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The Princess and the Pee (Beast, Magic, WS, Mf, ff, Bff)

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Title         : The Princess and the Pee

Author     : MeatBot

Keywords : Beast, Magic, WS, Mf, ff, bff, etc.

Date        : 20150630

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Synopsis : A princess in a fairy-tale land experiments with her body using magic.

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.

These are just words, people. Just words. If you have a problem with words see a competent shrink or an English teacher. This story is all made up. Sometimes this shit's just gotta get out of me. It's goofy shit, and pretty goddam juvenile. It's so bad I didn't even re-read it to double-check the grammar, I just spell-checked it. If you don't like it, read something else. Anyway, If your time was that valuable, you wouldn't be on this board.


Rasputina was kind of a bitch. Everybody knew it. The people of the kingdom got used to it when she was a little girl, and it just kept on, when she got to be a big girl. They often laughed at her behind her back about it, because she was so predictable. She always tried shit like having people beheaded or tortured because they looked at her wrong, or maybe she didn't win first place in a beauty contest or something. Her dad, the king just laughed, and tore her orders of beheadment up, pissing her off all the more. When I'm queen, she told herself, things are gonna change. Then, I will have my revenges.

Anyway, overnight, Rasputina seemed to go from a cute little bitch to a big gorgeous bitch. She was very attractive. She had long dark hair, down to her waist. Huge brown eyes, and full fat lips that screamed "kiss me!". The list goes on and on. Her body developed wonderfully, a nice plump rear, a waist you could touch fingertips around, and two of the most fantastic round breasts in the kingdom. It hardly seemed fair, but she had it all. And worst of all, she knew it.

Rasputina was quick to make full use of the powers her newly developed body seemed to give her. She seduced the visiting prince of a neighboring kingdom, and got her cherry popped when she was barely thirteen. She graduated from stable boys to guardsmen, causing the king to finally throw his hands up in despair, and have the wizard fit her with a internal device to prevent pregnancy. The king did not want a castle full of little bastard princes and princesses.

Rasputina's favorite choice for sexual pleasure was men from the king's bodyguard. They were the toughest and baddest bad-asses in the kingdom, each one hand-picked for ferocity and aggression. Most of them were just as bitchy and high-strung as she was, and that seemed to appeal to her for some reason, maybe she saw them as equals. When she would fuck one of them, it was like cats fighting. The guards did have a soft spot for her, though, most of them knew her from when she was a little girl. And she knew she could get away with almost anything around them.

One day, Rasputina flounced down to the stables. She was in a mood. Breakfast had gone poorly, and she had staged quite a little fit, causing the king to threaten her with a week locked in her bedroom. He's gonna be the first to go, she thought to herself, sulking. She looked for a stable-boy to take her rage, and her carnal desires, out on.

They were no dummies. She'd been spotted on her way down the castle stairs, and all the stable-boys had hidden in the wine cellar. Why they would hide from a sure thing, who knows. Well, her personality was kind of overwhelming. Her black mood grew when she realized the stables were deserted. Plus... she hadn't been able to find her favorite toy last night, a phallus-shaped ivory handle that she'd liberated from an umbrella. She had suspicions that the maid had stolen it. Because of that particular theft, she'd had an unsatisfying time in bed last night, and that was in itch she also hoped to find somebody to scratch.

Ferbish Herbherder was unfortunately late to work that morning, and he appeared in the doorway as she stood in the deserted stable, looking around inquisitively. Well, he would have to do, she thought. He's all there is. She gestured imperiously at him, and he followed her into a granary, his heart sinking. He'd heard stories about her... proclivities. This was the first time he'd been drawn into her web. Hell, any web, he was barely a teen, and shy and withdrawn. She didn't know it yet, but he was going to be putty in her hands. Hopefully, putty that could harden somewhat, in the appropriate area.

At her direction, he arranged some saddle pads on the straw-covered floor, creating a nice soft bed, though it smelled of horse somewhat. Rasputina turned, presenting her back to him, and, once again at her direction, he unlaced her bodice. When she turned back to him, and he got his first glimpse of her fabulous breasts, his resolve, as well as other parts of him, began to stiffen.

She did have beautiful breasts. Like I said, as round as two large grapefruits. Fat, puffy nipples crowned them, a dark shade of pink. They were truly the things of dreams. Ferbish forgot his shyness, and hungered to get his hands and possibly lips on them. It seemed within his grasp.

She unbuttoned her skirt, and it fell to the floor. She was wearing nothing else. And certainly not one of those troublesome chastity belts, although the king had thought about it a few times. He wasn't yet brave enough, though.

"Boy!" she said, haughtily, as was her habit.

"Yes, your highness," Ferbish said, still licking his lips, his eyes never leaving her fantastic tits.

"What is your name? Are you new?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Ferbish. Yes, just been here a week."

"Well, then. There are some things you must learn. The first is that I'm the princess, and must be obeyed without hesitation or question. Well, actually, that's all you need to remember." she said.

He nodded. He was ready to squeeze her tits. He flexed his hands, getting ready.

She dropped to her knees, and then sat back on the pile of saddle pads.

"You may lick me now," she said simply. He didn't need much encouragement, and forgot her tits, as her beautiful little cunt was exposed totally to his view.

Her cunt was every bit as spectacular as her tits. It was small and cute, in spite of all the cocks it had gorged on. Her pussy lips were full and soft, and her clit peeked out below her mons. She was hairy, but not to excess. Her pussy was every bit as cute as a small furry animal. It begged to be petted. It was fine.

"And, Ferb..." she added. "If you wish your head to remain attached to your neck, it is imperative that I cum several times before you even think of it. Got that?"

