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Under The Towers (Inc, mf, ff, Ff)

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on: May 06, 2015, 12:35:50 AM

Title         : Under The Towers   

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Incest, Lesb, mf, ff, Ff

Date        : 20150506

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Synopsis : The sexual adventures of a teen girl in a small town in the midwest.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher.


I live with my grandmother, under the radio towers at the north end of town. The high spot. You can see the whole town from our front porch, all laid out in front of you. It's very cool. Our house is small, and old, but it's paid off, and my granny has a good job, so we live pretty well. I have a part-time job at the Burger Shack, and that helps, although I usually get to just keep all the money I make. In another year I'll get my license, and we'll have to worry about a car for me then, I'm saving for that.

The towers are so tall that if they fell they might squish our house. I used to worry about that when I was a kid, but I don't much anymore. Most of the twisters that come around come from the south, anyway. But we haven't had one in a long time.

I go to East Central, which sucks, well, there's nothing special about that, any school would suck. I do okay, though, and have some friends. My best friend, Serenity, lives just down the hill from us, and I usually stay with her or she stays with me every weekend. We do a lot of shit together. We even lost our cherries together, to a boy named Delbert, last summer, up at the blockhouse under the radio towers. He did both of us at the same time, well, not exactly the same time, one after the other. I was second, and he came inside me, which later scared the shit out of me, because I wasn't on the pill or anything. I got lucky, I guess, and I didn't spawn, as Serenity put it. A few months later we walked downtown, and found a clinic where they put us both on the pill without my granny or her parents knowing about it. I kinda think my granny'd be okay with it, if she knew, just to avoid complications. She's pretty cool with me, and I also happen to know that she got pregnant when she was fourteen, which is almost a year younger than I am now.

Anyway. The whole thing, the shit I'm gonna tell you about, started with Serenity. I had a part-time boyfriend at the time, kinda, a guy named Steve, and we were pretty good friends, although I hadn't let him fuck me yet. I kinda wanted to make sure he really loved me, and all that shit. I know, that's kinda silly nowdays. What's love got to do with it, like the song says.

Plus. The big plus. I was having these thoughts, and trying to work my way through some issues, I think. I was, well, I kinda still am, trying to figure out if maybe, just maybe, I was a little bit gay. I felt this attraction to certain girls that was pretty unmistakable. Serenity was the main one. I loved her dearly. And... here's the weird part. I love pussy. Well, my own at least, up until then it was the only one that's I'd had anything to do with, but I loved my pussy. Not just for the good feelings it could give me, I loved the smell and taste of it. Every night before I went to sleep I played with myself, and licked my fingers, over and over. I loved the taste of myself. I know that's a little strange. But I loved it.

The sexiest thing in my life so far, even more than being fucked by Delbert, who I have to admit did a good job, since I came and everything, anyway, the sexiest thing ever happened a few months ago once when I spent the night with Serenity. She was already asleep, and I happen to know that she sleeps like a rock. It's almost impossible to wake her up. Anyway, she was asleep, and I also happened to know since I'd watched her change into her nightgown, I happened to know that she didn't have any panties on. Hell, I didn't either. After she was asleep, I carefully pulled her nightgown up, and moved her leg up slightly, so that she was kind of spread. Her pussy looked so beautiful I almost cried, and I loved her more that instant than ever. I crouched down over her leg and smelled of her, and god, she smelled sexy. She hadn't had a bath that night, and she smelled damn good. I touched her clit for a second with my tongue, just to taste her, and she tasted even better than she smelled. I finally made myself stop, and pulled her nightgown back down, and lay there beside her, and fingered myself into a massive orgasm. It was the most sexual moment of my life, for some reason. I've thought of it a thousand times since.

I made myself a promise that night that I'd somehow admit to Serenity how much I loved her, hopefully without destroying our friendship. I don't think I wanna be gay gay, but I wanna play around with her. I want to kinda have her on the side or something. I think I know her well enough to know it won't fuck us up, but I've never talked to her about gay shit, and I have no idea how she really feels about it. I was waiting for the right moment to arrive, I guess.


And, thank goodness, it finally did. Once again, I was spending the night with her, like we did most Friday or Saturday nights. I was almost like part of her family, in fact. We watched movies and looked at shit on the internet, and finally went to her room and got ready for bed.

"Sabre," she said, "did you see my dad when those girls kissed? I thought his tongue was going to hang out."

I laughed. That had been sexy, I didn't even remember the name of the movie, but I remembered those girls kissing. I thought of touching Serenity's pussy with my tongue, when I saw that. And how much I'd like to kiss her.

"I wasn't watching him," I said, "I was watching the screen. It was sexier than fuck." We both giggled.

"You think?" said Serenity.

"Hell yeah," I said. I took a deep breath. "I'd do that, I'd kiss a girl like that. It was sexy."

"Really," said Serenity, turning to look at me. "You gay, girl?"

"Naw..." I said, pleased at the way the conversation was going. "I just think it'd be sexy to... play around a little... you know, girls are better kissers that guys. And I think girls know more how to please girls better than most guys..."

"Yeah..." Serenity had a thoughtful look on her face. "Yeah, I've thought that before, too. Damn... I didn't know that about you, though..."

"Well," I said. "It's not something you usually admit, and it don't usually come up in conversation."

"Yeah," she said. "Yeah." And that seemed to be the end of it. I was pleased, though, I thought maybe, just maybe, the seed is planted. I had no idea it'd bear fruit so quickly, though.

We watched her little TV for a while, and she finally turned it and the lights off. Her room was still plenty light, though, she's got a dozen or so nightlights. We did what we usually do, since she's got a queen-size, we curled up on her bed, both of us. I wanted to just take her in my arms, of course, but I thought, let nature take it's course. If she does, she does, if she doesn't, she doesn't. I didn't expect anything so quickly, I figured she'd have to think about it a while. Serenity was kind of like that, methodical. She was not impulsive. Not until tonight, at least.

I felt her turn, and glanced at her, out of the corner of my eye. She was turned towards me, laying on her side, her head supported by one arm. She was staring at me. She looked thoughtful.

Oh shit, I thought. I started to hope.

"Sabre," she said. "That shit you said while ago. About girls, and shit. Is that the way you really feel?"

"Hell yeah," I said again. "I'd love to make it with a girl. A cute, sexy girl, especially one that I love already."

She laughed. "You mean me." she said matter-of-factly.

I paused. I thought, here's the tricky part.

"Yeah," I finally said. "Serenity. I love you very much. You are my best friend in the world, and you're more than a friend. I love you more than anyone, even myself. I'd do it, hell yeah, I'd do it." she giggled at that.

"Sabre..." she said, appearing deep in thought. "I've thought about this for a long time. I love you very much. I almost think I'm in love with you, in fact. Sabre... honey... do you think there's any chance it'll fuck up our friendship if we... fuck around?"

"Oh, darlin'", I said, tearing up. I could feel that instant how much she loved me, and I loved her back as much. "I don't think so. Our love is way stronger than that, than to let some playin' around fuck us up."

I leaned into her face, and we kissed. Our first kiss, I thought, although, well, we'd kissed before, just screwin' around. This one was different, though. This time, we both knew we loved each other, and how much.

It was good kiss. A good, long kiss. We broke apart, breathing heavy, and smashed our mouths back together. I could feel her breath on my face, from her nose. It was sexier than shit. I scrabbled on the bed beneath me, and just almost crawled on top of her. It felt good to feel her underneath me. I wrapped my arms around her body, and hugged her to me. I felt her tongue in my mouth.

"Oh, darlin'," I said, when we finally broke apart, panting for breath. "Let me love you. Let me make love to you..."

"Yes, yes," she said, panting also. I could feel her arms around me. I rolled over, and she was on top of me. That felt even sexier, feeling her weight on top of me. I was more turned on than I'd ever been, way more than when Delbert fucked us. This is what I'd dreamed of for so long, and it seemed to be coming true.

"We got all night, honey," she said, her breath hot in my face. "I'm gonna lick you until you beg for mercy." I laughed. I wanted that more than anything in the world, but I hadn't expected her to be this aggressive. Good old slow, methodical Serenity. I'd never dreamed.

We kissed for the longest. Just feeling her in my arms was almost enough, I could be happy with just this, I thought. But I knew now there'd be more to come. I was breathless with anticipation.

I could feel her hot hands sliding down my back, and finally she had them on my ass. Oh, that felt good. She squeezed and pinched and spread my ass apart, and I pulled up a bit off the bed, supporting myself with my feet, so she could play. And I played. I grabbed her sweet ass, and did all the same to her. Serenity has a nice ass. I had admired it before, even before I thought I wanted a taste of it. It was high, hard and perky. She looked sexier than shit in tight jeans. And I got to see it all the time, just in a pair of panties. Tonight, for some reason, she'd put on a pair of panties before bed, so I'd kept mine on, too. I slid my hands beneath her panties, and the feeling of her bare ass on my hands was electrifying, to say the least. I just slid my finger right into her crack, and touched her beautiful little asshole.

We were kissing, and when I did that she laughed explosively, forcing air into my mouth. I laughed back, and fingered her sweaty asshole some more. It felt so sexy, I could feel her little puckered hole, and the ridged flesh around it.

"Darlin'," I said, whispering in her face, "My tongue is gonna go there, before the night is over."

"You sexy bitch," she whispered, kissing me. "You sexy goddam fucking bitch..."

We just smashed our mouths together again. I tasted blood, even, but it was so fucking sexy. I loved to kiss, and this was the sweetest kisses I had, ever. Her breath was hot and fresh, and I could taste her toothpaste, even. It was sexy beyond words. Whoever thought up kissing, I thought, they had a goddam good idea.

We just kissed and held each other and rolled around on the bed. I somehow ended up back on top. I sat up, pulling away from her, and yanked my t-shirt off. My tits felt good in the cool air. I reached down and pulled up her t-shirt, and she sat up, letting me strip it off her. Now all we had on were our panties.

Her tits were fabulous. I mean, mine are nice, but Serenity had some nice tits. Of course I'd seen them a thousand times, but this time was different, this time I had permission to play. This was gonna be unreal, I thought.

