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Night of the Living MILFs (MF, MMFF, etc)

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on: June 27, 2015, 03:16:50 AM
Title         : Night of the Living MILFs

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : MF, MMFF, MMMFFF, etc.

Date        : 20150627

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Synopsis : Two men on a business trip meet some available women.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. If wish to hell shit like this really happened.


A lot of weird things have happened to me, in the course of my life. We're all like that, everybody got weird shit goin' on, at some point in their life. One of the weirdest happened one hot August night, in Miami. I was at a convention, a convention of the most boring shit ever. A convention for people who's businesses made shit out of paper. It was just folding and gluing and printing machines mostly, stupid shit like that. Friday sucked, and Saturday was worse. When the place finally closed down at five, it was a relief to walk out into the hot damp ocean air.

There was a guy there with me, whom I hadn't really known before this trip, but we had managed to get along pretty good. He was my age, mid thirties, and seemed fairly normal and likable. I'd been stuck in hotel rooms with much worse, in the past.

Okay. I am, like I said, mid thirties. I got a funny name, funny to some people, and when I tell you the shit that happened down there, it might seem funnier. My name is Peter South. If you ever watch porn, you know who Peter North is, he's the guy with the big dick. I'm no Peter North, but I do hold my own, as I'll tell you about.

Anyway, we walked back to our hotel, and changed into street clothes, deciding to go get something to eat.

"Let's stop by the bar for a second," said Dave. "We don' hafta order, but let's scope out the... scene."

I assumed he meant the girls. We'd talked a little, and I knew he was probably about as big a womanizer as I was. I mean, who ain't, nowdays? If you can get it, go for it. It hadn't happened on this trip, so far, but I had hopes for tonight. I like women. I pretty much live for them. I'm inbetween girlfriends now, and, yeah, it'd been a while. I was charged up, ready to go.

I agreed, and we took the elevator down. The bar was small and simple, and pretty packed for early evening. We immediately saw two fine looking women at the bar, and settled in next to them.

"Good evening, ladies," said Dave, and I nodded. I realized that I'd seen them earlier today, at the convention. We made some small talk, and I pointed out that they were paper products people too.

"Don't fuckin' remind me," said one of the girls, the shorter darker brunette. "I'm really tired of that shit. We have big hopes for this evening."

I laughed. "Yeah, us too." I said. The other woman smiled at me. She was a blonde, and almost classically beautiful. I liked her already, I really liked her. She was maybe my age, maybe a wee bit older, and she looked good, tight and firm, MILFy to the max. I looked at her finger, but saw no ring, although... I could tell from her tan line, that she'd worn one in the past... the recent past. I wondered if she was newly single, or if she just wanted to play without questions tonight.

"I'm Peter," I said, and presented my hand. She shook it firmly, and said, "Dawn."

The other girl introduced herself as Maria, and Dave introduced himself. Good. Got that shit out of the way.

"Ladies," I said, "would you like to do dinner? I got an unlimited expense account."

They giggled, and whispered among themselves for a moment. It wasn't really unlimited, but that didn't matter, for one night. I'd write it off as "business." They were paper people, after all. Dave met my eye and nodded imperceptibly. I knew he was pleased. I sure as hell was.

"Okay," said Maria, "but..." she giggled... "we gotta be back in our room... by tomorrow morning, for when our plane leaves." Dawn shook her head, looking down, almost seeming embarrassed. Dave and I laughed.

"We can probably manage that," said Dave, and stood, presenting his arm to Maria. She took it, and as I stood I felt Dawn slide her hand into mine. Shit, I thought, this isn't even work. I like a little bit of a challenge, but this was falling into place pretty damn fast. I wondered if they'd stay interested in us.

I know I'm not the handsomest fish in the sea. I'm okay, I stayed out of the sun, and I'm not prematurely old and weatherbeaten. I still got hair, hooray. I can hold my own, I mean, I can't compete with the twenty-somethings, but who can. But I usually do okay. I've gotten used to picking up chicks, and I hafta say I've probably gotten pretty good at it. But I almost felt like these two picked us up, at this point.

We left the hotel, and walked down the boardwalk to restaurant row. We finally settled on a place, and were seated. We made small talk, and ordered. The meal progressed nicely, and it was pleasant to sit in the company of two fine looking females. Dawn was charming, a little shy, at times... I felt like she was shy on purpose, that she knew it made her kinda mysterious and sexy. She did it well, and I gotta admit, I was pretty enamored of her. I wondered more and more my chances of getting to know her a little better. A little intimately better.

"Peter," she said, and I gave her my whole attention. "Are you married?"

I laughed, and showed her my finger. No ring, no suntan, no indentions in the flesh from years of wearing a ring. "No, I'm not, and never have been," I said.

"I have a confession," she whispered, almost in my ear. Feeling her breath on the side of my head was sexy and hot. I loved it. I nodded.

"I am married. For sixteen years. Does that bother you?" she asked, looking kind of coy.

