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Swamp Rats (Teen, Mf, mf, ff)

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on: March 03, 2015, 07:24:40 AM

Title         : Swamp Rats

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Teen, Mf, mf, ff

Date        : 20150303

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Synopsis : A man on the run from the law takes a young girl under his wing, and moves into a swamp.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. I've never even visited a swamp, so give me a break on accuracy of the details. It's just a fucking story, folks.


The decision to move into the swamp was a big one. I mean, any move is usually a big deal, but this one was bigger than most. I had problems. Problems of my own making, true, but I had problems. I knew they were coming for me. My buddy, my accomplice, texted me and said "GET OUT NOW" and I did. I'd packed things up a few nights before, and all I had to do was jump into my truck, and get the hell out of town. I got all the way out of Jacksonville, and headed west. Well, I drove North out of town, in case anybody was watching me, and then switched directions. Once I got out of town I got on I-10 and headed West. I hit the swamp pretty quick.

That night, I stayed in a dumpy little motel near Lake City. It was a Friday night, and the place was hoppin', thanks to a few nearby bars. I got a room, paid cash, and had to give the guy an extra twenty, for not showing him my license. Luckily, thanks to my... extracurricular activities, I had plenty of cash.

I decided to stay in my room so that no one could identify me, but I really got bored. Luckily the motel had wi-fi, so I connected with my friend Ralph and IRC'd with him for a while. He told me he'd drove past my place that evening, and seen four Sheriff's cars there, and people carrying shit out the door. Shit, I thought. I'm fucked, now. I don't dare even get stopped for speeding. I'm sure there was a major APB out of me, due to the size of our haul. Shit.

He still wasn't scared. He was pretty deep, we both knew that, I was the fall guy. I was the guy that'd stuck his neck out. I promised Ralph again I'd keep his share for him, as best we could communicate without saying anything about what we'd done. I think IRC is pretty safe, but still.

Shit. I finally signed off, afraid to do anything else that might send a flag up. Shit, shit. I knew now that my life was going to take a definite turn for the worse. The worst, of course, would be being caught and going to prison. Or worse, having to go to Saudi Arabia or somewhere crazy to stand trial. I didn't know if they could do that, but I wouldn't put anything past the government. We'd hit a lot of banks, over the last year. I don't have any idea why we didn't stop after a while. It's seriously addictive, I think that's a lot of it.

I finally went through my disguise shit. I went in the bathroom with a pair of scissors and a disposable razor, and spent an hour cutting my hair off and shaving my head. Now, that felt weird, after having a nice ponytail and shit. But I felt like I had to try, at least. I had to do something.

I finally moved outside, and sat in the chair outside my room. I checked my e-mail one last time on my phone, still scared of somebody tracing my location through my phone. I'd turned off the location services, but I knew that my location could be honed down pretty close just by the towers my phone used. And I knew that the phone companies were in bed with LEA.

I was already going through net withdrawal. It was tough, after the last ten or twenty years of being online a dozen hours a day, to just go completely cold turkey. There was so much time I didn't know what to do with it, it was unreal. I should be enjoying this, I thought, instead, I'm about ready to go nuts. I thought about being without net access in prison, though. It could always get worse than it was, I realized.

I jumped. A girl had just walked right up to me. Shit. I'd been pretty deep in thought.

"Wha'cha doin'," she said, with that familiar swamp drawl. I looked at her. She was cute, cute but young. Way too young. Maybe fourteen, or even thirteen. It's hard to tell, nowdays.

"Nothin'," I said, nodding at her.

"This place is dullsville," she said. "No pool, not shit to do."

I laughed. I liked her attitude, already.

"Where's your folks," I asked her.

"At Bennie's," she said, and, seeing my blank look, pointed down the street to where the row of bars were. I understood.

"Where you live?" she asked, and I shook my head.

"I'm movin'," I said. "I'm lookin' for a new place."

"Take me with you," she said, and I laughed.

"Shit, girl... you are what, fifteen?" I said, guessing high, hoping it would please her that I'd thought she was older than she was. I looked at her again. She was perfect. A nice plump butt, high hard-looking boobs, looking good in a tight one-piece swimsuit top. She was wearing cutoff shorts, that looked like they'd been hacked with a machete. She looked fine. She looked like any one of those thousand teen teasers I had in my porn stash, on my laptop. I idly wished that I could see more of her. As if I wasn't in enough trouble already.

"Close enough," she said, smiling.

"How old do you think I am?" I said, wanting to keep the conversation going. I felt safe talking to her out here, in the open. I couldn't be accused of anything, I felt like. Although... I didn't want people remembering me. Yes, occifer, he was perving over my daughter... that kind of shit.

"I dunno. Twenty-five?" she said, and I laughed. "Close enough," I said.

We talked for a while longer. She was funny, and sweet.

"What's your name, darlin'?" I asked her.

"April," she said, "what's yours?"

"Evan," I said, making it up on the spot.

"What do people call you for short?" I asked, "Ape?"

She laughed at that. "I guess they could," she said.

We talked a while longer. I looked at my watch. Damn, it was almost two.

"You better get back to your room," I said. "The bar'll be closin' soon."

"It don't matter, they'll be skunked," she said. She showed no inclination to leave.

"How long you stayin'?" she said.

"Just tonight," I said.

"What time you leavin'?" she asked.

"Probably fairly early," I said, wondering where the dragnet behind me was by now.

"We live here now, I guess," she said. "My step-dad got work in town. We've been here almost a month, I think."

"Really," I said. I actually felt a little sorry for her. Her parents sounded like scum, from what she'd said. I hoped she somehow escaped the scum lifestyle, in spite of being raised that way.

"I was serious, you should let me go with you," she said. "My folks done tried to get rid of me to my grammaw, but she didn't want me either."

"Your parents don't want you?" I said.

"Well, just my mom, my step-dad kinda likes havin' me around. But my mom says I was a mistake, and that her life would be easier without me. Shit like that."

"Shit. Sorry to hear," I said. I did feel sorry for her then. No kid should be unloved or unwanted. Too bad.

A mass of people came down the street, weaving in and out of cars and shit. God. What a bunch of drunks.

"There they are, the bastards," April finally said, standing. "They'll sleep 'til three tomorrow afternoon. And there ain't shit to eat in the place."

I stood. "Hang on," I said. "I got some shit I'll give you." I went in my room, and she followed me. Oh shit, I thought, hoping her parents, coming down the street, hadn't seen. I pawed through the supplies I'd lugged to the room, and gave her a box of granola bars, and a box of frosted flakes.

"Geez, thanks!" she said, and she really seemed pleased.

"I ain't got no milk," I said, "Sorry."

"Oh, that's no problem, I eat them dry," she said, and we went back outside. After a few more thanks, she finally left, and I breathed a sigh of relief.


It was a pretty much sleepless night. I kept waiting for a knock on the door, or a battering ram. Nothing. I finally managed to sleep a little, in the wee hours. My alarm on my watch went off about seven, and I dragged myself around, taking a quick shower. I packed the stuff I'd brought in the room back in my truck, taking one last look around. There was a 7-11 across the street, and I walked across, and bought a few last minute items, including a cheap phone, I thought maybe it'd come in handy. There was no way it could be traced to me, at least. I finally walked back to my truck.

Shit. The door wasn't latched, and I thought I remembered slamming it. I should have locked it. When I got inside, I was even more disgusted. Some stuff that I had, in the back, on the floor in back, was now up on the bench seat. Somebody had been in here, and pawed through my shit. There wasn't much to steal, just groceries and shit, but I was still disgusted. Luckily, my money, my great big stack of money was in the big tool box in the back, securely locked up. Still, it pissed me off that somebody had managed to go through my truck, in the few minutes that I hadn't had my eye on it.

I left the room key on the table inside, and drove away. I half-way wondered where the girl was, I'd liked to have at least waved goodbye to her. No matter. I went back up the road a few miles, back into the swamp. I finally stopped at a little town, and went down to where a creek started. A creek that I knew, from my perusal of a map of the swamp last night, led to the swamp proper. To where I knew I could get lost.

