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Author Topic: The Dog Sitter [M/f(uateen), ped, incest?, best], part 1  (Read 4552 times)
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The Dog Sitter [M/f(uateen), ped, incest?, best]

Disclaimer(s):  This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.  Again, this is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.  Once more, this is a work of fiction.  The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals in real life.

The following story involves sex between an adult male and a teenage girl.  There is a component of incest, real or not.  There is also a component of bestiality, specifically sex between a teenage girl and a male dog.  The female teen has a mild emotional or psychological disorder in the story, and the adult male character knows this.  IF YOU THINK ANY OF THIS MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE STOP NOW AND READ SOMETHING ELSE.

I am going to post this in the “Incest Stories” section since the possible incest angle is a key component of the plot.  The bestiality component is only a subplot.


Mitch was glad to get back home.  The drive from the airport was always longer than he thought it should be.  He had been out of town for a week giving a series of guest lectures for some graduate students, and was able to get away a day early.   There's nothing better than getting back home, especially a little early.

He pulled into the driveway and noticed his granddaughter's car in the driveway.  Traci needed some extra money so he had offered to let her house and dog sit while he was away.  He wasn't sure she was absolutely trustworthy, but she was great with the dogs.   She was the daughter of his step daughter.  She might be referred to as a “step-granddaughter” but Mitch always thought of her as just a granddaughter. Traci had a mild form of autism – she wasn't very good with people, but she had a special connection to animals, especially Mitch's dogs.  Besides, not having to deal with the hassle of taking the dogs and picking them up would be worth giving her a bit more than the kennel would charge.     

He walked in the door, dropped his bag, and noticed that everything looked to be in order.  Good – evidently there had been no wild parties.  Mitch hadn't worried about that in the least, but you never know with a teenager alone in a house.  He called out, but neither Traci or the dogs responded.  There were a few lights on, but all was quiet.  As he walked around he began to get a little worried that there might be something wrong.  Maybe she was in the backyard.  He went to the kitchen window and adjusted the blinds to take a look out.  There they were, in the backyard. 

There was a blanket on the ground where Traci was laying along with the two dogs.  Initially, the scene didn't register fully to him.  Before he could even think about what he was seeing something in his head was setting off alarm bells.  He nearly did a double take realizing that Traci was totally naked.  Not a stitch of clothes on.  And she wasn't laying out for a tan either.  She had her head  under the belly of his male dog but Mitch wasn't sure what was happening, though he knew it wasn't natural. 

As he took in more of the scene he figured out that the dog, Titan, was sort of humping into thin air.  Traci had her hand in the vicinity of the dog's lower belly, and her face was right up in there too.  Her head was bobbing slightly back and forth, and he could see that her arm was moving in unison with Titan's thrusts.  He couldn't see much of her body as she was laying on her side facing away from the window.  But her butt was magnificently displayed.

Over the past few years Mitch had noticed her bottom more and more.  Traci always wore short shorts that accented her nicely round ass and her long legs.  Mitch was a bona fide ass-man, and Traci's was near perfect.  He knew he shouldn't have thoughts like that but he couldn't help but notice.  Traci was a bit on the short side and somewhat pudgy as a young girl, but when puberty hit, she grew tall, slim, and curvy.  She didn't have large breasts, many would say small, but that didn't matter.  It was her ass that fueled his imagination. 

Now that he had a good view, Mitch soaked it in, temporarily ignoring the activity with Titan in order to inspect the full roundness, the distinct creases below each cheek, and the shadows of her cleft or crack.  He felt his dick starting to grow in his pants and time seemed to stand still.  Finally he began to wonder what was actually going on with the dog.  He adjusted his pants to make himself a bit more comfortable.  He decided he needed to move to a different window to get a better view.

He couldn't believe that he actually ran upstairs to the guest bedroom window, which looked over the backyard with a perfect angle to see what was going on.  The room was dark, so he was less concerned about opening the blinds for an unobstructed view.  It occurred to him that he should take some pictures to remember this and then thought why take pics when video would be better.  He pulled out his phone and started shooting.

From this new outlook, it became clear what Traci was doing to Titan.  On some of the dog's thrusts, their positions shifted enough that Mitch could see she had her hand around the base of the dog's penis.  He could occasionally see the long fleshy red tip.  But what was totally mesmerizing was the fact that Traci's lips were wrapped around the end of it.  She was giving Titan a blow job. 

Mitch's wife died a couple of years ago.  The dating scene had been difficult.  He was a quiet man.  Picking up strange women in a bar was almost a mystery to him.  Yes, he had had a few encounters, but things never worked out on the personal level.  He had always believed that having an emotional relationship made the sex so much better, not that he wanted to get married again.   He was not a prude though.  Over the past few years he had been viewing and downloading nastier and more bizarre pornography.  He had even seen some bestiality videos, and enjoyed them. 

He found himself unzipping his pants and undoing his belt.  His cock seemed to find it's own way out of his boxers and it stood at full attention.  He slowly began to move his hand up and down.  Mitch thought for an instant that this was all wrong, but the pure sexuality of the scene drew him back into the moment.

Suddenly Traci withdrew from under Titan.  Mitch stepped back into the shadows of the room so he wouldn't be easily seen.   He could see her face as it glistened with what had to be a mixture of saliva and dog secretions.  She sat up, looked around the fence line, then reached over and petted Titan's head and neck.  She said something to him, then bent down and kissed him on the nose.  Titan licked her face repeatedly and his tail was wagging.  Once more, she glanced around, then got down on her hands and knees.  She looked back at Titan, who was already maneuvering behind her.  In an instant, he jumped up on her from behind and grabbed her around the waist with his front paws.

Mitch moved back closer to the window.  He couldn't believe that she was going to let his dog have sex with her.  His little granddaughter was going to get fucked by his dog.  This was no accident.  It occurred to Mitch that the actions were so smooth.  They must have been rehearsed.  Had she been doing this all week?  Titan started to hump and Traci reached between her legs for an instant then dropped her hand back to the ground.  She arched her back and then lowered to her elbows, thrusting her beautiful ass into the air. 

Titan was going to town now, feverishly thrusting into whatever hole Traci had given to him.  Even through the glass window, Mitch heard occasional grunts and moans.  He was sure Titan was enjoying it and it appeared that Traci was lost in her pleasure as well.  The moans came more frequently and then she straighten her back and ever so subtly went into a shaking spasm.  This accompanied by a muffled scream.   It was clear Traci had climaxed. 

Mitch was stroking himself at a good pace now.  He was pleasuring himself with one hand and trying to keep the phone pointed at Traci with the other.   As he watched, Titan continued to pound into Traci's rear like a machine, and she continued to yell out.  Mitch could take no more and he felt his orgasm getting nearer.  A few more strokes his breath stopped while he spurted time and time again onto the window pane.  After he began to come back to reality, he realized he hadn't had that strong of an orgasm in ages. 

As he continued to watch, Titan slowed down and then stopped his thrusting.  Traci lifted herself from her elbows back to her hands.  It seemed that all motion on the blanket had stopped.  It occurred to Mitch that they had knotted, and now they had to wait for the swelling at the base of Titan's penis to go down so that they could uncouple.  Good, he thought, that will give me time to get cleaned up and get back downstairs.   

He turned to go to the bathroom, cleaned himself off, then took the washrag to the window to clean it.  He then closed the blinds, checked himself to see that everything looked alright, and went back downstairs. 

After a few minutes, Titan's knot had decreased in size enough to allow him to uncouple.  As all dogs will, he moved over to a corner of the blanket and proceeded to clean himself.  Traci slowly crawled over to him and gave him another rub on the neck.  Titan turned up to her and she gave him another kiss.  “That was a good boy” she said.  She looked at his penis as it pulled back into his sheath. 