"Of course not..." I said, "I understand. I respect the institute of marriage, it just hasn't happened yet for me."

"You'd better get busy," said Maria, "that shit don't last forever."

We all laughed, but Dawn seemed kind of embarrassed, once again. I wondered if she was feeling guilty, being out with somebody other than her husband. My hopes for the progression of events of the evening receded somewhat.

The meal ended, and I paid, and we stood to leave. Once again, she slipped her hand into mind. After we left the restaurant, I dropped her hand, and placed my arm over her shoulder. She was tall, but it was still comfortable, and felt natural. She didn't seem to mind.

We walked down to the water, and we all took our shoes off and rolled up our pants legs. Both the girls were wearing business suits, and they looked attractive and professional in them. Apparently they hadn't changed clothes yet, like we had. I wondered what Dawn would look like, in a skirt. Probably sexier than shit. She looked like she'd have nice legs. Hell, she was half leg, at least. And her butt looked full and nice, in those slacks.

We held hands again, and walked down the beach.

"What do you girls feel like doing?" Dave said. "Wanna go back to the bar?"

"I dunno..." said Maria. I could tell already she was the leader of the two of them. She was okay, kind of dark and dusky, almost a little Hispanic looking. She had fantastic tits, and I hoped Dave could tell me more about them later. Dawn had nice tits, too, so high and firm that I almost wondered if she'd had a boob job.

"Let's sit on the deck and talk," said Maria, and we all agreed. That was cool, too. It didn't have to always be intense, expensive fun. We found a table and some chairs, and I seated Dawn, and sat beside her. I was immediately conscious of her knee, in the side of my leg. She seemed to not notice.

"This is so beautiful," said Dawn, "Philadelphia is gonna suck big time, after this."

We all laughed. I looked at Dawn, and she met my eyes squarely, then coyly looked down. I pulled back my expectations even further. I liked the girl, I seriously liked her. It was too bad she was married, and seemed to be wrestling with herself over it. I felt that from her, for some reason.

An hour went by. We talked and joked, and Dawn seemed to slowly come out of her shell. Her real personality seemed to shine through, kind of bubbly and almost loud, but sexy. I more than liked her by now, I really liked her.

"You know what's really going on in there," Maria said, in mid-conversation with Dave, and motioning to the hotel rising behind her.

"What?" said Dave.

"At any moment," she said, her voice dropping in volume, "at any given moment, in at least half of those rooms... fucking!"

Dave met my eye, and we laughed. Dawn looked embarrassed, but she laughed, too.

"That's just part of being on vacation," Dave said. "People act differently, on vacation."

"Yes," said Dawn, "and who knows, maybe they're... making love to their wives or husbands, or whoever they came with."

"Yeah, maybe," said Maria, "doubtful, but maybe."

I've noticed that before, though, what she said. This wasn't my first convention. People, women as far as I was concerned with, women acted different, far away from home. Especially far away from their husbands. This wasn't the first time I'd cut a married gal out of the herd. And I knew it wouldn't be the last.

I looked at Maria, wondering. Sure enough, she still even had her wedding ring on. She seemed like that kind, strong and confident, and there was little doubt in my mind that she'd take her share of man-meat tonight, wedding ring or not. I still doubted it about Dawn, and I thought to myself, yep, Dave old buddy, say good morning to Maria for me. I wondered if I'd have to spend the night in the lobby, to give them some privacy.

"Well," said Dawn, "it is different, for some reason. There's a... freedom... I dunno how to explain it."

"Yeah, freedom to fuck," said Maria, laughing. Dawn reddened, looked down, and then looked at me. I smiled gently at her, not wanting her to think I was an insensitive lout. She smiled back, at least.

We talked a while longer. Dawn seemed to be warming up to me. Every time she laughed, I felt her knee on my leg. I started to put my hand on it a dozen times, but I didn't want to scare her off.

She told me about her kids, two of them. She told me she was happy being married... but, she said. Sometimes, and she seemed kind of wistful, sometimes I feel like I missed out on so much.

"Darlin'," I said. I felt comfortable enough with her by now to call her darling. She didn't seem to notice. "Darlin', everybody feels that, at times. You must have married Mr. Right, if you've made it sixteen years with him."

"Yeah..." she said, sighing. "It looks like that from outside, I admit. But we do have our... problems. I know he's seen other people, in the past. And I'm no saint, either. But I think... until the kids are out of the house... I think we'll probably stick together."

I felt for her. She almost seemed to be in an unhappy marriage to me, after that. And what did she mean, that she was no saint? Did she mean she played around, too? I wondered if she was thinking of being unsaintly tonight. I started to see possibilities, once again.

"Well," I said, "I admire anyone who's made it that long. That's unusual, in this day and age. Congratulations."

She smiled weakly, and we talked about the weather for a while. It was supposed to rain later, but hell, this was Miami. We'd just move indoors if it did.

