys paired off, and went a little ways into the trees, and started going after it.

About that time a pickup drove up. It was the oilfield guys. Shit. Now we're in for it, I thought. There was three guys in front, and three in the bed. And they all looked like bruisers, tough motherfuckers. Dirty, and tough.

"What you kids doin'," the man driving said, stopping the truck. Everybody was silent. I think the guys were kinda intimidated by the men.

"Just drinkin' some beer," I finally said. "Drinkin', and fuckin'."

The man kinda coughed and laughed at that. I pointed over to the threesome, fucking away in the trees. They still hadn't even noticed something was going on. The girl was in the middle, with a guy at each end.

"You kid's ain't old enough to be drinkin'," the man said, opening his door. "Or fuckin'. We gonna have to confiscate this beer."

The men in the back of the truck jumped out. I just started laughing. I knew what they wanted.

"Alvin," I said, "Throw these guys a beer."


Before long the party had really started. The oilfield guys got pretty hammered. They'd kinda broke up the fucking, well, it really hadn't started properly yet. The oilfield guys all had to ride the bronc, and they were brutal to each other. They shook the ropes harder than shit, and threw each other in the dirt every time. They got loud and rowdy, and everybody had a good time.

"Alvin," we were standing in the middle of the madness, holding each other in our arms. I liked Alvin. I felt comfortable with him. And I knew he liked me. And, he was very forgiving of my... proclivities. He knew I liked to fuck around. I'd even told him about fucking my dad. I hadn't yet told him we fucked every night, madly... but he knew we'd done it once, at least.

"Alvin," I said. "Will you be upset... if I fuck some of these guys?"

"No, darlin'..." he said. "Just give me my fair share. You're your own girl, girl..."

"I know," I reached up and kissed him. "Thanks, darlin', thanks for bein' so sweet."

We just stood like that, holding each other. Finally I saw a couple head towards the woods. They stopped before they got there, and settled in the grass, missionary style. The oilfield guys were all watching, and I know they were wondering what the chances were that they'd get fucked, too.

"Alvin. Find Terry," I said.


We fucked for a good long time. I finally saw a girl pick one of the oilfield guys out, the young one, and take him. As he slid into her cunt, she motioned to another one, and he joined them, and she took his cock in her mouth. I admired her for being the first.

Terry was pumping away at my cunt, and Alvin was in my mouth. Alvin finally got to cum, and cum he did. I swallowed and swallowed. They changed positions, and I sucked Terry. Alvin was pretty soft, but still hard enough to get it in. Terry lasted a little while, and finally he came, as good as Alvin had. The boys finally stood up, and I just rested there, on my hands and knees. There were two of the oilfield guys still drinking beer and watching their buddies get fucked. I finally caught one of them's eye, a kinda old fart, and motioned him over. When the other one saw him walking towards me, I motioned for him to come over, too.

They stood before me. Alvin and Terry had gone a little ways off, I guess to give me some privacy. Like that was gonna happen. I looked at the two guys. They were pretty dirty, they had mud and black oily shit on them. I didn't really care, though.

"Gentlemen," I said. "Just one request. Don't cum in my cunt, cum in my mouth. Okay?"

They both nodded fervently. I knew I was making their wildest wettest dreams come true. I knew I looked good, and fucking hot. I knew they were gonna remember this a long time. Beer... beer, and pussy.

They both pulled their cocks out, and I was pleased. What are the chances, I thought. One of them, the old fart, was truly a monster. I motioned him to my front, and the other guy to my ass. Here we go, I thought. Here we fuckin' go.


It was very satisfying. I love the feeling of strange cocks in my mouth. The big guy felt good, good and giant. He almost choked me a time or two. I'd never had one, that big. The other guy fucked away at my cunt, steady and solid. I came, hard, better than I'd came when Alvin fucked me. I think I was really turned on by what I was doing. My world narrowed down to just the two guys fucking me. I didn't even notice all the fucking going on around me.

They finally switched spots, and the kid that had been fucking me got to cum in my mouth. He came a good amount, I was surprised. I love the taste and feel of cum on my tongue. His tasted sweet, almost. The big guy felt great in my cunt. I don't care what they say. Size matters. He felt good, and I came again. I finally turned over my shoulder, after I'd dropped the kid's cock out of my mouth.

"Dude," I said, and he raised an eyebrow at me. "You can cum wherever you like. Pussy or mouth. You decide."

He nodded, and just kept on fucking me. He was a fucking machine. I envied his wife or girlfriend. He fucked and fucked, god, I have no idea for how long. It felt like an hour. I came at least twice while he fucked me. Finally he slowed, and pulled out, and then walked around on his knees to my front. I took his cock in my mouth, tasting my juices on it. Damn, I thought, like I always do, damn, I taste good. No wonder these guys like it so much.

I finally looked around a bit. Carla was fucking one of the oil guys, and had a kid I went to school with in her mouth. I caught her eye, and grinned at her as best I could, with a dick in my mouth. We laughed.