Traci thought how sad it is that there is only one more day left.  She had been doing this all week, although it took a few days to teach Titan how to do things.  She had been thinking about doing this after accidentally running across bestiality pictures and videos a few months ago.  She had done her research on how to best train a dog to mount.  She had learned what to do, what not to do, and what to expect.  After the first time several days ago she was addicted.  She had been trying to think of a way to “help care for the dogs” in the future, hopefully on a regular basis.

She had been masturbating ever since her first period when her mother had explained the “facts of life” to her.  She was interested in boys, but she had trouble making the connection.  Many of the boys in school considered her “slow” or “stupid,” however she noticed that didn't seem to stop the stares she got walking down the hallway.  But this was so much better.  She loved her grandpa's dogs, and she was glad that Titan really loved her. 

Mitch had returned to the kitchen window where he glanced out and saw that everything was about over.   He considered going back out to the car, driving around the block a few times, then coming back in, but where was the fun in that?  He had been incredibly turned on by the whole event, and he was curious to see what could come out of it.  Yes, it was his dick doing the thinking, but he had just experienced the best orgasm he could remember over the past few years.  He got a beer from the fridge, noting that they were all still there – Traci had been good in that regard.  He took a seat facing the back door at the small kitchen to wait for her to come inside. 

Traci was still naked but had her clothes in her hand.  She pulled on her t-shirt, grabbed the blanket and headed for the door.  Titan and Princess, Mitch's female dog, jumped up to follow her inside.  Traci opened the door, looked down and back to make sure the dogs made it in, then backed into the house, pulling the door shut behind her.  When she turned, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Her eyes were wide with horror.  She lifted her free hand to her cover her mouth, as though she was afraid of what she might say.  The dogs ran over to Mitch who was looking at her calmly.  He reached down pet them and gave quick hello's to both of the dogs.  She waited for him to say something, but he continued to look at her with a little grin.  She noticed his eyes drop down and suddenly realized that she had no pants on.  She dropped the blanket and her shorts and pulled her t-shirt down in front to cover her privates. 

Mitch had noticed she had what appeared to be a trimmed bush of pubic hair.  But only got a quick glimpse before she had pulled down her t-shirt.  He also noticed that the stretched fabric accentuated her nipples.  He was getting an eyeful.  The only thing better would be another view of her bottom.

Traci started to say something, then changed her mind.  She nervously said “Hi grandpa” and then timidly “How long have you been home?”  She forced a smile. 

Mitch considered his answer and said “About an hour” 

She realized that he had been home for most of her love-making activities with Titan.  “You're home early” she almost questioned.  “What...what happened?”  Her eyes were starting to water.   

“I was able to get away a day early so I changed my flight and came home.  How did the dogs do?” 

“Oh, they did great” she said, her voice still shaking.  “You've been home an hour?  What have you been doing?”  she asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

Mitch thought, and said “Oh, just cleaning some windows...”   At that point Traci lost it and started sobbing.  Mitch said “Traci, calm down and have a seat” pointing to the chair next to him.  Continuing to cry she slowly walked over to the chair and sat down.  She had her elbows on the table and covered her face with her hands. 

“Traci, stop crying.  Let's talk about this.”  He knew that saying that never works, but it slipped out anyway.  Mitch realized that if he didn't get things under control, the situation could get a life of its own, and that might not be a good thing.  What if he was not able to calm her down.  Her parents didn't expect her to come home until tomorrow, but surely they would call her or expect a call, or even worse, drop by before then.  He had to quiet her.  It was time to change tactics.

Mitch calmed his voice and clearly said “Traci, I'm not mad at you and your not in trouble.”  She peeked out from behind her hands.  “I mean it, you're not in trouble and I'm not mad at all” he repeated.  “We just need to talk about what happened.” 

Traci stopped her crying and whimpered “Really?  I'm not in trouble?  You're not mad?” 

“Yes, really.  And I assure you you're not in any trouble”  he said.  “We need to talk about what happened so I understand it and so that I can make sure you and the dogs are alright.”   He knew that mentioning the welfare of the dogs would help her to get a hold of herself and get her to think about the situation clearly. 

“What about Mom and Dad?  Are you going to tell them?”  she asked with another sob.

“That depends on what you want.”  Mitch returned.

“Oh no!  No, I don't want them to know.  I'll get in bad trouble.” Traci said, her lips trembling on the verge of another crying episode.  “I'll never get to see the dogs again”  she mumbled.

“OK.  Right now we don't have to tell your parents.  But let's talk about what was going on.  What were you and Titan doing?” 

Traci then told her story, starting with how she had seen the pictures and movies on the internet.  How she began to think about it over and over and how it made her feel down in her private area.  She said she started to read about how it was done, and learned all the details about it.   How she started with Titan and taught him how to let her touch him, eventually teaching him to mount and make love to her.  The story was so personal to her that telling it helped her to stop crying and to relax. 

Trying to continue to keep her in that state, Mitch said “I understand” 

“You do, Grandpa?” 

“Well, I think I do.  Are you OK?  I mean, are you hurt?”

“Not bad – it's a little sore.  But it's not nearly as bad as it was the first time or two.” 

“You poor thing.  I'm sorry.  Come over here and get a hug.”  Mitch stood up and motioned her over into her arms.  Traci slowly got up and stepped over to him, hugging him tightly.  She felt better already.  “How about we put the dogs in their kennels?  We can talk more about this a little later”

“Sure Grandpa. Can I give them a treat?” she asked.

“Yea, that's a good idea”  he said, thinking that Titan had already gotten his.  They led the dogs to the back room and put them in their kennels.  Traci gave each of them a doggie treat and closed the kennel doors.  She came back to Mitch.  Once again, he opened his arms to her and she pulled him close with a tight hug.  During this hug, one of his hands dropped ever so slightly onto the top part of her round ass cheek.  It was initially just gravity, or so he told himself, but he didn't move it back up.  His hand on her butt made his dick stir a bit.  Not enough to be noticed except by him.

“Let's go into the living room.  You can lie down on the rug and I'll give you a back rub to help you relax.  You still feel so uptight” he said.  They walked together to the living room where he  motioned for her to lie down.  He handed her a couch pillow for her head and got another for his knees.

When she laid down, the t-shirt naturally rode up a bit.  For some reason -- maybe she didn't notice it -- she didn't make any effort to pull the shirt back down.  Her wonderful butt was nearly fully exposed, and he paused for a moment to admire.   “I'm going to go get some lotion.  Just lay there, relax, and I'll be right back” he told her.

When he returned he knelt next to her side.  “Are you ready?” he asked rubbing his hands together.  He knew he needed to ask first and get her ready for being touched.  It was something he knew from experience while she was growing up.  She liked to give hugs and kisses, but didn't tolerate the unexpected or uninvited touch well.

“Sure Gramps, go ahead.”  She quietly said.

Mitch had a gift when it came to massage.  He had studied the anatomy and knew it.  He understood the muscle functions and where strain and soreness was likely to be.  And he knew how to apply the correct amount of pressure in the best place and direction to obtain the most relief.  Not to mention making someone feel just great.  He had used massage many times to relax his partners, eventually turning the muscle massage into erotic massage.  As he looked at her body lying on the floor he told himself this would only be a massage – it wouldn't go any farther.  But his subconscious desires were already plotting to foil that plan.

As he started to gently caress her back and shoulders, she sighed. “That feels good.”  She couldn't believe how relaxing his touch was.  He wasn't kneading into her back like most people do, just softly rubbing what felt like the surface of the skin.  It made her drift into a state of overall comfort and she slowly started to forget the emotions she was feeling only minutes ago.

