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Pussy Whipped (young boy older woman, cons)

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on: March 15, 2015, 02:42:47 AM

Title         : Pussy Whipped

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Older Woman/Young Boy, MILF, spanking, Fb, Fbb

Date        : 20150315

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Synopsis : A young boy is disciplined by his guardian, a heartless bitch.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. I realize this story is pretty juvenile, but I just had to get it out of my system, so I wrote it down.


Thomas Milford Stout should have been a lucky boy. He didn't feel lucky, though. He was heir to something known as the Stout fortune, although he didn't really realize at his tender age what that consisted of. Lots and lots of money was all he knew. The property and stock holdings didn't interest him yet, but the money did. But the problem was that he was a kid and he couldn't get his hands on it yet. And he had some realistic fears that somehow he'd be shut out of it before his time came.

His biggest problem was Mrs. Crane, his guardian. She had been a friend of his mothers and for reasons unknown, in his parent's will she had been specified as first choice to raise him, should something happen to his parents. And sure enough, something had happened to his parents. During an airplane ride to survey some project his dad was involved in somehow a building had gotten in the way of the airplane. It was still after all these years remarked about in the news. Thomas knew exactly what had happened to his parents. They even drove past the building occasionally and he could see where the new parts of it didn't quite match the color of the old part. Crazy. It made him sad.

Mrs. Crane made him sad, too. She was a harsh guardian. In spite of coming from a genteel background she was severe and strict and in his mind he called her a nazi. She was strict beyond reason and just plain mean. She was totally anal about things like his room and every day he had to pick up things and make his bed He wasn't allowed down to breakfast until she had inspected the room and everything met her strict standards. Good god, he thought, I wish this woman had had kids of her own so she had something to focus on other than me.

Her husband was a meek mouse of a man and was no help. He was as harried and henpecked as Thomas. More so, probably. Although Mrs. Crane was attractive, Thomas could no more imagine the Cranes having sex than elephants flying. Although... if that's what she wanted... Mrs. Crane usually got what she wanted. She had a strong will that could not be denied. And here's the weird thing, as far as Thomas was concerned. For all her bitchiness, Mrs. Crane was a very attractive woman. She was maybe in her early forties and had a nice figure. Her waist was still slim and her hips and butt looked great... she hadn't started plumping out like most women her age. Her face was beautiful, although she almost never smiled. She worked at keeping her figure, their home had a small gym, and she spent an hour a night in it, working out or running on the treadmill. Thomas harbored a secret fascination with her, he watched her carefully, and, deep in his heart, he even lusted after her. Well, Thomas was that age where he lusted after anything remotely female. If she just wasn't such a bitch, he thought.

Sex was a big part of Thomas's life at the moment. Not actually having sex, he figured he was years away from that, he was never allowed around girls anyway. Sex, to him, meant basically jacking off. He had discovered his ability to ejaculate a year ago and become quite an expert at it, as most young boys do. It consumed much of his time although he was very careful not to get caught at it. Luckily his door had a lock.


Thomas lived with the Cranes in their mansion in the Hamptons. Their butler, Worthington, took him to school every morning and brought him back in the afternoon. He was hardly ever allowed to have company, another thing that pissed him off. Mrs. Crane was also very reticent about allowing him to go to his friend's houses. Sometimes he felt all alone in the world... most of the time, for that matter.

One day Thomas got in trouble. Major trouble. Mrs. Crane often searched his room for contraband during the day when he was at school. He knew that, and he had several hiding places that he thought were safe.

A friend at school had given him a sexy magazine, something named Beavers Galore, and he had hidden it in the center of his bed, inbetween the mattress and the springs. He knew she ran her hand inbetween the crack between the springs and mattress, but so far stuff in the very center of the bed was safe. The most damning thing by far, moreso than the magazine, was a pair of Mrs. Cranes used panties, something he had stolen from the laundry room a few days ago.

When Worthington brought him home from school that fateful day, he knew he was in trouble just from the look on her stormy face. His first thought was the magazine, and sure enough when he checked his hiding place the magazine and panties were both missing. His heart stopped for a moment, and he sighed. He knew this one would be bad. He changed clothes and slowly went back down the stairs to the dining room at dinnertime.

Dinner was not pleasant, though no words were spoken to him. After dinner she tersely motioned Thomas to accompany her. His heart sinking even further, he followed her to the study and seated himself. She launched into him immediately.

"Thomas. You have failed me, again. You have proved your unworthiness to deserve the fortune your parents so foolishly left in your name. I have done what I could to raise you properly, but it appears I have failed."

She reached in a drawer, and withdrew the offensive magazine. He winced at the slutty woman posing on the cover with her legs far apart. He knew doubly this was going to be bad. It was.

"Thomas, where did you get this... this smut." she asked, shaking the magazine in his face. He pinched his lips together. He wasn't going to rat his friend out.

"I found it in a wastebasket, at school," he finally said, when, as was her habit, she just sat and stared accusingly at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Well, that answer will have to do. Although I'm sure one of your nasty little friends gave it to you. That, however, is not the real issue here. That is not the real problem. Your unholy perversity is the problem. And I have proof of it, here."

Once again she reached in the drawer, and triumphantly withdrew the culprit. The pair of her very own soiled panties. A pair of panties that she had obviously worked out in the gym in, judging by the sweat-stained appearance of them. She hadn't dared to sniff them, but she was sure they were aromatic, probably offensively so. She waved the panties in front of the evil boy.

"What is this, Thomas? What have we here?" She stood, and approached him, holding the panties in front of her like Van Helsing approaching a vampire, his cross at the ready. "Who's are these? Could they be mine? What are you doing with a pair of my panties under your bed?"

She stopped, and pressed the panties to his face. She positively scrubbed his nose with them. He sat, solidly, not wanting to give her any satisfaction.

"My, my, Thomas, what a naughty boy you are. Stealing a pair of my underpants for your nocturnal activities. What do you do with these? Do you sniff them, as you touch yourself?"

He was silent. She scrubbed them in his face some more. To his horror, he felt his penis begin to harden. It was sexy to him, to smell her sweaty pussy smell, and know it was her holding the panties to his nose. This was the thing he'd done every night since he'd gotten them, and here she was doing it to him. He hoped she couldn't tell if he got a hard-on.

"Do my panties excite you, Thomas? Do they make your... manhood stiffen? Does it feel good? What a little wastrel you are, spending your life in such base pursuits as sex. What a naughty little boy, playing with your pee-pee. You should truly be ashamed."

She finally finished, and threw the panties in his lap. "I care no longer. I have tried my best, and I see that it is not good enough. Your perverse animosity to my concern for you is more than I can bear. I wash my hands of you. You must survive on your own, now, without my guidance from me."

Oh, he thought, if only that was true. He knew this shit. She'd said all this before, pretty much verbatim, last week when he forgot to take the garbage out, his one single chore around the house. He knew she'd be right back on his ass in a day or two.

"Thomas, go to your room. This is a severe offense. One which calls for corporal punishment. You leave me no choice. Go to your room and wait for me. I must assemble my... equipment."

He had no idea what that meant, but he was glad to escape. He dropped the panties on the floor and fled back to his room. He locked the door, knowing he wouldn't have the nerve to keep her out when she came. He sat on his bed and pinched his hard cock. Yep, he thought, that was pretty sexy, getting to smell her pussy at her hands.

Thomas wasn't that afraid of Mrs. Crane. She'd never touched him in the three or four years he'd lived here. He did wonder, though, what she'd meant by equipment. Was she going to finally spank him? Had he crossed the line on this one?


An hour later she knocked sharply on his door. He opened it and she entered. Oh, shit, he thought. In her hands was a riding crop, like what jockeys used on horse. And a bottle of lotion. And, the weirdest of all, two pairs of handcuffs. She was wearing a knee-length black skirt, and a white blouse. Her feet were in a pair of high heels. He could smell her scent, the perfume she usually wore. She actually looked pretty good, if she just wasn't such a bitch, he thought.

"Thomas. The moment of your punishment has arrived. I expect perfect timely obedience from here on. Don't make it worse on yourself." He nodded. He just wanted to get this shit over with. He knew it would probably hurt a little but he thought he could stand it.

She stood at the foot of his bed. "Come here," she said, and he cautiously approached her.

She took one of the handcuffs and held out her hand. He slowly held his hand out and she clicked it on him. She reached down, his arm following her, and clicked the other end of the handcuff on a rail that ran along the bottom of his bed. Oh, shit, he thought. I'm going to be helpless.

The other hand soon followed. He faced his bed, his hands grasping the rail. He was glad he had jeans on, he thought they would protect him some from her whip.

That was not to be. With a satisfied noise, she reached around him, and he felt her fumbling with the snap to his jeans.