He nodded fervently, drinking in the wonderful odor of her cunt. She smelled as good as she looked. He knew she'd taste great, too. He was right. He placed his trembling hands on her inner thighs, and bent his head down to her cunt.

The next fifteen minutes passed in silence, except for squishy noises from Ferbish's tongue, and occasional moans from the princess. She finally got her cum, and it was a decent one, considering he learning as he went along. More time passed, and a second one happened, and then a third.

"Okay!" she said, causing him to jump. "You may fuck me now. Get out your... organ!"

He woozily set back, and then sat forward, on his knees. She crawled up, and turned, presenting her back to him, and then leaning over, and backing up to him, doggy-style.

Ferbish had never had sex with anything but his right hand. He knew the basics, but he was a little afraid of screwing up with her. He wasn't that scared of her, he knew that for all her threats, her orders were never carried out. Then again, she might be queen someday... he wanted to remain on her good side. Especially if it meant more of this in the future. He wondered why the others routinely hid from her. Hide, and miss this shit? Crazy.

She got all situated, spreading her legs as best she could, and still stay upright. He finally moved in position, placing his cock slightly below her bubble-butt posterior, feeling around for the mouth of her cunt. Ah... he thought. There it is.

He pushed in gently, luckily for him. He wasn't as lined up as he'd thought. The head of his cock had nestled into her cute little asshole instead of her cunt. She squawked, and turned around as far as she could, giving him the evil eye.

"No one goes there, you worm," she said, in her iciest voice. He mumbled his apologies, and dropped down two inches. Her sweet cunt was about as hard to push into, but he managed. He was pretty hard. Alice the pig girl, his part-time sweetheart, was forgotten for the moment, as he shivered and shook, his cock squeezed by her tight pussy.

He pressed his thighs against her, all the way in. She'd hoped for someone with a little more... stature, but this would do. She had no idea she'd just popped his cherry, and she didn't care. Her pleasure was all she was concerned with.

"Pound me!" she commanded. "Harder!" He complied, his thighs slapping the back of her legs. He was in ecstasy. This was better than he'd ever imagined, for his first time. And with a princess, no less. The princess.

On the subject of her asshole, someone had actually gone there, many times. One of the king's bodyguards, a man named Ephriam Biggun, amusingly enough, had a small cock, and after seeing it, the idea had popped into her head that he would be perfect for butt-fucking. And butt-fuck her he did, on a regular basis. Ferbish was getting none of that today, though. He didn't care, what he was getting was good enough for him.

She came again. He was better than he looked, she thought. One more, she thought. One more, and I'm outta here. I'll give him a try again, tomorrow.

Ferbish was holding back with all his might. He was pretty turned on, seeing her sexy back and ass before and below him, and feeling the wet silky walls of her cunt on his rock-hard cock. He felt her begin to cum again, and wondered if it was safe for him to cum, also.

He just wasn't brave enough. He wouldn't do it until she told him he could. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't that worried about his pleasure. She calmed down a little, and suddenly crawled forward, and his cock fell out of her cunt. She stood, and turned, presenting him with her bodice.

"Here, lace me up," she said. Shit, he thought. I almost had it. Damn, damn. His cock was still hard as stone. He was flustered. He finally crammed it back in his breeches, and took the bodice from her hands. He helped her into it, and began the tiresome task of lacing it up.

Minutes later she was headed back to the castle. He freed his cock again, and sighed. Still hard. When his buddies emerged from the wine cellar, he was solemnly masturbating, sniffing the fingers that still had her scent on them.



"Yes, dear," the king answered absent-mindedly. He was drawing up some plans for a new wing on the castle.

"I will be needing the coach tonight. There is a dance in Moldorna, and Felicity and I wish to go."

"Sure, my darling..." the king was more worried about getting the elevation on the moat correct. He gave her a dismissive wave. "Sure," he said. "Sure."


Felicity was Rasputina's lifelong friend, from way back. Oddly, they were complete opposites. Rasputina was a brunette, and Felicity was blonde. Rasputina was tall and rangy, and Felicity was short and dainty. Rasputina was an incurable bitch, and Felicity was as pleasant as a kitten. It was odd, but they were the best of friends in spite of it. They got along well, at least. They contrasted each other perfectly.

And... their relationship was even deeper than it looked. On those nights that Felicity stayed with Rasputina in her rooms, in the deep of the night... their friendship took on a whole other aspect. A physical one. They had first tasted of each other a year ago, and were now experts at loving each other. They both knew well the tastes and contours of the other's body. They weren't gay or anything... they still both liked the cock... but they made time for each other, and that special love that only two beautiful young girls can share. They loved each other well.

Enough of that. That evening, Rasputina pestered a few guards to accompany them, and they set off for Molderna. Molderna, city of mold. For all it's faults, it had a swinging night scene. They made the short journey, and departed the carriage, and went into The Inferno, a popular dance club. Both Rasputina and Felicity had dressed down for the occasion, wanting to appear to be just normal girls out looking for a good time, rather than a princess and a nobleman's daughter. Of course, everybody pretty much knew who they were... anyway, in spite of that, they were assailed by dozens of suitors and dance partners, and were quickly out on the floor.