His gentle caresses moved from her shoulders down the back and towards her buttocks, but he stopped at the bottom of her t-shirt to go back to the shoulders and neck, not daring to touch her butt; at least not this time.  When he got back up to the neck he started massaging a bit deeper, softly kneading the superficial muscles of the neck and shoulders.  She sighed again and it made Mitch feel good.  He always liked giving pleasure.  He worked his way down the back once again, mildly stretching the muscles along the spine.  This time, as he reached her bottom, he applied mild pressure and massage to the upper aspects of her butt, leaving the safety of the t-shirt to touch her bare skin.

“Mmmm.  That's nice” Traci said.  She was starting to relax more and more.  Her neck and shoulders were loosening up and her back hadn't felt this good in a long time.  And when he started massaging her bottom, it was a welcome relief.  The act of having sex with Titan had caused those muscles to become tight, and she knew from the past few days that she would wake up with a sore lower back.  This was feeling great. 

Mitch continued massaging her bottom, but just the upper part. His fingers reached just to the middle portion, but the thrill of actually touching and caressing her ass was an experience.    Once again, he felt his cock begin to stir.  It bothered him a bit that he was getting sexually aroused by touching his granddaughter, his 16-year-old granddaughter.  He started to work his way back up.  He was going to start his deep massage, and would need to straddle her legs in order to get the right angle.  “Traci, I'm going to kneel across you legs.  Is that OK?” he asked.

“Uh huh” Traci murmured.  She didn't have the energy or will to do much else.  The massage was great, but  Gramp's touching and massaging of her bottom was what she really needed.  And it felt good.    She even thought she might have noticed a little tingling in her privates, but she wasn't too sure.  “Keep going” she said.

As he moved to straddle her lower thighs, he took the time to shift things and let the growth in his pants have a little more room.  'That's better' he thought.  Now it was time to really massage her back.  This time he started at her lower back and deeply rubbed the muscles along her spine moving slowly and methodically up to her shoulders.  It was hard to reach her neck but he leaned forward to get there.  As he did, he just touched her backside with his front.  It was spectacular.  He took a deep breath in.  She smelled good.  A mixture of teenage girl's body spray and sweat. 

His closeness was having an effect on Traci.  The tingling in her groin was now undeniable.  She wasn't sure why she was having those feelings now.  She had already had sex with Titan.  What was causing it to happen now?  Could it be the massage.  She thought she heard him breath deeply as he leaned into her.  “Traci, hon, I need to use lotion to continue.  Do you want to raise your shirt up to your shoulders?” she heard her Grandpa say.  She only momentarily thought about being naked in front of him – the desire to continue the back massage rapidly squelched any thoughts of modesty.  “OK” she said.

He sat up to let her make the adjustments.  As he reached for the bottle of lotion, he watched has she wriggled the t-shirt up her back to the tops of her shoulders.  Her breast weren't large enough for “side boob”  but he did notice a pleasant fullness at her sides.  He felt the urge to kiss her all the way down her back.  Instead he squeezed a bit of lotion on his hand and started to rub his hands to warm it up.  This time he started at the shoulders, pushing deep and hard, letting the lotion allow his hands to slip across her skin.  He slowly moved downwards.  When he got to her ass, he continued, massaging her buns deep and hard, again allowing his hands to glide over her oily skin.  He was being good though, and kept his fingers away from her crack, though at any minute he thought he might slip and dive in.

'God that feels good' she thought as he continued to rub her bottom.  “Mmmm.”  Other than having Titan's penis pound in and out of her earlier, this is the best she's felt all day.  'Please don't stop” she thought.  “Sweetheart” she heard Grandpa say, “my legs are getting sore.  I need to kneel in between you legs.”  It didn't even occur to her what that might entail as she replied “OK.” 

He stood up, stretching his legs as he did while she moved her legs a little bit apart.  He stepped in between her legs and knelt back down.  As he got down, he noticed he could see her privates.  The outer lips were a bit puffy and slightly red, possibly from the workout they got earlier he speculated.  Her pink inner lips were just barely visible – could they be glistening?  Were they moist?  He settled into position, again shifting things around to give his now fully erect penis the room it needed to be as comfortable as it could be while constrained in clothing.  He reached for the lotion and put more into his hand.  After rubbing his hands together, he started back in on her butt.  This time he pushed hard and massaged deep, allowing his thumbs to rub along the crack.  He rubbed her from the top of her ass to the bottom.  Each time he allowed his thumbs to go deeper.  When he was at the bottom he allowed his thumbs to brush along her outer lips.  He thought he could actually feel the pulse in his dick.  The sight and feel was intoxicating.  She would occasionally softly moan with pleasure.  And on top of it all, he could definitely smell her sex now.  Was this from before or was she getting sexually excited? 

Traci was in heaven.  The cool air on her privates made her aware they were exposed, and rather than feel embarrassed, it was exciting to her.  She wasn't aware that on each pass, Grandpa's hands were getting deeper into her crack and rubbing more and more of her private areas, but she was aware of how good she felt.  And the tingling down there was no longer in doubt.  She felt just like she did before having Titan mount her.  But this was just a back massage, and from Grandpa no less.  'I do love Grandpa, and I think he loves me' she thought to herself, but was it “not in that way' as it had been said to her before.  Suddenly, the massage stopped.  Grandpa's hands were no longer touching her.  Maybe he was putting more lotion on them.  She waited for the the good feelings to start back up.

As Mitch had been rubbing her his focus had shifted from massaging her butt to rubbing her pussy.  That lovely little pussy.  It hit him suddenly – he was molesting his sixteen-year-old autistic granddaughter, who was so messed up that she was fucking his dog on a regular basis over the past week.  He stopped, and deliberately removed his hands.  He even looked away from the ass he so desired and loved.  He stood up, walked over to the couch, and sat down.  Anyone who had seen him do that would have noticed that you could have put up a entire patrol of boy scouts in the tent he was pitching.  He pulled his thoughts together and quietly said “Traci, we have to stop.” 

Traci was still wondering why he had stopped when the words registered in her brain.  She heard the voice come from the couch, and rolled over to see what was going on.  Her t-shirt was still rolled up on her shoulders, and as she full turned over, Mitch was able to see her nakedness once again, although this time he was much closer.  He saw her cute pussy with its trimmed pubic hair.  He gazed at her small breasts, with erect nipples sitting on top of puffy little mounds.  He saw her skin was blushed and realized that yes, she was sexually excited.  It was good that he had stopped.

But Traci was not glad things had stopped.  She was feeling good, feeling “horny” as the girls in school said.  She needed relief.  “Why did you stop, Grandpa?”  she asked.

“Traci, it's not right for me to touch you in that way.  We shouldn't be with each other like this.  We can't be doing this.  We might both get in bad trouble.”  Mitch was letting his mind work, trying to reason with the girl, rather than let his feelings or emotions direct his actions.  They would take him down a road that he could not return from.  Neither could Traci. 

“But I love you Grandpa.  Don't you love me?”  Traci asked innocently.  Even when she asked the question she knew what the response would be.  When she heard Mitch say “Yes, but not in that way” she quickly said “I'm tired of hearing that.  Who gets to decide when it is in that way?  I love you Grandpa, and I love you in 'that' way.  I know it in my heart.  I feel it to be true.”

Mitch started to make an argument, but realized two things.  There was no way he was going to convince a young sexually aroused girl that she was not sexually in love with someone.   And he knew that even though Traci was fairly smart, the way she thought about many things, especially emotional things, was different from everyone else.  It would be like trying to convince a wild-ass crazy paranoid schizophrenic to take his medication – an exercise in futility.  As he was thinking about how to best go forward, Traci sat up, cross-legged and looked him right in the eyes.  Of course, his eyes were still drawn to her breasts and pussy, which was even more displayed in her position. 