"Hey..." he said, and she froze.

"Thomas," she said, "I said, do not make this worse. You have caused me to have to do this. Do not irritate me further."

He was silent. Shit, he thought, for the hundredth time. Shit. This did not look good.

She got his pants unsnapped and drew them down his legs. All the way down to his ankles. Damn, he thought. Just past my butt would be enough. But it wasn't to be. And then, she just blew his mind. He felt her fumbling along the waistband of his undershorts, and she pulled them down. All the way down, too. He stood before her, bottomless, his ass exposed. He felt his face burning in shame.

"Now," she said. He heard a slap, as she slapped the riding crop on her hand. "Thomas. This is an opportunity for you to take your punishment like a man. Let's see if you can be more of a man than Mr. Crane. He often cries out."

That surprised him. She whipped her own husband? For what? That was just almost weird that she would say a thing like that. In his mind, though, he had no problem imagining her whipping the man. What a fucking nazi he thought for the thousandth time.

The first strike wasn't that bad. I can stand this, no problem, he thought. The second stung a little more. And she positively hit harder on the third. By the tenth he was squirming and she stopped for a moment. He froze and she struck again.

He finally lost count. He just stopped counting as stroke after stroke fell on his tender ass. He could feel the burn and it got worse and worse. When she finally stopped he was almost to the point of crying out.

He jumped, then, feeling her hands on his body.

"Thomas, because of the severity of what you did, I'm going to punish a very specific part of your body. Remember, you did this, not me." she said, and he felt her hand between his legs. Her other hand she put in the middle of his back, and pushed down, hard. He almost fell on his chest on the bed, his ass still in the air. She now had his testicles in her hand. She pulled them out between the back of his legs. He felt his cock begin to harden, in spite of everything. She had pulled his balls out so far, his cock was sticking straight down, and was also almost out the back of his legs too. He knew she'd be able to see it without looking too closely, and he hoped she didn't notice it's hardness. His mind was a jumble of emotions. His ass still burned, and he was embarrassed and pissed off, but the feel of his ballsack in her hand was really exciting him.

"Thomas, this will hurt, but it will not damage you. Remember, you did this." she said, and he felt the crop lightly smack him on his balls. It did not sting, it did not even really hurt at all. It was almost like she was playing with them. She did it five times, and then released his balls and stood up.

"There. Consider that, next time you are tempted to raid the laundry basket for my panties. Remember what it will get you."

She unlocked the handcuffs, and he stood. He didn't want to turn around and face her because his penis was uncomfortably hard by now. He reached down for his pants and undershorts but she stopped him.

"No!" she said. "Thomas, turn around. Face me."

He didn't dare. He was afraid seeing his cock would enrage her. He heard her slap the riding crop on her open palm, again.

"Thomas... this doesn't have to be over..." she said warningly.

He slowly turned, his body still hunched over like it had been when he had reached for his pants.

"Stand up, Thomas," she said. He slowly raised up straight.

"Ha!" she said. "Just as I thought. Did that excite you, Thomas? Did getting your little balls spanked turn you on?"

He was silent. It had, but he'd be damned if he let her know.

"I see we are going to have to work on this problem. You are well on your way to becoming a pervert, just like my husband. We must nip this problem in the bud."

She stared speculatively at his hard cock. He felt it twitch. It was turning him on big-time to see her looking at him. He was, for a moment, proud of his cock. He wondered if her husband's cock ever got this hard.

"I will think on this," she finally said. "I have some ideas. I believe I can straighten you out. Now, lay on your bed, so I can apply this ointment to your bottom."

Oh shit, he thought, all this and I'm getting an ass massage, too. He turned to his bed, and lay across it, pressing his hard cock into his belly. She approached, and he felt something cold on his ass as she squirted lotion on it. He felt her strong, hard hands rubbing it into his hot butt. That, at least, felt good.

To his surprise, she actually apologized for whipping him. She talked quite a bit, as she rubbed his ass. To his absolute shock, she spread his legs with her hands, and he felt her rubbing some lotion into his ballsack. Damn... that feels pretty good, he thought, wishing his hard cock were pointed down, instead of up along his belly. The feel of her hands between his legs was unreal as she rubbed the slippery lotion into him.

She finally gathered her equipment and went to the door.

"Thomas. Expect a visit from me. We will begin your... re-education after school tomorrow."

Shit, he thought, breathing a sigh of relief as she left the room. He hurriedly shut the door and locked it. Within moments his hands were on his hard cock. He went to his bathroom and solemnly jacked off into the sink, thinking of the feel of her hands on his balls. He wished she'd took his cock into her hand. That would have been too much. At last he sighed and groaned and shot a giant load of cum into the sink. He felt much better after that.

He spent the rest of the evening planning his revenge. Sadly, it was just plans, he couldn't really come up with anything. It was damn hard to get leverage on the woman.


He had almost forgotten about his "re-education" by the next day. But he hadn't forgotten her hands on his balls. He'd masturbated again that night and then the next morning, remembering the feeling of her hot hands on his ballsack. She's touched my balls, he told himself, she held them in her hands. It really turned him on.

After dinner, she sent her husband to the kitchen with the used dishes and turned to face Thomas.

"Thomas, go to your room, please. And think of your wayward path as you wait for me."

Oh shit. He trudged upstairs and sat on his bed. He didn't even bother to close the door this time. She showed up fairly quickly and, to his secret pleasure, she had the whip again, the lotion, and... weirdest of all... what looked like a pair of her panties. Another pair, not the pair he'd stolen. He felt his balls tingling already.

"Thomas, I have been reading extensively about this subject, both last night and all day today. We are going to practice something called Aversion Therapy. We are going to force your wicked brain to associate pain with certain parts of your body, and certain actions. It is not important that you understand it or not."

She faced him, her hands on her hips. He just stared at her.

"Thomas, please remove your pants and your underpants."

Shit, my pleasure, he thought. He slid his pants down his legs and kicked his underwear off. His penis was already about half hard. She stared at it, tapping her lips with a finger.

"I see we are none to soon," she finally said. She picked up her whip. "Thomas. Please face your bed." He did, and she stood behind him. "Okay," she said. "This may sound a bit peculiar, but follow my instructions precisely, please. Please grasp your... organ... in your hand."

He just stood there, not sure what she meant. Did she want him to grab his dick? She looked around him to see if he had done it.

"Thomas," she said, giving him a smart rap on his ass with the riding crop, "do as I say. Take hold of your... penis."

He slowly reached his hand out and took the shaft of his cock in it. He felt a little strange doing it, but that's what she wanted. He felt something touch his left hand. He grasped it, and looked down. Shit. She was handing him the pair of panties.

"Okay. You may sniff those panties, and manipulate yourself, as I whip you." He almost snorted in surprise. She wanted him to jack off and sniff her panties? He jumped as the crop landed on his already-sore ass. It wasn't that bad, he thought. He lifted the panties to his nose and took hold of the shaft of his cock. This was too much. He was jacking off under her orders. She spanked him slower than she had yesterday and not quite as hard, which was good since his ass was still sore. He was almost laughing as he jacked his cock. She thought this would make him want to stop? This was way too much fun.

"Do you... like those... Thomas?" she asked, inbetween smacks. He restrained the urge to nod. He knew it was a rhetorical question. "Do those... panties smell... good to you? Those were... what I... was wearing... yesterday... yesterday when... I spanked... your bottom. Do you... like them? Do they... smell good?"

Shit. They smelled good to him. Nice strong pussy smell, with a little honest sweat. This was too much. He didn't even have to sneak around for this pair. She'd handed them to him. She just handed her fucking panties over and encouraged him to sniff them. Fuck. She'd ordered him to sniff them. He drew deep breaths in through his nose, drinking in her womanly scent. He felt a disturbing twitch from his dick, and knew he was only moments away from ejaculating. He wondered if she was ready for that.

He was content to smell, and jack. This was certainly the most sexual experience he'd ever had. A beautiful, albeit bitchy, woman was whipping his ass as he sniffed her panties. He couldn't have dreamed up something this cool. Simply jacking off may never again be enough, he thought.

"Are you... about through... Thomas?" she finally asked, and he noticed she had slowed the pace of her crop strikes down even further. I could do this for hours, he thought. Her panties still smelled like pussy to him. His dick still felt good and hard in his hand.

"What do I do now?" he finally asked, wondering if she actually wanted him to ejaculate. He hoped she did. He had a thought about that. A thought of something he wanted to do, if she did.

"What do you usually do, when you do this?" she asked, as if she didn't know, he thought.

"Uh... I usually... squirt out stuff..." he said.

"Well, then, if you must," she said. "We must see this thing to the end."