By the end of the evening Rasputina had decided on her "date" for the evening, a massive young man named Danzil from a neighboring village. She finally followed him upstairs, where they rented a room for two hours. Inside, and the door locked... shall we give them some privacy? No? Okay, they sat on the bed, and mashed their faces together. Rasputina was anxious to get to the good stuff, but she'd kiss for a while... he seemed to expect it. He slowly worried her top down, and finally off, and her bustier followed. He was in love with her fabulous tits, and seemed inclined to go no further. She finally unlaced his codpiece, and with trembling hands drew his manhood out. Good grief, she thought, how lucky can I get. He was a monster, the biggest she'd even seen. His cock finished hardening, and stood proudly out from his body. Spectacular, she thought. She pulled away from his hands, and bowed into his lap, her mouth engulfing his fatness. Rasputina was good at what she did. And, she could suck. He leaned back, supporting himself with his hands, and enjoyed her skillful mouth. She teased and tongued him, and just plain sucked, and it was all he could do to keep from losing it.

Some time later, she crawled up onto his body, and pulled her skirt up. She wasn't wearing the royal bloomers, not tonight. She slowly settled down over him, her silky cunt engulfing his hardness, and began to ride him.

Danzil was still young, and he'd been around, a little... but he'd never had one both this sweet and this aggressive. He'd had to argue and plead for it, in the past. This girl knew what she wanted, and took it. He knew instinctively he needed to please her, or there'd be hell to pay.

And please her he did. His fat cock was pleasure enough, he filled her well, and made her feel good. She felt full of him, absolutely full. She leaned forward and let his cock scrape her clit as it pumped in and out of her, and she just went crazy. She jerked and twitched and made faces, and came like crazy. It was good for her.

At last they were done, and just laid on the bed, exhausted. When the room's next customers pounded on the door they went back down to the dance floor, and Rasputina looked up Felicity. They found the carriage, and made the short trip home, satisfied. Felicity had been vigorously fucked, also, and they both just sat there, silly grins on their faces, and sighed contentedly.

"We gotta do this shit again," said Rasputina, and Felicity agreed. Next weekend would not be soon enough.

They arrived back at the castle, and tromped upstairs to Rasputina's rooms. They collapsed in her bed, and laughed some more. Finally Rasputina started getting a little frisky, and she slowly stripped Felicity's dress off, and her blouse. Soon they were both naked, and their soft skin rubbing on each other felt good. It felt even better to rub nipples together, and they both got off on that for a while.

"Shit," said Rasputina, "fuck this shit. I got an idea. Come on!" She got up and dropped her nightgown over her head, and helped Felicity get dressed. They left her room, and headed for the North tower.

"Where are we going?" asked Felicity, and Rasputina laughed. "To the wizard's," she said, "I got some ideas, and I think he can help US."

The wizard was up, mixing spells and shit. Rasputina was unusually humble before him, she knew he was pretty powerful, and he didn't stand bullshit very well.

"Wiz," she said, and he stopped what he was doing and gave her his full attention. He liked her, for some reason, he'd liked her since she was a child, and he felt sympathy for her. He knew it wasn't always easy, being a bitch.

"Wiz, sex is cool and fun and all that, but I kinda got this feeling like there could be more. I been wondering what you might be able to do, to... spice things up a little, know what I mean?" she said, and he nodded.

"There are many ways to add to the experiences your body can give you," he said. "I can do some of those things, even. There might be some initial discomfort, as your body re-arranges itself, but I think I can help you..."

"Please," she said, and he pulled out some books and brochures and showed her some of the things that he could to with his magic. They finally agreed on some things, and Felicity agreed also. Good, Rasputina thought. It's decided.

The wizard mixed some potions and said some spells and did his wizard shit, and they drank the potion he offered them, and then made their way back to Rasputina's room, satisfied that things were in motion. They dropped into Rasputina's bed, and nodded off, happy and satisfied.


The next morning, Rasputina awoke, and knew instantly that the wizard's spell had been successful. She just felt it, and she reached an eager hand down to her crotch. She let out a cry when she grabbed a handful, and Felicity sat up, blinking sleep from her eyes.

"Felicity! I have one!" Rasputina crowed, yanking the bedcovers down. They both stared at their crotches. Two fine, perfectly normal looking cocks stared back.

"That is too cool!" said Felicity, and Rasputina giggled. She examined herself closely. Where her clit had been, last night, was now a perfectly formed, normal-sized cock. A penis. Her pussy lips curved around it. Below it sat a ballsack and two nice round balls. And below that, her cunt. Her balls actually kind of smothered her cunt, but still, it was cooler than shit.

Neither of the girls were hard, but they wasted no time stroking and pumping their cocks, which quickly began to harden.

"Oh, Felicity, I can't stand it. Lay back!" said Rasputina, and leaned down and gulped Felicity's cock into her mouth. Damn, she thought, this is too fucking cool. Sucking my girlfriend's cock. She could smell a faint hint of Felicity's pussy odor, and it turned her on big time. She attacked the girl, slurping and licking and sucking. Within another minute they were sixty-nined, and Felicity gulped down Rasputina's cock. They sucked and pumped and within minutes Rasputina came, filling Felicity's mouth with her semen. Moments later Felicity came, and sperm ran down Rasputina's chin as she licked the cap of her girlfriend's cock.

Their orgasms were intense, since their clittorises were now basically in the heads of their cocks, which were very sensitive. Just licking could bring on a powerful orgasm.

That was pretty much most of the morning for them. They were turned on to excess, and their magical cocks didn't seem to need much recovery time. They came again and again, and finally Rasputina had a thought.

"Darlin'," she said, "I can fuck you. Get up on your hands and knees, and let me fuck you."

Felicity kneeled, supporting herself with her hands, and Rasputina carefully pushed into her body from behind. Damn, she thought, that feels better than fuck, no wonder guys like this shit. She felt ten feet tall as she fucked her best friend, pounding her from behind, her hands on her hips, her balls slapping her own cunt at each stroke. Felicity came like a volcano, she just blew up totally, coming vaginally from being fucked, and jacking her cock at the same time. She came so hard she almost passed out, spraying semen, and it was intense, over the top. It was too cool for both of them.