I leaned down, anticipating the moment. Her eyes were closed and her head was back. I think she was anticipating it as much as I was.

I took her fat nipple in my mouth. I could taste her, I could literally taste her body, then. She tasted great, a hint of perfume or body wash, and some honest sweat. I love the smell and taste of sweat, not sour old sweat, but fresh sweat. She tasted sexier than hell.

Her nipple was fat, and all puffy. Hell, her breast was half nipple, almost. She had the sexiest little round breasts, with nice big fat nipples. Just the way it felt in my mouth was enough to get me off. I could feel my cunt dripping, almost. This was already beyond my wildest dreams, and we were just starting.

She finally had enough, I guess, or she just wanted a taste of me. She rooted around and mumbled, and I finally backed off, and she dropped her face right down to my tits. Ah, I thought, here we go.

Serenity was good titty-licker. I was surprised. I felt like I was finding interesting things out about her. She was continually surprising me. She sucked all around my tits, making me feel wonderful. She rubbed my nipple with her teeth, and it was sexier than shit, to feel her teeth scraping along my hard nipple. She even bit me a little bit, not hard, but enough to sting a little. It felt good.

"Serenity, darlin'," I whispered to her, "You are so good at this I can't believe you've never done it before..."

She laughed. "I've dreamed about it, but I never have... although, last year, Missy Meyers and I kissed at a birthday party, in the closet..."

Oh, that was sexier than shit to hear, Missy was a major fox, I'd like a piece of her myself. I giggled.

Serenity pushed me backwards, and I let myself fall back on the bed. I wondered if this was it, if the moment had come.

It had. She crawled down my belly, leaving a trail of slobber cooling in the breeze. She stopped at my belly button, and kissed it for a while, and stuck her tongue in it. I hoped there wasn't lint in it.

My pussy had been wet for so long it was almost gummy. I hoped that Serenity liked the taste of pussy as much as I did, because I knew mine was gonna be pretty tasty. I hadn't had a bath since yesterday morning. She smashed her face into my cunt and mouthed my pussy with her lips. It felt great. She finally stopped and started licking me, right on my clit. Oh yeah, I thought, oh fucking yeah.

I just lost all track of time. I didn't even try. She must have licked me for a half hour or more. It just went on and on. We both made noises and wiggled around, and I came and then came again, good ones. Good hard ones. It was unreal.

I finally dragged her back up and pressed her face to mine. I could taste my cunt on her lips, and it tasted sexier than hell. I loved it. I finally pulled away from her, and whispered in her ear.

"I love you, darlin', you are the sweetest thing ever. And goddam but you are good at that. Was that really your first time?"

"Hell yeah," she giggled. "It's not hard. I love doing it."

"Darlin', you can do that anytime you wish. I love it too. Baby, that's what I've wished for for years... somebody eatin' my pussy out..."

"Sabre... let's try that... that sixty-nine thing... you know?"

I knew. That sounded like a good idea. We crawled around on the bed, and finally got situated, with her on top. She pushed her cunt into my face, as I felt her tongue on my pussy lips. Ah, I thought. Perfect. Another half hour passed, or maybe an hour. I could feel her cum, time and time again. I came a few times, again. It was unreal, to feel her body laying on top of me, and taste her wonderful cunt on my tongue. I realized that I wanted to do this every night for the rest of my life. Maybe she's the one, I thought to myself. I love her enough to spend the rest of my life with her. Maybe she's the one.

We were finally exhausted. My neck hurt from holding my head up, into her pussy. And my tongue actually felt sore from licking so much. Finally, after she had a nice long cum, I dragged her back up to face me, and just held her.

"Darlin'," I finally said, "Thank you... thanks a million... you really made my day, girl..."

She laughed. "You made mine, too," she said. We kissed, and kissed again. I just lay there and held her, and she finally drifted off to sleep. I lay there for a long time, thinking.


We took a shower together the next morning, and it was sexier than shit to feel her hot wet body sliding against mine. We both peed in the drain, and later I got down and licked her pussy, and I could taste her pee on it, and even that turned me on. She had a nice cum, and then she licked me until I did the same. It was a great way to wake up. We made a date to meet up later in the afternoon, and I walked home.

My granny was up, of course, and she fixed me a nice breakfast. We sat and talked, and I had this overpowering urge to tell her what Serenity and I had done the night before. I couldn't think of a way to bring it up, though, and I didn't want to just blurt it out. Finally I went in my room and slept a little. I hadn't gotten much sleep last night.

I walked back down to Serenity's, and we walked downtown. It was kind of dead, but they were planning some kind of street party or something for that night. We decided to come back for that. We spent the rest of the afternoon just laying around Serenity's room and talking. We finally talked about the night before, and I was pleased that Serenity didn't seem to have any regrets. I sure as hell didn't.

"Darling..." I finally said, "I know you might not want to get this involved, but I could do that every night until I die. I loved it, and I love you."

She thought for a moment. "I love you, too," she finally said. "And, yeah, I know what you mean. It was intense, and very sexy. Is that what we should do, from now on, you think?"

"I dunno..." I said, thinking. "I don't know if we should be a couple or not. Maybe we should just play around every chance we get..."

She giggled. "Yeah, that, for sure," she said.

"Serenity. Darling," I said. "I don't think we should shut others out. I don't own you, dear. If you want a boyfriend, go right ahead. But I'll always have a place for you in my heart. In my heart, and on my tongue."

She giggled. I think she understood. I didn't want to cramp her style, and I'll be honest, I didn't want her to cramp mine. I was still undecided about the gay thing. I did know, though, that I loved her very much, and that I wanted to fuck around with her every chance I got. I felt like we were just starting a whole new phase of our relationship, a physical one. A wonderful one.

She looked at me, her eyes shining. We closed, and kissed, and kissed again. She sighed, and just let me hold her. We were both happy.


That night we walked downtown to the street party. It was boring, we went out in the middle of the street and danced a while, and that was kinda fun, I could see all the old pervs perving over us. I knew we made a cute couple, and I kinda hammed it up a little, dancing with my hands on her butt, and even kissing her a few times. I wanted to just lock lips with her and kiss forever, but I thought that might be a bit much out in the open. I knew we looked sexy, though, and maybe we even looked a little bit like we were a couple.

Two guys there didn't seem to take that particular hint, though. I saw them right off, watching us. I finally pointed them out to Serenity, and she giggled. We watched them watch us for a while, and at last I talked to Serenity.

"Darlin'..." I said, hoping she wouldn't be offended at the idea, not so quickly after us finding out how much we liked each other. "Darlin', you wanna see if they'll dance? You like them?"

"Awww..." she said, "I guess they're okay. I don't wanna offend you, though."

"That's just what I was thinkin' about you," I said, giggling. "Serenity. Like I said. Let's just move on with our lives, but always be ready to make time for each other. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah," she said. "Yeah. Well, let's talk to them."

I kissed her once last time, and we slowly danced our way over to the side, where the guys were. We all said "Hi" and all that, and introduced ourselves.

"You wanna go get somethin' to drink?" said one of them, I think his name was Chuck. I nodded. Sure.

We moved to the food section, and the boys bought us drinks, though of course there wasn't no booze in them. We all sat, and talked. The guys went to Franklin, a dozen or so miles away, and were here seeing a brother or something. I was disappointed at first they lived so far away, but then I thought well maybe that'll work out to our advantage. If it goes any further than this, of course.

"You girls looked pretty cute dancing out there," said the other guy, named Ryan. Serenity and I looked at each other and giggled.

"Did we look like a couple?" asked Serenity, and the boys laughed at that.

"Kinda," said Chuck. "I mean, your hands..."

I knew he meant my hands were on her butt. I laughed.

"Well," Serenity said, "we kinda are a couple, at times. But we're not gay or anything. If that turns you off or blows your mind, sorry..."

I was kind of surprised she said anything, but it didn't bother me. The sooner they knew, the better. They could try anything they wanted, except to stand in the middle of Serenity and me.

"Yeah," said Ryan, "I think we get it. That is cool. No problem."

We all nodded. Cool then. We could go ahead and be ourselves, and still make room for others. If these were the others.


Within and hour, I felt Ryan's hand creep into mine. It didn't bother me, me and him had kind of gravitated to each other, and Chuck seemed to be ga-ga over Serenity. I wondered if that was just natural selection or something. Well, it worked out to my satisfaction. We saw what little there was to see at the street party, and finally the guys wanted us to go cruising with them.

And cruise we did, it was great fun, they had Chuck's dad's car, a nice big ghetto cruiser, and it was fun to sit in the back seat with Ryan while Chuck drove and Serenity rode shotgun. I noticed pretty quick she was scooted way over against him.

"You are the coolest thing ever," Ryan breathed in my ear, and it turned me on to feel his hot breath burning in my ear canal.

"Ryan," I said back, smashing my mouth against his ear. "Serenity is the coolest thing ever. I'm second coolest. I accept that."

He laughed. We traded mouths and ears.

"Sabre, that is the coolest thing ever, what you told us." he breathed. "That is the most awesomely sexy thing I've ever heard of."

I laughed. "What, two girls making out? I'm sure it happens all the time."

"Yeah," he said, "but it's still cool. Don't worry, I won't get in the way. I think you two are the coolest."

I was glad he was so accepting of it, but I didn't want him to worship us for it. I snuggled down underneath his arm, and he hugged me tightly to his body.

"Sabre..." he whispered. "Darlin'... can I kiss you?"

I didn't answer, I just put my face in his and my lips in the kissing position. He gave me a nice good long first kiss, and we continued from there. We just cruised the strip, and kissed. I felt sorry for Serenity, Chuck was having to drive and couldn't kiss. I did noticed they stole a quick one at a stop light, though.

Finally Chuck pointed out the time to Ryan. "I gotta be back home in a few," he said. Awww, I thought. It was just getting interesting.

They dropped us off at my house, and we all traded phone numbers, and they promised to be back next weekend. I was satisfied, not too quick, and not too slow.

We sat on the porch, and looked at the lights. The city actually looked beautiful at night. We talked about the boys, and giggled a lot. Serenity seemed about as pleased as I was at the way it was progressing. I mean, I would have loved to make out a little more, but it was okay. It'd happen, sooner or later.