"Uh... Mrs. Crane... I usually do it... into panties or something..." he said, trying to sound embarrassed. He didn't actually, he'd never wanted to spoil the panties he'd stolen by shooting off into them, but hell... why not, if she'd bring him a fresh pair each time.

"Oh, do what you must, then," she said, sounding disgusted. She had stopped spanking him but now she gave him a gentle tap with the crop. He dropped the panties from his face and arranged them with his dick inside them. The soft material felt good on his hard cock. They were almost silk. Damn, he thought. I'm glad I thought that one up.

He just continued to stroke while she lightly whipped his behind. He saw her in his peripheral vision a time or two as she looked around his body to see what he was doing. I'm jacking off, he thought. At last he just couldn't hold it any longer, and his knees almost buckled as he filled her panties up with sperm. He was enormously turned on, and he pumped so much out that some dripped on the floor. He sighed and she gave him one last swat.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself," she said. I sure as fuck did, he said to himself. He was happy, and felt all warm and fuzzy the way he did after he came. Now the lotion, he thought, and he lay down on his bed, waiting for her. She sighed and he felt her sit on the bed beside him.

She talked again while she rubbed his ass, she told him psychological crap she'd read from various websites and tried to explain how she thought her "treatments" would shape his personality. Shit, he thought, it'll take years, if this is what she does every day. I'll love the shit out of this, getting to jack off under command of the queen. Shit. He desperately hoped she'd provide him with a new pair of panties tomorrow. Those old ones were pretty soaked with cum. He could smell it in the air, and he knew she could, too.

To his surprise, she rubbed his balls again, even though she hadn't spanked them. She coated them with lotion and rubbed it in. Damn, that feels good, he thought. She finally got up from his bed, and he sat up. His dick was still about half hard, and he was proud once again to show it off to her.

"Ugh," she said, taking the pair of panties off the foot of his bed and holding them daintily. They were completely cum-soaked. He laughed inside his head.

"I have been curious in the past why sometimes my panties were wet," she said, almost to herself. "I believe I know the reason, now."

She departed his room after collecting her equipment. No sooner than she was out the door he'd locked it and buried himself in his bathroom, where he furiously masturbated, less than twenty minutes after he'd ejaculated. He was really turned on, thinking of what he'd done, and remembering her scent in his nostrils.


The next day at school, he told his friend Dave all about his experiences with Mrs. Crane. Dave was entranced, he was every bit as big a perv as Thomas, and it sounded like fun to him. Thomas told him he had high hopes for that night, when he hoped to get another "treatment."

That night dinner was enjoyable for him. Well, the anticipation of what would follow dinner helped get him through it with a smile. He went to his room, and waited for her, sitting on his bed. It took forever and he'd finally given up when she arrived.

"I am sorry, Thomas," she said, "I had to put the dishes in the washer, the cook has the night off."

"It's no problem, Mrs. Crane," he said. He started to pull his pants down, then he thought, no, don't want to look too eager. He said and waited on her. He looked at her hands. Shit, he was disappointed. No panties tonight. Awww, fuck.

She tossed the lotion on the bed and flexed the riding crop. Suddenly she looked around.

"Oh dear," she said. "I have already done the laundry. I'm sorry, but I have no panties for you tonight. Do you have another pair hidden away, may I ask?"

He did, but he said no, his mind racing. She looked disgusted with herself.

"Mrs. Crane..." he finally said, summoning up his courage. "Don't you have a pair... on?"

She stopped, and just stared at him for a moment.

"Yes, of course," she said slowly. He could almost see the wheels turning in her head. She slowly reached beneath her skirt, as if she was almost hypnotized. He tried to catch a glimpse of her pussy, but she never allowed her skirt to rise. She inched her panties down her legs and finally stepped out of them. It turned him on big time to think that she was now naked beneath her skirt. Pantyless. His cock was already as hard as a steel rod.

"Please remove your pants and undershorts," she commanded and he jumped to obey. He took the panties from her with eager hands and plastered them to his nose. Shit, they were still warm. He almost came, then and there. He grabbed his rock-hard cock, and pumped away at it. The fresh smell of her pussy was unreal to him. He realized he was still facing her, and she was just staring at him.

"Please turn around, Thomas," she finally said, and he absently turned. He was really pounding his cock now, almost violently. This time, he thought, this time I'm gonna shoot it as far as I can. I'm gonna show this bitch how far I can squirt.

She finally tapped his ass with the crop, almost gently. Good, he thought. He had another thought. He was eager to somehow get her hands on his cock. he had an idea.

"Mrs. Crane," he said, and she stopped whipping him. He turned slightly, where he could see her.

"Yes?" she said.

"Do you think..." he said, slowly, like he was having an inspiration. "Do you think it might help me if you... if you... spanked my weenie?"

And then rubbed lotion on it, he finished in his mind. She gave him a suspicious look, and appeared thoughtful. He wished with all his might.

"I suppose it might. I shall be careful, though, I don't want to hurt you overly, or leave a mark." she said. He turned all the way around, and took his hands off his cock. It stood out hard, high and proud. She looked at it speculatively.

"Hold very still," she said, and took a step towards him. She reached out, and placed her hand beneath his cock, making a "V" of her fingers, and placing his cock on top of it. She took the crop, and carefully brought it down on his cock, still barely hitting him. He flinched on purpose, to make her think he'd felt it.

She did it five times, smacking his cock on the head with her crop, and he had a hard time to keep from laughing. Hurt, hell, he barely felt it. He wondered if she was serious. She thought this would imprint him? Shit. She's holding my cock, he told himself. A woman has her hands on my cock. Jeezus.

"Okay," she said. "You may finish."

He turned, and brought her panties to his nose again. She spanked him, almost softly, as he jacked his cock and sniffed her panties. He wanted to go on forever, and he did, for a good long time. Finally he decided it was time. He felt an orgasm building in his stomach, and he locked his legs. He sped his hand up, and suddenly a squirt of semen sprayed from his cock, shooting out a good six or seven feet to fall to the floor. He moaned, and squirted again. And again. Shit, that was a good one, he thought. On impulse, he gave the panties one last snort, and then wiped the cum off his dick with them.

She'd stopped spanking him, and as he fell across the bed she sat on it beside him. As she rubbed the lotion into his ass she talked, yet again, trying to explain to him what she thought she was doing. He laughed inside as he listened to her. He was pleased, and happy.

And, yet again, she rubbed his balls with lotion. He finally rolled over, and looked pointedly at his cock. She hesitantly dribbled a little bit of lotion on it, and then grasped it firmly in her hand, rubbing it in, almost stroking him up and down, exactly as he did when he masturbated. Shit, that quick, he started to get hard again. He knew she could tell.

"Goodness," she finally said, still stroking him. "I wish Albert had your recuperative powers. And your... firmness..." He was of course shocked by that little speech, shocked and turned on. His cock surged but she dropped it just when it started getting good.

He had felt like she rubbed his cock a good long time and was very pleased with the whole experience. It just gets better and better, he thought. It occurred to him at this time to wonder if she really thought she was doing any good with this or if she was just fucking around with him. Why would she do that, though? he thought. Why would she play around with me, as big a bitch as she is? Why would she let me do this, something that feels this good, unless she thought she was turning me off to it? He had no idea what her true feelings were. But, as long as she was willing to do shit like this he was willing to play along. This was more fun than he'd ever had.

She collected her stuff and left the room. He was still turned on to think of her bottomless under her dress. Once again he closed the door in a hurry and flew to his bathroom, where he masturbated furiously. His dick was almost sore by the time he ejaculated again. He didn't bother to clean up the cum on his floor. She's so nasty-nice, he thought, I'm surprised she didn't order me to clean that shit up. He wondered if she'd been impressed by how far he squirted. He hoped so.


The next day was pretty much a repeat performance, including her stepping out of her panties. This time she was wearing stockings and he caught a glimpse of her garter belt as she slid her panties down. His cock was insanely hard before he ever touched it. This time he stopped sniffing and once again filled her panties with his seed when he ejaculated. He got great pleasure out of watching her lift them gingerly with two fingers when she left the room. She had spanked his cock again, and rubbed lotion on it, to his great satisfaction. It's crazy, he thought, we do something once, and she thinks it's just part of the routine after that. His life looked great, now, before it had been boring and constrictive, but now he was happy. He had something to look forward to now.

A few more days of this, though, and she finally paused to assess her theory of Aversion Therapy.

"Thomas," she said, as he pulled his underwear down, exposing his hard cock. She had just stepped out of her panties, and held them out to him. He took them, feeling their warmth, immediately plastering them to his face. Shit... he felt something and looked down... there was a wet spot on the crotch... a goddam wet spot, he told himself. Shit. Did he ever want this pair, now.