"Raz," Felicity said, woozy. "You gotta do that, you gotta cum double. Jack it while I'm fucking you, you'll see what I mean. It's intense."

The rested for a moment, and then Felicity attacked Rasputina, fucking her vigorously, missionary style. They locked lips as they fucked, Rasputina's hard cock laying on her stomach as Felicity's cock drove into her cunt, again and again. Rasputina had to hold her balls up, so her ballsack didn't get rammed into her cunt by Felicity's cock. Felicity felt the tingle that told her she was going to cum, and cum she did, filling Rasputina's cunt with her girl-sperm. Rasputina blew up as well as Felicity had done, jacking herself, and had an intense double orgasm, shooting cum all over her own belly. It was lots of fun for both of them.

"Raz..." said Felicity, as they lay, in each other's arm. "Darlin'... I'm not sure I wanna go back... this is way too much fun..."

"Yeah, I know what you mean..." said Rasputina. "It'll be a while for me, if at all. I'm just not sure how guys are gonna take this, us having cocks."

"I don't give a shit," said Felicity. "I like it. I like having a cock and a cunt."

The went to dinner, dressing demurely, with voluminous dresses that they hoped would hide their extra equipment, if they had erections. They couldn't help trading glances and giggling, though, enough times that the king finally asked them what the deal was.

"Nothing," said Rasputina, "I just got a funny... itch..."

"Well, scratch it," said the King, and the girls giggled some more.

"Not at the table, Daddy," said Rasputina, and the king snorted. Silly girls.


They spent the evening locked in Rasputina's rooms, and fucked themselves silly that night. When Rasputina had finally had to pee, she had enjoyed the sensation immensely, and got to experience the feeling of standing to pee for the first time in her life.

"Felicity, you gotta try this shit," she said, excitedly. "You can stand up, and pee! Try it!"

Felicity crowded into the water closet, and pissed a nice stream into the bowl. It was cool, she agreed. Guys were lucky.

"Felicity..." Rasputina's eyes had a far-away look in them. "Darlin'... drink all you can... drink a gallon. Here, let's order a jug of tea from the kitchen. Tea makes you pee, like crazy."

"Why drink so much?" said Felicity.

"Darlin'... I want you to pee, on me..." said Rasputina, giggling. Just the thought of it was naughty, and turned her on. She wanted to feel Felicity's hot piss on her chest, and in her face.


Two hours later, Felicity was squirming. The tea had shot right through her. They retired to the water closet again, stripped naked, now. Rasputina squatted on the floor of her shower, and Felicity positioned herself over her. Then they had a problem.

Felicity was pretty turned on, and she had a nice hard-on. She tried and tried to pee, but she couldn't for some reason. Finally she closed her eyes and hummed, and stood there for five minutes or so, her mind on safe subjects like flowers and kittens and things like that. Her erection finally subsided enough, and she felt ready. She had to piss pretty bad, by now. At last she grabbed her semi-soft cock, and pointed it at Rasputina, who growled up at her.

"Piss on me, baby, give it to me,"

Felicity felt the stream start, and looked down. It hit Rasputina on the chest, and Rasputina ran her fingers through the hot yellow liquid, splashing it over her chest. She leaned down into it, and let it spray on her chin, and finally into her open mouth, tasting the bitter yellow flavor of it. She didn't swallow, she let it flood into her mouth and back out, but it tasted sexier than shit to her. Her cock was rock-hard, just from the smell and taste. She finally closed her eyes and let it splash over her face and forehead, loving the burning feeling of it. It was too cool, she thought.

Felicity finally finished, all to soon. They quickly traded spots, and Rasputina leaned down over Felicity, and it was her turn to try and get her hard-on to go down. At long last, after she closed her eyes and thought all the distinctly un-sexy thoughts that she could, she was ready. She seized her soft cock, and sprayed Felicity with her fluid, and the other girl giggled and gargled and splashed her face in the stream. Felicity jacked her cock as Rasputina sprayed her, and within seconds a blast of semen sprayed from the end of her cock.

"That was sexier than fuck!" Felicity exclaimed, giggled. They kissed, tasting piss in their mouths and on their lips. Finally they showered, and collapsed on the bed.

"Goddam," said Rasputina, "I had no idea having a cock would be so fun. How the fuck do guys stand it? How do they get anything done?"

"Shit," said Felicity, "Well, actually, we can piss on each other, even when we don't have cocks. Still, it made it fun."

"Hell yeah," agreed Rasputina.

"Baby," said Felicity. "We've sucked, and we've fucked. There's only one thing left to try."

Rasputina giggled. She'd actually thought of that, herself. They crowded back into the water closet, and Felicity sat on the toilet, and took a nice healthy shit while Rasputina knelt on the floor in front of her and sucked and played with her cock. Taking a shit with a hard-on was satisfying to Felicity, and felt good, for some reason. Try it yourself it you don't believe me. She got done, and wiped her ass, and they traded, and Rasputina dropped a few turds in the bowl as Felicity sucked her cock. Rasputina lit a candle, and they retired to the living room.

Rasputina had procured a bottle of mineral oil from the bathroom, and she slathered it on Felicity's cock, and put a dollop of it on her own asshole. She crouched on her bed, her ass in the air, and tried her best to relax, back there. Felicity was pretty hard already, and pumped her cock even more, bringing to rock-hard hardness. She crawled up behind Rasputina, and placed the head of her cock right in the other girl's asshole.