We finally went in the house, said goodnight to Gran, and locked ourselves in my bedroom. Then the fun really began.


At some point that night, I raised my head from Serenity's crotch, and asked her if it could get any better than this. She didn't think so, either.

"Serenity," I said. "Do you think we're wasting our time with guys? Should we just do this until we die?"

"Sabre... honey..." she seemed nonplussed. "I wanna do this until we die. But I never want it to get old. Don't you think we should mix other shit in with it, if nothing else just to have something to compare it too?"

I laughed. "Yeah, that's a good way to put it. Contrast." We both laughed. I knew it couldn't get any better, but I'd give the other side a chance. But I'd always want this.


That afternoon, after I walked Serenity back home, my granny and I were sitting in the kitchen, talking, while she baked some stuff for Sunday dinner.

"You girls were pretty noisy last night," she said, and I turned red immediately.

"Uh..." I said, my mind racing for something to say. She beat me to it.

"Oh, I'm not gettin' onto you..." she said, laughing. "Have your fun. At least I knew it wasn't a boy in there with you..."

We both giggled at that.

"Thanks, Gran," I said, "thanks for understandin'..."

"No biggie..." she said. "Have your fun. I had a girlfriend I messed around with, before I discovered boys. I would'a not got in so much trouble, if I'd stuck with her..."

I laughed again.

"Serenity is my best friend ever. I love her dearly," I said, feeling like I had to explain. "Only recently have we started... have we took it further."

"I understand. Like I said, have your fun. I was young once. I remember."

I was pleased that she wasn't freaked or anything. But, I knew she was pretty cool like that. I talked to her some about it, as much as I could without really going into detail. I was glad that the subject had come up, but I reminded myself to be a little more careful when we made out. Especially over at Serenity's house, I knew her parents were pretty cool, but I wasn't sure what they'd think if they heard their daughter making out with another girl.


That night we were just sitting around at Serenity's place, doing nothing. We thought about walking down to the street party again, but it was a long way to walk, and other than meeting the guys it had been pretty boring last night. We had both gotten texts from the guys, they had been hoping to come up again tonight but they couldn't get a car. I wasn't that miffed, for some reason I didn't want things going that quickly with them.

"I just got invited to Cheryl Harjoe's birthday sleepover..." Serenity said, staring at her phone. I was miffed.

"That bitch, she didn't invite me!" I said, in a huff. About that time my phone beeped. "Oh... I got invited too..."

We talked about it for a minute. We both knew the girl fairly well, and the other girls that'd probably be there.

"Isn't a sleepover kinda little-girlish?" I asked, and Serenity giggled.

"This one won't be..." she said. "If I know Cheryl, there'll be booze there... that's where I drank my first beer, at her party last year."

I'd been out of town for that one. I remembered her telling me she'd kissed Missy Meyers there, too. That had promise. I loved Serenity, but I'd love to kiss Missy, too. She was one of those girls... those girls I had... feelings about.

"What the hell," I said, "let's go. Maybe it'll be fun."

We both texted her back, and jumped up. "Loan me a nightgown," I said, and we went to her room and gathered some stuff up.

Cheryl had said to come over ASAP, so we started to long walk to the rich part of town. I was curious to see her house. I knew her parents were loaded. This might be interesting.


It was interesting. There was maybe five other girls there when we got there, and a few more showed up in the course of the evening. Missy Meyers was one of the latecomers, and I was glad to see her. I hugged her like a long-lost friend. The twins showed up, everybody knew them, of course. Cheryl's parents were cool, and her older brother was there, and he was hot. He was in college, and just home for the night. I knew we were just little girls to him, but as the night wore on he seemed to be more and more interested in us. Cheryl pulled us all back to her room, and suggested we change into our nightgowns, just to tease "the boys", as she put it. I assumed she meant her dad and her brother, and that idea seemed fun and wicked to me. I changed in a hurry, and was pleased to see that the nightgown Serenity had picked out for me was almost transparent on top. You could see my nipples right through it, and I wasn't the only one, I could see as I looked around.

Oh god, I thought, as I looked at Missy. Her nips showed even better than mine, and her nipples were to die for. Huge and fat and puffy, I could just imagine wrapping my lips around them. I began, then and there, to seriously think of a way to seduce the girl. Maybe Serenity would help me. Surely Serenity liked her, too. After all, they'd kissed.

We piled back in the living room, and the reactions were satisfying. Her dad just froze, and slowly crept out of the room, give long glances as he went. Her brother just stared and mumbled and stuttered once, even, giving me a case of the giggles. When he looked at me, I just shook my head. I was gratified to see his gaze drop down to my chest, and I knew he was getting an eyeful. Silly men, I thought. Show them a pair of tits... then again, I was nuts when I'd seen Missy's...

Her brother finally had enough, and went to his room. Cheryl winked and made a jack-off motion with her hand, and we all giggled. We'd given him plenty of material for that. It turned me on to think that he might actually be doing that. How could he not, with a room full of foxy girls on display? We'd been practically begging him to look.

We all watched TV for a while, then raided the fridge, and headed for Cheryl's room. We had two six-packs, and a bottle of rum. The rum tasted great, and I loved it. Gotta watch that shit, I thought. We had an argument about the liquor before beer thing, so we finished the bottle of rum off pretty quick, because that side won the argument. Some of the girls got choked when they sipped the rum, and we all laughed. It was strong, but good. I didn't care for the beer that much, I didn't like the taste, but I downed one and a half, the half coming from Missy. It turned me on to think I was drinking her slobber, as weird as that sounds.

We were all pretty tipsy by then, and silly. Serenity was pretty drunk, and dizzy, and I sat there on Cheryl's big bed and held her in my lap. At some point I reached down and gave her a big kiss, right on the lips. A nice long one, a sexy one. I actually noticed the room get quieter and quieter, and I finally broke off the kiss and looked up to see what it was.

Shit. Everybody was staring at me. I did a double take. "What?" I finally said.

"That was a helluva kiss, girl..." said a girl named Taylor. I giggled.

"So..." I said. "We're helluva good friends... you never kissed a girl before?"

"Not like that..." Taylor said, squirming now that she was in the spotlight. I liked Taylor. I had her in several of my classes.

"Come'ere, and I'll kiss you like that," I said, giggling. It was quiet for a moment, and then some of the other girls giggled. Taylor didn't move, she just stared at me. I wondered if she hated me now, for putting her on the spot.

"Taylor, Taylor, Taylor," some girl started chanting, and the other joined it. Even Serenity, still laying in my lap.

Taylor took about thirty seconds of that, then said, "Okay!" loudly. Everybody shut up.

"Okay, but no tongue," she clarified, and I nodded. She came to me, and sat beside me. She smelled good. I leaned into her, and our lips met.

That's when I thought, that moment, that it wasn't just Serenity. I like girls. I mean, I like guys, too, but girls will always have a special place in my heart. Girls are soft and sweet and smell good. I like girls, I told myself. I like girls.

Taylor was sweet to kiss, and tasted good. I could taste the rum still in her mouth, even. I wanted to kiss her forever, but I finally broke it off, not wanting to embarrass her further. She smiled shyly at me, and I thought, good, it didn't kill her. I wondered if I'd ever be lucky enough to kiss her again.

That's when the twins piped up. Well, one of them did, I can't tell them apart, no one can. I found out later it was Hope, the oldest one. Oldest by a minute.

She was sitting on the side of the bed, and Serenity actually had her feet in Hope's lap. Hope leaned towards me, and said, "Are you two a couple?" nodding her head down at Serenity.

I looked at Serenity. She smiled up at me, a beautiful smile. I loved her more that instant than ever. I mean, I loved Taylor and Missy and all the other pretty girls there, but I loved Serenity a mile out ahead of them all.

"Yeah, kinda..." I finally said. "I mean, we're not a couple couple, if you know what I mean... but we like to play around."

Hope nodded. "That's cool," she said, "that's so fucking cool. And you're not afraid to admit it."

I laughed. It was cool. Hope leaned into my face. I almost thought she was going to kiss me, too. I wouldn't have minded.

"My sister and I... fuck around too..." she almost whispered, and it gave me thrill of excitement to hear what she said. The thought of the two twins making out turned me on like crazy. That, I thought, now that... I wanna see that.

The talk went on. I talked some, but I just mostly held Serenity. She finally sat up some, and I wrapped my arms around her, and just held her. Several times I saw girls talking low and looking at us, and I figured they were talking about us, but nobody seemed hostile and it didn't bother me. I didn't care if they knew. I was proud of Serenity.

The talk got nastier and nastier. Finally we were talking about dicks, about dicks we'd seen on the internet, and dicks we'd seen in real life. The only real dick I'd seen since I grew up was Delbert's, so I didn't join in much, I just giggled a lot. Cheryl finally got on her computer and we looked at dick pics for a while.

Several of the girls admitted they had never seen a real one, and that was kinda hard for us all to believe. I mean... between brothers and boyfriends and even dads... there's a lot of dicks out there. I'd seen my first one years ago, on the playground, I think... I really couldn't remember.

"Cheryl..." said a girl named Cyan. "Cheryl, go get Weegie, and tell him to show us his dick."

Cheryl turned bright red. "I can't do that!" she hissed. "He's my brother!"

"Surely you've seen it, then?" said another girl. Cheryl actually got even more red.

We knew we were onto something, then. "Have you seen it?" a half dozen girls asked. Finally Cheryl held up her hand. We were silent.

"I admit, I have seen it, once at the lake when we skinny-dipped at night. And yes, it is a nice one. And no, I won't go get him."

"Awww." said a half dozen voices.

When it got silent, a girl named Danni said, "Can I go get him then?"

Cheryl just laughed. "You can try," she said, "but he seemed kinda nervous tonight. I think we scared him. We sure scared my dad."

Danni grabbed a friend of hers, Livvy, by the arm. "Come on, let's go talk to him. Come with me."

"What are we gonna tell him?" said Livvy.

"That we all wanna see his dick," said Danni. Livvy finally stood up.