It was getting dusky. The sun would set in an hour. I wondered how to keep this going, and how to allow it to progress. I wondered if Dawn was still wrestling with her conscience. I was glad I didn't have to.

I would do this lady. Gladly. She seemed sexy and level headed, and just plain nice. Did I mention sexy? She was sexy without trying. She'd had two kids, but that didn't mean anything to me. I didn't demand perfection, not at this age. I was past that. A few stretch marks wouldn't slow me down a bit. And, if push came to shove... I was confident in my ability to please her. To maybe even give her something to remember.

"Would you ladies like to see our wonderful room?" Dave said, "it's fabulous. It's got a big glass wall, and a TV, and an icebox. And, its very own bathroom."

"You make it sound very appealing," said Maria. "We have nothing except a dirty mattress and an old sheet. We have to pee out the window."

"Oh, I'd like to see that," said Dave, laughing.

"Stand right there, and look up," said Maria, pointing. "Room 853. I'll tell you it's raining, when I do it."

Dawn seemed embarrassed again, but laughed. Maria pulled out her phone, and furiously typed for a few moments. Dawn jumped, and pulled her phone out of an inner pocket, and read. She typed back, and then Maria typed again. I laughed. Three feet apart, and they were messaging.

"Sure!" said Maria, "We'd love to see your fabulous room!"


We had two small couches, in front of the slabs of glass that were the East wall, and the four of us sat, and made some more small talk. Dave stood, and Maria followed him to his bed where they sat, and he thumbed the remote.

"Peter..." said Dawn. Oh shit, I thought, here it comes, yay or nay.

"You are a very nice guy. I like you," she said. That didn't sound like a very hopeful start.

"Thank you," I said, almost embarrassed. "You are a very nice lady. I like you, too."

"Oh, shit," she said almost angrily, and looked down. I felt for her.

"Aww, darlin'," I said, putting my arm around her. She leaned into me. We were back to hopeful, then.

"Peter," she said, "Let me start again. I've enjoyed your company this evening. I'll admit... I'm very tempted. I don't want... I don't want you to think I'm that kind of girl..."

"Dawn, baby," I said, "I make no judgments. I love your company, and this was a wonderful evening. I admire and respect you. I will not do anything that you don't wish. If nothing else, let's sit here, and let me hold you."

She sighed again. She leaned further into me, and I carefully wrapped my arms around her, holding her like I'd said I would do. I felt her body slowly loosen up, and she relaxed.

"Thank you," she said, in a small voice.

"Darlin'," I said, "it's nothing. I love just being with you. Just sit here with me."

"That motherfucker!" she said angrily. I couldn't stifle my quick snort of surprise.

"He's probably with that bitch, right now," she said, "the kids are with my parents, and he's probably fucking her, as we speak."

I felt for her. I understood. I wanted to tell her, hey, so you're free to fuck around too, but I didn't want to trivialize it. It sounded like it bothered her, still. Like I said, I understood. What the fuck was wrong with the guy, that this girl wasn't enough for him? What was his problem?

"Darlin'," I said, my voice low. I bent my head and spoke right into her ear. I knew from experience that felt sexy. I hoped she was getting in the mood for sexy. "Darlin', life just goes like that sometimes. We gotta take the bad, and make our own good. If you wish... tonight... just forget about everything. If you can, darlin', let it go. Enjoy yourself."

She lay in my arms, and I realized she was crying. Oh, shit. I pulled her up, and looked in her eyes. I wanted her to see my eyes. I know that's unfair and manipulative, but this thing happens to me that really endears me to women. I'm weird, I can't see a woman cry, especially one in my arms, without crying a little myself. I don't know why, but I have a reaction that way. I felt the tears in the corner of my eye, and I could see her eyes widen as she noticed.

"Baby," I said, "I'm sorry. Don't worry... let me hold you." She looked down, and I pulled her down to my chest. We sat there, and I held her. I felt the wetness of her tears through my shirt. Shit, I thought, where do we go from here? Can it happen, in spite of this?

I don't mean to sound like a cold-hearted bastard, only looking for one thing. I felt for the girl. But now, more than ever, I wanted to make it special for her. I wanted her to totally forget about that bastard at home.

I heard a noise, and looked over to the beds. Dave was laid on his back, and Maria was literally on top of him. Their mouths were glued together, and his hands were on her ass. She was making some kind of growling noise. Jeezus, I thought, that moved right along.

"Peter..." Dawn said again, and I looked down at her. She was looking at Maria and Dave too, and she giggled. I was glad that she seemed to be over her crying spell.

"I think..." she whispered, "I think that some of that... fucking... is going to go on tonight."

"Yeah," I whispered back. "but we're adults. We'll deal with it, if it does."

"Peter," she whispered, and her hot breath felt sexier than fuck in my ear canal. "Peter, thank you... for being so nice to me. Thanks for understanding."

"No problem," I whispered back. I didn't feel too bad, sure, I'd scammed her a little with the tears but I really did feel for her. I looked at her, from six inches away. I could love this, I thought. I could really fall right into love with this.