"Relax, baby. Tell me if it hurts," she said, and slowly began to push. Inch by inch her cock disappeared into Rasputina's body, and Rasputina sighed with pleasure.

"You okay?" Felicity said, as her thighs touched Rasputina's ass.

"Oh, hell yeah," said the other girl, sighing again. Felicity slowly pulled out, and Rasputina gasped, as the bottom fell out of her lungs. She sucked in a breath as Felicity pushed in again.

Minutes later, they came at about the same time, Felicity pumping sperm deep in Rasputina's ass, as Rasputina jacked her cock. Felicity finally pulled her cock out of her friend, and they lay for a while, almost panting, cooling off. Later, Felicity assumed the position, and Rasputina crammed her hardness into the other girl's body, an inch at a time.

The girls slept well that night, and were at it again the next morning. That was pretty much all they did the next few days, in fact. Maybe it was the testosterone in their system from having balls, who knows. They were pretty sex-crazy, for quite a while.

Felicity finally had to go home, and Rasputina was at loose ends for a while. She actually tried to fuck herself at one point, she could get her cock in her cunt when it was semi-hard, but it was too painful to bend it over double with a full hard-on. Too bad, that sounded like fun to her.

She wandered down to the stables, and caused some consternation among the stable-boys when she showed up. She singled out Ferbish, though, and motioned him to follow her into a tack room. She turned to him, giggling, wondering how he'd react to what she was fixing to show him.

"Ferb..." she said, "things have changed, a bit. I hope you're up to it..." she drew her skirt over her head, and dropped her bloomers. Her cock was half-hard, just thinking about what she hoped was fixing to happen.

His eyes bugged out; who's wouldn't. A foxy girl, bottomless, stood before him, with a nice semi-hard cock jutting from her crotch.

"Wha... ub... uhm..." he said, understandably surprised.

"I know, it's so fucking cool, isn't it," she said, laughing. He shook his head. It was cool... but different...

"Ferb..." she said, for fun, "want me to fuck you in the ass?" he shook his head. He didn't want that shit at all. In the end he fucked her, with her cock and balls pressed up against her body, out of the way. This works, she thought, though she did finger it a bit, near the end. This works.

She jacked off for him, and he did laugh a little then, getting to see a girl jack off her cock was at least a little interesting.

"Ferb, I'm still a girl. And it's a girl cock, it's okay, you can even touch it if you wish."

He wasn't ready for that shit, though, and she finally dressed and left, giggling at him and his silly hang-ups. She wandered around the castle, and finally ended up in the wizard's tower.

"Wiz," she said, after he'd seated her and poured her a drink. "Having a cock is great fun. I'm not sure if I want to go back."

"Well, the spell will need to be renewed occasionally. But, we can easily do that."

"Wiz. How come you never done shit like this to yourself?" she asked, and he laughed.

"Who says I haven't," he said, and stood. He unlaced his codpiece, and pulled his cock out. And pulled it out, and pulled it out. His cock was over a foot long, and it was still soft, at the moment.

"Oh my gawd," said Rasputina, giggling. "Wiz. Can you show it to me, hard?"

"You can make it hard, if you wish," he said, moving over to stand in front of her. She bent down, and she didn't have to bend to far to put the end of it in her mouth. Damn, she thought. How long is this bitch gonna get?

When she finally stopped and gazed at it she was gratified to see it was at least a foot and a half long. Maybe closer to two feet. She knew, of course, that simple length wasn't all there was too it, and it was fairly fat, too. She was pleased.

"Wiz, I gotta feel that thing in me. Do you mind?" she asked, still giggling.

"Awww, I guess not," he said. Of course he didn't. He was glad he opportunity had come up. He had admired her for a long time. Getting to fuck her was one of his dreams.

She wasted no time yanking her skirt off, and her bloomers down. The wizard lifted her up on the table, and bent his face to her crotch, licking her pussy for a while. It seemed kind of weird to him, because she didn't have a clit, and he wasn't really crazy about the idea of licking her cock. Girl cock or not, to him it was still a cock. She thoughtfully held it up against her belly, out of his way. He finally stopped screwing around, and positioned his giant cock at the mouth of her vagina. She nodded, and she watched with interest as more and more of it disappeared into her body. It felt fantastic, as inch after inch went in, and it touched things that had never been touched before. Finally it kind of started hurting a little, but and she had to ask him to stop. My god, though, she thought, I've taken three quarters of it, at least.

She jacked her cock as he fucked her, finally shooting a spray of sperm onto her own belly, and shortly afterwards she came again as his giant cock pistoned in and out of her belly. He fucked her for a while longer, and finally he pulled out, and she took his cock in her mouth, as much of it as she could. He finally filled her mouth with sperm, and they were both satisfied.

They sat and talked again for a while, and at last she slowly started pulling her skirt on.

"You must pardon me," the wizard said. "I have to see a man about a dog." She recognized that as a euphemism for urination, and she got excited all over again.

"Wiz!" she said, dropping her skirt again, and starting to unlace her bodice. "Pee on me! I love that shit!"

"What?" he said, shocked. "Urinate? On you?"

"Yeah," she said. "Me and Felicity do it all the time. It's cool, and fun. I'll pee on you if you wish, I really have to go to, thanks to that damn tea." She had actually only done it once with Felicity, but she certainly planned on doing it again.

The wizard looked thoughtful for a while, and finally nodded. It did kinda sound sexy when he thought about it, if slightly unhygienic. Well, at least he knew urine was sterile until it exited the body.