"Take your panties off," said Cheryl. "Let him know this is for real. Go bottomless."

"Yeah..." said Danni, and the two girls slowly dropped their panties and stepped out of them. I got another thrill staring at their cute little bald pussies. I knew that Eugene would bust a nut. I hoped he hadn't already jerked off tonight.

"Will your mom and dad still be up?" asked Livvy. Cheryl shook her head.

"They're at the other end of the house. They know better than to mess with my shit." she said, and we all giggled. Danni and Livvy peeked out the door, then crept out.

"Next door to the right!" Cheryl hissed after them. We waited impatiently.

We finally heard some talking in the hallway, and the girls reappeared, leading Eugene by the sleeve. He looked very nervous, but entered the room. Danni closed the door behind him, and theatrically locked it. We giggled.

"What?" said Eugene, looking around. I'm sure we looked like a sight to him. Danni and Livvy stood behind him, their hands now shyly held over their crotches.

"We didn't actually... tell him..." Livvy admitted, and the rest of us giggled.

"What?" said Eugene, again. He positively looked ready to run, I thought. Here he was, the only male in roomfull of barely-dressed cute girls, and he looked scared. I understood it, though.

"Weegie..." said Cheryl, "if you want me to leave, I'll understand... but these girls... these girls wanna see your weenie..."

"Oh, holy shit," said Eugene, almost collapsing. He finally did move to her desk chair, and sat. He just stared at his sister.

"Come on..." said a girl, and several others joined her.

"Shit..." he said, heavily. He looked at each of us in turn. We all held our collective breath.

"They just wanna see it," said Cheryl. "Some of them never seen a real weenie before. A cock, pardon my french."

We giggled at that. Eugene stared at his sister. A light must have been coming on in his little brain, because he finally said, "What's in it for me, then?"

Cheryl was perplexed. All of us giggled, again.

"It oughta be enough that you'll get to impress a room full of girls with your manliness," Cheryl said. "But, how about if one of these girls gives you a hand job? I can't, because I'm your sister."

He nodded. That sounded like a deal to him.

"Anybody commit?" Cheryl asked, looking out over the crowd. I never saw who nodded, but obviously someone did, and Cheryl nodded, satisfied. "Okay, you got your hand job, Weegie..." she said.

He slowly stood, and Cheryl motioned him to the center of the room. Serenity was sitting up, now, wanting to see the show. So was I. All that crap I said about girls? That was true, but this was turning me on big time, too. I felt juicy, down there.

Eugene had on a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. I was pleased to see a pretty big lump, at crotch level. It looked like he was already fired up a bit. He put his hands on his zipper, and looked around. Everyone was waiting expectantly. He slowly slid his zipper down to the bottom. He reached inside, then suddenly withdrew his hand.

"Okay, my way, or not at all," he said, and there was awww's all around. And a few giggles.

"Somebody else's gotta pull it out. I'm not. Flip a coin or something."

There was some confusion until a quarter was found. We flipped, and flipped, and I both and I and Serenity were eliminated. Finally, to our hysterical laughter, it was down to Cheryl, and Charity, Hope's sister.

Why Cheryl ever started flipping, I'll never know. Maybe she actually wanted to reach in her brother's pants and pull out his cock. Anyway, luck, or it's opposite, was on her side tonight, and she called even. The flips matched. The laughter got louder, then died out. Everyone was waiting to see if she'd really touch her brother's cock.

"Okay, listen, people," said Cheryl. She stood before us beside her brother, hands on her hips. She looked resolute. I realized she probably wanted to do this. Why else would she have gone this far? I wondered if this was the start of something between her and her brother. Or maybe the continuation of it.

"If word of this gets out, I'll kill you all!" she said, and we collectively nodded. It would, of course, we all knew that, and she probably knew it. Word got around. Still, she seemed willing to go ahead.

She turned, and smiled at her brother. He smiled back, kind of weakly, I thought. I wondered if he thought this had been a possibility when he thought of the idea. His own sister. The whole idea kind of turned me on, and I wondered what it would be like to have a brother. I wondered if we'd play around, if I did. Probably, I seemed like a sexual maniac to myself, at the moment. Anything and everything seemed to turn me on.

Cheryl reached into Eugene's pants, and appeared to wrestle something around a bit. When she finally withdrew it, we knew why, Eugene was as hard as a rock. Well, why not... showing his cock off to a roomful of girls, and his own sister yanking it out of his drawers... it was obvious he was turned on. She reached in again and carefully pulled his balls out. Damn. He was built. I hadn't seen a lot of cocks, well, I had actually, thanks to the internet, I mean in real life. Anyway, like I said, he had a nice one.

There were oooh's and ahhh's throughout the room. It sure put poor Delbert's to shame. It was half again as long, and much fatter. I began wondering right at that instant what it would feel like in my mouth.

Eugene finally rose to the occasion. Well, he'd already risen to it, his personality finally caught up. He got over being shy. He waggled his cock at us girls, and we squealed appreciatively.

"Line up, girls. You may touch it, one at a time," he said, and we all giggled some more. I wanted to touch it, but I didn't want to be first. Finally Taylor crawled off the bed and went to him, her hands out. Shy, introverted little Taylor... I was proud of her. He sighed, and leaned back against a chair as she ran her fingers up and down it. She jacked him, and he sighed again. I could see a string of pre-cum running from her fingers to the cap of his dick. She turned around and grinned at us.

"You go, girl," Serenity said. Then, "I'm next." She surprised me by crawling off the bed, and standing behind Taylor. That girl never ceases to surprise me. Even the twins were getting in line. I just laughed. Taylor finally tore herself away, and with great pleasure I watched the love of my life grab a nice hard dick. It was fun just watching. Serenity wiggled him all around, and jacked him, and even played with his balls some. She looked at me and giggled helplessly, and I giggled back.

The next fifteen minutes were pretty quiet, with mostly giggles and guarded conversations here and there. Eugene dripped massive amounts of pre-cum, and I got the shit all over my hands when I finally went forward and stroked him for a while. He did have a nice cock. I honestly thought about just dropping to my knees in front of him, but once again, I didn't want to be first. I was almost convinced by now, though, that that was a distinct possibility. The one that finally did it, though, surprised me and everybody else. And the way it happened. Crazy.

You'd think a roomful of girl examining one boy's hard cock would be enough. But the crazy shit just kept happening. And Missy Meyers was the one that started it. Anyway, everybody had had a turn at Eugene's cock. Everybody but Cheryl, that is. Missy noticed that, and motioned Cheryl to him. Cheryl laughed, and shook her head. Missy did it again, more insistent. Cheryl finally took a few steps forward, and carefully grasped Eugene's cock, holding it gingerly.

"Jack it. Come on!" said Missy, and Cheryl giggled, jacking his cock slightly. Missy made a noise, and Cheryl did it again, harder. Finally she was pumping him hard.

"Cher..." Eugene finally said, "I'm fixin' to cum..."

She stopped at that, almost panting. When she turned it almost looked like her eyes were glazed. I wondered again what we were creating, between the two of them. I wondered what might happen, next time he came home from school.

"Cheryl, darlin'..." said Missy. Little not-so-shy Missy, I thought to myself. "Blow your bro..."

Cheryl did turn red at that. Then the chant started. More and more girls took it up. "Blow your bro. Blow your bro."

Once again, Cheryl did a hand motion that got complete silence. She looked out over us.

"If I do it, you all gotta do it, too," she said, and we all nodded. I think ever girl there was hoping that this would happen. I know I was.

"Taylor. You go first," said Cheryl. Taylor looked a little horrified, then went right over to Eugene and dropped to her knees in front of him. In just a few seconds, she had his cock in her mouth, and she drove it in until her nose mashed up against his waistline. Damn, I thought... damn.

Eugene grimaced, I'm not sure if just from holding back, or maybe she had a sharp tooth. She pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, and somehow he didn't cum. I just sat there in awe, and finally looked at Serenity. She smiled at me, and shook her head. I knew what she was thinking. Taylor. Damn. That girl.

Finally Taylor pulled back, and self-consciously wiped some slobber off her chin. Supposedly it was Cheryl's turn, but Missy elbowed in, and dropped to her knees. We all laughed. I was getting myself ready for the idea of taking a cock in my mouth. When Delbert popped my cherry, we didn't do any of that shit, although I wondered why, now. Just the idea of it was making my panties wet.

Missy went a good long time, and I wondered if it was her first time. She seemed pretty good at it. Eugene was making all kinds of faces, and I'm sure it was hard for him not to cum, as she mouthed him. Like I said, she seemed good at it. Charity was next, and Hope was right behind her. Then Livvy, and then Danni, both of whom I noticed were still bottomless, and finally Cheryl seemed ready. She dropped to her knees, and humped on Danni while Danni blew Eugene, and when Danni finally had enough Cheryl moved in. There was silence in the room as we watched her blow her brother, it just seemed like a serious occasion, or something. Finally Cheryl giggled, and dropped him, and turned to look at us.

"What?" she said, "why is nobody talking?"

We all giggled, and started a half-dozen flustered conversations. She turned back to her brother, who at least had the grace to have an embarrassed look on his face, as his sister blew him. Serenity nodded to me, and I nodded back, and we got in line.

After Cheryl got done, Serenity gave it to him for what seemed like an hour. I honestly have no idea how he kept from cumming through all this. He must have an iron prostate, I guess, although I have heard the key is to relax, not tighten up. Who knows. Anyway, Serenity just couldn't seem to get enough, she licked and lapped and sucked and gave him the whole treatment. When she finally moved aside, I was ready.

This is it, I thought, this is my first blowjob. I grasped his cock at the base, feeling his soft balls on my knuckles. I moved closer and closer, and finally felt it touch my lips. It was hard, damn, it was hard. I opened my mouth, and sucked it in. It was just like I'd imagined, fat and filling, and I ran it into my mouth until I almost gagged. I sucked hard, and pulled it out, and then back again. It felt good, and it was fun. I knew then that I was hooked. I'm not sure if I really like guys, but damn, I love sucking cocks. After just that one time, I was hooked.