I finally found a boat shop, and the front counter was manned by a scraggly old hillbilly. I talked with him a while, trying to clue him in a bit to my situation, hoping he'd understand. He looked like he'd run from the law a time or two in his life. I didn't out and out say I was, but I hinted that I needed to "get away" for a while, shit like that. His boats were expensive, but nice. We haggled and dealt, and finally I had a thought. I'd hoped to store my truck, but what the shit. I had the raw cash to buy a new one, when I came out of hiding. If ever.

"This boat..." I indicated a fairly large flat bottom, with a nice motor on it. He'd said sixteen thousand for it, a hell of a lot. I pointed to my truck.

"I'll trade you my truck for this boat, and some tools I see you got layin' around," I said, and tried to watch his eyes.

His eyes lit up, for sure. He hmmm'd and hawed a bit, and we finally got down to brass tacks. When it was over and done with the boat was mine, and I drove him back to Lake City to transfer the title to the truck. And, oh shit. As we walked back out of the tag agency, I saw a sheriff's car right behind my truck. I wondered if he was running the tag. Shit, shit. We got in the truck and I started back to the swamp, my eye on the rear view mirror. We made it back to the boat shop, and I picked out an ax, scythe, shovel and some garden tools I wanted from the shit laying about outside his shop.

He was eager to get his hands on the truck, so he offered to help me load the boat. I let him carry a few items, but I didn't want him seeing the Saran-wrapped bales of cash I had in the toolbox. Shit. Finally I told him thanks, like I was dismissing him, and he got the idea. When he went back inside I ferried the cash to the boat, wrapping it in a blanket I had. I was nervous as hell. I knew in this part of the country, I'd be shot and thrown in a sinkhole, if the locals new I was carrying this amount of money. Or even a tenth of it.

I cleaned the cab out, moving all my groceries, and when I got pretty much everything moved I got the shock of my life. I looked under the bench seat in the back, and saw a hand. I jumped, and bumped my head on the door frame, and said, "Shit!" loudly. I grabbed the hand an pulled. I already knew who it was.

She crawled out slowly, clutching a little bag. I was pissed.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at her. I was getting more and more nervous. I knew how fate worked. I knew that this was the most dangerous time for me, when I'd almost made it. I knew that now would be the perfect time for the goddam cops to show up.

"I just wanna come with you," she said. "There's nothing for me back there. Lemme come with you."

"Shit, Ape," I said. "I'm going into the swamps to live. It ain't gonna be easy. You just can't, darlin', you can't."

"I can," she said, sticking her bottom lip out stubbornly. "I've lived in the swamp my whole life. I know shit about it you don't. You need me. You what, you lived in the city?"

Shit. Well, she was probably right, on that one. But shit. I couldn't take an underaged girl into the swamp with me. I was already in enough trouble as it was.

"Darlin'," I said. "You gotta understand. I've got trouble following me. You don't wanna hang around for what might happen."

"It ain't as bad as the way I've been livin', no matter what," she said stubbornly. And, shit. About this time old man Grumman came back out of his shack. I knew he was wanting his truck. I handed her a pile of shit, and grabbed some myself. We argued down to the dock, and back to the truck a few times. Finally all my shit was moved.

Mr. Grumman didn't seem a bit perplexed at the girl, or where she'd come from. We made a final trip down to the boat, and she just jumped on board, like she owned the damn thing.

"April," I said. "Please, darlin'. Understand where I'm comin' from. I'll get in major trouble, if I take you with me. You're only what, fourteen?"

"Fifteen," she said. I didn't believe it. She sat on the front bench, and looked right at home. Shit.

I just stared at her.

"Come on, throw the rope," she said. "Let's get going. You said you were in a hurry. Let's go."

Shit. It looked like she was coming, no matter what. I wasn't going to physically throw her off the boat, although, I thought, someday I'll probably regret this. I waved to old man Grumman, and slipped the rope off the dock piling. The motor started instantly, and we put-putted away from the dock, into the swamp.


Four hours later I was glad I had her with me. She was a good navigator, she knew what deep water looked like, and we never touched bottom once. She pointed out stumps and gators and everything she saw. She was a good captain, which is what I already thought of her as. I did everything she advised, without asking questions.

We talked a little more. I was worried about her parents, what they would do when they realized she was gone.

"I left a note. I said I was going to New Mexico with a boy I met, and that I'd be in touch in a few weeks, and not to worry about me. Evan, I'm serious. My mom don't give a shit. She's gonna be happier, now that I'm gone."

"I hope you're right," I said, shaking my head. I couldn't hardly believe it, but she was pretty insistent. Of course, I knew if her mom could squeeze some bucks from my ass she'd blackmail me in a second. I knew how those kind of people were.

We went North all day. We passed a few little settlements, here and there, I was never sure if they were legit towns, or just where people were squatting. If they were doing what I intended on doing. We didn't stop, of course.

Boats passed us quite often, or we passed them. I always waved, and they waved back. I knew we probably looked a bit suspicious, due to the piles of shit in our boat. But, there wasn't much I could do about it. I did do one thing, though, to make myself feel a little safer, I got my pistol out of my bag, and tucked it under my shirt, in my waistband. If I saw a cop I'd throw it in the water, of course, I didn't want to be shot over something stupid like a gun.

By late afternoon, I was looking for somewhere to stop. We finally approached a large island, and I told April to look for some trees beside the water where we could hide the boat. She found a good spot, and I drove the boat up onto the shore, and we cautiously got out.

I unpacked my small tent, and my sleeping bag, and a few blankets that I'd brought. I was in a quandary about the money, I didn't want to just leave it on the boat, what if somebody stole the boat? I finally transferred it to solid ground, a bale at a time.

"What the..." said April, when I handed her one. That shit was heavy. One of the bales alone probably weighed twenty or thirty pounds.

"Don't ask, April. Just take it and put it with the other stuff."

I realized that I had to keep her now, basically. She knew my secret, now. Or one of them. Shit.

We ferried the money, and she helped me put the tent up. She was handy to have around, this was my first tent but not hers. She took her muddy shoes off, and went inside the tent, and I handed the bales of money to her. We finally got everything inside, and we sat on logs and had some dried fruit and granola bars for dinner.

"You got a gun?" she said, and I looked askance at her. I did have a gun, but I didn't want her to know it.

"Why?" I finally asked.

"I'd go huntin', if you had a gun. You need to get one, if you're gonna live out here. A twenty-two."

She was right, I thought. A gun would come in handy, a small one, for rodents and maybe even for food. Have to think on that one.

I got my phone out, the untraceable one I'd just bought. It was no smartphone, but it did a few things. It showed me where I was, amazingly, it worked well. I didn't expect it to, once we got deeper in the swamp.

I sent a text to Ralph, and he came right back. Everything was fine, except the story had broke. And my name was right in the middle of it. Shit. I finally turned my real phone on, and googled myself. Yep, bigger than shit, there was the story. I was now a wanted man, a hunted man. Well, that was less than gratifying. We'd known this was a risk, though, from the start.

April rose, and faced me.

"You got any TP?" she said. I could tell she was embarrassed.

"Toilet paper?" I said. Shit. Well, I couldn't think of everything. I decided right then to start a list of things we'd need. That one was pretty high on the list.

"I think I got some wipes..." I finally said.

"Never mind, I'll just wash," she said. I figured she meant she'd go out into the water. That was kind of scary to me, but we'd do what we had to do.

I started to follow her, and she stopped.

"You ain't gonna watch me poop, sorry," she said, and I laughed.

"I wasn't gonna watch, I just thought it might be safer if I went."

"I'll be okay. You need to stay, and guard the money. Evan," she looked me straight in the eye. "You do have a gun, don't you?"

Shit, I thought. "Yeah," I admitted. I pulled my shirt up, and showed it to her. She nodded.