"Come on," she said, and I felt her getting up. I followed, and she went to the balcony door and slid it open. We moved out into the oppressive evening heat.

"Let's give them a little privacy," she giggled, and I nodded. She stood at the rail, and I joined her. She turned slightly, and pressed her body against mine. I don't need a lot of cues, and I wrapped my arms around her, again.

"It's so beautiful here," she whispered, and I nodded, my lips an inch from her ear. I gently kissed it, to see if she noticed. She didn't seem to. "Two fucking days," she said. "Real life is gonna suck, after this."

"I'm sorry, darlin'," I said, and I was. But I didn't really know what to tell her, from here on. I'm not a marriage counselor.

"Peter..." she said, and turned her head. Our faces were inches apart. "Help me... help me forget, just for one night."

For an answer I pressed my lips against hers. Her mouth tasted sweet and clean, and almost immediately, I felt her tongue on my lips. I opened my mouth, and we touched tongues. She giggled. I was pleased. I'm in, I thought. It's gonna happen. But I was serious, I wanted to give the girl something special. I wanted to make her scream. I hoped I could.

We stood there on the balcony for twenty minutes, probably, kissing. I rubbed her back, as we kissed, and eventually my hands were up under her arms, on the sides of her breasts. She didn't seem to mind a bit. She growled at one point, even, in my mouth, and I laughed, silently. Yep, Dawn was coming out of her shell.

I plastered my hand on her tits. She had spectacular tits, not too big, but certainly not too small. About the size of two grapefruits, maybe. I could tell, even through her brassiere, that they were all natural. That pleased me. I don't mind fake boobs, but these felt lovely and soft. I squeezed gently and felt her hard nipples. I was really getting pumped by this time.

Finally she was almost bent over the rail backwards as I kissed her. I hoped the railing held and we didn't fall eleven stories, locked in a kiss. I felt her hands beneath me on the front of her shirt and realized she was unbuttoning it. Shit, that turned me on, it was almost dark now, but I realized anybody out on the sundeck could look up and see us, albeit eleven stories up, but they could see us. When her shirt was open I slid my hands inside it. Her bra was a front fastener, and she slid it open. Without any hesitation I grabbed her tits, feeling her rock-hard nipples in my palm.

God, she had nice tits. I cannot go on enough about them. I can't believe she had kids, and some lucky little brat got to suck on them. I envied the kid. I had high hopes myself for sucking on them this evening.

She seemed to have no reservation about being on display, although she did still have her shirt on, and she was turned to the building. I squeezed and played, my mouth still glued to hers.

"Let's..." she said at last, "let's go... in..."

"Yeah," I said. I was anxious to lay her down. We re-entered the room, and to my absolute shock, Maria and Dave were energetically fucking. She was on her hands and knees on the bed, and he was pounding her from behind. Damn, I thought, past third base and sliding into home. She was a loud girl, too, moaning and whining and almost barking like a dog at times. She kind of cracked me up.

Dawn looked at me and giggled, I think "snigger" is actually the world for what she did. It was sexy, seeing the fucking going on. I managed to catch Dave's eye, and he gave me a casual wave, then dropped his hands back to Maria's waist. He was pounding her good, you could see the shock waves in her ass when he hit bottom. Maria still looked good, for an old heifer, I'm sure she was pushing forty, if a day. She had a cute little belly, but she looked good. Her bra was still on, but pulled down. Other than a pair of orthopedic-looking socks, she was already naked.

I sat on the bed, and pulled Dawn down into my lap. She went readily, and our lips touched again. My hands roamed her body, and I pulled her blouse off, and she dropped her bra in the floor. She stood, then, and slid her slacks down. She had a cute little pair of panties on, a thong, really, and just as quickly those hit the ground. Fuck, I thought, an hour ago I had almost given up on this, and now she's fucking naked. Jeezus.

Those tits. I was right about her tits. They were spectacular. They were round, and smooth, and absolutely fucking sexy. Her nipples were two fat buds of flesh, poking out like the tip of my index finger. Her aureoles were as big as silver dollars. I smashed my face into them, and sucked them into my mouth. Her nipples were hard, hard... I felt like she was one of those girls who's nipples were always hard. I could taste her body, a slight perfume taste, a tiny hint of sweat (this is Miami, remember) and some indefinable essence that was probably just her. My cock was way past the hard stage.

I leaned back, ready for her, but instead she reached down and tried to unsnap my pants. I had to do that for her, and I pulled my shirt over my head before standing and dropping my drawers. My underwear was tented out nicely, I hope she could tell how much I liked her. She looked at me, a positively evil grin on her face, and leaned forward, sliding my shorts down. My cock sprang free, almost in her face.

I gotta say, I'm a lucky guy. I'm no Peter North, like I said, earlier, but I have a nice cock. It's at least a good inch over average, and in cocks, one inch looks like three in the real world. It looks like I have a huge cock. It's fat, at least, and I've had girls say that's more important that length. I feel blessed, anyway. I knew I could make her happy.