“Grandpa,” she said, “can I give you a kiss?” which instantly pulled his gaze back to her eyes. Before he could say anything, she got up, walked over, and took his head in her hands.  She slowly bent over and pressed her lips on his.  It was a soft, closed-mouth kiss, but there it was completely sexy to him.  How did this girl learn to kiss?  She slowly pulled away a short distance, her eyes were gazing into his, searching for an unspoken response.  It was one of those soul-searching gaze that would make anyone drop all of their defenses, and that's what happened to Mitch.  She came back in for another kiss, this time her lips parted and so did his.  It was a full on adult sexy kiss.  'Damn' he thought, 'I haven't been kissed like that in forever.'  He felt her tongue playfully dart over his lips and teeth.  Then she pulled back away once more.

“That kiss felt like it was 'in that way' to me, Grandpa” she said with a wink in her eye.  His silence confirmed his inability to deny it.  Traci knew that she was winning the argument with the only weapon she had, her own sexuality.  She knew she was only sixteen and had never been with a boy before.  But she also knew she was a woman, with womanly desires, and sexual experience few woman ever knew.     

This time Mitch leaned in for the kiss.  She had won.  He grabbed her body in his arms and kissed her back just as she had kissed him earlier.  A long passionate kiss that spread warmth through his body as well as hers.  His hands dropped down to squeeze her butt.  She giggled with excitement and that pushed him further over the edge.   “That was nice, Grandpa” she said, “you kiss good.”  Hearing her call him Grandpa while touching her sexually was a huge turn on to him. 

They separated again, and Traci stepped back and looked Mitch over.  He wondered if she noticed the bulge in his pants.  Had she ever seen a man's (or boy's) erect penis before?  He had his doubts as she didn't seem to notice or stare.

Traci was in sexual overdrive.  Her desire was as strong as it had been earlier in the day while in the backyard.  She was tingling down there and it felt a bit damp as well.  She dropped her hand down and ran it along her lips to confirm the wetness of her privates.  “Grandpa, there's something a little unfair here” she said, gesturing to his clothes.  He was fully clothed, which seem totally out of place considering she had only a t-shirt on, and it was pulled up on her shoulders.  Traci suddenly realized how ridiculous that must look and pulled the t-shirt all the way off.  She was not in the least bit modest or embarrassed with her nudity.

Mitch made no move, so Traci stepped up and began unbuttoning his shirt.  Slowly and deliberately.  She opened the shirt and leaned forward to kiss the skin of his chest.  She pulled the shirt open even more and kissed his nipples, first one, then the other.  He gasped.  'How does she know to do that' he asked himself.  It had always been a huge turn on for him to have his nipples kissed and sucked.  It was so intimate and sexy.  She stopped long enough to fully remove his shirt. 

Traci then dropped to her knees and undid his belt.  She unbuttoned his pants and slowly dropped his zipper.  Mitch reached down and ran his fingers through her hair while she looked up, and slowly pulled his pants down to his ankles.  The visual memory of that moment of her gazing up at him from that position would stay with him forever.  Then she returned her attention back to his boxer shorts.  By now, Mitch was sure she must notice the bulge that was straining to be released.  Traci hooked her fingers in the waistband of his shorts, and then started to pull them down. 

Traci had never experienced a man like this before.  Yes, she knew from sex education class in school and from talks with her mother that boys have a penis and that it becomes erect in order to have sexual intercourse, but she was unfamiliar with just how that happened.   She didn't understand the mechanics of it all.  So as she tried to pull Mitch's boxer shorts down, they kept on getting hung up on something.  No matter what she did, she couldn't get them down. 

Her efforts were starting to become uncomfortable.  Each time she tried to pull his shorts down, Mitch's penis was being put through some kind of medieval contortion torture. He gently put his hands on hers saying “Hold on a minute.”  He then pulled the front of the elastic band forward and over the tip of his dick and push them down a little bit.  He wanted her to drop them down the rest of the way. 

Traci was in awe.  She stared at the tip of his dick for a several seconds.  She came back to her senses and pulled the shorts all the way down.  She reached forward with her hand hand gently grabbed the middle of his shaft.  She pulled it forward and to each side, examining it's skin, the tip, the little hole at the end, and how the bottom merged into the scrotum.  With her other hand, she grabbed his scrotum and gave a squeeze.  “Gentle” Mitch said with a wince, “it hurts if you squeeze to hard.”  “Sorry” said Traci and she returned to her examination.

“It's dry, but smooth. Totally different from Titan's wet one” said Traci.  Mitch wasn't to thrilled to think about dog sex at this point in time but hell, she had to have some reference point.  Traci had heard about 'blow jobs' in school from the other girls, and she had been doing it to Titan all week, so it seemed only like the next step to take.  She leaned forward and kissed his penis.  Mitch moaned with delight.  She looked up to make sure he was OK – if she should continue, and saw no indication that she should stop.  She raised herself up a little and licked along the front of his penis all the way to the tip.  She saw a little liquid at the very tip, and tentatively licked it.  'Hmmm, different from Titan, but not bad' she thought.  She noticed that every time she licked him, Mitch would moan.  It must feel good to him, so she let her tongue go wild, licking it up and down, all around the tip, even flicking here tongue around the top of his penis.  The moaning continued.  Traci was enjoying the feeling of giving this much pleasure to someone she loved.

Mitch was in heaven.  Here was this beautiful young girl pleasuring him better than he had ever experienced.  And she had never done it before, at least not with a human.  Her tongue was unbelievable.  Just when he thought it couldn't be better, Traci opened her lips and took him in her mouth.  It was just the head of his penis, but she held it there and continued to flick the tip with her tongue.  Then she moved the hand holding his penis down to the base, stretching the skin of his dick tight.  She started to bob her head up and down, moving his tool in and out of her mouth.  All the time she continued her tongue work.  Mitch continued to run his fingers through her hair.  He leaned his head back.  This was magical – beyond anything he had ever known.   It was upon him before he could try to stop it.  His orgasm hit him so suddenly that he had no time to give Traci a warning.   Not that he got a lot of blow jobs, but when he did, he always tried to be courteous enough to give notice, so to speak.  Not this time.  He let go, let out a guttural  “Aaagghhh” and nearly blacked out. 

Traci was getting into it when her mouth filled with his sperm.  She knew it would happen.  Her experience with Titan gave her that, but she didn't expect the volume nor the consistency.  Titan had been very watery, but this was thick and gooey.  Since she did it with Titan, she just swallowed it and kept on going.  Eventually Mitch came back and gently pulled her head off, saying “It's very sensitive now.”  She smiled, knowing she had brought him to orgasm.  Mitch looked down saying “Sorry I didn't give you warning.  Hey, did you swallow it?” 

“Warning?  I guess I didn't expect one” Traci said, her only experience being the dog. “And swallow?  Yeah, what else am I supposed to do?” 

“Most women spit it out” Mitch informed her.  She thought that was stupid.  That just would make a mess you'd have to clean up.  And it's not bad, although the gooey nature of it did make her want to gag a little.  Kind of like a big loogie would that you couldn't spit out or swallow quick enough.  But not bad. 

Mitch gently pulled her back up, and kissed her full on the lips again.  He looked down and realized how funny he looked with his pants and boxers around his ankles with his shoes and socks still on.  He sat down and removed them.   Standing back up, he kissed Traci once more.  A deep passionate kiss.   “That was wonderful.  Thank you” he told her.

“You liked it?  It was kind of fun for me too”  Traci said.

“Traci, would you come upstairs with me?”  Mitch looked at her to see if she understood what he was asking.  “I want to do something to you to make you feel the way you made me feel” he added.  Her expression indicated that she did understand.

“OK”  Traci said.  He took her by the hand and they went upstairs to his bedroom.  He allowed her to go up the stairs first, and took in the beautiful sight of her ass shifting back and forth all the way up, step by wonderful step. 

Love a good and well-formatted story!
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Disclaimer(s):  This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.  Again, this is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.  Once more, this is a work of fiction.  The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals in real life.