"Thomas, look at me," she said, and he looked up. "Thomas, do you feel like we are doing any good with this?

"I... I think so..." he said. He sure as hell didn't want her to stop, now.

"You are still getting... erections, I see. I just wondered. Well, this might take a while." she said, idly slapping her crop against her leg.

"Mmmph," he said, as he plastered her fresh panties against his mouth and nose. He felt the wet spot on his upper lip. He almost came at the feel of it. Jeezus, he was turned on. His cock couldn't have been any harder. Yeah, he thought, it's working out just fine. Keep up the good work.


The next day she didn't whip his cock, but she still rubbed lotion on it, and she rubbed it so long he got a full erection. She suddenly seemed to notice, and pulled her hand away. He flogged it unmercifully that night, after she left. He was beginning to imagine that she was enjoying the things they did.

The next day, she did something that surprised him even more. This time, when she showed up, she brought the handcuffs again. Not just two sets of them, but four. Oh shit, he thought. This was gonna be good. He just knew it was.

"Thomas," she said, "we are going to vary our routine slightly, tonight. I am going to do all the work, while you just lay there and suffer. I hope you will find this as embarrassing as I do."

That probably won't happen, he thought, but give it your best shot. She indicated that he lay on the bed, and he did. Then she indicated that he get back up.

"I'm sorry," she said, "but you'll have to strip first."

Strip? he thought. Totally? She nodded, and he dropped his trousers, and slowly slid his undershorts down his legs. His cock was already hard, and ready to play. He looked at her again, and she nodded. Yes. The shirt, too. He slowly took his shirt off, and was naked in front of her. Weirdly, he felt more embarrassed about his shirt being off than his pants. He slowly crawled up on his bed, and she got the handcuffs. She cuffed his feet to the rail, spreading his legs widely, and tried to reach the upper rail for his hands. The cuffs would not reach.

"Thomas, hang on," she said. "I need to get more handcuffs."

She left the room, leaving the door wide open. Well, shit, he thought. Sure enough, within a minute a shadow fell over the open door. He looked up, and Mr. Crane was standing there. The man surveyed the boy, stark naked, handcuffed by his feet to the bed, and laughed.

"What's so funny," said Thomas, irritated. He cupped his hands over his genitals, not wanting the man to see his still-hard penis.

"She's got you now. You are a lucky boy," Mr. Crane said, and disappeared, still laughing. Shit, thought Thomas, yes, I know I'm lucky. Leave it alone, old man.

Within another minute Mrs. Crane showed back up, with two more handcuffs. Shit, thought Thomas, how many pairs of those damn things does she have? She made a chain, connecting the new cuffs to the ones already on his hands, and was able at last to cuff them to the rail. He was immobilized, his hands and feet securely bound.

"Now, Thomas," she said. "I don't want you to think I'm doing this because I enjoy it. You are a bad boy, and this is your punishment. I am willing to undergo this trial in a brave attempt to turn you from your wicked ways. Someday I hope you will thank me."

Yes, I'll thank you already for playing with my dick last night, Thomas thought. He was enjoying laying naked, his hard cock standing straight up in the air. He noticed how her eyes returned to it, time after time. He imagined she had a special interest in it.

She was wearing a much shorter skirt than normal today, for some reason. He looked at her again, realizing just how short it was. Surprising. She looked good in it, though, her muscular legs were shown off well.

"Well," she said, "let us begin."

She reached beneath her skirt, and dropped her panties down her legs. She came to the side of the bed, and arranged them on his face where the crotch was on his nose, but he could look out the leg holes. His dick just got harder and harder. Everything she did seemed insanely sexy to him, and she seemed to have no clue.

He had carefully watched her remove her panties in the short skirt, and he imagined he'd been able to catch a fleeting glimpse of her pussy. Her skirt had ballooned outwards when she raised her leg, and, from his low elevation on the bed, he was able to look up it. He felt like he was just moments from ejaculating, he was so turned on.

She disappeared into his bathroom for a moment, returned and moved to the end of the bed, and picked up her riding crop. She crawled over the railing his feet were handcuffed to, and, on her knees, crouched between his spread legs. He felt something cold on his cock, and looked down to see her dribbling baby oil on his cock. Oh shit, he knew that bottle well, it was from his own bathroom. He felt breathless with anticipation.

Her hand clasped his hard slippery cock, and he gave a guttural moan. She smiled down at him, an evil smile.

"Thomas, this is not about you having a good time. This will, I hope, train you to associate pain with... masturbation."

He felt her touch him. She pulled her fingers out to the end of his cock and then circled it, squeezing tightly, finally pushing her hand back down to the root. He gave a deep gasp. He could have cum, that instant but somehow he held back. His eyes were closed and he jumped when she struck him with the crop on his chest. She continued to jack him and strike him each time her hand traveled the length of his cock. He was in heaven. And shit, she wasn't hitting that hard. He felt a little pain, but not much...

The whole thing had an air of unreality about it that almost left him light-headed. He felt like he was dreaming or something. A woman is jacking me off, he told himself time and time again. A woman.

Suddenly, he could take it no longer. He felt a giant surge from his penis and a huge dollop of sperm shot from the end of his cock. He plainly heard her say "goodness," and she stopped for a moment, to his displeasure. Luckily she started up again and he let the moment carry him away.

When he finally regained his composure she smacked him one last time right on the tip of his softening cock. Luckily, she hit lightly. He sighed in pleasure, having had one of the greatest experiences of his life.

"Thomas..." he heard her say. He opened his eyes. Jeezus. She looked shocked and was holding her arms out from her sides. He saw shiny spots on her clothes and looked closer. She was covered in his cum! He almost wanted to shriek with laughter but he kept his mouth shut. He could even see it in her hair. She carefully climbed off the bed and disappeared into his bathroom.

Well, he wasn't going anywhere. He lay on the bed, basking in the warmth of his orgasm. Damn, though... he was still turned on... and seeing her splattered with his cum was too much. He heard the sink run and finally she returned.

"Thomas," she said, ever practical, "when we are done here, you need to spend some time cleaning the chrome in your restroom. It looks terrible."

She unlocked him at last and he sat on his bed, rubbing his wrists.

"Goodness," she said, "we forgot the lotion."

Oh jeezus, he didn't know how much more of this he could take. He just flopped over backwards and lay there, determined to just let her do whatever she wanted. She found her tube of lotion, sat on the side of the bed, one leg laying crossways on the bed, and one on the floor. She dribbled some lotion on his chest, and began to rub. He sighed, hoping she'd go down a little further.

He turned his head, and looked sideways at her skirt. My god, he thought, as rational thought fled his mind. He could literally see beneath her short skirt, it was partly folded back on itself, and he could see... her beautiful cunt. Jeezus. He felt an immediate surge of blood into his cock. He just lay there and stared. Her cunt was fabulous. It was pretty hairy but that just turned him on all the more. She had fat, puffy pussy lips, pink, and the inner parts of her pussy were deep red. He could see what he imagined to be her clit above the hole of her vagina. Her vagina was stretched slightly since her leg up on the bed was spread widely. He was stunned and amazed. My first cunt, he thought. My first beautiful cunt.

She seemed absolutely unaware what he was doing. She was talking about more psychological crap but he wasn't listening. He was in love. Seeing her cunt was a thousand times better than some stupid magazine. About that time she dribbled some hand lotion on his cock and seized it in her hand. His cock was over half hard, struggling valiantly to recover from his massive ejaculation of a few minutes ago, and the feeling of her soft strong hand was all it needed.

"Goodness, Thomas," she said, "I believe this is having the opposite effect on you. I wonder if I'm doing the right thing."

He cleared his throat, not taking his eyes off her fantastic cunt. "I think we are, Mrs. Crane... it's just something I have to get out of my system..."

"Well, I'm not totally convinced... I guess we should give you a while longer..." she finally said, while giving him a hand job that would make a Japanese masseuse green with envy. He almost thought he was going to cum again, but she stopped before he got that far. His cock was still rock-hard, and stood almost straight up.

She finally slid her leg off the bed and the peep show was over. She stood and unlocked him from the bed, gathering up her supplies.

"You may dress, Thomas," she said, and left the room. He slammed and locked the door and disappeared into his bathroom. He had unfinished business.


The next day at recess he couldn't wait to tell Dave all about his latest experiences. Dave was understandably jealous. Thomas was living a dream, in his eyes. Thomas was living a dream in his own eyes, for that matter. He just couldn't believe how it kept getting better and better.