"Good," she said, and walked off into the trees. I called her back, and gave her a towel for when she got out of the water. She disappeared, to do her business.

So far, so good, I thought. If we can just find an island of our own, deeper in the swamp. An island like this. I had a feeling, a sad feeling, of how boring life was gonna be, living in a tent in the swamp, without net access. Shit, it was gonna suck. Severely.


April showed back up within an hour, her jeans slung over her shoulder. I could see that she had a one-piece swimsuit on. She'd washed the mud off her shoes, even. An hour later, when I had to make a trip into the woods, I took the towel, and hesitantly left her. I told her to yell, if anybody showed up, that I wouldn't go far.

I got my business done, and took a quick dip in the swamp, nervous about gators and other creatures I couldn't see, beneath the dark water. And parasites, I worried about creatures invading my body. Ick. I wondered how well my sanity would survive, out here in the outdoors.

April was slouched on the log, waiting patiently for me. We sat and talked until sundown, and I finally made a last trip to the boat, making sure it was up on shore and also securely tied to a well-rooted tree. That boat was our life, I didn't want to lose it. I kicked my boots off, and followed April into the tent.

I had a flashlight, but I didn't want to waste it. We sat for a while longer and talked, and I finally looked at my watch. Eleven.

"I'm conking out," I told her. I slid my shirt off, and kicked my pants down. It was so incredibly fucking dark I didn't worry about it. Plus, I had undershorts on. I heard her stirring around, and I heard clothes sliding off. I guessed she was taking her shirt off.

The sleeping bag. There was a problem, I only had one. I did have those blankets, though. I also had a large piece of foam that I'd brought, to put beneath the bag. I liked my comforts. I unzipped the bag, figuring I could share it with her, somewhat. I wondered how cold it'd get, during the night. Well, I knew it wouldn't out-and-out get cold, but it would probably get cool. When you were just laying there, even cool was unpleasant. But, we had the blankets.

"April..." I said, "I'll leave my bag unzipped, and if you get cold in the night, you can crawl in. Lay one of those blankets down for a pad, maybe... okay?"

"Okay..." she said, and I felt her bump into me. I finally found the flashlight, and warned her I was about to turn it on. I was going to let her get her bed situated.

I got the shock of my life when I thumbed it on. She was fucking stark naked. And it didn't seem to bother her a bit, that I could see her. She bustled around, getting her pad made, and laying a blanket on top of it. I tried not to stare. Well, actually, I didn't even try. I stared.

She was incredible, I realized real quick. My cock was unpleasantly hard, within thirty seconds. She was perfect. I was right about her butt, she had a fine one. Plump, perfectly formed... incredible. How, I thought, how am I ever going to get to sleep, with this, naked, beside me? She turned and smiled at me, and I knew she couldn't see my face, since I was holding the light. I just stared. Her breasts took my breath away. She had the most perfect teenaged tits I've ever seen, in all my years of porn. Huge, fat pink puffy nipples... high, firm tits that almost pointed up, they were so high... just fabulous... it's a crime, I thought, it's a crime that it's a crime... I just wanted to lose myself in her. I wanted an excuse to keep the light on.

She lay down and crawled under her blanket, and my peep show was over. I thumbed the light off, and crawled into my bag beside her. I'd had a perfect view of her cute little pussy when she'd laid down, and it was burned into my mind. A pair of sweet, pink lips... a little bump that was surely her clit... surrounded by a soft thatch of silky black hair... I could feel the precum oozing from my dick. And, damn, I was hard. I wondered then, I really wondered how this was going to work out. If there was any way I could keep my hands off her.

It turned me on that she was so blase about her nudity. Was it that common to her? She didn't seem to care a bit that I could see her. Maybe she didn't realize how well I was able to see her. Maybe, though, maybe she just didn't care. Oh, this might be fun, I thought. Give me a little fun, before I have to go to prison. Let me probe her sweet asshole, before a 300 pound cellmate probes mine. Shit.

I thought these things, but still made myself promise to leave her alone. I didn't want statutory rape charges, on top of everything else. And, she deserved better. I was an old man, compared to her. She deserved better, I thought.

Still, I lay there in the darkness, listening to the little noises she made as she got comfortable, and wanted her so bad I could taste it. Just a foot away, I thought, just a fuckin' foot away. Jeezus.

"Evan," she said, and I could feel her breath in my face. Her sweet breath. The intimacy of it made me even harder.

"What," I said.

"Evan... I do... something... I do something every night for my step-father, after my mom goes to sleep. You want me to do that for you?"

Oh shit, I thought. Oh holy fucking shit. What else could it be, I thought, other than a blow job, or maybe even straight-up fucking? Oh, shit, why did you do this to me? How can I say no? Honestly, how can I fucking say no?

I realized about this time that I loved her. I really, really loved her. No matter what she was, what she did, what she'd been made into or forced into, I seriously fucking loved her. I'd die for her, almost, I loved her so much. Fuck. I hadn't even known her twenty-four hours, and I loved her? Crazy. I gotta admit, though, that I'm like that. I can fall in love in a hurry. And I sure as hell did on this one.

"Ape..." I finally managed. I was almost crying for some crazy reason. "Darling... what you do is up to you... I'm not gonna say yes or no... sweetheart... you don't have to do anything you don't want to do... I'm never going to force you... please understand..."

"I understand," she said, after a moment. I wondered if she could tell I was all choked up. The thought of this sweet innocent girl having to blow her step-father really bothered me. Actually, it bothered me more than her having to blow me.

She was silent for a while, then I heard her moving around. Shit, I thought, what is she doing. I jumped when she threw the top of my sleeping bag back against the tent wall. I felt her crawling over my leg.

"Evan..." she said, her voice husky. "Get your cock out."


I am not the world's most experienced guy, sexually. I mean, I been around, I've had flings, and a few girlfriends, one really notable one. I've even had my share of one night stands. But, for some reason... this one stands out. This one was incredible. There was no real intimacy, the part I usually love. She never kissed me, or we didn't hug or anything. She just crawled down my legs, and took my cock in her mouth. But it was incredible. And, I could tell, she wasn't that experienced, either. But, damn. That was the best blowjob ever. It was fantastic. I didn't want it to end. She just sucked and sucked, and ran my dick in and out of her mouth. The sensations were, as I said, incredible. Her soft little mouth just blew me away. A few times she stopped, and I could feel her hot little tongue, on the cap of my dick. How I kept from cumming instantly I have no idea. I was more turned on than I'd been, my whole life. I felt like I was dreaming, like I was floating a few inches off the ground.

Finally, after maybe twenty minutes, I whispered to her that I was going to cum. I felt her nod, and she just kept on sucking and pumping away. She was apparently no stranger to having her mouth filled, I realized. I finally shot my wad, filling her mouth again and again, and I could hear her gulping and swallowing. And, goddam... did it ever feel good.

I finally finished, and she sucked down and then back up the length of my cock, and let it drop from her mouth. Goddam, I thought, her fucking step-father... what a lucky guy, the bastard... I wondered if this would be an every night thing, from now on. Shit. I was already wondering if I'd eventually get to fuck her. Shit. Have to put rubbers on that list, I thought.

She settled in again, in her little nest, and I thought for a minute, then reached out for her. I drew her to me, under and into my bag, as well as two people could fit in it. She giggled, and came readily. I pulled her body against mine, feeling her nipples scrape across my chest. That quick, I felt a twitch from my dick. Shit, she turned me on.

"April, darling..." I said, "thank you. You are a sweetheart, and I love you dearly."

She laughed softly in the darkness, and I felt her now-spermy breath on my face again. The intimacy of that alone insured that my dick would be hard again, in moments.

"Evan," she said, and I heard the laughter in her voice. "You just met me. How can you love me?"

"April, honey," I said. "I can't explain it, but I do. I love you." I pressed my face into hers, and bumped her nose with my lips. Down an inch, and I pressed my lips to hers. We kissed, slowly, softly, sensuously. She was a good kisser. She tasted sweet, so fucking sweet, in spite of a slight cummy aftertaste. I was seriously, deeply in love. I never wanted out.