"Jeezus, Peter," she breathed, looking at my cock, "You are fucking twice the man my fucking husband is..."

That made me feel good. Simple cock size doesn't make you a man, but I understood. I hoped she would enjoy it. She seemed to be warming up to it nicely.

"I gotta taste that shit," she said, and dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me. Here we go, I thought. Here we fuckin' go.

She was good. Her old man was lucky. She was good at what she did. And she gulped it right down her throat, I felt her teeth on my pubic hair. One of her hands grabbed my balls at the top, and she tugged on them. It felt sexier than shit, a little harder and it would have hurt, but it felt good.

She slurped out to the end, circled my cap with her tongue, and then plunged it back down her throat. She was good, she had missed her calling. She was fabulous.

Another thing else I can do, that helps... I learned long ago to relax my prostate, or whatever than damn thing is in there, and it helped me to keep from cumming. I could go for a long time, unless they got really frenzied and concentrated on the cap of my dick, I could almost go for hours. I wanted to do that for her, I wanted to fuck her, and have her cum and cum and cum. I felt like I could do it, I'd done it for other girls before, and I want this girl to feel it. I wanted her to remember that about me, before anything else. The BJ was fun, but I sure wasn't gonna let myself cum from it.

I could look down and see her pussy. I wanted my share of that. I lifted her up, and she dropped my cock, looking almost puzzled.

"Get on the bed, baby," I said, "I wanna taste you, too."

She understood and nodded. Damn, she looked good, her stomach was firm and tight, maybe a little loose skin, but it looked nice. I could see some tiny stretch marks, but she looked positively fine. I congratulated myself. This was going to be one to remember.

I lay back, and she crawled on top of me. I could still hear Dave in the next bed, his thighs slapping Maria's ass. Dawn turned, and lowered her cunt onto my face, dropping her head to take my dick in her mouth yet again.

And damn... I know I'm going on and on about the girl... but, damn. She tasted good. I got to smell her for one second before she got low enough that her cunt was basically scrubbing into my face, and she smelled good. And damn did she ever taste good. She had a hell of a taste, I'm sure she'd showered last night or this morning, but she'd been at the convention all day, and she had a great taste. I'm a sucker for a tasty cunt, I love the shit out of that smell, and taste. And she was definitely in the top percentile.

She was shaven, all except for a little puff of fuzz over the top of her pussy, and the feeling of her smooth skin on my face as unreal. I tried to find her clit, and she giggled and groaned on top of me. I felt the vibrations in her throat on the cap of my dick. I was hungry already to taste her asshole, I was sure that it would be spectacular. Everything so far had been beyond good.

I have no idea how long we did that. She sucked my cock, and played with my balls, and I slurped her sweet cunt, loving her tastes. She seemed to get wetter by the minute, and that tasted great, too. Pussy juice doesn't have a lot of flavor, but I could taste hers, and hell, I'm kind of a connoisseur of that shit, anyway. I know a good one when I have it in my mouth.

She pulled away from me. Now, I thought. Now is the time on Sprockets when we fuck. She crawled up beside me, and I took her in my arms. Our mouths ground together, and I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth.

"Baby," she said, into my mouth, "Baby, fuck me, darlin', fuck me!"

I was only to glad to comply. We rolled, to where she was on bottom. I felt my cock rubbing on the crease of her leg. In an instant her hot hands were on it, guiding it to the mouth of her pussy. I pushed into her slowly, and damn was she wet. I sped up a bit.

Like I said, one dick inch equals about three in the real world. I felt myself going deeper and deeper into her, and it felt ungodly sexy, like it always does. She had her eyes closed and her mouth opened, and she seemed frozen as I pushed that final inch into her body. I looked down at her and laughed, and her eyes flicked open.

"Don't you laugh at me, you fucker!" she said, but she was laughing to.

"Baby, you look so cute," I said, "I love you, darlin', I honestly love you." I plastered my mouth on hers, and pulled my cock out of her body, almost all the way out. I plunged back in, and she gasped, and I felt her body shake beneath me. I continued, "you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I wanna take you home and fuck you 'til you beg for mercy."

She opened her eyes again. "You've got twelve more hours to do that shit," she said, once again almost wistfully. I promised myself to make it good for her.

About this time, Maria came. Damn, did she ever. I'm sure the neighbors heard it, too. She really wailed. I cut my eyes and looked over, and saw Dave laughing as he finished her.

I concentrated on making Dawn cum. I slid into and out of her cunt, in long strokes, and I felt her tremble beneath me. She curled her hands up into fists, and I could feel the muscles in her legs tightening. She leaned her head back further and further, and I could see the muscles and tendons in her neck. It was sexier than hell. She gave an explosive burst of breath, and came. She wasn't as loud as Maria, but she came good. I buried my hands in her ass, pulled her against me. Her ass was literally cool to my touch, and that turned me on, for some reason. I rubbed her asshole, and sniffed my finger. She was sexy off the scale. I sucked on my finger, and poked it right into the center of her sweet rosebud. She had finished cumming by then, but I hoped that was just one of many. I kept on fucking away, now gently sawing my finger in and out of her asshole.