The following story involves sex between an adult male and a teenage girl.  There is a component of incest, real or not.  There is also a component of bestiality, specifically sex between a teenage girl and a male dog.  The female teen has a mild emotional or psychological disorder in the story, and the adult male character knows this.  IF YOU THINK ANY OF THIS MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE STOP NOW AND READ SOMETHING ELSE.

When they got to the bedroom, he took her by the hand for another kiss.  He gently laid her down on the bed so that she was lying on her back.  Laying down next to her, he began with another kiss, but quickly moved to her neck and ears.   Traci had never had that done to her and it was wonderful.  He moved down her neck kissing what seemed like every inch of her body, as he approached the middle of her chest.  Now he reached for each of her breasts with his hands.  He gently caressed them, drawing his fingers from the edges to the nipple, then lightly brushing the nipples.  He would then work on one of her breasts with his hand, and started licking the other nipple, twirling it in small circles with his tongue.  He gently sucked on one then the other, until they were both erect and standing at attention.

Traci had played with herself, with her breasts.  This, however was a completely different and better feeling.  It seemed that the sensations were going from her breasts and spreading throughout her body, all ending up at her private area.  It felt very good.  She didn't want it to stop.  She gasped for breath between moans.  “Grandpa, I like that.   I like that very much” she said. 

Mitch, feeling that he had done everything he could to those small perfect breasts, then slowly moved down the middle of her belly.  Again, he kissed his way down.  When he got to her belly button, he swirled his tongue in it, causing her to giggle.   Then he slowly moved down to her privates, but stopped short of actually kissing her there.  He was going to drive her wild the way that she had done to him.

When he stopped short, Traci thought she was going to die.  She was still gasping for her breath.  She lifted her head to look down at him.  He glanced back, smiled, and turned back to his work.  Mitch moved down to her feet.  He was going to move his way back up those magnificent long legs of hers.  And that's what he did.  Kissing one foot, then the other.  He moved up both legs, going from one side to the other.  The calves, knees, thighs, and upper thighs. 

Traci was squirming with desire.  She knew she was as moist as she's ever been, even without reaching down to confirm it.  Even she could smell her own sex.  She was dying with anticipation.  When was he going to get to her private area?  That had to be where he was headed.  It needed to be kissed. 

When he finally kissed her pussy, she thought she was going to explode.  What could feel better than this?  She was about to find out.  Mitch planted a few more kisses, then gently applied outward pressure with his fingers to open her up.  He rubbed his fingers up and down, which caused the lips to move up and down, stretching the hood over her clitoris and providing a gentle stimulation.  He was ready to go in for the kill.  He moved in and gave her a full lick, from bottom to top, first one side, then the other.  He stayed away from her clitoris on purpose, wanting to leave that for the very end. 

Traci couldn't believe how good this felt.  She remembered a few of the girls at school talking about being 'eaten out' but never really believed that it ever happened.  And surely it couldn't feel as good or better than real sex.  But this was better.  Good in a different way from the way Titan had made her feel.   As Mitch continued with his licking she felt her orgasm building.  'Oh please don't stop' she thought.  Just as he had done to her, she reached down and ran her fingers through his hair. 

Mitch could feel her orgasm approaching.  He knew it was getting close, and at the right moment, he moved to her clitoris and started flicking the little bud with the tip of his tongue.  When he did that, Traci's orgasm erupted like nothing she had ever known before.  As her orgasm began, he started quick rhythmic swipes with his tongue over her clitoris, matching the natural rhythm of her body's contractions.  Traci saw lights as she squeezed his head between her legs.  Finally, she firmly pushed his head away.

“Your right, it gets sensitive”  she said.  They both smiled.  Mitch's face was glistening with her juices.  He had enjoyed bringing her off.  He had always enjoyed giving his partners pleasure.   He crawled back up to her side, and gave her another long passionate kiss.  Traci tasted herself with the kiss.  'I guess it's not as disgusting as I thought it would be' she thought.   She looked into his eyes and felt the love she had always wanted.  He looked at her face and knew that he loved her, perhaps more than he had loved any woman.  They fell asleep next to each other.

Mitch awoke somewhat suddenly.  It took him a moment to remember why he wasn't alone in bed, then wondered what it was that brought him back to life.  He listened for half a minute, but didn't hear anything; not even the dogs were barking.  Everything must be OK.  He glanced at the alarm clock and calculated his nap had lasted about two hours.  Then he heard it again – it sounded like music in the distance, likely from downstairs somewhere.  Then it clicked.

“I think your phone is going off” he said after awakening Traci with a caress and gentle nudge.  He was glad she was one of those who woke up quickly.  “OK” Traci responded as she nearly jumped out of bed and headed downstairs.  He waited as she left, once more taking time to appreciate her form as she walked away.  Then he got up to pee, wash off his face, and brush his teeth.  He stopped at his dresser and grabbed some fresh underwear, some shorts, and a t-shirt, then headed downstairs as well.

When he walked into the kitchen, he saw Traci standing next to the counter still naked talking on the phone.  He listened to the one sided conversation.

“I didn't hear my phone, I was outside with the dogs.”  She glanced and smiled at Mitch.  “No, everything's OK.  I think I'm going to work on my tan, then get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat.”  “No Mom, you don't need to do that, there's plenty here”  “Thanks anyway.  Love you” With that she lowered the phone and ended the call. 

“I thought you never lied to your Mom and Dad?” Mitch asked. 

“Well... I told the truth in everything I said” thinking back on the conversation.  “Mom offered to drop by and take me out to dinner, but I wasn't sure how to handle you being here.  Guess I should have told her you just got home early.  Now I'll have to tell a little fib if the subject comes up” 

Mitch thought a bit.  “We have a choice.  I can either call them to tell them I'm arriving now, which is closer to the real truth, or we can hide the fact that I came home early at all.  The risk is that they might find out I'm home, and then we'd have to work hard to keep our story straight.”  He paused, and could see Traci struggling with what to do.  When she was younger she had a bad problem with telling lies.  But her Mom and Dad worked hard and it stopped when she was about 10.  He didn't think she'd told anything but the truth since then. 

“I think you should call them now, OK?”  She smiled, realizing that she had made the better decision. 

“Alright” said Mitch and he turned to go get his phone.  He thought about suggesting she put some clothes on but decided against it.  He brought the phone back into the kitchen and dialed Traci's mother's phone.

“Hi Dad, what's up” she answered.

“I thought I'd call to let you know I was able to come home a day early.  I'm almost home.  If Traci's up for it, I'd like to take her to dinner to show my appreciation for house sitting and taking care of the dogs.  That OK with you?” 

“Sure Dad.  I just got through talking with her.  We offered to take her out but she didn't want to”

“I”ll make her an offer she can't refuse.  Talk to you later.”   He turned to Traci “Go get cleaned up a bit, throw some clothes on, and we'll go grab a bite.  I'll let the dogs out while your getting ready.”

About thirty minutes later she came back downstairs.  The dogs ran over to her and she gave them hugs.  Mitch said “you look nice, very nice.”  She was dressed in her usual – short jean shorts and a t-shirt – but she looked great in them. 

“You think so?” she said as she struck a pose and then twirled around.

He smiled, called the dogs, and headed for the back room where the kennels were.  After putting them up, he walked back into the living room.  “Let's go” he said as he grabbed a cap, his wallet, keys and phone. 

She grabbed his hand and snuggled up to him as they walked out to the car.  He was thinking that he would have to do something about that; they shouldn't be intimate in public.  They got in the car and headed to the local burger joint.

“Traci?  We need to talk about how we behave in public, in front of others.”  She turned to him with a questioning expression.  “While we're together alone, you and I can be as close as you want.  But when were out in public, or anywhere other than inside my house alone, we need to act like a typical granddaughter and grandfather would.  We can occasional hold hands, have short hugs, and we can kiss each other on the cheek, but nothing more.”