Finally I felt like it was time to give someone else a turn. I stepped aside, and I don't even remember now who was next. Anyway, everybody got their turn. I'm sure Eugene was happy.

When it was apparent there was no one left, Eugene said, "I can only cum once. Decide who wants it, ladies."

We held a hurried mumbled conversation. Some of the girls weren't to sure about swallowing cum, and some of the girls who'd never done shit like this just wanted to see him shoot it off. Cheryl broke the news to him. He was a bit crestfallen, but he recovered.

"I'm not jacking off for a room full of girls," he said. "You guys promised me a hand job. Somebody get busy."

Somehow Livvy ended up being chosen, and she knelt beside him, and took his slobbery cock in her hands. She began to pump, and he sighed and relaxed. I knew it wouldn't take long, and it didn't. He tensed up and grimaced, and a jet of sperm shot from the end of his cock, almost making it to the bed. Murmurs arose from the group, as he squirted again and again. There was a pretty good puddle on the floor when he finally got done.

"Anybody wanna lick it clean?" he asked, and Taylor immediately went back to him and dropped to her knees. We all just shook our heads as she licked and slurped him clean, and then resumed her seat on the bed, giggling. The smell of fresh sperm had filled the room by then. I idly wondered what it really tasted like. Maybe next weekend, I thought.

"Well," said Eugene, "thank you ladies for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It was a pleasure. My door is always open. And goodnight." With that he was gone, back to his room. Somebody got up and locked the door again.

"Well, damn," said Missy. "That was entertaining. Damn, Cheryl, you know how to put on a good party."

We all laughed. It was true. Cheryl got some paper towels out of her bathroom, and we helped her clean the sperm off her floor. We all settled back onto her bed, and the various chairs in the room.

"What you gonna do for an encore?" said Missy, and Cheryl was deep in thought for a while. Finally she just looked straight at me, and said, "I know. Sabre and Serenity can show us how girls make out. How girls fuck."

Serenity giggled at that, and I finally did, too. I wasn't sure if I wanted to put on a show or not, but I wasn't embarrassed about what we did. I was proud of it, in fact. Finally I put my face down into Serenity's, and our lips touched. As I kissed her I grasped the hem of her nightgown and drew it up, higher and higher. Finally we broke the kiss, and I pulled it off her. Now all she had on was a pair of panties. I yanked my nightgown off, too, and kicked my panties down. It was exciting to be stark naked in a room full of girls. I was halfway wishing Eugene had stayed for the show. I pulled Serenity's panties down, and she kicked free of them. I took her body in my hands, and lay her down, my lips glued to hers. There was silence in the room as we ran our hands up and down each other's bodies. I knew what they were waiting for, and I gave it to them pretty quick. After a little titty sucking, I slid down past her belly button, and buried my face in her sweet pussy. Goddam, but did she ever taste good... there's just something about that girl... pussy period tastes good, but hers is out of this world. I forgot everything, forgot we had an audience, and licked on her fabulous cunt.

Fifteen minutes later, when I raised my face from her crotch, I realized we had some competition. I had felt some movement on the bed beside us, and now I turned my head and saw the twins, Hope and Charity, naked as we were, one of them's face buried in the other one's pussy. Goddam, I thought, they really do fuck... now that was fucking sexy. Just seeing them making out was fucking sexy.

I looked around the room. Danni and Livvy were curled up on the love seat, kissing, and I could see Danni's hand inbetween Livvy's legs. They were pretty good friends, and I had to wonder if they'd done this before. Two more sets of girls had paired off, and were making out. This was sexier than shit, to me. Hell, I knew we were all horny, from the Eugene thing, but fuck... everybody was getting into it.

Serenity moaned, and I looked back to see Cheryl rubbing her pussy. Cheryl stopped long enough to strip, and climbed onto the bed, taking Serenity in her arms. I didn't feel a bit jealous. I looked at the girls that were left. Missy stared at me, a little hungry looking, I thought, and licked her lips. I motioned for her to come to me, and she jumped up and came. I sat on the side of the bed, and slowly pulled her little nightgown over her head, and her panties down to her ankles. As I bent down my face passed her pussy, and I could literally smell her scent, that's how turned on she was and how attuned to the scent of pussy I was. Goddam, I thought, goddam. Strike another dream off the list. I spread my legs and she nestled inbetween them, and I pressed my lips to her fantastic tit. I was in heaven.

The next hour, or maybe few hours, passed like a dream. I kissed, licked and sucked more than I ever dreamed. My hunger for pussy was finally satiated, to an extent. I tasted Cheryl, and even one of the twins at one point. And I chased down Serenity and did something to her that I hadn't done yet, I plastered my face in her ass and licked her cute little asshole. Damn, that was an experience, and the taste and smell of her just drove me right over the edge, and I came like mad as I tongued her asshole and Cheryl licked my clit. I have no idea how many times I came that night, but it was a lot. At any given time you could hear a girl somewhere cumming, it was so fucking cool.

Finally no one was left out. There was just a mass of sweaty, writhing bodies on Cheryl's bed, and scattered here and there throughout her room. I tasted Missy again, and licked her clit until she came, and then, as and afterthought, I upended her and licked her sweet asshole, too. She was every bit as sexy as Serenity, although I loved Serenity just a little bit more. Serenity fucked around with Missy, too, and she didn't even have to go in the closet this time to kiss her. I finally just lay back, exhausted, and watched Serenity eat Cyan's pussy. It was just about too much. I don't think I could stand that shit, every night. I gotta sleep, at some point.

Taylor came and stood in front of me, and I held out my hands, and she snuggled into me. We kissed for a while, and she got slower and slower, and I finally realized she was asleep. I just held her, while the orgy wound down around me. Somebody put a sheet over us, and I felt Serenity at my back, her arms around me. I turned my head and we kissed goodnight, and that's all I remember.


I woke up the next morning to the continual sound of Cheryl's toilet flushing. Girls, morning and beer equals a lot of peeing. I finally got up and took my turn, and woke up Serenity.

Nobody seemed embarrassed or ashamed at what we'd done the night before. At least, they didn't let it show. I wondered how Eugene would fare, at breakfast. Cheryl had disappeared, and then returned, and announced her dad would be cooking massive quantities of bacon and eggs, for whoever was interested. Serenity and I had breakfast, but Eugene never showed up. He must have been tired out from having to hold it back all night.

We thanked Cheryl, and walked back to my house, where we promptly fell into the bed, and slept for another six hours. That shit is exhausting, seriously. But I was happy, and felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I felt like I'd made a whole bunch of new friends. And Missy... I kept pleasing myself by reminding myself that I'd made it with Missy... Missy the fucking fox. And I felt like the door was open, in the future, for more of that shit.


The rest of that weekend was just a blur. Everything seemed pretty anti-climactic, after something of that magnitude. I did text Cheryl, and tell her next time she had a party to be sure and invite us. I knew she would, of course, but I wanted to let her know how good of a time I'd had. Damn good.

School sucked, as is it's nature. Steve broke the news to me that he had... feelings, as he put it, for another girl... I acted sad but I was glad, I didn't need the complication of him right now. I was looking forward to next weekend, and if Ryan and Chuck could come up like they'd hoped. I wished Cheryl would have another party, but I figured that was too soon. At least I had Serenity.

Serenity. We had a long talk about the party, and what we thought. We talked about every girl there, and what we thought they walked away with. I think everybody there had their eyes opened, pretty much, even Serenity and I and the twins. The twins had seemed to have a good time, coming out of the closet, so to speak. I was almost jealous of them, having a built-in fuck buddy... they were lucky. I wondered if it was any different making it with your twin, or masturbating. Crazy.

At least Serenity and I had no issues about the things we'd done. Our agreement was working out well, we both thought. I didn't mind her fucking around, and she didn't mind me. We were secure enough in our love for each other to do shit like that. We were comfortable with each other. We were happy.

That Wednesday night, after we did our homework at her house, we fucked around a little. She made sure the door was locked, and we stripped each other, and got some clothes out so it'd look like we were trying on clothes if anybody knocked on the door. We sixty-nined again, on her bed, and then later I got the experience of feeling a tongue on my asshole for the very first time. It turned me on tremendously, and I couldn't wait to get my tongue on hers again. We played around for an hour, and finally she got some baby oil, and we put our fingers in each other's assholes. Now that was fucking sexy, too, to feel her finger deep inside my body. When I was doing her I ran my finger in and out, slowly, while I thumbed her clit with my other hand, and she came like a motherfucker. When she stuck her finger up my ass, I pretended it was a cock, fucking me, although I know a real cock would probably hurt, back there. Still, it was fun, and something new.

I still got texts from Ryan, throughout the week. It looked like they were gonna get to come, so I was pleased. Friday took forever, but finally school was over, and we hurried home to Serenity's to get ready for the night. Chuck and Ryan texted us that they were on the way, and we set off for downtown, to meet them. They picked us up where the street party had been, which was now deserted, and kind of spooky. If it had been night, I'd really have been freaked. Anyway, off we set, in Chuck's dad's beater, me and Ryan once again in the back seat.

Ryan seemed more at ease with me than last weekend, and I was already pretty comfortable with him. We kissed again, and again and again, and in no time at all I felt his hands creeping up towards my breasts, underneath my t-shirt. I reached back behind me and unpopped my bra, just to give him room to work with. He snorted at that, and sped the pace up. Within minutes I could feel his strong hands on my tits, and a minute after that he was squeezing and pinching my nipples, which felt sexier than shit.

About this time we pulled into a restaurant, so everything had to stop for a while. Serenity fastened my bra back for me while the boys went to the bathroom, and we ordered and ate, and were all polite and acted respectable. When we finally got back into the car we acted like little beasts, and as soon as the sun went down and it got reasonably dark I started fooling around with Ryan's zipper. He laughed and finally unzipped it, and I dug around and pulled his cock out, which was kind of difficult since he was sitting down. It was nice and hard, and felt every bit as big as Eugene's had been last weekend. Within moments I could feel his slippery pre-cum on my fingers, and I played with the cap of it, sliding my fingers around in his juices.

Serenity turned and sat up in the seat, and leaned over, watching me. I giggled and she giggled back. Ryan smiled, a bit embarrassed to be caught by another girl. Chuck knew something was going on in the back seat.