"Thank you," she breathed, "fuckin' thank you... fuck fuck fuck..." I laughed, and she giggled. She closed her eyes, and let me fuck her. I glanced over to the other bed, which was strangely silent now. Dave was gone, I guess to the bathroom, and Maria sat on the side of the bed, facing us, and was texting away madly on her phone. I laughed, we were having the fuck of a lifetime, and she was on her fucking phone. Too funny. I wondered if she was posting, "Hey I just got fucked" on Facebook or something.

I leaned down, and put my face beside Dawn's, as we fucked. It felt comfortable, she was nice and warm and smelled good. I could love this, I thought again, I could end it right here and now with this girl, and marry her ass, if she wasn't already married. I wondered about the wisdom of staying in touch with her, for when her kids finally grew up. I loved her, at that moment. I don't usually fall in love so easy, but this one got through to me. I loved her.

She came again, to my satisfaction, and ten minutes later yet again. The third one surprised her, I think, and after it was over she looked up at me, and said, conversationally, "I've never done three before. Thank you."

I laughed at her. "Baby," I whispered, "stick with me and I'll make you cum a hundred times. I can do this all night." I was turned on, but I felt like I could still go all night. When I finally came, it was gonna be a gully-washer.

She laughed softly and relaxed, her shoulder-length blonde hair cascading around her head like a halo. I kept on fucking her. I wanted more for her, now, I wanted her to remember this forever.

About the time I felt like we were seconds away from number four, of all crazy things, somebody knocked on the door. Not simply knocked, they pounded. Shit fuck, what now? I thought. I wondered if it was our neighbors, trying to get some sleep, but hell, it wasn't even nine o'clock yet. Maria jumped off the bed, and opened the door as I thought, shit! I was fucking Dawn on the bed right in front of the door. We'd be in plain sight. The bed was still made, I couldn't even cover us. My asshole was pointed right at the door, and I felt for whoever peeked in.

"Jean, Donna!" I heard Maria say, and I heard the door shut again. Good. I could tell from the voices, though, there were now more people in the room. It was weird to be fucking, with strange people behind me.

Somebody walked beside the bed, and I looked up, kind of shamefacedly. It was another tall woman, a brunette this time, and damn good looking. I'd guess her age at early forties. She was dressed in a white blouse, a tight leather skirt, and high boots.

"Dawn, honey," she said, leaning down.  Dawn opened her eyes, and grinned up at her. "What's goin' on, girl?" the woman said, and leaned down further, and they kissed, just a quick peck.

"Not much," said Dawn, gasping, "just gettin'... fucked..." they both giggled. Jeezus, I thought, what are they doing here? Should I finish up? It was obvious, though, by then, they were here for another reason than simple visiting. Jean, the tall older brunette, was sitting on the couch and seemed to be removing her boots. The other girl, a smaller, plumper brunette, already had her slacks off.

I looked down at Dawn, and she grinned up at me. I covered her mouth with mine, and we kissed. I pulled away. "Keep going?" I asked. She grinned and nodded.

"Keep going," she said, and I pumped away. Within a minute, the plump girl, Donna, was lustily being fucked by Dave. Damn, I thought, Dave is a one-man fucking machine. Maria and Jean sat on the couch, blabbering away to each other. It was almost surreal.

Dawn eventually came again, and I heard Maria and Jean shut up for a merciful moment. Jean approached, and leaned down again, holding her hair out of the way. She kissed Dawn as Dawn came down from her orgasm, a long slow kiss, and it was sexier than shit to watch. The back of her head was so close I could smell her perfume. I almost lost it, and shot off at that moment, but I held on.

Dawn smiled up at me after Jean sat back down, and I grinned down at her.

"That was sexy," I whispered, and she laughed.

"We're just friends," she whispered back, and laughed again. She was silent then, as I looked down at her, loving her. She opened her mouth, and closed it. Then she opened it again.

"Peter..." she said. I nodded. "This isn't the first time... we've done something like this... I hope you are not shocked or disappointed."

I laughed. "Fuck no," I said. "Truth be known, I'm turned on. And seeing her kiss you was sexier than fuck."

She laughed, and I pumped away, my cock sliding into and out of her cunt like it was made of wet silk. I felt her trembling beneath me.

"Peter..." she said, "I won't mind... whatever you do. I don't own you. I'd like to, but I don't. I would appreciate it... if you could... if you could show my friends... as good a time as you've shown me..."

I laughed again. Shit, I thought, this is unreal. I'm getting asked, almost begged, to fuck more women. More good-looking women, on top of that.

I leaned in, and put my mouth to her ear. "I'll do my best," I said, "but I love you most of all. I will always love you, darlin'..."