He was still trying to think of a way to defeat her, at her own game. He actually felt like he was doing a pretty good job of just that, considering the things she was now doing to him. He couldn't ask for anything more sexy than her strong hands on his cock. Well, actually he had... and he had seen it, the day before. It was burned into his mind. He'd never forget that first glimpse of her naked cunt. He saw it every time he closed his eyes. She was a bitch, but he loved her desperately by now, almost insanely. He hungered for her touch, even if it was at the end of a riding crop. And when she took him in her hand... jeezus... it was just too much.

Anyway, Dave had some ideas, but they were all pretty outlandish, pretty wild. Dave was crazy for some way for him to get in on the fun.

"Tell her..." he said, "tell her you know another bad boy who needs to be punished. Tell her I jack off all the time, even at school. Tell her my parents are going crazy and she'd be doing them a favor if she spanked me."

Thomas laughed. That was crazy. He didn't want to jeopardize his time with her with something that crazy. Still...


The next day he primed the pump.

"Mrs. Crane... now that I'm starting to realize the... error of my ways, there's something I must admit to you."

She was laying her supplies out on the bed. Handcuffs, whip and lotion bottle... good, he saw no panties. He loved it when she took a fresh pair off her sweet ass and handed them to him. Or better yet, when she draped them across his face.

"Yes?" she said, stopping and staring at him.

"My friend..." he stuttered, trying to sound reticent. "My friend Dave... he... does what I used to do... a lot. Even at school in the restrooms. He is gone... all overboard with it."

"Well," she said, tapping her lips with her finger, "that is too bad. I afraid I must tell you to no longer associate with him, if he has that severe a problem."

"He was my best friend. It's sad, now that I can... see what it does to a person. I wish I could help him. I've tried to explain to him... he did say he'd like to quit, if he got enough... encouragement."

"Well," she said, staring critically at him. "That is admirable of you. Although, I'm not sure you're at the place yet where you can give... valid advice." She stared down at his hard cock. He had just removed his pants and undershorts while he was talking. He grimaced.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Crane. I can't help it."

"Well, you may speak to your former friend, if you are serious about helping him change his ways. Just please do not join in on his... distasteful habits."

"Oh, I won't, I won't..." he wasn't sure where to go with this. He plunged ahead as he crawled up on the bed, and lay spread-eagled, waiting for her to handcuff him. She assembled her handcuffs and approached him.

"Mrs. Crane... do you think... do you think he could come over and watch? So he has an idea of ways of how... how to fight against it?"

She stopped, and stared at him again. Once again, he could almost see the wheels turning in her head.

"You would do that? In front of your friend? You would subject yourself to my punishments in view of him?" she finally said, and he nodded.

"If I thought it would help I would," he said, hoping she admired his self-sacrifice.

"Thomas, I must admit I am almost suspicious. Just as you seem to be enjoying my punishments a little too much at times, it is hard for me to believe you are simply altruistic in your concern for your friend."

"Well..." he tried to sound apologetic, "I'm trying, at least..."

"Yes, so you are..." she regarded him speculatively. "Yes, you are trying... very hard..." she stared down at his rock-hard cock when she said that, and almost laughed. He wondered again if she really thought this was doing anything other than turning him on.

"Well," she finally said. "Maybe this weekend you can invite him over. I'll think on it, and let you know."

Thomas felt a secret thrill run through him. Even if she didn't punish Dave, it would be fun to have somebody see what she did to him. It would turn him on that much more.


The week ran out. Quickly it was Friday. Thomas had manfully taken his punishment each day, and Mrs. Crane had been willing to hand it out. She had worn that sexy short skirt one day, but he hadn’t managed a peek at her pussy again, to his sadness. She was mad at Mr. Crane one day, and she seemed to hit pretty hard, then, but he still could take it. Anything was worth the hand jobs he was getting. Any goddam thing.

That Thursday morning before he left for school she had knocked on the door to his room. He opened it and she stood there, looking a little flustered.

"Thomas... I have... decided." she said. "You may invite your friend over... for playtime, let's call it. You may accompany Worthington to fetch him tomorrow, from his home, if his parents agree. Or possibly he can come home from school with you. Does that sound good?"

"Yes!" he nodded eagerly. He hoped Dave's parents would agree. This might just be fun, he thought. He hoped.


So, that Friday, Dave accompanied Thomas home. They played around the grounds and went down to the pond and just screwed around in general. They talked a lot and speculated on just exactly what would happen after dinner. They were both hoping that Mrs. Crane would take Dave's case and attempt to correct his wayward path.

Dinner was a little awkward sunce Mr. Crane was still in the doghouse and Mrs. Crane forced him to eat in the back of the kitchen at the servant's table. She was nothing but polite to the boys though, and Thomas got suspicious since she was almost too nice to suit his tastes. He was more used to her bitchy ways.

After dinner the two boys fled to Thomas's bedroom, to await the... ritual. They sat nervously on his bed, listening for any creak on the staircase. Suddenly, silently, she appeared in the door. She was carrying a selection of handcuffs, a bottle of lotion, her riding crop, a small bag, and what looked like a pair of panties. She entered the room, a severe expression on her face. She closed the door and locked it. Thomas realized he was holding his breath.

"Boys," she said, standing before them in her customary pose of legs spread wide and hands on hips. She was wearing a tennis skirt to Thomas's amazement, and it was even shorter than her skirt the other day had been. Her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders. She had very little makeup on, she just didn't need it. Except for lipstick, she always wore bright red lipstick. She looked fine, very fine, he thought. He felt a surge of pride for her. He was already hard, and he imagined that Dave was hard, too. She looked sexy, without meaning to. Or maybe... he thought... just maybe... she did mean to.

"This will be difficult for both of you and especially difficult for me. I do not like doing this. I am a gentle person, deep inside. But I do what I must."

The boys nodded, staring at her, drinking her in and hanging on her every word.

"David," she said, and Dave jumped. "Thomas tells me you are a very bad boy. Do your parents know of the... the wicked things you do, in the dark?"

"Uh..." Dave managed, "Not really... I hide it from them... I know they'd be ashamed of me..."

"Yes, they would. And you should be ashamed, too. You must cease this naughty behavior, and strive to become a respectable man. A man who does not play with his cock."

They both hissed in a breath, at that. That was the first time Thomas had heard her say the word... and it was sexier than hell to him. She noticed their consternation, of course, and a wicked smile lit her lips.

"Are you surprised I know that word?" she laughed gently. "I know many naughty words. I even use some of them... in the course of intimacy with my husband. Does it excite you boys to hear me use such language?"

She didn't wait for an answer, to their relief. She grabbed her pile of handcuffs, and motioned to the boys.

"Strip. Now," she said, and stood, watching, waiting.

Well, thought Thomas, now we see what Dave's made of. He dropped his trousers, and kicked his undershorts off. His shirt followed, and he was excitingly naked, in an instant. Dave followed, a little slower, but soon he was naked, too. Thomas was pleased to see Dave's hard cock sticking straight out. It wasn't the first time he'd seen it, the boys jerked off together on occasion, actually on ever occasion they could manage. But for some reason, seeing Dave's hard cock almost sent Thomas into a frenzy.

"On the bed, both of you," she said, and they crawled up on Thomas's bed. "Space yourselves evenly. There is plenty of room." she said. She went to the bottom rail, putting handcuffs on their feet and fastening them to the rail. God, thought Thomas, what is she doing with so many fucking handcuffs? What a collection she has.

She went to the head of the bed, and spent a minute fastening the boy's hands to the rail. She stood back and surveyed them, pleased. They were helpless, now. They were completely in her power. They were already under her spell, she could tell.

"David," she continued. "I must have your word that what happens between these walls stays here. My methods are unorthodox and must be kept a secret. You must tell no one and that includes your parents. You would, of course, have to admit what a wicked boy you've been, if you did..."

Dave was eager to please. Ecstatically eager. He nodded and made some wordless noises. She went on.

"Boys. I am going to escalate the process somewhat, over my usual... routine. I know this may be hard for you to take, Dave, considering this is your first... treatment. But bear with me."

The boys were staring at her, heedless of cricked necks, as they lay on the bed. Both their cocks were still rock-hard, and standing straight up. Well, Dave's tilted a little, but he couldn't help that.

"I have decided to allow you boys certain... liberties. I hope the purpose of this is not lost on you. I feel it will heighten the sense of... wrongness... to you. I hope it will make you realize what a destructive emotion lust is. David."

Dave jumped again, when she spoke his name.

"David, Thomas has been guilty of the sin of lust, in that he has lusted after me. My body. He stole my panties, and used them in his... masturbation experiments. I have attempted to force his mind to associate pain with such behavior. David... are you guilty of such behavior?"

Dave grimaced, still staring at her. "Yeah... I... am," he finally said.

"Have you stolen your mother or sister's panties?" she asked.

He nodded slowly. "Yes... all the time..."