The guy I was blowing unloaded what felt like a gallon of sperm into my mouth. I almost gagged, there was so much. He had nice fat balls, I could see why. I held his balls as he came. I was in love. Not really with him, but with his dick. Lucky bastard. Lucky bitch, whoever she was.

Finally everything settled down a bit. The guys all finished the last of the beer, and the oil guys crawled back in their truck. I ran up to it and kissed Mr. big-dick on the mouth. He didn't mind my spermy breath at all. They drove off, waving. Yeah, I thought... they'll probably be here again, one Friday night... if not next.


Alvin had to work Saturday, as usual, so after he left I took a quick shower, to wash his and everybody else's cum out of my pussy. I crawled in bed with my dad, and woke him up.

"Daddy..." I said. He laughed. He was getting pretty used to this.

"We had fun last night," I said. "We drank lots of beer, and some guys were there working on an oil well. They drank with us, and in the end some of the girls fucked them."

He just laughed. I wondered if he wondered if I'd been one of those girls. He didn't care, like Alvin, he was getting his fair share, though.

He rolled me over and hugged me tightly. His mouth finally met mine. We kissed and kissed, and I felt his hands all over my body.

"Wanda's coming, tonight," he finally said. "Don't wear me out too much, darlin'..."

I laughed. So far, he'd seemed to keep up with the both of us. I had fucked him every night, so far, since that afternoon at the garage. And, like I'd told him, it'd just made our love for each other stronger. I knew he was eaten up with love for me, bad. I could tell. And I loved him.

He finally laid me down, and slid his hard cock into my body. Damn, he felt as good as that big-dicked dude. My dad was a good fuck-buddy. He really knew how to use his dick to it's greatest capacity. He was good.

I came hard, and came again. We fucked and fucked, and finally he pulled out of me and got up, and headed for the shower. I crowded in with him, and he got down on his knees like he did every morning and let me pee in his face. Shit, guys and their crazy pee obsession. It turned me on every time, though. We managed to get our showers done with all the fucking around, and I finally went to my room and dressed.


Carla showed up, and we went to the mall. We wasted the afternoon sitting around her room, and doing our nails and shit. I finally held her down and tickled her until she peed a little, which turned me on for some reason. In a minute we were both naked, our mouths glued to each other's cunts. How many times, I thought, how many times can I cum in twenty-four hours? I was hoping so set some kind of record.


Carla took me back to my house, and I got ready for Saturday night. I didn't have any plans, I hadn't heard from Alvin since we went to work that morning. Like I said, we didn't own each other. Finally I got a call from Carla. She was bored. Come over, I said.

About that time my dad showed up. Come on, he said, let's go to the garage. Darrell's gonna be there, with a new car to work on. I told him to wait until Carla got here, so we did. She finally showed up, and we all piled into my dad's pickup, and off we went.

There was a pretty good crowd at the garage, Rex and Bill were there, and my dad's friend Darrell, and his son, who was maybe sixteen or so. I actually knew him slightly from school, and we nodded at each other. Shit, I thought... there's a kid here... no fucking tonight. I'd halfway wanted Carla there, because I thought maybe things'd heat up a little bit. Well, we'll see.

We sat around and talked, and the guys drank beer. Finally I finagled a beer for Carla and me, and Darrell gave his kid one, too. I got silly and tipsy from just one stupid beer.

"Heard some excitement went on last weekend, here..." said Darrell, looking at me and laughing. Shit, I thought, well, he must not care if his kid hears shit like this or not, if he brings it up.

"Just a little..." I said, pretending to be embarrassed. I knew that was charming, to guys.

"Bill's done nothing but talk about you, for the last week. And Rex hasn't been able to keep his mouth shut, either."

"Fuck you," growled Rex. "You're just jealous you weren't here."

"Hell yeah," said Darrell, looking at me and winking.

"Darrell," I said. His kid's name was Ben, I knew that much.

"What?" he said.

"Is Ben still a virgin?" I asked, watching the poor boy. He turned red, as I'd guessed he would.

"Heh..." Darrell kind of laughed. I think it embarrassed him slightly, too. "I dunno. Why don't you ask him?"

"Ben... are you?" I said, looking at the poor kid.

"Yeah..." I could tell he wasn't proud of that admission.

"Hey," I said. "Don't feel bad, there's nothing wrong with it."

"Yeah, so you say," Ben said, laughing slightly.

"Yeah, so I say." I said. "Anyway, you wanna do it? Right here, right now? Want me to pop your cherry?"

He just stared at me. I could tell he wanted to, bad, but he was still a bit embarrassed. I poured it on.

"Maybe Carla'd let you have a turn, too..." I said, and she laughed. "Hell yeah," she said, "why not?"