"Come in here," he said, motioning. "To my shower."

Rasputina was naked at last. The wizard dropped his wizard's robe, and took off his jockstrap. The went into the small bathroom, and Rasputina knelt on the floor of his shower. There was a problem, then, because his large cock was already quite hard, thinking of the things there were fixing to do. Finally he had to close his eyes, and utilize his powers of concentration to make his erection subside. At last he grasped his still-long but softer cock, and pointed it at her.

"You're sure about this?" he said, and she nodded resolutely.

"Hell yeah," she said, "let 'er rip."

He shot out a powerful stream of urine, and it hit her in the nape of her neck. She splashed it about her body, rubbing it into her breasts and onto her stomach. It felt hot and sexy to her, and her nostrils filled with the smell of it. She felt like a total pervert, and she loved the feeling. The wizard peed and peed, he'd drank a large glass of sweet tea too, before she arrived. At last his stream tapered off, and ended.

"Shit," she said, rubbing in the last of it. Just like with Felicity, she thought. There was never enough. She hoped the wizard wasn't offended because she didn't taste it, but at least he didn't know that she'd guzzled Felicity's piss.

Anyway, he knelt in the floor, and she stood over him, bent back a little, and spread her cunt open with her fingers. When her stream finally started, he did taste it, leaning down into the spray, letting it splash into his mouth and back out. She hoped it tasted good, although she was sure it tasted pretty pissy, she remembered tasting Felicity's.

At last she was done, and they crowded in the shower and rinsed off. Rasputina exited and dressed, promising the wizard to visit again soon, and soon she was snuggled in her bed. It had been a fun evening, she decided. And Felicity. She was getting pretty hungry for Felicity. Maybe tomorrow.


The day passed. That evening, at long last, Felicity showed up, with her little overnight bag. It was Thursday night, and Rasputina hoped the girl was intending on staying until Sunday night.

"How'd you make it this week, with a cock?" she asked, and Felicity giggled.

"Pretty good, although I freaked my bro out, when we were down at the swimmin' hole."

"Did you show it to him?" Rasputina asked, and Felicity nodded.

"Yeah... eventually... it all started when I had to pee, and he saw me peeing on the side of a tree. Just that freaked him out. I had to tell him I wasn't like regular girls... and he wouldn't leave me alone 'til I showed him."

Rasputina laughed. "What'd he think of it?"

"It really freaked him, at first. I think he was miffed because I'm at least as big as he is. He kept saying, my sister has a cock, my sister has a cock."

They both giggled at that.

"Did you jerk off for him?" she asked, and Felicity nodded.

"Yeah, we both whacked it... we whacked each other, actually... that was kinda cool..."

"Your brother jerked you off? You go, girl... that is too cool..."

"I thought about lettin' him fuck me... maybe next time..."

"Yeah, I'd do that shit. I'd do it." said Rasputina enviously. She knew, of course, she could have Felicity's brother any time she wanted him, but she'd rather he came to her than just simply order him around.

"Ras... what'd you do?" said Felicity.

"Uhm, just hung around. I did let the Wiz fuck me, and we peed on each other."

"Oh, you naughty bitch... that is too cool..."

"Yeah, it was fun... girl... pour yourself a glass of tea... we'll have some of that shit, ourselves, tonight..."

"Yeah. Yeah."


After dinner that night, the girls played and played, until they were exhausted. In the shower they peed all over each other, and Felicity even peed on the top of Rasputina's head, the piss running down through her long thick hair. It was too sexy for both of them. They fucked each other thoroughly, having massive double orgasms again and again, until they were worn out.

"I got an idea," said Rasputina. "Tomorrow, let's go down to the stables, and find us a sexy stallion."

"Oh, fuckin' shit... you'd let a horse fuck you?" said Felicity.

"Naw, probably not..." said Rasputina. "I don't wanna stretch my pussy out that much, yet. But we could play, and maybe suck a little or something."

"Shit," said Felicity. That sounded like naughty fun. "Yeah. That might be fun."

They finally went to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.


The next morning they fucked around for a while, and that afternoon they dressed and headed down to the stables. The stable boys saw her coming, and one or two of the really meek ones hid, but Ferbish had told them about her dick, and most of them were understandably curious. The girls wandered in, and Rasputina looked for Ferbish.

"Ferb," she said when he stepped forward. She approached him, and whispered in his ear. He colored slightly, but held up well.

"Yeah, we got one I think that'd be good for that..." said Ferbish finally, and led them down the barn to a stable. They went in, and surveyed the horse within.

"He's not as big as some of the war horses," said Ferbish. "And he's pretty gentle, and he shouldn't bite you. His name is Tank."

Rasputina leaned down, and looked at the sheath where his giant horse cock would come out of. Interesting. This might be fun.

"How do you get it... out?" she asked.

Ferbish was even more embarrassed. "I dunno 'bout that," he said. "You'll just have to... play around, I guess."

"Okay," she said, and looked at Felicity, nodding.

"Fel," she said, "Get on the other side, and we'll rub him." They did that, stroking the long sheath. Felicity rubbed his balls, but he kicked at her, and she didn't do that again.

Finally, at long last, Rasputina saw the head of his cock emerge from the sheath. Oh, that was interesting... although it looked a little weird to her... not human at all. Well, that was understandable, this was not human, it was a horse. She carefully, gently grasped it, and slowly stroked.

It took a while. Finally they both had their hands on it, stroking and rubbing. The girls were entranced, it was huge and long. Tank was pleased, in a horsely fashion. He was a horse, but he was a male, too. Rasputina was a little disappointed, she knew it'd never fit in her cunt. Well, she knew she'd never be brave enough to try. Still...