"And you masturbate while sniffing them? You jack off?"

Once again, it excited Thomas to hear her use the phrase. He loved to hear her talk dirty. Everything she said turned him on, though, at this stage.

"Yes, I do..." said Dave, simulating shame very well.

"Have you ever been caught? Either stealing panties, or jacking off?"

"No, ma'am..." Dave said slowly.

"Just like Thomas," she said accusingly. "We must nip this behavior in the bud, at once. You boys simply must learn some self-control. It is my duty to teach it to you."

The boys watched, their hearts almost stopping, as she began to unbutton her shirt.

"I said I was going to escalate the process. I am. This will consist of you boys being allowed to see me... in a state of undress. I hope this will intensify the experience for you, since I also intend to hit a little harder with my whip. I hope this will force your subconscious to equate sex with pain."

The buttons were all undone. She dropped the shirt to the floor.

She had on some kind of bustier or corset or something, but one which left her breasts exposed. There, bigger than life, were her beautiful breasts. Her breasts were wonderful, full and firm, with large aureoles and a hard-looking nipple. They were supported and even pushed up slightly by the bustier. Thomas could not have been happier. He was getting to see one of the things he wanted most in the world. He almost panted, he was so turned on. He heard Dave moan in a low guttural sound beside him.

"Do you like them?" she asked smiling sweetly. And instant later she smacked Thomas hard with the crop, right on his cock. A second hit followed, causing Dave to cry out. She smiled sweetly again. Both their cocks were so hard it had no real effect on them. It did sting a little, though.

"And, now..." she said. "The part you boys will probably like at first, at least until I... correct you."

First she reached beneath her skirt, and drew her panties down her leg. They were standard white panties, nothing special about them... nothing special except where they had just been. She approached the bed, and arranged the panties on Dave's face, careful to situate the crotch right over his nose, and careful to allow him to see out the legholes. Dave was in heaven, breathing in her damp sexual scent... to him, it was a million times better than his mom's panties, which he really did steal at times.

"I'm sorry, Thomas," she said, retrieving the pair of panties she'd brought with her. "You will have to make do with last night's panties. Although I did sleep in these, and I think they are aromatic enough... to excite you."

They were. They did. He breathed her beautiful sweaty pussy smell in through his nose, as turned on as if they were fresh. She stood for a moment, surveying her work. She finally, slowly, yes, sensually reached down and pulled the elastic of her skirt out from her body. She slid it rapidly down her legs and both boys sucked in a surprised breath.

No idea why they were surprised, they'd both just seen her remove her panties and they knew she'd be nude. All she had on was a garter belt, and a pair of dark stockings. Her feet, of course, were still in her traditional high heels, but the boys couldn't see that. Her dark thatch of pussy hair was fabulous, a wonderful vee that almost made a promise of incredible secrets hidden beneath it. She held her hands out slightly and slowly turned completely around, conscious of the boy's bug-eyed gaze on her body.

"Well, I hope this will make an impression on you both," she said. Thomas was speechless, her fantastic ass was beyond his wildest dreams. Full and firm, supple and muscular, she was indeed perfect. None of the women in his fuck books came close. She was beyond perfect to him.

"Gentlemen. Let the lesson begin," she finally said, slapping her riding crop against her free hand.


The first thing she did was a long, long lecture about her methods and beliefs in the subject of raising young men, and the psychological processes she hoped to shape their behavior with. Young boys invariably find lectures boring, but these boys did not. Not this one. As she talked, she walked her almost-naked form around the bed, surveying their naked bodies. She reached out with the crop, occasionally lightly spanking one of them, or, more likely, tickling their cock with it. She pushed Thomas's cock with the crop, and then let it spring back up. Or she would run the crop from his groin to the tip of his cock, and then back down the other side.

She finally reached a stopping place and was silent.

"Let me see," she said. "I think I have something in my bag for you boys."

She reached in the bag, and withdrew her hand. She approached the bed, and clipped a clothespin on Thomas's nipple. That kind of hurt but he was tough and took it like a man. She clipped another on his other nipple, and then applied two clothespins to Dave's nipples, also. Whatever, thought Thomas, this is still more fun that I've ever had in my life. Just watching her fabulous tits when she leaned over him had been a high point of his whole life, he realized. Her tits were just too much and he was afraid he was going to ejaculate before she ever touched him.

She surveyed her work and then got out more clothespins. She reached down and Thomas felt her hands on his balls. Oh, shit, he barely had time to think, before he felt the pinching sting of a clothespin on his ballsack. She applied five or six more before she was happy, and moved on to Dave. It hurts, thought Thomas, it hurts... but it's fucking sexy. It's goddam fucking sexy.

She had been careful to apply the clothespins so that they would not interfere with jacking the boy's cocks. Mrs. Crane was careful and methodical at everything she did. This was no exception.

"Now, my pretties," she said, withdrawing her phone from the bag. "Now it is time for a little photo session. Please remember to smile for the camera." she touched the screen a few times, and then held the phone up over the bed. Thomas grimaced. He didn't really care for this part of it, but so be it. He knew she wouldn't dare to show the pictures to anyone. He hoped, at least.

The flash flashed a few times and she reviewed the pictures, pleased.

"Just a little memento for my scrapbook," she said, and put the phone down.

She stood at the foot of the bed, and crossed her arms beneath her ample breasts. She looked at the two miscreants. She felt like she had them exactly where she wanted them. She knew they were enjoying themselves, so far. She would have to change that, later. She'd let them stew in their juices for a while.

"Boys," she said, turning and unlocking the door. "I must admit I am experiencing the first stages of sexual arousal. To put an end to that, I am going to let my husband have... relations with me, if he can manage. I shall return... whenever."

She left the room closing the door. The silence was almost frightening.

"Thomas..." said Dave, "she is the sexiest fucking thing ever. I can't believe you live with her. Goddam, goddam."

"Yeah, I know," said Thomas, "isn't she... spectacular. I can't believe she got naked, I can't fucking believe it."

"Yeah, she's too much... shit... Thomas... I gotta pee..."

"Oh shit, don't pee on my bed. Can't you hold it?"

"I have no choice, unless my boner goes down. I can't pee with a hard-on, I've tried before. It won't work."

"Shit, shit, just try to hold it." said Thomas. And shit, sure enough, thanks to Dave mentioning it, he felt the urge in himself. Shit. He didn't want to pee in his own bed. He began to wish she'd hurry back.

"Did she mean her old man was gonna fuck her?" Dave asked, and Thomas nodded.

"Yes, I think so," he said out loud, realizing that Dave wasn't looking at his head. "He's a lucky bastard, the old fart. She said if he can manage... I wonder if he has problems or something."

"Shit, how could he, as fucking sexy as she is. I die to fuck something like that..."

"You'd die to fuck anything female, you doofus. And I don't mean your dog, dogs don't count."

"Hey, don't diss my dog. She's a good mutt, and her tongue is probably better than a girl's."

"Dave," said Thomas, giggling, "have you ever really fucked your dog?"

"All I can get is the head of it in," said Dave sadly, "she's just too small and tight. But that feels pretty good."

"You are a fucking pervert, man!" said Thomas, laughing.

"I know, I know," said Dave. "I promise, if you had a dog, you'd be fucking it, too."

"Maybe. But I sure don't want Mrs. Crane catching me doing that."

"Do your panties still smell good?"

"Yes... now that you mention it... they smell like pussy!"

"yes... her pussy... her pussy that I've gotten to see."

Talk like this went on for a while, as they shared ideas and observations. They both got more and more uncomfortable, as pressure in their bladders increased. Thomas guessed that it had been an hour since Mrs. Crane departed. He was ready for her to return, and get on with the lesson.


Finally, when they'd both decided it was just a mean trick and she wasn't coming back, they heard the door. She entered, a frown on her face.

"Did you think I wasn't coming back?" she said, standing over them.

"Mrs. Crane, we really gotta pee... can you let us up a minute?" said Thomas, pain in his voice. She smirked even more.

"I'm sorry, I cannot do that," she said. She regarded them with little or no sympathy.

"Mrs. Crane... please..." Thomas begged, and Dave made a wordless noise. She laughed, and went into his bathroom. She returned with a cup in her hand.

"Well, who's first?" she asked, and Thomas nodded towards Dave, who was clearly suffering. She held the cup down and placed the end of his semi-hard cock in it. He hurriedly peed, knowing once he got hard it would be difficult or impossible. And he was hardening rapidly, feeling her hand on his cock. He finally finished, and she went into the bathroom and emptied it. She returned and did the same for Thomas, who was still quite hard. But, he managed. It turned him on greatly to feel her shake it, when he was done. He felt great relief, and was now ready for whatever she had in mind.