He looked at his dad. His dad made this I'm-not-havin'-nothin'-to-do-with-it motion, and I giggled. I said, "Only thing is, Ben, you gotta do it here, in front of everbody. That's just the way I wanna do it."

"Uhm..." he finally said, gathering his courage, "sure!"


I was wearing a skirt and blouse, and I unbuttoned my blouse, and pulled my bra off through the armholes in that way that seems to blow guys minds. All the guys were silent now, watching me. Carla was giggling.

"Come on, baby," I said to her. We went over to the new car. It was a full-sized, with a pretty high hood. I figured the guys wouldn't have to bend down any, to be at pussy-height. I motioned Carla over to the far side of the hood, above the wheel well, and I took the near side. We draped ourselves across the hood, after Carla yanked her shorts off. She pulled out her tits, too, I was pleased to see. She has nice tits, as nice as mine. I reached across the hood, and took her hands in mine.

"Who's first!?" Carla said loudly, as I motioned Ben to come to me. He did, slowly, still kind of shy, I think.

"Get your cock out, honey," I said, when he stood behind me. I spread my legs apart, so he could see my cunt. I felt him wrestling around with his jeans behind me, touching me occasionally.

"Just stick it in when you're ready," I told him.

"Catherine..." he said, and I nodded at him, as best I could, my head turned all the way around.

"Can I... can I taste you?" he asked. I laughed and said sure. I felt him lean down, then, his hands on the backs of my thighs. I reached back and spread my ass apart, hoping he'd get the hint, and give my asshole some attention, too, along with my cunt. He ate me well for a first-timer, and finally I pushed him away and rolled over so he could eat me proper. He gobbled and scraped my cunt and clit with his teeth, and I came, pretty quick. I looked out at the crowd, the guys, including my dad, we waiting patiently for their turn.

Once again, the door slammed, and a guy said, "Holy shit!" It was the UPS guy, looking cute in his little shorts, holding a box. I just laughed at the look on his face.

"Get in line," I said, "I'll let you go next because you have a route."

He gulped, and approached us. Ben was still licking my cunt. I rolled back over, and let him lick my asshole for a while. I love having my asshole licked, and I spread my butt cheeks wide so he could get in there. Finally I felt him rise from my ass.

I knew his cock was out, I'd seen it when I turned over. I finally felt it bumping around down there. I reached back and guided it in, and he finally slid into me. Damn... even an average cock feels pretty good, when it enters your body... I sighed, and let him start pounding.

He was gonna cum pretty quick, I figured. He finally said something, and I slid off the car, and dropped to the ground, and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked hard, and he quickly came, and I let him have his fun. I had been getting close myself. Maybe the UPS guy could do it for me.

The UPS guy already had his cock out when Ben stepped to the side. He didn't want to fool around, he just wanted to fuck. He fucked me very well, and about that time I heard Carla cumming on the other side of the hood. I tried to reach her to kiss her, but all we could do is hold hands. I let the UPS pound away on my ass, and finally had a nice orgasm of my own.


The rest of that afternoon just kind of passed in a blur. I think every guy there, including my dad, had a turn at my ass. Mine, and Carla's. We were finally both just worn out, from cumming to much. I just lay on the car hood, finally, hardly moving when somebody, I don't even know who, pushed their dick into my body.

"Whoever you are," I said, "you can cum in my cunt. I'm to tired to suck anymore."

It was Rex. He laughed, and pumped away, finally grabbing the sides of my ass and groaning loudly. He pumped me full of his cum. My belly was full of the shit, I'd sucked off four guys, at least... maybe five. I knew Carla'd gotten a few, too. Ben even managed to get hard again, or maybe he never went down, dunno. Anyway, he fucked me again, and fucked me well. It was a hell of an afternoon, all in all.


"Oh shit," my dad groaned, as the three of us drove home.

"What?" I asked.

"I still gotta fuck Wanda, tonight. She keeps calling me, asking when she can come over."

"Shit, daddy..." I said, "send her over. Carla and I'll take care of her for you."

"Shit, you horny little bitches," my dad said. "Don't you ever get enough?"

"Nope," I said simply, telling him the truth. Goddam, I thought, I've just been fucked by six or seven guys, and I'm already horny again. Shit fuck. What is it with me?


Wanda showed up a little after seven, wearing a little skirt and blouse. She looked fine. She looked sexy, I thought. Well, why not, she was coming over here with ever idea of getting fucked. Why not.

The four of us sat around the living room and talked, and Wanda and my dad sipped wine. My dad finally pretended he got a text, and looked at his phone. "Shit," he said, "I have to go help my friends start a car. I'll be right back."

I laughed. What an actor he was. He left, and Carla and I talked to Wanda for a while.

Finally I said, "Wanda... I told Carla what we did, the other night... she was very, uhm... very interested..."

"Oh dear," said Wanda, laughing, and managing to look embarrassed at the same time.

"Yes, it sounded like fun..." said Carla, almost wistfully. "I've always wondered..."