We kissed for an hour. Finally I felt her hot hands down at my waist, and she gripped the shaft of my cock with one hand while she cupped my balls with the other. I was hard again. She slowly, gently jacked me and I groaned into her mouth. She giggled softly.

"April, honey..." I finally said. "What did you do, with your step-father? Did he force you? Did you actually... have sex with him?"

She was silent for a moment. "No," she finally said, "he didn't really... force me... I kinda wanted to do... those things. He didn't force me. And, yes, we had sex, twice only, though. He was too scared of my mom finding out. And she never hardly left him alone with me."

"I see," I said. I still felt sorry for her. What a way to treat a child. Although... I was really no different.

"I'm on the pill," she said. "He got me on the pill, at least."

Oh shit. That solves that problem, I thought. It's almost a given, now. How could it not be? Did I really want to go there? How much more trouble would it add, to the world of trouble I was already in?

I just hugged her some more. Our lips met again. I was content to just lay there, on the hard ground, and hug her body against mine. My hands wandered down her back, to her fabulous ass. I squeezed and played, loving the shit out of her. She felt so good, beneath my hands. Her skin was supple, tight and firm. I wished, for her sake as well as mine, that she'd feel like this forever.

"Evan," she pulled away from me, "Evan... make love to me... please..."

Oh shit. Oh holy fucking shit. She was begging, now, practically. I'd known this little girl less than twenty-four hours, and she was begging me to fuck her. How could I not? How could I say no?

I didn't say no. I didn't say anything. I slowly turned, holding her, until she was underneath me. I nestled between her legs, feeling my cock bump around on her pussy. She finally giggled, and reached down, and guided it to her cunt. To her sweet, sweet beautiful little cunt. When I'd got to see it earlier, I'd never dreamed, that this quick, I'd be inside it. I never fucking dreamed.

I savored the moment, with my dick pressed against her pussy lips. This is the high point of my whole life, I thought. It will never get any better than this.

I slowly pressed deeper and deeper into her body. Her cunt felt smooth, like wet silk. And, she was wet. Damn, she was pretty wet. I hoped that I'd done that, turned her on that much.

I buried my hands in her tight ass, squeezing her groin against mine. At last I was all the way in her. Our hips touched, ground against each other. Damn, it felt good. I felt like I could have cum, right then, but I held it back. I wanted this one to last.

I pumped slowly, almost all the way out, and then to the bottom. Damn. She gasped, sucking air in. I knew how she felt. It was good. I finally established a nice rhythm, and we fucked. Damn, did we ever fuck. I've had a few good fucks in my time, but this one still stands out. Once again, the high point, I thought.

I wanted to go for hours, and it seemed like we did. She came, fairly quickly, and I was happy and proud to have done it for her. Her second was pretty intense, and her third was outstanding. Damn, I thought, damn, I'm good. I'm blowing her mind. I'm good.

We fucked so long that we finally started talking, like were sitting at a table or something.

"I... didn't know... that it could... go this long..." she said, between gasps. I laughed softly.

"It's because... you turn me on... so much..." I said. We both giggled. I leaned into her, and we kissed. I probed her asshole with my finger, and gently pressed my index finger into it. She squirmed beneath me, and I pushed deeper. I could feel her sphincter fighting me, and it felt sexier than hell. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her sweet asshole, finger-fucking her as I dick-fucked her sweet cunt. I felt like the king of the world.

Finally, I could hold back no longer. I never remember being turned on more than I was at that moment. I groaned loudly, and she moaned, sighed, gasped and made all kinds of noises. To my satisfaction, she began to cum again, and I let myself go. I just blasted her with sperm, even though I thought her blow job had drained me, I filled her up, this time. Shit, I was flying high. I was super turned on.

We slowed, and finally stopped. I slowly slid my finger out of her asshole. We just lay there, holding each other, trying to catch our breath. Damn, that was intense. I told her that.

"Damn," I said, "that was intense."

She giggled. "Yeah," she said. "That was fun. I never had one like that before..."

"Darlin'," I buried my face in her neck, and whispered to her, "I'll do that every night, you turn me on so much. You are incredible."

"Yaw'll 'bout done fuckin' in there?" A deep voice from outside the tent asked. My asshole slammed shut. Shit, oh shit.


"Hang on, let us get dressed!" I shouted, and jumped up.

I'm sure they could hear us burst into action, as we tried to dress. I finally found my pants and got them slid up my legs, and got my shirt on. I wanted my shirt on because I wanted to hide my pistol beneath it, as I had earlier. I buttoned the bottom few buttons, and found the flashlight. I thumbed it on, and handed it to April, pointing it at the ground. I didn't want to put on a shadow show for the folks outside as I put my gun into my jeans. I could see April was almost shivering with fear, and I was pretty scared, too.

I had seen light flickering outside the tent when the man had spoke, so I figured they had flashlights, too. I took the light from April and turned it off once I had my gun in my waistband, and unzipped the door to the tent. I slowly emerged, careful to move slow. I knew these guys would be armed. I wondered if it would have been more sensible to come out shooting, but I didn't know how many of them there would be.

The light I'd seen was a lantern. A boy stood right in front of me, holding it. Another boy was behind him. A man came from around the tent, and I faced him. He was, of course, armed, with a rifle of some kind. The boys had guns, also.

"Yes, sir," I said, and the man stopped, and stared at me.

"Ah'm Jed Tucker," he finally said. "This here's mah island. You shoulda asked, 'fore you set up camp."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Tucker," I said. About that time one of the boys drew a harsh breath in, staring behind me. April had emerged from the tent, and I could see in the dim light she was topless. Oh shit, I thought.

"April, honey," I said, "Please put your shirt on."

"No, she's fine!" said the boy, and the man laughed.

"What you doin' out here, jest lookin' fer a place to fuck?" he said.

"No, sir..." I thought madly. "I'm moving into the swamp, I hope to find an island of my own, one that's not already claimed."

He thought for a moment. I could tell both the boy's eyes were still glued to April, who now stood beside me.

"You a city slicker," the man almost accused, and I slowly nodded. No use denying. "What happened to yore hair?" he asked.

"I'm..." I thought some more. I wanted these people to tolerate me, I wanted to somehow get on their good side. "Mr. Tucker. I'll be completely honest with you. I'm on the run from the law. I need a place to hide, and I think the swamp is the best place of all."

He didn't seem surprised. He nodded his head. I had another idea.

"Mr. Tucker. Let me pay you, for staying on your island. How does fifty bucks sound?"

He nodded vigorously at that. Yes, that sounded fine. I got my billfold out and fished out two twenties and a ten, and handed it to him.

"Mr...." he said, and I said, "Delacroix," once again, making it up on the spot.

"Mr. Delacroix," he said. "I got some real estate you might be interested in. Where you lookin' to end up?"

I laughed, in spite of myself. I knew nobody owned the swamp. This crafty hillbilly was just looking to make some money off me. I was willing to play along, if it endeared me to him any.

"I need to be a little deeper..." I said, "I'm thinkin'... around Bugaboo Island, maybe a little South of there..."

"Yeah..." he said. "Yeah, I can help you with that. You still be here in the mornin'? We got some huntin' to do, but we could come back."

"Yeah, we'll wait on you," I said. I draped my arm over April's shoulder. The attention of the two boys had never wavered from her beautiful tits. And I got to squeeze them, I thought. I knew she looked good, in the dim lantern light. April looked good, no matter what.

Mr. Tucker took his lantern, his gun and his boys and departed. I heard them splashing through the shallows, I presumed to their boat, and sure enough, I heard a small motor start up. It faded away into the darkness.

"Shit," I said to April, "If we hadn't been making so much noise, we'd have heard them coming."

She laughed, and looked up at me. I put my face down and kissed her. Something buzzed around my head. We crawled back in the tent, and I pulled my jeans off and hid my pistol back underneath my pillow.