"Man," he said, "we gotta find a place and stop for a while. I'm dyin' up here..."

I guess he meant we was hornier than hell. I thought for a second.

"Go to the radio station," I said, "nobody ever comes there, and you can see them a mile away if they do."

"Where the hell is that?" Chuck asked, and I gave him turn-by-turn instructions as he drove, dividing my time between his driving and Ryan's cock. Ryan sighed and sank deeper in the seat, obviously enjoying himself. I was enjoying myself. If I wouldn't have been helping Chuck navigate, I probably would have had his cock in my mouth by now.

We finally got there, after we drove right past my house. We drove across the cattle guard, and into the field, and finally stopped at the little blockhouse beneath the towers. The wind sang through the wires, making a spooky ghostly noise. Crickets chirped and an owl hooted. It was cool. We piled out of the car, and spent a minute exploring the block house, since Serenity and I knew there was a loose, low window and we could enter it. There wasn't anything in there except a bunch of cabinets of electric shit, and a single bare lightbulb on the ceiling. We crawled back out, and sat on the hood of the car. Well, Ryan and I sat on the back, and Chuck and Serenity sat on the front hood.

We got back to where we were pretty quick. Ryan got his dick out again, and I played for a while, and finally I slid off the hood, and rested my forearms on his knees. I'm sure he knew what was gonna happen, he looked happy, what I could see of his face in the darkness. I dropped down to his cock.

Once again, time stood still. How very peculiar, I thought... what an effect this seems to have on me... my mind felt sharp and clear, but it felt like it was a million miles away... It's like I'm thinking of nothing. I almost felt high. I loved the feeling, and I loved the feeling the stiff tube of his cock in my mouth. Once again, I realized I loved this shit. I loved sucking cocks. Or was it just sex, period? No idea. I just loved it.

I wondered, as I licked and sucked, what Serenity was doing on the other end of the car. I imagined I was ahead of her, we had gotten a head start, since Chuck had to drive. Then again, she sure hadn't wasted any time when it came to Eugene. She'd jumped right in line. Oh well, I'd get the details later from her. Right now I was just concerned about the cock in my mouth.

I could feel when Ryan got ready to cum. I could just tell. About that time he touched me on the shoulder, and mumbled something. I nodded, as well as I could.

I felt his hands on the side of my head, and he stopped the motion of my head. I realized he wanted me to stop, so I did, and let his cock drop.

"Baby..." he whispered, "do you really wanna do it like this? Or do you want it... in you?"

I knew what he meant. I thought about it for a second, and decided to let him fuck me. I crawled back up, and nestled in his arms while he let his cock settle down. It never got soft, at least, but I'm sure it pulled back from the brink of cumming.

"Where can we do it?" I whispered. "In the car?"

"Yeah, I think so, I think we can get comfortable in the back seat. Maybe with the door open," he said, and I nodded.

We slid off the trunk, and got in the car. It was pretty roomy, and I realized it'd work. I lay down in the seat on my back, and spread my legs, and after he took his pants off he crawled in on top of me.

"Don't get stains on the upholstery," we heard Chuck say, "I gotta have this car back in the morning." We giggled at that. We'd try.

We kissed for a while, and it felt good to feel him laying on top of me. He wasn't a giant, at least, and he didn't squish me. I finally felt him rooting around with his cock, and finally he reached down and guided it right up to the mouth of my cunt. I was ready, and I guess he was, too.

He slowly, carefully pushed into me, and it felt great. It felt way better than when Delbert had fucked me. I wished I'd waited for Ryan to be my first time. But, you take what you can get. Anyway, he was finally all the way in, I could feel his thighs against mine. I think I even felt his balls touching that spot between my asshole and my cunt.

"Oh, honey," I breathed in his face, "go ahead, fuck me, fuck me hard..."

He started a nice rhythm, in and out, and I just let him carry me away. Just like sucking cocks, time stood still. I loved it. I loved making out with Serenity, but this was the coolest, too. It made me wish Serenity had a cock, so she could fuck me like this.

We just went on and on, for the longest. I have no idea what Serenity and Chuck did all that time, I was lost to them. I was lost to everything. Ryan wrestled around on top of me, and finally got his hands buried in my ass, and he squeezed and almost pinched me, and I giggled while I moaned and groaned. He finally licked his finger, and stuck it up my butt a little ways, and that felt good. I told him to do it more, and he finally had it all the way in, pumping in and out, a little slower than his dick was fucking me. It felt great, I love my asshole to be played with. I just sighed and groaned, and finally came.

He just kept on fucking me, and I knew I'd cum again. I think I came three times that night, it was the coolest ever. I loved it, and I loved him. Not as much as I loved Serenity, but close.

Finally, when I came, I felt him cumming, too. I could feel his whole body tighten up, on top of me, and he groaned loudly, and I knew he'd came. He slowed, and finally stopped, and just laid on top of me.

I finally giggled, and kissed him, and whispered shit in his ear. He pulled himself off me, and got out of the car. I tried to feel the seat, to see if we'd leaked any jism on it, but I couldn't tell. It was way too dark to see it. I crawled out of the car, and we stood there in the darkness, and held each other.

"God, are you guys finally done?" said Serenity, coming around from the front of the car, pulling her shirt over her head. I giggled, and broke away from Ryan, and started trying to find all my clothes.

I wondered if they'd done it, and where. Well, I'd find that out, later. I grabbed Ryan's hand, and looked at his watch. Lord, it was past two o'clock. We'd been out here three hours. We all finished getting dressed, and piled in the car.

"We gotta get back to town," Chuck said, and I knew he meant Guthrie, where they were from. He continued. "Where can we drop you ladies off?"

We had him take us to Serenity's house, and I kissed Ryan goodbye, and he got in the front. He'd thanked me the whole way down the hill, and mumbled all kinds of shit in my ear. I knew he loved me bad, and I loved him back pretty good, though not near as much as I love Serenity. I mean, he's just guy, after all.


The week went by. Tuesday night I had a long talk with my Gran, and I told her shit I'd never dreamed even a month ago I'd tell her. I told her all about the party at Cheryl's, and the whole roomful of girls making out. I even told her about Eugene showing us his dick, although I left the part out about where I sucked him off. She giggled and laughed with me at my descriptions of the girls, and the more she seemed to accept what I told her, the more I told her.

"Gran..." I said. This newfound willingness to share with her this stuff was almost overpowering. I asked her something I'd wondered about for years. "Gran, why don't you ever have a boyfriend? How long has it been for you?"

She stopped and thought a while. When she finally spoke, she seemed kind of wistful or something. "Sabre, honey... I don't really know how to answer... my life is simple now, and it's been complicated, in the past, due mostly to poor choosing on my part. I like my life now, my simple life. I miss intimacy, sometimes, but it hasn't been worth it to me... not yet at least..."

I was silent for a while. I felt sorry for her. I wished there was something I could do. I looked at her, objectively. She still looked good. I knew she was only forty five years old. To me, forty five seems like forever. But it's not that old, I guess. She still looked good. She was firm and slim, maybe a pound over here and there... but she looked good. She looked attractive. I'd seen her hundreds of times in various stages of undress, and I knew her body was in good shape. Hell, her job depended on that. She took good care of herself.

"Gran..." I said, "you said the other day you'd had a girlfriend, once... would you ever consider that again? Would you ever do it with a girl, again?"

She had the grace to be embarrassed. Her face actually turned a little red, and just stared at me. Had I crossed the line, I wondered.

"Sabre, honey... I... I don't know... if the right one came along, I think... yeah. Yeah. Hell, as... pardon my french... as horny as I feel sometimes, if any came along... I would."

I giggled. I was almost shocked she'd said the word. I felt warm and happy, to be discussing things of this nature with her. Like I said, we'd always gotten along pretty good, and we seemed to have a pretty open relationship.

"Gran..." I said, "don't get mad... this is only a suggestion... but I know a couple of horny girls that'd scratch your itch in a second... let's have a sleepover this weekend, and see what comes up."

She just stared at me like I'd lost my mind. I wondered again if I'd crossed the line.

"Sabre... I'm an old lady... I can't imagine any of your friends would want to make love to me... thanks, darling, for offering, but we'd probably better just keep things as they are... have your fun, and let me have mine, in the only way that's left to me, now..."

I figured she meant masturbating. Masturbating is fun, hell, I've done my share, but it's a hell of a lot more fun when other people are involved. Suddenly it was an issue with me. Suddenly I wanted more for her.

"Gran, seriously," I said. "You need this. You need some relief. Let's just plan on it. Like I said, let me and Serenity plan a sleepover, and we'll see what happens. Just don't freak out, okay?"

She actually laughed. But she didn't say no. We talked a while longer, and her protests seemed weaker and weaker. I mean, I know my gran... she's a pretty hip lady... she's got her share of skeletons in her closet, hell, who don't. I wanted this for her. I loved her dearly, and I wanted to see her happy. I was already making a list in my head of who to invite. Taylor was on the top of it, she'd seemed so uninhibited the other night... and, kinda selfishly, Missy was number two. Because I wanted a little of that for myself.


I got on the phone and told Serenity about my plan. She giggled hysterically for a while, and then got down to business helping me plan. The next day, at school, I ran down Taylor, and had a talk with her.

"Taylor, dear," I said, "we have a lot in common, now, way more than we did a week ago. I love you dearly, and you came to mind first when I thought of Gran. You know my gran, right?"

Everybody in town knew her. And Taylor had come over before, when we were little girls.

"Yeah..." she said, eyeing me. She seemed to know something was up.

"Taylor, honey... I got this plan," I said. "I wanna get my gran laid... I wanna have one of those orgies, kinda like what Cheryl had, but with just me, Serenity, you and my gran. You'd do it with my gran, wouldn't you? She's still in pretty good shape, she's still... sexy..."

Taylor appeared to think for a while. Oh, I thought, don't let me down.

"You'd be in it, too?" she finally asked. I nodded. I wasn't sure if Gran would be open enough for that shit with me in the room, but I was gonna try. If it got that far, and she ran me out, no problem either.