"Wanda..." I said, "can we? Please? Would you?"

Wanda sighed dramatically. "Well, if it means that much to you girls, I guess I could spare a little... time..."

I got up and locked the door. "We can hear daddy, when he comes back. And I'll text him and tell him to text me right before he gets back, so he can get me something to eat. Will that work?"

"I guess," said Wanda, still laughing.

"Well," I said. "Shall we go to my bedroom?"

Wanda was very sweet and considerate with Carla, whom she thought was having her very first lezzie experience. She slowly undressed the girl, kissing and caressing her. It was very sexual for me to just watch, even. Wanda was good. I finally crawled up on the bed with them, and ground my face into Carla's cunt while Wanda and her kissed. Wanda said "goodness," at that, but I just giggled. Carla started moaning and writhing around, and I think most of it was real. I finally moved as Wanda drifted down her body, and as Wanda licked Carla's pussy, I laid on my back between Wanda's legs, and began to lick her sweet cunt.


Wanda just couldn't stand it. She had to admit to my dad what we'd done. As soon as he got home almost, she let it spill out. He was, of course, very considerate and understanding, and just nodded his head and smiled. He told Wanda that of course it was okay by him, and it kind of turned him on a little, even. Carla and I just sat on the couch and giggled.

Later, Sunday afternoon, my dad and I talked a little more, and he told me some very interesting things that Wanda had told me. She'd said that although she loved him very much and fucking him was way good enough for her, she'd love to have a turn with a young stud, just for the fun of it. My dad had laughed, and said he'd see what could be done. He approached me with the idea, and right away I had ideas of my own.

"Do you think Ben would do it?" he said, and I nodded.

"Probably, but I got a better idea. Let me call Alvin and Terry up."

"Who is Terry?" he asked, and I explained to him, that it was one of my secret admirers. Ah, he said, nodding. See what you can do.

I got on text right away to Alvin, and told him that my dad's girlfriend wanted to be fucked by a cool, hip youngster. Of course he was interested. He hunted for Terry. I got back with my dad and found out Wanda was coming over again, that night. Good. I could make this work.

"Daddy," I said, "I'm sorry, but I think you'll be shut out. This is a ladies night out thing. But you'll have Wanda later tonight, and of course you'll have me forever."

He just laughed. He understood. It kind of sucked that he and I couldn't fuck in front of Wanda, but I understood. That was powerful magic to most people, people who didn't know how much two people could love each other.


Wanda came over that night, and I had a hard time getting her used to the idea. She was horrified that my dad had told her, and she was gonna kick his ass until I convinced her that it was okay. She still wasn't too sure about underage kids fucking around, I think. She never actually said yes, but she finally seemed to come to grips with the idea of two teenaged boys coming over with every intention of fucking her. She had to go talk to my dad then, and make sure he wasn't offended, and he had an equally hard time convincing her that he didn't care, and it'd probably turn him on when he got to hear all the details. We finally sat on the couch and waited on the boys.

Alvin and Terry finally slunk in, like they were embarrassed. Like they were gonna fuck their own mother or something. Then again, I can't really say much, I fuck my own dad. We all sat around on the couch and talked a while, and finally I gravitated closer and closer to Wanda. I kind of wished Carla was still there, to help me get things started, but I managed. I finally held Wanda, and kissed her, and I could tell the boys were gettin' hot and bothered watching us.

"Get your cocks out," I hissed at them, inbetween kisses. They were embarrassed all over again, but slowly did it. Wanda watched, while kissing me, her eyes rolling around in her head. I giggled. The boys didn't take their pants off, they just pulled their dicks and balls out. It looked pretty sexy.

"Wanda," I said. "You take one, I'll take the other..."

She looked puzzled, and a little panic stricken. I motioned to Terry. He came towards me, and I reached for him. I slurped his cock into my mouth, grinning at Wanda. She hesitantly reached for Alvin, as he stood in front of her. Ah, I thought, this is cool. Sucking cock with my old pal Wanda. I hoped this was doing it for her.

An hour later Alvin was wailing away on her pussy as Terry fucked me. The boys performed well, Alvin brought her to a screaming orgasm, then Terry stepped in. Alvin made me cum nicely, and I let him cum, then, pumping my cunt full of his seed. Terry and Wanda finally finished, and I was amused to see them cuddling. So Alvin and I cuddled a bit. I finally texted my dad, who was at the garage, and told him it was safe to come home.

Wanda met him at the door, and they hurried off to his bedroom. I figured she'd do whatever he wanted, now that she'd got what she wanted. Terry spent the night with us, the three of us crowded in my bed, me in the middle. In the middle of the night I felt Terry's finger in my cunt, and he rubbed and stroked my clit until I had a nice cum. Alvin never woke up. It was sexy for some reason, and I played with his cock a while. This was working out nicely, I thought.