"Are we gonna wait for them?" she asked, and I nodded, in the darkness.

"Yeah," I said. "Let's see what he's got. What he can show us."


The Tuckers showed back up about ten the next morning. To his boy's infinite sadness, April had her shirt on, by then. We'd fucked, again, about six that morning, when sunlight was just started showing through the tent walls. It was every bit as intense and incredible as the night before had been, I just fucked away at her like a madman, and she came like a madwoman. Damn, the girl could cum. She'd admitted to me that she hadn't cum either time her step-father had fucked her, it had been over so quickly. I was glad I could make her cum. I felt like she appreciated it, and appreciated the feelings her body presented her with. She already seemed like a highly sexually charged individual, to me.

Anyway, the Tuckers showed up, and we set off. We already had our boat packed, and we followed them deeper and deeper into the swamp. We stopped for lunch, and we shared our granola bars and some other stuff with them, and Mr. Tucker cooked a quick pot of coffee. We set out again. Finally, late in the afternoon, we came upon an a small island, roughly halfway between Bugaboo Island and the Suwannee Canal Rec entrance to the swamp. That was actually a bit closer to civilization than I'd hoped, but the island was pretty cool. It even had a rickety old boat dock. We tied up, and went ashore. The real advantage was immediately obvious.

There was a nice little cabin in the middle of the island. It was in fairly good shape, considering it was in the middle of a swamp, and it looked like nobody had lived there in years. There was even an outhouse. I was in love with the place, already.

We went into the cabin, and I could see that it'd take a lot of work. I could stand that, just to have a roof over my head. We disturbed a family of possums, living in the loft, and they hissed angrily. Oh well. You take what you can get.

"Mr. Tucker..." I said, once we were back outside. "Do you actually own this island?"

He grimaced, but he was honest, at least. "Naw, not really. But I showed it to you. You should owe me something for that, I think..."

"Yes," I said. "I agree. And I appreciate it, greatly. Mr. Tucker. Let us move our stuff into the cabin, and I'll pay you, I hope more than enough. I have to visit my truck, and retrieve my stuff. Can you come back, in say... three days? I'm not trying to put you off, understand. You now know where I live, after all."

He laughed at that. "Yeah," he said. "We can do that." I had lied to him, true. I just didn't want them to see us lugging big blocks of cash to the cabin. I opened my billfold, and gave him another fifty bucks for "traveling expenses." We finally saw them off, and prepared to move into our new home.


We got our stuff moved in, and out of the boat, at least. There was some furniture, an old moth-eaten couch, and we pounded the dust out of it, and arranged our blankets and sleeping bag. I was greatly looking forward to that night.

The front door of the cabin was fairly thick, and fit well. There was a nice old-fashioned lock, and I felt safer once I locked it. I put a lantern on my list of things to get when we returned to civilization. A lantern, and a good supply of fuel for it.

There was a fireplace, but it would need work. It wasn't chilly enough to need a fire, at least. We finally curled up on the couch, and kissed and giggled until April decided it was time. She blew me for a while, but I didn't cum. I knew the fun was just beginning. I finally slid into her tight sweetness, and we proceeded to fuck our brains out. Damn, she fucked well. She fucked like she'd done it a thousand times before. She came, and came, and came again. She seemed to have the ability to just let herself totally go, and be lost in the experience. I envied her, I could only cum once. But, damn, did it ever feel good, leading up to it.

Once again I penetrated her ass with my finger. She seemed to love it. I pumped and pumped my finger in and out of her ass, and my cock in and out of her cunt. She just lay there, and came. Time and time again. Finally I let her cum one last time, and then I blasted my load into her sweet cunt. She gasped and sighed, and we slowly settled down. At least no one interrupted our afterglow this time. She sighed deeply, and hugged herself to me.

"Evan..." she whispered. "I think I love you, too..."

"I love you, darling..." I whispered, kissing her. She was so sweet. I already couldn't imagine life without her. I felt sad thinking that someday I'd probably get caught, and she'd be taken away from me.

The possums didn't bother us much, and pretty soon it was morning again. I spent the morning cleaning out the fireplace, and finally I was able to lay on my back and look up it with the flashlight. It looked fairly clean and open, and I knew we could build a fire without too many worries.

April built a broom with a bunch of stiff grass, a straight stick and a shoelace, and she swept the dust, dirt and rodent poop out the front door. She cleaned the shelves in the kitchen, and even swept the loft, waking the possums up and running them out a hole in the roof, which I blocked off with a piece of wood I formed with the axe. Hopefully that would keep them out, there wasn't any other obvious entry points, at least. I hoped to eventually be sleeping in the loft.

The outhouse was a mess, but at least it was so old it wasn't very stinky. It even had a seat. I was pleased.

My biggest real problem was drinking water. I had a bale of bottled water, but that would disappear pretty quick with two of us drinking it. There was a large a barrel under the runoff spout, and it looked fairly clean, though a bunch of mosquitoes were living in it. I got a few drops of motor oil from the boat, and dripped into it to kill them. Damn mosquitoes, anyway.


The Tuckers showed up, right on schedule, and I was ready for them. Before they'd arrived I'd busted open a bale of my cash, and counted out five thousand dollars, in hundreds. His eyes lit up when I handed it to him, and I could tell he was pretty goddam happy. His boys had never seen that much money in their lives before, and their mouths just hung open.

I told him I hoped he'd keep us a secret, and he nodded. I think he understood. I just hoped they didn't suspect how much money I really had. Some people would come back and kill me if they just thought I had another five thousand. I hoped he was better than that. Still, I'd learned to think paranoid, and it flavored my whole existence, now. Even when I was out in the yard, I wondered at times if I was in a gunsight. Every time a boat putted down the creek in front of our cabin, I wondered if this was the time. If it was a boat full of sheriffs, or swamp rat bad guys. What a way to live.


Our first trip to town was pretty nerve-wracking. For one, I was nervous about getting there, and getting back to our island. I had great hopes in April's sense of navigation and direction. I wished greatly my phone worked, so I could use the GPS. Oh well.

My other fear was even more severe. I knew that this was the time the manhunt for me would be most intense. I wished I had kept that goddam mustache. The night before, I shaved my head again, which had grown out quite a bit. April giggled. It felt natural to me by now, natural, and cool. She rubbed my head. It felt sexy.

We were fucking like mad still, every night. Every goddam time, it just seemed to get more intense. For me, and I could tell, for her, too. She was a masterful fucker by now, and she came like crazy. She just blew up, totally. I could tell it was good for her, I didn't have to ask. I'd finally got to eat her pussy, and it was good beyond belief. She tasted incredible. And it made her cum like she was out of her mind. Now we didn't fuck unless I spent an hour on my knees before the couch, nuzzling, gulping and licking her sweet cunt. God, I loved her cunt. The taste was out of this world, especially when she hadn't had a bath in a day or two. A bath, hell, I mean a dip in the swamp. Her cunt, and her sweet asshole, tasted incredible to me. I cannot properly describe.

Anyway. I wasn't going to leave, until I'd hidden the money. I hid half of it in the cabin, underneath the floorboards, pulling them up with a hammer I'd traded part of my truck for, and nailing them back down, then smearing the nails with dust. The other half we buried out back, hoping the plastic wrap around them kept the moisture out. Once we went into town I'd get some plastic tote boxes or something, and we could dig them up and re-bury them.

All that out of the way, we set off for the south edge of the swamp where we'd started out from. I had a pocketful of cash, we needed a lot of stuff, and I hoped that old man Grumman would taxi us into town and help us get what we needed. I had ideas, where that was concerned.

The trip was fun, but took all day long. Finally, that night, we anchored in a little inlet, and tried to sleep in the boat. That wasn't much fun, the beam was too narrow for me to stretch out in, although it was fine for April. I had brought the foam pad, so it was barely bearable, at least.