"Hell yeah," I said. "And if she changes her mind, we'll just all go back to my room and fuck around. We'll have some fun, no matter what."

"Yeah..." she said. "Count me in. Just me, you, Serenity and your gran?"

"I'm kinda thinking about inviting Missy Meyers, too... would that bother you?"

"Oh hell no," she said. "I'm kinda sweet on her, after the other night."

"Yeah," I laughed, "me too. Me fuckin' too."


Missy didn't even stop to think, like Taylor had. Hell yeah, she said. She was ready to go, and she was even more pleased when I told her Taylor was going to be there.

"Taylor is so cool," she said, "I love her to death. Yeah, I'll do it. Your gran is a major MILF. I don't have a problem."

Friday night it was, then. I just hoped that Gran didn't get cold feet, before then. I texted Serenity, and told her everything was a go.


Thursday night Gran tried to talk me out of it, and tried to back out. I told her, nope, too late, it's already been set up. We're gonna be here, and we're gonna screw around, like girls do. Hide in your room, or come out and play. She giggled a bit at that. I hoped she'd feel like playing. I was getting more and more excited about the whole thing. I wondered again if she'd be willing to let me stay, if she did it. She hadn't said anything about it, so far, about me having to leave. This is gonna be cool, I thought. Cool.


Taylor walked home from school with me Friday, she'd brought her stuff with her to school, in her backpack. Serenity's mom dropped her off an hour later, and Missy's brother dropped her off about that time. Well, everybody was ready... waiting for Gran. She drove up a little after five, and almost shyly met us all in the living room.

"Gran..." I said, "you remember Taylor, right? And this is Missy..."

Gran seemed nervous and jumpy, and we sat around and talked for a few minutes. I finally took the girls up to the radio towers to give her a few minutes to compose herself, and we snuck in the building and looked at the electrical shit.

"Okay," said Taylor, "you were right, Sabre, your gran is hot... this might be cool..."

"If she'll just go through with it," I said. Taylor nodded.

"You ever done anything like this with her before?" asked Missy. I shook my head.

"Sabre," said Serenity, "you told her about the party. Did you tell her about sucking Eugene's cock? Or fucking Ryan?"

I giggled. "No... I left that shit out. I just told her I fuck around with you, and about the party. The girl part of the party."

"Your gran is pretty open-minded," said Missy, and I nodded.

"Yeah, she's pretty hip. That's why this is gonna work," I said.

We finally wandered back out of the building. Missy carefully climbed past the barbed wire guard on a tower, and climbed a little ways up.

"I can see my house from here!" she crowed, and we all giggled. Big shit, I thought. I can see my house from here, just by turning my head slightly. She started down. I hoped she didn't fall off. She finally reached the ground.

"Well, thanks for invitin' me," said Taylor. "I hope this works out. You think your gran ever made it with a girl before?"

"She told me she had, in college," I said. Taylor nodded.

"She lick my pussy, she gonna like it," said Taylor. "I din't take a bath this morning, just so it be all nice and stinky."

We all giggled, and walked back down the hill.


I didn't really know how to orchestrate the orgy, other than to just throw everybody together. Gran had an idea, and we piled in her car, and went and ate pizza, and then came back home. We played some games, and watched TV. Gran seemed to come to life, and I became very optimistic about her participation in whatever happened. I was wondering more and more about myself, and my reaction to her. I was wondering if I'd have the nerve to fuck around with her... and if she'd do it. I felt an attraction to her, not just because I loved her, but to her physically. She was attractive. I think I'd realized that for a long time, but I just didn't know where to go with it. I told myself, yes... yes, I'll do that. I'd like a taste of that. It gave me a pleasant nice naughty feeling, one I'd had a few times recently, and one I was kinda hooked on, at the moment.


The way it started surprised me, but hell, at least it started. I was on the couch, with Serenity's head in my lap, and Missy was rubbing her feet. My gran was in the big chair, and Taylor had just taken a dish into the kitchen. When she came back out, she suddenly sat on Gran's chair, inbetween Gran's legs.

"Miz Burns," Taylor said, "scratch my back, please..."

Just like she used to, years ago, when she'd stayed with us. My gran laughed, and I knew she was remembering it. Taylor sighed with pleasure and my gran ran her hands up underneath her shirt, scratching her back with her fingernails.

"Oh, yeah..." said Taylor, and reached back and unsnapped her bra. She pulled it through the armholes of her shirt, and tossed it on the ground.

"How the fuck did you do that," said Missy, staring.

"Do what," said Taylor, puzzled.

"Take your bra off without taking your shirt off," said Missy.

Before it was over, Taylor talked Missy through, and Missy got her bra off without taking her shirt off. She was pleased. I was surprised that she'd never seen it done before.

Serenity, bless her heart, had a "fuck this" moment, and just sat up and yanked both her shirt and bra off, scratching herself under her breasts.

"Shit..." she said, "that feels good. Goddam boobcage..."

We all laughed, even Gran. I was surprised Gran was so tolerant of the girls cussing. A year ago, she'd busted my ass for saying "shit!" when I pinched my finger. Now, even "fuck" didn't seem to bother her. I giggled some more, and stripped my shirt and bra off, and threw them in the growing pile in the floor.

"Oh, baby," said Serenity, and leaned down and took my nipple in her mouth. I rolled my eyes, and looked at Gran. She just shook her head, but at least she was still laughing.

"Hey, lemme in on some of that," said Missy, crawling over to us on the couch, now also topless. She wrapped her arms around Serenity, and joined her, taking my other nipple in her mouth. Shit, does that ever feel good, having both nipples sucked at the same time. Everyone should be so lucky.

Taylor slowly grasped the hem of her t-shirt, and drew it over her head. She reached back and took my gran's hands, and drew them forward, placing them over her breasts. I saw Gran freeze, then, her hands cupped, claw-like, over the girl's tits.

Taylor was very gentle. She leaned back, and turned her head, and talked softly for a few moment to Gran. I saw Gran smile, and finally laugh. I saw her hands move again, and cup Taylor's breasts, and finally begin to squeeze. She gently pinched Taylor's fat nipples between her thumb and finger, and Taylor sighed and leaned back against her. I knew then that this was gonna work, that it hadn't been a mistake.

"Get your fuckin' panties off, you bitches," whispered Missy loudly to Serenity and myself. We giggled, and complied. Missy stood, and kicked her shorts down, and stood before us, bare. The bitch hadn't even been wearing panties. I giggled some more.

Within moments Missy was on her knees, her face buried in Serenity's crotch. I felt left out, so I crouched behind Missy and grabbed her ass, raising it up. I heard her muffled laugh, and finally she stood up halfway. I spread her ass cheeks, and fell in love all over again. She had the cutest little puckered asshole, and I swear it winked at me. I buried my face in her ass, and stuck out my tongue.

A few minutes later when we all changed positions, I looked over at the chair. Taylor was laid across my gran's lap, and Gran was sucking her tits. Good, I thought. Not moving as fast as we are, but moving. Good.

It was a solid hour later before Taylor got Gran's clothes completely off her. And another thirty minutes of talking and kissing before Taylor gently spread Gran's legs, and bent her face into her pussy. I wanted to watch, but I had distractions of my own. I was sitting, leaning back on the couch, as Serenity lay inbetween my legs and licked my cunt. Missy was standing above me, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers, and pressing her cunt into my face. She smelled wonderful, and tasted even better.

Missy came first, then I did. Then the two of us lay Serenity down, and I kissed, sucked and bit her tits while Missy worked on her pussy. Serenity came, at last, and then Missy climbed on top of her and put her cunt right in Serenity's face. I got down at Serenity's head, putting my chin on her forehead, and I could just reach Missy's asshole. Perfect. The girl had the sweetest, sexiest asshole in the world, I thought. It nestled perfectly on the end of my tongue. Perfect, I thought. Perfect.

Missy came again, and almost squished Serenity's face as she humped it. I could hear Serenity down there somewhere, giggling. Finally the three of us just plopped down on the couch, exhausted. Fucking around is hard work, like I said before. I was pleased to see Gran on her knees, and Taylor's hands on the back of her head. Gran could eat pussy with the best of us. I was pleased.

Taylor came, a good hard one. Gran finally crawled back up, and sat with her in the chair, holding the smaller girl in her arms. They kissed, long and slow. I felt gratitude to Taylor, for being so considerate and gentle with my gran. I felt like she'd made it very special for her.

Gran finally rose, and left the room. I heard water running, and realized she was brushing her teeth, and I realized she was getting ready for bed.

"Taylor," I said, "Girl, thank you. I owe you a million. Thanks for making that special for her..."

Taylor just looked puzzled. "I wasn't doin' it just for her," she finally said, and I understood.

"I know," I said, "but you were very sweet. Thank you."

"She's very sexy..." said Taylor slowly, "think I should... offer to sleep with her? In her bed?"

"Yeah," I said, thinking, "but, do me a favor... give me an hour with her, first... you guys can go to my room, if you wish, and catch a few winks... or just stay here, it don't matter."

Taylor nodded. Serenity leaned into me, and kissed me. "Good luck, girl..." she said, and I kissed her. I gave Missy a quick smack, and got up, and went to Gran's bedroom.


She was just coming out of the bathroom, still naked, I was pleased to see. I just flew to her, and we clasped each other tightly.

"Thank you, honey," she whispered in my ear, "thank you for tonight. I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed myself very much. Thank you."

"Gran..." I said, feeling the warmth of her body against mine. "It's not over, yet... come to bed..."

She stopped.

"Sabre, honey..." she finally said, "I love you very much. You are my whole life. Raising you has been the best thing that ever happened to me. But I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do."

"Gran..." my mind raced. "It's the right thing. We love each other that much, this much. Let me make love to you. Let me show you how much I love you..."

"Baby..." she said, and I felt her relax against me. I'm in, I thought.

"We are adults," I said. "And we have a good relationship, a strong one. A night of love won't damage us in any way. Just relax, and let me love you."

She didn't fight me, at least, as I drew her towards the bed. We sat, and then lay down. She just nestled in my arms like a little kid, almost meekly. I put my face in hers, feeling her sweet breath on my lips.