Later that week, I walked to the mall. I was bored. I walked around and looked at all the shit I couldn't afford, and that sucked, too. Finally I ended up at the food court. I got a few tacos, and I was sitting there eating them when I looked up. Right in front of me, maybe twenty feet away, there sat this old fart. He was maybe in his forties, fifties, I dunno. He wasn't in bad shape, maybe a little belly on him, and pretty thin in the hair department. Getting old must suck big time, I thought.

He was eating an ice cream cone, and staring at me. He licked it, sticking his tongue out way long, and licking slowly. I knew instantly what he was thinking of, he was thinking of eating pussy. Mine, probably, since he was staring at me. I grinned at him. The old perv. I was almost surprised he had he nerve to do it, what with all the shit nowdays about sexual harassment, and shit. Crazy. I watched him lick the cone down, and I realized it was kind of making me horny. He finally crunched the shell, and finished it.

When he stood up, he looked at me one last time. I made the "come here" signal at him with my finger, and he warily looked around, and then slowly approached.

"You did that pretty good," I said, and he kind of laughed. I could tell he was a little suspicious of me, in spite of what he'd done.

"If you wanna do that for real," I said, "follow me."

I stood up, and grabbed my drink. He just stared at me. I figured I was either blowing his mind, or making his dreams come true. Maybe both.

We walked back out into the mall. He followed me about two steps behind me. I knew I looked good, I was wearing a little skirt, and a shirt on top. And some cute little boots. My hair was in pigtails, which I like for some reason, and I know that makes me look way younger than I am.

Speaking of age. About that time I heard him speak, for the first time. "How old are you, darlin'," he asked.

"Thirteen," I said, lying a little bit. I knew I could pass for thirteen easy, though. It's hard to tell, nowdays.

"Where's your mother?" he asked, and I laughed.

"My momma's dead and gone," I said. "My dad's at work. I'm here by myself."

That's what he wanted to hear, I'm sure. He just followed me. I was going to a department store, and look for some dressing rooms, but as we walked I saw something else that gave me an idea.

It was a movie theater. I went up to the ticket counter, and turned to him. "Buy two tickets," I said. He raised his eyebrows at me, but he got out his billfold and bought two tickets for one of the two movies showing there. We went in. The movie was already going, and it was darker than shit in there. I walked all the way down to the front, to the very first row. Then I walked all the way to the wall, and sat. He sat beside me.

I sat, and reached down, and pulled my panties off, having to sit up slightly to do it. I handed them to him, I knew he'd want them. Hell, he was a pervert. Perverts love panties. I sat back, and then turned sideways, facing him, my left leg up in the seat. I pulled my skirt up, and exposed my pussy to him. He stared down with eager eyes, and I could tell he was in love with me.

"Watch the screen," I whispered. "Just use your fingers, until the next movie starts."

He understood, and he watched the screen while he played with my pussy with one hand. He rubbed my clit, and finally stuck his thumb in my cunt. He slouched lower and lower in the seat, I guess he thought the people behind us couldn't see what he was doing that way. The way I was sitting, I could watch the aisle, and let him know if anyone came to our row. It worked out pretty good.

He played with my pussy for thirty minutes or so, until the movie ended and everybody filed out. Then we had another fifteen minutes to kill, until the movie started again. A few people filed in, but nobody came down front. Good. He just rubbed and played, and I finally sat up some so he could finger my asshole.

He was slouched way down when the movie finally started, so much that the people behind us probably couldn't even see his head. He finally slid off his seat, onto the sticky floor, and turned around to face me. I sat back up in the chair, still watching the aisle, and scooted my butt a little off the front of the chair. I felt his hot breath on my cunt, and he came closer and closer. I could tell he was smelling me. I knew I smelled great, I always do. Plus, I hadn't had a bath last night or this morning, I knew I had a definite smell to me. A definite pussy smell.

Finally, his tongue touched my clit. Perfect, I growled to myself. Right on target. I spread my pussy with my fingers, and let him lick. He was good. I could tell real quick he was good.

The movie was almost two hours long. I still had my drink from the taco place, and I gave him a drink every now and then, he got so dry from licking me. I came again and again, I always cum when people lick me, and the excitement of what we were doing really turned me on. I knew I was turning him on like crazy.

Finally, when the movie was about to the spot where we came in, I pushed him away, and motioned him to get up in the seat. I leaned over to him, and whispered, "Get your cock out." He did, and I could see it in the flickering light from the screen. I waited until a dark moment in the film, and slid into the floor. Shit. My knees stuck to the floor, that sucked. Well, whatever. I leaned over him, and took his rock-hard cock in my mouth.

I blew him for twenty minutes, until the credits started. He kept looking over his shoulder, making sure people were going out, and not in. I knew the clean-up guy would be along shortly. Shit, hurry up, I thought.

I guess he realized that, because he finally gave a jerk, and came. He pumped and pumped, and I gulped and gulped. Tacos and sperm. Yum.