We managed to have a nice long fuck, in the bottom of the boat, somewhere along the South end of the Okefenokee swamp. That one still stands out, it was lots of fun, fucking in the open air, the cool night air on our naked skin. Fucking April is fun, above anything, I mean, it almost feels profound, to me, in some spiritual sense, but above anything, fucking her is fun.

We pulled up to old man Grumman's dock about noon the next day. We went into his shop, and he actually seemed glad to see us. He had to take me out and show me his truck. He'd fixed it all up with gaudy trim and velvet seat covers and shit, it looked like the ultimate white trash-mobile. I didn't want to insult him, but I had a hard time to keep from laughing.

"Sheriff really interested in this truck," he said. "He came, visited a day after you left."

Oh shit, I thought, feeling paranoid about being out in the open. I looked around.

"They said I could keep it. They just took some photy-graphs. I told them you'd gone to Texas. Texas, or Okly-homa, I told them you'd said."

"Thank you, Mr. Grumman," I said, sighing. Was this gonna be my life, until I finally got caught? This apprehension? Jeezus.

"Mr. Grumman," I pulled out my billfold, and gave him a hundred off the top of the stack. "Here's one for helping me beat the law. And... I got a favor to ask... If you'll take my grocery list, and go fetch me the items on it, I'll come back this evening and pay you two hundred more bucks. And you can keep the change from what I give you to buy the stuff."

He didn't have to think long on that. I passed him five hundred more shiny new hundred dollar bills, and my list. I'd calculated it was going to be a little over four hundred bucks. This way I wouldn't have to go into town, even. He closed his shop, and climbed into his truck and drove off. April and I took the boat out, and found a deserted inlet a few miles downstream, and waited.

"Evan," she said, looking at me. I nodded. "Evan, how much money you got?"

I sighed. It was only fair to tell her the truth. "Almost four million," I said. "But, a million of it is my friend's. I'm just keeping it for him."

"I see," she nodded. "That's why you're in trouble?"

"Yeah..." I hated to admit it to her, almost. "We took it from banks... Arab banks mostly... and they got some pull with law enforcement, here in the states. They want my ass bad, from what I hear."

"Goddam..." she said softly. She shook her head. "I hope you don't get caught."

"I hope so, too," I said, laughing a little. What a sad ending to my story that would be. Although I almost accepted it now as inevitable.


That afternoon we motored back to the dock, and old man Grumman showed up with the bed of his truck full of our shit. I paid him his two hundred, and we loaded the stuff on our boat, and set out for home. We spent the night again under the stars, and fucked like rabbits. Late the next afternoon we pulled up to our dock, after a few wrong turns. April had a pretty good sense of direction, actually, and I followed her orders, once again, without question.

We unloaded the boat, and put stuff away. We had a bale of toilet paper, and April went to the outhouse to try it out. It met her standards. We had fried eggs and bacon that night, after I built a nice fire in the fireplace. I even boiled some water and made tea. We lived like kings, for a while.

We had finally got the possums used to the idea of living elsewhere, and that night, we moved up into the loft. We crowded onto the foam pad, holding each other, and kissed for an hour before we ever started the good stuff. Well, kissing, with her, qualifies as good stuff, too. After licking her sweet cunt for another hour, I held her ass in my hands, and slid my cock into her cunt. Damn, she felt good, as always, and I pumped her to a half-dozen screaming orgasms before I filled her pussy with my juice. Fucking her was just way too much fun.


We passed the next month in idyllic peaceful happiness. Bliss, almost. True, there were boring moments, moments when I would have died to get my hands on a machine with internet access. Once we got in a boat and drove East until my phone got good signal, although the battery was almost spent. I texted Ralph, and had an hour of fear until he answered. I thought they'd got him, but he said everything was cool, or groovy, our code word to let me know that he wasn't under any suspicion. I have your box of clothes, I told him, let me know when you want it. Not for a while, he said. I understood. I figured he'd have to quit his job at the bank before he was brave enough to take his share of the money. And even then, he'd be hard pressed to spend it reasonably, for many years. Maybe just simply having it would be enough for him. So far, that's about all the good I'd gotten from having my share.

I fixed the roof and patched the holes with the nails Mr. Grumman had bought at the hardware store, and it no longer rained on us indoors when it rained. I had chopped a few months supply of firewood by then, and fixed the rain barrel. We had water, at least, maybe not fresh water, but at least we weren't having to drink from the swamp, yet. We kept a supply of bottled water, too.

Evenings were the hardest. We just sat around and talked, and played poker with a deck of cards April had in her bag. Thank god for that, we'd have both died of boredom, otherwise. She was a damn good poker player, I lost my three million real quick, and owed her a few million more before we stopped keeping count.

That, and of course- we fucked. We fucked ourselves silly. We never seemed to get tired of it. We fucked in the loft, and on the couch in front of the fire. We even fucked on the rickety old kitchen table once. And out of the porch, looking over the swamp, where anybody could have seen us, if they'd been sailing along the shore-- we fucked. We were very good, by now, at fucking. April seemed to be made for it, that was her forte, her specialty. And mine was making her cum.

"Evan..." one day she said to me. "I'm almost out of pills... what do you think we should do?"

"Oh shit," I said. That was one thing I really didn't want, for her to get pregnant. Not out here, living like this. Damn. It was bad enough when she had her period, she was kinda freaky about that, and there was three days when we hadn't fucked, when she was flowing heavy. Although I did get some fine sympathy blow-jobs. I just couldn't imagine going cold turkey. And I didn't figure she could do it, either.

So, we planned another trip to town. A few days later we set off, spending another carefree night under the stars, fucking our brains out. When we got to Mr. Grumman's shop, we had another long talk with him, and money changed hands.

He departed in his pickup, with April in the passenger's seat. I took the boat back out into the swamp, and waited for them. Lake City wasn't that far, but we had no idea how long she'd have to wait, at the clinic. Plus, they stopped by the local walley-world, with our list. I'd given April a wad of cash, for that, and just in case the pills were expensive. It was evening before they returned, before I saw his pickup at his shop. I came in, and docked, and April ran down to me. I was glad to see her, I'd had this unreasonable fear that something would happen. This was the first time we'd been apart... since we'd been together. I thanked Mr. Grumman, and made sure he was happy, and we departed.


At last we were home again, and back to our easy swamp life. The Tuckers showed up one evening, and we entertained them, and they filled us in on the latest swamp gossip. April looked sexier than ever in her white t-shirt, and his boys were just plain ga-ga over her. I understood, I was still slightly ga-ga over her myself. She looked fine for them, her fat puffy nipples poking through the thin cloth of her t-shirt, and I knew both boys would give their left nut for a squeeze. She was sexy, personified.

That night, after they had left, we sat before the fire, and talked. April had taken her shirt off, as she often did, and was sexily topless. My dick was hard already. I knew what was coming next.

"Evan..." April seemed oddly reticent. She was so open and above-board about everything, it was peculiar to see her like this.

"Yes, darling..." I said, finally.

"You know I love you. I love you more than anybody, you've done more for me than anyone ever has..."

"Yes..." I prompted.

"Evan... how much would it bother you if I made love to somebody else?"

I thought for a moment. I knew already what she was thinking. Hell, what she had to be thinking, there just wasn't anyone else. I knew old man Grumman wasn't on her mind.

"The boys?" I said, and she nodded, her face turning red. I think she was surprised I'd made her so quickly.

"Ape, Honey..." I said, "I love you more than life itself. In spite of that, you are your own girl. If you want to make out with the Tucker boys, or boy, go right ahead. I love you, and want you every night until I die, but I understand. And I'll still have you that night, right?"

She nodded, still kind of shyly.

"Go ahead, darling," I said. "If anything, it'll help cement things between us, and the Tuckers. We need close friends, out here, all alone. It'll give them a reason to help protect us, I think."

"You mean if they think I'll do it again?" she asked, and I nodded.

"Okay... thank you, Evan..." she came to me, and I hugged her. I knew she was a borderline nympho, and it didn't surprise me. It didn't offend me, I meant what I'd said. As long as I got my share, I didn't care. Although I figured I'd ask her to take a dip in the swamp before my turn came up. I didn't really want to feel another man's cum in her.