"Awww..." she said, and I almost thought she was gonna cry again. We kissed, and I pumped a little faster. I wanted her to have one more, before I let her go.


The next five hours were a blur. Dawn got her fifth, and crowed about it to the others. I sat on the edge of the bed with Jean, and talked for a few moments, before we got down to business. Dawn had disappeared into the bathroom. I didn't feel unfaithful to her, but I did feel a little... awkward, as I finally took Jean in my arms and began to kiss her. She was sweet, and tasted like cinnamon. I loved her, not near as much as I loved Dawn, but I loved her, too.

Jean was fun to fuck, she was, like I said, older than Dawn, but still in good shape. Her tits were larger, and her butt a little plumper, but it felt good beneath my hands, as I pumped away at her cunt. She came hard, and surprised me, and I kept on going, until she started having number two. She got louder and more frenzied, and I could tell she was about to cum. Dawn rose from the couch, and crawled up on the bed beside us, and then turned, backing up, and placing her ass right in my face. Jean reached up from below, and I could tell she was kissing Dawn's stomach. Dawn's ass looked incredibly sexy, her little asshole was the cutest thing ever, and I buried my face in it, tasting her sexy taste and smelling her sexy smells. I had dreamed earlier of tasting her ass, and I was finally getting to do just that. Just feeling her puckered asshole beneath my tongue made my cock jump. And her taste... unreal. She had a really sexy ass.

Jean finally just lay back and came, bouncing and writhing beneath me. Dawn turned at met my eye as best she could, and we laughed. I dropped back to her ass, not wanting to miss a second of it. She finally crawled away, and went back to the couch. Jean sat up, panting for breath.

"Thank you, darlin'," she said, and I knew she was releasing me. "Fuck one of the little girls now," she said, and we laughed. Maria stood, her eyes making question marks. I could hear Donna cumming in the bed next to me. I motioned to Maria. Come on, darlin'.

Maria was fun, one-eighty off from Dawn, but still fun. She was energetic, I swear you couldn't tell she'd had the shit fucked out of her less than an hour ago. I was starting to hit the wall, and I realized I probably needed to go ahead and shoot my load, at some point. I knew after an hour I'd be ready to go again.

Maria finally came, thank god, as loud and rowdy as she'd been for Dave. I looked up. To my shock, Dave was fucking Dawn, and I almost got jealous, but then I forced myself to back off. I knew what kind of party this was. She was probably just fucking him out of sympathy or something. I knew she still loved me the most. She raised her head and shyly looked at me, and finally grinned when I smiled at her. I didn't care, I decided, I still loved her. She was still mine. And he'd better not cum inside her, either.

Donna was a little strange, but sweet. She was probably the heaviest girl I've ever fucked, but it was fun, and I got her to cum, as well as Dawn ever had. She thanked me sincerely, and we both giggled.

At some point that morning I looked over to the couch, and saw Dawn and Jean yet again locked in a kiss. They kissed and kissed, at last coming up for air. I saw Dawn's eyes instinctively look for me, and I smiled and winked at her. She giggled and looked embarrassed, but it was sexier than fuck.

At last I was back around to Dawn. She came to me, when she saw me look at her, and I sat on the side of the bed and rocked her. She giggled and we kissed, and kissed and kissed. I could hear the other girls talking away.

"Baby," I said, "I gotta cum at some point, or I'll blow up. May I?"

She breathed in my face. "Peter, honey, I'm sorry!" She reached down and petted my semi-hard cock. "Baby, you can cum in me, anytime. Or how about a nice BJ? I swallow!"

"I don't care," I said, "and thank you."

"Oh," she said, "the pleasure is all mine!"

We laid down, missionary-style, and I slid into her, and stopped fighting my prostate. When she came, for like the sixth time that evening, I let myself go, and filled her up with cum. I pumped and pumped into her, it was intense and sexy and everything I'd hoped for. I felt like I was going to pass out after waiting that long.

We lay there on the bed after that, holding each other, and I murmured silly shit to her, and she ate it up. Just then, of all crazy fucking things, there was a another knock on the door. I held Dawn over me like a shield, and we looked at the door. Two more women entered, and, thank god, to even things up a bit, a nice looking young guy entered. I think he looked a little surprised, Dawn and I were naked laying on the bed, two other naked women were sitting on the couch, and Dave was fucking Jean on the other bed. Dave waved, and said, "Come in! Take a number!" and everyone laughed.

"This is Stan," said one of the women, and introductions were made all around. I don't remember the women's names, things got kinda fuzzy somewhere around there. I do remember fucking one of them, she was fine, early thirties, supermodel material. She fucked nicely, and came like a million bucks, and I know the neighbors heard that one. I had came less than an hour ago, but my dick got hard for her, no problem, and I fucked the shit out of her. She smiled sweetly at me when I helped her up, and kissed me. I loved her, but my heart still belonged to Dawn.