I never got his name. I didn't care too. I told him my name was Taffy, heh. I told him to be here, at the movie theater, exactly one week from today, to the hour. And maybe, just maybe, I said, I'll be here. I could tell from his eager look he'd sure as hell be here. I'd really have to try. I wiped a little bit of dried pussy juice from his chin, and slowly walked home.


One night that week I was over at Carla's. I caught her up on the adventures with Wanda, and she was sad she'd missed the party. I told her about blowing the guy at the movies, and she shook her head and told me I was "way out there," or something like that. I laughed. We laid around, relaxing, knowing full well that we'd fuck around later. It's just what we did, any more.

"Cat," she said.

"What..." I replied.

"How long... how long you think you gonna go on, fuckin' your dad?"

"I dunno... I think we got years, before he's too old of an old fart..." she laughed. "I dunno, Car... I mean it's probably too early to decide shit like this, but I don't think I'll ever get married, I just want to live with him, and sleep with him every night. And fuck around some on the side."

"Yeah... you gotta keep fucking around on the side, you got me on the side..."

"Carla... darlin'... I consider you as big a part of my life as he is... I'm always gonna fuck around with you, darlin'..."

We held each other, and I boo-hooed for a while, no idea why. Shit just seemed to affect me emotionally sometimes. Finally we started kissing. About that time, somebody banged on her door.

"What, goddammit?" she yelled. I could hear her little brother yelling on the other side.

"What is your fucking major malfunction?" Carla yelled, "Ralphie! Go the fuck away!"

He wouldn't stop, and she finally opened the door. Apparently she'd stolen the remote to his TV earlier and he was demanding its return.

"Carla," I said, that naughty feeling running through my body. I looked at Ralphie. I think that he was about twelve, I'm not sure.

"What?" she stopped arguing with him and looked at me.

I motioned her to me, and put my mouth to her ear. "Carla, we don't get this chance very often... let's make the best of it... Carla... let's fuck Ralphie!"

"Oh shit," she just looked at me like I'd lost my mind. "Cat... he's my brother..." she said to me, dead-pan. I just looked at her.

"So?" I said. "I fuck my dad, so what?"

"That's different," said Carla.

"You what?" said Ralphie.

"No it's not," I said. "Same difference."

"You do what?" said Ralphie.

"Cat... it's different... your dad and you love each other."

"You do what with your dad?" said Ralphie.

"Ralphie," she said, "you heard her. She fucks her dad. Ralphie and I don't love each other."

"You do?" he asked me.

"Yes, I do," I said, "Carla, you don't wanna admit it, but you two love each other."

"Your dad?" he said.

"Yes, her dad," Carla said. "We will love each other some day, yes. Right now he's a pest."

"He'll be less of a pest if you fuck him, I guarantee you that," I said. I felt sure of it.

"Yes, I will," he said, nodding his head eagerly.

"Ralphie, you're too young, you don't even know what fucking is," said Carla.

"I do too," he stubbornly said. "It's when a guy puts his whinger in a girl's juice hole."

"Yeah, close... but you're still too young."

"Ralphie," I said. "Do you cum yet? Are you old enough to get hard-ons?"

That kind of embarrassed him. Although, he did seem intrigued by what I was offering to him.

"Yes," he finally said, squirming. "My wiener get hard and squirts when I play with it. If I don't, it squirts at night while I'm sleepin'."

"See?" I told Carla. "He's old enough. Come on, let's have a little fun."

"Shit," said Carla. "Mom and Dad are gonna kill me."

"They'll never know," I said. "Ralphie... if we fuck you, will you tell?"

"No way," he said, "I'd get in trouble too."

"See?" I said, "We're safe. Come on, Ralphie, lock the door..."

"This is your baby..." said Carla. "I'm just sittin' back and watchin'." I laughed at her. We'll see, I thought. We'll see.


"Ralphie..." I said, when he came back and sat on the bed. "Did it turn you on the other day when you saw me and Carla making out?"

"Yeah..." he looked guiltily at her. "I went to my room... and played with my weenie, after..."

That turned me on, to think of a young boy masturbating after watching me. I leaned forward and rubbed his cock, still in his shorts. He started to pull away from me, and then stopped.

"Come on, let's get naked!" I said, stripping my shirt off. My shorts and panties followed. He was just sitting there staring at me, his mouth open.

"Shit, Ralphie, come on." I said, and he slowly stood, and inched his shorts down. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his cute little cock stood straight out from his body. Good. He was ready to play.

"Oh god," said Carla, and I giggled at her. I lay down on my stomach on the bed, and reached for Ralphie. I pulled him to me, and sucked his cock into my mouth.

He was fun to suck, even though his cock was the smallest I'd had, so far. I even sucked his balls into my mouth, something I couldn't do with the big boys. He seemed to be having a good time, at least.

"Ralphie," I said. I was dying to try this. I turned over on my back, and changed the direction I was laying in. I sat on the edge of Carla's bed, and spread my legs wide.