"Gran," I said simply, "I love you."

I pressed my lips against hers, and we kissed. I pulled away, and then pressed against her again. On the third one, I could feel her kissing back.

I wrapped my arms around her, and slid my hands down her back and sunk my fingers in her ass. Her ass was satisfyingly firm, and felt a burst of raw lust blast through my brain. I am gonna lick my granny's asshole, I thought to myself. Before this is over, I'm am gonna lick her asshole.

I scrubbed my breasts against hers, feeling our nipples rub. I squeezed her butt harder, and rubbed her asshole with my index finger. She made a wordless noise in my mouth. I giggled, and she finally giggled back. I slid down her body, and seized a nipple, sucking hard. My finger probed her sweaty asshole, and I stuck the tip of it in, feeling her sphincter press against me.

"Honey," she whispered loudly, "no one's ever gone there, not even your grandpa, rest his soul."

I giggled hard then, blowing slobber bubbles on her tit. I pressed my finger deeper in her body, and she gasped, and then giggled.

I slid on down. Past her belly button, and finally my face was in her crotch. I could smell her pussy now, and it smelled fine. I leaned into it, spreading her lips apart with my chin, then sliding my face down. I swear I could feel her hard clit on my tongue, and I started to lick for all I was worth.


Taylor gave me my hour, plus some. I held Gran, and rocked her until she was almost asleep. Her asshole had been as sweet as her cunt. I had enjoyed myself greatly, and I felt like I'd opened a door in our relationship. I didn't know if we'd ever do this again, but I knew I'd given her something special. As she had me.

I finally leaned down and kissed her gently. "Gran," I said, "I'm gonna send Taylor in here. You two get some sleep. You can fuck around some more in the morning."

"Watch your mouth, girl," she said, smiling sweetly, and we both giggled. I crawled out of her bed, and went to find the girls.


They were piled up on the couch, all three asleep. I woke Taylor up, and she stumbled off towards my gran's room, yawning. I took her spot in the middle of the pile, wrapped my arms around Serenity, and nodded off, happy.


Saturday night. A night to remember. I mean, Friday night had been a memorable night, certainly. But nothing like Saturday night. We'd all got up and had a nice breakfast, noonish. I didn't know until later what Taylor and my gran had done, other than sleep, but they seemed happy and cheerful at breakfast, and looked at each other and giggled occasionally. That was good enough for me. Missy finally had to take a shower to wake up, and Serenity and I both crowded in with her, and we all somehow managed to get wet. At one point I tried to get down on my knees, but it was just too crowded. We'll have to save that shit for later, I thought. Anyway, we had breakfast, and later we all piled in the car, and Gran dropped off Taylor at her house, and then Missy at hers. We made a quick trip to Wally-world, and came back home. Gran lay in her chair, and snoozed while Serenity and I sat in my room and talked, and finally we got a text from the boys. Serenity had been texting Chuck like mad, wondering about tonight. And yes, to our satisfaction, they were coming.

We heard the sirens twice that day, but it didn't freak us out. Once when we were walking to Serenity's house, the storm sirens went off, and we had to walk five blocks holding our ears. The sky was cloudy, the clouds almost boiling, but weather here isn't that big a deal. We go through this shit every spring.

The day grew progressively darker, though, and I thought, shit, there goes our plans for tonight. But Chuck and Ryan texted us, they were on their way. We took off for downtown about six, and when they finally picked us up, it was starting to sprinkle. We cruised the strip for a while, but hardly anyone was out, it was so early. We finally ate at the steakhouse, that killed an hour at least.

"What'd you girls do last night?" Chuck asked, as we sat and talked over dessert. Serenity and I looked at each other and giggled.

"We had a girls-only party," I said. "We played Monopoly, and then licked each other, and finally molested my granny."

"Granny sex. Yum." said Chuck, laughing. I knew they had no idea I was basically telling the truth. Serenity giggled so much she had to hold a napkin in front of her mouth.

"What are we gonna do tonight?" said Chuck, sounding hopeful.

"Aw, prolly go to bed early," I said. He looked crestfallen.

"After we go to the radio towers and fuck," I said, at least just mouthing the "fuck" part of the sentence because we were in public. The boys looked relieved.

"Who's gonna pay for this shit?" said Serenity, holding the check out.


The sun had almost set when we got to the towers. Not another car or person was in sight. I could see my house, a thousand feet away. We parked on the far side of the building, at least. Even though I knew my gran didn't know Chuck's car.

We sat on the hood for a while, and talked. It sprinkled lightly, at times, but it wasn't bad. Over our heads, the clouds still boiled, and the wind whipped my hair all over the place.

The sirens started again. Serenity checked her phone, and shook her head. "It's just a little thunderstorm," I said. "Why do they have to make such a big deal out of it?"

The wind grew and grew. In another five minutes it was crazy. Serenity was checking her phone again when Ryan said, "Holy shit!" loudly.

I saw the debris way before I saw the twister. Shit was flying all over the downtown area, you could see it from here.

The tornado formed, almost out of thin air. Well, that's what they are, I know. But we almost literally watched it form.

"Holy goddam fucking shit," said Chuck. "That's a fucking tornado..."

"Sabre, honey... you got a storm cellar, don't you?" Serenity said, fear in her voice. I knew she was afraid of twisters, she'd been since she was a kid. Way more than me.

"I'm sorry," I said, "but it's full of water. You not hidin' in my hidey hole unless you're a fish."

"Oh, shit. Oh, fucking shit," said Serenity.

"Fuck, it's headed this way!" said Ryan. He slid off the hood, and turned, holding his arms out to me. "We gotta get the fuck out of here."

"You guys," I said, and pointed to the radio station bunker. "Let's just go in there. That thing's solid concrete. It was built to survive world war three."

I knew that for a fact, my uncle had told me about the cold war and shit, and the radio station being built originally for the military. Tornado? That building looked at a tornado and said "Fuck you!", loud and clear.

Chuck grabbed a flashlight out of the glove box, and we ran the short distance to the blockhouse, and crawled through the window. Chuck was worrying about his dad's car, and I could see Serenity was trembling and almost crying. Shit, I thought, get her mind off the fucking tornado.

The light on the ceiling flickered, and went out. Chuck switched on his flashlight. I was holding Serenity, and I could feel her shaking in my arms. The wind whistled through the old building, and we could hear it screaming in the wires outside. Spooky.

"Hey," I said, forming an idea. "While we're waitin', let's do what we came here to do. Let's fuck!"

The three of them just stared at me like I was crazy. I reached down and unsnapped Serenity's jeans, and dragged them over her butt and down her legs. Her panties followed. I could hear her giggling, in spite of her fear. I dropped my jeans, and my panties. I took Serenity in my arms again, pressing her chest into mine, and stuck my butt out.

"Stick your butt out, darlin'," I said, "Chuck, Ryan... go for it..." I pressed my face into her, and we locked lips. I could feel her shaking, but she was still giggling a little, which gave me hope. Maybe this would work.

"Shit," said Chuck, and Ryan laughed. "I dunno if I can get... get..."

"Get hard, motherfucker," said Ryan. I don't know if he was talking to Chuck, or his dick. I could see around Serenity's head slightly, and I saw Chuck pulling something out of his pants. I hoped they could rise to the occasion.

The wind whistled, and the board over the window pounded against the frame behind me. I could hear a deep rumbling, almost shaking the ground. Oh, shit, I thought, our poor little house. Shit fuck. What a way to live. What a way to die.

I felt Ryan's hands on my ass, and suddenly something touched my ass. It took me a second to realize it was his face, he'd kneeled down, and I felt his tongue on my asshole. Well, I thought, I'd really hoped to get fucked, but I'll settle for that. Maybe it's what he had to do to get hard, because after a minute he stood, and I felt his hard cock probing around down near my cunt. Good, I thought, good. Over Serenity's shoulder I could see Chuck stepping into place behind her.

Ryan felt good inside me. I almost forgot about the fucking tornado outside. Serenity still shook and trembled a little, but I just held her, chest to chest, and kissed her. I mumbled things to her, and she held onto me for dear life. Ryan had built up a good rhythm by then, and he was pounding me pretty hard. I could hear him cussing behind me, and I giggled. I saw Chuck pounding away behind Serenity, his face scrunching up, and giggled some more. How funny we look when we fuck, I had time to think.

The rumble was deafening, now. The whole building seemed to shake. The board over the window that we entered by was long gone, yanked away by the wind. Leaves and sticks and shit blew in, but we were far enough into the room it didn't bother us much, except for the noise. The wind screamed in the wires, outside.

When the towers fell, I was cumming like a fucking hurricane. We heard loud metallic pings that were probably the cables snapping, and a crunching noise as one of the towers hit the blockhouse. Ryan just wailed away on my ass. I could feel Serenity twitch and jump beneath me, and her cry told me she was cumming, to. It was intense. As the wind and rumble died down, I felt Ryan cum in my cunt, squeezing the sides of my ass, mumbling, "fuck, fuck," over and over again.

Chuck finally shouted "Goddam, we're alive!" and he and Ryan high-fived each other over our heads. Ryan pulled out of me, and I stood up completely. I slid my panties and jeans back up, Serenity doing the same.

It was almost quiet, now. Eerily quiet. We crawled out the window. The tornado was gone, completely gone. I ran around the side of the blockhouse, steeling myself for the first look at my former house.

And there it sat, just fine. Maybe a few shingles gone, but no real damage. I found out later the twister had gone from West to East, straight across the bunker, and totally missed our house. Thank goodness for small miracles. I looked back. Only part of one tower was still standing. The other two were stretched out on the ground, crumpled and twisted.

That was it. We walked to my house, and Gran seized me in her arms, blubbering. She'd rode the storm out under the bed. Chuck had to call somebody to come and get them, his dad's car was a total loss. Like I said, it was a night to remember.


That's about it, Serenity and I still make out every chance we get. And we still see the boys every now and then, although it'll be more often if one of them can get a car of their own. Chuck's dad is still a little miffed over the car, since he didn't have full coverage on it. Anyway, life goes on. We did get that cellar pumped out and sealed, at least.



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