Stan was young, a typical hardbody, and he got passed from woman to woman. I even fucked Jean again for a while as Stan and Dawn fucked on the same bed, the girl's heads side by side. I managed to kiss Dawn while she came from being fucked by Stan, although it was an upside-down kiss, but it was sweet and it made her laugh.

Somewhere deep in the morning I fucked Dawn again, and after that we stole a few moments in the bathroom. While she was peeing she took my tired cock in her mouth and tried to suck some life back into it.

"Baby," I said, "is there something about you and Jean I need to know?"

She giggled, and looked flustered. "Naw..." she said, dropping my cock. "We're just really good friends... there might be someday, but we haven't got brave enough to try anything yet..."

"Well, it's sexier than fuck," I said, which was true. I would die to see the two of them make out. I would fuckin' die.

I crouched below her, and when she finished she scooted forward and I licked the pee off her cunt, turned on by the bitter taste. I could even taste a slight residue of my sperm, from fucking her earlier, and that turned me on. Ordinarily it would have disgusted me, but the fact that it was her got me off. I licked and licked, and she had a long slow low-key orgasm as she sat there, but I think she was just about orgasmed out by now. I know I was. After we left the bathroom we laid on the bed and I just held her as the party wound down.

"I'm sore, baby," she whispered, and I laughed.

"You think you are..." I whispered, and she laughed.

We took a break, put our clothes on, and walked the shore an hour before dawn. The beach was deserted, and she turned to me, smiling.

"Come on!" she said, yanking her shirt off. Her breasts gleamed like silver in the pre-dawn darkness. I loved her more at that moment than I'd ever loved anything in my whole life. I kissed her as I unbuttoned my slacks. We plunged into the water, and she shrieked at the coldness of it. It didn't feel that bad to me.

We held each other, standing neck-deep in the still morning water of the Atlantic ocean, maybe a hundred feet from shore. We kissed, long and slow. Her hard nipples ground into my chest, as I hugged her to me, trying to keep her warm.

"I'm gonna miss you," she said sadly, and we kissed again. I saw tears slide down her cheeks.

"Baby..." I said, breathing into her face, "baby, please let's stay in touch... just in case. Nothing intense or involved, but please stay in touch with me. I would die if... if there was ever a chance, and I didn't at least get to try."

She didn't say anything, she just curled up against my chest, and let me hold her as the sky brightened. I finally kissed her and we turned back to shore.

"Peter," she said, her voice low and urgent. "Peter. I think I love you, and I don't say that shit very often. I shouldn't say it now, but I am. I don't want to give you false hopes, though. Yes, let's stay in touch. When we get back to the room, give me your number."

My heart sang. I knew it might never amount to anything, but I was happy. I loved her dearly. Shit, I thought, you haven't even known this girl twelve hours. What the fuck is wrong with you? You've watched other men fuck her, for god's sake. Are you fuckin' nuts?

Yeah, I was nuts. Nuts over her. We walked out of the water, and two early morning beach runners giggled and waved as they ran past. We waved, dressed in our now-wet clothes, and made our way back to the room.

The room was a mess. Everyone was gone except Dave and Maria. Dave was playing with his phone, and Maria was spread-eagled on the bed, snoring like a man. Dawn giggled, and we both checked our phones. I set an alarm for eight, and we curled up on the other bed, not even bothering to climb beneath the sheets.

Two hours was not long enough. I woke Dawn, and we had a hasty but sexy shower. I kissed her, and she left with Maria. We packed up, and I dropped a twenty for the maid. A few minutes later the girls met us in front of the hotel, and we shared a taxi to the airport. We were an hour early, but so what. I wanted every moment with her that I could get.

I stood at the gate and held her until almost everyone had boarded. She finally kissed me one last time, whispered "I love you," and the last I saw of her was her beautiful ass as she ran down the tunnel.


I slept the whole flight, which wasn't near long enough. I got my shit out of the overhead, and stumbled off the plane after Dave. To my surprise, he sat, before we ever got out of the waiting area.

"Dave... fuck, man," I said, "I gotta get home and get some sleep."

"Pete, I'm sorry..." he said. "I forgot you were asleep. That blonde chick, the stewardess, the one with big hooters... we're gonna meet her and her friend in thirty... I'll wake you when they show up."

Oh shit.


Next in this storyline :

"The Audition"



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That's a five star boner story if I've ever read one.

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You killed it 'bot!  Thanks for a great story!


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Really hot story, Meatbot! I loved Dawn, she reminded me of character I read in a book once.

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Thank you, joe_and_michel & GeminiGuy!

Your comments are appreciated. I'm glad you liked the story.

thanks again,


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Wow your a talented author!!!

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Fuck up or not I like it when one of your older stories is brought back to the front of the heap. Another great story i missed when it first came out.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Great story Meatbot, loved every word. Don't be bashful it really did happen to you didn't it ;D


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With a title like that, it's got to be good!

Incidentally, page 16 was the first one where I found 2 stories, not by the same author.  Out of 20.