"Ralphie, this is my pussy, as I'm sure you're aware," I said. I reached down and spread my pussy lips wide, so he could get a good look. "Go ahead, get down on your knees, and get a good look."

He knelt between my legs, and devoured my pussy with his eyes. I looked at Carla, grinning, and she rolled her eyes.

"Come on, bitch," I said. "Get naked." She shook her head, and yanked her shirt over her head. Damn... her tits looked good...

I came back to earth, and continued my pussy lesson with Ralphie.

"This is my clit, dear, and this is my pee-hole. Touch me if you want... or lick me if you want..."

He just wanted to stare for a while, then he hesitantly reached out a finger and touched my clit. I nodded encouragement, and he played around some more.

"You ain't got no hair," he said. "Miss Welton got hair down there."

Everything stopped while we wheedled the story out of him. It seems one of his teachers last year, a certain Miss Welton, was a bit of a show-off. He said he'd seen her pussy four or five times, when he'd stayed in from recess once, and another few times when he'd stayed late. She'd hiked up her dress as she sat across from him and another boy, and let them stare at her sweet spot, while she did book work.

That turned me on greatly, for some reason. Being a teacher sounded like fun, to me. All those innocent young boys to corrupt. And maybe even a few of the girls.

"Robby, I don't got hair 'cause I shave," I finally said. "But it's okay. Hair or no hair, it's still pussy."

"Carlie..." he said, "You got hair?"

"Nope, I shave, too," she said, yanking her panties down, and showing him her pussy. I touched his finger, which was pulling on my pussy lips.

"Stick it in if you want," I told him, and he slowly pushed his finger into my body. It didn't feel as good as a cock, of course, but what we were doing was kind of exciting me.

"Ralphie... eat my pussy, darlin'," I said, leaning back, spreading myself wide.

"My friend Ed says... pussy tastes bad..." Ralphie finally said. Shit. I sat back up.

"Ralphie. Maybe some stinky old hoes taste bad. But I guarantee you mine tastes great. Here." I reached down and rubbed my finger around inside my pussy. It was pretty juicy, even. I stuck my finger in my mouth, tasting myself, and damn, I was right. I tasted good.

"It's different, but good. You might have to get a little used to it, but you gotta like it. It's pussy!" I said.

He slowly leaned down further and further. I finally felt his tongue on my clit. Weird how they seemed to know, I thought.

"Smush it around," I said. "Wiggle it with your tongue."

Ralphie took the lessons well. He was soon eating me like a pro. Carla was now sitting naked on the bed beside me. I turned to her, and we kissed.

"Carlie..." said Ralphie. "Can I taste you, too?"

Carla sighed heavily, and looked down at him. "Shit. I guess. But don't think this means you get privileges."

He didn't reply, he just scooted over, and began licking his sister's clit. Goddam, I thought, how cool. How goddam fucking cool. I did this. This was my idea. And it's fucking cool.


We finally ran Ralphie out a little after midnight. Jeezus, we'd fucked around for hours. Getting fucked by him was fun, but his dick was pretty small... I could feel him, but he didn't fill me up like my dad or Alvin did. Oh well, I did it for him, not me, and hell, he seemed to have a great time. After he fucked me, he recovered in twenty minutes, and crawled on top of his sister, and fucked the ever-lovin' shit out of her. He did good, and I was proud of him. I think even Carla was impressed. I finally leaned down, while he was fucking her, and buried my face in his ass, licking his asshole. He tensed up and then relaxed, and then just kept on fucking her. I licked his asshole until he came inside his sister, and I felt him relax. It was sexier than shit.

After he left Carla and I just laid there in each other's arms, and went to sleep. She was polite enough not to mention that my face smelled like Ralphie's butt. The night passed, and we finally had to get up, and off we went to school.


School was actually kinda fun that week, for one reason, mainly. I got this idea. I have lots of ideas, but this one was a pretty good one. Well, a pretty wicked one. It was after school, and Carla and I were walking to the parking lot. Our school's goofy-ass football team was down on the field, practicing. Well, probably just trying to figure out their asses from holes in the ground. They hadn't won a game, yet.

"Carla," I said, the idea just coming out of nowhere.

"Whut," she said, in that disgusted tone of voice she was so good at. I giggled.

"Let's sneak in the locker room, and fuck the football team."

She just stared at me.

"Are you fuckin' nuts?" she finally said.

"Hell no!" I said. "Come on, while they're on the field. Follow me."

I stared down beside the field, and the guys got even more fucked up and uncoordinated when they saw two foxy females walking past. It was amusing. I could tell how bad most of them wanted us. Girls can just tell.

We went to the other end of the building, where the girl's locker room was, then walked all the way around the back of the building, and hurried into the boy's locker room door at the other end.