“Why is that?” Traci asked.

“Traci, you and especially I can get in very bad trouble if anyone finds out or even suspects what we have done today.  We would be separated and I could go to jail.  It would be very bad for the both of us and for the rest of the family.  Do you understand?”

“But we love each other Grandpa. Why is showing how much we love each other wrong?  How can we get in trouble?”

“Traci, there are laws, very strict laws about adults having sexual relations with young people under 18 years of age.  And society has a very poor view of adults who have those kind of relations.  And there's one other thing.  Do you know what incest is?”

“I think so.  Isn't that when you marry your brother?”

“Yes.  It's having a sexual relationship with someone your related to.  Parents and their children, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, even cousins.  And it also means grandparents and grandkids.  It can be a bad thing because if two related people have a baby, the baby can be born with defects or bad problems.  You understand that?”  He knew she may not, but maybe they had touched on it in high school biology classes when they taught basic genetics.

“I think so” she said. “Does that mean you and I can't have sex anymore?”  Her facial expression change to one of sadness and worry.

“Strictly speaking, no, it doesn't mean that”  She gave little smile with that.  “You see, even though I consider you my granddaughter, and everyone thinks I'm your grandfather, I'm not actually related to you.  Your mother is my step-daughter.  She and I are not related by blood.  And that means that you and I are not related by blood.  But most people don't know that is the situation.  And it may not matter because as far as society, as far as everyone we know goes, they think we are actually grandfather and granddaughter.  So they would see a sexual relationship between us as wrong”

“I think I understand that, Grandpa”  she said, accenting the word 'grandpa' to bring home the point that she did understand it.  She thought a while, then said “I love you, Grandpa, and I want to love you 'in that way' so you and I will be cool when we're out in public.  Just hugs and kisses on the cheeks.”  She accepted the situation, and in her mind it was simple.  She reached over and turned the satellite radio on.  It was already tuned to a classic rock station, so she rolled the dial to a pop station.  “Oooh, I love this song!” she said as she started singing along and bouncing in her seat.

He was shocked that she seemed to grasp the idea so quickly.  It was so complex to him.  He was still struggling with the entire concept.  He shuddered when she changed the station.  How can people really like this crap music he thought to himself.  But he enjoyed seeing her happy.  She quickly returned to her usual chatterbox self, constantly talking about his and that.  It occurred to him that she had been unusually quite while they had been intimate.

They had a typical grandfather-granddaughter outing.  She continued to jabber on about her sister doing this, her dance class, and how she didn't miss school at all during the summer.  There was an occasional glance at each other where they both knew what had happened. And during those glances, she became quiet.  She even saw a couple of her friends at the burger joint and went over to chat with them.  He remembered that he hadn't really talked to her about not discussing there relationship with anybody.  There was a moment of panic, but as he watched the girls talk, he saw not hint of any disturbing news being discussed. 

On the way back home, Mitch did bring the subject up.  “Traci, we should also agree on something else about us.  We shouldn't, we should never talk with anyone about how we feel about each other and what we do with each other”

“Oh, I know that, Gramps”  she turned to him.  “That would be stupid.  I'd never do that.” 

“I just thought about it when you were talking to your friends at the restaurant” he said.  “It made me a little bit nervous.”

“Don't worry,  even if I were to tell anyone, and I won't tell ANYONE, I would never tell those girls.  They're gossips and not really good, close friends anyway”

They pulled into his driveway and he parked.  “Traci?” he turned to her.  “Are you going home now?”  He had thought it would have been the 'normal' thing for her to do.  Normal, that is, if they hadn't done what they did a few hours ago.  But he genuinely wanted her to stay.  He wanted her to stay the night. 

“Oh” she said with disappointment.  She thought a while.  “I suppose I should go home.  But I don't want to” she said as she looked at him.

“You have your keys with you?”

“Yes, why?”

“I have an idea.  Back your car out so I can pull into the garage.  Then I'll tell you about it and we can decide if it's a good idea or not.”

She got out of the car, got into hers, and backed out into the street.  He opened the garage door and pulled in.  After getting out, he motioned to her to park her car back in the driveway.  She got out, walked over to him, and once inside the garage she pulled him to her.  They held each other close and kissed a long loving kiss. 

“So what's the plan” she asked as they walked back into the house.  As a matter of habit, she went to the kennels and let the dogs out.  They sat in the kitchen when he went over the details.  “I don't like the idea of you having to lie to Mom, but at least I'm not the one telling the fib.”  She thought some more, then said “OK, go for it.” 

Again, he was surprised at how quiet she was now that they were alone.  He pulled out his phone and dialed his daughter's number. 

“Hey Dad, what's up?” 

“I just realized that I have some reports to complete, and I have to write a summary of the trip as well as fill out my travel reimbursement forms.  Most of that stuff is at the office.  It'll probably be a late night.  Do you think Traci could stay tonight to watch the dogs and come home in the morning?

“Do you have to do all that stuff tonight?” she asked.

“No, I don't have to, but I'd like to get it done before I forget details, and if I get it done tonight, my weekend will start a day early.”

“OK, Dad, I think she can stay till tomorrow.  Is she right there?”

“Yep, she's right here.  You want to talk to her?”  He handed the phone to her and listened.

“Hi. Mom.”  “It's OK with me.  I was planning on staying till tomorrow anyway.  Besides, there's  a movie I was thinking about watching and we don't get that channel at home.”  “No, Mom, it's not R-rated.”  “OK, I will.  See you tomorrow.  I love you.” 

She handed the phone back to me and smiled.  “Gramps, you lied!” 

“Well, sort of.  I'm not going to the office, but I do have to do all of those things.  And that stuff is at the office but it's also on my computer.  So not a lie, but not the whole truth either.”    Then with a smirk he asked “And what about wanting to watch a movie?  Is that what we're doing tonight?” 

“I... we are watching that movie.  But it won't last all night” she said, then lifted her t-shirt to expose her breasts and blew him a seductive kiss.  'Damn' he thought, 'I've unleashed a monster.' 

It was getting dark, so he threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave, got a beer, and asked if Traci wanted anything to drink.

“I'm not allowed to have drinks in the living room.”  she called out from the where she was turning on the TV and tuning in the channel the movie was on.  “It's going to start in about five minutes.”  she hollered.

“Traci, I think you're an adult now.  What do you want to drink?”  He hollered back. 

“I'll have whatever you're having” she called.

'Hmmm' he thought, 'OK, a beer it is.  If she doesn't like the taste, it's not like it'll go to waste.  Besides, getting into trouble for giving a minor alcohol is the least of my worries.'  He got two beers, poured the popcorn into a large bowel, and headed for the living room.  It was getting dark so he stopped to turn on a lamp.  When he did, Traci turned and said “it'll be better if we watch in the dark.” then turned back to the TV.  He switch the lamp off and sat down on the couch.  He put the popcorn on the coffee table, and opened a can of beer and handed it to her.  He opened his and took a long drink.  A cold beer always hit the spot.  He watch her closely as she took a sip of hers.

“What is this?” she said with surprise, making a face. 

“It's a beer”

“I don't want a beer.  Gramps, I'm only sixteen!”

“I asked, and you said you wanted whatever I was having, and I'm having a cold beer.  And you may only be sixteen, but as far as I'm concerned, you ARE an adult.” 

She took another sip, and seemed to be analyzing the taste.  She took another sip, then a real drink, and said “It's not bad.  It kind of grows on you.”  then turned back to the TV where the movie was just starting.