Maybe the wiz could help. If he could give her a cock, surely he could give her a nice big pussy, that could take a horse's cock. That would be something to ask him, next time she saw him. For now... they could just make do, for now.

Rasputina finally slid beneath him, wary of being kicked or stepped on. She reached down, and sniffed the giant cock. Hmmm. That didn't prove much, it smelled like a horse. She finally cautiously took the end of it in her mouth, and sucked slightly. Tank had been getting antsy, and moving about, but he stopped when she did that. Oh, you like that, do you, she thought. She sucked as much of it in as she could, until she almost gagged. It felt huge in her mouth. It was huge, that was why. She sucked and sucked, stroking in and out, hoping for a nice mouthful of horse sperm.

Felicity watched all this, giggling. She was used to Rasputina's antics. This was just one more. She just hoped the other girl didn't get hurt, under there. It did look sexy, the giant, long cock in her mouth... but Felicity wasn't sure if she'd try it. She'd have to give that some thought.

Rasputina sucked and sucked, stroking the main shaft of the horse's cock, the part she couldn't get into her mouth. She felt a twitch from the horse, and she guessed that he was about to cum. Felicity, the crazy girl, was reaching around her by now, and jacking Rasputina's cock. Ferbish was watching all this from the doorway, with another half dozen stableboys behind him. They couldn't see Rasputina's cock from where they were, but it was obvious something was going on down there.

Oh shit, thought Rasputina, feeling Tank's cock contract and twitch in her mouth. He's cumming. And cum he did. She tried to contain it, but the first squirt was too much, and she had to spit it out, gagging and choking. Sperm sprayed down the front of her bodkin, all over her tits, and she shrieked, still choking. Felicity was laughing madly, still pumping away, as horse sperm flooded down over Rasputina's cock.

"Well, shit," said Rasputina, coughing and getting her breath back. Felicity finally shut up, and helped her clean some of the horse cum from her clothes. It was a mess. They left the stables, and walked back to the castle to do some laundry.


That night, Rasputina and Felicity paid yet another visit to the wizard. Rasputina explained what they wanted, and the wizard nodded. He could do that. He mixed and stirred, and gave them a nasty potion to drink.

"Wiz," said Rasputina, "show Felicity your dick."

The wizard laughed, slightly embarrassed. He was a bit old-fashioned, at times. He finally lifted his wizard robe, and pulled down his underpants. His cock was about half-hard, just from having these two foxy girls in his workroom. Felicity oooh'd appreciatively.

"Come on, Fel, give it a try," said Rasputina, yanking her nightgown off. Felicity giggled, and pulled hers off, too. The wizard was getting harder by the moment.
Felicity dropped to her knees, and inhaled the wizard's giantness, going so deep she gagged. She backed off a bit, and sucked, and the wizard groaned appreciatively. Rasputina held onto Felicity, and lay backwards, and tried to get his balls in her mouth, but she almost fell on the floor instead. He had an idea for that, and she lay on his cot on her back, and he put his balls in her face. Felicity lay on top of Rasputina, and continued to suck. They all had a good time, and it only got better when he finally bent Rasputina over the bed and rammed his cock into her wet cunt. After she came good and long, he fucked Felicity. The two girls finally went back to Rasputina's room, satisfied for the moment.


The next morning, the girls awoke, and felt a curious absence. A glimpse revealed their dicks were gone, and their pussy looked like it was back to normal... except... their slit did come a little further forward, and go back further towards their asshole.

"Fel..." said Rasputina. "I got an idea. Hang on, lemme find something slick." She went into the bathroom, and returned with a bottle of mineral oil.

"Here," she said, squirting a healthy dose of it up and down Felicity's arm. She rubbed it around, distributing it evenly. Felicity's are was slick and oily, almost to her elbow.

"Okay, go easy at first. But go as deep as you can, when I get used to it," Rasputina said, and Felicity nodded. Rasputina crawled up on her bed, and stood on her hands and knees. She was ready.

Felicity approached her from behind, and made a fist with her hand, with her thumb inside. She put her fist at the mouth of Rasputina's cunt, just now realizing how much larger the other girl's pussy was. It was a good two inches bigger, and she knew it would take her fist without a problem. She carefully pushed in, pushing hard, feeling the silky walls of Rasputina's cunt on her knuckles. Her fist was soon lost to sight, and she pushed further and further. Rasputina sighed and wiggled beneath her, feeling sexy.

"You okay?" asked Felicity, and Rasputina nodded. "You gotta try this shit," she said, gasping. "I feel so full of you... it's fuckin' amazing..."

"I can imagine," said Felicity, laughing. Pretty much her whole arm was inside the other girl now, all the way up to her elbow. She felt a tightness on her forearms and her elbow, and decided that was deep enough. She withdrew her arms slightly, and pushed it back in.

"Oh, yeah..." sighed Rasputina, and Felicity did it again, and again. She started a rhythm, and Rasputina hiccuped and sighed deeply again. Another minute of that, and she came, hard and sharp. Felicity laughed, and just kept on pumping. Rasputina came down from her high, and finally told Felicity she'd had enough. They traded places, and Rasputina buried her arm in Felicity's cunt. They figured that was good practice for what they intended to do later.

After lunch, they both put on simple pull-over dresses, minus underwear, and went down to the stables. Ferbish had rounded up two hobbles, which he showed them proudly. They went to the horse's stable, and after having to enlist the help of two more stableboys he got the hobbles on the horse. The horse didn't act nervous today, he seemed to know something good was probably going to happen.