If we ran into anybody, I had some excuse ready about getting a book back or something, but nobody was there. The coach's office was empty, thank goodness. We were kinda lost, never having been in there before, but there wasn't too many doors, and finally we went into the showers. It was dark and kind of stinky, but what the hell. Carla was shaking her head and making noises like she wanted to leave, but I didn't give her a choice.

"Come on, bitch... strip..." I said, and started pulling my clothes off. Carla sighed, and followed. Soon we were deliciously naked, and we hid our clothes in a lock-less locker. We went down to the end, and around the corner where the showers were, and waited for the team.

It took fucking forever. Finally we got a little warmed up, and kissed around on each other, waiting for them. I had just started rubbing Carla's asshole when I heard the first wave of guys hit the showers.

"Okay," I whispered. "Here we go. Let me do the talking."

"This is your baby," said Carla, rolling her eyes.

The guys were undressing, obviously. When the first guy came around the corner to the showers and saw us, he froze in mid-stride. The look on his face was worth a million bucks. I couldn't help giggling. I knew the guy, he was in my English class.

"Craig," I said. "You win first prize. You may fuck me."

His dick was already 45'd out from his crotch, maybe just from being freed up, who knows. He got this momentary panicked look on his face, I think when he realized he was naked in front of two girls, but he came towards me anyway. I held out my hands, and he hugged me, squeezing my naked body to his. About that time two other guys came around the corner and I heard their exclamations. I don't think there were naked girls in the guy's shower very often.

I got down on my hands and knees, and pointed my ass towards Craig. He got the idea pretty quick and dropped to his knees. There was like twenty guys in the room by now. Shit. It smelled sexy, sweaty and damp, from the showers, and the twenty or so sweaty bodies. I was turned on like crazy just from the smell. This was gonna be fun. And take a while, I realized.

"Robert," said one kid. "You're elected. Guard the door, and whistle if you see the coach."

"Aw, man," Robert was not pleased. I turned and spoke. "Bob. I'll make it worth your time, if you do."

He finally agreed, and off he went. Carla had kneeled by now, and motioned two guys to join her. Cool, I thought. One at each end. I motioned to a random guy to come to me, and he did. He was good and hard already. I took him in my mouth, as Craig slid his cock in and out of my cunt. Yep, I thought. This was a good idea. A bunch of sweaty football numbskulls, and two horny bitches. A good combination.


My legs were trembling as we walked back to the parking lot. I'd been thoroughly fucked. Totally fucked. I figured I'd taken fifteen guys, at least. I'd sucked a fucking gallon or two of sperm down my throat. No dinner tonight. I finally let Robert fuck me, and he came inside me, the only one I let. His finger was in my asshole, as his hard cock squirted load after load of cum deep inside me. It was fucking hot. Carla looked a little ragged, and I figured I probably did, too. Fucking that many guys is work. I took a quick shower afterwards, and suddenly four guys clustered around me, hiding my body as the coach looked around the corner and told them to hurry up. Sweet jeezus, we'd been in there an hour, at least... every one of the guys on the team got to fuck either Carla or myself, and most of them did both of us. It was an afternoon to remember, for fucking sure.

I kinda hoped the guys kept their lips sealed, I told them too, if they ever wanted it to happen again. I didn't figure they would, though. In a way I almost wanted word to get out, I guess I'm just evil like that. I wanted the other girls to know they weren't safe from me, sexual predator that I am. I could get fucked by their guy any time I wanted.


That night I was actually pretty tired, but my dad was unusually horny. He started in on me even before we went to bed, and tickled me on the couch, finally pulling my t-shirt off and playing with my tits.

"What's wrong with you, baby?" he finally asked. "You tired?"

"I had a hard day at school, daddy," I said, sighing. I tried to perk up for him. "I'll be okay..."

"Want me to give you the night off?" he asked. I wondered if he was serious. He hadn't given me a night off since we started fucking.

"No, daddy. Just do what you want, and I'll probably just lay there. Is that okay?"

He laughed. "That's more than okay. I love you, darlin'..."

"I love you too, daddy. Come on, let's go to bed."

And off to bed we went.



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Hey, Meatbot,
Fwiw, I like part one.  Part two was a little too much for me.  But that's just me, I'd guess.  I think you turned "drunkfest" into a "fuck-fest" and then a "wank-fest" rather in a hurry!   ;D  Cheers, good sir!

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Hey, Meatbot,
Fwiw, I like part one.  Part two was a little too much for me.  But that's just me, I'd guess.  I think you turned "drunkfest" into a "fuck-fest" and then a "wank-fest" rather in a hurry!   ;D  Cheers, good sir!

Bwah hah hah! Over the top is what I was aiming for!

Man... the problem with writing this crap is how quickly that happens... I've tried writing "normal" sex scenes, guy & gal, one on one, and it gets deadly boring real quick... little things lead to big things real damn quick, it seems... how sadly mundane our lives are, in real life... sigh.

Anyway, thanks for the comments! Much appreciated!


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