"My little friends," she said. "I am very disappointed and frustrated. Not with you, well, I am disappointed with you both for being such bad boys, but I am more put out at my worthless husband. He has no desire for me and cannot perform. I must find satisfaction elsewhere, it seems."

She regarded them, her hands once again on her hips. She was still in the bustier and garter belt and she looked sexier than fuck to Thomas. He wondered what Mr. Crane's problem was, other than simply being an old fart. Shit, the man was probably twenty years older than her, at least. No wonder he couldn't get it up, Thomas thought.

She finally approached the bed, on Dave's side. She slowly crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees, finally settling astride his body. Thomas watched enviously, he imagined feeling her hot cunt pressed again his own body, as it was against Dave's stomach.

"This next part," she said, rubbing her private areas sensually on Dave's belly, "is for my pleasure alone. We can delay the start of your re-education a bit, David. You may debase yourself, and take what pleasure from me that you can."

She crawled further and further forward, and finally Thomas could see that her cunt was right in Dave's face. Dave made another wordless moan as she finally pressed herself against his face.

"Lick," she said loudly. Thomas could see Dave's head go up and down as he licked her, right on her hairy pussy. Thomas was jealous, and hoped he got a turn at this new twist.

She was, for a while, satisfied to sit astride Dave's face and let him lick her cunt. Finally Thomas noticed she began to shake and tremble. He could hear muffled moans and groans coming from Dave. The kid looked almost smothered beneath her. Thomas became more and more eager to get his turn. And I'd better get a turn at this, he thought.

He wondered if she would cum. She seemed to settle back down a little. He could hear Dave struggling to breathe. What a lucky motherfucker, Thomas thought. Getting smothered by her fabulous cunt was what he wanted more than anything in the world right now.

At last she had enough, or maybe she just thought it was time to give Thomas a turn. She made a wordless grunt and carefully crawled off to the side inbetween the two boys.

"Thomas," she said, "I hope this does not negatively effect your re-education. However, I want what I want."

And what Mrs. Crane wants, Thomas thought, Mrs. Crane gets. He was eager for it. She carefully straddled his chest and slowly moved forward. He feasted his eyes on her beauty, getting ever closer to his face. Her pussy looked like the most wonderful thing in the world to him, even still damp from Dave's slobber. That was the furthest thing from Thomas's mind at the moment. He would have been just as eager had it been smeared with shit. He was dying for a taste.

When her cunt at last contacted his face, it was electric. He pressed his tongue out, against her. The taste galvanized him, it was like her panties all over again, to the thousandth power. It was intense and made his brain boil. Pussy, he thought, I am tasting pussy. Real live pussy.

He could feel her pubic hair scrubbing against his face as he rubbed his tongue into her wet cunt. His cock couldn't have been any harder. He wished his hands were free so he could bury them in her ass.

"The clit," she said, "concentrate on my clit, please."

He couldn't tell if he was on it or not, but she squirmed nicely when he licked hard. He thought he could feel the little bud of flesh, and he smashed it against her body with his tongue. She sighed deeply and ground herself harder into his face. He struggled to breathe, she was almost smothering him with her groin. He could feel the sides of her legs, on his cheeks and ears. I want to die like this, he thought, now would be fine. I have been to heaven already.

"You are quite good, Thomas," she said. "Both of you are, in fact." Thomas didn't have time to be proud. He was struggling to stay alive. He felt crushed by her weight, on his face, but he loved it.

She finally pulled back slightly and he drew a convulsive breath.

"Your ass..." he mumbled. All he could think of was her beautiful ass, and how badly he wanted to taste it.

"What?" she said, pulling back further and looking at him.

"I wanna lick your bottom," he said, staring at her without embarrassment. He wanted that worse than anything in the world.

She laughed and scooted down further.

"We can do that," she said, and carefully crawled into the middle of the bed and then back astride him, her face now pointed at his feet. She scooted back further, carefully feeling for his face with her ass. He watched eagerly as her wonderful asshole loomed ever closer. It was wrinkled and brown and puffed out slightly. When it was within inches of his face he could finally smell it, and it smelled incredible to him. Just like what an asshole should smell like. Tart and tangy, and slightly poopy. He extended his tongue, and touched it as last.

He was in heaven, once again. He licked, sticking his tongue right in the center of her puckered magnificence. The taste was unreal. It was strong, her cunt had been strong, but her asshole blew her cunt away. His jaws hurt, it was so strong. He gloried in the strength of it. It surpassed his wildest dreams. Thomas loved assholes and he'd dreamed a million times of finally getting to force his tongue into one. He tried it now, but her sphincter was way too strong. It was still fun to try.

He felt her hands on his cock and he struggled not to ejaculate. He was turned on further than he ever thought possible. He felt light headed, he was so turned on. She stroked and teased his cock, pulling on the cap, and jiggling his balls. She finally grasped his balls up where they met his body, and pulled down on them, rotating her hand. He gasped in pain, but he loved it.

She just pushed her ass harder and harder into his face and once again he struggled to breathe. The air that he breathed was full of her smell and made simply breathing delightful. He wanted to smell that smell for the rest of his life.

Time stood still for him. At last, to his sorrow, she pulled away.

"Dave?" she said, and he made a noise of assent. "Would you like some of that? Some of my ass?"

"Oh, yes, please..." he said, eager. She laughed, and crawled across the bed, seating herself once again on his body. She pressed her sweet ass into his face just like she had for Thomas. Dave's muffled groans could be heard.

Thomas recovered, breathing deeply, still smelling her odors on his face. He watched her ride his friend's face. She was just too much. She was incredible. She was the sexiest thing in his world. Before, he had thought living with her was a trial, something to be tolerated. Now she was all he could think of. He was crazy about her. She was his whole world. Living with her would never be the same, he thought.

She let Dave lick her asshole, scrubbing her ass into his face. She played with his cock as she had Thomas's, jacking him, tickling him, and playing with his balls. At last Dave just couldn't take it any longer, and a jet of semen exploded from the end of his cock. Thomas heard her laugh, and saw her back up even further, and bend her face down to Dave's crotch. She missed most of Dave's cum, but got his dick into her mouth in time to swallow some of it. She licked the drops off his stomach and legs, also. Thomas was excited to watch as best he could as she licked up Dave's cum.

"That was fun," she said, laughing slightly. "I hope you have more of that shit. That was barely enough."

Dave was breathing in gasps, the top of his head now covered with her pussy. She was riding his head like she was a hat. She laughed, and ground her pussy into him, scrubbing her cunt with his short hair. She finally crawled down his body, and nestled into the space between the two boy's legs.

"What next, what next..." she said thoughtfully. "Thomas. I shall suck on you for a while. But you must not orgasm. I will punish you harshly if you ejaculate."

He nodded, ready for another taste of heaven. She moved over, inside his legs, and slowly bent down. He felt her breath on his cock, and finally he felt the gentle touch of her lips. She mouthed the end of his cock for a while, at last running her lips around the cap. She actually nibbled him a little bit with her teeth, sexy and painful, but he loved it. She probably could have bit him, and he would have loved it. Anything to do with her mouth and his dick, he loved.

She finally slid his cock all the way into her mouth, and sucked down to his groin. She slowly pulled it out, then plunged back in. He realized he was going to be hard pressed not to cum. He didn't want to be punished, but most of all he wanted to please her.

She finally crawled up his body and turned around, as she had for Dave. She leaned down, and took his cock in her mouth again. Her cunt was right in his face, just where he wanted it, and he touched her with his tongue, licking her pussy. She still tasted great.

She gave him one of the best blow jobs in the world, long and slow, speeding up faster and faster, until she pumped his cock in and out of her mouth rapidly. He relaxed his prostate as best he could, and tried not to cum. He was in ecstasy, in any case. Nothing in his life had ever felt better or felt sexier. He knew he would remember this moment for the rest of his life.

"Thomas," she said, dropping his cock from her mouth. "Yes?" he said, his voice ragged.

"If I allow you to cum do you think you can still fuck me properly later?" she said, and he could feel her hot breath on his wet cock. He almost gasped with lust. He was going to get to fuck her? No dreams remained in his dream library. That was the ultimate.

"Yes... I think so..." he was so turned on he thought it would be no problem to get hard again. He had masturbated before, cumming, and then cumming again within an hour. He had youth on his side, and he was so turned on he knew it would be no problem. He looked over at Dave's cock. It was almost hard again and he had just cum a few minutes ago. Yeah, he thought, if she will be willing, she's most definitely get fucked tonight.

"Good," she said. "Thomas. You may cum, whenever you wish."

She dropped her face to his cock again. He raised his head as far as he could, and nuzzled her pussy with his face. He tried to find her clit, and began to lick, once again smothered beneath her sweetness. Her smell filled his nostrils, and her fat hairy pussy lips filled his mouth.