He wondered what kind of movie she would be waiting all week to watch.  He was sure it was not something he would normally watch.  When the movie started he groaned to himself.  It was one of those ridiculous “Twilight” movies.  It was going to be a long two hours.  Traci was entranced by the movie, her eyes not leaving the screen, even as she blindly reached for popcorn and sipped her beer.  She snuggled up against him, and he put his arm around her.  Occasionally he would caress her shoulder with his fingers, but mostly he just watched her.  She was amazingly beautiful to him. 

After a long while she felt his gaze.  She looked at him, wondering why he was staring at her.  “You're not watching the movie?” 

“I'm watching something much more interesting” he said.  She smiled and snuggled closer.  He leaned over and kissed the top of her head as she returned her attention to the movie.  She put her hand on his bare thigh, and started caressing it.  He leaned over to kiss her again, and deeply breathed her in.  'She smells so good' he thought. 

He only peripherally was aware of the movie, but did notice when it ended.  She picked up the remote and turned off the cable box and TV.  She turned her body towards his, and reached up with her face to give him a kiss.  Between her memories of the passion of what happened earlier in the day and the emotions displayed in the movie, she was ready to once again explore the sexual relationship between her grandfather and herself. 

“Grandpa?” she asked, “can we go upstairs to bed now?” 

“Is that what you want?  If so, I would definitely like to go upstairs with you”  he said.  She nodded and grabbed his hand, leading him to the stairs.  He followed her and was anticipating what was going to come next.  They got to the bedroom and he flipped the light switch on. 

“No, grandpa, leave the light off” she said softly.  She led him to the bed and sat down.  She pulled him close to him and hugged his mid-section.  She lifted the t-shirt up as far as she could, and then he instinctively took it off the rest of the way.  Leaning forward, she kissed him all over his belly, then worked her way up to his chest.  Again, she kissed and sucked on his nipples as he moaned with pleasure.

She broke away and gazed at his face.  Then lifted her own t-shirt up and over her head.  She had no bra on and he looked at her breasts.  They were beautiful.  Perhaps perfect.  Then she reached back for him, unbuttoned his shorts, and slid his zipper down.  Grabbing the waistband, she slid his shorts past his hips and down to his knees. 

This time, he stepped back and kicked them away.  He motioned for her to stand up.  She did and he grabbed her and kissed her hard.  He bent down and kissed her nipples, caressing her breasts gently causing her to let out a deep sigh.  He knelt down, taking his turn to unbutton her shorts and then he pulled her shorts down to the floor.  She stepped out of them. 

He bent towards her and kissed her again.  She spoke “I...” but he put shushed her putting his finger to her lips, saying “I know.”   He dropped back down to his knees and pressed his face into her privates, feeling her warmth and smelling her arousal.  He kissed her pussy through the material, sending electricity all over her body.  Then he reached up and pulled her panties down to her ankles, and helped her step out of them.  He then kissed her bare pussy and she grabbed his head gently, holding it there while she savored the pleasure that it gave her. 

She stepped back, somewhat reluctantly, then lowered to a knee.  She remembered last time, and this time pulled the front of his waist band forward, down, and over his erection, then slid the underwear all the way down to the floor.  She rose back up, and stepped into him, pressing her breast against his chest, and feeling his penis push against her privates.  She slowly moved her hips around, softly grinding herself onto him. 

“Lay down now” he said, helping her to lay on the bed.  He followed her down and took her in his arms.  When her phone went off, they both said “Fuck!”  They looked at each other and she said “I better go get that.”  She rushed downstairs to get the phone and came back, dialing  as she entered the bedroom.   She smiled at Mitch and went into the bathroom.  He thought that was odd, until he heard the conversation.

“Hi Mom. Sorry I missed your call, I was in the bathroom”  He thought “she is tricky but no a liar' and continued to listen.  “Yea, I'm doing alright.  I watched the movie.  It was the latest Twilight.  Yes, it was good, you'll have to watch it.  No, I don't know when he's coming home” and Mitch noticed she put an unusual emphasis on 'coming'.  She peaked out of the bedroom door and smiled at him.  “Mom, I'll be alright.  See you tomorrow. I love you. Good night.” 

He heard her put the phone down right before she walked back into the room.  He thought she'd say something corny like “now where were we” but instead she slowly and steadily walked over to the opposite side of the bed and quietly laid down next to him. 

“Grandpa, I want you to make love to me now.”  Mitch looked at her... her expression was serious, but then it slowly turned into a grin.  “I want to have sex with you right now” she said, as to make sure he understood what she wanted.

“Darling Traci” he said looking deeply into her eyes, to make sure there was no hint of indecision or unwillingness, “this is something we cannot undo.  I love you and want to make love to you.  Are you sure that is what you want?” 

“More than anything, Grandpa”  Traci whispered.  The way she added 'grandpa' to that made his erection swell just a little more.  He recognized that it was definitely a perverted thing, but coming from her in this situation was erotic as hell.  He reached to her pussy, running his fingers up and down.  She was already moist.  He felt towards the bottom and gently inserted a finger, noticing how easily it slipped in.  A second one followed.  He was convinced she was ready. 

“Alright”  he said as he sat up, and moved her legs apart.  He rolled over to sit between her legs, then moved forward, bringing his mouth to hers while at the same time laying his dick against her pussy.  He kissed her deeply, moving his tongue in to her mouth and feeling her tongue in his.  She started to grind her pussy against his cock.  They both muffled moans while continuing the kiss. 

Traci then reached down, softly grasped his penis, and pointed it to her vagina.  She softly thrust her hips forward and he was insider her.  He held still; the only motion was her hips moving back and forth.  It was ecstacy.  He wanted to savor the feeling forever, but nature took over and he started moving his hips in concert with hers.  Traci was now thrusting her hips  back and forth, and grabbing at his back with her hands.  He lifted his upper chest and head and looked at her.  She was lost in her pleasure.  Her eyes were shut.  He watched her small breasts move up and down with the motion of their love. 

Suddenly her thrusting quickened, her breath came faster.  She moaned almost continuously and he knew she was getting close to an orgasm.  He couldn't believe how she had nearly no inhibition; just letting herself enjoy the sexuality and pleasure of what was happening.  Then she gasped, and let out a high pitched squeal, at the same time bucking her hips wildly, wrapping her legs tightly around the back of his, and grabbing him with her arms pulling him tightly close to her.  He slowed to allow her to enjoy her orgasm.  When she opened her eyes, she smiled at him.

“That sounded like it felt good” he said.

“Unbelievable” she responded, then asked “How about you?” 

“I'm close, very close” he said, then started thrusting into her in earnest.  He felt his orgasm getting closer, closer to the moment when there was nothing that could stop it.  The instant before he came, he thrust deeply into her.  He felt his penis ejaculate over and over.  When he opened his eyes he noticed that she was looking up at him with worry concern.

She had felt him deposit his sperm into her.  But he appeared to be in agony.  Traci was worried that she had hurt him, and when he looked at her, she asked “Are you OK?  Did I hurt you?” 

“No, in fact, it was the most beautiful and pleasurable thing I've felt in my life”  he said, and then realizing what it must have looked like, chuckled.  “No darling, it felt so good, that most of the muscles in my body contracted, including many in my face.  It was very, very good.”  He lowered himself to her and kissed her gently.  He was still hard but realized he would soon get soft.  He reached over to the nightstand and opened the bottom drawer, grabbing a hand towel.  He handed it to her and said “Here, see if you can put this under you bottom.”

She thought is was a funny thing to do and say, but then realized why he handed the towel to her.  Traci remembered that after Titan would uncouple, a large amount of fluid would leak out of her, down her legs.  It wasn't a problem in the back yard, but would sure make a mess in a bed.  She lifted her butt up and wedged the towel underneath her.  Then she reached down and held the edge of the towel up to below where he entered her.  “OK, ready” she said.