Rasputina and Felicity pulled their dresses off, and prepared to get down to business.

"Hey," said Rasputina, just noticing the line of faces at the door, "What the fuck is this shit? This ain't a circus!"

Actually, it was a bit of one, but she didn't really want an audience. She made Ferbish shut the gate, and the stable-boys had to all go to the other stable, where there was cracks in the wall. They could still see everything, and now that they had some privacy, most of them had their cocks out.

Felicity had been rubbing Tank's sheath, and at last the tip of his cock began to emerge. Felicity crouched on the dirty floor, and took it into her mouth, sucking hard. Oh, that was interesting... it almost made her jaw hurt, it was so large... but she was having fun. She sucked, still stroking with both hands. The horse felt warm and solid above her, and smelled... like a horse.

At last his cock had reached it's full length. Felicity gave it one last kiss on the end, and gently stroked, trying to keep him hard.

"You'd better not make him cum, dammit," said Rasputina, and Felicity nodded and finally dropped the giant cock. She moved aside, and Rasputina moved beneath the massive animal. Now... this was the hard part... Tank's cock hung down at an angle, but was still a good two feet off the floor. She finally got on her hands and knees, and stuck her ass up in the air as far as she could. She felt Tank's stomach on her ass, and dropped down slightly.

"Felicity... help me..." Rasputina said, and Felicity grasped the huge cock and guided it to Rasputina's cunt. "Forward a bit," said Felicity, and finally things were lined up.

"Start going backwards, slowly," said Felicity, and Rasputina crept backwards. She felt Tank's cock touching her, and she felt pressure around her cunt as his cock pressed her lips open. At last he began to enter her body, and she sucked in a breath as his fullness filled her completely. It hurt a little, but it was bearable. It reminded her of when she lost her cherry, and she giggled. She was losing another cherry today, as big as this guy was.

He just went in and in. She raised further and further up, until she was balanced delicately on her fingers and toes. At last he hit something deep inside her, and she did feel a little pain, then. She pulled forward, and slid the cock out. The horse was feeling pretty good at this point, and he leaned forward, and slid his cock back to her absolute depth. She tried to breath but could barely take a gasping breath. She had never felt so full of anything in her life.

The horse established a rhythm, and she helped, leaning forward and backward, trying her best not to fall forward. She felt the touch of Felicity's hand on her ass occasionally, Felicity still was holding Tank's cock in her hands. Rasputina sighed and gasped, and let the horse fuck her. She was enjoying herself immensely.

She heard Felicity speak, and Ferbish answered. Felicity left Tank's side, and Rasputina could see her feet as she stood in front of Ferbish. Then she turned, and presented her back to him. Her hands came into Rasputina's view, as she placed them on the ground, and Rasputina realized that Felicity was allowing Ferbish to fuck her from behind. Well, so be it, he deserved a little reward for being so helpful. She sighed, forgot that shit, and concentrated on the massive cock inside her body. The diameter of Tank's cock pressed against her clit from inside, and she could feel electric shocks shoot through her groin every time he rammed into her.

It didn't take long. Rasputina felt that familiar tightening in the back of her legs and the pit of her stomach that told her she was about to cum. And, cum she did. She had a massive orgasm that left her gasping for breath, and barely able to stand. At last she just collapse on the filthy floor, Tank's cock sliding from her body. She lay there, sucking in air.

Felicity hadn't got to cum yet from Ferbish fucking her, but she knew the horse was hers, next. She'd cum from that. She pulled Ferbish out of her body, kneeling beside Rasputina, helping the girl up and dusting off her body.

"Was that good, baby?" she asked, and Rasputina nodded, sweat dripping from her face.

"Fel, darlin', you gotta try that," Rasputina said, and Felicity nodded, laughing.

"I intend to," she said, and crouched, carefully stepping beneath Tank. She did what Rasputina had done, supporting herself with her hands and sticking her ass up in the air. Felicity wasn't quite as tall as Rasputina, but quick enough she felt Tank's cock touch her between her legs.

"Help me, Ras," she said, and Rasputina guided Tank's cock to the mouth of Felicity's cunt. She pushed backwards, and felt the pressure inside her lips. It felt good to her, and soon Tank's cock was sliding into her body. Oh shit, she thought, this is gonna be good.

Within moments Tank was straining, walking forward with his front feet, pushing his cock deep inside Felicity's body.

"Ras..." Felicity gasped, "let Ferb finish in you... he deserves it... for helping today..."

Rasputina nodded. He was just a peasant, but he had been a help. She turned, and bent over, and motioned to him. "Your choice of holes!" she told him. Ferbish was pleased, he'd never dreamed he'd get a choice. He moved to a cabinet, and pulled a pot of ointment out, for lubrication. He slathered it on his dick, and put a dollop on Rasputina's asshole with his finger. She smiled secretly to herself. She'd been afraid she wouldn't feel his cock in her giant cunt, but she knew she'd feel him in her asshole. This would top things of just fine.


Exhausted, the girls made their way back to the castle. Felicity's legs were wet and sticky from the horse cum splashed on them, and she planned on taking a nice hot shower, and maybe try to wash some of that horse semen out of her pussy. He'd hosed her down good, streams of it flowing down her body from her cunt, and dripping off her chin onto the ground. She'd had a nice orgasm as the horse had finished. It had been a fun day. She idly wondered if there was room down there for a giant cunt, and a cock. That would be cool. She took Rasputina's hand, and they entered the castle.



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Great  story!  Not your run of the mill tale!

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Great  story!  Not your run of the mill tale!

Thanks, RHL... I actually thought it was kinda corny, but I'm glad you liked it.



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