The month passed, slowly, peacefully. Life in the swamp was quiet and idyllic, although the so-called great circle of life went on all around us. Gators ate fish, fish ate frogs, frogs ate flies, and the flies ate us. Being at the top of the food chain has it advantages. Well, we were at the top as long as we stayed out of the water.

We made another trip to Mr. Grumman's, and April and he went on a shopping trip for us. She returned with something that pleased me greatly, something I'd told her to keep on the lookout for. A large solar cell, a battery, and a 110 volt inverter. Now I could charge my phone, at least. I let it charge all the way home, and then, because my phone had a charge, we went East towards the Suwanee rec area, until I got a signal. Ralph didn't answer, to my disappointment, and of course, I thought, they got him. Shit. It upset me so much a few days later we got out again, and ran East until I got a signal again. To my pleasure his texts showed up, and everything seemed to be okay. I went home happy.


It was another month before the Tuckers showed up again. Up North, it was fall. Things didn't change much, in the swamp. They showed up one day about noon, and they came in, at my invitation, and April fried them some eggs and made toast. I was already planning on getting some more solar cells, and maybe trying to get a small refrigerator. Bacon would be nice. Any kind of meat. After we ate we went out and sat on the porch and talked.

April motioned the boys to follow her, and they set off for the water's edge, where they threw rocks in the water and talked. I wondered if she was going to make her move on them.

"Mr. Tucker..." I said, and he nodded. "You think you could get me a twenty-two?"

"Well..." he hmmm'd around a bit. "I suppose... now you did say you were on the run from the law... I don't want it to come back to me if you get in trouble..."

"It won't..." I said. "Nobody will know. I'll wipe your prints off it completely."

"I suppose... let me make some... inquiries..."

"I'll make it worth your time. You know I'm good for it." I said, and he nodded. I considered the matter closed. I looked down at the shoreline. April was in the water up to her waist, splashing the boys.

"That shore is a purty girl you got..." Mr. Tucker said. I nodded.

"Yeah..." I said, "she's not really mine, though, she's her own girl... I just got her for a while, I think..."

"My boys don't get to see many girls, here in the swamp." Mr. Tucker said, "I've had to pull them off their sister a time or two. Feel kinda sorry for them."

"Well," I said, "I think April might take care of that for you, if we give them a little privacy." I stood, and tried to lead Mr. Tucker into the cabin.

"Wait a moment," he said, and went off down the towards the shore. I wondered if he was going to talk to the boys, but he went to his boat instead, and returned, carrying a brown jug. Oh shit, I thought. I knew what was in it.

He shook his head. "That girl shore does have some purty titties," he said, and I laughed. "She's that pretty all over. And all under," I said, and he laughed. I wondered if he wanted a turn with her. Hell, who wouldn't.

Once we got in the house, he offered me a swig from the jug, and liquid fire ran down my throat.

"Jest made this batch," he said, "It burns a bit, but it's smooth. Smooth."

I agreed as best I could, when I got my breath back, and found April's deck of cards. We played poker and blackjack the rest of the afternoon, and got skunked.


April and the boys finally slunk in the house a few hours later. Her t-shirt had dried somewhat, but was still glued to her fabulous tits. The boys seemed a little more at ease and looser than they'd been before. I hoped they'd gotten something to take the edge of being a teenager, at least for a little while. I figured after this, the Tucker's would visit on a pretty regular schedule. Well, that was fine with me.


That night, as I clutched her naked body to my own, April whispered and giggled her adventures of the afternoon to me. It turned me on greatly, for some reason, to hear how she popped both the boy's cherries in the bottom of their boat. She went the whole nine yards, she made them both lick her pussy until she came, she blew them until they came in her mouth, and then she gave them some recovery time as they licked her pussy some more. They'd both fucked her right in front of the other, hell, they were brothers, they did everything together.

"Evan..." she whispered in my ear seductively, giving me the shivers. "I think... if we ever visited them... I think you might could do their sister, from what they said about her... she's dying to get fucked... the boys have tried to fuck her, but the old man watches them pretty close. He says he don't want no three-eyed young'uns runnin' around..."

Oh shit... that sounded cool, but I'd have to see the girl, first. She might be a three hundred pound swamp beast for all I knew. Still... a visit to the Tucker's might be interesting... maybe we could buy them something next time we went to town, and deliver it. However, I had no idea where they lived.

"April. If you can, find out where they live."

"Oh, I know where they live," she said. "That island we spent the night on, the first night... they are right next to it. That's how they found us so quick."

Well, that made sense. No wonder, yes.


The autumn days strung together in a long, sexy blur. April grew lax about wearing clothes, and often went around stark naked. I loved the shit out of it, she was still so sexy to me. She had done nothing but improve, over the last few months, shedding what little baby fat she had, and tightening up all over. She looked tough. She looked like she could kick ass, and I'm sure she could.

The nights were wonderful. I never got used to fucking her, it never got old. Every time was like the first time all over again. Her smells and tastes were incredible to me. I loved to bury my face in her underarm, and drink her scent in. She never smelled bad. Sweaty, but not bad. Sexy, just plain fucking sexy. There was nothing about her that wasn't sexy.

Every morning I told her what day it was. It was a joke, mostly, it didn't mean anything out here in the swamp. Each day was like the other.

One morning we woke up, up in the loft, and had a nice long morning fuck. I finally collapsed, spent, and held her on top of me. I looked at my watch. Damn. It was almost November.

"It's almost Halloween, honey," I said, and she laughed.

"That's my birthday," she said, surprising me.

"Your birthday is on Halloween?" I said.

"Hell yeah. Creepy, huh?"

"Yeah..." I laughed, and thought what I could do for her, for her birthday.

"Darlin'..." I said. "How old will you be? For real?"

She giggled a while, and finally stared down at me. "Fourteen," she said. I knew she was telling the truth. She almost always told the truth, to me. I trusted her completely.

"You little liar," I said. "You told me once you were fifteen. I can't believe you'd lie to me."

She giggled some more. "That was when I was tryin' to get you to take me with you," she said. We both laughed.

"Darlin'," I said. "I'm glad you made me take you. I'm glad you're here with me. I hate to think what my life'd be like without you."

"I hate to think what mine would be like," she said.

"April. You ever think about callin' your mom? Lettin' her know you're okay?"

"Naw... I don't care about her..."

"Well, you really should, just to find out if they're lookin' for you, stuff like that."

"Yeah, I suppose... well, maybe next time we go to town... but we don't want her havin' your phone number..."

"Yeah. Well, maybe we can find a pay phone in town. If there's any left, around."



As I suspected, the Tuckers began to make the journey to our place on a fairly regular basis. A week later, the boys showed up, by themselves. We sat around the porch and talked, and finally April took one of them by the hand and led him into the cabin. A solid hour later, he came out smiling, and she led the other one in. I just laughed and shook my head.

A week after that, Mr. Tucker came with them, and he brought a nice pump twenty-two, and departed a thousand dollars richer. A thousand bucks, yes, for a hundred and fifty dollar gun. I understood though, and it didn't bother me. He was taking a little risk, associating with a hardened criminal like myself. He deserved his reward. Plus, I could afford it.

We gave the kids the cabin again, and they disappeared inside while we sat and talked. A few hours later the three of them slunk back outside, giggling, and the Tuckers departed. That night I fucked her like crazy, still turned on by the whole thing. And damn, she turned me on.

April got good real quick, with the twenty two. Or maybe she was good to start with. She brought home a half-dozen squirrels, and showed me how to skin them. We weren't great at it, but we got better. Pretty soon we had meat on the table, at least.


We dug up the money, to check on it. It seemed to be okay, so we put it in a plastic bin, and reburied it. I pulled the money under the floorboards up, and buried it in a different place, just for good measure. I kept a little out, about two hundred grand, for operating expenses. That should last for years, out here in the swamp.