He still held back as long as he could. He wanted the moment to go on forever. She was content to lick and suck and let him have his fun. She rested her forearms on his hip bones and cupped his balls in her hands. She began to stroke him in and out of her mouth again and he finally decided it was time. He clenched his prostate and let nature take its course.

At last he felt his orgasm sweep him away. With a convulsive jerk he filled her mouth with sperm. Again and again, he came. She swallowed and gulped and didn't spill a drop. He felt his cock soften at last. She finally dropped his cock and sat up.

"Well," she said, "I will allow you boys a few minutes to recover. I suppose I should punish you a little bit... you have been both very guilty of lust today. Allow me to spank you for a while."

Allow you, Thomas thought, laughing to himself. Like we have a choice. She crawled off the bed, and found her riding crop. She experimentally struck Dave on the chest, getting a groan from him. She laughed and smacked him again. She reached across him and whacked Thomas harder than she ever had before. That's going to leave a mark, he thought, but he still loved it. At this point he would love anything she did to him.

She whipped the boys for a few minutes, going up and down their bodies, even lightly spanking their cocks and balls. They were both pretty hard again, just watching her half-naked body move around the bed was turning them on.

"Well," she finally said, tossing the crop down. "Let's get you out of those handcuffs. It's been long enough."

Hooray, both the boys thought. It was difficult to stay in one position comfortably for so long. Both their hands had gone to sleep several times. She found the handcuff key and released them both. They sat up on the bed, rubbing their wrists and ankles. She stood before them and watched them.

"Better?" she finally said, and they both nodded.

"Boys," she said. "Now that your hands are free, you may touch me, if you wish."

Of course they both wished. She drew nearer and Thomas tentatively reached out and pinched her fat nipple. She laughed.

"Harder," she said, and he pinched harder. She just stood there. Dave slid off the bed and went around behind her, on his knees. He buried his hands in her firm ass, squeezing and clenching. Thomas was entranced with her tits, her beautiful tits. He cupped his hands beneath them, filled with her fullness. He caressed and jiggled them. He was enjoying himself.

She finally shook herself free of them, and laid down on the bed. Thomas immediately crawled up between her legs, and spread her cunt wide with his fingers. He rubbed her clit, and pulled on her pussy lips. He finally licked his finger and pressed in into her cunt, finger-fucking her. She felt tight on his finger. God, he thought, her pussy is tight. He knew she's never had a child, and he was glad. His cock was no giant, he was still a growing boy, but if it was this tight on his finger, he knew it would feel good on his cock. He thumbed her clit, and pumped his finger in and out of her body. She twitched and moaned, and he knew he was doing it for her.

Dave was sitting on the side of the bed, and playing with her tits and nipples. He finally leaned down, and took a fat nipple into his mouth, and began to suck. She relaxed, and enjoyed the feelings of the two boys playing with her. She was content for a while.

An hour had passed since Dave had ejaculated. She decided that was long enough.

"Thomas," she said. "Come here, to my side. David, get between my legs, please. It is time for you to fuck me."

Both the boys were turned on to hear her talk dirty. Thomas moved up onto the bed beside her. Without her telling him, he dropped his face to her breasts and began to suck. Dave went down between her legs and crawled up onto her body. He wasn't really sure what to do next, he just tried to match his cock up with her cunt.

She seized his cock with her hands. "Up a little further," she said, and got him situated properly. She guided his now rock-hard cock to the mouth of her cunt, and nestled the cap of his cock between her pussy lips.

"Remember, David," she said, "long slow strokes. Pull out all the way, but don't let it fall out. You may not cum until after I do."

Oh shit, Thomas almost giggled. He hoped Dave could manage to do that. He knew it would be hard. He didn't really care that Dave got to cum first, he was just happy he was going to get it, also. He didn't mind a little of Dave's cum in her pussy, he was going to fuck her hard, no matter what.

Dave slowly pushed into her body, sighing with satisfaction. Thomas knew it felt good, hell, how could it not? He heard Mrs. Crane groan once, even. Dave slowly started pumping, and established a rhythm.

Thomas just lay there, and sucked on her tits. He squeezed and kneaded them as he sucked.

"Thomas," she said breathily. "Yes, Ma'am?" he answered.

"Thomas. I need to be kissed. Kiss me."

He was more nervous about that than anything he'd done so far. He slowly moved his face up, and their lips touched. She pursed her lips, and broke the kiss off.

"Relax, Thomas," she said, and pressed her face to his again. Over the next few minutes, she taught him how to kiss by example. At last he felt her tongue in his mouth. Damn, she tasted good, fresh and clean, and sexier than shit. He felt his dick getting hard again. He leaned into her, and they continued to kiss. He was almost laying on her right hand, and he felt her take hold of his cock. She slowly jacked him as she kissed him, as Dave fucked her. Dave was slowly speeding up, and gasping for breath. Thomas felt her body jerk each time Dave pounded her. That is too cool, thought Thomas. Too goddam cool.

She finally gasped and Thomas felt her body shake beneath him. She came hard, groaning and writhing on the bed, her legs spread as wide as she could get them. Thomas rode her as she bucked and shook. She finally calmed down and sighed deeply.

"You may cum now, David," she said, and lay there, still kissing Thomas. Dave sped up even more, and soon he gave a loud grunt, his face screwing up, and Thomas could tell he was cumming. He slowed and finally stopped laying half over her body.

Thomas and Mrs. Crane just kept kissing. Finally she pushed him away and pushed at Dave, who was inert, just laying there. Wearily he pulled himself up and off of her.

"Well, that was satisfying," she said, and sat up. She held Thomas at her breast, and he sucked her titties like he was a little baby. Dave just lay, exhausted, on the bed beside them. He was exhausted but he still had half a hard-on.

"Thomas," said Mrs. Crane. She looked down at him and smiled, an actually warm and fairly normal smile. "Thomas, are you ready? Do you think you can perform?"

He smiled back. "I'll try, Mrs. Crane."

She looked pointedly at his hard penis. "You are ready, I think."

Once again she situated herself on the bed, her head on the pillow. She motioned to him and he gingerly crawled atop her, his legs astride hers. He could feel the heat from her body everywhere he touched her. He carefully lay down on her and felt his stiff cock touch her groin. She reached under him and guided it to the mouth of her cunt.

"When you are ready, dear," she said, and he slowly, carefully pushed into her body. It felt better than he ever dreamed and he knew that he was right, she was tighter than shit. She was actually pretty slippery, probably because of Dave's cum, he figured. Ordinarily that would have bothered him but he was way too turned on now for details like that.

"Oh, that feels good," she said, and clasped his body to hers, grasping his ass and pulling him to her. He lay atop her, almost swooning, feeling an incredible sensation from his hard cock.

"Pump, darling," she said. "In and out." He slowly began, and the sensations were even more incredible. He knew he didn't dare cum before she did, but it was going to be hard not to shoot off at once. He tried to empty his mind but that was difficult, holding a beautiful woman underneath him. He felt her hands clenching his ass, and that just about sent him over the top. She fingered his asscrack, and he felt her fingers snaking down into it, and she rubbed his sweaty asshole. Shit. How was he ever going to hold it in...

What felt like several minutes passed and finally he could tell she was getting close. She began to tremble and her breathing became rough. She finally closed her eyes and arched her back and he felt her muscles tense up. She finally cried out and fell back, relaxing. He let his prostate relax since he knew it was safe. He felt it begin. He'd had some memorable orgasms before at her hands but this one topped them all. He felt it from his toes to the top of his head. It felt like he squirted a gallon of cum into her cunt. She had half a fingertip in his asshole, and he felt it pucker up around her. He pressed his hips into hers and let the feeling carry him away.

Finally he stopped pumping and lay on top of her, as exhausted as Dave had been. Fucking her was hard work but well worth it. She was demanding. And he knew she must be obeyed.

She finally rolled over and lay on top of him, cooling off. Dave was stirring around on the side of the bed.

"Well, that was entertaining. Sadly, we have neglected your training. We'll worry about that later, maybe tonight. I'll give you boys an hour or two to recover. I'll be back about bedtime, so be rested up. Maybe I'll think of some new things we can try."

She dressed slowly, pulling her skirt on and dropping the shirt over her top. The boys watched her, still entranced.

"Thomas," she said. "By the way... Mr. Crane is going to live in the Las Vegas house. He is banished from my sight for his many perfidities and failures. You are now the man of the house. Please move your wardrobe and toiletries into my bedroom tomorrow. You will sleep with me from now on. I will have plenty of time to... educate you properly, without him around to bother me. And I suppose we can make time for David on weekends."



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