He was surprised.  Some women don't get it.  He pulled back and out of her.  Traci sighed disappointingly and then pulled the edge of the towel up to soak up anything that might come out.  Mitch rolled over to her side and softly rubbed her stomach while softly kissing her breasts.  “Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

Traci nodded, and rolled out of bed.  She headed to the bathroom and Mitch rolled onto his back.  He had just experienced the best sex he had ever had, and was physically and emotionally exhausted.  He could feel himself start to drift off.  It was funny that he could fall asleep so fast after an orgasm.  He heard the toilet flush, then some water running in the sink.  She must be cleaning herself up he thought.  He was just about to fall asleep when he felt the warm washcloth on his dick.  She was gently cleaning him off, holding the cloth with one hand and manipulating his penis with the other, making sure to clean off every aspect.  When she finished, she bent over and kissed him on the tip of his penis, turned to him, and smiled.  She took the washcloth back to the bathroom.  In a moment, she was back in bed laying at his side, caressing his belly and kissing his ear.

“Thank you.  And I love you” she whispered.

“No, thank you, and I love you too” Mitch responded, then he quickly fell asleep.

Traci didn't fall asleep as fast.  She lay there thinking about all that had happened that day.   Making love to Titan, which was incredible, then the horror of being discovered by Grandpa.  She remembered how worried she was, and then how he made her feel better.  Much better with the massage and how exciting it was when he caressed her privates.  She remembered how she then experienced a new desire, and how she convinced her Grandpa to let her pleasure him.  Doing that had been so sexy, but then what Grandpa had done to her, how he had caused her to have a huge orgasm, well, it was great.  And making love to him just now – wow!  She realized she loved him, and wanted him for the rest of her life. 

How could it work?  Grandpa was right, they would have to hide their love from everybody.  She worried that there would be times that they wouldn't be able to make love, even kiss.  She thought about excuses to visit Grandpa.  Maybe she could come over and take care of the dogs every day?  She tried to think of every possible angle to spend more time with Grandpa, but in the end, she realized she would be spending more time apart than together, and that would be too painful to endure. 

Mitch woke up about 5:30.  He was always an early riser.  But instead of getting out of bed he laid there watching Traci sleep.  She didn't look particularly restful or he would have watched her longer.  He quietly pulled down the sheet and began kissing her nipples.  They quickly became erect, but there was no sign of Traci awakening yet. He let his hand and fingers find there way to her pussy.  He twirled his fingers in the soft hair, then began to caress the delicate skin of her lips.  There was a soft murmer, and she shifted her position slightly, spreading her thighs a bit.  He moved his head down to her pussy and gave her soft kisses.  When he looked back up she was awake. 

“How about a shower?”  he asked.  The smile left her face.  She wanted him to continue.  Mitch got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  He brushed his teeth and urinated, then turned the shower on.  Without even checking on her, he stepped into the shower.  He was shampooing his hair when he felt the rush of cooler air and then felt her next to him.  Mitch turned around, letting the water cascade down his back.  He gave Traci a little kiss.

That wasn't enough for her.  She grabbed his head and pulled it down to hers, kissing him and licking his lips with her tongue. She grabbed his hands and placed then on her breasts.  She continued the kiss and pressed into him, feeling his penis become erect.  She stopped and stepped back.  She looked around and found a bottle of body wash.  “Let me wash you” she said, pouring the soapy liquid into her hands.  She lathered up his shoulders and with big circles worked her way down the front of his body.  She spent a little extra time soaping up his penis and scrotum, then washed his legs.  “Turn around” she said.  She repeated her motion on his back and butt, and lathered up his crack, reaching in between to rub his anus clean.  “Squeaky clean now” she said.   While he was rinsing off she lathered herself, then rinsed off as well. 

Mitch was still erect when they stepped out of the shower to dry off.  She grabbed a towel and patted him dry, being careful to make sure his penis and privates were gently toweled off.  When done, she hung the towel on his penis, and giggled.  Mitch reached for a second towel, but she grabbed it first and quickly dried off.  Lifting the towel off his penis she said “I think I'm going to have to do something about this.”

They went back into the bedroom, she leading him to the bed with her hand on his dick.  This time, she laid him down.  She didn't waste any time, kneeling on the bed next to his thighs and proceeded to kiss and lick his penis.  She softly caressed his balls and took him into her mouth, playfully rolling the tip with her tongue.  Just as Mitch was starting to enjoy it all she stopped.

“Dear, why'd you stop?”  He asked.  She had stopped licking and moving, but still had him in her mouth.  She let the penis fall out and turned to him with what could only be described as an evil grin.

“I want you to fuck me like Titan does”  she said.  Hearing her say “fuck” was exciting, even though it was mixed the bestiality images.  She didn't wait for a response.  She crawled up on the bed on her arms and legs and wiggled her ass in the air.  For some reason, even he didn't know, he just laid there and watched.  “Come on, please?” Traci begged. 

Mitch sat up and moved down behind her.  Oh, her ass was a thing of beauty.  He moved up behind it and kneaded her buns.  He dipped his thumbs in her crack and worked his way past her little anus to her pussy.  She was moist, so he aimed his dick and pressed forward.  He slipped in and held still for a moment.  Just like yesterday in the back yard, Traci dropped to her elbows and pushed her ass up in the air, giving him even better access.  He began to pump into her pussy.  The feel of her young vagina enveloping his dick was incredible, and he increased his pace and force.  Traci was grunting with every thrust.  The sight of her ass stuck up in the air with his dick going in and out of her pussy was amazing.  He watched as her pussy lips pulled out along with his dick when he backed out of her, then disappeared when he pushed back in.  He ran his hands over her magnificent butt.  It was too much.  His orgasm came at him like a tsunami.  He plunged deep into her and she let go a stifled scream.  While she shook with her orgasm he came into her. 

He knelt behind her for a minute, then collapsed backwards.  This time there was no towel, and he watched as his semen and her secretions oozed out of her pussy, and ran down her leg.  He grabbed a pillow, took the pillow case off, and caught it before it fell onto the sheets.  He wiped her clean and then himself, tossing the used pillow case into the bathroom.  He reached down and pulled Traci up from behind and held her, his hands covering her breasts.  She turned her head and they kissed again. 

After cooking her pancakes for breakfast (she loved pancakes). She slowly packed her things while he cleaned up.  He met her upstairs and asked if she had everything.  “I think so” Traci responded.  He noticed she had been crying.

“Come on, let's go downstairs” he said as he motioned her out of the guest room. They stopped at the entryway.  Mitch held both of her arms, looked directly into her eyes, and said “I love you, Traci.  Thank you for loving me.” 

Traci was too emotional to talk, and just grabbed a hold of him with a tight hug.  He put his hand on her chin and gently turned her head to kiss her.  Not a deep French kiss but a soft full kiss on the lips.  “I think you'd better go before your Mom calls.” 

“I don't want to, Grandpa” Traci said. 

“I know.  I would like you to stay as well.  But remember, if we don't hide what we have, then we'll never have it.  You need to go home now.”

“You're right.  When can I see you again?”

“We'll think of something” he winked.  “We have to.”

He opened the door, grabbed her bag, and led her out to her car.  He threw the bag in the back seat, and opened her door.  Before she got in he kissed her on the cheek and whispered “I love you.”    She kissed him on the cheek “I love you too Grandpa.”  Traci got in, started the car, waved, and backed out of the driveway.  She waved once more before heading down the street.  Mitch already missed her.  He'd find a way.  He had to find a way for them to be together.

Love a good and well-formatted story!
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Beautiful story!
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Thanks Crosspeen

Love a good and well-formatted story!
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Wonderful story! Can we be expecting more?
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Thanks ouroboros.  I did leave it open ended.  I have an idea of where I want to go with the story, just not sure of how to get there.  Need to think about it over some single barrel whiskey...

Love a good and well-formatted story!
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Awesome. Keep on writing please.

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Lovely story...had an awesome affect on me
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