One day we took a half-dozen squirrels and a muskrat April had shot, and paid a visit to the Tuckers. It went well, much better than I'd even hoped. We took a while, but finally found our old island, and then scouted around until we smelled wood smoke. We found an old dock, and there was the Tucker's boat. We went ashore.

The boys were glad to see April, and they took her around and showed her the place. There was an old barn, and they went inside. I guessed what was going to happen next. Mr. Tucker introduced me to his wife, a wizened old hillbilly goddess, and his daughter.

Damn. His daughter. How something so sweet could have come from something so swampy and scraggly is beyond me. The girl put Elly Mae Clampit to shame. Young, blonde, stacked... she had it all. She was wearing a tight white shirt, and a tiny skirt that barely covered her pussy. It had rips and holes all in it, but it was sexier than hell. I got a slight stiffy just from talking to her. I felt unfaithful to April, which was funny considering April was probably being energetically fucked at the moment... but damn... I wanted a turn with this girl. I wondered what the boys had said to make April think I'd have a chance.

"I'll fry these critters up," said Mrs. Tucker. "You kids go down to the barn and have your fun. Tina Marie's been waitin' for you to show up, ever since the boys told her about you."

Oh holy fucking shit, I thought. What does that mean? Does it mean what I think it means?

Tina took my hand, and guided me towards the barn.

"Uh... Tina..." I said, "I think your brothers are already in there..."

"So?" she giggled, and led me in the door. Sure enough, April was laid across a bale of hay, one of the Tucker boys pumping away at her cunt, and the other with his dick in her mouth. Shit. Her eyes were glazed, and I don't think she even noticed me. Tina giggled again.

She led me to a pile of hay, and we settled into it. Almost immediately her mouth was glued to mine, and she was sweet to kiss. She was just sweet all over.

An hour later, we got to the fucking. April was resting, held by one of the boys, and she just looked over at me and laughed. I still felt a little guilt where she was concerned, but it didn't seem to be bothering her. She just winked at me. I turned my attention to Tina, and tried to make it special for her.

Obviously Tina was no virgin. And she was hot, and hornier than hell. I'd just spent the last forty minutes licking her clit, and she had cum like crazy. She had as good a talent for cumming as April did. And she was ever bit as wet and juicy as April. An evil thought was creeping into my mind, concerning the two of them.

I finally gripped her sweet ass in my hands, and pushed my cock into her cunt. Her cunt felt smooth and wet. I slid into her tightness easily. Damn, she felt good. As good as April. I stroked, and she gasped. Damn, her eyes said, do that again. I did, again and again. She sucked in a few deep breaths, and came.

Yet another hour later, we both lay exhausted on the hay. April and the boys had gone another round by then, the boys traded places, and fucked her to a loud orgasm. The five of us just laid there and rested, I think we didn't want to end it, but we didn't know where to go from here.

"Tina," I whispered in her ear, "You ever taste your brother's cum?" She laughed at me, and smacked me on my upper arm.

"No, you prevert..." she said. She looked serious for a moment, "we played around some, but my daddy says we can't do shit like that."

"Honey..." I said, "Aren't you on birth control?"

"Yeah..." she said, "I got the... thang... put in my cooter... but my daddy still don't think I should fuck my little brothers..."

Well, a little common sense prevailed, I guess... still, I wondered, out here in the swamp.. what difference would it make, especially if no little inbred young'ns resulted. I almost pitied the boys, having to live with something like this, and not being able to touch it.

"Tina, honey..." I said, "If you wanna taste your brothers cum, lick April's pussy... I'm sure she'll let you..."

She looked at me like I was stark raving nuts, and then looked at April. April had figured something was going on by now, and stared at me, too. Tina looked back at me, and giggled.

She slid down from our pile of hay. April still had her pants off, and her shirt was open, her fabulous tits cooling off in the open air. Tina crawled over to her, and whispered in her ear.

For a reply, April softly touched her mouth to Tina's. They kissed, and kissed some more. Tina finally took April in her arms, and they hugged and kissed.

The boys were watching, as was I. Within a few minutes, I think the girls had forgotten we ever existed. Tina was sucking and licking April's tits by now, and April was kneading Tina's, squeezing and pinching the girl's fat nipples. Damn. I was hard again, just watching.

By the time Tina buried her face in April's cunt, both the boys were seriously jacking off. I joined them, it was sexier than fuck to watch the girls make out. That quick, with April on top, they were licking each other's pussy's, eating each other out. I knew April well enough to be able to tell she was fixing to cum, and sure enough she did, collapsing on the other girl. Tina just licked and sucked away. Tina was licking her brother's cum out of April's cunt, and April was licking mine out of Tina's. It was sexy all around, to me. The hardest thing to believe for me was that these boys wouldn't eventually figure out a way to fuck their sister. She was incredibly fuckable, that was for sure.

We finally heard Mrs. Tucker yell that dinner was almost ready, and it was time to finish up. I wondered if the boys were gonna cum, and sure enough they did, within moments of each other, spraying out a pretty good load of cum, in spite of having cum a few times before. I managed a trickle, at least, but then I have more than ten years on them. It still was pretty sexy watching Tina cum as I shot my load. We all dressed, and hurried into the house. I was afraid to look Mrs. Tucker in the eye, having just fucked her daughter, but it didn't seem to bother her in the slightest.


Dinner was kind of anti-climactic, after all the fucking around. It was almost nightfall, and I was nervous about trying to make it home in the dark. Mr. Tucker said, hell, spend the night, we got room, and before I knew it I was in bed with Tina in her room, while April spent the night in the loft with the boys. We had a fine long relaxed fuck, and she went to sleep curled up in my arms. I was pleased, and happy.


So, we made it home just fine, the next day. April went hunting, again, and then we just laid around. That night we had a nice romantic fuck, and I knew that none of the shit we'd done with the Tucker's had had a bad effect on our relationship.

Life went on. It was laid-back, here in the swamp. What didn't get done today could wait until tomorrow. I still missed net access, especially during the long evenings, but April often took my mind of that shit. She was one horny little girl.

Our fucking got more and more adventurous. I finally took her sweet asshole, lubed up with homemade yellow butter the Tuckers had given us. She had a tight asshole, and she about pinched my dick a size smaller, but it felt heavenly. I hoped it was good for her, too. I got her to pee on me once, out on the deck, it took a while to talk her into it, but I think when we did it it turned her on as much as it did me. Her pee was sweet, and my cock couldn't have been any harder. We both jumped in the creek after that one, not worrying about gators or nothing.

We finally needed to make a trip into town, so off we went. The next day we pulled up to old man Grumman's dock. While he took April into town to Walley-world I puttered around the dock, waiting for them to return. I had my head so far up my ass I didn't see the sheriff until he was ten feet away.


So, that's my story. That's not the story I told the judge, of course. Things actually worked out pretty well. The seeds of some stuff Ralph and I planted helped us greatly, the law didn't think I was the brains behind the operation, and they're still looking for some shadowy figures out there somewhere. And the money, they didn't think I had the money, although god knows there was enough surveillance footage showing me withdrawing blocks of cash at a few dozen banks. I told them I gave all that to a man who's name I didn't even know. They thought I was just a flunky. Because of that I only got six years, though it's federal time, no early parole.

When April and Mr. Grumman came back, the excitement was all over. I owe Mr. Grumman big time, and I'll settle with him someday, he told the law that April was his granddaughter, and I guess she stayed with him a few days to make it look legit. The first time she came and saw me after the trial she just plastered herself against the glass and boo-hoo'ed like crazy, and so did I. Six years. Damn.

But I got confidence she'll wait for me, she says she will, and I know she'll take good care of my money. I know she's pretty safe, out there in the swamp, and she's got the Tuckers to look after her. They've got a stake in this, too. All I gotta do is last six years in here, and keep from bending over in the showers. It's a kind of a white-collar prison anyway, and so far my asshole has kept it's virginity. Not a bad record, in this vicinity.



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